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;V0L.:XLYI NO. 233
Bob Gates Does Memphis Frond
the Field Trials Sews From
Neighboring Towns.
Columbus, Mibj., December 3. Fire
bngs have made their appearance in
oar city. List nUbt the entire de
partment waa called out three times.
The only damage done, however, waa
the burning of a large barn with hay
and grain. The lose is about jil'UO,
insured for .1500. Bales of raits satu
rated with oil were fonnd at otber
places where flie was started. The
Mayor has offered $100 rewaid for the
apprehension of tiie ntnas.
Oar election for Mayor and Council
men will be held Monday, the 6th in
stant Foot candid tes for Mayor
have been aonoancna : l u. Kerksey,
A lawer; R. E. Moore, one of the
largest planters of the county: L,
Goodrich, of the draa firm of Gooi
rich A Street, and II. M. Lancey, who
la at present uity juarsnai. ine con
test will be close and a full vote will
be polled. Good feeling has prevailed
so far.
It has been raining all day and the
water freeaing as fast as it fell. The
trees are all loaded down with ice.
Taa Prraldoat III Tha Telephone
nail l oarrmHuinii t lenient jaar-
rled-aUal.ter Jarvia.
special to tbi ArriAL.
Washington, December . 3. The
President caagat a cold in moving
about the house yesterday, and was
Buttering more eevereiy from bis rheu
matism today. lie concluded, for this
reason, not to leave hiB room. Ka-
mors were current that his illness was
more serious, but Col. Lamont states
that these were entirely , unfounded.
The present attack, he said, was not
sufficiently severe to justify consulting
a pbVBician.
Solicitor General Jeicfcg, ex-Solicitor
Uoode and trie lion. Jill. Chandler, of
counsel for the government, left last
evening for Columbus, O., to confer
with ex-Senator Tburman, also one of
the government counsel, as to the
next legal B eps to be taken with re
gardtothe Bell Telephone case. It
appears the counsel are divided on the
question whtther to appeal the case to
tne u. a. supreme uourt or commence
a new action in tue courts of Masaa
chusetts. The conference of counsel
will determine the next steps to be
Representative Clements stopped in
Louisville ves.erdav. en route to this
city, and married a wife, whom he will
bring to the capital with him. The
bride, Miss 8. Dulaney, is the sister of
the wife of Representative Willis. Mr.
Clements is the man who defeated the
Georgia Independent, Wm, Fenten
lor Codbtcm.
The report that Minister Jarvis has
returned ironi .Uracil to lay the foun
dation of a contest against Senator
Ransom for the seat now occupied
by the latter, is denied by friends of
Dotp parties.
Mlata Ooah'a Arrival UO Bales
oi vvitoa liaraea.
Nashtilib, Tens., December 3.
The Nashville Bar met today and
memorialised the incoming Legislature
to cnance tne time ot Holding Chan
eery Court back to April and October
as under the old law, insteady of Jan
nary and July. Coancellor Allison
was petitioned to keep open the
present term daring December, and
will do so, tbus enabling lawyers to
5 ash through their cases so as to have
anuary for the Supreme and other
court work.
Tha famous lithographic etono anar-
ries lying along tbe line between C ay
ana uverton counties nave been par
chased by a wealthy corporation
headed by W. N. Haldemab, of the
.Louisville Courier-Journal. They have
several tons at Celina on the wharf
ready for shipment.
The Banner hee made up the vole ii
the last election in thperand Hivmi na
It shows that East Tennessee gave Alf
'laylor 17,328 mrjority, ageinst 18,059
for Reed. Midule Tennessee gave
Bob Taylor 23,744, Rgain.it 22,105 for
Bate. West Tennessee gave Bob Tay-
lor 10,357, against 3479 Lt Bite. The
total vote this year, compared to two
years ago, Ml 6149. Eabt Tennessee,
oooo : fliiucue rennre-ee, Biaa.
H. M. Doak arrived to lay. He will
take charge of the United States Cir
cuit Clerkship on the 15th.
A disastrous fire occurred at tbe
itecatur depot warehouse today, de
stroying or daroaniog 120 bales of cot
ton and burning several flat cars.
Eighty baits of cotton were totally
destroyed. The fire is thought to
cave been started by a spark from
passing engine. Henry Jolly, a col
ored fireman, fell and broke his leg,
Lobs, $40,000 J insured.
A Hall.Carrier Foully Hardered.
Abibsbev, Miss., December 3.
From an authentic source we learn
that on the 1st inst. William Under
wood, tba mail carrier from Hamilton
to iiaieyg, was foaly murdered by un
known parlies and the mail bags
rifled of their contents. Halevs is
twenty miles east of Hamilton. Un
derwood was shot in the breast and
i i I.. . .
vava, .mux oucKanou mere is no
ciew. ,
Bok OalM, of Kampala, Wlaa Every
IIUa.: ,
High roim, N. 0., November 3.
Bob Gates and Fannie W. finished
their unfinished heat of yesterday.
Bob had tbe advantage in speed and
range and outworked Fannie on birds.
Fred W. and Hlocum then com
peted. The latter ranged badly. Fred
W. had the better range and speed
and found tbe birds, but acted so
badly that he lost the heat
Gloster and Belle ran a short heat.
They were about equal in spesd and
range. Gloster bad the advantage In
style, and outworked Belle and won
the heat.
Chance and Daisy F. then competed.
They were aboutequal in speed, rango
and style. Daiar had a slight advan
tage in work on birds. It was a very
clwebeat. Daisy wonj
Bob Gates had a bye. In this series
Bob Gates and Nlocum ran a short
heat. Bob had the advantage in
every particular and bad an easy win.
Daisy F. and Glonter ran a very
i42LB!iidii'9 "vantage
In speed and range, in style they were
about equal. Gio'ter did the better
work on birds and won.
Bob Gates and Glitter then ran for
first place and ptiae. Bo'j was tbe
favorite, and wider ranger in m ition
and had tbe advantage ia style: on
point they wero seariy equal. .Bob
did much the better work on game
ana won.
The Champion stake closed tonight
with five entries, two pointers and
three Fetters. The following is the or
der of drawire: Rohert le Diablo,
Ma:napring, Gath's Mark, Foreman
and Jfaol Gladstone.
The Raeeeva of ilie "F.i.n Great"
Aaiiurea Slew Ealera-riaea.
SHirFiiLO, Ala., December 8. The
matter of locating the principal shops
of tbe Memphis and Charleston rail
road and of running their line through
Sheffield, which was referred to tbe
board oi directors, has been settled
the proposition being accepted, and it
la now a question oi a snort time
when trains on the Memphis and
Charleston will ran through this city
and tbe sound of the hammer will be
heard in their shops, to be erected
here. A company was formed last
night to erect a large cast iron pipe
works, nail works, etc., the corpora
tion to be known as the Bhi ffiald Pipe
and Nail Company, to be organized for
the purpose of making cast, wrought
iron, piping, bolts, nuts, nsi's, screws
and other articles made of iron and
steel. The company is a strong one,
consisting ot sucn men as tne lion
Henry B. Cooper, of Atlanta; Moses
Bros.. Montgomery, Ala.: W.
Chambers, J. R. Adams and the Hon
David Clompton, of Montgomery, and
others. Tbe capital stock is $100,000,
and every dollar la taken. Tbe lion
H. B. Tompkins is at the head of the
enterprise, and that is enoogh to in
sure its success. The company bas
sold in the last few days about $200,
000 worth of lots. Now that the suc
cess of Sheffield is assured beyond all
reasonable doubt, it is bnt justice to
state mat mncb is due to dpt. Alfred
li. Moees, tbe manager, and to Col, ,
W. Cole for the great inteieat he has
A Pioneer Itoad A Fatal Traged
a. biihu, aia, .
Chattanooga, Tinn., December
Mr. Robert Cravens, an East Ten
nessee pioneer, died at his home, on
Lookout Mountain, today.
Cravens was the projector of the first
iron furnace erected in the State, and
has been identified with many of the
early schemes for the upbuilding of
tbe city, lie cams Here in 1851) and
has l.ved here ever since.
At Stevenson, Ala., yestereay.
man named Tamer went to the house
of a neighbor named Carter, and call
ing him out of his hoaee, shot him
twice, but failed to kill him. Carter
then ran into his house, secured
gun, and before Turner could get out
oi tne way, snot mm dead.
The Missionary Kidge Tost. Grand
Army of tbe Republic, tonight elected
state, and elected Mrs. Kate Mclatyre
as president.
Aa Vataer Palla a PUtol
Daring aa
Knoxvilli.Tenn.. December 3 At
McMillan's, ten miles east of Knox
ville, last night, Graham's school
closed with an exhibition. The build
ing was crowded and the aisles full.
A. n-ppes got on a bench to get a rood
view, inarue snipe, tne ueber, or
dered him down. He refused. They
Snarreled, and Eppea knocked Ship
own. The latter then drew a navy
pistol acd fired, missing the man.
Panic stricken woaoen fainted and
children screamed. Ihe pistol was se
cured. After a time the exhibition
was resumed.
A big fight over the little office nt
J ustice cf the Peace is tag ng. Mor
rison is banked by the Tribunes, Dick
son by tbe Anti-inbunes. 'Ihe ne
groes brought out a card tonight, and
win eieci uicason without aouot.
Uleet, Hall and Snow Bnalneii.,
Watkb Valley. Mia.. December 3.
A regular blizzird has bean blowinir
all day, accompanied bva heavv fa 1 of
sleet, hail and snow. The earth is
covered two inches deeo. The weatbor
ismoderating. Thetbermameterianow
Jidegress. business is good. Cotton
receipls slightly in excess of last
Tbe Removal of Yanderbllt'a Body,
Quarantinb,-8. 1.. December 3.
Tbe body of William H. Vanderbilt
was removed today from the receiving?
vault in the Moravian Cemetery, at
New Dorp, S. I., to its final resting
iiace in tbe massive granite mauw-
eum on Lighthouse Hill, Ocean Ter
race, tne highest point in the Mora
vian cemetery, vine utmost precau
tious wera isxen to secure secrecy in
the removal, and only the detectives
wno nave oeen guarding tbe remains,
the cemeterV employee and thra
members of the Vanderbilt family
were present The casket was with
drawn and solemnly, without ralio-inns
ceremony, escorted by the dotective
guard to the mausoleum. Tbe great
gate of the tomb was unlocked and the
key given- to the Vanderbilt familv.
The detective guard was removed
from the receiving vault and placed
on duty at the mausoleum, where
they were seen at a late hoar tonight
pacing before the tomb with revolvers
in their belts.
Lcwdbobo's perfume, Edenis
Lundborg's perfume. Marnhil NIL
Lundborg's perfume, Alpine Violet.
Lundborg's Drfnme.iLII thm
Valley. . -
Drives Ashore.
Chicago. III.. December 3 A
special from Michigan Oity.Ind., says:
The schooner Wanderer, loaded with
staves, from Grand Haven for Milwau
kee, was driven ashore near New Buf
falo, twelve miles east of here, at an
early hoar this morning. The crew
escaped. The particulars Are mAHcyAr.
M none of the crew have yet trrivdd.
Tli PUubrg Club,
P f Tlta-Il FY Dfl "P A nAAAmkA. O f11
a. a twvmi, A A.a XrtUUIUUr J, x D8
Pit'sburg Baseball Club has signed
McKmnon, of the St. Louis Maroons,
to play first base next seaon. Npon.
liatious with Whitney, of the Kansas
City Club, are also W progress, and
his signature to a contract ia expected
in a few days.
NO BBTTIB liniment than Rfllvatimi
Oil. 25 cents.
Se Renews His Former Recommen
dation of Consolidating
the Bureaus.
Wasbinotok, Dncember 3. The re
port of Secretary of the Navy Whitney,
given out tonight, opens with a re
newal of hia former n commendation
of consolidation of bureaus, so as to in
sure responsibility in the purchase
and care of supplies, and states that so
far as bis power t x ended he had con
solidated in one bureau general pur
chases oi tne department, care and
custody of stores, and creating a sys
tem of bookkeeping by which the re
sponsibility for care and disposition
can be had. The report says: "There
is at present no real responsibility for
ins care ana disposition oi property,
Ia one bureau a property account is
kept, and in others none. Property
lost, misused or stolen cannot
traced or accounted lor, and no pereoo
can be held reeponslh'e. The Fourth
Auditor, in bis report just issued, calls
attention to tnis remarkable circum
stance, which was also referred to in
my last annual report. The inventory
shows a very large and unnecessary
accumulation of stores and supplies by
the different bureaus, aggregating over
$20,000,000 in appraised valne. The
board reports between $3,000,000 and
$4,000,000 in value to be obsolete and
useless at tbe present time, only en
tailing expense for keepers and con
stant care to preserve them in condi
Kegardirg tne new ciuiaers tbe re
port eavs: The experience of the de
partment. in its first attempt at th
creation of modern veseela of war, has
been such as to excite the greatest
concern and disappointment When
the Dolphin, Boston, Atlanta and Oh
cago were prolecte J, and tbe contrac
for tbeir cotstructiou entered into, it
was wen Known wnat tpoeu ouuht
be attained and what weight and
character of machinery per ton of dis
placement was nrcossarv to obtain it.
Commercial vessels had at that time at
tained speed ranging between sixteen
and nineteen knots, and cruisers were
being built in other countries, or had
already been built, attaining the same
Tbe secretary compares trial trins of
tne juoiumn ana Atlanta witn En
glish and French boa's only recently
completed, to the disadvantage of the
former. The Dolphin was designed
tor its auuu norae power, and devel
oped less than 2200, while tbe
Alacrity and Surprise, English boats.
ot 3000. developed 3173 and 3079 re
apectively. The Atlanta was dt signed
to attain 3500 horsj power, but her
engines develop lees than that, Tne
report says: "These facts are stated
without any intention of locating re
aponsibility or blame upon any per
son. It is impossible to ascertain
where it should be placed. In con
sidering the matter of constructing tbe
additional vessels authorised by Con
areas in March, 1885, it was decided
by the department to exhaust every
effort to avail itself of.lthe most ad
vanced thought and knowledge at
tained by our own and other countries
upon tne subject.
ine report says the department bas
accumulated a large amount of infnr.
mation, which will be utilxad in tbe
construction of vessels in the future
The report then gives a resums of bids
and awards for the new cruisers. Tbe
report treats of armor and guns for
monitors ana ironciaas at great length
and deprecates that this country
should be content to be dependent
upon manufacturers oi any otber na
tion for the fabrication of armor aud
high powered guns.
'ihe report savs: It would be a srpat
benefit at the present time if tha an.
pointment of a commission should be
authorised to lay before the next Con
gre38 a comprehsnsiva scheme of con
struction, such commission to be com
posed of both civilian and naval ex
perts lit to deal with the mibier'. If
Uongrecs shoull at its next soesioa
mr.ke provision for the manufacture
in this country of armor and of high
powered guns, and should take steps
or sacuniig a Dnuuer and more lnt .
lignnt consideration proner to be un
dertaken, no time would in the end
be loctand mistakes would be avoided
Meanwhile it is my duty to call attun.
tion to the urgent necessity for imme-
ouie acuon.
Concerning the exnendilures. the
report says: Ia the adjustment of the
acconns for tbe fiscal year ending
une 30. 1886. and after Davincr all 11a.
I.; ;.:.. 41 "... .
Km 1,1 co iui mo jour, 11 is Deiievea that
there will ba an unexpended balance
from $000,000 to $050,000. ahout
one-half of which is pay of tbe navy
and pay of the marine corp, shoeing
an expenditure of about $13,500,000, or
upwaras oi souu.uuu less than tbe sd
propriatious. These amounts do not
nciade tbe expenditures for steel
cruisers and completion of the double
turreted monitors. It is cited that
this is the first time in many years
that the expenditures have been kept
within the appropriation. The Secre
tary 'recommends that the Naval Acad
emy course ba'.shortened.to.four years,
as recommended by the' commandant
of the academy. He also urges that
apprentices be admitted to tbe academy
and says : "Itia the desire of the depart
ment that the naval service should not
be open to any charge of exclusiveness.
the sols exception to this sound and
wholesome principle of our national
policy. To this end It would recom
mend that measures be taken bv
which, undor Prooer' safngnarda. ail.
mission to the Naval Academy might
be given to a limited number of ap
prentices, who would be then sub-
ected to tbe eame course of tra minor
and examination as the other cadets,
and who, under the application of a
uniform teBt. should stand or fall
solely sccordmg to the strength or
weakness Of their own merits." Tha
remainder of the report is devoted to
detailed report trom the heads of
various bureaus.
Tni people may talk about hum-
bags and patent mediolnes as much as
they please, but we stick to the plain
fact that Dr. Bull's Cough Svrun will
cure a cough quicker than any physi
cian's prescriptions.
Ballroad Completed.
T-, ti i . Vm T 1. a rm..
Kansas, Nebraska and Dakota railway
is completed to this citv. The mail
is row flu is tied from fort Scott to
xopeaa and trains will be running
AmalcamatMl Will
'111 ere.
Hot Be
PmsBDBO. Pa December 8. Tha
inalgmated Association of Irnn anH
Sleel Workers will not be represented
at the convention of ntt'ona! and in-
rnnti'inul trades uniora, which will
ba held at Columbus, O., next year,
notwithstanding the f-tct that tbe
name of Win. We. he, piveidect of
the association, was attached to the
call for the meeting. Sdo ctary Mar
tin ssys the call was iseuif before the
annual convention ot tliens-oi'iatioii
in this city tmt Jane. It was thea
decided, f r reawus best' known to
themselves, not to go into the trades
unionists convention. This ac;.iou
has caused conuiderabk) surprise
among tbe trades unionists here, and
is regarded by thera as a serL na mis
take. Leading Knights of Labor con
i-ider it a point in their favor, as they
have generally been very cudpioiona
of the object of the convention. It
was also rumored today that the
Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers
had taken the same position as the
Amalgamated Association-, and they
would not be represented next week
at the convention at Columbus.
Wllaoa-Moea Affair Caaalac
ureal &riicuirai,
Putnam, Ct., December 3. The
Wilson-Moen affair bas caused great
excitement here and in the surround
ing towns where Wilson formerly
uvea, i nis aiiernoon a rr, porter went
to East Thompson and bail an inter
view with Mrs. Lynan Porter. Wil
son's mother. She said emphatically
that shs is Wilson's own mother and
that Jonas Wilson was bis real father,
8he also said that the record of Wil-
son's birth at Oxford was correct. She
thinks that Wihon ia not in bis right
mm a. one aoes not snow ot any
mystery. She is 68 years old and is
broken down in health. Wilson is the
perfect picture of her in the face, es
pecially tbe nose. lorenead and ex
preaaion of the eyes. 8he says-she
never saw or heard of Mosn till of late
years. Her husband is a shoemaker
and is supported mottly by Wilson.
Mr. Portfr saye his wife avers that
Wilson is her legitimate son.
Tbe w. c. T. IT. Wlvln II lo If rs
WhMaey for Mervluy Wlao.
Ft. Louis. Mo.. December 3. At
their convention today the members
of the St. Louis District Women's
Christian Temperance Union adopted
ine lonowing resolutions:
Whibbas. ice newspapers report
that Mrs. Whitney, wife of the Secre
tary of the Navy, not long since gave a
dinner at which were present eighteen
ladies, including President Cleveland's
young wife, but no gentlemen ; and
whereas, the papers report that
courses of different alcoholic drinks
were served ; therefore be it
Ketolved. That the Women's Chris-
tian Temperancs Union of Missouri
express their deep mortification and
profound regret that ladies in this hiirh
social position ehould themselves set
this bad example to tbe people of this
already drink diseased country; and
be it further .
Jletolfed, That the secretary of this
convention transmit a couv of this
resolution to Mrs. Cleveland.
Two Conrageoa rasters.
Pabis, December Merlattia. who
has now fasted thirty-nine dsys. fell
today from extreme weakness. The
committee of physicians which bas
been in attendance upon him during
his long period of abstinence, advised
him to terminate his fast, which he
has refused to do. Tbs -phvelclans
thereupon declined to tukf uy farther
responsibility in the matter bat they
will remain with the faster in case
their professional services are needed.
Signor Succi, who has undertaken to
lest thirty days for a purse of I2Q00
remains cheerful and does not lose
much in weight. He proposes during
1,,'a loaf n n.lb n VAnll'. ...I
uid .ma. iw n kv . mnuiicD RUU UK,.,
a distance ot twenty mile.
A Heavy Patent Sail.
Detroit, December 3. Kaoul Pierre
l'ictet, inventor of a new amej-
thetic, has bronght suit in the
United States Circuit Court for
infringement of pa'ent against J,
Anrerows and JUUbnru ft Wil
Hams, who were engnged in mnnufac
taring the compound in Detroit. A
motion for a preliminary inunction
wil! come up. Mods. l'ictet baa sued
r. Andrews individually for $150.-
000 damagesclaimed to havo h?en re
ceived through Andrews' i;olcct to
keep an agreement by which be guar
anteed tbe formation of an English
rictet Company, in which trio invent
or would have $30,000 s'ortr, and from
which he would xeceive $40,000 in cash
tor me patunt rigni.
No Troth la tbe Report.'
Washington, December 3. In ref
erence to a special published in New
York this afternoon, to the tfloct that
President Cleveland was confined to
is bed with rheumatism, and that
his condition was such that bis friends
were becoming concerned, Col. Li-
mont says it is untrue.
Thej Are Hoi Sorry.
There is one thing nobodv ever re
gretsthat is, the day they first adopt
ed Porker's Tonic as their regular fam
lly medicine. Its range ia so wide
and its good effects so sure, that notb
ing else, except good nursing, ar
needed in a great maioritv of casea
Buy it, try it, and afterward lt will not
require any praise from us.
A Vlaher Usable o Braeb Port.
ROCKPOBT. MASS.. Denomrtnr 3 The
fiabing schooner Nellie Florence, of
this port, anchored in tbe bay yester
day, being unable to reach port on
account of the wind. She waa seen
to drag or part cable.drlft to sea in the
afternoon aud has not since been
seen. Much anxiety is felt for her
safety. She is a small vessel and car
ried only one day's provisions.
A 135,000 Fire.
Indianapolis, Ind., December 3.
fire at Carlisle, about twentviiva
miles south of Terra Hante. earlv this
morning, caused $25,000 damages.
Tbe heaviest loss was sastainod by
Aiken A Sons, dry goods and grocer
ies, $17,600; insurance, $7600. But
for the fact that snow covered the
roofs, the town would have been !
Notice of Dissolution.
TUB partnriihlp heretofore exlrtini be
tween J. B. Boiler and F. OainiAell,
niior im ueaie anu llji. of CemuDell
oiler, ntRed In the Steem Laundry and
birt ManutnoUirr buiine.u. it ItJi Hannnrl
ftreet, Memihi,Tenn., endin the dents'
nrniahlnt Uoodi KutablUhmont, U80 8.0
nd itreet, ! thin liar di..,.i v,l h n.uin.l
agreement. Mr.J.B. Hoiler will oontinue
to oonduot tbe Bteain r.n.K. U.,.... .
S24 Seoond itreet. Inbli indlfidual right and
uiei a mr. vumpbell wl.l eontinc
eonijuot the hhirt n.inu.. ., tn
Beoorid itreet, and alto the (ientu' Vuniinh-
!""; jy.iauiiFoinent, beoundit..
nil individual rmlitand rami.
Memphl,Deo. 1,196. j R, kuiilUH..'
la n Sir In Hhlladrlphll
it Uie lw.uijir aiIvhiC
For Ladles and Misses.
S-KRHMIR'S mb (Us too th Proper 0r-
aunt, and yea 8AV1 MONIV lypmr
ohiilBi joar CLOAK enly fron
-! of FINE WRAPS n
arRKMNANTS &d Short Ltntthtcf In
W DRKSS LENGTHS, at Raaet Prloi
a-Swial I3.0O JACKET A COAT 8 A LB
Most Elegant Selection
lad America! Product loa of
t9Onr select ion eoinprlaca
Elegant Stales (of IbeLateat)
And 1IE8T Maker, Foreign
and Do me tic
I-Our Good are Imported
DIRECT, turongn OCU na-
tom House.
t'laolng, Dyelna Itopalrlug,
No. IT W. Conav STaiav.
Oeorgw t, KTioliol.
Wholesale and Retail.
X7H Neeond Street.
308 Front St.
oal PlanomaJkerq
E Iran or Plaaaa, Orcaaa,
&tii'J- tal IaitrameaU O.n.rally.
'ft li" itm ST., MEHPHia.
U. S. BNaiai.B Orric, I
Memiihll. Tnn.. Nnnmlin I V IBM I
fubfeflt to th. Dia.l nnnrtitl.tn..ill hm
reoelred at thta elBoe until 12 m. of December
8, lMtA, to be then and tb.r. nubliol? open.d,
lor leve. worn la th. Mtmlulppl-Yatoo
For blank form, and detailed Information
arplr at tbi. ouice.
ine runi la reaerTed U rejot any or all
bid., and to waive deteon.
ib.niiU 0, LEACH,
Carain of Kirlneere. IJ. H Ar nr.
1)11. H. L. LASKI,
I'lijgiclini, Narxeon and Aeoonctaer
313 Main Ktreet, Near Union.
l id i
la&r less.
Total New Business Greater than the total new business of All
Other Lite Companies now represented in Memphis Combined.
Increase In Snrplus moro than twloe the total Increase ot
surplus ot all other Life Companies now represented in Memphis,
Room No, 1. Cotton Exchange Building, Memphis, Tennossee
AT COST, FOR TIIIUTY DAYS, to innke room for Spring
Stock. One lot' Open KokkIch. aiiKnblo for eonntrv naav
OVII OWN MAKIIFACTUKE, and fully gnnrauteed.
Lilly Carriage Co.
325 Second Street. Memphis, Term.
5 Cnr-loada Nteel NhIIh,
.1 ('ar-loada Nnull and Koda,
1 ('ar-loiid Iarl, HaniH and MaiiMage.
8 C'arloadi Ainerleau Kurdluea.
1 Tarlnad New ItaiHinis
1 t'ar-load Hew Naluion,
1 C!arloitd California Canned Fruit,
lO C'ar-loada ToiuatoeH. leaehea, IJoru, Etc.,
1 t'ar-load Atmore'N III I nee Meat,
a Car-load New York Itiickwlieat,
8 Car-load IMnafeet, lirntit aud llarrel Plcklca,
a Car-loidn Nilter Nou (.'ream ClieeHC,
a Car-loadn Virginia Peanut.,
u Car-lond-4 Fire Craek era and Fireworks,
a Car-loadn A ula and Currant,
S Car-load Fine llanauaa,
S Car-load lied lieu Davl ApnlcM,
a Car-loada Freali Fancy Candle,
1 Car-load Oatniial. CrUrial 11'lmni. Ktn..
And a complete aaaortineiit
lor tue apceiai uo
(nTMcud lor
Oliver, Finnic cfi?
lj!iiiia,lil?,s8)i!oeiiswai .
Dinner, Toilet and Chamber Sets in Great Variety.
WlimU ftr lhelbrad:JBRItWOOO VITRiriEDeiIIA, ape: ,
-i. Dim mlwnixl for Hotel., Roafanrnnla and airamhoiila.-n
Dry Goods, Mions, M:i
Ntt. Sli land 323 Main
TSSSTiXKSfmVwltll.i ?. WIr
MifctBrlo Co.1 Flaldi, DrfUg, filiMtUMr. 8fatny, ? i
XV. W. Brown.
II, F. Garrett.
W. KT. Brown Sl Co.
2GG Front Street,
m. a. ir,
W. n. BOaTOS,
Let f Meaehaa k D.rWt.
? 60-221 Vront Street Zfanavhli Temn.
Speers Cotton Gin
Haling; from Mulberry to St. Martin Stroots
1 0
" Insurance and Saoks free.
J&lThe Largest and only Complete Gin in the city.
WBeiit Yield. Beat Sample.
J, RiSOIIflili St
And Commission Merc&aats.
Ilea, S4 md SO JRadlawn G(refL JIcr3"i
of Staple and Fancy flrocerle
of t'ountry Jnercltauta.
a l'rleoLlnf.-fjii
SU feaplds,:Tiuu
W. X. Ilrown,Jr.
Memnlifff, Tonn,
m. w. aaxunr.
li i r m-iy i w TiTii 'TiHTiiTii1 ispisil
3l.phon Ko. U.
pmm'W." ami '"laHtlBiHWIT ! f
1 ' l T" m m aaarBaaBBaaaaaajraw awaBw.rw..waaj'a

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