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lad Donel'p In Her Own Incompar
able Stjle unie Iuterestliig
Literatare. IsrimAL coRRMroKDci or run atmal.
Nw York, D.cember 3. A curi
ous comp ic .tiou wni teen at one of
onr moet la'htonsble theaters last
evening. On tbe etage was diaries
fJogden, tie scior Willi whom Lady
Deaart loped a few yearn aiio, and the
singular ttrng about him wai that any
woman, in or cut of aristocratio soci
ety, ehonld fall in love with such a
personality. He wes 45 to 60, and
utterly devoid of romantic euvg'ttiion
to much so that he failed ludicrously
in enacting (ha role of a fervid stage
lover. Moreover, and dreadful, he
mare than once dropped an II, and
his accent waa cockoeyish. 8o much
for hint. His marriage U Lady Deaart
still exists, but they are understood to
have quarreled, and abe did not corns
. with him to America, while he is woo-
ana reality. The rumor is that Sugden
and Forteecae are to be wedded ai
aoon aa a divorce ahall permit, snd it
waa doe to this report that the aotrese
was spabbed by elaborate aociety at
Tuxedo lately aot to her wholly cir
cumspect betrothal to Lard Garmoyle.
In the audience, ao cloee to the
tags that Bus-den and Fortescue
could not have failed to reoognlzs her,
at Be'ina Dalaro. the actress who
eloped to America something like ten
yeaie ago with LordDeeart. Kellna
Wta a pitiful sight, notwithstanding
that much ni her old time beauty re
mained in her half veiled face, and
that her cheap attire was neatly sty
lish ; for she is ill and poor, and haa
eld good bye to Ihe world in which
abe figured for a time as merrily. The
play waa Fnm Fro, with the story of
a wife'a elopement, and it struck me
that a free and reminiscent discussion
of the theme by Sagden, Fortescue
and Delaro would be exceedingly in-
Oneo! the acknowledged, belles of
swelldom has manaeed to get herself
coasidered along with the stage per
formance at the opers. A feature of
the season there la an unusually elab
orate bahet not an incident in an
opera, bnt a separate oantomlme and
dance. The list dansenss is an out
right charmer, and greatly admired
by both men and women. Well, the
society girl, on tbe night when the
ballet piece is presented, wears a dress
Whose bodice is an exact counterpart of
that portion of the daneeuse's cos
tume; and as there ia a close similar
ity in tbe two faces and forma, tbe re-
eaiomrce is qu n 'rally obierved
through oper glassts from all parts of
the house. Thus the amateur gets a
considerable share of regard 'airly
above the bolt, and with none of the
professional's arduous exerciae of the
A visit to the grand opera In New
York this season is like a glimpse of
fairyland too utterly sreet for critl
clem. Yon know, the box owners are
the swelleat of the swell, snd psy $3030
apiece for fiteen weeks of opera.
There are two full tiara of boxes, and
a lew more on a level with the orches
tra. Each box is accompanied ith a
drawtaf fmiaeAilig wli h the lob
Wee. In tbuB little pWlora the'ludlee
takeoff the f arrana ami iln4h I...
----- r - .v two inn b
PrimBio prporjr to appearing
bareheaded, lowdecked and sleevekta
before tlieml'ence, Tbe boxes are
appointed with dark hangings, to
make a prnper background for . tbe
delicate sliadts nf drens good and for
the inordinate dit-plsy of coraplexiona,
which are fashionable at full dress af
fairs. Ceriainly the sex looks pretty
in such a selling ai this. Tne house
la simply a gNnd drawing room, in
which the most beautiful women of
the giddy society display themselves.
Ihere they view and are viewed ; they
toselp and whisper: they do every
thing except sttend the opera, which ia
thereat thing they think oL These re
ception rooms attached totheboxea
are oiten fitted rip at considerable ex-
pew.?oni? men ha" "pent $2000
or $3000 In clotbing the walla of their
tiny room with golden paper, in add
ing costly chandoliers, lounge, rug,
chairs, portieres clocks, and 1 don't
know what all. Think of turning a
room s x by eight into a jewel case;
and yet that's what Mr. Rhinelander
and several other New York, Cincin
nati, 8t. Louis and 8n Francieo3 mill
ionaires have dona. From one of thaee
beautiful rooms to auotlier the ladies
flit between tbe act, visiting and in
tei changing words of admiration and
toothsome gossip. And all the even
ing long the gentlemen move from box
to box in call upon the ladles. Never
be ore In tl e hiatjry of this prodinal
Tillage was to much wealth lavhhed
upon aDyidul of fashion aa isdls-
pwjea cere in Jadies' dresses.
Jewe a and t ; In : furniture.
of millions lightly
nowadays, but It is net a careless as
sertion to s.y there never is a night
when a million dollsra' worth ol finery
wnot gathered in this opera house,
'n ne matron's ears I saw $1200
orth of diamonds, while on her
Tw w"? . neck'ce worth ten times
?jL,n. hor hair P'n that
wet $1000, to say nothing of her
J "' iU ?rna,e3 big die
S'T".11.? Bha "WMn'' nything
Wlt as they say In New Eng-
V.. .1 ler iat clue 00,1 375, nd
her cloak, worn from her carriage to
dl' fi1 l2,76 Tt Price other
m!?a,d ol7 06 tuessedt,Mtt
came frotn Utia, but it waa ol saUn
weighted Wirt ToM smbroidery as
-J?,rmor' Why, . husband In
moderate circumstances would awlnl-
i7uie jo nave to pay for her gold
XnL 'ree?' or her Pln lace
derue,cart- And y6t. "be was not
tothe ladles in the boxes of the
iIW MjroalnU' Vanderbilta,
L.'J08.' comB itom t" Pln'nl
Jnxnry, the sleeping car. , How incon-
?ndj,lulP'oper It was; for in
stance, to discover that thu rnmhl
" " ,nPPer 'h. whose mildest re-
2theca,ra? of tt4 long night
was 'It's cursed hot np here I" was
none other than a full fledged major
nnttr.1 n -i i '
-Z ' ' ' ' WM gorgeoua
Z,? "Poctacular gallantry; by
ntsht a hnwllnab HVI Z:
bui enough of wen, the commonplace
creatures; t,beir ways are as plain as an
opened book and their characters as
easily read. Let ns return to the in
exhaustible field of psycho-anthropo-
roeource. xne flint nigtu in s
aieeper Is nothing to tbe first morning,
Weil do I remember my first expe-
"ciico. Alia toilette la Fccomplished
under such harrowing circumstances.
iJut it is surmising Low readily one
becomes indiffefei,t to the surround
ioffs. r-aii a stoat young woman from
an adjoining seclon: "I have trav
eled ail the way from San Francisco
in s sleeper, and I've lost the last
ehred 0f modesty." I believed
ber when I caw her sitting
on the end of her berth in
her corset with loosened lacings
drawing on her boots with a laviud
diep'ay of plumply filled hosiery, the
curtains pushed back and meu and
women paesing to and from tbe
toilette rnnm. It was a ceedle: ex
posure. Tbe girl across the stale, No. 3,
emerged from her closet curtains with
not a crinkle in ber drapery, boots
buttoned and hair es fmoth as satin
to the line where it broke int ) billo s
of :rlni('liiefn nver fcer forehead. Hbw
did she do it T 8he v.asiu tbe toile to
riom with the first streak of dawn, for
I peeped through my curtains as she
passed by in dreeing sack and tkirts,
tbe voluminous drapery on her arms
and tbe crimping pins held by a lovely
turban. There was a difldrtncel Sue
could trrvel to China and back with
out danger to her modetty.
There wa a IS year old girl on that
train whi will own tbe road some day
unless they multiply her and so divide
the profits of her peculiarity. She is
rather pretty, in an uncultured style,
and she looks aa ingealus as a babe ;
but what she knows of the nature ol
masculine bnmanity would burst the
rovers of an nnabridged dictionary.
She prospers by a combination of wit
snd lemon drops, bhe enters tbe car
with a calm smile on her face and an
opened package of her wares in ber
hands. As she walks down the aisle
she shakes one drop from the package
into the lap of each passenger and cas
ually i remarka: "Nice, fresh lemon
drops ; there ain't none like 'em made;
try them before yoa buy them ; only
B cents a packajie." The passengers
all glare, and nobody tries them at
first not until the shrewd creature Is
down at the other end of the car, med
itatively dramming her fingers on the
glass of the door as she waits for her
silent psriner to get in Its work, which
it always does. A lemon drop isn't
big, nor Is it pretty, but the neat
ness and dispatch with which
it can upset the mental balance
of a strong man, when he has received
it from a witcby sort of a girl, is a
caution. One by one the seductive
little samples are transferred from the
laps of ihe men to their mouths.
And that settles it. The bits of sngar
and acid are fire to the palates. By
the time - the' girl has " finished her
serenade on tbe oar door glass she can
face an assemblags whose mou hs are
animated by but one watering thought,
whose souls ntter but one cry the
longing for more. They all buy them
the msn with a sudden tickling in
his throat that must he assuaged; the
chap who hides the little paper box
under his coat and slyly slips one into
his mouth when he thinks nobody is
looking; the aged guy, whose fre
quent hand to the mouth that it nec
essitates, betrays the entering ol an
other drop, and the bold fellow who
munches the yellow morsels openly
and nnblushlngly all contribute their
nickel to the future wealth of the girl.
Yoa have doubtless seen train boys
working the sample game, but it takes
a pretty girl to develop its possibili
ties. ,
My male cousin came running Into
my presence the other day with the
exclamation. "Look at met What do
you think of these togsT I've mads
up my mind to knock out the dudes
Iroaa this time on." Now there was
nothing remarkable In that speech for
a man, but I never yet saw the woman
who would have expressed sicU a
sentiment. I am all up in arms now,
snd 1 am going to prove by this text
that men are eeveral shades vainer1
than women.1 And they are vainer
about their clotlies then women are.
I know the world thinks differently.
Men have done all the speech making
and moat of the wi hing for centuries,
and they have all harped on tbe van
ity of women aud tbe Importance
women ascribe to dress. ' Now. I've
got the fljor, and am going to knock
that notion to smithereens. At least,
I am going to knock it a wee, tiny
little bit. r
In Society I am continually hearing
men say: "I've got a dress suit that
will make the girls all sweet on me."
or "I've ordered a riding coat that will
rnnke tbe nobs green with envy," or
"Waittllllgetmysitln lined over
coat, and I'll be irresistible." All
chaff, yon ssy. Yet no one fails to
recognise the truthfulness of the si'ly
ana egotistical expression, and no one
ever heard a woman or girl say such a
thing, in fun or in earnest. Women
are vain about dress, Oh, yes; they
are human. Bat women that is,
rood and respectable women -don't
dress for men's eyes. They don't
think of tbe effect of their uwns on
the other sex. New, if yoa didn't
know that, or u yoa think I am
Stretching a little tor argument, let roe
assure yoa that it is true. The ardor
of woman in dress is due to rivalry
with her own aex. Each woman wants
to look better than, or at leaat aa well
as, each other woman. Let me put it
mis way, please ; un next baster.when
ws all come out with our new things,
and enter the church doors, ws look
around at all tbe congregation with
nervous interest. What fort To see
If the msn are dasaled by tbe beauty of
onr costumes T Not for a sing's blessed
Instant. When we've finished looking
we could not tell you whether there
was a man in the cnurcn. we haven t
seen or looked at or thought of a B'n
gls male. Nor did We look to note the
effect of our new gown and bonnet on
tbs envious eyea of other women. No,
no, no ; ws are above that, also. Ob,
how we are misunderstood. We look
simply and solely to see whether any
other woman is better dressed than
we are end what every other woman
has on. Upon my word asan expert we
never torn 01 anything else. We do all
the thinking c f ourselves before we get
there, at home in tlie maid s hands,
beiare the glass, and for a week or
month before even that, when we are
planning not to be beaton by other
women. ECS
Un tnls worm's stage women play to
women " In tbe matter of drees.
1 fi- .,.!
They play to win applause in com
plexion, tee'h, eyes, manners, speech.
crqutry, cheerfulness and gfnerHl
lova'jleneea. That's our ginne bef 're
we are married, aud if it isn't kept np
toward husbands after manisge it i -becansa
wives don't know en' ugh. I
am t.ld tbatceituin flehy r'nif''',8i
that are never seen ia good eocl?'y
except in etore windows, are worn by
certain women f r the benefit of the
other sex wrappers. s canes and
hosiery and ail tt at. .15.H when I
write ab iut Indies, whether taey are
poor or r ch, and ear, ouce fjr all, we
do not dresi for men, wa di not care
what men thick of our clothe, wa
know thr.t men know no more about
women's gowns than pigs know nf
MuuWatfy's pointing. Th're, now, is
that flit acd plain enough? Lit me
give yoa some more wisdom in nut
shell concneness. Among the men
the dandies dress to aitrait f male at
tention, to "knouk ont the women,"
as my couein says; but the dudei
dre-s to eclipse each other. Now,
that latter way, the dude's way, is the
way women dress to eclipse one
I was saying all this to a gentleman
who thought he had the better of me
by asserting that women are forever
looking in mirrors, and primping and
shaking out this part and smoothing
down the otner, ana mttvaung tueir
bair, and all tbe rett. That is solemn
truth. The women do no end of that
sort of thing. But it is not from, van
ity. Did you ever see a lady wn ae
hair haa come down walking along tbe
street with a tail ef it down the back T
Did 1 you ever see a lady with ber
eklrt or bustle showing behind
through a disarrangement of ber over
skirt T Did you ever see a lady with
her hat tipped over almost on one
earT Well, it ia to prevent such hu
miliating things as that that women
always glance at a glass, and give a
shake here and a touch there, and a
smoothing somewhere else. A woman
dressed is a masa of devices that are
liable to get out of p'aoe, and are
only held in place by plos
and clasps, hairpins straps snd
laces. Her hair may come down,
her hat get out of place, her stockings
may climb down on her shoes, her
oversklrt mty perch on her hip or
bustle, her skirts may loosen and drop
beneath the drees. Is it any wonder
she looks at her reflection whenever
she can ? And yet, "kind gentlemen,"
ss the old playeis used to say, it is
none the less a fact that when a Broad
way looking glass dealer set a boy to
count the number of persons who
looked at themselves in the glass be
kept ont on the sidewalk it was found
that of a given number of women and
men twice as many men as women
stopped to look at themselves in the
mirror. claba, bsllb. ;
nffceated aa the Plane Beat Calon.
lated tm Entertain Tbelr LeU
ure Hoars.
In the issue of the 27th of Novem
ber of the Southern Rectrd, of our city,
the editor "moves" that steps be
taken to provide a publio library and
reading room for the working class. I
Second that motion with all my heart.
In fact, I had fully Ifttendod making
the motion myself in the A pi-sal of
December 5th, but our thoughtful
editor anticipated me, f Jr which I am
glad. The i&oord says:"
Wh doa't ma of the rDii"tUm tak
thli mttor ia hn aid buiiil a iilaoo of that
kind wter wrkintaia eoald tpand their
nlnii ia improrio tbir mindaT It
would vrsvant a krcai am 01 arnnacanui
and rime, tat Im ta of wk h la altan
txkea from tha ailaati, wktra tk yoana
avanlnm. oat far tha Iota of drinking aai
awauiiaf, but aiteaaM ba It laDntawa and
tun 10 so auiawnnia, aaa aa aaowatnai
tkara ba will 6nd walaiate ao long bit
none last.
rata u acui bp aniu anaiir,
initaad of
aaiai oa
to pM away
tha llaa, ba has Ituitd to like
trans drink and tha ooaipanionahip
af tha habituM of tauk plaea. Altar
ba baa gone thii tar it daai aot take ions to
make a wreck of what might hart bean a
(ood and uaelul life.
Any woman who bat ever been on
a tail vl iting committee can testify to
the truth of this. At least one-half of
the young men with whom I have
talked in our County Jail have told
me that their first step lu wrong doing
was taken in this way. They were
strangers, perhaps poor, unemployed
and shabbily dressed,and no place but
the saloons gave thom a welc ome. I
think II our businees men were ap
proached on this subject they wouid
respond liberally. Many of them ere
self made men snd they remember
what it waa to be poor and Strang rs
in a strange land, and I have faith to
believe they would be glad to extend
such a holding hand tothe young
workmen of our city. Aud so believ
ing I intend at as early a date as pos
sible to set on lojt a movement by
which they will be enabled to prove
that my faith in them was not without
foundation. 1
The editor of the Record speaks of
"building a placi of that kind." That
la certainly desirable, but we must
wait some time before it can be ac
complished. Meanwhile I see no
reason why we ahould wait. A good
hall could be rented, beginning with
January, 1887, and plainly but com
fortably furnished at small coat. I
was talking the other evening with a
practical man and we ' fljured it up,"
and found tbst a hall couid be rented
tor a year and furnished with stoves.
book cases, tables, chairs, etc., at a cost
of about $300. Moreover I always
strike while the iron is hot I obtained
a promise of 0 to begin with. Then.
instead of waiting for a fund where
with to bav a library let contributions
be solicited, and I am aure we can get
a nucleus in mat way. And 1 ran
put my finger upon aeveral women
who will gladly save papers, maga-
.(. am1 lliam V. V. . 1 1
luta, cm ,auu iu umu ia tuv ukii
every week, and in that way many
can be supplied with reading matter
who are unable to bny it. And if the
hall were once opened entertainments
sould be given for the benefit of the
library and for running expenses.
This is a pet scheme around which
my heart's desire has revolved for lo I
tbeee many days, and I want to see it
perfected quite aa much for tha bene
fit nf onr working- women as for the
working men. We have in oar city
hundreds of working women,employed
in stores, factories, millinery establish
ments, and many toiling with their
needles at home, for a pittance that
barely keeps soul ana Dody together.
Nobody thinks of these women.
Neither rest, recreation nor means of
Improvement is provided for hem.
Thus far they bare lived among us a
forgotten data so far an any public
recognltic n is concerned. The people
of Memphis are publio spirited, but
thus far they have not impelled this
spirit in a progressive direction. As
regards Institutions of this kind we are
far behind our slater cities, friends,
this state of things should not be suf
fered to continue. Let us open our
hearts, our minds, our sympathies and
our purses and put this scheme into
eQectlve operation and let us do it
now. j, Yours lor pmsreee,
, , . ... ,
the mm tmm
Making, Lumber, Dry U tods. Wool
and Some Minor ( bauntls
llafl Been (juod. .
Philadklpuia, Pa,., D. comber 4
TlieWiet's business in railroad build
ing, coal mining, in n m iking, lumber,
dry goods, wool, and in some minor
cbani elr, 1 ai be. n fully up t) trade
expectati n 1 he ru h r;f ordi rs con
tinues. Mills, shops and f'cories are
well sold u;. Prices are firm for all
products. Ntorka cannot ttcrumulate
ur.der existing trade cot-di; ions. There
is a general appiehenslon that prices
will advance, aud hence orlers snd
inquiries are on the increase. Store
keepers throughout the Western and
r-ont'jern Hta'es are diet ibutiog goods
quite liberally. Railroad builders have
built 6000 miles M main track and
20( 0 miles of si B acx th's year and
will complete at ftSit 15,000 miles of
main and side track next year. All
parties are watching for advance in
iron and steel in British market and
then prices will move up here.
Much activity has subsided as to
new work but the ocse builders are
all busy. Material is used up. Lum
ber Is not over plenty but from tbe
way saw and planing mills are going
up lumber and sasr, doors, blinds,
laths and shingles will be cheap and
plenty next year.
Business is booming in boots snd
shoes in bothi Eastern and Western
market. A half million dollars is to
be expended on stock yards, to cover
400 scree, st tit. Joseph, Mo. The
drive of cattle from Tex s will be 225,
000 this season. ,
The impoiters of goods of almost all
kinds are in high glee over the pros
pects of heayy orders going abroad
tbia winter, and British manufacturers
are sending agents to solicit business
on this side.
The dry goods, carpet, hosiery and
cloth manufacturers aru working full
time to - meet customers' demands.
Wool is high. Cotton is quiet. Pe
troleum is active. ( Agricultural pro
ducts are abundant and cheap, and a
speculative turn is almost an impossi
bility. The bituminous oprators met in
Philadelphia on Wednesday and
agreed to advance prices 25 cents a
ton. The anthracite companies will
sdvsrico 15 cents on lnmo.
The jobbers in New York and Phil
adelphia are fully prepared for tbe
heaviest winter dsmand for textile
gcods ever met with. New England
mills will not shut down, except a few
divf. Trade prospects are most en
couraging. Manufacturers are ac
cumulating all the raw material tbey
possibly can. The money markets
are well supplied. Collections are easy,
Commercial failures continue at near
ly laat jeai's rate, but the percentage
is mw.h less considering tbe rapid in-
creise of firms. The distiibu ion of.
all kin:!s of manufactured goods for
the coming holidays bss far exceeded
sny previous year's business, and the
margin of retailers' profits is a little
Curat Indieeatloa, haadaohr, malaria, kid
ney diteate, ferer. ohilla, loan of appotite.
debility and nerront protrntinn by regulat
ing the Llvor. btomaoh. Boirala. Kidnevi
and Blood.
Lemon Kllxir li preparal from the froh
fuioe of Lemona. oombined with other vege
table lirer toniot, oathartiot, aromatio tita
ul' tt and blood purifier",
t itty oenU for one t alf-rlrt bottle; 11.00
tor Pint and ha f bottle. Pold by diugiiitts
generally, and by all wholesale drurfgitta.
Lemon Hot Drops
Cure all booths, Coldi, Boartene:i. Bora
5nroal, uronoMttt, a'aanntonla snd all
hroat and Luui diaeaaea, ei'ept Consump
tion, which ditense it palliates and greatly
relieves. Price 25 oent. Lemon Khiir and
Lemon Hot Dropa aold bydrusaitta. Pre
pared by Da. 11. MoautT, AUnuUa. .,
New Yorb, December 4 The new
demand wss of that quiet to indiffer
ent character usual to Saturday at
this stage of the season, but the move
ment throughout deliveries cn nrdeis
in process of large proportions. O itton
goods are firm, and desirable fabrics
in very small supply. Agents have
made the price of Merrimack shirtings
6c, and Newton shirlingi 4J . Alex
sutler Smith & Soa'o tapojtry and pal
jpadaFcnrpBta havehwn rp ln"il gy'.
fctery tMu ar col ttftclTi tat weak back
t ana nfiri pruiirs.ua jot
Btreefthena tha Olaarlee
HlaadlM the Nrrrae,
Farirheetaenieed. UItm New Vlswv
Bnievl IaVftimiellM bertC Biedlohi I
Beve known In mj 8U reef1 practice. 1 Ur found m
ana ia eii axjiuuung eumenie iu k miiv
lueijiliiu. Uf (rlT Inaw on trnmilt."
Mb. W. F. Baown, an Mela Bf. Ootnt.i. Kt4
e: 1 wee eoUDleUlr brokaa duwo Jo health end
troubled with ptlim In my Ufa. Btowa'a. bva
auuere eauraiy tmuna mtm w
Oenalfie haa abonTredeaTerk and emved red Heat
(wwreppw. l'ake ataer. ntMleouljbr
EVERY hoaelraepr' knowi aoniathlni
about the trooblea aau-ed by amokim
treplaoet, whl.-h are among the areataat nal
anoet to be niet with. Una of the important
thtnsi tobaalteaded to In all houtea it to tee
that the sratea are act properly., and that the
flrrplacea are eorreotlv built. Mr. It.
LKMwN,4l Ueyao Mrwt.ii an expert
at thii buiineai, and haa patented tome ar
ranaemenia that enable him to oorrentamoay
ehiuineya and to fit the jrreatett heat trona
tha fuel. All who want Irepiaeea or ehim
nara rtraedied ihould apply to Mr. LEMON,
whore work will aire atlalaetioni :
?5(mI If' -
lUl i ? U ar
MlKheal Award of Medatlsf Knrosts
aau Aaaerlo),
Tbe nea.'t.'qa'ekMrt, i!fi an met
power I ul remedy known lor Khenmatiaia,
Pleariiy, Nenraluia, Lu")bo, lUckaohe,
Weakneta, Co dt In the Cheat and all aohet
and paint, Indoned by 5UU0 PbyiioUna and
lmliU of the hUhent repnle. Eenron't
Plaatera rVomptlr rrliera and cure where
other plaatera and aroay talrea, linlinenu
and lotiont are aliaolutely uteleu. Bewera
ot tinitatinna unner timilar tound'nanamet,
tuoh at " Oapiioum," "Capocin,"1,Capal
eine," aa they are utterly wor'hlem and In
tended to deceiye. Aaa roa BitaeoK'a i0
Taal nooTanaa. AH drugs tU. bKABUKI
JohbOM,Proprltori7iew York.
308 Front St.
Important Sal ot Very Valua
ble Lauds ia the States of Ar
kansas and Mis&issipp!.
U Memphis, Tenn., Uemmherl, 188.
NDbK and by Tirtue of tbe tetma and
eonditiona of a certain deed of trutt
executed to roe, aa Tru'e, by K. M. Apper
ton anu othera, on tbe With day of May, ISrlS,
to teoura the tndebtedn-aa therein men
tioned, duly reoorded in Book " A," pagea
4ti2 to 471 Inolueiye, of the Circuit Court ot
Ctittanden county; Book 44, pagea 72 to 83.
or the Circuit Court of PhUlipt coobiti Book
"TT," patrea 126 to 137, ot Cirouit Court ol
Lee count i Book " A A." pagea 84 to 111.
ol Cirouit Court of Lincoln oouoty, Btate of
Ark-ntaa. Alio, lo Book "U H," page 230, ol
the Chancery Court ol Bolivar county, and
In Book 21, pagea 495 to 607, ot Panola coun
ty. State of M iaaiatippi ; delault having been
made in aald truatdeed, and being rtqneated
t-y tla maker of aald trutt deed and the ben
eficiary thereof, I will, aa laid Trnatee, on
Tuaotlay, December 21, 1886,
oa the aouthweat corner of Main and ldadl
aon itreeta, commencing promptly at 12
o'elook m., and continuing from day to day
antll tha aatd landa ara all told, offer
for aala. at pobllo outcry, and tell ta tha
hifheit and beet bidder, tbe following de
acribed landt and property, tituated in tha
States of Arkanaaa and Miaaiatippi, and
particularly detoribed aa follow!, to-wit:
Tba following landt. lying In the county ot
Phillips and State of Arkanaaa, on tha bank
oi tba Miaaiaaiiini river, about tan milet be
low Helena. Arkantaa. to-wit;
Tha aaat helf of aection thirty-three, eon
tain ing 2t'S 69 aorea, and all ot aeotioa 34,
containing 639 88 atret.
The touth halt of aection twenty-teren,
eoataining aeyenty-ibree acraa.
the watt half taction 36, containing 29
Ihe nnrtheatt quarter of aeotion 28, eoa
taining 160 aorea.
All in townahipStouth. ran ice 4 aaat.
Fractional northeatt quarter of taction 4,
containing 112 acret.
All of fractional faction 8, containing
465.48 acret, In townahip 4, range 4 aaat
being tba landa known at " K. M. Apperaon'i
Weitover Plantation," containing in all
2034 67-100 acret ol land, mora or iett.
Tba aouthweat quarter of the toutbettt
quarter of aection 3). containing 38.82 acret.
Tjie tooth part of the aontheaat quarter oi
action 35, containing 4.41 acrea.
The touth half oi aeotion 26, contain Ins
320 aoret.
All of fractional lection 36, containing 207
The northeatt quarter of aection 35, con
taining 160 acret.
Ihe northwest quarter of tha loutheait
fractional auarter of notion 35. containing
40 acrea. -
fart ol the antt half of the aontheaat auar
ter of lection 35, containing 78 acrea.
All o fractional aeotion two. containing
74.25 aoret all in towntbip 4 touth, range 4
Weit half ot aouthweit fractional quarter
of aection 30, and the northweat fractional
quarter of section 31, containing US aoiei
township thr. e (3) touth, range 5 eaat, known
at " K. M. Aptieraon'a Maney Plantation,"
containing 1043 48 100 aorea of land, mora or
Alio, certain personal cronartv bow on
tha aaid Weatover Plantation, to-wit: 12
head ol mules of various ages, sitrs and de
tention ti alto, one steam engine and all
the apidianoej and attaohmenia thereto be
longing; ono gristmill, two ootton (im, one
oot'on preta and all the appliances and at
tachments to tbe tame belonaingi all of tha
wagons, farming ottnsila, implements and
tooli of every kind and oharaeter used in the
euliivation of the laid plantation!, one ball
ot which will ba delivered to tbe purchaser ol
the Maney plant: ion. Each of aaid planta
tion! are in good state of cultivation, and
have all necessary buildingi. including
dwe'lingt and stoiehoutes.
Also, the following described tract or par
cel ot land, lying in tha aaid county of Phil
lips a-'d Slate of Arkansas, and described
at follow! :
The northeaat qnartor of seoticn sixteen.
toworhip one south, ranas lour east, con
taining 100 acret.
Also, t.ia following other landt, lying In
the oouoty ol Lea and State ol Arkansas,
aliout twelve milei milet from the town oi
Marianaa, t) wit: The west half of tba
west half nf aection twenty seven 127), con.
taio'n 160 aoreat the northeast auarter nf
lection tnirty-three (33), containing 160
acres; the east hall of the northwest quar
ter of teotion thirty three ( W), containing 88
ac-ea.andthe northweat quarter of aeotion
thirty-leur t34), numbering loo aorea, con
taining in an rou aoroi, ana mown as tne
"Co'ter tract."
Alio, tbe following other tracts ef land,
Is ing in aaid county ot Le and State ot Ar
kantaa, on and near the M i.tiipl river:
Tha northetst quarter of aection ooe;
fractional southeast Quarter of aection one:
fractional, east half of aection twelve (10,
and tha fractional aouthweat quarter of tha
outhwest quarter of section one.
Sou'h hall or souin nan or tecfon si
Weat fi actional half of aection 12;
The northeaat quarter of taction eleven
The south fractional half lection 11 ; '
The weat fractional hall of section 13;
The northeatt fractional qaa.ter of sec
tion 1;
AH of fractional aeotion Zl;
All of fractional teotion 25, containing
2215.91 acrea, more or Ices.
Also, the following traota or parcel! oi
land, lying in tha county of Crittenden and
State ot Arkansas, to wit:
nouthwest quarterOt aection twenty-one
Kant half of aouthweat quarter of aection
twenty three (23) ;
West half of aeotion tix (6) :
West half of motion seven (7)
Northwest quarter of section eighteen (14).
Soutbwost lrao:ional quarter of section
nineteen (19), all in townahip 3, north range
7 east.
The said six (6) last named tracts contain
ing 1070.77 acrei. , ....
Also, the following other lands, lying in
the oounty of Monroe, and State of Arkan
8s, and described as lol owa :
The outhwest quarter of tection seventeen
(171, containing 100 acres;
The southwest quarter of the northwest
quarter of aection 17, containing 40 acres;
The north half of (he northeast quarter of
aection 25, 80 aoreat
The northeart quarter of tha northweat
quarter of aection 2o, 40 acrea;
Containing in all 330 acres, and known aa
partof the "Redmond tract," all in town
ahip 2, south rente 1 west
Also, the following other lands, lying In
the oountt of Arkansas, and State of Arkan
sas, and described at follows, to-wit:
The north half of the north half and tha
north half of tha south half of section 10,
townshipS, eouth range 2 wait, containing
ItiO aorea. .... .
Alto, the following tract ol land, lying in
Bo ivarconnty. Miasittinpi, to-wit: It being
the north half (except twenty-two acres) aa
seised to Lobdell, of section twenty-six,
township twenty-two, range eight, contain
ing three hundred (300) aorer, and being tha
una land conveyed by J. D. Ouigiey. trus-
-te, to K. M Apporson k Co., and known aa
the ot. uonn rinee. aibo, i toiiowing
tract of land lying in Ihe oounty of Panola,
and Kiataff MUsissippi, and more particu
larly described at folloes. to-wit: The north
eaat quarter of section twenty-tix (26), tha
watt half ot tection twenty-ova (25), the
oatheast quarter of section twenty-five (25),
part of tie northeast quarter of section
twenty-five (25), all of section thirty-aix (36),
in township 8, range 6 west, and containing
about 1332 aorea, O o acrea of which is cleared.
II.. tk f..llnln 1,,11 nf Unit, aitnat.
i'e.L lying and being In tha oounty of Lin
coln and State of Arkansas: South fractional
half of section thirty-tour (34), townanip
aeven (7), touth five (5) west; east half east
of Boone lake, aection thirty-three (33),
township seveo (7), range five (5) ; east half
aaat of Boone lake, taction four (4), town
ship 8, raage 6.norta west-quarter ot taction
8, iownnhip 8, range 6; north fractional half
of northeatt quarter of teotion 3, towntbip
8, rente 5 1 aouthweat quarter tee'lon 8,
township 8, range 5, containing in all 731.22
acraa. together with all secretions made by
tha Arkansas river, known aa the "Maple
drove Plantation," together with the fol
lowing personal property: Twenty-one
bead of mules of varioua ages, siaet and de
criptiooet two head ol cattle one steam
engine and fixtures ; one grittmiHt one cot
ton gin and oottoa presa, together with
wagons, tools and farming utenails.
Term of aala One-fourth eaab ot tha pries,
balance in four equal installments, pay
able In one, two, three and four years, evi
denced by notes executed by the purchaser
bearlni interest at the rate of six per oent.
per annum until paid, and secured by tract
ded on the aaid landa.
The title to above lands la good, but I sail
and oonvey only aa trustee.
further information oan be obtained of
R. M. Apperron A Co., D. C. Slaughter,
Chairman and Trustee, and of N .P. Leices
ter, of Forel A Lain at ler, real et'e agent!
Trustee, Maonlc Temple.
To Conlrrtt to",
orcr. nnn vakds lkvkb work,
0J JJJ In quantities to suit out
fit, from LakeviewtoO. K. Landing. (J ood
prices and prompt pay. Apply to Toof, Mo
Uowaa A Co., Memphis, Tenn., or-on work
to . . . ..J. B. MoLAWS CO,
D, I ll
I e
f i laCa fm w so
Centaur Liniment Is the most wonderful fUn-Curer
the world has ever known. ,
liiillim FactDi
294 Front Wire 1, OppowlteCHOtom nous.
Cigars and Tobacco
875 Main Bf rret. Opt. f!onrt ftnare. Hfeniitlili.Tinn.
Window Shades, Picture Rail Mouldings and Mixed Paints. J
. o. nnr.
UIioIesalD Grocers & Cotton Facte,
tftS Fromt gtrtvet, ZSemplaii, Teaa.
Oaataa eaajisaaa ta U will have ear aarafal attaitloa. Ws saor at all Staaaa a JM '
saiaataS tteek at .--a)
tUpIeli Fancy Srccsrles, WInss, LlqusrTsfeuss & Cigxn$
Avisf will Twr n the Twf . g -
innuUIl? D UMT71TD1I
Si.! U IV Dt T XVEJl r mi A a
awDeposlU raoelved ia lamt oi 91 anl npward, and Intersil allowed oa sans BaxaH
ear We bny and sell losal Invettment Bonds and Saoarittei generally, pay taxes, set as
trnstees, and, in feoeral, axeoute any fluanoial boaineai requiring a aaie and retpontikks
agent. v
ay We isina drafti, In tuiot to tult pnrohateri, on all parti of Europe. ,
arWahaveaeommodiout Vault for tha deposit of valuables, whiob, is at tba tamos M
onr enatomers. Free of CbHrao.
. P. HADDEN, President. EWD. HOLUSXITH, TIce-PrcgMeat
Sash9 Blinds, Iloldicn, L
Lata and Shingles. Flooring, Celling and CttoFtcfV "
Gr ocers & Cotton Factors;
Mew m BtaiBi Straet, GskycaMS llloeku
Wholesale Dealer and Publisher,
E&E'U.aSiLo 33OU0Q;
Bole Atants tor tha followins Firtt-Claai Initrumenta:
Kranich 'M Bach.lGabler, and (Wheelcc.
Oltli ANN ciough &iWarren,?and ;Smith American.
Write tor Catalogues. Xoe. Ml and
Hb Grocers
.iv. vmxsf
PIANO FOR;tle.-aayi Ttg
'443, Second .Street, SfempaiSa

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