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TCEDsT, t t 1'IC. 7, ISHtt.
We bae nether t'. e time n jr the
ipace. this morning to maie any ex
tended comtrenls on Ph silent Clcve
lacds mwan. Like everything that
em6L' from the President, ihe mes
eBg will be found an able, Bound,
Btcsible document, tm'.Lfui, straight
forward, and free from tbe ihu-trap
oi the demngogoe. I'. dos credit t i
I'.e hand and heart of i s author. It
is written with ab lity and carries
upon ita face tbe Impress of deep
thought and an earnest desire to pro
mote tbe welfare cf our common conn
try. It will be seen that tbe Presi
dent is eminently sonnd on tbe tari
question; recommenda that revision
and ref Tm which the eapporters of
the Monion bill endeavored to ac-
com plii h daring the last session of Con
jrresj. That part of tbe meseazo wblcb
recommends Congress to make en p
propriation to pay the Usees whlc
the neitroea Incurred by the Frued
uid'i Bank will provoke much criti
etam. But we believe the P vnocratio
Home will indorse the PrrsiJent'
Teecromf nda'iors. The rreoiiman
Bank was regrdd by te negro ps
government institution. 11 war iiener
ally controlled by uniformed c 01 era,
and aa,tho government was indirectly
party to the swlnd'e, the go vera men
should restore thu moi.ey nut of
which the negro w.is swind'el Tbe
negro bid just been frond from slave
ry, he was ignurant, easily impost
on by men in uniiorni, aad it is toped
through Democnitlo houectvand just
ice the g verumrnt will refund evry
dollar which the negroes deposited in
the Freemen's B .nk.and out of which
they were swindled by Republican
officials. "We hope the readers of the
ArriAb will give the metsago a care
ful persual. Ita general temper and
tone, aud tbe ability and statesman-
ship with which it discusses the ques
tions before the country, should In
sure it the cordial approbation of the
good, the wise and the patriotic. .
The repute of the condition of gen.
ral baB'Eeee is favorable, with steady
prices and anticipations of advanced
rates. Tbe early appearance of revere
winter hits promoted activity in win
ter goods, and Christmas purchases
re ei acted to be beyond any that
have occurred since the late depres
sion set in. The clearings statement
we publish this morning shows
marked advance during the week In
Mew York, an increase of 19.2 pi
eent. over toe same time last year,
wbtsh Is mainly doe to the speculative
eieitemeni in Wall street. Outelde
Dew York the corresponding inoreise
1b 8 per eent over the same week last
year. Of the thirty cities reporting,
eight show decrease as sgainst lait
year, among them St. Louis decreased
t.O per cent. ; Jfew Orleans makes
better show this week, its decrease
being only 6.0 per cent.,but G dives ton
decreased 20.9 per cent. ; Indianai-olis
increased 118 4 per cent., and Mem
phis eihll ited an Increase ol 132 4 per
eent. over the corresponding week
hwtyear. Tbe great activity prevail
ing in stocks shows that the shrewd
observe! s In Wall s'reet have almobt
. nboundai oonfidence in thn increase
of i business when the season fir
spring good sets in. Tbe Bjston Ad
ttrtuer remarks: "If sound rem o us
xUt for a further 'boom' in stovk.
they must be allied to such an im
provement of general busines as
never prevails wben cotton, wheat,
sole lei.ther, sugar and other leading
raw materials are as near to the low
est price in history as they are today.
We are believers in an advance In
those articles after the 1st of Jan-
nary." What Congress will do with
silver, the tariff and some other
things is di8cus.;d, but does
not materially afloct trade. The
8f anions will close early in
March, and the Christmas
holidays have to bs deducted,
so that any very important action
u;on those stir, eti is not expected
The New York Pott reports: "The
Southern group ol railroals is in favo
aa never before, and perhaps without
sufDoient dlKcrimlnation." Tbe New
York JSwhtm asks why, if in the
South a g od quality of pig iron can
ba made for 18, such as soils at from
$18 to 20, while Pennsylvania iron
e s s double that amount, there are
only tea furnaces in Tennessee and
fourtten in Alabema? The move
mt'iit golnu on at Shi fflald, Ala , may
glva some rvsuinsi to the qnest'on
ThelBufleinaUo further asks: "Ii it
not enrpruiug that iron possessing
such merits a to quality, and oosting
but $8 per ton to p-oduce, is not
wanted in gnater quantities than ten
furnaoisciO turn out, while Pennsyl
vania Irons, whioh cost twice as mnch,
are selling in almost nnpiesedented
qaantitiea? There most be eomethlng
the matter, What can it be T'' Silver
during the week has fluctuated. A
week auo the Lonjon quotation was
4CJ pence an ounce; it then fell to 48,
and un Tdortd ry to 45 ; the latest qa
taiion we have, it had risen to 45J
pence, w! ion makes the silver in our
'dollar wo th 57.14 emr
The Ctmtt ito-'ga Tradtma has an
intareeting article, by H. K Collon,
showing whit opportunity nature pre
sents to itoM hunters in this Biate,
from which we If arn that that metal
is to be foon I inly in a narrow strip
on the 8 aU'seiistr-jn border, athoujh
labor ftii4 moi ey have ben vainly
B)"r.t in i-e nliing for it elsewhere.
While d;tr but d hire and therein
the m fi lure r -iron of the laHirn
B'rip, Coco cret k, Motir-e c -untv, sp
poars to ht ih- o:.ly pla e when it ii
BnfUcoL-tly cut en raid f r working.
"Wolf iT'-' ..Coiki comiy.oflrtrsa prus-
pe? as more than J '000 hos heen oh
t dned there. It if believed thtt sood
w-h nt.s can tie f und iu tl at neili
tioihoo 1. Near the hd of this creek
is a vein of liema'.ite, above which
gild Lai been found. By B!uQ
m lUotain, on a small fork of Wo t
cr-ek, ia a qiailt vein in
whic'i, liy analys'3, Trof. L'.iplon
foiiud $ 2 of gold to tha ton; there
haa ho. n little wo k dine rp n the
vol.). Coco creek has been worked
f.-om 18:5, snd h-is bu tbe objoct of
tpcu'aslve eflor'n, aud Ool. I. Boyd,
of Benio.i, is s'.ill operating them
II iw mnch ia taksn away is unknown ;
only abont 140,000 bas been reported
t) tbe mint, but it is not doubted that
t tn timos that amount bas been ob-
Uimd. The gold beiring area ex
tends about six acres, and some of the
owners have bad their property
worked. The Hot water property is
highly thought ol, and other prop
erty thera has received attention. A
large auioant of metal bas bees ob
talned, and the washiogs still pay well,
Water is scarce, bat could be brought
to ths spit from a moderate d stance.
Mr. Barry constructed ' a dam, with
foity foot fall, end had six hands
working at 60 cents a day, and mak
ing $1 25 to the hand. With evste
matic process and proper implements,
it is believed the Uoci creek proper
ties would pay well. The larg
est piece of gold ever foand wefghed
143 pennyweghU; qa'te a num
ber hive be ;n found of from 20 to 43
pennyweights. The gold found here
is said to be noUd tor ita excellent
qiiilily. The gold is found chiefly in
a ridge which rins about 100 to 150
foet above tha valley of Coco Creek,
bnt the soil of the whole valley is
more or less impregnatod with gold.
The prevailing rock of the rldga is
milky qnaria, with hombleudio gneiss
in tha reglm. Should ente-prlse
make tha bsbt of the gold district of
Tesnessce, it is to ba hoped that
wealth enongh wilt be found to indues
Tennessee's legislators to appropriate
money enough to pay the fitata's run
ning expense.
Joba Teeintv Home Ag-nia.
PiTtBBono. Pa.. December 6. John
Tt-emer, ex-ubampion oarsman of the
UnttM Mates, has arrived from Eng
land, wtiere he went four months ago
to row Bsaoh. the Australian cham
pion oi tbe worlrl, and others. He
arrived in New York last baturdy
oo toe neamir nontngnam, ana al
though somewhat ill on the way over,
looks to be in fine condition. lie
Dialed that he was very much plesstd
with tha treatment be received in
England, and came back with cousid-
eraole more money in his pocket than
bs bad when he went away. One
reason tie gave for tbe American oars
man making such a poor snowina
apaln4 Beach, was that none ol them,
iuoluding himself, were ia fl st class
conoiiJon. At tbe same time he
ttated that although Ganriaar was not
Well wuen tie rowed Betcb, the latter
was also feeing badlv. but bent him
two litirtiis In a mile and a LaK,
which bra always been Gaadaur'e
favorite disttuce. The Auetrailan said
ws were tbe speed n et rowers he
had ever seen; in fact they
were extrnoidinsry f-T rpeea.
Beach brat Qaudmr bv two lenutbs
at the latu-r'j favorite distance, one
mile aivd a half, and Matturaoirt the
other Australian, bent me by four
lengths in the samrtdistance,but could
not stay to the ho s'j. Every race of
the eeiies was rowed on the squa-e.
Que thing that sarp lsed me over there
was tue ticavy netting by the Englith
f porting moo. Oroui-n of them wou'd
Kuinor on trie teiuree s boat, aud but
as much as 300 aud 100 at a time,
making extraordinary pools. Toemor
added that he expeiis Hanlan Lome
i bou' Ohrhtm is, an 4 will chRl'.engo
him efier be returns. He will al-o
row Baech eg.io if he comee to this
couotir. He added that Bubear is
coming over next year. Teemer will
winter at McKeeeport. and row double
with Uamm next season.
Bis llarlal at Kliawaoa Teiterday,
The C dd and snow did not nrnvAnt
the friends of the late L. L. Uailey
from a tending his funeral yesterday.
Bvery employe of tbe Miaaiaamnl anil
Tennese railroad was anxious to at
tend ttie funeral aud attest their re
speot and loving friendship for the
ueodRsso, oui impeiauve duty pre
vented. Mr. Hadny was 87 years of
SIM. He lias been Or) the MiMiaalnnl
and Tennowee road for about tweuty
years. He commenced as brakemau,
and showed such intureet and aptitude
In lallrosd aflairs that ha was mada
conductor tea rr fifteen ye.irs ago, in
wniun position lie won tha entirnnnn.
fldencxand admiiation of the ntH.-UU
ami nnlvoriwl popularity from Mam
phis to U rounds. Psengxis always
felt eocura when ilailev had rharva ol
uia nam. ana ne was an ecpHial
avunteaii aiorg me line. Ita rrt
tulued Ihe unbounded confidence of
Mipt. llarke up to tbe laat
ip lie mad j two weeka aso. His
lionerty wai never Questioned, and
he died wi h an in ten r it r unsullied.
Vr. ILilley was a member ol the kla-
nonlc order, was a'ao a member of the
KuUbtsor Honor nd of the order of
Rail wav Oonducors. Ha leaves thiiM
children, the oldest only 12 years of
fa. xiia esia'e is valued at JjlOO 0.
ever a man died of a hmkon hrt
the death of L. L Uailey furnishes a
cae In point Five months auo his
wife died and he never racoviired Imn
tueehoik. His a&ections were strong
and his love for his wife filled heart
and brain with a wild, mad flamand
when eha died all of life's hopes were
blighted; be became a physical wreck
and two weeks sgo tbe malady reached
his brain and bis mind sympathised
with his crashed heart and the ht.
tered body, and for snce death was mer
ciful, for lite to him was a bnrden. In
railroad circles Mr. Hailey was a prom
inent tkure. and he waa a nnlvArul
favorite along the railroad on which ha
has so long been a sonspicuons adorn
ment, and there wid be a general ex
pression of sorrow at his death. Long
will he bs huldiu aBeo'iona e remem
brance bv those wlio k rifiw him Inrnr.
ruvt bin Loneety, tbe ami- b lit of bio
raiure aua tne many noble traits of
bis Character.
DlamoiuU avt st iiifrlV
liHiitirii it1
. all o Ids Ot.S us taJUJilm u,
Htunu.'aUS SUii uromoia IS
And it
rowth f f thohftir.
F'Mwrp-.t't laTcrir. Fr-3-.ca-atb
.J iiaae,g:cu.-.-j.-y, 'ffl, awaf-tgr ifij jx.
it Noon Teslerduy Tlie Swearing
lu of New Members Hhu Are
! Mil Vicautiof.
WaniNaTO', I) c' mbrr ft. The
loi nii-i iii"r Ilia Fuitr nlnlh Con;rcta
ill bo.in t Bm u.'t .y. Alt r i rutr rii'l
Ml 011 io'i tmuaawill a'iiut m noiuuiit
te tn tuliirin tbe ulhr ol it reuliu 0 to
procen't to b-Jtia-nii. 'I b new members who
ar to fill tbe Tcnires cnuHeJ by tlnitu and
rnia' at na will tijen be aworn in. Upon the
completion of tha formal or nitition sjoint
raioittee will wait upon the l'mideiit to
tutor n bin tiat a e. loruin of e -h buuie if
a-teuKleo and thut t outren U re n't y to re
oeve anjr coiumunl arioa he laey be pleued
tun tie. The 1'isfident't anmil uiemaxe
wl.l rhea 1 receiyed, and after ita readioa
he formal mm unoeiomi t in the Heoate of
the deitU ol beiietur Pilte and in th- llou a
f tbe deathi o( H-preetntatnea lla' h and
Arpet will be undo, fo luwtd iiuinf dutolr
by adjournment, in respect to tbe inemurr
ei the deoeaaid.
Ihe leolatlv bn-lneii of th eemoo ll
xee ed te brc a na Tuerday.
Th ueflul. had basineea ol tbe 8uit Ii a
ytiei priv tt pons on bill, reported from
tha Co'umitloe on V otitini wiiha reoom
men latioa thiit it be p iaaed urer tb vein.
Tne Brut of h- iecinl orders ia the F oiflo
rml'oa.l funding ill, which has bo-.n at Ire
he id i f tlieoalendir aim e lat May. It if
notkniian whether 1r. Hoar, who hat it iu
oha'ge, will pria It for poor idoraliou at
aDue. or e utter it to remain over.
senator Pl-tt'f resolution lorthecnmid
eratien of Lxecutive noniinHtions in upon
sts- on is a p ioil order for Wailnefday and
its con id iruti in will bo urged without fur
ther deluy With thfe t ireeexm p"ons no
measure en the ohIi ndar U in a pu ition to
coiiimKU tb attention of th tanute during
the Woek, t e re.iiainina ipjcial ordu'f
boinf attgned to days of th fol
lowing week. The ouUcd-r eunt'inf
m bills and rasoliitioan, irom which
nuiauor a mijoriiy of the boy
will njjVo ill fnleetion lor consid
eration. 'Jhrre it a proi-pe't of anotrlf
egieoajent by th ooiifreef upon the inter
taU ooimneroe bill. It if h dly prubiible
tlmt any bu-iness of omseguei.ee will be
transaoted in toe Ilousa of. ltei.roeen Htivef
during the eirly prt ol the week A privi
lege 1 rei rt may ba preemted to the llnu e
by ih coufereef on tke tortiOo'tioo-. inn
print. on b ll, whioh failed el ea iot i.ent laat
le-sion by r aaon ot tne total ditugreeuieut
ol tne oonfxriies, in which event a new fen
faience will be ordi ed. The Appr priation
loniniittee k as made such proyresf in the
iireparut-on ot the snniiry oirtl appropria
tes bill thai it if beliered litis meaaure ran
e rep- r vd t the lleuse abou' the mld.lle of
tha woek. If the Umir ei that body proves
favnrabla, the bill oau be tuken up for luime
dista actio a I lair pronren made by ihe
end o ihe w.ei. c-ereral uieasures of
iuts ert were mad 00. t nuing p eial
order at tlia last i-ef-ion and may be
oalled up at any time if the iloum
It to disposed. '1 hey are th free ship b it,
the cle'loral couut bill, the Paoilic railroad
fanalng bill, the WarhmgtoD Daki-ttand
Oslahom IVrritorlal adm-siion bills, th
army reorgHaiiatioa bill and i-undry bills of
minor Imunrtanof rep orted f oit the '"'ora
miltoet:i Lalior, Ways and nant. Bunk
in" aud Currently, Agriculture and Indian
The unflnlshed hmlness for tha morning
hours it tha Hou-e denlde to I'-illow routio
tithe bill te iodemnity the Chinese itTuri-rt
by the I'eok hpringi massacre. Next in
rder sn tai calendar is the bill proriding
forth eoLttruoiioa if tb llennepin oaoal.
Tbe Senme.
Wasuihotom, December 6. The
gs'lerixf or tha Senate obambe were, in
piteoftlio Inclemen yof theaeatber, filled
with tpeotalort whan, at 12 o'oloek, noon,
the taoond fettiuu ef the forty-ninth Con-
riresi was opened. Iu hit pryer the Chap
an. th Key. J. U lialler. teelmalT
alluded to the mourning draperiea wiih
which the chamber was hung, in memory of
the lai Senator Pike. f few Uiiphro.
lb presidiBf ofiioer, Mr. Sherman, laid be
lore the heaate jot-ral ol the annual reponf
of the heads of departments, wh ca war or
dered primed
Pa o otions were adopted fixing the dally
hour of meeting at noii iuterming the
Houre that th r-eaat was reariy to proceed
to bu-iuis s. and for the aonolntmeiit of a
oonmiitec to wait on the Piasident for th
tike purpnae, aleatrt Edmonds and baulf-u-y
wereaupolniei tuoh oomiultlee.
The o.edeutialt ol eionator Williams, of
California, were rre'ent. d aad tbe oata 1
oflios wa administered to bim.
b veial lulls wet iutroducea and re 'erred,
lint' g tbem the tallowing:
l)r Mr. Voorhees To amend the charter of
the Washington aad Ueoraetown Railroad
Br Mr. Ca'l Fr the conduction of a
canal from Bt. Augustine, Via., to Indian
Ii; Mr. A1llon-Toaathoritet1iecnnstruo-tio
of a hr ilue across the viaxouri riverk
Uy Mr. Erarts To auihnrite tue oonetnio
tlnH of a bridge ac-russ tbe bust nrer, Now
'r. Mtlche'l offered a lone nreamhla and
resotuiionr call ag lore reiort fr- in the .Sec
re sryot War at tu the reason fur the hanue
of the engineer ia olmrBe ol the works of in
ternal iin movement in Ormon. luid war
until tomorrow.
Hen. st was then taken for ten minutes
The roadlt-ff ot th mas-aae waa nnnnluilail
at3:2io'clook.wtieu tlie nie-fliifetnd aortoui
panjing documents were idore l prlnud.
Air, llo ir reminded the enat1 that the
Psoifle railroad fumiin hill aud Iimd ant
down nfl a sreri" I order for tomorrow, and
t'.ld he would theo ask hat its oonsideiation
be deierred in Ihe hope that tha Mouse
wuuld in the meatrliaa take mmt otmn
that would relieve th tkinate of trouble in
regard to it.
Mr lllair anrounoed tha death of his lata
collsngue, Mr. l'lko, and moved as a mark of
respect te his memory that tha Canute ad-
joi.rn. He wouid, at an apptopria e time.
ask th brnat to let apart a day for th
bearing of eulogies.
The motion was agreed tn, and the Sena's,
at 3:30 o clock p. in , adj urned
1 he House,
WAamNQTm. D'-cemher fi. For art
hoar before anon tod the fioor of the Uouse
viuiuna an enlivening aopearanoe.
ui.,ure "i memueri orowuca tne oioag roouit
no um aaueu me aisles, cna ting, lauah
lug, exchangiug oonsratu'ation on succe s
in the reoent alaetinna. ni n.. .iUnM .......
''. Victors twitt. d vanqul-h- d aud yn
quirhed Jokinirly oomiutseratid with vmir.
ut".'" te'r failure to Ihrow o th.i burdens of
public Ilia.
. lue o umaaoi wahbington.un-
dt lan uiinrnn until u u , h
crowded the galleries and looked down with
Interest and amusement on tha too net that
were being en -oU-d below. The Executive
uii-i- lumio laueri-t were, buwever,
ooutiiionously empty. Th d-. sks of various
meivbers were adorned with floral d-aians,
tylvania, and Wilson, of We-t Virginia, be
ing vory ei -norato 1 ne -pitaker was not tor
golten.and hit desk was hand'omely adorned
While Ooairratulationf abounded, those
offered to M . Ileailt were annarently the
m"Bi n oe waa aepi ousy shaking
han-is wito politic l f inn is and foes, who
1-etm-d to vie with e toh ether in expreesing
the heart est ti ed will ajid go d wishes. At
rreoisely la o clock Speaker Carlisle rappd
am ii'use m ururr, anu me cqaptain ueliv-
ed the prayer, in which he teelingiy re
ferred to the deathi of R-pr lentaiivct Ileach
and Arnnt, and invo ad tbe bivioe tuper
vition over the iToceedtngs of Oongress.
In obedience to tha direction of the
Fpeaker, the clerk proceeded to call the roll,
when 'ill members rei-po. ded to he r names.
On motion of vir. Morrison (III a rcaolu
tlon was tit- pud directing the t'lirk to in
form tlie Senate t .at the Uouse was ready to
proored to busine.
On motion of Mr. Reagan (Teg J, a reio
lution was adopted for tne appointment of
three members, t join a similar committee
appointed br the benate, to wait on the
President and inf rut him that t ongr- tt was
ready te receive any oemmunloaiioa he
mignt desire to make.
Alea-re. Ke gan, Hre-k.nrldg f Ky aad
Rood war appointed at inch cotiiuiiiee.
Mr. Hewitt tN. Y . rising to a question of
privilege, asked that Mr. S. H tog should
be twora tu at a member of the House, to
fill the veoany oeoaeioned by th resigna
tion of Joseph Puli ter. II "tit d at the
same time that tna fur . al lurlifl..,. .r aj
Cog f election had not been received. No
objfotionwat made to Mr. Coi eeaalifylng,
and oil personal a -pula.ity was msnlie ui
by ti.e round ot appl-.u-e which greeted hit
re-ntry Into iiitlaiv life.
Menrf. Henry W. Ru-k, of Maryland,
and Henry u.e .n of New York, alto appear
ed at the bar ol th llou eand q iilltled. flil
,?,a5',T.?n', "nd byth deaths
ef Win. U.Cole a4 Le it Beach, liii-ui
rece't was taken until a nk i ......
the rea.semblint or the Honse, the Cum
as i tee appointed to wa t upon th President
!;57inr.ithStU J"d. erformed it. duty,
and that the President would communicate
in writ ns with Congress forthwith
Mr l'rud- n the l're.i.luni'. ... .1 .i ....
rettry, was then atitiounced, and pre eoted
to tie House Ih-i P e-doi t't annual met-I
sage. It was irarae.ilat-ly read bv lhn.,rl
Ihedccu lei-t was li-ian,l l.i Mr if ii.i.aIi
at ention by Ihe tnetnheit oi tho llouie un-ti-
that portion wmoh d scusert tna tiritt'
iliiestion had been read, when int-resl sla k
su.d and the rciundrr of tbe moi"se
foun t f w Imt ncr- The ,lo,-oo . i .. i..
ordered prin'td eud teierrsd to the Ceiuiuil-
ira i. 1'iu ll ' it.
Mr awitt IS. T l ..j .i..
ll.'Ute t.ie death ol the ia'e Coniresstuen
"''"" iia. ia-wis ii see and John Ar
not, jr. aud a similar duty w.s perturmed I
t" wr
by Mr. Caswe't, fvt'ia., who nnnounced
the death ot bit colic gue, W. P. Pr re.
A co'iur.l'lee ennsi-'ing of Mers-s U'lon-t1!!-,
Vorrill. Kred r ck, Tau bee 0bnurne,
Hud 1 and f.af.iilet e. w.-ia appointed to at
tend N-r. Price's funer.il, and then, as a
mark of respect to tn uictiory of the do
ce aed R-prcsintative, tbs 11 u.' ad
journed. buine Krtort "nlire.llint Prai-
WABHiar.TON, Dn.'fmher 6. Wi-pn
Mr. Cos. of .New York, look theo .th of nice
toil iv to f-'Unti hiio-elt in the euitjiir raising
l.osit on of hf-v rig t" ncc ipv a se.-t ou lite
(tutor t.art of the Uei-uolican siilo. lut
from this eiuriarr-a-iiu' rit he was relieved by
the cou'oy of hcpr.si uttitive J. i. ryes,
of Texas, v.bo, ui.on h ing iniriduned to
Mr. Cox. ronirratulatcd b s party and the
noutitry upon his re'um'to legis:ativ la
borr'. Mr. b.ye's th:n, in a ipritot cour
tesy, tenderod his teal to Mr. Cox. This
re t if a prominent one on the beuiocrat o
sidi and wit occupied by Mr. Cog duting
several Congresses. Mr Cox, though toth
to oislod Jar. 6aver, wa-i fiu tlly iuduoed
to ao:ept tie courtesy, snd taking from his
Iran a pearl pin "I ihe do'igu el a star and
ore. cent, tiresented it tu Mr. Shyers aa a
memento of the ocouiion.
recently appeared bnfore ibe House Commit
tee on Appropriation) and presented the
presiing n-oes-ity for an nrgenr, defia ency
spprnprirition to oonii -ne tbe work at tlie
Onvernuient Pr'i.tiog UfSce. Nu estinate,
however, tor that brancn of the terv toe have
reached the committee through the Treasury
llopartiiiei.t. and there'or it, cannot, under
the rolet. take any ac ion upon the subject.
It it underpt od, however, tiat theetimatet
will he forwarded to tbe committee wituin a
fow dayt.
from tbo inintf 'hirins the week ended lie
ceinber 41 a was Sjll.llll Ihe issue durin
the eorrcs-'inding period ot lat your waa
$M9,:pv The shipuii iit" of fraction I si ver
coin during Ptovem -1 r amount, d tuST47.4IU
who is at prei nt a o emher of the II none
Co'nmtttee on Appropnaitous, is a candt
date for M . Hewitt's place upon the Coin
miltee on 'a)t aud vent on tuat srent-e
man's re'ignstion. Mr Ailamsexpeots the
suoport ot tue r. tore uemocrlio uelegit
ACUiSl'l Kll
an offer to compro ni e lnt it known as tli
l rs:er unde'v iluiit'on case. Mr. John I
Lerter, ot Chicago, recently itnp'Tted
number ol valuable ptiutinat from Pari
which were seise I by Ihe cosioin o Hi -era be
cause of an all-ged at einpt to evndo the
legal duties 'two invoicet wore u-nd oih
for the contignee an I Ihe otl.er for ihe Cus
tom llou-e Ihe value of the paintings an
coruins to tne lormer wa DiJ.tsiu.anil aoi ord
ing to the latter liO-sl uy tbe terms of th
comnroiBise Mr. Le er will pay duties an
oosrs amounting to about t:60O and a penalty
ox axiuir.
The Ifou'si M ahee mini t Ml tcb
(ll't Mrioiuiiuu
Washinoiton, I)e enilir 6. Repre
sentative Lurtln bas la ued a call lor a meet
Ing ot his tt'coial Lai-or Committee tomor
row to outline- plan ot procedure in ooiu
ruling its report.
Th tubo 'tninittee of the Hons Commit
tee on Appropriations, wh-ch has been en
g.igad in tho or, narat on of ihe aundrv civil
sppr p iation bill, completed that measure
tne morning aud tei-orteil it to the full ooiu
mitie-3, wmca immediately began itf
oonsmerntoin. As ren.rtea lrom thi
siibcnmniittee. tbe ol I approprlatet
fiu.ima.oio, wnicn is siz.ru.uiv less
toan the estimate', $1,663,000 lets than the
appropriation lor the current year, and S
04.'' 00 1 1tts than the nifgiegat of th appro
iina-iona maae oy ine o ii afl reporlea u
lloufle at tne ial ses,lon. rrourtarn vnam.
bert of the e iumittte were in attendance at
thit n orniug'f session when the House
siijournea. inif afternoon another rneetin
will be held and furtn-r progress made I
the preparation ot the sundry civil bill.
Th resolut on nlered today by Senator
Mitcne i, ni u re iron, re net tn it preamble
that the appropriationt for the co- tinuatioa
of work upon the canal and looks at tha
ea cades ot the Celntnbia river and for th
improvi ment of th mouth of Yaqulna fcay
and tiooa bay, tn Urenen. were available on
th atn day or A ag ist; that do work wtt
don at the Cm cades un il the 10th of Octo
ber, rbns lo-dng the sroit advantage of- low
wa-er, gooa wtner ana long days
that the espendituie ol tbe oihrr app'oi r a
tioot rre red to has been Postponed until
next spring, and that osmmereia! bodies
representing th cominuoit e most deeply
lutere ted, as wet at the water ways con
vention have deprecated the de ay aud hav
parted reeoiutiont ot tenret tnat the en
gineer in charge of 'he work nt the Cascades
bad been re.leved after submitting bit pro
ject, tLus peceSJinly oo arionlng further
delay, is- ret itution dlrecu that the feo
retary of War Inform th Kenate wh-J
changef in the atsi.nuient of engioeertln
charao of thi wrsi in Oregon and
Washington Terrl'ary have been u ado and
th reatiia ah whether the piojeecs tub
willed by the cffiners relieved had been an-
proved or reje ted) what chu gel had been
made in the plan ol woik and opend tur;
whether it tt true tbat tbe works it the
mou nor in uinunitis and at theiaquia
andCoot bayt have been tu Bended till spring
anl why. The heoieUry it alto dire ited to
trausiuit e plot of all correspondence upon
tne fuujoci
Enitetrtl Id m Milwnahee Coart.
Milwaukee, i , D -cemhrtr 6.-
There was a sensa ionil scene in Judge
8luan'f cour' this evening at the doling of
the trial of P.iul Crotkan and Albert Mo
tet ger. who areohar.id with having ino ti d
t o lalv r riots at Milwaukee Harden last
Mv. The entire day had Oeen oonsumed in
argument, Judge .-loan bad concluded tbe
Unlivery or his charge, the lury wera iu-t
fling out and the o od iliat bad Jammed
the C'lirl room wat on the point
oi ueparmr wnen tneir ex t wat ar
retted by the rapping to order
oi ine deputy therms, fl. uneh'osacopyol
urotikau f paper. Ikr ArbtU rZeilnnn, Ilia.
trior At orney Williams advanoed to the
Judse't de-k and sai l, iu a loud vo.o:" Your
Honor, 1 daaire to cl jour attention to a
gross sea' dal and vi laini-ut il el and con
teutpt in oonnectu n wnh th f case, and he
pointed to several mtrked articles in th
paper. On w.lt a poem taking Judge hloau
lor a ton and oontaining the most aourri-
lous abut of him. The prosecutors were of
similar tea or rd aenounoed the Jury eg
bouiht up and th witn ties for the State at
perjurer. 'Ihe aetioa of the IXstrict Attor
ney Greeted a seusaiinn. Uruttkau turned
pale and hurriedly fought hit lawyer. Jud e
Moan said hf Bad heaidof the lub-icationt
relrrre i to; a id that witnesses for the State
had been grossly Intimidated lis declared
that a thorough Inveet tation would be mad i,
end appointed Monday at th day on which
Umttkau would be gira an opportuaity to
At a lata hour ton lM the jury (l still out.
The Hftw. lis-. Abbey Say a
A (tenth man in business In New Or-
liauc, a nifmher of my family, calltd
my Httt-ntio i to tne new town ol
on the Gulf e iasr. in ll incnck county,
Mies., and wiehtd me to visit it. etc'.
so I spent two wet-ks there last rum
mer. It is forty-nve miles from New
Orleans, on the Louisville and Na;h
ville railroad, and the eitreme south
ern p int of land in this State. Itad-
ioina the c-.'lt brated plhce of my old
friend, Col. J. F. II. Olaibotn -, of
w liinh so mnch was tai.l and writien
nia'iy years ago. I was burnrisi d to
find such an elhiiVe tract ot laud sn
much overlooked of late veats. It
fron's handsomely on the water; is
high, dry, totnmodiou and desirable.
We boutiht a lot, Inn t a ht nse. and
now occupy it Otl.e-lots are selected
on which we eztcr fo build other
houses tii be occupied bv other mem
bers of the fsmtly, m st crobablr in
the early part of nex year. One great
advantage bete is, iliat it is tbe first
Bd high land yon find after
leaving the city of New Or
leaus. Tne depot o! Tonlme
is at Oalf View. I am told by
tboe bet'er actjaaioted than myself
that this gulf roast, rnly about sixty
miles lonu. is fast coming into notice.
and that property is advancing in
price; that is, land on tbe sea shore.
It is no loi eer ruarded aa a mere
"rummer resort ; It is alto a place ta
Mts winter and summer. I want it as
rpslder.ee for at least f eveiat mem
bers of my family or their families.
The constant sea hreexe, stronajy salt-
ea, is wonae iniiy lnvtgnrattrg. i
know of no piece where uood health
is die per or more abundant. A fpod
school and a ennre i will be rs.ab
liehed there at no ciiatai't fay. And
that the he' ter clauses cf people may
ircliue to ee tie theie, we may hope
to eee prohibition soon 1 1 mteti tre.
axoo, Miss., October 12, m.
NlTe L-ils for winter homes for
sale. Apply to L'leAti Walker, Holly
KprinKa, Mi.-s., or Lvcuiti'ts Burns,
Touluie, Miss.
DECEMBER 7, 1886.
Aeiiast Jho Lualniaaa Lotd ry Com
pitny la tlie V. H Supreme t'on:l
Thw Kpr Cap.
WAsniNorr.s, Decoiribor 0 An im
n rtant decision w.n rendered in the 1,'nited
rt teshupreme Court today in the tax case of
tha City of Aew Olivine against tbe Louisi
ana Lottery i ompaoy, brouitbt hen- by
appeal irom ihe t:ir-;ui' Ceiirtui the United
Males for too Kiisteru Hi-tuvt l Lmimana.
Ih s.ruitwa- ii etituted by tho lo'.leryoom
pany lor the purpose ol nbl-it i r un in
junction lorentT'iin the oity and the Board of
A-lessors lrom a-se sing .nd co lectiog cer
t un taxes levied by them upon it ia alleged
violation ot its charter.
The aot incor orating the Louisiana Let
ter Company .rnviwe,l tt,t it should paj to
thebtat- ihe -urn ot $ il.toii ,,fr una,,m , be
credi ted to the Kducation il Fund, and that it
should be exempt from all other taxes and
lioeiitea lrom the t-t ite, purish. or municii.,.1
antho-ities. 1 he company al etes tbat not
wtthst nding this exemp.ion. the city of
New Orleans it nbo-.it to assess and col
lect a tax urn itt cnpttal Hook and
otier trcperty hy virtue of lbs provisions of
ialrWJ-0' th begisliturocf Lou iianaof
ism), this court holds tbat the tax ootn
plaincdof is ..robin ted by the terms of tbe
e ntraet contained iu tn company's char
ter; that a tax suoh as .hat ao. gl't 10 be im
posed upon the ooiniany it a -ax upon the
incorporation witnin he meaning of itt
charter, snd not i pon its individual stoog-hold-rf,
because trie corporation it com
pelled to become turety ior t ixes nominally
imp sol upon its -to -kholilorf and is uia-ie
liiible primarily lor their payment. The fair
inforen-e la that the luxation of the Louis
iana Lottery Company is not within the pur.
view of section uf act 77 of tue year 1S8J.
and that it was not tit intention of the
Legislature at expressed in that aot to im
pose upon tho oiiui puny any o'her taxes thun
those provi :ed ior in it- own cha'tor; but if
ot.'ierwise, act No. 77 is void, as a law im
pairing the obligation of a contract. The
deoroe of the C.rouit Court in favor of the
l-.ttery compiuy ia tirirmed. Opinion by
Justice Mattioas.
Tnsi Extrndltioit SJiiae of P. St. Iter.
Washing io.v, D'ceinher 6 A !
e sion wat aldo rendered by the court,
in tlie important entr.iditiou case of Fred
erick M. Ker again. t the people of tbe
riaioor lunula, br.mlu lsru by a writ of
r.rrt. ' tUeyupreun Court of that Slate. In
mw Ker, who wnaaoltrk in the emp oy of
rresioo, rvean tt t o , ol t;hicng i. embezsted
w 'n-Ke kuiii ni inoiioy oeloamng tj that firm
ana uei io reru, eoutn America. Upon p
Plication irom me Moveroon t Illinois tbe
re-iueni i i me united Mates, on the In
of March, 18H3, issued a warrant for the ex-
irnuuionci iveranuaaiil IttoFeruby Henr
V..UOBU, wno wai autnoniel Pi reoeive
the accu-ed from tha I,n...n !!.:;.
and b'ing biiu to the United States to antwor
cnarga oi isroeny. KeraPeget thHt Julian
wnuoui p esen.ing tne extradition pn ert
io any cmoar ot the fcruvian Uovern
ment. and without tnaalnvanw ri..,.. .,..,
that governo.eut for hit turrend.r, forcibly
luuaffi-eii nun anu p acea mm on b aril o
ino uniiea etaret veisel blssex by which h
w.-s brouaht to Honolulu. There be wa
traneiorred. be allesei, to the aieanier City
of r-ydney ano brought to San Krano.sco and
inon surrenu -rea by tne Uovernor of Cal
forma tn the authorities of the State of lid
noif as a fugitive from iurtine. Unon h i
arr.vul in fbi n;go, Kor was put on trial and
uuiy convicted ol larceny and euibtil"
ment, lie allairea thit thia w..,Im r,rn,,0n,l
ing was a violation of the prov sion" of the
vrruiy oeiween me t.nita rtatet snd Peru,
ratine 1 July V. i74 and be appeals to the
ouprome uouri upon in ground that thi
o- cat t in question th valid :y or tbo im
proper connruetion of a treat v. Th i
court it of opinion that if Ker
wan oeen nrnugnt to thit country b
procee .ipgs under th treaty ol W74 wi h
s-eru, is is protiani irom th stttement o
tbe esse in re- oru that ha mlaht hav aim
cesi-lully pie ded tbat he was extradited for
larceny and envioted by the verd ot of
jury oi emoeil'ement;! ut it it qnite a oiffer-
entoa- wben be comet to tnis o uotryia
v.. u anr.er in wni'-n ne wat brought be e
OlO'hed WithanrihtjiiahUKu n,AAU.li....n.
ner theltreaty c-ul I havegireo bim, and no
umj w-iioq ineoouniry owe-1 Peru or toniin
un er the treaty. The oourt thinks It very
clear that m invokiaa its Jurisdiction upon
the ground that he wa denied a rivhi conier
redupo nihm by a tr ay of the United -tatef,
i rieuoer niis i i'lca to cf tauiitn tue exist
eneeof any suoh right.
the cju et.iun ul bo far hit forcible
eeiiure iu ano her country and transfer by
violeree, lore or fraud to thie o mntry
could be msde availab e to reeist trial in the
S'ate court for tbe i-ftV te now charged upon
bi n, is oo which thit oou t doet not eel
01,11. 0. upon 10 I'eo ue, -loce iu tbat transac
tion the court doea not fee that the con.
ttitution nr laws or treaties of the lim ed
earns guaranu run any protection.
The court holds, however, that, th'f de
cision doea n t lea'vo tbe p-isoner or the gov-
ernmeat ot Peru without i edy
1 uoauiuonien teiinre with-
iu 111 leiniury r.veu tu exist
ing irony witn that enuotry
provirtei for the rxtnditinn of persons
churned with kidnapping, and on demand
irom Peru, Julian, the p irly guilty of it,
could be mrreiidored ai d tried in its courts
for violation ol it' la.s. Kcrhiui-elf would
probab y n. t be without r. dress, for he could
fue Julian in ana" 11I 1-smhoi ad luK
iioprisonmeiir and the facts set fnrti in th
pina wouiu wi'n ur. ni unt su-tain theact on.
v bet er he ouuld rooover a rum suffioient to
justify th action would p-nbably depend
upon the moral asreota of the oa-e, which
we cannot bere oousi.ier.
The Judgment id he Supreme-Court of
i noon, euriaiiiing ma a-oinon ol th
Criminal uourt of C00K county iigainst th
prisonar is affirmed. Opinion by Justice
A deoition was alfo rendered by th court
imiay anniner linp rtant extradition oa-e,
y i 1 The United Sist s vs. W m. Kunch er.
Kauscbier wat an officer of an Amerioin
ve-eel, who was ex rad.led from Ureat
uri am to antwer 1 - tne murder or a tea
man, ad who w i. afterward b ou.ht to trial
for a d fferent effsnse, via : The oruul end
UnuSUHl DUlllsnilient rtt tha aim aattmun
whom be was charged wi h murdering. Tb
as nrinkt op an i n- portint question whioh
pas loi.g oeen a tunjeot ot oiptomatio nrgo
nation between th government! of tie
Unl ed Statet and Oreat B l am. and whioh
nas n ver oetore been Una ir fettled, r i.
-Whether nndt-r tha extradltinn irat
in foroe between th two cuunti iet, a p-rs n
eztrad ted for one offense csn t tried for
anotner. it if th tame qttcition wh oh
waa disca-'fed by Secret. rv Firh aud
Lord Den y in th Wlnslow and l,.aM,,
omet, and which afterward beonm asubje t
of cntiderat'nn in t Ki glish liou.a of
burns, owiwninn wts never tirnutbt to a
definite tettlemeat. Thie court hold., in a
very long ana oaretuuy prepared onto 00 hy
Mr. Jutt'oe Milli-r, that a person who has
been bnuvht within tbe lunsdict'cn 01 the
court by vinue of proeeeiiings under an ex
trad tion treaty. Can 1 n Iv he triad Inrnn. nt
the offenses de-nri lied in ihe treaty, and lor
sne ocen e wnn wniou ne is charge I ia tb
proeeeiiings lor nit estrsdition. until a ma.
tunable time and opportunity have been
give a him. after hit leleata or trial nmlar
suon coarse, to return to th country from
whs air I urn ha had bean fareihlv t ,Un
under Ibe e proooedmnt.
Chief Ju-iics VVa.te dtsseits from tha
r-pii i -n of the oourt, on the ground 1 bat be
duet not find in toe treaty auyining which
forbids the trial of the pneonei for an 1 flense
omer man mat ior winch n wat extraailed
Jf lUfisrsPn, awl Wain.
Niw Yohk. Dect ruber 6 Tlie new
demand wa-i moderat in charat-ter
and mostly for colored aad fai.cr cot
ton gooas. I'rices firm hut market
quiet. Cotton hiehir and firmer.
old I'enawt Mulferd'a.
A Sngar Heatt Bwroexl.
Niw Oblkans. La.. Dt ember A
The tat tr house and mschiasry on W. L.
shatter t Ce at- Orove plantation, Terra--bonne
parish, war destroyed by tr last
Thursday. JUott about $10,000, insurance
Sick area Arnoww tk Imdltta Prla.
Statements recemlv published bv
mint widely cirrn'ated newtmanera tn
trie effect tbat much sirkoess e-xisted
amoig tne looUn p is ineis io Fort
Marlon, 6t. Aniinstiue, and that they
were dyirg at the ra'e of one per dtv
are not correct. Of the 450 Indians la
the fi rt on'y one is ill vnd under tn at
ment, and tne e have bi-s-n but eight
atl S in all. The Indiana ara nnt
only well, but apparently eDjoy.nir
tbemsriven. '
Inapfft tnifwl a wiock.
float Morunrhable
In its effec s, and mot nsffnl In its
app ication, tha frHrant r-OZODONT
lias oecome ttie most ponular ilenil-
lr c in rx'etenee. 'Tig n-ted and
praif-ed hy i-verybi-irty.
Kolld Silver at Jlul ord'a, !
Prei"dent of the Oreat LOUISVILLE C0U-RiKH-JOURNAL
CO., tellt wnat
be knowt of
Wintersmith'8 Chill Cure.
Oryica or ths Coruna-JouuiL,
Looihvili.s, Kr.
Dr. WintrrtmitKSir: 2 waive a rule 1 have
observed for many years, tbe value of your .
remedy prenp'ing me to say, in reply tc
your reipiee;, what I know of your Chill
Cure. The private assurances of it efficacy
I had, and the good results of itt eSecte 1
had observed 09 Mr. K. W. Meredith, who,
for more than fliieen yean, bad been lore
man of n y oftice, induoed me to test it in
my family. Tbe results have been entirely
tutielactory. Tb tir-t case wat of two
ye irs' standing, in whioh 1 believe every
known remedy bad boeu tried with tempo
rary relief the oliil's leturning periodically
tnl wiih teoininnly increafod severity.
Your cure broke them at once, and there has
been no rocurreme of thorn for more than
six m'.nths. The other case waa ot a milder
form, and yielded more readily to other
remedies; bnt the chills would return at in
tervals ur til your medicine was uned, since
which tiico, now Govoral months, they have
ertirt.lv disappeared, from tho opportu
ni'y 1 have had tnjndgc, I do not hesiuteto
express my belief that your Chill Cure is a
valuable specific, and performs all you
promise for it. lUspeotfully,
ARTUrR PETER A CO., Agenls, Louis
ville, Ky.
Electric Appliances tr sent os 30 Days' Trial.
"iriIO ar SQfferlnf from Nbrtoub Dbbiutt,
yy Lost Vitality, Lack or Ncbtb Foeci and
Vioor, Wajtimo WBAKvitSr.it, and all ttaotte diMstM
of a FBRciOKAb Natukb rtMuitlDir from AktaiMS aad
Othbh Causba. HiMMrdy reliof and com pie to nato
ration of HavaxrH.V iMuruid Manhood Cii; aba irTBtrx
Tha arrmadoHt ciiflcorery of the h lnttnth Century,
Bend at onoe for Illustrated Pamphlet fro. Addrait
Hon ltcalrlt'Dt ftotico.
No. 58-Tn the Probate Court af Fholby
county. Tcnn. John Mitchell. Petitiuner,
vt. l odsiin MitcbeM. Ifendant.
It anpaarina from affidavit in 'his causa
that tho delendant, I'odson Mitchell, it a
nnn-rertdent of the Stat- of Tennetse and
is a rstidxnt of tha Ktat) of New Vorlt 1
It it therefore ordered. That he mak
h'S appearance heroin, at the courthouse
ot enotoy county, in iMetmih f. Teen , on or
before the Cr-t Mo dav in January, 1887,
and pleat, answer or demur to ooutplainantt '
bi I, or the tame w II be taken for confessed
as tu htm and st for herinaex parte t and
that a copy ot th a ordar be published oneea
weak , fur lour successive weeks, in the Mem
phis Appeal. This 4th day of Pcemb r. lHtid.
Ac py-aitest: P J. OUtdLEY, Clerk.
lly Ttio B. Crenjha v, i) O
Hotiry F D'l. Nil, for conu.ln't tue
For Horses, Cattle, Sheep,
it Dogs, Hogs, Poultry,
Ckart SI Ksllers, tad Boat Seat frsa.
ctrBRS-Fevere , Contritions. Inflammation.
ldnal Mi'tniniill., IMIlk Fever,
i! -t'trains. Laiiii-nras. niirumaliaui.
i- .-'"stcinticr. Naaa lllscharaea.
J. P. llolsorUriiba, Worms.
! i.'-",:,,,"''''.,,?vei. I'nrniwenta.
ollrorfirlpr., tlcllyarlio.
"li'!!?carr,", llrinorraara.
'I-1'--' rlnnry and kidney llTarafea.
J. I. KruiulvoDiscnscs, Manas.
J. K. Ulscaset of Ulacstlon.
Price, Bottle (ovor 60 doses). . . .r5
EUbln Case, srilh Mannal, (800 pares wiih r
chart in bottles Sp,citica,boWleof Witch
Uaiel Oil aud Uwlicator, 0S.OO
Bent Free on Ilecoipt of Price.
Hnmphreys' Med. Co., 109 Fulton St., N. Y.
la iua 3D vtara Trias s.nl. ... jl.i j .
Nervous Debility, Vital Weakness,
and Prostration, f rnm nM.M.a . 1. '
1 per vial, or t rials and lanr vial no'der, for S.
Bold t Dnuooirra. or sent postpaid on raoelpt of
nee.-UanSrni' f-sieiaec, lo r.Hi at., t.
Pennyroyal Pills,
The OrlrlnHl nd s,ni. s
Sat and always Reliable. Beware of wort Ii.
' A id nations, indispencable to LA ISIKH
At roar nrnnisni for "t'tilchoatur's
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BUS, loili.r win VJUUBl.t TKJtSTlBR on tide
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DB. T. 1. kUXTOH. Ill foul ft., Now Vara.
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fa ".line adverti i
JilmrPDTieHIAln One. Mills,
ion it-
uet of lesdina A-
mnrlnan N.ami.
per andeemp'etfthe work within ten days.
1 hit it at tha rate ol onlv one fifth of a cant
a I ne, for 1000 circulation! Thi advertise-
n ent will apuesr in but a single issue c any
paiier, ami consequently will he pla-ed be
fnra line Million sll.nt n.,,r nn.
chasers 1 or Five Mili.mk Baauaaa. if it it
true, as it lornetimet stated that every news
psiier if looked at by five l-ertont on an av
ert ae ten lines will acaoramodat about
seventy-i wordt. Address, with copy of
advanisement aad oheek, or tend Si) oentt
for book ol l.Siacet. HgO, P. ROW KLL
CO . 10 Sprnf street. New York.
817 and 81
N. Second St,
4 WHITeS Fs)R rtTil.noilB.V
lulllai Kiiis, at llullord'a.
r m f DR. & ifv
mm n 1 jn.r , tw w'-"
fcuifUVACTTntx na or t so
Wa have removed our entire but tnesi to
Nos. 3T8 & 3S0 Front SU
adjoining Ihe ttnjrmi llolel, where we
are reoeivira a larA assortment of l'lr-rlntr-a,
llumilrs. Wbiiin, Hurnstsw.
M-'iier, Ki.,alt of which will be told
tt Very Iaw Prinrs. A full l.ne of liortso
It Hoke-la and l,sp Hebraon btid. All
persons in need 0' tbe abeva goods will tare
money by cumining ear flock before pur
chet ng.
Manufacturers' Agents.
liar liiimls
OrangesMalaKa Grapes, Apples,
iJananas, LemoDS, Cranberries.
Pitted Cherries, Evaporated Peaches
Citron, Evaporated Pear",
German P-ars; Lemon Peel,
German (heme's, Evaporated A.pplea
Orange Peel, Dates, Hiiisins, Pruaes,
Pine Apple Glaoe, Figs.
Almond!!, Pcoans, Filberts, English.
Walnuts, Bratil Nuts.
Jellies, Preserves, Etc.
Shaker Preserves, Canton Ginger, .
Dundee Jams and Marmalade,
Currant, Raspberry, Strawberry and
Peach Jelly by the pound.
Apple Butter, Mince Meat,
Maple Syrup, Honey, Maple Sugar,
New Molasses, Sugar, Syrup,
Plum Pudding.
Curry Powder, Celery Salt, Olives,
Olive Oil, Capers, Mixed and Plaia
'Pickles, Sweet Stuffed Mangoes,
Holland, Piue Apple, Young Amer
ica and Cream Cheose.
Salad Drersini?, Deviled Ham, .
Worcestershire Sauce, Tomato Cat
sup, Mustard, Pepper Sanoe,
Sago, Thyme, Sweet Margorium,
Summer Savory. v
Buckwheat Flour, Graham Flour,
Dried Corn, Farina. Tapioca, Sapo,
Corn Starch, LoDttls, llolled A vena.
Oatmeal. Cracked Wheat, Split Peas,
Itioc, White Peas, May Beans,
Farinoca. Hominy. Grits. Barley.
Green Kern.
Vhitc Peaol eo, Apricots, EfgPlunu
Yello; Pyachrs. (iraues. Nectarines.
Green Gages, Cherries, Pine Apples,
Goosebamcs, Barilott Pears.
Apparacus, Baked Beans, Peas,
Strin? and Stringiest Beuns, Corn, .
Tomatoes. Okra and Tomatoes. Okra
Succatash, Pumpkin.
Canned Fish and Meats.
Finland lladdie, Salrnori, Sardines,
Mackerel, Shrimps, llus-nan Cavier,
Cove Oysters, rifisteet, uaip ueet,
Ox Tongue, Canned Beef.
Gelatine, Flavoring Eltraots,
Yeast Powder, Blanks's lland-mada
Larrabco & Keaacdy's Cakes and
Creamery Butter, Sweet Cider,
Boston Brown Bread, Deep Sea Cod
fish, Shelled Almends.
L'l oclamatiou by tbo Oorernor,
The State of Teunetree Wra. B. Bate, Oov
ernor To all wbc thall tee thet presents,
WhKKEAS, It has been made known to
nie that Batn Brui-e (of, eharged with
having eoniniitted murder on the body ol
Roach Oakley on the day of October, 1886.
in our county of t-helbr, ded from Initio
and now running at large 1
Now, therefore. I, Wm. B. Bat, Governor
aa aforotaid, by vir ue of th power and au
thority in me restet, do hereby offer a re
ward ot two hundred and It rdollart to any
perton or tiersont who tna apprehend thw
taid 6am Brno (0), and deliver him to the
sheriff or liilor ol our e-aty of Bhelby,
in order that lus'io in that behall may ,b
hadar d exoeuted. Thit reward if payable,
half on delivery to eheriC aad half on on-
vii-tinn. ,
SAM BRUCE, wanted for SUling Roaoh
Oakley, it & laet inohet hisrh. heavy eet,
broad shoulders, .eouine eilered man, laraw
features, keen black eyaet had burneid
whiskers, miratsh running eaok to whit
krni boasting disposition) h li turn out
mor than Ordinarily rn walking. Bails
rum Mnraan Pntnit. naar AfAala. Ark., aad
mor reoently from Bell's Sawmill, near
Lakeview, in Tennessee. . .
la Terti Jiony Whereof, I have hereunto set
my bandt and eaneed tit ureat seat 0! th
State to be affiled, at Nathville, on th 9ti
dav of Boiretnber, 188S.
By th Goveraori .1
John Alliton. Secretary r Btat. -
EVKHY hnn rkeepr knows tomethlai
about the Uoublra eau-td hy imckint
fireplaces, whi-h are ammg ths greatest nut
sanoes to be met with. Due ol th important
thing, tubs attended to In all houses is to tea.
tbat the g'-ates am ft in..rly, and that tha
nn places a a rorrrcttv bu It nr. ft.
1,1 a..1i,4l IlKJiimi Ktrf.t ia an aiimrl
at thit buiionsi, and baa patented som ar
rsnaeoieoit thai enabln hiui 10 oorre-t f took
chiuinuyf and tn gt tne grra'est brat from
the tu.l. Ail who want nreida s or ehim
nert n medled shou'd aiiply to Mr. LKM0N.
whore wurk will give satisiaciion.
lint) Jwvlrf l jaaUtfra".
1 .. .

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