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On the Stand-She Recltrg In Clar
LaBgiaee Snino More Capers of
the VklKl Lad,
London, December 1. The bearing
ef the Campbell divorce sa'.t wasre-
amed today.
Ron Bar, formrrly lady's maid to
Ibe planum, t BtiH-d lor ice deters?.
Bhe aaid the Duke of Malborounh Ire
nentlv Tin ted Lndv Colin Campbell.
He nsua'ly cume in tie afternoon and
was shown to the drawing room. Wit
ness never siw aov familiarity be
tween Lord C lin Camobell and Mary
Watson. LadyUonn baa lnstruced
witness not to leave letters to her mis
, tress in the ball, bat to take them to
her. Come of the let f era witness car
ried to p'aintiu. which the latter
burned ; others she placed in a box
rider her bed.
In June, 1882, Lady Colin, who was
at that time in company with Lady
Miles, called witness. Lady Miles told
witness she had blackened her mis
tress's character and muat leave, and
mat u bub uiu not go at once me po
lice woold be called to put her oat.
Lady Colin gave her 10, i only
being das as waes, and told witness
to tell the servants in explanation of
her departmre that her father was ill
and she was going home. Lady Colin
aoaea, witness cam, that she oon
sidered witneea a sister, andnota terv
ant, and kissed her good bye, saying it
was Lord Colin Campbell who had dis
missed ner. Witness nal posted let'
lera aany to tne iuke ot Marl
borough. Sne sometimes took them
to bis hon e. Lidy Colin nsed to
leave the honse at' 8 o'clock in the
evening and return as late as 3 o'clock
on the following morning. Oil Dome
of these occasions, witness wonld ac
company her mistress a short distance
from the house and there be told to
return. On these expeditions Lady
Colin usually carried along a felt hat
concealed nnder her cloak. Sime
times in undressing Lady Colin after
her return from these absences, wit
ness ioana ner areas partially disar
ranged. Oare witness found a gentle
man's handkerchief in Lady Uolin's
room at ieiga uourt. 1 .ainllll said
she knew to whom it belonged and
took it. Once witness heard SDme-
body afler midnight ascending the
stairs. Lidy Colin coughed. The
person then entered the door of the
room adjoining plaintiffs. The door
oi tne room was shut, and witness was
dismissed. Next day witness fonnd
evidences that the room had been oc
cupied by two persons. Once witness
heard the Duke of Marlborough in
Lady Colin's room during the after
noon, ua one occasion while
witness was bruahiDg Lady
Colin's hair, after midnight, some
body on the outside of the
room" tried the dcor and, finding it
locked, departed. Witness saw Cnief
bnaw walking outside the honse, with
a carriage In waiting. The carriage
went away and Chief Shaw entertd
tne boute. W itness often mailed let
tens to unlet Bnaw from Lady Colin
.Being cross examined, witness ad
muiea mat bob crma wnen sne was
dismissed lrom Lady Uolin's service,
and that she said Bhe was sorry she
had taken to the servants. She
denied, however, that she admitted
' she had been a "wicked gossip." Bhe
admitted that she had written to
.Lady uoiid. both from abroad and
after her return to Esgland, and that
tne piatntm never answered her let
ten. She denied having threatened
to "expose Lady Colin" when the
latter allowed witness's letters asking
jur money w remain unanswered.
At this point counsel for the plain'
tin cross-examined miss isaer very
closely, and she admitted that two
weeks ago she had signed a statement
that Lady Colin Campbell dismissed
ner because she knew too much about
ner, and that she had thought it nec'
escary to tell Lady Colin that she
would expose her. Being asked to
explain now it came that she signed
the statement and now admitted that
it was untrne, witness said: "I thought
n true men. i mint it untrue now."
This recantation caused a sensation
among the audience.
Continuing, nnder close cross exam
ination, witness admitted that the
vute oi JHar.borongh always called
upon the Lady Colin during the usual
visiting hours. He came twice, thrice,
una Bome nmf a nve times weekly,
witness posted Utters to Duke of
Marlborough every day, and some
times twice a dav. On the onoitfliiin
when she tor.k the letters to the D.iko'e
residence she put them into the letter
box, rang the bell and ran away hnme.
She had beon instructed to do this on
tnese occasions Witness then admit
ted tbat the statements she had made
on ner direct examination, that she
naa louna in undnssing her that Lady
wunou, nan upeu at me DaCK,
uvi oaire uutarrHngea end ner petti
coats oat of order on occasions when
tne planum left home early in the
evening and returned in the early
morning, were not true. Witnf S3 had
not found the Lidy (John's dress un
laced, one bad found a petticoat nn
hooked onoe. Being further pressed
witness admitted that it was not a pet
ticoat but that the skirt was simply
unhooked so that she could see the
petticoat bene itti the skirt, that was
all. Under further pressure Miss
Juaer admitted that she bad
never suspected that anything wai
wrong between Lady Colin Capmbell
and any person but the Duke of
Marlborough. Witness admitted that
in 1H81, and six weeks ago, she signed
tatements alleging that she went to
Leigh Uonrt during the Christmas
uoinays wttn Lady Oolm Campbell,
and describing the position of the
rooms ocenpied by her mistress and
ine JJuzs oi Marlborough as adjoin
ing, and furtber alleging that the
Duke paid great attention to Lady'
vuiia. vr urates, nowever, now ad
mitted that that was a mistake, and
that it all occurred at Easttr. This
testimony caused another sensation.
Counsel for plaintiff added more pres
sure, and Mm Baer finally admitted
that the Duke of Marlborough was not
at Leigh Court at Christmas. She also
admitted that the statements she had
made in her direct examination about
bearing some one ascend the stairs
after midnight one night, and enter
the room adininit. ia. rir.iin.
a.i: . "'." i
ffpnt nmon'. rianHlror. I
, . "".U1UK gem eman
cnioi in Lidy Uolin's room in
. . , . , I J
r ,fii i na ve-wim in i
me morning, and other indications
mat a person had occupied the room
were untrnB. Witness iu the original
statement, she contended, did not say
that two persons had occupied the
room on the occasion referred to.
Witness only remembered this inci
dent last week.
Nearly every one of Miss Baer's ad
missions under cross examination
provoked excitement and a sensation,
in view of their damaging eflect upon
that side of the case, which was
largely built upon what she had pre
viously stated in writing.
. The oroaj examination of MiesBaer
was continued at r.me length. Bein
Rt-ted to conn ru br statement
that the Duke of MarlbTOUzh an
Ladv Colin sat tog-ther like a pair r
lovers on a set in ihe Ptddington rail
way e'ation, witness e:m ly sa d she
was sure it wa a sat on the platform
Being nfdirvd to her statement to the
man s rvut t O 'Jipill, (bat Lidy Col;
passed ev' iv nig'it t Leis'i Com
wiih the I'uke of Marlbortusb. wit
Det s di'Uifd ti a. (he ever to'.d O Neill
any sucli t!i:rg. She simply told him
"she thought eo." Ket.lung to
an interrogitory by the Judg, wit
neaa said she believed ti e Duke
of Marlbor uwh and Lady Coin
were togith'-r nightly when tbei
bedrooms 'ac'jiined at IMi-h Court
during Easter season, 18S2, but wic
ncss had no reason (o believe that
they were tBether at other times,
Tha Juge mked why ehe told the
man servant O'N hi they were to
gother at night while at Leigh Court
during the Christmas h didays of
1832. Witaess answer, d : "That can
cot bs so." This contradiction caused
a sensation
fisMton'a Hotel.
Enromu plan. Knlargeil and refurnished
Jrrioei aooordtng to sue ana loot
tlon of roomi.
L B Tolar km. Ark OT Girnett, Mini
Got TaylorAw, lenn F It Wigiina, Ohio
II Kaubaoh. Mo Z E Bryan. Ark
J Jonu, jr, (ia T J Barton, Tex
J M Campbell, Tex J MoCnll 4w. Ark
Mrt w a' nington.ienn w v vrren, inn
M Unlden if, Tenn D P H addon, Tena
P E Fortrtbe, Tenn MB Kuten, Tenn
L P Cornier. Tenn ti M Tavlor. T.nn
A vv ouivini aouu Vila a ttuuiihib. mm
Mra M 0 Royall, Mlia Mill M Koy&ll, Mi(
K rl Taylor, Mm Mra Dr. llrayne, Jb.hi
W 8 Gage, Ark I H Law, Tenn
JTEdiar. Ark tsinirleton. K
JDall .m, Ky Kim Mosely, Min
JIKt.oD, Mill M Wolf, Ohio
w A Uodson, Mo II Mayer, Tenn
W M Taylor, Ark II P Ortaieyar, Ind
W F Rainey, Mies PMentoi, Ar
B F J hnton, Ark A t Floyd, Tenn
Mrs H If tilovd. Tenn Mils L. Woo'en. Kv
ilr6Hndol)h&3o,Mi Mint B 8 Carter, Mils
ll u ivoien. lenn J b nevelle. lenn
M S Jay, Tenn W McDonald, Dak
W L Kennedy, Mial 6 G Uackor, Ind
T J Debrieoe, Miea BFMnatl, Mini
R F Collins. Tenn G A Urammr, Ark
K M Bortunohe.Tenn B K Unle, Miaa
D Moquin, Ark Miaa Brown, Ark
7. M I StKvana. Mlia VI O Rli,hn. Mill
J W Frederick, Miaa J B Mar men, Miaa
JTIIamm, Tex J D Baker, Tenn
K P Ooodwyn, Va AS Gritoby. Ark
J B Hamilton. Ark J C Perry, Tenn
XI r . ' . 1 . U U L. .... I TJ V
im A vurar, leuu D u l u.iuvii, x. j.
J J Biiiioj, ToDQ J B Hohrer, W Va
C II Bracked, Tenn h 11 Wilton, Ark
J Sharp, Tenn J C Kdenton, Tens
Tbe New Uayoao.
Cm. G. Ruth Manager.
Ratal $2 6U to M per oay, aooordina to leoa-
tion oi roomi.
II RPIummnr. Tenn A T Pattiaon. Ohio
CJHanka, Teen J E Blake, Miaa
W H Baldurn. NY AM Littleiohn. Miaa
J W Tandy, Tonn A M Stone, lonn
J M Hnrria Aw. Tenn Miaa L Pool, Tenn
Aura K Jon-a. Tenn Z M 8 enheDB. Miaa
J M Frederick, Miu J B Manion. M'aa
H Binge, Tenn H II Waahbnrn; Mo
w h Murphy, ArK i n w bite urn, Misa
T 0 Leak.jr, Miaa
A K Adama, ivy
JB Dicks, Mo
STKorbea, Ark
I T Mnhord, Mifl
J L Cocke, Misa
is m Atwooa, Ky
K R Gayford, Ark
H T Fuller. Miia
RTHarria, Va
DrRW Owin. Miaa
Li Lamb, lenn
tj IS Meacnam, lenn J V baunda a, Tenn
li M Uodtrey, lenn w A fearce, Miaa
A L Ineram, N Y
one. I
K K 1'iukitt. Fa
J J McKeene, Ohio
R B Thurber. Ind
CT Luther, Mo
T W llopkina. Mo
G E llolmea, Tenn
F H Perkini, Tenn
E N Gill. Ala
RP White, Ky
A M Haieh,Ohio
Ij T Kern ball, Ind
G L Berry, Mo
C H Vioeent, Mo
C M Leach. Tenn
ARCurtiM, Ala
C M Hunter. Ky
S M Noble. Tenn
K J Kenney, lenn
a. ii . in ii . I . j v. uuwniui an,
Min E Hatching', III E T Lambert, Ind
B R Kimball, Ky
o r iiuDDara, lna r T Bimpnon, 111
it rt juaton. in
0 Rookwell, Ktt
J F Williama, Tena
L Hill, Tenn
RCMylea, Misa
8 Vollman. N Y
1) MoDonald, Tenn
L Minor. Ky
0 T Robinaon, Mo
T J Callum. Ark
RJBanka, Miaa.
v tJMcudoru, tiy
V II White. Tenn
B P Talmad'e, N J
A Pattlnon. Miaa
P M Uouaton, Ky
E L Bunch, Mo
C A Moore, Tenn
Pcaibody Hotel.
0. B. GALLOWAY & CO Promtitors.
Rates ti 60 and S3 per day. acoording to
aiie and looation of room Special
made rates.
A Becker, Tenn W L Brown . Mo
F A Franoi'co, NY L 8 Camp, V
W F lien. Ohio P McFarland. Ark
CTOttaway, Ark B J Jones, Ark
WFFreJo, Ohio PBUnwitt, Tet
W R Crelow,Tenn J M Millen, Tf nn
J D McKdkht, Ark W A Htone, Tenn
W While. Venn
w H F.-ceman. N J
L A Green. N Y
F M Barker, Mass
C W Capen, Fla
W R Wall, Ky
J W MoClenden, Ark
H II Mailack.Ky
A Mevera, If Y
K 1 Banka, Tenn
H R McVeiih. Tenn
J W Wilder. Fla
II Graham, Ky
W LSiharn. Mo
W 1) Uedlenlon. Miaa G E He ,tt. Tenn
W K M:d iletod. D 0 R E L Wilson. Ark
v n uaraner. Mies
J F H-rroll, Ky
8 H Death. rage. N Y
F F Woodall, Ohio
Thns H Woods, Miea
W H Harrison, D 0
J 0 Phillips, III
Chas Clam, Ky
P V Lester, Miaa
H II HcCalob, La
M 1) Howell, Mo
J C Ni.bitt, Tenn
F K lla-tings, Ark
G A Elliott, Mo
J E Kdiutos, Tenn
F K Siuia, Ark
J U Manifutn, Tenn
W 8 Terry, S Y
J B Shie:d, Mo
Thoa 8ieiss, Mo
K Mnrx. N V
G V Peacock, N Y
L r S'hulijie, Ohio
T II Stuart, Mo
LTMuguire, Mo
G A Li.uger Aw, Mill
JPDonry, Vtik
J C Hall. Mo
U W t'nrtia, Mo
W L Bod. Ky
C A Striitton, Mo
Mus M .McMair, ArK
R L Jones. Misa
J Thome. Tenu
T B Yanoi-y, Tonn
S L Whiite . Ala
E tioruupn, l.a
Guatay Wolff, Mo
W K Jonoa. Mo
Ed Miixwuli, Ind
J M Wallace, Miai
J' K Vinir, N Y
P J Hinilh. Tenn
W llarck. Mo
F J Tyler iw, Tex
a V latum, Ky.
Prlddy llunir,
(Formerly Coninieroial Hotel.
Cor. Front and Jefferson Hts. , Memphis, Tenn
J. H. FaiDDT, rrop r, of Kiohmond, V.
iraneient raiea, ii oo 10 a per aay.
W R Mullins, Tenn J N Mnore.Tenn
J Carr. Tenn
J W Gould, Tenn
G W Baker, Misa
JTSweatt, Ark
A i Vinoent, Ind
I. H Lake. Tenn
J K Sweatt, Ark
B.-ott Turner, Tenn
0 Jaquea, Misa,
J ll Jebn, ny
0 Caldwell, La
R M Ingram. Mta
K N Wallnce Aw. Ark Mra J VV Moore. Ark
Mra M A Wray.Tenn B T My, Ark
A D Luddoth. Miaa ti M Black. T.nn
J B Cnmpton, Ark S L Guyol, Tenn
C K Woodaon, Tenn T B II nines, Tena
RN Blakeinore, Tenn L D Dayia, Ala
C W Wilray, Miaa C M Leach, Ark
0 B Crosby, Tenn R Bowoo, Miaa
B K lleima. Bt Lonii J Klellr. St Louli
J Kelly, St Lonii M Bailey, Bt Louis
P Mathewa, Ky T J Johnaon, Ark
8 J Harper, Mial M Taylor, Ark
H M Wiikinaon, Ark C B Cooper, Miat
GEarle. Ill J M Cox. Ark
F O Williama, Tenn G C Brown, Tenn
A J Chaatina. Ga
8 B Mosloy, Ark
CB McKay, Miaa
J L W alone, Ark
R K Simpson, Mial
R L Bowman, Ala
J M Oliver, Miaa.
J II Smith, Ark
W Webber, Mill
W HouHton, Tenn
8 J Tucker, La
L Boyd, Ala
Daily's European Hotel.
Corner of Adama and Main streets. Roomi.
60o, ins and 11 per day: Amerioan Plan.
82 per day. First class Restaurant in the
iioiei j. in. uuiri uu yearswua rea
body Hotel), Proprietor.
8 D Mathua, Tex A Johnson, Fla
J W ,
mntera. Tens n m nooinson, Tann
ntera. Tenn
Alexandor.Tenn B Colbry.
B Colbry. Tenn
S 8 Lewellen, Tenn
W II Mel . Tenn
J Wauirh, Tenn
j m mucneii, lenn
W Moore, Tenn
J Carr, Tenn
J Luke, Tenn
V Chriatainten,Tenn
T Jahmes, Tenn
F MoConnell, Mo
R Thomas, Mo
I) P Biamond Aw, Ark
R P Humps, Ark
J Trip. Tenn
Nainen, Miaa
J Leeser. Ark
Mrs B Snapp Ac, Tenn
W J Fuller, Miaa
T L Thompson, Ark
B llardine, Ark .
V J Cooper, Ark
W Lanier, Mo
G R riekT Aw. Ark
r lirewer, i enn
0 Brown. Tenn
J H Pickett, Tenn
H Uut-hea, Unt
B 8 Johnson. Mo
J W Crowell.Tenn
TPfonroy, Tenn
W 8 Pooall. Ky
W H Adana, Tex
h Hamilton, Tex
T (Jaatlea, Ark
W D Lester. Mial
nr t i k -
J II err. Miss
CC Hedrick. La
Z V Gibson, lenn
D J Jones, Ark
R T Lewis. Ga
W L Kilmore, Tenn
W 11 McLane, lenn
Mrs J C Drickev. Mo P M M rria. Ten.
J II Boan, Md Mrs N Kvana A So. Ark
F M Ward, III K MoUuire, 111
C II MoAlpine. La J Brrne. Mo
J V Byrne, Mo R J KlliUt, Tenn
Hoat Kenmikable
In ite tffec's, and most UBful in its
app icaiion, tne lragrant fcUZODONT
has Decome tne moss popsiar denti
frice in 'existence. 'lis used and
praised by everybody.
v .- v......
On Account or Mine. Fui sell Xuili'd
llehjvior Mr. Thiimu to JH-et
the Directors in Sew York.
Nw Yobk, DefemVier 1. Mrs. Fran
cis B. TLurt er of this tity, who Hthe
orgirator and c.int o li g epir.t of
tha Aine'ican Opera Compauy. was
called upon lust eveni'm by a reortwr
ana asked forinlorm ti iu m rt r-ir 1 to
the trouble in the toinrany, which is
now in iSr. Lauis. She ta'd: "The
only news I have hal is irotn Mm".
Fnrsch-Vladi, who stint me a dispatch
complF.ining that she htd been in
anlted by the stflRe msDacr and had
left the stiige in cooseqaence. The
rest of the story, including what is
described as the artis.'s.tUKpers'.on, is
news to me. There is no truth in the
statement that the matter has been
brought to the attention of the direct
or.', and that they have dedd. d to
sustain the action of Mesrs. Thomas
and Hock in giving Mme. Fnrsch
Madi's roles to another artist. There
can have been no suspension, as that
is an act of discipline that comes only
within the province of the board.
Yes, I enppofe Mr. Thomas has the
power to transfer a role from one
member of the company to another,
bntIhavenodoDb.it will all be set
tled amicably in a few days. I expect
to leceive all reports of it by
mail tomorrow morning, and as soon
as they come, provided that all
parties to the affair are folly beard
from, the directors will take it up.
Mr. Hock is a hasty man, and Mme.
Furach-Madi is a friend of mine."
There was eo much meaning in the
lady's paue before the last four words
and the slow emphasis with which
they were uttered that the reporter
could not help remarking: "Mr. Huck,
then, seems to have made a mistake?"
Mm. Thurber smiled as the answered:
Mme. FnnEch-Madi is very highly
thought of by the directors. Siill, we
A M A ll ll- A-l I '
canuui lurettu reeuus uinu we nave
tbe whole story. Mr. Thomas is on
bis way here, and we w.ll be able to
hear from him on the subject. I would
like to turn up tbe situation, as I see
it, in the statement that the board has
not yet met; that nothing will be done
till it does meet; that Mme. Fursch
Madi has not been suspended, and
that justice will be done in the case,
and that all parties to the trouble will
be heard."
"What will Mme. Fursch-Madi's po
sition be in the meantime?"
"She will not sins until the board
has arrived at its decision."
Theodore Tboman' Version.
6t. Louis, December 1. Theodore
Thomas, as musical director and Presi
dent of tbe Natif nal American Opera
Company, has decidtd to go nowro
New Yurk the latter pprt of this week
to meet the Board of Director.) of the
company, to which he will make an
rflkial repo't of the Mme. Futsch
Madi trouble, and it is rumored
that if the Bjaid of Director do not
tnstain bis action be will resign. Mr.
lnomas is determined tbat be will
make a strong stand against what he
calls the "tricks of the star" system.
He said last night: "If any institution
like tbe American Opera Company
depends on the capricts of any one
man or woman, it is better to stop now
than tD submit. I think I have a
right to speak aboat proper organiza
tion and discipline, for I only ask of
others that which I rigidly observe
myself. No one has ever known me
one minute late for reheaisl or per
formance, or to take the least libeity
that I have not allowed to others
under my direction. I enforce the
same discipline upon and show the
same rights to one and all alike. An
institution like the American Opera
Compauy can only be cirried on in
the two strong principles which I con
sider the secret of operatic success,
love of art and respect for one an
other." Mr. Thomas was to have cone to
New York tomorrow to attend the
Philharmonic concerts, and the trou
ble with Mme. Fursch-Mdi s'mply
hastened his departure. IIo was in
telegraphic communication with the
board I directors late lent night, who
urged him to so to New York im
mediately and explain matters. Ho
therefore' went this morninc It is
supposed that the board will su'tjin
liis action, lor those who were present
at the reheireal at which the trouble
occurred, agree that Mme. Fnr. ch-
Madi w.ih entirely to blame, and that
the on if couisa that Mr. Tlionmi
could pursue under the circumstances
was to discipline rer.
U Aft 1
Fraeared with strict regard to Parity, Strength and
ttealthrulneiui. Dr. Price's BiUtlng- Powder contains
poAmmonia.Llmelomorl'TiOiiphatefl. Dr.Hrlcee
Kxtrmota, VaolUa, Lemon, eta, flavor dellcloualy.
usee Bucm pawnat eo; cueam mt n unit
President of the Great LOUISVILLE COIN
HIER-JOUKNAL CO.. tolls what
ha knows of
Wintersmith's Chill Cure.
Orrioa or thi Coriiii-JocaaiL,
LorjIBTILLa. Kt.
Dr. WiUnmithSir: 1 walre a rule I have
observed for many yean, the value of your
remedy prompting mo to lay, in reply to
your request,1 what I know of your Chill
Cure. The private asauransea of iu efficacy
I had. and tne good reaulta of Its effects i
had observed on Mr. R. W. Meredith, who,
for more than fl fteen years, had been fore
man of my office, induced me to test it in
my family. The resulfej have been entlrelv
satisfactory. The IM caae was of two
ears standing, in wnien 1 believe every
nown remedy had been tried with tempo
rary reitei tne cntua returning periodically
anil wili seemingly increased severity.
Your cure broke them at onoe, and there has
heen no recurrente of them for mora than
sig months. The other case was ot a milder
form, and yielded more readily to other
remedies; but the chills would return at in
tervals until your medicine was uaed, since
which time, now several months, they have
entirely disappeared. From the opportu
nity I have had to Judge. I do not hesitate to
eipress my belief that your Chill Cure is a
valuable apecmc, ana periorms all yon
promise for it. Heapectfully,
ARTUrR PETSR A CO., Agest:. Louie.
Tille. Ky. trr w sA
Important Nalo ot Very Valua.
m Landsinlhe states of Ar-
kiinsas and Missishijipi.
Memphis. Term.. December 1. lKSB.
UKDKK and hv virtue f 'lie te ms and
ron.Jiliima ol a certain deed of truxt
executed to rue, as Tru'e-, by K. M. Aprer
son ai 't th-r. n thr SOtn ny of M,,, mv,.
to secure the tnile' tedn'as therein men
t'onii. riulv r.corriAil in BocV A." tturri
42 lo T1 mclus'te, of tbeCinu t Ourt of
t..ini,niion count?; Moofc p;ko4 ti to M,
o' thelircu tdurt of Hhnlip" Hook
"Y," raura 1?6 ti l, o' tlir-uit (I.mrt ol
T . .... 11 ..V i A " II ... Ill
oi Circuit Court of Lincoln e unt, .S'nte ir
Ark nar. Also, in Boo H i nX'-iW, of
t: e Chancery Court oi lldivar c un'y. and
iu Hook 1. pB'a 411 1 to Mm. ol t a ola o inn-
ty. State i-f Visais.ippi ; delauil hnvinx been
n.ade iu said trust deed, and being rtquested
Iv t'fl maker of smdlru tdcelHTdlhenpn-
enciary thereof, I will, ai said Trustee, on
Tut- day, December 21, 1H8U,
on the aoinhwest corner of M n ltd Madi
ln streets, cmniencnr proiuptly at 12
o oloca ru., and continuinc ir iu diiytodtv
until ihe aaid lauds are all sotil, offer
for sale, at puhlie outcry, and tell te thi
hihhest and best bidder, tbe fulloe Inff dn.
aciibedlandi and property, rl'UHfed in the
8Utes of Arkansas and Mississippi, and
particularly described aa follows, to-wit:
The following lands, lyina In the county ot
l'hlllu.s ard state of Arianaaa.nn the hank
ol tne Mississ'pnt riror, about ten miles he-
low Helena, Arkansas, to-wit;
The east half of aectlon thirty-three, eon.
tainini 2i 5 69 aerea, and all 01 leotion 3a,
oontainint 639 8S aerea.
Tbe aonth halt of aectlon twenty-ieren,
flootainina' asrentv- ihrea acrel
The watt half section Sb, oontainint .'20
The northeast quarter of section 28, son.
tainini tiu acres.
All in township 3 scuth. ran re i east.
Fractional northeast quarter of section 4,
containing lit aerea.
All of fractional lection 8, containing
465.48 aerea, in township 4. ranee 4 east
being the lands known aa " B. M- Apperaon's
westover Plantation," eonuininx In all
2034 67-luO aerea ol land, more or leas.
Tbe southwest quarter of the southeast
ouarterof section 3. eontainina 38.811 acres.
Tne south part of the aoutheaat quarter of
section , containing 4 41 aerea.
The aoulh half of section S3, eon talcing
320 acres.
All of fractional leotion 36. containing 207
The northeast quarter of section 36, con
taining 160 aorea.
The northweat quarter of the southeast
fract oi.al ouarler of section 3'. containing
tu aerea.
Part of the east naif of the southeast Quar
ter ol section 36. oontainmsr 7s acres.
A I ol Iraatljnal acatlon two. rontainina
74.25 aores all in township 4 aouth, range 4
West half of aouthwest fractlnnat anarter
of aeotion 311, and 'he northweat fractional
quarter of section 31, containing K" acres
towQsnip tnr e (J) aoutn. range o est, Known
as4 K. M. Aonerann'a Miner Plantation."
containing 1043 48 100 notes ot? land, more or
Alao, certain personal property now on
tha said Weatovor Plantation, to-wit: 12
bead of mules of various ages, surs and de
scriptions; alao, one steain enn ire and all
tne appliances and attachments thereto be
longing; one gristmill, to cotton sins, one
cotton press and all the appliances and at
tachments to the same belongingi all of tbe
wagons, farming utensi s. iuivlementa and
to ils of otery kin J -and character used in the
eultiration of the aaid plantations, one half
ot which will be deiiverrd to the purchaser of
tne maney plantation. Each ol aaid planta
tions are in gcod atate of caltirmion, and
have all neceasary buildinga. including
dwetlinga and storehouses.
Also, the following de-cribed tract or par
cel oi lanu, lying in tne said county ol I'bil
lipa and biato of Arkanaaa, and dosoribed
aa follows;
The northeaat quarter of aeotion sixteen,
lownemn one aoutn, range lour east, oon
taining 160 acres.
Alao, ttie following other lands, lying In
me county or Lee and male ol Arkansas
about twelve miles miles from the town ol
Marianna, to wit; The weat half of the
west naif ot aection twenty seven 1271. eon
taining 160 aorea; the northeast quarter of
section tuirty-tnrea tsi), oontamtng 160
aerea: tbe eaat half of the noribwost ouar-
ter of aeclion thirty- three (33), oontaintng 88
sees, ana tne northwest quarter ot section
tniriy-iour t.ni, numbering iwi acres, con
taining in all f.6X) aorea, and known aa tha
"CoUr tract."
Alao, the following other tracts of land,
bing in said county ol Lee and citato of Ar
kansas, on and near the Mississippi river:
ine nortnesst quarter ot section one;
fractional southeast quarter of section one;
fractional eaat ball of aectlon twelve (Iv),
and tbe fractional aouthweat quarter of the
southwest quarter ot section one.
bnu'h halt of aouth half of section 2
West fi actional half of section 12:
The northeast quarter of rectun eleven
The south fractional half rectlon II ;
The west fractional hall of aeotion 13;
The northeast fractional qua ter of aeo
tion 14;
All oi fractional leotion 34:
All of fractional aectlon 26, containing
2245.91 acres, more or less.
Alao, the following tract! or parcel! ef
land, lying la tbe oounty of Crittenden and
state ol Arkansas, to wit
Southwest quarter of section twenty-one
Kast half of southwest quarter of aection
iwentytnree u ;
West half of aection alx (ti):
Weat half of aection seven (7) :
Northwest quarter of section eighteen (11)
Bouthweat Irac ional quarter of section
nineteen (If), all in township 3, north range
7 east.
The sn!d six (fi) last named tract! contain
ing iifiu. i i acres.
Also, the following other lands, lying in
the county of Monroe, and Btuto of Arkan-
aus, and utscribou as loi ows:
The - outh west quart or of section seventeen
(17). containing ltk) acres :
Tha aouthwodt qmirtar of the northweat
ounrter of soction 17. containing 4l!ucreHi
The north half of the northeast quurtor of
section zo. no aores:
The i!ortliea."t quarter of tha northwoat
qutirter ot soction 2r, 40 acres;
Containing in nil 3J0 acres, and known aa
part ot the "Redmond tract," all in town-
suip 2, eoutu ran.e i west
Also, the following other lands, lying in
the count v ofArkfint-as, and State of Arkan
sas. and described ae follows, to. mil:
The north half ol tbe north hnlfund the
norm bait ot the soutn ball of ruction 111,
township 0, south rango 2 wojt, containing
itio ncres
Also, the following tract ot land, lying In
Do lvar county, aubkissii pi, to-wit: It U
the north half (except twenty-two acres;
sescd to LondoU, of aectlon twnty-i
township twenty two, rango eisht, coi.
ins three hundred (HIK) acres, and hein
same land conveyed by J. D. Qu'ir'ey, Irus
i"e, to c. m Appcrson Jt uo., and Known as
the "Ht. John PI -re." Also, tile following
tract ol lann lying in ine county i f fanola,
and Sta'e f Mississippi, and more Dartiou-
larly doscrlbed as follows, to-wit : The north
east quarter of section twentv-ili 2il. th
west balf ot section twentv-avn lil. thi
southeast quurtor of section twonty- five (2o),
part or lie nortneau quartor ol soction
twonly-Bve (25), all of section thlrtysii (3n),
in township 6, range 6 west, and containing
aoout i.v aorea, oso aorea ot which tsclearea.
Alao, the following tracts of lands litunt
ed, lying and boing In tba oounty of Lln
oolnand Htate of Arkanaaa ! South fractional
half of section thirty-four (34), townahlp
seven (7), aouth five (6) weat; east half east
of Bonne lake, aeotion thirtythree (:),
townahin seven (7), range ft ve (5) ; east half
eaat of Boone lake, aection four (I), town
suip 8, range 5; northwest quarter ot section
8, township 8, range S; north fractional half
of northeast quarter of section 8, township
S, rente 6;' southwest quarter sso'ion 3,
township 8, range S, containing in all
aerea. together with all accretions made by
the Arkansas river, known as the "Maple
Orove Plantation, " together with the lol
lowing peraonal property! Twenty-one
head of mules of various sges, sises and do
toriptioos; two head oi cattle: one steam
engine and nziures; one griitml I ; one cot
ton gin nnd cotton press, together with
wagons, tools and farming utensils.
Terms of sale One-fourth cash ol the price,
balance in four equal installments, pay
able in one, two, three and four years, evi
denced by notes executed by tbe purchaser
bearing Interest at the rate of ail per cent.
Ser annum until paid, and secured by trust
erd on the said lands.
The title to above lands is good, but I loll
and convey only as trustee.
Further information can bo obtained of
G. M. Apperson k Co., D. C. Slaughter,
unairman ana irustee, and of N. r. Lemaa
ter, of iorel k Lemaster, real estate agents.
K. it. JORDAN,
Trustee, Maionlo Temple.
ttawaMl tt bav Mtnni twtara M4a. na rAlcl
mr. BiaTu mmtm Of dl of WFtH. stftlJCr't.I r HIA
KII8IUftllHJit-loaTlaalT. I WsUTtUlt nr rmf m
hMM for elif nn, Umm4 9mm for
triiM ind 4, j wi my lt.uimi triMrti rm
ifTWM fclHly "Tairit. ltMatorIB4ilT.C forattlail.
Pennyroyal Fills.
"t'H It'll KNTER'S E.ai.!Sll "
Ttin Orlsrlnwl Masit Ouly Hwaialine,,
Hate and alwaya Reliaole. liewaroof evorlti.
I "Imitations. lndisinsah(eto Ij ssiei,
yonr ISrnaiglal ior "ilblrtwtr's
t.narli - ""and take no other, or loelnae 4e
(atamps) to ua for particulars innarrSR hy
relara mall. t . fAPtK. t'hl.
rsifHafeir I'hfimlpnl I-.,
Hals Miedlawsa Nanare, PIiIIshIh., H-a,
Hold by Drnreists ererywhere. Ask ior
"I'tilebeaseir'a) itnallels" reaDyreal
rllle. Take nnniber. - w-w
W. A GAGE & .
No, SOO Front Strtwt. : MsBseiBbila, Tti
wmmm news
WOS. W and 10 FrciOHJ HTltKKT. ... MKMIMI IN. TKWX.
.i Will
?CpT ,
aw am ruLmimtunMJL. AVT.vjurm.
E23TS, Sash, Blinds, Molding, Lma
"m na Buingiea, jriooring, Uellla and CtMUrTta.
Coti Factololesale Cncer
891 Front r.r'e.Qotiili'inoiii llouwe.
a. e. una.
U&olcsalo Grocers
J. T. FAtluASON & GO,
jrroat Btreat, JEZiunpIila, Tenu.
Mm tMfignea1 1 u will kars asiiareftil atUatlea. W saury at all HsMt a wsJh
Staph Finey Grecsrlet, Wln8slLlquort,Tokicsi& Clssr&
i will weill
ALSTON, -fittURT & CO.
AndCommlaHlon MorchanU Hay, Corn,0att, IlrHit.Chop Fd, OU Meal,
Lime, Cement, l'lastor, lluildlutr aud Fire Brick, Etc.
CorFront and Union, 1
Cigars and Tobacco
875 Wain SI reel. t. Vnnrt
And Commission Herchants,
SGO and 202 Front
J. T, LaPRADl,
J. X. LaPrad. k Co.
No. 301 Front street,
aaruavtng retirea rrom tne oatmer ana uari.ss nusiness ana openeu o umoe u sot.
we are pleased to announce to our friends and the publio senerally that wear, now prepared
to serve therq In our new capacity. Returning thanka for the Tory liberal patronage es
Unded.ua In tha old line, we trust to merit. and receive a share of your favors In i the new.
HI ,lfi - " , .
. A. PAUlft.
& Cotton Factory
f.etw b l.nweea.
Howard's Row, Memphis.
Niinr, IrrciiiitliKTciiii.
St., SlenipliU. Tenn.
Chickasaw fremvork?
88 Second St Memphis, Tcnr
.nglnea, Uollera, NawuilIlM,
Bradford Corn and Wheat Mill
Cotton Pre, Cotton Glnt,
Shafting, Pnlley,
FKCIAL HfOTU K-We are prepared to til ordert
on abort notloe, for the celebrated Matdart Psiimi
Wrenihi-iioi. Pulley. We Carry la stock over
Two Uondred Assorted hisei.
sjsy-Hend for Catalogue and Prloe-llat.
LaU with J. T. LaPrade k Co
: Memphis, Tenn.
... M LirnAUi, mouaaiu a tu.ii
Jlo. 17 Jefforoon Mtrcot,
(Between Main and Front. 1 MKX 'CI,3.
D . IKstabiiahad in lmni.i
K-JODNrioN tsacknowledged by ail
tioa iiileroate.l a' by lar lhc most suo
ce.stul phrsieian in the treatmentof erlvate
orserri.tdmeines. Wuirk, pormaneBt cures)
snarantoed in every ca-, male o,- 'ci.nle.
Keccnt oases of Uonorrhen tni Svihii;
carol in a f'W days without the uf i.,1 wr
cury, cl4na;e of dm! or hindrance fr, ie
business, econ,l:lry Svi bills, the la-t r
Uk eradicated witbu'itthe use of mercury,
lnvolunsary loss of kemin atoiiped la short a
time. KuBerera from iinpoteucy er loss oi
sexual powers restore to tree vigor in a few
weeks. V ii'liius ol fell-abuse and unuiln,
vetiery, suCnnug from spermatorrhea ad
lossof physical nnd mental iHiwer, speedily
and permanently cured, rarticula at tea
tion paid to the Iiiresoa of Women, and
otjrea guaranteed. Hue. and old sores cured
without tbe use of cnustic or the anile. All
consultation strictly couodontial. Medi
cines sent by express to all narta ef tha
If" orkmgmen enred at half the uiu
rates. Oftice hours from H o'c ock a.m. to
o'clock p.m. 1). B. JOHNSON. M.D.
Bartholdi Souvenir
Officially t npy rlsibled.
WE have manufacture) and now offer toe
sale the only and correct aourenir ol
the hj i li K Of l.i hf.k ry, ihowina tha
Brooklyn llrulge, Kedloe'a Islaad, the Bat
tery and the New Vors Harbor In the dla
taace; also, a correct afiHlnlllon portrait
and autograph n the celebrated artist, M
Hnrllx.lill. This bsautiful Neatealr
lllinkmark I. wnrkml on bnln l.ir..
MmIIm. ihowlnir all th iUiai). vh aI....i.
The reverse siJefcarlnran Orlarlnal IWisa
and a Calendar for 17, thua being a usoful
" well aa ornamental souvenir fur the year.
ill also look hinitinm. & Hsaii.r.lla
for the center table. A iMajHfal and
Instill prsnenl fnceonly IrtOtsi', Two-
for 2f. rents. (To agents, Sl.HI per ii iteo),
free by mall. Postage staiupa taken
150 Swhmi St., New York.
Partnership Notice.
T11E untlprituiioi havt ihia dny iontiod
lnlttrttltrjllill limlur thsa firm nania taf
JOSKIMl )1 I'UI.LKN A CO., lor tlae pur-
Koso ol carrying on a Uenrrnl flrAiact
Inrlsie Inanritncei llnalntnui. Mr. Jos,
11 l'ullen will have immediate control ana
management of the business.
JOH, ll.rULliU.S.
Meueuia.Teva .Nnnrnk..?1)
VITB have this day sold and transferred te-
II f harles I. and Jnsenh II. PuIUn nur
entire Insurance Agency Business, and we
DespeaK lor tuoiu a contiuuauce ol Ihe bust
ness heretofore given to us.
avite jmr get'iMcr for f 1 0-lrrlnsil pa HUomi
llownroiif iiiiIwiiiihi. . " M
MuneUeuulne uuloa ooariug Ihla8iarapa.
f'.tfi, i no tiviion in inm
i. it j.C utf'ti-t anil Aptwr
HHlll I'niitf von iiirirmv
in ti linw to iv't thU hho la
uujr tiiaitiui' liurrlLor. A
iJili'illil BU.
l I. . , J ' . ... L "1 . '
This eh"" atamls hhrhcr In thartlnu,tln nC
BVainis U.ttii ooy otu. i- In fho worl.l. Ttiou
ennUn wbu tuuii win tell nun tuu tuwe U joa
Mk tbaiu. j
EVKRY housekeeiier knowl aomeior
about the trouble! caused kyan-i ' njr
lieplucea, which areamuiiii the greatert i . -sancos
to be met with. One of the lmportaut
things to be attended to in all houaes (a to soo
the! tb grates are set properly, and that th
fire pin ccs are correctly built. Mr. H
I.t.noN, 41 WaysHo Nlrawt, U aa eipe .'
atthla bualneaa. and has uateaied aouie a
rangetnenta that enable him to correct amor y
chlmncya and to gel the greatest heat tro i
the fuel. All who want n replaces or chh
neys remedied should apply to Mr. LKMU
whose work will give satisfaction.
No. 119, R.D. In the Probata Court off
Uonnty, lonnessee J. A. Andersen, 11
ministrator, etc., vs. n. 11. gainer, go
diun. oto . et al.
BY virtue of a decree for resale la I
cause, 1 will sell at publio auction,
high, at biddrr. In front of the Com
houre door, on Main itreet, Memphis, Ten
nessee, on
Nutiartlar, Ieiisiber lw, 1DM,
within legal hourr, the following desoril i- r.
real estate, to-wit:
Lying and being In the city of Mempb .
county of bholby, and Htate of Tennoeec .
to-wit: Known aa No. 14 1, being the wr '
half thereof, fronting '& feet on Mark -
Itn-ot and running tuck 74 feet 3 Inehei.
lerins or baloOuo-tbtrd eaabi balao
lavnlile in eiiual InilallincnU ia sig a
wclve months i nnrnhaser to eiecute uoti .
with good and sufficient leouritini lor (In
form! iiaynionts, and a lioa roUlaed until
the w1 olcol tho piirctiusc monnyla pld.
Ibis November 27, Isw.
P. J. OI'IULEY. dark.
My Thos. ft . Orenshaw, I) i:.
Taylor A ?,irroll. solicitor.
rroclaniatioii by I lie (jorernor.
The State nf Tennesrno-Win. R. Unto, (lov-
ernor lo all who sliall lee thoe Presents.
KKKAS, It has boon made known te
me that aoinn unknown uarly or ear
ties cargod with having, committed a loul
nd atrocious tntirilor on the uoily o! Joan
Uniliiun, on tli IKItli ilav ol Ontober, H. In
our county oi Hholliy, Uu 1 iroiu Justice and
now running at Urge:
Wow, tliiirofnro, I, Win. . Uiw, uivernor
i aforesaid, by virtue of the power and au
thority In me vested, do hereby otlcr a re
ward of two huinlrel anil fit I V dollars, to
any person or persons who may apprehend
the said unknown parly or parties, and de
liver him or tlinip to tho HinriS or J uler of
our county of Hhelby. in oritur that justice
In that bohalf may he hud and executed.
rh:a reward is inailn noyaUe. onn ualf on
delivery to the BhoriO and one half on con
viction. In testimony where f, I hnve hcroun'o act
my hand, and caused the Ureal oeal ol the
Hlute to be allixsd at Niuhville, oil 'ho 18th
da, of November, U
By the Governor:
Joag ALLtsow, aecretary ol Plate.
he found In tbe "MCIKS4
SI' H t:l.l II." lor the
ipecily care ol Nervous Debility, Lost l!nor
gy, Despondency, etc. A copy ot this hook
will be sent iron, sea'ed Arldr. 1 Kj t'K
III' ll:AIcal.iau Wal Hlxtn lr'l,
ll.irlniinil. Oil lit.
fr'- A victiut
youthful impru
dence, causing Premature Peciy. Nervoui
Debility, Lost Manhood, ate. having tried
In vain every known remedy, hia discovered
a simple sall.cure, which he willaead SHIS Hi
of his lellow ludeiers. A'Mresa
Post OfBce Hoi Snt, New York 'ity.
Iikaliiim ,is.saa. a. x,.
Mm- Wsct", Nasvs iao Bbh TKiTa!rr,
a guaranteed apeoiuo tor HysUri. llaal-
t V . . - V; v..,..
ddhi, uiinittinn1.-., kiwi iiwi".,
gia, lleadaohe. W ervo-a Prwatration, caused
by tne use oi aiconoi or looaocoi .,.
fulness. Mental Depression, Belceoing ol tha
Mrain, resulting In insanity and lea Ing to
misery, decay and death i Premature id
Aae. lUrrenness. Loss ol Power ia either
ant Involuntary Losses and bpormator
rhea, cauM 1 by over-ejertioa of the brain,
self-abuse orovoriniiulgence. Kach noieoa-
taina one mon , 1 ireaimeui. ei a ooa, o
six bosei for f , scot b mail prepaid, ea
reoelpt of urioe. We guarsntea bta Uoxe
to oura any oaa. With each order reoeived
by ns for six boxes, eccuuipeaieu won e.
we will send th pnrchaser our writun
gaarartre o refund the monof If the; reat
inent doe' no, al'cft a core, ftusiratiiewf
issued onlrJ" A. KKNK.BKT 00.. Drug-
gtStS. MetllPtllS. I"ll.
yf at your own hot
Its oauses. and a new
and auoeessful g'l'Usl
home, by one who was deal
twentv-eiiht years. Treated "kniioat flj
sA-mioai ox
lit. uraarJ,
the coted apeoialista without beni Uf. uraeo
iuhrlv in three months, and ainewftuen.
bundreda of otuera. Jfull particu'areMent .
ITTiaTTIIfWMaiaail JV'WiWt1

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