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81KD1T, I t : KOV. 28, 18S6.
TIC 1ST A. G-li) S
Neaa I om tbo No'th tells us lln-t a
keiusndau early whiter bes ret in,
Amorg kind hearts tl.ia crousea
ttoogbi lor the nnf jitanate por.r. To
the widow in her dBoliitfon, tho little
one3 B eusceptible cf autTdriuf:, to the
tick, the helpless and the friendless
f o r the approach o( winter is a threat
and a dread. The chill minds are
comicg, the liars h whirl of the pitiless
snow, the piercing touch of the keen
fro t, penetrating evt 17 crevice of the
borj'e and the thin and tcaoty gar
ments of the sana and danghteis o!
want. Kind philanthropist are ar
ranging for the annual ball, wboje
proceeds are so important a contribu
tion to the holy cause cf charity. Mr.
Fe er Tracy hai been appealed to, and
be will generous'y devote hisekill
snd ennrsv with enthusiasm that
ia always ready to help the suffering
lie will make the occasion oi.e that
will be memorable for i!s de
lightful facrination and unbound
ed icjoymout. Will tho public
ah 11 re his enthusiasm fur dolrg
jrood, and so generously give their
presence at the ball that a Bum shall
be raised that a1 all be cf practical a d
in assuaging suff;riug, drying np the
tea 1 ol corrow, and llghtoaing h tarts
near to despilr? The cccision will
not be one of nitre dinp'ay and for
mality i it is a b ill for tho poor, and
all who have comfortable homes of
thtir own are invited to be present,
thuB e (dieting to solace many a com
fortless fireside. Let friend invit)
Jiond aiid neighbor stir up neighbor,
so that the aoxual bull of 1880 may
be memorable aa the most delightful
ever known in Memphis, and the
most generous and mcst munificent
to the poor.
The Indications all point to a
spirited contett over the office of
Comptroller, to he filled by the neat
Lrgislature, and while there are qitlte
a number of good and deserving gen
tlemen offering, it teems to be the
' prevailing opinion that the race really
lies between Mr. Pickard, the present
incumbent, and Mr. Sloan, of Tipton.
Mr. Piikard will have all the advan-
tages which accrue to "the ins," but
when it is remembered that he has
already held the office for two terms,
and drawn from the public "crib" the
nice little sum of (4000 per annum
daring that time, the deep seated pre-
.jsrlic -sjralutt "third termism," and
the popular policy of rotation in office
may more than balance these advan
tages and pot Mr. Pickard on at lead
an equality with his competitors. Mr,
Sloan will have the prestige of a clean
and manly fight made for ttis offlie
four yeari ago, when, while burdened
with many disadvantages which do
not now eiltt, he made, as the jour-
nals show, a very creditable race. He
will a'so have the benefit of
that sectional courtesy which always
incllni the Legislature to apportion
the honors fairly between the three
itvialocs, and aa Webt Tennessee now
has none of the State offices, and has
never bad the Comptroller's effiee but
onoe, the presumption !b thtt it will
fall to ma. And coupled with all this,
Mr. Sloan's pleasing manners, general
' 'intelligences thorough and syctematic
business training, will at once com
mend him to the favorable notice of
the General Asiembly, and stamp him
as a man well qnalitad and peculiarly
fitted for this position. TheArpsAL
heartily Indorses Mr. Sloan, and thinks
the Legislature would act wlsoly by
electing htm.
The visit of Mr. Davis to the land
ol bis birth, the home cf his yontb, at
Fairview, Ky., for the purpose of as
' aisting in the dedication of a church,
having donated the site on which the
edifice is constructed, has subjected
him to the usual tirade of abuse which
the mal'gnauts always pour out if the
i-Free'.deut of the Confederal y dares
to leave bis residence at Bcauvoir,
Miss. It is scandalous, shameful and
disgraceful. Mr. Davis is no more to
blame for taking part In the war be
tween the Btates than Gordon, Harris,
Latent, Girland, Vance, Jcseph E.
Johnston, Longstreut or Moaby. With
all his devotion to the Southern canes
Mr. Davis was never mote sincere
than these Southern leaders, and
it ie a cruel ii jasiice to honor and
praise his coufedeiates in the struggle
lor Southern indepe ndence and abuse
him, as if he alone was responsible
lor the civil war. The abuse heaped
upon him for morely visiting the
jp'aco of bis birth aud witnessing the
sacred cetemoniea ol dedicating a
church, will provoke the in
s dignaticn of every jast and gen
erous heart.. These malignants will
find no sympathy among fair minded
.' and sensible Northern men. Frail,
indeed, wen'd be the Union were its
" safety threatened by the kindly greet
inga Riven an old atd worn man while
" :" n bis last pilgrimage to the graves of
hjaanctit'y '
V i DH)osli( StilSera t,
k .Xtstt-BstJaa', Ya., November 27.
A Bristol (Tnn.) special to the Ai
' wwitava track laying on the 8oatb
Atlanta and Ohio railread began
yesterday.' Work, will b pushtd lor
ward to Cumberland Gap aa rapidly
aapoBsib'e. Immense coal andiron
' fieda are found on the line of the
road. A piop ieition from th London
Invvstmtut Company has benn re
je Ived to extend the road fiom Bristol
to SUteeviile, N. 0., which will take
it throngh Ilia immense fluids of the
xriRgcetie ir n bait. lineaments In
mi oer.il Bid limKr land are being
madedaly by Northtrn tapitellats.
.The S'ook C eek, C1 ai d Iron Com
par y s ild, its p op' ry in t-c ttrountv
yesterday 10 V e Hai ey Com truclon
tJimnn B u on, Msas. The price
a not named.
New and Fiperslve Works to Be
Contracted I wo Miles Above
the Present Site.
Neitwilbstonilipg the gurded rran
r.er in which tbo neg Unions were
conducted, it leaked cut yesterday
that the Memphis wdir w.rks tad
been sold to H. R Bullock h Co., of
New York City. The news spread rap
idly, and was the leadir g topic of ds
cos'.on in business circles through
out the day. Anxious to get
at the bottom facts, an Ap
peal rrpirter cal'ed at the
(flics of the Memphis Water Company
and found Pie ident Latham in a
jubilant mood and his face wreathed
in smiles. Tois was in itself confir
mation of the tumor that the Mem-
fihla water works had been sold, bnt
n order to make assurance doubly
sure, the reporter put the paint blank
II porter Is it true that your com
pany has sold ont to Bullock & Co.
Peeideut Lttham It is true. I
have hern the contract of Simuel R.
Bullock dr. Co. to pay on or before tbe
15th of December par for all the stock
of the company, a so to become liable
for tbe $100,OU0 of bonds and pay tbe
current debts of thecompaLy, all ag
gregating abont 1)00,1 OJ.
Reporter Do ycu mean they are to
take all tbes'rck, cr only a majority?
President Latham Thiy are re
quired to take it all, that no stock
holder may be left ont, unless he pre
fers it, aru every stockholder who was
ieea readily sgreed.
Reporter 11 w long have the nego
tiations been under discussion?
Prest. Latham Folly two months,
but I have gone forward with future
p ans, all the samp, not kuowing
what would he the result.
Reporter Pr try large transaction
not to leak out ti 1 fully consummated.
The company having been quite ac
tive recently in adding to its machin
ery, the a tie is qni e a surprise. Do
you object to stating the reason br
President Latham The water com
pany appreciated fully tbenecesdiy
lit better water. Under its contract,
based on tbe prevent supply, the c ty
paid but a nominal sum. lo chaogs
that supply involved a new plant, new
and powerful pumping engines, large
mama a net expensive reservoirs.
Knowing that we cou'd not Incur that
heavy outlay for furnishing clear
water at the pittance paid bv the city,
we proposed to sell to tbe city at any
price fixed by a disinterested commit
tee. Tnis not being entertained, we
next proposed to construct a plant
and famish water that would give tbe
fullest tati. taction, at the present rates
to the psople, if ihs city would pay
a half average rate for her fire, aewer
and otber public atrvica. Thia also
was declined.
Reporter Then von think the city
somewhat to blame for tbe necessity
of yotireaiev
President Latham No. I don't say
that, nor criticise tbe city's refusal to
accept any of our several proposition,
but I am snre that even the Pretident
of the Taxing District, who has ao
often lelt it bis duty to "sit down" on
us, will excuie me for mildly inti
mating that if less parade bad been
made eighteen or twelve months ago
about what the city iotended doing
until ready to act the public would
have escaped much annoyance, and
the company much unjust censure as
well as pecun ary lota. Naeing in
Augnst last that there was no pros
pect for a sale to tbe c ty, or for a new
contract bas d on aclear water supply,
we procsta-a at ooce ta provide
ample machinery for carrying out at
any eaet our preeent contract, and thia
we are nowabundaot'y able to do.
Reporter Then ycu oonalder your
ability to supply tbe city better thaa
during the last one or two years-? Was
ir, alter mating mis additional outlay,
advisable to sell?
-Praat.lnnt T.ll. m Wu Mr,V
because Memphis is not, and
ought not to be, eatifded until
she hai clear water. She could
have it, and we would gladly have
given It if the city government could
get away from the idea that it must
have everything tree.
Reporter Ti.ep, with a satisfactory
contract, you would prefer to own the
President Latham For one reason
only. Not for the money, for we
think, oven with a fair city contracr,
there will be little profit for a number
of years on an inveetment of about
one quarter to bait a million dollars.
But having bought the works as thev
stocd, just at the adoption of tbe
sewer system, which suddenly quad
rupled the fcx on the pumps, we were
at onoo involved in litigation. So
soon at new machinery was provided
Bulta were instituted allecinir for
feiture of charter for distributing a
nuisance, noi mi a recent date were
we relieved of these hindrances.
Having supplied Memphis duiing her
less prosperous days, and to the pres
ent time wiuiout pay, wnen con
vinced in August that the city would
not buy our plant, we hoped for an
opportunity to convince the public
olour readlnees to meet every jast
demand, and so proposed. We were
abundantly able ti d so. Knowing
tli.l Ihn mihlfn vill f .n ,1.-
properly estimate our proposal and
fuliY justify our action, we with ureal
pleasure give way to our successors.
I am tbe happiest man In Memphis
tonight I appreciate, too, beyond
expreesion the uniform cour:ey shown
me oy me public even under most
provoking conditions, and I trust I
have not either by discourtesy or un
fair adjustment given offense to any
Reporter Do vo think tbe chanra
in ownership will give ns Clearwater?
President Latham I am sure it
will, if the oity will act with even
moderate fairness. I do not doubt the
financial barking of the firm to whom
we colcL and thev are certainly build
ing snparior works throoth the conn.
try. That they will construct a first
class plant Here 1 do not donbt. That
it will include clear water under our
contract I cannot say. If so, it proves
they have more faith in the rapid in
crease of revenue than we. I am not
interested to the extent of a penny in
the fature of the company. If they
comply with their contract oA Decem
ber 16th, and I know absolutely noth
ing of the r intentions, but I think it
S'fe to predict that thev will notsDrnd
1750,000 on the present p'ant for tbe
propecuvs receipts troin tbe people
Reporter Wha do you think would
be a lair rat for the c ty ?
r-eident Latham That la no long
er mv fiffht.
Rs-porter But did yon not submit a
proposition lart BiianwT
. Preeideni Latham -Ys, and while
Icinld cot conshtenily name a lesi
sum now than tben, I am out; I do
i ay, however, tbe city ones it to the
p mpie to pay a l-or price lor tbe enor
mous qu nil y she uees, that they
roigbt tbtrtiy iwcure e'ear water at
prreunt rates. Wben tbe ci'v gets
s mt tbirg f r nothing s -roehody pave
fo'ir. H-r free sat coi,trct m de the
2W0 gas consumers pay cot only their
own bil s, bo' for all Hie pubiin lights
inUeciy. If tbe city pajs a fa r rite
i.f-lls q .ally on a'l, wh eb 's right.
Aft r leaving Jude Latham the re
poner smaht the
and fonnd tirn at the City Hall in a
thoughtful mood, but not by ary
meais doanras, and with rstber a
' wfc-hre-gr-ttirg-there-E.i" expression
on his Stiakesoerian countenance.
Qersticned ab.nt the a le of tbe
Water Works, His Horor adm't ed
that be had been called upon by
Samnnl R Kullock, aceompanied by
Mr. Hairy M. Hill, his attorney, and
had been it formed that his company
had purchased tbe Memphis Water
Company's plant and franchise
and would take possession on tbe 15th
of December next. Mr. Bjllcck
brought with him a voluminous deca
men', embodying a proposition which
his company desired to make to the
Taxing D strict, and asked that a
meeting be cal ed to consider the
Bsme. President Hadden took charge
of tbe document and appointed Fri
day, November 2d, as the day when
the Legis'ative Council would con
sider It. President Hadden wes urged
by the reporter to make known to
him tbe contents of tbe document
subnrt'ed by Mr. Bullock, but reso
lutely declined to doso, on the ground
tbat 't was bis pract ce not to give
publicity to such matters until the
Council had coLsidcred thtm.
Tbe next man introduced was Mr.
Hirry M HiH, ot Hill & Wilkorson,
tbe at'orn.ys of tbe Cit z n' Water
Cou ptny. Aix'ous to g 1 a comp ete
Vilatrtrcr itiza mnnvri lx.a Vitt nau inn
uioe.'i ji buo ivt'ibti u r fo aa tJJ aonia
"liow did Mr. Bjllcck get on to this
"Princii al'y through correr pndenre
with the firm of S. R. Bullock &. Co.,
conducted by Hill & Wi kerson," war
the reply. "Tbls correspondence re
sulted in their pending their chief
engineer, Mr. . F. Fuier, to survey
the fl'ild thoroughly, which work wes
begun about five months ajo, a co'pa
of competent engineers having daring
that per.od been engag'd in tbe 'ank,
st the expense of 8. R. Ballork & Co. ;
and not until their survey hid been
comple'ed did Mr. B'lllock come on
tbe ground and make his
raoi'OBiTiON to the old compart.
at 10 o'clock a m. Yesterday the Board
nf Directors of tbe Ci.izens' Water
Works Company met, ratified said
purchase and fixed tbe amount of
capi'al stock and btnds to be issued,
and lost -red tne o Ulcers of lbs com
pany, who are: S. R. Bulloek, presi
dent; Nolan Fontaine, vice preside! tj
W. H. Moore, eecretary: E. Wo!t-
mun, of iNew York, treasurer, and
E. F. Fuller, of Mew York, chief en
gineer. The directors are 8. R. Bul
lock, J. Y on tame, woitmau, J. r.
Fuller, N. M. Jones, I. N. Soowden,
W. D. Wilkerson, U. M. Hill and 8.
H. Brooks.
After or; an'a'ng the directors agreed
upon a proposition to be submitted to
tbe c ty. Thin proposition is now in
tbe hands of President Hadden, to be
acted on next Friday. These negoti
ations, if consummated, absorb the
old company entirely into the
who aisuoie all of Its liabilities, and as
now organized propose to complete a
system of
new pumps, three different series of
reservoirs and an immense standpipo.
The water is to be drawn from Wolf
river, about two miles above the city,
and clettly settled before it is distrib
uted. Said new company is to carry
out any c infract made by the old com
pany, w.th the exception of a modifi
es' ion ae to the pi ice of water to ba
furnished. Tnis is to ba increa;ed oo
a count of the enlarged facilities of the
new cdmpany and its improved ser
vice. Tbe new company proposes to
extend its mains to both sides of tbe
street S3 as ti facilitate the making of
water connections. 1 hey expect to go
to work in Ihlitjr days, and
or sooner, if passible. The old plant
is to be abandoned and the new wo ks
to include handsome buildings at d the
latest improvements in mac Inery.
From another gentleman on the in
side the reporter learned fuller details
of the
The Buliock party are anx ous and
willing to furnish an abundant supply
of clear wa'er, and in order to do so
are ready to construct woiks tbat will
cost between $1,000,000 and $1,600,
000. They will not use any fil
tering apparatus, but will rely
on a series of settling basins of s
capacity of 00,000,000 gallons. From
these the water will be drawn by four
pumps of a joint capacitv of 20,
000,000 galllons dally to a stand
pipe twenty-five feet in diameter and
150 feet high, the latter expedient be
ing essential to unifo'in preesure
throughout the city. Ia considera
tion of thif outlay they ask the city to
pay them $30,000 a year for the water
need by it, instead of $0,000 a year,
the sum now paid. At the expiration
of ten years they
their entire plant, if desired, at a
valuation to be fixed by disinterested
appraisers. These are the salient
olnta of the proposition tht tbe
eglslative Council will bs caiied on
to consider. It requires no prophet
te foretell tbat that body will hardly
conaent to tbe terms proposed. From
a gentleman fully conversant in such
roat'ers. the reporter gathered the (al
lowing hints as to what
"The old company," said our In
formant, "is nnder contract to furnish
the city with water for $6000 a year.
That contract expires in 1902, and is
binding not only upon the old com
pany, but upon its successors and as
signs, as expressly provided in the
contract. Tne new company takes the
place of the old and must assume all
its oblige ions, not the least of which
Is to furu'lsb the city with water at the
price stipulated in the original con
tract There Is getting over it, and
you will find tbat the Legislative
Council will conclude to adhere to the
old contract."
is the question tbat acute observers
asked themselves yesterday. Judge
Latbam says it Is: the attorney ol tne
Citiaena' Water Works Company aaya
it is au "option." Suppose tne Taxing
District abould reject the pending
proportion, will tne "option" be ac
cepted? Tims alone can tell.
Xulrord, Jeweler, 894 Mala street,
solicits order from the country,
A Vleior for lh WllkMM,
San Francisco, November 27 Tie
pre t trt to Jay wax won by Harry
Wilaes. who took fi r, terond snd
fourth hRt. The third heat was n
by Guy W.lkee. Time, 2:15, 3:16,
2:161, 2:15. . .
u. . ciBiiur coi'Br.
A Tribute cf Peppeit From the
Memphis Bir,of Which He Had
Been an Honored Member.
Last evening the Giyoro,Ho'fl
was a scene r,f ii ptiviiy notsicn to he
forgotten. It was tbe occrs'on of a
finrjcp im,,ntir dinner to the Hon.
UoweD E Jsckioi, Judge of the Cir
cuit Court ol te Un ted 8 ates for
the Sixth Judicial D s!ric given by
the members cf tbB rof Memphis.
The gentlemen in attendance were as
lion. It F. Jackun, Hnn. H. T. ElleH,
IL.n.W.C. K lk-i, Iloo.K.K. IUmruund,
Jud R. i. Morgan, (len. Ja It.th men,
W.1I. Ca mil, C. I. J. 0. Nrely.
Col. B. M. Doak, Hon. D. P. Hadden,
Cap. J. U. Mattel, W. D. litard,
1. N. "nowdan, Jnaa O. W. H.skell.
J P. Houiton, F. T. Edmondaon.
U. F. Dix, O. W. Fraiiar,
K. D. fray For, Wilk mon,
J. B. Cl iuKh, J. A. T.j lor,
Col. J. M. Kaalina, I u ai ('lapp,
L P. Cooper, W.A.Par.j,
llolmta Ciimmiiii, T. B. Turler,
W. M Farringion, II. W. MoCorry,
T. B. B-raKt, Henry Walsh.
FrBnkPoi on, i. Sh-pher J,
C. W rvtitcill, H C. Wataon,
W. II. Hob naoa, J. II. Ma'on..
L. Lehman, . H. betakotl,
0. H. l'a'era, J. T. Lathaio.
0. 11. Ponton, M.B. Trn-vant,
W. M Nnatd, Luki E. w r ght,
C. F. Vaoca, J. Kowlkti,
W. W.M Iler, hamWal-er,
Dr. D. I), baundtr?, (ito. K. V. Patterxon,
The diuirg rocm was decorated
with evt rgn ens, and the ttbles were
r.d. rned with vn f a of flowers p'acftd
st proper in erv In wiih a vkw to
plersing efl'ct. The menu was as
given below:
Ilautr Sauttrnt.
Contoiiiiue Julioiine.
Olive. Ceteris.
Cotclettn de T uitoa de Mackinaw,
au FourPouiuica irncheieo.
inr.!( L'mttrt,
Vols au Vent da Correllca do Veau,
a la T uluufe.
Filet de Bneuf P nue a la Richelieu.
Croquettea de Pumuio de Te're, Aaperges.
Hnnche, a la Uou,aino.
PVr Ufidnkk.
Caill, a Hn'lsau Chaareur.
Laitua fumw, au Mayooaiee.
Charluita, a la Hume.
Gales d'ura' ire en Ruuani.
Tuui Frutii.
Qatcaux. Fruits.
Cafe u Cognac.
At the head of the tible eat five
judgts, inclodipg Judge Hadden, of
our Police Conrt, aid wiih Judge
Jjc'isou in the (enter, the lawyers
and others being fottd a', tables par
hllel to tbe heaa ttble. There was no
ceremony at the the cpenirg, but all
took seats, and for an hour erjoytd
the good things of li e set before them
ss they came oa iur. guUr courses.
When there good things ha 1 been par
taken of libcrnlly and the rich wines
had cheered the inner man and con
versation witty and humorous flashed
across the luaUl board. Supreme
arose and siid tba1: the banquet was
given out of respect and appreciation
ot the gu(et of the evening, tbe Hon.
Howell Jackson. He added that
be would read what he had to say,
well knowing that tbe paper was
soberer than he was.
OnSTMKin-We are met around this
fei til board to ttrttrr our reirwct and es
teem, indeed 0"r lure, for one who has dona
a inuo, ifnotm'ro than any of its mem
bers to (rive tone and ohnracter to the Bar of
Meraubia. In sreking lo honor Howell E.
Jackron. the Barc f Memphie hoi.ori itself.
Twenty-one yara ago Mrmphia, then aa
Bow, was conspicuous f r tie learning end
ability of its bar. Amorg its membera at
that time waa enrolled Howell K. Jnckfon 1
though older and perhaps w aer, he ia no
better now than he waa then. Then he was
recognised as well voraed in all tbe learning
of Ibe bonks, a oar-lul, poiost tk'nc practi
tioner, always well u with his preadings
and proof, and thoroughly uiarter of tbe piv
otal points in bit rase; though not oonspio
nous for bis ptwera ot orators, in its ordina
rily acoepted some, for ho Indulged no
Oilihts of lanoy, nor sought he 'o sway
bis audience with words of burning elo
quence. Vethealwaya furnished thoughts
In i kurntd with a brighter gl ,w than mere
wordion btar. nd ha 1 no tupertor in fnr
ennio dnbale W.lh his l-nrninx ai d his
power (here waa roth ng of nrmgance, and
none waa more tolurunt ol the inexperience
and want of learning of tbe youngor
or le a favored advocate. With
auch aunH'ie', ,t ia not suvprisim
that he bore the respect, admiration and
flection if bis f llos ol the bar. The ai -
Erroiation in which he wns held by his
reth en of the bur was fining' y i lustrated
by the unanimity and ontiuiasm with
which theysougt t to place hiua npon the
Supreme Bench of the SU'e in 3878. Un
fortunately for the Mate tbey frileil in their
ff irlB. I ray unfortunately for tbe State,
when I should hire said uolortunat 'ly for
It. judicial hUtory, but fortunately for its
Eolitioal hi'tory. Had he been upon the
en'h the State snd the nation wild have
lost the benefit of his services In iheBe"ate
or the United Htates, where his preience
gave the eountty to know that Tennessee
could still eontriDute to tie Bars or tne na
tional Legitlature men who were tbe peers
ol tha moat illuttrioua in ita history. There
he proved himsell evory inch a Senator.
And so oonpicaoua had he become t the
publio eye during his brief incumeney of
ibis high station thai he waa prominently
urged lor a place in theCabimiof the first
Democratic administration of national af
laira since the war fortunately, however,
that Providence wh'ch watches over tbe des
tiny of men and of na'iona, with a proper
regard fr ti e eternal fttnoas of thinga, re
served him for a station more oona-enal te
hie Uriel, and none the Ieea eialted. lie ia
now the Circuit J ude of the United btates
for the S.zth Judicial Circui', and afer
having atrved in thia judicial capacity
in tha other States oomposing this cirouit,
he cornea to hia old home and among hie old
friends and associates to hold court lor tha
first time as a judge. Ills brief star here has
aerved not only It illustrate hia learning
and disnity as a j idre, and to vindicate the
judgment that has been passed upon him by
the bars of our sister Htates where he has
been holding oourt, but it has re kind, ed the
friendehira of former years, and I doubt
not has touched hie heart more deeply then
the plaudits of other places, however loud
they have been. Hut I see that you are im
patient to bear his voice, and that I have too
much dene violence to bis native modesty,
so I conclude by propoeine as the toast to be
drunk standing, "tur distinguished gaest
and beloved brother; when it may please
Pnvidenoe to remove him Irom hia present
Ilation may if he to place him on the Supreme
lench ol the United states,"
When the applause had subsided
arose. Ha said he had no language to ei
presa his hiak appreciation of the reo-ption
tendered him by the bar and oitiaens of llera-
Fi'uis twelve yeare' abeenoe hai not dttnin
ebed his appreciation of Memphis, and after
twelve years of absence he could hardly real
ise the prosperity ot Memphis, but he could
ezpresshis hepplae's at the result. Mothlng
could arreat the tide ef prosperity of Mens-
?his. Ue loved to meet the bar of Memphis,
hey . presented more difficult legal
questions to court for solut on than
any bar in the Sixth Judicial IHstrlot.
and they arguad their asea more forcibly
and ably, fle recalled a saying of his irst
legal partner, the Una. D. M. Curren, ef
Memphis, that "t e lawyer or business saan
who eould hold his owa in Memohis could
hold his own in any part of the world.
Her bar stood among tha first la the olroult,
and he appreciated its respect, and would
rather have it than have any position ia tbe
gift of the people. Ue.'left poliUoal life
with e)lf reaeeet and wiiheutdoing any man
any wrang or having done nythics against
the interests ot his people er of the people or
Memphis. He looked alone 'e the interest
of his people and dealt wi'h them as with
himself, looking trt their highest Intere-U.
He realised and felt the responsibility w hii-h
he held at tha command of tbe Proaident,
and he appreciated mure than all the respect
aed ennfidenoe of the people aaeong wnoui
he had spent so many year of bis lile. rub
lie positions be never longed for, and he
eat. red into them with grave ap
prehensions He had lelt rolitieel life
wi h the conselentioue conviction that he
did the boet ha knew and ehell c ntlnue li
Jo so ss Vni ed States Judge, in tbe dts
charse r.f his du ie. Ha felt ia tbe position
at Cbarlee Lamb, wb-n a fat man going lnti
an Ofmbu. a.ked : "All full lnideT,r and
to h cn Lambiept'ol: "lran't rpeak or
fie balanea, but that laat orst r t arty
did tbe bus nns f r me." Juiiga
.l.ka,.n ,r.i..l in fl:,nMukin that bis
heart ove tloecd toward the bar anoVtha
IHople of .tirmph s. and like hi' partner
who rat on his right. Judge Kll.tt, be I'll
aa all eiDbreoiog aflectiun for tha people of
NOVEMBER -28, 188rf
th-Bluff ("ity.. V, the hopes and aspi
rati ins nf Meirphi he rea'ized in the futore
Her spirit of rnterpriaa was rescuing out her
arms for trade and commerce, ai.d he s w as
he rever before bi d seen in Mem his a
bro'der and more a't rti'l ing spirit that
would be orowued with success.
of ha United Slates Diet' ict Conrt. arnee
and remarked that bey bad the beat local
S'vernai. in up. n t e face ot tie earti un
der Harden, ai d i was the bird et mnnicl
pul f rive-no ent to tn ird.iuius lhat h kne
of- He indoreed rvertuirg that his br ther
ri Ikes b id said aa to tbe gu-st t tbe even
ing, and he eou d say that he h-d never
bnnrd anything with more pleasure th n
when he beurd of II .uol K. Jackxcn's ap
pointment as United fcutei Court Circuit
made a lively and humorous speech, giving
a descrip'iuii of Ju'lge Ja kenn when first ha
appeared in Menu his aa a lawyer many years
g, and when he was a partner ot Mr.
followed in a short talk, stating that Judge
Jackson owned his position tohiecontaot
with the able ar of ti; elby county, and ne
better bar existed anywhere. No man who
hai had to meet tbe Memphis bur, and who
hsa any ab litv. could Dcm.iilv fail to be a
superior laayer. He basted the dlstin-
ui.hed bead ot thia Tixin r Diatrict, Judge
.addon, who was a law unto hi neelf.
inreanoneeto prolonged calls, ent nn and
eitoko ol the wonderful progreaa of Memphis,
wnicn wai mo l srrautyii.g. ine lreseul
form of governmer t had been the salvation
of Memphis up to tha present time.
was the next speaker, and he paid a grace
ful tribute to Metnpoia and her people, and
complimented JuUue Jackeoo, whom ha re
garded s the man to give a itriet construc
tion to the oonatitution.
Shoit and etirrir g Rpeechrs wre
marie by Mr. Wm. M. Fa"iugtin, Dr.
D. D. baundtr, J. M. Keating aud
others, sf.er which the bstqu'it
closed and the guests retired feeiiog
that they tad epunt one of tbe most
pleasant and etpyable evenings of
their lives.
Wholesale drovers and Coltoo IVo
tora, lis, 3Bi mala blrect.
One of tbe ri-icg grocery and cotton
factoring houses ot Murplrs is that
of Kel'y. R per & RaUIy, doing busi
r,638 at N . 302 Main Btre t. An Ap
peal reporter diopped in yesterday,
and fonnd an imruenbe shipping busi
ness in progre s?, under the snpervi
eiou cfadczeu cleiks. The firm is
crmpo ed of active and energe'ic
busmees men, vcho are thorcuhly
fain liar with Ihe trade ia all its
complication?, and, having large
capital, they are enabled to keep
an immersa ttotk of groda on
hand. Purcbesiog frr cab, tbey
are enabled to g ve the benefit of euch
purchases to their patrone. Their
etotk ir eludes everjttiiog known to
the wholt sale grocery and plantation
supply lines, comprising an almost
endless variety of gocds. Oo the
ground fbor is a large s oik of general
groceries. There are alao the sample
room, front business ffli :o snd ship
ping departments front and rear. On
ihe first floor or story a stock cf fine
liquors of every dercription and gen
eral light groc ry goods is kept Patt
ing down tbe elevator ta the ce lars
you find the heavy gnode, sugir?, mo
lasses, etc. Tne firm occupies two
cellars, both filled to tbe top with
goods, and in a ware roam back of
tbe adjoining store, is kept the beat
and moat pupular brands of floor.
Upstairs ia the cotton sample room.
Kelly, Roper & Reilly have every fa
cility for doing a large cotton businesi
and experienced men are in charge if
this important department. Liberal
advances are made by tbe bout-eon all
awhnments and the bost market
prices are always fecund for their
customs! a. Anrota Ihe ball is the main
busites) c Hie a of tbe houee. It, is
elegantly furnished with a view to'do
bn.Bir.eP8, and is sue plied with one of
Hull's immense patent safts, weighing
10,000 pounds. Alt gather, the house
is one if tbe best araugad in the city,
and its trade grows larger annually
tbronghiut Tennessee and surround
ing Siates. Those de irirg to d) bnai
new in Memphis will flail no more re
liable, responsible or bonomble firm
than lhat of K illy. Ripsr & Reilly.
Nalabnry'a Tronbadonra.
The New Memphis Theat r will next
week resound tj the music of Sale
bury's Troobidourd. Monday, Tuep
day and Weduesday nights The Brook
will be the vehule for tbat music and
tbe incidental airtb sure to accom
pany it. It is Impo'eible to aoa'ys)
tbe elements if suicnes in this enter
tainment, and It is difficult to describe
the pleasure it eff rrds. The principal
e'emont of success is tbe heartiness
with which it is presented by Sals-
bury's Troubadours. Laughter is
never forced, and it is never courted
by an approach to vu'girity, but ia
won by appeals to tbat love of fun
which is deeply ingrained in tbe
American character. The company
enter into the fun cf the play and seem
to enj'iy it as much as the audience.
Thunday and Friday nights, also Pat-
nrday matinee, tbey present an ortg
nal farcical society comedy adapted
by Fred Williams and G. L. Stout
entitled The Humming Bird. The spirit
of the piece is uofiaxglog and their
perception of the po sibilities of every
position complete. If it be true that
a good hearty laugh saves a man a
d ont or 'a bill, the Troubadours will en
able every play to add a long list of
e edit! to His medicine account.
Hoblaaon's Museum.
TT.U nonnlor nlarA nf irallWmflllt
did a big business during tbe past
week. Commencing tomorrow tbe
management will place upon exhibi
tion new freaka of nature, curiosities,
etc. Among these is the Wonderoo,
me nrst ana oniy one in captivity iu
Ttuilesi thn Wonderoo
there will be on exhibition Miss Li&ie
L Sturgeon, who plays npon the piano
with her feet; Chauncey Moreland,
14 years oi age, wno weitius no
ponnde, and is recognized as' the
ka.olaneVllit nn aaitn? tha Frnnrh
larlv Mtaa 1?mll Tjtnrlrv thn
vreiupu w i , w. w.m "j 7
beardea and Dairy gin, ana otoer ca
rioelties. In the theater a good per
Inrminn ia crivsn. innlndlnir tha Na
tional Four and tbe Flynns.
Cotton sales yesterday, 2000 bales.
Taxing District 4-6shave advanced
to 98J99,.
Viairoaaon 'Change yesterday: E.
E. Herts, Charleston, S. O. ; Miae Katie
L. Sledge, Como, Miss.; Mies Wilson
Noi fleet, city.
Naw OaxauNS telegram last night
gave the following quotations in gro
ceries. Sugar Cenuifngal active but
a shade lower; plantation grannlated,
5 ll-16e; choice white, 6,5c; choice
yellow clarified, 4.8 ; prime vllow
c'arified, 4Jcj teconds, Sf3tc
Molasses quiet, bat ateady ; open ket
tle, choice, 40c; centiilunal, strictly
prime, 2426c; Byrnp, 2530c.
840,000 Lost by Fire.
DriUTH, Minn., November 27. A
fire broke ont in the elevator district
destroying 880,000 bushels ef grain,
together wiih the buildings humed,
" akes tbe aggregate 1, as $340.0(0
Tte inenrarce amounts to three
fourths of that amoun'.
Diamond M aicUes, MulTord'o
Will Be Held Today at tbe varlema
Uharchea at tbe Hoars Named.
Kance Street Chr ttian Church. Preaching
at 11 a w. and 8p m.
Salem Bnptiet Church. Carolina street. Tha
Rev. li. W. Williams, pastor.
St. Mary' e Cathedral. Poplar street. Bel'
vioes at 7 and 11 a.m. and i p.m.
fUmnam' Church. Union street. The Rev.
N. M. Long, pastor. Services at 11 a.m.
and 7:30 p.m.
Rovmm Million. Fort Piokering. Ser
vice at 11 a.m. and 7 p.m., by tha He v.
J. II. Snow, pastor.
Cumberland Pretbyterim, Court street.
Fervice t la.rn, akd 7:3Up.m. by tha Kev.
H. A. Janes, pastor.
Immanvel church. No. 254 Third street, be
tween Jefferson and Oourt. Service at 11
a.m. and 7: JO p.m.
Central Baptiit. Seoond street. near Be le
Rev. A. W. L-niar, pastor. Preaching at
11 a.m. and 7:30 p.m.
Central Melhodint Church. Union street.
Services at 11 am. and 7:30 p.m. by the
Kev. K. 11. Million, pastor.
Church of the Good S ipherd. Corner Mill
and Fourth etreets. forvioes at 11 a. in and
r.M p.m. by the Kev. Henry Dumap, rector.
Christian Church. Corner of Linden and
Mulborry 8trets. Servicesat 10:3) a.m. and
7:30 p.m., by the Rev. J. 13. Brine;, pastor.
tint Preibvtcrinn. Corner of Third and
Pnidar streets. Preaching at 11 a.m. and
7:30 p.m. by the Rev. Eugene Daniel, pas
tor. Avery Chapel, A- M. E. Church. Desoto
street, near Beale. Prraobiok at 10:20 a.m.
and 7:30 p.m. by the Iter. Geo. Dardis,
(Second Vce&KtcrirMi Church. Corner Main
and Beale streets, feirvio-s at 11 a.m.
and 7:30 p.m. by tha Kev. W. E. Hoggt,
Hernando Street Methodist Church Comer
Linden and Hernando st eeU. Serv ces at
11 a.m and 7;3u p.m., by the Her. J. M.
Spence, paitor.
Lauderdale Street Preihyteria Church.
Corner Lauderdale and Beale streets.
Preaching at 11 a.m. and 7:30 p.m. Kev. S.
C. Caldwell, pastor.
tint Baptiit. Servicea at 11 a.m. and 7:30
p.m.. DV tne Kev. It. A. venable. nastor.
Sormon to young mei at night. All seats
tree. All are invited.
Cheliea Cumberland Preibvterian Church.
Corner ol Fourth and Looney streets. Ser
vices oy tne nev. u. i. wayw.ck. pastor,
at 11 a.m. and 7 p.m.
Alabama Street Preibvterian Church. Cor
ner et Alabama street and Jones avenue.
Servicesat 11 a.m. and 7:30p.m., by Rev.
Jamea L. Martin, pastor.
Calvary Church. Corner of Seoond and
Adams streets. Earlv communion 7 am.
Fervicesatll a.m. and 7:30 p.m., by tae
ttev. iiavis eeiaumi, pastor.
Georgia Street Methodiit. Corner of Ten
nessee and Ueorgia atreets. Preaching at 11
a.m. by the Rev. l., U. Moore, pastor.
ana at l:w p.m. ny n , b. uaiioy.
la tbe Dvelalota ef Experts aoneera-
log Ihe Browatvllle tat
tle Dlacaae.
laraoiiL to thi afpal.1
. Bbownbvilib, Tenn., November 27.
On the 22d of November Juce AI-
1;8ob, a ciuz n if Hiywccd county,
residinir two nrd a Halt miis no'to
west of Brownsville, wrote Gov. Wm
B Bit", inelosircr effidavit end certifi
cate, tbat hia herd was d iseased, the
symp'om? indicat'ng pleuro pneomo
iiia, and tequoatiog that be send a
competent veterinary eu geon and tbe
State banimry tommis ion at tne
earliist practiciuie moment to ex
amire the herd. The G vernor, on
receipt ol 'he cerlifl 'ate, tub graphed
Dr. D. E. Salmon, United States Vtt
eiinerv Sirjiein, Waihinjiton, and
a'eo Mai. (Jaoapne 1 U 0D, Jimea V.
Fulkeraun and F. B. So pes, tbe Sta'e
Honttary Commiei n, to meet at
Biowr evil'e Friday. 26 h. On yee'er-
nav, ain, vc. w. u. ruaren, oi tne
TJni'ed Sates Veterinary Corps, Jas.
V. Fulk-Mson and F. B. Snipes, cf tbe
State Nai lUry Uommlesion, and
A. J. McWbirter, Commissioner of
AsricuVurecf Tennejeee, met at Judge
Allison's farm, as above, and ex
amined the herd of cattle said to be
diseased, and eiaughtered one of the
herd, and af er a thorough pst mor
iem examination pronounced the an
imal free from any and all organic
trouble whatever and in no way af
fected with pleuro pnenmonia, or any
other contagious diseise, bnt evidenc
ing general debility and mal-nntriiion
Initial Klnga at Mnlford's.
Western Union. -
List of undelivered telegrams re
maining at tha Western Union Telegraph
Offloe. New Cotton Exchange Building, cor
ner Madiaon and Second streets. Offio
hours from 8 to 10:30 e'olook a.m.. and from
6 to 9 p.m.!
? Hughes, M Srhwati,
A Hughes, 2 RBPrgram.S
W A Anderaon A Co, Day, Morton A Bailey,
KM How, J C Cobbers,
WO Bell. CJCWeety,
Chickaw Iron W'ks.t ant AdBtorm,3
Cai t Chas Seeds, J 8 Dai ant, I
W J Motlv. llmeoo Mays,
Newman Erh, 6 W Hampton k Co I
full man Co, N F Carver, t
OesJardines.Miller A Geo H Latham,
Hoi ts, b Landauer.
B M VV llliama, Mr & Mrs Ben Sellg, 4
C H Hunt, M 8 BuokiDgham,
t B Sims A Co, MA Douglas,
f B French A Co, 1. B Eaton.
G W Reed, Herman Mendel,
J A S'gna'go k Co, Jno K (speed A Co,
M H Kataenberger, Armstrong F'ture Co,
( apt Tom Bowman, J 8 B Co,
C A Oesaresiure, B Lowenttein A Co
B W r?elig, K W Leake,
Hugh Pant k Co, K f Wetberell,
F II Kllia, ERThomao,
Y Vandenberg. J S Drake k Co,
W t) Miller, W H Miller.
JAAuatin, f W Brode A Co,
Daniel Amea, H P laimsdge,
Obaei ver, Farabee A Hunter,.
Mrs 8 A Steele, Jim Bell,
MeJ M Berke.
Fine Watch Repairing, Mulford's.
B. M' Btstnley BMraqnelea T Ltna
Naw Yobk, November 27. The
second Lotns Club dinner of the sea
son was held tonight. H. M. Stanley,
Afttnan wn,nvA won A OTflMt.
lue M)jn,iB. " n
Whltelaw Beid presided. Among those
present waa Lieut, ureeiy. su. oui-
icy wo iuivuuueu
three African trips-first in eearca f
UvlugB one; soreno, toe mi uwins u
the great Nile problem opened
through Livingstone, and third, to
ascertain if the river in the explora
tion of which Livingstone lost hia life
was the Nile. j
FlneWatcheviat MnllortTia.
Exery Citizen
YT nwa lVaa . a una t t n inA ftVrwAB
XV 111' n o u (lupuiisisivo - a g rvva ouuwt
Idfiuirgand pomly made foot gear
1 .1.11 v. 1 I
are ru sam eu, ana -in eiuivw,
T M. Hill A i n Fnimr nl TIninn and
Main, are np.rreicad deate a who
have tleir boots and eboas ma 'e o'
the be t It a-be r and ry bntcla'B
o:n.en, incy sen at loweet ratee.
We have removed cur entiie business to
Nos. 378 & 380 Front St.,
adjoining the Onyoain Hotel, where wa
are receiving a lane a.-sortinent of Car.
rlHtr.N, liua-utt-a, ffHtruiia, Harneaa,
aniliry, Kic , all of whieh will be sold
at Very Low Prints A f ill I no nf if orae
11 aukeli and l.np acbetaon hand. All
persons in need o' the above gnnds will save
money by examining our dock before pur-
Manufacturers' Agents.
Open Daily from 1 until 10:30 p.m.i Satur
days lrom 10 a.m. to 11 p.m.
A Hoiiatrona Bilr Woarelera. .
"THE WONDEROO," oaptured on the ooaat
of Africa and tbe ooly one ever in captiv
ity, and a hoat ol other new featurea.
4 RAT sIV 4 1, . m
In the moat laughable sketch RICK-RACKS
in our beauti ul bijou Inoater. .
10c ADM'B ION ONLY 10o
Give a by the 1
Bon Vivaut Club-
A delightful Bat Masque et Pare will be
given at tbe SKATINli RINK. 1 hose who
ptrticip le will have a chance to enjoy
themselves In a refined way. The arrange
ments are in the hands ef gentlemen ef
taste, and nocott will be spared to make it a
grand success The hall will I appropri
ately decorattd. Fine muiio and first class
relresbments only.
-For aale at Meiator's.-
Ibnmlay, December 8d,
Under the aupioes of the Young La diet
of the Central Baptist Church.
KMILS LRVY. Director
Assisted by the following ladles and gentle
men: Miss -uiio Qree wed, Hiss Lula
Uoodman, Mies Carrie Bvioer. Mrs. Cowan
(nee Allie Treadiell), Mrs. W. P. Miller,
"essrs. Kichard Uutt n, Oee. L. Oastner,
W. eonficld. F. Y. Anderaon, J. Uriflith, A.
Reis and o hen.
" N.B.--To those who have paroha'ed tick
ets, their attention is caller! to the fact that
the Concert will be g ven at thn Y ung Men's
Hebrew Aasociuti n Hall, s rner Second and
Uni n ItreeU, init ad nl the hkrting Kink.
Tickets for sale at D W Hngbee', 2vi3 Main.
Low Prices
Boots and Sbocs,
A Discriminating Public are
Quick to Discover Where Low
Prices Actually Prevail.',
o ' - '
sr Encouraged by largely Increased
sales over the previous years, we will
continue to sell our Beota and Shoes
lower than any house in the ctty for
like quality, and afford the opportunity
to leloct from one of the largest and
most varied atocks In the United States.
Oar Ladies' ta Hid Button Baoear
worked button bole, cannot be
celled. .-...
Our Children's and !' trona;
ajcuool Shoes, rrona upward,
beat ujtniae; in lbs martlet. ,
Our Genuine C-If Hen's hoes.
' seamless vara, at , in alt
styles and shapes, are the best
tn tbe world t
Reduction in Prices
On everything in ourestab.iakment. We
are crowded with goods, and must work
them off before the teasen eloaes.
ZEliliKCR & CO.
rrrrrMMiii 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 m iitth
irTTT 1 VV 5
' 11 ' I I toniem I I I li I wmw
TAaB WoatNes Removed Alive, in from
40 minutes to 1 hours, with head com
plete, or no charge. No Fasting required t
no poiionous medicines. Can be taken with
ease by child cr adult. Call og eend for cir
culars. DR. M. NUY SMITH, Bpecialiat,
' - BprintnwMi Me.
WI OFPKR FOR BAL on. tVvorakls
terms a Urge plantation In Bolfvar
county, Miss., recently improve with Sew
peat, vlank and wive fsseM. Twentv-Bve
ne' hofliee, eottos glnr eawmlll and Beat
lUO.OOO feet of lumber Is etaehs,- 50.0110 sew
cyprees hoards all reaiy ts einstruM aaors
buildings. A good at' sehoase sad eieellant
sued for am.ereantUebu.inae Thia plan
Ution Is improved with a view to subdivis
ion. I nulselt all or park, aoeordinV to
wants el pkranaasrs. Ples'yof labor Ne
gro tenants h v app'ieeV and are. daily ap
pltiag .to rtnt at 16 For lajl particulars
applyto THOd, It. ALLBN AOQ
. Fin) Jewelry at WaHfTtfu.
Rlosaoa Deroats Meuasror br II
a-aluas, -
8t. Loor,' Ma, November 27. Iba
Brst ot tDe two darner at coBhton carom
billiards betwten Georga F. Blosaonv
of Chiiago, and Jaocb Scnaefer, otthia
city, nai played a. Mnainic Hal) thia
fv-nioK. Tna tamea are each for
$20 0 a Bilo and gite iere pts, 50O
poirjta on a rega'a ion bx',0 table.
wa won by Sloaton by Hi tcore of
00 to 409.
Holiday TreaciiM, Jtlairord'st.

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