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rtumrl ' 1 bl Konte-Traloi
t M. Louti feat " ,l 8 J"
tS.' rl" arrive; 1; P.-
li.l, fait Hue err.' -Trivial
ily l '
li:00..m.t . daily a t -son .n. fa tj , B- d t. Daring hie ill
0KiB..J'ti'B en-irea ! H .,.,ia I. Mi mother.
VV. Im duly at 8: P
C ri ia aiuvim IB li
I daily (elMI'l P""'.
daily (eicept Sunday )at 6:15
n. d. not ltop a ifl.g ita-
" i lima
Brelgfc) larri.ei '
a m. laaTe d
uHiij "or WbitabaTen, Horn Lake
J V - '. ti. nn thl.roadrnn ufol-
lawi- New Orle.ni fast mail, daily, leavei
a 7:10 P.m.; Vlok.burg wf.il. dally.
Jt atS:lS a.m. ,! ' ''
:v..BilO a.m. :VioUbor
"aJfflitPSX ,5at.".il. - Train,
.ore ai followit Fait mail arriTel daily at
?16 i.m. t laarai at 10 :1U p.m. i ma 1 leavei
daily at 10:10 a.m. I arrival .at i i p.m.
.I.llla aeoommodatlom leavei dally.
Ixoapt Sunday, at (Hal p.m. I arrlveidailr.
!S;nd.. at S Ml a.m. (itendard time).
Waif atoulo-ltaanaas l'll,tpruaa-
fl.'.l nan einpniai irain. .
. f..li-., Nn. 4. Kaniai City el
fcrSmlaaTat at 10:45 a.m-1 No. 8. Kama
ianiaVVty mail. la.T- atJ.-OO p.m.l Ho. 1.
V . i t .i! arrival &t g:45 a.dk. ItO,
I.nJn aad Ohloart aapTMl, laarat at
,t - . N. 1. Hi. Louia and ChieaMOX-
MM.'arriyai at 1:45 a.m. la affaot Sunday,
Mamipiil Md rhKrleatam Tralal
atara M follow! I Thronth axpraai laatai
ii.ii. in mi n.am. Mail and axDraM laaral
In. nn &.m. HAKrvllla a4Mommoda
tioa laayaa dally,' axoapt Bunday, at 4:40
p.m. Taraaaxpri arrWaidaHy tS:88
a.xa. Mall aad axpranarriTai daily at
B.m. Homarrtlla aaoommodatioa arriTaf
dally, axwpt Banday. at ":30a.m.
Hnhias Mlrnataicltana Atla
M Hal
. . .1 U.mi,Mi il M:H .B. I NOi
6 laava Mamphla dally at T :1 p.m.. arrlyaa
at llolly Bprlao at 11:45 p.m.! No. laayaf
Welly Sprint dally at iil5 a.m., arriTM at
U..1i it.lA.iK&.n.
Bfeasplila mu4 Utile Book. Train!
vara aa (ollowi (oaatral Itandard tlmali
fo. 1 laara! daily at ifJH p.m,i arrival at
:a.aa. No. ilaavaa at :65 a.m. J arrival
J 1 1 146 a.m. Mo. 6 ((TaliM) laaTai uovanam
ally Wxoapt Bunday) at l:J0 a.m.l arrWai
iAi p.m.
F Alabama, Jfiuimlppi and Loui
liana: Ughl rain; taiterly vnnds; ilight
til warmer.
For T tnneure: Light mini; northeatt
mrly Hwfi; 'tightly warmer.
ForArkanmK Light raitu; northtatt-
tbl wind; variablt temperature.
The riven will continue to fall elowly,
except a ilight riee in the Mitiiuippi above
Hew Oruan.
torolna:lail Beprt.
Ily Bprlaai oaia "aini u"
1 H. 1 laava nampau oaui mi o.wj
a. l am iw at uony ip""f!
. II .1.1 1 Rnrlnai da 1 at :10
"Time. J Bar. Ther. VVind. WW?
7:00 a.m..T0.43r, 25.0 N.E. Lsnow
8:00 p.m. Pl 273 25 0 N.K. Sl'ting
10:00 p.m "80.242 21.0 N.E. Lsnow
iazimum temnerHture,
Minimum temperature, 21.
Osone, 11 a.m., 1.
Rainfall, 0.42.
The first snow of the season.
Court Square was deeorfed last
The convenience of street cars
will be properly appreciated this
The Century for December, and
Modern Holt, by Thome, are J oat in at
A marrlane license was issued
yesterday to Orange Ferry and Miss
fcllsa Allen, colored.
There are thirty-eight prisoners in
the County Jail, twenty-seven of whom
have yet to be tried.
A defective flue caused slight
dsnuge to the roof of the Christian
Brothers' College yesterday morning.
The last charity ball was a great
success. The one to come off nest
month bids fair to give still greater re
lief to the destitute of the city.
The sale of seats torThstcher.Prlm
rose and West's Minstrels begins to
day at Mallords. They give but two
performances here, Monday and Tues
day nights.
P. G. A nil, the embe tiler from
TTT 1 . UA nlnnlnn
in good luck. Chief Davis yesterday
received a telegram from the Whu-
keeha authority a that friends of tne
prisoner who is held here had settled
his defalca'ion and he would not be
sent tor. The only charge now re
mainin a.alniit him is eteallug two
towels from Frank Hturla.
Greek Qoorgn, the Wreeilor, called
at the ArraAL olUce laxt night and de
clared his iutunlion of leaving his $50
forfeit on deponit, to await all comers,
lie is anxious to wrt s.le any man in
Tenne'See, cahh es catch ran, and
will give up hid 150 if he (ails to throw
Lis autaftouiet four times in one hour,
lie is also anxioiu to nient anybody
in a (pairing mntch, four runnda
or fkht to a llnisli. Marquis of Queerm-
bury rules, fur $ i0 or $100 a Bide, the
match to take p ace two weeks from
the date of nignlng articles,
money is deposited in this otllce.
Mm Li xs is B. Garrison, of Browns
ville, is visiting Judge Douglass's
family on Shelby street.
Ths Rev. Dr. Slim, of Mobile, Ala.,
is in the city, and will remain several
days visiting relatives ana irienus.
Ths Mlencs Woolfolk. of Lexlrigton,
and Mis9 Nora Winter, of Hontaville,
are the gueeto of Miss Norma Good
man, Shelby street
Ths Rev. J. B. Briney will deliver a
lecture on Sunday night on the un
written History ol the pre-Adamlc Con
dition of the Earth."
Ybstibdat afternoon Conductor
Hailev's condition was regarded as
hopeless, and late last evening it was
leered tnat be was rapiaiy aying.
Shakkb droned turkeys and chick
ens, venison steaks, beet Norfolk can
oysters, freh celery, Kentucky spare
libs, nork tenderloins and back bones.
lake perch and trout, quails, Kansas
Uity Ireeb meats 01 au ainus, eio.,
eto., at Victor D. Fuchs'a market, Nos.
88 and 41 Jenerson street.
At a meeting of Lelia Scott Lodge,
No, 280, Free and Accepted Masons,
held laH Wednesday night, the follow
ins officers were elected : James 8.
Mahaffr. W. M.; A. McNeil, S. W
L. Riegel, J. W. ; William Finnle, er
retary ; A. F. Davis, treasurer. This
lodge will work in the E. A. degree
next Wednesday night.
Joasrn Locks died at No. 02 Court
street at 2 o'clock yesterday morning,
lie was the son of one of the old time
Mayors of Memphis, and brother to
Mr. Charles G. Locke, business mana
ger of the Ledger. Joe Locke was
born and reared in this city, served
gallantly through the late war in the
Confederate service, receiving five
wounds, and at the age of 19 rmnrned
to Memph'S at the close of ths con
test. He wa a young man of warm
and generous Impu'sss, honorable and
fearless, and was renpftctttd and ad
mired by Jarge circle ci friends and
and burying the J a J. For eorae
be had b n in declining newm,
naturally became cer-ponaen;
notwithstanding Lis light aaa cneenui
di pjti ioo. Lit Mouday r.0 became
brother, friends and protmneni phy
Bicir.ns.biit rothins; could be done.
u9 v j aawMva ' " '
Keiblt HiossUr, Mis. Andrew, ana ner utue
daughter, to whom Job l.'icie was
much attached Arrived in time rom
Illinois to witness hie dying momeuts.
The inner o the lament ;d deceased
will take pl&ce at 2 o'clock tomorrow
(Sunday) from the residence , No. 92
Conrtstreet. Mr. Locke was a Mason
an OJd Fellow, a KoiRiit 01 iionor
and a member of the K nights and
Ladies of Honor.
Bao.ntlan att:Uta. Woodattaw'a.
A ttrllllant rnmnUon waa itiven at
the reeidence o( Mri Walter A. Goo'j.
man laai nifinx, imoremuu 401
debat Into eociety of her lovely J oung
dannhter, Mies Norman, ana in honor
of the Mistm Woollolk of Lrington,
Ky., and MIbb Nona Wlnwr,,ot uuaii
ville, Ala. NotwrthoUnding the in
clement weathex, (or it anowed rulent-
leaely, it seemed, by the number 01
paiticipanta, tnac nearly every invnxt
tion had beea taken advantage of by
eociety people. .... ,
rne aecorauons were taaieiai ana
beautiful ; feetoons of evergreens orna
mented the nail and gray mote bung
from the ceiling and chandeliers.
The dreeeei ol the ladles were ex
quisitely handsome and in keeping
witn tne Deauty 01 tuose wuo wure
A feature of the evening was the
great number of debutantes who are
rapidly being initiated into the gay
eties of "society."
Refreshments were seivsa at small
tables, about twenty people being ac
commodated at one time.
The music, which was elegant, was
furnished by the Oroce llros. string
Mrs. Goodman and her daughter
cannot help but feel gratified with the
success of their entertainment, for the
unanimous voice of all present was
that it was one of the most enjoyable
social events of the season.
Cotton sales vesterdsy 4000 bales,
receipts 0167 bales.
A "eQUEkrs" in December pork is
the rumor on 'Change.
At St, Louis and Chicago breadstuff's
and provisions are advanoing.
Visitors on 'Change yesterday:
H. Kaeshash, St. Louis; R, C. Long,
Kansas City.
MaMciiasTia cloths srs quiet, with
with limited inquiry 1 yarns quiet and
rather easier.
Ths week's sales of cotton here
amounted to 20.000 bales, of which
exports took 20,300 bake and spinners
8800 bales.
A tkligbam was ported on 'Change
yesterday stating that at Greenville,
Miss , a fire in a box car on the switch
of the Louisville. New Orleans and
Texas railroad, and running into the
compress, destroyed 100 bales of cot
ton. A utADina Liverpool grain circular
says: "xiaae lurtner improved in an
brnncnes, ana business was exiremeiy
aativs. Spot delivery advanced lid;
English advanced Is; cargoes were in
request at 00d advance. Today's
market was well attended and a good
business was done at l2d advance.
Wheat and flour were strong at hard
ening rates. Of maiss there were
sales at id advance."
Chancery Cowra Kllet, Chancellor
Decrees passed yesterday : Brown
vs Brown, titled vested in Taylor;
Cuxasea vs Podeeta, reference ; Hchafer,
ex parte, report confirmed ; Longue vs
Pryor, receiver apiminted; Brown vs
lirown. lee auoweu: vaccaro vs ui
calls, reference renewed : 8tate vs Bag-
lev, dismissal as to east nan 01 iou
and 2 ; Hi ate v Brown, dismissal as to
lot 2 ; Btate vs Whaien, iiusmisHM as to
Matlissn street lot; Hate vs Nneed,
disiuissal sa to lot 1, city lot 4W4 ; L ey
ton vs 1ii. 11 1 al oeciee: Ureatn vs
(heath, decreet n report; llohson vs
P raun, sales oouurruBti; Morrow vs
Praun. ssles ronirmed; llouson vs
Fraim, ri a l petition (iistniesed ; Hob
son Vd Fraim, order for sale; Hnbson
vb Frnim, orthtr to pay Kinger Mann
factnring Uompitny; Andtrson vs
Block, order to pay bulanco.
The following opinions were ren
dered : Buwen vs Cox, settling rights
of parties; 11111 vs Lull, ruling on ex
ceptions to report.
( Irenll Court Kale., Judge,
Motion day tndoy.
In the cave of Jihu Morgan agslnht
the Memphis and Chitrlcston Railroad,
for logs of trunk and contents, thure
wai judgment by eonneut for $72 50.
In the case of R. Buchignnnl against
Louis l'odoeta, there wss a judgment
yesterday for $1240 and interest from
October 30, 1884.
Garrison and Strange vs. Burroughs
and Abernethy, a mule case, was on
trial yesterday.
And Hhelb Coanty, by J. H. Heat
Ina, . Mataoa at Oo raatllabera.
The above woik is meeting with a
most cordial reception, and when pub
lished will be of great value to Mem-
nhis. as the volume will be entirety
devoted to the history of Memphis
and Shelby County and will be writ
ten by J. M. Keating, whose re
searches in this direction are of great
intermit. We invite your earnest sup
port in onr endnavor. -" a
D. MASON CO , PubUiain.
Tbe Water Problem.
Everybody la in ecstacies over the
successful solution of the water prob
lem and the satisfactory manner in
which the committee bas performed
its task, It is not generally known,
however, that much of their success
is due to tneir nauit 01 cnewing 001
Coleman's Ko Ko Tuln, which not
only kept their digestion unimpaired,
but relaxed tus extreme nervous ten'
slou on their minds.
To the Public.
We are prepared to contract and
famish best Alabiuna splint coal at
40 cents per bushel, delivered. Large
orders and car loud lots special.
H78 Bewnd itreet.
lkrvv Trlllo with nny Throat
JV,V v or Ltmir Uiscaso. If you
lisve a Cough or Colli, or tho chllarou
are threatouod witht.'i-onporWhoop-iDg
Cough, nso Ackor's English Rem
edy and prevent f urtlior twublo. It
ia a poHitiro cum, and wo guaruutoo
it l'j'ico lOaud Wcouts.
TODAY we effer tr A fo,lowing nn.
riwledbar5lrln Men's and
By' Clothing.
A Good rinlt 0f ciothee for Tery
. Little Money.
$13 Men's Corkscrew Drees
Suits, marked down from $18.
AT 26 all our fine $35 Dreee Suits.
AT tlO Men's All Wool Cassimere
Salts, worth 116.
AT 16 60 Men'tO vercoate, worth $10.
AT $360 Men's Overcoat?, were $12.
AT $10 Men's Overcoat were $16.
AT 126 Men's Overcoats, were $35.
AT 7Ka Youth and Bovs' Tobog
gan Caps. Every boy enouia
have one. nothing more cam
fortable, and they will never
wear out. Get one today for
T6c, worth il 60.
1000 Boys' School Suits at $2 78
and upward.
500 Boys' Dress Suits at $6 60 to $10.
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At Greatly Reduced Prices.
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tiacban Trimmed Hate.
AT $2 Misses' and Children's Felt,
feather and plush trimmed.
AT $4 60 Ladles' Elegant Trimmea
Bonnets and Hats, formeuy 97.
Our entire stock of Millinery
Goods is reduced in price. Get
one of our
For Just half former price.
IOO lalNwoma Wamte
For To DeDartment. which onens
Monday next. Apply TODAY be
fore 10 0 clock a.m.
Drkssid Turkeys cheap Kirk Allen
ft Co.
Hons maps bread at Women's Ex
IetrsovED Oallgraphs No. 44 North
Uourt street.
P. M. Staklit, funeral director and
embalmer, 66 Madison street.
Mug Cabbii M, Ksatino. pianist
may be found at the Gayoso Hotel.
Lovsly orange blossoms for brides'
dresses at the Womou's Exchange.
Conaus. Brown's Bronchial Tro
chee are ued with advantage to alle
viate coughs, sore throat and bronchial
ailectluns. Hold only in ooxes.
G. W. M illkr & Co., Patent ABlieatos
Fire Prool Roofers. For durability,
equaled by nnno. Used on wood, tin,
iron, felt and gravel roofs. No. 65
Madison street.
Tea Herbal Chill Cure, the best
tonio and 'aull-rerlodio known. A oartain
and lure ouro for obilli. Prio II per bot
tle. Bend itamyl for oironlara. Any ref
erence alien. Addreal John O. Ha
Uynonnerg. ve.
Why do von par $25 or $30 for
ready made sui's when you can go to
L. Roeenatein A Bros., 28 Maiu street
and 18 Jenerson street, and have a
suit made to order. A lit guarau
Ahoostcba Bittibs are the beet
remedy for removing indigestion and
all diseases originating from the dlgt'Bt
ive organs. . Beware of counterfeits.
Ask your grocer or druggist for the
genuine ariic'e, manufactured by Dr,
J.U. B.fciegeit Hons,
Taa question of a proper food for
infants interests all motheis; espe
cially those nnable to nurse their oB-
ppring. Mellin's Food possesses all
the requisites as a eubstitute for
mothers' milk, and is hishly com
.1 milk
mended by the medical faculty of both
Europe and America.
Vicksbdbo, Mum., December 3.
Night Departed: Chas. P. Chouteau,
PiTWBCRO, Pa., December 3. Night
River 8 feet 2 Inches on the; gauge
and rising, w eatner clear ana cold.
Cincinnati, 0 December 8. Night
River 20 feet 7 inches on the gauge
and rising. Weather clear and cold.
Whbiuno, W. Va December 8.
Night Kiver 10 feet 4 Inches on the
nance and falbng. Weather clear and
St. Ijoris, Mo., December 3. Night
Kiver fallen 8 10 feet, and stands
2 4-10 feet on ths gauge. Weather
clear and cold. No arrivals or depart
Cairo. III.. December 3. Nlaht
River 22 leet 4 inches on the gauge
and falllne. Weather cloudy and cold.
No arrivals or departure of regular
Lodisvillb. Ky.. December 3.-
Niuht River falilne. with 0 feet 11
inches in the canal and 7 feet 7 leches
on the falls. Buoinoae dull. Weather
clear and cold. Departed: Paris O.
Brown, and Lionees aud Frlsbie with
tows, New Orlesns.
Wlul cr Uootla.
The hats and bonnets t Lavigne's
are the most appropriate I or cold
weather. Ladies should call and ex
amine them.
' AlO TELt , akkivals.
OiuitoB'a Alott'I.
W. H. BINGHAM.... Miitao.
Knror.nn plan. Knlarfsd nn" r." luroiah.d.
frioci according tt mo and loa-
tionof iooui .
J Smith, Neb i P Burn. Ark
3 Wboalcr. Ala . J .C Ki. X.nn
H e llnin. vt -f VI ,inor"j. x
W C Tatutn, Tann E KCninmim, III
C P fhur t'iD, Ind II V Altwucd, Tann
Mr" M Mi'Civin, Iann W Llr.bnin,lrio
MWuir, Ubio Mti M Allan. Ark
J I) 11 bbn.pT, Al 0 Kulu' am. Ala
J rl Saundan, MiM II t'ur'.er lit!
J P Pbillii'i.MUiMiaiO A P est-.n, Lj
P Menr a. Ark H i W)llim. T.nn
C 1 Lao, lenn W L onrd, lean
L u y atthawi, njr v A ram, ir, ,itnn
0 0 Wbit, 'i.nn 1 B Ad rholdt, Miai
J Holm:.n, T.nn O B l' 1 ift Tann
A m r k a , Tann . '. Vt'm A M .nfcim. Va
JO Ciy, Mil W T Wwner. Ark
MB Joy, l.nn r xeij.!n
h Mallan, 'i.nn J Liien if. Ark
II 11 Uraf Mo Mm .1 1 Iburjon, Mill
J 0 Paxa. Tann . ; , M B J' a: T.nn
W M lay or, Arx J mc nana, ua
p J O Uuntd.n, Ark PO h.niil, Tnn
0 J Deavruni, Ark Mr. M D bbfrrill, Tin
Mai Thorn. on, Teun J KJSrt...Tenn
iA 6 Cnnp.r, T nn JUT.iirify N t
Mi', flarri'i, Oblo H D Toiullmon, Ark
C! li Vanca, W'M Mr" W 6 lJ.in, Ark
u a iariar, 40110,
Prlddy Uoiixr,
(Tormarly Commercial Hotel,)
Cor. Frontand Jefferaon bt... Meinphil.Tann
J. H. PaiDOT, l-rop r, r.I nionmoiiu, rt.
iranaiint rawi, u du 10 f par nay.
JM MeBlroy, Ark J Yoanf , Art
C Naaly, Tex Fall anoh. Ark
rl 0 Vaugliao, Ala if nunaua, ieua
0 Willi.niion Af, AU A F Wlliamaon, Ala
b, HT , A vincouv, iuu
loka Aw, Idaho A Vi. koia, Idaho
SW LyUa, Ind W C Boyoo, Tenu
t Cunniotbam, TaxF J Moore, Ala
U U wooaaon, lenn nrmeuu, sn
0 A Douila.1, Mill . H B VMIion. Mill
J li Powell, Mo B D Mitchell, Ark
t J Robinaon, Ark ' W J Hmallwool. Ark
JA Markan, Mill O M Ilarriaon, Miai
B Caoiar. Mo OH Wii.atley, Ark
H L Atkinaon, Ark L D l'la, Ala
JMKniiht, Ark ; JOAlaap.Tona
J Aodereou, lena u H Jonea, Aenn
R M Hh .ru. Miai
P L Dyhar, Taoov
J MeAllan, Oa
: R I'owon, Ark
0 Plowman, Ky
F (Irnham, Ala
J B Barker, Tea . -0
Berber, Tenn
1 O J Voanr, Ark
PT Beurnbam. Ill
J II Fruit Aw, Mo .
D bilver, Ark
' TKnat AwiMiu
B P Bandera, N Y
J W Vaugban, (J a
5D Rainaa, Ark
Peterson, Ky
T J Tranace, Ala
T Chriaty, Tex
H J Burton, 8 O
J And-ewa. Tann '
AClark, Ark
J Willey. Cbieago ,
K LaBair, Mo ; '
S T Kraaer, Ark
U Burt, Jttui
JJNlobolion.N X
PeatlHdy Hotel. .
0. B. (.ALLOW AY A CO -.PiOFjnrwtM,
Katea x ou ana io per a.y- aconruiox w
alia and location 01 room oiieoiai
made ratei.
JKRI.Uely, Ky
B Allen. Ky. ...
0 A Scratohley, Ark
S M Jonea, Ark '
Mi.a Taokett. Mill
H P liland. Mo
HO Browning. N Y
P Uricky. Ark
A Keeker, Tann
Miaa Nelson. Mill ..
KP Brown. Me ...
0 W Pioard, N Y
J M Jaokaon, Ala
J Murx, N J
W KThornpaoo, Ky.
8 R Builook Aw, N Y
Mrs J.M Jaoiiann, Ala
f w Kaonur, fey. ..
AS Re, K
E ECalhy Aw, Mo
W ll nkler. Mioh
V Coll.ns. Mion ,
w H Muiiaa, lenn -
Gl Jilneruld, Tenn
8 T Uooglaai, Ohio
J A Sangcton, Tenn
, W I) leinler, Pa .
M W B ila. Mo
J Lirhty, Mo
W A Poroy. Mill
A B Kiob, Mo
J J Baiter, Tenn
O Htrauaa, Ma '
J B Shiolda, Mo
JPOatlo, O lo
J E Mori ia, N 0
C Uungertord, Tenn
R L Alaobrook, Tena
L Marooason, N X
CLU.lbert, Ky
R J linrrii, Mo
J McDonald, Mo
W U limn, Ky
P Moore, Mo
PMoNmt, Ohio
ZT White, Miai
T W White, Miai
A M L,ylea, &y
RLylea, Kyw
w H uioott, mo
FO Jonea, Tenn
H llunnerlord, N Y
K M tstrother, Mo
M A Wt iiami. ua
U W Turtoy. N X
A M Smith. N Y
W U Wright, Ark
J Friedman, Man
K 0 Dryaaale, Ky
T B Vana.y, Tenn
W Feriuiion, Anna
V M Ward. Ill
L White, Ky
J 0 Campbell, Ohio
I Stuart, Ky
. Ky
ABUiluait, Mo
H R l'ro. Mo
a W Ledvard. Mo
K Vandevel le, Ohio
J Jamiaon. Hiaa
J Jamison. Mian r Jennings, nia
W J Bimi Af. Ark n KB Alexander, N Y
r Jenninga, Ala
j u juitoneu, n a.
Datar'a Enroymn Hotel.
Corner of Adami and Main atreeti. Roomi
DUO, fU9 UU 9' nr ij1.n.iiu.a a iu.
S3 par day, First cl&al Reitaurant in the
Hotel. J.M. DUFFY (10 yaariWIUt Pea-
body noted, proprietor.. .....
W Little, Ind J Cplrin, Ark
M Black, Tena "B0 Strayar. Ark
A Daria. Tann OK A Hea Aw. Ark
W E KoheiU, Ubiou U Maxey, Ky
IT Clark. Mo CWilion.Mo .
To Moore, Tena v- ' "T P.Penr. y, Tenn
TrtHnrr. Tea . w P Bless. n. Me
W A MoLandlo.Tena M.as Y Cannon, Tena
? B Morgan, Tana L 11 Whatl.yI.x
ii Carr, Tena ' JH Pf' kett, Tenn
T Luke, Tenn 1 O Hughes, Ont
EBJbnon, Mo TJaiuea, Mo ,'
K MoConnell. Me i ' uenxai, lenn
WS Powell. Kr JlP'StaniDB. Ark
W M Baldwin, T.nn: j a Uirkinaon, Tena
W II Oeley, Tenn . it w Minnice, Mise
0 L Dean Aw, Mo . Fried. ricka, Mo .
w K Pnw.ii. Ark r J w interi. rann
H M Robinaon, Tann J W Alexander, i'enn
K Coltirey, I.nn n u aui, I.nn
K H la
B Lewellen, xenn . o w aagn, Jeuu
J M Witcbell, Tann
V urewor, lenn
W Mnere, lenn
u tirown, lean
I Nathan, Mm
W D Uster. Miai
J L. ter, Ark
A O Tate, Ua
P M Fuller, Ark
11 M R yer, Mm
J N Martin, (la
II L Goodwin, Mioh
W R Powell, Ark
h U Aokert, lenn
Mias Woodworth, Mo J Morris, 111
The Kewy UnyowoJ: '
Or i. a. RoTB Miraneer.
Rates t3 60 to IN per day, according to' loa
Hon oi room
W W Wood.Ky
K A Scribner, Minn
' D M Gardner, Misi
I) A Totankioi. N O
t H K.ioort.iiiiiwN
T L H'lynoldsi.Misa
Miss II Usrey, Miai
I Lt .1.1.
J 11 neiik, h
C. N Jot. ns. Mi.l
It v ms',.n. mm
Vi C Jnekson, Mo
Mi-s K Caiey, Mill
JL Henry, 5iY .
Al ss M liurkl. Ark
''Lo U 0 KJcbatt? Ala
J Kt.iH, Ohio
I, nnerKun, lenn
' A S jllalr, Pa : '
T B Mobertson. Mo
J M Oregory, Ark
. K b' Krailklin, Mi'l
JB Korsjtlio, N Y
M L crown, pa .
T 0 Perkiui, Mo :
(1 L Ponrco, Ark
h i Floyd. Mis '
0 K Keuiior, N Y
F (1 Ox er. Ohio
A L Pluck, Ohio
C .1 Bradley, Mill
M Ja
ackscN. Ky
CTLuaoh. NX '
CTBell, N Y
J K Oainea. Tenn
n aro, n
tl U Briscoe, Tenn
J B Warrek, Tenn
R I) Fmxier. Tenn
J 0 Dim", Ten
Miss M Wallace, N 0 Col Breckenridge.USA
A W hmltli &w, Mo it IT roster, Ato
W FShenpsrd. Mo
VV li Atwood, Misl
11 11 i 11 .
li , Hoffman, Ky '
11 R Loomia, Miai
L ii lord, Arkj
tS Cooper, Ark' ,
II Qiiinn. NI
W b Hamilton, Ala
11 L llanderaont Misl
I'M Jones. Ala
N N Re d. ivy
C R Sohryock, Tenn
II u iu ueu, mil. ,
J C Muflutt, Ark
0 1) VYilliaini, Tenn
11 K Kurlong. Ohio
K T Youna. Ma.1
C L Jonea, Ark
B A uuiliey, Ky
W E Pelaior. Ky ..
T (1 Dihh. T.nn
J K Peoblea, Tenn
Mlsa Portwood. mill ansa veering, mm
R J Harris, Mm L 1, Wor.lon, Ohio
I) L Smith. Oblo T W Ooodman. Mill
U M Fallowa. Mm T A Scanlan, Mo
K L Martin, Mo - C tl MoMarter, Mo
j P Turner, Ark O T Sheldon, Ark
L B Batnor. Tenn K (1 Moore, Tenn
0 T Miller, Tenn 8 R Judson A w, I Y
MiM M Jml-nn, N V
Absolutely Pure.
Thii rowder never varlei. A marvel ol
rarity, strength and wlio'eaomenesa. More
eonnomical than the ordinary kinds, and
cannot he aold in comjieiitlon witbi th. mul
titude of low test, abort welrht alum or
nhnsi.hst. nowd.ra. Mold OM.T It OASS.
106 Wall itreet, New lork.
DECEMBEll 4, 1880.
JASlthi V. Itl.1.1 I'renitieuU
Nob. 290 and 292
Clothing is always the cheapest, as
it gives good wear and good satisfac
tion. It lasts the longest, and is by
lar the best to buy.
ER I The Misfit Clothing Par
lors, 262 Second street, sell noth
ing but good Clothing. Our special
ty is Fine Clothing, bought at sacri
fice prioes from the Merchant Tail
ors, and offered to the publio at bar
gain rates.
A real Well-made Suit, selling for
less than a much inferior grade of
goods can be bought elsewere, is the
Pointer with which the Misfit
Clothing Parlors appeal to your
pooketbooks. Our Suits are High
in Quality, but Cheap in Price. We
have them in Sacks, Cutaways,
Prinoe Alberts, Full Dress, and all
styles in vogue at the preesnt time.
We have no cheap grades of suits,
but the extraordinary low prices at
which we buy enables us to sell High
Grade Suits for less than the cloth
and the making- cost. The great ad;
vantages we ofler make it a great ad
vantage to buy from us.
POINTER I If you haven't ai
Overooat you'll soon have to get one.
You may have but a little money to
spend, but yet you want the best ar
ticle you can get for that small sum.
Well, you can get the best for the
least money at the Misfit Clothing
In addition to the Lowest Prioes,
we have the Best Assortment and
the Best Fabrics in Memphis. When!
good goods and cheap prioes go to
tether, the purchaser is always sure
nf letting the most value for his
money. See the point ?
Clothing Parlors
262 Second Street,
Opp. Court Square, Memphis, Tenn
N.B. Remember, all alterations to
insure a Perfect Fit, DONE FREE
OF CHARGE, by First-class Tailors
in our Parlors
mmu co
Handle the Flnt Quality Rubber Shoei
ONLY, and sell them at oheap as other!
ell their seoond aad third gradei.
First Quality Wool Lined Arctics.
First Quality Rubber Over Shoes.
MEN'S 8IZE8: ..7
LADIES' B1ZS3.. .....BOe
First Quality Wool Lined Alaska.
Hen's aad Ladles' Rubber Boots.
Hea.' Knbber Ilia) ud Sportln
Boom, Hen's and Ladlea Knb
bv t'lK, Nrir Aetlna Btmdala
and Batbber Htioea f all do
aerlptlvM I'beapor ihaa any
whirl elM.
. To Contractors.
Villi IHIU In nllrinS to Suit Out
fit., from LakiTlewtol. K. Landing, flood
rrioea and prompt pay. Apply to loof, Mo
howan A Co.. Mean. his. Tenn.. or on work
to J. B. MoLAWS A CO.
NiiiMoi-lbn for the MADDeal
Ibr A Pi to
. Fe
HAlSiirA25 AND
Levee CoBtractors for Wagon,
In Oae Volume, Royal Octavo of about 700 Pages. Elegantly Illustrated.
Jffents ir-PABYA General jlcClellan Agency.
.... r. .n):'1ilV! "! A-Cifc 1
;. ;
-. -Ji s '-'' t-v, 52i&rtP.jf
McClellan dead.lifla the veil which has
He was perhapi the beat-loved and at
eonntry ever produced. When he wai dead It was found that be baa written niso mm
tor for bis children. Thl book contains It. It ii a wonderful itory, revealing
the aeeret blstory of the flnt yean of the War for tbe Union. No one hai mt
known the truths thii book now makes publio.
Sold only by bubucriptlou. AUEMS HAH lLW.
C1IAS. I- WEIISTEH aft CO., PuMisher,v
S Fnut Hfh Street. Wfw York Hy,
lVhoIetsale Dealers and Pnbllsliers,
Sole Agenti for ths followlm Flnt-Claai InitrnmonU:
PIANOS Kranich & Bach, Gabler, and Wheelock.
ORGANS Clough&Warreo, and Smith American,
Write for OalnloRneo. yow.2gl and 28.1 Hetond Nrei. Meiiif?il.
o. . Him.
UMesalo Grocers
S8S Trent Street.
SMilgsei to ai will bays ear .arera.1
Stutlifc Fancy Groceries, Winss, Llqugrsjub&ess & Cicsni
win l,w ta. iJiwwi.
Window Shades, Ticture Kail
RO. 285 M f 'OM STltFI'lT.
w. t Hon our-
34 nd SO Madlaon
Gr ocers & Cotton Factors,
Mo. m Bain Street, Gayewci Block.
L. D. MTJLLIN8, of lata J. R. Hodwla
Cotton Factors &Com mission Herchanb
No. 1 Howard's Row, Cor. Front and Pnion, Memphis.
yans, AmraanltioB, Flshlnr Tackle
and Kimrtsmens' Hupplies.
044 Main Hire, Slempbls, Tenm
Manufacturing and Repairing ol 8uni a
Bpoolal.tr. Lsrrest Stock. Best assortment.
Koch's Pat. Store
RllEI.TISiH adjuitable to meet any need
or buaineu. It ii cheater than old stvle. Can
be put up by any one. I'neqnnled lor
Fan try and Boob MielTfa. Addreal
KIK'II A. J. Vi-, Ml res,
adi MkIS Mr., PEORIA, lL.l.or,
Blninioas Uardayarei).,bt. Louii.Mo.
M - Elivlt, kVec'jv aua TreM.
en A Vf ,
Scraper ana uurt, iiania,
concealed the trus history of 1 861 and 1802
the lame time the beat-abused man this
ft. A. PA1XIJL
& Cotton Factory
UempM, Teata.
Vf a laxry Mall ttaeia
Mouldings aud Mixed Paints.
- -
St.. i Memplila. lViin.
OO. Ao. iu. ',' ' .
am OI-.L Oa tfi; A rk
lKnrf' Alt) riva dim niiuiniinni it
n rntotianlly uaetul buaineu edn
cation. No termi nor vaoationa. btkdents
enter at any time. Terma t Life acbolarahlp,
La Twelre weeka' Courae, board, tte., 7V
Bend r j,1",.

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