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Ail r Buffalo Bill's Band of In
to to red ladlans The Lg-t of
the Philadelphia Greeks.
tf - . - . ..
WeaaewroitDtica or tin irrsiL.) t.
Niw Yoh Novimber 26 "oclM
his this w k bt en active, ct it fly with
its hand And th Heads ana naarts
may bave bten wed as osoal, and
BtomstnB rave bo duobt bten called
on to ild the custcmary pains and
delights of bigh gtsiroLOny, bnt 'he
flcgar and tos txtremes bt arairmy
bavabaraexotlealy ittfrtstlng. Ed.
Jleron-AiieD, an adroittdly Mjiloitttd
Briton, iiss cantzbtttia bini'a of cor
Fifth avenue gtU, and tbey p y bim
$10 each for do ng It. He is a palm
iit, wh- prtends to study the linns
on the in-da ol bands and tbeiiby
delist ate the charac er of tbe owoer.
Bbciety happens Just now to have
time lor an tphtmeral bit of non
sense, lor tie leal season cf g'yety
baabardly cut in, and to paunuty
becomes a trmtisnt f id Hrrn
Allen'rt own palm has fint to be
erofsed by a cnn of the roannitnie of
$10, or i s equivalent la pater money.
Then he tans the coaiomei's hand,
crirsat it in a moroinaniac s rt of
way, examines its Ikes th ougii a
mannlfyit.g tlas, draw it cu lints on
eardbotrd. and tbsn dittaUs 500
words or to to a shorthand seoie'aiy
ahont tha SArron'a sni posnl'lona bojJ
qualities. Hevtral I auni at la hiot
able teiidinrxs have been given at
$50 apiece. Heret f(re, the btlle who
consulted fortune tollers lss made
an adVfntnra of it putting hertelf
into utml dlacniee of plain clothes,
drivirg t tbe pluce in a close crriego
by a ciicnilons rou'e, and there bur
in for a dollar tbe Ignorant mum
blings of an ugly old witch. To bo
.served by a neat, poli'e, palavering
fellow s'nkes tier as a tuvertirg riov
Hv. and he is setting li b very fast.
bt aides hvini( a good lime codding
dainty, txe ostve bands, ttiat wouw
recoil in retentorjeiit if his freedom
we,e social inrtead of professional.
As to society's f et, tbey bave not
began o dsn' e for the winter y', bnt
"are ntd.r av-lduou tuition. Terpal
ehorean f aeh ons clianae from seaton
to season, aud it is necosry evtry
Noveunt-r to Warn how to whIIs in
December, when the balls and rcsp
.. tions enmmei.ce. Home cf tbe girls
take a fw p'ivIe lessons, but most
of them are able, with a lutl practice
by themselves, to arccmp'iab toe mod
ifications demauded. JMrreover, they
watch closely all the public periorm
ances that may give bin s as to new
grace. Thus we have had Vienna
wait ass, a ballet in connection with
opera at the Metropolitan, and it was
taiyto see that the fair sptctators
eager fcruliny of the itage waits irs
was -wittt a view to imiUllon, aod
hundreds of fett were mildly motion
Ing, in the aeclusion of Jong tkiite, in
Imitation of tbe gymnastics, pedal
gymna t cs, wbirh tbe footlights illu
minated as object lessons. Then,
again, we La i a somewhat astounding
lllUBtiation t f how not to do it. This
was given by the a'udentswho acted
the Greek cmtdy before a iroiUst
andlerce at the Academy ol Mu lo.
In their corsclmtious representation
of tbe Greeks ihey wore their own
unembellisbed lig, without to muih
as powder or rouge to cover them, and
the display of unsymmetiiral ak
wtrdneBS was drriktlfal. If nry that
a series tf iottinianeous phnt igraphs,
after tbe msnner rf Lsland H snf jid'a
camera viewj of the trot ing hone a".
Burcesaive inttants tf a rapid gait,
would bs woadtrs of diBei.chautmeul
as to; ti e wall eg beu. i"
It iay be that fashionable glils are
unreasonably bard to pltae in the
matter ol masculine trace. Tlit y fir.
getiba'. tbe pjor fellows d.i the be t
they em under naturahliSaJviatrg's.
There ws plenty ol lait tor in tlie
sleeves of he toilets at ttestieple
chss 'Bltt summer and antama wiet
the dandy smat ur joi k.yj humptd
tbeninlvej in the s (idles d yt-i,
when focidy n;seinb ed m acoosiiitra
ble -tjunniity the' o htr n g'it to sen
some uncivil d oe ry of motion by
India! s. 'hs tan waimll grektir. Ti e
ceremony ol burying tbe ha'chet ani
smoking the p pe ot pencn wilt TO'
lirm'd by a band of Buffalo B.il's
bind Indians for Iheentertiinmeutof
about t thru at d tptcta'O'S. All
Mew York was there, that is tbe peo
ple who imaire tny are tbe person.
gM of New York, tbe re muinder of
the inbamiatitu being tlasMtleii n tbe
DODohoe. When thry ate in Nw-
port there Is n s iivelv nnboJv in New
York.'iBeirv Wall, ex-klug ol the
dodis, cams io with three ol his sub
jro'S. ah wearing suick-ai d span sew
silk l a's with. very tellcrowbe.' Weay
sums trora Mnrray urn stepptd la on
the,wy home (mm the tbea'ersnd
dropped limdly ln'o cha rs. Pelbam
steenlechaaere. Tuxedo Club men.
dele g it lots from city cmbs, real and
imitation British swells ol e'olld aspect
and other mem beta ot uwoiidom pre'
sented ca di ol lnvitall in. The show
men bad artlully piqued their runosiiy
by saying that tbe aceoe would bs en
tertaining even to this blase comma
, nitr. Tbe Pawnest and Cheyennes
w a Deea at war tor many year, ana
btfue ihey ecnld camp together they
must bnry the bate' et aod smoke the
pips ol puce. Tbe ceremony was
nectswrj to keep them I'otn going ib
tbe warpath rlgh here ti N Yoik
and ectlLinjeaih other. Tney might,
anyhow, get loots in the
arena and produce eaiei tf
fi'emature baldne.'B before light
ng up tbe pipe of ntac.
Toe lecturer on the spot declared
that II was going o be a solemn cere
mony and heexoortiduieeliteof New
Yoik n I to indulge in unnul meril
mrnt. 8ome fifty or more Indians in
red blaikets entered. , Tnev vjwled
l'ke pack of royotes Tney were
Pawnees and Bioax invi ing ihx Oney-
enr.es ana u ows to c lme ell in war.
path and take somttbing. Tbe Cher
ennet eou.d bs seen on tbe waroath
behind some of the can v. si in the
B'imuval Iretts at the otter end c
the garden. They were furtive In
their movements, and no doubt if a
Pawnee hid: recklessly wandered 800
feet from bit. wigwam at the wett er d
et (he circus, and got loei in the labv
rin h of painted piniiie and fret rawed
wood at trie eait end, they wnu d bave
mt-d pis hair, natw a ponuie of him
or liail rna nod of tiis atominh in t
pile and driven bim round ami round
entil be was sll unwound lis de. 'I bo
Gbrye nes; distinvnlnhtd by blue
blankets, cane can'loaalr out and
yapped at the I'awntes. Tbe pise
we smoked and a properly hatchet
was ifpr. Brive'y nu'ted la sune din
that Dad D -en I) ouht In by a t p cart
ihtn t'eoii i ebuc ed iheir li auk
(ti end hi d a da ce, attl ed mninlv i
patit tnd tar run. Tt.eritjleof
oaicrg vaiec. erne eit abou:
like Jere mn buoliug io thtt raee
lor io1 roppttrr, and tt'mrB wh'q.iert
it m with all ti e aa"don ol Fourib
waidera at a hioolum pii!iie. All
ysijei cctinuonsy. It was very
funny, an ii p ovrd that tbe nmu-t-red
I din tan1', any more than tbe
dude, wa ts aa gracelully as tbe girl tf
It ia trne that Mre. James B'owo
P. ter has gone out of t rouotry,
and tbe reader may thii k that she
fusbt t be omited fiom sfce'yol
umn, bnt ska is so lu I (A exploits
bat there ia on ose'ryii g to get a'org
wiboithir. 8he has low given
cuty aoithers'ock by appending her
name to an sdvertiseme tot a cim
plextim balm that is war anted to
mate plain pecple piety andpntty
ptople iaisbingly beaulllul. Tbe
p oprietor t la-ms io bave obts'ned tbe
rvteipt indirect y from tbe Q men of
fihtbt, O e ipaiia, or souieoher pr ii
beau y ol cient t'mee, She sells a
ih mb efull ol ongoent for $150, and
lolks a e sormieiag why Mrs. Pi tter is
wiliine to pnbl'eh bt re!f as a user of
tiesuB. It is declared that ste bas
no propria ary interest in the buei
nets, but soile'y 1j dreadlu'ly ear
pr.sud and gostipr. clar bills.
la Prlaleiaeiirud rnder riream
ktBcre of Very (treat Eclat.
Paris, November 27. The conse
cration of t'ie Ameiican Cnurth t.f
the Lioly Triol'y. in the Avenue da
i'Alma, rauiecff on Tmsc'ay with
great t clat, and in the pre eaca ol a
b illiant ga heiing, including almost
i lie) tntlie Ann r can colony of Paris.
The iiiabop in charge of foreign
churches, the Right lUv Thtoio-e B.
L) man, in full Kp'scopal cnnunlcah1,
ssis ei by the Rin.) t hev. Henry U.
Potter, ass etant Bi hop of New York,
was rtceivtd at tbe enframe to the
cl.U'cti by the H v John B. Morgan,
rtctor of Holy Trin'ty, and the aeeiat
ant ciergv ol the church, the wardens,
tbe cathedral cbo r t.f young boys ia
bnow white sniplire, ad by the
vestrymen. Tbe Bl-hop and clergy
then marched no the center aisle,
chnnting ard eing ng tbe Twen-ty-fourtn
Psalm. The Biihop
p aced the sentence of con ec atiou
up in the communion table, a id afier
prsyrra proi.onnced thechur. h eanitii
tltd by the Holy Qbot'. Prajer.i
were tnen oflerfd for tbe Piesident if
the United Batis and forthe 1Vb1
dent of tbe French Kinubllc. Tbe
Bshop, haviig ascended thenulptt,
took for bis text the worJe: "InlH is
none o htrth.au the bouse rf God."
Genesis xxv ii, 17." The Bshop who
is veiy bandiiome and bag an impos
ing apnea ance, related thet'iryof
Jacob's laddtr and dram, and d ew a
pa'nl el bitveoa Jacob wandering ia
foreign lands and young Americans
wanuerlng about Eurnp, aud
tils': Americans, peihtpa not
unuitly, wete arcosed of fl p
paicy, aid thore especially whoie
poeitit a enabled them to travel
were very fo' d of idly bisk ng in the
sanbtams of that gay cap tl. lie
then dwelt upon Lafayette's timely
SB'is'ente, without wbich tbe exist
ence ot the Ameiican nation would
have been prevented or g eatly re
tarded. Herald a good word lor Pr.r
Lacordaire and Father Hyaciptbe.and
drov a parallel between that ne
Ameiican church, built with uoatintrd
out ay by Americans in Paris, and the
Bartholdl status er cted by French
generosity in New York. Ths Bishop
e'ded his sermon w tb the words:
"Oodblesithe Krnh lit public and
all wbo live tn !'." Ihe ciingregation
were aympathet a almost to tbe verge
of entbubiaem. Taey consisted mojuy
of ladies.
T Be RNpraid tor ihelblraTlma
rbew. What a Him 11.
Faiis. November 27,Faaro pnb-
lfshes a -very bright and emu ing inter
view with Sir CtiarUis Uilke, who,
w tu Lady Di ke,ta paiuii g a f w days
in Peris, ehopoing end vlei'iog ihe
tlierter. ' tigaro diocr bes BirOharles
I). Ike as ti e landeoovst and moet
a-ietorratio looking ninn that can be
maiiln-ri, and would hnve made,
phjs'o-lly, a supeih Emptor ot U it.-
la. and sotaks ol La lv Ui'tf as one
of tt-e i ret test womm of E al.ni.
Figaro i reporter eys that sir (Jia lea
rp, ke a-, length abmt tie lata trial,
and al h a dignity that won the de p.
est B'mpuny tor the rpeaitr. liie
interview ends rs lo'.l ws:
".-lr Uharles bjii,ed ms not to give i
ss 'ot'lng from him the inf unit' Ion
that I noste e a ont tbe t ial. I w li i
conliim tthlsd sire. I wid only isy
wnat 1 Know oe amircs ctnaxnt, a'id
what neither the tr es nor Enirl sb
socttty knows name y, that in m faw
m-ntbs Vie irand U.awtjnl-U.lke
ca'e will reoQen. '
"Ililstr'at. tn taos' scanda one of
tbe century ioEngUud.is ahcutto
enter its third set A number of Sir
Onrles'frientls,without his knowledge
or ioltiatire hare made atnost thrrongh
iuveit gat oo, with a r.sult whlib 'he
ptihiio n soon learn w.tn ID great
est auraemnnt. ' -
'I ran alii m that three friends ot
8!rCharlea amncg whom are si a tee
men, lawyti", phyelciansaod Cabinet
miolatem-arenn the traee cl a con-
f piracy that will mate the press of
tue entire worm roettio with excite
ment. This third trial will alro
abound snd overt! )w with the most
levoltirg dot. i s, but it will give sn
opportunity to one of tbe ablett and
met 'accomplished men of modern
limes to emerge wi h a h'gh head Snd
bold front from the blind alley of in
famy, into which he rat been cast by
a contph-Kcy and acoii'atluDS that
hither'o be hat not been able to
rebut," ' "
Da mink wn tallln' da coon arbout
Hon ha am kateliad ia r ttl' ,
R " tin" er row f onbnii out
ll.t tm went drra fur Ur aual.
11; t, "Da farmer tin ma ar w'aek
D.l made di a tl ri aa' r ooat
Hit luioi' braka mar pour r haek "
"Kr haw, ha-, bawl ' rfni ths toon.
'nit aerb rr r'tM." ed da 'eooa Ur ba
"Kur (win dm fr tu rtaalt
Kf far hader Im' dam ind-ra
Yar wouldn't ((it ktiohod ia ba fat'."
D i berr eca n iiih' da' 'ooort want routt
rur tor e;t anine faubara t r Mil
Ha aosHked In er lit.' an' ponty xin foan' '
11a ua katchad in er trau br da lett.
Pairla' dat del' en ft er timpln' Chap
Pat and aa ha ato ar wlnlt.
"You aa honvt' snuff till jrar'a katohail ia ar
Kr b, ba, h-l" laffad tS mink.
Ucnrly U. Uarruot Mi A. U. Pifoanea.
A Bnrdeairt Villala.
BhokOrd I'A November S7 John
Riether, a Glimin farmer, who wis
aire ted lest Snndey on a ch-rce of
bortilrg a barn, has confowd tode
lecives that he fl-d from Weixburj,
Otmany, f nirteen years ago, for fa
tally (.booting a rojal gme ke'oer
cimea utiauiotrg. hot tter, rr iie'
gemoaher, as be wat then known, and
f'or friends wer cau ht pactilne by
ueianuerg.anii ti avo'd cap urs iter
n osber shot t' e game keeper in tt e
brat. The p a:litr then-rane to
ini i roontry. ii r.enrtst er a so c in
fes ettoth lOieou n? of live stock
aud to the cba ge of arson.
is KSMovct) nv Trie UNM o coooAima
and it stimnlfttos and promote the
emwth ol the hair.
Burnett's Flavoring Extracts are tbe
. JLlLhtU III A At LAS u
It Brought ua a B al Congb, and
pertly Det sy til tbe Lung
Was IMlowed by Deaili.
looaataeoaoaaoa or raa aeraai,.!
NawY. bk N v-nibf 27. il im
Br. tdiade.d tr B He van IIpilal,
and mill ba buri d to Pot ei's li-iu.
II a was one of those ge. iusea who
expend mire meotuU ene gy aod in
yontiou lu making a few wait lhau
should be itquir.d to mikeacouipe
tnryinthe oidiuary butiLesi way.
Me was a prjfessioual b gg r. Tue
whole city at bit eiamti g gronmi
He woiked e a tree to, rita e huuse',
ttjres atd efflo a. la is victims were
sjmpithetio iaiies, ministers, mei
chauis aud hrokais, and at iaat Liu
self, lot lazy io lahor. he epeiit a
vabt aoinnot of t me in picking up a
scanty live L o id ia a w.y much
mote paiLful toan hid carrying or
tt no b eating would bav boau. Na
lure had not given him a stalwart
frame, and be t oi a lvaniagn tf the
fact by f ixnli g a stoop, by drawing
hie tbouldee t iRtt :tr as to ecu as pis
sibie so ss to give ihe appearance if
having a wautt d, i arrow chert', aqd,
then placing l is band feebly over bin
mouth, be coughed in an exangeratd,
hackinus yle, umilhe ial a uaj'.eu
the pr par a tentinn f oia his
intended vionu. In the event
tbat tbe victim tailed to take
tbe enn, Breed was mens omed t
make bo'd aod expain l iuitll. He
was "in the latt stags of consnmp
tion," untbln to work, and wiehiug
eiu p y to tDil hit d ys in ss litt n dia
t e s as t oieible. II a lands w. re en
tirely exhausted loim swo in fruitless
eodeavois to ttay bis malady; bebai
tmolojed tLe best pby.-lcians, taken
all sorts of remedirs, tpeLtwiuiert
and years ia Fonda, Ca.ifornia an 1
elsewbtreia vain. bad returned
to bis old home, New York, expecting
to Had le'atives to piovide (or his d -dining
days, but they, aasl bad d ed
or gone away, and he was ah ne end
friond e s in the city. All this, with
a pleiit'f nl ineijetitn tf coughing,
raie'y f.lled t b Ing him tom
financial rttarn il the v'ctim peruiit
Udhimto gi s far es t i finish his
ttory. Bat it tiokagood deal of in-da-tyto
find ea h day one or two
gal ible enough to limeu t I im, ai.d a
tiuirdred timta he coughed and rasped
his ihrott for no'hing to oice lor
pre fit. One day Breed f-lt a great
shiver of drear). Ioeers hly h s c ngh
ing had become s cind nature 1 1 bi o ;
hi felt bit throat tick e and bis ches
burn even whtn he was no approach
ing a dune. A cod p-trsdr-atton
s'aried from every unwatbed
pore. Could it te possible tb-t be
was rt all v io conrumptionT Under
tbe alaru.ing discovery he pu-eutd h s
vocation with increassd nal. He
coathd more than before, evea
c-ioghing si fily to himself to test the
effect upon bit tbrnat. In a short
time he became convinced that he did
indeed have coneump ii.n, and it
frightened him tearly tJ dah at
ooce. lie da-ed not devote his seamy
savings to mtd cal re M, and in bis
miaeny distieaa te wt rked nig' t and
day with his coughing ia o der io
gain all the moaty poes ble while his
etren.th lasted. Pureuirg- thus b'S
unbappy trade, iriitatng lit bron
chial i rgans end quakng b f re the
g im eha '08 of a mr bi d'Bbse, bo
at last rJritted ln'o actual coneumo
tibn and eventually t B-llevne h b
pitul, whuie be teruimt'eid i s'range
tatetr. p. a. rukiR, u. d.
When tha tired raaptrs, with fraaraot
Cun e out of tha eorn, aa tha tun git
And ths -k? ia rich aathe fnlllrf teavet
In e i r aun and l rnle and iu en brown.
I nit to tha uia 'iiw and m val aiavei
A nit h tha an in ol tha "urn t weftrta
Hi eloihol to d over cnunlrr and town.
And I think how tha Summcri have ejtne
Plnca wa .w fha rholtla e oatbab'oo
Thar. ova t ia coli ra or duxk nd aa n
w hoo th mur oi the r Ifeiiinrr rnana flaw
On thi w nga of tha miu wiad over tbe
And ihe evening thadosa were looser
ar wn,
And i ha tun wa low, and tha atara wars
lew ( ,
Whea Lots waa art to the Uvea wa I'd
Aa tha Irav a t .aL live in thtr l.ttjir . i.rtna
To 'tow in II o fln .art, t r bo. ka wa re.d,
ina romp and rush or tha fraix vma
In word) aod work, ti ba II led ani f d
Ua broolii ol boi er and tetl bn a r,
And aunt n the. on. a t at wa ui d tn ting.
Ana out or the ihauuwa thrjr noma to ma,
Aa nowara tit, me B.rmg eoiua, jreiiT by
va r.
Tha lovera we had whan to lova waa fro,
in et n wei t.w aud lb aklea wara
And we knew tt waa hannlnma Itiftt ia ha.
Ihrougb ha .hear, a ot tb cloud land fair
i tea,
Whtl ih weary reapart i ra drawing near.
Thouih th rrd and white roiei hart lot!
mair rea? a t
Tn the a ha Ot Ktiumtra ikf Inn mm.
Thar come, throuab th mallow ai.d uiarval-
ooa t Tea, y i
Wl h tbe harrer t ol love we oae tteirv,
At rich the a .r.ani a the aunret weavet
when tb tired raaeer wrtn fra, rant aha. ret
Ceraa out nf the o-n and tbe ana ia low.
iarper'e Afavnaine or (Mlooae.
Ilia Old Law Partaer, Wnr. H, Ilera.
daw, Indnlk-r let StacalDlaaeateea.
Chicago IVilmiie; L ncoln's o'd lew
partner, Win. 11. Utrodon, is in tha
city lor a f w days. He v. a seen yts
terday at ihe rjouit ot the "L'no .lo
Memorial Colli cticn" cnt-r.aintra
several iutereated li t-ners with r. m -nitcei
ces of the treat man during ujs
iarer ns an it in is a'toruey. .
"Vee,"sai.i Mr. He nj, n, "I could
a1 ways tell whin Lite In wes in a
good humor r nut bv oba rvlnv hm
t she en tend t e olH e at 9 ot 9:30
ir duct in ti. e morning, if eve yiLing
was tereoeaud piearau he wou dtake
a teat io oua of our wooden cha s,
throw bis feet over tbe ttove aud bt-
giu teriiiuK jarnn. lie wonia Kep In S
up until doner imp, nud veiyliite
won wouiu ds uope torougti tne lore
no n. I', on tbe ether baud, matte a
had set been at n taiatit a the
might, be would fro itt tbe offlse
in a q tie', nnob rusiva way, and, alter
taklt g a teit, would procid to make
his breekfaeton crack n and cheise
iSflmotim.s bis dtprigjion wiald wear
iff la aa hour or s end his genial,
sunshiny d epos Hon retsseit i an f
He was not a gnat btudtnt. lie was
what is Ciihtd a rae Uwyrr. Given
a case te won d first femliiarxs
hluself with all tie facts snd
tbea lcpk up the rputs co' tairjlng
Bruilir adjudicated cas-s. He wes
eyuipa'leiic at a I im S. ar.d rev r
bitter or abusive. Wa tad an odd wa
t.f keeping our ecoouiite. .We never
kept a y io ike, nut when we wer
pud a fe wou d rm.Jt disidn it.
Whetl Lii oolu aa oui on tbelirruit
m kiiigmOLey be d d Jmt tUe ame
a wiieu al in ce. If he rcetvei a
$.0 no e for itx vices be o nd take $
aLd weppli g a l iecet f p mu r around
it wi.h t ti 1 1 pie wold bi ly,' tt ai'a
what t.e alasya tabd ui W'itteo
tatreoc, woulu p ace it in his pocket-
ho' k. I a ked bim one day why he
rid ibi. and bia teply was: 'Well, if
I shrn d t at'pen to die with s -me of
y iur mr n-y n my p t xet now would
n!Oi-e knnwif it waen't marked?'
Tbel-solei I ti9i'e1 wi b him wes
shortly bef'e bis Inauuu attin aa
Prt-tident. I had rec iv a foot) rrm
an eaia'e fr r which our firm bat btn
ri.ing buner-e, aod when I t tiered
Mr. Lincoln th- money be refa-ed ti
take It until I tot i him wbe e
it raae from. His love tf
fiiet T O, we, I caa re-all two
tases, and I believe the fl at one,
woeie the y jnns lady di d, bed more
to d iwita Lie tad ess in alter life ibao
ar yibing Ue. 'Ihe toung lady waa
V ii Ann Batledge, wh t came to Iili
no 8 inn tha t-outb. 8iie bad
been prgaged pri'ir t her meetiog
with Mr Lii cola, but failing to hear
from ibe voui a man came to believe
that be did nit care for her. Ifr Lin
er. la w s ve-y atu-niive, snd after a
line ibey bame eiggd A few
mnntba before tbey were to have
been married ere ded. Trio blow
wee a seve e ore to Mr. Lincoln, aod
it was eevrral years befiie he reasnd
fa kit g about her. 11 wes rejected
bv a voong letiv in ib.i7.aaii irouithet
t rue ui t:i 1842, vben be mairied
Mi-a lodri, tiu was Lot especially at-
ten'ive ti a..yOde."
Air. Herndon has mac loa'iy retired
from 'he law, and isengeged In farm
log, about eix mLts north ti Sprit g-
And Her Boynl and Heinl Hoyal
e Kelatiiea.
LonDiit, N ivem-ier 26 The formal
ainiUocerrent of the beirothal ol
P'inctes V.c oris cf Teck lo Lo d
Weyaou'b, son cf the Mai quia ol
Bath, is liely to he po'tpomd frr
tome wei ks, aa tbe Tbyunes have
b en tbiowu iiti mou ing by the
end. ten d a h of Capt. Vetey, Lidy
Bath's br iber. Tne paity at Long-
leaf, which wee nonon iced last we k,
hi been put off, an J f ccwr-e the io
'oi ded bail wll not ttka piece. Tbe
Qu-en and Djttie-s of Cambiidge
wrre in conhrei c- fr bait an hour
on F.iday, anrl ti e Du and Duchess
tlTetka d Pritcew Viitoria are to
gt 'o Windsor tils week. The
Duchess of Cambiidge, wbo
h-s always been very gener
oc8 to her fani'y, announced
hng alio her htetition rf givlbg
ber granddaughter an adequate dow
ry. I near tbat fim'.uuu ia tne eum
named, bealdiB a t nnaieeu ol jewels.
Prime a Victoria, i f Teck, is not of
blooi relati n lot hi technical seise,
ber fa ber bavins been the istue of a
moitranaiie marriage between tbe
DA A'exander o Wur emturg, etc
ond con in to the Kir g and tbe Count
ess lilanbn vou liouecs'eio. Sue is
ia a s milar prsi i n to tbe Bitten-
be'gs aod Uleycbens, aud tbe newly
bora son of Piiactts Bmt ice is ia tbe
Btms cttegorv, and so would be the
rbl'dren of P.inceis Fridarica or of
P incess Louis . Tbe betrothal of
Prkce Henry cf Prawia,tbe younger
boo of the Crown Price, with the
fJucre a tixiheta ol Mecklenburg-
Sjbweiia bat btenf r some time ex
pected a B rlio. It is s marriage git-
tea op by the Empeio- in cot jacrion
w th bis eletir, tba U .wagrr Urand
Dacbtst of Mrck'ei bura-eebwerin,
who is tbe or nflm tber ot the bnue.
Tbe pr-limfuarles weie e tied during
ibe recent visit ot th Urown iMoce
ol Oermaty to Wemar, where
he met t ie whele ol the Meck
lenburg Sch we rin family. ToeQieen
re aiwas been trmons that frince
Ilecry. ebrald cany one of the
dangi.tersif theQrand Dak erf Hesse,
aud this eoganenjeit r 1 hie itfor many
reasoi b thn-oughtv ui'ta-t' fal to the
p ople at Wad or. He would have
been a good mt ;h U r one cf the
drttigtitere of the P Ince of WaUs; but
'hi r-is no riejoiiing the let t' at
Enl b i roia't'ea are not in demand
inthoC mineot, m pt smoDg tbe
pi o er f-mni a ot Ueraiany. Tne
morjrena ic ro-riiaoif IMiiesiBe
etrcewitu piinie Hmry of Batten-b-ig
I as rie-troyed all t e ireetgenf
our pe p'e at ibe c urte w th which
t rey would na orally desire a ronoen-
tion. Id- VJueei bis commBB'Outd
tie well kn.Wd bietoriml punt-ret
Vlinna, Oro t, t) p ia ber a lite eist
uortraic if Prioce A exauder of Ha -tenberir,
and be goes to Ui rme adt ia
a ttw days lor tbe iu-(ose.
Death, men aay, ia Ilka a ata
') I at mini utori-lity,
Tieoir'rna , nr id ul. bllndlntlr
a I of tiurmi .nd terror. ' '
Death la l!aa tha deep, warm rand,
Pieaarnt when vtoio.i to land,
Covering ae wit i Under hand
1 h a'a dri lied error.
I.l'e'a a tortured b mm ng rueg
Hiidant a eit.n ftrine and u g,
And ranamnt li broken turg
Foatu oiat of mbitien.
Daaiht annoh of g dan ground,
te arm, toft pertneab mound
Where from evau me onrj'a aonnd
Weihrll bav rotninl n.
Afiraaai ttrU in ths Academy-
Pavltt arara Boaaaaad McDermott.
New YoBKovembor 27. A eneciel
from Mtntreal Btye: Mithael Davitt
satri lait night, with Jeforeice to
O'D.inovan Fc sea's talk aod the pi t
oa hit life: '.'P-os a I havo iho greatest
contempt for. tie ia not a reptesenta
tivo t f the Irish pe ple, bat only ot a
lot of drunven SJOtiudiule-. I canelder
bim t b notbiog less than a drivel
ing idiot, wbo it doing 'much harm to
tbe cause, , I will tiave an oppor
tunity of referring to his cbar.ct.r
andcondant la New York before I
leurn t) Ireland, and I shall do so,
but I tioo't (Jts re to say anyth ng
lurtberat nut it . cow. I am nut a
Iriend of RaiSJfTsnyof Ms fartlon."
'West otwut WcD rmo.t?" ';Il4 is
rne of tbe mnnt lulamout men inex
i tnne. He wis a spy in tbe pay of
the g'ieb gnveremeiit, aid inven cd
plots end outrgfS to ciuvkt inno
cent men, snd I k iow he Lai threa'.
eotd to 8'ioot bib, bnt my life will
never be iak"t by each a .thoroogb
paced vj lai , , ,.,
Labor Trxoble let th Coke Kralaaa.
PiTTSBcao. Pa., 'Noveaibee 27 Ihe
coke opira'ors fip ess granflcatioq at
at the pje'pjnement cf t the enforca
meotol the d-maodd of tbe Miner'
AesociaUon by Tburtday'scmvention.
Keitaraien tbe propn'sl that the i tnt
Canveiitiou of, the Kntghta of Lab r
snd tbe Miners' As o.ittion sp-on.t a
new cominittea to peek a coLf. rerce
with the oi eratore, the latter tay em
phatically tt at irtey will make do fur
ther conceeei.li s and that theieforea
conferente W n eilwaa. .,
S at Miinntora Nirlae.
riTKBURO, Pa', Nove-mb r 27. Tbe
stove m ulcers et D.hnveu'e Lhnnry
s tuck ttiisnornirg against a rtdu
tioa oideitd Mver4 wm-Iib ego. All
the men are out ami the foundry is
c cseri. The ron say tbe e rine will
mtaffct theo'hur loundritS, as De-
haven'B was tbe tn y oi e whue a tu
wag s bed bee u trdertd. About
150 men a-e id e
At'Vlt B 'IO tltllllt.KH.
Jtia.' Wmai.nw'f t-ooTHmo Brace ahonld
alwnya be ueed lor chndrm eetbiijg. It
arioti.ea tbe ootid, eotiette toe au-ea. a'lart
all p-in.cirroi wrnd roio, and ia the belt
remtdj lor 0:a:raa c a boiu.
NOVEMBER 2, 18S0,.
rlho Appeared la tbe Old tJreek
Comedy rriie Arthsrlaob" at
the Academy of JHadc.
looRaisrosnsaca of ths irraiL.I
Nxw Yi RK, Noven.be' 26 TLeeu
dienoe wr.ici a-eea b ed i i t'ie Acad
t my ol Mutic o Bee the paiformsnre
' f h Gnek loonedv, Iht Archariant, by
stud ntt from Potiadetpnia, ia re-gtirt-
d aa the bandsnmest ever known
ia Ne Y rt, b esuee its exies"ve
fathii nab'eue s wes permeated by iu
tenee iot-llctulity. ' Irspir-d ky a
t'U y an bscu ogicel impuhe, the man
eg'isbfttie blow htd provided ros-
umesfirthe icois that were exa t
im tations f the aic er t Greek faih
i ns Toe g-neral cot of the Athenian
pa meiits enr nld be pretty well kuo vn
by ail wbo btve hud any ioteic lurse
with ar , and it ca not bo preeumed
tbat any oi the eu I ence at the Acad
emy ol Jin ic bad failrd to tee and
adinir- numeioua ete tiles and naint
i gs illuetra'ive of ant'quity. Never
theleBii, vthm tbe two d. sen young
men ot the chorus and the se ve'al solo
tcton eiampeied let i view, w. amg
arcLoi dogi '.1 short upp r garmeDte,
and oieplnyii g fully t ri e-f urthe of a
ra r t f ercha r.og cal b re ensea h, a
d ttii C shock pa Bed over the th at r
Us eUettiWero immediate y no ice
able in the bait ave.-ied fiicea ot the
ladies, in their involur.trrv betraya's
of eurp-is", in ihe r brave atte i pts to
i os comfortable a d en;l leiloic.lly
content. The aux I ary thorns tf ball
a hundred men, a feature unknown to
the O'tginal Greek Bteg, and intro
duced t ere hecanse rf ihe net eestty of
seiurnga bg volume of sound to
compete wiia the or bestral in
Btrnmei ts, was arrayed ia the
tonventio si black euit and broad ex
pat se if shirt bosom. Tbis grcup i f
men eat in tbe front of tbe honsu be
fore the performance began end prob
ably tei ded to reassure any wbo m'ght
lave feared for tbe proprieties. I:
made thee nta;t all themoie maiked
wtea the youag gentlemen compos
irg f e aciDg cro ui threw off their
"liimatia" and fr lit ked about ia the
most ac iva ami alaraiirg manner,
their white hg fl ifibing and gleaming
ia the I'eht. bi d their tribf nnper
garments eWey:ng and vibrating like a
ballet dance i ehirt'. It was seme
time bet ire tbe f-mtnine poition of
tbe audience could aitustom i'se f to
tbe rovel eight. B it at lait arcbiei
lrglcal ii fluence seemed to prevail,
atd one by one the ladies turned one
to another and whispered tommects
and impressions of the petformance,
in which, if appearances are any
guide, criticisms on tbe a cl a i og cal
ehtpe of B3me of the callow limbs msy
have bad a prt. Tneie it no quest on
tbat many of the spectators b onght
face to face thus unexpected y r.im a
real leg show, felt genuine tii.-comfnrt,
but the behavior was excellent under
the trying ciriunetanres and the col
legiate devotion to arc' snjlogical de
tail met a proper reward.
it wB eomewbat different at Har
vard five or i x yars ago. It was the
fir.-t at empt. to produce a Greek drama
id this country in the original lan
guage and style. A who'e academic
year and thousinds of. dtllars were
epettinthe preparations; the bull
et talent in 'he coan'ry wes eng ged
iu the several departments to nuke
eu-e that all de'a U sboald be as exact
and rea iit'c as pies b e. Oae day at
a r. hea'sel ia Kacder's Toe al.er the
qntttion of costumes tame no for in
luimal ois:ujeion. A tart of tbe gar
ment were on band that day, and it
was not'esd by tone of the joung
g nt!emen, wr o l a I, pprbsts, 'ean ed
ibeir piiintt from plaing ''eope" al
tt e B retin Theater, thtt there were
rotighte. Piof. John Willi tms White,
who etod by, ami el sw etly but
main no reply, f ir in htsaxt oa iirg'cil
simplici ty it hr d nevtr ociU'itd to
him that at ybody would expect tights
in Greek dram', least of all the Gieek
Bp-king actors tbi motives.
' Is it p flbln thit we are not to
have t g' t;T ' t xclaimed Mr. George
KidJle, tbe e'oi uttjniir, wbo eventu
ally mtde a (i r at l i', in the role of
"ied'pua." Mr Rildle five ninnt s
brf.re had been infrrmed tbat no
met al, C' in or statue had ever been
diacovered in which a Greek at the
ime of Pelcles wore a mins ache
ith mt a lull beard, and therefoie bi'
el gant fetidl r raiment mutcime off.
Ha bad euhuiitud ta tbe saciiQc, bnt
thetbougi t of playing ia bite legs
overcame him. Ia answer tj bis qate
tion Pr. f. White said:
"Of course nit The Greeks tl'd not
wear t ghte, did they, protestor?" nd
dreatinir Wm. W. G. dwio, the head
tf tha Greek department. . . .
Tbe whitt bairtd euholir agreed
with his colleague, acd thereupon a
ively debate ensatd. Prof. Jonn K.
Paine,tbecomp ser.whn with theotber
professors earned CJntt toted Ihe com
mit ee in charse of tbe enterprise.
seemed inc ineu to defend tight, but
ss he bad a'ready biuieed theaichse
logical bear's of his assnc'atee on the
C itnmiitee by insis'ing that the music
ahon d not be confined to ths narrow
limits of the ancient Ureek style, he
could ni t with good grice oppose
tbem wi h vigor in this matter. The
students f s a rule ratoer welcomed the
idea pf bare legs, and Mr. R ddla
made no very etrenuoui objection,
merrlv BBtertina tbat it 8 emed
"c eauer" tJ 1 lay in t gbts. , Tbe last
balf dcton jehearbals . were in fall
dreep, ea :h lime in tbe prcnce of
fr m 100 tolOOO p'Opie. ,'lboy pjssea
ifl with creat ec at, end no murmur
of ditBeut with lest ect to the bareneas
of tha leg? was beard. Th play was
pic me q ", tragio snd hittoricaliy
conec. Bat, b.-ar in mind, thejadies
present at the rebearsals were in one
way and Another atsocia ed with the
protiBtors, witi tcnoiars ena tia
dents: ladies who livei in an atmo
phere if archaeology, whi for months
bal beaid ureer,. s-nn uresa, ihikbu
OrFtk and dreamed Greek. When
the fl Bt public pe formance was given
tbeaudierca ire uded a good propor
tion of ladies who bad never lead a
iice ol Greek, and who were unpre
paied forthe intense realism of bare
Lea The reenlt wai a propriety
storm botlad the scenes, not tl the
thea'er. but ot eeveial households,
and before the next performance was
g'veu a full te ol tights hsi Dsotj or
icreJ fiom a Boston cistumer. Tbey
wem wocd rlul and fc-aiful in their
mi. fi cees, but they bad to be worn.
The piiit of modem propiie'y pad
wrtsUd wlh cUatic fieedom,, and
the rtsnlt was a clear fall to the credit
rfpropre y. Af er two or tbree per
formatices the tights got "swopptd
about s ihst he actors and .smget
hr.d each en approach t) a fit, bat ths
piy lost much of ittj picturcsqtier.ees,
lor among ibe lay figures la tl rc ne
weree-veral ol tbe col gs atbleles,
wno locked miehtv int r.s ing poking
ih tines cal att tudes in the br.'gUt
alow ti tbe thtatsr l;ibts.
Subscribe lor llie "Appeaa."
g tKCa aaaadli
(srrrrsNORs to HEtrHtna Bortoip ;i-r.
OTcl Stand No. Union St., Wemplifo.
BLEDUE BSCS., of Coma, Kiss. f
Kos. SSQ and 258 Front Street- Memphis Teuu
All Cotton Covered by Insuranco on Seaworthy Vessels c
Ginhouse. Sackt furnished to responsiola parties. ;
124 and 120 POPr.Alt
Brlnklew. Ark
Boars, Ssba. BMads, Dressed Flooring, CeOlng, WeatkrBoardlaaa,
, Cypress Snlnglea, Latha, Hie. , H;
aarOar tmeilltlM are aniareaated by any aawalll la tha Bemta for tlhat etilart prematlgj
Fearteii. OeaJina, Bidlat , 8Up Lameer and Criireai Bblarlea a aaafllaltr i alao. rrla
Laaakat f aUdlaMaaioaa. We make the Wkoleaale Bailaaaa a saMtal Baataxa, Ojaaal
tolieiud and aromatly (Had.
GEO. I5AYffIIlir.EIt, AGEIsrT ;
Pas '134 Jeffenon Street-- MeniJllla, Tejmriaag-,
FOUNDS! & MACHINE DBP'T,160to 174 Adams St, Memphis
Iroat and
saw-MiH., ; . :-iwL '? Tmrif s KsiwW
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JJirteaBi'n:.: Hi"! wa
U!S!utm a ' S-.yi.'irS'A 19 lirat'liiif tl liAL . iat Vt0.
HtalnHna: . .-c-: i Ol M rJukW-EJk-r rHrff IU..Bt,
. r3aJtti ....
jaH:-.aa imiWim f
(Bnoeeaaort In this lepartmant to JOHN M AN03UE.)
rWrlt ui for infnrmafloti on ANY THINO In .Hli.f Una.
Cotton Factors, VhoIesale GroceiT;
Zfo. SOG Front street, s Menitli!ii. Tk
Wo m. brq wn;
Liberal Advance
.i ... .. ,, ,
2G0 ; Front Street;1 .
,i i.
ar bg . BI ta mOMti sa
T. 11 Umloii Street,
nrtrf-, -.,,-....paia i a Ti
m. o. pi;arcb.; !. ";t.
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i"f! inninwr nniinsnifs i;wMfi7?i
VtjUUaal Mk t&WlUft H?t VI aUWAWtalftitaVU, faiaA j
Cotton Factors &CoRimissiosi r-larcri'fs,
i Ho, 2S0 J ilOlfiT :QT11EET 1 LIESIPHIS, TEWWru
. OaMaa Warateaae-Sae W aad SS Italoa ttmt I J ''
AjZCXaW ST3WAST, Bnr Oilaana.
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in H :!:t II , ajj - .t M . , 1 II , fl'-t " IS
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H I.1
n vr'l
mi 1 fl laaarWW aalaWVwaV" Muiaaan laaaaafcl aaWai VI Zi!mm' 0
330 ftp oo ml Street, Jlemphls.
Alalariaaa, Panpi, Drir Walls, Iron, Laad add dtooa Pipe, (iaa t Utoraa, Olwliaa, KtS
Chickasaw Ircnvorks
B8 Second St Memphis, Tettn'.
nslns, noilern, Nawmills,
liratllord Corn and Wheat Kill
Cotton Pre, Cotton Uinr..
Hhafllng;, I'nlleys, a-i ; .
SPECIAL NOTICK We are prepared to till oHKr
on it.or notice, for tha oole rated Ckedwrt Pateatt
WrouRtii... Fulley. Wa oarrj in itook or
Two Hnndrea Allotted Mori.
ata-Hend for Cataloana and Prioa-lltt.
. H. KOEFLEET, Betideat Fartatt.
Manulkctarera mt
Boiler Irta
; Hoop, Banal
tsbeec I ros
DEP'T, 226 and 228 Second St.
on Consignment. 1 ; .
. , ." 1 1 ":
: Hemphls, Tenn,
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x 1 1 UBmphl. Tenn,,
II IIIBIIlI lir-,-
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'4Sl)3S'yT, b. aWTSlTB. iiimlP
ri I ' - t . .( mi A M.l ft . I
, I
9. K. WITT.
I t:,mOS:r

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