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SC51UT, t t J'C. 5, IK
The cold, fitei i)K Wra'litr, and th
drifting snow pe.ve as tliq:ient ar
pea's l the chiirity MIL. It, is fel
dora we fcavo tuch a prow, such cold
vrea'h r, to early ia Doccmb.-r. Ev.-rj
- thing indicates tbut we ate to Lave an
exceptional co!d winter, and ua a coc
' Sequence, the rxcrp'ional suffrrlcg
and poverty should elicit (xctptibial
contributions for tbe relief of the poor
and needy. Liberal as Memphis bra
always been in giving whenever an ap
peal bai been made to the sympathies
of her -people, there never baa been
time when contributions could be so
' judlclomly invested as in snppirtof
the charity balL Tbe oroceeda will be
';, witely and Judiciously invested.
' Many ot tbe moat chaiitablo have no
sympathy with indiscriminate charity
because it encourages professional btg-
: gars and aids those who sre able to
work bat will not Bat tbe pro-
teeds of the propoted charity
ba'l will be distributed among tbe
deserving poor. Tbe committee will
Investigate the character aud history
of every applicant, aud impostors will
be given bo part of tbe fund intended
solely for tbe deserving poor. Thus
assured tlat tbe money rafced by the
eharity ball will be distributed among
the deserving poor, tbe enterprise
should receive the cardial support of
the entire community. As a Christ
lan people, we should make sacrifices
as we did twelve months m, o, for the
relief of suffering humanity. Charity
is the beacon light the proudest
monument to (he civilisation of tbe
age. The last charity ball was a grand
success, snd it is hoped that its repeti
tion will show that the fountain ot
chnrity, instead of being dried up, the
spring t.f humanity and tympaiby
that supplies it is gradually becoming
wider and s'ronger and deeper.
In 1880 there were 17,302,000 per
tons engaged in various occupations
in the United States. Of this number,
7,9G0,OCO were engaged in agriculture,
4,000,000 in professional and personal
occupations, 3,800,000 in manafsctur
log, meehanlcal labor and mining, 1,
MO,0M in trade and transportation.
It will be seen that there are nearly
as many people engaged in agriculture
as all other Industries combined.
Alter all, agriculture is tbe basla of
prosperity. Every Industry is pros
perous when tbe farmer prospers, and
languishes when he is unfortunate.
It is a singular fact that this greatest
of all Industries never asks fur protec
tion and receives lets than any other
occupation. Tbe 3,800.000 people en
gaged in manufacturing demacd a
tariff to protect them at the expense
oi ail other interests, but tbe 7,600,000
people ( engaged . in - agrloulture
neither abk nor expect protection.
The great agricultural Interests of tbe
country bava been too long made
"beweia of wood and drawers of wa
ter" to the protected monopolies of
the country. In view of the meegor
profile realised frc m the cn'tivatlon of
tbe soil, and tbe support that industry
. . tnrnlsbea to all others, it should be
fostered and eneouraged wit bout tax
ing other industries. From the soil
I ' ome our food and our raiment. The
shoe that protects the foot, the gar
ment of wool, linen or cotton, and
even the luxurious silk, all txUtsd
nee in the elements of tbe soil.
Farming and the rearing of fl cks and
herds were tbe earliest occupations of
the race, as its physical wants, food
and shelter, began with tbe first
breath drawn by a human being. The
. government which proceeds in dlt-re-'
gard of agriculture, goes against the
life of the people. Tbe tillers of the
oil need more attention than com
merce aad banks, beoanse npon what
they produce commerce and finance
-depend. If the soil fall to pro
duo through delivery - of its
tillers to any form oi oppres
sion or hindrance, circulation
cease in the arteries of commerce
and they collapse and the heart of
trade pulsates no longer. It is obvi
ous folly then ti devote all our atten
tion to the results of this industry,
wnite we give over to those who toll
in it to tbe submergence of their seres
and the del. at of their hard work
Tbe farmers of several States have or
ganised to induce Confrere to estab
lish an agricultural bureau, to be pre
aided over, by a Cabinet official. The
greatest,, of all Industrie! should b
,i represented In the Cabinet Such an
. officer wonld be usVul in a variety of
way, tie could, by statistics, show
, .,. . , we want and needs of the firmer.
'and allowing the injustice cf taxing
,,. . H-e, greaieet oi all Industries for the
benefit ot other and lese Important In
;;v.ertBV. at eo-operatioQ the monopo
V.; rPaWOteet themaal vets and those n
... gaged im agriculture should control
v :-g'''ion instead of being made tab-
" : ;,iVeiMt to every other Industry. ... , J
I'.-t J'T.?iherapi-s, in commenting
ob the eTJerty and ieheral' eknlri
. iM the. Southern people, discuss the
, '""-alMWWIfcoflgli jhey bid always teen
" de and indolent "end' pcYer be I sre
;; ....-'4i'4r1-i-- least) energy. The
Jour jreBre'.wir'gfWBt the axtivity and
.-.cai-t-larapse ef wbisV Southern; people.
',' IrWa o'.ive in 'the annals ot tie world
than wberl the South was crea.lng.
. .'. srniWs, areera's'acd implemetitt of
war. Nothing equal to if can be found
t i in tbe blitcry of tbe 'world. And
since the war , never did a people
- . - emerge from poverty to prosperity as
mpidly. Tie wardevo't tdd theroat'i,
' ' -. ac'd, as if to supplement and empha-tS-a
ihe rain, we were subjected tj
lour yr an .f reconstruttioD, whicb
des'rojed whst 1 ttle was lift, pata'
jid every icdustry i.d en'ailfd a
dbt on en Impovfrlslud people oi
2"0,0C0,CC0. Bo eopn as the fiontb
cecured home ru'e the penple manl
feeted the ir dnetiy and ac'ivity which
ermb'oil thtm to rrorrcuto the nar
fjr four yeirs rgu'Ds' odds which
no bing but pluck tnd energy cruld
l ave so lorg re;itrd. Never d d a
country rlie to rai iJiy from itaeshe?
fb the South taisn rluce the Sooth
ernfitatia emerged , from the recon
struc'ion era and -parsed under tbe
coct'ol ot the tax paying white
With great satisfaction we invite at
tention to a communication ia another
column from one of the mott popular
ladle in Memphis. We want a place
Where onr people can spend their
evenings agreeably out of the reach of
vice. We beg to call to mind, In con
nection with the library suggested,
that several years ago, with a liberal
ity honorable to them and their order,
the OJd Fellows opened a library
which was made free to residents and
visitors of tha city. We think, from
the genenus liberality the Odd Fel
lows have shown, that arrangements
m'ght prib)b)ybs male that would
at once start the wanted library and
econooils) J (a expenses. If so, the
iof tl Otion could with very litt'e delay
begin its good work. It has been our
lot to have had Imported U us, at
various times, sad experiences that
confirm all our rs-pected correspond
ent o eloquently urge. Young
men whose employment ha bronght
them to Memphis, have told
n ' that, ' innocent . of vice
and full of good resolu
tions, they had left their home.
Having no acquaintance, when
wearied with the day's toil they re
quired some distraotlon from the mill
ronnd of work; they hid only the
street and the solitude of their room.
Spite of resolutions and earnest pray
er, that wearying, monotonous even
ing loneliness became intolerable. The
only alternative from it Memphis pro
vided bad left tbem with shattered
health, poverty and a hrart torn and
heavy with remorse. Every woman
in Memphla wbo has a on, a brother,
Or a lover, should strive earnestly to
aid in providius: Memphis with a
library 'a i a help to save their loved
ones frorn vice and the cankering,
aelf-upbralding woe that follows it.
Tbe already large and constantly
increasing demand tor thorough and
sanitary plumbing has ntcsBltated
the carrying of large stocks oi
supplies in tbe latest and most ap
proved atyle of bath, tubs, wash
standi", water cloets, traps, cocks,
valves, etc , es well as the employ
ment of a large force of the most
sklJed and reliable workmen, in order
to execute promptly the orders for this
work, end "Browne, the Plumber," ia
preporsd to fuily supply tiie wants of
tbe city and surrounding country. It
ia not neoeesaryor even profitable, to
go elsewhere I r plumbing work, ot
for the lines in which Browne is en
gaged that i the furnishing of gna
end steam pipes, ock, valve, inspi
rators, etaam pumps, fittings and en
gine trimmings for the country and
el'y trade wh eh Is cairind in large
quantities and all sires, from six inch
pipe and fittings down to the
mUtt fl'tes, aud in order to
fill the orders of ths Jobbing trade
aa well as miiU and lactorles prompt y
and in toe beet manner, Mr. itroane
hi rcnntly uAAad steam power in
bis establishment with capacity for
cutting aod threading pipes from the
mallHit eli up to aiid including
eight Inches ia diameter, which is
equal to the capacity ot any house in
tbe Weator South.
In tha cai fixture line the larsest
took and most varied selection of
newest dea'sos are to be found here.
and at price as low aa in the Eastern
market. It may be proper to say
here that this house is now tbe oldest
aad met auccwful in this line ia tha
aty of .Memphis, and it will prove to
the intereet ot all to place their order
with J. W. X. Browne, 264 Second
flnf Watch. Btgalrlag, Malfbrd'a,
The Conservative Newspaper Reader.
It ll related that one day, when a
nawi paper man of experience sog
tested aa evidant improvement In a
certain department of the Tht Ldger,
Mr. Bonner said: "It would bs a bat
ter eotumn, cu'. l wouldn't do It for
11000.. . The human eye Is ths
most conservative thins in the world.
It is easily offandod. I have often
liet subscribers by improving TK$
Ledgar-jM air I actually by doing
something that mad it better, but
changtd it appearance. Tha eye re
sents any litt'e change in place and
appearance, it looks for tbe same
Isvnnt mtttk h vnalr anil It alll
do to trifle with it." : Even in favor of
so excanent a thing as Sol. Coleman'
A.O-JW? auia.
So 114 SlUor- Sit Wltord's),
rfi of Thanks.
T M UdlM Aid BooUty ot tfc StraaiW
Among the manv whose hearts were
filled .wits, gratitude on Thanksgiving
Day, sorely none were more tbanklul
than tbe family at the Mission Home
ana Mis managers who have in charge
tbis department of benevolent work.
As an evident that w were again re
membered was nrectioallv demon.
straled in your offering fro m year
church In substantial artioleaot pro
visions, dry goods, fruits and 140 cash.
It was a beautiful idsa conceived bv
yon oae year ago, aad which ha been
oormummatod. tbrourh ..voor . noble.
elf sacrifiuiavetllnrts la uoo a novel
aad 4ralr -Ireneflcial manner... We.
U fore, xetid to you in a rjani.
moo a voms or Ibank and many
Wlebe lor CMtlcned nrosDerltv aa a
society and ch hji cb, and tbe joy and
romroti to dsmivm from tue bteae-
iogol: "Inasmuch as ye have done it
ont(t Cue cf the leaet of these, my
hretaren.' f ava our favlour. ve have
d,one It unto Me ' .
PlAKOB in roaftaoid. walnut, ma.
lioitMiy and ehoo s d cus s cheap (or
asti or on eany monthly inita Iments,
at tlourk'a Music Htores,Noa. 385 aod
t83 Main 8 re.
IuUUI lUiif at 9fuirord,a.
mil how sniisfics.
Vit'Us VK4KS,
Aad Depth of 1 became Obstruction
to Trar-I lestt rdu; De
ls ed Tralnn.
It eno-ved all dny e.t Irrftgu'sr inter
vals ys er iey, aijd at miwr.ight lh
total all or t wrntv-fuor houra was eix
it clits and six t-Dtoe. T avelon s rent
e n wi-s ecii nnly imp de and t in
cars wer vi hdrawa tf.ora the tracks
before 10 o'clock p.m. All t ains com
ing into Memphis were suhjcel
to delava of v;r ing length.
Tbe Memphis and Cbcrleston train
was twelve hours la'e, ar.ivirg at 6
o'clock p.m. The ChnsHpsake aad
Ohio, due at 1:30 o'clock p m , arrived
on time. The Memphis and Littl
Rick, due st 9:26 o'clock pro., and
tie Memphis snd Charleston, due at
10:20 o'clock p.m , were both late.
Tbe Kama City, due at 3:30 o'clock,
p.m. was two hours late. Tbe Lou s
v ile and Nsl.vile, due at 4 o'clock
p m., was o e hour late.
Curious to learn at what da'ei pre
vious enow fills had o cirrei in tMe
city, an irrsAL repo'tsr railed on
United Kta'e Wral (tfflcer Flatir.ery
and received from him the following
Intertstirg statl tc:
tint Hbow falla In Frrton Yer.
Depth in inches.
November 30, 1871
I).-o,-mler It), 1872
December 22, 1873
Nov.mb.ri8, 1874
December 8, 1876
November 19, 1878
Itecemb r6, 1877
November 27, Jf-78
Decmbir 25, 187i
Novtmher 13, 1880
.... 0.10
,.. .0.V5
0 6
.... 0.02
0 02
.'.".'.!o 89
, 0.13
, 0.02
, 0 03
0 25
1 10
0 06
November 2, 188J
Ddcember 1, 1881
December 17, 1K84
I)neimber 1, 1885
November 17,18?0
December 3 and 4, 188H,
Last Saow Valla In Previous
D.-pth in
Maroh 22, 1872
March 25, 163
April 9, 1874
March 7, 187
MaictilB, 1876
March 25, 1877
February 3. 1878
February 6, 179
February 2 1880 0.27
March 21, 1881 0 07
January 31, 1882 0 78
March ., 188.1 0 26
March 4,188' 0.08
March 21, 18H5 0.22
March 81, 1888 --
Heaviest laiv Niorraa Steward
in Mamfibia.
Drcember 28 29, 1878, 8 inches on
January 7, 1881, 9.63 inches on
February 23, 1836, 9 76 inches on
Mr. J. T. Tretevant informs the Ap
rs l that in October, 1843. a snow
storm rrg"d for eix to eght bourg.
Depth cf fall not r-memhered.
The Hew BeaaBltli Theater. .
Thatcher, Primrose Weft's
Mammoth Minstre's play an engrge
ment of two nights only, Mnrdty
and Tuesday, December 6th and 7th.
Tbe company is large, and bHtter than
ever before, and everything is new.
An exchange says cf tbem: The
Academv last tint t whs c oarded from
pit to dome with ao appreciative au
dience to see tbe Tbatcie', Pilmrcse
k West mins'rels on their re u'-n to
the city, and it t-how-d i s estimation
of the performance by continued ap
plause. The company, einco its ap
pearance here lust y ar, basundegoue
all thrnujh rornan i ttion, and is now
one c f the very be t on the ro d. Tbe
singing is oood, specia tv work is first
clns, and there U little nmd for the
cheetout bell when tbe jokes are
being cracked. The company in po'nt
of numbers is large, and everyone
hr something to do, and does it
well. Bil'y Rice, of extreme obesity,
raptured the house; he Is a splendid
comedian and renewed his p ipuUrity.
llis humor is contagious, and durii g
the time he wai on ibe ttage tbe au
dlenoe was kept in a roar. Tbe trio,
Tbateher, Primrose and Weet, came
on in the second edition of premiers,
and their appearance was the elgoai
for , a storm of applause. Tbey
are each very good. Thre
sre several very good eonga rendered
during the perormanc, and that
rrr tsimics winter. "Dear Kobin,
111 Be True." Is worlhv cf snecial nnt.
The drilling ot the Kolghut Temp'ar
Isaleata-. Dnringthe part termed
Swenading As Old Folk, a sketch, tbe
penormei rave a cbnc to ic trod oca
some very clever d.no ng. Aoother
feature if tbe evening was the
specially work of Messrs Dehauerand
Greyer, " wherein on appears as a
clown and the other aa a frog. The
acrobatia 'eats of the latter were na
utually well done, snd were aood
as any seen here. The entertainment
concludes witb a screaming farce, fun
in a vuy tutuiurant.
re. 1. P. Bewerm.
Mrs. D. P. RnwAra. ftnrr nnJaA
the fullowliig strong company, will ap
pear at the Memphis Theater Wedne.
day next for four performances only :
Mr. Jo. Wbeelock, leading support
------- - 1 " whm v.gug
of Bid well's BtJck Company; John A.
Lane, fnr seven years with tbe late
John McTlnllnnoH an1 )a
' O 'l urn . soaniu
with Salvini ; Mark Lynch, eupnort for
Jos. Uaworth's starring tcur: Rudolph
derson ; Donald Hmedt, with Lawrence
oarreit iwu seasons: ferry CM?, last
wlih Rhna- Wm It
of the Robson a Crans Com
pany; Sidney fiowkett, late wtb
Wtlann Ranaif X4. n.
" - w ' -mm iquiuv VIT
roll, wbo he been leading lady for
rreat aura; rannie UlUette, with
Rialnrl ilnrlna liu Uil Inn. i l
ioa; Alberta Gallatin, last saaton with
Jaoish, aod Nellie Hosmer, lat of
Kfartiann fnniM ThM.. V..
This is the identical company with
which Mrs. Bowers made her brilliant
ran a( (nfivviubint ftha VriMaii.
r " .. . - u vui iwu.u
Street Theater, New York City. .
atoblBaea'a nl Batatas.
,Ttia tA'haalait M. la annnsJ
as tbe attractive-feai are oi tha coming
week's bill, '' The Other carioeitie wtil
Ada Gray, ihs livtug" phantom;
7 ittra. thaflirraa.lan riiAM. fa .'
I - .m -4 M W vuu-
eaed hog, and Ml Lui Ktu g oo,
tbe pejalutic w'nder, and a host of
othera'rargefnaksof nam;. .lathe
B Jon Theater tbe naual psrformance
Gold tMiwat Wnlfard'a,
Th rr.nw .arrn.dj
NaW Yi VI. HrfBinhai- A Ta1a.
grama receivo i In ttiia city today fr m
K i Orrln. theit ir ITl n n H 1 m r In t It w CN v
of Mvxivo, confirm the report ot the
eimll w r,-r t d t nie by a uan
epreje. tina Hojt!f to b t' e ci'
vnnc egent of 11 nry E. Abbey, man
fg r for Mme. Pa'tf. Or.iu tAuf
t in unonni f swndh' tt $1000 It
i- be ifv-d ih w nder vent Iron
N w Y rk 'o M xico, as tb (ac: a e
c:ile)ihta Hurt tnn pji a mm
profs jug to re;r-renr Mr. Abhey
n.adu ii ciiiirica of G-nrgj Orrm.
who i a brother of F.l
0;r n, a' d vbo i.i m maiing the
A-'op fHjr. nnw exlobi inir t ern, a id
f 0. D 1I3-P, 'Le op-r.t'o man g-",in
r. ghrd to t e Oitr of :o rn a hIhiw
ton, 1 lie e Z9 of the Notinnol T-ieater,
the nieib- tU ot be liirket spe-ul-t r-,
etc. Mr. 8c oeill , p irlnnr of Mr Ab
b(-y,said t n'ay tnt the alleged May-r
w doubtlees a fraud, ai his firm hal
no repteaen'a ive in Mexico. Marcm
Mayer, he sid, was making his way
toward Mi xio in advance of te c m
pany, wa to be in Cincinnati today.
That r Meear. MalAteata A Pae,
a JeflTaraoa Street.
Mis'r. Malateata A Page have
opened a restaurant at Nos. 14 and 16
Jefferson ttreet, ac Raggio's old stand,
fitting it tbronghont in good order,
wiih a view to serving the first cla's
restaurant trade of thefcity. Meals will
be terved to order at an hours. With
tbe beet cooks obtainable, a full
stock rf eupplee, and careful
seivice tbe nw ri"t-uant will
commend tlf to thetttention of tbe
public. Th b st I q tors wi.l beeervei
tiie bar main aiued in a room ad
IMnirg the resurant proper. Mr. N.
Ma a esta, known to all Memphlans r
aca ererol u erirg judgment, gives
personal a te tlon to the management
of there t orant
Everything must go.
Flood gates of iow prices are now
600 BUck Gosaimers, worth always
11 6J; t! ey go this week for a
mere song, on y 6O0.
Extraor lina y bargain for all
double width Cashmere in black
and colors ; cheap at 35c; only
85o Black Gocds now 60 2.
1 Colored Drees G.roda now 671c.
6)0 All Wool Serges for 37,c
$6 Newmarkets rf dice J to $3.
9 Newmarke s reduced to $4 50.
$18 Nemarkets reduced to 10.
HOShort Wr-psredaced to$tl. -
$13 60 fcthoit Wraps reduced to $7 50
Tbe very best srft, heavy, Medi
cated Fiannel in Memphis,
worth 4'rc, tot 28c.
40 heavy Gray Flannel for 25s.
50j heavy Whi'e FLnnel for 25c.
35n heavy White Flannel for 20o
12Jn blexcb Canton Flannel for 79.
lr'C browu Canton Flannel for lttc.
10 4 heavy Gray B ankets for $2 60.
11-4 whit j Wool B ansetifor 3 60.
Ou cae oil red Oaiico, 60.
$1 B-dCimforte, 85a.
3 oi. bi st quality Z pbyr for 25 0.
1 bank bwi quili y Sxony, 10c.
2 hanks 8.1 b at qoali'y tfxony,15c.
40o Fra'her T liumings, 25c.
6ite Ast aihan Tilmmtug, 25c.
Leather Bigs and CompaaioD.
Silk Hnnrtk.rchlefi for Micats.
Hilir HanrlkerchUfs for Ladies.
81k Ha dkerchlefsf ir Gents. '
Silk Mufll -m f ir Gents.
Children' 0ider wear, allelzs.
75c Ladie s' TJ ide wear for 60e.
20c Childrtiiie Heavy School Ilose
(eligbtly imperf-ctj for 7Je.
$1 Imputed Ladies Cashmere
10c B a.k Cotton, Mondoy 80.
10-4 Bleached Sheetlng.Monriay 20c
60 Inub widt rick'nue.Monday 20o.
2 Boncle Jeir-iaye.a sorted, fo $1 60
$1 76 R'd Vest Froiit Jersey, all
wool, for 95o.
75a Brei-kiasc Shawl now 60c.
m Main -treet
IIoiis MADi bred at Women's Ex
change. Ihpbovbd Caligraphs No.44 North
Ojurt straet.
P. M. SraHxtr, funeral director and
embalmer, 65 Madbon street.
. Miss Oabrib M. Ksatiho, pianist,
may be fonnd at tha (Jayoeo Hotel,
Lovsly. orange blossoms for brides'
dresses at the Women' Exchange. .
Th lsdle of the Linden Street
Church Will give their monthly socia
ble and bmar on Friday evening,
December 10th.
Latest music, all kind' of instruc
tion books, and the newest Vocal and
instrumental collection at Hollen
berg's, No. 823 Main street
G. W. Mu.ua A Co , Patent Asbestos
f ire t'root K.ofers. For durability,
equaled by none. TJted on wood, tin.
Iron, felt and gravel roofs. No. 66
Madison street.
Tai flerbal Chill Gore, the bast
tonleand antl Mrlodto known. A Mrteta
and sara ears for ohilli. prfoa Sj par bot
tla. Band starr pi (or olreolnri. Any r.f-
trsnr siaaa. Addrais Joka 0. Hooker
iTnnhh.r. Va.
War do you pay f25 or $30 for
ready made sui's when you can go to
L. Roeensteia A Bros., 2o8 Main street
and 18 JeOeison street, and have a
suit mads to oider. A fit guaran
tied. . .
Attbtiom I directed to the card of
the 8eonrity Bank, a corporation in
which a number of our beat eiisscs
are inierested. It is a afe deposit and
trust company, paying interest on de
posits. MnlforsV. 8tt4 Wstlnu
rircalt Onr Kataa, JarSst. '
No. 9(91. J H. OofflnACo.vs John
F. Carr; 9093, E. H. Warner vssama;
9017. Amelia Joh son ve Tom Brown?
9233, Rattle W. Miller vs Jas. Glowers;
9209, Wm. D. Whltelaw vs Memphis
and Charleston railroad ; 9225, Weeen.
dorf A Eirhberg vs 8. T. Games; 9226,
John W. Wright vs Robt Towaseid ;
9240, Psikrr; ya T. B. Hemrpes; 9246,
Ii U Word vs J. O Pierce I 9248, R.
w. Townsend vs J. W. Wrlaht. The
.above calendar iseet for tomorrow,:
m .
Diamonds at inir(rtr. A
. - . 1 . .1
- JT. Bach. Pawubroker .
And dea'er in wi'chea. diamoods and
jewelry, Is always prepared to offer
en perK r barg-ios in tbeee gocds. In J
ee ling unitidom d p'edgea ne ran
ff-r many fine ariicet at lower
pricea than weie imid the snauufao
tu'er?. Be-!d eelling Jewelry, he
lend monev on nr.t c aa coiiamraia,
and t eiia bistu t imers cleverly.
, , .
Wnir.irit. Jawnlvir. 04 Mala street.
solicits orders from Ike coaalrj.
the mnm9& mm.
Of Stcltillxtn, to 0,p'Wfl innrcij,
hocititl-m, Cfiiiniii it-iu hl1
Kiiidrtd "I m:."
Chicaoo, III, D c?n-iber 4 A a
toe-tinn t.eld in this ciiy this ader
noon to ut on f ot a movemeutto
cou iterant the infl ience of sodiliKts
and thrif t-aching', tbe naue ''Pa
trio. s' L-sgue" v.8 adop'ed. Gen.
Jno. L Tu .n pBon was elecie l prt-ti
di-nt: Col. II. W. Jackeon, tiea urer.
An Ex.cutiva Committee and a Com
mittee on Pub.iciti jn were appinitd,
and the following platform and de
clarations of principles and purposaa
was adopted:
Any person may become a member
of this 1-asue by s'going tbe platform
setting forth its principles and pur
poses. Any person contributing money to
the league will be entitled to receive
its publications to the full amount of
tbe money coatributed.
Tbe primary objects of this league
ehull bB:
1. To tupport and defend tbe gov
ernment, consituiion, laws and insti
tutions of the Ui icd bU f s, nation,,
Stite aad municipal, as adminibtered
through tbe tbrte necessary and well
defined legila:ive, rxecu'ivs and
judicial departments, aud to furnieh a
i.hannel through which the order lov
ing and law huuor'ngseDtiment of the
touotrr cau at all times express itfielf
iind make its convictions and strength
2. To oppose anarchy, socialism,
communism, mormnnism anddeput
tern of all kinds, aud all kindred social
end political heresies that lend to de
etroy tbe peace of society, the author
ity of government, thesanctitirsoi law,
tbe right! cf property, the liberty of
tbe citizen end the sacredness of" the
family ; aid to serve due notice on
enarctiistr, socialists and all similar
"kU" snd "jboqb" that humau libeity,
as repr. sauted and protected by Ameri
can free ioetitn ions, has cost too
much and ia too valuable and too sacred
to allow it to be overthrown, uader
mioed, endangered or desecrated by
fore'ga abators and revolutionistj of
any creed or deecription.
3. To dieaeminate sound views and
practical and accurate information on
Eoiit cal, sue al and economic subjects
y mans of carofully prepared bjoks
aud paoiphlets, to t e published and
told at tbe bare cost of production aod
distribution, and thus place tbe means
of political education within the reach
of all ; aod ia general to promote and
encourage the study and rational dis
cussion of social, political and eco
nomic questions by tbe whole body of
American citiiena. .
A Well Tinaed Appeal la Their Be.
To tha Editors of tha Appeal
Ye men of iron, ye men ot cottoD,
ye railway men and merchants ho
make your money in Memphis and
through Memphis, think at this bitter
time of Mempbia's poor. We who are
welt fed, well c'othed, well boused,
feel not the biting blast, the penetrat
,ngsoo, the gnawing pangs ol hun
ger. We can uo less, I hope, sympa
thise with onr leu fortunate fellow
citiurg, and "for sweet charity's
sake," will feel constrained to
do all in odr- power to 'alleviate
their distreee. We should not wait
uq til the suffering has become pro
nounced, bnt by timely aid forestall
disaster "bis dat qui cito dak" and
never was that idea better applied
than in tbe present instance.
What tbe poor want is very little,
but that little must be ready when re
quired some oal, tome warm cloth
ing and, wben well applied, a little
ready money. I notice that a
cbanty ball has been pro
posed, than which, I think, there
can be no better means for quickly ac
qu:ripg the necessary fands. Mr.
Peter Tracy's name has also been men
tioned in connection with the arrange
ments for this ball. Where can we
got a better man for the purpose f He
wa I unde stand, the originator of
laet year's charity ball, in which our
lamented fellow citisen, Mr. H. Fura
tenheim, took such a lively
interest. Mr. Furstenheim'a heart
and purse ware ever - open
to the call of melting ooarity,
but be,alasl for Mempbia's poor, is no
longer among us. Wbo can supply his
place T Let ua ask Mr. Tracy; be
is a whole sou led, philanthropic, en
ergetic man, and if anyone caa bring
this idea to a successful issue he is the
individual. Like all good men and
true, he doubtless reads your valuable
paper, and possibly may see this let
ter, wh'cb I hope you will kindly in
sert. Yon will surely spar a corner
for "onr poor." , otAg,
Iiupocl Mnlford'a atook.
wbo'intnd purchasing
(ioods for Geiii.lnn
will find st , :
the Best Assortment and tha
Finest Goods at Lowest Prices.
Elegant and Styliah Neckwear,
the Best Underwear,
Suspenders for Embroidering,
Splendid Glovee,
Grand Line of Hosiery,
Beautiful Mufflers.
Initial Uandkeicbiefs
thst cannot be equaled,
Japan and Linen, tidk, etc.
All Hkcfs. bought here are '
stamped without charge.
Our geods have no equal
in qnality and flu
All at Rtduced Prices
tor ths Ho.idays.
Tbe aata Fraaelaea Btaeea. -
Sam Fbahoisoo, Cau, December 4.
There was only a small attendanc at
ths Bay D, si riot track today to wit
ness ths trot between J. Q., Maaon
aod Cbarlie Hilton. Antevelo and
Adair did not make their appearance.
Tne day was cloudy and cold; ths
track was good. Hilton won tbe race
taking second third and fourth hears,
J. Q capturing the first, Manoa oonv
irg in third. Beet time. 3:19- Mach
dieeatisfectiott prevailed, many claim
ing that J. Q. was not outrun. Before
the start J. Q rued a tremendous
favorite, but after winning the fi.st
heat the beting was suddenly
changed, HI Urn beicg ths favorite.
Before the fourth heat, a complaint
was made to tbe judg t dirplace Van
Ness, tbs driver of J Q , and substi
tute a new driver. His effoiti, how
ever, were fruitless, ai Hilton suc
ceeded ia wini irg the beat aod ra.o.
Fine Jewelry at ftulOrd'a.
Mempkls Wholesale Meat Compasy.
No. 11 Artams. Dally freih Beef,
Pork end Mit'on, a so Cu ed Bef.
O den soiloitf d and promptly filled.
Telephone 874.
Will Be Held Today at tbe Yarlaaa
Cbarebes at tbe Hears lanwL
Spiritual Ball.26 Boooad ttraot. Itost
ini at S p.m.
Sa far ant Street Mttioditt Ciurek.CktUta.
Barvlcei at 11 a.m.
Vane Stmt Ckrittian CAarc. Preachini
at 11 a m. aud8p m.
Salem Bnotitt Ohurch. Carolina street. Tha
IUt. L. W. William, pastor.
St. Mary'i Cathedral. Poplar street. Soi
rioei at 7 and 11 a.m. and 4 p.m.
Cumberland Prainit-riau. Court Itroet,
Fervice t ila.m. and 7:30 p.m. Kv. B. A.
JoD, putur. .
Stranven'Churak. Union itraet. ThaRav.
N. M. Loin, paitor. Berviixn at 11 a.m.
and 7:30 p.m.
Mrmphit Bothel. TnU service at 7:SJ
p.m Uood aingeri will ba ia attendance.
Welcome all.
JCowan MUiion. Fori Pickering. Ser-Tio-o
at 11 a.m. and 7 p.m., by ttie Kct.
J. H. Snow, pastor.
Jmmanvel vhurck. No. 2M Third street, be
tween JeOemon and Court. Berfioe at 11
a.m. and 7:30 p.m.
Untml Baptut.Steoni straet.near Bea la
Rer. A. W. J mar, pastor. Preachini at
U a.m. and 7:30 p.m.
Hret Pretbvttrinn. Corner of Third and
Poplar streets. Preaobinr at 11 a.m. br
the Rtv Eugene Duniel, pastor.
Evangelical Lutheran trinity Church (Ger
man) Washington atreet, between Third
and Fourth, tierrioa at 1U:30 a.m.
Ikrittian Church. Corner of Linden and
Mulberry streets. Rnrvicesat 10:3) a.m. and
7:30p m. Ker. J. B. Brineji pastor.
CheUea Cumberland Preebyterian Church.
Corner el Fourth and Looney streets. No
temoa today. I), t. W'syw ck, pastor.
Georgia Street Metkodit. Corner of Ten
nessee and Georgia streets. Preaching at 11
a.m. by tha Kev. 1). 1. Moore, pastor,
Church of the Oood S epherd. Corner Mill
and Kourth streets. Horvtoes at 11 a.m and
7:30 p.m. by the Key. lieury Dunlap, rector.
tint Baptitt. Servi.es at 11 a.m. and 7:30
p.m. f-peoal services at night. All seats
tree. Au are invitea. ner. a. a. venaoie,
Avery Chanel, A. If. B. CAureV Desoto
street, near Beale. P reach in at lu:dO a.m.
and 7:30 p.m. by the Rev. Geo. Iardis,
Calvary Church. Conn of Second and
Adams stre.ts. Early communion 7:30 a m.
Services at 11 a.m. and 7:30 p.m., tne rector
Htmantla Street Mrthoditt Church. Corner
Linden and Hernando at-eeta. Preach at at
ll a.m. ana 7:3U p.m., by the Kev. J. Al.
Bpenoe, pastor.
Alabama Street Preebyttrian Chunk. Cor
ner l Alabama street and Jones avenue.
Berviceiat 11 a.m. and 7:30 p.m., by Kev.
Jamas L. Martin, pastor.
Centred Uetkodiet Church. Union atreet.
Serrioea at 11 a.m. Kev. R. 11. Mahon.
pastor. At 7:30 p.m the m mbera ef the
F rst Church will unit with this churoh in a
lova isaai. .
Lauderdale Street Pnebyterian Church.
Corner Lauderdala and Beat etreeta.
Preaohina at 11 a.m. by tha Kev. William
FliDn. D.D., of Mobile, and at 7:30 p.m. by
lae rvev. a. v. vaiawaii, pastor.
. Second Preebyterian Church. Corner Mala
and Beale streets. Uerriosi at 11 a.m.
by the Kev. W. K. Boggs, pastor- There
will be no t iuht service on, account of memo
rial aerviee at Central Baptist Churoh.
Grace Church Corner Vanoe and Lander-
dale streets, i ho Kev. tteo. rattemon, u.
D., rector. Early prayers at 7 a.m. i morn
ing service ann sermon aid oommunion at
H am,-.evening prayer and reuuon at
7:50 p.m. . -
Tiret Mithoditt.Cotntr Second and Pop
lar street. The Rev. 8. A. bteel will preach
his last terinou hs past r of thie churoh at
11 a.m. There will be no service at night,
but Ihe oongrea-ation will join in a union
tervioe at the Central Church.
o. k. noucK & co.,
tbe Maiu S.reet Music Daalers.will
receivd and place on sale n-xt
week a $200) etcck of Mnsicil
Bore?, ssmpriginff .every Btyle and
comhina'.ion that is made, and rang
i'H, in price from 50c each up to
The SB Boxes ere from the well
known factories of Paillard & Mer
ino 1 Frres, at St. Croix, 8a?i!s jr
l.nd, and contain all tbe late im
provemenls, including the safety
chuck, tune indicators and coupled
Everybody is invited to call and
hear onr Interchangeable Cylinder
Sublime Harmonie, playing eight
een airs. Music Boxes sent to coun
try on aporobition. '
Nos. 385 and 389 Main etrert '. .
Iks Prealdrat'a stbramatiam. . ,
WaSHiMOTOM, December 4. The
President is suffering from, a slight at
tack of rheumatism, which baa kept
him in doors for reveral days, bat has
POt Interfe,:. i witb Ml work. For the
put two days he hut !:e,t tin room in
the bops, that its even temperature
would effect ad early recovery. He
bas f r some yea s bei subject to in-,
frequent attacks, of the soft, which
usually, at cow, locate in the tendons'
about tbe knee and .confine him to
his room for three or fonr days, The
present one is yielding to treatment,
and will, no doubt, pass away in a
dy or twov . 1 - -
The Cbarlee aforsraa BaraeeU''
Cincinnati, O., December 4. The
fine steamboat Coarles Morgan, plying
between here ana rtetr Urieans,
burned at Falton tonight. Loss. $50,,
000: partly insured. She had not
made any trips this fall.
Tclea-ratne. . j
tiCKSBrjao, Miss., December 4.
Night Passed op: B. a Hayes and
bargee,' St. Lonla. ' 1 I ... .
CiHClHKATi, O., December 4. Night
Eiver 19 feet on the gauge and fall
lng. Weather fair aod cold. Departed;
Guiding Star, Hew Orleana... . ,
' Ksw Oauaira, Li, December 4.'
Night-Arrived: Oakland and bargtaa,'
LLonia. . Departeds . City of Baton
ge, Oakland and bargee, Bt Louis.
"LoTJisvTU,a, Kv-, - December 4.''
Higbt Biver .fai log, fwith 8: feet 11
inebes in tha ranal uad-6 'feet 0 inches
oa the faUa. Weather tUar aad cold,!!
Bhtaees moderate. Departed: W w
O'Neill and tow, Mem$bie y t o-'
.(kiao. Lu., Deeembar -4w tNfghf
River 21 tent 6n tbrganga and failing.
Weather cloudy end co'd. Arrived:
R. A Speed and iow, Cinoinnati, noon.
Departed : R. A. Speed and tow, Mem
phis, noon; Future City and bargee,
New Orleans, noon: O. W. Anderson
and tow, Mew Orleai-a 2 p.m.
Would enjoy your din
nor'and are nrcveutcd
by l)yspepai, u
uso Ackera bvsoprsia
Tablets. They are a positive cure foe
ajjupcueia, inaiReauun, rmtuioncy
and Constipation. Wo guarantor
tlicm. S.andCOcenta.
. We have removed uur entire business to
Nos. 378 & 3SO Front St.,
adjoining tha Onyoso lintel, where we
aie receiving a larva assortment of Car
rlxaea, Bnaulva, Wm:.o, Harare.
Rati-ry, Kir , all of which will be sold
at Very- Low Pri.-es. A f n 11 I ds W .Moras
It sakfii and k.np. tc..tra on hand. AU
persons in need o the aHoie goods will save
mossy by ex tmintng our siook before pur-
Manufacturers' Agents.
Oranges, Malaga O rapes, Apples,
ilananas, Lemons, Cranberries.
Pitted Cherries, Evaporated Peaches
Citron, Evaporated Pear',
German Pears, Lf man Peel,
German Cherries, Evaporated Apples
Orange Peel, Dates, lUisins, Prunes,
Pine A pple Glaoe, Figs.
Almonds, Pecans, Filberts, English
' Walnuts, iBrajil Nnta.
V I1
Jellies, Preserves, Eto.
Shaker Preserves, Cantpo Ginger,
Dundee Jams snd Marsjialade,
Currant, Raspberry, Strawberry and
. Peach Jelly by the pound.
Apple Butter, Mince Meat,
Maple Syrup, Honey, Maple Sugar,
New Molasses, Sugar, Syrup,
Plum Pudding, v ;,
Curry Powder, Celery Salt, Olives,
Olive Oil, Capers, Mixed and Plain
Pickles, Sweet Stuffed Mangoes,
Holland, Pine Apple, Young Amer
ica an J Cream Cheese,
Salad Dre-sine, Deviled Ham,
Worcestershire Sauce, Tomato Cat
sup, Mustard, Pepper Sauce,
Sage, Thyme, Sweet Margorium,
Summer Savory.
Buckwheat Flour, Graham Flour,
Dried Corn, Farioa. Tapioca. Sago,
Corn Starch, Lonteig, Kollea A vena,
Oatmeal. Cracked Wheat, Split Peas,
Rioe, White Peas, May Beans,
Farinoca, Hominy, Grits', Barley,
Green Kern.
White PeaoV.es, Apricots, Epg Plums
Yellow Psaohes, Grapes, Nectarines,
Green Gages, Cherries, Pine Apples,
Gooseberries, Bartlett Pears.
Asparagus, Baked Beans, Peas,
String and fttringleSs Beans, Corn,
Tomatoes, Ours snd Tomatoes, Okra
Succatash, Pumpkin.
. 1 ' I ti .
Canned Fish axtd Meats.'
Lobsters, Bloaters, Deviled Crabs,
Finland Baddies, Salmon, Sardines,
Mackerel, SKrimps, Russian Caviar,
Cove Oysters, Pigsfeet, Chip Beef,
Ox Tongue, Canned Boer.'
Gelatine, Flavoring Eatraots,
Yeast Powdf r, Blanks's Hand-made,
Larrabee & Kennedy's Cakes and
Crackers, ' '
Creamery Butter, Sweet Cider,
Boston Brown Bread, Deep Sea Cod
fish,. Shelled Almonds.
LATB )F 8T.XOUI8, MO!, k'ai Inst itted
p an eleirnl oBee ever LyUe k Hhleldi't
sroee-y store, eoraer of A4ame and Main,
whereas) ia ready to tt all tights and tnake
alaua to order. The aaWio axe Informed
thai true D. etorbe boclaseeS' lor tale other
thaa thee aaade by hiaieelf and n eonforni
Ity with tha measaraaunt ot the ay. Tha
Doetor baa Bed that hit tpaoiel study aad
hat all tha Jateateeiantile taste and instrsj
ments -ia lioture .perieet -aaai-aaay titht.
.Pbyartians preteriptioat fev alaeses oarelally
Ailed. OAne hoars Irossleo Is and SroSn.a.
Oeallet aad OpUolan, Na. gll Main etreat,
. tontheast corner Aiaeaaaad Main. I
i"ia Beatdeat IToilre.
7 - ,.V
Va ' WA-Ti' .ika frakaia 0a I Bhalhv
. eoanty. linn.-Jeha Hitab.ll. Petitioner,
y s. lioasna tuteaam iieBaanv.
Ia aaaaariaa. from affaavM in his aaaaa-
taat the.dalendent, Kinlaoo miieaen, u
Bon-rerident of the out, ei
f lea Besses aad
rjflntt4he Htats ar
o.w iorat
ti( erthe sMe w 11 be UKea.r eeoreteed
as 10 bids a a let lor e.-rini i parte i an
that a eopy a thl order be, albhad oneea
week, far loarmaVwasrv weeks. the Men
(hia Adpeal-.Tbls 4th day M erembrr. lHat.
sty Tgo" R. Crenha,l 0
llenrv.FI ! - WM. fo-e"Teilt't tgt
'fA- Keuovea Alivr.ln rront
at- 40 mlLOtetol hoar, with head earn.
jl.'e. or no ohame. Nu Faitine requiredt
bo poll nn uieriielnes. t'aa ha taken with
aaee by ohlld -r ..!. Oil or lend tor oir
ealars. Dtt. M. MsY SMITH. 8n-iali-t,
ii! (Ms
,t U.,i tnarerprei rlerel.-f e ae Brake
le appaarapoa hareio. at, aa-aooxUeae
eftre. tft Yr4rey ia anuary, 18S7.
nd B(eai . e,iser eV deaar to e.Dlainaati'
BariBf Held, Ma.

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