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(ItHMHr to lOKUr K10GEL.T,) "
1 la receipt of larger, more varied and bMfar
lasted stork ofCASSlXEEES.TrORJTEDS.StlTnUS
Ui U I EBC0ATI5U5. (all
Mass,) thai was ever shown la thli market. Tan
attest c prises the choicest
a aest d arable roads la gentlemen's wear.
KS Saxaples ana Prices
wao save left sneaxures.
lock Open
WE would respectfully announce to the public that w bar opened an Auotlnn House,
, and will maliMt the General Aoetion Buaiuesa, at onr old stand. Mo. lt? mala
ttlrvrt, in the Webster Block. Ilaving eeoured toe services ol Maj. J. K. MnDONALD, the
well known Auction faale'jpan, who baa a long experleroe In the auction business, we are
Crenared to muko sales at RKS1DENOK8 of KTORKHihikk n 'T.i '. .7..L
tion to the sale ef Hail Estate and enlioit a liberal patronage, a our motto ia QUICK BALKS
and PROMPT SETTLEMENTS. We will make' apeclal rat.a with Attorneys. Adminia-
""V1", n.oo!tuvUHi wuciimi vumiuiimuiiori
aa, P III ir ni,n kr a ism ainl as V 'IL a
... v u.uun " " I w g.uua uiH.,
www umwaiwi vur'"i uujen ui jiicrvuHDU'ria OI fVOrJ Klnu BOllOlleu.
t .!:? J1'110 ' A cw en..ed Auctioneers.
Five Nigh's and Pa'urdaT Matlne Com
mencing ilunUuy, Alow. IfUiii.
Tuesday a"d Wednedy Nights,
Sburadiy and Friday Nigbte and Saturday
Matinee First production in Memphit
of the r la et enccess, entitled
- A11N" T in EliSa
Dee. 8-9-10-11-MR8. D. P. B0WKR8.
Bag leenred the i'rrioea of
jvitx. o. xz. xjxa-vf
Of Chloago, who will give lome of the flneat
Trick and Fancy jBleyoIeBldlaic
reraeefl in the South. H. rldea one wheel
of the bicycle I alaoaa ordioary buggy wheel.
Go and aee the fun.
Wdneg(?ay FTCnlng at 8 O'clock.
Open Daily from 1 antil 10:30 p.m.; Sator
. dayg Irotn 10 a.m. to 11 p.m.
A HejBBroa Bill of Wei4er.
"THB WONDEROO," oaptured on the eoaat
of Africa and tbe only one erer in eaptir-
mu buh oi oiaer new leaiurei.
In the moat lachable akatoh RICK-RACKS
, , in oar beauti ul Bijou Itieater.
Olvea by the
Bon Vivant Club.
on iiibbsdat niour, DEC. Sd,
A delightful r.al Maaqoe et Pare will be
given at the 8KATINU RINK, those wh
portieip te will have a chance to enjoy
tbemaelvea in a refined way. The arrange
ments are in the banda of gentlemen of
Ute, and tie cost will be aparea to make it a
rand aucreaa. The hall will I e appropri
ately deooraUd. Fine music and first clasi
retreat) minte only.
icwFnr aale at Melt-r'.-i
W. D BUMPKIN, 9 Marttar
iaon at.
ONICE ROOiBS-In private family, o.n
n trally leeated. and auitable for light
honaeke.plnir, at 68 Court atreet.
1UB.L.Y arniabd Front Room, to geE
tl.m-n onh, at 224 Vance at.
BAT COri AUK tin rooms. Apply at
.a wn.n, .ireei. ft. (jWtll'Ktt.
EW 810KK-coutheit corner Mi. in and
ropiaraw. m.B.uun a w a r . v stain.
. At 144 Third atreet.-
irTT a a R Til... r I. ,
yj M.A. MoCOMB, 370 Adams
ioely furnished front rooms, at
rvian whauu-hh rooma, Just being
XI completed, at oorner of St. Paul ana
Goalee slreete. Apply to
M RS. HUNT, m Vanee atreeta.
"DO iMS-Two baaeuent rooths. tor colored
-A. W peupifj Onjy.
i.oed, for two or three gen-
tlemen reference required. 211 Main at.
ROOMS Five deairable room, on aecond
and third floora, No. 306 SeoonJ atreet,
W omen a Exoh mge.
BFTE N DI t rooms, furniehed or unfur
jilahedwlth board. 1HU UNPEN Sr.
OOMS-Furniabed" or unfuml(hfd, at
v izj lui in ni .
iRn'T Rfmu v,,rn:u..rf
umtott bt.
AND KOOMH At 65 Madison
B. M. KSIK3, 35 Madiaon.
Of 1 CA RRtfLL A V. 1 rooma, lurniabed
tJ. cr unfurnished, aultable for man and
wife or aingle lady; fine location end mode
rate Urm. .
K0OM Deairable front room, furnished,
at 124 Vance atreet.
rpUE GILBERT PbAOE Uorner tayburn
A avenue and Jackaon street; two-story
frame, aboaU4 aeres land, fruits of all kind,
fine fruit and vegetable
for a aeries of inn. A
i aarden.
Also, another place)
some six aorea. near Oaaton's; fine vine
and fruit, with reaidenM.
'-Pt McFARLAND. 22 Madiaon si
XJOUSB-Wlth aix rooms. Apply at No.
jlv isoe. e, vans, iw in uotton Kiobange
Building, on seeond Door, fronting on Seeona
eireet, lorm.rij occupiea oy M. o, snu A.
street, tormerl
a. n. nppiy at oi maaison atreet.
it. Apply a
LA ROB STORB-Flrst floor and collar,
with side and rear entranoee. Nog. m
and 303 Mala street.
' OFFICEH-No. 2S2 Second atreet.
.DWELLINGS Noa. 891 Main atreet! IS
Court street and 9 Qulroby street.
88 Madiaon atreet.
OOMS Pieaeut rooma, furnished U
dceiren , with referenoee, at HIV Madiaon,
TFlCFirat flo
At SI Madiaoa atreet.
4 if LEO ANT ROOMS-At 69 Market atreet;
. single or an aaite. furniabed or nnlnr.
Blsbed, good water, and near buaineaa.
STOREBOCbE Four story and basemen!
atorebetiee. No. HA Front atreet.
TTOUSK-ltai Wwhinglon S-7; 7 room, and
tAii'Kl!?iAprJy at l: Poplar St.
STORltliOltSKfC- "
No. 1 Main Street.
, No. 6 Main Street,
no. Ci 17 Main 8 tree'
r-t MMwaT.ifB. .t,..a"v.H).Mt pt
uoia i'ui Ht Muifortr.
tfiig Ituai'i Imn.W..
designs, finest textnrei
ob application te thoae
for inspection
au uuraians. oaies at our oalesroomn daily
J ffl .1 i . i . .
UUJ irBUO OB W ODOB W66K, me 07 10 D IQ
QTOREaoUSK acd Fix) area for rent, and
amiii rioci oi new gooda loraale, at Con-
o'aia ianainr. m a. Apply on premiaea
w air., o, a. n uaon. or 10
S?4 Front atrcot. Memphia Tenn.
MULE-Owner ean hare tame by proving
property and paying ebarvea.
WM. KPKI.I.MAN. Old MHiani1it.
fiLOAKS A liberal reward will be paid for
w vne return oi two sioaaa taken trom Ath
letio Club entertainment laat Friday night!
uu 4u.tiuiiH Hieui neiiirn .0
P. O. KK0WLTON, 26 Main at,
fQW On Thuraday, near neon, two oowai
w one a oiacm, wun ercp and bole In one
ear and alit and hole in the other; the
oiner. rea ana wnite apotted, with a ewatlow
ipra ln.rigni ear: mm nave black marka.
A aultable reward for their return to me,
near corner of Lane avenne and Ayrea atreet.
KNOX-Offloe, 273H
XJ Main at., over Leidr'a
655. Dr.
Knox'a telephone, at reaidence, 981.
KATIK HADSELL-Pl.aaewrlt. to your
own FRANK M. H., Memphia. Tenn.
i iai owa LiAuaiiiii io weatner atrip
J your doori and windows. Therei aolld
comfort and eeonomy in thia
Corner Seo-
ond ana madnon atreets
C CISTERNS Built and repaired and war-
ranted. Inveotorjf the Sanitary Port-
ianu iemeni rump, uonrrantor and brick-
lavr. i f i.tmnr.. wh. huh ri'HINH.
R OM-Wlth or without
X1 beard
air re p ice. A tdroaa u UN 1'.
rpwn OIRtS At Memphii Steam Laun-
- mj.tfpoHiiu tireri.
p0SITI0N-By a Civil Engineer to take
jl. nna-ge oi contraction work or uae iu
atrumenta In a party: can furniah referen-
ce. annreaa j. n. n ami, wt. Jamea. Mo.
AN EXPERIENCED Lady Canvaaaer ti
etnvaaa for the Wiilian a Cora. t. Apply
bttween 1 and 5 p.m., at 245 Second atreet,
UM .'mr-- uuru mora.
GJlKL-For general housework, in a small
X family, in the cuntr. Anplv to
j. i rmuwH, 369 Front at.
NURSE OIRL-Mri. O. Fnmelpon,
150 Wa.hin.ton at.
HOUSB-With four or five rooms, within
five or aix blocks of Court Square; cr
four or five rooms same distance. .Address
A. M.. this otaoe.
OY A amart, honest colored boy. about
m yeara on, amn, lon-t atreet.
tMrUATION-On a farm as manager; oaa
n fn'nt'h refrencea. L. J. R., this offlTe.
YOUNO MAN-Slxteen or eighteen years
old, to collect for a business bouae in
uiu our. Auuie's, wun reference.
BUSINESS. Appeal offloe.
A ViV.T........j
t- ------ - . ,' i. "."""t rnuwmm-,
XI. eers, to oontrol all aaleaot thelncan-
descent Light, equal to SO Candles, in Mem-
fSIS. Jt VX.iWPl"'.: terms, etc., addreaa
inKiAsiviifvnn l i. ami' vo., Pitteburg, Fa.
CJORAP. IRON-A quantity of lovet and
maoninery ; cran iron and old car wbeela.
oi.i.U(jl3MAl.ualiLII IRON t'U.,
HOTEL Drummer :
At Chambers Houae.
bit. Louis. Mo.
ALinomcfl in every t
l "VX J'ate in the Ur ion
?j,X?v.s.r.A.I.NT manufactur-
i jvoiA.Diiioiimn.ar having aeveral
Spsoultirs that are popular and eaay sell
Ing. Can be bandied alone or In connection
with other gooda. Addreaa TUB WM. B.
9 Hfi JJKNTTrdo ,tt'o work on the
fyW Memphis, Birmingham and Atlantio
n.n., near Ao.ro'en, mus. Applyon work.
QARVEY A LEE, Contr'Ctora.
ROOMi Furnished front rooma, with uae
of bath-room, fcr two gentlemen Ad
dress A., 272 Second street.
( L1 fa) OLD
A HILVKU v .h ...
M ehanre,
MULVORD. J.wei.r. 294 Main
fsflfi DATANDSl'AtlOfJ IdEN-On the
Railroad. W.g.a.ll.TS p d.7. AuT.Tr on
' v- am in ill u ii I liriannn a-e Mnnntain i
the work, eluht milea went nr u.,l..
1 Ofif ) lon" oI1 iron. Rags and Bonea,
irlce liet. Address S AM OABAY, Agent
and Commltaion M. rchant. Memuhis.
Xj'LAT Or part of a reaidenoe (three or
J.1 four rooma). In good n.i.hborhood. for
Ad.O. H. T..thia office
9 OH v,r J Pr dayiluO Drivers
f UU at 11.50 per day. pf iyery Satur
do'r.nl 200 8'atlon Men; wiH pay from
12 to 17 oents per yard, Beat work on the
!,,?,!jnor,?ot,Ji rmbblntt all new work
Infields. Ho'd eampa. Inqnlreof
F. A. JONES k CO.. 6lTSo"roe atreet.
ollwork' "t Fon-eat A Co.. Anatin. Miaa.
fJ.OOD Colored Chambermaid,
At 72 Madiaon atreet. .
ClOOK Oood first-class oook at 299K Ceo-
ond street, np-ataira. "
ROOMS-Two or three unfurnished
hy two ner.ona. liinl... uAk:
iwwuii'luottBSi numg street.
Aur.ni le-in every town to a
andOraana. UOUCK A CO.,
ill Pianoa
ht vruor in Deal atyies at
MAN An intelllgent.earnest man to rep
reaent, in hia own looahty. a large re
sponaible houae. A remunerative aalarv to
r'gbt party. Steady paition Referenoea
exchenwd. American Mannfaoturing IIju.o,
16 H.rolny fc.t.. N. V.
Monogram Bangle, MulforU.
a m
iiuifj Daily APrEAXi-WixVKsDAY, decejvku
By the Designs of Wildcat Specula
tors J He alerting Today at the
Xerclmutg' Exchange.
A general meeting of the Mercbanta'
ExihatiBe will he belj thli fjrenooa
at 11 o'clock, ti take action with te
ferenee to a bill now pending before
Corgresp, g anting the right to bridge
the Miss e ippi liver at Memphis. It
is to be hoptd that no lover of the
city's welfare who is a member of the
Exchange will absent himsel! from
the meeiinir. At a joint meeting of
the two Exchanges, hld last June, a
memorial was adopted urging Con-
gre to grant a charter to the Kansas
City Railroad Company and its asso
ciates to boild a bridge across the
Mississippi river at tbis point. The
DSS-aee of the bill o-ranlinor .tinh
chatter was defeated by a corporation
organised under tbe laws of Arkansas
and known as the Arkansas and
Tennsssee Bridge Company. There
is no doubt in the tnicds of
any sane man that this company
which already owns a charter to build
a bridge, has fallen rrrto the control of
speculators who are without the means
to build themselves- and have repeat
edly made overtures to sell thir nhr.
ter to the Kamas City Railmad and
Memphis Bridee ConiDanv. Thia Ar
kansas company bas had- a charter for
four years, and never hBsadvanctd
an inch in the direction of raising
money to build, much less build.
Under tbe laws of' Arkunsan ii. la r.
quired to file in the archivf s of that
county a list of its stockholders and
toe amount of stock subscribed. That
has never been done, pnsumab'y be
cause no one connected with it ha
ever subscribed anything. At the last
session oi Uongress it pleaded for fur
ther time to commence opera
tions, althongh four years have
elapsed since its chartnr
I ulnnnorl
obtained. Time was granted nntil the
comins cession Of (Jorilrfifn anil nnlh.
ing has yet been done. It is scarcely
to be credited that Uorjgrecs will again
permit itself to grant the Arkaneas
company a further extension of tima
The facU should be vigorously pre
sented to the Nutional Legislature and
determinedly mged. The flimsy pre
text that the eranlinff of a rharlertn
the Kansas City Railroad and Mem
phis Biidge Company would create a
monopoly will not stand in face of ths
provision in the charter, ofl'eiino free
access on equal terms to any railroad
desiring to use the bridge. The latter
company is ready to begin work at
once; its engineers are already on the
spot making surveys and soundings,
auu u omy necas a signal lrom Con
gress for the work to be
gin. No effort should be ne
glected to sccomplish that end
and the meetine at the Merchant.'
Exchange today may largely influence
that result. The following ext-act
from a letter written by tbe Hon.
Zich Taylor and published in these
columns June 1, 1880, may not be out
of place here:
Pnr;ireeuTavrPaSm on the
part oi some of theirentlemen irTr!
"it is my opinion that there is some
ested in these bills to bnild bridges
over the Mississippi. The Kansas
City people do not care how manv
"VtYJ iVi -I ?S . k ua7 u
"orded the right to build a bridge.
. i , : 1 1 i . .
oome oi tne otners do care, and only
want their bill pasaed. What we need
for our great and (trowing? interesla is
a bridge over the river, and we ought
not to dijeoorage those who really Je
bire to build one merely to gratifv a
few speculators. I for one will "not
confent to be made a party to such
scheme by my action here or else
Advantages Expected toArorne to
It From Snperlor Transporta
tion Faelllllea.
Atlanta Omsfifufon.- Mr. Hnoh T
Inman, of this City, is wearintr a lfl..
000 tuit of clothes.
The suit cost him only $2500 cash,
bnt it now stands him in $16,0J0 and
is still rising. If things go on as now
it will be worth $100,000 before he has
to natch it.
. I
AS Ibe BUit la 8 Common nennnr and
BBujnaiciousiy mixed, with the ordi-
, , , . r ii i
imiy tumwBT coat, u may interest
some one to know how it came to cost
bo much. During tbe last boom Mr.
Inman paid $2500 cash for some stock
in. the Sheffield Improvement Com
pany. After tbe droD in that nrn.
jected city which folio wed Mr. Seney's
oilr nr. r- i JS i Z f
i.uuivi u... auui.u, iu uivKUBt, irauea
knl.1inna t vi. ni. .u!.j.
"f l .1, avivuarug wr
a suit of clothes
The stock which Mr. RV.harda
picked no for tbis trifle is now worth
$16,000, and is increasing at the rate
of $1000 a week. The history of Bhef-
?rrane. one- . Alderman
Charlie Collier invested $2U00 in
Sheflield stock three vears ao. Ha
could have closed it out yesterday for
$19,000. As matters stand $100,000
cash has been invested in Sheffield.
This includes the purchase of 3000
acres of land and improvements. The
first three days' sale of land lots
brought $283,000. or three times the
original capital. Some of (his has
been invested in public improve
ment?. The stock which cost 20 dnts
is now selling at 190. The 3000 acres
with tbe improvements that have
heen mada from th nrloinol inn nnn
and tbe land Bains nrn now trained at
$1,900,000, or more than $0000 per
Tu't r"vlu"
at nm 'i-hn Mtis.L
of Sheffield ia
What gives it
this enormous pros-
pective value?
Two iron furnaces bnlldina- and aix
more nnder contract.
Two iron furnaces made Anniaton a
place of 6000 people. Ten iron fur
naces made Birmineham a city of 20..
000 people. .
enemeia, wun a better site, higher
altitude, a navigable liver and eight
furnaces nnder contract, proposes to
be aa big as Birmingham and Anniston
put together. Col. E. W. Cole and
hia associates are bonnd bv contract to
spend $800,000 in building aix iron
furnaces in Sheffield within ths next
two years, or three huee furnaces.
each of double capacity of the aix con
templated. Two furnaces are already
in course of erection.
Messrs. Hill and Enslev. of Mem.
phis, are rushing ahead with the rail-
road, that cutting through solid
mountains of coal and iron, binds
Bbeffluld to Birmingham, 120 mi es
away. Col. Cole and hia company
own 70,000 acres of c?al in the Back
Warrior coal fields, and mountains of
iron that are cxhaustlesi in the larg
est sen?e of Ihe word. Col. Cole says:
'Ten million do liars caniral ronld
be commanded in a woek for the im-
provemert of Shfifild and its viril
ity. It z't the beet !r?i centt r In tHe
worli', and a great city must speedily
be l u.lt there."
"Will it turrss BirminghsmT"
' Well, din's let us s v tha': bnf
SheflielJ Las .exlaust!e-s Indi
hrown hematite ore, which produce
54 per cent, of ni tullic inn, while the
red hematite of Birminhau prodnc a
43 percent. Td int s ouo f..r fin
ing is at Sheffield's hm-tr, while B r
mipghiim Phrtrjj fi-ty-Bre mik-s t)gi t
it. 8r. Loals i Hie g'et iron tna kt
of the' country.' Ftrui rs lnaVi! at
the furnace door in Siulli-ld with pig
iron will 1 iy it In nnbroken bu k at
St. Lon , having wa er transpirta ion
an i ne way wn cu ii:rmitigijan laoki.
Birmingham will re a gret c tr, but
so will tJhemeliL One not more snte'y
than the other. Iron can be made at
Birmingham at lees than $10 a too.
and at bheid for less than at Bir
mingham, while it costs $17 a tin to
make it in Pennsylvania. In ten years
Alabama, .Georgia and Tennessee will
control the irqn market of America.
Few Men comprehend the enormous
amount .of capita) at.d industry that is
being denorted frpm Pennsy.vania to
the Sooth. .JPiua will fill the Sooth
with great ctiis.: .Atlanta, K ishville,
Chattanooga and Meraphia will profit
vy new fvnu araaciog growtn."
In the meanwhile, WieUieM is yet
in its anaddiiag clothes. An East
rihelhrtKi company 'luobaen organixd,
with $:'i30,W0 capital, to improve and
acveicp uie ounying lanas ot Hhtf
fivld, which it hit lought ' by the
hundreds of scree. .
As to Birmingham,, one tires of
writing of its wonders. The Hon. T.
V. Racker, late xf At'ieos, rajs he
dncovored . new industry in Ptr
mingham on his pr-spi ct :ng visit.
"1 went to the p)s? t tfine to inquire
for my mail. I fonnd astring of lrom
fifty to 100 nitatailn g away from ths
general delivery; box, eac'i man (ak
ing bis turn patient y. A friend taid
to me, 'You em't sflord to wait half
an hour, lot me buy von a nhca in
line.' He touched a little negro b?y
who was near the head of the proves
cion and aeked what he would take
for his pla e. 'Flfiten ctnt the boy
replied. I paid it and took h s placs.
He ran to the rear of the line and
statted up.avrin. .This is a regular
industry. Negro bovs get a p'ace in
line and hold it rullil sjme impatient
etrangr .buys them out. A place
near the box Is wor h a quarter: a
imig luibUDi uuwu Uliouu CttrJul, BOO
near the tail only, five cents. The
boys make Irb'm a "dollar to two dol
lars a day." i
Mr. Bucker bought him a residence
lot, 10x150 feet, for $2100. I asked him
where it was located.
"Way out iathe woods," he said;
"and full 0f.;To8iinia. . I b?t there is
a buBbel of 'pocsums on it this very
night. -i .. s
I asked Mr. Rucker bow long he
bad been at Birmingham before he
detei mined-to make it his home.
' I hadn't igot ten feet from the
depot," said he, 'before I determined
to spend the rest of my lif a there."
Mr. Bucker aqrs he asked Col.
Handley if ha did not thick tha nrlc
of real estate wou'd drop. It is one
of Col. Handler's peculiarities that he
will never talk, about Birmingham
real estate 'Until he gets on a corner
and takes bis hat off. He needs room.
tlTl'ZV h8
"'St!? . ..
started up yet. It Is going up, up, np,
nntil it reaches the stars. It ain't
half as high yet as land on Wall street,
New York.' It bas git plenty of mar
gin for growth." v
Col. Handley sold a man $200,000
worth of "poum" property in Bir
mingham at the rate of $175 a foot
front, and then offered to bet him
$1000 that in twelve months he could
not find two mules In Birmingham
that could poll the profits on a level
street measured fn silver dollars.
Bat Alabama has no monopoly of a
boom on her buried resources.
A mnnor tha Rnntarn tinitan... si,.
North Georgia msrble quarries are
laaing a leading part. Within the
three years fu ly (1,000,000 has been
invested in marble quarries, machinery
or cutting works. Train loads of mar
ble are delivered at Marietta every
Mr. George R. Eager reports a re
markable ducovery. He says:
"We were putting our diamond
drill into the mountains in search of
soapstone. We thought we had etrnck
it and bored about 200 feet deep. The
core that we brought na was of a rich
and delicate green. We examined it
carefully and found it was marble of
exquitiie grain and color tbe real
verd antique that is so precious and
bo rare. We got a core eighteen feet
in length, without a flaw or Mike in it.
1U IDUElli. T. 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1. . I,.
IWoInn ir f Of ni
lis no telling what it will be
- - v wuito wo nmi
when our machinery reaches it,"
Over in Polk oonnty a company,
headed by Oapt. R, J, Lowry, owns a
quarry of jut black marble, as floe in
grain and fiber as Italian marble itself,
and in inexbauatless quantity. It is
nnt imnrnhahU that K nnn rvuk K.
71 Tr. T w,v .... u.
lnvesteu in marme naarrvinir in Ueor-
T J , , " " . quarrying in ueor-
gia in tees man Ave yea
the annual output may surpass that
In tbe meantime, let ui remember
that Atlanta bai doubled her manu
facturing industries in the past live
years that every phase of her busi
ness is prospering as never before
anu mat tne next year will see at least
three new lines of railroads added to
her already splendid system. Ia the
past six years near y $1,000,000,000
have been added to values in the
twelve Southern Mates. Atlanta has
done her part in the tremendous move
ment, and has received her reward.
Chaneery CotartBUet, Chancellor.
Tuesday, November 30. Proudfit vs
Harrell, order for eiecotion ; State vs
Yates, order for sale; State a Butler,
dismissal, lot 1, block 4; Smith vs
Smith, final decree; Williams vs Tra
bue, order for tale; Cummins vs Ed
monds, aale confirmed; Wilklns vs
Wilklns, final decree; Bjlch vs
Haynea, dismissal: Keely vs Weir,
leave to file cross bill ; Beaty vs Gaod
alnpe Mining Company, leave to
amend bill. Abo order of continuance
in following eates: Donegan vs
Young, Williams vs Williams, Oloyd
vs Cloyd, Sigler vs Oowglll, Brown va
Lansing Thomas vs Lansing, Keely va
rretr, muerta Vs Hunter, uneatioo vs
Cheetion, Wiggt va Mallally, Dickson
vs Miller.
Circuit Court Katce, Jadae-Jarr
Caleadaar for JMocssasjcr 1.
The remainder of calendar as pub
lished yesterday will be oalled in the
following order: Nos. 8864, Francis
Rodgers vs Chesapeake, Ohio and
S.uthweetern Rdhoad Company;
9001, J. H. Coffin vi John F. Car ;
00i)2, E H. Warner va John F. Carr.
Tne following sui's were filed yester
day: Theodore R id vs b. B, McLe
more, $1000; Amelia E. Roger vs F.
Evans, ftiOO, f jctment.
Thesuit of H. L Gtron against P.
8. Ailnton consumed a'l day yester
day,' and resulted in a mistrial.
Inspect llnJlvrd a Htock.
"eexne.ei.' eaanaananeaan
0)1 PfflWTIOJ.
Uj Her Orkr Stricken Falher -
A Vicishurff paper cf yes'enlfly en
Uins the story i f a young girrs dis
grace. She is well known in this com
munity, ana out of respect to her in
nocent sitters and rFpeeted mother
and father we suppress her name.' If,
however, w knew the name of the
"lirery man" who lured the girl to
ruin we wowld print his name in
greaj capiU's so that decent people
hi gin twxi cirar oi nim. i ne r iiiow
ing h ,a verhailm copy of what an-
hib iii tuts y u aeonrg paper, Dsrrti
the names of tho-irl am? her lather
a sensational episode on npper
Washington itreot yesterday moruing
was mi rescue oi a runaway girijfrom
Mine. Aggio oooaruai's house of ill
fume. A devoted father wis the
principal flgure in the affilr.and rded
by the pcHw, he dragged his daughter
irom ner uie oi ename anu severely
punieuea a conrtesun, w nom tie ac
cused of having enticed his thMd from
her home in Memphis.
Mr. , of Memphis, was the fa
ther, and a girl who, since her repi.
dence in thuTcit", has passed rl Ger
tie E Iwards, w.-s the woman snatched
from the ja-s of destruction. Her
real rame in , and her home
ia in MetnphV. About a month airo
she fell av rtiinto a Memphhlivefry
man, nun wns (leriUHcied io inave ner
homo by a fallen girl with whom she
cad formerly been intimate. They
cjnie to Vickeburg, and boih entered
inm. uootium's unlawful Iioim.
Miss 's parents loarred where she
was concea'eil and endeavored to have
her brought home. They failed until
mr. came alt?r bis deugbter.
He found hi r yesteiday morning and
a9kfd hor if sh.e would return with
him. The nnfortnnate girl had the
benefit of near y a month's exoeri
enie iathe 1 oriible traflio in human
souls aud was perfectly willing to g
but the woman wlih whom she ran
away tried to persuade her to re
main. Mr. lost control of him-
self for the moment and administered
a wel deserved chest isement to the
female fiend who had almost destroyed
uis Dome, ne was inauced to release
her alter he had severely punished
her, and yesterday afternoon he re
turned with his daughter to Memphis.
The daughter was simply the victim
of vicious friends and was glad to es
cape her miserable life.
F rex-land,
WUI Arrive
In the CHy
Mr. Corrlgan's celebrated horse
Freeland will arrive this morning by
the steamer City of Cairo to take np
winter quarters in the commodious
stable erected for him on the Memphis
Jockey Club track. In compliment
to the owner, a number of gentlemen
who entertain kindly feelings for him
will meet the celnbratorl rone horai at
ft "1 him h
eIt Pd by a band of musio.
The procession will move up Poplar
to main, down Main to 13 aale, out
Beale to Second, up Second to Madi
aon and thence to the track. As the
conqueror of Miss Woodford has many
admirers hers the streets will doubt
less bs filled with neonla Bauer fn aea
the distinguished horse.
Pnnlan Will Mot Moot tleorsre In
Frivnie-Deep Ford's Challenge.
Mr. Then. George's challenge to
Fred Paulsen, published In yester
day's ArrxAL, has elicited tbe follow
ing reply:
Mkmfris, Tik November 90, 1880.
To the Sporting Editor of the Appeal t
DjurHu I see by your paper that
Mr. .Yorge bas issued a challenge to
any man in this city, myself prefeired.
I will itate to Mr. Yorge that I will
wrestle him, Gric:o-K mmn style, in
public, for the entire gate receipts. I
have no money to put np to wrestle
him, snd as far as wrest ing In private
lor iuu a siae is concerned i tulnk
that is only a blufl of his and I will
not pay any attention to these re
marks. If he will wrestle me tor the
gate money and show fair play I will
remain here and make a match with
him. The first match we bad be
fouled me to save himself from falling
on bis shoulders; and in our last con
test he found oat be could not throw
me and tried to break my leg io that
I could not wieetle any more and be
would receive the few dollars taken in
at the door. But I will try and get
even with him if he wrestles my style
again. Hoping Mr. Yorge will give
these few lines an early reply, I re
In view of the fact that George has
deposited $20 in thia office, there is
little weight in Paulsen's suggestion
that the offer to wrestle in private is a
bluff. George, however, is not the
only man anxious to tackle Pau'sen.
Bob Hurley, of Hurley's Band of
Wichita Indians, called at the Apvial
office last n'ght, accompanied by Deep
Ford, a stalwart Indian, and left the
following challenge:
I will wrestle Jbred Paulsen for the
championship of Tennessee, Indian
style, any time within a week.
Hardeman County Favor Hint for
United BLatee nnlow.
To the Editors of the Appeal t
We had tbe pleasure of meeting
Hardeman county's honored and dis
tinguished friend, Judge John L, T.
Sneed, in our county a few days ago.
Tbe chiasm of Hardeman are always
glad to aee him, who for bo many
years past lived here in our midst, for
btbey know that in his official and
moral character no blot or ttain can
be found, and that ha Is tbe same
pure, true, honest, dignified gentle
man. Elevation has not corrupted
him, and we are glad to know that as
an aspirant for United States Senator
before the next Legislature that Har
deman. Fayette, Shelby, Tipton, Hay
wood, Madison and other counties in
West Tennersee, as well f s other coun
ties in the Slate, are for Sneed ; and
those who may give him their support
and influence will ever be grateluliy
remembered by all those who desire
above all other aspirants Judge John
L. T. Sneed eltc'ed by tbe next Legis
lature tbe Senator from Tennessee to
the next Congress of the United States.
Nor. 29,1866. HARDEMAN COUNTY.
Mairord', 2 VI Main.
f A And rellftblo Medicines aro
JVV' tho bent to depend upon.
Acker's Blood Klixlr lias Ixien pro
scribed foryonrs for all Impurities of
the lilood. In cvory t onn of Scrofu
lous, SypWlitio or Merourinl Dlaenaea
it ia invalnable, For IiheuniuUiiui,
kaa no equal,
ii m "1 . 1 T i
lanor ana .importer, i
llJ XT fall STorer u ... . . .15
I Cr, Sicond tni J.fftrson S( . HimpMs, Tmi.
i If I 1 1 m M MB-I M mlt M rftlF li"vk Kf
WaT Wo have tlio tirKct Aasiorl meiit of DOLLU, Pliotogrttah
Albums, Writ Ids; Irakis.' Work Jiuxah. Tiiw. -
graph mid Korap. Jtookn, MumIo JIoxoh, i:t.
MJCnCIIANTS will !o wio hy m tHug our prl axMer
buying clucwlitre.
OilI Hfl tsa a a.... .
t'liei ii niriTt.
B. N. I8TI8.
S. 8.
Bar lESst s&; Oo
Ulolesale Grocers
m. u i t inq 13 union
urn atande IMo. )
Otanges, Malaga Grapes, Apples,
liaaanas, iicmons, Uranborries.
Pitted Cherries, Evaporated Foaches
uitron, Evaporated rears,
Alniondn, Pecans, Filberts, English
Jellies, Preaerrei, Etc
Shaker Preserves. Canton Gingor,
Pundoe Jams and Marmalade.
Currant, lU-tpberry, Strawberry and
roaon Jelly hy the pound.
Applo Butter. Mince Meat.
Maple Syrup, Honey, Maple Sugar,
inuw nioiaHscs. Buimr. Mvrun.
Plum I'udding.
Curry Pnwdor. Celery Mali. OHvoh.
Olive Oil, Capers, Mixed and Plain
rickli'8, Hwcot Htatled Mangoes,
Holland, Pino Apple, Young Amor
ica and Cream Chrtwie.
Halad Drcsming, Deviled Ilam,
WorceNtersiuro ilauec, Tomato Cat
bud. Mustard. Fcnner Hauoe.
Sage. Thyme, fciweet Marirorium.
Suuirncr Huvory.
Buckwheat Flour, Graham Flour,
Dried Corn, Farina. Tapioca. 8ago,
uorn otarcn, Lonteia, itoiied Avcna,
uatmeai. uraoked wneal, Bplil reas,
Kioo, White Peas, May Beans.
Farinoca, Hominy, Grits, Barley,
Green Korn.
White Pcaohos, Aprieots, Rpg Plums
Yellow Peaches, Grapes. Nectarines,
Orocn Qagcs, Cherries, Pine Applos,
Gooseberries, Bartlett Pears.
Asparagus, Baked Beans, Peas,
Hiring and Stringier Deans, Corn,
Tomatoes, Okra and Tomatoes, Okra
Suctatanh, Pumpkin.
Canned Fish and Meats.
Lobsters. Bloators. Deviled Crabs,
Finland Uaddios, salmon, Sardines,
Mackcrol, Shrimps, Hussian (Javier,
Cove Oysters, Pigsfcot, Chip Beef,
ijx ionguo, wanned liooi.
Gelatine, Flavoring Extracts,
xcaHt 1 'owder, iihtnks liand aade
Larraboe k Kennedy's Cakes and
Creamery Butter, Sweet Cider,
Boston Brown iiread, Deep Boa Cod
fish, Shelled Almonds,
Dlt. 1). 8. JOILNSOA'B
1 pnrvATE
No. 17 Jeffenoa Street, . .
(Between Main and Front,) MEMPHIS.
I Established la 1SH0.1 .
DR. JOHNSON la acknowledged ht all par
ties interested ae by far tbe aauei sue-
eaaful pnyaician in laetreaimentor privau
r secret dlaeaaes. Quick, permanent sores
goer en toed in every eaee, mate or remaie.
Reoeot caaea of Gonorrhea and Byphllii
sored in a few days without the use of aaer
Cory, chance of diet or hlndraneo fron
buainesa. Secondary Byphllie, the last yes-
Jige eradicated wltbottthe ne oimarsnry.
nvolunsary loas of temea stopped la abort a
time. Sufferers trom im potency er loss o
sexual powera restore to tree vigor in a few
weeks. Victims of self -abuae andexoeaaiva
v.nerr, suflerlng Irom PiHirmatorrhea 04
loss of physical and mental noner, siwediit
and permanently cured. Part'calar attaa
Hon paid to the Diseases of Women, and
ourea guaranteed. Piles and old sore, cured
without the use of oaustie or Ihe knite. Al
consultations atrictly eonsiiential. Medi
cines sent by express to ail pacts ot th
country. , ,
aarnorxingmen enrea a nair taenia
ilea. ('frio.houralroiuJo iMo.il a. in. to
i clocx p.m
D. B. JOHNH.lN. M.P.
Dlaiuoutlsiat MuliorU'sj,
lliiliiliK Go
Herman 1'ears, Lemon Feel,
German Cherrtos, KvaporatcJ Apples
Orange l'oel, Datos, llaisins, I'runcB,
Fine Apple Glace, Figs.
upp. A'fauofly Hotel.
W. . DO AX
UTSUs. sasaaiw
tmi Cotton V&zlm
street Psmnhk. Ttlw,
Union St., Memphis.
STKER-A larne red aleer,
home. LiUral rewarifwili
rllh larger
oaiil t '
h adam.s nr.
JJ Conialnjng twenty and ten-dollar eolil'
ui m n urai rawara ior its return
name, L. B Wiaga, en.
senior i
engraved the
beave eanae. at Beak of Ceatmeree and
fOW- RBWARD-On Nov. IA, from Q.
VV Johnsoa'a dairy, on Old Raleigh road,
Lnelrea, ene light-red cow, some white oa
her, rope ronad koraa, with ring In; heavy
with calf. The above reward lor delivery.
TEXAS MARK-OnThnraday, November
kT.th, a dark brown I iii mare, with
long mane tail; had on halter. A liberal
reward for her return to
K. THORN A CO., 60 Monroe St.
MULE8-0n the night of Oct. 3d, S miles
eaat of Oelllervllle, i black mare muleai
one about four yeera old, tn good fix ana
trimmed up. with little while spot under
Jaw i the other, tea or twelve years old.
rough, and not so well trlmaed., Reward
for Information, or return oeaulee te J. W.
tunas, meiiipoia, or
tv . T. I
prtfrR, Oclllervflle. Terin
ST. JAMES UOUSB-Corner fleeond and
Ad. ma atree'a. Rooma and board, tS per
E'l'Xj'rjPard, fltW :
TJOOMS AND BOARD-December 1st. oaa ,
,., n'oe.y lurnianea room on aeoonS Sor,
with boaid. suitalile for gentleman anal wife
or two gentlemen, at Uf n.ound itrut.
4- At llt ''ourt atreet.
i viiiu uj in. any or week
Ati2Th rd atreet.
T?00M3-Two unfurnlahed rooms
KIIRNlmlFllv koiiiu rTar uT
board, at No. &) AdMm. iiri.i
'pAllLB BOARU-fhTTeatthT market
1 fonla. At 87 OlIllKT NTHKaci
"MEWLY furnlahed front room, with
i gant bjard, lor single gentlemaa
Cnurt atroot.
I 1
I t UbXRABLE RuOMS-Wilh board, at
OOOMS-Pleaaant furniab'd rooms, with
a ay ooara. ror i
ara, ror ladieaorgentleu eo. X.rms
very reasonable.
m Court Extended.
BEAUTIFUL front roouia, alnale or ea
auite. furnl.hed or nnrurnl.h.it. wl.k m
without hnrd ; other rooms. KM list finurt at.
C2TOCK FARM-Valuable atoe'k farm, 104 -Lj
ao.ea.e mllesaealh nf IM.mnhl.. k.i.. .
M. AT. and Vn. k. R . k.a ..nj J.ni. .
of 8 rooma, 6 tecanthou.es, baras and orlbs,
about MX) acrea under fence and X0 culti
vated! a large lint of per'onalty, inaladia g
0 mulee. 100 head cattle. 279 sh.ep, 100 bog.
SMX) buih.la corn, M) tona bay, 2 wagons,
and a large Hat of farm tool, ete. Price,
I1V0OO one-third oaab. balance In one and
two year", with per cent, lor Ihe land and
personalty. Apply to
One of th. S...t PI.ANTlTlnMq l tk.
Yaaoo Delta, of lfiOO ac es, on the Valley
Railroad, thlrtv-three miles ar.uih of Mam.
phis i haa760 acrea oultliaied, .16 good tea
anthouaea, ene nice dwelling of aix rooma,
steam gin (three story), 40 horse rower,
large atorehouse, blackamithahop and wood
ahop, nam her of barns, etc., four olaterns,
20 wells .11 in oomplete order. r-i,0i0, one
filth caab, balance I. 2, 3. 4 rear. H per sent.
Interest. Apply to MINTKH PARKER, .
or a. J. si a it i in,
m Main atreet.
BWlMOMACUINEIToa'e'a, D.arfy aewT
f k3 A
Apply at iS Johnaoe avenue.
I ("Ml KAP-J.Tolai.in Bull, cor.MoLemore ay.
CHKAP-Oentle Horse and llu.jy Phae
lon. Apply at 2tM Mr atreet.
LMNKTlOOtAAroirFttOiJY M A kfc -V
Vary gentle, atanda without hlloblng.
safe for lady to drive known aa the Casas
l K.,JMJlsal(alppUvenue1-,
Al BAROAIN A good paying German
i uoardlngnouae in Helena, Ark., ownac
wianmg to retire, ror turlher particulars
Inquire at BRUNER'S, in Helena. Ark.
wishing to retire. For further particulars.
rilttO JHULIta AINU 11 HA IP
Address W.. thlsofflca.
-Choiee Fort Pickering lot! no el
IJ tax
xea. DR. IUNS0N. 17 Main St.
ERAME Cottage, on cor. Kaybarn av. and
tieorala at. i lot U 170. with a hflaa of i
rooma, In good order. Thia ia a choiee pleee)
ef property, and can be pvchaaed oa eaay
monthly payment by paying part oeah. Ap
ply Mintor Parker or A. J. Martin. if Mala.
PLANTATION On the Arkansas River.
AT Lincoln County 600 acrea ia high stake
or cultivation i IMO aojaa In tract; well la
r roved: a learn gin, X large barns, xl good can-.
na and handsome dwelling, 7 roena, witkM
aores lawn In front. Liberal terms. Apply te
ma luv n i . ha e r urn. a vu.,
872 and 371 front atreet, Memphis.
orJ. ti UAHRETT. Baraeae. Ark.
fTiORTALU CUitAP-No. S Waahingtoa
P Hand Preaa, for nine-eolumn paper
foci las i new. oqulre at Ne. 57 Union at.
A T"F. A. Jonea A Co.'a.rone nloe'gentie
XI buggy MARK that aaylady oaa drivel
or llde perfectly safe. '
RESlDENfJlTKoa. 8and Kg Market at I
in good repairs lot JpHaUriH- Apply at
U 1 I T All U -.1 . ,1 ' tnit L ir.
( lUAMliSH'S FoLDlStl MAClTlN&To;
KJ little esed, and in good aondiilcn. A p.
piy ,t A PPJS A L Ot VlCK
TDK leare, and txtures of the St. Else
lintel, Me-lumn, Misa, Tweoty-dve
sornmodtuua rooma, within three mlnuteaj
waik of the Union Depot; large a.mvle)
room on tbe atreet n.atdoor: now doing a
good bualness and popular. Can be had at a
ban .in if applicil for within tne next thirty
dura. Apply to Charl.s Kluire, proprietor.
tlerl.il.n. M.S.. .
' - 1-
Nona Kilter t .nul t rd's.
iw. u. nc;.i r ih . i roosoy ...

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