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Cotton Steady Middling, 8 5.8c
Sales Yesterday, 7500
f Money is in pn tty active demand
at 8 per teat. Finances are rather
tight at preaoat, owing to the heavy re
ceipts of cotton, for the time being
exceeding the movtmaut, bat in a few
days all this will be rcgu'ated. Lo:al
securities are fitedy. The cotton
market was firm ; middlin?, 8&
Sales, 7500 biles. At New York,
spots firm ; middling, 9 3162. Fu
tures firm and 5 to 7 points higher.
A leading New Tort estton circu'ar
says of the speculative market:
Buainesi was f iller and the gtnsral
tendoncy uf prioei upward, with a
well sus'ained tone all day. About 6
points advance wai seoarcd ai d at
this the market closed firm.
At New Orleans spots were steady;
middling, 8J j. Futures steady and
6 to 8 points higher; December, 8.73
At Liverpool epotj were firm, good
demand; mlddliaz, fji. Futures
jalet; December-January, 5 2-Cld
The general market pi events a
firm fetlirg.
One hundred and thirteen brls ap
plet, 25 pkga butter, 48 pkgs bacoD.'-Ut)
pkgu boota and ehoes, 5J03 bu corn,
9 cars cotton seed, 4162 eks cotlon
seed, 129 bdls cotton ties, 49 pkg dry
, goods, 25 pkgs eggs, 875 brls flour, 300
: bales bay, 35 pkgs hats, 23 hd cattle,
25 hd horse and mules, 311 pkgs lard,
',' 78,000 ft lumber, 23 pkgs liquors, 3
br s meal, 603 b la mols'sea, 2522 kega
' nails, 8u00 bu oats, 277'brla potatons,
2 cars pork sides, 35 hhds sugar, 803
brls engr, 140 pkgs tobacco, 180 J brls
rice and 11 bu wheat.
Tl:e following shows the amount of
grain received, withdrawn and in
store by regular e'erators, as repo'ted
to the Merchants' Exchange yeiter
- day : Wheat in store, 1015 bu. Cora
1 withdrawn, 136 bu; in store, 3457
bu. Oals recdved, 2105 bn; with
drawn, 7023 bu; iu store, 228,938 bu.
ar Dally inelllone of Cottoa
U Trnsfa nd New York Kx
rJiaoee Mocke nre open lo Ihoie
f ittri-eatXI, at mjr ottlee.
24 Vadlson St., Memphis, Tenn.
Money In preitv ac'ive demand at 8
per cent The Clearing House report
is es follows:
Thursday, December 2, 1880, $112,
216 28; thus far this week, $1,713,
156 69; swie time lan week, $1,315,
112 45: corresponding time iu J 885,
$1,324.462 53: corresponding time in
1884, $1,478,876 68.
Thnrsdiy, Dacember 2, 1886, $152,
586 14; tbus far this wetk, $432,280 20;
same time last week, $230,385 59; cor
responding time in 1885, $'j93,023 89;
coriPfpondirg time in 1S84, J243,
725 92.
New Yoik pight on all points, J
discount buying osrselling; New Eng
land demand, diFCotmt buying; New
England eight, 1 discount; New Or
leans, i discount, baying, par selling.
Bank of Commerce150 bid, naked
First National 10 bid, 105 asked
German Bank 195 bid, 200 aeked
State National 145 bid, 150 asked
Union and Flantera.150 bid, 153 a ked
Mercantile Bank 135 bid,137J asked
Blufl City 100 bid, ... asked
Hernando , 100 bid, ... asked
Home 75 bid, 80 asked
Memphis City 102J bid, 105 asked
Peoples 80 bid, 83 asked
Fnomix 98 bid, 100 asked
Planters 107 bid, ... asked
Vanderbilt -25 bid, 30 asked
Arlington 35 bid, ... asked
Factors. 31 bid
Fhelby Co. warrant...97 bid, 98 asked
M. A O. R. R. shares. ..50 aid, ... asked
M. A T. R. B shares.. .45 bid, 50 asked
M. A 0.con8o's,78...119 bid, ... aeked
M.4L.R 1st m. 8s106 bid, ... aeked
Miss. AT.R.R.cs.A...lllbid, 113 asked
Miss. AT. R.R.cs.B10H bid, 103 aaked
Tenn. wts. ser. D. 95 bid, 98 asked
Tenn. wts. aer. E to J-84 b d, 88 asked
Shelby Co. 6s 108 bid, 110 asked
Tax. Dint. 4, 6s. .......99 bid, 991 asked
Tax. Diet. 6s 104 bid,106 J asaw
Mem. G. s bonds -104 bid, ... at ked
Mem. Water bonds. ..100 bid, ... asked
Hananer Oil Works bid. 65 asked
Am. Cot. Oil trust... 63 bid, 70. asked
Pioneer Cotton Mills. ..25 bid, 30 asked
Mem.Stor.Coin.Oo.127i bid.l; 0 asked
Mem. Gas stock 75 bid, 80 asked
Naw York, December 2. Money
on call active at 68 per cent., clos
ing at 5 per cent, asked. Prime
mercantile paper 45. Sterling Ex
change dull bnt ctoady at $4 80! for CO
day bills and $4 8SJ for demand. .
Bonds Government bonds were
dull and Dim. State bonds were dull
and steady.
Stocks The stock market today,
whila still very steady, showed a small
decrease in the amount of business
done, arid whilb Reading qnieted
down speculation in Union Pacific
made further progress and 8t Paul
suddenly pprang into great activity.
The other features of the market were
the Northern Pacifies, Quicksilver
mining and Chattanooga. The extra
ordinary activity and strength in St.
Paul was due to heavy purchases,
both for foreign and Chicago account.
Most of the foreign buying was in the
latter stock . and Norther Pacific,
which became prominent early in the
morning. Union Pacific failed to ex
hibit toe strength of the pant few
days, and heavy , selling by a
very influential interest is reported.
Reading was firm in the morning, but
sagged ofl Uter in the day. Trunk
Hues were all quiet and steady, as
were- also Western Union and - the
grangers. ; The movement in prices
was Tery light, fluctuations in mast of
toe active stocks bainir cor lined with
in a ranee o 1 per cent. Quicksilver
wis we leatnre ot the forenoon trac
ing, and was SDiirted tin 4 iter cent.
most of which was affrr ward lost. The
opening was strong, first nrices show-
ing advances of to f, though Omaha
was np J. Prices were wnk in the
Wily trading, Union Pacific being spe
cially so. Pr cej fluctuated within a
rarrjw rang", acd noon fignrrs en
eal y showtd aoajn iaiprovr-neit over
lnoe of the opening. The market
became mere quiet in ihe afternoon,
and r.nder realising whs pri-ps plow y
; folded, iht rn wh a hliht :a iy in
the lapt hcur, but the market om.hu!
gentrilly Wc-sk, c'op to the low.nt of
;hi day. Ssl. 543,532 Bhure-. St.
Pnl fnrnitiln-d 102,75d. Uaio-" Fae;fi3
62.3J0 ard Fdioar 58.C40 The
net resu't of the dny's business in
imgtilar chaojres, ueneraliy of small
fradioop, hut Richmond end West
Point lost li, aud Ruadiog 1J; Chat'a
ncoa gaiuid 21, Qulokeilvdr pre
ferred, 1J, St. Paul, li, and
Northern- Pacific preferred 1.
Roilroad bonds wera active;
sale. $2 312,000. Atlantic and
Puc fic inco-nes, contributed, $ ?76.000 ;
Indians, Blnomiugton and Western
iccooies wore rem irktbly strong, clos
ing witb an advarceof lJCj;:;'f, after
selling at Zi on sales of $243,000; Ojio
Southern incomes gained 6 per cent.,
fit 45). Prices in the general list were
firm in the nnrniac, but sagKed off
latir, in pympa hy with the share
market final prices in a majo-i'y of
csei ehowiog losssts. Central Iowa
Brarp, couiioo off, lost 6, at 39: Lafay
ette, Blo.iraington and Mnncie firat,
2. at 1C0; Shenandoah firsts, 2, at 95;
JMie incomes, n, at 7(1. Alining shares
wera ixc ted aud slrong'throughout
the day. Sutro Tunnel being the great
card. It opened at 23 and rBe to 43.
It was reported tlat Uulitornia and
Virginia would piy a dividend of $1
ur snare in a few days; Alice, $1 40;
lono. $4 25; Nav io. $195:Bodie,
$i 50; lioioe Stake, $1G 50.
Trie total sales ot sioi'ks todav were
543,552 shores, including Canada South
ern, 4270; Central Pacidn, 5745; Dela
ware, Lackuwnnna and Western, 14,
410; Erin, 8845; Kansas and Texap,
8050; iJkke Shorr, 15,757; Louisville
and- Nashville, 6150; Northwestern,
490; New Jersev Cental, 12,360;
Northern Pacific, 2(204 ; Pacific Mail,
8508: Readirg, 58,240; St. Paul,
102,750; St. Paul and Omaha. 4575;
Texds and Pacific, 16,120; Union Pa-c-flc,
62,320; Westprn Union, 19,965;
Northern Pacific preferred, 14,201 ; Ore
gon and Transcontinental, 4010; Co
irrmbus and Hocking Valey, 10,075.
Closing quota-ions:
U. S. Si. 100-i. 4k. enD. 129'4.
Vii, coup, 110-J. Paoifiofroilttft.lZ).
h. itampa, it, Miaaoarl 6, lfj.
Cent. Pivo. lu,llr4. Don A U.U. laU,
D AR.U.W.lats. mi Erio 2da.
m a. ai.uen.tM,iui;ioria.riie.iiu,
North.Pso. 2da,104. N. Western eon. 139
N.We8t.deb.5a.lii. St.U.S.V Uen.M..U3
M.Pul eon, St.P.C. A H.lBts,
T. P. land iranu,ti3. T.P.R (i.ex ena,7aH.
u. f. lata, l !(;. nsai Bnor,ito.
Tena.6n,aet'mt,lt6. lenn.&a,aet'inia 102.
lean. Sa.fet'mt.TV.
Adami Expreaa, 156. MorrliAB., olTd,14t.
Alleheny Cent'1, . Naohvillo 4 tl , H7i.
Altou k T. U S7. N.J.Contral.SfH.
A. T.U..pfd.,85. Nor.AW.ntd.S.
AmerioHn Kx.,VA. Northern Pao.,Wi.
B. C. K. ifc N, 70. Northern Fo ptd. 6
Cnnd Pao.,6'i. C.4 M.W..1J0.
Canada Sou., (So. O.A N.W pld.,141.
Cheaapeake k 0..W. N.Y.C.A St.L.,U.
U. 4 0. irtpld.is. ri . X .v.a ht L..pid,a)
C. St O. 2d pfd.U. Ohio Central, -.
Chioaio k A..1U. Ohio k Miai..33.
0.4 A.pld,160. 0.4 Miaa.pfd, 9o-j
0., B. k (J , 137.
C, Bt L. 4 N.O..
Ontario 4 Weat.. 21K.
Oregon NaT., 1U6
Oregon Irani..
i o. t l q mis
bt.L4 P.ptd, tUX. Oregon Imp., 49.
S. k C. 60. Pao.lio MnU.fAli.
O.AC.. Panama. 98.
C. 4 11. Va.ler. Vt. Peoria D. 4 B., 34.
Uel. X uua., ritcaourg, 14a.
Uol.,L,. 4 W., H. Pullman P.O., 142.
Den. 4 Rio U , S4. ReHding,48X
Erie, S6. Rook Island, m.
Krie ntd, 77. bt.L. 4 8.1?.,;;4,
New East Tenn., 14'i.St.L A8.K pfd, 6SM.
NewE.Tenn.pfd,7b. t-t.L.AS.F.ltp,115
Fort Wayne, 144. C. M. 4 St. P.,
Hannibal 4 St. Jo.. i. M.A 8t.P n,
H A bt.Jo . pfd,. ex. P., M 4 M.,1IK,
Harlem, 220. bt Paul Omaha, 6 i'J.
Ilouaton A T., .18. Ht Paul AO.jild, 115
Illinois Central, 1S2VJ. Tenn. CoalA Iron, UO.
Ind., B. 4 W., IV'i. Texaa Pacifi.i, 26J!.
Kanaan 4 T;,?!. Union Paoifio, (r6.
Lake.4W .15. U. B. Exp-esa, 63
Lake bbore, 99. W., 8. L 4 P., 21.
Lou. A Nash.. W..1.L. A P. p., 3s;.'.
Lou. 4 N. A., 65. W. A F. Ex.. 130.
M. 4 I', lat pfd, . W. U . Tol . , 79M.
M. 4 O. reoonda, . Oolorailo Coal , i.
mem. a. uaar , ooi. noma oiaxe.
Mich. Cen,
. vtv. iron Oliver, zi.
Aim. 4 bt. Li., il"t Ontario,
Min. 4 St. L. itd.4'.iM QuiokaiWer. V.
Miasouri PaciiOo.lli. Quicksilver pfd, 27.
Mobile 4 Ohio, 19. bouth Paoifio, .
M. L. 8. k W., Kl'-J. 6utro, 45.
London, D, ember 2, 4 p. m. Consols-
100 9-16 for money and 100 13-16
for the account United 8ti!e- bonds
-4, 132J; 4Jb, 113; Atlan'ic and
Great Wi-sterti firbt, 54t; Atlantic
and Great Western eecondf, 16.
Bar silver, 45d pnr i . The bullion
in Ihe Bank of England decreasad
97,000 auriiig the wetk. The pro
poitioa of the Bitnk of Eigland re
srve to liability, which lt week was
44 1-18 per cenl.,.is now 44 J per cent.
Paris, December 2. Three percent,
rentes, 831 75c for the account
The weekly statement ot the Hank
of France shows a decrease of 13,250,
009 francs ; gold, an increase of 1,350,
000 francs silver.
Havana, December 2. Spanish
gold, 229i230.
Chicago, III., December 2. Bank
clearings today, $13,500,000.
New Orleans, La., ' December 2.
Bank clearings today, $1,926,621.
8t. Loo is, Mo., Dacumber 2. Bank
clearings today, $2,969,655 ; balances,
Naw York, Decsraber 2. Bank
clearings today, $182,618,291 ; balances,
Boston, Mass., December t. Bank
clenrings today, $17,918,670; balances,
Baltiiiorb, Mo., December 2.
Bunk clearings today, $2,432,637 ; bal
ances, $291,359.
Philadelphia, Pa., December 2.
Back clearings today, $13,978,059; bal
ances, $l,9ti9,)26.
The local cotton market opened
firm and closed firm; middling,
8c. Sales, 7500 bales, including 400
last evening; 6500 to exporters and
10C0 to spinners.
Yesterday, Wednfsdsy.
Ordinary' ... Nom.
Uood Urdinary.... o
Low Middling 8
Middling 8;
Good Middling.... 8
Middling Fair. 91
Fair................... Nom.
Stains and tinges.. 68J :
Miaraia, Deoemtec I. ISM.
Stock Sept 1,1886.... 4,008
Received today 7,097
Beceived previously..359,20? 370,308
Shipped today.......... 6,70,
Shipped previously..213,062
Home consumption to t
' date 357 219,118
!)tock running account ' 151,190
Importt. j
Thus far this week J... 37,781
Tens far lait week 3'i,K22
Birce Stptember 1st... 366,299
. - i...
M. and C. R. R
M. & T. R. R
L. and N. R. R.....
M.A L. R.RR,...,
L , N.O. AT. K. I?.
K. 0 , 8. A M. R. K
M.S.AB. R. R.
Stt amers
Wagons and other emrces..
.. .779
,.. 380
. 18.i
.. f3;l
;. 800
,. 7,097
,. 31,179
,. i'4,5'2
Thns far this wenk.
Thus fur lkt Wiek
Sinoe Scptumber let.. . .
M. A O. R. R...
M., AT.R.R
L. A N. R. R
O., O. A 8. W. R li
L., N. O A T. R. R.
M., 8.AB. R.R
The average weight of Mnmphh cot
ton for the three mouths ending No
vember 30th is fs follows:
Ti ar. Poudi.
18S0 6l!tt.21
1885 493 83
1844 496 28
1883 49100
1882 511.50
1881 475.00
18S0 5M 00
1879 4700
Statement showing date wht-n one
half of annual cot on receipts were
marketed in Mumptis:
1873 74....
1874 75 ..,
1870 77...,
Jteceipt .
' ilarkrUd.
Dtceiubt r i9.U.
Dfceml:er 8 h.
December 18th.
Dact-mber 21st.
Docember 24th.
December 19 h.
December 14th.
, November 24:1).
December 14th.
December 4th.
November 28th.
November 30th.
..322 004.
1880 81...
1881 82,.,
1882 83...
...409 809.
1883 84 450,077.
184 85. ....430.127.
1885-86 545,566.
Average date of the above, thirteen
year, December 11th.
Average date ol the past four years,
Dacember 4th.
New York spots opened s'eady, and
closed fl-m; middling, 9 3-16c. Kales,
412 bales. Quotations were as fol
lows: Yesterday. Wednesday,
Ordinary 6 7 18
6 7 16
Good ordinary.... 7 13-16
Low middling ... 8 11-16
Middling. 9 3-16
Good middling 9 7-16
Middling fair 10 1-16
Fair 10 11-18
7 13-16
8 11-16
9 316
9" 7 16
10 1-16
10 11-16
New York futures
opened qniet
5 to 7 points
and closed firm and
higher than yesterday. Sales, 74,800
bales. The closing quotations were
as follows:
Yesterday. Wednesday.
December. 9.15rn 9.16 910(4 9.11
January.... 9 22. 9 23 9.10(5) 9.17
February... 9 31 (ir) 9.32 9.25 9.26
March. 9.4V4 9.42 9 35 9.36
April 9.51(5) 9 53 ' 9.44 9.45
May 9.61(5) 9 62 9.64(4 9.55
June 9 71(5) 9.72 9 64 9.65
July 9.79'S) 9 80 9.72 9 73
August 9.86 9.87 9.80 9.81
The NewOrleans spot market opened
steady, and closed steady; middling,
Ho. Sales, 10,000 bales. Quotations
were as follows :
Yesterdav. Wednesday.
6 13-16
Good Ordinary.
Low Middling...
7 13-16
9 1-16
8 7-10
8 11-16
Good Middling..
The New Orleans future
opened et wd v. and cloned nteady and
6 to 8 points higher. Sales, 26,200 bales.
Quotations were as follows:
Yesterdav. 'Wednesday.
December. 8.73(5) 8 74
January .... 8 82(4 8.83
February ... 8.9 1(5)
Mrch 9.04 9.05
April 9.15 9.16
Ma; 9.204 9.27
8.74 8.75
8 SS'S) 8 80
9.0h 9.19
9.19;) 9.20
9 30(5) 9 31
9.40 9.41
9.44 9.45
June 9.37 9 83
July 9 48 9.49
August ...... 9.bU(o) a b2
Tone I Kec. IPricesI Stock
6,531 81
12,051 811-10
Boston ...
Phi lad V.
St. Louit
Augnnta.. 2,052 8 9 16
6,323 8 910
3,138 811-16
9 1-lfi
9 3-1 li
9 5-16
qniet. 1
2,098 81
137218 9-10
Receipts at porta, this day, 1886.38,697
Receipts at porta, this day, 1885.33,908
R'ts U. 8
p'rts 6 d'ys
878 343
Ex. Gr. Br
For'gn Ex.
1.4' 6,862'
1 ,409,627
Increase in receipts this year.. ...38,014
At noon: Liverpool spots were firm,
good demand, bales, 12,000 bales, of
which American 9900 bales. Receipts,
10,000 bales, of which American 9300.
Closing quotations were as follows:
Ordinary, 4d; good ordinary, 4 9 lOd;
low middling, 4 15-10d; good mid
dling, 6Jd ; middling uplands, 5d ; mid
dling Orleans, 6ld.
Tu prkei are ffiven m pmre and Qilht,
Ihus: 4 63 rrworu 4 63-64d; and 5 01
meant 5 1-G4A1
At noon: Liverpool futures were
firm. December,- 6 03d ; December
January, 5 01(515 02 j ; January -February.
6 Old; February-March, 5 01
5 02rl ; March-April, 5 P3d ; Aprll-My,
5 05d; May-Jane, 5 07d; June-July,
5 09d ; Jaly-Angnst, .
At 2 p.m.: Liverpool fatnres were
dull, quiet and steady; December
5 04d, sellers; December-January,
6 02d, ' sellers ; ' Jannary-February,
5 02, sailers; Febrnary-March, 6 02d,
Bsllers; March-April, 6 04d, sellers;
April-May, 5 05d, buyers; May-June,
6 05d, sellers; June-July, 6 10d, sell
ers; Jnly-Aogast. 5 12d, buyers. .
: At 5pm.: Liverpool futurea were
quiet ; . December, 6 03d, buyers;
December-January, 5 02d, sellers ; Jannary-February,
5 021, sellers; February-March,
5 02d, seller: March
April, 5 03d, buyers; April-May, 6 06d,
buyers; May-June, 6 08d, buyers;
June-July, 5 10 J, sellers; July-August,
5 12d, value.
CoRNMEAL-Stnndard, $2 202 25;
pearl. $3 253 35: roller, $2 45.
Hat Choice, from store, 75c ; car
load from levee or depot, $14 ; prime,
from store, 7th. car load from levee
or depot, $12 50 13; prairie, from
store, 45c.; car load from levee or
depot, $8 50.
Corn From store, -if hite,51c ;mixc-d,
49c, from levee or depot; white, in
bnlk, 44c; in sacks, 47c; mixed, in
bulk, 42c ; in sac ks, 44Jc.
Oats From itore,white,39o ; mixed,
37c: from levee or' depot, white, in
fcdlk, 33c; in sacks, 35c; uuxtd, in
hmk, 31c; in sack, 33c.
Bran From store, 8 V ; from lovee
or depot, $14 &.
FLoca From store, No. 3, $ :13 25 ;
fandly, $3 503 75; il oi e, $3 764;
fancy, 44 25; funcy, $4 ::5
4 60; pstentn, $6(;jir.5.
1ean8 N vy, $2; t.i dinm, L 50-
1 75; onmiiiuct. $i 25; G.'iniiiu m;ii;,
fl 2tVl 4X '.
Rich Louud.ii.JL 4! '; Caro:ira.
OATBEAWln. na.M) rro u, H3 2j
from store. r; . I
Crm:kk3s otla, ox riu 4c; soda.
treble extra, 5c;.f xt'S,7o; gingur snaps,
extra, 66c; aHSorted1uuiblt,8, t)llc.
Ckacksd Wheat iu hulf-bAirels,
$4 25 from store.1'.
nriMiNS i.so xo!CT-Fjoia store.
$3(43 20. '.
Kansas CtT.t.'M'OM December 2.
Wheat h'Kh r: N.i 2 red. c ish. fitlic
bid: January. -t8,i bid: May. 76c.
Corn steady ; No. 2, cesh, 82c akd ;
Jjcemoer, silo; January, 3L';; May,
3Gjc. Oata nominal; 'Mc bid cath.
St. LorjiSi Mb.. D c?mbor 2.
Floar Mrcng and higher : irnhte extra.
$2 402 50; ' f imily, $2 70(5i2 8;
choice, $3 2:',3v 35; fgi cy, $3 65
3 65; extra janey, J3 7503 HO, pa
tents, $4 la45, . Wheat c:ive,very
strong and . higinrj tl.u market
opened strong and buoyant, ruled
strong during almost the entire sos
s'on and l.)f d, at out i le prices, 1J
ljc higher- tb;Jl ye'terdav; No. 2
red, cash, 79; eceinhcr 78J79jo
bid, clo'-uua at ,.79jo bid; Jinuan-,
8 i81c bid," closing at 81 Jo bid;
February, 83ej Way 87! - 8-jc, clos
ing at 881o. CorrI IbtIv aclive,
strong and tiiuhor, c,loi ng Jc ny.r
yesterday; Wo X mijia, caau, 36i(4
37 o; Deuembt't, .' 6jc; January, 3i,',r)
Stljc, closing'af 3t'u; February, 37j;
May, 40i 41c, pjoiirg at 4()'j ! O ils
quiet but firm and :gher; No. 2,
m-x.d, c.h, i8e;-' December, '7Jo
bid; May, 31Jo. Rye fl-m at 62c bid.
Barley n greeted. Hay ective and
strong; prairie, $8 75I0 50; timothy,
$1113 75. Flaxseed neglected. Bran
firm at 60c. Corn meal firm at $ I 95
Receipts Flour, '2C00 brls; wheat,
20,000 bn; c;rn, 14.000 bu; oats,
10 000 bu; .rv, 8000 bu; Larley,
6000 ba- . 8hi.tnei'S -Flour, 60C0
brls; when', 8i'0Q brl ; corn, 3000 bu ;
oats, 1000 bu; rje, non" barley,
Afternoon Board. Wheat weak and
Jic lower. Corn ea'y and Jo
lower. Oats etoidy and a suaile
higher. : '
Chioaoo, 111.,' Dece;nt'er 2 The
wheat ma'ract was a'ctive and buoyant
today, closing In the l-.Uct trading 1 1 1
per bushel higher -than jea erdny.
The foreign m.irbi-ta nie quote J firm,
with an upwnrd Uudfiicy' iu pricss.
The receipts at the Norhwem were
smaller. Under these con itions shorts
were anxious to cover, and there was
gond specnla'iva buying from other
sources. The fueling became very
bullish as the ee.'Sion advanced, and
May delivery, in which the chief in
terest centered, advanced to S'ljcell
back to 85c on free realising, and
closed at that figure for the duy. Corn
was active and strong duiing mrst of
the session, prices opening K e high
er than yesterday, advancing jc addi
tional, but roced hi and closing Jc
higher than ye t rday. The specu
lative market fur.oatsaas stronger,
with prices a shade hluher, bat the
market closed far the day at about
yesterday's pricfs,. Oah quotations of
flour were as follows: Whiter patents,
$1 255)4 51; Southern winters, $3 75
4; Michigan and Wisconsin wlnLw,
$3 604; choice to fancy Minnesota
patent, $4 25 4 50; Bo't wheat
fiatenta,f 44 25; Minnesota bakers',
n eacts. J33 25; rye fl mr, in bar
rel. $2 75'j' 3; buckwheat, 100 pound",
1 22 25. Cash quotations of wbet:
No. 2ppting, 77w'78c;( No. 3 spring,
71c; No. 2 rad, 71 No. 2 corn,
38c. No. 2 cata, 2"io. No. 2 rye,
54c. No. 2 barlev, 63c. No. 1 (Hi
seed, 90l(n)iiic. Hay rnme timomy,
$1 74 L 75. The., leading futures
ranged as follows: WbeBt icceni
ber opened at 771 5, highnst 7Hic, lowest
77;, closing 77j; JannBrv opened at
78c, h'ghret , T9c, lowest 77Jo, closing
78jc; Kebruay opened at 7n, high
est 79)c, lowest 78)c, closing at
7Jc; May opened at 84c, hlghe t
85ic, lowest fc tic, closing at 851c.
Corn Der-embi r opened at 38ja,
highest 38i", lowest 37r, r'osing 38c;
January opened rt 3S c. Iiigliest 38jo,
loweet S8C, c'6 ing3h2o; February
openod at 38 ji, Irglin; :)c, lowi:st
S88c, cl03lng 3fJo; M.y orcned t
43Jc, highest 43,c, low. nl 4;tj , clos
ing at 43jo. Oats December opened
at 27Jc, highest 2ic, lowest 27c,
closing 271c; Jannarv opened at 27 Jc,
highest 27jo, lowot 27k, clocing 27Jc;
May opened at 31?, highest 31fo, low
est 81 jo, closing 311c. Recaip's Flonr,
13,000 brls; wheat 101 000 bu; corn,
85,000 bu; oats, 79,000 bu ; rye, 5000
bu; barley, 60,000 bu. Hblnmenta
Flour, 28,000 brls; wheat, 10,000 bu;
corn, 139,000 bu; oav, 64,000 bu;
rye, none ;tbarley, 36,000 bu.
Bottbb Butterine, 13J14c;
creamery, 3035c; dairy, l822o;
country Dutter, 1625c.
lloo Products Meea pork, $10 60;
sugar cured hams, 10J;0Jc; braakfust
bacon, 8J9Jc; clear rii sides bacon,
7Jc: bacon shoulders. ", bulk
pork clear sides, 6Jc; clear rib sides,
6c;should(ira, 6J5,c; long clear, 6 Jc.
Lard Tierces, 6Jc; half-barrela and
kegs, 6,o ; choice kettle, 7c.
Fbrhii Meats Beet, furequarters,
4r)c; mntton. 46s; hind quarters
of beef, 40c: hogs, 67c.
Pocltby Ohlckeua dull; spring,
$1(5)2; old hens, $2. Turkeys, $3li
Geese, $3A- Dncks,$2 503; dresred
chit kens, $2(nl2 50 per d( t ; dressed
turkeys, 1012Jc per pound.
Game Quails, perdn.,$l 50. Squir
rels, $1 25. Rabbits, $1 60 per dozen.
Ducks, wild, $1 502 f0. Venison,
whole, 56c; saddles, 810c.
Cbebke Prime flats, 8J9c; New
York factory, 7,8o; full cream, 12Jc;
Young America, 13c.
Pigs Feet. Barrels. $8 25; half bar
barrels, $4 25; kegs, $1 25.
L. T Ua T Vrt. Q Vrn.
visions dnll but generally very strong
and higher. Pork 6c higher at $11.
Lard firm at 16AA 55. Bulk meats
strong and 16o higher; loose lota
long clear, $5 605 65 ; short ribs, $5 65
660; short clear, $6 75; boxed lota
long clear, foo05 6o; snonriDs,
$5 621(5)5 75: short clear. $5 7B5 80.
Bacon steady; long clear, $6 60; short
ribs, $9 75 ; short clear, $7. Hams
active and firm at 91 11. Butter
quiet and steady: creamery, 2427c;
dairy, ltMZic. Egga strong at iv
CniCAdo, III., December 2. The
trading In mess pork wai unnsnaiiy
heavy, and the market exhibited con
siderable strength. The light stock of
new moss pork made shorts anxious
and U.e demwd was active. Prices
orened 12(5)15i-lper barrel higher.set-
tled baci ZK6(!,rallied 2(Ka2V;o,aghln
defined 21(5c. ral.iad 10W17o, lell
r.fl 510c nnd c'osd steady. Lanl
alvatie i 67Jo per 100 ponndo, and
eh rt ri) m1u advanced KVoll'j!.
Oatli qnota'ions : were as followx:
Mess pork, $1Q 87,!!; lard, 6 20;
ehort rib side-", looef, 5 5tX5)5 65; dry
m:tv(d shoulder.., boxed, 14 654 75;
ehort cler side, boxed, $ b0,.u5 85.
The lending futures ranged aj follows;
Turk Do' e'nber ope-inl r, $10 60,
highest $10 R5, lowest $1060, cl fing at
$10 75; Janinry opened at $11 06,
highiwt $11 22, lowest til C5, casing
at $11 t'7J; F -bruKry opened at $11 12,,
higbe t $11 32j,low.s. $11 10, ilusmg
t $1 1 11; Mav opened at til 4xliihest
$1165, lowtst$U45, cloBtrgst$ll 471.
Lard Decern broyned at 16 121,ldgh
est $3 20, lowott $6 12, rv.e.ng at
i6 17 ; January o-ened Kti6 20, high
est $6 23, lowasl $(120, cloning at $i22;
F)brnHry opened at $tt 30, hlhct
$6 32, lowest $6 27. c oding at $6 32 ;
Marcb opened at$(135, highest $6 37,
lowest $6 35, closing at $6 35. Khort
ribs Jan nary opnned at 5 67, high
est 5 67, lowest $5 67, closing at
$5 6); rib-n.iry opened at $5 60,
liiuhont $5 70, lowii.'t $5 60, closing
at $" 62; Mnrch opennd at $5 65,
1 ig-;est $ 75, lowest 15 t7, closing
$5 67. Ou the 1'iodur-e Kxcht.nge
butler ruled firm; choice to gilt edge
creame'y, 23(5l28ii; gond to choice
crien' ry, 1922j; goc.d to fine dairy,
1925i", packing stock, 10il3o.
fresh, 22'i)3c.
Scqar Pure wnite, 5J0s; of!
white, 6r)le; yellow rlarifled, 6
5J;; secouds, 4j5t: refined A, 6
t i c ; grannlHt d, UR56o; p'antatlon
grana'td,6iiej puwdeted, 771c;
cut loaf,77o.
Cokfke Uommon, 1212c; crdi
nar, 1313c; d-iiw Rio, 1414c;
c'loicu to fancy, 14r)l5)c; old govern
ment, 242Ih.
Soap 3tiAr'o per pound.
CANDnrs--" i. k, all si ss, in boxes,
pails and snvls, 7(5)9ii.
8ai.t-I 20 pt-r barrel; siv-ks, fine,
$1 3'i(5)l 45; toare, $1 10l 15; pock
etd, bit-ached, 2a)7c; car-loatls from
'evec or depot, 6c cheiper.
Can.ikd Gooiw, Ere. Prices per
dosen: ' Pineapples, $1 25(511 60;
peactiee, 2-i b, standard, $1 151 25;sec
orjdn, $1(M 10; tomatoee, 2-lb stand
ard, 00 $1; 3-lb,$ll 15; strawber
ries, $1 101 25; raspberries, $1 10
125; biaokborriet", $11 10; green
gauea. $1 6tK5,l 75; pears, $2
2 'l: plums, $1 60(!$1 "0; asparagus,
$2 (lti('w; vroncurn, 11 36; gieen
tieai. $1 65(5)1 65; cove oysters, lull
weight, 1-lb, 8595c; cove oysters,
full weight, 2-lb, $t Wfil 80; cove
oypters, light weight 1-lb, 6tVc; cove
oyttere, bglit weight, 2-1 b, $1; con
dentd milk Crown, $5 5tX..iV 75;
Eagle, 7 607 76; Daisy, $4 76.
Volar'es Louiatta, commou to
fair, 1825c; prime to choice, new, 40
(nMSc; syrup, 2040c; common to
fair, 20(7i)25t!; prime to rhoioe,2830c;
centrifugal, fancy, 3035c!
Nbw Yoke, Docember 2 Coffee
fair quiet at 131c; oi tions active and
lower ; sales 106 750 bags ; December,
11 60U65cj January, 11.00lHo;
Febrnary, U.6VI1H !; Blaron, 11.60
lljc; April, 11.66llc; May, 11.70
11.80c; June, 11.70ll.r5c; July,
11.80c. Hngaraieaay; refined steady
and in fair demand; standard A, 6fo;
powdered, 6 15 10tljc; granulated,
6)5 13-loc, Molaaiea dull. Rice
New Orleans, La., December 2
Coffee excited and held higher; Rio
cargoes, common to prime, ll(5)14t
Rice ordinary to prime, 2J4c.
Sugar quiet; open kettle strictly
prime, 4(5)4 1-lAi;; of ntiifu.-ala choice
white, 5n -, choice yellow clarified, 4Jo ;
prime yellow canned, 4j4 13-16;
eeconde, 314ti. MolaBeee open
kettle choice, 4lc; st'iotly pr me, 36
(i38c; cntiifuals strictly prime, 24
26c; fair to good primo, 1620c;
syrup, 2630c.
Apples Apples, $23; dried ap-
plo.4, "(?) i0 per pound irom store.
Dried poaches, 45c from store.
; VEOETABLES-Onions,$2 402 75 from
s'ore, Cabbage, $2 50; per head, 08o;
$1 75 from levee or depot per crate,
Kraut, brla, 1 76C6 '. halt brls, TJS 70.
Garlic, 4O60c per 100. Tnrnins, bOc
per bushel.
Frdit Oranges, per box, $3 5t.4;
Lenv nn, $14 60 per box. Bananas,
$1 50(5)2 50 per bunch. '
Nots Cocoannte-6per 1UU i'ea-
nuts Virginia, fl(97c; Tennessee-,
farm-ers stock 34c ; roasted,2o high
er; shelled, lOo. Almonds, 1820c.
Walnnte Unglith, 18o. Filberts, ll(.
I'!,-. Priftttna Texas. 8(Al0a for small
to medium, 1014o (or large; Arkan
sas, 35c.
Raikins Txmdon layers, $3; lay
ers, $2 75; California, $2; Imperial,
Piceles In Jars, pints, 95o; qnarts,
$1 50; half-gallons, $2 75 ; gallons,$3 75;
loose, barrels, $6 607 ; half-barrols,
$3 754 25: mixed, barrels, $10 50;
mixed, half-barrels, $6.
Fisn Mackerel, half-barrels, No. 1,
$5 255 75 ; No. 2,$4 755 ; No. 8,$4 25
476; 10-lb kit, No. l,90o; No. 2, 76c
15-Ib, Ho. a, bOc vrj uernngs, iam
ily, 25c per box.
hams name nsn, ooc.
Eaas Firm, 21o.
Potatoes Northern stock, $160
Cider Now York, $0 50(5)7 per bar
rel, and $3 764 per half-barrel.
Yinboab 100916c per gabion.
T nd rnA Irttnr Prima rmdA ontlon
seed oil.new, 2728c ; off crude cotton
na l ntt nl.l nrimA anmmnr vnllnw
cotton seed' oil, 3334c; off summer
yellow cotton eeoa on,; min
ers' summer yellow cotton seed oil,
3a3o,"Ir.. nrlmfl inmmrr white cotton
seed oil, 3538c; choice cooking yel
low cotton seed oil, 36c; prima cotton
seed meal, $15; off cotton seed
meal. none. Cotton seed delivered at
depot or levee, $9 per ton ; from wagon
at mum, y per ion.
Burry grease wool, unwashed. 13
)8c; clear grease wool, 2326o; burry
washed, 2330c; tub washed, 3337o.
Hides-Dry flint, No. 1, 16c; No. 2,
12c; dry salted, 1012c; green
salted, No. 1, 8Jc; No. 2, 7(a. Sheep
skins, 15c$l. BeoBwax,20o. Tallow,
Deer skins, 18c; bear, $1 7; mink,
1540c; coon, hunter handled, 16
60o: country bandied, 1550c; other,
$16; beaver, 50o$7; wild cat, 16
2oo; fox, 1675c; mnsk rat lOo;
opossam, 10c; wolf, 60o$2; skunk,
676c; panthers, 60c$r.
rrTBoLKuai habkbt.
Coal Oil Prime white, wholesale
lots, 9110c per gallon.
Cleveland, O., December 2. Petro
leum steady; a. w , 110, 7c
Pimanin. Pi.. DAmmhnr 2. Pa-
troleam acive -and firm; National
T...a:t luri'iltnilu nu,n.,l ot
closed al 80c; highest, 81 jc; lowest,
Whisey Straiht Kentucky Bour-
li .n l rMV..t! r Until Inrl o- ui.ln irom
85c to $160, according to proof; rye,
il 75T5H1.
Chicaoo, III., December 2. Whis
ky. II 18.
Cihoirba O., December 2,
Whisky firm; silts of 1230 barrels of
finished ,;oo is on a basis of $1 13.
Bt. Loins, Mo., December 2. Whlsr
ky steady, U 13.
Seeds Uiove-r, $'uuV 25 nor bnnhel ;
chard gras', 1 6tKrtl 6t; herd's
ies, 60 1 6i)(! , rye, i570c per bu.
lalttlUN, FAIN 'CM A Nil OHM.
Dawis-Quiiii'ie. P. & W., oi., (c;
cnn',65r!; Nh Y,,Ik aoh.i.iH, c (He:
, 00-; B. ik S. in inn,', (.. (C.;
',6iio ; ,.' ' " -1 C $2 35
ex. ; 1 ox. via
pnin-', t c. j it per i zr: i if
$2t6;cim:honidia, 1 oa. vials. 18c ox .
ox. OHiM.i.to t a ; gum opium, ur pound,
13 40; iodide potasti, $2 60 per ponnd,
inclusive; sulimttn'e biaruuth,$i "0
per pound, inclusive; chloroform, 45c
per ponnd ; bine macs, 43 per pound ;
calomel, 76o per ponnd; merenry, 70c
per pound; chloral hydrate, $1 6U per
pourd; camphor, 27o per ponnd; al
cohol, bariels, pergtifcin, $! 22; cas
tor oil, barrels, nor gatwu, $1 42.
Paints akd Oil White lead, Col
lier's, 7o per pound; 600 pound lots,
7o per pound, c ofl, 15 days; Sonth
ern white laad, 7i per pound; 600
ponnd lots, 7c, 2)c off, 15 data; boiled
limeed oil, 43o pir gallon, by barrel;
raw, 40c: turpentine, 38 per gallon,
by barrel.
Baooino Carload lo'a: Jute, 2 lbs,
8c; 1J lbs, 7o; lj U-a, 7c. Flax, 8
bs. 9c.
Ties $1 051 10.
Graijs Cattle Choice 3(5)3)3 ; good,
3c; fair to medium, 2;)-'re; aualla
wags, llltt.
Hoos Choice, 4jc; good, 4o; com
mon, Sheep Oliriee, 4o: medium, 3c.
Choice lambs, 4 leper pound,
Kansas City, Mo, D-ceutlxir 1.
Tho I.iu it jek Indicator roporto; Cattle
lereiptr, 1250 head; ihipmente,
none: (hipping grades eteadv. stock-
ers and feeders lOo higher; iws and
nntchers stutl steady: rood to choice.
$4(.4 60; comiu jj to mediant, $3 40
3 90; stoikem, i2 22 76; feeding
Steers, J2 80(5;3 50: oows, $1 602 76;
grars rango et eis, $2 26(43 20. llgn
recounts jx.ioa neao; eiwpinents, Hi
hn9tl; market active and oAlOchlgher:
good to oloice, $3 05i?4 06; common
to merlin m, 3 7l(3 9U. Slinep re
ceipts, 678 ' bead ; shipments, none ;
niarkot steady ; good to oiio o1, $2 (H)(5)
3 25; common to mud'utm, $1 502 40.
C. icao, liu, Di wimber 2. The
Droverj Journal reports t Cottle re
CHlpts, 8000 head; BhtiBeiits, 3000
head ; market mive astlve; three cars
extra cold at $5S5: shipping steers.
950 to 1500 1., $3 30B ; atoekers and
feedon, $2(ir3 35; cowV), bulls and
mixed, $1. 40r.M 10; bulk. $2(3)2 00;
Tens rattle, $2 253 tl; Western
rangers, $2 80(5)4. llog receipts, 44,
000 head; shipments, ilW keau; mar
ket etroi g and to kigher; roagh and
mixed, $3 604 05; p,ioking and ship
ping, 3 00(5)4 25; light. 13 45(3 3 75;
skips, $: 2 25. Slieep receipts, 40C0
bead; shipments, AIM nad; niarnot
strong; natives, $4 25(i4; Western,
$2 61X5)3 25 1 Texans, $:1; lambs,
$3 754 75.
New York, December 2. In gen
eral character the market was un
changed, but in staple And f incy cot
ton goods improved. Balm were re
ported, while deliveries in the execu
tion of orders were ( previous full
For Cairo, Krnavilh. kowaTllle and Cin
cinnati Th olcantBi aUnuior
m. m. i 'en niMWh witim
Will lun F1UDAY. !).. tVJ, l p.m.
Fnr frniifht Ar Uftaaftr ftnulT ! O. 11. HUH
HKl.L, U. V nJ I . A., M Mndiatn atrwt.
Tolc.linni 277 .lonn 'jm, I'HM'r Aint
HI. franol Hlwoi Trannprallua Co.
To (laiani iliauitr
Rene Macready,
O. H.Jnntln mAatnr.
LanvKi Mnmi.ila EVUHY 'l'DBHDAT and
BATUKDAV l 6 p.m.. for Mariuak and
wnv landlnga at far aa IhaCat-Cif.
ins fftiitain rre ma runiMpaM an
andini) lidonia uaaata. VnUpaon 6'J.
jao. una. ).. bop
OfB, No. 4 Vndlnon iliwl.
for OiMola, IUlei Point. Paruthararllla,
Uaroao and rinloayilia iu nw iiot
whnitl tinaRAtiffr tamrnr
W. P. llall maatar. I J. D. ruller....Ura
Will laara aa abora, and all way poinia,
)iVkoii, rlB 1-ululiiDd noa,
fkii4 ifKairia i'iaraia toiiaiaiif
Tor llalcnn, Dtenrtala, Vrlan Point and al
Way LAndinct btaarcar
Tain en Iee,
n n r innvm. , . ..
Will laara aaabovaan KVKKV MONDAY,
n. i. vunwinAi ..mivM,r.
WKONtSUAl and JTHlUAl atBO'aloaE.
For Randolrb, Tolton, flaoaola aa Wai
l.andl act tnaaranr
ft IV HalfeT.liT
W k'W. Jm
J. H. COOPER - ilaator.
and FRIDAY at 6 p.m. TbabnaUof thl
lina raaarva lha rlcht lo pan all landtnii
tha aaptain may doe in anaara. Offloa. No. 4
Nnlont. JAMHH I.KH, in., Hap't. .
Arkansas Hi?er Tk't Co.
I. U. Hmith maator. K3:;ixmb
Uayai MemihU kWary TUtoDAV, at & p.a
Str.E. W.COLE,
Kd Nowland iiiiitr.t.Wu,(
Laavai Mamib.i B'arj ttAlURDAV.6 p.m.
Offli.. No. S Martrwnn at. Tatphana flo. M.
Mcuiplila aud Viclwnurg 1'ackitCoa-
panyli.N. Mall Line.
For Ilalona, ('onaordla, Tarrtna and Arkaa-
laa Ultr loa aiaani raaaanaw tirrr
M. B.Chaak.-maitor I W. 0. Blankar...olark
Mayaa mamiiaia
For Ooooordla and all way landing!.
Tha HUamar
A. L. Oommlna, Maat'rJ law Price Clark
Lr.i TU KhD A Y aod SATURDAY at t p.
for sranaral InlurmaAioa apply al
No. a Sladiaon itroal.
JOHN rBR, Vxi'i A.ont. Taitn.hHna .
Memphi8& White Uiver VkLU)
For OlarrndOB, Iflla Bin It,, !
Ara, Aonata, Kaaroy. Nawport, Jaokioa-
Sort, Bat'vi!)a and all Way Laadlnira,
lit. CHICKASAW, rdCi
0. Poatal piaaUir.'-
Will laara KVERY W tXN KBO AY at S p.m.
Str. ALBERTA 0. 3, -vO
AlbartB. Smith nutir. r
Thrhuth rataa glvaa to all poinu. Fralibl
eonalmad to tha Man-phia and Whlta KItoI
PaokatCo., at Mampbia or larrana, will b
rufwardad proDiiiiiy. rrnwriiorai
tion apply at offioa, No. 3 Madlaoe at., or
Call Talrhona. H. O. l.OW K.
HiMirn coaHiatiAi. tui,
l'i l.a.K, HIS Hlath 61., Waaklnstoa, 1.
n Pmvidna LMelioally ruelal baaiueaaaaa
eatlon. No terma aor Vuattont. btudonti
enter at any time. Tonal I Life eoholarahln,
aio. Twalre weak' Ooarae. Hoard, eta.. 176.
bona lor guuiuiK.i
Frlare PolnK.....JiMa Ln, S p.m.
Oaceola.... -CiiiBon, 5 p.m.
t'lnrinnitl. ..Onto, S p.m.
fc't.Franeia HlTor...llN Maoiiaot, I p.m.
Arkanaaa Kirar....K. W. Coli,5 la.
White River Ai.msta No. 3, (,.,
HVK!IIi:T.i lr Tlli! I.CVKK.
Artimh Kste AdHin1, Arkansas
O ty; Uui'sapcako, TiDtnnvil'e; Ohio,
t'.nc:un.ti ; Uty of Nat'.-hfB, Sew Ot-
'Dtmrturn. Oitv of Natehrt. Cairo:
ChPHpcakp,Tiptonyille; Kate Adams,
ArkHiisas City.
Kite Adams 375 bales ao'.tbn, 41
bnei peed cotton, 2503 sks eottin sted
and 59 pkitsenndr.es.
Cliturti'eike Ul bales cotton, 10
haes seed cotton, 499 i-k.i eittan teed,
2H7 sks corn, 00 ska pjtatotaand 11
pkgs sundries.
City of Natohci 3") hhdo and 019
brla etigur, 6'J8 brls -n-1 'M-s, head
stock ai.d () (kta sundri. .
Ohin-2522 kens naik 28', brls pota
toef, 17S brls spples. 1L'5 brla lour, 100
brla oil, 23 hales cotton, 109 eks cotUn
teed and 670 pkirs sundries.
Cl.EABnd cold.
BusiNEfs only moderate.
The Granite Ptate is on her way
from Cinciunali to this port.
The Albert No. 3, Capl. fimlih,
leaves tomorrow for White river.
Tub rivers are fro in over at Daven
port, Keokuk, L Crosre, Omaha and
BU Pdiil.
The Hownidn.of JefTdrsnvllle, bava
built 391 steamboats, aud are s'iU
building more.
The reniirs to the wheel of tha
James O'Connor have been completed
and she is uv.aiu doing service in tha
Tub Kate AdAnrts arrlvod on time
from Arkau,ai City ar il returned to
the same point iu the evening with a
good trip.
Tub ChrsftponV.e brought 137 pack
ages from the upper coatt and return
ed to Tiptonvi'.ie laut night with a
good (rip,
Dunma tho twenty-four honrs end
irg at nom ye.nurday the river at this
point rope 7 tenths, the xauge regis
tering 18.3.
The river rontintnn to f.ill at St.
Louie, with but 33 on the guge.
Navinaiion from theie south is piat
ticatly susponditd.
Tub Rone MacroaJy ehnuld be In
this evening, and she returns to BU
Krtineis rivi-r tomorrow. Capt O. K.
Jorillu command!,
Tii a James Lse is the Leo Lina
packut leaving for Helena, Friars .
Point and all way landiags. Wo.
Astiford is her clerk.
It was very cold on the levea yes
terday and ''red hot" slovn located
in the ofllcas and other p'acos on tha
river front were cloeely hugged by all
classes of people.
Tub E. W. Cole Is due today from
Arkansas river, and she la the regular
packet leaving tomorrow evaaing for
all points on Arkausas rlvtr through;
to Tine Ulud. Capt. Kd. Nowland La
in command.
Thb City of Cairo wai at Cairo yes
terday and aha is ex pet ted to past
here this morning on her way to
Vickshurg. She has several hundrad
packages for this port and she will add
here about 30 tons of miscellaneous
Tin CKy of Providence was expect
ed to pass here lait night on her war
to Ht. Louis, There are (100 balas of
cotton awaiting her at the core press
which sre f ir rnshlpineak Hmi at
Cairo. The I'rovldenco will lay np at
the latter place.
""Tnala't heard of the City at Haw
Orleans, due here Wedntvdty, from
Ht. Louis, was to the eff . ct, that lha
was hard egronnd at App'e Creek bar, '
above Cairo. A dlnnatoli saya (list tha '
s'enmer Mali was alongside 'the New
Orleans, aud assisting her over tha
Tub eleg iut etetmor Ohio, In umu
inand of the popular O.ipt, II. M.
Daem, arrived yesterday morning rom
the Ohio river with 4970 packages of
freight, which she discharged at tho
elevator. Bhe is receivlog at the foot
ot Court atreet, and lravoa ais even
ing for Cairo, Kvansvi b, Clnoinnatt
and way poinia on the Ohio and Mis
sissippi rivers. Messrs. Harry Proc
tor and Harry Bar t are her clerks.
Orrica Signal 8bbviob, U. 8. A.,1
Mbmpuis, December 2, 1 p.m.
The following observations are taken
at all stations named at 76 meridian
tlmo, which is one hour fauter than
Memphis time:
Ab've Low
Water. Change.
Rise Fall
Feet. lOths 10th lOtha
Cairo 23 2 - 8
Chattanooga.... 6 0 9
Cincinnati 23 6 - 31
Davoiport M
Dubnqne 18 1
Fort Hmith..... 1 2 1
Helena - 22 1 18 ...
Keokuk - -
La Crosee....; - -
Leavenworth... 8 5 1
Little Kock 2 0 0
Ixiuisville 10 6 9
Memphis 18 8 7 -
Nashville. 9 6 12
New Orleans.... 2 4 3 -
Omidia -
Pittsburg 8 6 1
Ht. Louis 3 8 6
rft. Paul -
Hhreveport 10 ' 6 - -
Vicksburg 13 1 2 -
New Obi.bans, La., December 2.
tJnnn Arrival! ! (lit of Raton RonM.
Bt. Lonls; Oliver Be me. Ohio river.
PTTTRBtraa, Pa., Deoember 2. Noon
River 8 feet 11 inches on the gangs
and stationary. Weather dear and
tVimin W. Vi.. Dacember U.
v i;it,u 10 fAat 1 1 Inr hufl on tha
UUU 1NIDI - .www '
gauge and stationary. Weather clear
and cola.
n,.mm n Dacnmber 2. Noon
River 23 (eot 0 inches on the gangs
and falling, w earner wear, ww-
mometer n .
I Vv Ttapamharf Noon
River fdlling.wlth 11 feet in the canal
and 8 feet 8 tncnes on ins i
nefis dnll. Weather clear and cold.
Cairo, III, December 2.-Noon
River 23 (eet 4 inches on ths gauge ani
falling. Weather cloudy and cold. Ar
rived: Desoto, Memphis, 9 p.m.; Iron
Duke and tow. Memphis, 5 a.m.: U
Shivers, Lmisville, 6 a.m. New Mary
Houston, C;nr-inuHti,9 s.m. Departed:
Desoto, Cincinnati, 11 p.m.; City of
Cairo, Vn-kHhurg, 4 a.m.; Iron Dokj
and tow, Pitttburg, 8 a.m. ; T. Shiv
ers, New Orleans, 8 a.m.
aw.M-j-. -

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