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1 Li X tl Jo
tjf Sheffield and Soith Plttsbarg-
The Cremn of the News From
Neighboring States.
FirtoiAL to tai muu
Kxbhvillk.Tknu., November 80.
There is quiis a leeilng ol Speculation
prevalent bare jaat now. The iron
and coal stocks of Tennessee com
panies ar beioar dealt ia very largely.
The brokers' offices are the center of
attraction, and a rumor that a lady
- made a proflc of t500 in a deal Tester
i day brought many of the Rentier sex
oat tods j to try their luck. Tennes
see Coal and Iron, South Pittsburg
and Sheffield are the favorites, and all
these are climbing steadily upward.
The marks' for local securities is on
the upward tnrn in svmpatby with
the leader, and altogether our local
Wall street ia booming. How long
this will last ia what puzzles every
body. Ernest Ball and George Young, the
two negroes arrested yesterday on the
charge of rape, at the instance of Re
becca McQrear and Mary Davis, both
colored, were indicted today, and com-
mitted to jail to await a trial. Jack
Phillips, colored, the hack driver who
took the pa'ties outside the corpora
tion, was indicted as sn accessory.
Early this morning John E diey and
Ed Greer, two negroes, got into a
difficulty, and Ridley ahot Greer in
the aide. Ridley eecaped and there
seems to have been no witnesses to
tbeaftray. The wounded negro was
carried to the hospital, where he is
lying in a dangerous condition.
The long missing returns from Stew
art con my wf re received today. They
are: Bob, 889; Alf, 355. For Con.
gress Wshirjgton, 98S; Nve, 349.
Bob's majority in the State, 17,767.
Th Fatar Grraa I Havlaa; a Ciena.
lae Boom-A Ctalld Baracd.
Bbiffuld, Ala., November 30.
Willie, sged three years, son of H. 0.
Fairman, cf Jackson, Mis?., was fatal
ly burned, and died at his father's reel
deuce in the city this evening. The
little fellow was found at the Lead of
the stairway with his clothes on fire,
and it isnfct definitely known what
. caneed the accident.
The city is fillirg np tonight with
stockholders, strangers and prospect
ors preparatory to the meeting of the
Sheffield Company tomorrow. The not
ables present are E. W. Cole, A. 8.
Colyar. Lewis Baiter and A. W. Wills,
of Nashville; H. B. Tompkins, of At
lanta; Alfred Parish, Philadelphia;
W. B. Wood, Florence; Horace Ware,
Birmingham; Oongieeeman Herbert,
of Montgomery. The company
today sold J24.C00 worth of lots.
Among other Important questions that
will be considered by the Sheffield
company tomorrow ia the acceptance
of the proposition by the Alabama
and Tenne-see Goal and Iron Com-
' to build three furnaces at Shef
field. There seems to be no doubt
that the proposition will be accepted.
The weather is favorable for business,
and the friends of Sheffield feel that
the signs are portentous that the boom
Will go on indefinitely.
AVfaraWomaa ihararad With la-
faailold Kubbery.
. Uncial, to tbb irriAL.l
Poxaski, Txnh., November 30.
The Wales station infanticide case
was partia ly heard to day. About a
year ago Vic Harwell, a bright look
ing colored woman, who then cooked
for the family of Newton H. White,
was inspected of being delivered of a
bastard which, it was alleged, the
killed by euffoca icm and buried it
near a stump in Mr. White's wood lot.
She was arrest d end jailed npon a
mittimus from Justice Alexander,
After some preliminary skirmishing a
jury was chosen. The facts of the
finding of the body was then detailed
and the circumstanoes point to defend
ant's guilt, but the proof is all clr
CuqiBtanlidL A man by the mme of Moore, who
got oft the bight train last sight in a
booty eonditino, tells a story of
highway robbery between the depot
and the hotel. H s negro companion
asked change for $10, and when Moore
pulled out a handful of silver to ao
commodala him, he grabbed the sil
ver and ran.
Oltlwan If or Una- Caaalrler Uie
Jttalldtnw or Works fablle
UraoiAL to tbb irriiL.1
Jackson, Miss., November 30.
There was a laige pub'.io meeting of
representative citizens and taxpayers
at the city ball latt night, called f jr
the dlscueeion of the water works
question and other matters of pnblio
interest. Col. W. L. Nugent was called
to the chair, and James M. McLall ap
pointed secretary. Mr. Hunger ford,
representing the firm of Samuel R.
Bullock A Co., of New York, by invi
tation addressed the meeting. He
made no formal proposition to the
meeting, but advised them as to the
cspacitv and cost of the contemplated
plant for the consideration of the
people. A committee of three from
each ward waa appointed to canvass
the city, with petitions to the Board of
Mayor and Aldermen asking
them to make a contract
with some company to procure the
works. This will be done to ascertain
what percent, ol the cilia ?ns and tax
payers desire to have water works.
A resolution, offered by Mr. Clifton,
was adop'.ed, submitting for the con
sideration of the Board of Mayor and
Aldeimen thesuVJeot of a thorough
"system of drainage. The meeting
also adopted a resolution offered by
Capt. G. D. Bustamante, inviting , the
Harper party to visit our city in their
Southern tour, instrueting the Mayor
to communicate the invitation and re
questing the Governor to unite there
in. The meeting then adjourned till
next Monday night. . ,
A H"aar Bfarrtaa-v-Bab'a Brather
Una nr. balorlb'a Caayaaa.
araciAL to tbs apfbal.
Kxoitill-, Tan., November 30.
Dr. W. H. al Nutt and Mlniie Lowery.
residents of Knighton, were mairied
here today, lhe bride is a rela ive of
the chairman cf the Bard of Public
Works. The groom is postmaster at
Knighton and a rising young Demo
erst The oeremony was at the Cum
bsiland Presbyterian Church. There
were many handf ome present. They
left ton'gtit for Cincinnati.
Gov. laylor informed a R. Radgers
that be cou'd not appoint him private
ecre'ary ana aajotaat uenetai wnica
is a grea' suipr se here, as it wai sup-
nosed tn at oe Dai rtin ma de tract.
His brother, James 1L Taylor, will gtt
tne p"cp.
N. B. Goforib, who is canvessing
East Teone' see, f ir tbe le.'ommetida
tion of the Superintendent of Inetrnc-
tion, meets with K'eat BaciefS
C. J. Davis was stabbed la the small
of the back by Wm. Mvnatt tonight,
on C czler street. DjvH quarreled
wttti Jamea Mvnatt and William in
terf, red, with the above rtsu'L At
this writing it is sot known whether
ne will live or die. Mynatt is related
to the Represent alive-elect from this
Boa Tartar's riral Aapolatmeat.
laraotAL ra TBI 1PAL.1
Kaoiviu-a, I'ssn , Njvtmoer 30.
It can be stated w.th almost positive
certainty that tbe lion. tf. U Taylor,
Governor-elect, baa determined to ap-,
point his elder brother, James P. Tay
lor, his Adjutant General and prlva e
secretary. James P. is a Democrat,
but has never taken any very active
part in politics. He is something of a
mechanical genius, and waa the in
ventor of what waa known as the Tay
lor gun, which was patented several
years axo, and at the time attracted
considerable attention. For the past
few yeara be has been engaged in ag
ricultural pursuits. He is a clever
gentleman, popular where he is
known, and very well qualified to dis
charge the duties of the office.
Tba Easter- Field Trlale-A Good
High Point, N. C, November 30.
The day opened rather cloudy and
gloomy. In the middle of the day the
aun ahone for a short time and the
temperature was comfortably warm.
Toward night the wind blew Very
stormy from the southwest and tbe
weather turned colder. The fir-t
brace was R btrt le Diablo and Nick
of Naso. Tbe heat was a very close
one. Ia respect to range and speed
there waa little difference; in sty'e
they were equal ; Robert was the bet
ter worker on birds and won.
Duke of Bergen and Rod tben com
peted; the former was tbe faster and
wider ranger; on birds he showed
more decision and accuracy and had
better style and won.
La'.lah Rcokh ran second for the
next brace. Lillah was much the
widf r aid fester ranger and was much
the better woiker on birds, and won.
. Bang Bang and Molite showed up
an excellent brace. It was a very
closs heat. Ia etyle, range and pace
they were nearly equal, but Bang
Bang proved the better finder and
Rjbert le Diabls and Daks of Ber
gen ran very long close heat. Robert
waa faster and ranged wider at times,
and won.
Prince and Lallah Roskh were the
last brace, and the heat waa not
finished. .
' The all age setters closed tonight
with twenty-six entries. The follow
ing is the order of drawing; Noble C,
Clifford; Fred W., Lillian: Brandon,
Glos'er; Lady O., St. Elmo; Pea
dragon, Belle Roy: Monarch, Chicka
saw ; Mandan, WindemarV Daixy F.,
Gene; Chance, Mack; Dashing Noble,
Dan Gladstone; Fannie W., Prince
Imperial : Bob Gates. Belle of Pied
mont; Pet Gladstone, Slocnm.
TbeFaralaara af tba flesrarla Paolfle
-'I waut uiauni a unaekca
sraoub T8 TBB aftial.
Bibminghak, Ala., November 30.
The annual statement of the Georgia
Paciflo Railway Company, presented
st;the stockholders' meeting yester
day, shows $221,042 64 of net earnings
ssainst 1202.682 18 for the rear before.
The gross earnings were $784,811 64
against fWB.btsj os. aew directors
were e'ected in accordance with tbe
Richmond and Danville deal. Pres
ident Johnston reports that the west
ern extension, between here and C
Iambus, Ml s , will be completed by
the 1st of next March.
Rep9i t has reached the city to the
efldct that a fdW nights ago a country
man, whose name is not given, while
hunting a chicken thief ia his yard,
was killed by a pistol ahot from some
hiding place.
Twa Rsldenea Burned.
Sluff, Abe, November 30.
The residences of Mrs. Sonle Hearne
and Mrs. Wet were burned this even
ing. Mrs. Home's houde wan in
sured. It WS occupied by Aba Wink
lein. The aggregate value of the two
houses was 12800.
The Spark That Fired the (fabs.
Milwackib, Wis., November 3).
The testimony taken today in the trial
of Paul Grottkau and Albert Moes
singer, charged with having conspired
last spring against property and the
police, waa mainly in relation to the
riots that occurred at that time. Dis
trict Attorney Williams said the State
would prove to the jury that Grott
kau's speeches constituted the spark
that fired the mobs into violence at
tb at time. On one occasion he aaid:
"lake your arms and your powder
and carry your point." Two hundred
witnesses have been snbpenaed.
A Banded Oar Babbad.
Naw Bbuhswick, N. J., November
30. LaBt nighta United Slates bonded
car on the midnight freight, bound
south, was broken into by three
tramps while while the train was be
tween Monmou,th Junction and
Deans. After securing considerable
plunder the thieves cut the train in
two, jumped from the cars and fled
to the woods. Ttiey escaped.
I . . a .i
Tbcy Are Has Berry.
, There is one thing nobody ever re
gretsthat is, the day they first adopt
ed Parker's Tonic as their regular f am
Uy medicine. Its range ia so wids
and its good effects so sure, that notb
ing else, except good nursing, ar
needed in a great majority of casea
Buy it, try it, and afterward it will not
require any praise from ns.
KenasTlac Cattla ta Canada.
Ottawa, Owt., November 30.
Morton Frewen. the cattle kinv, had
an interview today with thelofficlals
of the Department of the Interior.
He proposes to remove his stock from
the United State, and bring 40.COO
bead of cattle into Canada next spring
If aatisfactory arrangement in regard
to graalcg territory can be made with
the Canadian government.
lOOe Balea or (Xltaa Baraed.
Raliiqh, N. C, November 30.
This afternoon fire broke cut among
citton on the city cotton platform.
Abi.ut 1000 bales were destroyed.
UO9 OU.uuu. lnpurru.
He Is Satisfied With the DIstlnguUh.
ed Honor ills Fellow Citizens
Have Conferred oa HIu.
arsciAL to tbb irriAL.l
Washihoton, November 30. Yonr
correspondent bad an Intereeting ta'k
with Governor-elect Taylor this after
noon. Ia reeponss to a question
as to whether he waa a candidate for
tbe United States Senate, he answered
very emphatically that he was not,
also saying that he bad not spoken to
any member of the Legislature or to
anyone else on tbe subject. As Governor-elect
it would not be very ap
propriate for him to express an opin
ion, he aaid, and as he had several
friends who were candidates he would
not wish to antagonics them by run
ning for the place.
"Of coarse," be said, "the Sena
torsbip ia a very high position and
any man would be proud to accept,
but I am aat sitd with the distin
guished honor my fellow citizens have
conferred on me by making me Gov
ernor of Tennessee."
As to whether he would be a candi
date he would answer neither yea nor
no, saying that be was not in a posi
tion u;t at present to commit himself
cither one way or the other.
When isked bis views as to caucus,
be was non-committal.
He thiuks that the recent canvass
was the cleaned; and the election the
fairest that has ever taken p ace In any
State, and foreares incalculable advan
tages to Tennessee srising therefrom,
inasmuch as it will insp;re the intend
ing immigrant with coifl fence, and as
sure bitn of full and peifect liberty at
the noils.
"No, I don't think the Republican
party is gaining strength in Tennes
see," said he. "If the Republican
candidate had been any other man
than my brother Alf I would have
tad at least 35,000 meiority. I have
been practically out of politics since
the election, and absolntely know
nothing about the present state of af
f airen Tennessee. I was cocBiderab'y
worn out with my arduous work dar
ing the campaign, and have been re
cuperating in tbe mountaina ever
since. I am in Washington now to
attend to sime offlcal affjim, and
shall probably leave for home to
morrow n'ght."
He has bad a large number of call
ers dating his stay here; in fact, his
visit here has been almost a constant
Betwnea iha Kalcbta of I.aaar aad
, sue Aaaal.aaaatad Aaaoeaauan.
Pit TSBTJHO. Pa.. November 30
Now that the differences between the
Knighta of Labor and the Miners'
Amalgamated Association In tbe coke
rear on have been settled, tbe men ae
preparing to stand together if a strike
is ordered. Master Workman Byine,
of the Knights of Labor.and Secretary
sauiien, oi tne Miners Association,
have issued s joint call for a delegate
meeting of both organiaitions, to be
held at Scottdale next Saturday morn
ing. Master Workman Byrne, in
talking of the meeting todav. said:
"All trouble between the Association
ardthe Knighta of Labor has. been
adjusted, and in tbe fatare we will
work together. The meeting on
Saturday is for tbe purpose of forming
a joint board to combine the action of
the two organizations. This board,
when organ. zsd, will move for an
other conference with tbe operators
on the demands already made. . I do
not wish to express my opin'oa as to
what will be done, and can only say
that the workers in the coke region
will move together in sny demands
that may be agreed anon, after due
consideration shall hava been given
to tbe question, and all efforts shall
have been made to amicably strange
(he matter.
Of New Enferprlaea la the Boatta
Chattanooga, Tkmr , November 30.
A romoi a'ion of spec al reports to
the Tradnman from twelve Southern
Statee, during tbe quatter ending De
cembar 1st. shows a remtrkable de
velopment in various Indus ries dur
ing the period specified. - The follow
ing companies were organ's d and in
corporated in the twelve btaea, work
having actually commenced on many
of Ihem: Twenty-five b'ast furnaces,
65 railroad companies, 131 wood work
ing establishments, 16 electric light
companies, 73 foundries, mills and
machine ahop, 59 mining and smelt
ing companies and 39 flour mills.
Alabama received 11 furnace during
tbe quarter, Tennessee 8, Virginia 4,
Louisiana 1, West Virginia 1.
The la lroad companies are divided
as follows: Alabama 12, Arkansas 3,
Florida' 4, Georgia 11, Kentucky 3,
Louisiana 3, Mississippi 1, North Caro
lina 4, South Carolina 1, Tennessee 14,
Texas 3, Virginia 2, and West Vir
ginia 1.
Of 131 woodworking establishments
Alabama received 26, Florida 15, Geor
gia 19, Tennessee 18, and West Vir
ginia 13.
Of seventy-three foundries and mills
Alabama received 24, Tennessee 11,
Virginia 13, West Virginia 6, Texas 6,
and Georgia 6.
Of 69 mining and smelting compa
nies Alabama has 9, Arkansa s, Geor
gia 2. Kentucky 8, Mississippi!, North
Carolina 9, Tennessee 11, Texas 7, Vir
ginia 4 and West Virginia 5.
Of flour mills Aikansas received 3,
Kentucky 8, North Carolina 6, Ten
nessee 8, Texas 8 and Virginia 8.
The Tradeiman says this is exclusive
of a large number of miscellaneous In
dustries. All Flreanea radar 91 Years Old
Gcbaktok. Pa., November 30. To
night an order went into effect on the
D, law-are, Lackawanna and Western
railroad suspending all firemen in the
employ of that company who are
under 21 years of age. The object ia to
give employment to married men in
the service, who have suffered from
short time.
Goon advice. If you bava a friend
with a cough or cold, tell him to try
Dr. Bull's Cough Syinp.
A Ifaa Atlampta fa Marriar Wlfa
It a. a aad ta IKoall aalalda.
Indianapolis, Ikd., November 30.
David Harrii is 42 years old and has
been married five times. Ilia fldh
wife was a widow. Mi. a Jennie Wal
lace, and the wedding occurred about
five months ago. Tne two lived na
bappily almmt from their wedding
Bwaiisi mis 1 1 awaxn ,i.--aj -a-jn,,,,
day, and qua rets were regular events
In tr e nutisetiotd. I ne pa r resided
with the wifx'a father, an A "red
Jenkins. About four weeks a o Har
ris began prucedinits for divi.rce, bnt
the action wai withdrawn and former
r !at ons Ttsum d. Tonicht, Harris
tame home, and the family sat down
to cupper. During the mral he sud
denly rose frim his chair, aud taking
h's wife by her hair, which waa bang
ing loose, be pulled her bead back,
placed a rev lver to her f rabead and
fired, th ball paesirg through her
head. He then turned the weapon to
h s own bead and fired, the ball in
flicting a fatal ir jury in tbe head. He
also gashed his throat honidly with a
knife. Both will die, their Injuries
beiugoi so seiiaas a chanc er that
surgeons lay it is useltsa to dress
A Celebrated Caaa.
Babxbtabi.b. Mas a., Novembsr 80.
The celebrated case of Chester Snow,
of Harwich, sgalnst Ex-Ooorreesman
John B. Alley, of Lynn, came up for
trial for the third time in th8aperior
Court today. The case is an action of
tort, bronght to recover $ 150 000 for 150
postal telegraph bonds claimed to have
been obtained from tbe plaintiffs by
promisee of the defendant ahich were
never fulfilled. The defendant denies
every al egatioh made.
The transaction is alleged to bave
grown out of the manufacture by
Soow of the patent steel core, copper
covered wire, and ita adoption, to-
father with certain other telegraphic
raprovementa owned by Alley, of tbe
Poi'al Telegraph Company, which ad
vanced money to Snow 'on his manu
factory Snow, on the other hand, be
coming a stockholder and a d rector
in the Postal Compsny. It was in
this connection that the alleged trans
action occurred. '
Snow testified to the fact as stated
in lis opsning addraea, and at the
c'o-e of his testimony the court ad
The B. aad O. tMiiiiM admiral ot
Vara of Ida Nam bora Ba.lacaa.
Cincinnati, O , November 30. To
morrow the Baltimore and Ohio Ex
press assumes control of tlie traffic
hitherto managed by the Adams and
Southern Exprers companies on the
Qieen and Crescent route between
Cincinnati and Niw Oi lease. While
the Baltimore and Ohio claims to be
in favor of maintaining rates, its en
trance into this wide field, hitherto
monopolist by the two companies
named, Introduces therein f r the
first time sn element ot competition,
and It Is probable there may be a new
adjustment of rates. The new com
pany, it is said, will give employment
to men who have been doitg wurk for
the old companies.
Ulnek on Stealing L. aad M. Boada.
Ntw Yosx, November 80. Wm. a
Williams, a broker, appeared in the
Yoikville Police Court today as com
plainant against ex-Mayor Ueo, Innls,
of Ponghkeepsle, whom be ohargea
with larceny. Williams charges that
five conpon bonds of the Louisville
and Nasbville railroad, New Orleans
and Mobile OiV s on. valued at S10UO
each, intrusted to InnU for a stated
period, the latter is said to have re
fused to surrender them at the time
MTFAr! nnnn. Iitnin wan ' TrptA
some time ago on a amilar ifbarge re-
tern nor to otner bonds ol tne same
road.. That case ia still pending. There
were nity bonds loaned originally.
Innis waived examination and was ad
mitted to balL j. ,
Batten AaaaolaUaa.
Boston, November 30. The United
Hatters' Association of the United
States began i'S session here yester
day. This apsoc;a loa ia oneoi the
most powerful hb r unions in the
country. It is composed of the Na
tional Fur Hat Fiuiabem1 Associa
tion and the National Hat Makers'
Association. There wnesume difficul
ty between the two bran' has, one
accusing the other of not living up to
agreements. If matters taunot be
satmiactorily arranged ther will un
doubtedly break up the united asso
clat'on. Tee convention will be in
sotaioa throa;boa' the tvenk.
Cholera ta bueaea Aires.
Buenos Avbbs, November 30. In a
lunatic asylum bera cholera ca es av
erage ten dalv, wtile amwig tbe in
habitants ( t the city the victims bave
not exceeded eUbt in any day. At
Rocario the condition is some wb at
Impnved, there being on'y twenty
eight new cases and fourth n deaths
yeettrday. In the city of Cordova,
the enter of communication between
Buenos Ayres snd tbe upper prov
inces, a procession comprle ng 15,( 00
perrons passed throujh the streets
yesterday carrying images .r( saints
and praying for a decline of lhe epi
dem s. Triers were twelve new casea
and five deaths in the c'tv, and the
population is greatly alarmi 1.
' 111 a a-
Salvation O.l, tbe greattjt core on
earth for pain, will always aive relief
at once. It will positively cure
rheumatism if used as per directions.
25 cents.
LaOOttlO-TuMday, NoramUr SO, ltW,
at 0:3a p.m., Lou a L.ooai.., tfsd SO raara.
t oaeral will Uka plaea from his lata r(U
danea, oorner Conoord and Main itrtats, this
(WIONBSDAT) aftarnooa at 1:30 e'olMk.
Bcrrtoaa at St. Brlld't Charsh at 8 s'olosk.
Vrlandi of th family are inyltad to attend.
JK.AA.M.-Will Det In annual ,
mmaoioatlon thia ( WiDmsDiTjV T
anins-. Ueo. lit, at 7:80 o'olock, XAf
r election of offioom and dlipeiAa'
i j
for Alratlon of offinflr. and dlaiMttAl
of hatlnaia. All M.M.'i frataraali IriTlt.d.
UT order U. . UAVANAIiU. n.Jl.
t Attant: A. 8. Mmas, Bnpret.rr.
Mi. B. L. LASKI,
Physician, Snrgooa ahd Accoacber
813 Slain Street, Near Union.
" Talenfcon Wft. !."
A. O. U. W. ,
RE1ULAR ointlntof ChlckiiawLodaa,
No. 40, thla (W EDNKSDAlf) aTenln.
Denember 1. it 7:30 o'clook. at Ball, 2J9
rJo-ond atroet. All B.mb.rt art r inaatad
to b pr.a.nt. Member of aliur lodaaa In
Tited. W. J. MURRaiU,, W. At.
J. C. CBM"0, Ba-oril- r.
To Contractors.
on nnn rRns leve$ work.
M0JJJJ in o.uantltlaa t- uit out
tta, fronS Lakoriaw to U. K. Lantlioa. iod
Srloaa and prompt pay. Apply to Toof. M o
owaa A Co., Mamthli. Tenn.,or on work
to J. B. M0LAW8 A CO.
Salle af Ulaaniailna.
THE eopartnenbip brr tnforo azlitlnf
on dor tb Arm nam of Goodman A Bar
rett hat b.o tali day dl.aolr.d by nutaal
oooaent. Mr. J. ft. liar ti ytirina. Mr. 1.
W. Uoooiaan will oootlnua tb buainons on
his own acenunt, aaiuoiloc all libilitia and
eolleotini au aoooinu au lb out arm,
y. W, (JoODVMN.
U.H...VI. T... Tl.A. I 1 1 . ul
Owma to ill be.Hb 1 bava withdrawn from
tb nrtn of Uoodoin A Ilatr.tt 1 heartily
rtaoniinflod Mr. D. W. Good ma a to mf
lfttDdi, aad aik for him alib.ral patronara.
a. da tin a ri'.
. worth Iron 17. f to I15.t0 toh.
$1.00 YARD
Far a Lin al Fin TAIL0RIN8S. in Strip.
Cbatks aad Plalda worth 11.36 1
d 0 pay yard.
For M la.h DIAGONAL TRIOOTS-anpark
tooda and oar Unrlralad and
of Fin Mlnoh W0OLIN-aet to U
aqaalad antsld of Naw York,
15.00 Jacket Sale,
fl.OO Jeraey Sale.
Novelties In Evening Goods,
Bargains In MILLINERY Dep't
FELT HATS at It.OO-worth K SO.
Vifal Dombr Baraalni at
PraQticftl Piauomakfiixa
aad KpalrnrarriaBaa,Ora;aB,
- And Mmioal Initrnmanta Gaoarally.
Tie Largest
Most ; Elegant Selection
. or--'
Ai4 Aiicaa Prodieltoa'of 1
IS" Our selection eompriaeaj
Elegant Stjlea (of the Latent)
and BE8T Maker, Foreign
and Domestic
tSTOur Goodnare Imported
DIRECT, throngU OC Vast
torn Home.
Cleaalaar, Djala.afc Bepalrla,
Ko. W W. CB1T Btbsbt.
G-eor;" M. Nlohol.
Wholesale and Retail.
5r7 Neeond Street,
And Still Thoy Come
l9ETei7 Pair Warranted e
v," at the;ohbap.oabh
4tO Bfaln Wtret, Werriphlau
LATE Of ST. LOUIS, HO., ka lurt It tad
ap an alaiant offloa oT.r Lyil A Bhl.lda't
grooary ator, ornr ot Adama and Main,
wb.r h ia r.aJy to It all fight and mak
flMM to onlar. Tb publi ar Inform!
bat th Di.otor hai no ilao.a lor lal othar
than thoa mad by blmi.lf and in oonlorm
Ityatih th niMnt.moot of th jt, Tha
Ilootor ha mad thai b't apaoiaj itady and
baa all th l.toat oiantifio teU and lnitra
tn.nti to Inmr prlot and aay iiht.
'Pbnisiana praaertpUont for a !- carololiy
tll.d. Offio houra lroatto 12 and JioS p.m.
DH. U. M. I KW18,
Ornllit and Optlolan, No. 218 Mai trt,
aonthat oror A J ami and Main.
Nnbacribe lor the Appeaa."
wa--an anaaMHMa-
lotal New Business Groator than the total new hn! nt uri"
Other Companies no represented In Memphis Combined. J
Increase In Surplus more than r.twlce the total Increase ot
surplus ol all other Companies notr represented in XemphW .
Boom No, 1. Cotton Erehange Bnlldlng, Memphis, Tewneswe
AT COST, FOR THIRTY DAYS, tp make room far Sprint
Stock. One lot Open IT kick le. suitable for coma try iwav
9VU OWH 31 AWIH,' At TUUE, aud fully guaranteed. .
liilly Carriage Op
325 Second Street. Mciuplils, Teiin.
5 t ar-loadfi Nteel Nail.
t'Hr-loiuU Nnnfl and nod,
1 Car-load Larr,IIaniN and tiaitftage.
8 ur-load4 Amerlean Nnrtlluen.
1 Car-load New KaMnn, , '
1 Car-load Sew Nalmon,
1 aVur-lond Cnllfomta t tanned Fruit,
lO Car-londai Touiatoe). l'e telieN,Coru,Etfv,
1 Car-load Alniore'a Mince Aleut,
a Car-load New York lluekwlieat,
. a Car-load llg-aieet, Kruut and Itarrel rtvklea.
31 Car-low! Nllver Mou Cream Cbeeae, ,
at Car-load Virginia Peanut. - , v v .
Car-loada Fire Craeltera and Firework,
3 Car-loads Nut and Curranta,
S Car-loads) Fine Hanauaa,
5 Car-loada Red Hen lavla Apple,
a Car-loads Freah Fancy Candle.
a . t.. . k.. 4 . I M aa7,.A. Mfi
a var-'wau vauirai,'vi ni-aru h urai, ijw ,
And a complete asaortmeut of Maple and Fancy ilroeeriaa
lor lue special uQ
lasrwend for
Oliver, Finnie stfij
Quarter of a Century in
IToft. S23 and 334 MAIITRT., MESIPIH3, TENIff.
OrTjT-OX 31-TSr XlA-TIXl WI-tW.
(nOO7ErWOrW TO O. H. atBICIT),
Dinner, Toilet and Chamber Sets in Great Variety.
rAa;BCror lhel.bralI tlKEKSWOOO VITBiriBO CHIH-. polalli
aa.nlM for tlalela, HMlawrl anil SHamlwal.,-
Dry Goods, notions, Elostrg
GHiiJiEnEirs FDiunsiffiiG mm.
t .
He. 139 and SS9 Main
rrrm or ran. aw wtirrsa aoaam n Lavarra aim nmr$:
..sri,aTS UAH ITSS sas. ana tar
, awutaa bum. nu,Aiiuur
aaaiatarlaf Co.1 Plaids, Dr&la, Rheetlar. fTlrUas,
' ........ x-x
' . Baggies, lYagons and Ilarncss,
-' Steam Fnsrtnea. Machinery of All Description.
TJ'o.'.'m RFnOWIl fT.-. -
And Gommlssion Merdtanbs
Pea, SA Ed S3 IZAdlan Street, ITe3,w .
0 '
oi sjouuiry jnercuauia. , (
a lVlcoLlxl.-m . .. t .
the Hardware Bnalnea.
BU MflMpSdaTein.
r-rl aiU waipar vilk ttta of nay k
anaXiirTOZV s cax3.;-,

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