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TCKSDaY, t l J MOV. 80, 188.
The trade reports generally express
Btisfatfion wit!i lst week 'a business.
Eailroids ate bmldniK with tlie pros
pect ci great activity hen tbe spring
open?, and railroal rt port.3 are veiy
stie factory, a-specUl'v in the Soutli.
The Now Yo.k Tribune tvon, the paper
that helieves nothing good cn ciue
out of Niiireib.aiys: "Jadging from
' (tie alack market one would tay ttat
tbe bas'ness boom bad gone Sju'.b.
, Bat the eooraiotw grjwlh of Indus'ry
and bns'nesa at tbe 8.uth juot noW
on everybody's Hps, and tbe Connt of
Monte Cristo la expected to arrive from
that direction everyday. Last week
peculation in Sou' kern slocks lifted
1 the cr naial avera.e for lix'y active ss
cuiitiea above $70 per share, tbe hih
eet point touched sines the summer of
1863, before the collapse in Denver
and Northern rclfic." Af ter showing
th. artnal advance in the earntnzi of
eovsial Brjuthem railroads, the Tribune 1
adds: "There Biorfs show that tnere
has been real improvement in Sou hern
railroad tn ID j, as in Southern indus
try generally, and great .r tLan ia tbe
Northwestern and EssUrn section, but
less than in tho Northern Central
States." The Si. Louis Iron Age jolcs
in tbe cheerful strain, and dtclarts
"that the magnificent industrial pros
pects of the Bouth are probably es
active In attracting capital to her rail
ways a to her coal aud iron fields."
The New Orleans Picayunt men
ions a statement of importance,
should it prove correct, "that
awhereas at this time last year only
60 per cent, of the world's ocean
tonnage wis in commission, now 8)
per cent, of it is at work." Money Is
fairly ea y, and the financial condi
tion Is strong. Tbe Bank of England
is increasing its itock of gold, and will
'probably lower lis 4 per cent, rate,
which bas been .maintained to check
the flow of gold to this country, and
therefore, titer will be no scarcity of
that metal, especially if tbe stocks of
oar beet railroads are in Increasing de
mand in London, tbe rate there going
beyond the Wall street quotations
Silver has undergone some fluctuations
-this week. We quoted it a week sgo
at 46 penes an cuoce; on Wednesday
the Net Tork Bulletin quoted it at
47 1-14, but on Saturday at 40
pence. At tbe Utter rate the silver
In oar dollar Is worth 79.79 cents.
The clearings ol ths laat week show a
decline on the total reported of 6 per
cent, bnt excluding New York there
was an inorease of 8 9 per cent, as crjjt
pared with the previous year. The
decrease ia owing to less actjlty In
Wall street than there wai aear ago,
and baaki are not extending loans on
, "fancy" stocks. Of th thirty cities
reporting, eight shw a decrease as
against laat year. Of these, only two
,. places are materially above 10 per
cent, deerfS3 they are New Orleans,
which deorfstid 22.4 per cent, and
Lowell, jbch wai 53.9 per cent, be
low thy corresponding week lest year.
lmphii was 18 9 per cent, ahead of
rear ago. ine naw iora jnaioaior
reports the fallowing: "Et Tennes
see bonds are being bought fraely,
and tbe stocks will s)nnbs in demand.
Ttwr are too cheap to remain long at
their pns:ht price. Tennessee Coal
and ! n sold at par at the opening
yesterday. It Is still cheap snd onght
to go to 110 quicker than it did to
par from 90. Memphis and Charles
ton oprned 1 per cent, higher than it
closed Friday, and gained four points
beside. Tber is nothing to fear in
buying this stock, even st ths advance.
ll In already been announced
through the columns of ths Appeal
that the lion. J. A. Mansm, ot Ilarde
man cotnty, Is an aspirant for tbe po
sition ot Superintendent of the Public
Schools of Tennessee. The law re
quires a nomination by the Governor
aud a continuation by the Senate. If
the Governor-elect were to search
the State from Carter to Shelby be
could not find a man belter quail
fled lor the position than Mr,
Manson. lis Is a ripe scholar and a
thorough teacher and has large expe
rience, as he has given bis active life
and matured powers to the duties
of a practical instructor, lie hss
a broad and vigorous intel
lect, and as Superintendent wonld
manage tbe publio schools on
strict business principles. In West
Tonnecsee tbo universal teeing Is
tbat the highest seivice which
"TallaFoota" Taylor can render ths
estate ia to send to the Senate for con
firmation the name ot J. A. Mansou
as Superintendent tf the public
suhoo's. The new Governor will
need no tastimoi la's as to bis integ
rity, for he is kcown ss a conspicuous
member of the Lealslsture snd 8peak
r of the House ct Representatives, in
which position be developed adminis
trative abilities and talents of the
, highest order, both of which, with his
experience as a public educator, would
' make him an efficient Superintendent
of the public ichools ol the EUts.
i Mut wretched nan
Ar TaM into noetrt by wrong:
'Tftny loan In tutoring what thay Uch la
.wns. . , -Sk.lUi. 'j
" Sweet are tbe uses of adversity. Tbe
ludsbandof t diction always opens
the sweet-fet trstsares of the heart.
Wheu health is prostrated ths mind
besotrei a thinUug anguiih; it Is
thrown bifk upon itself, snd dis
covers Ita own resources. If ths
fou;ita:ni are deep tbera is a perpe'nsd
gn'jS of seutimeDt; if th"y ars shallow
. eU'rii ty m?rk) the' courss o( the
stream tt, U is net, therefore, sar
pri.iing t see tl-1 i til ction bus cx
trante J tha lati nt beauties fiat have so
long slumlord in the coble bosom of
cur excellent friend acd distinguished
fellow tit sn, Was. B. Moore, just ao
the fricion of tbe steel extracts
fire from the flint. The pub
lic sympatlrsei wiih the Memphis
bard in the bo lily a lments that have
recent'y clouded his nieliil, hsppy and
serene lift. Bat it Is a relief and
c.nt-o'al'oa to know flat his genius
bast lumpbe.1 over bis bodily infirm
i les, and Ibat, ai tbe bruised fbwer
gives out the sweet 'fit fragrance, si
has this bruised baid been cradled
iriti pect-y by suffering and wrong.
It is seldom, however, that the muses
haver around a sick be). Sutitssems
ths "tuntful nine" have been Mr.
Moore's boon companions while lan
guishing in sorrow and soaking in mis
fortune inspired him with the "di
vine fflatui," and be seines bis neg-
lecttd harp and sings as sweetly as the
music on the lea when tbe winds are
slumbering on tbe billows. Mounted
on his reguns, the Nbw Mem
obis bird does not scale tbe
thunder-blasted mountains, which
lave their brisht mires in the clouds
end from their anmmits sing of thel
sublimity and the grandeur of the vaV
leva below: he does not ride to the
brink of bibbllcg brooce, mighty riv
ers, or the old load sounding sea and
in lyrlo raptures portray their melody
and splovdor: he does not go out
beneath the glitterirg dome of night
snd by ths light of tbe blszltig stars
conterop'ate the mystery of our exist
fsncf. The gorgeons subsets of tbe
red Went, the crimson rainbow tbat
srebes the ikies, the gnarlod old oaks
now wavlrg their gaunt arms as if in
silent protest against the November
cold, tbe tezal flowers of Jane or ths
spargled summer woods do not seem
lo lneplie tbe muieof the Memphis
bsrd. But he tarns the wealth of bis
exuberant fatcy open another theme
aud by a laborious proceii be drags
his thoughts snd fancies from (he re
lactsnt and resisting soil of bis mind
and thus be werbles and wabbles:
For the Avalanohe.
'Tin Batnrday n W, the week is olottd.
Iti labors huib-d and donei
luc tbtli, earea and aniietiei
Hart oeaeod With Mttins aunt
And amnion, whom w tarv it wall.
Ho loyally and true,
bhall be deprived at leait one day
Ol taong bland lervloe, too.
We'll wraith around oar happy hearth,
In fteahaat. tweateit amilea.
Iuflowere ot faner, loving frlanda,
Vhwa memory Uma banullaa.
Wo II to eaati fragrant bad g
lo aah fragrant bnd sire name
or tnoae wa noia a ar uaar
And twina than round oar Start of haartf.
As emnlitU partorra.
,, ' Win. R. Maori,
There now-, Moore Is a poetical daisy,
lie wUbs over ths whole gamut
hurfun passions, himsn emotii
and human sympathies, and if i
man can read the above without feel
ing a wave of thrilling delight romp
ing np and down his spinal column.
he hai no taste for glory, no adm!ra
tlon for the beautiful and the sublime
when they thus meet together
and so frantically and lovingly kiss
each other. That is a poem which
will, "upset tbs category aud overturn
the predicament." Moore's moss bas
betrayed him, for the perfidious god
dees has palmed on him the most dia
bolical prose for genuine poetry. The
Memphis bard seems to think tbat
poetry means a correspondence of
sounds In the terminsting of words or
syllable, and he is not even
rbymeeter, and as to Ideality, be bss
none, while lit ihytbm J gi along
about es smoothly as an old faibioned
grist mill with an occasional cog miss
ing, and "in tbe name of the civi
uaitioa oi mo nineteenth cen
tury" we "p'otest" ugliest bis
measure and his meter. At some
deaf deacon s'mggling vainly with the
hymn comes L'g jirg on a verse behind
the choir snd, standing up alone, un
daunted, howls out the closing lines
after ths organ has cased and the
congregation been dismissed, so do
the long lines of our poet laureate
come hobbling up after the shoit lines
have ate their supper and gone to bed.
A celebrated painter kept ia the moat
oonsplouous place in his gallery the
meanest daub ot all his Immense col
lectlOn to remind him ot the goodness-
of his Creator In permitting a human
being to live long enough to paint
such a hideous picture. It tbe
Memphis bard la permitted to
live after torturing an inno
cent and unoffending community
with loch excruciating dog
gerel as the above ths world will have
still mors causa (o be reminded of th
forbearance and long suffering of the
good Lord, who in His mercy spares
the moneter whoss poetry has brought
sorrow and anguish upon dsfenseless
men, women and children. When
tbe Memphis Bard ceased to torture
the community with his loose, lumi
nous and Insurious letters for tbe
public press, and commenoed wooing
the muses, a pitlent and sfllicted pub
lio rejoiced as it felt that any change
would be a relief. Bat now that it
his seen a specimen of the Bard's po
etry be ia begged and implored to re
turn to prose sgiln, ss the reading
publis had rather be tortured with
this scribbler's letters than murdered
with his poetical strlchynins. Mem
phis is proud of the fame ot her cher
ished sob ai a statesman and
now that he is wrestling with
the muses it is hoped
he will not permit tho frosts ot crit
icism to . nip tbe poetical buds before
thev blossom. It is true the chords
of the poet's heart are too sensitive,
tender snd delicate for the rugged
storms oi life.. Butgenlns and per
severance triumph over all difficult es,
and if tbe Memphis bsrd will buckle
himself down to business as tbe
centuries roll by, the stataesof the
two Mcores wll occudv adiiioln
mvheilnthe pantheon tf fame; but
i osteal of s'aodirg ''prand, g'oomy
and peculiar," "wrpt ia toe s li'nde
m their own originality," as well be
nave otatuei usually do, they will
?m ,h K"8 ln fylD to solve the
diincult pr.bleti nhirh were the
jwtv port-whh.h Wt the brgl.ter
fame behind -Tom or B II Moore T
PylLMMii. vs..ifrrM.
Some Trouble In Selecting a Jury
A Wife's Mc.de Vessel '
Stranded L'artliquuke.
Naw Y'ibi. NoveanV-er 29. The
80(0 d t'iat of Arthur J. McQ'ede.
ex Aid rmtn, sccuse't of bnir. oili r.d
a b iln in coneldrrUion of hit) vo e on
tli-B odey raMrad fraucbl e, wjs
fixed ti begiu today. Wh-n ihe naasi
ol ege' peaple went hurrying up tne
stsirs of tbe Court of Qeoeral SMeins,
they found before the doorj of Prr
a bar wuh a siidinifiiate. uiuina
th'a no one was admitted t xept eourt
officers, furore, reporters and tne ac
cused wi'h his CJuneel MtQaade
Ulkrd pbaeantly with his coonei,
among wnom ws umrjara ixew-
combe, dsoite tbe rumors that he
hud withdrawn from the case. District
Attorney Marline, w th bi sssietante,
OjI. Fel owsand Ds ancy Nicoll, were
oa hand early. KecJider bmytn
opned cOiiit at 11:15 a. m.
Tbe calling of ths tiltsmen in tbe
eperlal panel to se'ect a jury to try
mcu ia le tnen oegan. inn nrst juror
obtained was John II. Bam bach, a
toDsorial ar i t. in Six h avenue. The
aadieccs smiled breaily a be gave
his ocrupet:on. lis knew Ex-Alderman
Wende'l; had met Sayles; had
rtal about MiCJiedi s n st trial; had
an iiDD'S sion but it would net tntiu-
ence tits verdict, iiaa no prejudice
i . ...
egtinst the evldecce of n acorn-
mice, loansei tor aeiense oDicieo
to the line of ti'iettions, as it
foreshadowed the junr's action
After araument the Recorder al
mit ed the form of queet'oas- The
jiror was arcpteJ and eora as fire
man oi tne mrv. mx succeains taies-
men were excused for bias rr chal
lenged. Joneph Mitchell, real estate,
of No. 131 East Ooe Hundred and
Nine'eenth etriet, wai accepted as tbe
second juror. The Commissioner tf
Jurors was examined at to bis method
of drawing joy men. Itwaafoundto
be slightly informs', as it n su ted in
duplicating arms nsmes. No more
jurymen bad been selected when the
cenrt adjourned.
. The Hiae Victims.
WiLKitHBABBS, Pa., November 28
Walter O'Neill, another vio-im f Fri
day's explosion at the Uonyogham
shaft, died this evening. Michael
O'Brien and Hugh Cannon, two of tbe
moat si r.omly injured, i t not expect
ed to live more tnan a few hours. Dr.
O'Malley, who is attending twenty five
of tbem, is of the ooloion that ail tbe
others of those irjared will recover.
Tbe coroner's iuvestigatlon com
menced yesterday, and tbe evidence
tends to show that tbe company were
to blame tor the accident. O'Brien
on his deathbed denies that there
were any danger s'goals, and this
statement is confirmed by the testi
mony of several other miners.
Natural Has Explodes.
PirrsBusrj, Fa., November 29. Tbe
Pittsburg Plate Olass works at Creigh
Ion Station, on the Pennsylvania rail
road, twenty miles from Ihis city is
burning. The woiks are ths largest
in the country, and if the fire is not
soon controlled the loes will be heavy.
Later The fire whs caused by an
explosion of natural gas, and did not
it beyond the machinery and foua
ry departments, which were entirely
destroyed. The main building ws
not damans!. The loss was 135,000,
fully insured.
Three r a Vrew Lost.
Dbtboft, Mioa, November 29. A
speuial from Ludington eays: At day
itght this moruing a schooner passed
L'iding'oo, and when three niila eff
Pjiut Siublesbe bo s'el her flag at
bait matt. The Point Bauble lile boat
went out, bat when 600 yards nut the
flig went to tbe mast head. The life
b a' attempted to turn and was cap
elsed. The crew clang to the boat,
which did doi regain an upr'ght posi
tion, but drifted aehore. Three of the
crew loet their lives. Capt. Flynn
snd Oirin Hatch died from exposal
and John Smiih ws caht under the
bt at and drowned. Tne schooner
kept on her c ure.
A Setaooaer la Olalreas.
Chicago, III., November 28. A
epwial bom Sand Beacb, Mich., says:
During tbe for oos snow storm Fiiday
n'ght tbe schooner Jsmes E. Joy was
driven ashore above Poit Hops. Sue
ia bound down with ore. Fears are
enter alned thst shs will prove a total
loss, but tbe tug Caset and the life
saving crow are trying to save her. It
la not known whether the crew have
been rescued or not. At last reports
they were ia the rigging, and freesing
seas were sweeping over them. The
vessel is owned Dy T. 8. Christie, of
Erie, and is valued at 118,000.
Lynebla; Sasptaloaed.
Fobt Smith, Ark , November 29.
Budd Htarr, Vanes Brown, Bill Brown
and Frank Moors, chsrged with rob
bing a store in the Ouickasaw nation,
were expected here yesterday, but
tbey did not arrive, and today it is re
ported on good authority that the
tour named above and three others
were taken from the officers by vigil
ants near Burreyville and hung. Par
ticulate are yet not obtainable.
4)aarrtls With Her nasbaad, Taea
Clivblasd, 0., November 29. The
dead bidv ot Mrs. Alicia Douglass,
wife of Dell Douglass, a Chiusgo scene
painter, who bad been doing work at
8ndnsky, was f innd in the woods
near ths latter plies yesterday. Near
the body was a chloroform b ittle, and
Mrs. Douglass evidently committed
suloide. Hhe bad qusrreled with her
husband last Friday and left htm.
A PareratlMa Erta.iak Shack.
Chicago, III , November 29 A spe
cial from Van Wert, O., says: At 7
o'olock this morning a slight shock ot
earthquake was very plainly felt by
the inhabitants of this community.
Many people ran out of their houses,
si perceptible was tbe shook. Bur
rounding towns were called up by tel
ephone, but none of them bad felt the
shock. ,
A BaM and fJaarafeaai oaaasav,
Milwaukis, Wis,, November 29.
A special to the Evening fFwcoruin
from Manistee, Mlob., says the tug A.
P. Wright went ashore three miles
north of thit place at 8 o'clock this
morning. The crew were rescued by
the Manistee life saving crew. The
tngwas towing the schooner A.J.
Dewey, when the line became entan
gled in her wheel. Thus d'ssbled.
shsdrif'edon tbe beacb, Lineman
Henry Danforth swam ashore at the
ritk of his life and procured assist
ance. A Family Cblarolurmea ad Bobbed
Milwaokks, Wis., November 2'.
A epenlal to the Evening'' Witcomin
from Chilion, Wis , fays: Tbe iam Iv
of Joseph Keller, dealer in general
nierclund ee, w. s chloroformed by
burgUrs on Sa'u-day p'ght. Tbe
th'tvei i ecure I $3T5 in ceh and about
1300 worth of uoofa, which they cor
ned on ia a wagou. do c;ew to the
A Kebaoa r and 111,000 Katlitla ot
Corn ! I..w.
Watxktown. N. Y., N ivoml-.er 29.
On Sa ur ioy i:'g it he schooner d m
anrha.owi e 1 in O'wego, lden witu
21,0( 0 busie s of cjrr;, trim CbitwKO
f r Oiideaebnr, ran on a (dioal ab ut
three-qutrtr8 of a n.ile from the w-et
e'da of Pont Peninsula, on Lake
Ontario, and eunk. The ccboocer wee
c mnaudedly Capt. Becker, of Os-
A family t.r Kin braziers.
Philadelphia, Pa , Nov amber 20.
Ex P e ident Win. lleibst and ChrIi
ier Henry tieui, of the Fi st Na
tional Bank of Green Ro k. York
conntr, Pa , w-re held in $5000 bil,
eaub, tuis aiie'noon Dy united btatee
Commiesioner Edmunds, to answer to
the charge of embezs'ement. The ter
timrnv showed tbat notes amoutitiog
to $50,000, m ettf which were drawn
in favor of Ilerbat, were discounted
at the bank by tbe cabhur, wittiout
the knoarlediie"' ronaent of tne B ard
of Uirec ors. Ileibert obtained bill,
but Sel i was unsble to secure a
bondsman and weut to jail. Jacob
and William Herbert, jr , sons of tbe
ex president of tbe bank, are under
arrest at B t more, oa the asms
charge, and will ba given a hearing
December 12th.
Int Hew Yrrk taunea a ereal Deal
Baltimore, Mu., November29. The
Sun will tomorrow publish the follow
ing.: Tbe etiiementa and cou itersla'e
ments concerning negotia' loni be
tween tbe Bil.in-ore and Ohio and tbe
Pennsylvania B'iltosd Con pan v for
en arrangement by which the Balti
timore and 0 no could use a portion
of the tracks of tbe Pennsylvania cor
piraUop, coniiune to be a loading
topic in floacce snd rai road circles.
TneBaltimrrdand Ohio interest had
nothing to By beyond merely oracu
lar utterances that were not satis
fying, beiau?e indefinite. Philad-1-
nhla hi. hann all alnnv the
I center Jrom Tblch tho repiri
emanated, and the situation there
has seemed to change several tiroes.
Tbe lateat sta'ement was made by the
Pni adelpbi Prett ot today to the
effect that previous propositions made
to the Baltimore and Obio road had
not met with ihe approval of that
company, and that the Pennsylvania
roid will mske a new offir, which will
include a proposal for the companies
to have freight terminals on Staten
Inland and I r tbe Pennsylvania road
to build tbs Arthur Kill bridge. From
au undoubted aatborlty on the Balti
more and Obio road's side, the posi
tion which that company assumes is
given now wiih a directness that can
hardly be misunderstood.
f KlUlac Sa, Lamb aw the Flea
. . af Self Defease.
Jesse A. Graham, well known in
this city, was acquitted last Saturday
at Waco of manslaughter. He killed
William Limb February 4th, this
Sear, in the dining room of the Mo
iellai Hotel ia that city. The two
were struggling together, Graham
having been suddenly and fiercely at
tackei and was being severely beaten,
when be drew a revolver and shot his
aseailaot. Lamb was a Chicago drum
mer and' Graham represented a Bt.
Lou's honee in tbe same capaciiy.
lawyers for tbe prosecution were re
tained by Chicago parties, and tbe re
sult wai a prot acted tr'al previous to
this, and a former hung jury. It has
proved of uusnal interest.
Urabam resided ia this city for
msny years previous to locating in bt.
Louis. At one time he represented
Wanamaker & Brown, of Pbiladel
phia, being tiielr agent. His brotber.
John W. Graham, was also well
known, beirg tonnec'.ed for a long
period with railroid lines of tbe East,
a id bis recent def ilcaticn, it is alleged,
was owing to trie heavy drain on his
resources o help his brother Jesse out
of this diffim ty. .
Frederick Bock well's Stalemeut.
Asbobt Park. N. J., November 29.
Frederick 8. Rockwell, wbo was ar
ret d r centiy in Kaneai ui'y charged
wl'h embeulement. sedaction and
adulterv, was committtd to the Mon
mouth Cou titv Jail, at Freehold, this
afternoon. Kockwell eays when he
went awsy w.th Mrs. Sidney B. West
and her cnim be embecz ed no money
belonging t his employers. Tbey
owed him $250 snd he took that
amount with him. He says' nothing
will separate him from Mrs. West,
Rue has gone to her mother's house at
Keyport and her child is with her
lie Whs Hot Joking.
"Are you married or single?" asked
anew York judge of a witness in a
divorce suit.
"I'm not married, but my wife is."
' Now, If you get off any more jokes
ia this courtroom I'll lock you up tor
con'empt of court."
"Why, J adge, I ain't joking. I was
matried ana l got a divorce becanse
my wife consumed too muoh Ko Ko
Tolu. Mr wile manied again, but I
didn't. I know when I've got enough,
so yon see I'm not married, but my
wife is. You don't catch me joking
on any such serious subjsct as mstri
mony." Boar Btaaley.
Nbw Yobk, November 29. Henry
M. Stanley lectured in Chlckering
Hall tonight to a large and apprecia
tive audience. His eubjoct was "My
African Travels, Explorations and
Works." The Rev. Henry Ward
Beecber introduced the lecturer, who
was greeted with enthnslssm.
The Only Daylight Trip
To SU L uis is via the Chesapeake and
Ohic route. Ltave Memphis dally at
9:30 o'clock a.m. and arrlvs at 8t,
Louis st 9:58 p.m. Quickest time on
record. Same train arrives at Chicago
at 7:20 o'clock next morning, three
hours and a half ahead of other lines,
Through sleeper to Bt, Louis oa train
leaving at 5:80 p.m. Ticket office
under Peabody Hotel.
A Baal alar! for I ha Yacht Oaliaaj.
8AV4rtASLGA.,November 28. Capt.
Cloudman, of Handout, N. Y-, started
from here in tbe twenty-four foot
sloop yacht Outing, on a trip around
the world. Bdfore going ten miles he
tan aground on the mud and did not
get OH' until midnight.
Ram Jaara'a t'ampalsra rioted.
Omaha, Nsb , November 29.-Pam
Jones closed a three week's campaign
In Omaha t-xlav. At bis lat mre'ing
he raised f 1000 for the Young Men's
Chretien Aso-iati.n building. He
left tonight for his home la Georgia to
take a res
Illlllwl Itinca nl Wnlforal'a,
AiMi) QisuorourLins
Stt Fire to Ifu jiousp, Burning
H Book Korper aud Couk
Lakb pHovinasc?, La., November
29.-H. Wiikowaki, ie;restnti t ve
fmm Wtst Carroll parish, came here
ibis afternoon ami reported havirg
been waylaid in tho parieh t,y a gar g
of ou'Uvs, numbering sx perEone.
He was atcimptrird by liia friende.
He expressed himself fortnnat9 in
esj'ping s'asisloation by taking to the
woods IU fuitber repcr ed that
about 10 o'clock lt aight hie book
keeper, Mej. John McKay, Jus
lice of tbe Ponce, was shot
and killer', together with bU
cook. His dwelling was set
on fire, snd both bodies were
conumed. Mr. Wilkowoki bos large
haziness interests in West Carroll
pa'ish, where he has lived a greet
many years and brought up bis family,
whom he is compelled to leave be
hind in order to eecaoe the clutche. r f
the outlaws. The murderers of McKay
will no doubt bs fully identified, be
cause they s opped tbe team of
Mr. Wilkowski returning home from
Ashton ye5trday at about noon,
when it hed traversed half tbe dis
tance, and beat the diiver unmerci
fully. Threecolored men hai cherg
of the wrgnn, but only one of them
hai returned, end he Is in town v.ith
Wilkowrki. It was Wi kowi ki's cus
tom to go to Asbton every Sunday to
meet the packet, but from some
reason ce did not go yester
day. lne lavtlees young men
were tbui distppointed in meet
ing him. When he was asked why he
did not to go ti Jliyd, get a He on It
andpoveand hunt down tbe aseas
tine, Wilkoaikl replied that it would
have cost him bis life to attempt to
g t tbera. Mfj. McKay was a quiet,
law aiming cit.zan, and was much re
ef Bostoa,
Ma.-nii Wlit lo the
"WW mrt ia etiia
That holdi commandment on I ho put of
me r , sialcetpcare,
"It tbere is any one subject of over
shadowing and paramount interest to
civilised communities, any subject tbat
attains an ever neightemng interest in
keeping wnn tne everrenaiog civil
zauon of man, it is that of hnman
health. With all intelligent races the
primary Instinct of a well man is the
continuation of his exis'ecce by tbe
faithful maintenance of a normal
physical condition. With those wbo
are sick, with these whose physical
organism nai undergone derangement,
the consideration sovereign to all
others is tbat of restoration to tbe
normal condition. A merchant sink
ing with consumption, the editor
prostrated with nervous exhaustion,
tne millionaire crippled witn rbeuma
tism, the poor man bemonstered with
deformity all feel a deeper interest
in the matter of restoration to the
health of nature than in their
traffic, their poiit cal theories, their
income, or their daily duties. And
when a physician, by authentic, in'
disputable proof ef some sovereign
faculty ol treatment, some qualiflca
tion for curing tbe whole ordinary
range ot chronic human direaws with
an almost unerring swiep that raises
mm to wide distinction over ail bis
professional contemporaries when
royally gifted physician makes his ap
pearance in any country or in any
century there centers about his name
and presence, and daily walk snd
daily works a warmer and more in
tenee feeling of poou'ar and individual
intereet than ever attaches to the
person -il life of heroic patriots or the
greatest political saviors. And, in
view of the fact that there is today
more widespread and mor9 living and
enthusiastic popular interest attaching
to the semi miraculous. 0 mo
properly, 'apparent miraculous' works
of Dr. B. U. Flowbr, the medical
wonder worker of Boetoo, in rf snuing
such multitudes of half dead in
vatids. abandoned bv tbe less com'
petent or less courageous element of
the American medical profession to
death by fevar, to death by
consumpton, to death from
lorg seated rheumatism, lo death
and hopeless despair from cancer,
from pa'alvs s. from rooted spinal and
nervous and hrain diseases in view of
the lac t tbat more of human interest
and wonder attaches today to the
nsme and works of Dr. K. C. Flower,
on the part of tbe entire pubac of in
valids, than to thht of any polit'cal
chief or of any literary or scientific)
light ot tbe century, considerable
space has been devoted in recent
issues to a consideration of 'cele
brated' cases of cure under Dr. Flow
er's treatment, especially oi such as
cave been oi recent occurrence ann
wholly phenomenal character." C7it
eagt ivmet.
Having been called West on pro
fessional butiness. Dr. flower will im
prove tbe opportunity to make a few
stops at prominent centers, ss follows:
LaCrosse, Wis Monday, December
13 h. at International Hotel.
Tuesday and Wednesday, December
l-ua and I5ib riaokmton uouse,
Milwaukee. Wis
Memphis, Tenn. Gayoso Hotel,
Frldav. December 17th.
Nashville. Tenn. Maxwell House,
Saturday. Decmber IStb.
Louisville, Ky. Gait House, Mon
day. December 20th.
Where he may be consulted with
the same privileges as though at his
office in aoaton.
Fine; Watch Repairing, Mnlford's,
Will Insist aa the Dates rirat
The New York Sportsman says
Memphis sends ns a sharp telegram
which we append herewith, concern'
ing tbe dates assigned to tbat asoci
tion in oar racing fixtures. The tele
gram reads as follows :
M f arsis, Tins., Horember SS, 1886.
Idltor Sportsman :
Who aatborlied job. to eh an r a our datot
etaimadf W war not raprmonUd at Cjp
einaatl. elthar in panoa or by proxy. Xbs
eoarraaa ln aaaaion did sot Sx tna data. It
waa dona by Inditidaala. Wa protsatad and
daollnad bj Ulacrapa in reply t Saoratarr
crnoa. ooraion ine data a-irea ua.
H. A. MOMUOHKHV, Praaidant.
This reopens tbe trouble which we.
in common with the entire racing
community, had thought satisfactorily
settled, indeed, we could not imag
ine why Memphis had withdrawn
from ths consress, but perhaps ths
toregoing telegram explains tbe rea'
son. Tne most desirable thing tbat
cm be ob'ained by racing institution
tbe world over is harmony. It ap
pears tbat teat is not now too state ot
effairsw thall our Western friends.
We give tbe dates in our fixtures as
repro ed to be these agreed on by
.ne CODgreae,
I'lrte It alclieta at Miilford'a.
t'baneerjr Co art Ellel, Ckaaeellor.
Willins vs Trrtbne. sale ordered:
Smith ve Smith, bill for divorce dis
missed; Vscciro vs Dofly, decree for
complainant; La shorn vs Fsrrabee,
complainant entitled to decree for
rteht due for execution; Frick vs
Warner, defendant entitled to a de
Decrees Greenlaw vs Green'aw,
transfer bond; Kufell vs Arbnckln,
dismissed; Trice vs Harris, diemiw-ed;
(ire bd law vs ureenlaw, Hue; bigler
ve Scb&be), amencment; Ureenlaw ve
Greenlaw, showing payment; Ancient
Order United Wirkmen vs Johnson,
complainant released. . '
Clrenlt Court Kates, ' Jads Jury
Calendar far November so,
Nos. 9193. W. A. & A. T. 0 llln vs
Taxing D strict; 9109. K D. Frayser
vsJ. t. Drank; 0193, K La-.gmu'h
Julin A. Waldron: 9201. H. L
Gu'onvs PhillpS. Alst n; 9209, W.
V. Wbilelaw vs M. & C. Kailioad
Company: 920, 8. W. Green vs
Victoria Hexter, administratrix; 9221,
Overton Les vs P. 0. O'Nsil; 022 ",
Wessendorf Jt EichbU'ir vs 8. T.
Cames ; 9226, John W. Wright va R
Townjena; y.'W, winter Murker vs
T. B. Sim'; 9i41, T. T. Goldfby vs
Newport JNews and M V.itjilroal
Oc mpanv ; 9.'46, E. II. Wood va J. O.
Pierce; 9247. Dr. J. E. Black vs J. H.
Manley: 9248, K. W. rownsend vs J
W. Wr cht i 9253. J. W. Mewborn vs
W. M.Simpson ; 8211, L. B, Eitoa vs
MatildtStiger; 8630, A. H. Kortrecht
vsU.M Kobreycrj 8KB, K. J. isirck
& Co. vs Ed Stack.
Willie Adams filed bis suit yester
day against Williams & Co., claiming
$10,000 damages.
Criminal Court DaBote, lodge.
Calendar today: Oiver Bovden,
Dave Colemin and Louis Jefferson.
The following parties were sentenced
Je sterday : Ellirk Jones and Solomon
ones, for stealing 900 pounds of cot
ton, four years: Harvey Thomas, as
sauit with intent to murder, ten years ;
John tagan, mnrdar, twen'y years.
Harvey S.ott to D" W. Brosdhuret,
south half of lot 5 G egar & Gibson's
subdivision, 36Jxl55 foet on Randolph
road : consideration, SlUO.
tioorge V. hove to I. A. Kerns, MX
150 feet, Ninth and Main streets; con
sideration. tliii 0.
Samuel A. Taylor to T. A. Kerns,
40x150 feet adjoin ng above property;
consideration, jmimi.
P. M. Stanlbt. funeral director and
embalmeroS ilaiuaon street.,
Lovkly orange blossoms for brides
dresses st the Women's Exchange.
Jost arrived, the "Improved Call
graph." Key & Co., 44 Ncrtb Court
Attend the Central Bapt st Church
concert at the Young Men's Hebrew
Afsnclhtion Hall ibuisiay ntgat, De
cember 2d. '
Cocans. Brovn's Bronchial Tro
ches are u ed with advantage to alle.
vUte cough?, s)ie tbroat and bronchial
affections. Bold only in boxes.
G. W. Millib&Co Patent AsVe:tos
Fire Proof Rioters, boi durability.
equaled by none. Ueed on wood, tin,
Iron, leit and gravel roo s. jmo. oo
Madison ktre-t.
& Herbal Chill Cure, the best
tonic and anti-poriodie known. A eertaia
and aura eori for oiiUla. 1'rloo tl per bot
tle, cod a atauipl for olrenuri. Any rat-
aranna nun. Ada-ail Joan u. iiunxar,
Lrnahbar. Va.
Why do vou pay $25 or $30 for
ready made suits when you ran go to
L. Bosenntein 4 Bros., 2o8 Main s reet
and 18 Jetlaieon itreet, and bave
suit made to oider. A nt guaran
Ths question of a proper food for
infants interests all mothers; espe
cially those unbl to nurse their on-
rprlng. Melliu's Food powsseB all
the requisites as a substitute for
mothers' miU. and is highly com'
mended by the medical faculty of both
Kurope and America.
Angostura Bitters are the best
remedy for removing indigestion and
all diseases originating from the digest
ive organs. Beware of counterfeits
Ask yoar grocer or druggist for the
genuine ante e, manuiacturea oy ur.
J. ti. is. fcjiegert Hons.
Fine Jewelry at Mnlford's.
1000 Reward for Allraed Ballot
tax "'lxra."
Tbbnton. N. J.. November 9, The
Republican State Committee today
offered a reward of $1000 f r the arre; t
and conviction of those implicated in
what they alleged to have been ballot
box "nxing" in tbs rmrd Aisemoiy
JJ strut '
Absolutely Pure.
Thta powder never varlea. A ronrTet oi
pnnty. atrenirtk and whoie-omenwf. 'or
ffOnuiuiv.i Itian 111. u;u'iiij iiiiun "
aannot ba aoM in coiupviitiun with tb mul
titude of low test, abort weitht alum or
1(1 Wall IM, New V nt.
))monl MloliaH. stnllorl,
We have ramored onr entire bnalneo to
Nos. 378 6c 3SO Front St.,
adjoininr tha 3Byia Hotel, where we
are receiving a lari;e assortment of Car
rlas, ltnrnl. Hniconw, Harnvaw.
afldiery. Km., all of whiea will be aold
at Very Low Prirwa. A full line ot Haraa
K-nuHola and a.ap on bant. AU
peraonain need o' the above snnds will aave
money bj aiiujinlnu our aiook before pur
ohaa ng.
Manufacturers' Atjfnts.
ll'I'll H I'lTTMIfllffll
ni hi i i n i i i i m 1.1;
ratlPK nn Kemoyed Alive, in trora
40 minutes to 2 bnur, with head eom
plete. or no ehare. No Fafting required)
no poi'noua niedioinea. t.an be taken with
eaae by child rr adult. Cull or (end for olr-
eulara. itl. M. at.1 djoi in. ni.eiaiifi,
Bpnngneiq, mo.
'To the VICTOR' the LAUREL,"
Prw-mirnt In vry h(gTr quality, trie
HANAN SHOE hat fcwcom th reofnid .tarvd.vd
lor fint wr among drtmimtrng gntlmn.
A Mmu with Brain and Consrlenre
will drop petty predjudicea caretfwJy picked up
when truth krux ksat the door. Such are invited
an try one pair of Hanan'a' fthoea. We knmw
the result : every man who want the bttst and
fin rut article in the market will become a perpct
Bal " Hanao" man.
Low Prices
Boots and Shoes.
L Dlserlmlnallaa; Fanllo are
talck to Discover Where Low
Price Aetaall Pravall.
ear Ensonragei by largely tnoreaaed
aales over the prerioua yean, we will
continne to sell our Boot and Ehoei
lower than any bona in tb city for
like quality, and afford tb opportunity
to leloot from one of tbe largeat and
moat varied atockj in tbe OniUd States.
Our Lad lea' Hid Battoa Shoe,
worked aatioa holeeveaaaot be
Oar Cblldrea' aad laaes' Slraas
Behaol Bboes, frana 91 Bp ward,
beat any tbiac la Ihe nsarket.
Oa deonloa Calf Mem abaca,
seanaleta vamp, at IS, 1st all
ly lea and shape, are the beat
In tbe world 1 1
Reduction in Prices
On everything fn our eatebllihraent. W
ar crowded with goods, and moat work
thorn off before the aeaaen closet.
ZEILltf Elt & CO.
So. S Now Beady.
Pnbiinhod by Baiuct, Baku A Bronti. Jewelet
Uoaua.loCU. FtUaapeaeid.wlthnortTal.
Proclamation by the 6oernor,
The State of Tennearee Wm. B. Bate, Gov
ernor To all who aball tee thea preaenU,
Grr.tlna: . .
WflBrlKA8, It baa beea made known to
ne that Bam Bruea (o). obarged with
having eommitted murder 7il
Bomb Oakley oa the -' October, 1886,
in our county of bhelby, fled Irom jaitio
and now running at large I - -
Now. therefore. I, Wa. B. Bate, Governor
aa aforeaald. by vir ne ef power and au
thority in m vted. do herebs offer a re
ward of two hundred and it V dollara to any
person or rewotia who i ma. apprehend the
aid 8am Brnoe (c), and deliver him to the
rheriff or jilor ot our oeaety of Shelby,
in order that Juaiio In that behail may be
bad and exocnted. Thia reward ia payable,
half on delivery to (hariff aad half on eon-
8AM BRUCE, wanted for klliiag Roach
Oakler.ia ft fot 9 irohre biejb, heavy Bet,
broad ebonldere, tenuine e le ed man, larie
fralurea. keen bl.ck eyres bad Burnaide
whekera, mu.Uche rnnaing b.ok to waif
k.r; tout nit diipotitiom b ela turn out
more than O'ri narilr in wa king. Baila
from Margin Point. ntr Oaeeela, Ark., and
m re recently from Brll'a tawuiill, near
Lakeview, in Tencej.ee.
lole'tiojony Wber.. t, I bave lereunto net
my band, and o.uaed the t're.lbeal of the
State to be affiled, at Nuhvilie, on the Ota
oa. of Koveuiber, 1S8S.
By the Qnvereor.
John Alliaon, b.oretary of State,
1 C
' "v

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