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Cottoo Steady Middling, 8 5-Se
Sales Icsterday, 3300
Bales. '
Money is in pretty active demand
at 8 per cent. Finances are somewhat
tightened, owing to the inability of
transportation lines to move cotton in
sufficient quantities to cause a ma
terial reduction of tbe stock cn hand,
which at present is very large. Local
securities are steady. The cotton
market was steady; middling 8c
Bales, 3300 bales. At New York,
spots quiet; middling, 9 3-163. Fu
tures steady aod 1 to 4 paints higher;
November, 9.079.08.
A leading New York cotton circu'ar
ays of the speculative market: ' It
was a stoppy sort of market and with
out guiding features. A email gain on
near months was due solely to locil
manipulations, acd the demand along
the entire line was extremely moder
ate and indifferent, with the close
At l?ew Orleans spots were steady;
middling, 8 11-163. Futures dull, but
steady and 1 to 4 points lower; Nov
ember, nominal. ' : 'U
At Liverpool spots were easier, mod
erate business; middling, 83. Fut
res easy; Novembcr-Ddcember, 5
2-64d buyers.
ine general market presents a
steady feeling. ,
cix nun area ana lorty-six bris ap'
pies, 87 pkgs butter, 224 rls bagging,
100 pkgs bacon, 68 pkgs boots and
shoes, 22; '5 bucorn, 130 pkgs cheese,
117 eks coffoe, 24 cars cotton seed.
13,899 tks cot'on sed, 3207 bdls cot
ton ties, 139 pkgj d'y goods, 33 pkgs
eggs, 635 brls flour, 543 bales hay, 19
pkgs hats, 80 bn hogs, 15 bd cattle, 34
hd horse, 683 pkgs lard, 16O00 ft
lumber, 253 oiia liquors, 125 brls
meal, 204 br's molasses, 2620 kegs
nans, luuti uu oats, is Dris onions,
2010 b:ls potatoes. 3 cars nork sides.
0 brls pork, 11 hhds sugar, 1339 brls
wheat and 25 brls rice.
The followirg shows tbe amount of
grain received, withdrawn and In
store by regular e'evators, as reported
10 toe Aiercnants' .uicbange yester
day: Wheat In store, 1045 bu. Corn
received, 607 ba j withdrawn, 1036
bn; in store. 4156 bn. Oats received,
7093 bn ; withdrawn-, 5588 bu ; in store,
2d,U4U DU.
Wt stern Union wae up 1. Prices
were deci'Hd y we k in 'he early
t-adng. Renting and West P iat
wera the pikcioi.1 tuff-mrs. W.6t-e-n
Union aud Jersey Ont'al, how
ever, were remarkably etrong, and tbe
remainder of tt.e market quicit'y re
covered iU losaee many utt.er s o ks
la'er showing d cultd strerg'b.aaio' g
wti'ci Lacuswanna, Texas P-ifl.r,
U.ii.m Pac fic ni Km at and Texas
w.r in torn remarkable. The up-w.-td
movement cathead a re ewod
strength in the last hour and the mar
ket dosed very active and string
cl se to trie best pr c- s reached.
Ialea 742,279 slier?. Keding. 242,
310; Texat Paiifli, 73 28-5; L cka
wanna, 55,800; Weftern Union, 65,
760; Union Pacific, 33 080; Jersey
Centra', 26,500, and Kansas and
Txp, 22 635. Almost the entire ac
tive list is higher tonight, and the
prominent advances com price Texa
Pacific, 2J: Denver and Rio Grands
preferred, 2J; Reading aid Union Pa
c fio.wach)i; West Point and Ji-raey
Central, each 1; Louiavil e and Nash
ville. 1; Wesern Union and N nth
em Pacific preferred, eich 1. Rail
road bonds also wen', tbe broadening
inte est in rpcnla'irn, and the Bales
were $3,522,000. Denver and Rio
Grand-) 4 contribute! 1701,000 : Trxas
Pacifie incoTretrntt receips,C426,000;
Eris scoiids, $307,000. Prices were
geutraliy fi m throughout, and final
declines low. ina anaooiis, Ddcatu
and SpringfHd firsts gtined 3 at 11)6
onto ana Mississippi Da. Z at 4
Utah Sjutbern ex ension 7e, 2 at 85
TxaiPicific iacomfs, 2! at 60; the
Trust receipts, 2 at 62; the Ros
coupon off, 2. at 75 J; tne Trust re
ceipt?, 21, at 77?, aod the Terminal
Trust receipts, 31, at 77; nvni-g shares
were in so id demand. ISodie. 2ti0
Calerai ae, 285 ; De .dwod,;280 ; Yellow
jaiKui, io; jsioun, retroieum
openert strong at 781. advaucid to 784,
broke to77, rallied and closed Btroug
ai saies, zu carrel.
Tne total 8i(es of stocks today were
74Z,27 share s. including Canada South
ern, 7737; Delaware, Lackawanna and
Western, 55,820; Difawara end Hud
fon, 3325; Erie. 17,879: Kansw and
Texas, 22,635; Lake Shoro, 19,178
Louisville and Nashville. 12.231)
Northwestern, 21 107 ; New Jeisey
Uentai, 2U.0UU; JNjrthera Pacific
6350; Ohio ami Miesieainpi. 6700: Pa
citio Mail, 10,620; P-oiia, Deca-nr aod
n-vanuvilie, fcliiU; Keadiug. 243.310:
fit. Paul, 15,7(0; St. Paul and O nana,
3150; Texas and Pacific, 73,285 ; Union
Pac fic, 33.03U; Western Union. 55.
760; Nurthorn Pacifio preferred, 4750;
Oregon and Tran "continental, 7645;
uoiatog vaitey, dzuj. uoaing quota
U. S. 3a. 100M. it. eonn. 121.
4X8, ooup, ill'A. Pacifio fit oi 1895, 12Ci.
La. lUmpi. 4a, 83. Miaaoari 6a. 1C3.
Cent. Pho. lsU.liriH Den. A &.Q. lsta,lll)i
v driv.w.TT iau, trin iat, llB'.
M K &T.OrD.6a,l(MiNurtli.Pao.li.U,117.
North. Pao. 2da.lU3. N. Weatern oon. xs,
N.Weat.deb.6a.loS. Bt.L.S.F tten.M.,114.
8t. Paul eon, 132. Bt.P.O.P.lBt, 12U.
T.P. land granta,60J4.T.P.K.a.x eou,76i2.
U. P. laU, 116. Weal Bhore.KA
Tenn.Ge, let'nitJOS. 'lana.6a,ut'mt, 102.
lenn. 3a,t'mt,7g.
Thus far this week 15 538
Thus far laft week 10,6 8
Since September 1st 200,120
M. A O. R. K 1,818
M..A T. R.R. 1,415
U A N. R. R 2,050
j., w. a. w k. a 6,175
t?au)Bis nonh 635
W Dally Qaeia tlonaaf Cottoa
Oil Trnata and Hew Tork Kx
enanire Stocks are opca la (hose
latcreatcd, at my ofllce.
24 Xadloa St., Memphis, Tenn.
Money in prettr active demand at 8
per cent The Clearing House report
is as iouows:
Monday, Novamber 29th. $395,-
747 49; same time last week, $4iO,
777 84; corrcspinding time in 1885,
96zo,ano iu: corresponaing time in
1884, $317,533 94. ; .
Monday, Noveuubor 29th, $79,407 53;
same rme last wet k, 4,4X at; cor
responding time in 1885, $39,657 34;
correfponuing urns in 1884, S23,
012 oo.
New York sight on all points, J
discount bnyinj?, oar sailing ; New Eng
land demand, 1 discount buying; New
T - 1 J -lt H J- . - ' ,
.ugm:iu Bigut, uiacouui; iew ur
leans, J discount buying, par selling.
Bank of Commerce-US bid, 149 naked
First National 160 bid, 165 asked
uermau mat iaa bin. 20t) asked
State National 145 bid, 150 asked
union and rianters-loo bid, 153 a-ked
Mercantile Bank 135 bid,137J asked
Bluff City. 100 bid, . asked
Hernando 100 bid, ... asked
Home .75 bid. 80 asked
Memphis City 102 bid, 105 asked
Peoples. 80 bid, 83 asked
Pncenix 98 bid, 100 asked
Planters .......107 bid, ... asked
1 , . . msCBLLANBOUB.
Shelby Co. warrants. ..97 bid, 98 a?ked
M.40.RR. 8hares.60 Aid, ... asked
M.AT.B.R. shares.. .45 bid, 50 asked
M. A C. consols, 70....119 bid, ... asked
M. A L. R. 1st m. 8S..105 bid, ... aked
Mis.& T.RR.C8.A...111 bid, 113 asked
Miss. AT. R.B. rs.B.101 bid, 103 asked
Tenn. wts. ser. D 95 bid, 98 asked
Tenn. wts. ser. E to J-84 bd, 88 asked
Shelby Co. 6s 108 bid, 110 asked
rax. Diet. 4, bs 9St bid. 99 asked
Tax. Diet 6s 1041 hid.innl mnul
jnem. vx-a Donas im oia, ... afked
Mem. Water bmds...97 bid, ... asked
Hananer Oil Works bid 65 asked
Am. Cot. Oil trust9...68 bid, 70 asked
Pioneer Cotton Mills.. .25 bid, 30 saked
Mem. Stor. Com. Co.,129 bid, 1"0 asked
Mem. Gas stock 75 bid. 80 asked
Nbw Yobe, November 29. Money
on call active at 520 per cent, clos
ing at 6(o)7 per cent. Prime mercantile
Eaper 4go. Sterling Exchange dull,
nt steady at 480 for 60 day bills, and
vn loraeuaand. , m i
.oonas uovernment bonds were
dull but strong. State bonds were
qniet and nm.
Stocks Stocks showed most extraor
dinary activity, which was dne am
tirely to the broadening of the specu
lation. The low priced stocks went
back to ineir normal condition of dnll
ness, while almost all of the old favor
ites became prominent in the deal
ings. The increased interest was most
noticed among ths , Uould stocks,
Texas PioiflC and Western i Union be
ing the great favorites. Reading was
the prime favorite, - However. Tbe
coal stock, pecialiy JerseyOentral and
Lackawanna, were active and strong,
particularly in the early part of the
day.1 There was more trading in Lake
Shore, which was. however, attribnted
to "covering of short contract,
The Pacifio stocks. among which
Union Pacific and ' PaciflV Mail
were prominent, were largely traded
u i D 81,1,1 r,mors 01 settlement of
their difflculiies being circulated.
There -fas considerable selling of
Beading for Landon account in tie
early morning hours, and a eharp de
cline was tbe consequence. It quick
ly recovered, however, and after re
niiiaing comparatively steady was
again moved up sharply towaid the
close. The opening was very active.oit
irreuu ar changes from hct evening's
final prices, differences ranging from
J below to 1 above generally, while
Adama Exnreaa. 136.
Allegheny uenl i, .
Alton. A T. 11., 38.
A. 4T.U.,rlJ.,8i.
Amerioan Ex., W.
B. O. K.AN.M
Canada Pao., W.
Canada Bou., 60,.
Central Paoific, it.
Cheiaptake A0.,ii5.
O. k 6. 1-t ofd. l'.Hi.
C. k O. Sd pfd,12V4 "
ChieasoA A..142.
C, B. k , 137
O.. bt L. A N.O..
C-. 8t.L 4P.,17.
C. 8. AC. 45.
C. 4C..73H.
O. k II. Vailey. -.
Del. k Bud , 106.
Del..L. k W.. 142'.
Den. k Rio U , m.
Erie. X1K.
Erie nfd. 78H-
New Enat Tenn., U'i.bt.L AS.K nfd
NewK.Tenn.pfd.74. St.L.A 8.F. ltt p. 115
run niiDo, m.
MorrlaiE., olTd.Hl?i,
Naabrille AC, 8H.
N.J. Central. ri;. i
Nor. A W.Wd.&2J,.
Northern Pao..LW.
Northern Pao nld, 6i
u an.w pm ,hi.
N.Y O.ASt L.pld,28
voio uenirai, .
Ohio A MiBa.,34.
O.AHiaa.prd, VI.
Ontario A Went,. 21.
Oregon Nar., 10.
Orenon Irana., Sii'i.
Oregon Imp., 47i.
Paoilio Mail, 55.
Tannna, a8.
Peoria U. A B.,84.
1'ituburg, 148.
Pullman H.U., 142.
Koeklaiand. 127.
bt.li.AS.il' ,:4'.
Hannibal A St. Jo., c. M
C. M. A . P.. U37
tl. M A St P n l'AI
11 A Kt Jo . ii M. . Kt P . M M liai
parlein, 220. $t paulA Omaha, fM.
Houston T.. S9 Rt P...I i . lit
Illinois Central, 1.Tenn.0oalA lron.101."
Ind., B. A W.,174. Texaa Paoili", 27.
union memo, ts:i'.
U.b. Exp esa, 6W
8. L A P., aft
W.A V H... M.
W. U.Tel., 79.
Colorado Coal, 3S4.
L'.-... a. 'P
Lake E. A W
Lake bhnre. 99
.ou. A Huh., t MVS.
Loo. A N. A., 67H
M. AO. let pfd,-.
M. A 0. aeoonda. .
Mem. A Char . 67.
Mioh. Cen..
Min. A Bt. L , 22
Horn Stake, Hi.
Iron Silver. 226.
Ontario, 24.
Mobile A Ohio, 21. houth Paoilio,
fiiu. at lib. ju , t. uniariO i7
Min. A St. L.nfd.48'4 guiokailver,
tniBsuuu raoiuo.lio:
Uuiokailver pfd, 24.
Sutro, 21.
u T I. ur
London. November 2S. Tlnitnd
6tates bonds, 4s, 182 j; 4Jsll3. At
lantic and Great Western fints, 141;
Allan lc and Great VVtatom aarondn.
lr. The Bank of Eagland gained
d00O on balance today.
' PABis,November 29. Three ner cent.
rentes, 83f 23c for the account.
Chicago. Ill . Novemhr 90 nmi
clearings today, $10,677,000.
Sr. lHJIS. Mo.. Novemhdr 2 Riik
clearings today. $2,823,281 s balance.
$20,111. '
Naw York. November 29. Rank
clearings today, $139,635,274: balance.
$4,168,831. v, . .
Boston. Mass.. November 2f Bank
clearing today, $14,631,912: balances.
$1,391,207. , , , j ,
BALTIlfOBS. Md.. November 2fl.
Hank clearinas todav. 42.3H3 .414: hat
anoes, $256,268. '
Philadelphia. Pa..
liaoK CKMrint'S todav. f 11. SS7 fillS ! hal,
ances, $2,514,019. . ,.
TbS local COtton mart-it nnnnari
steady and d need steady: middling.
bales. 3300 bales. iDclndinir 17(10
oanruaF evening; izuo to exporters
uu 4iuu io rpinners.
Yesterdav. ; flitnnlav.
rj: w. '
uiuiuarr nam.
Good Ordinary.... 8
low Miaouing.,
Good Mil
f Air ........ .i.... ...... flora.
Stock Sept 1, 1886.... 4,009 I
Received today 14.423
Beceived previously ..803,923
Total 12,(93
New York eprta opi ned quiet, and
closed quiet ; middling, 9 3-lttc Sales,
140 bales. Quotations were as fol
lows: Yesterday. Saturday.
Ordinary 6 6 7-16
Good ordinary,... 7 13-10 7 13-16
Low middling 8 11-16 8 11-16
Middling... 9 8-16 9 3 16
Good middling 9 7-16 9 7 16
Middling fair 10 1-16 10 1-16
Fair .10 11-16 10 11-16
New York futures opened quiet
and closed steady and 1 to 4 points
higher than yesterday. Sales, 38,800
bains. The closing quotations were
as follows:
Ywiterdav. . Saturday.
November. 9 07) 9.08 9.01 9.02
December. 9 08(a) 9 09 9.04(a)
January.... 9.15(a) 9.16 9 13(4 9.14
February... 9 25 9.26 9.24 9.25
March. 9.35(a) 9.36 9 34'a 9.35
April 9.4S 9.48 9.45 9 40
May 9.55fii 9.50 9.55(uB5iS
June 9 65 9 06 9 65 9.67
July 9.74 9.75 9.74 9 75
August 9 81 9.81 . 9.81 9.82
The NewOrleana spot market opened
quiet, and closed steady; middling,
bjo. Sales, 62C0 bales. Quotations
wore as fjilow-:
Yesterday. Saturday.
Ordinary 6! 6!
Good Ordinarv.... 7j 7i
ix) w miuunng y.jo ti
MidJlinir 8 11-16 8
Good Middling 9 .9
The New Orleans future market
opened steady, and closed dull but
steady and 1 to 4 points lower. Sales,
16 200 bales. Quotations were as
loiio ws:
Novomber. Nominal.
December. 8 6 8 07
January .... 8 74 8.75
February ... 8 85 8 86
March 8.97 8.98
April 9.10 9.12
Ma; 9.21(a 9.22
June 9 32 9 33
July... 9.43 9.44
August 9.47 9.48
8.68 8 69
8.78 a) 8 79
8.88 8.89
9.00 9 01
9.12 9.13
9.23 9.24
9.34 9 35
9 45 9.46
9.50 9 51
Boston ...
St. Louie
fr dnd
v dull
ftec. iPricee
10.779 8
24,805 8
3,61)9 8 910
7,787 81
3,830 8 11-16
,1,687 8!
8,102 8 13-16
9 1-16
890 9 3-16
2,641 8
15 590
ar.d lc higher than Saturday; Nn,
2 mix.d, cab, 3J ; Decembtr, 35J
35jc, c'osirg st35jo; Jann rr, 35Jj;
Mayl39i'i.3i)i'VClorrgat 391o. Oils
very q iiet b tte lyj So. 2, nvxd,
C'sh, 2rjfc ; Uecembvr, i7J :
Mav, 30j0: Kye etsy at 61c bid.
Barley luU and u; changed. Hav
ac ive and hUhrr; ptaine, $3 25
1150; timothy, $1K5014. Flax
seed very qdiM at O.ci J an firm at
00i ComaOAl fitrn at $193 Re
ceipts F;our, 3 O-i brl- ; ..v. h; at,
32,000 bu; m, 52 00ti bu;' oais,
24 000 bu;- rve,. 10 bn; barley,
16 000 hu.. Sliipmpn s-Fiour, Kl.OiiO
brls; wheat, 10(H) bu; corn, 178000
bn; oats, 20,0X0 bu; rje, 1000 bu;
oaripy, luvti nn
Aflrrnoon Board Wheat very strong
and lo hLjbjr. Corn tt ong and
1 io higher Oala higher.
CnicAao.November 29. The trading
in wheat today was la ger in volume,
and attended with more vim than his
been shown befoie in three months.
The market opened Jc higher thin
atthec'ose on. Satuiday, on .firm for
eign advice.. n4 a gmd export move
ment. Tbiev. destination of 740,000
bushels of Wheat, at Duluth had a
tendency to mcke pr ics 11. m at the
openiDg. Thtre "was heavy realising
on the advanceyatad prices fell back Jc,
but rallied asaln. and tha markt
thowed signs-(Mt' excitement iu the
afternoon, W&nValurs ro: e lc nbovn
the inside, prices of the day, and
closed at topi fltires, or 1 f. higher
than on Saturday. The visible son.
p'y showed all' incr-sss ot about 10.-
000 buehels, .tho whfat dimaired at
Doluth being deduced from ih total.
Daring thettrdirig iu the afternoon
the buying Jjy shi r's was lg-, and
aided io itirftrfg the advarce. Corn
was rather quiet during most of the
eeision. The viBible suodIv showed
an unusually lare dicreae, 1,159,000
buehels, but the expectation of large
arrivals checkel any advance until the
advance in wheat occurred, when
more life waJ showo in tradirg, and
an advance of pvc-r . the closing fig
ures of Saturoay vaj scored. Oats
ruled slightly easier early in the ses
sion, but became stnrgsr near the
close, and finished JQjo over K'atur
dy. Ca-h quota ions wereasfol owe:
No. 2, spring wheat, 761c; No. 3, 60
70c; No. 2, ed, 77jl 2 corn,
371c. No. Bloats, 27e. No. 2 rye,
63o BileV, :'l 63a No. 1 flaxspel,
wziiijo. iiav-rrimet mothy,l 75.
Flour was steady aud unchanged. Tne
leading futures ranged as fallows:
Wheat November opened at"75Jc,
highest 7djc, loweot 7fic, closing 7fitc;
December opened at 75 h'ghf st 7olc,
lowest 76l clcslrg 7Gi: January
opened at 761 h ghut 770. - towral
75n, closing 7if i May opouedat bL'jo,
highest 83Jc, lowest 82jc, closing
8Sc. Corn November opened at
37ic, h'ghest 37je, lowest 37c, cloOng
$1 35(3)1 45: coarae. $1 llVoll 15: nnrk.
eta, bleached, 2Ja7o; car-loads from
evee or uepot, oc cheaper.
fi . r . n .
vkju uouua. htc, luces per
dosnn: Pineapples, fl 25Vol 60;
peacnes, 2-ib, standard, $1 15l 25 ; sec
ond", nnn m; lomatixw, a-lb stand
srd,90 (71; 3-lh,$li 15; strawter.
ries, i itx;i)i zo; raspberries, fl 10
iio; o acaowrnoe, 11 10; green
gaes, $1 bOl 75; peats, $2
; piuuis, 91 otiy)i vo; separegus,
$2 60 4; eren corn, 11 35; green
peas, $1 6T1 65; cove oysters, full
weigiit, l-lb, 85!)5o; cove oysters,
uu weini, z-id, 91 octal! u; cove
oyeters, light weight, l-lb, 60c; cove
oytiers, ngnt weight, Z-lb, $1; con
flensed milk Crown, $5 605 75
Jirie, 7 60 7 75; Daisy, $4 75,
Uolas'es Louieana, common to
fair, 182fto; prims to choice, new, 40
45o; syrup, 2040c; common to
lair, 2025c ; prime to choice, 28 30c
cvairiiugai, lancy, auyKc
SASTos.November 27. Ofles good
average, 5250 reis per 10 kilns. Re
ceipts Curing the week, 90,000 beg.
purchases for the United SUt 2,000
Digs; ciearanofs tor ins United states.
none ; stock, 210,000 bags,
' Rio di Jankiho, Nowrnber 27. Cot"
fee regnlar firs-, 84(10 rals per 10
aiioe; eo xi ssconn, 4Ui)U reis. lie
rpint cliirincr th m:ukr 73 rWlil
tuirchasfs for the United Swte, 11 6,000
oairs; clearances It r the United Slates,
yo.WK) bass; stck, 325,000 bags.
bw obx, Novomber 29 Coffee
Utr Kio quiet end s'eadv at 181o
o tions fairly a-Uvrt and h'gher; sales
oi,zou tags; November, li.45o; JJa
ceniber, 11 ftiti: JKnnsrv, 11.5()ll.o6c
tebruaiy, 11 fi0;11.00o; March and
April, H5i. May, 11 55(iU1.00c;
juuh, ii.tii'c; July, ll.ft0ll,70c;
Sugar quiot and steady; refined dull;
on A, fjc; Btamlard A, 55-16c;cut
ioki ana rras'ieo.o 3-iuo: cubes,
o ij i otiose iuoiases dun. Kice
Havana, November 27. Sugar
Owing to tbe irregularity in the prices
noroao tne market tiers Has been
whir qniet duri og the past week. A
small business was done at full prices,
ana u e maraei ctorea quiet but Arm.
MoIr nos snirar roau'ar to irood no,
lanxition, $1 &0(1 87J gold per quin
tal; Ainscovauo, lair to good refining,
85 to 90. $r;62Jl 87f; centrifusai,
92 to 96, in bonsbeads, bags and
boxes, $2 1832 433. S ocks in ware-
hoiisa at Havana and Matanzas, 21,600
Doxes, isi.uitti Dags and 4J0U iirgs
beads. Receipts of the week, 1700
bags and 22 hogshead?. Exports dur
ing tne week, louu boxes, 30,500 begs
aud 470 hogsheads, of which 975
boxes, 30,000 bags and all the hogs
heads to the United States.
Receipts at Dorts. this dav. lHMLfU 3n7
Receipts at ports, this day, 1885.69,350
uunsoiiiDATBD STATBarxirr.
1886. 1885. 1884.
R'ts U. 8. : : "
p'rts3d'ys 102,041 98,635 104,375
Ex. Gr. Br 24,956 32,474 50,730
Stock........ 938.V19 899.6S8 884,861
R'ts Sept. 1 2,530,29 i 2,517,258 2,604,342
For'gn Ex. 1,376,227 l,391,03O'l,489 952
4sts On
Idling.... 81
Fair... 91
Shlppsd today.....M... 12,093
Shipped previou8ly188,027
Home consumption to
aata 821
Stock running account
tdus lar thu week,
Tt os far hut week,
Situ-a September 1st
M. and O. R. R
M. d T. R. R..
L. and N. R. R..
M. A L. R. R. R.
0., O.A8. W.R.R
L., IN.U. AT. R. R
K. Q, 8. A M. R. R.
m. a. A B. R. R.
Steamers .,
Wagons and other sources,
. 19,833
acreage in receipts this year 13,037
At noon : LiverDOnl snots wera caa'ar
moderate bu.iiie38. Salrs. lOOiin
bales, of which American 7900 bales.
receipts, 19.000 bales, of which Ameri-
can ij.uuu.
Closing quotations were as follows
Ordinary. 41d: eood ordinary. 4Sd
low middling, 5d; good middling, 5 5-
iou; miuunng uplands, ojd; mid
tiling Orleane. 5 5 16d.
f The Driest are aiven in nmfjt and ftifhi
Unix 4 63 meant 4 63-64d; and 5 01
meant o l-oia. I ,
ai nnnn; LiiverDOO lutnres were
quiet. November, 6 05d; November-
V Cember. 5 0d: DcCHmhnr-Jnnnnrv
C.l . T ' m . ' . . "
uu, uuuunry reDruary, 0d; ebniary
win-it, a uia; iuarcu-Apni, & 0j(o)
iU April-MRT. O UOtl: ill AV-.l 11 ri A.
5 07; June-Julv, 5 09 J.
At 2 p.m. : Liverpool futures were
steady; November, 6 07d, sellers; No-
vemuBr-uocHmoer, o ma, sellers; December-January,
5 Old, value; Janu-
arTtuiuarr, o uio, seuers; iebru-ary-March,
5 02d, sellers; March-April,
6C4d, eellers; April-May, 6 06d, sell
ers; May-June, 5 C8d, sellers; Juno-
July, 5 lOd, value.
At 0 p m. : Liverpool futures were
quel and steady; November, 6 07d,
buyers; JNovember-December. 5 02d,
buyers; December-January. 5d. bur-
urn; jannary-r fcDruary, 01, buyers:
February-March, 6 Old, buyers;
iuHruu-aprn, o uaa, seuers; April-
May, 5 05d, value; May-June, 6 07d,
oujrerfl; jnnw-jniy. o iqi, sellers.
Cobnmbal Standsrd, $2 202 25:
1 .,nenn-. . , .
peri, j l,o4 oo; roller, a 40.
ax a i viioice, irom store. 70c; car
load from levee or depot, $14 ; prime,
from store, 70c. csr load from levee
or depot, Jia 5013; prairie, from
store, 45c. ; car load from levee or
depot, f 60.
Cobn From store, white,61c ;mixed,
49c, from levee or depot; white, In
bulk, 44c; in sacks, 47c; mixed, in
duik, 4-c : in Bac as, 44 to.
Oats From store, white,39c; mixed,
87c; from- levee or depot, white, in
bulk, 32 Jc; In sacks, 35c; mixed, in
hulk, 31c; in sacks, 83c.
Bban From store, 70c; from levee
.1 1. ail cn '
Floob From store, No.3,$33 25;
family, $3 603 76; choice, $3 764;
fancy, $44 25; extra fancy, $4 25
1 ou ; paienis, 904010 OU.
Bbam Navy, $2; medium, $1 60
1 io; common, 92 ; uerman millet.
$1 201 40. '
Rica Louisiana. 4A41c: Carolina.
OATafBAtr In half-barrels, $33 25
iruui ion). . : 1 1.
Cbacibbs 4Soda, extra, 4ic; soda,
o(jui xuuemuer opnrea 81.5jc, n'ga
est 371', lowest 37c, c'osing 37Jc;
January opened at 37c, highest 371c,
lowest 371 e, c'osing 37io; Mt.y opened
at 42o, highest 42Jo, lowest 424,?,
closing at A'-ic::' Oats November
opened at 263c. hicliest 27c. lowest
26 Jc, closing 21c, December opened
at 26lc. hishest 27c. lowest 211 Sf.
closing 27c; Januarv opened at 2,fllrt,
highest 271c, lowest 26lc, closing 27Jc;
May opened at 30if, hiirhest 31c. low
est 3(ljc, cloa'ng 31c. Recsip's Flour,
i,uou oris; wheat, UO.OIHJbu; corn,
104.000 ha : cats. 109.000 bu : rve. 20tK)
bu; barley, 49,000 bu. Shipments
tlour, 14,000 br.'s; wheat, 9000 bu;
corn, 89,000 bu; oat', 59,000 bu;
rye, 1000 bu; barley, 30,000 bu.
St. Louis, Mo,. November 29 Pro-
vi-ions fairly activs and generally
firmer. Pork highrat $10 12jl0 2.
Lard firmer at 15 905 95. Bulk
meats higher: Inote lots lonir clear.
$5 805 35; short rihs, $5 405 45;
short clear, $5 605' 65 ; boxed lots-
long clear. $5 40: short ribs. $5 60:
short clear, $!V 62J. Bacon etesdv :
long clear, $8 624 : tlr rt nb. $6 flPii
6 76: short cle-ir, $0 871. Hams
tteaoy at 9jllJ. Butter quiet;
creamery, 2427c; dairy, 1523c.
E?cb steady at 184I9,:.
Ohicaoo, III, November 29. Pro
visions were active and stronger
throughout. ' Foreisn advices were
morefavoiable; ou'oid orders to Dnr-
r.bae were la'gor. Mesi pork ad
vanced E6c per birrel, and closed 40c
higher than on Saturday, Lard ad
vanced 10) per 100 pounds and closed
at outside quotations. Short rib sides
for future deliveries advanced 20c.
Cash quotations were an follows : Mess
po,-k. $10 25; la-d. ti 05: short rib
sides, loose, $5 355 60; dry salted
shoulders, boxed, f4 755; short clear
sides, boxed, $5 655 70. The leading
futures ranged as follows : Pork
December opened at $9 90, highest
$10 25. lowest $9 90. clsine at $10 25 :
January opened at $10 624, highest
$11, loweBt $10 67J, cl sinn at $10 95;
February opened at $10 70. hkheat
$11 10, lowest $10 671, closing at
$11 05; May opened at $10 95, highest
$11 3JJ, lowest $10 921, closing at
11 30. Lard December onened at
$6, highest $6 05. lowoct $' 971, cloning
st o uo; January opened at Jo Oo,
highest $6 124. lowest 6 05. closinir at
$6 121; February opened at $6 121,
highest $6 2', lowest $6 05, closing
at $6 221. Short ribs January opened
at $5 40, highest 15 57), lowest $5 40,
closing at $5 674: Fi-bruarv onened at
$5 42), highest $5 57), loweet $5 421,
closing at $5 674; March opened at
$5 60, highest $3 lowest $5 '0,
closing o od. ui Ui a rrocl uce .ttx
change batter ruled steady: choice to
gilt edge creamery, 2427c; good to
choice creamery, 2123 1 ; good to ex
tra dairy, i627c. Ejjgs fresh at
2122c. .
Bpttkb Bntterioe, , 13114c;
creamery, 3035o; dairy, 1822c;
conniry Duuer, I525c.
lloo Products Mess pork. flOt
sugar cared hams, 10)10c ; breakfast
bacon, 8491c: clear rib sides bacon,
71c: bacon ahonlders, 77jc; bulk
pork clear sides. 61c: clear rib sides.
6kc; 20 days meat, 6c; shoulders, 61
long clear. clfeo.
Lard Tierces. Bift,6lo: balf-barrela
and kegs, 6j6c; choice kettle, 7)
Fbbsh MBATa-Beef. foreauarters.
5c; mntton. 40,-; bind quarters
OI DSel. MaWOt hnam RlnYIe. i
veoieexira,oc;sxtra,7c;gingersnaps, rouLiBY-HUliickens dull; spring,
extra, 66c: asaorted Jumbles, 9llo. $12; old hens, $2. Turkeys, $812.
backio tvbbat in nau-barrela. Geese. Ki(o)4. Ducks. 12 5Wal3 : dressed
chickens, $J2 60 ner dessn: dressed
? . 1 I A. t rx- a t
-ij:ig xrom store, 1 vurseys, iztojucper pound.
3 257
14,433 1
$4 26 from store.
$3(o3 V3.
Kansas City. Mo.. NovnmVMr M
Wheat strong: No. 2 red. rh. A3
bid; December, 64e; May 72c bd.
Corn stronger; No. 2, casb, 31o bid;
December, 31 i31io; May, 3Co. Oats
nominal; cash, 25o bid. ,
St. Louis. Mo.. Novemhnr 90
Fl"ur sctive, strong and higher:
XXX, $2 352 45 ; family, $2 652 80
cuoice, o iwofljj lancy, 0O(;i oo;
exra fancy, $3 653 65; pst-ntsi $4
4 35. Wbeataclive, ttrona and hi&hfir:
tha market opened firm, became
strong and s over S.turday'e close,
fellcff llc, recovered and closed st
abut tho highf st price of the day and
lJc over Sa'nrday; No. 2 red,
caan, 77c; December, 76J77Jc, clos
ing st 771c hid; January, 78879,o
clcs'ngat 79Jc; May, 8.1'o'85,c, clos
ingat85jc. Corn fairly active, firm
Gamb Juails.Tjrd..$160. Sdrifr-'
reis, $1 j25. Babbit, $1 60 per dozen.
Ducks, wild, $1 6002 fit). , Venison,
wbole,66c; saddles, 810c ,
CaxBSB Prime-flats. 849crNew
Yoikfsctory, 748cjfull cream, 121c;
Young America, 13c.
Ptoa FmKa.l. ta OK. Ii.tf k..
barrels, $4 25; kegs, $1 26.
Suoab Pnre wnite. 60c: off
whito, 6S5lc; yellow clarifll. 64(51
6c; open kettle, none; refined A,
6tilc; granulated, l6o.
ijoypKB uummon, 1212Jc; ordi
nary, 1313)c; prime Rio, I4l4lc;
choice to fancy, 14J15)c; old govern
ment, 2425c.
Boap JC'iifijc per pound.
Candiks Sticks, all sizes, in boxes.
pails and t-arrt-ls, 7)9)c.
balt f 1 M per barrel; sacks, fine,
Applbs Apples, $2 253 25; drlsd
apples, 213)o per pound from store.
Dried peaches, 2J3jo from store.
VBOBTABLB-Oninns,$2 402 75 from
s'ore. Cabbage,$260;perbead,810c;
$1 75 from levee or depot per crate.
Kraut, brls, $1766; half brls, $2 76,
Garlic, 4060o per 100. Turnios, 6O0
per ousnet.
Fbuit Oranges, per box, $3 5l.4;
Ixsinrns, $44 60 per box. Bananas,
$1 602 60 per bunch.
Nuts Coooanuts $6 per 100. Psa
Huts Virginia, 67c; Tenneasan,
farm-ers stock 34o ; roasted,2)o high
er; shelled, 10c Almonds, 18 '20c.
Walnuts-rEnglieb, 18c. Filberts, 11
12c. Pecans Texas. 810o for small
to medium, 1014o for large; Arkan
sas, 36&
Raiins London layers, $3; lay
ers, $2 75 ; California, $2; Imperial,
Pickles In jars, pints, 96o; quarts,
$1 50; half-gallons, $2 76 ;gallons,$3 75;
loose, barrels, $6 507 ; half-barrels,
$3 75(.,4 25; mixed, barrels, $10 60;
mixed, half-barrels, $6.
Fish Mackerel, half-barrels, No. 1,
$5 2fi5 75; No. 2,$4 765; No. 3,$4 25
475; 10-lb kit, No. 1,90c; No. 2, 76o
15 lb, No. 3, 65c. Dry herrings, fam
ily, 25o per box.
Gamu Game fish, 56o.
Eoqs Firm, 21o.
Potatobs Northern stock, $1 90
2 15.
Cidbb New York, $6 607 per bar
rel, snd $3 764 per half-barrel.
ViNBaAB l(K15o ppr gallon.
In car load lots: Prime crude cotton
seed oil, new, 27)28c ; off crude col ton
seed oil, old, ; prime summer yellow
cotton soed oil, 3334c; oil summer
yellow cotton seed oil,; nun
erg' summer yellow cotton seed oil.
32 33c; prime summer white cotton
seed oil, 3536c; choice cooking yel
low cotton seed oil, 36c: prime cotton
seed meal. $14 60; off cotton seed
meal, none. Cotton seed delivered st
dep t or levee, $9 per ton ; from wagon
at mills, iv per ton.
Burry grease wool, onweahed. 13
18c: clear grease wool, 23(a)26c: bur
washed, 2330c; tub washed, 3337o,
i St. Louis, Mo., November 29 Wool
qniet and steady; medium. 21(a)26c
coarse braid, 1021c: low and sandy,
1319c; flue light, 1825c; heavy, 14
(0)210. .
' Hides-Dry flint, No. 1, 10c; No. 2,
124o; dry salted, 10)12Jo; green
Rafted, No. 1, 80; No. 2, 71c. Sheop
skins, 15s$l. Beeswax, 20c. Tallow,
4C. '
: Deerskins, 18c; bear, $1 7; mink,
1540o; coon, hunter handled, 15
6U0: country bandied, 1550c; other.
$16; beaver, 60c$7; wild cat, 15
25c; fox, 1575o: musk rat, lOo;
opossum, 10c; wolf, 60oC$2; skunk,
ooc; psntners, oiin'-uji.
, Coal Oil Prime white, wholesale
lots, viuo per gallon.
'Clbvbland, 0.,"November 29. Pe-
troleu quiet; s. w , 110, 7jc.
' PiTTsnuaa, Pa , November 29. Na
tional Transit certlticatfs' opened at
78c,snd closed at 772c; highest, 781c;
iswesr, vjc.
Wbtsbt Straight Kentucky Bour
bon, $1606; redistilled goods from
860 to $160, according to proof; rye,
A ota)o.,
Ohicaoo, III., November 29. Whis
ky. $1 18. ,
St. Loubs, Mo.,November 29. Whis
ky steady, $1 13. ,
CiaiiATi, O., November 29.
Whisky active snd firm ; sales of 800
barrels of finished goods on a basis of
1113. '
lier'a, 71cper pound; 600 ponrd lots,
la per p unn. ac on. 15 ilaia- Ki.ith.
ern white lud, 71 per pound; 500
iiuuuu iu ,e, ajc to. ia oats; boilei
lineefd oil, 43c piT gallon, by barrel
raw, 4uc; turpen ine, 38jj ptr gallon
UJ uarrtil.
AfiRKllUtBtl MKEDS).
SsEas Clover, $"rA5 25 per bushel
orctiard grav, Jl 60 I 60; herd's
grass, o j bi m ; r e. 60 7Dc per bn
BAMJINI and riEJt. JKTaj.
BAOdiNo-Carloal lols: Jutit, 2 lbs.
Pc: 11 ii,s, jC; jj its, 7c. Flax,
bn. 9
Ties $1 avl 10.
Grass Catti.b Choice, 3 3) :; good
as; lair to medium, 224o; scalla
wr, iy)ija.
lioos-l.hoice,4lc; good, 4c; com
bhbbp Choice, 4c ; medium, 31e
uumuiuu, , unoice iambs, per
pound, 41c
Kansas Crrr. Mo . Nnvemhnr 20
The tt jftndtcotor reports: Cattle
receiptr, 14& head; shipments,
none: marknt atnlv an A in .i.r.sn.
$44 60; comtusti to medium, $3 30
a uu; eiiH-Kers, t J zo(o)- 76; fi-eding
leers, . outia oo; enws. SI oOfaJiJ 76
graes range steers, $ 253 25. Hogs
-rwwsw. .aonnsa; shipments, 218
hod; market at tive and &10c higher;
good to ctolce, $3 83(3 90; common
to meuinm, J.l oiunja 70. ISbeop re
ceipts, 413 head; shipments. 193 hiad
morket steady; gocd to choic, $2 00(a)
o .j ; couimoa to nietlium.f 1 50 40,
OrlcAjo. In,. November 2!) Th
Urwert' Journal reports: Cattle re.
ceipta, 10,000 head; shipments. 3000
nead; market weak, and 10ftl6o
lnwur; alilnninintiiAM QMWntMwt It..
$3 305; Blockers and'feedera, $2 10
3 45; cows, bulls and mixed, $1 60(r
J 20; bnlk. $2 45: throtwh TiTa
cows, $:'2 (0 ; steers, $33 60. Hogs
receipts, su.uuu nead : stnomenta. 10..
000; market strong and 10a hiu-her:
rough and mixed. $3 5!a3 05: nm-klno
and ehipping, 13 904 10; light, $3 26
3 90; skips. $2 2003 25. Sheep
receipts, 50 0 head: shipments, U00
head ; market steadv for heft at 1 60
ta4; common null, -'3; Wes ern,
$2 7f3 25; Toxans, $22 90; lambs,
j OUI) 01..
Nbw lonK, November 29. There
was more inuuirv in an irreoular v
and some new business added a very
respectab'e quota to that reached
through deliveries on old engage-
mums, wntcn continue very Tree.
For Cairn. Bvatiavilla, Loularllls and ClB-
flinnaLi lh. rl.v.nl .(..map
ISucke.ve Nlnte .-.
. ... 1
u. j. vmum maatcr,
Will laav TUKHDAY, MsT.SOth
jrnr iralant or niuiKMinii vtn fl l
1 1? u' J'atl A., la MaJlaon atraal
1 ninpnunn eti .
'i.u, ai fl n.m,
'to 0. li. HUH.
Ht. I.oaala nl Mew Orlmna Anrhor
Llaao U. N. Mall M H. VIDk'Mitii mi
City oi Cairo, .Sjv
Iilibtner maatar, t-:sdf3
Will Itara tha Kl.rator TUHrrUAr, Not.
.VKh, at 10 a.m. for fralsht or paaaaa apiilf
I. IHI.I,, faaa. Aa't. A l H T KM. Ho'pt
Southern Tramportation Co. 0. Lint For
vickaburj, atota and Maw Orlaana Sir.
tjioldeii JUule,
fihlnktn mnatar.
Will Ifi.ra THIS DAV. Nn. Soih.m..
For fraiaht ar paaaaia applrto
0 ItOttKHB, A cant.
Nt. Iiaia and New Orlraaia Anchor
;ityot New Orleans ts,
A. J. CarUr. naat.r. tttZ
Will laara tha Klarator WKl)NK4UY, lao.
Iat. at Kin. in. Fur Iraighl ur paaaaaa apply
U. L. llm.i., Pmi. A'at. A I) H TOH M, iiit't
1 Dawes, PAiarsi no oilr.
Dauos-Quinlne, P. AW., ox., 70o;
can, 65c j New Yoik quinine, ox., 65o:
cans, 60c; B. A 8. quinine, ex., 85a;
cans,80c; morphine. P. AW.,lcs.,$2 35
oi-; 1 ox. viais, $2 10; New York mor
phins, I os. $2 25 per tx. ; 1 os. vials,
$2C5;cinrhonId a, 1 oz. vials, 18c os , 6
ox. can,13cos ; gnm opinm,per pound,
13 40; iodide potash, $2 60 per pound,
lncluilvs; enbnitrate bismuth, $1 20
per pound, inclusive; chloroform, 45c
pr pnunH; blue mass, 43; per pound;
talniuel, 75o per pound ; mere urv, 70c
per pou d; chloral hydrate, $1 60 per
poui d ; camphor, 27o per pound; al
cohol, bine's, per gillnn, $.'22; cas
tor oil, tvrrela, pr tial'on, $1 42.
Paikts and Oil White lead, Col-
for llvlouai and Nt, rraneta Hlar.
Str. Rene Macreadv r."
u. n. jonnn maatar.
Laavaator Helena KVKinf TU BSD A T and
iiiiiiiaiMK at e p.m. Learat lor llelana
anuoi. rranoia rirar avvniiK UAXUHUAI
at A p.m.
Tha captain reaarraa tha rlfht to paat all
laouiBf aa aaama anaara.
JAM. ban, JS., Bup't,
Offli-e, No. 4 Madlnon atreet
For Oaoaola. llalaa Point. Cumtaerarllla
Uaroao and Ttptontilla Tha Daw alda
wheel naaaenaor ataan-nr
f, V. Hall maatar. I J. D. ull.r.....ol.ri
W, V. Hall maatar. I J. D. rull.r.....ol.r
Will laava aa abora, and all war polnta
p.m. rorfraiaht or panaaare apply on nnard
aaeuta,-'rlar fwiaa anil ataiuapa.
and Oaoilai Vaskfil Domnanr.
For llalana. (Mandate, Vrlara Paint and a
War Landlnaa Htaamar
TameM Xee, zZk
a- vMnuumAi,,,,. jnumra
Will leave aaaboTeon EVKRY MUNDAI,
vv ami &0UA1 ana iniuAi aioo oioea,
For Randolph. Fulton, Oaoaola aa Waj
iaaaaiuaa Dtaamar
' Brery MoM'AVT'w'aiDN KHD AT
and FRIDAY at 6 p.m. The boate of thf
linaraaeraa tha rlahl to paai all landlni
tha oaptaln may doom unaale. OBoe, No. 1
Madlnon at. JAMKrt I.KK, Jn., Hup't.
Arkansas llivor I'k't Co.
B. B. Smith maatnr, kl:-mti
Liaaraa Many nil arery IV BOU AX, at A p.a
Str. E. W.COLE,
Ed Nowland T' "Si-'-rnaT
Laarea Mam pa Krary HATUHDAx, 0 p.m.
For freliht OI paaaan arnl r to
H. C. LOWR. Aaaiit.
Ofll'a. Uo. S Martonn at. Talphnna No. IB.
Memphis and Vlckgfmrg racket Co
pan u. tujaau iJnee
lor Ilelena, Conoordla, Terrana and Arkan-
aa l'ltr Toe aiaaanl paeaaaiar itaamar
M. R. ChaekmaUr I W. 0. Blankar...ola
umtt ntempnii
For Ceaoordla and all way landtnw.
1 oa nuamar
A. L. Onmmlni, MaaVrJ tew Prioe Clerk
Leere X U Ki-D A Y an 4 S AT U RD Aj at .
For aanaral informatioa aDolj at
JOHN OABR, fan', ant. T.l.tihona SI,
Memphis 4: White Hirer 1'kUU
For Maraaadatm, Doratla BlnR,, Um
Aro, Aaroata. oearoy, Newport, Jaotfoa-
port, BateaTllla and all Vf ay I
mil. tlllCKASAW,
a V fOWH Ul BWfcajr . -
'ill leara KVIRt WKDNKbDAT at 5 p.m.
Albert B. Smith maater. rm" ,r
Will leate KVKR7 HA1URDAT atl p.m
Thronah raUia a Iran to all polnu. rreiitt
lonaixned to tha Meo phla and Whit Rirai
'aoketCo.. at Memphit or Terrana. will hi
forwarded promptly. For aenoral Inlornia-
apply at omre, no. 9 maaiaon at., on
II. O. UWK. A'
Koch's lJat. Store
Nil F.I.VIIVO laadlaatnble t meet any need
rbaaineaa. It la ohaaparthan old atyle, Caa
be put up ny any on. i uioii tor
fan try anil Buohi Mhiilvva. Addraat
ItOCII A. It. ', Wfrau,
B4I M4.IN HT.. fEKHIA. ll.l.Or.
Slauuioaa Hardware t'o.,tit. Louu.Mo.
Arkanaaa City ...... J01 Pitiu, & p.a.
Concordia ....0Teo, g p.m.
Cinclnnati.nM....Bt;c(iTi Stati. I p.aa.
Virkaburs Citt or Carao, la a.m.
St.Franoia Rtror...R llAoaaiDT.I p.m.
New Urleana Gulokk Rota, p.m.
Friari Point JiMaaLii. Sp.aa
Oaoaola Coahoh, 6 p.m.
WhIU River Chiciakaw. 5 p.a.
ilm'raJi, KaU Adams, Atkansaa
City; James Lee, Friars Point; Oat
hem a, Osceola, Oi eeaneake, Tipton
ville; O iver Bi-rne, Louiivile; Ar
kansas Citv.Vicksiurgj City of Vicks
burg, St. Louis; Dto o, Cincinnati;
Buckeve KUte, Ciocinnatl; Bella
Memphis, Vicksburg; Oakland, St.
iJeporrure. Kate Adams, Arkansaa
City; James Lee, Friars Po nt; Ooa
boma, Osceola; Oty rt V.cksburr,
ViclsDurg; Arkansas City, 8U Loais:
Ohesspeake, Tiptosville; Oliver
Bierne, New Orleans; Deeo'o, Cincin
nati; Oakland, New Orleans; Bell
Memphis, 8t. Lnuis.
Boat in Port. Buckeye State anal
Jo Peter.
Boati Vug rp.-Qayoso, Rune Ma
cready and Ohickasiw.
Boalt Dm Down, City of Caira.
alexwlpls Teaterdav,
Chfsapiake 138 bales cottoa, 23
hep- st ed cotton. 1439 sks rott in anarl.
328 sks corn, 148 sks woeat snd S hoi
Kate Adams 98 bales nnftnn !
bafts seeil cotton. 15b8 sks cot'on saei
acd 83 pkgs sundries.
lOAtioma 4H bles cotton. 18.1 hit.
seed cotton snd 2137 sks cotton seed.
wesoio zou or s tlmr. 1328 brls nn-
tntoei., 1000 kek-amile, 1160 bis otsrch,
1HX) brls salt snd 1S44 pkjra wagon stuff.
Arkaneas Oity 150 bales cottoo, II
bgs seed cotton, 2200 sks cotton seed.
James Loe-,732 bales cottnn.r4 haoa
teed cotton, 14 4 eks cotton leed.
Citycf Vkkabuifc 07 bales eottnM.
1200 tks cotton eetd, 400 ps tobacco,
100 pgs sundries.
Belie Memnhis-106 biles cnttfin
114 sks cotton seed.
Buckeve Sttte 411 hrla annlaa. M
brls potatoes, 88 bag 1 seed sottoo,1250
bd's plow hanOJes, HQ kgs nail, 2000
l'VTVattt .MOV KM EM TU.
Tub Ctv nf flJi-n nana ti.ti...
Is the Anchor line pecker 1- sving at
10 o'clock this morning for Vicksburg.
JUllUAVOSO. Cant. A. L. rummlna
leaves this evening for Ooncor.lfa snd
all way landings. Mr. Lew Pries is
her cletk.
Tri Obesaueako. OaDt. Ei IVwlal.
is the regular paclret, leaving tomor
row evenintr f r White river. O. 1.
Postal is her clerk.
Tns Rene Macreadv. f!jnt n tr.
Jopllo. leaves this svenino? (or tha fin b.
Oil and all way landings on Mt. Fran
cis tiver. Lee Ouraminirs is her clerk.
Tna Jnn Petnra D.nt V Tl Elll,
, - I" ' . P. WUIlkU.
leaves at 5 p.m. for Pine Bluff and all
way landings on the Arkansas river.
Meesrs. (Jharlei Muaaellman, anil Rn.
fus Foster are her clerks.
Thb Buckeye State. Cant. FI.J. Vln.
ton, leaves at 5 o'clock this evening
for Cairo, Cincinnati and all wsy
points on ths Mississlont and Ohio '
rivers. Metiers. Geo. W. llendriiksoa.
and Charley Vinton ar her elerks.
Cloudy and warm.
RivsB rising steadily.
Fivs b:als leaving today.
Arkansas. Tennessee and Dnmhaev
land rivers are falling.
Tub Gnlden Rule is dua down aa
her way to New Orleans.
Thb City of Vicksburir. dowa flna. .
sy, put olT 113 tons of sundries.
Tub 11. A. Sused. with a tow af
for this port, is bslow Louisville. , 1
Thb MiBPisilnni eontinnaa in i.n a
St. Louis, with 4 feet 6 tenths on tha
gauge. ,1
Tub Buckeye S'ate brought a fair
trip, and will a hacilr tn (InelnnatJ
this evening.
TBaDfSito returned to Oinoinaall
last night with a big lot of cotton, oil,
cotton seed m sal, etc. -
Tns tug N. M. Jones was let oa tha
docks yostenlay, and will resame her
duties in the harbor today,
Thb Arkansas City, np Sunday,
added 030 bales of comoressed cottoa
for reshipment E.st at Cairo.
Mb, Jamis W. Kbnhbov, formerly
connected with several ot our local
packets, is mate on tbe Belle Memphis.
Local Ihspbctobs Brasee and Dar
Mgh yattrday inspected tbe steamer
Chesapeake and pronounced her O.K.
Ths Joe B. Williams and the John
A. Wood, with big tows of coal, ara
coming down the Ohio on their way
to New Orleans.
Thb Belle Memphis peered to St
Louis last night, after adding 650
bales of compretsed colt in for reahlp
ment east at Cairo.
Thb Alice Brown left Louisville
yesterdav morning for this port with
twenty boats of Pitteburg coal for
Messrs. Brown and Jones.
Thb tugs Ida, Sbsrley Butler and
Perry arrived yesterday from above,
snd landed near the elevator. Their
future movements are unknown.
Thb Kate Adam, for Arkansaa
City; James Lee, for Friars Point;
Coahoma for Osceola, and the Chess,
peake, for Tlptonville, bad good trips
Thb Oakland, towing six barge?, ar.
rtved at dark from St. Louis, aad
leaves this morning for New Orleans.
She dropped an empty barge which
will be loaded with oil cake.
Tub big Ilelena was at Helena ves-
terday taking on coal, which was be
ing furnished her by the gas works
there. ' There is no coal afloat at lieU
ena and up stream boats had betterget
their snpply below that point. The
Helena should bs here this morn ins.
She baa 11,030 sacks of teed for tola
Vicksbobo, Mifs , November 20.-
Departed: B. S. LI ayes and barirea.
PrrTSBDBa,PA..Novembsr 29. Noon .
River 0 feet 3 inches on tha gann
and falling. Weather clondy and mild.
OmciBMATi. O.. November 19. Noon
Kiver 80 feet 8 inches on the gangs
and rising. Weather oloudy; ther
mometer 40.
Whbblino. W. Va.. November 2.
Noon Kiver 11 feet 7 inches on tha
gauge and falling. Weather pleasant,
lib. light rain.
Lodisvills, Kr., November 29.
Noon-Kiver falling, with 10 feet 8
inches In ths canal aud 8 feet 0 inches
on the falls. Weather cloudy aad
cooler. Burners dull.
Cairo, III., November 29. Noon-
Rivet 23 feet on thi gauge and rUing.
Weather fair and cold. Arrived : Gold- 1
en Kule, 0 ncinoati. 3 a.m. Departed:
G"Mn Kule, Npw 0"a', 4 a na.

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