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The Memphis appeal. (Memphis, Tenn.) 1886-1890, November 28, 1886, Image 10

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-v :
mmm the tiele.
CTtcaancBbraBd Obln Font-Tralfti
,Mn aa icllowai Km lina ltM
a. m.) nt. Loata f"i Una lanvaa t
b. b. lut lina arrWaa at li p.m.) IH.
'! fat tin arri at 8:40 a.in. .,
MOT m lollowii H.wOrl.ar.1 nan arrives
Jail Tat IhUOa.m.l ! fl0 "a
fcrdire.iiio4.tln arrly.i dailrat.rM
fV. u.v.i dily at 8:4.") p m. Local
jnic'ht am.ct daily (.inert Sunday) at :30
at 1 ! daily (aio.pt Sunday) at 6:1S
a.V Mail train, d not Up at lac U.
llona, aor Wbitebarcn, Ilora Lake, heibit
jn IMHI-NlfH vm..- V '
and 1. Hy .) fraini on thli road ran u lot
l.wi: No Orleniat mail, daily, loa
at 4:30 p.m. j Vlckiborf oiproit, ir J"
arrival a
rs ex-
aiTtll and Biaauvill'
Toajfollowit iTat mail arr
BtlSa.m.i leeTeaatlUslUp.m
TM daily at
I mail learn
at 4:ii0 p.m.
I..... ,4.11.'
rfKilv at lu l a.n.) i
IrowniTlUe aooommoda
T. " rti No. 4, Kmim City ox-
'.rLT :45 a.. Ko. 3, Kan.aa
tity Birree A .rrTM M J ,90 p.m. Ho. !i,
f antaa yj 4bU, raavu tt00 p.m. I No. 1,
Vi 'ail, arrival at S:4S a.m. No.
,"" irsa and Chloaca expreia, leave, at
rjft p.mr No. Lot. Leois and Uhloaaoei
aefivea at I4C a.m. Ia eff.ot Sunday,
April 1.
neiaBnbjla and dutrlMtea Tralas
Btcfv M followai Throsffe expreaa laavai
air at 10:00 p.m. Mall ad axproM leaves
nl'.T atl0:00 a at. boei.rvllle aooommoda
Woo leaves daily, axoapt bandar, at 4 140
.. Throasa oxprou arrlvoi dally at 6:85
.m. Hall and xprarrivM daily at 10 :
5.m. Bonarrilia aoeommodaiioa arrival
ally, aioat Sanday, at? 80 a.m.
Hampkn, MlriBlBKboaa mm Atlaa-tle-Bolly
Bprinti Boat Traiai mora at
follown Ho.lloartM M.niphi daily at 8:46
at. I (irlni at llouy Upriaf at dim p.m. t
I loavaa Uvliy ciprtDia dally at :uu
lolly rinl
r riririDxi daily at 9:0
mphli at K)tlOa.m.( No
illy at t:16p.a..,arrlTa
U:4J p.m. I No.4 laava
a.m. I arrival at Momph!
a loarai Mompnii aauy
i vat
Unllv 8nrini at 11 :4S a.m. l Mi
oily Uprinn daily at tlS a.m., arrival at
Phil at 0146 a.m. -
MBBBkla mm IJItla Mo. Tralni
am at follow! (oaatral tUadard tirnoli
Xo. 1 laavM dally at 4.-2S p.ai.l arrlvaa at
p.m. No. tloarofatS:Ma.m.i arrlTM
at i46 a.m. No. 5 (fralaht) laavai HopaS.li
ally (axoapt baaday) at DiW
a.m. i amraf
a4 0:JUp.m.
For Alabama and Miuitttppi: Fair
vtalhtr: tlightly warmer: vrindt thiftmg
it muDurtf.
For Arkatmu: Fair ibeather; ilighQy
manner; variable vrindt, generally wut
aviy. For Ttnnntie: Fair weather, ilighlly
warmer i touthwetterly vrindt.
1 TV Uiuiuippi river will rite tlowly
helow Cairo; the other rivert will begin to
fatt tlowly. The ditplay of cautionary
tignalt wtl be ditcontinued at all Maliont
.. 9 Lai Superior on and after December
Ut. .
- aftoralo4rll Rppr.
Maurxii, Tiki., Nonmbor 27, 18W.
Time. Bar. iuer. Wind. W'th'r
7:00 a.m.30.M2 82 0 N.W. Oletr.
8:O0p.m.JM3(i 44.0 8.W, Ol'udy
30:00 p,m '30.310 '42.0 S.W. Clear.
Maximum temperature, 45.
Minimum temperature, 32.
(Hone, 11a.m. 1.
Rainfall, 0.(10.
w aaaaTaaaamaviaaaMaae . f
The will of Spencer B. Rogers waa
probate! yesterday. His estate ia
valued at $20,(K'O and la equally d.
' Tided between hia children.
Deputy Sheriff Robinson brought
Dan Hawkln", colored, from Kerrville
yestelday and lodged him Jn jail
on a charge oi larceny oi cotton uora
B. A. Douglaaa. r
Thomu Sweet, a colored boy, 9
'years ' old, waa csnvicted of horse
stealing in the Criminal Court yeeter
, . day, and sentenced to twelvemonths
In the' Penitentiary.
Terry Smith bai filed notice In the
Circuit Court that he will bring suit
gainst , the Louisville, New Orleans
and Texaa rallraad for 110,000 dam
ages. Ha has not yet Indicated his
cause of action.
Tbe paaener train of (he Louis
ville and Nashville railroad that left
here at 10:10 o'clock Friday night,
was derailed by a mleplaced switch at
Galloway Button, twenty-eight milea
above Memphis. Nobody hurt
TbeBomervirle.jiil wasdeatroyed
by fire yesterday and the prisoners,
nine in number, removed to tbe city,
where they arilved at 10 o'clock latt
night, A prisoner, anxious to escape,
Is soppoted to be the incendiary.
The eminent Dr. Winchell, of the
"Unlverfity of Michigan, Is to deliver
three lec ures at the Young Men's
' Hebrew Asvc'aiioa Hall beginning to-
. night. The lm tarer will bs introduced
by Mr. J.M. Ktating of tbe Af-piml.
Tbe lecture will begin at 8o'c1ocp.ro.
T. A. Arno'd and P. O. Ault, alias
O. H. Allan, the Wi?c iiisiu enibtuler,
were indicted for petit larceny in two
cares, and put on trial yetterday. At
4:80 o'clock p.m. the jury biing una
ble to agree, were dismissed until
The Women's Chrietlan Temper
ance Union will five a free parlor so
ciable Mondsy evening.the 2l):h Inst.,
at 7 o'clock, at tbe residence of Mrj.
Nilea M.riwelher, 14 Talbot street.
All interested are cordially invited to
attend, reptc ally young men.
4-Tbe Chairman of House to House
Relief Committee of the Women's
. Christian Assoc atlon requests every
member of that committee to meet
Tuesday afternoon, the 80th , instant,
promptly at 3 o'clock at the rooms of
the aaaooiaticn, S06 Becond street,
TVftiayi of .Eia.by Charles Lamb;
.Lord Mmranlay, Hit Lift and Hit
, IVriltniTa; Jiwlm on Painting, and Fer
i rie'i ItaHan and Frrnch Cumpoten ate
, a few of Appl-ton's Handy Series.' Nice
cloth edition f jr the small ptice of 60
. cents per copy. Mamtord baa them,
, .and many other new books for sale.
Marriage linenws were granted
. yesterday to Jt W. Sselig and Miss
Rachel Foils; Jack Jones, colored,aod
Miss Hannah White; Levi Allen, ro'
ored. and Miss Loclnds O'Neill; W.
H. Maxwell, oolrred, and Mis. Tex
anna Jobneon. colored ; Charles fcott,
colored, and Miu Bell Ivory, colored.
1 MIm Emma Abbott last night
i .closed i'le moet successful engagement
.ever played in Memphis, tbe receipts
ggrega4og I8134U0, and atrsnae to
.say she was ai painstaking on the last
: njgn i aa wnen tne week began. For
- ;a hard warking, thoroughly conscien
tions, plucky Utile lady, commeiid aa
iioJChnmn Abbott,
Tha Oompreai Qunpiny have
.pressed and loaded out over 100,000
bales of cot to a in this month, Novem
ber, and have on hand about 15,000
lalea eomprtaaed ready t ) ahl await.
-ioff orders and transportation, and
iave on hnd in transit a sto k
of over SO.oei balea ia tbe
preasea and ah'pmarked. Fr-ars
abroad ehou'd not (m entertained of its
ability to haudla iha butiness.
Tbe (amber suit of Holmes vs
Carr, Inrolvirr title to esme .'(00, as
derided in the United 8tta Court by
Judges Jwkton and Hammond today
fnfavoro' defrndatt, Mr. John
y. parr, t New York, who iiislso
Celsta r Limber
,4 : Trials nrdt-r-
stood to be to
many vexation .
40'ion tf ore of tfce
that gentlemar
ears D'oaaDt
. ft . ft,im trt rnv
th dtb.of tr ut9 firm ol stMkbonse
1 .dependent
Po'o Bsrf r', a
I ,i dington etreets and e'tc-d the
, .owing otBceri 'o eetve lor th en-
B' jintye.r: J. Wbe4!ey, pug!d nt;
D. Parker, tire pi eslHert; H Keely,
rjeordinR ftcretaryj J. Tay'or CQ'
reopording icre ary; A. t'tSrlilp, i hap
lain; Rtbt. Bnltlee, Irermrr; George
Mitchell, cbairmsn; S. Wi liam, m d-i-ratr;.
M. G. Jonri, g-and inaiobal:
A. Haywood, captain; Frank Yunng,
cbief uttward.
Tb CLictfl'aw Guardr inaos orate
Ladiec'Day at their netrand haodanraa
armory on next Tbnraday, the 2d In.
atant. Tbia promiata to prove quite
an attractive leatuie of tbe dub and
to increase their alieady reat popu
larity with tbe fair tux. Tbe boys are
content to have aix dayi out of aeven
for th maelvea alone and to share one
day with their mother, alters, wivea
and aweethcaria. Purtlea are already
being made np to engage in contests
at billiards, pool, carda and the like,
and all are anticipating a lolly good
tme. The club hours for ladies are
from 12 m. to 12 o'clock p.m. every
Judge Latham, president of the
Memphis Water Works, is to be com
mended for the honorable and manly
coarse ha Las pursued pending the
negotiation a for the sale of tbe water
Works. lie knew two months ago
that tbe tale was assured, and could
easily have loaded up with stock at low
florfs, and realised a handsome
profit, instead of which he personally
cautioned tbe stockholders not to dis
pose of tbelr abarrs at lets than par.
In thsa daya of defalcation, emb i
clement and betrayal of abarebolde i
by dishonest directors an J presidents
it is refreshing to encounter an In
stance where tbe president of a com
pany administered bis tract with the
strictest regard to tbe interests of the
smallest shareholder In tbe concern.
Colored DreaaCUodenepartmeat.
44 inch One lot leading colors Pin
Htrps Fancy Serge, reduced from
$120 to 66c
38-inoh 7 pieces Hair Line Brcca
telle, reduced from 70c to 40o.
48 lnch-10 plecea Silk Striae Ray
aure Brliliant.in ataple colors, of
fered tbla week only at$l 10.
40-Inch 6 pieces Illuminated Pin
Check Tticot at 00c, effered as
bsrgain in other bouses for 76c
44 inch 300 yards English Home
spun, In choice illuminated col
ois, kt 60s, would be a bargain at
$1 25.
76 drsen MissBs' flnet Cashmere
Hoee at.25o, worth 75c.
05 doatn Ladles' Iogrsin Hose, 25c.
100 dosen Children's Feeced IIoe,
sic a 8 to 84, at 25c, worth 60a
This lot w ill be opened Toibdat.
Children'! Vest snd Pants. 2So np.
Ldies Yeat from 60o to $2 60.
Genta' Undershirts and Drawers,
60o t $4.
Complete stock at popular prices.
267 Main Street
The Only Daylight Trip
To SU Lnii is via ths Chesapeake and
Ohlc route. Ltave Memphis daily at
0:30 o'clock a.m. and arrive at St
Louis at 0:65 p.m. Quickest time on
record. Same train art i yes at Chicago
at 7:20 o'clock next morning, three
hours and a ball ahead of other lines.
Through sleeper to St, Louis oo train
leavirg at 5:80 p.m. Ticket office
under Peabody Ho'el.
d Brie Jaat rrerlvtxl at E. V. Duaiae
at Co., No SOO Monl Slrrrt.
" 416,973 M
Palra of our celebrated Calf, Sam
lees, 13 00 Shoes hav b'eo sold in
tbe United N'a'es. We srs ast in
receipt rf 127 esses of them, and
w can fit and an t everybody. Our
$3 50 Ltdies' Snoes are teducsd to
$2 00 for this week only; we con
sider this a great bargain. Our
Men'a Fine Hand Sewed Boots
can't be beat.' Oar Men's Fine
Hand Sewed Shoes are very hand
tome and styl sh. MieW and
Gbl'dren'e Shoes in endless vsriety.
Men's, Ladies', Miens' and Child
ren'a Slippers and Rubbers in all
202 Main ttreet. (Marble block.)
Tna greatest show on earth at the
em I lest price ol admlss'on. Think
of HI Qnly 10 centa. , .You see the
wonders of both worlds ga hered to
gether to instruct aa well as amuse
both old and young at Robinson's
Tbe (treat Pedallat'e Wonder, Sfkaa
Llaale aiarcroa, wka aeeoaaallakea
nor wllta brr fret thaa aaaay laera
Jtmm wiim tbrlr baada. Plaia lata
bIbbo, rrarheia, afwa,t. Mo bor
aad brr braaitfail work at B.blm
aoa's n star a a.
. Iaats aaada to ordr at Ilcxtar'a.
Thb iearded and hairy girl,' the
Creole wonder, Eml'y Landry, Na
ture's greatest freik, bar last week at
Robinson's Musum.
1 1 TIC I OK D. Fl'CllVs MiRIET,
?X II aid 41 JtStnaa SIimi,
Offers frei-h mallard du k. beat NoT
folk oys'e s, cele-y, blue fish; red
saaoper, rake tuti ana trnu', quails,
venUon, dro'Sfd tarkey ad th ekens,
KaLsas city freib mes'a, etc., etc
Drummotid s Natural L'af Tobacco.
Kes that two t n tags are bn each
plug and the word "Dromorond" on
eath tag. No oilier gn u ne. Be't
chew 1 1 tobacco ia the S'ste. Dun't
bs deceivtd by any loii.aUona.
president ot tin
Company, of this c
The g eale st bargains yet oflred
ia dries fabrics. Read carefully
what follows. ' '
AT 47o PER YARD, J '
85 pes fine French Dreta Gsodp,
" ocd pieces,comprisiDg Oberlote,
'' Checked Suitirg', halr-IlnM
Stripes, etc. ; cone woith lees
than 75c. - Moat of them gocrj
value at $1 25.
AT 15o PER YARD, T ,
25 pes double fold hair-lined
. Stripes; the regular price of
this lot 40c.
, ,'AT 75o PER YARD,
17 pea 64 inch all-wool Cheviot
checks. This is a bargain that
every lady she aid see; actually
worth 160. ' , .
AT 37,0 PER YARD. ,
Jast received ano her lot of 40
pieces 38 inch all-wool ShCjoda
Cloth will continue to aell
them at 37c; worth 60c. ,
20 pea 64 inch all wool Ladies'
Cloth in green, brown and navy.
This ia the biggest bargain ever,
offered. Will sell only one.
dreu pattern to each coslomer.)
a: :-1
.': ? !
Baaalaa Bararalnar t"or this i Weeai.
Ladies' Fancy Striped Cotton
Hose, full regular made, extra
fine quality, at 26o, worth 40c;
at 35c, worth 60c; at 60c, wortk
75c, !
Ladies' Cotton Hose, extra heavy,
dark aolld colors and b)acV full
regular made at 25c, woHn ' 40cj;
at 35s, worth 50c; at 50c, worth
A 75c., 1 ''. , "...
" f " j
We offer a special drive in Ladies'
extra heavy Eoglieh'Cuhmere
Hoas, dark colors and black,
worth fl 00; these wa offer at
76o per pair. ' ' '
Children's heavy French Rlbbid
Cotton School Hose, full regu
lar made, at 25c, worth 40c ; lat
35o, or three pairs v for tl Q0;
wvrtu uw jif pair. )
, .. . ' i
Men'a extra heavy cotton ' Half
Hose at 25c, worth 40e; at36ct
or three pair for f 1 00, worth 60c
Men's fleece lined super stout B(lt
' ish Half Hose at 60c per pair,
worth 75c. 'l(
Men'a genuine Scotch Wool Hunt'
ing Socks, onr own Importation,
at 60c, worth 75c per pair.,'
.. '....i
One lot Gents' Plain Colored Cash
mere Shirts aises 36, 33, 40, 42
full regular made,
AT $ I 25 EACH.
One lot GenU' Fancy Striped Cash
mere Shirts slssa 36, 40, 42
full regular made, ,
Ar $1 25 EACH.
One lot Gents' Imported . Gray
H;otcu Wool Shirt-.exLra heavy,
TiDoea tiottoms lull regular
made s!as 30, 38, 42-at .
$2 25 EACH,
The above lines are offered, at
reduced prices for the reason
that the drawers have been
sold and have only a few
s'ibs in limited quantities. ,
niiNtnii(MlniH t . eat.aa
sataaa aassaaaaa Mt4tMtliita4tttaalti aaas
250 pairs Nottingham Lace Cur
tains, taped edge, 3 yarda long,
at $1 10, $1 75, $3 00, 2 25,
12 60 and 13 CO per pair.
260;palra Nottingham Lace' Cor-'
tains, 4 yarda long, taped edge,
$3 50, $3 76, 14 60 and 5 00 per
60 paira Turkoman Porteries, 4
yards long, in crimson, Turkish
Cross Stripe Dado, at 14 per
1C0 pairs Elegant Silk Chenille,
plain top, handsome designs in
dado, 4 yarda long, at $15 a pair.
BlegantVienna Forlierea in all over
designs, rich dado, 8J yarda long,
$14; actaal value fCO per pair.
An etogant assortment In Felt Ta
ble Bcaifa, 4 4 Felt Table Covers
and Felt Mantel Lambrequins,
embroidered in beautllnl de
s'gna, at greatly reduced prices.
A (sw of onr fine Plash Mantel Lam
brequlna, elegant goods, tolosa
at 8 60 each, formerly f 13.
Lice Bed Sets, extra alass, from
fl 75 lo 15 60 a set,
B. LO 1 V EH STEUI at 11KO.H.
ts'eeasse . aaaaa'aaaaaaa.
r : a- .-,!
aB.aVaavraaeaaaaMMav nt-"f.
,"Thavsnuc8 cr.ln onr filk
PfmnUXmiakk annot fail
tOSatJrjBri fnCii-fltion of cvtrv
lady who rontljnp'atee purchasing
I auk or velvet cortume;: in every
instance aji JthexMtemsiamed are
undw markeyalue. We ask you
to read th Ikt' carefully, and as
sure yon so 4dch' bargains were
ever offered to the Memphis pub
lic ': ' . . , .
' Hit ifceats Per Yard,
13,ple;es Pale Bins and Pale Pink
Sat ids: same 'goods cannot be
bought any where for less than 60o
par yard,-" :.'
,....,. ,... ,.,, ........
bio SL)k Salting Telrets.
W'eypftjr'w'iiiejcea at Just one-half
-the f egolar prices.
' .. . . : nnuar pnee ?i w
Qne lot nK'n er yard ;
.7. . -fff foimerp.ice$3 60
, 4. i.i A " iormer price $4 00
i y- r,:. ttt af i
Ut l V 12 Per Yard,
I 43, pieces extra fine 22-inch Col
Y ored: flhifiDg 4'Yel vets ; ai tual
'it w lo ciyoo luem uui,
hence the great reduction.
' - '' :: .
.f ftll v: ,9 i'- : ,' i ''' "
At$V 171 9 Per Yard,
Ask to Tseeis special leader in
Black Silk'jFile Francaiae, worth
i :- i. .
f id Per Yard,
One lot extra heavy Black Satin
Rhadames, Ducbets and Mavtol
ieuxs. These goods would be cheap
at anytime Btfl 60,
I'f :' r i.:'; :
Fd,jpV,eat prices, cheapest nov
eltieH, .eorVect combinations, ultra
high, and jrejy latest abadea and
materials, this 'department is in
oompaNble. Halo and fancy silk
f Of vte&iQjr wear s specialty,
...,.'v..twlli..u. i .'
.....'.ilMCftd .i.t.. .....'.
' f'.Nr'.-i-Aj t, .
We make this week a decided
redaction of every: epstwme and
wrap intbia deparlmeat. All ol
tbelolJowirjg' gSrmenta have been
reduetd 83 per ent., or one-third
leas tnan former prices:
Ladies' Black bilk Costumes.
Ladles' Black Caahmera Dresses.
ladfeVBlkckOlbth and Astrakhan
Ladies' Tailor Made Cloth Suits.
Ladles' Wonted Dreeses in Hair
StiipeaVPia Checks, etc.
.......V M..v,r,,,.f , .......... .
Under -this bead all. garments
that f jllow have been reduced 25
per cent , or one-lourth leea than
iormer prices:
Ladies' vBude and Astrakhan
: alhopk-Wran". .
Lrtdies'' Silk and. Wonted FriEse
Short W?aps.
Ladies' riuh Suort Wraps.
Ladies' Flush Sir ones.
Ladis! JPUjsq, .Newmarkets and
v KigiandB.
Ladies' Astrakhan Jackets.
L-dies' Bougie Jackets.
Ladies,' Clievoroo Jacaets. "
A few Pris aud Berlin novelties
i.r . . yvt... ?, t. .tin
in onon vy rapB ai cue on me aotiar,
Another' consignment of Seal
Skin "Wraps Oh memorandum.
These will-be sold at an advance
ol 10 psf cent, over New York
The following garmenta will be
sold regardless of cost:
60 LadWCiiYittlarv.q'utlted linings,
far collars, at 14 76. '
100 Ladiea'Rufslao Circulars,cIoth,
fur trimmed, at f 10 60.
E0 Ladies' Silk Russian Circulars
. : and Newmarket, at $12 76.
200Ladiea' and Mies. Fine As
trakhan Jackets, 2 60 to 6 00.
750 Ladies' Black Hare Muffs, satin
;- 4inedi t 06oj
25 dosen Mother Hubbard Jt-ercale
Wrappers, at 9Sc.
100 Missel and Children's New
. markete and Cloaks, at 3 75.
Just Becelred Gentlemen's Jap
anese- Smoking Jackets and
Smoking Gowns, plain, one
half or all embroidered.
aesaaaa qaaat. v)aea4aaaa.aaaf eaaa-.
.... y......... .....
One lot ot Bed- Basket Flannel,
nice goods. . Having only toe
one shade w offer the lot to
clmA at 2Rn ner vard.
One lot Eider Down, 36 inches
wldMtOQd dtlkiity; worm ai vj;
' we offer it at 65c per yard. Col-ore-Cardinal,
white, pink and
figure, at 10c per yard.
, M4Ushak aaaa
, value of these gpods is $4 00 per
, jafd;f iisr gibs' ran from 10 to 20
' yardsacb; and will not be cut;
100 plecea, choice' 'ylea, dark plaid
Ginghams, only 7to per yard.
aa h.t:lnlf!MtiMinAa. rich
NOVEMBER 28, 1886.
JAUES l HEEL, l'reidenu
19" SPECIAL PBICES tc Railroad ant. Levee Contractors for Wagon, Scraper and Cart Harness, tit
. G. CRAIG &
,af ..It ir'.lim. k.1 if i aamaw I
Drilling or Broad Casting Cotton Seed. The Beat
No. 46 Monroe street
Watches, Diamond and Jewelry.
A large lot of slightly damaged over
coats on hand, cheap.
Fammer setter Garnabrnat (Goose,
brcaat) at 1. C. Dnntae dt Co., Ha. 800
Second atreet.
No Wonder They Mutinied Then,
Omaha Girl And so there is a real
rebellion in tbe Highstone Seminary?
Returned Poptl Yes, indeed. The
girls jast made np their minds they
won dn't stand it, and left in a
" What was the trouble, dear ?"
"Why, you know, last term a cook
ing school was added to the depart
ments." "Yes, I remember. You spoke very
highly of It."
' Yes, everything wss jutt splendid,
and we did have such fan. I don't
see what got into the principal, but I
gueps she is a little crazy."
"Why, what did she do?"
"Would you believe it, she actually
instated that this term we mnBt eat
the things we rooked, and wouldn't
allow us to use Ko-Ko Tain to assist in
digesting the horrid stuff."
Habcrllag Cotton Stcnclla, 810 94 at.
Think of it I 448 pounds of flesh! A
mountain of flesh on a 14 year old
boy. . See Cbauncey Morland, tbe
heaviest child on earth, at Robinson's
Botahs a la Vatkl, Eau de Fleurs
d' Oange, Huile de Nice, Patede fole
eras Troffe, at J. C. Danlze & Ca's,
No. 300 Second street. , .
No. 208 Main street.
Great bargains in Watches, Diamonds,
Jewelry, Clothing, etc., and every
thing to be had in a Loan Office.
Busqdndy and Tckaver Champagne,
Bordeaux, St. Juliet), Egrl, Budai, Vtl
lsny, Beanjolais, fi?fnrdl Muslgny
(I860), Chateau C'eranp, at J. O.
Dantz3 & Co.'s, No. 300 Second street.
FiNaline of heating and cooking
Btoves at Gabay's.
Haberllna Cottoa Ntenclla, 810 3d at.
Latist music, all kinds of instruc
tion book, ana tbe newest vocnl and
instrumental collections at Uollen
berg's, No. 226. Main street.
Haberllna Cotton Stenella.SlO ad at.
Memphis Whol'alk Miat Com
pa ny. No. 11 Adams street are pre'
pared to fl 1 all oiders in fresh meats;
also corn beef in half and whole bar
rels. Telephone 874.
Haberllna Cation Stcnclla, 810 8dt.
Sax the "Wondaroo," the only one
in captivity, captured on the coast of
Africa and first brought to America
by Eugene Robinson, flow on exhi
bition at Robinson's Museum.
" Smoked Sturqkox, Smoked Salmon,
Russian Caviar, Arle Saueage, West
phalia Ham, TroOle Liver Sausage,
at J.O. Duntzs k Co.'s, No. 300 Second
Best Goods, ' .
Greatest Yariety,
Lowest Prices,
80S Main Street
Haaarlln Cot tan Stanalla, 810 8d st.
SaaL'ule L. Sturgeon, the great
pedaiittio wonder, whose wondrrlul
performancea on tbe piano, playing
all the latest and most difficult music
with her feet The wonder and ad
miration of all whi) see her. Now on
exhibition at Robinson's Museum.
HabarUna Cotton Stcnclla, 81084 at.
' a ' i
Holland Hbbrinos, Salt Sardelles,
Nsunaogen, Limburger, Neufcbatal
Cream. Roaaeiort, Sapsago and Fro
mage ds Brie, at J. O. Dunlas A Co.'s,
No. 900 Second street
Low Bate.
One hundred colored families are
now ready to start from Geor.ia and
tbe Carolinaa to farm on eharea. For
cheap ra'ea of transportation for farm
bands, write to B. A. Williams, At
lanta, Ga.
John Walah, Kentneky Cool
At wholesale to dealer., 27) cents per
ban el. Corner Front and Market
atieeta. Telephone No. 760.
Em F.
Y Pulverizer A Cart Combined.
J One load Pat oat by the, ftvmirr win
J do aa nack rood to the prrmnt oraaa aa
two ordinarily aprrad by aaaafc
. i -i, -" .r :
Cash Advances to Merchants and Planters."
Chew "Horse 8hos" Plug. Always
best and cheapest
Buy grate?, fronts and fenders at
Chbw "Horse Shoe" Plug. Always
best and cheapest
P. M. Stahlit, funeral director and
embalmer, 66 Madison atreet.
. Miss Oarbii M. Keating, pianist,
may be found at the Gayoeo Hotel.
Lovely orange blossoms for brides'
dresses at the Women's Exchange.
; Juet arrived,, tbe "Improved Call-
graph." Key &Co., 44 North Court
Best violin, guitar and banjo strir g
at HoilenDarg'p, no. main street,
A large line of fine Belgium vases
for sale cheap at Gabay's, No. 84 Beale
Ia hi Man or Devil T The wonder
of all ia the great Barnello. See him
for yourself at Robinson's Museum.
Labqs lot of new music boxes and
automatic instruments, jaet received
at Hollenperaa, no. zzo Main street,
franen milch, Hochheimer, Lauben
beimer Steinwein, at J. O. Dnntae .A
Co. a, No. sou Second street :
G. W. MillibA Co., Patent Asbestos
Fire Proof Roofers, tor durability,
iron, felt and gravel roofs. No. 65
Madison ttreet.
Why do yon pay $25 or $30 for
ready made suits when yon can go to
L. Rosenetein A Bros., 2s8 Main street
and 18 Jefferson street and have a
suit made to order. A nt guaran
Ths question of a proper food for
infants interests all mothers; espe
cially those unable to nurse tbelr onT
ppring. Mellin's Food possesses all
the requisites as a substitute for
mothers' milk, and is highly com
mended by the medical faculty of both
Europe and America.
Accobdikq to (he reports ofVxten
sive travelers snd experienced hdme
people the Peabody Hotel is the placs
Where tbe beet of board can be sup
plied. Ths table is furnished with
the chciceet, prepared by experienced
cock", tbe rooms are elegantly fur
nished, ths honse is in the center of
the city and prices are low. Try it,
all who want tbe best.
Dyeing and Cleaning.
Ladies and gents' clothes cleaned
or dyed in any color, also kid gloves,
ostrich feathers end lace curtains by
Louis Reigel, 68 Jefferson street Mem
pbis,Tenn. Good received by express.
Hats, Bonnets and Hair Goods.
F. Lavigne, in Odd Fellows' Build
ing, is the dealer who handles the
best goods and sells at lowest figures.
Batavi Abac, Jamaica Rum, old
Scotch Whitky, Sherry and Port Wine,
Caloric Punch Boonekamp, Kirsebter
L'queur, at J. O. Duntzs A Co.'s, No.
300 Second street
1 lowers. Flowers. .;
Elegant funeral designs made to
order at Central Nursery, No. 09 Mark,
et atreet Telephone No. 717. ... .
w.. v i i.i in .vrftiuftv. y ... l aw A u' r
aw, vuiteiu 14UVIU1 vuaioflu u-
luo, .nominee unamDemn, at J. u.
Duntze 4 Co.'s, No. 300 Becond street.
Bdt heating and cooking stoves at
New Orleans. La., November 27.
Night Departed. City of Natchea, St
Vicxsnrso. Mir a . November 27.
Nfght River rising. Departed: Belle
Memphis, tit. i.ouie, noon.
Cincinnati, 0.,November 27. Night
River 25 feet on tbe gang and fall
ing. Weather clear and cool. Depart
ed: Ohio, Memphis; Mary Houston,
New Orleans.
Oaibo. III., November 27. Night
River 19 feet 3 inches on the gange and
rising. Weather cloudy and cool. No
arrivals or departurea of regular pack
eta. . PrrrsacBO, PA.,November 27 Night
River 10 feet 8 inches on the gauge
and falling. Weather clear and cool.
Goal shipments to Cincinnati and
Liuisiille today, 1,735,C00 bushels. ,
"VrVvVr43. That Bre fretfuL
AJVWJVVX peevish, cross, or
troubled with Windy Colic, Teething
Fatna, or Stomach Di&ordors, can be
relio ved at once by using Acker's Baby
Soother. It contains no Opium or
Morphine, benoe U safe. friOO 145
oenta. bold by
METEIt, ftec'y and Treat.
T1 mrtriitvmr
Fertilizer o a tbe Farm
u s mm
Clothing is always the cheapest, as
it gives good wear and good satisfac
tion. It lasts the longest, and is by'
far the best to buy.
ER! The Misfit OjioTBiNa Pa
LOBJ3, 262 Second street, sell noth
ing but good Clothing. . Our special
ty is Find Clothing, bought at aacri-
'" - it'
fiae prioes from the Merchant Tail
ors, and offered to the public at bar
gain rates, ' , -i -.
A real Well-made' 8uitf selling for
less than a muoh inferior grade of
goods can be bought elsewere, is tht
Pointer with which - the M16FIT
Clothing PablOrs appeal to your
pocketbooks, Our Suits are High
in Quality, but Cheap in Price. Wa
have them in Saoks, Cutaways,
Prinoe Alberts, Full Dress, and all
styles in vogue at the preesnt time.
We have no oheap grades of suit,
but the extraordinary low prioes at
which we buy enables us to sell High
Grade Suits for less than the cloth
and the making cost The great ad
vantages we ofler make it a great ad
vantage to buy from ns.
POINTER! If you haven't an
Overooat you'll soon have to get one.
You may have but a little money to
spend, but yet you want the best ar
ticle you can get for that small sum.
Well, you can get the best for tha
least money at the Misfit Clothimo
Pablo bs. '
In addition to the Lowest Prioes,
we nave the Best Assortment and.
the Best Fabrios in Memphis. When
godd goods, and cheap prioes go to
gether, the purchaser ia always sura
of gettiag the most value for his
money. . See the point T
Clothing Parlors
262 Second Street,
Opp. Coart Square, Memphis, Ten a,.
N.B. Remember, all alterations to
insure a Perfeot Fit, DONE FftEB
OF CHARGE, by First-olass Tailors
in our Parlors." :
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