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rrI5LlSlIED 1840.
;V0L. XLVI NO. 281
Fntore Great Hew Enterprlaea to
Be Started Sens From Oar
Shefnkld, Ala , December 1. The
apital stock of the Sheffield Com'
piny baa been increased to 1,030.000.
The propoei'ioa of the Alabama
and Tennessee Company lo build
three faruacte ia eighteen, twenty,
loar and thirty montna respectively,
was today accepted by the Sheffield
A proposition to extend the Loois-
Title and Nashville railroad, by way
of Florenca, to Shtffisld wis receive 1,
and a committee appointed to confer
with the president of that company
on the 10th of December, at Nashville.
Judge Tompkins, of Atlanta, thinks
that the Louisville and Nashville road
will be built into SbeffL-ld.
Another proposition to Dunu a
' fonr mile loop from the Memphis and
Charleston railroad was a scassed at
the meeting today, and the whole
matter referred to the Board of Di
rectors of the Sheffield Company.
There ia little doubt that the two
propositions will be ultimately a 2 reed
apon by the several corporations con
Folly $100,000 worth of Sheffield lots
were sola last night and today.
Two hundred and forty dollars was
reinsert lor stock: toniebt,
The ro tunda of the Cleveland House
Is crowded tonight with people in
high spirits as to the future of Shef
The landlords are giving great satis'
taction to their hundreds oi guests.
The stockholders' meeting ad
journed sine die.
Dr. Cam nb nil CIItm Host E
ronraslnir Keaxtrl of ttoe Welt
Teuaewiee Io.aoe Any lam.
IsriouL to thi rriiL.I
Nashtilli, Tnk., December 1. Dr.
Michael Campbell, superintendent of
the East Tennessee Insane Asylum,
has just returned from an inspection
of the West Tennessee IaBane Asylum,
at uouvar, and end to your corres
pondent today that he found all
things progressing satisfactorily and
that the foundations are being laid
and everything put in readiness for
the resumption of work next spring,
as the cold weather will not permit
luriner onuaing. ur. Campbell re
ports me worx oone as ot the very
ties, cuaratter, and accom
plished with an , expenditure of
very little money. The trustees of
the Bsyium are Austin Miller, of
.bolivar; J. K. Godwin, of Memphis,
and A. W. Brockway, of Brownsville.
The work has thus far been done
ander the supervision of Mr. Miller
and Dr. J. B. Jones.
The medical superintendent of the
construction and Dr. Campbell say it
xeuecis creau on every DOdy con'
cerned. The trustees will ask the
.Legislature for an appropriation of
flUO.OOOor J150.000, to complete the
work. The money to be drawn in
two yearly Installments.
With an appropriation of 1150,000
muu a uaiance oi w,uuu still on band,
mo luHiuauun win db reaoy ior occu
pancy by January, 1887. It will ac
commodate 810 patients, and will re
lieve the poorhousea and jails of West
Tennessee of the unfortunates of un
balanced mind who are now kept in
those institutions. There are now
eighty insane persons in the poor-
bouse at Memphis alone. The
building of the West Tennessee
Asyinm will relieve the county of this
burden, and outside the cost of build
ing it will entail no additional cost on
toe taxpayers for maintenance, and
the outlay for construction will be
more than compensited in the num
ber of those who will be restored to
reason through the medium of the
oareand skilled attendance they will
receive at the asylum, things that are
impossible in the present condition of
The judgri divided second money
equally be ween Prince and Bang
Bang, a decision that ia cri'iciced be
cause several eqnany g od doira were
beaten in the earlier aeiies snd should
hive been run in the trial heat to se
lect a contestant hi second.
The setter e'ake began at noon.
Clifford beat Nob'e C. in nose and
judgment. Fred W. bsat Lillian in
Eace, range, stjle and nose. Gloster
eat Brandon all round, and was sold
aftsr the heat to Jame L. Breese, of
New York for $550. Lady O. beat St.
Elmo Fourth oa nosn and quickness
on scattered bird". Ball, a cross bred
black and tan, beat Pendracon in
pace, range and nose. Bye Monarch
was out classed in first part of heat,
with Chickasaw second, but got in
later, found a bevy, pointed
three sinsles. and won bv a nose.stvle
and luck. Mandan beat Winder
more, makirja everr point and one
single against a failure to back and a
flush by Windermore.
ihe day was cold and windy. The
crowd is diminishing fast. The Setter
stake will probably ba finished Fri
A Starelerer Canabt Halted Nfatee
Clrrfei anpondl llrUlol'i Jubilee
vim u jsaraea.
Iir ioial to Til irriAL. I
Enoxvillc. Tbnk.. December 1.
Wm. Roger?, who waylaid and mur
dered his cousin, John B. Rogers, in
Campbell county in October, arrested
infOlaiborne county, has been hiding
near home in toe woods and bills, lie
will have a prelimenary trial before
Judge Hicks, at Jacksboro tomorrow.
The killing was peculiarly atrocious.
A. 14. name, uierc ot the United
States Circuit Court, requested to re
sign by Judge Jackson, retires from
office February 14th. H. II. Taylor is
expected t be his successor.
Brittol is having a jubilee over the
arrival of the first engine of the S. A.
4 0. RR. The work is now being
pushed to an ealy completion.
xsratteman J. W. Ken fro full from a
freight car on the Eist Tennessee
Railroad at Lick Creek, a few miles
above Morrittown, and rolled under
the wheels of the train. His right
leg was broken and internal injuries
A little child of John Carr. renldinir
on South Crosir street, was left alone
in a room this afternoon for a few
minutes, and daring the mother's ab
sence Us clothes caught fire and the
child was horribly burned and can
not live.
tlemen inaugurating the enterprise
are able to carry out tceir plans.
A torloas
Bu Ar
BisMiNoaAu, Ala., December 1.
S. A. Logan, alias Carer, a noted con
naence man and swindler, was ar
rested here today. He is wanted at
Chattanooga, where he carried on ex
tensive swindling operators f rsome
time. He was ident.ned here bv a ne
gro that he had swindled out of some
Tbe B, aad O. Oibihiikm Bi
aa the Qneea and Creacent
larioiAi, to tbi ArriiL.1 1
Jackson, Miss , December 1. The
Baltimore and Ohio Express Com'
pany commenced business in Missis
sippi today. The local office here is
nnder the control of F. G. and O. B.
Hilsim. It will operate in this State
only on the yueen and Crescent eye'
tem oi raiiroaas.
vomptroller Plekard Loyal lo De
Nashvillb, Tknn , December 1. In
regard to an arfcle that appeared in
the JSnoxvule Tribune of November
28th, charging him with appointing
several Republicans as back tax col
lectors, Comptroller Pickard said to
your correspondent today that he hsa
never appointed a Republican to any
umw. xia empoancaiiy denounces
the charge that he had appointed
itoaericK jKanoora .Bauer back tax
collector, adding that Butler had been
appointed by 8. N. Nolan, the former
Comptroller, and that he (Pickard)
had simply requested Butler to wind
op his accounts.
eovernor Thomw HMf Inaaa.ii raited
r.r. jueuaeratla way
Wltboat fvnp.
Montoombrt, Ala., December 1.
Except for the modest military escort.
Governor Seay's inauguration was
about as Jeffarsonian as could be. A
short speech by ex-Governor O'Neal,
Governor Seay's inaugural address
and the administration of the oath by
Chief Justice Stone, were all there
was of it. The speech of the new
Governor is universally commended
for force and finish, but more than
anything else for bold and positive
treatment of the live issues. The Gov
ernor declared himself in favor of
road tax to be authorized by the con
stitution, of enlargement of legal
nguis oi married women, of the per-
petuation of the present system of
massing convicts, of a change from
the lee system to the salary system in
paying solicitors, of liberal measures
on the part ot theJNational Govern
ment in aid of education. Special
emphasis was laid on the last men
tioned matter. The Governor thought
the State appropriation for the Con
federate monument ought to wait un
til the claims of maimed soldiers
hould be satisfied-
HiGH POlJiT, K. c.
Tae Pointer Utnhe Fltil.hed Wltb
InterealiDa' ilea alia.
High Point, N. C, December 1.
The Pointer stake wasfioished at noon
today. Prince beat La'.la Rookh in
pace range and quartering, in noeand
style about equal. A d-ad close hpat.
In the fourth series Rob"rt le Dia
ble beat both Prince and Bing Bang
and won the fl.-st money. Robert le
Diable had the pace range and nose.
Prince made a good heat with
him, but Bang Bang an cun
ninir, trailnd and fal,a nnintnd.
Sale of an Hlatorle Piece of Land.
Little Rock. Abk.. December 1.
An interesting real estate transfer
took place in this city today, the prop
erty disposed of being the Arkansas
river plantation situated about twelve
miles from here and known as the
Tom Scott plantation. It embraces
about 8000 acres, and was entered
originally by Col. Robt. Steel, a mem
ber of one of the historic old famlies
of this State, away back in the
thirties, bat afterwards naaaed
into the hands of Tom Scott, another
son of an honored sire, and lastly was
purchased by J. T. Brown, jr., who is
at present serving a ten years' sen
tence in the Detroit House of
Correction for embezzlement
while United States Marshal of
the Eastern District of Arkansas.
When taken in charire on account
of malfeasance in office, Brown turned
his plantation over to Messrs. W. B.
Reeves, John Wiggins and Dr. Buidel
man. of Little Rock, as security for
the debt. The trustees today disposed
of it to Mr. James C. Cross, of Lincoln
county, for $40,000. It is one of the
most valuable plautationsin the State,
and is eouipped with all the Utnot
improvements in farming implements.
The Board of Trustees of tha Ar-
kansas Insane Asvluia todav re
elected Dr. P. O. Hooper superinten
dent. There are now 369 inmates in
the institution and there is room for
only thirty-nine more. The last Leg
islature appropriated $90,000 to pny
for improvements, additions, etc.. but
still the need for a much larger
home for these unfortunate
class of Arkansas people, and the in
coming legislature wid ba asked to
come to the help of the management,
and appropriate a much larger sum
than has yet been made, in order that
room enough ran be eunp ied for all
who come. The present edifice is one
of the finest public buildings in the
Information reaches here todav from
orauiey county, atk., oi a dastardly
outrage perpetrated mar that place
last week. Three masked men went
to the house of Stephen Pierce, an old
and feeble man, and hanged him
until he was nearly dead, hoping
to discover the hiding place of a
little money he ws believed
to possess. Mrs. Fierce, the eged wife
of the victim, recoenizod one rnhW
and told him so, when he made at her
and received a blow in the face from
Ihe old lady with a corn knife. Mrs.
Pierce escaped . from the honpA an i
aroused some near neighbors, who
arrived In time to save the old man's
life and cause the robbers to beat a
haaty retreat, with only 80 cents of his
money. They have not yet been
Fire Dnlrori a elation. Pirtr
Males of Ooltoa and Itaraa Dp a
bpicul TO TBI ArriAL.
Pinb BLcrr. Abk.. DecemW i
Advices from Altheimer. in this
ty, fay wm. Koberta's flue irinhnnan
and fifty bales of.cotton have been con
sumed Dy lire. A negro boy, aged 16
years, was burned by the flames. His
father, Elder Freeman, is frantic with
despair over the loss of his son. There
was no insurance on the ginhouBe or
its' contente. The fire originated in the
lintroom while the machinerv van at.
work, and was the result of an acci
dent. Mr. Roberts says he will make
good tne loss oi the cotton to bis customers.
Conclusion of Miss Beer's Evidence.
London, December 1. After recess
theJadge sent for the young woman
Mifs Baer, who came in complaining
of faintness. Resuming her place,
see saia L.ay uampDeii possessed a
peculiar door key ; it had a tongue on
poin ends, w uness imagined one end
was for the lock on her own house
door, and the other for that of tha
Duke of Marlborough's residence. Wit
ness said Lady Campbell used prevent
ive medicines, one got 61c every
time she used them, but witness did
not infer from this that her mistress was
habitually doing wrong, Oace, white
brushing Lady Colin a hair in her
room at Leigh Court some one tried
the door of the room, then went anav,
When all were leaving Leigh Court,
Artist Fita Henrv, witness raid, Bpoke
to her saying Lady Colin had not
taken notice of him as she had of so
many other gentlemen, but he shnn'rl
be Bble to make up for lost time a he
was going to Par s with her. When
he said this Fita Henry had a bonqnet
lur ubuj uuuii, r luiuBB ueniea Hav
ing Bent the letter to Lady Colin
menacing her with exposure. Ad
journment taken.
Reports the Condition of the Hills
Uach Improved.
Minneapolis, Minn.. December 1.
The Nortkwettern Miller says: After
Wednesday of last week the mills bad
no further trouble from log jama.but the
water power was far from satiefactorv
for most of them. Few got out flour
without steam. Theou'putwas 103.
950 barrels, averaging 17,320 barrels
daily, against 81,570 barrels the pre
ceding week, and 73,870 barrels the
corresponding time in 1885. This
week the power is poor, but by the
use of steam the product will overran
100,000 barrels. Eighteen mills are
running, six partly or wholly, by
Bteam. Those depending on water
power were not able to get
oat over half the usual output.
They have asked for an arrange
ment by which water will be more
equally divided. A meeting will be
held tomorrow afternoon to form
pool to regulate the operations of the
mills. a The water power company has
an options restraining most mills to
sixteen boars per dav. and have not!.
fitd them that this will be done unless
some other plan be adopted. There
is a brisk demand for wheat at the ad
Vance. The direct exports last week
were 41,000 barre's. Receipts for the
week Wheat, 1,104,400 bu. Shipments
Wheat, 449,350 bu; flour, 104,684
one ; miu stun, tons. Wheat in
store Minneapolis, 6,809,922 bn: St
Paul, 458,000 bu ; Daluth, 8,083,508 bu,
And Sbelby Conntjr, by J. M. Keat
ing-, D. Hason vo., Publishers,
Who Claims to Be a Natural
or tbe Millionaire's First
The above work Is meetina with
most cordial reception, and when pub
lished will be of great valne to Mem.
phis, as the volume will be entirely
devoted to the history of Memphis
and Shelby County and will be writ
ten py j. m. seating, whose re
searches in tins direction are of great
interest. e luvite yoar earnest sup
port in our enasvnr.
D. MASON A CO.. rnblihen.
A Band of llexlnnn Tattle Thieves
OrALvasTON, Tkx., December 1. A
special to the News from Laredo saya
A band of Mexican cattle thieves,
numbering twelve, were captured
twenty miles above here this mornins
by a posse of Texana. A large quantity
ui ureBsea oeei was lonna in their
possession ; also twenty horses, which
were stolen. This band has been
preying on American ranchmen far
the past six months, and their depre
dations have been on a wholesale
Herenry Below Zeto.
Si. Paul, Minn., December 1. At
6 o'clock the temperaturejwas 10s be
low aero. This morning at St. Vin
Vincent it was 2i below, and at Garry
and Bismarck 17' below. At Brainerd
last night it was 28 below. The Si e-
cal Service observer at Minneapolis
says toe month, oi November in the
Northwest was the coldest November
since 1880.
Read and profit by it. I have been
a great sufferer for some time from
lumbago. I tried Salvation Oil and
it rave me entire relief. John H.Jones,
Deputy Inspector, Tobacco Warehouse
4, Baltimore.
Organisation or the Tennessee Mar
ble Company.
ariotAL to Til ArriAt,.!
Chattanooga, Tenn., December 1.
The Tennessee Marble Company
was formed in this city today of
local capitalists, with a paid op stock
of $100,000 to operate in marble menu
factuting and quarrying. The same
gentlemen have also organized a rail
road company and will apply for a
charter to tap the marble b'Ha in
Monroe ounty, in this Sta'e, near
Madisanville. The raute of the rail
road has not vet been dslermined
upon, but it will go in a pretty direct
ronfe to the marble bHs. Tne mn.
The Fall or the Herenry.
Chicago, III., December 1. The
mercury here this morning dropped to
8 above zero, a fall of 17 in the space
of four hours. Every indication is for
a fall below zero tonight The wave
extends in breadth from 1000 to 1500
miles, and the indications are that it
will sweep down the Mississippi Val
ley as far m the Ohio, and then di
verge toward the East.
Piopli will have Dr. Bull's Cough
8yrop. 25 eta.
Three Drunkards Hilled by a Train.
Wilkesbabbb, Pa., December 1.
Three Hungarians, John Cobbalack,
John Werner and Andrew Kasko, who
were lying In a drunken sleep upon
the track of tbe Delaware, Lacka
wanna and Western railroad near
Pittsburg (his evening, were struck bv
a passenger train nd instantly killed.
Their bodies were frightfully mangled,
portions of their limbs being scattered
over the track for some distance.
Nnharih lor Mia "tnneal.x
Pbovidbnci, R. I , December 1.
Unable to restrain himself longer,
Doc Wilson this morning, b okrn
down in health and weeping like a
child, told the great eecrt ah ich ex
isted between him and P. L. Moen, of
Worcester, so many years. The story
was told in the pnsence of four re
putable citizens, who furnished it to
the press. "I am looked upon as a
blackmailer," he eaid; "arid those who
believe I have been bleeding tbat old
man hold'me in as much contempt
as a yellow dog, but I will stand it no
longer. I am more sinned aeaiost
than sinning, and now tha truth shall
be known. My name Is not Wi son,
nor am I a son of Jonts Wilson. My
father ia the man who ia aocusing me
of blackmail, and his noma is Lsvi
Moen, lawful sen of P. L. Moen, of
Worcester. Wilson then went on
to tell the itry of his birth,
and the wrong done him by his
father. His story is, be is a son of
Moen's first wife. That ha via born
few months after the marririre.
Moen being a deacon and a profess
edly high toned Obiistian, did not
wish to face the scandal of
such an tarly biith for his first
born. So a bargain was made
with Jonas Wileon, of DaMoIeville,
Conn., a staire driver, bv which tha
babe was transferred to the letter's
care and bronght np es Wileon. The
boy lived and toiled in an humble
sphere, to which he says Moen con
signed him, and it waa not until
be wa a young man grown that he
learned the secret of his birth. For
that secret be is iudebted
to the religious remorse of
his supposed father. Jonas Wilton,
who, being on his death bed and not
caring to pass the poi tals with tbe bur
den on his soul, drew the lad toward
him and told him who be was. After
Wilson died the young fellow set off
for Worcester to meet his father face
to face. Their first meeticg Wilson
says was exactly as bas been
described. He did not meet Moen
tbat morning, and after observing
signs of wealth and luxury that
abounded, he demanded of Moen
some reparation for the wrong done
one who should be heir to all. Moen
at first refused to acknowledge the
low stage driver, but the boy faced his
millionaire parent defiantly, upbraid
ing him for tbe wrong done his
mother and himself. He raid. ' I will
force you to acknowledge me, and the
world snail know you lor what you
are." Then, "D -c" says, the banker
deacon became alarmed and save bim
$100. By appointment be met Moen
the next day and consented to shield
his father from sbame. The father
had in the meantime married again,
after the death of "Doc's" mother,
and married into a family
which wou'd have scorned Moen. had
they known of the ecandal. Then.ac
cording to Wilson's story, Wilson, who
anew tne secret ot his parentage,
seeing Doo had money, aad kaoains
it came from Moen. bfean to one bia
olaims upon him. Their demands In
creased, and to satisfy them tie
had to apply to Moen for money,
and in that way much of the
sum received from the banker was
spent. Wileon says these demands
upon him grew so exorbitant tbat be
was a'moet impoverished' by them.
Tbe Engley suits were settled, he
Slid, at Moen's suggestion and with
Moen's money, became tbe latter
feared his relationship to Wilson
would come out some way in
the trial. Wilson has lette.s which
he Buys were written by Moen, ac
knowledging hs relationship and call
ing him dear ton. Those latere Wil
son produced today. He says he is an
injured one as, instead of being reared
as a gentleman, bronght up an id all
tbe luxuries which his fathers wealth
could purchase, he was cast adrift on
the world without education, without
refinements of life which would have
been his had his cruel parent done
right. Wilson says he can no loniier
eudure the calumnies with which he
is asaailed, and that his confes ion of
the secret is true in every respect.
Total New Business Greater than the total new hninA. nf All
Other Life Companies now represented In Memphis Combined.
Increase In Surplus more than twice the total increase ot
surplus of all other Life Companies now represented in Memphis.
Boom No. 1, Cotton Exchanim Riiildl Tlf MAinrtrllil Tahhaooaa
iU Ml
At Eleven O'clock,
mm Site,
AT COST, FOB T1IIIITY DAYS, lo make room for Spring
Stock. One lot Opu Uanrale. eiiiiuhln for
OCB QMS MA I I AtTl Hi:, r.,,1 Hy guaranteed.
liilly Carriage Co.
335 Second Street, Memphis. Teun.
59 Union Street.
W. II. McCATali,
General Jobber In BRICK rtOUK,
GRATK8 BUT, snd Smoking GMmntya
Cured. All work aarintd.
"T EMB1HS of the Wstor Commit! ra
urgently requaatud to stt.nd msntni
of tbe Committed at President Uauden'i of-
Sc thli triiUH.SDAY) sfternoon, Deo. M,
st 1:30 o'olooK. Mat en of Ipeoial imporl
snos will be ooniidrrd.
H. W. UAMPTON. Chairman.
Praotloal PianomaUorg
nd RipMlrrsor Pianos, Organs,
And Muiloal ImtramenU Generally.
Si rar-loH! Nteel Nail,
3 ar-loalH Nnntl and Koiln,
1 Cur-load I.itrrt, llaniH and SaiiNage.
8 far-loiul American NardlneH.
1 'arlal New KalNluw,
1 ur-Ioal New Naliuon,
1 C!arloal t'Hlltoriiia Tanned Fruit,
10 )ar-lonl Tontatoeti. leicheM, Corn, Etc.,
1 'ar-load Atiuore'H Mince Meat,
SI Car-load New York Itiickwlient,
a iarloari rigufcet. Kruiit and Karrel rieklea,,
2 Car-load Silver Mnmi ( ream tiieewe,
u Car-load Virginia I'eaimtM,
a ar-ioiui-4 1'iro Cracker and Firework,
a Cax-Iad ftntwaiul Currant,
a Car-loads Fine HitunuaK.
fflL- f
Slost Elegant Selection
o a ar-ioau iceu lien Jiavl
3 Car-load rrexk Fancv CiimheM.
a ajar-ioaa .aimeni, ( racked Wheat, Kto .
And a complete iiHortinent ot Staple and Fancy Uroccrt
lor the apodal uso of Country Merchant,
wrsend ior a I'Hce-LlHt.-xaf
QliT7"oi7 Fixxixio c? C,
Quarter of a Century in the Hardware Business.
No. 322 and 324 MAIN ST., - MEMPHIS, TENii".
And American Production of
OtiTPP-Hltf nAnri WIItM.
Would Not Ha Interviewed.
Worcester, Mass., December 1.
The announcement from Providence
thla evening that "Doo" Wilion had
lifted the veil fiom the great Moen
mystery canard a tremendous sensa
tion. The bulletin boards were sur
rounded far into the night by crowds.
The aillionaiie manufrtciurtr was at
prayer meet ng when the announce
ment reached this city, and the re
porters gathered at the door of the
Union Church to waylay him when
he came forth. One of tbemsliowed
Mr. Moen a copy of a Providence
paper containing the story and pro
ceeded to interview him on the
subject, but he would . any noth
ing aside tlrom the statement
that "DrcV1 Btory was a lie.
With difficulty he escaped the
reporters and proceeded to his resi
dence. A reporter called nnon him
there at 9 o'clock. His eon Pnil came
to the door with him. Ha was es cool
and collected aa though he bad been
calied to the door on a matter of busi
ness of the simplest kind. When
asked abont the statement made bv
Wilson todav tbat he waa his son. Mr.
Moen said: "It ia a lie, a downright
lie." He then aaid : "Mv nnnnsel haa
advised me not to ta'k with any of the
newspaper men on the subject, so yon
will excuse me if I decline to ba inter
viewed. Bat you can see that he ia
nearlng the end of bis rope. Jds( see
how desperate the man ia. cutting np
snch a story aa that." Mr. Moen de
clined to state anything faither.
Luhdbobg's perfume, Edenifl
Landbora's perfume. Msrehal Nile
Lnndborg'a perfume, Alpine Violet.
Lnndbora'a perfume.) Ml of tha
Tbe Losses by Hoy; thelcra.
Chicago. III.. December 1. A
special to the Datig Newt from Peru,
Ind . says tbat the loss by hog cholera
in that county haa reached $25 0 0,
and the diBeuss is still nrevailinir.
Two thousand dead hogs were brought
to that city to tbe grease reflanr yes
terday and today aa a result of the ep-idemi".
t&" Our select lou comprise
Elegant Mjlea (of I he Latent)
and I1EST Maker Foreign
and Domestic.
IfiTOur Hood arc Imported
DIKKCT, through OClt Cua
torn IIoiimc.
I P NY & Pf
Hlilu (a) UUb
Dinner, Toilet and Chamber Sets In Great Variety.
bar goods a::specialty.i
ar Agents for tli nelebratod ;HKKPj WOOD Vll KiriEH CHINA, spvelally
MEM & Mil
Cleasitna, DyelnajA atrpalrlna;,
NO. 17 W. CODET STlllf .
I OoorB mt, Nlohol.
0fy Goods
, Notions.
GEiiHEiiEif s FuiunsHDis mm
Uom. 8X8 and S28 Main St.. HempMa,rTnja.
n lTta aaaa. as4 tsr pr! wUlssaipare iU tMMstal4
ss. ws srs AacoU In ' .
swftri.ra via
uuMtarlaf Co.1
DrBJft, Sheet!, fi(rUa, fA
IiBMMOW sa ttJAXXbi'- I
11 i nin'ra
molcsalond KetaU. "WOOClS SYOOP89
P.H.PalterSOniSC0 Buggies, Wagons and Harness,
DK. 11. L. LAbKI,
rhyslclan, Surgeon and Aceoucher
JM3 Slain Ntreet, Wear Union.
rriirhoB.;N(). m,
M' I'giaaaj wii sjaja nm awmjumpn
78 Second Street.
To Contractors.
quantitlri to suit onlOU, st Plnm Point
ft.aob. Uood material, iood iirioea, prompt
par- Appiyw ioor. meuowan i o.,mou
phll.oron worku, J. H. MoTlWIJB A Q.
WB OFFER FOR 8 A LB oa fsrorshle
termi a large plantation In Bolirar
county. Mn , recently iinprofed with new
poat, plank snd wire fanoes. Twantr-Dva
na houM, ootton gin, tawmill and near
i iO.OOO leetof lumber In ftaokf, W 000 new
cypren board, all ready to eonitruct more
buildinsa. A good at Tehnuite and .zcellant
lard lur a meroantue butlneaf. Tbi plan
tation li improred with a view to lubdmi-
lon. i will Mil all or a part, aooordinc to
wanti ol pnmbaaert. Plenir of labor Ne
srotenanu hire applied and are daily ap
plying to rem a to. ror lull partioalan
apply to TIIOH. II. ALLKN A CO.
Steam EniclneN, Machinery of All DeHcrlptlona,
ind Commission Merchants,
" - i ii hi m.mmi - -i .Jii. o.(-A
"j'UwKwrinVa-b tad PJbecoin.tlie moat pop.lar den.l-1 pS-taTuiiBWr-"- -
I vT.T'L'!.:'"""'!'" ' "M k. . aiartlsTlng retired from the 8ad.ll.ry and Darseag bailneu and oned aa o4o ai abore,
u ij k I. ini.M., t-hlliMiiv, we are plea.ed to announoe to oar Irlendi and tbe publio generally that we are now prepared
rhi.hlE.'.ta L l,J.V7Shn- A,k Jor I 'fTl l.h,,Bu ,n B,w Plty. Returning thankl for the yery liberal patronage ei
lairbwlara Kaaliata Pfnat mf.i I tended ni In tha old line. - tp.t f m.-t . n . .v, . t i- . i . i
twentyiint yearn, 'treated vuiot
mt Si
tbe noted (peoialiitt without benelif. Oriao,
msiiLr m luree munia. a'i'3 ,inriiHii
handreJl of otuert. Full pertiD'i'ariFient

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