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IMnptPB. pou oi the pestvtg'T
wtra part, in acc'dpot was en i d
br aMunderof the telegra h ope' or
t u'wenwonn, who get t iorwara
train No. 3 irntrid Of Nrt. 123. The
t acit was cleared h:t a ternoon.
OfHarrigoa Co only, Kv, and the
Record Tkn from Hint
Talk of L) aching.
LoriETiLLB Kt., Novnber 27. A
appeal s.b: Tu town if O rdm,
Ind., ie ia a s'at f gn a', rxc temebt
today, the on c rue 1 a pcli Ua con
test, aori Kriou4 tr nSle is ar.tiil
riated. Ti is rn .in'rig John M. Braly,
Recorder ol LUr o i com ty, wis at
work in 1 i-i offloa worn Henry
Wright, B. J."Mu r tnd etverel r.theis
entered the ( dice and fsaulted him.
Bealy was k rucked down ard the
records taken iiom him by Wright
and the other, who at once ltft the
room. The a'arm was given, and in a
fev moments mo. e than 200 citizens
ODgregated at ttio ffi e and the wi'd
est excittmett prevailed. Wrist t
and his companies weie taken into
custody and convtyed to the Court
house for rafe kepinz. Threats of
lynching were m doon every hand,
and it is thought there will be an
effort made in ttiat direction tonight.
Bealy was chosen over Wright at the
recent election, ard has since recti ved
bis commf'sion and taken the oath of
office. Wright, tte previous Be
corder, refused to give up the office,
claiming that Bealy was not a natural
iced cit 5d, although he did nothiog
to Drove the barge. Today Bealy
took possession, and while be was at
work, as stated, the a sault was made.
Two Hoc; fy.. L,nf.
Baltimokb, Md., N,.v ruber 17.
Tapt. VeEey, of the it arub at Et.och
Fr.tt, wt.ii:li arked tii's morn n , e-
piita 'bar during tl e tt im II ur day
f e nooo anJ irght to b, g rye, en
gaged in oyiitr c tchiug ia the ma h
f ihi Manok'n rv. r, off Piney
Island, wi re apf;z d and all hi as
or.wntd, fif-f pt ihe cap tin of one of
ileboHia. Ihe ntmes uf the I ngys
ou'd not be lear ed prior toUiece
raruef the Tra t for BJtnvne.
Ca t V. az y alto retor's th.t on
Tiiursi'av .f.arnoon, rt 4 o'clock, io
IJorjfja 'ivr. off Caps Whatf, the bug
eye K J. Suniih aud lbs s'oopCill
(oini.i wtre b th capf'i d by ih gale.
Aiit-n cnya (coon a), wno uvea on
the Plaik't ink riv.r, and a hand on
b mrd tt'e R. J. Sjaith, was drowned.
It is probable that other disasters will
be reported, as many oyster botts
were exposed to the gale, wftich was
unusually severe.
Fold In 0pm Cunrt Yesterday
By the Eminent t oautel tin
Bulb Milts.
Ike Haas taaaex Horror.
Louisviixa, Kt , N ivember 27 As
nevelopmeLta are made the Koox
onntv, Ky., iff r g owa in horror. It
is undoubtedly trne that Mrs. Poeand
- her two lady gneitswere raped, and
together wiih the five children were
murdered and then burned up in the
noute. me at-vi s wno did it are not
positively known, thuuth suspicion
rests upon one John Warm and h;s
alleged wif", who were neighbors of
the Poes. It is a mis'aketo say that
arreets have bim made, the ugh they
are likely to b at any moment, and if
ine prool la good atairat the suspect
ed parties Jadine Lvnoh will undoubt
edly bold an immediate term of bis
' The Coailaenial Hotel Fire.
Chicago, III, No'tmber 27. At
the investigate n of the Continental
Hotel fire by the City Fre Inspector
fodav. four witnesses were examined.
air. B. T. Tomlu son, who bad board
ed at the hotel fi r years, and wbo left
cn the day priced ng the fire, said he
had been cor fideLt'a )y -varned by
Mrs Rowan, whi was in cbaige of the
hotel, and that he in tarn warred sev
eral other friend , who left on the
rame day. No arrests have as yet
been made.
Tbo Bodlt.ol the I'rtwFoaad.
Detroit, Vich, Novtmbrr 27. A
special to the Evei,ing Journal from
Montague, Mil b , sy: The bodies
of the crew of the icbooner Conway
were found on the beach near here
this morning, and $1000 known to have
been on the ptrson of Capt. Smith was
Kllltd by talliac Elevator.
Pittbbubq, Pa , November 27. The
elevator at the tew bu lding of the
Allegheny ( onn'y K ectic Light Com
pany, on Virgin alley, fell from the
fourth floor to the cellar to day, kill
ing Beverly Hairlo, co'ored, and seri
ously injuring James White and Ed
ward Barton. The men were em
ployed in the erection of the building
ana were descend ng on the elevator
when the enoter lost control of it.
This is the second fatal accident which
has occurred at this building within
six weeks.
A CtoatluVrable Fallare,
CiKCijnuTi, 0., Nov mber 27. J. A
8. B. Sachs, boi t end fhoe manufact
urers, at No. 109 Ww t Pearl street, as
signed today to M. J. Back. The as
sets are esti mat' d at $100,000; liabili
ties, 1200,000. The failure cause's much
CrBkbrtf to llafh.
Blochingtoh, III, November 27.'
John Potter was tnttsnlly k lied in a
dreadful rnauntr yis'eroay at Anchor,
this county. He was operating a
portable beater hay press and bad
crawled into the rra :bme to adjust it,
when a weight of iron, weighing a ton
and a half, dropped down on him.
His head and eLouldeis were cruihed
to jelly.
A fct'houuer hank.
Oswego, N. Y., November 27. A
special dispatch to the Paladium from
Sackett'e Harbor. eys: Thetchoontr
North Blar, of Hamilton, Ont., loaded
with coal, sunk iff S.ontv Island last
night in 8Jfetof water. The crew
were saved.
Dropped Itrad.
Oineta, N. Y., November 27. 8. 8.
Cobb, agfd abjut 65 years, wbo was
widely known as a grain and wool
dealer, dropp d dead in the street in
front of the Kirkwood House at 10
o'clock last nlgbt. Deceased was un
married. He wai an intimate friend
of the late Secretary Fo'ger.
10,000 Loat la Blaae.
Chicago, III., November 27. A fire
In the four story brick building, Nos.
40 and 48 Mu hi (tan avenue, caused
damage to the extent of 110,000. The
loss is very evenly divided between
O'Van Beken, representing Anderson
Fruit Preserving Company and Ham
lin's Wizard Oil Company.
Hllwaakee Sardea
Milwaukee, Wis., November 27.
R N. Auaiin began the closing argu
meot fur the defense in the trial of the
Milwaukee Gardn rioters at 2 o'clock
tnis afternoon. He will be followed
by J. O. Mi Kenney, for the Slate, wbo
will close the case. It is thought that
Judge bloaa will charge the jury late
this afternoon. Another of the de
fendants was discharged by the Judge
this morning, namely, Joseph
Wi je'ebowsky. This makne two who
havo been discharged. Wcjcichow
sky's discharge was brought about in
a rather peculiar manner. One of the
witnesses, wto teeiifl-.d before the
grand jury that the prisoner carried a
firearm on the day of the riot was put
upon the snd and asked to' identify
hieman. Wijcicbowsky wssnotin
rouitat the time and the witness
po nted out another of the defendants
and said he thought he was the man,
but that he was not quite certa:n. It
sppearine to the Ju-g4 that the wit
ness was in error, Wojckhowsky was
discharged. The latter put in an ap
pearance soon after the incident, how
ever, a d was immed ately identified
by the witness, but it was too late, as
Wojaichowsky hud eecured his liberty.
The Had Hlaiaha of a Vreea Pilot.
Dbtboit, Mich., Novembsr 27. At
2 o'c'oik this morning the ftesmer
Alaska left her deck on ber last trip
of the season. She had just cleared
the river when she noticed a light
dead ahrad, apparently ten minutes
away. The proper s'gnals were given
by both beat?, bat a green wheels
man on the Alaska misunderstood the
order, and before the mate, who had
noticed bis error, conld stop her she
had st'Uck the stranger a terrific blow.
The Alaska sheered ( ff, and, finding
sue was not maxing much water, re
turned to De'ro't. The o'hnr cralt
provtd to ba the eteausbip Oregon,
whose captain, to save her from sink
ing, beached heron Bois Blanc Island.
TheOrrgon was built in 1882, and
Was of 361 toi s burthen. She was
owned by J. O. Gilchii-t, of Cleve
land, and va'ued a1. 131,000.
The Mlae Kxploaloa.
Wilkei babbb, Pa., November 27.
The excitement at the Ojnyngbam
shaft having subsided, an examination
was made today to asteitain Ihe ex
tent cf the damage caused by the ex
plosion. It was found tbtt the com
pany will euffar but little Iocs by the
damage to the workinsa. .
The Baltimore slops suspended ope
rations today owing: to the lares on an.
titles of g'S working in from the Con
yrgham mine, with which it is con
nected. None of the twelve men who
were reported yesterday as having
been lately burned have died.
Jeaale Fax Dead.
Chicago, III , November 27. Jen
nie Fy, who was taken to the county
hoepitil on the 19 h instant, seriously
iijuted, ditd this afternoon. She
toid tte clerk she had been robbed
ar d beaten on the street. During her
stay at the noepltal she was visited
by s'fters from the m'ssion at No. 40
Fourth avenue, but nor port of the
case has ever been made to the police.
An itquest will be he'd Monday.
The ponce have failed to find the two
murdtre's. Mrs. Fay was from Syra
cuse, N. Y , and barame addicted to
Ihe opium habit when debited by
her husband tome years ago. She
was a pretty woman cf about 40 years
Choked tor Old Mao Wbeller.
Cleveland. O.. November 27. This
af.erncon Cjroner West returned a
verdict in the Wbe'ler murdrr cae.
Mrs. Wrelltr, the murdered woman,
was 86 yeais old, and was worth $200,
000. Ii.r hubbind, Beijtmin Whel
ler, claims that his estate is still larger
tt an his wi'e's. Tue Coroner reached
his conclusions after holditg a post
mortem examination onon the bodv
of the dead woman and after examin
ing fouiteen witnesses. On the bedy
of the murdered Jane Wheller, he re
ports having found two abrasions on
the left of the windpipe and one over
the right, a laceration of the lower
lp and a scratch under the right eye.
In summing up, he says: "I therefore
find that Jane Wheller came to her
death at No. 46 Eagle street, on No
vember 22d, at aSont 8:30 o'clock, by
being choked to death by her hus
band, Benjamin Wheller.
London, riovfDjD tzi in the ac-
t'n u fir oivoch trmpht by Laly
Um pDell a aire', l-'nn Uol n (.ami
bill, ine plaitit fi d c nns 1 ilos'ti i er
side of the ra-tn lo'ay. Laly Viis
was rr ss ix ni.nd. She tad ate
was nit aware thai a tabumn hering
a lettr fr. m the Doke if Marlbor
ough ores en ert-d Lidy Campbell's
Don room. A tv bran, wit en thi ught,
bi d bsndei Lady Onmpbe 1 a letter
indoors ids ead ol inmogh a terv-
ant, and miht have r-ctiv. d frcm ber
a r p'y direct, D ia ue under the cir
rua e arc s in which the was placed,
x.aay uampoeu mignt nve snepected
ber servantx, especially her husband's
nurse, and faar. d to eU xxtX them with
any correspondence.
At this point certtin letters written
by witnesee s to the defendant weie
produced and she was asked if they
were hers, bhe said they were, and
added that when ehe wrote them she
thiught she was writing to a man of
honor and not to such a person as
Lrd Colin Campbell had turned out
to be ssnsat on, and that she still
thought a womau s letters should be
considered srered. applause. Mrs.
Doffy, Lotd Campbell s nurse, Lady
miles coaiiDUB J, inveniea ice s'ory
that Lady Campbell had miscariied.
Ihe invention was made to conceal the
real nature of Lady Campbell's afllio
tion. Lord Colin Campbell had told
witness he was endeavoring to obtain
all the information he potsibly could
gainst his wife in order to sue her for
divorce, and had subsequently told
witness i hat he had failed t) obtain
any. Mr. Bns?ell, plaintiff's counsel,
corrected his opening statement by
adding to it that Lady Campbsll when
she ma rled the defendant brought
tiimauituneoi jw,iuj. tar. KUBeeii
then gave notice that
cate wps clo ed.
Mr. Robert BannatyneFirlay.Q. 0.,
opened the case for the defense. He
p.id it afforded inexpressible relief to
Lord Colin Cmpb ill to have an op
portnni'y todtf.nd himself in open
court tioui ine grots and cruel imnu
tat ions which had been put upon him,
and from the charge of adu tery
which had bren trumped up. The
ma'a ly from which the defend mt suf
fered was not venereal, a though the
r suit of youthful indiscre ion. Lidy
l-ampben s motner nad Deen told ol
the nature cf the defendant's ailment
before the marriage, but she never
theless urged oa the union, saj ing
her daughter wps willing to merely act
asanuise toner tu-bauu, and even
wrote to the Cuke tf A'gyle to press
upon bim a fulfl lment of the engage
ment The marriage was au' honed
by a physician, who said it wps desira
ble that dtfndant shou'd have the
marriage relationship with the plaint
iff. Daring the Etster season of 1882
the Duke of Mar.borongb, who had
been corresponding with her and
was often seen in Lady Camp
bells company, visited Leigh Court
at the sme time she did, and their
bedrooms therein adjoined. Doubt
less, Mr. Finlay contended, the Duke
of Marlborough and Lsdy Campbell at
this time were criminally intimate, if
they bad not been before. After this
Lidy Campbell went to Paris, and on
thia journey she was chaperoned by
Lady Miles. Tbey remained in Paris
one month, the Duke of Marlborough
being there also. When Lady Camp
bell returnedlfrom Paris she sent her
ma d to Nwitseriand, evidently, the
lawyer said, because the miild knew
too much. That maid would be called
by the defence, and would test fy. On
the 12th of Augu't Lady Campbell
went to tne Buioset Hotel and re
mained there with the Duke ol Marl
borough until the following Monday.
Gen. Batter visited Lady Campbell
daring her bu-band's absence, and
used to remiiia with her as long as
tnree conrs at a time, unce, during
one of these interviews, some one
called to sse Lady Campbell. 8be
came ont of the room, her hair dis
anaogej, shouted "Not at home,"
and returned to Uen. H i lr,
In the meantime Lord Colin
Campbell cime home unexpectedly
and anile ne was etui in one ot tb
rooms down stairs Gen. Butler slipped
out on tiptoe without meeting the
hnsband. That same evening Lsdy
uampbeii was men in. Lorn (jjiin
Camubell remained in Leigh Court
from Angust, 18S-2, to February, 18i3,
and during this time Lidy Campbell
went to and irom London and com
mi'ted adultery with Dr. Bird. Lord
Colin Campbell then knew nothing
about bis wife s bad conduct, but she
had a gni ty conscience, and she got
Holioiior Lfcwis to write a letter charg
ing Lord Colin Campbell with giving
ber a loathe ome diseaee. and refusing
to live with him as his wife. Loid
Colin Campbell had never heard of
such a charge before, and of course re
fused to agree that they should not
live as man and wife.
tatte owl was ctoir' t. but broke
the vines, atd vent oft w th bn'h rao
sn l eta n; tT-t it rou t ed a time or
two end kil'e i eome chic-eii', an I
rn'v de's eJ when he i-nt after it i h
a th tguo, and hatlhen it merely
t-an-ftrr, ci is vi its ti tbe cniik.n
ho"seof a widow lady in tlie snm
reikhh rhooit, curyifg it i tau ami
rlansiie its c'ltio ever s-nce i'. tuok
them tn m tha pota'o vin-c, j .n t as
d ei ai y otber is -Hpea prsonrwliO
hs g( t asy wi hoot it t ing ri-1 of
IU mttaules. Tuis U what jar. D.r-
aaalaattbe linaa ! Arrow or
lb raaalleitl "Iwur," of Wdlch
t.he la Van of the Idlior.
The following la copied from the
Nashville Jumt.ol whuh Mrs. Lide
Meriwether, of tt.ii city, the writer, is
one uf the editors Of tie Women's
Christian Temperance Union Depart
Belmr a resident of the locality des
ignated, the above caption, heading a
leading editorial in laei weet ajuii,
naturally arrested my attention. Its
perusal appalled me. When the
writer penned ine louowing sentence,
"Memphis needs another revengeful
Providential yellow fever iconriie.
The lesson it got from God eight years
ago is forgotten," was he really
"clothed and in hs rght mind?"
Does he honetly believe that the
fever plague of 1878 and 1879'waa sent
upon Altmpuie in recompense lor any
other (ins lave those of dirt and bad
sewerage? Does he honestly believe
in and devoutly worship a Uod whom
be believes capable oi tending a "re
vengeful" scourge upon a city of 60,
COO pecp'e. slaving remortely the in'
norent with the guilty, the infidel
with the Cbiistlan, the spotless babe
with the hoary tinner T If so, he
mu-t be a reiio oi me miume ages.
and not what I had 'unnoted him to
me piainunv: be an intelligent vunsi.au oi me
nineteenth century.
And not content with pouring out
the vials ol his own wiath over a
hole editorial column, greatly to the
detriment and dishonoring oi that nrr
offending ppge, on the following page
he returns to the a'tack, and ful
mioa'e his revengeful pnphesy with
a "vim" that smacks (t'O gly of his
wish helns father to bis thought:
"No God. no Sabbath, for Memph's,
She needs the scourging if another
outoonrlns vial of vellow fver wrath
And she'd vet get it and deserve It."
Ie this the u terance of a follower
of the senile Master, wbo has said:
"BU ss them that cuise you, do good to
them thtit hate you, and pray fortbem
that epl.etully uae jou and persecute
Now. sa regards this maiter, I would
promise that inasmuch, as the cotton
is not being handled in Nashville, it is
not The Lwe't "iuneial," and, in my
humble opinion, it m'ght be more
profitably employed werd it to pick
u j its broom and aweep a little on its
own Davement.
And again. I happen to know some
thing about the Memphis uity uoun
oil and its cotton merchants. I know
that oar merchants bad, ta they fully
tVr pSfirtvl with wtHrt prvnnl to PnHty, rvtmv(rtli tuvd
lipttKhruliiMn. Ir. I'riiw's) Piiklntr 1'owJcr contAlna
o AmmotitaJ.ttti,Aiumor l'huph&t4su ir. TrU'r
llTACtN VsUaiil, LtUUOtA, Ote, HkTOT iUclOUt4j
Ornoa r tii Bono or Kbvoitior, 1
BID3 for lltttin th ObUa Boboolhoau,
now In ooari ot rolioi oa tb oorntr
of Foor'h and Kent itiaati. will ha r
at thi! offie up to U m. htardr nail.
Pin and paelflsationi tun b ten it tb
Offio of M. A. U.l.Oln. Arlll.l. M hi
Second atrxt.
B dl will ba fflaa MAalvail tar T.ivln ntil
walk! at Markat Mratt Balldini U th him
aaia. i-i an a ana arweiooauona ean a een
altblaoB. lb Board raaarras tb riiht
w rvraoi mnj ana i oiaa.
Uf order or ma Bond.
A. B. naii. Baaratarr.
W. A. GAGB & CO.
Cotton Faotoro,
No. SOO Front Street. : Mthla, Ta.
. . i
araa asana. I
rasj lUaa.1
Trade Marli.1
Far Of ppaln,all derang-amaata
art tba DlfnatlT Orajaa and (ha
iTar.Skla Dlasoaaa, Cala, Bnraa,
Bcalda and Braises, ACID IBOIf
I1RTD la a apacllle.
hsamailaia, Malarial Dlaara
dtera, Ohroalo Dlarrhata aid
atlaata eaaea al Blaaa Paliaala,
Tl"l wlikool fail t Urn waadtasw
CM'?- ;
Hat, I
Iraaa th A. I. B. Ca., MaaUa. AJai
At WkolNmle h TAW TI.EET& CO.
mat oar mercnanis nan, ss tuey muy -n 1 -.r j
believed, made ample provision for rartllGrSlliP N OllCO.
sorage, and had no d aire to handle
cotton on Sunday. Bat the influx
was sudden and unprecedented, and
they found themselves with a lares
amount of property intrusted to their
care, lorwmcn ineyxaa no sneiter.
The property was not theirs; it be-
lor zed to men all through the Missis
sippi Valley, whose families were de
pendent for their suppoit upon Ihe
price it bronght. What were they to
Mmraia, ttoramhar 22. IS.
rT'IIB andarataaad haa ihla dai formad a
X snpartntrrbip andar tha Irna nama of
JOSEPH U. PU1.LKM k CO., for tba par.
roaa or oarrrms on a rarri rira aaa
naariaa aaaaraaa aiaaiaaa. Mr. Joa,
II. Pnllan will kara Immadlata aantrnl ni
uuirvnm,! ana DOHinaaa.
J 0 rr, 1.1 I I . ra..r.ifc..p.,n,,B1Dtr4i,l01
uoi xuoy eauiu uua uuuu uuuiiui 1 irBi baTa Ih a da aald and tran.l.rr.,1 tn
in a day. uel her were they vy (barl,, l. and Jnaeph ft. Pullan oar
oura iD.uriDoa Aituir nnainoaa, and wo
Dsapaaa lor istni a oonunaanoao! ibo aaai-
naaa neraioiora given to nl.
wm. n. I'llLLKW A CO,
AS owl sroai
That la Well Vonchrd for, and Tel
la Pretty Toagh.
lada-e Treat oa the Jadres af Elee-lion.
Tha allrg.d ajrala al.
Bcflo, N. .Y., November 27.
Andrew Kgatber, against whom an
Indictment was found by Ihe grand
Jury in connection with the allrged
grain ateal, has (wen admitted to bail
in the sum of $2500. The crime al
leged in the indictment against all of
the parties raid to have participated
in the alleged steal is grand larceny
in the flrrt degree and receiving stolen
ooos. gainer ana jcmiiie are Jolnt
y indicted in three bills, charged
with taking 1817 bushels of wheat
and grain on November 18, 1885: on
September 28, 18S5, -000 bushels;
and on May 23, 1884, 698 bushels.
Two bills againat Kennedy and Ema
ils charge tnem witn tne tbeit ot 10C0
bushels of wheat on September 15,
1886, and 2134 bushels on September
18,1886. Campbell and Emslie are
Jointly charged with taking 1492
onsheisof wheat on November 14,
1884. The value of tbe wheat is
pnt down at 75 cents per bushel.
A Bread fn I Bailroad Aecfdeat,
Kaiisas Citt, Mo., November 27.
The Mltsouri r"c no pas'enger train,
due here at 7:30 o'c'ock this morning,
collided with a freight train near
Ureenwood, twenty miles east of here.
The engints were wrecked and the
freight engine was hurled upon the
forward part of th mail car, crushing
ii ana annrg cn j n Magolha, a prsul
clerk. F. h. 1J be, another clerk, is
in a dying conaitinn. The engineers
and firemen taved themselves by
. i mi inl,i
St. Loo is, November 27. Judge
Treat, of the United States Dietrict
Court, in giving additionalinbtructions
to the United States grand jnry on
tbe subject of election trends this af
ternoon, made the important point
that under tbe Federal and State laws
the State judges of election are subject
to the Federal law, and a wil fal viola
tion of their duties is an Indictable
offense. He also said that if the State
Board of Registration Bevisers had
stricken from the list of voters the
name or names of persons without
having first folly satisfied themselves
that the persons SO stricken n(T had no
legil tight to vote, then the members
of the board had committed an oflense
against the Federal law. and were
subject to indictment Any person
who voted from a precinct of which he
was not a resident is also indictable,
and the jury were so instructed to
The Caaadlaa PaelOc
Boston, Mass., November 27. A
special from Ottawa, Ont.. says: Osn-
mat naiiap er van iiorne, of IDS Uan
adian Pacific railroad, says he has
concluded arrangements with the Bjs-
tnn anri l.nal mail 4a u DA..
which will be made the principal
winter terminus cf his road. Papers
will be signed early next week. Con
nection fjom Montreal will be made
wiih Newport, Vt., over tbe South
eastern rrad, thence to Woodsville, N.
II., over the Lowell road.
Snbarrlh for tlia MArAaI.n
To tha Xditort of tha Appeal t
Lixihqton, Miss , November 26.
I inclose you Capt. HoAkine's paper
with the owl story. Yon will see
by Capt. Hoskins's publication tbat be
nad some doubts as to tbe correctness
of tbe statement, but since his paper
came out the owl was brought to town
and tbe trap to its foot, just as I send
it to you. The owl was caught by
Geo. M. Friar, son of the widow spoken
oi in tne isulitim article. Tne trap bad
beed fastened to the owl's foot for
more than six weeks. Mr. Filar beard
tbe owl after his chickens, got up and
saw tbe owl getting the beet of a
turkey hen. So intent was tbe owl
with its prey tbat Mr. Friar took it by
tbe wing and it relnsed to let go until
he raoght it by both wings and
slammed it to tbe ground and killed
it. A few nights sgi Mr. Watt Dar
nell while riding heard tbe rattling of
the chain that has since come loose
from tbe trap, and not seeing any ob
ject he put spurs to his horss and was
soon at home, declaring that the devil
was loose. Mr. N. Darnell wanted to
take the trap home, but Capt Hos
kins told bim if be took the trap he
could take the owl to. That the pres
ence of the trap on the owl's foot ver
ified the statement kt b. w,
As the owl reached the Appsal of
fice one of its feet was caught in the
trap referred to. Eos. Appsal.
The Owl Starr.
Lexington (Miss.) Bulletin: Mr.
Joseph Young cangat an owl in a
steel trap Saturday night tbat meas
ured four and a half leet from tip to
tip. X Y Z in Prentiu Pleader.
Mr. B. Z. Darnell aayj be ret a trap
for sn owl, snd fastened a email chain
to tbe trap, the other end being at
tached to eome nncnt potato vines;
willing to allow this source of support
which bad been intrusted to their care
to be kjared. And in this dilemma
tber aooealed to the City Council.
aod I know tbat tbe Council deba'ed
the question long and seriously,
They did not carslessly, as our
editor pus it, "suspend all hu
man and divine law." Tbey were
greatly troubled about it, and they
locked careiuiiy a', tne matter iotn an
paints of view. , The cot. on merchan's
had said to thim. 'Qiva as snthority
to protect our customers tbis t me and
another year, we assure ?ou, we will
not be caoiiht napping." Aod after
cprtful cods deration the Council saw
no other honest course to pure ue, and
our mercbai.ts are keeping tntirprorn-
ue. I am told mat, one nrm nas pur
chased twelve ac es in the southern
part of the city and another a large
tract in tbe northern, and they are
building immense sheds as fast as
workmen can put them up.
la conclu lou, i want to enter xy
serious protett against a Labit into
which The Issue has fallen, namely.
that of boldiug up the
free thinker to its read
of wholesale lniquii
rttbs, out of whom no
blv come.
I am not an model contrariwise, I
am a church membsr but I steadfast
ly bold to tbe right to do my own
tbiLkirg. and I hold with equal tenac
ity to the tight of every other man or
woman to do his or hers. And I do
protest e gainst calling a man oppro
btious names, or imDiigning his mo
tives beciues be doesn't think as you
do about re igion or anyhingeUe. He
has as good a right to his opinion as
you have to yours.
Moreover, if The Iuue is conducted
in tbe interest of any sys'em cf theol
ogy, Itt it say so; and let it seek to
convince and convert lonasis and
freethinkers, by tbe "pare and peace
able" methods inculcated by the Di
vine Teacher. But it has been my
impression that it was edited solely in
tbe interest of temperance and prohi
bition, and if my imprtsiion is correct
I would respectfully submit that it
might better promote the interest and
further the progress of i's special ob
ject by sticking tc its text
We are fighting for prohibition;
why not ta'k about it? It appears to
me we shall have quite enongb on our
hands if we bring tbat about, without
undertaking to regulats all the publlo
acta and tbe piivate opinions of tbe
nation. Tbis is a garment a world too
wide for our proportions. Lt us lay
it aaida, brother, and try one thing at
a t me. Lastly, brethren, I want it
understood that I write this only
under "my own sign and seal." Al
though I am the recognised leader ot
tbe White Ribb joa of Tennessee, I do
not speak for them on thia occasion,
and I would not speak at all but for
the fact that my name stands at tbe
head of one cf the departments. Tbat
being eo, I claim the right to "say my
say" in tbess columns, at tbe same
time distinctly stating tbat lor tbe
opinions herein expressed nobody is
responsible save
HUB MfctimiW Ufctl,
ask poar muilw for the Orlainal S3 "aao,
la-ware of Imitations. - - 4
Kane Gaaaloo aaleaa bear Ins tfclaHtanp.
auaolalMHoa,voBirraiand Lao. ArarOstf
frm. unexoallMln dm.
A pontalcard acnl ta
uawlU bring you informa
tion oowtoRPitnii nnoaia
au Butte or Territory.
i unooiJi nbt
IL tr "Vs.
in a a ai.
Btkn. xaar.aLUaVaT
Thf aboe iuuiiU httrher In tbe tMttrnat!nn off
Wnrrm Linn B.IIV UltT 111 tllO Wfirlil. Thoila
And who wo-sr U WlU lull jou Uu ruiuon U JfuU
fuM Uieiu, j
j. w. voBorn co.
' 'I " inl ill 1 a 111 1 i 11 M "r
WW A.BTS) riABTntMnU, AWW.TaWmi,
E23rs. Sash, Blinds, Holding, Lra2li3
Uth and Shingles, FloorliLg, Celling and CoUr Tuts.
11 mill
Cotti MorslolB
20t Front Wlret. Oppowlfe rnwfom nn
t. 0. saiir.
Uliolcsalo Grocers & Cotton Factory
If 1 Front StrMt, Memphis, Teas.
tstata aaaatat4 to aj wUl kar taaral atUiUaa. We tarrf a all taai vaV
Stiplsft Fuicy Greeeriss, Wln'et, Liquors Jobusi & Zw
wttt aall a Law aa th tMmtm
r. m. Aurrovr.
h. nr. h tra-T.
. W 1 ...
CL3-BrwHii1l in -0ail2rts
And Commission Merchants Hay, Cora. Oat, Bran, Chop Feed, Oil leal.
Lime, Cement, Plaster, Hollaing and Fire Ilrlck. Ete.
Cor. Front and Union, 1 Howard's How, Momphlr .
A. AGO ARO & i
J. F. I10LST & 1MO.
i H,lul anil tha I W W-S rtTTTarr
era a, monsters rtWJ. '.' S tVttiZJm&
v. human "Wan- U-miW.O.
good can potsl. lYiWPSM
I aWla lit it.,- ."J- 'i 71W ar -Tlf ,iTT
Funeral Directors.
ROOKLTW.M. T.-Boardon the BUI,
Mri. U. C. Iln.ard. Wa.hln.lon
P.. KAnnl I.pva. InM.rinn rlallvhllnl
Conr.nier. to sari to ManhatUn llaaoh,
Conor laland,Lon Beaob aadCntral I'arkl
aiao o n.w ' ui. i , tni oi am a.a van
A FULL ana somploU rtoak of Wood and
.-.-a. n.uille uuu and Uaaketa, (Jloth-OoT-ered
Oaakstaand Burial Robot alwayaoa
band. aarOrdut bv talonaph roisDlIr
Young & Brother,
, Booksellers and Stationers,
818 MaUa SlU, Hemphia, Tenn
a iiw sidppi,t or
JI7NT nr.fJEiVFn.
TTAVB plaoad'wIthO. n. HKNDBRflOS,
OOODBAR k to.. Main atreat, a bit lot of
Thorooah-br.d Cattle and a few Una Maret
andMnlea WUl tall two tear old JiolaUla
Cowa at tLTOO to drop ealvea In lha aprinr
and will par for tbe ealv.a 1100 aaob. Ala
old frlende to sail aad itt the atoek .
EVERT hnarekeeper knowi tometblns
.boot tbe tronblet tamed br ataoklns
iplaeea, whloh areaaaonc thetreaUat nul
loaa to be mat wltb. (na nf th. ImnorLant
tblnaa tobeatteadad to in all hoaaae u toaee
tbetlbe craiea are eat properlj, and that the
Irrplaoaa are eorrcetl built. Mr. at.
LttMwar.tl Uajeat attract, la an eapert
at thia baalneet, and baa patented tome ar
rana omenta that enable him to oorre-1 amok f
eblmnejt and 10 Sat the maul brat troa
tbe fuel. All wbo want Ireplarea or ehlm-
naM n medied ahonld apply to Mr. LH.MON,
wboe work will aire aatlntanllnn.
IkMioslMl ftawo iewsm rataro al. I tnaao a r4anoi
rsirw. atva alMt tM Umm a fllw, ITll JUV I Plli
IHM Pt.aOTl it atojsj too a. warrBatl mf nmorjy
IO aMMtt Mft I
oaaaion tor aysrw rwMiM A tmrt m omm tm
ItmuniM i N Istiiifli aj,f M,nhM rroMll ft
qassaraatl twtd ra Ufstr. It atMSs sjaHtf Inas,
fsMl VH) awatw y-a iAsi . TV f'1 ft , IT.
(HVVCtWHOUn TO . L. i.t.h), JOBBKHH Of
Cigars and Tobacco
Vtn WtHin Sfrf. Opra. flonrt Kp nitre. W omptiia. Tenn.
And Commission merchants,
200 and 802 Front HU. Mom pit It. Tenn.
Steam Engines, Boilers and Tank Work, Cotton dins, Uottot
rrefweH, wood mi leys, fsiiaitin, Agricultural
and Plantation Work,
Corn and fStxsju- IVIillo-
- We kare th. LARGEST WORKS of the kind In the United Rtatna, and wUl aeet
pnoaa lor tamo onaiitr of wort, send ror uataiocoe, rrleltutt
and Tealimonlala.-a
J. T. LaFi
red. k Co.
LaU with J. I. Lafrade k Oa
No. 301 Front street.
Memphis, Tenn.
aa-HaTlnt retired from tbe Saddlarr and Harataa bnalneaa and opened an offloe aa ebo-re.
w. are PlaMed to aonoanoe to oar trlenda and tbe paono atnoraur ni waara sow k'v
to aerre (beia la oar new oepeeltj
teaded at la tn. old line, we trail
if. Heturnlnf toanii lor ia. er unerai iniiw.v
to Bent aod reoelTO a ahare of roar larori In tbe nea.
mt L.PRADK. MoHKATH k 00.
aawKawl . gsamum ma t-VJjafT

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