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The Memphis appeal. (Memphis, Tenn.) 1886-1890, December 07, 1886, Image 3

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etbere to frllow. hr. ak.ng Ir-.ui tribal
eustoma rnd euti.tite. tig tliere'or ibe ore
efhon, th" itnecat i I o lauii y and the
ml of the Hate.
nre sueh that t'.ev m m.t easily l-d hTle
brooding over u a jusled tnut Tin is
especial y so rcgidiii- thlr land me t ra,
arii-ing (runt tj construct on m l operut'on
ef raiiv-ads it -ioa. touiH t ihe iee.ation
and o.a n.e ol tiiie .lid tiii' t of i-e.npaney
aetiipby wh't peiMioa to nuuim the beat
l,rd. V.'iu t'-er res lutiuna nc r legis
late tr tbeir fiua mclj i'tui ut. 1 h . -l lo
Bieutof tb so matters will rcio vo u.any em
barrassment to pr grsa in t e w..rk of
lcadit.ar the I-d ae to the ndopjon of our
inatituli ti inri bci t'i 'heiu uodir the
operation, th? it fluetiue and be piuta-.tiou
f the lawa ot our c-u try. The re .-o tu -niendatioua
ol the becretury uf the Interiur
looking to b-ttor pro'ectiou of public latds
andof ibe pub ic survey, tha i reservation of
na'ional furesis. the a -j .idioatio.-i nf fcrauti
te States ad corporations,- and nf p tvate
laad e'aiiiii, and the ncre.sed efficiency of
to. public lard it ice are o.m inemlel to
taeatteotien u: Cnr- .a. To aicure the wid
est distribute, n ot public, lanus in limited
quantities aeanag seiners ot ioa uonce aim
cultivation, and thai mike the greatest
naaibera ol ifisnvidaal homes. Was the on.
aery object oi Ike puollo land legislation in
lae early Jays ol ibe Hepuolio. 1 be a intern
wag a eiuple oae. It oommonood with an
adamabla aebeuieof
ay wBlct the nuo.eieei oiiueo could identify
the Iraei ay a wh oh ha wiahed to establish
he home. The price or lands waa plaoed
wilBtn tue re a oi an ma euterprisn . In
doatriaua aad koooat Dionaer a t anna nf tha
eoaatry. ltwaa aouo, however, found that
tti obyeotot we lawa waa perrarted aider
tba avaabfla Ot Bash aala from a di.tnhntinn
f lead aamng the people to an accumula-
1 aPBBbO.iS
To eheok thia tendency a prefe'enoe rUht
I aareaaao wa i no to aoitiera on tne
land, a plan ahioh culminated in the aen
ral f re-em Hon act otlDtl. 'I hi foundation
f tkia ayatem wet eetaal raaidenee and eul
ti ration. Twenty yer. later the botuaatoad
law waa deried to mora aurely plarc actual
kajiaa ia ike poaeaaion ol actual eultiratora
f the aoil. the lea l waa ajiren wiihont
rrioa, tka fole aondttiona beina; reatdence,
iaapreretnent aad culiimtioa. Other lawa
hare followed, aach dehigoed to enoonrage
the aaanireruont and uae of land in limited
indiviaaal uuantiiiea, kut in later yeart
tkeaa lawa.
and under chaared oond tiona of communi
cation and tr.map''it iun hava been ao
evaded and violated that tbeir boneflcent
purpoia ia threatened with entire def at.
Xbe aaethod.tnf rueh er K onaand vioiatiom
are aet iortn ia da'ail in the repone of the
8er'arv of tho interior and ''ommiaaionar
ofthaUaneral L ird Office. The. rapid ap
propriation of our public litnda without
bona Ida aet.lement rd oul'ivation and
not only without intention of teaioence, but
for tba purpose of their auremtion in la-no
boldina;', in mai-y oaaea in the bandr of
Ibreiirnera, iiiTitaa tneae ion and immediate
attention if Conareei. The energies of the
Laud Department hare ben dovotoVi during
the pretent admin iatralinn to romedy de eota
and correot abuae in the public land ser
vice. The reaultaottbe'eeffoitf are ao lamely
in ike nature of rof'trma in toe proceaa and
methods of our land ayatem as to prevent
adeqaata eniiuistof, lut it appeara by
a eempila ion from the report of
the Uouiraiaaiua-rot thMlenerJ Lind Offioo,
that tbe immedlute tffort in loftdina: cauea
wbicb have eoino to a itial toruiination baa
the 'aarontion to the maae of pu lio lands
ot 2.7S0 0(10 aorea; that 2,370.00 acre are em-
braced in investigation now Pending before
j aorsi ktb em-
k. ...,.,., . .k. . a .!...:
iiou oi vouaraaa n uceo aaaru w eudot me i
and ninetv thoasnnd acres additi inal. Be
ides wbteh l.vw.tiuu aores nave b en
withheld from reservation and the
riant - of en rv therein maintained.
reoonmend tba repeal of the pre emi tion
and t inber culture acta and that the home
stead lawa ke ao amended as to better aecure-
eompliance withtueir requirements ol real
donee, i in prove ui. nt andoullivation far
the period ot hwe years from data of entry,
witnont commutation or provision f. r specu
lative relinquivbment. I also recommend
nnlesa it aball be tho pleasure of the Con
greaa to ao amend theae laws as to render
tbeui less liab.e to abuses, aa tbe chief mo
tive for an evasion i f the laws and toe prin
cipal cause of tbe-r result is land accumu
lation, iostoud of lat d distribution, ia the
facility with wMob tranafera are made of toe
right intended to be eecu-e-l to aottlera. It
may be ad visible to provide by leg. elation
iomo nuania ana cue Ha u on tbe
and landi oovercd thereby until paten's
ieue. Last year an Executive proclamation
wasisau d d reotiog tho removal of fences
whiob inclosea the publio domain Many of
tnero bare been removed tn obedience to
such order, but much of the public land
still remains within the lines of these un
lawlnl fences. The imeniius metbods re
sorted to in order to eontioue these trea
pnssea and t o hardihood of the pretenses by
wnion in a me caaeaaucuincioaures arejustt
fied, are fu'lv det-iiled in the report ot ihe
Secretary of the Interior. Tbe removal of the
fences still remaining which inclose publin
lands Will be enforced with ail tho authority
and means with which the Kxecutive bra- cli
of tbe government ia or shall be invested by
the Lougres- tor tbat purp .se
ron tains a de'ai e'd and most atisfactiry ex
hibit ol the operntions of the Pension Bureau
curing tbe lo t tl-cnl year. The amount of
work done was the laraoat in any year since
the organiret'on of the bureau, and it has
been done at less cost than during the pre
vious yenrin every amnion, tin the JOtb
any oi June, loou, mere were .50,iMpenn,oi
era on tie rolls of the bureau, tiiuod itiel
tnere Bnvo ncen i,im,1j-i anpucattons bled
of which io,Bl were b..tcd upon sorviro
in the war of 1812. There were 021,7-" ?'
tnoso appiicBtion' nn-iwcu, inciuilmg OD.I7H
tutno soiuters oi inu ana tnoir widows. The
tntnl amount pnH for pensions aince 1801 is
aW.tEf 811 W. The number ol'new ponaions
allowed oaring tne year enara June w, 1!Hi,
is 40,857, a larger number than has been al
lowed in any year save one since 1801.
which bad been previously dropped 'rom the
rolls, were restored durinv the year, and
efter diduotii g those diopped within the
am time tor various: oauses, a net In
crease romai. a for tie year of 20 tk8 names.
From January 1. 18-11, to December l.lliii,
1B67 private tension acts had been passed,
hi nee the last mentioned date, and during
tbe last session nt tbe Oungre, 641 such acts
became laws. It seems to ue that no one
can examine our pension establishment and
its operations without being conviiced that
through its instrumentality Justice can be
very, nearly done to all who are en.itl.rt
under present laws to the pension bounty of
me guveruiuem, oufc it is unuentabie tbat
cuel oaist, well entitled to relief, in which
the Pension Bureau ia powerless to relieve.
The really worthy caaes of this class are
such ai only lack by misfortune the kind or
quantity of ptoof which the law and
regulations ot tba bureau require,
or which, though their merits ate ap
parent, for some other reason cannot be
instly dealt with through general inwa.
Thei conditions fully justify application
to tbe Congrats f - r special enactments, but
teiort to the Congress lor a ape-ial pension
act to overrate the deliberate and careful
determination ot the Pension Bureau on the
maritt or to secure favorable action when it
could sot be exieotsd under the most
liberal exeoution at goner ! laws, it uiuat
be admitted that it opens the door to
and preeenta to the legislative and execu
tive kranchea ot the government applica
tions oonoedtdly not within tho law and
plainly devoid of merit, but inrroundud by
sentiment and patriotic feeling tbat
it hard to resiit 1 suppose it will not be
denied that many claims for pension a'o
made without merit and t'aat many have
been allowed
fctiia HONS.
This has been dec'arcd from the Pension
Bureau, notonly ia this but in prior admin
istrations. Tbe usefulness and the juitice of
any ayatem for the distribution of pansions
depend upon tbe equating i;d uniformity of
Its opera' ion. Jt will be Seen Irom the re
port of the Commissioner that there are now
paid by tr.e g. varnmeat
Kiti mates front the best information ho
can obtain show that ttXJO of those who have
Served Id thaarmv aad navvnf tba t!niri1
Stites aro now supported in whole or in
parttrom public funds or by organise J char
ities, exuluaive of those in aoldiere' homes
under the direotien and control of the gov
ernment. Only 13 per 'cent, of these
are pc aaionera, while of thoentire number of
J","" ftimiahed for the lata war aouiething
like at .er cant., iucluding their widows and
relatives, tare been or are now
In receipt of pension!. The Amer
ican to .pie, with a patriotic and
grateral regard for our ex-soldiers too broad
and too snored to be monopolised by any
special advocates, are not only wi.ilng but
anxious that final and exact fu tiro ahould
be done t all honest claimauts for ten iion.
In their suht
olilier. dopetido t on public charily, if
otherwire entitltd, has precisely tho same
riaht to share in the provision made for thoae
whofou.bt their eoun-ry's battle as thoae
better able, through Irirndi and inflnenoe,
tw their vlauuii Avyery peaiiva that is
aa'O unaor 'ur prosrnt pl'in upon an
o'hvr ruii'.da thae a iml ae.-vice .an 4 in
jrv.or oimi a ir.c itrtd in auci aervioa
ara every ttinaiira ,,1 the niiny i
alii n panatona are lot-r .n ot
r urcu man ine m-rita of the e ai , ni
ai' inju-t re to the brave and orip It i, b
poor ai'U tnei a raa, aoldier who m notirl
n''fta 1. or ti . ua be conieir w th ih
annliea. aura ailoweion l r te or I l iw
'lhro are (af too many neirhboiho.da
W'i tui fouid K'arui a u i-.tqiuli
if ire itiuent in the luattcr of pen-ii.pr. ai
they are arvi'ly du m a j leldicfr in t
re ii-n uueaii to importuory o;i me part
ui duier inia me laria oLer, wiiiii
"P ;ia ly lnt-oste.t, or they arae tr,
pe 'tal acta p aed tt.r tho bentl o in
d yidualj. Tue men who fought aide by
when they participate in a rr.itcf.il nation
unci reine .ornce. tvery oom-idrration
airneaaani jualioe to our ex-aeldi-r a
ine pr ieti n o the u itnotu iuetn t-
oureit tena fiim pervcaion and violatio
puini to me adopt m or a penatun ay.-te
uioau hiiu cou v rnanaiveeoUKn to oov
eiery ront tnenor. and wiuob a ail m&k
unnocevary ol jertion.'bla volume.
jieoi.,l leu. a atien. A loiig aa we aihe'e
iaeprinniireoiiirin!ina; pnai n !oraervioea
ordiaabilitv aa the remit of the sorvioe tie
allowance of penai na hho'jld be reatrictodto
Cae aa preaeutirf tneae teaiurea.
te a tender onnaideratinn forthnaa who, hav
in aarvee tneir country loot and well, ara
deduced to raa r'ction ana de'mn' ence, not
aa an inoiaeniot tneir eervicea, but with ad'
vanctnr aaa or through tiukneaa ormiaior
tuoe. ne are all teiopUd ov the c n:e
Plaiion of aueh a condition to aunnlvreiie
and are oltea impatient of the limitation! of
public di ty. iialdiBg to no one on the do
aire to indulge tnia teellnaofconaideration
I cannot rid aavaelf ot ike (unriotion that if
tneae ei-eoidiera are to be iaved key ana
their cauae are entitled to the benelt of an
enactment under which relief may be
claimed aeriht and thatauch relief should
do g antea under tbe aano.ion of aw. net
eraaion of ii; norahould uch worthy ob
jeotaol care, all aaualla entitled, karanlttad
te the ueequal operatien ot antipathy or the
mnoer meroiea oi aorial ana pout oal In
fluenoe with their nnJaat diacriminetiona
The discharged aoldie'a andaailoraof the
country a a oar fallow cuiiena aa
inlereated with us In the naaaaaa an
faithlul elocution of whol-aoine lawa. Tbey
oannot be awerved from thair (intvnf aiti-
aenahip by artful appoaia to their aplrit of
ouiuemuou oorn oi oosomon tern aod aui
fering, nor will they exact aa a tut ui devo
vion to their welfare aw illingoaai to neglect
puuuouuiy in ineir oenatf.
tbe current businesa of tbe Patent Office waa
on an average bveand a hall njtntha beblnd
At the O'Oie ol ibe last fisoul yar suoh cur
rent work was but three months in arreara
and it is asserted and believed that in the
next few months the delay in obtaining an
iaawuiMiua ui au epiuiuailua
will be but nominal. Tba number nfappli
cationa for patents during in lut fiaca
year, mciuaing reljeues, denirns, trad
marks and labels, equals 4-1.678. whl h i
oonsnferabiy in exoeaa of tho number ra
cer eu uunog any preceding tear
fit; it
during the year ai g'wtate Jl.lliT 80,
enabling the oOice to turn into thaTreaury
a auriiius revenue over ana above oxpendi-
mrea or aooui aiui. i lu JU.
during tbe lost fiscal year, including re
liuos. trade marks, dnaiirna and lahla waa
,619, a number also quite largely in excess
ol tbatof any preceding year. I he report of
me uoiumisaioner snows tun ottic - to be in a
prosperous condition and oonslatly increas
ing in its ouaioe s.
No inc'Btae c.f fnrnn la
aked for. The amount e-timtted for the
. n 1 ... .
S.?.1 Wff "uln J.
una 30, msti, was- &8tl,-
I "'UWU'll VKkllUlllfU HIT IUB
'PC amouni
; a
......nBt.., mD,nj r ,tl.ft a,..; ....--!;-
Jure iO. 1887, is 8778,770.
suggest ach&nue in the plan for tie pay
ment of the ir deb edneasof tie Pacific sub
sidised roads to the g vernui nt. Ilia ana-.
gebtion has the ona imous mdursemenl of
me persons soiectru ny the government to
act as directors of th e r-.odi and protrot
the in'.eresis of the United Stu'ea in the
Board of Direction. In oonaidoring the
Pi in proposed tne sole matters which should
be takon into account, in my opin
ion, ara the situation of the
and the lur ' wsy to s euro the payment ot
u,iiuvi'.i uu lllllirv, ui lia He'll. DJ
reoent decision of tbe Supreme Court of the
United 8'ates it haa been adjudged that
u, iu. -''- aiaiea are iu operation
to regulate ritei of
if such regulation interferes with the ra e of
oar nine irom one owe irio another. This
important field of control and regulation
having been thus lelt entirely unoocupied,
the expediency of Federal action upon
tho subject u worthy of consideration.
the reiati ns of labor to ojpitii and of
iu meir employers tire of the
ui uuai concern 10 every palnotio citusn
VV hen thise are
UnjUatlUabla olaima ara an In k. U.I.I.J
upon by both interests.an d in the controversy
which results the welfare of all and tho
pruii-eruy oi me, country are jeopardised
inwrveuiion ot toe general govern-
V "t"11"' i's constitutional
authnrity to avert such a condition t-houid
be Wl llnalv afnorfl.l.
In a special mosaic transmitted to Con
gress at its la.t suasion, I sungoitcd
and adding to Its present Tunclinns the pnwer
uiuaiuiiiuo iu caaes wnere u neferico arises
between emploer and einploiei. When
nio omeroucos reacn sucn a stage aa to re
su't in the interruption of commerce be
COi,n 1 i ,at8" 10,1 "PldiBAtion this tern
i . aoviTiiioeni miirnt he re
garded as etitirlv within its conslitutii nal
powers, and I 4h-k we might reasonably
hope that such ftrbitrn orn. If -.r..nu
Koted and H tnlitlod to tho confluence of
ins parues ro oe su :c;eu, would bo volunta
rily oallei t-; the
ot lr.es extent and not no.iSMarily within
the domain of hederal regulation I am of
the opinion that tnis sugxeetiun is wortev
tb attention ot the CotiKress. but pftor nil
has bcon done by tho pna nge of laws, either
e1:er jur s'lt,, fliove sitimticn lull of
aolicitiide, much more remains to be nccim-
piKbed by the reinstatement and cultiva-
which recrgniwsthe equality of American
ciuaensntp. ;i:ns, in the light of our
tniditu ns and in loyalty fo the spirits of our
luMiiuiiuu., ruuit leacn tuai a haartv co
operation on the part of all interests i-the
surest path to national greatness and tbe
nappinaag of all our people: that capital
shou'd, in recognition ol the brotherhood of
our oiua-nahip, and in a spirit o American
fairBess, geniro isly aooord to labor its just
cum I'eu.aiioa muij oonsmeraiion, and that
contented labor is cnnital'a h.i -n.A;nn
aad faithlul ally. It would teach, too, that
aeparablo from our civilisation j that every
oit ten should, :n his sphere, be a con
tributor to the general good; that capital
does not necessarily tend
and that violent disturbances and disor
dtra alienate from their promoters true
American sympathy and kindly fe.linira.
representing the oldest and largest of onr
national industries, is subserving well the
purposes of its organisation. By the intro
duction of newsubjeots of farming enter
prise, and by ocentng new amir.. r ,..-;
cultural wealth and the dissemination of
early information concerning production
and p'ices, it has contributed largely to the
country'; prosperity. Through this agency,
advanced thought and investigition, touch
ing the subjocts it has in charge, should,
an ong other things, be praolioally applied
to the home Production at a low ooat of ar
ticles of food which are now imported from
abroad. Such an innovation win n.n.a
yarily, of conrfo, in the beginning
be within the domain of intelligent
experiments, and thesubjoot in every stage
ahould receive all possible encouragement
from the government. Theinterests of mill
ions of our oititens engaged in agriculture
are involved in an enlargement and im
provement of the results of their labor, and
a aealoua regard for tbeir welfare ahould be a
willing tribute to those whose productive re
turns are n main source of our progress and
power. The existence of
of various States bailed to burdensome and
in some cases aia&swous restrictions in an
important branch of our commerce, threat
ening to affeot the quantity and quality.
This is a matter of snob importance and
of such fir reaching consequences that I
hope it will enja,e the serious atten
tion of the Congress, to the end that
such a remedy may be applied as the
limit of a constitutional delegation of power
to the general govorument will nam,; f
uuuiuiuiiu iw me consideration or the Con
gress the report of the Comruisiioaer and
hia suggestions concerning the interest in
trusted to bis care.
The continued operation of thejaw
hnl a ided to the most convincing proofs of
its nooesaity and uacluliiers It isafirt
worthy of nolo that every public officer who
has a just idea ot his duty to the people tos' i
Coi to
the value of this reform.
I s stiuncheat iriends are found a aong
those who understand it beat, and Its warm
est supporters are those who are restrained
mi prvtcte4 by ju reiuio meats, Xao
meai. i-g of an h restraint u- i pro'eotion is
not i, ppre. i i te i bv t'.oss who w.ut plaoea
itnd-r ihe gnvernuient
and cBi -iejicv, n r by thoae who i iiiht that
the aelecti n for such pUc-a should ret
uton a pr-ti'r ere en'ial showing ao1
p-rtin w rk They owe to nuiilic I j. r-ir, j. ' ' i '.'
oflicora f rot 'l.cir lives th only ipor u- f' '-' " ' 't"::;f iat..i-. or
buy ffor.lei taeiu to etteod 1 1 p ib m buai- i I . W.iaJ -L,r i.fa
t e a. ana ih- y we to t! o smoJ p up'e of th . I '- .' jr.'Sivri " v
country the rettr p.no : anca of the
vora oi their govcrrmni. It iaex;ie I g
ly trauge that tie i -i-h and n tur eil this
lafortn a- ao litt e uiuler.tn.t, a d that ao
maay thinar not included wittiin i a i- an ate
cal ed oy its n .me. ti hn cavil yields more
tu Iv toexnmii atio-, tho sy-t iu wi I have
large aililiiioi a to the nuuinrr of ita Irion is.
Our civil ae-vtea rtonu niav be imier
ttct in soin of ita d .la la. It uttoy bama
uu.ii.ra'ood aud opp- sal. 1 1 ttiuv not alw ays
be ta hlully a. p. led. Iu designs may
or will fuilolthair lot nt: roay aonetimes
tremble under ihe aaaulta of its enemies, or
langn ah under the ai'-ui ed taal ot imi rac
ticable tl leads. If the people if th'f
country ever submit lo the batiiahment of ita
undeilying p inc ple from the ope ationol
their government they will abandon the
urest guarantee of tht suco sa and rafety of
American inat tutios. 1 invoko for this
reform the cheerful, u-gr .daing aupport of
the Congress. Ir-new my recomiuouUation
made last year that the v omiaiaaioneri be
made equal to other o (filers of the govern
uent haviof like dntiea and responsibilities,
ana I bote that uoh reisonahle appropria
tiona may be made aa wi I a; ablf tkem to ia
ereaae the usefulneai i,f the cause they have
charge of.
I desire to call the attention ef Cono-reaa to
a Plain duty whioi the government owes to
This company was ok ar tared by tbe Con
greaa ior me oeneui oi tne aaost Illiterate
ana bumble ol our people and with tbe in
tenti n of encouraging in them industry
and thrift. Mortnf ita braeehea were pre
sided over by 'ffioete holding the commis
sions and e othed in ike uaiiorm of the
United btaies. The e and other clreaia-
stanoai reaaoaaniy, t hiuk, le tbeae aim-
ble oeopie to aunncae that tha invitation ta
epoa;t tbeir ha d earned aavinas in tlua in-
stiiution i in pi lea bb undertaking on the
part of the r g verumint that their money
should be la ely kept for theaa. W han tnia
dtuoanv failed it waa lia le in the sun ef
ra,.i,ii wi tobi.ist oepoiiti re. Dividend!
amounting in the aggrega'e to 02 percent,
have been declared, anj the sum called for
and Laid or sucn dividcnda seems to be si.
645,18172. Thiaaum, d ducted from the en
tire amount of depoaits. etvea 1 .291.744
still unpai t. Past expor ence has shown that
qui.e a arge part of this sum will sot ba
oaiieator. tnere are asre'.s still ea hand
atnoai ting to the e-tiuiated sum of 116, UO0.
I think the remaning M per cent, of such
ot tbese deposits aa have claimanti
upon principles of equity and fairness. The
report of the Comuiirs oner, goon to be
lad befo'e Congress, will give more sat is-
ia lory details on tbis auojact.
of tbe District of Columbia havinr bran
placed in the hands of purely executive otii
cers, while the (Xngrese -till retai a all leg-
laiaiive autnortty relating to its govern
ment, it becomes my duty to maka known
the most pressing needs ot this District and
recommend their consideration. Tbe lawa
of the Disiriot appear to be in aa uncertain
ano unsatisfactory condition, a. d their
codification or revi ion is much needed. Dur
ing the past ye-r ons of the bridges leading
from the District to the State of Virgiuia be
came unlit lor uae, and travel upon it waa
forb'iddon. This leads me to suggest tbat
the improvement of all the
and ita branches fro-u the city of Washing
ton is wor ha of the a'tention of Conureas.
The Commissioners of thi Diatri t represent
that the laws regulating tbe stile of liquor
and granting lioense there'or should be at
onoe amended, and that legislation is neede d
to consolidate, define and enlarge tho scope
and powers of charitable end penal institu
tions within tka district. I suggest that the
Commissioners be clothed with tbe pnwer to
make within fixed limitations p-ilice regula
tions. I believe tria power granted andcara
fully gutrded would tsnd tosub ervo ttie good
order of the municipality. It seems that
troubles still exist, growing out off the
and avenues by certain railroads having
their termini in the e ty. it is very im
portant that such laws should be enaoted up
on this subjeot as will seoure to the rail
roads all the facilities lor the transportation
of their business, and at the sime time pro
tect cititena from injury to their persons or
property. The Commissioners again com
plain that the a commodailona afforded
them ior the neea,ary offices for District
business and for tbe safe keening
of valuable booki and papers are
entirely insufficient. I recommend Ihat
this condition of aff iirs to be reuiediod by
the Congress, imd that suitable quarters be
furni-hed for the needs of the District gov
ernment. In conclusion, I earnestly invite
Such wise act on on the Djrt of the ue.inlo'a
legialat ra as will subserve the public good,
and demonstrate during the remaining days
of the Congress as at present organised iu
ability and inclination to go nieot the peo
ple's needs that it shall be gratefully romem
bercd by an expectant c nrtituenny.
WaeiiNGTOX. December 6, 1830.
Vrr pnrtA with utrlet rpmrd to Ptirlty, Strmwrth mv)
Hwiirhrnlnsi. Ur. lrij'ii Hnkln fowdur uinitii.s
110 AmiiionlA,iim0iumorrnoaDteA. ir. tTicfrt
PRICE BAKING POWOCff CO, (Meat and St Late
tHI llWalilHIUIJJII WlWl1Jl.laWllinsm,iiajl 11 4 p U ffykl
Bit, 1). S. J0UNS0S,
So. 17 JefforsoB Street,
(Between Main and Front.! MEMPDia.
IKaUbllshedin lst.l
DR. JOHNSON ia acknowledged by all pa'
ties interested as by far the most sua
eessfnl physician in the treat mectof pri val
or secret diseases. Quick, permanent sural
guaranteed in every ease, male or female
Recent oases of Gonorrhea and Byphllii
cured In a fw days without tbe use of mer
eury, change of diet or hindrance fron
business. Secondary Syphilis, the last yei
tige eradicated witboitthe uae of meronry.
Involunsary loss of semen stopped in short 1
time. Sufferers from imnotency er loss e
sexual powers restor e to free rigor in a fee
weexs. victims ot sen -aDuse anaexooaatvi
venery, luflerlng from spermatorrhea no
loaaof phyaical and mental nower, apeedlii
and permanently oured. Particular atten
tion paid to the Diseases of Women, an J
cores guaranteed. Piles and old sores care.
without the use of caustic or the knife. Ai
consultations strictly confidential. Medl
einea sent by express to all parte of th
eon n try.
Worklngmen onred at hair the uau
rates. Office hours from So clock a.m. to
clock p.m.
And Iron Roofln .
t'lro, Wind. Wait or arl J Ijriiitiluxs
pruor. Suitable for all kinds of buildings.
Jfor prices and eatimuUii a factory ra.os
uall on or addrosi
13S k UO Main it., and 21 23 Mulberry si.,
Beadqnarters for Iron Fenci 1 and Cresting,
tialvaniiedlrun Coruioe.Iiu Rooii A stoves.
m-.r-tim raksW-'irarnai ri aifkaa it a-i.a-ir.-aat
For Wwle Viory wlioro In !
Drilling or Broad Casting Cotton Seed. Th Bfit
Young k Brolhe?
IJooksellers and Stationer,
a 18 Main HU, Meinphi, Teuit
atalt yoia rot.i:tcr tat I iCrl.'t!miie3Hhoe,
llowftroftf ln.ttati, aj, -a
KoneOeuuluounloaaboarliii; thiaStajtip.
Hade In Button. (Jon "rotn find lim. Tirat Onli
hi!ttifflnijtrt and Aptvar
oim. A jJOrralcanlBt-n- co
iirnroiru),! "iiin.totJO'j
t f jr. ft.
1 fUU&lS W VLI.i
41 Mnruln Blw
J jV,
Vhiei ah atAntli fattrtwr In tteitfmattoii at
Warrt tli ft"7 oIt Iu th world, Thoiv
Andn who Wttfctf it WM UU1 ou Itw ruuua it jrta
aun, Amttiuiillion, Klhtilmf lack c
anil NiKirtamenH' fSupiiltcs.
BH-t Mnln Ntrexst. MDBlna, Tnaia
Manutaottirlna and Renairipe f fnna a
Specis Hr. Largest 8toejt. Fast assortment
i:r.p'rtera an.i acl?s In u.auiiou.
ulxaoiand t Uhlaik I'mbVIY, KullJleiva1
ttariare, t, I estate Holla aid tn
nis.i Ifilorio-Hot1 a and Residences, 8-f..
Main airl, mrir.Caia, itin, KIotr c
uppliei alwaj ob hand, llenairinv osatly
The Christian Brothers have the pleasure
of announcing the completion of EXTRN
SIVE ADDITIONS to their College, which
they have provided with all select modern
improvements and conveniences, and they
are now enabled to aeoommodate bb In
creased number of Boarderi, Half Boarders
and Day Student.
For information concerning Terms, Board
Tuition, etc., see Catalogue, or apply by mai
or in person to
No. 239, ft.D.-In the Probate Court of Shelby
uounty, tennesaee J. A. Anderson, ea
rn iniatrator, etc., vs. R. D. Miller, guar
dian, etc , et ai.
BV virtue of a decree for resale In thl;
cauae, I will sell at public auction, to
the high at bidder, in front of the Court
bouse door, on Alain street, Memphis, leu
De.ee, on
Nutiardsir, Deermbsr 1, lame,
within legal hours, the following described
real estate, to-wit:
Lying and being in the city of Memphis,
county of clheiby, and Btate of Tennessee,
to-wit: Known as No. Ut, being tbe west
half thereof, fronting 25 leet on Market
street and running tack 74 feet 3 inches.
Terms of Hale One-third cash; balance
payable in equal installments in lii and
twelvemonths; purchaser to execute notes
with good and sufficient securities tor de
ferred payment, and a Ilea retained until
tbe whole ol the purchase money is paid.
This November 27, lbVto.
- - P. J. QUIOLET, Clerk. ,
By Thof. B. Crenshaw, O. C.
Taylor k Carroll, solicitors.
Notice of Dissolution. U
rpHE partnership heretofore existing
X tween J. B. Rosier and F. Ctmpbell.
under firm nau e and style ol Cainnhell i
Koaier, entagod in the Hteatn Laundry and
bh.rt Jilanulictory Uusmeis, at 24 Pesona
street, Aiemnhis, Torn., aad in the Uenta'
Furnishing Oooils KUnbli ibment, at2HUHec
ond itteet.is tis day (li.s.ii,-, .1 by mutual
agreement. 4!r. J. U. Junior will cui:tmue
to conduct Ike r teim Laun.i y ltna-.- oss, at
224 Second street, in his indiv.dual right and
name; and Mr. P Campbell wi 1 eontinne
to conduct tho bhirt Factory BuHnesa, at 244
8eeond street, and also the (lents Furnish
ing Uoods Kstabiirhnient. a' M rJeoondst.i
In his individual mbt aud tana.'
r-msr,;K. tA.MPRELL.
Mtmphli.Doc.l.lMio. i, K. KuZIEK. .
rz i -t vi
m y 1 1 1 inn in n tlsiV Tip
DECEMBER 7, iss'
cnEWIJiQ GUM ia an
.a-nW iLfrtOticSiil YW.iWaaailVvJtaaa 3--f"ti.'!'mM, ife'liaiji' j
FtlfMl Httn H Snr
PulvoHiof A Cart Cmblntd.'
lenal a.t
Sniff t:. - ' V': :-fsvt . . ;X-r.'i
a... . , u.j (. n ..y.. ..--: ''V''V''' '
i , v J' ' ' ' 1 i'-. '.v .'.'i
La-s --VVSta
Inioret Fnlert ou DepoMltn.
UFKN ATDBIIAYS imill, 7 OlXut'U J'.M.
M. II. KATZEMBf KWtK, Tr7dnU T. KATZENBtKULT.. t:vihlfr
BOA at D OF IsIKMTOltst.
,). W. HOUOHRr
'o. mt Front. W.rM. ftmr. rnlon. nriieilil. Tnn.
flirDLEOI BILL, President. Yf.H. MlLS.EJl&Ql!,JlcXtml4l
lie J. ITNIf, UsXlsr,
xxx!t.scrz'cxi.aai . '
. aaANHrTtI.0. . . Yl'W, V. . t'-t W"
t '.. .. m j-mm-j j i.i.
Late J. X. Lal'rade i Co,
No. 301 Front street :
arllavlag rotired (ruin the S.-iMlory and Harness bnsiooss snd opened an oflloo aa above,
wa are pluae I to announce to our trionda and tue public generally that weare now preparoil
to airve the n in our now na.ianity, Hetiiroing thanks tor the very liberal putronaae ex
tends i us in the old line, no trust to merit and reoeive a share nt your favors in the new.
l.alHAIK, M.lUHATH A )(
W. Ao GAGE & pp.
Cotton 3FBCtotoara,
No. OOO Front Street, t m4BtnvhlB, TWi
w 111 j
Capital, $200,000.
la Ka effiWIJI, Prtan. J. H. tfOO 1) B A
aazreBV of
i.M1- iiBCiP,w
ItlmZ Zthrf1
tmri aVaaji.aiH.ry tea. Mat f fmimi. ! .aasaass. a tieeaaielliau 1
BaaalBvaaw mm Kin. Osaeataai AleawasaaaaB M liealeaatnaaa. asaj t .,
And Commission nierchants.
SGO iiml 202 Front lit,, MeciphlM. Tenn.
nnil liny Use ;nnlns ArtleM.
eat W tba WurmaVe wrlD
FertlHaer on the Jarm
i.,. u.;'L'i
Utonitb J.TC. UPradeACo
tlliUCJl ANTS,
Memphis, Term.
Cbickasaw Iroaworte
98 Seooud St., Memphis, To-
' .UKluesi, Holler, MhwiuUIm,
Dradford Corn aud Wheat mil
Cotton I'resot, Cotton Gin,
Blending, Pulleys 14c
PKVIAL KOTICK-W, are prepared to nil order
on shori notice, for the celenratea MfKlairt Paita
Wrongrbujiv. Palley. We carry la stock ore'
Two Hundred Assorted Mea.
ear Bend for Catalogue aad Price-list.
Surplus, $25.00,
R, ylmt-mtU C H..XA1SI, Vmk
Impiirfsnt nUot Very Valoa.
Me I.B'.fU ii the States oi Ar
j kauoiM mid liisr!ppl.
I Memphis, 1 enn., Deceraber I, 1K4.
UNt-Kit and b v rtue . f 'he te ma and
rinililtot.s of a ccrta n deed of trust
eiemt.'.l ! n.e, as Tru'-a , by R. M. Aprer-
son an t . thrrs, a tot ."0n i ay of .'riay, ik-v.
to ecure tr.e mile redn s-1 tne-e.ti Bien-t'-.neil,
duly reonr-Je' in Book "A' j.Sk.e
4j'2 to 471 iiiclua ve, ot the Oir- t C'u t ol
Ciittorrton Cf.ullty; ISnna 44, puitea 1i t.,
o theCircu t on of fhi ii.s ooi-fctv: H,,(.k
'1," n-s 1 M t 1 .7, o' Oircu.t C u-t ot
Ii?e ecu t : U. ok ' A A," pages 14 tv Hi.
ot Circuit C. urt of Lincoln c, u"tr, Stole . :
Ark naas. Ali-n. in Book .-H H," I ageli.), o
tl.o Chs ceri Con" ot Bolivar count, at, t
in l'.i.'h 2i, t. s 4'.r. to 507. ot Par olaonn
ty. State . f Vitsiarippi ; d-tau,t h.ving been
a-n.ic in said trust dei d. and being reqaestad
' y t e maker ol an id nut dee aid the bea
etciury theroni, I will, s to . I Tru.t'f, oa
Tun day, De.puilirr SI, lsn,
on tho aou:hwest corner oi' !a.u and Madi-a-n
st-ects, oiiiiueacin.- promptly at 11
o clrck ui., aud cotitiiiumg from dsy to day
until .ho said lands hid all sold, offor
for sile, at publio outcry, and sell te the
nnliest ai-d beat I idaer, the follov Ing do
a.uibed land, and property, -l uatud to the)
btatea of Arkansas and Mississippi, aad
particulailyilea. iibedas follows, lo-wlt:
',pe lollowlng lands, lying In tbe county ot
rhillips and State of Aro,oa the hank
pt try Miasiss.poi river, about ten aiiles be
low Helena, Arkansas, to-wit;
The east half ol section thirty-three, con
taining tstA H acres, and ail oi lectiuo 14.
con'aiuing 6 J ga aarea.
The aouth ball of section twenty ssvea.
ConUining seventy- ihree acres.
The wett half sectioa 36, ooatatniug M
the northeast quarter ef see. ioa 23, aoe
talnlng 1HU acraa.
All in townahipSaciolh, rang. 4 eaat
Fractional northeast qaarr of aeotiea i.
containing 112 acres.
All of (ractional sectioa I, ecntalafagT
46o.4A acres, in township 4, range 4 east
bsing the land, known as " H. M. Appersoa'l .
Westnver fiantation," conUialag iu aaf
2034 67-luO aores ot land, more or lest.
The southwest quarter ot she aoatheaet
Muarter of soction Si oonUinlng de.H.' a. res.
The south part of th. southeast quarter oi
section AS, containing 4. 41 aorea.
The south half ol soction ib, eootaUlac
320 acres.
All of fractional sectioa S6, coBtalsatat 4uT
The northeast onartex of aeotloa li. aaa.
taining loll an.ea.
ib. norihweat quarter or the eoutheast
ftact'otal uuarter of aaotlon aonialaio
40 acrca.
l'artol theeattralf rf the antjtheast a Bar
ter of section Hi, oontalning 78 aarea.
All .1 I r , .. , 1 . r. . I . . ,. -
.... . ........ .un. - v I'M .-v. . . HI I,,
1 4. 20 acres all in townaLIp 4 south, range 1
nestra f Of sciltnweat frantlonal ,iHsrl.p
Of Section -It', and 111. northvraat frilaonal
qtuirier of aection XI, containing o ao ea
township thne til) south. range6ast, know,
as' h. M. Apiieraon's Msnsy PUntation,"
ort uning 1043 44 100 antes of land, more ot?
Also, certain personal property, now ea
Ih, said Vi'eslover l'Unta.len, te wit:' M
headol mulea of various ages, sis-a and de
scriptions; also, one steam engine and all
the appliances and attachments thereto be- '
lonijing; oue gristmill, tuo rolton mis. or-e
cotton press nnd ail the ai.pl'.ai cue i a 1 at
t ichnionta to the lame beloiiticgt all ol the
wagons, lurming ul-niila, iinploim e a sol
lo us i.l o-ory kind and character used In the
cultivation ol th.isatd plantations, one bait
ol whirh will be dcitvon d to tho pnr.-U-i. crot
the Manor plantu ion. Kach o; said plauta
tlona are in gi.od state of cnltimJrn, and,
have all necessary baililiugi. jUiliuuliig
dwellings and stoictioutea.
Alan, the fallowing lie nr'lied tract or par
cel ot land, yinin ilia suid county el i'hil
lips and Mat. of Arkansai, aad deaoriiied
as lollowss
The northeast quarter of seo'ina sigteon.
townshin one couth, range lour east, con
tiiininii lial acres.
Also, the follnelrg other lands, lying In
the county ol Leo nnd Mute el Arano.aj, .
m.out twclvo iollca ui II: a Irom the to vu ot
Marianne, t iwit: The west half or t. e
west half of section twenty aeven (27), .u,
Uliviu ItH) aorea; the tiertheast quarter of
aection thirty-three (Xll, containing lot
acrca; the east hall ol the nurtliwoat quar
ter of Section thirty three t), containing Ss
acres, and tho n.-rtliwoet quarter of aeotioa
thirty-lour -31), numbering ltkl aores, con
taining In all f 00 aores, aud known aa t e
"Co' tor tract."
Also, the following other trade of
I) ing in said couut; ot Lee aud htatc .
kanaas.on and near the J4 a-l-sln,.-
The northoaat quarter ol aei'V i.
fTactlnnnl aoulheaat quarter of .
fractional east hall uf lection to
and the I'noiional south west 'ina. .. ,
souinweat quaiirr oi seoiitiB one.
a.iuth nalt of sciih a.tf of aei i , i
est f i actional half of aection Yit,
The nwrtaeast quarter ef leotaji el. :t
The south (VaeMotinl half restlon Hi
Tho wostiiacl inal hall of sectioa 1'
Tba northeast fractional qua.aer . -e
lion It;
All ol fractional section 24;
All of fractional sectioa 26, cent aind
ill-"i.-Jl acres, more or less. ;
Aim, the following tracts or par- Ig ef
land, lying tn the county ef Orltteno. a anf
Slate ol Arkansas, to wit:
Houthwast quarter of leetlea twei T-M
Kast half ol' louthwoat quarter of uotiofc
twentythro, I !) ;
West half ol seotlon all (fl)t
West half ot section aeven (T);
Northntst quarter of lection eighte -a
Southwest irao'lonal quarter ef wtioa
nlneteeu (ill), all in township t, nert., raaga -7.it.
The said ill (A) last named triota t iteJaW
tog 1070.77 aor.-a.
Also, the following other lands, 1 ig (a
the county of Monroe, aud Slate ef .. kao
sus, and desor.bed as lol oivai
Tbo outhwent qunrter of eootioB lev teen
U7l, containint ltio acres;
,Tho southwest quarter ef the Be : vreil
quartor of section 17, containing 40 a.
Tho north half of the northuant qui. r o(
lection 2n, M0 acres;
The northeast iuarler of the nort .est
quarter of suction iii, 4) acres;
Containing in all 3a) acres, ard kn. .'a
part of the "Kedinond tract," all iu 711
tlnp 2, south rame 1 west
Also, the followii" cl'i'v ,tB!i, Jy' in
the count? of Arkansas, nn.l Hi ale of Ai . -
ms, and duscribed as lollows, lo-wlt:
Tho north half of the north half and -
north half of the south h ilf of aection .,
township 0, toulli range 2 wait, containing
Vu acres.
Alto, the following tract ot lend, lying in
iiu ivar ci utily. .Missiasii.pl, to witi It being
the north half (ox. -opt twenty-two acres) as
seined to Lobdell, of suctiun twenty-six,
tuvtnship twenty-tarn, range eiaht, contiin
ing three htiudrod (isKI) aorea, and being the
snuie Inn. I conveyed by J. 1), Qulgiey, trus
tee to Iti. i A p im. ion A Co., and known a
the "Ht. .I .h-i lsl .-ii." Also, thu following
tract of luud lying in the county of Pnnola,
nn.l btute f Miaaiaali.pi, and more partion
latly draorlbcd ns folloas. t.j-w.t: The north
enit quarter of aection twenty-six 4 Ai), the
west bill ot section tweuty-dre ('-), the
l.iuthciat quarter of section twenty-live (23),
f art uf t. e uortheaat quarter of sectioa
wenty-flve (2i), all ol section thirty-six (36),
in township li, ruiiKe 8 west, aad containing
about l.t'Uacios.t'i. j acres u( w.'iiuh is cleared.
Also, the f.ilioeipg tracts of lands situat
ed, lying and Mn in the riuntyof Lin
coln and State of A' kaoH.n : Bouth fractional
hall' of section thirty-lour (HI), township
so vi-n 17), south tne (A) west; . at half east
of Huone lake, svotion tbirty-three Clr),
townahin seven (7), range five (); east halt
east of Boose lake, siction lour (4), town
ship 8, range l'i;,tiorthw,st quarter et aection
3, t'iwnbip e, range 6; north treotional half
of northeast quarter of scotion 2, township
X, tan,, j; a. -utilise. t quurter section if,
township n, range . containing in all 7S1.22
acres, together with all acorotions made by
the Arkanras river, known as Irta ".Haple
Giove Fliintatlon," tognther with tbe lol
Inwiig personal properly! Twenty-one
bend of lollies of rations ages, sixes nnd de
scriptions; two head o nattleione stoaut
engine aad lix. urea; one grutinPl ; oue cot
ton gin and cotton pro,, together with
wagons, to-jls and I'arniiug utensils.
'J'orm.1 of culc"One-l'ourth cssh ol the price,
balonoi in four equal it atallmcnts, pay
able in one, two, three nnil four years, evi
dourea by notes executed by the purchaser
boarinir intorcst at the rato of six per cent.
Ser annum until pal l, and secured by treat
o-d on the autd l.in.ln.
The title to above lauds ia good, lint I sell
and convoy only aa trustee.
further Information can be obtained of
E. M. Apperson k Co., 1. C. Mlaugh'.er.
Cha'runau and I i ustee, and of N.F. lsouias
tor, of Koral Jt Leiiiaaier, real estate aa-eu'.s
Trustee, MiMotitc i'empla.
iMoplaiiTaticiu by tbe Uoreruor.
The State of Tennesaee Wm. B. Bate, (lov-
crnor -ij all who shall lee these rreasnta,
Will-' I HAS, It has been made known to
ue thiit some unknown party or Par-
tics cbargod with having eotnmit'od a loul
and atrocious murdor on the body ot John
tarah.un, on tb'. litMh day ol Octolr, 18;, in
our county ot blioU.y, tied from juatice and
now running at I irae;
Now, therefore, I. Wra. II. JJale, uovornor
i afureauid. by virtue ct the power and au
thority in -rue vested, do hereby oner a re
ward of two htmilreJ and fifty dollars, to
any person or persons who tr.uy apprehend
the raid unknown pirtv or pirties, end do-
i ur bun or t'i"iu lo the k-'ierill or Jailor of
our county ot ' Slieihy, in ordtr thstimti.-.
in thi.t liohutt n bo had nt.d executed.
Ih a row ir l 1-. in i.i" pny:une, one na:t oa
di liv:ry U the MierilT aud one hjll on eon
lo tcstiJiony hereof, I hive hereunto set
toy html, au'l oau'e I too itrent oe 'i oi tne
Stutc to be .iiiltd st. Niwhrilie, tn :he lth .
day ol November, lcbo.
By the Governor!
Iuhx iUuds, atcreavyoi ftaie.

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