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The Eeal Estate Bine Secretary
Hanning'a Cond tiou-Cox's Two
SaIartoa-(Kher Matters.
"Wachincton rprrial: The people
who tupp-we trut ths government t-m-ploves
do D'twoik are u iaiaken, in
rime caei. I waa talking; with tbe
private leereary of one of the Cabinet
c meets ia.i evening', ana r e remaraeu
that he taunt p-at home at once. "tor.
aid he, "I a to be up early."
"How Ib that? ' I a'ked. ' I thonnht
the government employes do not have
to nee early or w rfc late."
"Don't ttiev," he leoijhed. "Well,
you would thirk they did if you
would see me punching myself every
night to kepp awake at my work after
the majority ol peop'e are in oeu. i
am at it until niidn gbtor later half of
my time."
"And did you nay that vou were to
rise early tomorrow beeideet"
"Yee, I generally get no BDorji o:3U
o'clock in tbe morning. You see there
' is a certain amount of work that must
be done b store tbe department em
vlovea att there to begin their duties.
and it ia nece aary to be at the depart
ment about o cicca.
"And when do you get away ?"
"Ob, that depends. Sometimes I
get through by 5 o'cloik, sometimes
by 62 o'clock, but I generally have a
lot of work to do at night beside."
"It is not mer.ly the private secre
taries that work long hours, either.
The members of the Cabinet them
selves do so. Erin Secretary Man
ning, in bis enfeebled condition, is
working la'e at night now and on Sun
days preparing his report. Take a
walk past tbe residences of the Csbi
net officers and you are liable to see
the lights In their studies burning
past midnight. They have their desks
in their nou e, ana work there at ait
hours. The President puts in long
noure. ue is an eariy riser, and it 11
no uncommon thing to know that he
is closeted with come member of
the Cabinet or Col. Lamont until
midnight, or later, hard at work. Take
a walk past the Treasury any night
and you will are large numbers of
rooms lighted up and employes at
work, catching up with tbe work of
the office." Only the other day I
heard an emDlove in one of the divi.
eione of tbe Trearury eay to one of his
fellow clerks : "I will be down to the
- office all 8 o'clock tomorrow to heip
get that work up." There are lots of
them who take their work to their
homes wiih them. This is especially
the case with the professors in the
scientific bureaus. Tney take a per
sonal interest in their work, and as
tbe appropriations made for it is
. small, tbey generally are willing to
give a good deal of time to it, even at
ridiculously emnil r-alaries. From my
window where I sit writing this letter,
I look directly upon the window of
one ot these sclei.tinc gentlemen. I
can almost always see a light in his
etuay wmaow until midnight or
thereabouts, sometimes later. He
does it for the love of tbe work and
because he cannot bear to see it neg
lected. Watch any of the Cabinet
officers as they go home and you will
see mac mey taae a Dandle ol work
with them to be disposed of at home
during the even inn-.
In spite of tbe reports that Secre
tary manning is growing woree and
Bas determined to resign, he con.
tinuee to im prove. A gentleman who
sees him daily, and has done so for a
year or more, te.is me that he has not
been as well since he had the attack
as now. He continues to lose flesh.
and has succeeded in reducing bis
weigni 10 smi, wnicn is about sixty
pounds less than it was wben he was
taken sick. He is cheerful and chip
per, ana nnos mat ine return to work
seems to agree with him. He bas
Been hard at work upon his report.
and does not feel that the work ia in
juring him.
Comptroller Durham, of the Treas
ury, is in a statu of mind about Sam
Uox s two salariis. He don't like to
permit a government official to draw
pay for two services at one time, but
he don't eee how he can prevent it.
"It is a queer elate of things," he said
to yonr correspondent, talking about
it. "I can't see how we are to avoid
giving the salary to Mr. Cox if he
really wants it. He has already drawn
bis salary au Minltter to Turkey up to
iue ume 01 lis resignation, ss he bad
a perfect right to do. He hai been
elected to fiii a vacancy in Congress,
and the law specially eays that the
. men elected to fill a vacancy shall be
entitled to tbo salary of the position
from the date tlat the office became
vacant. It is a curious case, for it is a
general rule that no official shall draw
two Belarus. I don't see why Con
gresa don't amend this law. Ttere
was another case 01 this same kind
Some twentV warn aon. whnn Mr
Blaine and Mr. Conkling were in the
House, and it was some speeches
made upon this very case that pro-
ui;ou me esuaDgcment between
Diaiiie ana uonming."
Tbe Real Estate Kin.
A party of gentlemen familiar with
uisirict auairs called upon the Presi
dent yesterday and volunteered some
startling information regarding tbe al
leged real estate ring and the apparent
connection with it of several D strict
officials, intimating that proof could
be furnished him showing him that
Register of Wills Olaggett and mem-
c-ers oi me district Commission, witb
other ofDoials, were owners of real
estate purchased near his country
place by the pool. Mr. Cleveland
was very much surprised and would
hardly believe such was the case. He
remarked In reply that the charges
were too serijus to be made unleea
positive proof could be found in sup
port of tbem. That proof could be
produced; the President was assured,
the gentlemen going so far as to say
that an examination of ths public
records and other written evidence
would difclose the position occupied
by the offlcia s.
The President expresses a desire
that he be furnished proof as soon as
possible, adding that if there were no
other means tJ get at it he would in
sist , upon Oongiesaional inquiry. It
w true the f resident has bad carried
him all kinds of rumors, much ol
which found their authorship with
those who had perianal grievances.
It Js now said the President will favor
onpresflional investigation. Addi
tional information is also promised in
P'CBBcandal. Friends of Mai.
WBlker. th ranonll. annn.J HUtt U
foltce, threaten to come out with a
true statement of tbe original of the
scandal, which will be that the ques
tion of keeping an espionage upon
tongresenien was fir f sngested by
the District Commissioners. As
Walker was asked to resign noon the
request of the Preeldent, Walker
naturally fels that he has been nn
Justly sactiflced, and in order to re
taliate he will maka rlisl
will necessitate the President calling
fr fie resignation of the Commis
sioperi. ' Vik?r na'.iz-d hs has besn
nif d.' to sulT. r moro than al oth- rs,
ami thinks it due im that others
eoua' y as truilty should come in for
their snare of tm rl :rfe.
Bob Taylor In Waablnejtoa.
Washing1.! rpw.ial : "KoU" Taylor,
Governor tl-i t f Tokti's en, called at
the S ate Department Monday to get a
d'p'orna ic appoiLtmei t fur a dieod.
Gov. Taylor ia rnceiviog n.uch a ten
don here from S..uih-rn Demrrrab?,
and is an object (f a tent on when ver
be goes on account of tbe 01. usaaL can
vas with h's b ether last enmmr.
He s-ys D-mocraiic mccesj in 1888
depends upon the course President
Cleveland ju'suesiu the future. There
is some dij.-a iidct on iu Lis State, for
the Democrats believe tt ey have good
timber enough to fi 1 all tbe offices not
protected bv a s rict c"nstruc;ion of
th civil eervice law. The Democrats
in his State, ha says, have not made
up their minds yet as to the best man
to carry tbe banner in the next Presi
dential election. Gov. Taylor cava
that trade is reviving with a boom in
the Sooth, and that Tennessee is lead
ing tbe advauciog column. A Ten
neseean remarked today that the new
Governor might be in the benatorial
flint this winter, and if he is bair
Tbe Hew Gajroao.
Cram. fl. Horn Manager .
Ratal 12 60 to t pr aay, aooording to leoa-
. tion of rornni. -4ad
A O Kvlev. Ark R R Julcinn. Tann
B F Johnson, Ark K E Stone, Ky
K W Jon.e , T.nn W Quartos, jr, Mil
W B Farringion, III J H Webb, rty
J D Adams. Ark
li w Kewell, H if
W K Hampton, Ohio
JT Marlow, La
J A Trice, Tex
F C Licch, Kt
A J Albert, Ala
T B Kinoade, N X
LA White. Ark
G RBaxte-, Ark
J A Harper, Miss
M M Milliken, Tenn
TD Blake, Tenn
T A Price, Tex
F M White. Tenn
M Kittle, Tenn
A Pattison, Miaa
A (Jornon,wA3c, Tonn
C 11 Fonte, Mo
L L Taruthers, Ind
M Aiaddox, IN X
A M Myers, N Y
I. Marklov. P
J J Gordon, Ky
C F Madden. Ala
tt L Ulark, ienn
E M Lewis. N Y
B J Landion, Ark
F H Poie, Miss
L L Collins, Mias
W J Hm th. Tenn
P S Edwards, Ala
N D Hioks, Tenn
G J Kittle. Tnnn
J S Watta, Tenn
W B Mallory, Tenn
J 8 Kline, Mits
K j uhumplin, Mo
E S Roach, Ind
L H Nanoe. Miss
CInvrara, Ark
J Fletcher, Mias
n tj Darker, Miea
TM Kent, Ark
li W Uall, Mias
C T llenderaon, Miai
S J Humphrey, Tenn
H J Altherton, Tenn
L R Fcott, Ohio
L M Hudson, Ind
J A itavia, III
W H Stovall,Mi
J W C owley, Mifa
(1J HirHonnir
I. n runups, Alias
K 8 Robinson, Miss
F B strong, Tenn
L Newball. Ala
F K Esaex, Ohio
ER inton, III
P R Watson, Mo
B V Johnron, Ark
1 n. iiosKin., Ky
Miaa Saunders, Tenn Mrs Farrinatoi, Tenn
Miaa Randot, h. Tenn Mis 0 Davis N Y
R Mrkflnni. Flnn Mma FiLrriniltn T.nn
C M Thornton, Ala TLJonea, Ala
LB ( lark. Ohio
Toos Wells. Mo
TJKvle. NY
Rolit Erwin. Mo
E 8 Allen, Mass '
R B flohison. Ind
11 8 McAllister. Mo
S M Gamer, Ind
Henry Barber, Ky
0 N rpencer, Mo "
6 II Benediot, Mist
8 R Kiokets, Mits
H L Parsons, Ark
GB Stout, Tenn
B L Williams, Miss.
M L Erwin, Mo
L Graham Miss
C E Stewart, Ark
B K Bradley, Tenn
TH Wilson, Tenn
Feabodjr Ilotel.
0. B. GALLOWAY A CO -..PaornritTOBS.
Hates SZ W and t3 per day. accordion to
sise and location of room Bpeoial
Arthur Becker, Tenn J M Jackson. Mo
E D Smith. Mo
T P Thompson, Ark
ueo morgan, Arx
Mr-L F Irbyio, Ark
Jo W Allieen, Tenn
W White, Tenn
0 Fitsierald, Tenn
L Sydney, Mo
J W Goodwin, Pa
M Slanrhlnr. Ok
E li Watson, N X
HPMoDonsld. Ky
T L Jones, Tenn
Q W Dowav. Teen
E W Murrell, Tenn
J Showers, Ind
HJ Ed m ue ton x
C W Hans AwTlex
W A Baule. N Y
Ie L Friedman, Ohio
J B Bell, III
J R Reeoh. D 0
mrs mciariana, va
E 8 Muir, Ky
W H Bootli, Miss
A Fieldinc Miss
T V Stuart, Tenn
MissHSummera.Tetin P H Walk.lH.. M V
8 0 Franee Aw', 111 Miss M Hilluiaa, 111
M uftnnnr, All
G W Kerr, 111
C A Edward-, III
W 8 Thompson, Mo
8 W Cutler. La
W J Arnold Aw. Mo
u. I - : -- in
PP Powers, Mo
d U Ulark, 111
Robt Allen, 111
GTClapham.N Y
J W Marshall, Mloh
E A Judkini. Mn
w Li liaison
Mrs L L Aloorn, Mist
Miss Y W Wi,e, Mist F L Orav. Ark
T W Johnston. Ij Leon Apolsnt, N Y
ChaaKJnna. NY fl Sntiiimh. H v
J U Rhodes iw.Miat W E Vaughn, Tenn
J M Edwards Af.TennG W Anderson. Tenn
T Downey, Mo I Samelson, Tenn
B a jtiarwood, Ohio T B Yandy. Tenn
Jno A Finob, Ind
J J Jones. N Y
HOforter, Tenn
D A Nkeen, Ky
E 11 Parker, Mo
L white. Kt
0 W Hendrick, Mils
A R Iirai'K, Ark
W P Mimnl. Km
H H Waters, Mo
W C Weatherbv.Miss TH.rtminn. Ark
A Child .'S, Ky V 0 Marx, Ky
w W Kutledae.Tenn Mrs i L Alcorn.Mias
Miss A Alcorn, Miss James Aloorn, Miss
In Lalllna, Miss J Jamison, Ala
W J Boyd &f. Ark 8 C Jamison, Ark
jj 1 Dodge At, Ala.
Prldrty Honsr,
(Fnrninrlv (TAmmArntRl Untl 1
Cor. Front and Jefferson Bts.. MemDhis.Tenn
J. 11. Pbiddt, Prop'r, of Kiohmond, Va.
Trnnninnt ratnii. tl Mi tn t,Br
W E Christian, Miss T J fhelton. Tenn
u uurintinui iviib
W RMullins. Tenn
O Q Motiregor, KCRR
J F Wilson, KC RR
R W Topp, Mia
R W Hoiror.. T.
(JBarnHrd, KCKK
J T Metoulf, Mo
Mrs Barr A.?, Miss
ii L Voting, Tex
J r A;t..n jttu, Miea
W 8 Kizer. Man
11 B Kuitnio, Mlat
T Bryant. Mss
AO Porter, Miss
B 0 I'arhum, Miss
0 Irwcot, Ark
N J Dorman, Ky
T Platton, III
J J Bigeli w, Tenn !d
R J Johnson, Mies
E M Cook. Ark
O W Cooper. Mist
W Curr, Ark
8 J Barber, Mo
L Creavier. Misa
T Ma nes, Kas
F A Green, Ark
F E Wells Aw, Mo
D M Damy, N Y
0 T Bowers, Ark
0 MoRoberts, Tenn
PU Lynn, Ark
R Galnas. Tflnn
P 8 liychrs, Tenn
T H Bradley. Mist
W H Wels, Ky
A J Saxton, In 1
R Makinley, Ark
E 0 Bovd. Ark
J J bavis, Ark
R L Harrison, Miss
J 8haw, Miss
W Burnhart. Miss
J Creavier, Miss
r wells, Kas
A Agnew, Miss
Miss 0 Mavo. Mo
J Currie. N Y
6 English, Tenn
T L Lumbert. Miss
F M ttharp, Miss
11 If ran kiln. Tenn
J J Eoerhart. Tenn
S X Dempster, Oa,
Daflj'a Knropean Ilotel.
Comer of Adams and Main streets. Roomt,
puo, roe ana li per day; American Plan.
12 per day. First class Restaurant In the
i)o(el. J M. DUFFY (10 years with Pet
P L Molloy. N Y
uii- iiiimii'. r-roprintor.
J A Coffman. Tann
J ti lork, ienn
N Coker. Tenn
E M .tones, Tenn
0 C Hedriok, Te
! w ;roell,Tenn
JPConroy, Tenn
JfO Fulton, Ind
0 D Diokerom Aw.Ark
WN Morgan, Tenn
R H Morgan. Tenn
W Smith, t.nn
A J Ross, Tex
J Leeser, Ark
i J trossett, Ark
H Croom. Tenn
J T Cartles, Ark
A L Marden. N Y
J T KUis, Tenn
R P Naalv. T.nn
J Hartley, Arizona
J Pfmith, Miss
11 1 Wells, Ind
w v I aylor, Mo
II M Alexander. Mist CO Wildman. Ml..
J A Williams, (ia R W Southwick. Fla
M C Hale. Fia
A Johnson. Flu
DSMathut, Tex
J ACullen, Ark
J L Pennyman, Ark
RT Confer, Miss
B J Holmes, Mo
A A Jaokion. Ala .
M T Miller, N 0
K M Jones, T.nn
C M Wood, Ind
C U Barber, Tenn
W H Robertson, Mo
CM Phillip,, Ohio
M C Collins, N $
A J Rawlingi. Tex
H M Oamy, N Y
Haaton'. Ilotel.
W. H. BINGHAM ; M....
European plan. Knlarged and returntth.d.
r noes aocnrajns to use
Prioes aooordins to site and loca
tlnn of rooms
w I, Loyeoraft. N I
S MrB,rook, Ten.
J,J Andrson,Mitt
1 Miller, Ark
M R ' dl, Mist
8 T"n
8 RbheltoD.Teon
W B Jones, Tenn
SB Fallen, Tenn
0 B l'rioe, Ohio
Mh T A n.L.. r.
Mrs J L Webh, Mist
D 8 Mathers, Tex
J Kirk Patrick, 111
B uraenberir, Mo
B B Sheltnn, Tens
T Clark, Tenn
W 8 UnpeU, Tenn
J W Spiilo'. Mifs
atrs J L Webb, Miss
JFeatherstoneAw.MisJ A Chea ella, Tenn
J A Hester, Tenn J B Freeman, Tenn
Mrs K K Bo,d, Tenn f W Boyd Aw, Ta
B P Johnson.Ark J L Tallev, Tenn
W T llHvnie. Tenn
H M Bell, Tenn
T Holeniao, Tenn
J R Dunn, Miss
t f' hearer, Ark
J D JloLanahan, Tenn
H ll;,"erson, Tenn
J M Falks Aw, Ark
M 8 Garrett, Tenn
V It KSmiih, Tenn
E U Lombard, Mis3
Leo Kroll, Ark
J K Connor, Tenn
I) K Htewart, Ttnn
E Smith, tenn
J ii Ad-irholdt.N C
J 1 Mason, Miss
J P Jooes M ss
II tt 'usht n, la
J A Hill. Tenn
11 nenai, ivnn.
C Jod-s, Tenn
,.1And."r"on- Mist
P BHill Aw, Ark
J'i's A IJili.T.na
T llorrl. T.h.
A Warner, III
W t brap.r, T.nn
T Bushman, III,
mm a'mmL'r&tt&rz
Fiflj Chinamen of 1 be!r II lrd Earned
Wages Tbe Bald Kaobbers
of tlesourl.
St. loom, Mo., N.ivembsr 30 A
special from B g Spring. Tex.. svs
A most daring ro brv was c rrimiue 1
at Morri'a, the first siding on the lire
ol the lexas and raciU't rauwav, ten
miles weft of here, at nvdnight last
night. The only inraMtata of tbe
phce aeagirgof af y Chinese section
labners ai.d a white foreman. At
about midnight the CLiaamen were
waited upon by five masked men,
wno demanded their money. Upon
refusing to give up their hard earned
each, they were one at a time hung
up Dy tne cuei until they gave up
tbeir money. Tbe robbers, tainking
tbey bad not got all the cash ia the
camp, retained and tortured one of
tbe Chinamen by holding him on a
hot stovt until his comrades gave up
tbe balance of their money, tome
t&00 in all. One celestial bad his cne
cut off and was otherwise horribly
tortured. No arrests have been made.
Bald Haobbora Beeelved Warmly.
St. Louis. November 30. A iDecial
from Stoutland, Mo., says that tbe
White Horse company, or Bald Knob
bers, of Miller county, have com
menced their work again. A few
nights ago thev visited the honae of
Jack Lett, colored, and administered
to him a severe whipping. Lett's
brother, while the Bald Koohberg
were at their work, put in an aoDear-
ance with a rifl-, which he discharged
in their midst, unhorsing one of their
number and, it is thought, killing
him. He was picked up by his com
panions, who hastily catried him
away. Is nous trouble in the county
with the night riders ia expected, for
they have left warning at several
house?. Ihe citizens have all armed1
themselves, however, aid are ready to
give them a wa-rn reception. j
A. Dam Given Way, Causing Much
NkwYobk, November 30. A special
from Columbia, el. C, eays: The new
dam which hat just been finished at
the Langley Cotton Mills, on the Hue
of the Cnarlotte, Columbia and An-
gns'a railroad, gave way yesterday af
ternoon, and it is again almost a cam
plete wreck. The water rushed through
in a flood from the pond, swept away
half a mile of the track of the Char
lotte, Columbia and Angusta railway
and badly damaged the tracks of the
South Carolina railway. All tha new
and expensive work recently com
pitted on tbe former road is totally
ruined, and it will ba at least a week
before the damage can be reoaiied.
The damage is ascribed to a violent
shock of earthquake which ia renortnd
to have been felt in thai locality Sun-
aay nignu it is Believed that this
shock was sufficiently strong to shake
away tbe foundations and cause the
structure to b eak loose. The waters
flooded all the adjacent country and
did much damage.
William Hntal eeta 8.1000 Damages.
MiLWAUxaa, Wis., November 30.
The scaled verdict in the ca?e of Will
iam Kuhl vs. Ex-Sheriff John Rugee
and Ex-Deputy Sheriff J. M. Greding
was opened in court this morning.
The plaintiff was awarded $5000 dam
ages. The award was made on the
ground that Kuhl was detained in jail
an unreasonable length of time before
a warrant was issued against him, and
because he was not treated properly.
Kuhl was arrested in the fall of 1881
on the supposition that he was tbe
notorious Lon Williams. The arrest
was made by Greding, who was at
that time a deputy sheriff. The ver
dict causes general surprise.
Execution Stayed.
St. .Louis, Mo., November 30. A
stay of execution has been granted in
the case of W. H. L. Maxwell, Pre Iter's
muroerer, ana the Uhinese highbind
ers, who were under sentence to be
hange.1 January 1st, until Febroarv
1st, in order that a transcript of tbe
cases may be finished before an appeal
is taken.
Bnj St. I.oaia tin Fire.
New Oklbans. La.. Novemhpr 80
At midnight last night Chief 6'Oon
ner receivt-d a message from By St,
Lcuis stating that tho town whs on
fire, and requesting that two engines
be sent thero. The fire destroyed the
propetty of B jarin, Bretli, Hipin
and DjJerey, a residence and drug
stor, ond the Jr'tnckton Hotel and out
building.?. The n sidenci-s of Mrs. Vil
lars and the Miws Waironer ware
badly damaged. The loss, which is
estimated at 125,000, is partially cov
ered by inEUranoe.
A Chicago Merchant Suicide.
Chicago, III., November 29.
Standing before a looking glass in his
room at the Grand Pacitlo Hjtel, Mr.
W. A. Soliufrtubsrg, a grocer of Run
dolph avenue, blew his brains out
shortly after noon today. By his side
were a bottle of whisky, a battle of
poison and a revolver. The revolver
and carpet were spattered with blood
and brains. In his pockets several
pawn tickets were found. Diamonds.
a gold watch, rings and other jewelry
naa ueen pawneu, Becoming to these
tickets. A Jotter, addressed to his
wife, siated that he had lost several
hundred dollars in gambling houses
the night before. There is no cause
assigned for the suicide, as he owned
considerable property and lived hap
pily wun Pis wile.
A Lad Haasrs Himself.
Ithaca, N. Y., November 30 The
13 year old son of Joshua M'ller, of
r-nneiu, mis county, waa lound bang
ing by the neck in a halter in a barn
yesterday afternoon. His death is
tPQturht to have benn Rcnirtental.
rrrwnxl with nfrlrt rwrard to rNlrlry, Rtrmrfh and
llealthlulnMiN. Ir. PrliD'i B'lkinir Powdur ciintaliis
rin Animonl.I.Ime,Ahimorl'hoi4phati. Ir. IVIcp's
Julracli, VauUla, Lomou, eio., oaror dsUolouly.
kaiisas and Misissijtii!,
Vem-.ibis, Tenn., December 1, HS8.
UNPElt and b rirtu of the te ms and
e.-udilions of a cortain deed ot trut
executed tn tue, ss Tru4'e.-, by K. M. Apier
son ami t.thri, a the Stllh ay of May, IH.),
to secure the indebtedness therein rtieu
t"ned, duly recorded in Bonk " A," pares
ii i to 471 inclusive, of tbe Cir.u t C urt of
Crittenden rcunty; Hook 44, Ibices 7- to 8.1.
0 thnOircu tt'ourt ol PhiiHl" C'luatr: lluok
"," vacis to 1S7, o' Oir.-u-t 0, art ot
Lse coa t- : B. ok " A A." I'airrs !4 to 111,
01 Circuit C urt of Lincoln ci U' tr, Suite f
Ark nar. AUo. l Bool-"H ll,"ic'i,of
tie Chancer Court o Bolivar ciunfy. arid
in Bonk 2', f krstfi to S07, ot Pa' ola o un
ty. State of Vitsisipti ; delaait hivms been
made in Slid trust dm.-d, and beins rrguestrd
ry t maker ol ssid lru-t dee.) and the ben
(fioiary thereot, 1 will, as said Trustee, on
Tue-day, December 81, 1M8U,
on tbe sou'hwest corner of Man and Madi
son streets, o.iuia,e:ic uj proiii itl j at 12
o'clock ni., and ccntii.u uit fr ni d.iy to dv
until the said lands are all inld, offer
for sale, at publio outcry, and sell te the
hithett acd best bidder, the following de
sotibed land and property, 'i'uattd in the
States of Arkansas and Misiissippi, and
particularly described as follows, to-wit :
The lollowin. lands, lyini In tbe county (
Phillips and Sia'e of Arkansas, on th. bank
ot the Visdsi'pnt river, about ten miles be
low Helena, Arkansas, to-wltt
Th. nst half of teotion thirty-three, eon
tainina 2 5 (19 acres, and all ol section 34,
Oontainina 6S9 88 asres.
Th. south hall of section twenty-seven,
containing serenty-thre. acres.
ihe went half section K, Mitamlng VM)
Ihe n"rtheast quarter oi section 2S, eon
taining 160 aores.
All in township 3 south, ran re 4 asst.
Fractional northeast aaari.r of aeation 4.
containing 113 sores.
All of Iraotlonal section 3, conta nine
465.48 acres, in township 4. rants 1 eaat
being th. lands known as " 8. M. Apperson'i
Wtstorer Plantation. " eentaining in all
2034 67-100 acres ot land, mora or less.
Th. southwest anurter ot the snuinasit
quarter of soction Si, containing S8.82 acres.
10. soath part of the southeast Quarter of.
taction 35, containing 4.41 acr.s.
Th. south half of section ib. containing
820 acres.
All of fractional section So, oontaloint 207
The northeast ousrtar of section 3r. eon.
taining lbO aeret.
The northwest querter of tbe southeast
f'a-t oi.al quarter of section So, containing
4ll acres.
Part of the .asthalf of th southeast snar.
ter of section 35, containing 78 actes.
All of fractional sec, ion two. rontainln
74.25 acres all in township 4 touth, rang. 1
West half of southwast frsettntil nnarfju.
of section 30, and the northwest fractional
Quarter of section 31. oontanin 1-5 semi
township thn e (3) south, range 6 east, known
as"E. M. Appersnn's Msney Plunlatlon,"
, containing 1043 48 UKI aoies of land, more or
Also, certain personal propsrty now n
the said Westover Plantation, to-wit: 12
headot mules of various ages, siis and de
scriptions; also, one steam ensioe and all
the appliances and attachments thereto be
longing; one gristmill, Uo cotton tins, on.
cotton press and all the applia' ces and at
tachments to ths (am. belonslngt all of the
wagons, farming ut-nsils, iinpleinrnts and
tools of .tery kin I snd oharaoter used In the
ouliiration of the said plantations, one half
of whic h will be delivered toth. purchaser oi
the Man.; planta ion. Koch ol said planta
tions are In good state of cultivation, and
bare all neoessary buildings, inoluding
dwo'lings and stotehouses.
Also, the following de-cribsd tractor par
eel ol land, 'yiui in the said county of Phil
lips and biate of Arkansas, and described
as follows:
The northeast quarter of leellen sixteen,
township one routh, range four east, con
taining Itk) acres.
Also, the following: other la.mli. Ivln In
the county of Lee and State ot Alkansaa.
ahout twolve miles miles from the town of
Marianna, to wit: The west half of th.
west half oi taction twenty seven 127), eon.
tainin 160 aores; the northeast quarter of
section thirty-three (at), containing 160
acres; the east halt ot the nonhwejt quar
ter of section thirty three (33), containing 88
aores, and tbe northwest quarter of section
thirty-four. t3l), numbering lhX) aores, con
taining in all 60 acres, and known as tbe
Also, the following other traots of land,
lj ing in said county ol Lrc and State of Ar
kansas, on and near th. M ssiasippi riven
The nortb.sst quarter of seotion one;
fractional southeast quarter of soctiouonei
fractional! east nail of section twelve (1 ),
and th. fractional southwest quarter of th.
southwest quarter ot section one.
gnuih hall of south half of tect'on 2:
West factional half of section 12;
The northeast quarter of teoti, n eleven
Th. touth fractional half paction 11 ;
Th. w.st fractional halt of section 13;
Th. norlneaat fractional am ter or iss.
tion 14t
All of fractional section 24;
All of fractional lentinn 96. rinttn1na
2215.91 acres, more or less.
Also, th. following tracts or parcels of
land, fylnc in th. County of Critlanden and
State ot Arkansas, to wit:
southwest quarter of seotion twenty-one
fiast half of southwest ouartarof suction
twonty-thre. (23);
west ha It or section six IHli
V est half of ssction seven (7) t
Northwtst quarter of seotion eighteen (IS).
Southwest Irao ional aoartnr of section
nineteen (19). all in townsbln3. north rns
7 east.
Ihn said sir fnl Iat named tvunti pnn twin
ing 1(1:0.77 acres.
Also, the 'nlliiwlnB- nthar lamls. lvlnir In
theoountyof Montoe, and Stato of Arkan
shs, and dpsenbod as lol owst
ihe outhwest quarter of section sevonteen
(17), containing loVaoret;
ine southwest quarter or the northwest
qturter of section i7, conlaitiii 40acres
The nnrth halt of the northeast quarter of
section V5. ROacros;
ihe nortlieiirt qunrter of the northwest
quarter ot soct on 2i. 40 acres;
Contuitiins in ni 3.0 ncros. a-d known as
part of tbe "Itrdmond truot." all in town
ship 2, Suuth ran.o 1 west
Also, the lol owin&f Lther lands. Ivina in
the county of Arknnsna, and Stoi-j of Arkan
sas, and describrd as follows, to-wit :
The north half ol the north hulf and th.
north hall of tho south hall of suntion 10.
township 6, south range 3 won, containing
l'H acres.
Also, the following tract of land. Ivlnar In
Bo irar c unty, Misstssii ir, to wit: It being
tho north hulf (except twenty-two ncros) as
setsed to Lobdoll, of section tw nty-six,
townt-hip twenty-two, rang, ei.ht. coi.tain
ing three hundred I.Hfll acres, and beiug til
same land conveyed by J. D. Qu'g ey, irus
t"o, to K. M Apnerson ft Co., a. -d known as
the "St. John Pl .oe." Also, ths following
trsct of land lying in 'he oounly i f I'anola,
and Sta'e tf Mhsisslppl, and more particu
larly described as follows, to-w t: The north
east quarter of section twcoty-ilx (26, th.
west half ot tection twenty-uve (-'). the
soutneast quarter ot section twenty Ere (25),
fart of t . northeast qunrtsr of seotion
wenly-Uve (25), all of seotion thirtysix (36),
In township 6, range 6 west, and containing
auoui iu acres, tv.'o acres ol which it cleared.
Also, th. following tracts of lands titgat
ed, lyinuand being In tb. .lunty of Lin
coln and Stat, of Arkansas South fractional
half of seotion thirty-lour (31), township
seven (7), touth fir. (6) w.st; e-st half east
of Boon, lake, seotion thirty-three (33),
townshin seven (7), rang, t v. (5) ; east naif
east of Boon, lake, smiioniour (4), town
ship 8, rente 5; northwest quarter ot section
8, township 8, range 6; north traetional half
of northeast quarter of seotion 3, township
8, rant. S; southwest quarter reo'lon 3,
township 8, range 6, containing in all 731.22
acres, together with all aooretioos mad. by
th. Arkansas river, known at the "Maple
Orov. Plantation, " together with th. lol
lowing personal property i Twenty-on.
bead of mules of various sges, tises and de
scriptions; two head oi oattle: one steam
engine and flx'ures ; one grlitml I ; on. cot
ton gin and ootton pros, together with
wagons, touts and farming nten-iis.
Terms of sale One-fourth oash oi the price,
balance in four equil installments, PV
abl. In on., two, three and four years, evi
denced by notes executed by the purchaser
bearint interest at the rat. of six per cent,
per annum until paid, and secured by trust
deed on the said lands.
The title to above lands is good, bat I Mil
and oonvey only as tru-te.
further information oan be obtained of
E. M. Appersnn A Co., D, C. Niaughter,
Chairman and Trostee, and of N. F. Lem as
ter, of Forel A Lemaster, real et'e agsnit.
Trustee, M.'on'c Temple.
I. 0.
a gnaxanteed SDMiSo for Hysteria, Dissl-
nwsi, biifluiBiuDis, a its, jN.rvoui n.nrai
gia, Headache, Nerves Prostration, caused
ny m. ns. or aioonei or tobacco i wake
fulness, Mental Depression, Be'tenlng of th.
Brain, resulting in insanity and las ing to
iisery, aeoay ana ueath i hreinamr. nil ,
ge, Barrenness, Loss of Power In either
Involuntary Losses and flnermator-
rber., oausi i by over-.gerten of the brain,
telf-abas. or.i'orlndulg.no.. K&ch bog con
tains on. month's treatment. II a bog. .
sii boies for i'j, sent by sai.il prepaid, on
receipt of prlc. We guarantee bit Boges
to car. any case. With each order received
by as for six boxes, aeeouipasi.d wltn II,
w. will send th. purchaser our written
gnarartn. to refund the money if the; reat
mwnt does not .fleet a enra. (loaranteas
issued only bv A. HKHiUrtT AJ0.. r.g-
gists, Memphis, Tenn.
S5i smmm iqf a
Cotton Paotoro,
No. 8QO Front Street. ; Memphis. Tein
IAW g rWindUU, slATT.TsVlaA.
Earn, Sash, Blinds, Molding, Lnnta
Lath Hd Shingles, Flooring, &Jlin utt CMuFttSl
Mm F;u
801 Front Street. OpnwH f)noin IIoiihp.
o. nur.
Ul&olesale $mm & Cotton Faciei
ttt Front Stret, Slezaphia, Teax.
OlMM MMlfma al wUl aar. sir earaful attentlet. W. Mury al all " a mB.
saleetad stek .1
Staple L Finey Grtcsrlet, Wines, Liquors .Tofcactl t Clffak
wrfll !? a. Law mm tha T.nwMS. i
r. S. AUTOS.
AndComnliiHlon Merchant-Hay, Corn, Oat, Bran, Chop Fend, Oll leal,
Lime, Cement, Fluster, Building- and Fire Urlck, Etc.
Cor. Front and Union, 1 Howard's Bow, Memphis.
A. Y JlCCAR & Co
Cigars and Tobacco
87 IHalw Hi rtwU tpp. Ooiirl rsqnwre. Mf ihHiIh,T-iiii.
And Commission Herchants,
SOO nnd 202 Front Hi., Memphis. Venn.
",Vv ( 'I.
'4S ) 88 Second St Memphis Teur
w l-V I
V n. V . An A rM , I
LaUJ. T. LaPrad. i Co.
iv a -
. ... ,.r y-rvsw-raMlve-.v,-B:o.TWr'J
tie imcA. j a.'..'..'-
w. ar. pleased to announce to our friends and th.
HWI IUU 1 .1
to serve mem in nur new sapaoity. Returning thanks for ths very noeral patronage -tended
as la th. old Una, w. trust to merit and no.lv share of yonr larors in th. new.
4iu w.gtjee . .. ,l Lt-PKADK. MoUKATU A CO.
'''''M'ii'iiiiiiiwiaiss.aiasiiiiitisiiii,ti(ii 9
ft. A- PAU1B.
lesale Vm
Chickasaw bnworks
.nglu3s. Hollers, Nawmlllx,
BrJford Corn and Wheat Mill
Cot lon I'rewu, C'oUou Cllnn, ,
ISliAnlug, rollers i-tr.
PtUIAL HOTIVK-W.'ar.preBardtoSII ord.n
on sbovt notlo., for tbe oalenrataif HsMlart Faioai
Wronght-iMii. I'alley. W. aarrjr la gtook ov.l
Two Hundred Assorted hues,
smt B.nd for Catalogs, and Prlc-llst."
Late with i. t LaPrad. Co
public generally that w. ar. now prepared
Bartholdi Souvenir
OfllclHlly Copyrighted.
2 I TXTK have mannfactu'. I sn-l new . iTr y,r
. ' in" "nty ami corre-t s.invi-nlr ol
0 mn.i
, Kb fc-S- m . .- ... k - v .
in- miner i tne. a Ds-nniifnl
lis 1. 1 .--fin rrioeon:v iMVun.
fSLL0""!- iTo .Kants, Jl.i) P,r dJieu),
ire. by mml. Postane stamps taken .
150 Xnnu St., w Yorlt.
rartnorship Notice.
MaU-DIO Hi.Hn.l...W IJM
ryufc nndersiirnei have this dsy formed S
JOhKPll 11. PULLliN A CO., for the pur
pose of Carrying on
a General Firs sui
II. Tulleu will have itnuiediat. oontroi an'l
Mr. Jo
w.u,.ui.u, ji b uusiness,
uun. u. rubLtta.
MgHraia, T., November tl. lditti.
K bav. this day sold and transfsrrod to
V ( harlos L. and Joseph II. l'ullen our
ntir. Insurance Agency Ilnsiness, and w.
bespeak lor them a contlnusnoe of he busi
ness heretofor. given to ns.
ASM jwnr miller for t " Ort-;nnl 3 Sfco;
'" i'Wrti-oof lliiUilMtiiia.
KoneOonnlu. uuIkm bearing ihl.Staasnw
bitit tr, ( '. nirf u A MiruTa
iinvin imng jn iiitt'rrai
tlt'd Uovt loRoLthtoSbo Ut
S 41 Lincoln Bt,
Th!i lio tuintlt hlK..r In thenotlrtH of
WVaiwi tli' ny u'lur In t'i worm. I'Ihm
ttmlit who vvuiu'ifc wiU irvllou ilm ivtuou it
111 tllHU. J
J. W. VOTF.GT.T.l gr. CO.
ITWKltY housekeeper knows something
li nhout the troubles ctiii.e.l liv smoking.
fireplaces, which are among th. greatest nai
sances to lie met with. On. of the tititiortant
things to he attended to In all house s is to sea
that the grates aro set properly, and tlut the
! replaces are correctly built. Mr, II.
.KMoM.SI llninsu Nirecl l an mi.il
St this business, and has patented some ar
tuuiiainents that enable hlui to oorr.'t smoky
cliiiiini.TB and to gut the grratost h' at Iroui
the fuel. All who want fireplaces o chim
neys ri inedied should apply to Mr. LKMOiti
who.', work will give satlstnction .
ot ,
No. 210, R.D.- Intho l'robnlo (Wt of Slwlhy '
County, lennessee J. A. Anderson, ad
niinirtrntor, etc., vs. K. U. Miller, guar
dian, etc . et al.
BY virtue of a deer, for resale In this
cause, I will sell at. publio auction, to
the hlah'.t bidder, in front of the Court. .
hous. door, on Mam street, Mouu.liii, Ten
nessee, on
Natisrslajr, Uecirmber Is), lMfta, ;
within legal hours, tb. following describee
real estate, to-wit:
Lying and being In th.eltrot Meninhlff.
County of bhelby, and Htnta of Tenness-..,
to-witt Known as No. 141, being the wisr,
half tlioreof, fronting 'iti feet on MaiKetv
struct and running tack 74 feet 3 Inches.
iertns of bale Une-tliird oasni knliu
rajalil. in, equal Ins'allrnents in sla auii
welv. mouths i purchaser to eiecate note 1
with good and sulhoiont seourltl.s for de
ferred payments, and a lien retained ugiQl
tliewhnlaol th. purchase money la paid. r
inis nov.inuw a, jwo.
-, -t I. JV6rfI0Lltr,01.rk.
By Tbos. II. Crenshaw, 1. 0. ... , , . . .
Taylor A Carroll, solicitors.
Proclamation by tho Gorernoi . .
Th. Htute of Tennessee Wm. B. Bats, Oov.
ernor To all who shall see thes. fresem .
WllklHKAS, It has been mad. known to
me that Some unknown Dartrornn .
ties charged with having committed a fc
and atrocious murder on tha body of Join
Uraham, on the :Hll day of Uctobsr, VM, In
our county ol Bhelhy, tlod from lustles ai ,
Dow running ut larte:
km. B.
Ihnrelora. 1.
Bnls, Qoverm
as aforesaid, by virtu, of th. power and an
thority lii in. vested, do hereby otter a n -
ward of two hundred and filty dollars, t'
any person or persons who may apprehend
the said unknown party or parties, and do
liver hi in or them to the Mherill or Jailer o'
our county of bhelhy. in ord-r that luetic
in that behalf may lie had and eiecutei.
Ihs reward fa mudn payable, one half 0
delivery to tbe Blionff and on. hall .0 oan
vlctliin. In testimony wh.'.of, I hnve herein!. Si t
my bund, nud caused the Ureat oaal of th
fitute to he affiled at Nashville, on tb. 18l
day of Novemher, ISM.
B th. Qovernon
Jiihm AI.LISHK, S.nrottiry of Stato.
No. (m.
oouiityNtVe of Xonno.'Si'O vs. Josep
tv heeler el al.
TJV virtue of an Inlerl icntory decree for
A t sale entered In tne shove
sale entered In the
lav ol lloloher. IhHi.
tausa on tha
llh day of llolniier, IhUi, M.ll.M, pnrel9, 1
will sell, at public auction, to the aighnst
bidder, in front of the Clerk nnd Master's
Ill sell, at publio auclion, to the highnst
onto., al the rnatn street entrance or th.
courtnous. ol bholhy county, Memphis, T.or
nosseo, on
rtniiiritnv, Ist-ccnitxr 4, 1NSC,
within legal hours, the following described
property, situated In Khnlliy county, Ten
nessee, to-wit i A tract of land about lour
utiles east ol th. ctv ol Memphis, beginning
at Ihe south side of the I'igoonroost mad at
its Intersection with Oteyavenuei tlieno.
with said Ptg.onroost mad esstwardly or
southeaeiwarjiy to a stake at th. corner of
llethel'a field to a lane known as Owen's
lanei thence s nth with said lane a'mut 2tt
chains to its Intersection with Walker ave
nuei ibenc. with Walker avenue west to
Otiyavenuo; thence north with Utev avenu.
to Ihe beginningi containing one hundred
and seven 'y- two acres, more or less.
Terms of bale On a credit of six months;
note with socurity. bearing interest, re
quired: lien retained; redemption burred.
This November 11, 1SH0.
H. 1. MtiUUWLtiL, Clerk and Vaster.
By II. F. Uolainitn, Ueputv C, and M,
V, li, A C.
w. iinisken, ols. sat
I t lis La be found In the "MICSCK
or :!. II," r tho
leedy cure ol Nervous I'ohility, Lost Kner
gy, Dsspoiidcnor, etc. A copy of this book
will he sentlree.scn'ecl Ai!drss K IKNI K
Of IIMALS SI, MO Weml Slalli alrrcl,
I, I'limn'l, mi.
Proclamation by the Governor.
The Stato of Tcnnesree H'm. B. Bale, (lor-
ernor lo all wh. shall see these presents.
On etinir i
WliKHKAS. It bas been made known to
me that Ham Jlruco (c), charged with,
having committed murder on the body ut
Itoach Oakley on the day of October, law,
in our c.iuntynf hholby, rlcd lroia juslioo
and now running at Inrgei
Now, therefore, I, Wm. 11. Bate, Governor
as aforesaid, by vir ue of the power and au
thority in nie vested, do hereby offer a re
ward ol two liundrod and fll'y dollars to any
nersnn or persons who mav anbrohond tho
said Ham Ilruoe (c), and deliver hi'O to the
sheriff or Jllir of our county of Hhelby,
In order that justice in that behall uiay be
had and executed. This reward is payable,
half on delivery to shs rill and half on con
viction. HAM BRUCE, wanted for tilling Roach
Oakloy. is rj let inohes hlh, heavy set,
broad shoulders, sonuiue colu-ed man, Urg.
teiitiires. ken blick eyes; had Burnsid
whlskem, uiustnch. running oc i wois
ktrs; boasting disposition I h ols turn out
morn lh,m ordinarily in walking, llails
from Morgin Point, nssr Osceola, Ark., and
Emre rousntly from Hull s sawmill, near
iskoview, ill renncsseu.
In Testimony W hor.d, lhave l.reuntoset
my hand, snd csuseu tne h rust oral or in.
btate to be arhied, at Nashville, n th. Via
da, of November.!, B.fBATB.
k By th. Oover.or. -John
Allison, Secretary of Btate. .
ii l. .. .. ' a.-tr,ri I , silo in t tie
Bio. klyn Bridge, H-dlne's Island, tbo Bat
leryau.l the No Yorir lla-l)..r Inthedis-taai-e;
also, a correct nrn .ilinii portnit
and auhigraph of ihe celfb-a'ed artist, M
tt.ril...,li Thi, b-Ludfu, touvJmii
HDia.k I, worked on che ee color.il
r..ilii. showing all the deiails very clearly,
lb. ravers.-sii'.havtnr n Original I'oeres
and a l a endar f..r ISH7, thus being a useful
as wei as ornamental souvonir for Ihe rear.

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