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temple for the Fast light Months,
Finatl; Traced by ( apt. LUgg
' , r.nni'rt Allve.;
i j hriourfT:iTB ArriAL.1
HntJA, Abk.. Dccpmhr Fortlie
last eiht mont! thecititerisot Eiiatern Ar
kansas, ouuiui' coins at Helena and extend
ing nottbward to ilieso'n, nave ran h
eesaiiely anuvied bv the tliefta of their
malts and hor-as without beins; able to set
any traoe oi t eia whatever. Ihey would
disappears if by marie, end that would be
the last ef them. No U tbn twenty-five
or thirty having been ato en in the time
Bantioned l)ov. lhe eople, to protect
hamelves,had banded themselves together,
blifatim themeeivea . to gat on
tba traetc ol the next thief,
raa hint down and administer a food
ariieddoee ot Jndire Lynch) but all their
efforts eaaae to eaught fur t'a simple retaon
tba tba thieves weald cover their traakt eo
well that no traced them could be found
Capt. Bilae Liugg, Marshal m the city of
Beieie, who bai made a wide reputation for
hi! will andcouragi in running down and
ceptsiinr aril doera, took the job in hand to
find act who were stealing the itoclt and
where they wera (nine lo. lie loon found
ant that the ftoek wai carried through
the thiek settlement! in the night lima to
point an the Mit sisiip' river tome twenty
nilea below bore, and then crossed oyer the
river inta the State of Mississippi and aold.
lie aaeeeeded in capturing; the leader of ha
rang at Australia, vuie., yesterday, named
William Kelly, who baa mat's a eonfeaaion
and told wb- re a numh-r of tna horses that
had bean atolen are now located. It ia ru
mored that the negro haa Implicated quite a
number of well to eo farmers, and that
startling development will be made in a
day or two. Tbia ia, however, a rumor, aa
the officers will not ezprera them
aelvaa until they have eecured the
others implicated. Capt. Lirigg, with
posse, lelt tonight lor Blissiaaippl to
gel the horaea, and the ottiaena of Arkaeeaa
an congratulate tueix selves on the fact tbut
the backbone of a vary formidable gang of
hone thieves haa been broken.
Last night about 2 o'clock Bra broke out
in tba reaidencs of Claris Macneal, an o'd
colored woman, and baiora anyone could
get to the houKO it waa a maas of Amii.
ihe old woman burned with tbe building.
linked states Circuit Couit, With the lion.
E. 0. Caldwell on the bunch, convened
Am Iatfrvlrw Biiwern rnegreai'
man lilau ana Oar Hpcclnl tor
rwpondnnl. Isrioui to tub arpgiL.I
KWaphikgton. Decemher G.-Ripre-Mutative
Olaaa t. ld your correspondent to
night tbatbe waa verycnftdentotbemgablo
to paaa tbia sess on the bi t which be intro
duced loet winter, orUt ring; tbe representa
tivea of the United States abroad to incor
porate griruiture in tbeir report to tba
r-tate Department. He thinks the Morrison
tariff bill will be brought forward by iti'sup
porters, but doubta whether it on be con
aidercd by the llou-e. 'Ihe Interstate coui
meroe bill be believea will be puthed to its
IPs'. F. I.auinr I'nnoil (BnHly for the
bolwet r Mr. Craut-Hii Mile
, vlmllcni.d.
Yaboo City, Miss., DewinVier fl.
The trial of W. F. Lamir for shooting A. C.
Crane here last Jmy terninatrd thia even
ing. Lamar was indicted by the grand jury
for shooting vt ith intent to Kill and murder.
Jhe trial was called Thursday evening at 2
; clock. The State was aaly r-preaented by
District Attorney K. N. Miller and 1). R.
Barnet', and the de'enae by Col. W.
II. Luee and J. K. Everett. Uhe
testimony failel to (how that Lamar
bad any defense whatever for
lie crime, and tbe jurv, after being out but
live minutes, returned with their verdict of
guilty e indlvteil. sentence will be passed
tomorrow. The limit oi tbe law ia W yeara in
the reaitentiiry, and it ia more than likely
that be will set the lull penalty. Lamar a
fi?01". lOT, fhoot-ne; lna was, that be
(trace) had been Ijo intmata wiib his wife,
who laona of thmotthighlyraFpee.ed, cul
tivated, utile t ladies ot our town. Un ao
oountoftbe lady, the oare ittmcted much
attention, the oourthc ee being crowded at
each tap of the hell- The conviction of La
par ia the vindication of biawife, nnd for
that reason the vnrdict mam lmwit
llr. Hi(th Crsir, who waa wounded by tin
falling brick nt the fire riaturriav nili i
reported by his phyjician aa not being so
Tha weather ii bitter cold
. snow having
mien eaturuay night and
steady freer in all oi todav.
euniiuy, and
l!u(ineia not as good aa it might beat
tbia season. The cotton crop ia reported the
cuvrictii lor many years
What 1 hry Ilt Koiirxeni Here and
.nrw urifana,
lCKfBLBO, Mi-8 , U. c-mbr6. The
narrer party arrived here at 0 o'clock n m.
an 1 will likely leave about 4 o'clock tinior
row evening, arr ving in Moiuphuala late
hour Mondny night. Hii's lc&-irv Now Or
leana they have visibed the iirinriiial augar
-..u.,.v.? ugiCBii lam j-iiy BnU lHlon
"ou,t, J?here thoy were banauited lnt
f i 1De.w"l tomorrow visit ihe points
iu--j ;. i ooui vicgsnurg, and
Monday will dovote the whole day
to the cotton plarttt no' tbe Tag o Valley.
They may go to Ureenville. Tbey eiprea
tbemseJvca well ilaed at their rooep ions
everywhere throughout tbe bouth, and aro
; eurprired ot the evidenres of rapi i prngrAts
. they have seen at almost every p 'int. i hey
look forward to the visit to Memphis ns the
culmination of a onr the most agieeahle
i n delightful ever made by any party
. .m.wh.u tun CUHIU.
aicaaaallonal ArrratorT II. IteLoaa
ier m frrgTstr J,
1 . ; ' I8PICIAL TO TBI APPaAb.l
CuAiTANoeoA. TkNN , December 6.
:rrr 1iw?? ",ed loday by tha
arreet olT. H. DeLoja. of the p.ndleton
Uraaita Company, of Atlanta, on the charge
? ! v14""" arrested hy De-
.... u.wjBu wu un arrival irom lincin
rmUand at once taken to Atlanta.
levly J.rhra of Know In RrUlol-
ti" aonnpaasiB iMler tha 1
tease tlrlgbt. .
iUKCiviiXB, iBRif.. Dfcetube 6
j.aai.iugni anow Ofgan railing tha seennd
tma, and in all over twenty inohrs. Such a
, wi uiipreovusnieu in Skllolrille. The
. weight of the snow haa orusbed numerous
. roofs,.ltitre several thousand dollars dam
ages. Advices from Maryville state tha
roots,, vf the dwellings and barns
, tailing m. bnecmls from Bristol give
T i ?. 'til2?-,,J!' . Coftl Cnek ibirteen.
Jellkweitht. Trains on the esst division of
ma ,at lennessee road were with diffloulty
run. .Onoduehoraat 6 o'clock thia morn-
' 7W""Mt arrive till midnight tonight.
JlH passenger trams are running double
f. Z:"C f'ou Abingdon state that
it haa .been snowing s acs Friday. Wm.
Baylesa.a bTakeiiiao.stacli his he. d ont of
helueompivacab tbia side of Cleveland
this morning was struck by a bridge. He had
u ffr?he,,i rBJPd and nose broken ioi
Akull frsotumi fearfully. He eanoot live.
'.l"1. from Johnseo City has snow
it"t,T.-" '"' The roofs af dva
sVaildings coll afised. lbs reuf of the foun dry
aad machine abop, tba largest between-Chat-taspga
and Roanoke, settled down arie
inches, but ia probably safe. It ia still mow
ing. I . BEEYltLE, Mm
A SJirwiiK Orsr .iilaatloa EUrrled
AtaaasaK e 'aruieia.
jmxinvulb, Mim., Doscmber 0
'"""ntto a ealfpreviou ly made and pub
ln5, a large rumbor of farmers of the
laroo .Delta aa cmbled here t day at tha
fi?1? Tempio and at 12 o'clock weta
called to order by Col. W. A. Percy, who
Pi? ,f'iueated to act as chairman of
the oonvmittee named in the call, and who
triefly stated the luhioot of the
J,!?"' ,bir4 "!diDi the -all and
t,,at L,tho I"' obl'ot and
aim of those making the cll was to organiae
tbesgriculiur.'ati ot the valley fir eonaulta
tion and interchange ot views and asjatem
Jtio solntion or all queftions perUlning to
t e interests of the farmers, anJ not to
aja war on oUmills, votlon teed niacula-
tors rranyo'her monnpo'ie'. arlfi that th
first hu.iii'ss was to formulate a. -roriainiii
or plan of iroc-dinir. h ,reuimn C. I.
Kobinson, . W. ttcne. y. j. helps
V. L. Hem ngway anii J. M. Ku. ll
' appointed a co-.vit,. rt.i
bile tn c iiiuiitU-awr. i,rc,.,.ringa pin no:
orgauiiauuu uen. a . i,eand I'rof. Myer
oi ibe A. ar-d M a.lAc.l th
laiteaudieuoa on j(e or.joi-tj, aims and ben
efils lo the fg-icu,turul mureUol the val
ley ami the wh',le coo try of organisa'ion
ihecna,mitie,Tei ortcd a ok-1 ton sketch o
organisation, which waa adopted. The usto
riaiion is amnwn as the Farmer"' Asaoct'
ti u o) the Tntoo Delta. All farmers
elig ble to membership on payme nt of tl aa
munb' Tthip tee The folios iugotfiVe'S wera
eleced: 1). M. Russell, of Oouhoino coan'y,
prts'dent; I). H. f helps, of Sl-ark-v. vice
P'eajilenti J . s Nialy, of Wva'iington
a. ereuryandtreihurir. An KxecntiveOoin
mitueo ane trom e ch county in the di tri
was appointed and tin ti e and plaoe for tbe
next mee iu for the third Tuenday in May,
1877, at Ureenville, Miss. Un motion the
members of the Executive Committee were
leuue-'ied to emoli the nam-s ol all wishing
to boronie mamberaand forward to the seo
retury. The meetitg was composed of a
large and intelligent body of termers, who
maniiestea gieat interact, and it ia conaid
ered to be tba iuiiiativa of one of tba moat
important events of the times to promote tha
mi. rest oi tna prooucora oi wealth.
Clraad ramssaeder . I aclaa
Falrratllel la tbe Cttf.
Uricui, TO Til APPIAL.1
Naibvilli. Tinn.. Docembnr 0
lien. Lucius A. rairchild. Grand Com
inand r (Jrand Army of the Kepublio,
v sited Qen. Bate at the oapital today, and
then went to Fiek University this evening.
Men. Fairchild visited George 11. Thomas
Post, Grand Army of tha Kepublio, and
v,uh wm. .us me oomraaea. s
grand reception will be given him tomorrow
Tk. Run..... P..., I. ...,t. V 1. 1
devoted ail tba time to the oall of cases trom
Da'idion oounty.
Speculation in stocks Ii still booming
fcaie, the c ial and iron securities beins the
fanoy. The'a eontinuad to climb. No
bkeS,eld sti ck can be had, sa tbe parties are
ouiuu.g ii oa me mariau jar. ferry, Preai
deot of the Albany, M. T., Btove Company,
u in tha city eonside'inr the advisl .ihtv of
removing his wi rka to finuth Pit aburg, or
some other point in the South. Tbia la the
largest store manufacturing establishment
in ine oouctry, ana lu removal here would
ie an important event. Mr. Perry said to
n 7 uiai ne nsa not yet ceterinined upon a
definite place, but would decide what to da
n a tew ueys.
Haa Become Poeaveaor ot Iba Ha
Jorlly or lite alaritt or (Ue L,.
K.,n K. at. n. K.
LiTTi.g Rock. Ark . Dirmiihr rt
The tact that Jay Gould, president of tha
Missouri Paoi ho system, had become poe-
onoa in majiirni di inestocx and bonds
of the Little Hock, Mississippi Kiver and
Texaa Railroad Comrary waa anuounoed
herf today. Thisioad is part of the Arkan
sas alley route, exte . da from Little lWk
tn Arranaas City, Ark., and ia advertised to
be sold under foreclosure on the 15th in tant.
Jt total indebtedness on first and second
mortguga bonds, coupons and interest ng
gTegnts713,t0. It ia believed heruth.-t
Mr. G uld will buy in the road withoTIV op
posifon at the a ile, and it ia alao known
ua, me presum management or the Arkan
sua Val ev rnu'euill nih. .I, i i-
Gould's purchase, however, of the Little
Koca, .Vissisaippi Kiverand Texas rullroad
a ill give him weivht tn i
traets with Little Hock ' nd Fort Smith, and
Kansas and Arkansas Valley railroads, tht
nns' aim nesteru .trauio
with New Orleans and the Bouthoaat tj hia
Iron Mountain lino and the nowlv uurrhaiird
line to tho Mississippi river. The work of
u.-u-iiuoiiuu oi me lvjii.sns ana Araansas
Valley extension to Gibson, Ind. Ter..lsto
commenco as soon is the ountracts can be
asnveriti'4 iiohiIi llrweil by- Hlaa
mmiiMin-s Rausnrr.
RICHM3MD. Va . DsGsmhnr ft Rnir
Leo t' dav rooeived a letter from Mra. Lucy
M ail . mitt n. . 1 - . f 1 Z 1 ' ' - I ..
.- .-..-.,, wuiuii ui f miuie uiur,n aiuuison,
tbe victim of Cluverlus. In ahioh h. k...
the Governor to "Int tl. Uw ib. .....
-lu wroicu uiuverius, who has caused
"u,i u"r auo gnion.tnersand sia'ers
to aoe to much trouble. Only hasten it as
quick as pose ble for the sake of other moth
ers and innocent females. Pleasa, for tha
aake nt tha mother wbosa heart, and mind
have been nearly traaed with grief and dis
tress, let it (meaning the judgment of the
cou't) stay as it is."
the Governor has not yet made known hi
,,, i,10 CJSe. tl os relusrs to inter-
cerned, he will doubling rnii. ik. n.
0" nil, linrdiin nr nmnmntu .an
ao as to give him time, after the last hope of
i TV" J?""' la Prepare nimseit lor
J?J.h , ?he, Cl'ybreaot, who has charge
' he jail whore Cluvoris iaconlloed. todoy
...... in, uuraruor lu Know u he
ahould stny his ptcna ations ior theeieeu.
tion, but the Governor gave him no intima
tion that ho won d exercise clemency in any
i, uo ui.o not viutonua will be
sunu iipsi r nuuy.
The I.nbor Purly Reoraranfalnir,
t.HiCAuo. lit,., UeremlMr In
conformity with a rmtiAct f-n, ii,. i.1...
live CommittB of tho United LThnrpnrty,
that their orgnnisa ion bo recognicod, LnKe
-u", uinoioer oi mat imrty, was today
appointed by County Judge Prcndergnist as
one of the three tlcction Couimissionera
under the reform city election law. Ilereto
inre Jilectioa l ommi-sioners have invariablv
neon uienibers of either one or the other of
Y ic.iuuig potmen parties, i ho ap
pointment ot Coyne is rocardea as an im
portant lnnovntion. t'oyne is a carpenter
.. .v, uoimuie lasinino yo.rs baa
worked its i a street car conductor tor the West
Division t'ompauy. Ile waa one of iho six
teen employes of that corporation whoe
moimnry discharg led to tho gre.it strike in
June.lWi, ending by the restatement of
toe discharged employes.
A Loyal Hnl vaUonlal.
Chicago, III., Ditunmbsr G Misa
Petrel .aJohn son wm today awarded by Judge
luleyfJOa weeklrom her estate of S7ft,00u,
l ending a leciinn upon the applioutiun re
cent y made by her un le that a conaotvator
be uppomted to manaiie her property, 'jhe
lad.v u just of age. A few weeks ego she
f--TTe?' .??otllt "f ,ho calvailon Army,
,o(X) to build a church. She wears the Sal
vationist uniform and continuously threat
ens to bestow tf.a remainder of her fortune
npori the ecclenastlcal organisation of whioh
Booth la the head. Si,,, Johnson "a lawyer
today intimated the motive for her strange
act.onwaaadetisro-in.tion to be rid of the
disgraceful interference of her uncle in her
all airs.
Ne Vretlice or Ibe Crew.
Point Plbahant, N. J , Deimbr 6.
A three masted, sohoonrr which came
ashore ye.Urday above Townsend's Inlet
waa boarded today fcy the lite eaving crew
and found to have settled. She is the Emily
Miopaid, of Middloton. Ct. iio vestige of
the crew could be found. It is supposed that
the vosael sprung slunk ,i, ..i. r
Saturday night and was abandoned, the
crew taking to tha boats. They have either
oeon oiown out to sea or have jieriabad.
Allnrney Stoae'a fincreaser.
WA8HI.NOTON. DlOai.ih r Ii Tlio
Preddent hu appointed 3eo. A. Allen to be
Inited States Altirnev r. th. w. l,:.
triotuf Pennsylvania, vice w m. A. Stme,
suspsnded tor offonsive partiasnship. The I
President signed Mr. Allen's oommis-ion I
iturflar evening. Tha ..n
teretate commerce bill have adjourned with
out rearhin a final n,M,.i...,n. nn,.i in
u oioca n caueaaay morning.
LealsJames ass Marie Walawrlght
Akw . York. D, Cfitikhp rl T.-tlTa
James and Marie Walnwright wade their
r.'." -i'r"'""i- ew i org as aiara ai me
Windsoi theater to-niuhi l,.f..r. i.m
MBHMnRS. I I. U IT was V . u.
James'a impersoantion of tha title ro e waa
a powerful one. In the forum acene his
effeotive work was rewarded hy several re
calls. Miss Wainwright's" Virginia" was a
ebaraniig ohsracteriaaiion .
Jaaiica Walea, the Carloai.lal, Deael.
ABW a'.BK, Djronhor .I A.
Walea, the cartoon artlrt of fk. lis Judnt
and otlser inihiiratim. died todayto a base
ment restaurant on Broadway. He had
breakfaod there be weoo Ward 11 o'clock,
siftor which be sent rut for a potion of bro
mide of potash, whieh he drank with lU.uor.
lie then streteuuii himreli on a sola in the
vrivate t ffloe to sleep. Some hours after be
whi dit covered to be dead. A docter waa
fmainoned and announced his belief fiat
V.r. W ales died of syncope from organic ear
dmi sfjseare, resulting from un orerdi.se of
Lovkm :f i.oicy will b9 ?r ifleJ to
l .-m f.-.Rt Dr. Bull' Coub .Syrnp is a
ruucb eweeti' eiticie aud lilacs btiter
for a Qong,h. Trice 25 cenU
UCSTEOY. $ao,ooo M'ORni
On Mi lu Street ThoDKablfd i ondl-
tiou of the 11 re lu parltucrt
aud La k uf Wu'er.
YazioCity; Mi.s, D-ceiiibfr 6.
One pf the mot disnatroua fires in the his
tory of this city, occu-red last night. The
fire oilvinated in the bui'ding fcup'ed by
S. Id. Bcdwell, on the wet tide of the lower
end of Main street. The fir-t alarm waa
sounded by Night Vv atchmanKichard Ita'h
cat. from the compress bell, bet 'ien lx and
1 o'clock, whit h was answered from the cen
tral alarm b II at tbe fire engine house, t
heavy northwest wind waa blowing at the
time. The building ia which th fire otig
inated beina frame, torether with twe ad
joining, made it evident that it would
prsva disastrous. Tba following are
tbalesersi b. G. Bedwell. stock, $10,000;
Annerson k Pbipps, stock, IS0O0; . 11.
Qoekemeyer, stock and building. $4fU); J.
V. Powell, stock and building. u; J. II.
Maverkemp, stock aad building, damaged
HUOOj 1. N. Gilruth, stock aud buiid,ng,
damaged tlUOO; Mrs. M A. Harrison, build
ing, rWOiF. Bartedale, stock and build
ing, V'HOt aggregate total, West Main, i'.9,iXX
Kast Main The following are the losers:
Tim Foley, stock, SKMJO; Kabert Campbell,
bui ding damaged, t?5u; A J. Cakes, build
ing damaged, I7 ii Mra. McGraw, building,
iaJi Dr. Cook, stock and building, tl&uO;
Delmood, itoek and building, tluO; Peter
Kline, stock, r00; total East Main, toUTi.
Total losaes, B isr and West tOoVIOO.
Insurance as follows: S. G. Kedell, stock,
"sJiiOi Anderson Pbipps, liOUO; G. II.
Uuekemayer, J).0: J. F. Powell, stock and
building, OUil; Mrs. McGraw, building,
H00: A. J. Oakes, bu Iding. i7S; Ti Foley,
stock, trnO; Mra. Harrison, buildings, ItaSOj
J. H lisverkamp, stock and buildings,
r!000: I. N. Gilruth, SUM; total Insurance,
11,123. The insurunce ia distributed, so
that no company loaes laigely.
One great detriment toward atopping the
progrraa of the fire waa that the water had
been drawn from tha boiler ol the steam en
gine to keep it Irom freesing early ia the
n.ght. Water had to ba pumped Into tbe
engine after it arrivi d at the fire, which ro
quirod aoiue t-uie. Ihen again, when En
gine No. 2, which ia a hand enmne con
trolled by the colored company, arrived It
waa found that the suction hose had been
cut, completely disabling the ergine.
The colored company bave always done
Snod work at our ftres, and they were much
isappointed when they found that their en
gine could not be put to service. Tba atenra
engine did some fine work a'ter it got under
headwat , and the firemen and hook and lad
der company did noble work in arreating
the flauiea which, had it not been for them,
would have consulted ail the lower
portion of Jlan s'roet, including
the compress, together with 3000
bales of cotton. Streams of water wera pour
ed into the ruins until this morning. The
only accident was to Mr. Hugh Craig, who
receive I a very painful, though not danger
ous scalp wound bv a br:ck failing from the
the llav.eksmp building. Today Mr. Craig
is resting quietly.
The cauieof the fire is not kcown, though
incendiarism ia supposed.
Pralara That Fait of the Pre-lilen
Hran Kesrasdlnaj; the
LiONDOn, Dtwmbrir 6. Thi Daily
Nne$. commenting on that part of President
Cleveland's message roferrirg to the fl-th
eriea question, siys : "Tne two governments
ought not tonllow thonisetves rest uMil they
heve arranged the question. The dillit-ul'y
seems to be that America wants fishing
while New England docs not want tree trade.
The same insatisblt. greed fir protection
underlies the difficulty about the uispos il of
tbe surplus reven.ua. Protec ion will die
heid in America." It ia. however, begin
ning to ba regarded with increasing popular
mistrust. The proposed revision of tbe tariff
may be 'he beginning of the end."
The Miii lebgrapK says: "Never ware
words included in a message which more de
served the earnest and prompt attention of
tha British Ministry. To leave the dispute
open, if it can in any way be adjusted,
would ba the height of criminal short sight
edness. The Time, commenting- on President
Cleveland's message, says : " It is fortunate
for both parties that the negotiations are in
the bands of the governments instead of
those of the Immediate disputants in the
fi.hery question. Opposing interests seema
to originate lor any movement toward tree
Orfsnbltir Mimosa Ilia Unrlhfnl
Washington, DacmW 6. About
eighteen months ago John llnwe, a gambler
ot New York, came to Washinslon with A
full pocket book. He was accompanied by
Minnie Kayuiond. his mistross, whom he
shortly established as i.roprietrcss of a
baguio south of the Avenue. About six
months Hgo he encnlltilnreil a streak uf htiit
luck and just ail his money. He was dis
carded by hia paramour in favor of another
man, sa d to be the aon of a prominent dry
goods nion bant. Rowe went to the bouse
and ti'ked her for money. On being refused
be upbraided her and waseje-ted Inim the
house bv lho oolici. 11a tlireutntintl Iltn
woman'a lite at tlie time. Tonight, mad
w ith jealousy and his reduced circumstances,
be wtr.t to the dive nnd shot the w-man
through the head, lie then abut biiimnlf
through the ho d, ctiuting almost instant
death, lhe woman is still alive, but will
probably die.
Cannot He
KnlKble of
Ohiosoo, Pe!ffrrbi r S A Rnoti l to
the Daily Neiet from Fend ilu Lac,M'is.,iay :
the names of thirteen members of St. Peter's
Lutheran church were 'oday etticken trum
the rolls because tharwre members of f
Knights ot Labor and liocnuse tiny elint
to romain so, despite church roul itions.
"On! I wcnldu't bother about
bar. Cure your neuralgia with S
vation O'l. Prutt'AHcU.
DALTON f'uddenl. MnntUv. ll.,h
o, lean, 4. x. iAi,TtiK, aged u yesra and 1
months, son of Jennie and tha lateC. R
Lai to u.
Funeral will take plane from residence.
a. 108 Elliott street, this (TUKSDAY) af.
ternooa at 2 :30 o'clock. Services at Graoe
Church at 3 o'olook, the Rev. Dr. Patterson
officiating. Friend a ara invited to attend.
LKWI3 December 1, 1S8S, in Crittenden
oounty, Ark., at the reaideneaof bia brother
In law, Mr. C. K. Rasbury, Mr. Edwaro B.
Lwm, In theth ;earof his age
r He bare a far-load af Head
Baaaiua, fail reeflreu, In esrellenl
ahlpplac order, laa Pack to pro.
lent Irom frost, l.00 to 3.3fl per
Batteb. Knrlose souaey aid arder far
Molldaja. Telephone 90S.
JOHU'oi 4t iitry,a4 rrat it.
KLEcrios or nnBEc-roatm.
Uiiow aid PtsiTiRg Baic or Mkushis,
Memphi", Tenn.. Decembers. ltNfi
CTOCKHOLDEKH are hereby notiQed that
TT Sa eioeiioB win oe neia at tnts Bank on
the Second Mondiy in January, lsViO, from
10 a.m. until 3 p.m., to choote Director! to
!. EE AD. Cashier.
v.t. w u a si
i OiDritiiCiNT
WV,L'U ssi; si
Hlabeel Awaawla nf MedHlsfw Kwrowe
aaaa Aiueirlcs.
' The neae.t, mickeet, safr. ai ui
powerful rimedy known tor Rheum. s e,
Pleoriay, earalgia, Lumbago, Hackuche.
Weakness, Co da in the Chet and all a.'hes
and pains, ndoraed by 6W Piiyaiclna and
I'ruggtfts of tbe highest tNute. Beoaon'i
Plasteia rromptlr relieve and eu-e where
other platere and greasy salves, liniments
and lotions ara absolnt! n.ai n
of Imitations under similar sounding nines,
inch as Capsioom," " arocin,"'Cpsi.
cine, as they are utterly wonhlesa and In
tended to deceive. Ag roi Bissog'e awo
TAillooTBia. Alldruggats. SKABL'KY
ViitOtf,Propriotori, Km Xork.
Free frorh Lime
The Royal Baking Powder ia made from Cream of Tartar
specially refined and prepared for its use by patent processes, by
which the Tartrate of Lime is totally eliminated.
This highly Important result has been attained only with
great care, labor and expense. In money alone a quarter of a
million dollars has been invested in patents, machinery and ap
pliances by which the crude Cream of Tartar, being procured
direct from the wine districts of Europe, and subjected in this
country to these exclusive processes, is rendered entirely free,
not only from the objectionable Tartrate of Lime, but from
other foreign substances.
This adds greatly to the cost of manufacturing Royal
Raking Powder; but, as all its other ingredients aro selected
and prepared with the same precise care and regartHess of labor
or expense, an article is produced that is entirely free from any
extraneous substance and chemically pure in all respects.
No lime, earth, alum or impurity of any kind can, by inad
vertence or by tho uso of adulterated articles or otherwise, be
introduced into lho "Royal," and it contains no ingredients
except those certified by the most eminent chemists necessary
to make a pure, wholesome and perfect baking powder.
It costs more to manufacture tho Royal Baking Powder
than any other, but it is, as shoM'n by chemical analysis,' tho
only absolutely p'uo liakinfj Powder made. , ,
Kuynl is the only Raking Powder made that is free from
botli lime and ulu mi.
lhe L
Most Eleiraiit Selection
or .
, (DIRECT) , .
And American ProUuctloD of
tr Our selection eouirl8e
Elegant Styles (of ilieLateNl)
and RENT Maker, Foreign
anil Doiuetvtlc
BaT Our Uooltare Imported
niKECT, through OUIS Cus
tom House.
nil Imu).
Kl IS UCUAi T T A 1 Is O It,
t)lanlusr, DyelnKSt Itrpalrlrsr,
Ko. 17 W. Court Stum.
Ooorg m. ivrioliol.
. McLemore avanna. near Stata Kemalf
'ollege. lhe urnnertv. which is in (ireen.
wood, the most attractive and crowing sub
urb of Memphis, consists of Ave acres ol
ground ansurpaised for healthlolness and
kamty ot location, containing a large varie
ty of forest and fruit trea, ornamental trees
and ahrubberyt a two storvreaidecoe eom
I'ris ng ten rooms ainvenlentlv arranved,
with amnleiapuly of aloeetst also, kitchen,
servants' room, stable, carriage bouse, ooal
and poultry house and several other out
buildings) two good elsterna and a deep
brick-walled well with nxturee as a deposi
tory for milk, batter, fresh meats, etc. Con
venient aocesa to tha city bv atreet ears aad
turnpike, with exemption from eity taxes.
Immediate pos-eiiUn given to purohaser.
Price, f'KAIO. Snt terms of payment apply
at my offlce, No. 8Jl.dUon at l r telepnone
Mo. 68i. J. W. CLAPP.
xtSj. Tii.-f)ia-rre
; i-iii tw VjS-rV ik vj
Funeral Directors.
' HaMTfl gaftefoeKO Tft '
AI ULL sad eoigsaete stock of W vuitaae
Metallic .!. .d 0lr;.. ()1e.asJ.
erad Caskets and inaJ lUbe always ai
nana, aworneri. elasjr.i esemiMf
fAtK VVOKMeiHemOTed Alive, In from
40 minutes toi' licnrs, wllk head enm
plate, or no ohara. No fastlni re iulreil:
D0 IOH..noaa m,l, ' oa. 'an be talrn wffli
aase hy child or adi C'lll or sand tor oir
cuiarsDH. M. X S .ilf H. Specialist, ,
Piinngfield. Mo.
To Oiilrii'. Issru.
2Kf nnn i.-kis lkvkk work,
tjyj KjyjVJ a lllliintltiM tn anil nut.
fits, from LakovlewluU- K. Landing. Oocd
prima and prompt ur. Apply te 'foof, Mo
Oowan Co., Mauri hi', Tenn., or on work
to J. i, JdeLANva A 00.
Li.. I
mm mm
and Absolutely Pure.
Ta Dlaaola Votinrtnentalp,
War Our entire stork has to be sold by Jan
uary 1, 1HOT, to Dissolve Uopartnerihlp
our eoinpany retiring,
Formerly 75 eenti and 11.00.
Fancy Feathers and Wings
S3 and 50 Centa,
'. - Termorl t'aj Dollar,
masTlrldal amel .HaarnlmeT nolHla.
surTbe finest astortweat ot DOLLS la the
arllata Reahapad, Faatbari Cleaned, Dyad
aad Curled.
MToldeu Hair Wash by the Bmall or Large
From 85 Opt Vp.
Frank Schuraani?,
Importer and Dealer la
Sans, rielilHsr Tetokle anil tlHrl.
asiea'a NnpiiHea. assr Special eMantkr
given to MAtJDFACTl'RINd and ll
41st W sain Nt, rSeisstahJa. Im
And Still They Come
ttSTErcry pair Marrautcdt
;jiTiTnE:ouiAp cash
410 Main St re Memphlw.
Praotioal Pianomakeri
aad Icpairsn af rianaei,Oraisiiaa,
And Moiieal Instruments Generally.
107 BAIS far., HCHPH'ft.
Pbyxit lua, Sartrnoa anil Accoicber
31.1 Halat street, JVoar Juf on
' Talarihotif Ko. . '
ATholcgalo liud Kctail.
' J7 Neeond Street.
WB OrVRR tOR 8AI.fi oa favorable
' teruia a large plantation ltj Bolivar
ary, an n
I'Ost, i lunk
ns houses
and wire fnaiies. Twent v.flva
houses, entton gin, sawmill and Dear
liO.OOO feet of iumher la stacks, oO.WO new
cypress boards all ready te construct more
buildings. A good storehouse and egcallent
Stand tur a mereatitile ka,lness. ' This plan
tiitlon Is improved with a vinwto subdivis
ion. I will aell allure part, according to
wanla ol purobusera. Pleuly of labor- Ne
gro tenauts h re applied and are daily a
plying to rant at tri. For full wirtioulari
epplyto 1MUAI''K-Ip.
I I Ike feet b found In t'e "M'lllXCE
K :. )ur the
srecdy cure of erroua Debility, tost Kner
gy. Dospondnney, ete. A opy of this bi,k
will be seut iree, sca'ed A ldrias ( I ajs g
Of IIKAI.ISS.IHU Waat HI a Ik aavoal.
lloelaaail, tilslis,
Total New Biisincss Oroater than the total now business ol All"
Cther Life Cotnpauirs now represented iu Memphis Combined.
Increase iu SurpIiH more than twice the total lucroasV'oT
surplns of all other Life Companies now repreHented In Memphis.
Koom No, 1. Colton Kxehange Hulldlng, Memphis Tennessee
AT COST, FOR TIIIIITT DAYS, to make room for Spring
Stock. One lt Open JtiiKKlef. miltablo for country use
OCIl OWN 31 AX UFA CT Ullli, and lull- guaranteed.
Lilly Carriag-e Co.
25 Second Streets Mcmpliis, Tenn.
0 ' '
S Car-loads N(et IVI1h,
:i Car-lwadti rSutill and Mod,
1 Car-load lJiri,Ilaiii nud SaiiMttgc.
a 'ur-lHdn American Nurdinvs.
1 Car-lad New Halilm,
1 Car-load Jic. Salmon,
1 Car-load CaUtornla Cauaed Fruit,
lO Car-londsi Tomtitoesi. liiclie4,CorM, Etc.,
1 Car-load AIihoiVh itllnt'e Meat,
2 Car-load) leew York lluck wheat,
3 Car-loiKlt PIkmUm:, ItVrHiit and Iturrel Flckle,
H Cnr-lo uN NHr Moon Cream ClieesHt,
it Car-loads) Yirglniu leaniilM,
U Car-loadw Fire Crnitk em and Fircw-rks
SI C!ar-liad leiitu and t'lirriiiitN,
:i 'ir-loa1 l ine ll'tnanns . ,
5 Car-loads) Ited lien JavN Aitlct,
V Car-load Freak Fancy CandliiM, ' .
1 Car.'oail Oatmcnl. f. 'racked l keiii. trite.
And a complete uiaortinont
lor lue npeeiai iims
WfTnd lor
Oliver. Pinnio dLb
llHkiOI 1 HKi
Dry Gootlspions, llosiify
Horn. 33 S and 3S8 Main St.. Meap1ila!TmXi.
tm vm BiaM'si sr ralX Winn saun n a iiaai aarat
m tMewlaa CtaWs. we . Aseata fas
tMa lactarllf Co.1 flaMa, DriUg, SkfleUof r!rtlV iTl
Ao. ti M tUlfcON NTIaalM', RSi'iSH'llIN, Tl'INJV.
It. BDIILKT f RaVSI' R.l'resldcul
sa. , ai aia, s nKiiier.
DF f Tl XTf 11 Pf. I n iiiiiu i 7
aVerDcpns'ts received frmn DO iwnt.i npward,
ally, will lluv and Hell Loral Securities, aot sa Trustee, Heonlver, eto , IV.r Corporations or
Individuals. Oae beofim. Muarilinn. AdinlntHlrntor. Tlitvand Mall Kvehanire. fli,a,llal
atielitin paid to l.'ollet'tlons. Woneji ean be ilinwu ont at amy llusr, when desired
for Invralaient In Rrnl Kutxto nr otherwise. Have a commodious Vault i,r the Depoalt ot
Valuabli a for the krnrfl! of Henlr ( nnoniera, Ir.ie 01 vharse. Male lopoait ilexes for
rent. Hnvlnes eankelallv aalifrl. A I'ep-slfiiry of tha "iU , f Tonli-sson.
DoorNaahtlllludsHtfwIdlaKisall.kliidMol ltoor and Window
Frames "racket), Scroll-Work,
Xamber, OihtiiKleH, Lath, Water Tank.
All kind ol YVood.lVork Executed at IXUort Notice.
iSos. 157 to 173 Waslilngton street. Mem phts. Tcim,
JW. B. ISIIIPt, rtwa'l.ueo. IRKOLn, V.
Country Ntorcw, Dwelling
WiTLvtawsea AdiiMlcd Promptly, and Paid at Meuipktu.
.. '.'rw ' x3iix3aofp55reiij.
W. TlftN a VATfT. T. B. SIMS. Jon ARM WW A T.
To Planters, Jfforchants & (ii micro
Theaeasoa It approauhlni when Cotton becomes Dunr, Damp and Heavy . Dj the use of
Tour laraWe Is improved and Value of.'Cottontlnffretied. MncMnesJforfiole by
mo lo 171 4dainw Wtreef, McotklM. Twnt.
a hub u.uaB-J w. vjf
CSOtt 030. ' JSZ0& 02TS3
And CoiliralMoa 2iercr.zit3. ,
ot Nf aple and Fancy (Jroci'r
iI t'sniiiilry iliercuunlM.
a l'l lce-Llsf.-teu
Vs j J
IsMmMOW ean . jmjL Kb
W. .1. WII.HI'RH"I, Vlnsv-Prealu--'
H M.lt JKII -liyJ, lll r.
o n ntjin uu tun ti tmm
, V. V. XAV1.0H, R. U. bNOWDUrs,
ul Inlerf-it allowexl on lame semi-annu
Ilouuu and JOremed
rrea'l, VI. II. K KlVNPenAV, Kee.y
aud Gluhoiise a Specialty

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