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The Memphis appeal. (Memphis, Tenn.) 1886-1890, December 07, 1886, Image 2

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Cf That Botlf Tim Hccaniint Con
tains 1G.000 onl . i)f (Joou,
Hard Cooiiuun Scno.
Mi.'. CLITllAJiP, A&0(g OTIltB
Ett oamendi) I nil Phj mtht i t reed
mu'8 Bank DrpodtB Tak
ing the It' port of the
Than KfCfgTT, and Brings For ward
ArfnmeiiU Aralim. the Present
High Scale of Taxation.
To theCogTflofth United Statei:
la dlaeharga of a onlltntlonal dnty md
following will rstabliahrd imetdant in
tb Executive office, I bmwitb transmit to
. e l'e"grrs at it reassembling certain in
forualion enncerning tie atato ul tbe In ion,
toge'spr wiib su.h reoominoudiitions 'or
lewisla'len iu appear nonets ,rv una expcdl
tnt "or gov. inineut has persistently main
tained lit lalsliuL ol
nod ol neighbotly Intersil toward (bona
whose pogsegaiona are coat t ioiii loourown.
Fw entt-stinna have nrtaen durine the oaat
ya.rwiti ether governments, and none of
alio ara beyond the reach uf settlement in
Inaa.il J MD' U. Wa. ara a J't without
nnvigien or iba ettleu.ent of olaims ol cil
ia' of tha
for iijurles during tha lata war with Peru
and Bolivia. Iba mixed cnmnils'oui r
gsaiead ander claim conventona. Tha
eeaventiensoinclniled by tha Chilian govern-
Jieut with oaria n hurooean Btale haa
svelep-d an amount of friction wliioh wa
trait a a ba avoided in tha convention
yh'eh our repreaematire at Han 'lego is au
aWtacd to negotiate. Tha oruol treaineut
has. I regret to lay, boon repeated In loma of
Mm far western B'ea aim territories, and
t vialenoa againrt these i e il eyond
the war of ihi local onsiitut d au'horl
ta V pri vent, it li difficult to prevent and
aiB a. I ta puniah. .-oiua ara reported even
In 4 ii at alarka. Mu h nf tbia viuleno
Sba traced to raoa p- judlo and com pet i-
of lab r, abioh caun't, however, j.iatify
epresl n ol a rangers, whose laid ii
guaranteed by our treaty with think
am ly with to most favor, d nation.
teal lea ' menu tha pnrpnse of our law
gtvere waa in vi a assimilation, n it to pro
vtda arena for endless antiininia. iba
araaioant dn'T ol niaintainlna puklio
irdnr and defrnd nn lha intaraati or our own
carlo aiar rrq ina tha ad ii ttou of maamroi
MautriaUon, but Iba ahould not tularn'a
aba obi fonaion of IndiTiduxli of a nall
fa no. laainnt wtbout amuranea that tha
Co rnmant of Ch n, wboacJjriaa dlf diiiK)
at loa toward m I am nio' Tappj to racoc
naa. wi I waat na hilf w j In da
ri iaf a 'nipraienrilila rauiadr br which
aaWira limiutinn of t binraa iniminration,
t ard k tna prnwietinn of thona China
fabhwawbs r-main In tbia rount-, may ba
fraaiad Lal'l i ion ! paadad to riaoata
' tan naviit'ni of oar t'hioaia noovant on a(
ltmtuwoblnt tha plora traBlo, whila tha
Saad will of tha Co.ambl n Uorarnmont
iwbrd aar eoanlrr In manlfeit. Iba l. inn
a af A aia lean iotaraiU
baa at tloian ailtad oonoarn indlnrltad
friandll action looking to tha parforaani!
I tba anaamanta ol tha two ntl"DiO"n
araina tba territory embraced in tba inter
tetania trenail with ha aubridnnoa of tba
Jitkasi n d'"lu banoa , and the ereotinn ol
IbecitHte at Panama into a Fedora, dotriot,
n iar b dintrlnt iiivtrnoient ol the o
kiw nm adminlatrktion at Hi ot. a new
ardar of thin ban boon innuunratvit. wi lok,
Itkanah at yet iumewht rxprrimentaj and
nlordinv loupe 'er arbitrary rx-re re ol
' Bower by the daleiataaor tba nati nl ai-
aw. Mnrity vromiKai mu n improreinent
TT.f tha Cnjied Bla'ei and Franca born durine;
, lar aih'Ul' itruvilefer indaiendenca and
IB x,)au'ii to.iay, bai rroeiiad n iresb lm
IrOBilain the luoiatr-lui comp etion and dadl
Wa, tiaa of ha
u , 1IL1I te-lm tb World in New York bar
ir, tio (iitot Fnuiihinen tn Anierinina
-Aaonre tion between tha United titaio
ki l aor a n olhor porera for
'waa itned at Parla . n Maroh 14. 1881 ard
fbaa bean do y ratted and proclaimed by
ikiia loternnent lty airieeiiietit hetern
tkeblah contracting pari lei ihia convrntlon
la to in Into effect the lt of January neil,
battue legial tlon required for ita ex outmn
In tha United oUUi bai not yet been
adm ted.
AC1MBNT. Ca" hare contiined to nceur in Gars any
gt ing ria i to much eorri,pnntienofl io rela
tion to tha privilege of rolnurn of our nt
mraliaed oiliaen of (Irrman origin, r, ilt
iag the land of their birth Yet I am happy
ta aut that on' rel itt ni wlththut country
bare oat none ol their aena ome I cordial
ity. Iba claim! for ititereat upon t ta
awcaut of Iomega duel illegally exacted
lroa ' erfciln Umiian atoatnHh p linea wra
farurably reported in both liou eg of
Congri it tha laat aeiaion, and I truit
will m 'aire final and faTurabla notion at no
aarly diiy.
Tba rei-oramondatinn contained In my laat
annual aaeaaiit-a in relation to a mode of
ia tha wateri of Britith North America, go
knf a inbjni't of anxiety and ditU'renoe be
two n the United atatoa aod (J'eat U ltain,
w a a't by an adrraa rota of The Senate on
April 1.1 h laat, and thereupon n-cntiailong
were iaahtu:d to obtain an agreement with
llor Britilinlo Muieaiy'i tliiTernmcnt forttie
pronulgation of ruch Joint inteipratatloa
and deft .iui nof the article of the ronrea
Mi.n nt 18!a, re at'ng to the territorial wateri
in tbe rh re tshtriet ol thx liriilrh Pinr
laoes aa aboil-d aocure the Canadian r gbti
fr .iu enoroaoh nent by tha Unite,! Htatta
nrhei i! at d ut iba rang time iueuretba
a-'i'iyncni br the I ttT of the pririleaoa
aar alre-l totheut byauch convention. Tha
au-a'ioi.a in"lel are ot lon atanding, of
grere oonaeituence, a" a I'on tune t t me
for near y tbree qu rtora of a century bare
given riro to erne-t intornt'onal diicui
g'ani not unaccompntiieil by irr tation.
Teinpomrv errnneinenta by treutiei bare
larvrd I nlluy the fru tion, wbirh, however,
h" ri'Vivnd ai ench treaty waa t Tiuiue'ed.
Thn Uat arr rgemtnt under the treaty of
1H7I w: t Abrogated, a Her due noilce by tha
Uoit drti-ei, on June St) ; hut I wu
enal'le l to obtnln lor our flsbnruicn tor the
tbe rml'ider of that reaaon the etijoyireat
ef the lull privilege accord d by tba terminate-!
treaty. The Joint High Cm mil
lion by whom tie treity bad been oon
tiated, although invrated with (denary
poaer to u.ake a permanent tettlemenl,
ware eontentwith temporary arrangement,
after the terii.lnitlon ol which the que-tina
wa rel-gatrd to tbe atipulatioua of lha
treaty o tms. aa to tha Int artlole of
whi b tie eouatruetlon latiafiotory ta both
lean trie I merer been agreed upon,
and growth of impulat on in the Iiritlah pro-
vinaaia to what tb tialieriai in amtly.- -
aoniigueoa, and ibe expansion of oommar
foal tnterrouraa between theui aatd laa
United Mat e preaent today a condition of
at air aoaroeiy ruauaauie at tna aale of the
necotlatiom o 1H1.
feaT been b ought in'o exiiterce, model of
Interaonrie oeiween ne reii ecttve countrteg
baa b an iuvrnird and n ultiiilled, tU
meinoaa t. ouuuuomu' n.neneaoave neea
wholly change '. and all thia Ii n-oiiarlly
entilie-! to . audid and careiul eonaideratioa
in tba adjnatmenl of tbe let mi and oondi
iio. of uteroouraa and comuerce belwoel
the United SUIel and their neighboig
Thia propinquity ooramnnityoflangnataand
nwitn ti n ai.d B'in larltrot politica aodio-
i i in-tttutiona indicato tha practicability
and bvoua idn i. ot maiiitalninf inuiukll
bene' il and friendly relationa VI bilil I
am unletg in y lie irntia tnai auon ra aiiuna
I ,tu il i xiai bi-teen U' and lha Inhabit .nti
if Can. ill et tbe avlion ol their oflilali
4 i lug the il teafon lowaiui our Bluer
men Ui beeu
tho r rontir.ua ce. Allhonch 'li-apiolnt. d
ii ni' ado tit t'i acruru a a t.a nctu v aa tla
avntmlh' fiali ry qn a'i'in, egotiatioria
ara it.ll im tidiaaj, wila to po'ikhle h th .t
K for-, tie cl jib of beri'fla.ptaeaaion of 'on
greaa anrioulccniou' ta-iy be tnai'e tiiai aa
aaa('ttt.lileoLoiaB,vn h-i ban rkoi.tid, m
I ataa aarly day there may ha laid hefora Con.
ir-ea tbe oarreapoateii',a ft tbe Ucpartnent
of Ktal In ra-lation t- thta iniH.rant aubj et,
ao that tha hi t-y of th pa-t C h ng ae on
rn cy be fully dirr'oa.l and the a tion ar-d
tba a litt'do of tha nrlinini-tra I n olear y
eomprehended. A wo't cxten l-d t- f renceii
potuaeined nice an rv in Ihn vmiiinuii 'ca
tion. Tba reconimoiliit on . auhu.t.U'd tul
)e.r, ttut proviMon be uj .de for
of iba conrentioml h'mid iry lin-etw.'cn
Alaaka and Itriti I, 0,l.iu,in . ia r.,nn.L
I ii'i'aM uiy unbecitallu- ouuvioti to that
tuo inumaoy oi
hould ba empririao' ng a rnult of the
reoiprootty treaty "I Iboi T'io e i-l n ia on
tie biahway o' Oriaotil and An tr.li n
traffi titre yirtuall) ao oDtp-atol Ao.erioia
eo mine roe and a ileppl'ig ati.no ta the grow -inic
tride ot tha I'.Libn. Tha I'f.l voel'an
Ialand gioup bate bean ai ebeorb'd by other
end ia re powrrul atvernoanta that tbe
liawaiiaa lalapdi -e le t aim .at a'one in
lha eijnytat'at ol their a itonomy, wht-h it
ii impellent or oi ihould la preferred. Our
treaty ia now tormtnab a on ooo y ar a no
tice, nut laropoai ioaa ta abrog t. it would
ba in my Jadrnout moat ill edvited. Tba
paran oaut ii.Saaare wa have t'are arqnlred
wiiu mfiricoLix bb KtOAititu
and araJaabU wrannil of vantaara for oor-
eeirae mirht ba e nverted lata a itrenghold
for ar aoaauar ial oon.pet.lon. I earneany
reaoaimaaa that theexl-ilng treaty etivnla
tioei ta ti'taded iorarrt'.r term o re-en
ye.ri. A r-oet.t y gimd treat-to thli end
Imewbafere abeSa'aU. Tha Imp rtan-a
ai telMTaphio "ommaniratlon between tboae
lalaada and tha United btaua ih old not bg
Ibt caerlien aft general ravUlon af
la agala aaderdlaranlta a'ToVio. Aatba
Brit t iopen re aUona with that hml t'e, ana
aatbeaa leo in moat di eol nommeroial ra
lailoa witk Jaoan, tba Vaita l Mata have
loat Booiaartaoita ta ttif t hair annaiiunt
friendih aaf anpportlnf tie lu tda of
Japan te autonomy ar.d iadcyei-df noo among
hotceei Ike United 6tte and Japan, the
flnt eaao uded by that Umpiie, baa been
lata y pr. c'almed.
and the difficulty af melnUtninr rffsctWe
mvereiaa y over Ita oull lng diatrlcta have
exeoaed that Uepublla t enorachmetit. It
o .onot bo lor.o'len thai t iia d.atai.l c'n
mnnityiiaai off beet ol our owniyam,
owing Ha origin ta the aeeooiated
KKNH, where trataewftrtby tflortg to create a na
cleaiel o rllia ition in tl a dark oontiaeut
bare eaiaaauded iiitc' and aympathy
ererywh re, ap'cla'ly in thiae antry. Al
though a mraial pr teotorat over Liberia Ii
eenlrnry 'a aar drd t onal polloy, the moral
right gad aaiy at toe United Ma tea toa-aiat
in aU anaaar waya la the malnUnanoa f iti
latetrlty ia abri na, and baa bean eoaaiit
enily aaaaonoed drmg nearly kulfacan
tnry. I raotaaaead that ia th roer-anna-tloa
ef rmr aavy a email veiiel no lung or
leaad adoqavie to oor naedl
ta ba employed I r it Id tha pro'aetioa al it
aiat.twiae rtveaue- Tka enceuraali f da-TeU-pnant
al braiHal and Inlioia'o
whlobku bm go marked wlihia tba raat
few raara ii at race tba oocaa oa of con
grata a'loa and of Irita I'y aulicit ida. I
argtatiy renew my f. rn.er rrproaen'atiea of
the need a' iledr lectalatiou b ''' pgr-al
tm aurr Iota aflaot the Uaoiuromty Cnitimer-
olal Oeavoarloa al Jinnarr HI, lr) tiur
eammareial treat" of uUI with Meioo waa
tera laaut areo otag io ill iriiumni in
lltl, aaoa rotiloanlaa aivea by frlexinn ia
tt-iraiiaaa nt k-a an aOWOOfad liollcy Of ra-
eaating ail her ooeameroial treatiea. Mex co
ha ainoo o.ieelu4 with eev-rl lore ga
ararataeata new t atlaa of oamuieroa
and aavtaai'an, neiaiag alien ,rlfhu
af trade, arutaity aad reaidenre,
iraataiant if ablpplna onnnilar
prty Ian a and the like Oor yetaaexecntai
leoipr oily auavaat'oa ol loiM oovie i one of
tboae poieia, the let leiiioat at wh oh ii go
nioaa-aiy to fro 'd ralatlonahip, 1 pn pore to
IniUeta with aleiica oagotiaiio' g tor n new
an! , al.r-1 A tiaatv ot cainmirca and navt-
gatiaa. Ia com pi anoa wl h a ro-o'utino nf
tna Benata, I oemutunioaieKi ut mi nour on
Aain-t l, la.t and alio ta the Ueuie af
KaaiaaaaiaUrea tha OirrapoB' aoe
aa Anisrtcea olt'ara thaa' Imprlioagii la
kiaxioa oliiriedwlh tba oomwiaai aa a
n ai fa .a la Texaa at wbiok a mexlcaa
eitiaen wai llieoWeot. Alter a demand bed
bona made liar hit releaio, lha cha geigaloat
bin waa amradad ao aa to inn udo a no a
tioa of Jaexloan I f w.tklo Mexican torrl
tiry. Tail ( I'arter ot a leged of
ten aa, oae wit in, aaa lue einet
ex eoier to Mnlca, Induced ma la
order a at-oa'ai invtatlgalii.a if thecaia,
Mad ia wtiioh Mr. Cuiti- f waareliaaed.
The IncJdei t haa. koaeve-, dirol led aclilta
ol Jariialctl.io by aiex oo, botoI in our hi
tor, wkamb any offenaa. oommitled anr-
wkrre by a loiei.aer, i-snal in tha i laoe of
ita oamaila ion, and of whi h a kieiioaa ia
tha iibjeot, n.ay. it tna enenaer oe toooa to
frtexioo. I.e there Irld aid auniat'ed ia ona-
lormity witb Maxlnan lai. lhiijnri diO
Uoa waa inatainad bv the Court of aiexico
and apyrorbd b tha executive branch of
that government oian ilia authority of a
Maiioaa et..lu'. 'lha Oooit, in releaaim
Mr IJutting. decided that th abaud nmmt
af tbeo.itnp e..t by the Mexioao nitigen ag
grieved by i lie ailegea onme (a litetoua
Cuolicatleul, and alto deeUied Juatioeto
at a bona aatiuod by the enloroeuwnt of a
email part of the original aei tenoe. the ad-
lauded with aarii.ua reaulta I v .litre of
tna iurlaciotloa ai tola m vr ruruant and
high y dangaroaa to oar o t lena In foreign
laada. 'ihereloce, 1 h.ve denied It and pro
tailed agiinat Ita Mtewi tad eieiolae aa un
wariaalrd by Uia ariiio'plei at law and in
teraailoaal uaag. A loverolgn h.njuril
d lotion al ofenaea which take aflaot within
hit I arr lory, although oenoccted or oem
menoedoatol II, i lit the right ti denied of
aay 'orelarn love alga ta pujjl.h a oitiaen of
tba Uailed Stalei Ir aa offenae comuii ted
on ear ai, In violation ot our lawa, aven
thoagh Uia oflenaa i a againat a i abject or
ftltieea of auch aovareica. Tha Moxioan
ttata a In oaratioa make t'io o ai ra roadly
and biie pilnelpte, if oonoeded. wou'd errata
a dual reaa aibi.lty an tbeoitlien and lead
to iaexulcabla realution, deilraetiva af
af that eertainty la tka law which ia
aa aaientlal at liberty, VThei cliliena
ol Ibt UevUd Flataa volant irr ao Int i a for
a'f o eoantry, they muit abide by the iawg
thara la teroeoruiey w ti note pioiect-atiy
thaur awa m i -anient Iron iheo enuencei
of aa offoaaa againat tboaa lawi ronimittad
ia gat, fereigu oaantry, hut watchful rare
aad iota a t of thia aorer. ment over ita oiti-
gam ara not relinquished bocauaa Ikey kare
none a road ana ti enargoa with onma oou.
atltted la t' a loroiga lai.d,
with decant retard fnrut oe and humaaity
will be daaaaaed for them. Vt ilh leal than
that tk la govern nent will not ba content
wnea late liberty al Ita e me a ta at a tale,
whatever the degree to which ex'ra territorial
ariaalnal Ju l diaiioa may have been tortner
ly allowaa by oonaent and re p ool agrra
meal among oertaiu oi me Buropeao btutcg.
No luok a trine or practl a waa ever
known ta the lawa of tha ronutry or of
that Irora wbloh ur Ini I alien- h ive main y
boon derived. In 'be caae of Wexioo. there
aie reaon aaporia ly at ong lor perf. ct har
aianf In lha u atual erercieol Junnliollon
NK1U 11110 US.
and wldora and Hndf. eling ahnnld make
aa frleada. The ra low of capital and dn-
Jrrl a from tba Uoitei Htaiei ia a patent
aotor In aiaiatin tha davelopmatit of tha
raaotircfg 01 IMex'OOana to but ding up the
xroeaeritv of both oouauriaa Tn aa.iht ihia
good word all g ouada of appr, heneton f r
ineaa U'ii ol n-noo ana prope ty mould
av riamrui i,u 111 aa laii 10 ana 11 lrai OI
good aabxhhorhood the natove refamd to
will be ao modified aa to eliminate tha prae
ant p laalbll'tiea ol danger to tha peace ol lha
awa coaatriea.
hag aghlhlted eeaoora la relation
to oertala f. alarea of oar tariff lawg,
which ar aunp ad by them ta ba aimed at
a olaaa ot t.baoce araduc d in the Dutch
Kaetladioi. Oumment weald eeam noiae
eeaary aaen tS anwiadea of leanlatloa ap
pearing ta have a (pacta! actional diacriml
aaUaa for 1 1 abjeo;, allHeagh aoiatontional,
raayglTeriiatoli Jari. aa rela ioa Tbeee
Uhliahment leaa than f ar yeare aaa of a la
aatiaa atTebema li bearing fruit la the ia
r ".,ikit,1,hr "h g government
la the tndaetrial activity of the Colled
Hiatal and th ovpertunitiaa of banetoi.l ia
larraianc. blah la govaraiaiat Ii aew happily
by the election et ace .giitatloaal Praaldent
a pari idol rahabll'Utiaa Iieetered upon, but
r ave'f ta leceaaarliy giow Irooitheai
haaa'iea eauted by th lata war aod elnl
by arbit it en rli ai af our cltlici bag
been prou iaed and I" under con ioe atlon
Theoieliffio,rwhn bore toriberlathe
le-tliBonla a teat. wd bv I'augraai lu raooa
B.Uoa Of thi aid given to the aaova
hag aucceaafully aacomtliahed hit minion,
till Intonating report will b lubuiittod.
at. ...!T IS 'I.KtRtNT TO KNIW
Ihil Ih a n ark nl app eclation Iia- been wel
0 mid bv the buiaian tin arnme' t ai d i'o
l aa btflla Ibu Irudllional Ir ...,.H.k.n l il,.
vivil perturb mcra
dtir njr t' paal f, w vr b a inure of
Cuusioerble eiubarriniuin to u. ture
Memphis daily a rrEAL Tuesday,
gnvraotent", tlenuai y, llroat Rritiin and
tbe U'lt'ed t4'ea, whoae relations and ax'ra
territ inal r'th'i in t .al imp rant group
are guaranteed by reaiira. The weakneg
f the tiative admini ir. ion aridlheeon
flirt of op o it g Intercat- in t ie falaudi
bave l.-d K ng i i.Te im toaiek al iirra or
IT-te tion in aoiue oi e qu - rt. r, ter -rd fl
O' the d itiuct enag iraiiiti, wheret.y no i-na
of'b tneeo trratv . I'wer- nn- acq nre any
pcruir.neni or e i-i-.eive micro t. lu iay
i&a , .taiietoa i.fiered o t laoa
1 lit. UNI KJ olAlbS
and the Tela C nul, i',;out authirlty,
reo'i'ed t'i arunt It. Tae priced ng w-n
pr -n.p v ili-coiered ard the oversea oua
offio al rccaMel. Special ag nfi ol t'.e three
govrn meiiig have b.ion de. uta I to ex iwine
ih-aitustii.n in ti e ialand - and i b o ange
thexop etAi.tHtion of nl ttie power' a d a
b rujiii.i"ua undrrataiiding brttaoen tbeui,
the .act pr, aperi'y, au'onnmi ua adtnitiia
trat o i and na . train if Sjdjv cun hardly
I .il to ha aecured.
did not extend to the flag f tbia United
btut e in the Aa llleetf.e fu I meaanra of
reciprocity requint aader ourgtatuto for
tna continuance of tha euapenaion of dia
crln (out ong a.ainat tha "pini-h flag in our
porta, i waa con t ail ed ia Ocobtr laat tora
gc'tid my pre eoaa or'a proolan atien of
rebru ry 14. 18M p-rmltt ng auch inapen
rien. An arrangement wai however, apeed
ily reached and upon ni.tn c.ti n 'rom the
government of bpam that al dtfTarartiai
traatment i f our veaaeli and their cargaca
from the United etatei or fr"m any foreign
eoantry had biea o mpletoly and ahio
lutaly rclir qu ibed, I availed m aelf of tha
dianre'ion oonferred by law, and iiaurd on
tbe 27ih of October my pr c amotion deo'ar
iog raciprooal anipiaaioo in tie United
btataa. It ia mon gra'ifrlngl i bear e-tl-tu
ny to the earnett apiril in which the gov
ernment ol the Queen r. gent hue met our of
for i to avert the luitati' H ot cotnreroial
diiori'iiin tinna and repr aala. which aa
ever dianitrom to thi material tuterert and
the Political good will ot the curitritg
they may affect. Ibe profitabledevelopmcut
of the L rge oowmero al rxoheugea
ii naturally an objoct ofaolio tudo Lying
coe at our d o a and finding hare their
main uiuikot ol iu nly ami d uiud, the
w.il'a'eei 4'uba and Po'to Rico, their pro-
dnction and Inula, are ecrcaly leaa .inoort-
ant to ui loan tnbpatni their cimuieroi!
and fi' anoial u.ovemei tl are ao nn u ul y a
part of our ayateiu that no obita 'le t fuller
and freer intero una abon d uurroitted to
exiat. Tbait andii g in-truotio of our rep- I
re-encaiivea at .naitiu ana iiavar.a nave tor
yea a been to lo ve no elturt nni iaayeJ to
fuittier U one endi. ed at no t ine bat the
equal good deuro of Spain been more hope-
luhy m annealed than now, Ilo g vern
tnent of Spain v removing tie oonanlar ton
naaa fena on caraoe ibioied to tha Aolil-
lea, and by rcduoing pa lion feel
of then-edi of lei trammeled In arconne.
Ao oflort bai '-aeii made during 'he na-t
r'ear to reu ove the hindranoia t i tha pr c
aaia ion ot th treatv ol patu'aliittmn with
tba bubllma Porte, ligned in 1171. which baa
remainad in operation owing to a d lagro
tnentof 'nierpretation ot tha clause rl tire
to tba efferti ot the return to and aojuurn of
a aa untitled oitigia in the land ot origin.
1 tru't non to be ab'a to anneunoe a tavor-
abla lenlcntat of the difftiranoel aa to thig
Il tcp etat ou
It hai been highly latUfaotory to net th
AtllaB in tUtth-M,
aa hi! been attO'ted by their ackeowledga-
mentg to eur lata Minuter to that govern
ment if hia auuoeeilul eiort.oaa in thtir be
knlt. The exchange of ratlllcatloa of the con-
Teutioa ot December t, IHSi,
fortkereopeningoTtheawardi et th Ca'io
cag I'liamli'i' n, under tbaolaimiof theoon
veotiou ol im
awing to the de'av of tha Rxtoutive of that
Kapublio in ratifying lha ma.i'ire. I truat
tha' thia portoouameut will ba href, but
ihould It mach longer continue, th delay
may wen aa recaraeii a a retoiaitun or tha
ou pact and
to comnlete an arrangement ro rteratatent'v
aonght by her for many yean and aaganted
t by thig government ia a ant Itollnuma-
tienal fmrnen, a.tuaugh t the detriment of
hoiera ot bona Ode award! ol lha liunuaoed
of my laat annaal m'iao, that exii'ing
la Illation rouoerninr eittaanahloand natu-
rai'iatlon ba revia d. Wa have treat. el
with manyntatea i rortdlng for th renun
niation of cltiinnabip by nainiattxed alien,
hnt na atalute il found to give rff et to auch
rrrangeutei ta. J' or any, which provide! a
Parana central nureau lor me regt t a' ion or
laturaliaod cit laoi. 'Experience aavg it
that oar itaiutei mulct ng ex'rad tion
might b advantageoua y nmiud-d by
a pr. vnion for the Iran t aorci ur tirri
t'ry,now acoare. lent thntoughl reof 'ravel
from one foreign country to i nothe-, of fugi
tive! aar'endered br a fo elgn government
to a thiid Mate, fooh prov a oni are not
nt uaua ia the logii'a lonnt vtherc mntriei,
and lend tn prevent tha mi earrving of
jui lce. It i ala ' deairabi in ord'-r to re
move tne rreaent unoartaint'ei. tbal au-
thorit' ihould be oonferred on the So iretary
ot Hut tj itiue a certifioata in ca-o of an
to the officer be'ore whom ti e pr. ce ilinga
il poi d ng. ah. '"lug that an qu'aiti m fir t ia
peirnn charged h bten i u y made ruoh
a cartifiiaie, it required to be received be 'ore
the pni. ner'a ex in n tion, would prevent
a longat d exprnt re jiidiot il inquir, into
a cbar.e. whioh the fur Ign governnent
might not deaire to preai, I alao recommend
that expreia proviatuu be mad lor th iui
of far ona c mojifed for extradition where
Ibe l'reaiilflnt le or on n ion lh.it lurremlar
ahould not be made. Tha drllt of irntimant
In elvi iied ootninun't'e. toward lull recog
nition ot the riabtn of iiroperty I the orea
tloni of the human InUileo' hat brought
about the adoption by m ry import 'nt na
tion! of an International d pyi ight Conven
tion, which wai aignadat Berne oa tbe ifiih
ol September, 18o.
Inaamuoh ai tha coniiltuiloo giru to Con-
and uaefal arta by aecu'lng for limited limag
to luthon and Inventora the cxoiuiive right
to ineir raaoecuve writing! ana atrcurenei,
thli government did not fel warrantd In
becoming a ilanalnry pending theaotiouof
Con area! upon meaanrea of internatlon I
copyright bow b ore it, but the righ' of id
heefon to the Bern conve t on herealter
haa been regerved. I truat tba luhjeet will
receive at your hand th attention it de
aervea, and thtt tha ft I olaimaof authors
o urgently prened will be duly heeded.
neproeentaiioi.e conitnn to o mad to
me of the Injurieu! effect upon'
A B lid A II
and hating free acoaia to tha a-t eollecttoni
of foreign' count I of mar tainlng a di
criminating dty ig.lnat the introduct on of
tae work! ol ineir orotner artii a of oirer
coontrioi, and I am induced to repeat my
recommendation for the abolition of that
I'nr.naatto k Provision or tha diplomatic
andconaular anuroo'la'ion ant. aunrnva.t in
July I. IKtt, the eitnnatea lubmitlod by th
heoretary of State lor
have neen raca't on the bis of ular'ei for
all Seen t' whom auch allowance ii deemed
adviaabla. Advantage has bean tkn of this
to rediitrbue ibe aal riei of th otnorn
Bcw appropriated or in aero dance "lib tha
work perlormed the Impmtanoi of the n p
reientitiv dut of ihe incumbei t and th
coat of I vlng at each poll. The laato. naid
eratlon haa ba a niton loat light ot in tha al
lowance! heretofore made.
for tea decant ma Dta nance o' a worthy and
capable officer in a not ition of oi eroui and
reoraaantattva trmt at a doii readi aanai.
I ble. aad where tha neoeeaar aa of Ufa ara
abundant and cneap, may prove an Inade
quate pittance In dinant laada, where
Ii ooniumed In reaohleg tba poat of doty,
and where the eomlorie ot ordinary civ 'tied
axiitenca oaa only ba obtained with difficul
ty aod at exorbitant coat. I t-uatteatta
onaidering the labm tied ichedulei ao mig
t then theory of ecoaom will perpetuitea
aystem whioh In the peat he virtaallyoloeed
to deaervlng talent many ifficei where ca-
Eae ty and attainment! of a hiah ardrr war
ndiapanaabie, and ia Bet a few Instances
laa brnnght dircredit on our national char
acter, and ar tailed embarrassment andevea
gufferli.goa thole depot, d to apho'd our dig
BUv aad intarwu abroid. Ia eonneotton
with thia gubject I .earnestly re. Urate 'he
Practice aeoeaalty of npp ying am mode
of t astworthy inepsettoa and report
of the manner In which the Co' solauss ar
conducted. In theab'oac of auch relkble
Inlormatian, afiielenoy can icaimly ba -ward'
d or ita oppo.lte oorrectrd. lnc-alng
mpetitioB in trade hag directed atteniion
to th
printed by iba I'epartmei t of ' t 'te. end the
efloru of the governme it to ext nd ihe prac
tica' naetulnca. ol heae re one have created
a wider n' inorandutn o them 'rom a apir't
ofetuulion abroad C..isti:utii g a recoid
ot the change" recurring in ird n i ol iba
rrte and inveutton in loreigu rounlrlea
theyaenuch sought for br all Interested
in i ne subjoot which they auubri oe.
exhibit. In detail Ihe eond lion of V- t ub'1
fluauoiaudvi Ih luveiaj brauchas vf the
govern mert relat d to lie dcpnrt moot. I
eaiaciallr direct the ittemion of Co.'cre l to
the r.-ouinien.ati .ni cont'itr el in thia and
the lai-l preceding r 'port of the ceoretaiy
tojchirg tie liiiip'iflc.tion and an enu
lu'T.t ot 'he laws re .t ng to tb co'lec ion of
oor evrnu'-, an . in Ih i'.t ert of economy
and fu-tic to t .e g .vornmciit. I hoi e 'bey
" ey t e a lopicd bv ai pr. priate Ii gi-lali.in.
1 he o-din .ry receipts if tbe g ver mem fr
tbo r.-"a voir er.did June 'Ml, iR-tf, were
liW 4;0 727 06 Of Ih i a lount Jl'.U lai 0.'3 41
wis ia a vel from cu L uis, hi d 11 .8 i.
9.1i 48 from iriteroal re ' iiuo, wthiho oiul
itci p a. as bora laid aien "i'l."M 1,8
grectur than lor the p:cvioua jao, but. the
incroaHe from custom! wag $11. :!I,(HI Id,
and from iou-rnal ren:i.ne Hi T ID Vi,
making a g in io tae iteini 'or Ibe last
)e.ro: 1) 811 2 'o 01, a lulling oil' in other
re'ouicel le.luciav tie to'nl incieose ib tha
nailer aibuuct menti ne I. Ihe expenie at
th diffjrentciateui houai;inl o i Ire ma-lbii
increased cuitoois r. v.nun w .a lo-i ib is ti.e
expeuae at'en ling tbecjiiection of inch rev
enue for toe prece ting Jew by $10,003 ard
be ino eased reeeiit ol internal revenue
wi ro collected at a cot to the Internal Rev
enue Bureau o' tl' 5 9 Itas than tbe ex
po nit of such e.il'eo I li for th previoua
year. Ihe t tal ordinary expenses of the gov
ernment lor the fiscal ysatr ended June 30,
18i. were Mi 481,138 60 bei-gleas by f 17.
78 79 than such expenditures lorthertar
preoesing. m d leav ng a aurplui in ti e
f re.'Sory at lha o!o-e of ti a last ficoa' yetr or
.i,i,,n' 66, a agai. st Itii 46.1, 71 27 at tha
oiose "I to- pr vlo i year, r ring an inceaae
ineucninrptnioi ao 4 al7 ) tneexpen
oituraasreouipared wita iho'eot the pro
cedilla fiaeal reap ara nlaaKilted aa fol
l.wa: For civil expense! f .r th year
ending Jane HO 18k), Kl ftUAM 04; year
ending Jun , 3 b26 942 11 .
lor foreign intercourse, t A23'i,0m, sgaimt
i43.HO0UH; tor ludiana, gVI.IWil 158, eg. nat
ri,oo. .v-no; ror tensions, sv, ui.tyit taf,
acainet I,H,3 267 lit; lor tbe military, in
cluding nvar an t harbor imp or m nt an 1
atsonals Hi. at.l'a 47, against JI2,tl70,678 47 1
f ;r tbe nevy. iuo uOi:g lessela, muchir,ery
an'l iinprovemcnia oi nit"y yard, $ W.UU7 ,
8a7 74, etain-t I 6 021 07ari9: for inteceit rn
HU I 0 li. bl. t 0.5 11.14 7. aiainat M .'18A..
-OH 47 1 fir ihe li'atr ot '" Holutnbia, 8J,8li,
3a 8J, ag.inat H.44V.C60 95 : iiiircelianeou
rxpi'tidiiures, iuo udn g publio buildings,
liththi'Uaes an e l ee ing tne level, ue, 817,
8i,ti8l 01, aga ng' 164,72V 1 ; for tba cur
rent year tn end June ,W 18-7, tbe aicer
tHined recoil. is op te October 1, 1R4I, ith
auch receipts eitim led lor the letuai der of
t'io yoar, a . ouot toll liuii.iajij, thooxpeod
iturei B.certa oed aid ra iiuatod lor the
lame pari d are ( 6 IWMXX), indicating an
nmiciiiitod u pus t tha ciuse ot
the ya al fc),UO0 0 0. The total
value of theerp.ot- triuu the United States
to foreign o. untriea during tbe fis year il
Haled and compared with th prcced ng yo.tr
ai tollowi:
Yearen-llng Yearending
Jnne:ni l Bti Jut.e3d, lai.
Doraostlo redf... tti-.". (Iii4.'.29 7ai,i82,i48
For'igu mdie I't.Nvi.S i .505 na
Hold 42 52.1l 8.477,891
Silver 29 ill 219 3.1,7.033
daring f-e Int fl-cal ye ir. ai comparod with
the value oi the same for the yo'irimtne
dlatoly preceding ia h ra given and fur
nishes intormatiun Hoth inrerestlngai.d sua
geitir: Year endin Year eud ng
JunrJtl. l-8il .Iune3'i l'8i
Cot'an Aco'.mnrg 2l9.c4i 678 I2H.799 40
Tobacco A to. mnfg-.... .10 44. 908 24 7i7,3 5
Bread-tulta 2i 84't fioS lrsl 370 C2I
Prosiiiona vo,6.l,2.6 U7.33J,466
Our itniorta during the la tfiaoil yearai
compared with ibe prer n.is year were aa
follows; h,H KVi.
Merchaodii 6.T5 4:td,13d fB79 f.80 ITS
Oold i74,H49 2H.69169ti
fcilver . 17,8iO,3 7 lt.5u,tk7
In my Inst annual meu.igetn theCnngreis
a'len'lon wil'lireou d t the la 'i tbaiathe
revenuee of tbe arorernnient exceeded ill
actu l needs and It a suggested that leg
Irlatlve action should ba taken to reliere tbe
people from the
tha made apparent. In view or'the pre irg
importance ot the enhje t, I deem it uiy duty
to again urge its ronaiueruti n. The income
of 1 e govcome t bi'i inoreaaed ro'ume.
ar.d thr ugh eoonom as in its collection, ig
now mora ihag or in exneaa of pi. b io ne
cessities. Tne applicntinn of the inrp us to
tne payment ol Suoi port on of the publ o
debt aa ia now at nnr option subjeot to ex
tinguishment, it onatinued at th rate which
has lately prevailed, wou'd retire thatciasa
of inuentedneas with n leaa than on year
from tbia date. Thog ao, ntinuation ol our
pr, sent revenue gyatem would so.n remit in
tbe recelptof
to meet r.vrgmentxiensei w th no In
debtedneaa up-n wbioh it could be applied,
and we thoul i then be cor fronted with a vart
quaniity ot tnouay, tbe circulating medium
ol tbe pai p ,be'dd in thel reaaury wbeno
ltmigutae arawn into wot tu publi"ex
travaga' 0
gat o wiih all tba corrupting national
raltnallon whin I fnllowa in ita ira-'n
Tint it ia not tha aimi,! ..i.l.n.. Ar ,1.1-
snrplug and tn threawuel atteudant evils
which furnish t itr, ngeii
nf Fedaral taxation. Its worst pha-e is th
exaction of I'.o a sa'p'ua through a reiver
ion of the rela ions between tbe l a ploand
their government, and a dangerous depart
ure trout the ruleg which limit the right of
be 'oral taxation, go d sovernment and
ep 0 ally the goi'eriinient which every
Amerloan citiien boaata kts f r it objects
tha ir fiction of every ner-on with n its
mrein the great it liberty consistent with
the good i r-er of S"ci tr, and his per
iod atourit in the anjoymont t la
eurning , with Ihe l-a-t p s ible nimtnution
tor t ub ic need'. V hen more of the people'!
luateiiance il tin to t through tne lortn of
taxation than is neoe eary to meet ths just
i. b ig itions of the government and'heel
pena af ita aconoinici a.linio atratl .n,
such cxaotioa becoima ruthless extortion
and a vi lation of tLa fundimental princi
ple! ol a f oi government. Ihe inxlircot
manner in which theae exactions are made
hag a tendency tn corioeal tbeir tru ohaaao
tar and the r ixte'it, but wa hare arrived at
which haa arousod tha peon's to a ra ligation
of the fa ttba th-amount raise! professedly
for ka suuport i f tha government is paid by
them as abso utely i' added to th price ol
the things which supply thsir daily wants ai
it it wai paid at fltea i er cent, i to the beodi
of the tax .atti, r r. 1 bore ho toil tor daily
wagea ara beginning to u derstand that capi
tal, though sometime! vaunting in import
ance and clamenng for the pro'ection nd
lav-rot tbe goven ment, ia dull a d i'u-
r 'ah till, touched by tha raajioian hand of
abor. It rpringt into Bi tiv ty, lurniibiag an
oeoaeloa of Federal taxatiun and giving Ihe
Tain which enailes it to bear ita burden, and
I thoughtfully inquiring wheth-r in thai
eiroum tan s, and cooaidsrin tr tr buta
he ronat ntly pays Into the publio treasury
ai he loppliea h'i daily van's, ba receivea
hie fair ihara of sdv mtages. There ii alio a
luiniolnn abrnid that 'bo aurplnsof our rev
enue Indicates hnc"Tial end exceptional
bu'ineis protla, which, under tbe intern
which produce iuoh surplus inor,- with
out corresponding benefit to tue people at
laige. the vast acou'iiulaiinna ot a few
among our oitisets. ilva lng th wealth of
the moat favced (a Bnti-demoorati na
tions, are not the natural arowth ot a
ateaily, plain an'l industriom Repu' lic Onr
farmers too, ai,d thoaa angaged direotlyand
lndireotly in g p lying ho i roiiuctl of arp
culiur, lee that day by day and al often al
the daily waiiti ol their hum h. l ie recur,
and need taxation whl'e their P'od 'Ota
gtruggle in foreign mar' eta with tha rompa
til iu of natioi a wh ch by al owing a trrer
exchange ot production than we permit,
enable their peopie to aell f ir prioea which
d strrss the American farmer, Al every
Iiatriotic oitiarn rejoice in the conatsntly
ucreaaing pride ot our P'opla in Auieiican
cit lanik p and in the g ory of our national
achievement! aud progress, a sentiment pre
vails thtt the lead ng air t gi useful to a na
tion In its inlancy may Well to a great ex
tent be discarded ia tba present stage of
Amariian ioaenu'ty, oour.ge and fearless
sell-reliance. And for the priulese "I in
dulgiig ihia sa tiinent with true Amerlo.n
rail, ualasui our c t sens B'e quit willing tn
fore ' aa die surplus ia the ireaaury; and
all the people know that the arera.e rata of
F deral taxation anon in'pnri Ii today a
line of peace, but little less, chile
upon game art e'es af necetaary con
Sumption It is ee'uely. more than
was imposed by the trlevour burden, willing
ly borne et a time when tn government
needed m illions to ma'ntam by war tha safety
and Integrity of ti e United Steteg. It hag
been th policy of th g vrnmnt to collect
the prin Ipal part of It' revenues by a tax
upon Import, and nachangsln th policy
ia desirable! but th pieaeut condition of
affairs oomuaiai ear people to demand
that by
I aw. th receipt of onr government shall
e reduced to the necessary einen' of ts
conoo'ical idmlnia ration, and tbia demand
ahould bereoognigsd and oneyed by tna peo-
Ele's R'prasenta les In I t Legialativa
ranch of lha aovernmeat. In readjustir g
the bu'dsn o Videra taxation, a sound
nublio nohev reonlres that' neb of onr eiti
ns aa have built no larg and Imoor ant
Ind a tries under pr nto 'Boitlop eheuld
tot be suddenly, aod to their injury, de
prived of adv nt'get to which tney kav
adapted thsir bu iuaas, but II
It they should he 0 nlent with anch censider
a i n as l. all deal fairly end cauti ui'ywi h
their inteioila, w hue Ibe juat demand uf th
pcoil for .
la bonctly anworcd by a rataona I and
timelv aubiuiaa on Such a ile-nand ihnuld
mrtainly ba p, Sfible without di-aalrout
shock to any iotereat, and a ihorrliil en
crsalon sum' tl rs tr bru, i and hard
ies a tion o'ten 'houutgiowtii ot lmpat;enoe
Bud delaytd juaiic. 1'u regard should be
December 7, igs'
also accorded, in any proposed readjust
so fare they a-e inv Ire I. We eorgraln
late ouraolver th it there is among ua no la
bor ne ola-a fix d within unyielding bounds
and doomod uurJer all cond'i'or.s o the im x
prable fate of daily toil. He rc guile in
l .borachiel f.o or in the wealth of tbo Ke
pulilic, and w treat tbosewbo h ve it in
their ke i' g as c lis' s entil led 0 he mo.t
can, vl regard and th ug t ul attention.
'I bis re. ard aid aitontion alx.n d be awarded
theui not only lecaure lubor ia tha cap -til
of ou- woikiugin n juatly entitled
to its share of gorernuiont favor,
but for the further and not Las
Inn ort.it. t reason tuat the laboring man sur
rounded by h i 'auiily in I is bu i ble home
asacnnumcr is vitally iotoro-led in all
tbatclirap na tba coat ot living and enables
bioi to aring w thin his domoatice rclo i d
d, 'tonal comtorta .and sdvanug'g This re
luiouoi 'he work ngjian to the revenue
1 W. th faf'try and lha manner ia
which it palpably influenc
ahould not be forgotten in th Juat able
pronvnenro given to be proper main taim, nee
fthe auiiplya'd proiection of welt paid
labor, aod these onai ierattune an geatsu h
an arrangement i g vernment revenue, aa
shall ledu -e the r x.ens oi living, white it
'"i"" curiau in ounortuuit lor work
n r reduce t o compensation of American
labor and inju louny affict ita eondition
and tha dign be i nlac lu hold in th esti
mation of our laople.
and agricultari'ta, thoio who from the loil
p-od oe thi thingg consumed by ail, are
i arh-.pi more direo ly and plainly con
cerned than any other of our i i iaen in a
iuat aod careful i r-lxm ol federal t'Xalio i.
'ibo.e actually a-nga el in and more ie
aotely e nne ted with th i kind of work
Dumber re tny o .e-b.llof our ooiulationj
p ne- labor harder or ra .re continuously
than tbev. No n-.r!tm,nt l,m,la th-1-
hours of toil and no inierporii'on nf ilie
govern met t enhance to ai y gioatertent the
va ues of their pr ducts, and yet for many
of tbe ncorsaariea aud comforts of lilo.ahioh
t e most scrupulous eouuotnrena la 'bo n
to br ng ia o their botnes, and for thtir im
p emetit of husnan iry tb y ar
largely increased by an unnatural profit
whchby'bo notion of tb gov rnmant is
given to tha more f.vorcd uianufaaj ur. r. I
iccuinmoud tbut, k. eping in vi.w ail these
cunnderittions, iboino.oaa ng and unoeoe
raryau plus if national incoine annually
accumulating be released to h a i eople
LAW 6,
which shall cheapen he price of the necesst
t.es of lit- ami give Ire eutraLce to such
importeu materials aa by American Inbo
may be luai uf. cured into marke able com
mud ties. Nothing cm be acoomnii bed,
however, in the d reo'ion ol thia uiuob nued
ed relorm unties ibaubjeotis approaohrd in
a patriotic pirit ol dev tion to toe int reatg
of thi entire country, and with a willingness
to yield romeitnog lor the publ eguod.
dui log the fiscal year en -led June 31, 1888,
wa- Wi, '61,043 36. During the twelve months
ended oolober 81, 1886, 3 per cent. bond- were
col e l for ledoiiip ion a ount ng to $127,
2'3,i00, of whioh f 80.rl4i.2XX waa g i oal e.i to
an-werther quirementg ol the law relating
to th liukiig futd, and $lti ,9 9j0 f.,r ths
purpose of reducing tb publiodeot by app I
eatioo of a p t of tr 'Urp us in th Treas
ury 1 1 that ohjn t. Of th Son II thus called,
$102. 6 '.450 became eui.j ol under such Calls
toredoiui iii.npriortoNovau.be 1 1H88 Toe
re i Hiudvr.amuniing to S2S 013.650,,i,aMr.d
urdor theoalls alt r that date. In addition
to th- amount aubjoct t . pay ment and con
s deraiioDS pri. r to November lat. tbara
weraalao Paid before lhat date certain of
these bonds with the interest thereon,
amounting to to 072 300, which were anticipat
ed, aa to the nia uri y ol which $i rifVt.srM)
had not been called; thus $107,341 8i0 bad
been actually appl ed prior to toe let of No
vember, 1881. to th extinguiabment
of our bonded and interest bearing
debt, leaving on that 'day atili
outrtinding th sum nf $1,153,443,1,2.
Ol tb'S amount $3n.848 700 a ere etiil rrora-
sented by threa per oent b nds They,
however, bave been nooe Hvtmbeelit or
wi'l atoaoe b '. further reduo-d by$-1,Go6.-ISO.
being bondi which have been oalied. aa
ai eady tattd, but not reiiem-d andean
celed before the latter data During the
flfO-1 ear ended dure 3l, 888. there were
coned, under the eompu aury lilv.r coinage
act of 1878, 29 1 38 90S a Ivor d i lari, and the
coa of the a Irer aaed in -uoh coinage wa
.3,4l8.9t0 01. There bad ben ooined ap t)
toe oioie of lb pr-vioa. fl nl y ar, nudor
the proviiiot.a of the law, 203,88 nlver'
dollars, and on th' flrstoTayol Deoember,
1"86, the total amount of uoh coinage wa
$.147, 131.619. Toe Dirrotor of tb Mint re
port that at. th time of the passage , f the
law of 1878. d recti ug th coinage, the in
trinsic valua of the d Intra tbu e Ined was
9t!4 O'nts each, and that on he thiitr first
day of Jula, 1884, th prioe ol silver reaohed
the lowest stage ever known, ao tha' tha i -
trioaioor kuliioi price or our standard sil
ver dollar at that d , to was less than TJeecta-
Tb prioe of silver on tbe thirtieth d y of
iMivemo r lass was sncn as io male tne dol
lars int insiea ly worth 78 cent' o. oh. lh-s
differenoa io value the o iin represent
th fluct atioi s in tha orio ot silver, and
the - certainly d ' not iudioate that oorpul
so y coinage by the government en an. es
the price of that comra d ty if secures uni-lo-miiy
in la valu Er-rt lair and legal
effort ba been made by tbe 'treasury Do-
? tinen' t diittibu e thit o.irrency am' ng
ie people. The with rawal of the Unit, d
bt.tea Treasury nnteg of imall nenomina
tioni and lha isiuing of more silver Ccr id
eates h-ve been re orted to in th endeavor
to accomplish this rai u t in obedience to the
w.li and seut'menls of the rep-esen'aiivea uf
the people l" t e t'oi grers on the 17th daa of
November, 1J86. Ihe leo le bel l ol these
coins, or oar ifioaes repreien ing thoin, ha
nominal sum ot $106,873 oil. and we atil' had
70.4H4 345 in the ir asury, a aguiust about
$l4'2,aa 4 "55 in the hands ot tbe people and
$72,8V,376 remaining in tae Treasury o,
year ago. inedireotors or the Mint again
urged ibe neoelty of n ore vault room for
the purpoie of storing ths silver no ler
which at not needed lr circulation by th
renple. I have s en no reason to change tbe
view expressed In my last annual maasage
on the sunjeot ef the eompu' ry coinage,
Bod I again urge ita suspension on all toe
5 rounds contained in my lormer recommen
atlou. i einlorced by ngnifioant increase of
our so d exp ir B'iona during the laat year,
at appears by the comparative statement
herewith nresoi t-d, aid for the further
reaaona that the n ore thit currency
is distributed among th poop I
frrm disaster, that we now h abundance
f r all our no ds. and that tnere seem but
lift a uroDrietv in building vaulta to atore
uob currtnaiy when th only pretense t :r it
rolnege il tbe neevgaityof its ui by tb peo
ple aa a circulating medium.
Th treat number ot suit now Bending tn
the United Mates Court lor the southern Dls-
tnot or Aew lork, growing out ot the
at the norto' New Y'ork. and the number ot
uob suit that are almost daily infOtutsd,
are cert ,iniy wormy in' ai ten tion oi uon
gre a. Ti er lgal contr .versiea, b ised upon
conflict ng vi. ws b importers and th Col
lector to th interpretataOB uf our pr. sent
nnmiilg and indefinite revenue law, might
be largely obviated by an amendment of
those lawg. cut tending sucn amendment
the present ooi d t'oo of thia litigation should
ba relieved. There ar now pending about
Mar than 1100 have been commenced within
the past ight en months, nd many of ibe
other have been at issue for more than
twenty-live years. The- d ilayl aunjeot t '
government to lose of evdenoe. and prevent
the preparation a oeisary to dele t unjust
and flcti'inus ola'ms, while eonatan'ly ao
arums int. rest Ihreatane to double the de
mands Involved in tbe present o.mii'ion of
the dooke'g or the courts, weii n tea wita
private su ta, and of lha force allowed the
Distriot Atiorney no greater than is neoes
sary tor the oruioary and current business
ol hia ofhoa.
cannot be considered. Ia default of th
aaoption by tb Congreis of a plan for th
general reor.aniiat a ol th Federal
Conrta, a bai bean heretofore reoommen i
ed, I urge Ike propriety ol paei ngelaw
permitting the appointment ot an addit ooal
F. deral Ji dge ia the diatr ct where ther
Eovernment su ts have ao.umulatad, ae that
y continuous eesslun ol tb sourta devoted
to the trial of 'heie case they may be deter
mined. It I explained that a great saving
to the government would be accomplished
by such a rameuy, and the sailor who hav
honest claims woald not be dnld Juatio
through de'ay.
W Art
glvel a dete'led account ef th admlulitra
tion of his depar' ment and eonlaioa sundry
roomrredationi lor trie impri vementof tn
tarn whioh Ifullyapprnv The army coa
sistad at th dat of th laat cnaolldtd
return of 2103 Beers and 4,9W enlisbd
men. Theixpensei of the di artmetit for
the last flsoa -ear were $16,990 "3 ?8, in
cluding $6,94,3 6 43 or pub io work and
river ana harbor lmprovera. nts. I eape
oiBll direct he at'entiun of the Oongrer to
the rrcommennation iht fflcn b r quired
tosubmn t . an exsiainatl n a a prelun n
nsry to tbir promotion. Irnonbj cion,
but many adv u.tas. in ad ptmg thi (nat
ure, which h"i oiritd so suooeasfully in
onrNavy Denartdient, as well as ia mm
brao helnf .he army.
and fnrtiflca'lons hit! been fully and care
fu ly treaied by the Board on r'ortiflcalions,
wbos report wa subin t ed at the last
sersi m of Congre'; but no nonatruction
w. tk nf th kind ion mmended by t board
has been possible during tbe Isgi year I rom
the lack ol appropria l .n for such purpo.e
The de.'eoielta OundttioB. of our teacaj st
and Isks frontier ! parfeotly palpable. The
exuii'Ht:oT rur.de muatco' vine us all that
certi-in to oar c t ea named iu the report of
tbe board abna'd be f rt .fi d, ar.d that work
en ihe moat impo tant of the e fort ticnii s
fhon d be commenced a' on, a Tba ao k
has beeo lb rougblyo.'naiderod and iaid out.
the -t oreta.y of tv ar rororts, hut is delitved
In deffAu!tof t ongr's i'.nal action- The i,b
solut ntce'S ty. jud.ed by all stand irda i f
prudence i, nd tor iabt ot our prepa-ation
for an effect al real-tanca aatiin t tha ar-
m'rad sbn aa d atoel gune and mortars of
luodi iii oonairuc-'ou
Is so -pparentthn' I hop effective slap li
be taken in that dr - ol ion i in media tly Tun
VtiUH"lc and Fiigiettiv t euliiont . f this
question ny tha S orot.iry of vy nt is earnoitty
enmuended m t e cons'deration of the Con
gress. Jn piep'ember and Octobo'lngt
who, under the leader-hip of Qeronimo, had
for eighteen months be n on the warpath,
and du ing that tiu e had committed many
murders an t lean tha rausa o constant ter
rora io the latlera of 'rig na, surrendered
totlan Mil a, the military commander ho
ucceeded Gen. Crook in the managemant
and direct ou of their pursuit Under the
te ml ot their surrend-r. as then leported,
and in vie wot ti e unders'anding
seemed to tntertain of th uraneas givan
them it aa considered best to impriaon
tbem, in ench manner as to prevent the raver
eng- girg tn si cb outreges again. Instead ol
t'y'ni them f r murder, Fun Pickens hav
ing been eileeted aa a late pl 'oeof confine
ment all t e -du'l mal l were lent thttb r
and will be cl, sely guarded aa prisoners. In
the u e.in'imc th teaidu of th band, who
thoagh still re a aining noon tb rrvat on
we e 'evar.b d as unaale snd auspenKdof
lurnithi is id to th ,ae i n tbe warpath, bid
bean teinoved ti Koit Man, n. Tbe women
a d larger childien of ihe hoetiles were also
taken there, and arran, omenta bave been
made lor pu ting tbo ch ldren of proper ag
iu lud an eaboois.
eonta ni d tailed exhibit of the condition
of b s depaitment with luch astatem t ul
tb act en neoil d to improve tbe lumoaa
tbould eha'leng the earnest rttten'ioo of
ton.reea. Ihe pr sunt navy of 'he Unit d
S-titer, a-ida Iroui the snips now la course of
oonatruction, consist of;
Virat-Fourtern s ngle tur-rted monitor!,
none of ahicb are in couimi.i n m r t ibe
pretsnt time gerviooable. The iia teries of
thee ih ps are nbsol te, ai d thry ea.t only
he relied npo ai auxiliary sh'p in harbor
dbfc ie, and then fte such an expenditure
upon tbem at might not bo deemed justi
fiable. -i oond Five fourth rn'e regael f small
tonnage, cn.y on ot wbioh was deaigni d a
a war vessel, and a i ol which ar auxiliary
Third Twenty seven cruii ng Mpi, three
of tth ch are built of iron of small tonnage,
and twenty-four ol wood
Ofthce woodan ve se's it is estimated by
the Ch ef t'onatructor of inn Navy that only
three will be serviceable beyond a period of
ix jara. at abieh time it may be raid 'hat
nt th preaent naval fore rothing worthy
the name will remain. All the vessel! here
to ore authoriacd are un'ler contr et or in
curse f contru tmn ex ept tbe armored
ship, the torpedo and dynamite bo it' and
on o niser. As to ibe la-t of these tho bid
were in rx-eia of the 1 uiit fixed by Congresa.
1 ho pitduotinn in th United ttiao ar
mor and tun iteel a question which it
Items neossaury to set leat aoea'iyuny. It
th armored war vesta a ur to be completed
with tboaa uia'ori la of hom - m' ufeturna;
this haa beep 'heaubj ct oi investigit on by
two boaids and by two soe-ial committeea of
Conireal within the last three yeara,
In 1884, of the Board on Forttfliatio'.sm de in
January laat, an : ha re porn o the lelret
oommlttaeaof 'he two hi uses mane at the
tB"t session of tVn.rai., bate entirely ex
hausted tb subjtet so sr as pre'itninary in-,
vest'gaiion is involved, and in their no. im
mendations they are iubatsntiai y agreed.
In tbe eV'Bt tuat the pre-ent invitation of
the depsrtmeat frioidsti furnish soth of
t a material as is nov authorised shall lail
to md cednmcatio manuf c'U'ra to ,,nder
takethel rte oxpeo i tu required to pre
pare 'or thit new inanu aoture. and no other
etepa aie taken by t'onwresi at its coming
aeanon. t c-rce aryconieuip ate with die
satt . et on th nooessity e obtaining abroad
th armor and th gun ateel for the author
ise ships, it would seem desirah e th l the
wants of the army aud tht navy ia this re
g rd shou d e reasonab y o et, and that by
uniting ibeir contracts such induoeme .t
might be offered as would resu t in s.our.ng
the d imttttoation of these important in
VICE s'iow marked and gratifyiug Imnrcvamont
and its ttsnactions an i condition are
given in Ihe tenor ol the Postma-ter General
which will be laid be ore yon. The re motion
0 tue rate of tett r p stage in 1881 ren
der ng the post. I reivnuoi int eiuate to
gust io tne ejpendit'.re, and bu-inest de-pre'si-in
alto contr burng, rsu tad m an
exee s nf loss tor the tisoil year ended June
30, 1885, ol eisht and one-th rd millions of
d illar-1 an addi'ional obeok upon reoeipts by
d ub ing tie measure ot wet ht in rat ng
sealed o irrepn .tenoe and riiuiin'shtng one
hall the charge for neaapaper cariiag w-g
impo-ed by legialulion which tiok effeot
wit" tha be inni g of ihe piat fi cat year.
W hil th constant demand , four tori itirinl
derel poient and aroa'ng populat on lor the
xteuiion and incnoin o. ma I iao litioa
and machinery n o n t't'os ateady innual
advance in , utlats, and tbe oar, ful a t mate
01 a year ago upm the rat a ol expendi
ture then exiitii g cout mp ate I th una
void'ble au mental, n ot the dofi-imoy
In the laat flio'l year by nearly fi.OOO.OOit,
the anticipated revenue for the la-t year
tared of real.gaii n oy bou' $ 4,(101, but
p i pa- mniauresof economy have ao sat a
lac orily 1 mil i 'be growth of expen iiture
that the total dtfi nencyin foot fall beiow
that of 1885, and at this time the inor ase of
revenue is gaining in ratio over the in
ora.i of cust. demuastraiiog
ultimately to sustain th service- This is
tbe more pleai'ng b cans our people enloy
now both cheaper postage proportionably to
diitan e and a v sterai.d more eastly ser
v.oe than anv other noon tn gl be Re
trenchment has been effected in the e t of
luppiie; lorn expenditure uLwarrant'd
by law have ceased, aad tn outlay for mail
carri ga has been subjected to beneficial
scrutiny. At the close. . the la fl-o l year
the expensi of transportation on star rouU
tt'od atan annaal r leof colt Ie by over
$i60,000 I haa at t close of the previoua
year, and steamb at and mail manaer
service at neatly $20u,OOO leas Theiervlco
ha been 'n tb meantime enlarge and ex
ten ed by the eatabl ahment ot new
offices. increase of ronlaa of
carriage, ex anrion of carrier
delivery conveniences and additions to th
railway ma I iao liter in aocordanoa wi.h
the growing exigencies of the cuoiry and
th Ion. e.tabli had poll y of the aovern
meat. The Poatmaster General e ills atlen
t on to the existing law tor e impenstng
railroad", and espn.s e! the opinion that a
mrtuod maybe detjaid which will prove
mere juat to t carriers and benofiolal to
the government, and tha subject apueari
worthy ol your consideration.
during tha year w th certain of the ocean
team hp compauias, have terminated by
tbe aoquieaeenne of all in the policy ol the
government, approved by l ongresa, in the
postal appropr aii .n at its last se-aion, and
tbe departiaent now enjoys tbe utm st ser
vice afforded by all re-sels whioh (ail from
our- porta upon oi'her oo an a service
fener.lly d quste to th need of our
nlerourse. Pe itiona have, however, hem
preaemed to the di partiient by numerous
merohantl aud manufaoturer for th estab
lishment ot a direct ae.vi.ie to the Argen
tine (republic and for semi monthly dis
pe ches io the Eint ire ot Brngil and the sub
ject ii commended to your ooniidnrat on. It
is an obvious dat ti provide the mea I of
postal communication wbioh commerce re
quires and with pru ient forcat ol r aults
tb wise ex'enaioa of it may I ad to stiuiu
lati g intercourse nd beoomethe harbinger
of a profitable tr ffio wh oh will open new
avenuei mr th disonaiti. a of th i rodu tl
of our industry. Tba circumitanoea ot tbe
eou .trieiat the far iou h ot our continent
are uoh aa to ii.vite our entarpriae and
afford tha promise of aufti.ient advantage
to ju tlfy aa unusual effort to bring about
tb oloser relations which greater freedom
of commnnition weuldiend 'o re-establish. I
suggest lhat aa distinguished fiom a grant or
sunsidy lor th matntenano of any line ef
trad or traveL whatever outlay may oe re
quired to
ICE Becessary and net otherwlro attalnab'
gbnuld t e regarded ai within the limit ol
legitimate caimpeaiatinn for an h aorv e.
1 he xtnB'on of the Ire delivers irvio as
ugg a ted by tk Poatmaater General has
heretofore received my saaotion. and it ii te
be hoped a suitable enactment may rooa be
agreed upon. 1 hen que-1 of an approprla
ti a ffioient to enable the general iip
tioa of fourth clais i ffioa he my approba
tion. Irene my approval ot th raonm
mendat on nf ti I'ostinaster General that
another a'Siattnt be provided for ihe Pos -cBoe
uepartmant. ai d I invite your atten
tion to the tevaral other r-o jtE'Jsaodaiioni
in hii report
OK .lUoTlCh,
for tabst flacal year n futy explained In
the rep rt of the Attnrni y General, and in
vite the earnest et'entu n of th ' ongre-s to
the same and due onus d r it on ol the
r eouituenda on' ther.on o. 1 1 tined. Io the
reno t tubmittcd ty thia oflioer 1 1 th last
ei ssion of thu Oolgreath strougly recom
for the eonfinementof perannsoonvicted and
MDWr.Otd.ta. th United Slaut Curti, and
he repeats thtf recommenJavion ta his report
fertile list tear, 'ih 1 is a ui -trier t very
S'eat importance and s -nul l at e-i e reiv
Cngre-sional act'oo. Uo tetl Mntua prison
era nre now coullned in u.ir tn-a tiiity
d fTeteot Mate pri-ona and p niteatiariiai
scattered i-i ee y part of tb country IBey
arc aubj"cted to neariv es m'.ny different
iiiii.l .g ot t ea ment and de or pt on aud are
'far too much remove.) Ir m tim cun'rol and
regu'a'ion of tbo goternino t S'turasthey
are entit ed to Humane troikineiit and ippor
tun tv f r iuii oven nt nnil refirmation.
tbo iiover mnit is re'ioine b!e 'o them and
soc'itr thit thee thn.r ae forthcoming.
This duty can scarce y bediroharfed without
more a'.solu e. eon.rol and d s ret en 'haa
is i 'Saible uudae tr prcent a. stem. .Ilany
of our sroo oil gins ha' iniro led them
fclve. w ih tba tn atbaortciil reanlta. Ia
the qito-tt .n of priaon ret'oruj, the gen
eral government should b in atitauetun,
since the e ust be United rititl prisoutra,
to furn'S'i imliortnnl a d in tnis ujovament
ends outd be able to illuatrate what may
be practically done in the direct on ot thi
relorm a dt' present an exaiopla in tha
treat ueti. and 'u pruvement of its prisoner
wonby of iuiitat on. VI i h prirens under it
own control th government eoald deal with
the sou ewhat vexed quesiioa of cenviet la
bor, go lar as it convict were eoaceraed,
according to a pi-n of it' asi adoption aad
wit" dae regard to the rightg aud ineeresaa of
our lab o ing citisens, instead ol seioetimeg
aiding in the operat on of a aystem which
cause ain"Dg them ir itatioa sod discon
tent Upon coo'ideration of ta g subject
it might be thought wise to erect more than
one i f tbcoe inctitut'ori, located la auch
place aa wou'd beat aunervo the purpoaesof
convenlem e and ecooomyin tsan-portattoa.
aaat present in St . to Ir.atitutiont weald be
saved bv the adoption of tbe plan proposed
by etoplo.'ing them in th niaonfueture ef
inch article were nreded by tbe govern
ment. Quite a large necu iar binetlt would
be realignai in partial return tor eur outlay.
1 aaam urge ,
to meet the wants of the t eo- Ie, and obviate
the dcUys nec s arily attending the preaent
Conditioa of aff iraineuuru. All a e agreed
that something 'hould te made, aad in uoh
favor is shown by th se well able tesdviae
to the pln sungeat.d by the Attorney Gen
eral at he la t sea-inn of tbe Ciagreoa, and
recommeoded in my laat masnge Ihis reo-ouiuie'-dation
is here mnesred tns;etherw,th
am tner uiadeat ti e iama t mo t. aching a
change in tbe mtnoer of y penatn,g llis
tri t Attorneys a: d Msralials, a d t elatk-r
mtj ct commei ded t the t.oagress for it
so loo in the int. rcg, nf coonnuiv t a the gov
ernuaei t, and human, ty, fairness and juatio
to our people.
presents a comprehensive summary of the
wor c' t'io i an ua branohe of Hie public
tervioe connectad with hi department end
the su ge-tions and reooinnieiid ttioa' whioh
it o nta,ins t"r the iup ovement of the ser
vice should receive - our rare al considera
tion. Tue oxa bit made of lha
TION and tha prr.gresi of th work fr their en
lightenment, i.otwi h'land Bg tb many em
barrassment wh ch hinder Hid batter ad
miniairation et t ia in orient branch of the
service, ia a gratilying . n t bet nl oae. The
funds appiop lated lor ihe lad an service
lor tha fiacal year just pa eed, with the
availab ti income trm Indian land and
truat moneys, amounting in all to $785,077,
612, wore amp e lor tbe service under the
condit'oni a d reatricuena oi lawi regulate
ing ibeir expenditure. There remained a
balance orl band nr June $0, 18 , of $166,-
002 3IU, of whi' h $133 ',16 Hil are permanent
funds for fult.l uieut ef treatie and
other like pu'p ies, and the remain
dtr. $32,225,5,9, ie aotject to b carried
to the surplus tnnd as nqu re i by law. Tk
atimates present- a io- appropri tions far
the t lainrti ct year ameantto S.B08,873 AO,
or$442.388 20 i si loan t ,o laid before the
Controls litat year. Tna preaeut ytem ef
aganci 'S, whila abo ute y aeeeuary and
we ad pled tor ha management ef our In
dian affairs and for the ends ia view when it
was adopted, i" io the preaent (tag of In
dian management in lequal, standing
alone, tort aoromoiiabuient of aa object
which haa become p eaaing in it inixairtanee,
the more rapid transition from tribal organ
Union to oitia n hip o sack oitin of the
Indiana a ar caoabl ef eivi iaed life.
When the exuttng system aaaad pted tba
Indian r.te wasoutaid oftn limits of or
taniaed H'ates and Territer ea aad beyond
the immed ate reaoti aad aooratiea et oivil
itatioo, and all tfforta ware m inly directed
te tha niainteuam o, Ir-enaiy r lation
ana the preserver on ni peaet and quiet oa
the frontier. Al thi is new cfctnged.
Ibare 'a nosuoh ihingaa 'he Indian frontier.
Civilisation, wth th busy hum of industry
and too influenei 0' ( hriatiauity, sarround
ths p ip.e at every point. teneef the
tiibel are outiideoi th bound of oraraaieed
govern meet ao so ety -icepi that Che Ter
ritorial e ateio h s not hen extended over
thtt portion of th country ktiewa as Ik In
dian forritory. A a race the
hnt mav be een-idered as sohmlisive to
t"e control ol the government, a a fw of
them only are troub esome i io ft tbe frag
ment of several bancs, si 1 1 are now gathered
upon tbe re ervation. Iti c Aanger poni
bl lor them
and the apnntnntoua produetien nf the earth,
W th sn abundi n.e of fad, if famished
wi'h the mi ana and impLaiea for profit
able husban Ty. their life o eatlre depend
ence upon government vnti as from day te
day i no longer ' ef n ibla ihir law 1 na
tion, Ion. fosior.d by a defeetiv lystemof
control, is to olmg loth ha ita and custom
o'the r ana. store and trugg with l-ersitt-ence
ngainst tbe change of life which their
Bit Tid eiroum tanca press n anthem. But
barbarism and civil at.,oa eannot iiv to
gether. It is iiip.aain! that such Insi n
gru us conditions shoold rxirt oa the same
soil. I hev are a port oa of our people, are
un or tbe author! y ot our gov foment, and
bave a peculiar claim ap n, and are enti led
to the toat. ring care and proueiien of, the
nation, 'ihe government etanut rilieve it
g lfof th a r ap niihilitv until they ar a
fur trained and ciri ised as ta be able wholly
to manage and oare for themselves. Th
paths in which they ahould walk must be
oleariy' marked out I lor iheut, and they
must ie led or guide until they
a o lamiliar wi h the way aud cemretent t
as'ume ihe duti- and risa net bilil es of our
oitii mhip. t rogr' ia th great work
will con iou O' ly a' t o prerent alow pace
and at great expense nlas ihe syatem and
method nf management are improved to
meet the obanged coa litions aad urgent de
mand of the gcrviro. Tka a-euts having
general charge and aunarviaiea ia many
cases of more than 50 Indiana scattered
over large re-ervatiena and burdened with
th detail oi accountability tar lands and
1'ippliei bar time to look after th indus
trial training and improvemeat f a lew In
dians only. The many are neglected and
remain l lle and dependent, e ruditions not .
favorable for progr ss in civilisation. The
compensat en allowed these agent and th
con I tions ot th service a e Bot ea'onlated
to lecure for the work men who are fined by
ability i.nd iktil to properly plan snd intel
ligently direct tbe etnod beet adapted to
prodac tbo moat speedy res alls and perma
nent bsnefiu. lIno th aooessity
or system diree'ed to the ndr promoting
the g neial and more rapid traaaition of th
tribes from habit and cust ms of barbarism
to th wa of civilisation, with an anxioug
desire to devise some plan ef operation by
whioh to 'ecure tha waif , re uf the Indian
and to relieve tne Treaanr as far a, possible
from the sui port el aa idle and dependent
population. 1 reoomniet ded in my prev out
annual m i ago th i assag i ef a 'aw author
iaing the appointment of a ooutat saioa a aa
inatrumen alily auxi in y I tbo-e already
established for th care of the Indian. It
wag designed th tt this commie on ihould
be compoaed of aix ni'ellig nt and oapabl
peraons, threo to be d tailed from the army,
and having praotinil ideas upon the aubjeot
ot tbe tree' mnt f Indiana and interested
in th-ir wai fare, and that it ihould he
charged, under the di ection of tbe secretary
of the Interior, with the management of
ucb matters o- datail aa oanat with th
preaent oraaniaaton be properly and
suocesi'ully oooduotedi and which present
different phases, a to Indiin ihemaelve
differ in their progres meeds d gpoaition and
capacity for improvement or immediate lf
support. By to aid of suoh a commission
mnoh anwiae and ua lea expeadilur of
money, waate ol tnaerial aad unavailing
effort migat be av ided.aad it I hoped that
thia or soma measure wbioh th wi dom of
Congress may better devise to supply the de
ficiency or the preioet system auay receive
your consideration, aad tba appropriate leg
illation oe irovlded. Ihe time 1 rip for
the work of auch aa ageaey. '1 here Is ls
i P' osit on to th e laaatiea aao training or
th Indian youin. showo by laoreaaed -tendenee
upon the taboo a, d there la
yielding tendency Irom the individnal hold
ing of land. Development aod ad van la
ment tn ikea direction ar essential ard
ibould have encoa. agent' nt aad the ri'lag
gene-a on taught the language ot eiviliaa
t'on and tiained . In htait of im
duatry. T ey should "", tt
duties, nrivtl ea d respensibil tie of
ci lsanshlp. N obs'acl wen d binder
theiocttiin and get'lrmea'ef aay Indian
willing tn uke land in sevarel'yi on the eon
trary to 'ha inclioatio i n do sn, ihould be
stimulated at ali timei when P'operiy ex
pedient. Rut there ia no aa kerity et law
making alle'inen on f me u i h re-erva-tmna,
and othere th alloimenta prnv ded
lor are so a call t tat the lud an, though
ret' y an t de-l-mg to a,t e ,twn, are not
willing to accep'. sneh small ar-aa, wbsa
their renrvationa contain arao'e lands to af
ford th ru h' lulte .il' of eufli ie. t siae to
meet tbe'r pre, nt and fuiut i da. 'ibrie
inequ.iht ea of ex I ing social laws and
ireaticg should be cor recti d and aoua gen
era,! legislation ou the aubje, t should be pro
vided, so that tb more p-i g oasiv men berg
nf the different trices may be settled up
on homoitsaJ'i nl by thoir ttampl lead

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