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10 ClUtiES!S
"With Bernards on the National Bank-
Ins m-A heiibible
Waphisqton, Nvenber 2S The
IIsn.AVai.L lrei holm. Coirp'roller of
the Currt ocv. c Deludes Us arntiai
report to O.ngf B wuh ihe foiloir
irtsrrtmgrhs cn tLe KUt lect ol the na
tional bank'nii sysirni : "The preent
financial mo-Decis of tse couotry to
tViB exutctation that i he funded
debt will b paid cfl as tast as the
bonds ina ur, and io coneequence
a nnpt on Lai arisen as to what
hnn'd be made in the na
tional banking system in order that it
shall not euflar deterioration or da
Btruction npon the withdrawal of the
support opon which it is basrd by the
present laws, WOlcn requiro every
bank before beginning bunness to de
k posit a certain amount in United States
bonds. The payment of the 3 per
cent bonds, tt.e maturity In 1891 of
the 4 per cent, bonds, amounting to
$250,000,000, and in 1807 of the 4 rer
cent, conns, auiuuuiiug tu nearly
f738.CO0.00O. nave combined to pro
duce a prospective scarcity intbeee
earitles obtainable to the backs as a
basis for their corporate existence,
and this is r fleeted in the advance of
these bonds to the premium so nun
that every d y tueir enforced purchase
becomes mure and more enor
mous. Banks now holding 3 per cent
bonds and newly oriraniza ca.tonai
banking asecciations are forced into
the market as purchasers of the 4 per
cent or the 4 i per cent bond?, and
this cor s'ant demand, in connection
with the prosptc ive scarcity already
referred to, eus'ains and lends still
farther to elevate the premium on
these bonds. As the time approaches
for the payment of the 4 per cent,
bonds it is reasonable to txpect a still
greater demand for the 4 per cen s.,
and it is a aues-t on of serious import
ance whether the banks can sflord to
ho'd or to boy 4 per cent, bonds after
1891. In the present age all business
men try to anticipate tutu'e conai
tions and to provide well azainst fore
seen contingencies, hence it is to be
exoected that the banks will not wait
till the approach oi 1891 to shape their
E alley wim reiereiiua m iuw uunuuueu
olding of high rriced bonds. For this
reason it is not too early now
to consider what legislation may
be priper to remove this elemant
of future uncertainty from the national
banking lystem, and looking to the
' poetible considers ion cf this subject
bv Uonarers. 1 respectfully submit tne
following eta'ementof the question as
it appears from the point of view of
ficially occupied by the Comptroller of
the Currency. The fundamental pos
tulates underlying every banking
system established by law, whatever
may be its lorm, must necessarily be:
First Inst banks promote tne gen
eral welfare ol tne community: ana
Second That the particular r-ystf m
established by law is the best obtaina
ble under the conditions prevailing at
the time and place.
These postulates, therefore, nnderlie
our national bank laws. The first
postulate will not be questioned, since
no people in modern times have ever
risen to civilisation or mantained
their civilisation without banks; and
least of all can it be questioned in this
country where, besides 2868 national
banks now in operation, we have
over 5000 state banks, savings banks.
and private banks and bankers whose
operations extend into the minutest
ramifications of the employment and
resources of onr 60,000,000 of popula
tion. The second p s:nlate involves
the question whether the present
national bank system should be pre
served, ana n so, wnetner it is good
enough as it is or it caa be improved.
The national currency act of Febru
ary 12, 1863, was controlled as to its
purposes by the paramount necessity
ot lnaucng trie bants aad other capi
talists to become purchasers of govern
ment bonds under conditions that
would give a basis cf (olid value ts the
currency then being raid out ia im
mense vol onus under the p 'era a re of
military exicenci s; nence tne consoli
dation of these banks inta a national
banking system adapted to commer
cial and industrial needs appears only
as a sunorainfcte incident in ttegen
erai Bcneme. ai eariy, nowever, as
the year 1864 it wis perceived that
the general welfare of the people
would be promoted by giving greaier
conesiveoew anil metnoas to tne bi s
tem, regarded mora especially in its
banking tdan in i s currency ieatures
and from that time to this the effort
of this legislation has been to subordi
cate the issuing of currency to the
more important functions performed
by tne banns as institutions of dis
count and deposit. The effect of this
legislation and its Wisdom are exemp
lified in the present high credit and
tne consequent wide commercial use
fulness of national bank. If the svs.
tem could be preserved pnrely as one
oi aepo.-u ena discount there would
probably arise universal sentiment in
lavoroi btstowing opon its preserva
tion immediate and careful attention,
but it is doubtful whether the banks
wou'd find sufficient inducement to
remain in the r-ystem without enjoy
ing tome privileges as to the issue of
currency, and it has been questioned
whether there is power under the
constitution for the charter of na
tional banks, except as instrumental
ities for a money circulation. It fol
lows, therefore. that anr legislation
directed to the improvement and per-
, manent estab lahment of the national
Darning aystem must Include some
provision lor the maintenance of a
', national bank circulation, while, on
the other hand, it appears that what-
Yor opposition exists to the national
banks attaches to them mainly as
banks of issue and under our system
of government nothing caa be re
garded as permanently established
. until it has obtained the sup-
poit of a well settled public opinion ;
' hence it is evident that the problem
to be solved is how to remodel the
currency features of the national
bank system so as to obtain popular
approval of them. Objection to the
preeent national bank currency ap
pears to be comprieed within three
-classes, namely:
First A general objection to paper
money of an form.
Second An objection to national
bank notes based upon the assumption
that take place of an equal amount of
paper money that might be issued
directly upon the credit of the govern
ment Third-The objection that a cur
rency determined in volume by a
, definite psroentage npon deposited se-
tuMuoaoi -uigrj vaiue can never pos
sess the fleiibility Bnd elasticity of
volume, which are the chief com
mercial advantage of a bank cur
rency in any form. Against these
objections it is ans trered :
1. That the question as to having paper
money at all is not at present a prac
tical ona, because It if evident that
our people will have paper money in
one form or another, and thai of all
forme of psper money of which we
have had any esprit nee the present
naiio' al bank currency ia the bast
orjectioratil!f even to those ho tKiuk
that al' euch money thou'd be avoided.
2. Tt at nhileabankcurrency based
rn jpveTimmt bot da md rid-eomble
In grenDacEB may be c insidereii as a
kitd i f R0v-2nn ent money on which
th b-nkg era getting the pn fit, vet
without this private p i v i 1 - g or some
cttixr equivalent 13 it I tie national
i t-nk; svrt m cou'd never have b-t n
s'rl:8hed, rrnr ran it now be maiii-tii-eij,
aid that th s ia the cheaptst
price ft whiib tie people or
the government c uld have got
any Duiting sybt; m so good in
ah respects and bo Valuable as
this bai proved to be. Another argu
ment is that the government muet
pay interess on its binds whether
the:e ere htld bv the banks or not.
hence the profit to the banks on thean
boids bus been obtained without
change on the Treasury, while, on the
O'her hand, if the banks bad not been
ofiered sufficient inducement to iovest
in these bonds, many more of them
wonld have gone abroad at low prices,
and rbe country as a whole would now
be so much the worse on.
3. lbat the want of flexibility in the
currency and ot etas lcity ot vol
ume are consequences arising from
the scarcity of bonds and the high
prices to which they have risen, and
that th s could not have been foreseen
nor provided against in the original
acts, but may now be remedied by
proper legislation.
These objections and the answers to
tnem are stated witnout comment.
They seem worthy of consideration.
Memptala tba High Boad, Wblle
ew Orleaaa Travels 1b
tbe Tallejr.
Boston, Mass.. November 28. The
followir g table, compiled from special
oisp itues to tne rou irom toe man
ag. r of the leading clearing houses in
the United S ates, uivt s the gross ex-
cDanges at tacn point lor ine week
ending November 27. 1886. in compar
ison wiib the corresponding penod of
New York, 1718,796,296 j dec., 4.2.
Bo ton. $86,526,424: inc.. 7.8.
Philadelphia, $3,926,972; inc., 10.7.
unicag"', i,o),4Uu; ate, l.o.
St. Louis, tl3.949.810: i'c . 3.1.
San Fi ancisco, f 1 1,979,279 j inc., 24.8.
iiaiumore, xiiAmxm: idc , my.
Citicinrati. Sl0.70lt.000: inc . 251.
New Oreaoe, 0,1 23,400; dec , 22.4.
rtteburg. S9.382.402; ioc .32.7.
Kansis Uiiy, 40.170, 138; inc., 28.9.
lauis vine, 3, 4o U&7; inc., o.o.
Providence, $4,416,400; inc., 3.4.
Milwaukee, t4,040,0i)0; inc., 2.8.
Omaha, $4,426 441 ; inc., 61.7.
Minneapolis, 13,463,634; dec, 10.5.
Ualveston, $1,863,156; cec, 8.9.
Detroit, $,939,ri83; is,85.
Clev, land, t2,878,f52'fac, 40.6.
Indianapolis, $),037,841; inc. 469.
Memphis, V"" "5; inc., 18.9.
Columbus, $1 696,716: inc., 20 2.
Hartford, $1,480,848; inc., 1 9.
New Haven, U 950,104; inc., 4.1.
Peoria, 4861.718; inc., 5.6.
Portland, $897 000; inc., 103.
Springfield, 4776 176; dec, 10.3.
St. Joseph, $1,113 172; inc., 46.8.
Worcester, $851,227; inc., 3.4.
Lowell, $158,682; dec. 63.9.
Syracuse, 1426,062; inc., .4.
D-nver, $2,962,988.
Outeide of New York, $302,407,549;
inc., 8.v.
Denver not included in tne totals.
The Great strike Ene4.
Nkw York. November 29. A 8a
lem, Mass.. special says: The great
ftnke of the tanners and curriers of
Fttabooyand Salem, which began on
July 12th. with a demand that fi tv
nine hnuis constitute a week's work,
was officially ended Saturday, when
the vaiious assemblies of the Knights
oi Laoor ci tne two places met in
mass meeting and declared the strike
off. The men were advised to return
to work wherever they could get it
The surrender was most comp'ete,
every point at issue being yielded,
out it comes too la'e to be of much
service to the strikers, the great body
of vthom have not only lost their
jobs, but will now lose even the pit
tance they nave been receiving dar
ing tee etrifo trom tne district seeem-
D ies oi tne &.n)gnts oi laDor. Tbey
at-k to be permitted to return to work
at the old terms, but, except in tbe
caaa of a few ski It d men, this is now
impossible, as the tanners have Ions
been running with non-unioo men,
aad the manufamurera will adhere t J
the pi a 'i mapped outin thefirnt place.
and refuse t) place themselves iu tbe
bauds of the Kniuhts. It is a Severn
blow to tbe ' organization in this
vicinity, ond the coming tcremhle for
woik will make it still more difflcn't
for the Knights and nmon to stand
together. It is estimated that only
aonuta nunured ot tne several thou
sands in 8 lem and Peabody willse-
snre work in those places for some
time to come. This will cause a good
deal of suffering. Already manv ap
peals have been made to tbe overseers
of tbe poor for aid, and many of the
lamtues ot tne idlers will be depend-
urn euuieiy upou cunrity.
Catarrh Is Set at Bleed Disease.
No matter what part it mav flca'lv
affect, catarrh always starts in the
head, and belongs to the head. There
is no mystery about the origin of this
direiul disease, it begins in a neg
lected cold. One of the kind that is
sure to be better in a few dava."
Thousands of victims know how it is
by sad experience. July's Uream Balm
cures colda ia the head and catarrh in
all lis stages. Not a snun nor a liquid.
Hlasjara BrMi Cables Baeeessfally
Niaoab Falls. N. Y- November
28 The cables at the northwest cor
ner of the suspension bridge have
been successfully transferred from
tbe old stone tower to the new iron
one by the use of powerful hydraulic
)acks. lratlic was suspended from
yes'erday morning until 1 :!fU o'clock
today. Other transfers will follow at
weekly intervals. The old towers
are to be taken down.
Bib Eobkbt Chbiti80W. pbTtician to
Her Mejesly, tbe Qaeen of England,
'peaking of tbe Uoca plant, says:
Tbe properties of this wonderful
plant are the moat remarkable of any
auuwu w toe mtuicai wcriu. r rom
repealed pergonal triaia 1 am con
vinced tbat ite ose is bigblT bentflcial
and ton 10." lo build np broken
"own system, use toe iieDig Uo.
Oica Beef Tonic, indorsed and re
commended by the foremost rjhvfi-
cians of Europe and America. Uvr.
wronsbt and fteble nerves are aoieted.
digf ition is promoted, and new tons
and vigor in all Ihe organs of the
body follows its nre.
oat Itcmarkakl
In its e fleo's. and most oeefnl in it
appiioaiion, the fragrant fcOZODONT
has become tne most popular denti
frice in ex'steoce. 'lis aged and
praieea Dy everyooay.
Jansen Telia Ufa Wife that He Knew
the Man Who I hrew the
CnrcAOO, III., Novembf-r 2S. The
Inter Ocean bai ii.formation tbat b de
liberate attempt was made Tlu sday
nivht to ass 8 inate Harry Gilrrer, the
witness who pave eviderc a', the le
crnt trial of tlio anarchists, dinctly
imp'icating Spies aud tsebwab in the
throwing of thn hiy market boini.
Gilnifr wis shot at wh le on the
threshold of his home, and the bullet
passed between his legs, 1 dging in the
bottom of the door. The shot was
fired at a diitancs of esi than ten feet
from the livin ta'g-it, and the assas
sin's pi ecipitancy was the only thing
which saved the citizen's life. Thanks
giving Gilsier had been down town
and had sen the bnllet ns at the
newspaper offices to the effect that a
supersedeas had been granted tbe an
archists. He freely denounced the
action of the J udge. Gilmer thinks he
must have been followed by some an
archistic sympathizer who was in the
crowd arouod the bulletin and over
beard his remarks. As he stnpi ed to
inject the key into the door of his
dwelling Gilmer heard a click ss if
someone was opening the gate. He
straightened up, aoa at the same In
stant he heard the report of a pistol at
the back of his head snd then saw the
groove plowed in the door by the bul
let. As he turned he saw a man dash
down the alley, and immediately gave
chase with revolver in hand. The
cartiidge did not explode, although
several at'emptsto shoot were made
by him. Tne attempted asBasiin
finally f scaped.
Jaaaea Knows the Mae Whe Threw
Ihe Boasb.
Chicago, III., November 29. It
was not generally known until today
that Henry Jansen, who made a mnr-,
derous assault upon his wife early Fri-'
day morning, was a member of the
"Noith Side Group," one of tbe most
rabid anarchists in the city, and tbe
night of the bomb explosion was
within a few f et of the place from
where the deadly missile was hurled
into the ranks of the marching po ice
men. Knowledge resulting from his
identification has led to the discovery
of what may be a definite clew to the
bomb thrower. The night the bomb
was thrown Jansen left bis wife about
7 o clock, stating that he had au im
portant anarchistic meeting to attend;
that there would be trouble of some
kind bef ire the niuht was over. He
did not return until after 4 o'clock the
following morning, and in reply tJ his
wile's question as to where he bal
been, significantly replied, "I told
you there would be trouble." His
s'atements never went beyond
this until about ten days
ago, when in an affectionate
and confiJential mood he informed
bis wife that he was present the nisrKt
tne oc mo was tnrown- into tne ranks
of the police; that he stood next to
the man who threw it; that he saw it
thrown; and that he knew the man
who threw it It is now believed tbat
his attempt to get her out of the way
was oecauss ne repentea oi naving re
vealed as much as he did, and was
afraid that his dicc'osures might
eventually lead him into greater
. -LI. . I , .,,, , '
iruuuie iubu uiBieiy awing ms wne.
Mrs. Jansen adds that her husband
also confided the name of the man
who did the bomb throwing. 0inir
to her feebleness and the nature of
her wounds it has been imonesible to
obtain tbe name distinctly. It sounds
like "Sharbeld." The police believe
she means the missing suspect, Schna
bault .
Te Beeover (400,000 Worth of
Milwaukee. Wis., November 28
Papers have been served in a suit in
volving 160 acres in the heart of Su
perior City. Wis. The land is valued
at $400,000. It is covered with im
provements. The suit is a remarkable
one, in that the defendants number
many of natbral repute or tbeir htire.
Thft title in disjme da'es back ti
1855. when speculators pre-emp'ed
the lands by using half breed Chip
pewa) as "dummy" residents to ob
tain title from the given ment. Tboee
men conveyed ihe property twice, the
second purchaser, however, reco'd ng
dis conveyance nrst. Tbe pnemt
litigation ia to determine the rght of
thete respective titles. Ia these early
dijf, when while men and their half
breed allies were evieirg their sharp
practices, a syndicate ws formed,
dividing tneir etuip, actual and pros-
pec ive, i to twenty-six shares, and
tue neirs ot tbe members ol tbls Byn
dicate are now involved iu the
litigation. Among the share
holders were Stephen A. Douglas
and John O. Breckenridire. who ran
egainst Lincoln for the Presidency;
xv. M. x. xiunier. member ot Jetter-
ton Davis s Cabinet ; Robert J. Walk
er, Secretary of State under Polk;
Jesse JJ. iJright, ex-United States Hen
ator from Indiana; Congressman H.
M. Rice, of St. Paul ; Congressman
W. A. Richardson, of Illinois: Judge
R. Nelson, of St Paul, and a number
of others. In addition to these men
and the heirs, there are involved in
the litigation Senator Beck, of Ken
tucky: the Bethel College, of Logan,
Ky. ; a. a. liaupt. W. K. Marshall.
Jobn Harrington and others, ol St.
Paul: a number of New York. Kan
sas City, Washington, Louisville and
Superior City parties in all compris
ing eighty-six defendants. Tbe action
is brought br twelve plaintiffs, nearly
ail oi wnom reside at superior Uity,
Iaaaraaceof tt Darned Elavator
Dcl0ib, Minm., November 28.--
Tbe ioearance oc the elevators burned
laet night is as follows: Elevator A.
building, $37,750; elevator's con
tents. $J74,250; elevator Q and annex.
fl00,C00; eltvator Q's contents, $152,-
100 : total, ttil Most ol the com
panies are represented by small
amounts only. The principal losers
are: San, of London, $10,000; Pace-
nix, of London. $10,0 0; City, of, Lon
don, $15,000; Firemen's fund, $35.-
000: Hpringfleld Fire and Marine,
$12,500; German, of FreeporK, $10-
0C0; Mutual, ot JMew York, $30,000;
Traders', of Chicago, $10,000. Ths
less on tbe nine small frame residences
and stores is $14,000, making the total
logs about $850,000. Tbe fire con
tinued burning all night with a bright
blaze, ana tue wnoie win probably
burn for several days. Several cars
belonging to tbe Manitou and St. Paul
and Du nth road, some of them
loaded witb wheat, are also burned.
The cause cf tbe fire is supposed to
hive been friction. The la'ett re
ports are tbat Ei Lee, foreman of
elevator Q, sorely perished in the
Miss Cabbis M. Ksatiko, pianist.
may be found at the Qayoeo Hotel
ilii natural rmjir I
r'pf Mf-! wllhtHrt rwmnl toPnrltT.Stn-nirth M
lvkillirulnefw. Ir. rntt'' llnlrlnir IWdor ctrntalnii
ro Aminonla.l.lmeliim or rhopni,ii. nr. I'rlrv't
KXU-W.-U, VauiUa, LaUMio, tic. Bur dvilcioiuljr,
MTCf aVUIMB fOWDTH CO. CMtam and St UdiC
Ornci or thi Boaid or Kddcatiom, 1
M.mrhi", NoTmbr is, idtd. J
TDID3for Urtm thChlM Gobnolhoni.
A-J now Id count of erootioo on tbo oorntr
of Four'h and Kl itreU, will be rooviytd
aitni) otnra up to l'i m. fciuray neit.
Piaot and ipaoiBeatloni eaa be ig at th
offloa ot M. B. Baldwin, Axohitool, No. 310
Dooond itroot.
B di will ba ilto raooirod for Laiinr Glda.
walki at Market btroat Baildina to tb tain
data. Plana and jnteiAcationi cn b Man
at thli ofSo. Xba Board rworvoi tb right
to rioi any ana a l niai.
Br order of th Board.
, A. B. HILL. SecreUry
EoiracPATmo TsmoTAaT srscincs
For Hortet, Cattle, Sheep,
,? iogi, noga, rounry.
Chart RoBan, aa4 Mk Iwt IVm,
fTRM Pcrer. rnnmtlon. Inflnnimalloa,
. 11-A.lralna, L,eiittiiiM, Hlieaniailaaa.f
IHairiiuipr, !nl I)l(ohar.
M. H. UoleorUruba, Worms,
b. h.'otiaha, llt'aea, l'nrumnnla.
F. F.'nliffir tirlnfm. 11mIIwI,h. '
J ii. a. rrinnry and Kidney uiapaaeaa
. I. r.riiiillvo llrae. Mange.
. H.lllavaaea of Kit calloa.
rrlre, UotUe (oter to doaaa), . ? ,S
tilabln raar.wilh Manual, (too pacta with
, t!iart)ln,ottll.Sp,1ciliia.boHIoI Wiloh
Jlaiol Oil and lavdioator, M8.0O
Bent t rre on Heerlpt or Prlcw.
Humphreys' Mod. Co., 109 Fulton St., R
la USA 111 Vl'IM Trial nnl aiinn.aafiil A-
ntirYuus ueoniir, vnai maMiess.
Slid PrUStrSaiion. frnlll nVfir.orlr np nthan namai
.an..... n.L!1l.. ll'l.l 111 . -
pr vinl, or fi Tialn and lurg vial towitrr, for t4,
Solo mt DRi aoirtrfi. or Mntprwtna.don roiptoi
u ivu iinwniireTi eqtfm ' p., 1UV I-HIIM Hb, M. I.
Preaident of tbe Oreat LOUISVILLE C0U-
iUUK-JUUKJN All UU.. ttlli What
he knowi of
Wintersmith's Chill Cure.
Ornci or thi Corsirtt-JocRKAi.,
LoniaviLLi. Kt.
Dr. Winttninilh Sin I walye a rule I har
observed for man? ran, tb ralue ol your
reuieuy fjruupiiD uie w Bay.
to ear. in repir to
your request, what
ill. what 1 Know or your Uhl
Cure, the I
i Drivata aaanranoaa ol ltj offlnaov
1 had, and th food result, of Its eftoote I
oau observed on Mr. ft. w. Meredith, who,
for more than flftoen yean, had been fore
man of ni office. Induoed ma to test it In
my family. Ihe results have been entirely
satisfactory, lb Drat oat was of two
years' atandlnt, in whloh I believe every
known remedy had been tried with tempo
rary roller th cbllls returnlni periodically
and wilh ieaminsly increased severity.
Your our broke them at onoe, and there has
been no recurrence of them for more than
all mcntha. Th other eat waa ol a milder
form, and yielded mora readily to other
remedies; bnt th ohille would return at in
tervals until your medicine was used, tino
which time, now aeveral months, they have
entirely disappeared. From -ihe opportu
nity I have had to judge, I do not hesitate to
express my belief tbat your thill Cure la a
valuable specific, and perlorma all you
promia. for it. 'fiALDKMA
ARTHUR PETER k 00., Agents, Uult-
ville, Kt.
t AM Iron Barth.
for Drpepeln.,nll iterance oleosa
f tbe Dlgeeclve Organ mid ita
ILlvor, Sklu Dlaeaeee, Cnta, Kuraa,
cald and Hraleea, AVID IHOM
KiRTH la a apeclfle.
Mhaomatlem, malarial DI
alar. Obroale Dlarrhcea aad
tluarta etaaaa of Blaaxl Palaanlaafj,
ylM arlthoai I all tm Ita waaalaa.
Aaai Saw ! raaaaklai, a a I
f sUl etaalwra mt awal.
traaa tha A. I. K. Co., ISsMIe, AHaa
price, nrrr cents.
At vTholBMtls br TAW TLEET CO.
Now The 1 line To Specnlate
ACTIVE Fluctuations In th Market offer
opportunities to speculators to make
money it urain. otoosa Bonds ud retro.
leum. Prom A peraonal attention given to
order reoeived by wfr or mail. Correa
pondence solicited. Full Information about
in maraeia in our book, whloh will b lor
warded free on anplioation.
II. 1. KYLE, Banker and Broker,
SS Broad New Htreeta. Mew Kork City.
Young & Brother,
Booksellers and Stationer,
8 18 M mln 8U, XlRmphlM, Tenn
fcJ vr -a a. V V Aa. Kf
em i
viy " "i jav
Hlatieat Award ortlfMlalafa Earoaa
Brs aau anacriaa,
Th naatast. aulokeat. lafes an lacs
owerlul remedy known 'or Rheumatiaa,
'lenrlsv. Neuralala. Lnibun. Itarkaoha.
Weakness. Co da In th Chent and all aohea
and palna. Indorsed by rVsOO Phyiiclana and
liruiaisti of the hleheat repute. Benson a
Plutera promptly relieve and cure where
other plasters and t reasy saivea, linlmenU
and lotions are absolutely useless. Beware
ot Imitations under similar sound n names,
sunk aa ' Causlaam." " l ahunlr, " " Cai.si.
em. U they are utterly wonhless and In
tended to deceive. A roa Bbnhoi'r an
ran rrnoTns. AllOruwau. bKAttUJII
rfOUBO, rropmiora, nw Xork.
NOVEMBER 30, 1880.
special J3 252 h S 1-1
W. A. GAGB fc CO.
No. SOO Front Street, : HemphU, Tesai
s wmmm
HOW. H and 10 FION STUEfrr. ... W FlvTPniN, TE11
e2X3ttJj..f ; 'rat ,. 5
r. Esors, Sash, Blinds, Molding, Lnntd
1L na an .
iui uo ciaingtes, looting, ueuing and Ceiar rtrtj.
Hi Fan
294 Front Street. OppoMHef'iioiom Ifonae.
AlaJOB. f. O. aTK.
Ji 1 1 rfilaUHUUN ID UUi
Uholesalo Grocers
JTromt street, HemphJa, Tea&.
14 1 u will hart ear earefsl atUatlen. W am as all Maaaa a -aeleeted
ate,k ol ww
Stipit 4 Fancy 6rce8ri8t, Wines, Uquortjebicss & Zgx
AndCommlKHlon Merchant nay, Cora, Oats, Bran, Chop Feed, Oil-Meal,
Lime, Cement, Plaster, Building and Fire Brick, Etc.
Cor Front and Union, 1
Cigars and Tobacco
275 Wain Nirot. Opr. Honrt
And Commission Merchants.
200 and 802 Front
J. T. taPRAtill.
LateJ.T. LaPraJ 4 Co.
KZtXo. 304 JTront street
SKTHavInt retired from th Baddl
w are oleaaad to announce to our
ervand fJaraess bnslnesa anao
Iriends aadlh
to serve then) our new capacity,
tended as la th old line, w triut is
A. A. PAAtXA. B. la. WWBS
& Cotton Factory
H. H. MAVB1',
Howard's How Memphis.
Hsiimrff. W einphla, Tnn.
St., BXempliia. Tenn.
orwale tar
Cliickasax Ircauorb
JOHN Ee RA'LE corBers'8,
iWh B8SeoondSt Memphis, Teuv
fj7 l.nglne, Boiler WawmllLs,
Bradford Corn and Wtaest Hill
Cotton rresut. Cotton tilnH,
ShaRlns;, Pnlleya, k.tu
PKCIAIi ROTIVB We'aroprecarwltoflll orden
on abovi notlee, for th oelenrated Madavrt PatKiai
Wreuahi-iivi Polio. W oarrf la stock vr
Two lloadred Assorted biiea.
ar-bend for CaUloao and Prioa-llet.l
Late witb J. X. LaPrad 0
;: Memphis Tenn.
panea an ouioe ae aoove.
that wear now prepared
ned as offlo aj above
public tenaraiiy
tbanka for th vary liberal patron a ei-
rao.lv. . CWaTS,
Bartholdi Souvenir
VlfB have laanurartare a n I now . ITnr 'ir
' ' 'ri and pirm'-t S'luvomr i
,P" ,T ! K '': v,iioiot ;
Urn klyn l!ri.l, l'.,l..e' Isl ml. the ) it
eryaal tho .Ne Vr lla'hnr lnthdU
taar; also, a enr H.i .llifiu poru-itil
aiiil autnviuih i. the ralih-aied a-tit, N.
H'.nli.l.ll This beautiful avnlr
H..ok,,K i, workoJ un clioce eolnred
ratlin, .hnwmv all the duails ver rlrnvrlr.
J he 'ever!.'e havn nn Orla-lual Furia
anil a ( a tn l..r lur 17, thus beinir a usoful
.I.T.01 """'naiiif nul souvenir lorlhevear.
111 alto I ok hnn.lome as a KannorrMe
for Ihe I'onirr t ble. A i-nlllnl and
lastiti. pia-anit l'ricoonlv I , TV
tor cents. (To aK,nls, Jl.im
ire bj-mail. Postaite stamps taken
150 Sa-unn St., NPW atu.
Partnership IVotico.
T., , Mmrem, November 22,
US amlersimed have this daj tormed a
. ,.8.nrrtnerfhiu under the firm naa. of
JOSKPil 11. fllLLKN A CO.. for the Pur-
Rose of carry In ton a Urueral l'lranl
ii'"E ,,",. Mr. Joe.
11 Fullan will have luiuiediate control and
manaieinent of th buiineis.
MEarara, Trxs.. Kovemher 22, im.
E have this duv sold and trarsr.rred to
VV C harles L and Joseph 11. l'ullen our
entire lusureno Arennr Business, and w
bespeak lor them a oontinuanoa ol ihe busi
ness her, tutor ivnn to ua.
WM. H. PT'LtiKN & CO.
Uk ytrnr KtAitfv for to Orf trlnnl 83 Hhi
Uiwnntat litiluttttiud, . 4
peneGontu0 unlec brni ing tbUStarapZ
MadelalJutlou.Coni-rosnr-ndlju. ItettOaV
rviri. bueixiifKi iu iMnt
ihtvtConrori and Awat
3Ull,lirlt:nt tu
j on Inforraa
f this Hiioa ua
Xorrltory. a
ans A Co!;
TW elioe siands hlirher In the swtlnuMon of
Wmrvrs than anr oPior In tho wirM. 'l'liou
sand wha weatltWlUUUyou tkuivwoult ,oa
aafc tluuik ,
EVKK hnn'ekeeper knows somethinf
uliout the troublna oanel br sniokins
Dreplnros, whioh are anion the areatet nul
snnoes to be met with. One of the Important
thinirs to be attended to in all huusns is to sea
that Ihe males are set properly, and th at the
Brrplncca are eorreotlv built. Mr, II.
l,r.MN. 41 Wiiiuau Ntrrrt. ia an mnart
nt tbla business, and has patonttid some nr
niuurtllients tliat enable blm In florrat Mmnk
chimneys and to (at thesTaiot h'at Iroin.
the fuel. All who want Brepla"! or chltn
nera r meilied should ainl lo Mr. LLMON
whose work will rive sritUlnction.
i cup.e nm
WMti 1 mt mm 1 An im kimh nr?y np tiMw nrtt
rSM ud llins. bar UMtm rtarfj aiain. I imhsib
tnrm, davn masle th illaaa ol WiT. KPH.KPhV rtf ilaU
IIUBl()kNrtr4ciUoulviT, wann mraMUy Itt
tr Ilia wurl ftaraaM thrt ny falkil ta mm
ra inr not ion rarvtvtug m umt rVnd at oskm rrtr
traaMM and Pro flnttif mnf aH(alllbW rv max I ft
unMs antt I'uii Oaic. ItcoartayoiantMiis toritilala
la.1 will cur joo. UH: B. '. MtiT.Mn f-i V , K T.
No. 2.TW, RV.-Ia Hie Probate Courtof "lie'by
VOunty, ranneasee J. a. Anuerson, ia
nilnitlrnlur,eto., va. H. U. Miller, iu.ir
iliiin, otn , et al.
X virtue or a enre for resale in this
, I will sell nt puhlio euot1' to,
at bidder. ik.Ciuiit of the v.. -i t.
hou'e door, on Muin euet, Memphis,
Mnlardnjr, Deer mbsw1 It, ISMS,'
within leaal hnnra. tl.a follflwlnr dasartbal
real estate, to-witi v
Lyin and being In the eltr ol Memphla
county of fchelliy, avd Btat of Tennessee,
to-wit: Known aa No. Ul, beinf He weai.
half thereof, frontina 26 feet on Markec
troetand runntna taok 74 feet 8 Inohae,' .
Terms of Hale One-third eaahi balanc.
layahl In eiual lustallments ia all an. I '
waive monlhsi unrohascr to execute aet a
with (ood and auflioient aeouritie ir de
ferred payments, and a lien retained aalil
the wtioleol the purohaa money la salt.
I tils iNovemher il, lmr
m, P. J.QniQLKir.Cltfk.
By Thos. TI. Orenrhaw. I). 0.
Taylor A Oarroll, Holloltora.
RivsToaan. am.
sxlj rres. A victim
of youthful Impru
dence, canstns Pre nature Decay, r7ervooe
Debility, Lost Mannood, eta. havlnf tried
In vain every known remedy, haa dlsoovereil
a simple aeK.cure, ahlob he wlllseu jrttJsB
ol his lelluw suflerers, Address
Post flffl aa Bo B17D. New York fllty. n
Voclaniation by tho Uorernor.
Th State of Tonnosse Wm. B. Bate, tlor
ernor To all who shall ice lUoie rreseot
II KH K AS, It has been made known ti
VV me Hint some unknown party or par
tee ol'tiraod with hnvina committed a loul
ml utrooiotis murilor on the body of John
Irahain. on the .Kllli dnv of Ooto'er. IWii, In
our oouuty ol Sholby, (led from lustioa and
ow luunipn at lunie
Now. iherelore. I. Wm. Tt. Bute. O ivernor
as aforesnid, by virtue of the power and au
thority in mo vratod. uo ncreny on.ir a re
ward ol two h unci roJ and titty dollars, to
any person or parsons wh'i may nppronona
the said unknown party or p irtios, nnd de
liver him or them to the Sherifl or Jailer of
ur oounty of hholliy, In orcltr tnai jusiic
n that bohall n uv be had and executed.
th a rewaid Is mmle payable, one halt on
ellvery to tbaehcriB and on bait on con-
u testimony whe-nf, I have hereunto set
my hand, aud caused th ti rent beal ol th.
(Hate to he alined at Niiflliville, on trie into
day of November, 188d. .
By the Governnri
Johk Ai.i.isdk, Secretary of State.
Pennyroyal Pills.
Tho Orlalnnl ln.l Only cnulava,
Hal and always Reliable, liewnrepl worlti.
I) aolinitationi. IndisponanHeto I. IEi.
Ali your IsriiKKlat lor )lilobntvr'a
i:tiBli-""and take no other, or Inolce 4
(s tamps) to us for particulars l l.riTri: by
rxlnra siinll. Nu. PAPr.K. tUI
cihmtxr 4 hmilonl i'n.,
HMIS MaMllaou Kqusie, PlillnMln.,
Hold by Prnraifts evervwhare. Ask for
lilrhoaf fr'a t.aigllaU" I'tiliuyioytal
Pltle. Take noother.
Bumtj'a (Horwn) Cora and Pea flau.
HAVINQ perfected my Invention. I wish
to place it bofore th pnbllti, (specially
manufacturers. As a Corn 1'lantur, it is a
rwrlMtsaooess opna the drill, distributed
th seed accurately, oolniarod, ami ooverd
ilia same, thereby on man perforinlnc th
work of three. Tliev hate been uaed la
this section for over a doien years with per
foot satisfaction, ban live responsible testi
monials, Address
JOUN 11. DANCT, Dancyvill.
Havwood eoontv. Ten.
rou n ai.1.
MoLemor avenue, near btate rental
blleee. The property, which is in lireen-
wood, the most attractive and irowina sub-'
arb of Memphis, consist of Ave acre of
round uneurpassod lor bnalthlulnesa and
eauty ol location, contatnina a larse varie
ty ol forest and fruit trass, ornamental tree
and ahrubboryi a two story residence com
prianr ten rooms conveniently arranged.
witn ample supply ot oioseui aiso, eituuou.
serrantj room, stable, oarrtiuro boue, ooai
and poultry house and several other out
buildings; two nood cinema and a deep
brick-walled wll wilh fixtures as a deposi
tory lor milk, butter, Ire.ib meats, etc. Con
venient aocesa to the oity bv streot ear and,
turnpike, with eaeinption from oity Uxea.
ramediate poa.asin liven io pun-oarer,
rin.. IHuMI. Vor terms of payment apply
'Ny-a- -MadlsuB at W.h...
KM4OHI.TN,rv. T. Board en th. UUI,
Hit. li. C, Howard, J Washington
Park. Rooms larse 1 location deliabllnl.
Convenletl to tars to Manhattan BeacA,
Ooney Island, uoni ueaon aua veeirai raiai
all. to N kork plaoes of amusement.
V I) :.V. 1ft. uawtll lirlnii
II V ".' I 'nbows..!!
fete. tEx
. ' J..',.-M1 fa. ! IJ'1.1

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