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The Memphis appeal. (Memphis, Tenn.) 1886-1890, December 05, 1886, Image 9

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Cottoa Flrm-Xiddligr, 8
Sides lestt-rday, 2900
Money is in pre tty active demand
Kt 8 per cent. Finances continue eome
wht tight, owing to the heavy cotton
receipts, which exceed the movement
at present Loral securities are atrong,
The cotton market was firm; middling,
lie Sales, 2900 bale At New York
spots fiim: middling, 91c. Futures
steady and 6 points higher.
A leading New Yor cotton circular
ays of the speculative market: "It
was quite a Saturday market, with
general sort of settling op, on which
the bulls carried the greatest a Ivan
At New Orleans spots were cull
middling, 8jo. Futures steady and
to 11 points higher; December, 8.8:
CAt Liverpool spots were steady, fair
demand; middling, 611. Futures
Steady; December-January, 5 3-64d
The general market presents
firm feeling. '
Three hundred and eighty brls an
plea, 309 brls brans end peas, 105
pkgs butter, 289 rolls bagging, 89 pvg,
bacon, 10 pkgs bouts and shoes, 1800
du cum, ni psgs cueese, 17 ca-s cotton
seed, 2874 ska cotion seed, 37 pkge
dry goods. 10 pkgs eggs, 438 brls flour,
489 bales hay, 5 pkg bats, 148 bd hogs,
74 bd sheep, 67 hd cuttle, 4 hd horse
and mules, 290 pkgs lard, 84,000 ft
lumber. 72 pkgs liquors, 48 kens nails.
2000 bu oats, 22 brls poUto-s, 6 cars
pork sides, 289 brls sugar, 625 pkgs
looacco, ouu Du wneac
The following shows the amount of
grain reserved, withdr-twa and in
store by regular e'evttors, as reported
o me Merchants' iSxcrjaqge yester-
day: Wheat in sto e, 1045 bu. Corn
withdrawn, 225 -ton: in stoie, 3748
ba. Date received, 2033 bu: with
drawn, 2351 bu ; in store, 2J7.642 bo.
ar aJMly Qaatatloue ef Cottoa
OU Traate mm Hew York Bi.
ehne Stoeka are apaa to tlioae
late-rented, at najr alUce.
24 MadltxMi HUt Memphis, Tenn.
-- r
Monev in trelt active demand at 8
per cent 1 The Clearing House report
as rouows: y j i ? i
. ,r cuurimos. x '
Saturday, December 4, 1886, $355,
284 88; total this wek, $2 576,108 75;
. total last week, $2 283,175 23; corre
sponding time ia 1885, $2,108,121 68;
corresponaing lime in ibtii, $2,310,
166 C9. . ,
Saturday, December 4, 1886, $76,
.567 28; to al this wk, ffl 16,364 90 j
total last, wetk J419178 83; corre
sponding rime' in1 1885, $3i9,5S0 23;
corropondiDg time in 1884, J353,
467 42.EB ,t-:-T- .
New ' York sight on all ' points, J
discount buying, oar selling; New Eng
land demand, J discount buying; New
England eight, I discount; New Or
leans, I discount buying, par selling.
Bank of Commerce.! 48 bid, 150 asked
First National 160 bid, 165 asked
German Bank 192 bid, 200 asked
Stcte National 147 bid, 150 asked
Union and Plarjters-154 bid, ... a ked
Mercantile Bank 135 bid, ... asked
...105 bid, .,
,..103 bid. ..
....77 bid, 80 asked
....107 bid, -.asked
....80 bid, 85 asked
.... loo Did,... asked
,..1 10 bid, ... asked
,...25 bid, 30 asked
....36 bid, ... asked
.....30 bid
Bluff City.;.
Home ...-...
Memphis City
Pnmnixui.., ...... ....
Shelby Co. warrante...96 bid, 98 aked
m. a u. u. ti. shares... t7 oid, ... asked
' M.4T.K.K. shares.,.45 bid, 50 asked
M. A 0onsols,7s...l2l bid,''.!; asked
it. A LyB., 1st m. ss.106 bid, ... asked
Miss.4T.R R.es. A...113 bid, ... asked
Miss. &I7R.R. c.B..103 bid. 106 asked
Tenn. wts.ser. D. 96 bid, 98 J asked
ienn. wrs. enr. is to j8o bid, U asked
Shelby Co. 6a........ ,..108 bid; 110 asked
Tax. Diet. 4, 6s 99 bid. 1C0 asked
Tax. Dist 6s... ...106bid,107askJ
em.U1sbonda.......104 bid, ... atked
Mem. Water bonds...l00 bid, ... asked
UanaueV Oil Works... 60 bid. 70 asked
Am. Oof. Oil truste.u68 bid, 69 asked
TX' .... ..111-, atm 1 1 ' 1 ,1 I 1
m. iuueur vuiuiu minuet i ma, aaaea
Mem. Stor. Com. Oo."12rt bid. 130 asked
Mem. Qas stock ..75 bid, 0 asked
Masonic lmple bond, 6s .103 bid
Cot. Exv'B'ldg, ?.'...101 bid, 106 ssked
Niw York, December 4.' Money
on call qujtt at 37 per cent.; last
Joan 3 per cent. ; closing at 1 per cent,
asked! i Prime mercantile paper 4(A5.
Sterling Exchange quiet but eteady at
tailor w day Url.sand $4 ail lot
daman' V" t. , , . . J -.. 7. ....
Bankv Statement. The '. weekly
anx statement . soewa tne loUow
ing changes: ..Rexerve, decrease,
$2,701,800; 'leans, increase. $6,302,-
000; sbetie ' derteaee.' $1:725.8(0:
legal tenders, increase, $312,400; de
poaits, increase, ,$5,273,600 l . circula
tion, detneas, '$19,300.' The tanks
bow hold $6,166,960 ia eXoeas of the
zoperoent. rule,,,.., . ; , n j
uonaa uorernment . iwtnria wara
dull and'heavy. J State bonds dutr andT
ajteadf'.'W v cii I ojmn) i -a u
StockfrrThe stock market, In . com-
1 !iL . 1: .
paruon. who .ui prtcsaiDg , aays Ol
this week; was only moderately active.
Prices, however, flriotaited upwt a
nigner plane, (specially in tne early
part of the ay,, and some .of , the
specialties occupied pae pr Ami cent
poslUon than at any time this week.
Richmond and West Poiot sold ex
rights, and it was remarkably strong
throughout, owing . to ! ihai stories of
new ennnectinra ' now 1 in progress if
negotiated. Norfolk and Western was
also specially strong and active. The
Wabasbs were'aKain prominent, but
did not bold the advances made. East
'Tennessee, especial, y tin common and
second, preferred. , atu!, wat very
aoiive and strong. Naw Englaud
sgain came forward, and on luruerous
russors of new developments advaacsd
materially. Lackwnna, Erie and
Union Paoiie wer-U - favorites, but
iteaaing wasconniarativily quieL
upoa me lBjtie ot the bmi e.a.e
meiit, which was rc-gaide.l as uufavor-
oie, mere wai adispceiu.'o to sell,
bat it lasted for a abort tirr.e only and
the market econ recovre l its tone,
DDI qme.eu djwn p: roeutibly. Phils-
re pui tria and MiiWAukee, Lake
Miore and We-tern, common, wit'i
U egcn luiprovtmiut Company, md
lmporuns cain.'r. TLe opening wis
storg and active, and whl'e
the gins over )a t evenii'.g
ranired f.om i to i, New England
ehoweJ a gain of cf j. Themirk-tiu
the early dealings was active but fever
ish and irregnlur. The usual under
tone of strength, however, soon became
noticeable, and noon pr c;s were g?n'
erauy ira:uons aoove tae opening
una. There was some hesitation
later and the market quieted down,
remaining barely Arm until the close,
wined was generally etesdy on a mod'
rra e business. Sales. 436.208 annus.
Lackawanna furnished 41,190; Erie,
3,4iu; fluw fcnaland, 33,8. 5, aud Nor
folk and Western, preferred, 32,310,
uuowea oy iast Tennessee, Kead
ing, Western Union and Oregon
iranscontinental, in tne order named.
A majority of the active list are bighnr
this evening, although declines are
numerous, the most impo-tant of
which was Pacific Mail, which was
weak throughout the entire dav and
chows a bus of It. Richmond md
West Point shows a net sain of 11.
and jNew .ng'and acd Uamrroa Coal
pained 1 each. Other change are for
iracuons only. Kaurod bonds were
agMn ac'ive. Sales, $2, 581, ( 00. Erie
seonnd consols furnished f538,0 0 at a
net gun oi , at 102. lad.aua, Bloom
ingron and Western incomes and At.
lautic and Pacinc incomes each con-
triouted $230,000. The Atlantic and
Pacific fl bis, Wabash (Chicaeo divis-
ionj 5 1 and the Detroit division 6s
we e a so prominent in the trading.
Prif urara Qtmn n nnlil thaafiavpnin
b.vh n wa v DDI UUUI UO HA VUl IJViJSI.
when taev yielded eenerallv. and final
changes are ganeially for fractions
ou.y. Chesapeake, Ohio and South
western Dondo. However. ro?e 2. to 104 :
Norfolk aad Western improvement 6j
to itrj.
The total ssles of storks todav were
480,208 shares, including: Canada Honth-
ern, 11,310 ; Dulaware.Lackawanna and
Western, 41,190; Erie. 37.410; Kan-
sis and Texas, 7410: Lake Shore.
12,920; Louisville and Nashville. 15.-
720; New Jersey Cen'ral, 6650; New
iorx u.-ntrni, 7042; JNorthorn Pacific,
7400; Pacific Mail, 7420; Reading,
l'b.ddu be. rani. i,i,uoU: Ht. Pan and
Omaha, 3432; Texas and Pacific, 5250;
union rac:Uc, ic-,680; Western Un
ion, 6100; WabaBh Pacific. 4900:
uregon Transcontinental, 24,600;
uocKing valley, DUcU. Ulosing quota
0. 8. 8a. V&A. in. hood.
IXj, coop, HUM. Puifio 6a oi 195, 124,
. . soxoa.
La. aUmM,4i.ai!. Hiuonrl ta. 103.
Cent. Pm. lau.llti Dn. a RAi. lata, 119.
v n.v.n,uH,.i. rn mtt ifra, .
H K.aT.an.6a,101H North. Po.li-U. 11.
North.Pao.8da.lU3H. N. Woatarn ooo. 13U.
ov.i-ui ouo, io4. ni.r.u.Ar.isis,iiv;.
T.P.Und rranta,58. T.P.R.U.m ona.TaH.'
u. r, uu, hi. ttmi nQor,iU).
enn.6a,aat'mt,106. 'i'onn.5a,aat'mt, 102.
van. oa,Bi mitn.
Thns far tliis wetk 4,514
Tr us lar la-t week 6.40
Si'i: September 1st 376,9
V. and C. R. R
M. A T. R. R
L. a id N. R. R
M A LRU......
0. O. A W, R, K .
L.N.O. AT.K. R.
K. 0 , 8. A M. R. R
M. 8 A B. R. R.
Wagons and other sources...
Total. ,.
Thus far this week.
Thus far Iar-t week.
Since September 1st.. . ,
M.40.R R
M., A T. R. R.
L, A N. R. R ,
C O. A 8. W. R. R
L., N. O. AT. R.R.
Steamers north
, 73
a 3
.... 282
..... 250
.... 4,514
.... 6,539
.... 3,44
..... 860
Total 6,539
New York spots owned qniet and
steady, and closed firm; middling,
9ic Males, 175 bales. Quotations were
as ioiiows:
Ordinary 61
Good ordinary 71
Low middling 8$
Middling... 91
Good middling ........ 94
Middling fair J04
Fair .11
New York futures opened eteady
and ciosed strong and 6 points higher
man jeeraav. Males. 7H.7UO ba bs.
Ane closing quotations were as loj
December. 9.22ir) '
January.... 9 27( 9.28
February... 9.36 ak 9.37
marcri. 9.46(A 9 47
April 9.56(4 9 57
May 9 66(a 9.67
June 9.76(4 9.77
July 9.84 9.85
August 9.91(0 9.92
The NewOrlcans spot market onened
steady, and closed dull; middling,
tic. eaies, auuo bales,
were as follows:
Yesterday. Fridav,
Ordinary 6 13-16 6 13-16
Good Ordinary.... 7 13-16 7 13-16
Mv Middling 84 8)
Middling 85 81
Good Middling 91 ' 9 1-16
The New Orleans future market
916:4 9.17
9.21(4 9.22
9 30(4 9.S1
9.40(4 9.41
9.6(K4 9.61
9.60(4 9.01
9.70 4 9 71
9 78(4 9.79
9.85 9 86
opened firm, and closed steady and 7
to 11 points higher. 8ales, 41,100
bales, uuotations were as follows
YrtrrtT. Fri.lar
December . 8.82(4 8 84 8.72(4 8.73
January .... 8 90(4 8 91 8.81(4 8 82
February... 8.99C4 900 8.91(4
March 9.10(4 9.11 9.02 9.t'3
April,. V.ZZKto V.Zi VA&ra tf.lt)
May 9.33'4 9.34 9.24(4 9 25
June 9.43(4 9.46 9.35(4 9.36
July 9 644 9.55 9.46(4 9.47
August 9.66 9.59 9.48 9.C0
Adama Eioraaa.
Allehny Cent I,.
Alton AT. 11,, 37.
auidi iuru ua.i injyt 1
B. O. R. A N, 55.
Canada Pao.,69
Canada Sou., 67.
Contra! Paeifio, Wi.
Chotapeake A0.,9.
0. AO. 1st pfd.18.
y, a u. za 11id.11,
Cnioaro A A..
136. MorriaAB., ord,142.
JNuftTille AO , Vtft.
Nor.A W.itd.5m.
Northern Pu...
Nort'isrn Pas pld, 65
C.AN.W pfd .Ut'.
lioaao A
B. A Q , i:
0., Bt.JL. AN.O.,-
Bt.ll".,184. .
Rt.LA P.pfd, 414.
8. A 0.. 51.
. a u., jay.
. A H. Vall. 43.
Del. A Hud . 105'i.
Dol.,L. A W , H.M.
Don. A Rio Qt , &..
ne. 38.
Brio fd, 7774.
ow Bast lean.. 17.
ort Way no, 144.
anmool a Ht. Jo,.
A St Jo . nfd. .
Harlem, 220.
ouaton A T., 37.
Kl V (.-.... 1 1i
N.Y.(!.m I, n!i
n.i .li.aai ti.pta.ie
Ohio Central,.
O.AMiaa.pfd. Hi.
Ontario A Woat,, 22.
Oregon NaT
Orexon Irana.. 37?,.
PaoTno Mail, 55.
Panama, 98.
Peoria DAB., UH.
PitUbari. 148.
Pullman H.O.,142.
Rock Island, 127.
St.L. A8.K .35?:.
Bt.L.A8.K nfd, 70S.
bt.L.AS.F.lftp, 115.
v. ra. a m. r.,
m.t Ht.rp, im.
St. P., M A M.,118
Bt PaulA0maha.5
Bt Paul AO. ptd, 1145
Boston ...
St. Louih
Kec. I Prices
1641 8
3,862 K;
151 9
3.280 9:
l,f00 ,811-16
"1t696l8 916
28 329
I Receipts at ports, this day, 1886.39.370
Receipts at ports, this day, 1885.40,453
y quiet.
lhnoia CentTal,133X. Tenn.CoalA fron.114
leiaa raoiQ", 2o.
Union Paoi6o,61!4.
U.8. Kxp-esa,64
W., 8. L A P.. 'tVti.
W.,i.I,.AP. p,.
".a r. ex., l.xj.
W. U.Tel..78i.
Colorado Coal, 41
Horn Htake.
Iron Silver, 260.
Ontario, 22.
QuiokaiWer, 7.
QuiokniWer pfd, 27,
Bouth Paoifio, .
Butro, 46.
nd.. B. A V..1'H;
Kanaaa A T.,
Lake K. A W . 16.
Lake Bhore, 1U0.
Lorn. A Naah.. V,.
Lou. A N. A., 67.
A C. lat pld, .
A 0. aeoonda. .
em. a t'nar. . 58.
Mioh. Co..UT.
in. A St. L , 22V.
in. A St. L.ptd.51.
iaaouri Paaiflo.llfil.
Mobile A Ohio, 1U.
M. L. S. A W.. 68.
1886. 1885.. 1S84.
R'ts U. 8.
p'rta 1 day 39,370 J 40,453 44,909
Ex. Gr. Br 23.258 17,030 1,364
St-ck 963,414 912,425 92839
R'ts Sept. 1 2,742,523 2,701.227 2,821,048
For'gn Ex. 1,536,419 1.518.6121 1,636 358
London. December 4. 2 n. m. Con
sols, 100 15-16 for money and 101 1
tor tbe account. United States bonds
-4, 133J; Atlantic and Great West-
awn Ai-t. KR8 TJ J 1 . .- I l
"'-x". wj. r o-aver, if j per steady at decline; December, ; Da
ounce.' Ine bank of Enslana aalnnd in wtinni Kwr. r... r-.v.
"iuu uu uauvo wuai. rairy, f eDruarv-March. a vl
Increaae in receipts this year 41,294
At noon: Liverpool snots were
steady, fair demand. Sales, 8000 bales,
of which American 6200 bales. Re
ceipts, 31,000 bales, of which Ameri
can 19,000 bales.
Closing quotations were as follows:
Ordinary, 4d ; good ordinary, 4 9 16d
low middling. 4 15-16d: iroorl mid
dling, 6id; middling uplands, 6Jd ; mid
unng urieans, oia.
77k prti are given in venae and 64th.
tfita.- 4 63 meant 4 63-644; and 6 01
meant 6 1-64A1
ai noon: uvernooi intnres were
steady at decline; December,; De-
Cornmsal SUiui.ird, $2 26
posri, 25(43 35; roLer, f2 4-.
IIat Cho;c, from ttoro, "5c; car
'oad from levee or dopot, $14; prime,,
from store, 70-. ctr load fram !vej
or uepot, f 12 50(5,13; p airie, lrom
store, 45c.; car lo:d Torn levea or
don H, f8 50.
Corn Frsm Btdre.whi'elf ;mixed,
49f, from h Tee or d. pot; whits in
bulk, 44c; in seeks, 47c; Diix.id, ia
bulk, 42c; in parks, 4-4 Jo.
Oats From store,whrte,39j; uv'xed,
37c; from levee or depot, w hi e, in
bulk, 33c; in sackft, 3-c; mixed, in
Nik, 31c; in sacks, 33c
Bran From store, 8Jc; from levee
or depot, $14 50.
Fuiuh From store, No. 3, $33 25
family, $3 6003 75; choi e, $3 76i4;
fancy, $4(44 26; extra fancy, $4 25(4
4 60; patents, $5(45 50.
Brans Navy, $2; medium, $1 60
I 75; common, $4 25; German millet,
II 2001 40.
Rica Louisiana, 44c; Carolina,
Oatmkal In half-barrels, $33 25
from store.
UaAoxaRS ckda, extra, 4c; soda,
treble extra, 4 c ;extra,7c ; gin ire r snaps,
extra, 6o ; aasr tied Jumble s, 10c.
Crack kd Wbiat In baif-barrels,
ii 20 irom store,
xiominx i.D aiCTp From store,
$3(43 6.
Kansas Citt, Mo., December 4.
Wheat stronger ; N 2 red, c-eh, 66o
bid ; January! 673 bid ; May, 7tijc bid.
Corn stronger: No. 2, rash. 31c bid:
Jannary, 32f t; My, 36 jc bid. Oats
nominal ; May, 29i0 bid.
St. Louis, Mo.. December 4. F'our
acttveand urm; trob!e ex'ra, $2 40
()2 60; fimily. $2 702 85; choice,
$3 250 3 35; farcy, $3 653 65; ex
tra fancy, $3 7503 90: ratents. $4 15
04 45. Wheat ac'ive, exci'eid ar.d
as foljows: Meas po:k, $10 75:0 80
v vu, ..r ra -Q suoulilero, boxed
(,X4 m; abort clear s ds, boxed
9 tMvr 8. itia ladinir fiiinrw
larged as follows: Pork P.vember
opened at $10 70,h!g'rewt 10 8,5, low-
wi1(.)li.rr.in( at j it) 75; January
Oi-en.-d r $U 10, hii-heat til 20.
I'.wftt $:i f5, d-srrg ht $11 S
r . br i'.ry op ned at $11 20
highe-t $11 S7J, lowest $11 20, closing
$11 6i i, lowest $11 45, o'.oeingat $11 67.
iu -n:i.-iiiutroptn(iatttt iO, nigh-
J -u iowobt jti 'M, tioning at
16 20; Jinnary onened at i6 2.', hich-es-
$6 25,loweet $622J, closingat $:i 221 ;
F idroary opeued at $6 32J, highnet
o oif, loweai o an, Closing at $6 32J ;
MarctiODen.dat $140, highest $6 40.
nwest JO 3 J, closing at $6 37. Short
nos January opened fit $6 60, high
et o rj, lowest ;$5 CO, closing at
$5 6j: pbruarv onennd at fis
higheat $5 67,, fowea $5 62, closing
.4 iftC fill. fc. 1 . ' - . .
v u i t ; inarcn opened at fa 70,
vo i. wjinei roaucetxcaange
butter was steady; fair to good extra
Hai.w lt.l'JI. L' I l
hooab Pure wnite, Hiax,-, off
white, 60lc; yel'i;w clariBed, 6J0
6 !; seconds, 4J5i; refined A, 0)
nr.mumuu, ooc; plantation
grauu aed,606jc; powdered, 707lc;
cut loaf, 707J&
Corrfcia-Oommon, 120l2Jc; crdi
nary,130l3o; prime Rio, I4014c;
choice to fancy, I40l5jc; old govern
ment, 24025c.
. Soap 3(ic per pour-d.
Candits Sticks, all rs8, In boxes,
pails and I arrets, 7iriiJ
Salt $l 20 per harwi ; sacks, fine,
1 3r)0l 45; co.we, $l 10(aU 15; poefc
eta, bleached, 2'a)7o; car-loads from
'evee or tlepot, 5c chetper.
Carnko Goods. Ett'. Prices per
irregular; the market opened easier Z"L v.kZZTI 60;
and ilBcliiied in. rallied E. fl,iPn.e.a.l iwnee, 2-i rr, standard, $1 1601 25; seo-
irreaularlv. c'osinir bjbv and In Uw on' Jlnl W; tomatoes, 2-lb Stand
Pabis, December 4. Three percent.
rentes, jt, 020 lor trie account,
, ,; , ' i bank clbabinos.
New Orleans, La., December 4.
Uanx c;eartngs today, $1,991,938.
',Ntw 1 Yobi:, December 4. Clear
ings, $143,004,628; balances, $4,452,-
Baltihorb, Md., December 4.
Bank clearings today, $2,358,626; bal
ances, $304,151.
PBiladklphia, Pa., December 4
The batik clearings today were $11,-
oo.oou; Daiances, i,ou,440. rat the
Week the clearings were $76,698,368;
paiances, iz,ud4,di.
Boston, Mass., December 4. Clear
ings house statement far today: Ex-
Changes, $14,428,367 ; balances, $1516,.
927. tor the week: Excbangns, $93,
149,030; balances. $9,718,966. For the
corresponding week Ian year: Ex
changes, $91,005,050; balances, $10,-
Chicago. December 4. Aaaoclatad
banks clearings $11,025,000: for tha
week, $64,690,000; for the correspond
ing penuu lui, year, 02,owj,JOO, an in
crease over . last .year ' 'of 3.4 per
cent,; for the i month! of November
$231,075,000 against $223,932,000 for
toe same monm last year ot S.1 ner
The local Cotton marknt nnanad
firm t and cloeed .' firm : 'middling.
81c, Bales, 2900 bales, Including 900
it evening ntoou to exDortera and
lSDO to spinners.
me r . Yesterdav.
Ordinary Norn,
March-April, 5 04d : April-May. 6 06d
May-June. 6 OSdi June-July. 6 lOd
July-August, 5 13d. '
At 2 p.m.: Liverpool futures were
steady: December. 5 04d. sellers: Da
cember-January. 6 03d. set ers: Janu
ary-February, 5 03d. sellers; February-
March, o (J3d. valu: March-Anril.
6 04d, buyers; April-May, 6 06d, buy
ers; May-June, 6 08d, buyers; June-
jniy. o lid. value: : Jul v-Aua?nst.
o im, Duyers.
Receipts this week ..197.BR4
Same week in 1836 207,669
Same week in 1884 188 845
Decrease compared with 1885... 10,105
Increase compared with 1884... 8,719
Shipments this week 172,810
Same week in 1885.......'.. 166,447
Same week in 1884 139.959
Decrease compared with 1886... 7.363
increase oompared with 1884... 32,851
i . s i. : , i vi
Stock this week
Same week in 1885.; j......
Same week in 1884 ..,
Increase compared with 1886
Increase compared with 1884.,
1886 U... v...:.i.-299.653
1885.. - 284 373
.316 019
. 8,205
. 74,813
Good Ordinary...,
Low Middling. .....
Good Middling...
Middling Fair...
Stains and tinges..
8(o.8 "
Hsarais, Deeembar 4. 1886.
Stock Sept 1, 1886.... 4,009 '
deceived today 4.5 U
Received previously..372,456
! . 1886. 1886.
Net Dort receipts to ' -:
November 26 2.703.15.1 2.660.774
w va a a. aaaf v vuiuu w
to October 31st..-. 149.356 164.5A7
Est. South, cons'n "
to October 3Ut. 66,000 . 60.OC0
Am't marketecT.,.:.2,9181659 - 2,88681
Add int'r stocks in
excess of Sept. 1st 342,772 ' 366,777
Amount in sieht...3.261.281 ' a.252 058
Decrease compared with 1885, ; 9223
Increase compared with 1884, ' 40 418
Increase compared with 1883. 79.887
Increase compared with 1882, 343,223
Shipped today 6,639
Shipped previously..224,474
uome consumption to
cats 367
fitocklrnnnlng account
JJHSIIIIIII Silisaaiaajaej,
The New York Financial ChronieU
380,979 of December 4th gives the following
figures: lotal vini hie supply, 2,697,167
bales, against 2,509,381 in 1886. Theee
figures indioatean increase of cotton In
siirht oi 127.796 balea.na dnmnarnri with
231,370 the same da'e in 1885, and a decrease
- ol 116,448 bales as compared with same
149,609 date in 1884. 'rTSr
thnn yetterdny ; No. 2 red, cash, 800
eran; jmceraDer, oujo D.u; January,
81 82io asked, clcs ng at 821casked ;
Febrnary, 83fCfl)81c, closing at 84 y,
May, 88 o.89f c, closing at 81) c. Cora
fairly active and eatier, closing firmer.
but iJc lower thnn yesterday; No.
2 mlxd, cash, S6j036iT; December,
86i036c, c'os ng a; 3tic bid: Jan
uary, 3t j3HJ-, dosing at 3ti'?30J(j;
February, 87 i037 Closing at 37Js;
May, 40J 4 Jo. clodrg at 40Jc. OaU
dull bat firm; No. 2. m nd, cosh. 274
028c December, j i bid; May,
31 Jo. Rye strong at 03 Jo. Barley
dull; JJinneota, 62Jc. Hay firm;
prairie; $8 75011 60; timothy, $11.
Bran eteady at 60c. OsrnrrieHl s'rong
at $2. Receipte-Flour, 2000 brls;
wheat, 20,000 bu ; corn, 17,000 bu ;
oats, 19,000 bu; rye, 2000 bu; barley,
20.000 bu. Shipments Flour, 5000
brls; wheat, 21,100 bu; corn, 15,000
bu ; o&ts. none : rre. 2000 bu: bar lev.
4000 bo.
Chicago. III.. December 4 The
wheat market wei wild and excited
today, with sn enorraouj aggregate
trade. : Prices kept within a Umit of
li but fluctuated SO noidlv and as-
verely as to keep the market full of
excitement during the entire sesilou.
The cloeing prices oi the day were the
same as yesterday., as compared to
one week ago, prices show an advance
of 4 jc i The s arting price tor May de
livery was 86c, or under the closing
prine of yesterday, but with a multi
tude of buying orders on the market
values began to improve ranidlv. and
the . advance was not checked until
the price touched 87c. The realising
which sut in at this figure carried the
price Lack to 8sic, but a reac ion sent
the market up again to F62c. and the
se sdon AdsI'v cl.sed a: 8(iJ j. Receipts
continue moderate and shipments fair
ly large. Corn ruled fairly active and
eatier. i: The opening wag a Bhade low
er than yesterday's closing figures, but
were rallied with wheat. May de
livery advanced to 44c, frll back and
closed at 43o. Receipts were moder
ately large, and est! muted receipts for
Mouday were still larger.. Oats
were very an et. viith very
linht changes in prires. . Cah
ricsswere as follows: No. 2 spring
heat, 78i078o; Na. 3 spring.
2o; No. 2 red, 79c. No. 2 corn,
71037,0: No. 2 oats. 27c: No. 2 rve.
6 lie; No. 2 barley. 63lc; No. 1 flax-
seed, 93c; p.imo timothy, $1 7001 79.
The leading futures ranged as fol
lows: . Wheat December, opened at
78 highest 76 Jc, lowest 78c, closing
3; January opened at vin, n'gtiest
79io. lowest 781c. closing 79c: Feb
ruary opened at 79xc, higbest
ard,9O0tl; 3-1MI01 15; strawber
ries, $1 1001 25; raspberries, $1 100
125; blackberries, $101 10; green
gattes, $1 6001 75; pears, $20
2 25; Blums, $1 6001 70; asparagus,
$2 6004; greMn eorn, 101 35; green
peas, $1 65(rt l 65; cove oysters, full
weight, 1-lb, $1 ; cove oysters, full
weight, 2-lb. $1 75; cove oysters, light
weig' t, 1-lb, 60o; cove oycters, light
we ght, 2-lb, $1 10; condensed milk
Crown, $5 7505 85; Eagle, $7 76;
Swiss, $5 76.
Molashbs Louisana, common to
fair, 18025c; prime to choice, new, 40
045c; syrup, 20040c; common to
fair, 20026c : prime to choice, 28030c ;
centrifugal, fancy, 30036a.
New Yoke, December 4 Co flee
f.tir; Rio strong at 131c; options active
ana aeciaeaiy nigtier; sales 91,750
hags; December, 11 90011 95o; Janu
ary, n.wxuiz;; rebmary, n.90(ai3o
marcn.u w ..iMjAprll, 11.95(1412 05c
may, ti sotd) iz.uoc; June, 12(412 10c
July, 12c; November, 12.15o. Sugar
ante' ana s'esay; - refined
firm; oB A, 6 3-16c: standard
5 7-'.6c; cut loaf and crushed, 6c
powdered, 6061c ; granulated. 6 1316c
cubes, 1 13 16a. Molasses steady and
quiet. nice nrm and quiet.
New Orlbans, La., December 4.
a.fleeln light deasitid but holders
nrm ; Kio cargoes, common to prime.
111014'. Rice dull; ordinary to
prime,; 2104o. Sugar active and
flrm; open kettle strictly prime,
4t4 1-168:.; fully fair prime, 3j
4o : ot ntrifuial plantation granulat-
uA filn)tthnlnahltii RQ ..ff-kil.
605 l-16c; choice yellow clarified, 410
4 1616 jprims yellow c'arifled, 413-16
WHo; t seconds, 8Jf3l. Molasses-
steady with a iairidemand: onen
kettle choice, 40c; strictly prime, 36
t .inc; cn'riiUKais strictly prime, Z4
026c ; , fair to good prime, 1520o
8.5c to $150, atcord'rg to proof; re,
$17506. "
Chicauo, Ilu, December 4 Wh!s-
y, li i.
Sr. Lorn, Mo., December 4. Whis-
ay nrm, i u.
UiNnNNATi. ), D cumber 4.
Whisky steady ; suit a of 9b barrels of
nniai m ( oo m i n a t-a-sia id $1 13.
AUKIniLiiuu Htr.llS.
Seeds Clov?r, $5Ci5 25 ivr bushel ;
orchard giv, vl 6tV il 60; herd's
grass, 60 60c ; rve, 65070c per bu.
IKtJ, f AI9iri ANI OILS.
Dscos-Qiiinine, P. A W., os., 70c;
ean, 65o; New York qniuice, ci., 65c:
ean, 60c; B. A 8. quinine, ca.,85n
cans,tli)c ; morphine, P. AW..Jca.,$2 35
ex.; 1 os. viaV, $2 l0;No 0rk mor
phine, t oa. $2 25 per ta. ; 1 . Tis:,
$2 05 ; cinrhonidia, 1 ox. vials, 18c oi , 5
ox. can,13c n. ; gum oninm.per pound.
$3 40; iodide potash, $2 60 per pound
inclusive; subnitrate bismuth, $1 20
per pound, inclusive: chlnrnfiwm arv
per pound ; blue mass, 43o per pound ;
calomel, 75c per pound ; mercury, 70c
per poutd ; chloral hydrate, $1 60 per
pound: camphor. 27u oar nnnnH i.
cohol. barrels, per glon, $2 22; cas
tor oil, barrels, per gal on, $1 42. '
Paints and Oil White lead, Col
ller's, 70 per poui.d; 600 pound lots,
7o per pound. 4c oil. IS dav- N,mih.
ern white lesd, 7Jn per pound; 600
pound lots, 7o, 2)o off, 15 davs; boiled
Iinteed eil, 43c pr gallon, by barrel;
raw, 40c j turpentine, 384 per gallon,
ArpLEn Apples, L'(a)3; dried ap
pies, 20.to per pound from store,
Dried punches, 4(A5o from store.
. VxoETABLES--OnionB,$2 4002 75 from
store. Cabbage, $2 60; per head, 608c
i o irom levee or depot per crate.
Kraut, brls, I 7505; half brls, $2 75.
Garlic, 400600 per 100. Turnips, 60o
per bushel.
Fbuit Oranges, per box, $3 6t.4;
iemr ns, M(;w ou per box. .Bananas,
$1 6002 60 per bnnch.
Nots Cocoanuts-JOper IOC Pea
nuts Virginia, 607c; Tennessee,
farm-ers stock 304c; roasted, 2)o high-
Walnuts Englifh, 18o. Filberts, 110
ihest 80Jc. 12c. Pecans Texas. 801Oo for small
lowest 791c, closing st 80tc: May to medium, 10014c for large: Arkan-
opeued at e6c, highest 87c, lowest
86c, closing at 86 Jo. Corn Decem
ber opened at 38c, bightst 38Js, lowest
Hfc, closing 37c; Jannary opened at
384c, hiRbeet 38c, lowest 38 Jc, cloeing
oou: reuruary openeu iuw, n'gneet
aye, lowest aic, closing S8c:.ja.y,
sas, 306c
Raicins London layers. $3; lay-
in. runrn..i. . t ..ii
-t' ' wl v , iuroiAai,
Pickles In jars, pints, 95o; quarts,
$1 60; half-gallons, $2 75 ; gallons,$3 75;
loose, barrels, $6 6007 : half-barrels.
$3 7604 25: mixed, barrels, f 10 60;
opened at 43 Jo highest 44o, lowest mixed, half-barrels, $0,
FisHMackerel, half-barrels. No. 1.
$5 6006; No.. 2, $5; No. 3, $4 60;
JIMD Kit, DO. 1, HOC! XV 0. 2, 700'
15-1 b, No. 3, 65c. Dry herrings, fam
ily, 26o per box. ' '
Gamb Game fish. 56o.
Eoos Firm, 22;23c. -.
Potatoes Northern stock, $1600
186. .
Oidbb New York, $6 5007 per bar
rel, and $3 7604 per half-barrel.
ViNBOAB 10016c per gallon.
ii " ' . .
In car load lots: Prime crude cotton
seed oil, new, 27028)0; off crude cot
ton teed oil, 230;'6a; prime summer
yellow cotton seed oil, 33034c; off
summer ysiiow cotton seed oil,31032c;
mineral summer yellow cotton seed oil,
33035o ; prime summer white cotton
seed oil, 35036c ( choice cooking yel-
Ooishoulders, 6)5)c; long clear, 6Jo. ,owt cotton seed oh. 84(37,0; prims
JLiAitn Tieroee, 61c : half-barrels and iu,i,uu wiwn mi
434c. closing at 43ic. Oats Decem
ber opened at 27o, highest 27c, lowtstj
2Kjc, closing 26Zc; January opened at '
27Jo, highest 27)a, lowent 27 Jc, closing
ztc; May opened atai!, nigtiestai jo,
lowest 81o, closing 31)c. Receipts
Flour, 11,000 brls; wheat, 73,000 bu ;
corn, 77,000 bu ; oati. 76,000 bu ; rye,
1100 bu j barley, 30,000 bu. Ship
ments Flour, 11,000 brls; wheat, 21,-
000 bu ; corn, 48,000 bu; oats, 62,000
bu ; rye, 1000 ; barley, 23,000 bu.
Bdttbb Britterine,
creamery, 30(0,350; dairy,
country butter, 16025c.
Hoo Pboddcts Me pork. $10 60;
sugar cared hams, 10)10Jc ; breakfast
bacon, 8J0Jc; clear rib sides bacon,
91m. KaM. U 1.1 L..1L
pork clear sides, 6o; clear rib sides,
kegs, 6jc; choice Vit1e, 7l.
Fresh Meats Beet, forequarters,
405c; mutton. 406o ; hind quarters
of beef, 406c: Mm, '607c 1 ' '
Poultry Chickens dull: spring.
$102 ; bid hens, $3. Turkeys, $8012.
Geese, $304, Ducks, $2 6003 ; dressed
chlokens, $25k2 60 per desen : dressed
turkeys, 100120 per pound. ,
Gams Quails, per di., $1 60. Squir
rels, $1; 26. Rabbits; $1 60 per doren.
Ducks,? wild, $1 6002 fO. Venison,
whole, J06c; saddles, 8010c .
Chbmsb Prime flats. 8409c: New
York factoryr,7J08c: full cream, ISfci
Young America, 14b. ,, . .
, Pigs Febt. Barrels. $8 25: half bar-
barrels'$4 26ikegs,$iS!6. , .
St. tons. Mo.. December 4. Pro-
vlaionsjfairly acriiye and strong.- Pork
strong let $11. Lard firm at $6 050
6 io. Bulk meats firm ; young loone
lota-lnW clears $5 60056; short
ribs, $9 6506 60; ebon clear, $5 76;
boxed 1"ts lone clear. $5 60 : i short
ribs, $5 65;, short elear, $5 7-'05 8O.
Bacon stesdy : long clear. $6 62 i short
rio, JO 7b; sbort clear, $7. liaras
l meal, pone. Cotton seed delivered st
dep ;t or levee, $9 per ton ; from wagon
at mills, $9 per ton. "
1.. WM1 1 111
18c ; clear grease wool, 23026c ! bnrry
'wasbed, 23030s tub washed, 830374
Hides-Dry Bint, No. 1, 18c; No. 2,
12 4o; dry salted, ' 10j012ie; -greten
salted. No. 1. 84cl No. 2. 74a. .Hheeo
skiok,I5o0$l. Beswax,20c Tallow,
steaiiy ;
firm at 010114c. Batter
creamery, 24027c : dairy,
iggs eteady at 2( J0-lc.
Chicaoo. III.. , December 4. Pro
visions were fairly active at steadier
prices. ! Mets pork fluctuated within a
range of 10;-, and closed eomewhat
hli'berthan on yeeter lay. Lard clored
2)05c lii'her. Flour was firm and
unchanged. Caphfl qnotarions were
Deer skins. 18c: bear. $1(37: mink.
15040a; coon; hunter handled, 160
60o:,ocmntry handled, 1506Oo; other,
$106 ; Li beaver, 6Ou0$7; wild cat, 16
026d; Vox, -160760 ; mask' rat, 10e?
opoeium, 10c; w41l,6Oc0$2j., 'skunk,
6076c; panthers, .5Oa0$I.
Coal Oil Prime white, wholesale
lots, 9J01Oc per gallon. ,.
Cleveland, O., December 4. Petro-
leuta stsady; s. w., 110, 7Jo.
FrrrsBCRO, Pa., December 4, Pe
trolesm dull' but firm; National
Transit cert ficates opened at 8' t;
closed tt 81 c; hiKhest, 811c ; lowest,
8'. :
Wursxr Htraight Kentucky Bour
bon, $1 6005; redistilled goods from
-- ---' - ..
HAILS, LBAB, shot,
Nails-IOs, iron, $2 25; steel, $2 40.
Lead 6o.
8uoT-Dtop.$l 65; book, $1 90.
Baooinu Carload lota: Jnla V) the
Mo: 1 lbs, 7o; 1) lbs, 7c, Flax, 8
bs, 9.i.
Ties-$1 05Y3il 10.
GrASrUaTTLB CholCO.SJfaVUfl Irroml
303)c;falrto medium, 2) )2)c;scalla
wags, l01)o.
Hons I. holco.4 4o :good.4 1ft4 la :Aom-
flHEKP Uuclce. 30: medinm. SfiV
oiu. vuuioe ihiudb, SMiac.per pound.
Kansas Citt. Mo. Ddoemhar 4
The J urndtmtor reports: Cattle
recetptr, 74 bead; shipments, none;
uiarsnt eieaay except lor cowa.
bich were weak and a ahaHa
lower; go.d to choice, $4(S4 60:
common to medium. $3 30f:t Bfl:
A., a- Cf , a., m .. .
wn ar-ra, T2 zoi o; meamg steers,
$2 8003 50. Hogs reoelote, 760 bead;
shipments, lOOt bend; market weak
and 6o lower than yesterday; good to
oi o uu, tvi utrji; common to medi
nm, 13 70(43 85. Sheen remdnta.
nene; shipments, none: market
steady; good to ciioic, $2 6003 26;
ouiuiuim io aueuiam, 91 4U.
Umoajo, I-u, Detember 4. The
iToeeri Journal reports; Cattle re
ceipts, 3600 head: shipments, 1000
head ; market slow bnt steady ; ship
ping steers, 05i to 1500 lbs., $3 300
4 5; steckera and feeders, $1 800
3 35; cows,- bulls and mixed, $1 400
aioionix, i HHoj-j te; Texas cows,
n zot)s ov; steer, fz wS 50.
Hogs receipts. 18.000 haarl; li In
meats, 8000 bead; market strong and
active; rongn and mixed, 3 0Vt:4 05;
packing and shipping, $3 8504 20;
iigbl, 1 4604; snipe, VU S503 25.
neep receipts, sou Dead: ship
ments, 1C00 head : market steady: na
tives, $3 6't04 20; common, $2 100
9 60; Texans, $203; lambs, $3 750
511, i' 3 n.i. tu: .
friara Point.. .....Jina Lai, Sp.m.
0Mola.... -CoiHOui, 5 p.m.
ArkanCltT........K4Ta Adams. 5 u.n.
Ilil-vllle CuaaaratKi, p.m.
Arkani Rlver..Jaa i'arras, p.m.
Cincinnati fl bavttb Stats, 5 p.m.
KUtW.ntSTS AT THE l tl:E.
Anival. Alberta No. 3, White
Dtparlure GajcBO, Concordia.
Alberta No. 3. 177 bales cotton. 377
sks cotton reed.
For Cairo. BTanaville. LonliTille and Cia-
einnaii ii ne eieinr ataamar
urnullo Ntnto,
J. Llniliier...inaatr I Pan Marra,
8BLL, U. f and C A.. U Madiaon
Will leave
o. Tib, at S i
For frelKht or paaaaa aiuly U 6. li. HUij-
. L. nia in. urMi.
iinwn -aat. r-H.- r Aft.
HI. franrla Hlver Tranaportatloai Co.
1 na eieiant ataamar
Rene Macready,
lp At WVir iDm IUaHjr .
Leavea MemfhLa UVBttV TUBHDAT and
BATH KIM Y at ft p.m., tor Marlaoaa and
war laaniDaa a lar aa tneLut-UB.
Tbe eaulaln reaenraa tha Hahttonaaa all
anumaa neaeeme ueaare. reiepnon oy.
J Ad. LKB, Ji., eop't,
flfftMi, No. I Miilon atreet.
Bcsiness played out.
Snow now, slush next.
The river is falling again.
Only one arrival yesterday.
TaB Gavoan hail a fair Mr. tnr
Tbb Marv Honatan la Manln
her way to New Orleans.
The Joe Peters is the Tneadaw
packet for Arkansas river.
The Cumberland rivar ia rfelnev
while the Tennisiee river is falling.
The lighthouse tander Jon. TTanrv
is due down oa her way to New On
Duhino ihe 24 hours ending at noon
yesterday Ihe river at this point fell 6
tenths of a foot.
Tub rivera are frosan at Divannnrf.
Keokuk, L Ororee. Leavenworth.
Omaha and St. Paul.
Tub Granite State. Cant. A J. Und-
say. is due tonight from the Ohio river,
and she leaves here on Tuesday for
The James Lee, Capt Olateett,
leaves tomorrow evening hr Helena,
Friars Point anl all way landings.
Wm. Aihard is her cleik.
TusOheeapeake, Capt. W. P. Uall,
leaves tomorrow evening for Tipton
ville and all way landings on ths tip
per coaet. Mr. J. D. Fuller is her
The Alberta Net. 3, arrived at dark '
from White river. Hhe was discharg
ing her carg) at tde Klevater and pre
paring to leave during the night for
Whits river.
Bad weather and scarcity of labor
prevented the Reno Macready leaving
yesterday for St. Francis. Hhe will be
nnloaded and ready to leave aa usual
Tuoadsy evening.
It wns very "tough" on Ihs leves
yesterday, i'fjere ws bu', one arrival
and only one b at departei. Labor
was scarce, and la fact could ot be
had at any price.
The CHy ol Viokabnrg was i xpeoied
to pans here la;t uight on her way to
St. I)uis. She was to add hare 000
bales of comprfaed cotton for reship
merit Kast at Cairo,
Ths Kats Adama is ths regu'ar
United States mail packet leaving to
morrow evenirjg for Arkansas City
and all way landings. Mr. William
Blanker Is her cltrk.
The E. W. Cole, das here yesterday
morning, had not arrived up to a lata)
hour last night She will probably be
In this morning, aod may return im
mediately after teing unloaded..
The Coahoma is ths Lee Line packet , -leaving
tomorrow evening for Gold
Dust, Osceola and all way landinm on .
the upper coast. Oapt fleary Cooper
commands, with Wm. Smiths in the
Tbb levee' was covered with snow
yeeterday, and it took a "bustler" to '
plow his wsy through the beautiful.
Though there was little if anv nam. '
tbe wet endera had to make a pathway
to all the steamers and ths "dudes"
Orrica Signal Service, U. S. A., 1
Memphis, D. oemher 4, 1 p.m. .
Tbe following observations are taken .
I at all stations named at 76 meridian ,
time, which is one hour faster than
Memphis time:
For Oaeeola, Ualoa Point, Oaratheravllla.
ueroio and llplonllle Ihe aear aide-
Wheel paaiencer ateamnr
W, P. Hall Btitar. I J. I). Fall.r.jjl.ra
1 leare aa a bo ye, and all way polata, ,
mi munuai ana inviwirai at
aaeuitila,rrlara faiai mm a axaupaut
ana ihwm i-mki vomany.
For Hslsna, Ulendale. Friara Point and al
W mw AaaaU U I naTal Blames PDeBr
JaiiieM laee,
EB J,a VUrtUM U t A.....,,,. nJDMteri
Will leave aa above on KVBEY MONDAY,
r.itouAt ana an.it; a I atoo oiooe.
For Randolph, Falton, Oaeeola.
SB 1 1)
Ab've Low
j Change.
LOths i
i,anaiBa steamer .
E. W. COIaE. eO
J. H. WOOP BR. ,....., Maaur. m
Leavea Brerr MOnDAY, WEUNHmDAI
and FRIDAY al 6 p.m. Thabeataoi tbf
lineteeerre tha rliht to pua all landlnd
the eaptaln may dean aneale, Offloe, No. I
naantunn . J A n km luk, Jn., wop .
Arkansivs ltlver Pk't Co.
Str. i0E PETERS, asrv
o. nmita .....bhwi r" --r-
Um Mtoxhli Kfrj TUIHUAV, at 6 p.
sir. E. YV. C OLE, jm
iNowHld... a.... sft v n-.-miiiir,
U IWl'WIaaeaU... Uiastrr.A. aaay.ll JB
aatjea Mempbia Brerr oATURUAY, A p,
Fc frelshter $11.:
OflW. ISn " Mmon at. Tel'phene No. M,
Memptilsand Vicksbnrg Packet Con
f laBy-U.8. Mail Line.
For BelenaLpoaeordla. Terrene and Arkaa-
iaIUUr The elerant paiaenter lUarnar
KATE AUAMS. . iatsnl
Ohaeki-aMUr 1 W. 0, Blaaker.oierk
Chattanooga ...
Fort Smith..,.
Helena -
La Crosse. ....
Little Rock
New Orleans.,
St Louis..
St. Paul.........
Pittssdeo. Pa.. December 4.-r-Noon ,
River 6 feet on the gauge aod, falling.-
Weather cloudy and co'd.
Wheeling. W. Va December 4.
Noon River 0 feet 2 inches on the ,,
gangs and falling. Weather clear anc .
cola. ,i
Cincinnati, O., December Noot
Kiyer Is feet 4 inches on the gang ,
and falling. Weather cloudy; ther
mometer 20. '?'
Evanstille. Ind.. December 4.
Noon River falling, with IS feet 9
inches on the gauge. Weather cold
and snowing ; thermometer 22.
LocisvrLLB. Kr. December 4. Noon
River filling, with 9 feet 10 inches 4a 1
the canal and 7 leet 6 int nea on tne talis.
Buslneea doll. Weather partly cloudy
and cold, with snow this morning.
Oaibo. Ill.i December 4. Noon 1
Rivet 21 feet 4 inches on ths'gauge and
falling. ' Weather cold, with heavy
snow sines midnight. Arrived: City
of Natches. New Orleans. 8 p.m. Ne
For Coneordla aad all way laadlaft. I aground at Oomaaerclal Point, And la
'an a Veuff - JT-a danger of being cut to pieces by the
L, Oummlna. Maat'r I h
m m 1 1 mmm T I Liw rna,,.,,.
Learea 1 UKr-DAY and HATVRDA i atSp.a,
paw- I danger oi neingcu
I heavy vanning Ins.
Far reneral Utormatioa apply at
adiaoB atraat.'
JOtlW OA WW, Vaa' i .out Tlerhine
rnrr prescriptions?:
I Ilia let Vefcnnd la the "StlEICI
i. i or i HittiH, rea- ta .
efuphlfl& White ttlrer Fbtto
tor t'laraadaau Davaila.BlaN.. Oaa
apeedy enra ot Narroaa Debility, Loat Enr-
tr, Weaion4ener, eta. A eer ot tnta ooo
will be aent Iree. aea'ed Atraa an IKIS
or MKALiH.ueWeel eiaiai atrM.
llnrlaanil, Okla.
Are, Aaraata. bearey. Newport, Jaeajoa-
mtum&KHMr Not,ce ofDis8oJutlon.
1 R..A-I A l:n L- -aaa -
a We rUfMI, ......HI eVBWIaj
WU1 leare KVKRY WBllNBtiDAT at t p.m.
Str. ALBERTA NO. 3,-
Albert B. Health. muter. ' "
Will leat KVKRT 6A1UKDAT at p.a
Thrnuab ratea alran to ail polnta. Frelahl
oeaalaneit to the Me i phla and tfhlta Hivei
PaobelOo., at Meaaphia or Terrene, will bit
forwarded prenijiUp. - For aeaaral inloruta- '
tion apply at omoe, s Meiiaon at., or
nail Tlr.t"BK "I II l,o, Ar't
roit AIL iHO a woak and
ar. w. va.eaaaaxlAeMtauaa,axauiea
rpilll partnerahjo heretofore axlstlngts.
-a. iween 4. o- nuaier - .
anJer Irai aaiue ana atria ol Oaaapball A
Koiier. enaag In me rtuaei ijaaaory aua
Bh rt Manulur M iaiaaJ. at ZU 8eooni
afreet, Meai-hm. Tana , ana in tha taenia'
Furniehint tauvd Eatalibment, atiSOSeo
ond atreel, ia tUli da iHoled by matual
aireement. Mr. J. U. Koaier will eonunae
r . . 1 ... 1 U .... .. .a
Zii Hei-ond atreat. In kit lodlridual right . amt
names and Mr. F 0ami.be I wl.l eontlnua
to oonduot the rihirt Faot-iry BmlneM. at m
tieoocd etreet, and eluo tho UonU" Farniah
isc.i.iida hatauliahment, a m fceoondaC,
ia ki individual ruttt an.dua.oo.
Meruphl,De,l.lW. 'j.' R. HUUUit. -

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