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Of Mig't!ppl A Young Ladj'a Sad
Death -A Ld Shoots Ills
lis) mate.
Hiaff Point, N. 0 , November 29.
la the Poime. Bc.k today Prince beat
Krupp in aaoe, a'yle rDge and noee.
Neither wan bril iaat, bat Krapp
showed bo metir. In hs nt brce
Dnks of B.-auan best Drees in a toi
heat Both showed jodgment, bat
Dake was quickest to his birds and
nad wider thb. a tasty praco. ntu
then beat Old Pebo in a fairly good
race. Red found biidsand was staunch,
Pebo a little nns edy. The winner of
second in the detby, Consolation, was
beaten by Boe Second. CjDBolation
was sick, slow and off in nose. Lai la
Bookh and Half and Half ran a
good, even fast beat, Half and Half
having the bett of the pace and range
and equally good uoae. A merry
brace. Bangbaog beat Lotsam bV
pace, cunning and style. Both
false pointed several time, Bangbans.
getting one handsome point on sin
gle bird, h e dandier pushing him onto
tbe bird, think eg he was false point
ing. In tbe cond series Moll
beat Tammirg by luck and
steadiness. Bjth showed speed
but Molits seemed a little in use and
Tamming trailed her. The last heat
of the dy wa undecided between
Robert le D alle and Nick of Nai,
both showirg good form. Nick oi
: Naso was very sure and tasty, and hid
great jadpemtnt. The pointer Robert
le Diable did not move as i leely ts
usual. 6?eDtea covies weie fjand
in fairly open country about five miles
south of town. The weather was per
fect. BlRXlMblUM, ALA.
; A DlMarfnl Family Affair, Caated
by a Valaituiai nils.
t lariouL to tbi irriiL.I
Birmingham, Ala., November 29
A mardtroa fami'y fight occurred
yesterday at Irondaic, e x miles east
of the city. W. B. Baldwin, a bridge
builder, from Vicksiarg, married a
woman named Moore, of that neigh
borhood, lie Las been living here,
. but last week went to his old borne,
and setting a job there decided to
move back iijt.Lt away. Returning
lor nis wiiD ne louua tne nad gone to
her fatr-ei's. He went cut for her.
According to his account she was
E leased when ha told her of
is intention of moving. But while he
was gone to get a wagon to b iog ber
to town three men of the neigubor
hood came in to see her, and wuen he
came back she Slid that so far from
going sbe meant to leave him. This
provoked a row in which ber brother,
A. a. Moore, toot her side, pull
ins a pistol and shooting Bald
win in ' tbe check, the ball
gracing her neck. Baldwin caught
his wife as the foil and returned the
fire almost simultaneously. After sev
eral shots rn each side Moore fell
dead, and Baldwin was taken into tbe
hou;e wMh a bullet in his leg also.
Baldwin had a hearing before a Jus
tice of tbe Praoe and was brought to
town and idled. His wounds are not
Two Wajra Waraa Vhiraa a of
me aaaaa vuim wua autpe.
ISFMUL TO Til ArrllL.l
Nashville, November 29. Rebecca
McGregor and Mary Davis, both col
ored, tbe f jrmer a young girl and tbe
latter married woman, swore out a
warrant today before Justice James
Hinton for 'he arrest of Ernest Bel1,
colored, cnamng him with rape.
.' Officers Breed and Bergin arresied
Bell, and.be is now at the station
house. Tbe women assert that Bell
and another ntg o apsaulted Rebecca
McQrpgornpa' lha TJaioa 8 ock Yards,
last nigrit. The other negro was ar
. rested today by De'ective Osteon,
who Bars the pru oner's name iaGe)rg-t
Young. Thtt arrest was mada on tbe
charge of carry ir g a pistol, but be will
, be held ULtil tbe other charge is in
, vestigited. Bali was Identified by the
, two women, bat they have not seen
Young jet.
A Utile Boy ht ay Hla Play
IsriOlAb TO THS irPSAL.l'
i Jacksok. Tknh.. November 29.
Yesterday evening Luther Ballew, a
10 year old son of our fellow towns
' man. J. H. Ba lew, was accidentally
' snot dv Ms playmate. Homer Kuan-
ing. Tbey were handling a loaded
pistol, when it went off penetrating
Luther's bead lust above toe left eye,
lBBicii. g a paiDiui ana very danger
ous wound. At this writ ns the ball
has not yet been found, and tbe little
fellow is suffering great pain, bat the
pbysiiians think. h will recover.
Sad Iata of it Ttinc fadr Far.
wll nwidm by I ha Kv. J, if.
seraaaa Ktiiroaa nanmeM.
iRraciAi, to tbs irriAb.l
Columbus, alias., November 29.
The first death among the .pupils of
the Industrial Institute and College
mncstne opening oi the school, more
ttian a year ago, was tbat of M.sa Mol
lie Yates, of Ventan, Clay county,
Mies., which occurred at 1 o'clock list
night Rhewasnot boarding in tbe
college, but with a family in town,
and was apparently well on Thursday
evening, the was taken with a chlil
Friday imornirg. whick deve'oped
V into congestion ot ths bswels, with the
J above fa al nsalt Her mother was
t with ber '
TheBsv. J. H. Scruggs, who has
, been past of the Methodist Church
here for tbe past foir years, preached
' his farewell termon last n'ght and will
leave tomorrow to attend the annual
conference, which convenes at West
Point Tuesday. Mr. Scruggs ass been
more beloved than any of his
predecessors, and the membership
of the church has increased over
100 coder his charge. The church
tbuilding, which As one of the largest
in ths 8 ate, was crowded last sight,
tbe cocgregxtioa being compose! of
all denominations. He preacht d a most
affecting sermon, taking for his text
the last verae of the last chsp'er of th
fiecoad Corinthitns, ''The grace of
the Lord Jes is Christ, and ths
love of Ood, and the commu
nion of the Holy Ghost bs
with yoa All. Amen." After the
aertnn was over his friends locked in
crowds arourxj himself and wifst)
bid them go.d hy. The scene was a
most affecting one. Sors were audiole
j1. ia every airtci on, ana mere were but
lew syes pot m s y wan tears- in ths
church. The love a- d bt wishes of
the whole e mmu.ii'y gi with them,
and ha grod s-wrs s wu in Columbnt
wi'l b ar f. ui' for manv years to come.
It is rumored bere th s evnirg the.t
the Illinois Ci-ntra rilroad hps
bought ti e Ge( r,'a Pitifl ioid and
wilt r snme cont ol oa Janutry l't.
If this is true ic my iu e fre with
toe prep eed branch from Weft Poiot
here and will make it all the more
neces ary that we get the little "J"
as soon as po'sible.
Mirers Collie and Willie Malone, ol
New Yoik, f rmrly of Memphis, are
vniting Mr. W. W. Humphiey. Mies
Col le bai oe of the fioest voices in
ths Pontb, and hrr de'ightful ringirig
ia tally appreciated In Colambu?.
DeelalOM MrmArrt fcy the la.
pniafl Caart.
inoiii to tbs irrsiL.J
Jackson. Miss.. November 29.
DecUions were rendered in the fal
lowing cases by the Supreme Court
toiV -
or Arnold, ju ge wane jj. rer-
klosvs. M. J. Btuidivant etal.,from
First Dietrlct Hinds Chancery Court,
reversed and remanded for new trial.
Bv Coiner. 0. J. a J. Whj v.
J. P. MiLer, from Attala Circuit Court,
affirmed. This was a case wherein the
Clerk of the Court was cuad for tbe
value oi forged county warrants which
bad been torged bv bis deputy. The
answer of tbe Clerk was that his depu
ty was not engaged in doing an act ol
his principal in issuing ths forged war
rant, but W4S eegiged la an unlawful
scheme of bis own, therefore he
should not be he'd responsible. In
this he was sustained by tbe Conrt
Martha B. Pittmau et al vs W. W.
Stone, Auditor of Public Accounts of
Miss isippi, and Anna L. McCill cbs
vs same, from a decision of tbe Hjn.
T.J. Whar on, Circuit Jadgsrf Binds
county, wherein sail iar iea pr yed
for a mandamus aainst tbe Auditor to
compel him to make a conveyance of
the State's (Me to crtaln lands iq tho I
liquidation levee dis rict, to which
tbe Auditor interposed a demurrer,
whi.h was eu-tained in the
lowerfcourt. This is a very Important
cate, involving Urge qunnti i s of land
and nice legl qutious. Its history
is this: Ial8tf4the lands were cold
for tuxes of 1861, (including a military
tax for the support of the Confed
erate armiee) and wer b:uhtby tne
state in 1-68 and 1872. Toe lands
were sold for non-payment of liqui
dating levee taxes and bought by the
L9vet Bojrd. In 1875 they were again
so d by the tax collector under act of
March, 1875, known as tbe abatement
act, and again bought by tbe btate.
In 1881 they were told under decree
of the Chancery Cjurt of Hinds
county, in the cue of Green
vs. Gibbs, auditor, and purchased
by the Louisville, New Orleaus aud
Texas Railroad Company. Ia Sep
tember, 1884, the Audit rr, under an
act approved March 14, 1884, executed
and delivered to said company a quit
c'aim deed, conveying the State's in
terest therein. Afterward appellants
tendered to tbe Auditor the earn ehown
by his books to bs due on
toe lands for taxes and asked for
a deed to same, which he dec ined to
give because of the release and quit
claim of September,1884. The Cuditor
claimed that the act authorising the
quit claim committed to him tne de
claring of what, if any, taxes wers
due on the land, and that his decision
is final and conclusive, and if er
roneous, the State alone can ques'ion
its correctness. Ths Cjurt
rsys thit the Auditor is not the
final export t of legal questions
that arise in such cases. Said railroad
company having certain exemptions
acceded to them by their charter, the
Anditx considered the same t) apply
ti these lands, and hence executed
the quit claim without requiring the
TheCourt says: "If thequit claim
deed wai executed without payment
of taxes due the State it was wl hout
authority f law," etc., and holds tbat
the lands belonging to said comoany
are subject to taxti in. - The etition
f r mandamus involves tha val d ty of
the State's tax to said lands uoder
the several purchases at tax sales,
and hnce the validity of
ths s le nnder quit clai n
to the railroad c mpiny and the ap
pellants, none of which were adjudi
cated herein, but will come up for
decis'oa on their meri s in the court
below, whfre the chfc is remanded,
the demurrar being ovcrraied.
The Supreme Cjurt sdjonrned to
dsy until the first Monday ia Jan
Uiry. Tne Hon. George W. Carlisle, Com
mlesiiner of Immigration, leaves to
night for IHioois, Iowa and other
Wes'ern Statts in the interest of im
migration. Ia tbe Federal Court today tbe Jury,
nnder instructions from the Judge.
rendered a dcis on in favor of the de
fendants in the casa of the Hanover
National Bink vj. John F. Hal pin et
ai., and tne Louisiana national Bink
vs. same parties.
The $100,000 subsciiption in bonds
by the city of Jackson in aid of toe
extension of the "Little J." railroad
to Oolumbus was defeated today. A
very light vote was polled from the
fact that some time slnoe the)compsny
withdrew its proposition, and atked
tbat the call fir the election be an
Qalna and er Will Wake a Biti.
ntint and Probably Oftaa tlpl'nelr
LtTTLa Rock, Ask., November 29.
Mr. Joe Qulnn, of the suspended dry
goods firm of Quinn & Gray, left for
New York yes'erday morning, where
he hopes to adjust the present em
barrassment of his firm with his cred
itors, and have tbe.house again open
for butiaeas by the last of tnis week.
It is believed he will sett'e with the
creditors for seventy five cents on the
dollar, and in the event of doing so
other firms in the dry goods line here
will hive to "stand from under," bs
cou e he will raise the black flag ana
declare a war on prices that will be-re-lentlese,
though it will be short lived.
The exact indebtedness of the estab
lishment is unknown to the public.
bat is believed to be over $75,000.
A Boom ta Steal Ktate EleeUoa f
Ta WMeers.
araoiiL to tbi Ar-riAL.1
Nswbkbn, Tsnn.. November 29.
Business in every department is good
in our town, and we are glad to lay
that more prodace has been shipped
from here this season than formerly.
An extraordinary amount of cott.in
has been leceived at this point, and
manvcr ioals of hrgt and m-tla
have left hers for ths market in Louis-
yule and New Orleans.
We are ri jiced at the boom la mb!
eetote that ha brten maie in the last
f-w months. Many rartii a who bave
been renting here for several ye ire
have purchared p'op--rty, thereby
givirg uj -re permaur-ncy to the gio tb
of our town. Beeidea Brverl (ar4i-s
hve just erect-d Lacd;ome resi
dences. The newly elected AMermn met
Friday Di'g'it, and st-loced i fllcers f r
the tnining vear, h ch re ul ed as
fillow: M. L. Mot re, Mai or; 8. D,
Kic, Marahult, G. W. Greuwy, Treis-n-er;
L. M. Williams, R c.rdfr, and
G. W. Burney City At on ey. A good
biard was e'erted, and a proepeions
outlook is tbe result. Ci'cuit Court is
in se-s:on, with Judge Flipi'n and
Attorney General O droit ffl ia irg
Tnough this is their fliat term,thty
seem to give satisfacion.
Tbat aTclrgraph Caaapaay Ia UtUi
Far iramaa-ee For the Noa-Dc-livery
af a Tclfgranu
An Interestlpg and important de
cision was rendered in the United
States Oircsit Curt by Jnage Jackson
yesterday, it appears that In Janu
ary, 1884, Good bar 4 Co., of this city,
anticlpaiiig the failure of s firm in
debted to them, telegraphed ta their
attorney as follow:
Mihfrii, Janarr2, 1881.
Franole Fantrau, Bjtivar, Tean.:
Alexander ki'ci., ol (uiddl-ton,
Tenn.. owe us $'91. the Walnut Mis-
sleaippi House $Hti; if ground, at
tach. OO0OBAB A CO.
This telegram was never de'iv rd.
Oa tbe same day Hill, Fontaine & Co.
sent a telegram to tbe same attorney
instructing ntm toat'.ach lor their ac
count. He did e, and made the
money. Gocdbar & 0 ., through ths
no;-d -livery of their telejrain, failed
tocollenr iieir c!i;m, altbo gh he
ts ifled that if he had rtc ived tbe
telegram in time be could luve done
so. Ju4ge Jackeoo, in deciding tbe
C"S'. held tbat i be meeags ot its f -ce
disclosed i eC mporttnee, and tbi t
the company was bonnd to trnm t
and deliver it promptly, nntwi hstaod
ing tbe printed regulations on the
company's blanks requiring important
messsges lo be reoeatdd, and limiting
the liability of tbe company to fifty
tim-s the cost of tbs mS4ge. Thtse
condition', the court helu, cannot be
enforced ia Cie of a fa lu e to send or
deliver the merstge, Judgment for
plaint'ff for tbe full amount of tbe
debt due by Alexander Biothers, with
interest. The amount involved is
about $10 '0.
Will Nat Coatttotibe KleelloaorBIs
Chicago, III., November 29 Con
treesman W. R. Moriison left here
this evening for Washington. He de
clined to say anything about a con'eat
or investigation.except to declare that
he would not contest an election even
if he were defeat d by a majority of
only one. It is knova to a number
of the friends of Col. Morrieon in this
city that Speaker Carlii-le desires an
investigation to be made of tbe elec
tion in Morrison's district Sach an
inquity could hi undertaken by a re
solution of tbe H use, under which a
special committee could be created
This can be done without any contest
being made by Oil. Morrison. The
obj ct of such an investigation would
be ths bearing it might have on the
next Presidential campaign. If made.
it will not be until the Fiftieth Con-
f rees meets. Meantime Col. Morrison
ntends t) follow the even tenor of bts
way during ths coming session, wbi'e
at home his name Ia being considered
as that of a candidate for governor.
Aaaoyed ay a BlaBhnman Crank
al Her t,alt Ham la Heater.
Cliveland, 0 , November 29.
Since last August Mr. Girfie'd, wife
of the late President, has been greatly
annoyed at her cou try home in Men
tor by the receipt of letters of advice,
etc, frjm a lersin signing bimelf 8.
A.Bodee. Some time since a man wei t
to the house, coolly walked into the
hallway end inquire I for Mrs Garfi.dd
or her daugh er Ndll'e. A servant
a ked him his nam and business, aud
he presented a cird banting tbe name
of the letter writer. The f allow was
psreaad-d to leave the house, ami
upon giiog he promised tj write
no more letters. As be went,
however, he turned and cursed all
the members of ths household. For
tome time no letters were received,
but recent'y the fellow began writing
again. Yesterday he ouce more ao-
peared at tbe Garfield fa'mhou e, and
being refused permifsion to see Mis.
Garfield, he swore as before. He w.s
fallowed Irom the boase and later
nlaced under arrest at Paineavllln.
Bode Is 38 years of age and a native
of Holland. He f'rmerly lived at
Fort Wayne, Ind. After an inqiest
in lunacy, ins junse decided tuat
Bodee wa not of sufficiently unround
mind to warrant his incarceration in
an asylnm. He was therefore sent to
the county poorhouse for safe keeping.
The stork of cotton on hand yester
day wauoi,uz4 bale a.
Thi Chesapeake, Ohio and South-
wee tarn railroad carried out 6175 bales
yesterday, breaklrg the largest one
day record of railroad shipment.
Cotton receipts yesterday, 14,433
bales; shipments, 12,003 bales, the
largest on record; the next largrs,
11,231 bales, being on November 20,
A firs crsyon drawing, a copy from
a phot graph of the late Henry Furs
tenhelm. was placed in the Mer
chants' Exchange yesterday, and was
generally admired as a good likeness
and a work of ait It was from tbe
studio of Siecher A Kerr, of this city.
Tbi Mark Lane Erprm in its review
of tbe British grain trade daring the
past week says: Tbe sparse o ff.tr s of
native wheat are attracting the atten
tion of the trade, and it ia believed
tbat the crop has been largely over
estimated. It is now calculated at
only 6,6)0100 quarters.
Visitors on 'Change yesterday E.
D. Slater, Corinth, Miss. : R. A. Robin
Bonjlf ichigau City; A. J. Eteon, Mis
sissippi ; J. H- DogjaD.New Orleana;
T. O. Morriii, M. B. Tonev, W. H.
Morrow, Naahvide, Tenn.; J. Joar-ph,
Cincinnati; W. H. Fra'.heratoue,
Holly Springs, Miss ; O. O. Orewa,
Mississippi; J. W.Richmond, Provi
dtcce, R L; J. R- Smpoa.Mt.
Pleaeant, la.; M. MiiTigi, L'ttle
Roc, Ark. ; J. O. Z'eflt, Cincinnati:
J. H. Haney, Nhvilie.
The Chtrg ng Against Andrew J. Har
ris, Joseph Cul and H.
B. Cullen.
Tbi proceedings of the grand jury
y s'erday were expected ts be of ao
interesting na'ura, it bavirg been
given out tbat Trustee Har is, Ex
County Clerk.Cullen and Ex-Circuit
Clerk Josepk Uhl would bs indicted
for illegal retention of fees. The grand
jury, however, met, investigated and
a. joarned, and failed to brlcg in bills
against the gentlemen named. Not
only that, bat after csrefnl investiga
tion of all tbe facts bearing upon the
question, they were nnable to Mod
any criminal Intent in anything done
by these officsrs, and no criminal lia
bility nnder tbe statutes, or anything
that warranted their presentment to
ths court In a criminal indictment.
Hence they ignored the charges, and
indorsed te papers, "Not a true bill."
iaat r tbe Valeace aad Hew
Tark Exckaagea.
Nkw Yobic, November 19. The fol-
following was tie visble supply of
giain in store and ffliat Saturday,
N')Vrbpr 27tb, as compiled by the
New Yo-k Produce Excbang: Wheat,
69,572,078 bu; inoieas, 20,727 bu,
C''n, 11,123,0 6 bu.; decreare, 1,166,
382 bu. Oats, 5,,V.;5,v82 bu decreasf,
1-5,404 ba. Rye, 4 6,94ft bn. dxreare,
3t!8i) ba. Btrley, 2 643,650 bu.; de
cree . 23.023 ba. All the whett de-
et'oytd by toe fire in tbe eleva'ors at
JJuluth was dt doc tea Irom the
amount of stock in stor. '
Chicago. III. November 28. The
secretary of the B ari of Trade reports
the viHibe supply oi grain m toe
TJnitod S ates ea t of the R k!t-e and
in dm da fjr the we:kj wi h chiDgw
from last weik, to be as lullnws:
Wheat, f 9,672,000 bu: increaee, 10,-
000 hn. Oorn, 11 ,U 3 00't bn J rlecrease,
1 159,900 bu. Oats, 6,54,000 bu. j
dt c esse, 10.000 bu. Rve, 407,K 0 bu ;
increase, 2000 bu. Bar.ey, 2,613,000
bu; decrease, 37.00 hu.
The iapplemealary Report of lb
Agricultural Ilarean,
We have received tbis week tbe full
report of the Department of Agricul
ture for November Ut. It will bs re
membered in tbe tortion telegraphed
on the 10th ioa'ant the yield of lint
per acre wasomlited. Toat deficiency
is now supplied, the pounds of lint
per sere in each State and tbe total in
dicated yield -n bales being given.
The report savs:
"The o d form of return bas also
been kept np, giving the no Tiber
of pounds per acri, 'in is ers never
been very satisfactory, as H' requires
calculation on the part of ths corre
spondent, halet being the otly unit of
meaeurs practically known to ins plan
ter. Besides, while the pounds nl lint
were called for, it has been shovfn that
ths actunl return was In poaoda of a
certain fraction of a bale, grors weight
included the only kind of Velgbt
known to the American pi inter, who
ge's pay for the b'gglng and tops and
bas it counted as cotton, though the
tare is discounted on the other side of
the Atlantic. On tbis iccount it is
fairer to take the weight as groBS
rather than net. -.'
"The re ams of yield in Nnvomber
are somewhat lower than in O .tub.-r,
and are given as follows: Virginia,
148; Nor h Carol na, 157; hou h
Carolina, 140; Georgia, 135) Flondt,
101; A aiama, )3t; Mixsiwippi, 175;
Lou snna, 221; Trx s, 200; Arkausis,
240; Teuneete, 107 ; other HU'e",
180. Average, 163 pounds gross This
ii.d cates a crop 2 per cent, smaller
thai that of laatyenr, say 6,4 J8 000
' la tteafacaa aa J flllclloa of tht
Cliveland, O., November 2!). The
pbysiciani (if th s city are grea ly in
treated in a caee of almost to al deaf
ness which has btea insttii'ly re
lieved by the invention of II. A.
Wales, of Bridgeport, Conn. As the
care had loog been considered bopa
lfB8.it is c jneid red a t lumph fjr this
wonderful and invisible device.
Telegraph Cotapanlea In UiUatloa,
Philadelphia, Pa., November 21).
Ths lawyers representing tbe various
interests in the li'lvation concerning
the receivership of the Bankers and
Merchants' Telegraph Company came
before Judge Butler in the Tnited
S ates Circuit Court today, and ar
gued number f motiors in tbe
cause. Col. Robert C. Iogeieoll, who
n presents tbe United Telegraph Lines
Company, of New York, which is
deeply interested la the Bankers sod
Merchants', asktd leave, in behalf of
Clinton P. Farrell, tbe appointed re
ceiver of tbat company In this cir
cuit, to bring suit for damages arainst
the Western Union Company 'jr the
Bankers and Merchants wires The
application was granted. lis also
asked that tbe bill of complaint fl ed
in behalf of the Farmers' Xmt Com
pany for Farrell, under itie bank
mortgage, be di.-mistad. A decision
as to this was reserved. '
Bcsiniss dilemma. A man differ
ing with a cough obliged to keep his
room a note to pay, noracjieyiu
hank, and not a single bottle of Dr.
Bull's Cough Syrup to be had lor ten
Tbeoaaa Clavarlaa' tatvaieal.
Richmond, Va., November 9.
Rumors are in circahtion this after
noon to the t tract tbat tlaverlus
has made a statement giviog an ac
count cf his whereabouts on the night
of the 13th of March. 1884, the night
of the murder of Miss Madson, bat
they cannot bs trace 1 to any reliable
source. He will donbtlrsi do to, but
it is hot expected it will be made
public btfore it goes into the hands of
ths Governor.
8alvatioh Oil is safe and reliable.
25 cents. j
Arreata aa aaaplelaa.
Bbdssels, November 29. Several
FrfrlUhmnn hava hflpn mrteA nn
anspioion of connection with the rob
bery of regirtered let 's from ihs mail
oar of the Oatend exprees on tatorday.
J ut P.- Will u Ht in rtauUr con
TinttoB, at rhair "Hil-n Hull,
Mtn "!, hl" V DiDA V f Bi ht,
N v. Sflih. it 7:i0o'cli . Nuinisa
tioa df oili-ra. A lull attMnriancir d.
a r-4. Vuitina KLl.hu, fritril jr InriUd
Bmrdi-r A LDf R-ON, 0. 0.
V. P. tun, K. of R. nj 8
Tie krgest
Most Elegant Selection
-or -
1 111 PORTED
And Amerlcaa Frodoxtloa of
tor Our eelectlon eoruprlaee
ElegaMt Styles (of IheLateHt)
and BEST Makers, Foreign
and Domestic.
StirTOur Qoodsare Imported
DIRECT, tlirongh OUR dia
tom House.
Praotloal Planomavkerfl
aad Bapalreraar rtaaaa,Oraaaa,
Aad Maaloal Iaatraraanta Qanarally.
And Still They Come
kUTETery Pair Warranted"1
4 tO Wain Bfret, lUemphla.
Cleaaloar, Dyelaar at KcpaJriac,
No. IT W. Oooar Btiit;'.
Oeorsja 0. SJlohol.
Wholesale and Retail.
P.M. Palter sun & Co
U7H Second Kireet.
Dll. 11.L.LA8XI,
rbyalclan, Surgeon and Accouchor
813 Main Street, Kear Union.
T.l.nriAaa Nn. 99
LATE OF 6T. LOTJIB, HO., fci Iaat ttt.il
up an l.g.at offloa ovar Lytla A Hhinlcia'e
roc r atur., eorn.r nl Ailama and Main,
wh.rana iaraair to fit all aigbta and mata
alui.i to ord.r. Tba poblio ara Irform.d
that tha D. otor kaa no flaaaaa lor al. othar
than thoi. mad. by hlmaalf and Id eunlorta
Ity with tba me.aai.m.nt of th. .t.. Tba
Doatorbaa mci. that bis ap.ciil itady and
haa all tha Utaat golantiAe Uata and lnttrn
n.nta to Inmrs partast and aaay aiiht.
Phralaiana praaorlptiona for alaaa.a oaratally
nil.d. UDoa soon irom v w ii aaa a io q p.m.
Ocnllat and Optician, No. 21 H Main attraat,
aouth.aat aorn.r A Jama and Main.
TirB OFFER FOR BALE on favornbl.
VV t.rma a. la rr plantation la BolWar
eonntr. Maa , r.i-.ntl7 improrad with ptw
r-ot, ilok and wira fanoaa. TmatT-Ura
ia fconaaa, oottea (In, raw mil' aoa aaar
l(iO,000 feat of lomo.r in itaoka, 60 000 aw
eynraia board, all raady to enalmct mora
bulldmaa. A food at r.bonaa and excall.at
ataad lor a m.r.anliia DUiinaaa, ini plan
tation la imDroT.d with a ni.w to anbdiria-
Ion. I wl.l aall all or a part, aooordtai to
wan'a of pa'ohaaara. Plenty of labor Na
CO tananta bi T. .pp'lad ana ara dally ap
lilv tnar to rant at H. For foil partlenlara
appif to inua. j. aiiLan m w
308' Front St.
Gas Yorks for Sale
. . . . ...
TTNLKSfl aoonar diapoaai af at privata
U aal, I will off.r at tb. "oarthowa door,
In Uolljr rtprlaaa, Miaalaalppl, ,
On llecentber 1, 1880,
at poblio ontory, to tha hlabaat bidder, for
ch, lha antire plant ol tha UOLtY
bPKlNur) Qi WOKKrt, eonaiatlnt of lira
aoraa of ground, about Sr. u llu ol mala
pip. andooanaotloaa, briok boildinga, hold,
tank, t-iola, poriaSi. angina, .to.
A valuable proparty, which lb. ownartalll
only baoauaeenaM'd in other baatnaa.
Holly Sprloga, Kin., Noi.inba lT.laaa.
Irh a
TiTniTT mjv t Tnn
nuw iyitiv Lir
lotal New Business Greater than the total new business ofAH
Other Companies now represented in Memphis Combined. .
Increase lu Surplus more than twice the total Increase ot
surplus ot all other Companies now represented in Memphis.
Boom No, 1. Cotton Exchange ltulldtng, Memphis, Tennew6
AT COST, FOR THIRTY DAYS, to lunke room for Nprlnjr
8lok. One Ut Open llaimle'. snliaMe for eonntr uite.
OUH OWN IkANrFACTrnr, nnd fully Knarauleed.
ILilly Carriage , Co
325 Second Strcot.
5 Car-lottilo Nfeel Nail,
3 Car-Ionda Snntt and Noila,
1 Car-load Iar, Hamn anal BlatiMnne.
2 Car-load American Sardines.
1 C'ar-Iad New ItalMlnm,
1 Car-load ie Nalmon,
1 Car-load Callforuia Canned Frnll,
10 Car-loaalu Touiatoea. I'eiieliex, Corn, Ele.,
1 Car-load Atuiore'a illlnce RIeal,
A Car-load New York Jtiichwlieat,
91 Car-load INgaleel, Krjnil aud llarrel Plekle,
: 2 !ar-loitl Nllrer Mon I iritm CbeeMe,
Car-load Virginia 1'eaniiiH,
3t Car-load Fire Craukeraj and Flreworkw,
il Car-laatlx NutH and Cnrrant,
S Car-loadsj Flue Ilananan,
5 Car-load Ked Hen Davia Apple,
2 Car-load Freak Faury Cnndln,
1 Car-load Oatmeal, Criteked H heM, ICle,
And a complete awaortiueiit ot Nlnplemid Fancy Clrocerl
lor the apcctal uo of Country Pic rob ant.
HTBieiid lor a lrlcc-LIt.-Tpt u
Oliver, Finnic dtb
new Finn.
(Rvoonvtau to c. a. mien), ; ' '
Dlnn8P, Toilet and Chamber Sets In Great Variety.
i ' .
aa-AacaU for th calabrataa UHCUWOOD TITBiriKIt GHIIf A, aaaataJIr
altHt for (lntla, Raaiaaranli and NlMm'nata.K '
Agent and Commission Merchant and Wholesale Dealer.
a-llTln porohi-afa ttia antlra atook of.Hirirr Parea, M llaala atra.J at a Inw Saora, oon
aiatlna of btovra, Furnllu'., Q icanfwara. Trnwara and Uounsbuld Vurnlah Di Unoda, w -will
aall ch.apar than anr othar huila Ihanjlr. j fllr.in a oll,
P. 8. All klnda ol Now and 8aeood fcMid
ma. 1
Va bar all kinda of Ra and all arad.a of Uotlon, Jjon, 11 .aei, Kid-i, Fora, Matali and
atbt". Ulahaat Prloaa Paid and Prompt Katurna Mini, on all aoda conalanad to
i, IOOO Tuna Old Iro WfaaltMl.j HJorr.apondcnoa aolieitad, and Irioe Llat.
aant on applleation
400, 411 and 413 Shelby
i !--!' --'
i i . 4 u
!ry Goods, fadtions, Hosfeif
i. . : ii i
XTm. S18 and 823 Htdn Bt MezapMa.ITcma.
mwm vraavaT or rsi.s, wiittkr soon n i.ftsusva a ara inn
hmriwniUMi ITSIl SSSki. aadaai
a aVa aval lad Ht.ua. wa ara 4faaia far "
CvuuiaM MsisActsrlsn Caj ,r7U DiiUs, Sheetft, Rllrttaf,
v i UlJOtMOM' aa ClV.ja.Ta fJBU .V
aa aw i .. n. , iiara
Cotton Factors & Commission Merchants,
75 State Street, Cor. Kfiby BOSTON, MASS4
I ' 1 ' awaa. jjrax a--v at aw aa mm aa aa ' . S4
And Commission Merchants,
Htn, CA and SO ZXiuUiiiBn fltreot, IIcs?
t i
Moinpliis. Tonn.
Stoma ao,d Maoblnarr for ;al np
Street' and Bi Ttcnle Street.
- -' ---- - -!l
n O ' - '
prisa wUl aaapara vtlfe ttaaa at aay aLl
I ;

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