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S- 33. KI3DO-BXj"2r,
if la receipt ef a larrer, sore varied and better sa
aid 0VEB.C0ATI3GS, (all
uaai,j iaaa wai ever snowa is thia market. The
(tack can prises the choicest desires, finest texturea
&a nest d arable troeds In gentlemen's wear.
Staples and Prices
wke have left measures.
FTP fill If (Pi
ock Open
flow St
Wl would resrectfally announce to the public that we hav opened an A notion House,
nj M..11 nkjn.( (k. IJ.....mI In.tln. V.i.ti.... . n 1 .J . . KA a M. 1
Street, in the Webster Blook. Having scoured tne servioes of Mj. J. R. MnDON ALD, the
well known Auction Sale-man, who has a long experience in the anotlon business, we are
Srepared tomakesatea at RESIDENCES or STOREHOUSES, and will pay particular atten
on to the sale of Heal KUle and solicit a liberal patronage, as our motto is QUICK SALES
and PROM HI ball rLBMENTd Wa will make special ratea with Attorneys, Adminis
trators, Assignees, enerins, uommissioners and
at 10 o'clock e.m. and at 7 o'oloek p ra., and
ouuoea uereaner. vorsignments oi meronand'se 01 every Kind solicited.
N. MtirVmOftF fc CO., LiocuHod Auctioneers.
J. R. MoDONALT. M.lesmen.
Fire Nlgh's and Ba'urday Matinee Com
mencinf Hoadny, No. 119 lb.
Tuesday aid Wede"dy Nights,
Thursday and Friday Nights and Saturday
jhbwuoo a1 irn proououou in snempms
of the r la et aueoeaa, ontit'ed
Poo.8-9-10H-YIKS. D. P. BOWERS.
Open Daily from 1 until 10:30 p.m.: Satur
days from 10 a.m. to 11 p.m.
A Mesotron Bill of Wonder.
"THE WONDEROO," captured on the ooaat
1 6f Africa and the only one ever in captiv
, ity, and a boat of ether new feature!.
CO SIB I ft AT to SI
la the molt laughable aketoh KICK-RACKS
in our beautiiul Bijou Theater.
Given by the . ,
Bon Vivant Club-
A delightful Bal Marque et Pare will be
given at the SKATING KINK. I hole who
psrtioip te will have a chance to enjoy
themselves in a refined way. The arrange
ments are in the handa of gentlemen of
taste, and nocott will be spu'ed to make It a
grand success The hall will te appropri
ately decoiaU d. Vine rousio and first olaai
refreshments only.
MULE Owner can have tame by proving
property and paying okarsee.
.1 MAN. fd MaHt.np a.
IX W T I.UMPKIN, 9 Madison t.l
At4 Third street,
(1 Nll'K KOUMS in m
rlva'e family, oen
i trail y located, and suitable
and suitable for luht
at n uouri street.
COTTAGE Thtee rooms. Apply to
M. A. MoUOMB, S70 Adams.
ROOMS Hioely famished 'root rooms, at
NEW COTTAGE Five rooms, just being
Completed, at corner of St. Paul and
Goalee streets Arpb to
300 Vance streets.
"VTICRLY Furnlshrd Front Room, to gen--U-N
tlcmen onlt , at 224 Vance at.
ROOMS Two basement rooms, for colored
people only. 166 UNION feT.
ROOMS Furnished, for two or three gen-
tlemen ; reference required, 211 Mainst.
ROOMS Five desirable room i on second
and third floors, Mo. 306 Second street.
Women's Exchange.
tfijbaDlD rooms, lurni.hed or
nished, with board.
ROOMS Jurniahed or unfurnished, at
IpKONT KOOM-Furnished.
1 2oa r:
OFFICKS AND KOUMrt-Ai 65 Madison
street. B. M. ESTES, 36 Madison.
Qf"s1 CARROLL AV.-2rooms, lurnished
ZlJX (r unfurnished, suitable lor man and
wife or single ladyi fine location and mode
rate terms.
HOOM-Desirable front room, furnished,
at 124 Vance street.
T' WO very nioely Furnished booms, single
or en suite, at 142 Madison atroet.
J On Old Raleigh road, one new store
home, known as Chestnut Tree place, fitted
op for dry goods, aroceriesand feed; store
and feed-rooms both large; new Ilowe Scales
ia,lhettoor of feed-room. Inquire of -
H. A. iKKHii on the place.
rplK GILBERT PLACE Oorner Kaybnrn
-L avenue and Jackson street; two-story
frame, about 24 acre, land, fruits of all kind,
Will tent
io r a series or years. Also, another place,
some elx acres, near Gaston's; fine vines
and Iro.it, with residence.
, L. B. McFARLAND, 22 Madison St.
"O OUSK-Wlth all room.
Apply at No.
j a. mui
ulberry street.
xv .no
Hos. S. tend 10 In OaUoh
Building, on second floor, fronting on Secoi
r, fronting on Seoono
led by M. B. and A.
street, lormerly oocupi
R. R. Apply at 31 Madison street.
EAROK STORE First floor and cellar,
with side and rear entranoes, Hoe. SOI
aad 90S Main street. .
EFFICK3 No. 282 Second street. '
WBLLINGS-Nos. 891 Main stiiett 120
Oourt street and t Quimby atreet.
3g Madison street.
KOOMS Pleasant rooms, furnished U
desired , with references, at 219 Madison.
OTi?ICi-First floor-
At S3 Madison street.
LI.KOAMKOOMS-At 69 Market atreeti
eingle er en suite, furnished or unlur-
nuioea, good water, and near Business,
ftTOREaoUbK-Fonr story and baen.ent
kj aU.rehoDae. No. 254 Front streeU
C1OTT0N OFFICE-Apply to B. M.
yeon A Co., No. 364 Front street.
I I OSB-120 Washington 8'. : 7 rooms azi
-- u -iurwm. Apply at 133 roplar Bt
O g. W Main Streot.
a If, Mi.ln
ai7 Main Street.
m.i.ak m
Mnlford, Jeweler, 204 Main street,
solicits orders from the eoontry.
seasoa's lmperta-
on application ta those
for Inspection
Muardiang. bales at our nalesrooms daily
Trade Se'es once a week, the day to be an-
QTOREHOUSB ard Fiz urea for rent, and
KJ am ill i toe ot new goods lor sale, at Con
cordia Landinr. M as. Apply on premises
lo mrs. o. a. rr usoo, or te
g?4 Tmnt atreet. Memph'a Tenn,
r hl: n.Tk...j.. .
one a black, with crop and hole in one
ear and alit and bole In the other i the
other, red and white spotted, with a swallow
fork in right ear; teats have blaok marks.
A suitable reward for their return to mm.
near corner of Lane aren ue an d Ayrea street.
Ji Ciontatntng twentr and ten-dollar aold
pieeas A liberal reward lor its return
(Dia omce
fiPERA GL AS8K3 Pearl
setting! full
a f i I, f . i . ii
Leave same at Bank
u.uio, u. x.. n lain1, rngr-veii luanjun.
or Commerce and be
TWO GIRLS At Memphis Steam Laun
dry, 224 Second itreet.
SITUATION As Bookkeeper on railroad
umrm ono in mo uuainess o yeara: gooi
rcteronoes. q tresa M , thia offloe
LOS1TION-By a Civil Engineer to take
ja. ona-ge or ood street ion work or nae in
struments in a iarty; can furnish releren
cea. Address J. A. w AMI, St. James, Mo.
AN EXPERIENCED Lady Canvasser to
oanvaai for the Wiilla-. s Oors t. Apply
bitweenlandSp m.,at Second slteet,
uim'sih. inirn room.
.IkL For general housework, in a small
vji lamuy. in toe c untr.
A ddIv to
J. T
FARO tHON. S-59 Front St.
NURSE GIRL Mrs Patnelfon,
150 Wa.hin.ton at.
HOUSB-With four or 6ve noma, within
Ave or six blocks of Conrt 8onr' or
ivururuve rooms same oista ice. Address
. A. M.. tbU olfioe,
BOX-About 15 or 18 years o'd.
A"pl t 851 Main atreet.
JCRSE-Colored, at
On a farm as manager; can
O lu'nish re'rrences
b. J. tl., this ollljo.
MRS. ABD1LL wants three flrst-class
Waistmakers and two Skirttnakera. at
No. 511 Main s r'et.
77 ADM8 ST.
YOUNG MAN-Sliteen or eighteen years
old, to collect for a business house in
uis e.ty. Addie's, with reference.
BUS1NKSS, appeal office
ALIVE and Enertetle Business Man,
with a onpital of about t 0 000, capable
ot handling five or ten salesmen, to ettab-
iiau a orancn oi onr oueiness in this city.
Our goods are well and favorably known and
in general nae. Profits large, and no rias of
loss oy deterioration. Address P. 0. Box
aa, Cincinnati, unio.
A MAN To canvass aad manare canvas-
.Brii, io coou-oi an sales ni me incan
descent Light, equal to 0 Candles, in Mem
phis. For particulars, terms, etc, address
miAisuiSMJisn i L,Anu'Oo.,Fittfburt,t,a.
QCRAP I RON-A qeaatity of tovet and
U maontn.rf torap iron and old car whi
St, Louis. Mo.
XI At Chambers House.
At 519 Shelby street.
QALESMEN In every State in the li' Ion
to represent a rAlMT ,
ING ESTALLISUMENT having several
SrgOIALTIlS that are DOsnlar aerf eaav sail.
lay. Can be handled alone orin connection
jiu oinor goona. Address THIS wm. li.
rriiuri stsnnrit. v.. HALT1MUKK, BID.
TCTVKRYBODlt To call and see theoele-
linn SbtT J1.0 1 tat ion work on the -
uJ J Memphis, Birmingham and Atlantio
n.n., near Ao.ra en, mtsa. Apply on won
matt.1 m tiEK, uoptr ctors.
Furnished front rooms, with use
XV of bath-room, tcr two gentlemen Ad
r two gentlemen At
A , 272 Second street.
i LU gold
k SlLVlCK For cash oral
V t chance. MITLVORn. Je
el ". atH Maia
fif lO ii' ANDStAtiOijf i4EN-6n thi
1JJ Memphis Branch Iron Mountain
Wages. l.75 per day. Apply oa
tha work, eight miles west of M.rlnn
't or it
1000F.0a,b.Or,.a.1nrS,,RSii Md.BTC
rrice list. Address SAM OABAY. Aaent
and Commission M- rdhant. Memphis. I
BLAT Or part of a residence (three or
four rooms). In aeod n-i.Kknr,nni1. for I
iuvihnna.wUni.. li . .L..7 I
er.;eStTehwwT. AdT
OHf . TAl?-Alf day; lot) Drivers
devniaht. 200 Station M.r, , -ill r,. from
, . . dm 1 '', " " every oavur- 1
12 to 17 oenta per yard. Beit work on the
levee 1 no roots; ne grubbing! all new work
infields. Gcd camps, Ieqnireof
F. A. JONES A CO.. 61 Monroe street,
or on works cf Forreat k Co.. Austin, Mln,
TOOD Colored Chamberm.M.
V3" At 72 Madison street.
100K Good first-class cook at 2W4
ond street, ep-srairs.
OOoMS Two or three unfurnished rooms
n " we persona. Apply at Schilling I
poarairgnouae, nuama aieet.
A GENlS-la every town to sell Pianos
and Orsans. I10UCK i CO.. Memphis.
DAY BOAKDEHS-Or wi houtrooms.
At W Kaat Conrt street.
order in best styles at
lf AN An intelligent.earnest man to rep-
xia. resent, in ni own locality
a larae re-
ponsioie nouse.
rl ht party. St
A raniDn.ttllM alarv to
Steady position Relcrenoes
csohanged.Amerioan Manufacturing lluse,
Id Rn'ol.Y et.. N. V.
Muiford'i, 801 Main.
Judge Jackson Ilo'dg That the Fed.
etal Com U Clearly Have Juris
diction of the Cases.
In the TJri fd Stat'a Circuit Court
yeiterday, Juiae Jji kson rt ad tie to
lowing dec ho u in tne i'reet railroad
cases. It wi,l be sot ced that the
court does not (ouch upon the
merits of the controvt-r-y between the
companies, but mcrdljf pawea upon
the ques ion of its own jurisdiction
on tne ma'ters inro red. If on final
hearing, however, the Court decides
in favor of the old campany's claim to
an exclusive privilege it will exclude
the Dew comrany from the streets of
MtmpM;, am the question will tben
be, what will the new csmrany
do with its track and rollinsr
biock. it it decides that the
two companies mar share the
streets, the question will then be,
now will the law divide them no?
particularly on streets t jo narrow for
more than one road. It is a beautiful
fight as it s'ands; and it wilt donbtlurs
tie rears before a flaul in tin is rearhpd
la the meantime President Hidden
loots on tereuely in undis urbe.l tat-
leiaeuon over tbe fact that the people
have increased railroad facilities', pay
, ior mem woo mayr
Jolae Jacket n'a nerlalon
We hare coaeiderrd the milinn
made by the Taxing Dilrict of Hhelby
county ana ine uitizens' lUuroa.l
Company to remand the casts that
have been removed to this court from
the Chancery Court of Shelby county,
the two caes being the Memphis City
Railway Company agairst the Taxing
District of S lelby county, and tbe
Citizens' Ra lroad Gortipmy against
me raempma uity Kaiiway company,
In 18U5 the Legislature chartered
the Membbis City Railway Company;
and by the fourth section of its char
ter it was authorized to construct.
maintain, u?e and operate street rail
ways Dy animal power, on all or any
oi me mreen oi the cur ot Mnmphls.
It was further anthoriad bv that
fourth section to contract with the
city of Memphis tor any purpose
wuHtever. canneciea. eitntr aitectiv
or indirectlv, with the construction,
maintenance and operation of ssld
It tilled a bill, when it was oh-
slructed In January, 180J, against the
cityoi MempniB, ana btd i s rights
at serie j to some extent in mat lit ai
tion. dod mac is not material tu a
decision oi this case.
In 18S0 it entered into a contract
with tbe City of Memphis, and bv the
terms of that contract, whenever in
tbe Judgment of the Mayor and Alder
men ct the Uity ot Memphis, a tail
roan tracic bdouiu become necessary
on any of the streets not previously
cccupiea dv me comDanv. it sbon id
give them Bixty days' notice for the
const-uction of a railway on said
street, and tbe company had to in
dicate its intention to build tbe road
thus indicated by the citr within
sixty days, and to actually construct
tbe fame within tbe course of twelve
mcnths. That was the then stats of
the rights ot the City Railway Com'
la istits tbe .Legislature chartered
the Ciiisins' Railway Company, and
au'noiueu it to lay aown street rau
way tracks on any of the streets and
roads of Shelby County. It amended
lhatactin 1867 si es to enab e it to
run its cars into the City ot Memuhis.
for freight purposes, perhaps. In
March, 1870, there was a still further
charter tf the Citi'iacs' Pussenser
Mtiiwar uomDanv. dv the louitn
clause of which it was enacted as fol
"Be it further enacted. That the raid
corporation, by its a rectors and of
fleers, (hall hare power to make and
execute contracts and agreements with
- constructing end maintaiaina
emu eirurt railways in me
eaid city, upon any of the streets
thereof, upin which street railways
are not low constructed, such rail-
tarave tnba nm, ra fori htr ant mo 1 n . ,.
and may construct, maintain, uee ana
operate as aforesaid, such street rail
v. ays, on all or any of the eaid streets,
u;iug far that purpose all neotssary
machinery and quipments."
Under this act of 1870 it will be seen
that those two street lailway charters
embodiea tubetantia.ly the rams
grants, privileges and powers. Now,
mis last act is reierrea to Dy tne plead
in trs as aa interpretation of tha inten-
tion of the Lsia'atore in its grant to
tbe Citizens' Street Railroad Oompa-y.
If the contention of the Memphis City
Street Railway Company be correct,
namely, mat its grant gives that com-
or any of tha streets of Memphis, and
Ku-J omu.uBs.v IIKUI rj UWUUV Sill.
tbe foregoing be a correct interpreta
tion of the extent of tbe grant to the
Ciikens' Street Railroad Company, of
coarse mere is, noon the reiy reading
and production of the two charters, a
conntct, arising out of legisla
tive grants. In such a con
flict as that there is necessarily
presented a federal question on Ihe
lace oi tne two charters. And, even
it less than this should be claimed for
tbe new company, it is equally plain
on tbe facta appearing in thia record
that it asserts a franchise which may
conflict with that of the old com nan v.
It is not required, in order to glre
Ihli court Jurisdiction, that al the
uunuuuD iu Miti voo ounii uo ui
federal character. There it hardly a
case that is removed from tbe State to
tbe Federal Courts that does not in
volve other questions. This was set
tled as early as the esse of Mayer vs.
Cooper, 6 Wall., a case fhat went
from this State. In which tbe Canrt
Bays: "It is no objsct on that ques-
lions are involved which are not ot a
federal character. If one of the latter
exists, if there be a single such in-
mw1lAnt in thA mass, it la anrnrfanf.
-? M. cisire 5pon the
SUbfeCt 01 lunsdlCtiOQ." UoeS tbe
case, in Other words, in any 01 its
pectS, depend for a proper solution
- - nM.,.MA.iAM . - f .1 1
uiiuia vuuouuuuuu ui ius xcwsrau
taw or of tbe ConsUlution ot the
unitea Diawi loroiaaing tne outes to
impair iuo uuuaiiuu ut muiiavis 1
Whenever that is shown by the Dlead-
lngs, exhibits or petition the right of
1 removal exists and this court takes
jurisdiction take it upon tbe theory
of government, the theory of National
Government, that in respeet to Fed
eral questions, questions which arise
out ol the laws or ihe Conati'Ution of
the United Sta es, tbe Sopreme Conrt
of the Uni'ed Btater shall be tbe ulti
mate aibter. And this act of 1875
rbicb authorise t';e removal i a
remedial art. It was Intended to ob
viate the d lays lncid nt to trials in
the Mate CourU and removals follow-
log them.
I can conce ire, and this court is
ready ti admit, that there are ques
tions in this case on whioii the Su
piems Conrt of Tunnesore might rst
its decis on snd expreislv : idthe
cfss that wtuld d -piive either patty
of a ng'it to a writ of eirur to the Ba-
preme Codrt'of the . Uuited SUtw
That mibt be tre case. Bat Still,
the F.d ral qnestioa is thee, and
P'esenteJ by tneie to cofluting
.rants, H ran tie rnmorrd un 'er tbe
act t l 1875; and ther bring a Fed ra)
qnration in th ra-e, tills court mot
tnke )nrldictioi n it only of that
Q'im.on, but oi all other q ipft ous
1 I 1 Al I...
iiivoivsa in t'le litigation, lier it
g' tun to us that on the feci of the
two grants set out in the p e dirgt
nere is iuei ronnii-t wn ea rates
Federal qnstif'n.
Bat aside ff ta tint, anthoiitv ia
claimed by tte Memphis O.tv R'lvr-.y
tompany and ty the Ciusatie' Railway
uompuny io oortract wi'h tuec ty ol
Mempbii for any purpose whatever
connected eitner tiuettly orind roc'.ly
with conntruetirg, maintain'na and
operating ' said railways. Njw in
1800 acd 1872 tbe Memphis City RH
way entered into such a contract. Va
terms and stipolatmnsof which I have
already stated. In 1885 the city of Mem
phis entered info n contract with the
Cl'lzens' Railway Comiaoy, wUlch nr.
dertakes in "exprebs tetm, and is
dis inct'y averred in tbe pleadingp, to
modify, change and limit ihe contract
entered inter in 18tiOWth the Memphis
City R.ilroidOompauy. Thecntiact
undertakes in exprfse terms ti matrlrt
the rights cUrtmed or estwirted by the
Memphis City Kaiiway Company, and
to exclude- it from a oottion of.tho
streets ot the clry of Memphi; to de
ans Its limits and exclude it. Now
the groandicn which the city and tbe
new company claim that liaht are
wholly imtoateria1, aniens claimed
under the - old corn par 7" ftaolf.
They claim by virina cf, the
fact, as' set but in the plead
ings, that the old iompaty , has
misnstdand ithnse i ita ctarU r privi
leges and forfeited I hem to soma ex
tent. The clfy cUime he r gat to
make the fO )ttt",t of 1S5 with the
new comnaiv' uuiie? t a lnuialDtivH
power, and tbeCit k-u.' Rail way Com-
pai y asserts 11 oy virtue 01 the same
powers 01 .tha Taxing .District and
its own charter. Thus it aDoears that
these two rival companies, a''t'rg un
der powers assumed to have bien
granted by BUU legislation, f n ii :
either in their own c ar'8 r lit ' i
the city, or alt of th in. ntiil ait? to
exercise the ., veaii-t ive Iimiu:Ii--
ciaimea oy ea"n, enu tu y i .,r : 1x4
to the extent of therr .-p m tivo naU
HUH BUI up COMlHl'll'L' t'latoia
How stands the c ,aa upon that state
01 iarta 7
This court'" does not now iWlila
whether the en-tract of 1866 is va id
or invalid.' B it this may be said
about that: ' If the city of Memplrs
01a not uve in its coarter authority
to make that : contract. In exnreea
terms, may it not be aaeeited that Ihe
cDarter prlr.Iege graLtJd to tbe rail
road company conferred that ptiwer?
j wouiu dp. or seem to D. an absurd
ity to ray that because the cliy charier
was silent, when the Leg'slaiureia ex
press terms emrowe ed the railway
company to contract with the c ty for
any purpese whatever ennnecttd di
rectly or indirectlv with construct.
ing, maintaining and operating
that street railway, that the
city had no inch power. That
clause in the chaitrof the ra lwav
company would seem to be a sufficient
grant of legisla ire power ta authorize
the city to make tbe contract. Tbe
point is not now presented for decis
ion, and we only en trc oat it hp, to
show how thiae . powers may and
do arise, .if at all, by ltgiela
tire g ant "Well, assume that
the city had the authority to make
the contract with , the old company in
1806, and by tbJj charier of tbe Cit
izens' Railway Company or its own, it
hsd tbe snthotity 10 make the con
tract of 1885 with that company, and
you produce. a cornet that raises
constitutional question as to hother
the franchise tgubliihed by the con
tract of 1806, and author zed by tbe
charter of the old rotitDanv. fa not vio-
la eJ by the frtnrhiee entablished by
the contract of I880, auth ir zed by the
charter of the nw cimpany or ttat of
the city Its if. Ween vou reach that
situation you bare a Federal question,
neceseaniy ; ana tl'n pleadings raise
tnete q'ltstioos. The old comoanr
asser s toat Its r ghts have beon rlo-
la-ea-tnat its rt d (barter rights
bave been violated by what is being
dnnt and what has b ten done. Tbe
bill S'tathsm no. And in the other
case the answer and tha cross bill set
up the e qi'stioas.
Maw the tneorr cf the bill of the
Memphis City Riilway Comoany
sga not tha Taxlrg Distr ct is, that by
Virtue of tbe deriaion made in 18(lft tin
Taxing Distiict is estopped from as
serting tbe riuhts that are thns
cla roed, and inteifcring with the old
company. Then when you come to
read the answer of the Taxing Dis
trict, tbe Taxing District sets up in
its own defense the righ's of the new
company, and an authority to con
tract with tbe new cimmnvln the
exerciss of its own powers and the
powers conferred upon the new com
pany. Ana so, upon bin ana anawer
appears a rederal.question, perfectly
distinct and clear.
In the other case the CitlxW
Riilway Cimpany against the Mem
phis City Railway Comoanr the bill
and answer, and the cross bill and
answer, and tbe exhibits, raiee the
same Federal question, perfectly plain
on the pleadings, to say nothing of the
petition for removal.
Uar conclusion is that while there
may be also other questions, it is per
fectly clear that tuere is a Federal
question in both cas'S that will five
this court iarisdiction, and upon
which ihe BODreiia Court of the
United Sta'es onsbt to render the
final decision, if tbe parlies des're.
xne m nion to remaoti is overruieu.
My brother. Judire Hammond, con
curs fully.
Btalebary'a Truabadoara.
Last erening the Troubadoura gave
an amusing musical sxtraragaoEi at
the theater before a lares audience. It
is called The Brook, and while it has
little or no plot, it gives the Salsbury
Troubadors an opportunity to display
their varied talents as actors, violioists
and dancers. The entertainment was
much enjoyed br the audience, and
tbe different members of the company
jVanVrnft liMlallV etno-t.eaiH a,A flf ftnnfaaia
loudly applauded, ui
Nate Balbarr and Miss Nelly Mo
Cll " a W
Henry were the leading people, but
Hsnry WSTS tl
they were supported by Mtts Marie
Hockei and Messrs. Webster and biair.
Toe extravaganza was quite funny,
and will be reproduced tonight
A DrDKikt'i Story.
Mr. Isaac C. Chanman. drnireist.
Newbnrg, N. Y., writes ns : "I have
for the past ten rears sold several
gross of Dr. William Hall's Balsam tor
the ivungs. x coa say oi it wnat l
cannot aay of any other medicine, I
have never heard a customer speak oi
it but to praise its virtues in the high
est manter, I have recommended it
in a great many cases of whooping
cough, with tha happiest efleits. I
bave need it in my own family lor
many years; in (act, always have a
' o t a in the modicine closet ready foi
a 10.
Gold Pens tit Mulford's.
the mwmi mu.
Tbry Detl'ae a Form 11 1 Re teptlon
and rr.f. r Visiting the frh ools
and Inspectlog- Sewers.
At the Mercian's' Fjtcliasaa
vtW -
terday afiemcoa a metting of thi
at cm be re wa? held to hear the renarl
of the ct mraittee a sot to New Orluan s
to iDVite the Ilarnfr party ii Mem
phis. President W. J. Cataee ores tUd.
Mr. T. B. Trtzetant, of the com
mit op. eaid that he. Mr. E. A. Keel
ing and Mr. Emmet Wocdaon met tbe
Harper party at N' w Orltfan, and
were inturmed that ther would be in
Memphis next Huuday or Men day,
end would remain two or three day
Taey will speod one day looking at
tue msar plantations in Louttnana,
one day at V ioksbttrt and one day
among tne cotton p aoiaiui s, mciaa-
rg 1 lover xxiii. M m., tbe rrooerir of
Mr..Farsaon. ariivioit at MoiddIiis in
the evetiirg.
any Vai tintt ur formal reception, pre-
ir ng to met the p'opltot Memihts
nttrma it snu bocu iv. ilit-v desire!
above a 1 thing to link into the work
ingoi 1110 v , mg system 01 sewer
age, to get manufacturing stati. tits, to
v et tie promu rnt pUceml mpecal
ty 10 visit wm t auii toioied acnoois,
Tbe parly is luinpostd of s i gentle
men, Mr. War.'i.r,' who ia in cnarge;
Mr. Harp r, Mr. Ktrke W ennui, a
writer, d iiive arlis'a. Mr. Ionian,
tha p4itv, left New Or.eans ou
batorday lor New Yo'k.
Alter considerable d scussion es to
hj manner in which the party is ti
bt rt-ctivtd and enteiUiiied, President
Chf.sa appointed the following com
mi1 tees:
tnino Jtiovtion T. B. Tre zevant.
Chairman; j. u. aiaitin, John K
Speed, John T. Willir. A!f T. Hay
den, M. A. Cochran, A. 11 Uocdbi r,
nowden, r. T. Anderson. J. M,
StL pics, John 8. Tool, II. H. Maury,
W. u. Hor on, J as. I'heian, K W,
uanoway, uugu rtfit, j.m. &.aiDg,
Jolin 0. Rogers, O II. P. Piper, D. J.
Hbriver, J. J. Thornton, K. ti. Craig,
A. (i. Newsoin and II. M. Neely.
Committee to Exhibit the City - Dr. D.
T. Porter, chairman ; J. T. Fargason.
J. C. Neely, H. A. Montgomery and
No'and Fontaine.
DayRoption Committee. H.P. Hid
den, chairman ; W. J. Chase, T. B.
'1 relevant, J. T. Fargason, Kmmet
Woodson, J. 8. Menken, Jas, Phelan,
J. M. Phillips. J. W. Dillard, W. W.
8choolfield, J. T. Pettit and K. A.
Committee of finance and Arrange'
ment. Napoleon Hill, chairman: John
Johnson, A. B. Treadwell, V. D.
Bethell, 8. H. Dunscomb, E. Liwen
stein, W.F.Taylor and Jebn Over
ton, jr.
Tbe Committee of Finance and Ar
rangement will meet as soon as possi
ble, after which the teveral chairmen
will rail their respective committees
tog 3t her for work.
B Issaquena, of the Mississippi Valley
road, left laet night for New Orleans
with Mr "A. M. Cooke, assistant general
manager of the road, and Mr, J. M.
Keating, oi the Appcal, who will loin
the Hat pei party at New Orleans, and
remain w?bh them until they arrive
here. It is probable that the car will
stop at Greenville, MI'S., on the way
down to take on Col. W. A. Percy, of
MiBHB-ippi, a distinguished oiator ana
lawyer, who will doubtless be able to
furnish the party with much valua
ble information coocernirg his Btatt.
By Prof Aleaanileir fllaehell,tt Ihe
Y. fJ. H. A. Hall.
Pi of. Alexardrr Wiucholl, of the
Uuiversity el Michigan, delivered on
Huntlsy the first cif stries of three
inc ur, s on scientific subj cts. In an
ticip.tion ol a rjr iotleolul treat,
an andlenes of nearly COO people, com
posed of the most refined, intelligent
and critical ol our citizens', awetn
bed at the Y. M. U. A. Hall
ti hear the distinguished lecturer.
Promptly at 8 o'clock the curtain r-se.
Oa the stage wi h Prof. Winchell sat
Mr. J. M. Keating, Oen. R. F. Patter
son and Mean. J. S. Menken and T.
B. Edgirgtin. Mr. Keating briefly
introduce I the lecturer, who imme
diaely advanced and was greeted
with aPDlause. Ue announced
the snbjtct as "Science, the
Ally of Christianity," and divided his
subject into seven beads, as follows:
Hcienoels ChrUtianity's ally, first, in
seeking for that which ia true; second,
in proving a supersensible world;
tnird, in pioving, in conjunction with
philosophy, tbe existence and attri
butes of a supreme being; fourth, in
provirg man a religious being; filch,
in proving the validity of the
fundamental propositions of re
ligion ; slxtb, in vindicating
the troth and authority of the sacred
Scriptures. In conclusion, the learned
gentleman dwelt upon the lolly of
warfare between the followers cf
science and professors of religion, and
urged the importance of harmony be
tween them, holding that religion im
paired its own Interests by rejecting it.
We cannot follow tbe learned lec
turer throughout his instructive die
course, which wss replete with forci
ble illus rations of the theories he
thought to establish. His delivery is
eminently pleaelngi and he has the
habit of accurate and felicitious speech
to a high'y developed degree ; these
advantages added to a profound ac
qna ntance with almost every depart
ment of science make him eminent
ly an instructive and agreeable
lecturer to listen to. List tight he
lectured upon the "Lifetime of a
World," and tonight he will conclude
the series with ''li Evolution God
less?" Lew DBOBo'a perfume, Edenis
Lundborg's perfume, Marchal Nile
Lundborg's perfume, Alpine Violet.
Lundborg's periume.jLily of the
Valley. : .-
Solid Silver t MoHbrd'a.
aWejIewllle Cats oast. ;
' taxPAM roil floods. ,
Fouhdations, cellar walls and bniltU
lngs subject to overflow should be con
structed with Louisville Cement It ta
the standard.
Diamonds, at Wtplford'su '
is Bavorao bt ths usa or oocoaihus,
Aaid it stimulates and promote the
growth of the hsiv.
BarneU's Flavoring F. streets are tbe
TC rV. Would enjoy your dln
1 v,v' ncr and are pre vented
by Tiyspopula. uso Acker's Dyspepsia
Tablets. They arc a positive cure for
Dyspepsia, Indigestion, Vlatuloncy
and Constipation. Wo guarantoo
them. 20 mid OQ ccuts.
BSJWyjajaa".., ' ""TaV8
Tailor and Importer,
1 is new eeimplete. t Largest, Coeieeet aad
S.."i;Ml. V Ttt Br4 la Weeiphie. aiatin er ail law
If? 1. J.,b L?Jm' '"'Porters of Kngland. Frwoe anS Oer
aal hi.W.:M?,""i,.,PK,,AL ""ThU uw f custom. ",5
a!a? aVTA V ttAlllical "S WCai
Cor, Sicond and -Sffirtoa
Chas. lerzog
W We have the Lre:Mt AaMortmr-nt aflUH iM ii,.i.ra..i.
Albuinti, .Vrtllaff Dehka, Work IIoxs-h. Tli a..f
graph and 8ernp lluokHaMiiwic JIoxom, EC.
" '"HAMS win do wlno by Rtlll,,, our prlortw befor
OlXicvs. Herzog- c53 Sx-o.
I'M Main Strfflt. Opp. Poabofly Hotel.
Ml8 IlAI'PY Goortll. of TaMPi-.mhia.
is visiting relatives la the city.
T. O. ANDKH'ON left ut w ock for
New York, and other poiots East, on
ervllle, is on a vieit to Krp. Suo
Bailey, cf Court street.
II. E. GoODLETT and wlfn. niter
spending a few weeks In New Orlonnu
i .
nave roiurnett come.
A. B. Pickett has returned from
Florida and will take editcuial charge
of the AmUmche tomorrow.
W. KaieeniikrokR. formerly nf
this city, but now of Wall street. Naw
York, ia in ths city for a few days.
Ml'S ElXIB ANOSRtOM left lait
evening for st I-onii, where ebe will
be the guett tl Col. R, M. Horuggs's
W. II. Baskette. ot the Nashville
banner, was in the city yesterday, cir
culating among tbe boys. He tt-od
the ordeal well.
Mfaa V.vi Hinui.ooa nf (1UV.nIIU
- "' vi.i.Dimc.
is visiting Miss Hanuon Sckwrar at
the residence of her ancle, D. II,
Potton, on Vance street
Miss Nona Wintur. of Huntivllle.
Ala., will arrire in thia citr on the 2d.
and will be the guest of Mr. Walter
A. Gcodman, Shelby street.
Mrs. M. Swope. ttas Mies Jsnnr
Maiks. is on a visit to her old home.
and is stopping with her sister, Mrs.
iae rneuman, rno. zuu Adams street.
E. B. Wads, ol Murfreesboro, Tenn.,
n response to letters from friends
bere, states that he Is a candidate far
re-olection M Olork of the House ot
Rkuit WoRTny- "Thomas Mokhis.
urana master oi niasonsi ior Jenues-
see, will bs entertained at the Gayoto
notei tins i rneadav) evening by the
masons oi mis city.
TuaVickslurg Herald of November
Z7ib eaya: "ltie lion. JelTorson Davis
arrived from Memphis'' yesterday
morninir, and will visit Briai field
plantuirn before he returns to his
home at Bcauvoir."
Tub annual election of ollicera of
Ihe A. umnl Society of the Chtiiiian
Brothers' College, on the occasion of
tbe fifteenth annivoreary of the open
ing of the college, resulted as follows:
Joseph D. Montedohico, president
Charles Frsnsinll, Wm. H. Williams
and A fred II. Dtinkerly ' rioe presi
dents; Stephen Fitzgerald, cecretary,
and Charles J. Bleeeug, treasurer.
One of the moat enj iyable enter
tainments cf the seaon was that of
the birthday party of Mies Ma Patlon,
tlanghtor ol Capt and Mrs. Lucius
Patton, t f No. 08 Third street, Chel
sea, which took place lent Friday. Tbe
little miss was 9 years ' of age on that
day and she, with Ihe assistance of her
parents and brothers' and sitters, en
tertained her guests right royally.
The following we clip from the Fort
Smith (Ark.) Daily TriWuof the 18th
instant: The funeral of Mr. George N.
Grant occurred at 10 o'clock yester
day morning at the roalduncs of Mr.
B. E. Burba. The services were con
ducted by the Rev. J. L. Mastey, after
which the remains were conveyed by
numerous mourning friends to Oat;
Grove Cemetery, where they were in
terred. Conductor, L, L. IlAiiKr.'of the
Mississippi and Tennessee railroad. Is
dangerously ill at his room, over No.
17 Madison street end it- was feared
latt evening that he, would not live
until mmming. Mr. ilaiW came up
tbe road on his train last Wednesday,
became suddenly sick and has been
partially paralysed erer since. Tbe
attack is complicated with softoning
of the brain.
Mish Anna Lee Polk, of Helen,1
Ark., returned yesterday erening. No
wonder ber departure created an ach
ing void in several iqnarters, for her
large black eyes, burning with Intelll-
gence, languiauing in meuuaiioo, or r
snapping witn txitcnievousness, aup-
f demented by a well drilled file of
vory infantry and a face inexpressi
bly charming, combine to make btr
one of the most fascinating and beiav
tiful belles of the touth.
The Rev. J. M. Connor, LL. B late
pastor of St Lake Aj M. E. Church,
Forrest Cltyr Ark., was .chanted to
this ci' y, to Uke charge of St Mat k A.
M. E. Church, by Bishop T. M. D.
Ward, D.D , at Fort Smith. Ark con
ference. He arrired here last Tbars
day week, and preached In the church
Bandar night last to a large congrega
tion, lis will leave Tuet Jay, 50th in
stant, for Friars Point, bis old confer
ence, to rslr, and will stop orer a few
days in Helena and, locreat City be
fote bs returns, ,i ,." . . n I '
G. W. Harris ami wife, of Louis
ville, Ky. are visiting ther family of
Page M. Patterson.' Mr. Harris is one
of the most prosperous and rising
young business men of Louisville, and
hs many friends ia this city. Mrs.
Harris is the daughter '. f P. M. Patter
son. She is still the same frank,
amWb'e and fascinating "Nannie"
itill possesses all the pleasant ways,
winning manners and int Sable twee'
resa which long made ber a nniwral
favorite in Memphis society, and cf
course she baa hern greeted by a
st um of enthu'lastn ny tbe whole
community, aa everjbjdy ia her
Slouograui Uangler, SfairorUi
BiiTjpMi, Tina.
P)KS LIJ80t)Mh KN0V-0ce. 2UH
XJ Main St., over Letdr'e. (Jc, rel.i.ni
!I'lLjlB2S!fJeL',,,,l,n residence, sal.
owtl UtANK M.ll.. AteaaLMa.TJ
GUT HOOK A UAORILL b weather strip
your.loors and windows Th.rels solid
comlort and economy in ihit. Corner Sec
ond and Madison atreete
( MKTKRN9 Built and repaired and wa
,inlmi-. l.nentort tha Saaltary poru
and Cement Puiup. Contractor and briok
Inv.r. Tel -nil on. M. TIH.M CltHMtN-J
S I HA 1 Kit.
nVl,f R,KWAl-0n Nov. IS, from 0.
K. J Johnson a dairy, on Old Kaleiah road,
Uielsaa, ene light-red cow. some white on
her. rope rujnd horns, with ring la; heavy
with calf. The above reward lor deliver.
. l. JOII N'iON.
TEXAS MARK-On Thursday, Nevemher
iith, a dark brown T mare, with
long mane tail had on halter A liberal
reward for hor return to iw
B. THORi A Crt . 6ft Monroe st.
MULKS-On the night of Oc. Hi, 3 miles
east of Collierville, Iblack mare mules;
one about four years old, In good fix aad
trimmed un. with. Iittl. i,it
Jaw; the other, Un or twelve years old,
roush. and not so well trimmed. Reward
.... ,i.m, m.uuii. orreiurn oi I
aulesto J. W.
W. T: PlilOK. rclll-vtlle. Tene.
ROOMS AND nOARD-Deeea.herlst.ene
' nicely lurnished room on seoiiad doer,
with boaiit, suitable for geatlrman and wile
ortwo gcntlemon,ajJ5heciind'Streot.
At 11 Conrt street
GOOD BOARD By the day er week
AtiOlTh rrl .lr..
TJOOMS Two unfuroliW rooms. "
AV . 138 ADAMS BT. ,
Nicely FTTRi4HBrTTiooMiwI
board, at No. 60 Adams afreet.
TAilLK BOARb Thelwat the maTkeTai:
fords, At 87 OQU K't SIRblKT.
VTEWLY furnished front rooaa, with eW
J.V r. nt Hunt. fflF lln.1. W.ni .m... SW
Court street. ,
(J T77a MKH HOU8-4li Adams street.
aJ Rooms, with or without board.
JAEblKAULK RuOMS-With board, M ""
OOOMN-Ploasant luraisk-d rooms, wltk
uoaru, ior ladies orgenueaen. Terms
3l"2Court Kitend
UHAUTIFUL front rooms, single
A J suite, furnished or unfurnished, with er
without ho.rd ; olerrnnms, H4 lOJi "oort st.
SEWING M 'CHINK Howe's, pearly aew.
Apply at 41 Johnson avenue.
CjyE AP-llols'eln Boll, car. MeLcmereav.
J and Hernando road. P.nlngton A Bra.
CIHRAP-tlentle llorae and Buggy Pkaa
nJ tun. Apply at 2Vd Mai street.
AV Y"? "tl. stands witheut hllchl. g,
ale fur lady to drive-ku... ..,h
I'e. Vlll ,'ll "U1VII1-,
K.,3i6 Mississippi avenue.
AT A BARGAIN A good paying German
Boardlnahouse in Helena, Ark. .owner
wishing to retire. For further particulars.
Inquireat HRUNER'H, In Helena. Ark.
ri-tvvoMUlks ANU DUXY. "
X Address W thlsoffloe.
I OT-Cboloe Fort Pickering lent no elty
lJUxea. DR. HlNH0N,Z7t) Mainst.
Coltatte, on cor. Uayburn av. and
V Georgia St. I lot 66x170. with a house of i
rooms. In good order. This is a choice piece
of property, and oan be purchased on easy
monthly payment by payia. part cash. Ap
ply Mlnter Parker or A. J. Martin, m Mala.
PLANTATION-On the Arkansas River,
Lincoln County 600 acres In high state
or cultivation l 1140 acres li
Droved I ateam gin. 2 large h
acres in traot: well im-
barns, 21 goodcab-
Ins and handsome dwelling, 7 rooms, with 20
lawn in rront, iiinerai terma. Apply te
M A I.LORY. t RA W KoRl) k 00..
372 and 374 Front street, Memphis,
j. u iisrnsi i, oarnssa, Arg.
fpOTt AXE ClIEAP-No. 6 Washington
1 Hand Press, for nine-column oaneri
food as new, nqulreat No. 117 Union st.
Af F. K. Jonea k Co.'s., one nice gen tie
buggy MARE that any iady oan drive
oi ride perfeotlyaafe.
RKSlDENCE-Nos. So and m Market at;
in good repair t lot 7Hi14ku. Apply te
x.v. Kcnnnui, m moany si.
yj little used, and In good condition. An-
THE lease and fixtures of tbe St. El no
Hotel, Mo'ldtun, Mlas, Tweoty-gve
commodious rooms, within three minutes
walk of tha Union Denott large sample
room on the street next door; now doing a
good business and popular. Caa be had at a
bargain if applied for within tbe next thirty
days. Apply to Charles Klinlre, proprietor.
Meridian, Mlsa. .
trans. Amuiuuitlon, fishing Tackle
and Snortsmens' (tapplles.
Hi Mala Hire. MiMaawlile, Towau
Mannfaeterlng and Rewemeg ol Seas a
Specialty. Largest Stock. Beataasortmint.
To Contractors.
quantities to suit ouiAw. at Plum otnl
Reach. Good material, good price, prompt
pay. Apply to Toof , MoGowan Co v Mem. '
Phis, er en works. J. 8. Mc flflllB jt CO.
Franli Schiimanii,
Importer and Dealer ia
Snsse, runiasi Tale anel Bperaa.
snea's Nappitva. ar Special atUatloa
given te MANUFACTURING aad RaV
PAIRING, -srej .
41 a trtwjiiM Weiaiiia la. Tenn
liiiHI''l f. ttHord ftiH'U.
I Bro.
t j

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