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The Memphis appeal. (Memphis, Tenn.) 1886-1890, November 28, 1886, Image 9

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vUoi Firm - Middling-, 8 5-8e-Salos
lesterdaj, 2000
The demand I fmooej is pre ty ao
ttYO at 8 per cent Finances are some
what tightsned by the inability of
transportation lints to move cotton
away insufficient quamilie. Lccalse
urities firm and steady. The cotton
market waa firm; middling, 8Jj.
Bales, 2000 baits. At New York, spots
quiet; middling, 9 316c. Futures
teady and S to 4 points lower;
November, 9.019.02a.
A leading New Yoik cotton circular
Mis of the speculative ; market: "A
very quiet dy, with more fit less
weakness throughout, and while a de
aline of four points was fractionally
recovered in a few inst nces, the clcse
found the position without much
At New Orleans spots were easier;
middling, 8Jj. Futures dull, but
steady and 1 ti3 points lower; Nov
ember, nominal.
At Liverpool spots were dull in buy
era' favor; middling, fji. Future
easy; Noveraber-DeceiLber, 6 2.64 i
The general market presents a
steady fetlii g.
Twenty-five br's apples, 140 rks brRn,
82 brls bear.s md pea 120 pkgi but
ter, 643 rls baf g'TK. 96 "has tiacon,
894 pkgs bor.ta ai d thoea, 1076 bu corn,
52 pkftg cheese r69tks C( flue, 7 cars
cotton seed, 4 73 rks cot on seed, 81
pkgs drv goois, 10 pkgs eggs, 891 brls
flour, 204 bales hay, 71 pkgs hats
48 hd hrfis. 41 bd cattle, 1
horse, 208 pkgs la'd, 18 000 ft lum
ber, 115 pkus liquo-s, 225 brls muni,
161 br's mol-Bfes, 30.) kegs nails, 1000
bu oatK, fO br's oi ios, 1 car pork
Bides, 8 bbds ufr,667 brls eug.tr, 187
pkgs tobaico and 2400 bu wheat.
Tbefollowirg ebons the emount of
grain ieceivd, withdrawn and in
store by regular e'evetors, as reported
to the Me chantb' Eictiange yester
day : Wheat in eto e, 1045 bu. Corn
withdrawn, 4(8 bu; in etoie, 4585
bu. 0t recived, 1679 hn; with
drawn, 4296 hn ; in at ire 235,535 bu.
aar Dally-tata tlona tf Cotloa
Oil Traata and New York Kz
change Btoelta are opn to tboae
anterenttid, at my ofllce.
24 Madison Nt Mempbla, Tenn.
Money In preit ac'ive demand at 8
percent Tee Clearing House report
la as follows :
8Rturdav, Novunbur 27th, $5F6,
129 34; lo al tbhwek, $2,263,175 24;
total last week. $2,613,H6ti 73; cr
responding time in 885, fl,W 2,000 19;
corresponding time in 1884, $1,888,
825 75.
Saturday, Noven b r7'h. $78,571 31;
total this wet, $449,178 83; total last
week, $472 078 63. corresponding
time in 1885, $.'e5,443 20; corres
ponding time in 1884, $274,300 J 2.
New Tovk eight on all points, J
discount bnyinp, uar sailing; New Eng
land demand, J d if count buying; New
England sight, discount; New Or
leans, J duconnt buying, par selling.
Bank of Comiuerce-146 bid, 149 asked
First Natioi a! 160 bid, 165 asked
German Bank 195 bid, 200 asked
Ftate National... 145 bid, 150 asked
Union and PlaDtere-lftO bid, 153 a ked
'Mercantile Bunk 135 bid,137J asked
Blnff City... 100 bid, ... asked
Hernando 100 bid, ... asked
Home .75 bid, 80 asked
Memphis City 102) bid, 105 asked
Peoples ...80 bid, 83 asked
Fncunix 98 bid, 100 asked
Planters 107 bid, ... asked
Vanderbilt -25 bid, 26 asked
Arlington ......35 bid, ... asked
Factors. 30 bid
Shelby Co. werraote...97 bid, 98 asked
M.4 0.RR. Bbares...60 aid, ... asked
M. & T. R. R. shares.. .45 bid, 50 asked
M. & C.consolB,7s 119 bid, ... asked
SVf. & L. R. 1st m. 8s105 bid, aaked
Mies. AT.R.R.C8.A...111 bid, 113 asked
Miss. AT. R.R.rs.B101 J bid, 103 asked
Tenn. wts. Ber. D-......95 bid, 98 asked
Tenn. wts. ser. E to J..84 bid, 83 asked
Shelby Co. 6e. 108 bid, 110 aeked
Tax. Dirt. 4, 6s 984 bid, 901 asked
Tax. Diet. 6s 104 bid.lOBJae
Mem. O s bonds .104 bid, ... at ked
Mem. Water binds.. ..97 bid, ... asked
Hananer Oil Works bid 65 aeked
Am. Cot. Oil trust". ..63 bid, 66 asked
Pioneer Cotton Mills... 25 bid, 80 asked
Mem.Stor.Com.Oo...... bid, liO asked
Mem. Gas stock 75 bid, 80 asked
Nbw York, November 27. Money
on call active at S6 per cent., clos
ing at 4(o)6 per cent. Prime mercantile
' .paper 45. Sterling Exchange dull,
but steady at 480 for 60 day bills, and
484 for demand.
Bonds Government bonds were
dull and firm. State bonds were quiet
and firm.
stocks The stock market presented
few new feature, Beading and Lake
Shore monopolising the ' speculative
interest la the afternoon, however,
the coal s'ocks came more into promi
nence and wire strong and active in
sympathy with Reading. The trading
in the latter waa the largest-ever
known and its sale a were over one
half of the large busine done la all
Blocks. The buying wav -very good
for both foreign and domrstlo account
and the trading waa accompanied . by
great leitemint.r-.TnaVanderbiita
were all strong, the very favorable
statement of - the Lake Shore causing
much comment. ' Most of the special-
' ties were heavy to weak as were .alio
the coal s'ocks, , until the last
inur, Richmond and Wett
Point dioppod 4 per cent early
in the day Memph'a and Charleston
declined 6 point-, but they recovered
partially la er in the day. Colorado
made a further advance, but Philadel
phia Gas fell 5 per rent, on an adverse
decision in regard to the patents
claimed by the ominy. The g n-e-al
1 st w as quiet and generally heavy.
Toe opei ing waa firm gains over list
evening being I to . The genial
lift was hiavy, and so cintinutd moBt
of the day, tLouh a rally in svmratby
with R-ailinaoccurnd toon a'trr noon
and Jersey Central and Laikjwanna
b cimeqiiie ertive. The c ose waa
bo'ii sti-afty. g,iM) ,33 share'.
R adi 'fnrnisVed3(6(40:.l r-y' en-
ra , 80,9V; Larkana n,2S,:C0; La
fch re, 27 77; hi dmonl aid West
Poiit, 21785. Fiial chances-a e
about i q'laiiy dvidid le e-n somll
gMins and equaily small losi-s Th"
on'y iaipnri,.nt gain wai tii bmood
aafl We-t P.dnt 2 per cenf. R ad eg
is np 5j a d Lnckwanra 1J. Raihoad
bo ids are iuaiehat I'BJ a tve.
f-a'ep, f2,t ( 3 C0f. Wt Rhnre 4t far
ri led 28'.0t0 i-nd Denvr and
Rio G.ar.d', $ (i8,0CO. C o-ado sixes
were alo ptomiient. Pces were
firm in the morning, but bicjme ir e
gular in trie day, ttongh a majoiity of
tbe important ihangee are in lavnr of
higher tixure. Cfaesapeak and Obio
firsts, ccupin off, rote 3 to 91; Rrck
I -land ri'i:'8'er. d a xes 2, at 137;
No thwefrtern sinking fund fives, 2 to
1C8; Toledo, Ann Aroor and Grand
Trunk fimts, 2 ti 1116: MNonri Pa
cific t' irds lest 1, at 118; Mobile and
Onio firat debentures, 2 to 70. and
S mthtrn income-, 2 to 74 Miring
shares were neiltced; Bodie, 2800
300. Petroleum opened steady at 78
weakened near neon to 77c: re
mained steady at til tbe last hmr,
tallied ard clost d strong at 77 Jo.
Baled, 3 3 2,000 barrels.
Tbe total sles of s'ocks today were
601 63 i stiaT'S, including lanada Suutti
en, 6040; D-Jawa e, Lackawanna and
Wisen, 24,200; Erie, 5400; Kmi'i
and Ttxa, 6095; take Shor., 27,v77;
Ixiuievilie ami . Nashv He, 10, .'30;
Memphis and Charleston, 7100; New
Je-sey Cen al, 30,951): Rendu g, 3u6,
040; St. Paul, 8215; Texi and
Pacific, 18,910; Wtsttrn Un on, 6040;
On-iion a d Ttannoniirettal, 2010;
Hoiking Va ley, 638J. Closing quota
V. S. 3a, 100'4. 4a, coop, UX.
ie, coup, Ulli. Paoiho 6 ol loS5, MHyi,
ta. itsmita.ts, 82. Miaaanri 6t, VS.
lent l'ac lfU.nfi ben. A R (1 Uxa.UVA
D 4K.G.W 1U,K0 Krii 2da,
M K AT.U. n.6a,l(:i North. Po.lfl,U7M
North. Po.2da,im. JN. Weatorn eon.
N.West deb.6a.lt8. Bt.b.b.I Oen.M.,11
bt Paul eon, UU. Kt.P.C.AP lt-, 120.
T.P. land grantag. T.P.K U.ez enu,76.
U. P. laia, I WeetBhore.li
Teon.6, aet'mtJ'B. 'lenn.5a,ket'mi, 102.
lenn. 3a,Bkt'mt,78.
Adami Eipreaa. 136. MorrlsAB., efiAVM.
AlleghonyCent'i, . NaaDville A-0 , S.
Alton A T. 11,, m. N.J. Central &.
A. T.U.,)fd.,85. Nor.A W.pid.MS.
AmerioHn Ex.. 107X1. Northern Pac.,2H.
B. C. B.lN.b Northern Pae pia. 63H
Canada P.O., U.aN.W.,llU
Canada Koa..66H. C.4 N. W pfd ,W.
Central Paeiflo, 47. N,Y.Central,114
Che-.p.ake A 0.,yt. N.Y.C.A St. L., 14 '4.
C. k 0. 1 t pfd, 18!. N.Y C.8t L.pld,2
0. & O. 'IA uld. 12. Ohio Central, .
Chicago k A.. 142. Ohio A Mies. ,34.
C.AA.pid.160 O.AMiaa.ptd. ill
C, B. k Q , X&K. OnUrio A Wear,, 22.
O., bt L. A N.O., Oregon NaT ,1U6K.
C. St.t A P., n. 0renn Trana.. :', i.
O.Kt.tAP.pfd. 40i. Oregon Imp., 47.
0. SAO.. 45. Paoirle Mail, biVt.
C. AC..73H. Pauma, 98.
O. ill. Vailer. Peoria 1 A B..S3K.
Del. A Hud , 106. Pittaburg, 148.
Del., L. AW., HM. Pullman ?. ,142.
len. A Kio U , uvt. Kr,adinii,4yr.
En. SIX.
Hook laiand. 127.
Kru ntd, (,.
Bt li.AS.F ,33.
New Kaat Tenn., M.8t.L A8.K pfd, 69N,
few r. Tenn. pid,7b7a. bt.L.A o.r. J. I p, lis
Fort Wayne, 144 0. M. A M. P., W,
Hannibal A St. Jo.. M.A 8t.P p, Ui
H A bt. Jo . pfd, . St. P.. M A M.. 118.
Harlem, 220. Bt Paul A Omaha, 63.
Houston A T., 99. Bt Paul AO. Bid, 114
Illinois Central, 131K.Tenn.Coal Iron 99.
Ind ,B. A W.,17. Texaa PaoiB-, 24.
Kanaaa A 36. Union Paoifio,61H.
Lake K. A W , 16. U. B. Kip est, 63S
Lake Bhore, W 8. L A P., 20.
Lou. a Naah.. W..S.L. A P. p., 37.
Lou. A N. A., 67. W.A F. Ex., 129.
M. A I', lat pld, . W. U. Tel., 78H.
M. A C. aeoonda, . Colorado Coal, 39.
Mem. A Char , 67. Home Stake, 17.
Mioh. Cen., WJS Iron Bilver. 260.
Min. Abt.L,2 Ontario, 24S.
Min. A Bt. L.pld.4 Ouickailver, 6i.
Miaaonn Paoifio Ub. Quicksilver pld, 24.
Mobile A Obio, 21. boath Paoilio, .
M. L. 8 A W ,61. Sutro, 18.
London, November 57. Caneols, 102
3-16 for both money and the a-connt;
TJnted btates bouds, 4s, 13: J; 4 J?,
Paris November 27. Three per cent,
rentes, 831 25c for the account.
New York, November 27. Bank
clearings today, $128,655,474; balances,
Baltimore, Md., November 27.
Bunk learinss today, $2,664,844; bal
ances, $234,291.
St. Louis, Mo., November 27. Bank
clearing today, $3,0u7,382; for the
week, $13,919 840; balanns tiday,
$333,895; for the week, $1,835 936.
Chicago, III , November 27. Bank
cleaigs todav, 9,li 9,000; for tbe
week, $16,621,000; for tbe correspond
ing ptr od iatt je.r, $47,332,100, a de
cease of 1.7 per cent.
Philadelphia, Fa., November 27.
Ba:.k clearings today, 99,013,008; for
the week (five dy0, $53,926,972; bal
ances tod -y, $1,624 355; for the week
(five dayt). $6,935,072.
Boston, Mass., November 27. Bank
clearings today, $16,978,772; for the
week (five day"), $85,526,424; same
week in 1885. $79,311,293; balances
today, $1,898,689; for the week (five
dey). 9,613,878; same week last year,
The local cotton market opened firm,
and cloeed firm ; middling, Sgc. Sales,
2C00 bales, including 250 lat-t evening ;
400 to exporters and 1600 to spin
Yesterday. Friday.
Ordinary Norn. Mom.
Good Ordinary.... 8 8
Low Middling 8 8
Middling 86 8
Good Middling.... 81 81
Middling Fair.....' t 9
Fair - Norn. Norn.
. Mimpbis, November 27, 1888.
Stock Bepi 1, 1886.... 4,009
Received today 5.405
Beceived previonsly..328,518
Shipped today 3,445
Shipped previonsly.184.682
Home consumption to
date 321
Stock running account
i . . import.
Thus far this week 5,405
Tt ns far lat week. 6,886
Since September let...- 333,923
M.and O. R.R
H.AT.B. B..
Ia tDd N. R Bea..aM.,,,
M.A L. R.R.R
L..N.O. AT.B.R-
1 936
xw. u , d. a m. a. Bh ZM
M.8&B.B.B, 172
Steamers 288
Wagcns and other sources. ,650
Thus far this week.
Thns far latt week
Since September 1st.. . ,
M. A 0. R R
L. A N. R. R
O., O. A S. W. R. R
' 14MI
New York spots opened rtesdy, and
cloeed quiet ; middling, 9 3-16& bales,
175 bales.
Q iota ions were as iol-
Ordinory 6 7-:6
Good ordinary.... 713 16
Low middling... 8 11-16
Middling.. 9 3 16
Gool middling ..9 7 16
M idling fair 10 M6
Fair .10 11-16
7 13-16
8 11-16
9 3- 6
9 7 16
10 116
10 11-16
Ner Yrrk
lu n es ouennd sdady
and clrsed steady and 3 to 4 poi"t"
0W6r thRn jesierday. Sales, 42.6C0
bMes. Tbe clusing qaotatiocs were
as follows:
November. 9.1( 9.02
Deceniber . 9.04M
Jnnary.... 9 13 9 14
9 03vrt P.05
9 OtK 9 07
9.16fi) 9.17
9 27 9.28
9.38 4 9.39
9.48(a) 9.49
9 6
9 691.1) 9 70
f ebraary... V L'4 A 25
March. 9 34'd 9 35
April 0.45 9 46
May 9.55r$ 9 66
Jane 9 65 9 67
July 9 74 9 75
August 9.81 9.82
9.78'l 9.79
9 85 9.86
Tbe NewOrleans spot market opened
quiet, and cloeed easier; middling,
rjc 8a ee, 4OC0 bates. ' QaoUtious
were as fallow:
Yesterday. Fridav.
Ordinary 6! 6
Good Ordinarv.... 7 j
Low Middling'. 8 8
Middlintr. 8 ?J
Good Middling 9 9
The New Orleans future market
ore ed steady, and cloeed doll hat
st- ady and 1 to 3 points lower. 8a' er,
17 000 bales. Quotations were as
Yesterday. Friday.
November. N miiiHl. 8 70
December . 8 68 8 69 8 7(M 8 61
January .... 8 78 8 79 8 79 80
FebraHry ... 8 i-m 8 89 8 91ft 8 9-'
Mrch 9 (-0M 9 0 1 9.03 9.04
April.. 912 9.13 9.12 9.16
Ma; 9.i3 4 9 24 9 Whit 9.27
June 0.:!4 i 9 35 9 37 9 3S
joly 9 45 9.46 9 48 9.49
August 9 50 9 51 9.53 9.54
daily post and intbriob markets.
Tone I Kec. iPrkr-B I block
N Orle'ue
Norfolk ..
Bit-ton ...
St. Loui
A Ugnata
4,353 8
10 947n
85 418
54 45 i
" 18,883
3 met.
2,509, 8 916
7,i46 8
1222 8:
4,ti758 13-16
n m.
9 3-16
576 9
144 9
3.474 8
16i0 8
Receipts at ports, tbie day, 1886.38 754
Receipts at ports, this day, 1885.19,285
consolidated statement.
R'ts U. 8
p'rta 1 dav.
Ex. Gr. B.
St ck
R'ts bept 1
Forgn Ex.
15 179
900 408
1, 314,62 jl 1, 430,360
Increase in receipts this year. ...19 0E0
At noon: Liverpool spots were
dul1, in buyers' favjr. Sa'es, 8000
bales, of which American 6800 bales.
Receipts, 8000 bales, of which Ameri
can 4500.
Closing quotations were as follows :
Ordinary, 4d; good ordinary, 4gd;
low middling, 6d; good middling, 6 5
16d; middling nniands, 5)d; mid
dling Orleanc, 6 5 16d.
: The price are given in pence and (Mht.
(hut: 4 63 mean 4 63-64i; and 6 01
meant 5 1-64(11
At noon: Liverpool fu'nres wre
quiet and steady. November, 6 OS
6 07d; November-D. cenober. 5 03;
December-January. 5 01(35 02d; Jan-ntry-Febrnaiy,
5 01602d; Fi-bruay-Marib,
5 01(a5 02d; Mnrch-Apnl,
5P4d; Aprll.Msy, 6 t6d; May-Jane,
5 08; Jane-July. .
At 2 p.m.: Liverpool futures were
eeey; November, 5f0Jluyirs; November-December,
5 02d, buyeis; De-cember-Je.naary,
6 Old. buyfts; .Tan-uary-Febtuary,
6 Old, bnyirs; Feb-ruary-Marrh,
5 Old, buvera; March
A.piil, 5 C3d, buyers ; April-May, 5 05.1,
buyers; May-June, 6 07d, buyeis;
Jaue-Jaly, 6 lOd, cellars.
Receipts tnis week 176,382
Same week in 1885 187.422
Same week in 1884 163 870
Decrease compared with 1885... 11.040
Increase compared with 1884... 12,503
Shipments this week 147,484
Same week in 1885 156,278
Same week in 1884 126.85
Decrease compared with 1885... 8 794
Increase compared with 1884... 21,199
Stock this week 366,078
Same week in 1885 340,405
Same week in 1884 267,13
Increase compared with 1886... 25,073
Increase compared with 1884... 98,945
1886 309,135
1885 289 441
1884 321,181
1886. 1885.
Net port receipts to
November .28 h 2,428,256 2,418,623
Overl'd movement
to October 31 t... 149,356 164,507
Est. South, cons'n
to October 3Ut... 66,000 60,0r0
Am't marketed . ..2,6)3,610 2,643,130
Add int'r stocks in
exceesof bept, let 318 018 324 555
Amount in sigM...2,961,628 2,967,865
Decrease oompared with 1885, 6 0"7
Increase compared with 1884, - 65,821
The .New York financial Chronicle
of November 27th gives the following
figures: Total visible supply, 2,487,688
bales, against 2,420,019 in 1885. These
figures indicate an increase of cotton in
sight of 67,569 bales, as compared with
the fame date in 1885, and a decrease
of 115,455 bales as compared with same
date in 1884. - :
1 BiEAonum.
Oornmsal Standard, $2 202 25;
pearl, $3 253 86; roller, $2 45. .
Hat Choice, from store. 76c; car
load lrora levee or depot, $14 ; prinj6,
from store, 70c.- car load from levee
or depot, $12 601S; ' prairie, from
store, 45c car" load from levee or
deooL$8 50. '
i Cobn From store,white,51c ;mixed,
49c. lrom levee or depot; white, in
balk, 44c;, in eacks, 47c; mixed, in
balk, 42c: In sacks, 44c f
Oats From tore,white,39c; mixed,
37c; from levee 'or depot, white, in
balk, 32 Jc: in sacks, 35c; mixed, in
Niik, 31c; in sacks, 33c. '
Bban From store, 70c; from levee
or depot, $13 50. '
Flopb From store, No. 3, $33 25;
family, $3 503 76; choi.e, $3 764;
fancy, J44 25 ; extra fancy, $1 Z5
4 50 ; patents, $55 50. '
Bears Navy, $2; medium, $1 60
1 75: common, $ i 26; German millet,
$1 201 41).
Rica Louisiana, 44Jcj Carolina,
Oatmeal In hall-bErrels, $33 25
from store.
Cbackkbs Soda, extra, 4Jc; soda,
trebleextra, 5c; nt'i.'r; ginger S"ao,
extra, 5fa 6c; ass rti-d jumbl-a 9llc.
Chacekd Wheat la half-barreis,
$4 25 from store.
h:u:-v .nd A:-From store,
$3r)3 ro.
Chicago, III.,. November 27 The
prevttiiu ft to o in till ih pit-t wai rne
of etienth, aad 'h-.-ie was moie activ
ity tta'i for ei.veral diys pitt. Ti is
in l ef waa rtcou-aj,ioi! to o jt ratore.'
in (hut it seemed to f. r t 1 m re ic,
'lv ty and a wider rane f pri. e dur
ing tbe coming "ek. Tie bulk of
tbe time t' dv . D -cunlur wheat kei t
between 74lt7-ijc. 0:ie of the bg-g-et
bea's came In ear'y in tlied. y
with 1,000,0.10 bushels of Janntry
wheat, a d rit A h .id to sell it aronnil
7f but thisttld. t ot check sdvAFCs.
Sea pers in a geofral. ay d:davry
lame basinttra, and mtde the clcsinit
ma'ktt fl m. Just prior to 1 o'clock
there was a sharp fluiry. 0f loral buy
inv, which rent DiCfmber wheat up
to 75c, and - it closed very strong at
thet. The bnltie was . based on a re
port that 40 boa s bad been taken far
export. Corn opened e'rong, May ad
vancing to 42 Jc, but settled back and
reniaiDtd firm to tbe cloee of trading
at medium figures. Cits were firm at
yes er day's qu rations. Cash quota
tions were as .folio s: No. 1 ep irig
wr-eaV 74jc No. 3sirrg wheat, 67
68-jNfl 2 ted wb"'. 7"c No. 2 corn,
3tijc. N. 2 6-tfiJ 2ij; No. 2 rye, 53.-.
No. 2 harley, iic. No. 1 llax-ned,
92jc. Hay tffcjma t tnd(hy,, !fl 74.
Flour was fl to ai.d utu hunted. The
leadiog futu es rai gej an f dlows:
Wheat Novembet' dpffied ' at 74?,
highest 74Jc-, lowest 74n, c'os'ng 74 jc;
December opened a' 741 h gh-st 7oc,
lowest H cUsi g 7o: January
ouened at 5'', htjlust 7-Jc. low'st
76lp,closina 75jc: Mny oiienidatMi i,
bmheit -SJciMow.st 8lc, tlosing
8 IC Corn November opened at
37 , b!gheetK57io, lowest 86ic clodng
37c; Decenibrr ope- ed St 37jc, b'gti
tst 37J-, loweet 3(i!fl, c'osing 37c ;
January opened at 37gc, hiubeet 37 jc,
lowKHt 37Jn, c'o ing 87o; Mky open-id
at 42jc, big-e-t 4:1,:, low st 4:'i ,
clos ng at 4 c. ' Oat? Novomber
opened at 26JV blpl est 26o, loweet
2Cji,clo-ing iojc; December opcad
at 26 jc, highest -6,-, Jjwist 26j ,
cloning 26ic; Janu.srv opened at 2tt ,
h'liheat L6c, lowwt 2(!Jo, cloeir g 26, c;
May ppeneJ af 3'f highest 31o. low
est 3t'Jc, clrs nifStc. Kecefp s Flour,
12.000 btls; wheat, 95 000 bu ; corn,
680,000 hu:cKffW0bu; rye, 200,-
000 bu ; barl-y. 350 00J) bu. Shtpments
Flour, 12,000 br!; wheat. 12,ti(0bu;
corn, 640.000 bu; oat-, 940.000 bu;
rye, 10,000 bu; barley, 460,0tr0 bu.
' PBOlNlOaS.
Bcttkb Bntiorine, 1314c;
creamery, 3035i; dairy, 1822oi
country butter, 1625c.
Hoo Products Mens pork, $10;
sugar cued hams, 10J(5il0Jc; breakfast
bacon, 8J5jc ; clear rib sde bacon,
7 jc ; bacon shoulders, 77jc; bulk
pork clear sides, 6J clear rib aide,
61c; 20 days mea, 6c; shoulders, 6J
6Jc; long clear, 5jt 6e.
Lard Tierciw, Uj(ijc; hslf-barrels
and kegs, 6i6c; choice kettle, 7 J
Fresh Meats -Bsef, forequarters,
45c ; mutton. 46 ; ; hind quarters
of beef, 46c; hone, 67c.
Poclthy ubickens du'l; spring,
$12; old hens, $2 252 50. Tar
keys, $810. Geese, $3(i 4 Duck,$250
f3; dreseed chUk-ne, $2ft2 60 per
hd ; dressoii turkeys, 1012o.per
Game Qn ails, per d a., $125. Squir
rels, $11 25.': Ducks, wild, $1 r02.
Ver.ison, whole, 50o; eadriles, 810c.
Cheese Prime, fia's, .8J9c;; New
York factory, 7i8c;full crm, 12Jc;
Young America. 13r.
Pios Feet. Barrels, $8 25; half bar
barrels, $4 25 ; keg, $1 25.
Chicago, III, November 27. Pro
visions agaia uled st org, January
pork advancing to $10 60, and holt ing
Metd? etn arly outline fitinres Cat-n
quotafinna were at follow-: M-sspo k,
9 769 80; laid, $9v;. 5 97J; tbort
rib sides, loose, $5 356 60; dry
ea!t"d eh -ulderc, boxed, j6 1 5 20;
ehort clear sides, boxed $oft6 65. The
leading futuns ranged as follows:
P.irk Dorember npend at $9 80,
bighent $9 80; lowest $9 7j, cl eii g
a' $9 75; Ja uary opened at $10 60,
hlghent $10 GO. lowest $10 60, cl- 8iv
at $10 55; February opened at $10 70,
bighe t$!0 70, lowst $10 57J, clos ng
at $10 65; May 'opened at $10 92,
bighes' $10 0: J, lowist $10 85, cloeii.g
at $10 90. Laid Dei'embi-r onem-d
at $5 95, highest $5 97 J, lowett $) 95.
tiop'na at $5 95; January opened
at 6 02 j, h'gbest $6 02, lowest 6 02,
closing at $ti 02; February opened at
$6 12, hiahent $6 12, lowest $6 10,
closing at $6 10. Short ribs Jannary
opened at 5 87, higheM 15 37, low
est $5 37, clos ng at - 37; Ktbruary
ooened at$542,hiuhest$5 42.lowe(t
$5 37, closing at $5 37; March opened
at $5 45, bigbest $i 45, lowest 15 4
closing $5 45. O i the i'rodure Ex
change batter ruled r-teady; sood to
extra creamery, 1927c; goedto ex
tra dairy, :825::; ordinary to fair
dairy, 1416j Egs stead y i fresh , 2 1
(5.22c; ice houe stock, 1019c.
Sooab Pure wnite, 5JC';j off
white, 55c; yellow clarified, 5
6$ i ; open kettle, none; refined A,
66c; granalattd, 6t(?6,R.
Cofveb Common, 1212c; ordi
nary, 1313c; prime Rio, I414c;
ohoice to fancy, 1416c; old govern
ment, 2426c. !
Soap 36o per pound.
Candies Sticks, all mxes, in boxes,
pails and barrels, 7(9o.
8alt $1 20 per barrel ; sacks, fine,
$1 351 45 ; coarae, $1 101 15 ; pock
ets, bleached, 27c; car-loads from
levee or depot, 5c cheaper.
Caused Goods, Etc. Prices per
doaen: Pineapples, $1 25ftl 50;
peacnes, 2-ib, standard, $1 151 25 ; sec
onds, $11 10; tomatoes, 2-lb stand
ard, 90 $1; 3-lb,$ll 15; atrawber
ries, $1 101 25; raapberries. $1 10
1 25; ! b'ackbrries, $11 10; green
gages, $1 60il 75; pears, $2
i 25; plums, $1 601 70; asparagus,
$2 60 4; green corn, ll 35; green
peas, $1 651 65; cove oysters, full
wefgbt,H 1-lb, 8595c; cove oysters,
foil weight, 2-lb, $t 601 80; cove
oysters,, light weight, 1 -lb, 60c; cove
oyiters, light weigbt, 2-lb, $1) con
densed milk Crown, $5 505 76;
Eagle, $7 607 75; Daisy, $4l5. ;
Molaskes Louiaaoa, common to
fair, 18 26c; prime to choice, new, 40
346c; eyrup, 2040c; common to
fair, 2025c: prime to choice, 2830c;
oentrifqgal, fancy, 3035o, ' s
1 New Yobk. iNovember 27 -00806
faff 'Rio quiet at 13jo; options a
shade h gher and lets active) sales
38,750 bag; December, 11.35M 40fl;
Jannary, 11.40c; Fehrua y and Marab,
11 40lI.4r)C; April, H.4vt:' May,
1140ftll.60c; June. l).45U.60c.
Sugar steady and quiet; refined qu et;
piwden-d, 6 16-10titijc; granulated,
fij i. Molaste ettaiy and quiet Rice
firm; demand mcd ra'e.
HOUHEHOLIt iiffLirn.
Apples Anples, 2 2V33 25; dried
app'e4, 1'q per pound Irotn store,
Drlwd peai he, 2('i 3j" 'rum store.
VEoiTABi.Ei-OniiiiiB,$2 402 75 'rom
s'ore. Cabb-ge, $260; per beid, 8 10c ;
$1 75 from levee or depot per crate.
NO.VEMHER 28. 18S0.
Kr-ut, hri.tl 7o,5: ha.i brls, $2 75.
Grhc, 4060c per 100, Xurnirs, 60c
per bait el.
Fecit Oranees, per bcx, $3 5'.'-J4;
Lem ns, $4(a 4 60 ter box. Ban mas,
$1 50a 50 per b'mch.
UTl Crcoaout-f6 pr 10C. Tea
nn'a Virginia 67c; TnncsR-e,
'arm-ersatoik WAc; ioisted,2f t ig'i
"1 ehelled, 1(K Aim rdn, 18tj-20 ,
Walnn's-Englih, 18t. Filberts, 11
12c. Pecans Tixs, 810o for email
to medium, 1014a lor large; Aikan
is, 3 6c.
Rai ins London la vein, $3; )By.
er. $2 75 ; California, $2; Imperial,
Pirn .TMa I fl 4nrH ninisl (iTw nnarfta
$1 50; half-ga)lons,$275;gallonB,$3 76;
looxe, Darrnis, o na!I-Dnrni8,
$3 75(a.4 25; nixed, barrel $10 60;
mixed, half-barrels, $6.
Fibb Mackerel, balf-barrels, No. 1,
$5 25 75 ; No. 2 $4 755 ; No. 3, f 4 25
(M 75 : 10-lb kit, No. 1, 90o ; No. 2, 76c
15-lh, No. 3, 65c Dry herrings, fam
ily, 25c per box.
Game Game fih, 5 6 2.
Eoos Firm, 10 220,
Potatoes Northern itock, $1 90
2 15.
Cideb New York, $8 fiO7 per bar
rel, and $3 754 per half-barreL
Vineoab lOtiill 5c ppr gallon.
la car load lore: Piime crude cotton
seed oil, new, 2728c ; off ornde cottm
seed oil, old, ; prime summer yellow
cotton seed oil, 3334c; off summer
yellow cotton eeed oil,; min
ers' summer vellow cotton seed oil,
3J3.'loi prime i-uranitr white cotton
sped oil, 3'3tic; chrice cooking yel
low cotton ueed oil, 86o; prime col ton
seid mal, $14 50; ofl cotton toed
meal, ti. no d tt -n seed delivered at
dep tur lnvio, 19 pvr ton; from wagon
at tail it), i9 por ton.
Bnrry grease wool, unwashed, 13
18c; clear crease wool, 2326c; bnrry
WHShcd, 330c; tub waabed, 3337c.
HidfS-Dry flmt, No 1, 16c; No, 2,
I2a; dry salud, lOi!'-?; green
aalied, No. 1.8c; No. 2, 7c bheep
kins,15c($l. Betswax,20c. Tallow,
skin and runa.
Deertk n, 18c; bear, $17; mink,
1540c; coon, bnnter handled, 15
HOo: cjunt'y bawl'ed, 1550c; othr,
$l6; baver, 50j(S$7; wild cat, 15
25o; fox. 1575c; musk rat. 10a;
op ssiim, 10c; wolf, 50o$2; skunk,
1576c; paBthers, 50c(i$l.
Coal Oil Prime white, wholesale
lots, 910o per gallon.
Cleveland, O., November 27. Pe
troleum steady ; s. w , 110, 7c
Whisky Straight Kentucky Bour
bon. $I505; redistilled goods from
85c to $1 60, according to proof ; rye,
Chicago, III., November 27. Whis
ky, $1 18.
St. Louis, Mo.,November 27. Whis
ky firm, $1 13.
Cincinnati, O., November 27.
Whisky active; Bales of 1031 barrels
of finished goods on a basis cf $1 13.
Drugs-Quinine, P. AW., oi., 70c;
can, 65c; New Yoik qnloine, x , 63c:
can, 60o; B. A 8. quinine, ex., 66n;
cans,6i)c ; morphl r e, P. A W . ) r i. ,$2 35
ox.; 1 os. via'e, $2 10; Ne York mor
phine oz. $2 15 per ,; 1 os. via's,
$1 25;cinfhonld a, 1 ox. vials, 18a os , 6
os. can,13ors ; gum onlnm,ptr pound,
t3 20; iodide potash, $2 50 pn pound,
inclusive; subnitrate bismuth, $1 20
per pound, Indus' ve; chloroform, 45c
per p und ; blue mars, 43j per pound ;
calomel, 75o per pobnd ; merrurv, 70c
per pou. d; chloral hydrate, $1 60 per
pnuiid; rampbor, 27c per pound; al
cohol, bine's, per gt'lnn, $J 22; cas
tor oil, birrela, per al on, $1 42,
Paints and Oil White lead. Col
lier's, 7o per pou'd; 600 poutid lots,
7c per p und, co8, 15 dajs; South
ern white lwt, 7 i per pound; 500
pound lota, 7c, 2c eff, 16 daa; bulled
l nieid o:l, 43u pr gallon, by barrel;
rtw, 40ii: turpentine, 38 j per gallon,
by bat rel.
Seeds Clover, $'ft5 25 per bushel ;
orchard graan, $1 60'aU 60; herd's
grass, 60 & 60c; rye, 6570c ptr bu.
Baooinq Carload lo's: Jute, 2 lbs,
8c; 1 lbs, 7 Jo; 1 lbs, 7c. Flax, 8
bs. fit.
Tixs-$1 061 10.
Grass Cattle Choice, 33o ; good,
33; fair to medium, 2a)2c; scalla
wags, 11?.
Hoos L'loice, 4c; good, 4c; com
mon, Sheep Choice, 4c; medium, 3c;
common, . Ohoice lambs, per
pound, 4c.
Kansas Crrr, Mo , November 27.
Tbe live S jc Indicator reports: Cattle
receipts, 1580 head; shipments,
none; shippers, ftrong; canners, weak
and lower ; etockers and feeding
steers s'rorg; gojd to choice, $4
4 50; comrtiDJ to medlnm, $3 30
3 90 ; r-tnrkera, 2 262 76; feeding
steers, 12 603 50; cows, $1 5P2 75;
graas range eteis, $2 253 20.Uogs
receiole, 9,059 head; shipments, none;
market Bteady, except for light, which
are wiak; good to choice, $3 80
3 90; common to meiln m, J3 60
3 7o. Sheep receipts, ' 2234 bead;
shipments, none; market steady;
gor.d to chntc, $2 603 20 ; common to
medium, $1 502 30.
CicAifi, I.L., ovember 27. The
Drovert' Journal repot ts: Cattle re
ceinte. 2000 head: ablpments. 1000
Jtead; market steady ; shinplng eteent,
950 to lbUU lbs., $3 2o6; S'ockxrs
and feeders, $2 203 40; cows, bnlls
and mixed, $1 60 3 26; bulk, $2
2 50; through Texas , steers, $2 75
3 76; Western ranaers strong; nat'VS
and half breeds, $3 104 ; cows, 3 25
3 15; wintered Texans, $33 75.
Hogs receipts, 24,000 bead; ship
ments, 9000; ' market stronger for
heavy; liaht, weak; rough and mixed,
$3 50V33 90; packing and ehipMrig,
3 804 SO; light, $3 553 80; skips,
$2 238 20. Sheep receipts, 700
head; shipments, 400 head! market
alow common to good, $2 $54 25;
Western, ,$203 16;, Texans, $2
3 10; , lambs. ' $3 .7,5 "5. The bogs
slaughtered by packers, during the
week amount' d to 200,878 head, or
within 13,000 ol the number packed
the aams week lat year. Recalptalor
winter siaeoa to date exhibit most
214,000 liead decrare, while shin
men s exhibit 133,00: incre. Tbe
number of bogs packed is 313,391 lees
than during the corrmpor d ng period
last year, owing to the Mock strikes.
New Yobk, November 7. With
the movement of otton and woolen
g') di in tbe execution mainmined ot
ve y fre poit one, a good buelueas U
being retnrnid, but the new nqnest
wai viry lion ta I, thoogh the toierf
th ma k-t is fteady to siring for all
hading fabriia.
Vlekilmra: o'r or Tkiiiiin, ,m,
Lnoianatl Dsroto m.
ArkanaMOitv .Kit Antas, p,B,
Iriara Point........ Ja as Lit, 5 p. a
Ofceola .COAROMA. 6 p.m.
TiatnrjYllle CiibiArMK,1 p.m.
St. Loala.... BatLi Mturnia, 5 p.m.
Arrimli. D. R. Powe I, Vicksbarg:
CityofBitou Rouge, 8. Louis, and
Jo Pdttrs, Arkansas river.
Dtparfiire.i.D. K. Powill, St.L-u's;
City of Baton Rruge, Nw Orleans;
Alheria, White river; Uayosn, Cju
cordia, and Rene Macready, 8t. Fran
c's river.
Boat tn Port. Ed Foster, R. L.
Cobb, Joe Pete s,
Boal Due Dp. James Le, Kate
Arams, Arkansas City, Balle Mem
phis. Boat Due Anon. Coahoma, City
of Vicksbarg. Des to, Chesapeake.
Mervlpaa teaterdaiy.
Joe Peters 589 bales cotton. 886 eks
co t in seed and 15 pkgs (undiies.
D. R. Powe. 1-89 bales cotton and
800 ski cot'i n seed.
Citycf Biton Ronge 78 btls flour.
Tits Chickaaw goes to While river
Tuetday eveuing.
The Joe Petew is ths Tuesday pack
et for Aikansai liver.
The Citv nf f!lm s-(il .in
Taidy on her way to Ykksburg.
TmCity cf Viiksbtirg, Oipr. Dn
Able, leaves at 10 o'clock this morning
or Vicksburg.
Thb Belle Memphis, of the Anchor
Line, iaannonnesd to leave here to
morrow evening for St. Louis.
The Jam in T.
leaves tomorrow evoning for Ileieua
rna rrtars l'oint. Win. Ashford is
her clerk.
Tug Chesapeake, Cant. W. P. Tlall,
will leave tomoi row evening for Tip
tonviile and all way points on the
oppercoast. Mr. J. 1), Fuller is her
The Coahoma, Capt, nenry Cooper,
is the Lee Line packet leaving tomor
row ev dug for Gold Dust, O ceo a
and all way landings. Wm. Bmither
is her clerk.
The Kate Adams, Oapr, Mark
Cheek, is the Adams Uuited f-tatus
mail racket lowing tomorrow evening
for Helena, Terrene, Arkansas City
and all way landings. Wm. Blanker
is her clerk.
Tub Desoto, of the Memphis and
Cincinnati Picket Company, will be
in this morning, and la announced to
leave here at noon today for Cairo,
Liulavllle, Cincinnati and all way
land logs on the Mississippi and Ohto
rivers. Mr. Harry Bruce is ber clerk.
Lew Brioos is second clerk of the
Thb Ed Foster has been laid up for
the present.
Capt. Wm. C. Underwood Is a pat
ranger, on the new steamer Oliver
Bierne. i
Thb st earner Hudson resumes ber
Ir'pi in tbe bt. Louis and Evansvllle
trade tomorrow.
Tub Arkansas City was expected to
pass here latt night on her way to
Cairo and St. Louts.
Tub Buckeye Rate will leave here
Tunfdayevmirg for Cincinnati. Capt.
O. B. Knastll is tier aeut,
Arkanca river continaoe to rise
and thiire is a fine beating stage from
Pine Bind to tbe month.
The Golden Rule shou'd pa's here
Tuesday on her way to New Orleans.
John C. Rogers is her fgeut.
Duhino the 21 hoars ending at noon
yeeti-siiay, the river hero rose 2 f et
and I tunth of a font, the gauge show
ing 101.
The OHy of Vicksbnrg telegraphed
Ihhtatie ou cl arrive here daring li'st
right, ai.d leave this morning for
TnE new steamer Oliver Biernn is
dan down on her way to New Or
lans. Bhe will run between the lat
ter city and Bayou Sara. ,
Tus R-ne Macready for 8U Francis
livtr, Albert for Wulte liver, and
Gayoao fur Concordia, had good trips
out yesttrday evening.
Tub Joe Peters arrived yesterday
fromAikaneas river with fair ttij..
Rlie ieliippd 250 bales ot cotton at
Ttrrtne Lr New Orleans.
The D. R. Powell, torn Vicksburg,
passed to 8t. Louis yesterday morn
ing. Hhe pnt off some cotton and
seed, bat did not add anything.
Geo. W, II bndrickson, chief clerk
of the (ttamer Buckeye Ntate. will be
married on xecemoer VW to Miss May
R ttonhonse, of Kvansville, Iud.
The City of Baton Ronge passed to
New Orleans venter day merning with
a fioe trip of freight. 8b e put off some
flnr and added, 10 tone of way
freight. '
Tub Maasepgale Line, of Rt. Louis,
Is negotiating for the W. U. Cherry
for the Tennessee river trade, and In
tend finally to have three boats in the
trade, making two boats per week out
of BL Louis.
Oftice Signal 8brVicb,U. S. A.,1
M emphis, November 27, 1 p.m.
The following observations are taken
at a'l s'ations named at 75 meridian
t'me, which is one boor faster than
Mempnls tlmwi i m , ,
Ab've Low
Rise I Fall
Feet. lOtbs
lOthr llOthl
Cairo -
miattaaoOBa ...
Cincinnati .....
Dubuque ,
Fort Hmitb-...
Little Rock.. MO
Nashville -
New Orleans..:.
Pittobarg .........
Bt. Louis
St. Paul
Vicksbarg -
T.,iiimii tan Nnvomher 27
Noon Kiver rising, witb & feet ccnt
on tbe gauge. weatLer crear ana cooi.
PiTT8BnRo,PA..November 27. Noon
vi 10 fnt ft 1 if-hm on the onu
and falling. Weather clear and pleas
Whekliho, W. Va., Nivnnber 27.
Nom Kivi-r 17 feet 2 imhus on the
yange and rising. Weather clear and
Cincinnati, O..November 27. Noon
River 27 ee 3 nebe" on tbe gauge
and fal ing. Wtathet clear; thermona
eterii' LorjiBViLLB, Sr., November 27.
Noin River a.lmg, wl'h II faet 4
inches in the canan and 9 fet t inches
on the fella. WratLer cloudy sad
warmer. Buiinefs do
Cairo, ll. Novembnr 27. Noon
River 18'e 8 ncheson th ganeeand
rietng. Weather cl udy aod cold. Ne
arriva's of rogu'ar pa. kts Departed:
V,y cf Vii-kslmrii. V rkfOnrg, 1 a.m.
Oljg- r B irrp, Kew O am, 2 a.na.
St. I.oala and Now Orlraaa Aachoi
Belle Memphis, 0TS
Geo. Bakar maatar. "fL-wxj-
Will Isar, tha KleTator MONDA1, Wov.
Wth, at 6 p.m. For fralaht or paaaan apply
0. h. Hu Paaa. Aw. ADHTIIHM. gqp't
For Cairo, KanTtlla, Lcalavllla a ad Ola
mm mf mj mm m
J. 8. Jonea ma.tarl H. O. Prm-.....lari
"in laaTa dusuai, nor. al h, at II m.
For Iralabt or i'Bai. ail7 to C. B. R08.
SKLL, IJ. F. A T. A., llMadiaoa tc Tatt-
phoo. No. 227.
For Cairo. K-anaYllta. Loa'aTilla an4 Ola
cinnati lha alaa mi ataaaar
Iluckeyo Winter .ir
II. J. Vinton maatar.
Will loan TUK.SDAY, N- SOth, at I p.m.
Fnr treinht or paaaata applr to 0. B. Klld
SELL. U. It. and 1. A., Lt Madiaoa atreat.
Ml. I.oiiU anil New Wrlrana Anchor
l.tne-l'.N. Mall-FOK VICKSUUKli.
City of Vicksburg,ffw
la- Abla maatar. flr5f.ii5;,J
Will Iot tba Elevator SUMIAV, Nov.
28th, at 10 a.m. Fnr traif ht or paaaa apply
C. L. Uall, Paaa. A art. Al) BTuRM, Kap't.
Rt. I.oala nail ir Orlrnaa Aarkai
l.lne-ll.H. MaU-FOtt VICKSUl'RU.
City ot Cairo,
Llgbtner maatar, "rTSsiy-o-ja
Will leava tha Klatntnr Til KSIJ A V . Sow.
.'Wib, at 10 a.m. For fralaht or pun apply
v. i.. ii a i,i , r-aa. ft-T, aiim niw.pir
for Holrua auil Nl. Frauola Itlver.
Str. Rene Macready
O. K. Jnnltn i'.tr.
Uaveafnr llel.na EVBHT TC USD Yarn!
Till) HSDAV at ft p.m. Laarra tor Holena
aodKt. Franoia rlvar KVKHV rJATUKDAY
at ft p.m.
Xha captain reaervea tha right to paaa all
landing hadeama onialo
J Ati. I.KK, Jii.,Bui't,
Ofllca, No. 4 Mnitt.nn atnwt.
For Oaeeola, llalaa Point, Carathanvtlla,
Oavoao and Tlutonrllla Tha saw alda-
wbesl paaanr atoanr
W. p. Hall maatar. I J. 1. Puller.Zcl.ra
Will laara aa abora, and all way polnta,
aleilila,rrtara Polni and anplus
and Oaf-ola Packet IXvroBanv.
Tor lialona, ttlandala, Vrlara Point and al
War Laadlnaa fltaamer
JameN I-ee, kSI
Will It. aa above on RVBHY MOM DAT.
WKDNK8UAY and if HID AY at ft o'clock.
For Randolph, Fnlton, Canada aa Waf
Laadtata rJUamar
J. II. UOOPKR Maatar
.tie d)iiiq war ilium mii.i. vh, l.u.
Madl.nnat. .lAVKrl l,KW. .la . Hap't.
Arkansas lllrer 1'k't Co.
Str. JOE PETERS, .s-v
K. B. Hmith matter. IS-J
Learea Memihii Kerr 1UKHDAY, ate w.m
Str. E. W. COLE, fCCV
EdNnwIand mai-r Ti
Leavea Maiaph a Krerjr HaTUKDAY, 6 n.aw
For freight or paaaire l'n' r te
41 v. ..- ninui.
On-fi No V(l.nn. Tnl-pbone Ne. H,
Mempiils and V IrkHhurg racket Ceni
puuy L.N.Mali Line.
Fur Helena. Oonoordla, Terrene and Arkaa
aaa Oitr Tba eleaant paaaengar a teenier
U. K. Chek..,maator I W. 0. Blai.kar...aerk
Leayea Memphla
for Coneordla and all way landings.
The Kteamer
A. u. Vommlna, Maafrj Lear rrloe. Uier
Learea lUKt-DA Y and HATUKDAi atSp.a
For general inlormatloa apply at
No. Madiaon atreat. ,
je,HW OAHH.PaM'i A.enf T.lapbnne
Memphis White UUer fkUCo
for ilarODdon, Devalla Blattn Dee
Are, Aagnata. Hearoy. Newport. Jaekacsy.
port, Beto.vllle and ail WayXandinga,
81. CU1CKASAW, -tlC,
R. 0. PoaUl ....maatiir, wi..-a"aaa
WU1 leare KVKRY WKDNKtiDAT at 5 P.nu
Str. ALBERTA NO. 3, rQ
a iu u uii Maitai mmmmmm
Will leaa.'KVKKY'HAiURbAY itt p.m.
Through rataa siren to all polnta. Freight
oonalgned to the Meorphia and White Rie
faok.t Co., at Hempbla or lerrene. win o
forwarded prompuy. m
or general inlorma
8 Madiaon at., ort
tion api'ly at offl.-o, No. S Madiaon at., ort
tlall leiapnone
H. O. LOWK. Ar1!.
- j-
Boiler Works.
tJHEA ft McCABTIIY.fropr's,
140, 142, 144 Front, Ifemphla.
in the South, and 'ha only oompleta
Boiler and Sheet-Iron Worka in tbe eity.
aaafnelarrrael Heavy Plata Iraaae
work r avorf alraarlpMoaa. baeolal
a'tentlnn .Iran to p'antitlnn worK.
Froclamation bj tbe OoYernor,
The State of Tennaaiea Wm. B. Bat., Got
amor To all who ahall aee thoae preeente,
WUKKKA8, It haabeen mad. known to
me that Ban Bruoe (o), charged with
having committed murder on the body of
Roach Oakley on tha day of October, 18M,
In oar county of bhelby, lied Iroei Julio,
and now raaalng at larg.i .-
Now, therefore, I, Wm. B. Bate Oorernor
aa aforeaald, by yir a of the power and au
thority In me veated, do hereby offer a re
ward of two hundred and It y dollar to any
peraon or peraona who me apprehend tho
aaid 8am Bruce (, aad dellrea him to the
ikerllfor Jailor ot our. onuaty of Bhelby,
A order that Initio. IB that behall may b.
ad and exeeuted. Tblg reward i payable,
half on. delivery to ahariff and half on eon-
T1BAm'BRITCR, wanted' for killing Roach
Oakley, la A feet ( loohee high, heavy aet,
broad ahoeldera, a.ngin. colored man, largo
ftaturea. keen blaok .yea) had Baraaid.
whiakera, niuataoh. roaarng bank te whit
k.ra; boaatiDg diapoaitieai h eta turn oat
mere than enlinarily in we'kigg. Haila
from Morgan Point, near Oeeeela, Ar., and
more reoantly from Bell'a aawmlU, near
Lakeview, in Tenneatee.
In TetUony Whereof, r bav. k.reunto aet
my band, and ,ianaed ihe lreat beat of tho
State to be affixed, at Na.br Ule, on tbe th
dn, of November, im. yrgj, BATE. '
aw lliek ilnVAPBAP.
oh. AMtinn. BrUrT HUte.
ail El. Vise (aedluatabt. to meet any need
orbuaineaa. It ia cheaper than old atvle. Can
he put up bv any one. e'eaeejtmlrnl lor
faairy aad atvola Mhrlvm. Addreaa
KOCH A. It. WK. Mfnu
m mm as a iml Ac r iia-aait t A III... eTaa
JKfil HI Al.a rw Vi.r a a , ,
(l.ltl'WIaH MvtHlWreaul'..-t. I .Oni. M ft.
m. ...w. w mA
Ha nil.-i.. V, A- . 1 met. tnm. a
dnHJAV HH'NaOW.loiiaaiajaaai
and FRIDAY at 6 p.m. Tba boati at thf
linaraaerva tba right to paaa all laadtngi

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