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Battoi Steiey-Middllug, 8 3-8e-Saleg
Yewterday, 2300
Money is in pretty active demand
at 8 per cent. Fences are somewhat
tightened, ow!ng to the inability of
transportation lices to move cotton in
Bufficient quantities to cause a ma
terial reduction of the stock cn hand,
which at present is Tory large. Local
MrnritiM are fte3dv. The cotton
market wis quiit; middling 8e.
tales. 2300 bi!e3. At New York,
tDots steady: middling, 9 316a. Fa
taies stead? and 1 to 2 points higfcer.
A fading New York cotton circular
savs of the npeculetive maraet
Local trading constituted most of the
basinets and brought little or nothing
new to the so face. Altr on opomng
decline of a couule of points prices
racoveied, and ths near mcntLs went
a fraction above l8t evening, and
dosed with January showing consid
rabla corapara'lvo strength.
At New Orleans spots were steady ;
middling, 8 ll-lttc. Futures sleady
and 1 to 2 points lower; December,
At Liverpool epot3 wore quiet, f ir
inquiry; middling, Eli. Futuiea
steady; Derember-Jauuaty, 5 l-64d
The general market presents a
quiet feeling.
One hundred end 6'ty brls apple",
151 pkgs bmtttr, 118 rls bs?ging. 164
pkgs bacon, 12 pkgs boots and shoes,
2466 bu corn, 182 pkgs cheese, 61 eks
eoffee, 12 care cotton seed, 4i22 eks
eotton seed, 45 pkgi d-v goods, 65 pkg
eggs, 520 brls flour, 247 bales hay, 12
nkira hats. 80 hd hots. 300 hd steep, 1
hd cattle, 8 i hd horses aod mules, 100
pkgs lard, 48,000 ft lumber, 6 pkgs
liquors, 291 br s mea', 160 brls onions,
1 car pork sideB, 172 brls sugtr, 137
pkgs tobacco and 1800 bu wheat.
The following showB the amount of
grain receivd, withdrawn and in
store by regular e'evntors, as reported
to the Meichanta' Exchange yester
day: Wheat in store, 1045 bu. Corn
withdrawn, 339 buj in ttoie, 3583
bn. Oata rectived, 3767 bu; with
drawn, 3524 bu; in store, 233,556 bn.
Central P-u-ifio eympitbiwd with
Union Picifi; and w:s cot b y s'loog
toward 'he close on an imrea.d bns
cess. Oreton Impiovement was
Bt.ong, closing wi'h a let gain of 4j
percent, lhe mm Bet was aeciuuy
tt'r;rg t t ie opfni:,g tVe ger.erdl jut
showing advatic-s o ) ). ki"H
Val:ee8 np J, llnoa firilicij,
w "FngUnd 1) and Wt Point 3).
The npetiiug, fl.u e, how.vi-r, wwe
in t mKinia'UiU. '.Ve-t JFuii-t leeoiuea
a drop of in the rl s: twenty min-
utf. A t the le.d-rs wrre prommeii,
in tie rownward rciovemoct, but the
market ralliaa toward the end of the
hour. Tne er!y losses, however,
we. e not made np ut.tl well into the
afternoon, the market in the mean
time havirg been comparatively quiet.
In the last two hou-e on an active
husineii prices continued to advance
under the leadership of Union Pacific,
and the c'oee w.as etiong, at or ataat
the bast orires rea bed. sales, 6s,-
122shr. Reading furnished 160,170;
Union Pacific. 115.265: St Paul. 32,300;
Texas Pac.flo, 27,6 0, and Eiie, 28,000.
Evervthira on tiie active Hal is nigner.
Union Pacific btng up 31, Chat a-
iio. ira 2. Wett Point j, No them Pa
cific preferied 1J, Pacific Mail 1 and
Canada Southern, New Eogland, and
Oil ado Coal each 1 Der eat. Kan
road bonds were more quiet than for
manv uav : eaUs. Sl.877.UOO. lue act
iva isams aeie tue Detroit. Mai kinaw
and Ma quette laud grants, with fa'es
of J223 000: Tex Pacific income
trust receipts, $170 000, and Erie sec
ond conos, $134,100. Puces were
steady to firm in tha early part of the
Aav tin t Tinkled materially in the
afternoon, final changes being absut
0'ialv divided between gains auu
1 'l-Bl-B.
Tne total salos of s-oiks today were
SR7. 1 -11 Hharvs. including Can via &;nt
ern, 7385 j Central Pciuc, 10,952; Dla
waie, Lackawanna ana uts;ern, a,'
140: Erie. S0.800; K.nss and Tt-xaj,
11,450; Lake Shor-, 17,203; Louisville
and Nashville, tjHito; . lvormwi9rn
rofO: New Jersey Cen'ral. 12,500
Ohio ond Mieaiefitppi. 41CO: Beediitg,
160,170; St. Paul ami Ouaha, 3i,130;
Tens aod Pacific, 27,550; Union Fa
cfi', 115,255; WeBtero Union, 18,740;
Nurihein Peciflis preferrel, 7321 ; Ore
gon and Tramcoruineutal, 4300; Kich
m ind and West Point, 9150; Hocking
Valley, 12,700. Closing quotations:
U.S. 3a, 100H. 4ii, eoup, 110)4.
4ia, ooup, i!s. Poifio6of 1S5,12
T . .t.n,.. J. 'l Minmnrl Si. If3.
Cent. Fao. lnta.115. Den. a U.U. 1U,11.
D 4K.U.W lain, 80. Kri Mi. 1U0X.
M K 4T.Otn.6,101 North. Po.UU,117!.
North.Pao.2d,l(tt!. N. Westorn con. 1JV
Thus far this week......
Thus f ir la t week
Since Si ptember ldt.. .
M. h O. K. K
M..A T. R.R.
L. & N. R. K
C, 0.ISW.R R
L., H. U i. ti.ti.
Htamera ntrih
.. 28 470
,.. 19,903
... 6 3
.... 1,097
.... 1,319
... 8 0
.... 2.6.7
Total 7,606
New York ppota owned du'l, and
closed steady ; middling, 9 3-16:. Sales,
314 bales. QaoUUors were as fol
1 esterday. Tuesday.
Ordinary 6 1 1 16 6
Oood ordinary.... 7 13-1B I w w
Low middling ... 8 11-16 8 11-16
Middling.-. U 3-16 w a 10
Good middliug 9 7-16 9 7 16
Middling lair 10 1-16 10 i-'o
Fair -10 11-16 10 11-16
New York futures opened dull
and closed steady and 1 to 2 points
higher than yeiterday. Sales, 83,800
bales. Tne closing quotations were
as follows:
Decftmber- 910;.i 9.11
January-... 9 1M) 9 17
February..- .o -o v.'M
fi n
JPll ;
seed v
mbr, 17J aiked; May, 21c. Rye
at 6c. Barley du 1 .and un-
d. Uay q i;et r ut firm ; paine,
"tioiothy, $116013 75. Flax-
-nil a if uiji h.,u'd. B an
any. ' .. i v.. i.. u.
iimn hr.V- ra ...14 000 bu;.oats,
m Kk- 10 U; fcarlry,
6tX h v,r - -
' a vv'ilt ..Wvv , u va
10.000 T).
Vii-'' ui! l '' iOi.'
10U) bo-T ri .7'.
Hons; :. badey,
9.C9 9.10
914 9 16
9 24'1 9.25
9 34 a 9.35
9.44 9 45
9.54.i) 9 65
9 64($ 9 65
9 72rt) 9 73
9.80 9.81
March- 9 35(a) 9.36
April 9.44( 9.45
May 9.5M 9.65
June 9G4(g 9 W
July 9 72-et 9 73
August 9 80$ 9.81
The New-Orleans soot market opened
quiet, and closed stealy; middling,
a 11- 63. Ha'es, 3000 bales. Quotations
w.cre as fllowa:
Yesterday. Tuesday.
Ordinary 6J 6
Good Ordinary 7J ' 7
Low Middling 8 7-16 8 7-10
Middlina 8 11-16 8 11-16
Good Middling 9 9
The New Orleans future market
opened eteady, and closed steady and
1 to 2 points lower. Sales, 31,400 bales.
Quotations were as follows
N.Went deb.5.llK. Bt.L.B.K Gen.M.,lUS
ht Pjinl son. 1.12.
T.P. land grnt,60.
U. P. 18U.U6X.
lenn. 3a,at'mt,7M
Weat Khora,lUQi.
'lenn.fw.eet Bit, 100.
December ,
January ..,
February ..
April .-
8 74 8.75
8 85 8 80
. 8.07
, 9.0fi 9.'9
, 9.19;o 9.20
, 9 3.1 9 31
9.40 9.41
August 9.44 9.45
8.74(a) 8 75
8.85 8.86
8.97 8 98
9 OS 9.09
9.2tK') 9.ZI
9.31 9 32
9 42 9.43
9.46 9.47
' B . Vl-rm orva anil
speeulavi tj Hr i" whet, ' r
in volum'i awain ." to day, wiU 1 u,f
ons out-ida.buylrig aad tel ing ;
The feeling; s ;rofg during iv "
the se86lound ((KB-.d for the J
nearly top lignfes and ljo per "a
higher than yesterday. The cpeuk. 8
wangle higher and rallied unilei'
good baying wurr some nactuanons.
Jlc, receOed1 ii, 0Je fo and cloed
at the outdid.. Tte -early . strergth
was attributed, tl- faro able cable ad
vices, decrease 6f 1,300,000 bu ia the
quantity on ocean pkS-age aod a re
ported decnaiVin stinks in Liverpool
of over SlOW-ba ir'Qrivg' November.
The receipts 4on.ur.ue lair and eirKria
moderate. .Ttrt.com rhjtrket inUd
meg, wi'h mor lne in tt e apteula-
live trading. ; l.be rumk'-t openfd
teadv. adnl5lt1'Jl'(i te'eed d -lightly.
rallied agalafti'd,t;iititd Je holier than
yes orday.- The1, ipt-cu' ive rradn g
iu oats waa- rate mine nay,
when the mar&et' ruled ttronr- r. My
Dtion advancing c and closing
higher tban.jwt Tdy. ('aeh quota
tions wt-r ai 'ollow: N j. 2 pp'ii g
wheat, 7Gj !; Nx 3 spring wh a4,6!l
70 J; No 2 rM , 'Wln!or wheat, 77 ic
No. 2 com, 37!$ tfo. 2 oat, i7c. No. 2
rve, -5lc. ,ii6;- '2 b.r'ey, 63c
No. 1 fl-si'eov ir iivic. nay
Prime timothy, $174 t 7 Fl-ur was
firm and untUange'i. :- lue leading
futures ranged as f. llrt'ri: Whet
D.cember openeil at h-glust ibgc,
lowest 7ojo, clcsl" iftr. January
opened at 16, ' h giubt 7fjc, lowest
76Jc, closnir 77jp; JMjrnary opened
at 77 J3, UmUess 7oje, lowo!t 7
war Dally Quotations of Cottoa
OH . Trwaits and Mew York En
cbange Ntoeha are open to those
Interested, at my oflice.
24 Madison St., .Memphis, Tenn.
Money In pretty active demand at 8
per cent The Cleating House report
is as follows:
Wednesday, December 1,1886, $335-,
346 95; thus lar tins waea, t,ou,
940 41; Bime time last week, $1,315,
112 45: corr spndiog time in J885,
$1,104,769 61; corresponding time in
1884, $1,044,536 02.
Wednesday, December 1, 1886, $72,
286 32 ; thus lar this we. k, $279 700 06 ;
Bams time last wotk, S230.3S5 59; cor
responding time in 1835, $.'54,082 34;
OorroepondiDg time iu 1884, J181,
010 89.
New York eight on all points, J
discount buyiwr, par selling; New Eng.
land demand, discount buying; New
England eight, i discount; New Or
leans, J dUoouut buying, par Belling.
Bank of Commerce-146 bid, 149 asked
First National 160 bid, 165 asked
German Bank 195 bid, 200 asked
State National 145 bid, 150 asked
Union and PlactereU)0 bid, 153 a ked
Mercantile Bank 135bid,137Jaaked
Adami Ezpreaf , 130.
Allegheny Cen t I ,
Alton At. Hi. 87W.
AmerioaD Kx., 107.
H (!. R. A N.m).
Canada Paa., b84.
Canada Boa.,t.
Central Paoiflo,60i.
Cheiapeake AO.,9.
C. A 0. lat pfd, 1.
C. A O. 2d ptd.ll.
Cbieaco A A., 142.
O..B. AU .VSi.
C, bt L.A N.O.,
C . Bt.L AP..17. ,
08t.LAP.pfd. 39.
C. 8. A C.. 45.
C. A C, ft.
C. A II. Valley, 2
Del. A Hudj 104H.
Del.,L. A W., 14154.
Den. A Kio (i , 34 !i.
Erie, 37H.
Krie ptd, Tiii.
MorrliAH., ofTd.141.
Nashville A C ,7..
Nor. A W.itd.52.
Northern Pae.,2.
Northern Pao rid, 647-4
N.Y.O.A bt L.pld.284
Ohio Central, .
O.AMiaa.pfd, 1.
Oatario A West,,
Oregon Nav.,106H.
Oregon Trana.. 36.
Oregon Imp., 484. .
VaoiBo Mail, 66.
Panama. 98.
Peoria DAB., SS1,.
Pittabarg, 148.
Pullman P.O., 14214.
Reading, W.
Honk laland. 127.
Boeton .,
St. Loulh!
hoc. iPricee
1,497 8:
632 8
8 916
8 916
293 711
1.2U0 8 9-16-
Receipts at ports, this day, 1886.35,498
Receipts at ports, this day, 1885.29,709
R'ts XJ. 8
p'rts 5 d'ys
Kx. Gr. Ui
R'ts Sept. 1
tor gn tLT
1886. 1885. lt)84.
188,795 165,201 175,954
66,672 44 953 91,61)9
75l),9"6 89,218 871,999
2,617,049 2,683.824 2,675,921
1,430,380 1,437,27311,561.385
New Eaat Tenn.. 1S54.BI.L. AS.K ptd, BJ4.
ci.Li.a a.i.ixpi
O. M. A St. V.. U4.
M.A8t.Pp, 11
8t. P., M A M.,118.
St Paul A Omaha. WW.
Kt Fanl AO. pld, UJ4
Blufi City,
Memphis City
107 bid. ... asked
...-25 bid, 30 asked
35 bid. ... asked
Factors.... 31i bid
f helby Co. warraots...97 bid, 98 asked
M. & O. K. R. sbares...60 aid, ... asked
M.AT.E.B. shsres.,.45 bid, 50 asked
M. A O, consols, 7B.119 bid, ... asked
M.4L.R. 1st m. 88..105 bid, ;.. BBked
Miss.4T.R.R.C8.A...lllbid, 113 asked
MiB8.dc T. R.R.cs.B-101 J bid, 103 asked
Tenn. wts. ier. D 95 bid, 98 asked
Tenn. wrs. ser. E to J..84 b'd, 88 asked
Shelby Co. 6s- 108 bid, 110 aeked
Tax. Diet. 4, 6s 99 bid, 99 asked
Tax. Dist 6s 1041 bid,106J asaeU
Mem. G s bonds -104 bid, ... afked
Mem. Water bonds...l00 bid, ... asked
Hanauer Oil Works bid, 66 asked
Am.Cot.Oiltrust...68 bid, 70 asked
Fort Wayne, 144.
Hannibal A St. Jo.
U AHt.Jo ,pfd. -.
Harlem, 220.
IIn.t,,n A T . 37.
Illinois Contral,131S. Tenn.CoalA Iron, 107.
Ind.,B. A W.,19. Teiaa Paoifin, 2T4.
Kanaaa A T.. 37. Union Puoifio, 67.
Lake fi. A W , 15f. i-' U.K. Bxpteu, (. -r.i..Khn
oa W.. S. 1. A P.. 21.
Lou. A Naah.. CJ. W..S.L. A P. p., 38.
Lou. AN. A., 64. W.A F. Kx.. 1H.
M. A 11. lat pfd, . W. U. Tel., 78.
M. A C. aeoouda. . Colorado Coal, 40.
Mem. A Char , 57. Home Stake, 17.
Mich. Cen., tfbli. Iron Silver, 225.
Min. A bt. h Ontario, 24H.
Min. Afcit. L. pld, 48. QuiokaiWer. 6.
Mieaouri Paoifio,116X. Uuiokailyer pfd, 24.
Mobile A Ohio, 19 bouth P&cino, .
M. L. t. A W., 621-4. 8utro, 24.
London. December 1. Console,
lOOj for money and 100 13-16 for the
account, ex interrst tor January,
United States bonds 4s, 13' ; 4 J,
1131. Atlantic and Great Westarn,
B4: Atlamic and Great Wtstern sec
ondp, 15 The amount of bullion
withdiawn from the Bnk of England
on balance today is 1282,000.
Paris, Dmbei 1. Three per cent,
rentes, 83f 07Jc for the account,
Chicago, III , December 1. Bank
dealings today, $9,117,000.
Vt?ur rim T7 1 uu T . A nAOomKer 1
il UlUi HU 'vu I a.att vrnunAdat
.80 bid. 83 asked Bank dealings to jay, $1,975,307.
..98bid,100ssked St. Lows, Mo., December 1. Bank
clearings today, $2,4,0J6 ; balances,
.100 bid, ... asked
...100 bid, ... 886611
....-75 bid, 80 asked
.. 102J bid. 105 atked
Increase in receipts this year 33 225
At noon: Liverpool spots were luiet,
fair Mnauiry. Sales, 10,000 bales,
of which American 7700 bales. Ro-
cipto, 22,000 bales, of which American
Closing quotations wero as loiiows
Ordinary. 41d: nood ordine.ry, 4Sd
low1 middling, 6d; good middling, t o-
16d: middling uplands, Old; mm
dlinc Orleans. 6 6-16d.
The trtcet are mven :n vrnoeana vwi
thus: 4 63 meant 4 63-i4d; and 5 01
meant 6 1-64A1
At noon: Liverpool futures were
quiet. December, 6 02d ; December-
Januarv. 5J: Januarv-FobruBry,
5d; iVbruary-Man-b, ; Marcn
Aoril. 6 ( 2d : April-May. 6 04d ; May
June. 5 06d; June-July, 6 OOdjJuly
August, 5 Hd.
At 2 p.m.: Liverpool futures were
dull ; December-January, 5 02d, sel -ers;
January-February, 6d, sailers;
Fdbruary-March, 6d, buyers; March-
i.pnl, 51)2d, fellers; April-May, 6 U4d,
sellers; May-June, 6 COd, buyers;
June-July, 6 09d, selleis; Jul;
Augns', 6 lid, sellers.
At 6 p m.: Liverpool lutures were
steady: December, 6 03d, sellers;
December-January, 6 Old, sellers .Jan
uary-February, 6d, buyers; Febiuary-
Marco, o uia vaiue; jnarcn-Aprii,
5 03d, sellers; April-May, 6 05d, sell
ers; Msy June, 6 07d, sellers; June
July, 6 091, buyers; July-Auguat,
5 12d, seller
KJc:. Jliiy' ooooid at b3i
hiuhe-t 84 Jc, 1 owB(.834i;, (losing 8lc
Cirn D.H'emb' r ' opened at 37J,
hlortust 37t lower.t wm.cToslng 3i Ic;
January opt-ned -at 37 Jo, highest 383,
lowest 3i4( closing jso ;.'enruary
onened at 371c, h'ght, 88jc, lowest
37Jo, cloTiig SHfij; M:y opened at
42 Jc, highest 48jc,'-lowrst 421", clos
ing at 4JJC uaia L'eteinner openea
at 26,c, highest' 27c, low st 26c,
clbsin 27c; Jaurv opened at 27i-,
highest 27Jc, 16we.t 27c, cloth g 27,c;
May ouenou af alfiTiigiesi 31 in. low
est 31c, cli s'ng 31 o. Keceip'B Flour,
27,000 brls; wheat, 138 000 bu; corn,
197.000 bu : at-. 96,000 bn : . rye, 3000
bu: barl, y. HJuOOmi. Shipments
Four. 17.000 bria: WDear, iN.uou on;
corn, lio.tiw bu:., oat ,. -o.uw du;
rye, none; barley. i,vv on
New Yobk. December 1. Bank
clearings today, $161,088,879 ; balances,
Boston, Mass., December 1. Bank
clearings today, $15,827,734; balances,
Baltimore, Md., December 1.
Bank clearinss today, $2,600,772 ; bal
ances, $317,267.
Philadelphia, Pa.,- December 1.
Back ciearinirs today, $12,047,508 ; bal
ance, $1,804,864.
The local cotton market opened
nnlnt. unA nlnsml miint; mlildlinir.
ii0.i.f!ninMill...251)id. 30 asked 88c. Sales, 2300 bales, including 600
Good Ordinary
Good Middling,
Middling Fair 9
Fair -
Stains and tinges,
Mm.Rtnr.f!om.Oo125bid. K0 asked
Mem. Gas stock 75 bid, 80 asked
Nbw York, Dcember 1. Money
on call active at 610 per cert., clos
ing at 6 per cent, asked. Prime
4ra5. Sterling Ex
change dull and weak at $4 8C for 60 Low Middling.
ioif h i a una n six lor uemnuu. i uuuui...
Bonds Government bonds were
dull and steady. State bonds were
drill and flina.
Stocks blocks showed a marked
decrease in business, and though the
morning hoars were the continuance
of yesterday' movement the after
noon caw a general recovery and the
. close was s'rong, generally at the best
prices of the day. The trading was
marked by much ii regularity and
some feverishnees, thougtt the market
again showed a strong undertone.
London was a heavy buyer, especially
In Union Pacific, which led the mar
ket. Raading recorded a larger num
ber of share aold, but the latter is a
half stock. Union Pacific was in
fluenced greatly by the report of the
government directors. Ths business
la Reading was only about half that of
yesterday and its fluctuations, though
ometlm i violent, we-e confined
withim a range of only 2 per cent.
There was jre bu ineas in St. Paul
and it waa remarkably ttta ly when
the rema ndertf the list was weak,
but it a to Li id to respond to any
great extent to the betUr feelinic
prevalirg in the afternoon
Tha era! st cks, grangers and
Yni!cri iita aeie compsrutiv Jy
iniet. ex't Dt Lika hr,re. which WW
Uecidvly .iOie ia the afttrnoon. I Total......
latt evening; 1500 to exporters and
800 to pinners.
Mbmpbib Deeember 1, 1886.
Stock Sept. 1, 1886-... 4,009
Received today 6,652
Received previouBly.352,660
Shipped today 7,696
Shipped previously 206,356
date 357 213,409
Mock running account 149,802
Thus far this week SO 684
Tbua far last week 30,947
8inje Htplember 1st ...359,2u2
M. and O. B. R 1,452
M. & T. R. R . 100
L. and N. R. R 3)3
M A L. R. R. R - 1,86
C. O.A8. W.R.R 183
L.N.O. AT. B. R- 203
K. 0,8. AM. R. R 137
M.8AB. R. R - - 203
frame's 1,025
Waitons and other sources - 8( 0
M 4M (! !
CoBNMBAL-Standard. $2 202 25;
pearl, $3 253 36; roller, $2 45.
Hat Uhoice. irom store. ;oc: car
load from levee or depot, $14 ; prime,
from store, 70c. car load from levee
or depot, $12 5013; prairie, from
store, 45c.; car load from levee or
depot, $8 60.
Oobn r rom siore,wnite,oic ;mixeu,
49c, from levee or depot; white, in
bulk, 44c; in eacxs, c; mixeu, in
bulk, 42c ; in sacks, 44 ic.
Oats From store,wntte,3c; mixea,
37c; from levee or depot, white, in
bulk, 32 Jc; in Backs, 35c; mixed, in
k, sic; in sacas, zao.
Bban t rom store, uc; irom levee
or depot, $14 60.
x loub r rom store, no. , ao;
family. $3 603 75: choice. $3 764;
fancy, $4(34 25; extra fancy, $4 25
4 60; natent. 56Yd8 00.
Bbans Navy, $2; medium, $1 60
1 75; common, $2 26; German millet,
XI 20rl 40.
Rice Louisiana, 4(4410 ; uarouna,
" v ia i Art n f nr
Uatmbal in nau-Darreis, 20
frnm store.
Obacxbbs Soda, extra, 44c; soda,
treble extra, be ; extra,7c; ginger snaps,
extra. 6316c: assorted iumblee, 9llc.
Cbackbo WHtAr in nau-Darreis,
4 26 from store. -
iii hinv alio -ja:xB rrom store,
$3(43 6.
Kansas Citt. Mo.. December 1.
Wheat firmer; No. 2 red, cash, 64 ic
r,i it: Jannarv. 66i0 bid: May. 74tC.
' . ' ' - - : 1 , ,
(lorn steady : no. i. casn. auc diu;
January. 328b bid ; May, 36 o. Oata
nominal; 26c bid casn.
6t. . Louis, Mo., December 1.
Flur quiet and steady at the recent
Wheat active and higher;
the markt opmed strong and ad
vanced (a Ic. later eaed off iJ(!,
but closed 6rm at J highr tn
ve terdv: No 2 ret, csh, 775J78c;
December. 771(7h1o, rlo-ina at 78c
iink-d. January, 791(a79Jc, cl'-sg a'
701j b d: Mav. 86 . 8111c. closing at
801'. Corn quiet, bui. firm srd
hwher; N'i. 2 mix d, caih, S'DV'
Decemb r, fijc; Janu-'T',;3nJfa;3tl'
cloiirg e 3i i; May, w - 404 !, c!oi
iro at 3!il a 40i a'-ked. Oits v rv dn'l
6,652 I but bte.dy; No. 2, m;x?d, ciah, 25J ;
Bottbb Butterliie.' 13j(n14c;
creamery, 30(a35!; ' dairy, 1822c;
country butter. 15(325B.
Hog Pboddcts Mens pork, $10 60;
sugar enred hams, 10J(10Jc ; breakfast
bacon, 8J9jc; clear rib sides bacon,
7Je: bacon ahonlders, ;" bulk
pork clear eideo. tic; clear rib sides,
6c:shoulders. BlCftblc: long clear, 5Zo.
Labd Tiercw, 6i6jc; half-barrels
and kegs, 6Clc' choke kettle, 7J
Fbesh Mbats-Bbot, f.ir. quarters,
4(3i5c; mutton, 46r; hind quarters
of beef. 4r6c : horns. 6(iH7c.
- Pocltby Chickens' dull ; prlng,
$102; old hens, $2. Tnrkeys, $S12.
Geese,$3(S!4 Ducks, $2 50(o.3; dressed
cbUktns, $2f3i2 60 per d nj dressed
tiirkevs. 10(aU2o per -ponrd.
GAMB-Qu'l,perd i.,$160. Pquir-
rels, $1 25. Kbbf , fl-W per ooaen.
Ducks, wild, $1 5QCa)2 10, Venison,
whole.5ffi.6c : saddles. SfalWc.
Chkkpb Prime flats, H9a; New
Yoik factory, 7J(s8c;fnll creiiin, 12Jc;
Young America. 13o.
Pigs Fkbt. Ban els, $8 25; half bar
barrele, $4 25;kgi, $1 25,
St. Louis. Mo., December 1. Pro'
vi ions f drlv active. flMiier and man
eraily higher. Pork, airong at $10 60,
Tjtnl flrmer at, 19. Bulk meats
hiiiher; 1 oe and bexod lots long
clear.JS 4(1(5 45 ; ehort ribs $5 60(5 65 ;
ahnr, r.h ar. J5 6'ifnW 70. Bacon eieady ;
long clear, $0 50; ehcrt nb, $6 7.
$8 87J; shcrt dear, $7. Hams
ste.dy at 9J11J. .- Butler fairly
active and eteady ; treame ry, 2427c;
dairy, 16(a23o. ilggs firm at lc.
Chicago, III., December 1. Provis
ions 1 u ed ictive, mees pork attracting
mnt attflntion. mcee lor pora erau-
nallv advanced 351 374c and closed at
. , , i 1
nearly top prices tor me more uoierreu
deliveries. It was biuted that a
flmiPfi-H" was impending in secern
ber, and the price was bid np from
$9 9510 70 w thout a transaction, but
in the BMernoon a few trades wers
made at $ 0 50. Lard advanced 6(4
7n tut 100 lbf.. and short ribs ad-
vanm4 ioriiil24o i er 100 lbs. Cash
gaea, $1 bOil 76; pears, $2f
2 25; plnm, $1 601 '0; aeparpguR,
$2 60(:o4 ; preen corn, 1(2)1 36 ; green
pea, $1 65(ail 66: cove oysters, lull
weight, 1-lb, 85a.l5o; cove oysters,
full weight, 2-lb, $i 60(ail 80; cove
oysters, light woigt.t, 1-lb, 60o ; cove
oyttera, light weight, 2-lb, $1; con-rien-'ed
milk Cniwn, $5 60(iifi 75;
E"n'e, i7 607 75; Daisy, $1 75.
Volabibs Lonuai.a, common to
fair, 18(2)2.ic; prime to choice, new, 40
ft 45c; STrup, 2040c; common to
fair, 20025c; prime to choice, 2S(a30o;
ceiiirifuKal, fa-icy, 3036i.
Naw York, Decmber 1. Coffee
fair Rio stiong at 13 Jc; ortions higher
and fairly active; eale 77,000 bags;
Dcenibor, 11 C5(uU 70c; Jannary,
11.70U.85c; Febrna y, HjllOOc;
Mrch, ll i ll 00c April, lliK&lt ';
May, U((iU1.90c; June, 11.8i'()ll 5c;
July, 11 80c. 8ngar qui t; refined nn
Fettled; rnt louf an I crushed, 0JKi)
Hc; powdered, I(iJ; graoulateil.
6j ; cubew, 6J5 13 16c. Molasies dull
ft-ud nominal. Rice steady.
,Niw Orlbaks, La., December 1.
Coh'teW0 common to prime, ll(ii
14.. Rice ordinary to prime, 21(4
4j b'aKftr quiet but steady; cen
kettle a'boic. 4Jo; strictly prime,
4 1-16V; cV"if"ir!i's plantation grau
ulRt4d. 6 9 li"5 11-16; choice wbite,
54(,i5 : 10c; Ck'oioe yi-llow claiifiod, 4
13 1604 J; leeo.nda, 3(i;4Si!. Molsses
steai.y, y.itb a food demand; open
kettiu choice, V; at'ictly pr me, 36
(i 38;i; centiifualsStriotly prinse, 24
Q'.'rtc; fair to good prime, 15(u)20t ;
ej nip, 25(300.
liui tiiiuLU M rruri.
ArrLK A opiea, $2 25(313 25; dried
applet, '. iciio per pound from store.
Driod p' he-, 2J3)i from store.
VK-r AHLKS-0nioii6,$2 402 76 (rom
8o- . Cabbage, $2 60; per head, 7lrt)9c;
$1 75 Irom lvee or depot per crate.
Kr,uit,brlH,175; haf' brls,$2 75.
Urtriic, 40fi)60o per 100. Tnrnips, 60c
per bushel.
FRcrr Oranges, per box, $3 5!.ii!4;
Tmi us, $4(a)4 60 per box. Bananas,
$1 602 60 per bunch.
N'dts CocoanutaJflper 100. Tea-
ml a Virginia. 6a7o; TetuieBsee,
Iwi'-eraetock 3(.r4c; roasted.ajn mgii-
ehelleii. 10c. Almonde, ltK-iJ-JUC
WalnutB-Englifh, 18o. Filberts, 11C
12o. Pecans Texas, 8M10C lor email
to mudiuin, 1014o for large; Arkan
taa, 35c.
Rai-ins London layers, jj; lay
ers, $2 75; California, $2; Imperial,
ricKi.KS In Jars, pints, 95c; quarts,
$1 60 ; half-gallons, $2 75 ; gallons,$3 76 ;
loone, barrels, 0 0Uti); nan-narreis,
$3 75-24 25; rnixed. barrels, $10 60;
mixed, batl-barreie, o.
r IBH macairei, iian-inuioio, ni.
$5 2fi5 76; No. 2,$4 75(5)5 ; No. 3,$4 26
(a475; 10-lb ait, no. l.wic; sxo.z, ioe-
15-lb, o. 3, eoc ViJ nemnga, mm
ily, 25c per box.
4i ami name nan, oy)oc.
Kooa Firm. 21c.
Potatoes Northern stock, $1 762.
Cideb New York, $8 50(a7 per bar
rel, and $3 75(i4 per ball-Dorrou
ViNBGAB llKn)loc per gallon.
rargers,$34. Hoirs reoe!pte, 6S,r,00
head; tbipments, r 00 head; market
abi'nt (teady; roimh and mixed,
$3f$fi4; pcaing and fhipulne. 13 hO
(i)4 15; liuht, $J 40(53 05; skips, $'a
3 25. bherp receipts. 60l0 hrad:
hipmenia, 2C00 had; market sl iw;
a'lyis, 25(2)3 9 J; tjmtw, $3 90(S)
Kansas Citv. Vo . Djcomber 1.
The I tit jck 1-uHrnhrr reports: Cattle
ecotpu-, i yo'J tial; thipmente,
1?45; choice c W4 mul l u'ci ers' siulf
firm, mhos sta.dv : voA to choice.
$4(4 4 60; romiua.i to n e I nm, $3 30t!4
Hi); etiukeM. rt 2Si2 7o: fedinir
steois, 12 80fi)3 50; cms, $1 602 75;
grass ranee eu'e-s, i zowa M. iinga
icwiuls 14,812 head; itiipmentg, 4l.U
lie -.d : msixet weak, rpened 6a lower;
good ctoice, $3 8"i(;i-3 95; common
to meclinm, ii 7(i)3 80. Nheep-tye-ctlpts,
220 head; shipments, none;
market steady ; good to chmc, f2 00;.i)
25; common to medium, $1 60vs)2 40.
New York. December 1. The
growing demand of the la t few days
lias improved and more inquiry lor all
styles of coton goods, with preference
for fancy and colored gori for spring,
atd m .derate selections for immediate
Ht. Inl unit Nw Orlonu Anrln
l.lno-ii.N. Miall CAIHU A BT. LOW.
Ity of Providence, aWfpaj.
Oeo. Carrell . . . lniwtor,
Ul leavathe Rlevator TBVKHUAV. Dee,
M, at 6 p.m. lor freight vt imaaAire apiil
l,. iii.i., pim. ,,;t. ah m i iiita, PUP I.
Tor Cairo. Ki-amvllle, lioaimHle anil Ola.
Innuli I he oiotfiDI aloauuir
M. M. Deam niaatnf. X
Will le.TO FKIUAY, D. 3d, at ft p.m.
r frelKht or puiaaita applr . V. U. Klit-
HKLL, U. K. anil T. A., U MaJLvio atreet.
Tolrrhnne W7 ,1mm . I'ttm'r Airrnt.
Ht. t raurla Hla 1 ratiporalB Co.
Theeieaan ateaiuer
Rene Macready, riP
K. JnnMn maatcir.
Leave Memoliia hVKttK I'll KSDAT and
HATUKDAV at 5 p.m.. tor Mnrlanna aud
ar laadlnna a far a tne iac-ua.
The eamain renervea Ibe rlh to paai all
landinia badoema onia!e. Tulephone 5'J.
JAB. Ullt.n..DIVH
Offioe, Nn. Mudlnon atmet.
quotations wero at follows: mess dt. uouw, u., .
poik. $10 60; la-d. $6 10; abort rib ky steady, $1 13.
sides, loose. $5 35(S5 60; dry salted
shou ders. boxed. 4 60(44 75; short
elnar sidei. boxed. $5 60t45 75. The
eadinir futurea ransed as iouowh
Pork December opened at $9 95,
highest 10 70, lowest $8 95, cloeing at
$10 60; January opened at $10 60,
In car load lota: Prime crude cotton
seed oil.new, 27J28c ; off erode cotton
nad oil. old. : prime Bummer yellow
ml ton seed oil. 33(il34c: on summer
yellow cotton seed oil,; min
ers' summer yellow cotton seed on,
82(3)33o; prime summer white cotton
send oil. 35fi)36c: choice cooking yel
low cotton seed oil, 36c ; prime cotton
meal. 15: off cotton seed
meal, none. Cotton seed delivered at
depot or levee, $9 per ton ; from wagon
at mills, $9 per ton.
Barry grease wool, unwashed, 13
18c; clear grease wool, tuwmc; ourry
washed, 2330o;tnb washed, 3J(2)3c.
St. Lnma. Mo.. December 1. Wool
dull: medium. 21(Sl20c: coaree braid,
liiW21c; low and fandv, 13(n19c; fine
light, 1825o; heavy, 142l.
Hides-Dry flint, No. 1,16c; No. 2,
12o ; dry salted, 10J(S12c; greon
ealied, No. 1, 8jc; No. 2, 7o. bheep
aklns. 16cfi$l. Beeswax. 20c. Tallow
Deer ikin. 18c: bear. $lftl7 ; mink
1Rto40c: ooon. hunter handled, 1604
Win: country hand'ed. 15ft60c; other.
$1(3)6; beaver, 60i!$7; wild cat, 15
(ai'lhc: fox. lWotvoc: mnsa rat, iuo
opossum, 10c; wolf, 60c$2;
6(s6c; poaibers, OUo(.'ti.
Coal Oil Prime white, wholesale
lots, 9i10c per gallon
Clbvelamd, 0., December 1. retro'
leura acuve; s. w , no-, 7c.
Whisky Htrainht Kentucky Bonr-
bon, $160(3)5; redistilled goods irom
850 to 1 OU, accorcung w prooi ; rjo.
$1 75C46.
Chicago, III., December 1. Whis
ky. $118.
Bt. Louis. Mo., Docember 1. WhlB-
l, IUO
Oimcinnati. O.. Decamber 1.
Whisky firm: sales of 7U8 barrels of
finished Roods on a basis of $1 13.
Arkanaaa Cltr ......KTa Adms, t p.a.
Tlptonville Caiapiii, & p.aa.
Bt. Louia Citt or raoriDaioa,tp.at.
Frlara Point.........Jiya Laa, Ip.ia
Oaeeola.... -Coaox,S p.m.
t'lncinaatl........Ouio, ft p.m.
For Oaeeola, llalea Point, Caratheravtlla,
Uayoao and lipionvuie io new aiue
wheel paaaenfer ateaoier
W. P. Uall mauler. I J. I). Puller ...olark
Will leave aa abuve, ana ail J potnia,
p.m. For treiuhl or paaaaaa ayply on hoard
Iu niiiila.a'riare Fina aud Miuilu
atnd Onooolia I'arkt tivupituy.
For Helena, tilen lale. Friar Volnt anl al
Way i an iimtto teemer
JaiiicN Lee, jsisffl
K. T. CLAOQKTT- ..MwUir.
Will !. u above n RVKRY MONDAY,
n aullDOIAl Mil f uuraa m w v v.vaj.
For Randolph. Fulton, Oaseola aa
iianamae oiaannr
I ti pniipi-n tlnaUr.
Learea 'Erery MONDAY. W KD KMDATr
and FRIDAY at 6 p.m. The boata ol thl
llnereaerre tha right to paaa all landing
the enptaln may doein unaaft, Uflloe, No.
NaHlunn at.
Arkansas lliver Tk't Co.
B. B. Hiolth maater. W3friiaa
Leavei Memi nla Brerr x u ubua i,hhm
Str. E.W.COLE, am
1V..i.iiI maatr.HftKa&Mya
Leavei Ueupb a Brerr BAlunaiAi.o p.m.
Fo, rWU
Offl-e. Nn S Mamann t. Ttil-pnmie wo. ra.
JnuiuphlB and VicksbHrir t'acketCow
puny D.H.M all Lhto.
For Helena, doncordla. Terrene and Arkaa
lar iMf-Tha alannl paaaeuaur ateamer
M. R. Cbek...maater I W. O. Blanker ...olerk
For Ooneordla and all way landlnn.
i ne n trainer
A r.. I'nmmlna. Mnat'r I Lew Prioe Olerl
Lenven'llj K.' DAY and HAIURDAY at 6 p.
for iteneral Inlormatloa apply at
No. 4 iVlailiaoa elreet.
.lOIIN OAHW. Vn'i Aen.Tii'hone
Jflemphl8& White Uiver rkt.tn
for llar.ndnn, Oaivallia Hlatl,, lie
Aro, Aaauata, Hearny, Newport, Jaokaoa
port, Ualo'vllle and all Way Landing!,
Will leare KVKRY WkDNKtiDAY at 6 p.
Albert B. Hmith maatet . ' , .
Will lear. KVKHY BA1UKDAY at5 !..
Through ralea gWen to all point. Freight
oonalgned to the Moii phle and WhlU H. i
Packet Co., at Memphla or Terrene, will ba
forwarded promptly. For general Intorma
tlon arjily al offloa, So. 8 MadwQa at., ort
Onll Telni'hnne H. O. LOW K, A.'t
(Sbkds Clover, $r)(i5 25 por boahel ;
nrnhard Brass. $1 60(3il tW; herd's-
hiohRHt 10 02.. lowest 110 65. clnsloa Brass, 60ao0c; rye, 0670c per bn.
at $10 m i February opened at $10 65, ...... OILS.
hghe't$U02, lowBt jiuoo,oosinn . ni p a w a, 7iv
at $11 0; May opened atfll, highest a"-SB'n,:ntB);; iZ.'
$113iiJoVcBt$ll,closlng.t$ll22J. r' !
Urd-December opensdauo, niKnsi V'.:r '.o if.
CHUDfUirv , uivi K-1 ' . '5 -
Inwoht SO. Lioeinir at $6i2i;
v. - , - .-
Jannnry opened at ao iu, oibubbi
m 171 lowest tti 10. cIoaiiiE al $i 17);
Fiihruary opened at $0 M, hiitbHat
$ 27J. lowest $0 2?J. clo'ins! at $0 25;
Harcn openta at 90 azt iiinnmio 0-1,
lowest 16 30. closing at Id 30. bhort
rihai Jannarv onened at 15 42), hleh-
t IK 66. lowest 25 421. closinK at
$5 65; Ktb'uary opened at $5 42),
highest $5 67J, lowen V f, ciobhik
ar th 67t. Marnh ODennd at $5 47),
highest $) 62), lowest 5 47), closion
tr. u i On tka i'roihue Kschunse
hntler rnled Steady: nood to floe
nrnamprv. 20nk26o : fair to eood cream
ery, 13(1 8c; cnoice to nne aairy, .o
(5122c: Eood dairy, 1215c. Ek
fcesh Bcaics and quoted at 22(5)2 4c.
Pnra whltA. 6)(n)6c: off
white, 66ic; yellow olariffed. 6)
61a; seconds, 4)5ci refined A, OW
.uail nlTttdln- nlantation
ffrana'ated,66Jc; powdered, 77)c; j)c. 1
;tJo.f,77ia . J( bSiHc.
01.; 1 0. Viaia, i lujiiew ior mor-
phlna, ) oi. $2 25 per ti. ; 1 oa. viais,
$2t5 ; cine honidia, 1 of. vials, 18c oa , 5
os. cans,13c cs. ; (?nm ooinm.per pound,
$3 40 ; iodide potash, $2 60 par pound,
inclusive; snDntirate Dismntn, ii
per pound, Inclusive; chloroform, 46c
per pound ; blue mass, 43o per pound ;
calomel, 76o per ponaid ; mercury, 70c
per poncd ; chloral nyorate, l ou per
ponnd: camphor, 27o per jionnd; al
cohol, barrels, per gallon, ti 22; cas
tor oil, barrels, per gai on,
Paiwtb ahd Oil White lead, Col
lier's, 7)o per pound; 600 pound lots,
7 nnr nonnd. )c off. 15 days: South
ern white lead, 7)o per, pound; 600
pound lots, 7c, 2 Jo off, IS days; boiled
Unseed oil, 43o per gallon, by barrel;
raw, 40c: turpentine, so per gaiion,
by barrel.
Baoowo Carload lots; Jnle, 2 lbs,
lbs, 7 to; it lbs, 70. iax, o
LATB OF BT. LOUI8, MO., k.a Inat atlad
up an elegant office over Lrtle A Hhielde
grooery atnre, corner ol Ailama and Main,
where lie la read to Bt allglghta and make
.i..... . ..,i. Tha iiuhhii ara Informed
that the Doetor hai no glaaaea (er tale other
than thoae made b hliu.elf and in oontorro
Ity with the meaaarement of the . The
Dootor haa made that hla ipekal atady and
bag all the Uteat aoltntino leata ana ineiru.
. , u.,,r nsrlent and aav eight
PhT.lnlana nreanrlntiona for glaaaea oarelnllr
ailed. Offloahour. OTf"1dBW-B'
Ocallat and Optlolan. No. aw Main atreet,
aontheaat corner Aama ana nin.
Arrivals James Lee, F,iais Folnt:
Coa' oma, Os::eoU.
Departure. Ja nr s Le. Fnara
Point ; Coahoma, O ceola ; Chickapaw.
White river; U. W. tienlell, Had
James Lee 373 bales cct'OB.48ba(i
seed cotton, 785 sks cottoa seed, 3 h4
stock and 12 pka-a snndriea.
Coahoma 355 bales cot on. 20 ban
reed cotton, 10 hd sto;k and 17V tka
cotton seed.
lU'eiNtis fair.
Weatiibb clear and growing colder.
The livers are froien over at Omaha.
La Crowe and St. Paul.
The Qavnso will be hore t -morrow,
and returns to Coiicordia Saturday
During the 21 honrs ending vebter-
day at noon the tiver hire rose 1 foot
0 tenths.
The Jamea Lee tut Frinrs Point,
and Coahoma f jr Otctoli, Mt with
good tripu.
Ahswralr cf chimnrva nre klna
made by Messrs. Shea & MaCarthy for
the Jatncs Lee.
Tub City 1 Provldcnee will add
here 000 batasof compreuad cottoa
for reatilj moot at Cairo.
Tub E. W. Cole should bs bore to
morrow, and nr.e win rutnru to Ar
kansas liver Saturday cvcniig.
A STXRif dnck was pieced tinder tha
tug James O'Connor yeateriiiy, and
lepalrs were made to her wheel.
Tub Hornet, 8. t. Wood ar,d Silas
. Coe. with tons of coal for Wew Or
leans, are coming down tha Ohia.
Tub Cheeaneaka. Cunt Hall, will
leave this evening for O.'ceo'a, Tipton
villa ami all war points ou the upper
coast. Mr. J. D. Fuller is her clerk.
At lait accounts the City of Cairo
was liuhteuing over tha bar at Apple
Creek, above Cairo. It Ib exptcled
that she will bo here tomorrow morn-
Tub Ohio. Cunt. M, M. Deem, waa
expected to arrive last night from tha
Ohio river, and ahe Ib announced to
leave here tomorrow evening lor Cin
cinnati aod way points.
TiiaCitvof Providence. C)UQi'0,
Carvol'e.is announced tohavheie this
evening for Cairo and Ht. Louis, Mis
Is an Ancnor i-ine pacaei ana win
leave from the elovator.
Thb Coahoma; which left yesterday
evening for Osceola, had as freight a
large lot ol scrapers, lutubor, etc.,
which will bsuaed in the constructioa
of the levee at Anhport, Tenn.
Tub City of NaU hia Is eipocled to
airlve this morning from New Or
leans. Hue will add hers 000 bales of
compressed cotton for reshipment
Kast at Cairo, and she will lay up at
the latter place.
Oapt. En Por-At,of the Chickasaw,
is doing double riu'y this trip, bntag
In command and having charge of tka
oflice of that boat. The latter doty
devolved upon him beoanan brother
"Charloy" stopped od up White river
to catch fish.
Tub Kate Adams, Oapt. Mark Cheek,
ia the Adams United Btatoa mail
packet leaving this veulng for llel
una (luni'fintla. Terrene. Arkannal
I . . ' . ' IV
ity and way laniiinga. weFsra. wna
Blanker. Morris Uaua and Amos Day
are ber clorks.
Tub necessary papers giving Capi,
B. W. Marston authority t cbanga
the name of the steamer Henry A.
Tyler to that of O. W. Huntell wero
recivea irom vva9Uinvuu yaateruaj
forenoon, and when the bells tollel
the hour of noon the etamsr backsd
outandheided dowa a rsaia boarlng
the name of Q. W. Huntell. As et at,.d
in yesterdav's Ari'iAL, the Bentell will
run In the New Orleans wad Bed rivi r
Phivatb advices received from St
Lonls p;lvna lhe inforniatioa that navi-
gallon south from that oily to Cairo la
temporarily suxpenuen, ine caate oi
the sueptmslon being low water and
aU9 ice which Is expected to pass Hi.
Louis today. All up bound Ancnor
Line steamers have been ordered to
lay up at Cairo. The Arkansas City
is laid up at that point, and has paid
od her crew. The City of Ht. Louis
will lay up atBt. Louis, and U the
weather is at all favorable the Wy
oming will be sent out from that city
to New Urloana in tne Ancnor iaum
Ofpicb Signal Skhvicb, U. 8. A..V
Memphis, December 1, 1 p.m.
The followlnir observations are take
at all stations named nt 75 meridian
ime, which it one hour butter thaa
Memphis time:
Koch's rat.Store
NHKIiVINNIa adjaatable to meet an need
orbnalneaa. Uia oheanerthan old atyle. Caa
be put up b any one. llojaala fog
raaitrj and Hook Hbtilvoaw AddrMt
841 MAIN NT.. PEflBIa, i -;.
Mlanannni. Hrli rml..Ht. l.oala.Me.
rkma-Onmmon. 12ftu21e: ordi
nary, 1313)c; prime Rio, 1414)c;
choice to lancy, iijisiojo; giuguyom-
ment, 2426c.
HAPSiiiMn ner oonnd.
Canoiks Sticks, all eiias, in boxes,
n.ila anil 1'ftfTplB. HC&tiln.
Sai.t-$1 20 per barrel; sacks, fine,
H 35(1 45; eoarre, $1 10(i)l 15; pock
ets, bleached, 21'o-7c; car-loads from
evee or depot, 6c cheaper.
Ca5ED Oooiie, Etc. Prices per
, t.. ..., I. . ci OiVAl Ml-
peaches, 2-'D, snndMrd,$l 151 25; sec
ond", $H1 10; tomato8, z-.DStanu-,a
Ml r.ftJl: 3-l".$l(i 15; strawber
ries, $1 UKl 25; raaf. berries, $1 10(
125; D.acaDrnee, aii iv, a'ocu-
TliM $1 06(al 10.
GrabsOattlb Cholce,3(;i!3)c;good,
3c; fair to medium, a'ic; scaiia-
wnam. lidnien.
Hogs -Choice, 4)c; good, 4c; com
mon, ,, ,
Hhbep Chr.ice, 4c; medium, SJc.
Choice lambs, 4)c.per pound,
fl. icA n. Ii, Dr camber 1. The
nrmmiM' Journal rouoiki: Cattle re
,.u,.t 12.000 head ; B'lipmnr ts. 3K)
liBd; marktfl'm; faucv,15 2r(-fi 35;
ehiipmg tt'ers ll'e l.iwer, $:i 2r5;
and IotdBr. fi,3 40: C' ws.
bulls and miied, $1 W balk, $2 20
(2 65; Teirf, H 25(2)3 50; Wtstern
I i,....po.iu..r-iar I". - aCi-i a '
- . ,-
pa t. a. nuiorjai. " I
iKADttOAirriM roB
And Iron Iioofln
. u.-. .1 Wu.o nn.a 9 I. h I II 1 11
nr....r' HaltRhle fr all klnda of hutldinga
For prirea anJ eatlmatea a faoturr raiel
Onll on or aaare.a
IN A 440 Main t.. and 21 A 33 Mulberry
ti j ..... ( T'ltn Vnniva and (Treating
OalTantaad Iron Coruioaj.Ha UtoH Ptoteg,
Cairo .v...
Chattanooga .
Cincinnati ...
Fort Smith.....
Keokuk -
La Crosse.
Little Kock
Nashville -
New Orleans....
Ht. Louis
St. Paul
Ab've Low
Water. Changj.
Riss Fall
Feet. lOths lOthe lOLha
23 8 - 1
($ 6 - .
29 I 2
1 I
i 7. - a
1 l - -
20 3 11 -S.
s"" "T '"'.Z " T"
2 3 17
11 4
11 7 30 .......
2 1 1 -
....... . .
3 9 - 2
"io s"" "i "
10 7 M -
Whbbuko, W. Va., December 1.
Noon River 10 feet 3 lncneB on tarn
gauge and stationary. Weather cloudy
and cool.
PrrwspBO, Pa., December 1. Noon
River 7 feet 3 inchea on me gaug-
and stationary. W earner ciouay aua
cool, with snow.
Cincinnati, O., December 1. Noon
River 26 feet 7 inches on the gang
and falling. Weather clear; ther
mometer 32".
Lonisviu-B, Kr., December l-Nooa
River stationaty.wtth 11 fwt 4 inches.
In the canal and feet 2 inoheton tha
falls. Business dull. Weather clear
and cool.
Caibo, III., December L Noon--Rivet
23 (' 0 incli" s oo b" gauge and
filling. Weather dear and cold. Ar
rived: Ohio, Cncinnat., 8 p.m. Le
parted : Ohio, Memphis, 11 p.m..
ma A r))1l).V.4 RIVER

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