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Arrrstrd on Ihe d'argeof Bigamy
la Opera JIou-o llama
liuuinj Hi lens.
Ciiicaoo, III , PfCPirber 5. Henry
Bcbwarts, l.-rnieny ot l'MUdMlph:a,
now in ti e county jail here, c harin d
with bigamy, ii e'ronly ant-pee eJ of
OetnR Hie inn e mu nt the darin
robbery of lh R ck IVand exprMa
train last March, whan Keliopg
Nicholla, tbe express metaenger. lost
hia life and :i7,(X0aa a'olt-n irora
the expn-ea car. Schwar'a far t
years ra been a brakeman on the
Bo, k IiUnd roal. Friday night as
tie came into the dtpot vita ma train
an officer ttxkhim by the arm and
marched him to tae Harriaon 8 rest
feta'ion. Yesterday he was arraigned
lor navmg mar i led a wife in Folia-
delpLla seven years aio and with hay
ing avarmd a Ghiogo woman two
Tears ago. At hia own eolioitation
his ease was continued in fHiOO bail
nn:il December 4th. At first be
maintained a dogged silence, bnt now
Tolnbly allagta that the Rick Iiland
Company does not cars whether he
baa ene wife or a hundred if ha or
aom one elee tan be sent to tbe peni
tentiary tor tbe robbery of the express
car. lie eon fees that he haa spent
mo oh more money than he has earned
or could nare received from home,
but he is not ready to tell where the
money came from. As brakeman
Bchwarta was one of tbe crew on the
ill fatod train to which Mewenger
aicbolle'a car was attached. No rus
piciom was directed toward him at the
time. When, In compliance with tele
graphic instructions, Kchwarts was
returning to Chicago to attend the
lnonact. the conductor cf the train
found in tbe toilet room of the car in
which Hohwar s was seated a black
hand bag which some one had tried to
foroe down the closet pipe. It was
empty, but sticking in a fold of the
cloth was a piece of what looked like
a part of a check. Schwarii was no
ticeably cmf 'sod by tbe discovery,
Varioas minor circumetancas pointed
to him as the owner of tie bag. tuV
ceqaent iovestijtut on showed that the
torn bit ol paper fitted iotiamuti
la'ed check that wai among the scat
tered contents of tbe rifled express
car. From that time Sjhwarta was
shadowed day and night. He was
spending with, a lavish band. The
money stolen from the txprefs car
was mostly in bills nf large denomina
tions, and at out $2000 in $50 bills that
Bthwaria had spent here and there in
tbe Kant were obtained by the detect
ives. From the first it has bean con
ceded that the crime ws committed
by a railroad roan. N jw the railway
and atpKBs ofllcials hope that the
mystery of the cold blooded murder
and during iobbeiy is soon to be
cleared away.
A Cute Thief.
CmcAoo, III, December 6. Two
years a.o the city ptippra gave much
space to the novel method of thievery
employed by a young German e'eotri
clan named I'anl Just, who had
robbed Shurley, a Jsweh r, at No. 75
State trie', of valuab'e gems. lie
grabbed the jewels from the tray, ran
out the door and climbing the stair
case to tbe top 11 jnr mounted the roof
of the Central Musis Hail, pulling the
ladder, which jhelped him from the
siylight, 'ri after him. lis was
caught, ho ever, and eventually sen
tenced to Joilet or one year. Num
bers tfwoll known maa fnlerfored in
his behalf Mnd hia term was conse
quendy feborieaed. . At ths, time of
his ai rest tin was idoutiQad by Don
nelly, the D?s,rbqrn , avenue jeweler,
Hi the fellow, who, looking at a watcb,
stepped to the door, and calling to au
imaginary conchuian, bade him mind
bis horses.' He called out: "Whoa!
whoa ("and ran toward the supposed
team of horses and then dattsd down
a convenlrnt alley. Yesterday De
tectives Baer and Myers arrest
ed Jnst in the Revrra lloutie
on the charga of stealing sev
eral valuable overcoats ... of the
guexts ol the hotel while euperintepd
ing the hanging of ideal rio bull. He
coufttssed the ciiine. He la said to be
an export tlci'tricwn and at one time
was in tha iruploy of the Western
Union Telfg-aph Company nt this
city. Jus', by way ol rontrutt to this
unenviRb e record, holds a beautiful
and costly gold moilnl for the saving
of five lives endangered in a Urn In
the New York World building in 1870
Shortly alter this latuiiib: feat he
climbed to tbe third btoiy ol a broker's
window on Broadway aud Wall Btrer t
on the pre enso of lianipg an electric
wire and stole a golt brick. He ia
matrled and lives on Wabash avenue,
and haa i,had eviry opporiuUty for
leading au honest life, but apparently
he cannot do it.
Jewelry Tbleven Canght and Held
Bt. Loch, Ho., December 6. Win!
McDonald and Edwin For re; t were
arretted last night as they were about
dividing tbe Jewelry stolen from K. H.
Korikamp's jewelry atoie. No. 607
Franklin avenue, on last Thanksgiv
ing night Forrest had bien surpact
ed before of having a band in the rob
bery and was arrtated a week azo, but
tbe evidence against him was not
strong enough to warrant his being
held. He was therefore relt ased, but
has been shadowed ever since, and
was arrestad last night a second time,
j'Ht as ha was dividing the plunder
with McDonald. Both men were
Bea ched, and in their pockets was
concealed jewelry of every descrip
tion watches, rings, ear rings, breaut
pits and bracelet, and several pre
cious stone the total value of which
was t-lOOJ. An expresaman in whose
barn tbe stolen property bad been
concealed was also arrested. The men
are well known to the police as pro
feaeional thieve.
A Dmperate lUrncile With Bur
alar. Chicago, III., December 6. A
special to the Daily AVv- from Wabash,
lad, says late la t night Jacob Nagley,
a prominent Whitley county farmer,
was awakened by some one ha teriag
down his frost doir. Grabbing a re
volver, Nagley met the inimdtr as
the door fell and gave him a do;e of
lead. The two clinched, and in the
struggle Nagley'a face wes diflured
for lito, bis nose being broken and his
right eye gouged out. The Intruder
proved to b Bill Hooan, a well known
Columbia City character. Hotae is
faially hurt, lie rtfuies to etata his
object in breaking inta Nagley'a
house. ,
An Opera lloune Itarard.
Washington, Dtcember 6. Shortly
before 3 o'clock this morning a tire
mm dlicov.r .d tinder the eta-tn ol
HeiU'g'e Oj eia II insa In this city,
wh'ch in a snort time tnvelopud tlio
wLolii buikl'i g in liiiiiii-s. Aided by a
strong witd aud the kfLunrnable nis-t-ir,',il
in the oerahoupp, the I mnes
toon guttod tho wr;ulo Luidmgfrm
cellar to a'tic. Tou gLt iiLtU;ni but
the brown alone, ice covered outtir i
wads are etandiiiir. Ituildirg in ti
vi inity were fHoujy emia gertd,
bnt were tavd by the etrvnnona exer
tions cf the firemen and the fact that
they were covert d i h snow, wb'c
hid b. en fnllinar ad iiiuhtand w.s sti 1
dessnd ng. The build ii g vaserfi'tt
ry me xonng Men s utimlai ass
catun and its la st I aim in tli
8 co:.d and third Diorit-s waa fo'inerly
i'B"d for c nreit und lecture nirpoaei",
wlietice itdnivnl tie appeila'h n
Lii.coln Hall. Foe a f . w ye.irs paat
tbe bail 1 as been occni ie.l a a the'
ater, d ing businew at i opolar prices.
and waa namrd He a K sUnca llons,
J'ne Itii'I'l iik, it iaanii. ii s ill oned
bv the Young Meri'd Ciirirtinn Ao
ijtjon, but Is heavily m ntse;l. The
loss on the bunding is $H5,iH; in
surance, $75,0(10. The 1 e es and in
sorancea of occupan's ff the buihiing
are a f Howa: 11. Adur. nclni'i-
$20,01)0; ioBuranct. $10.0LH). J K
Btrausbe ger (pri-nt i roprietor of the
opera bonsl.f I&lXJ i; Inburance about
one-third H. C. Bpenopr, bu ioees
collects, $5000; fully covers i by in
surance. A. 8ratt & b .n.inrorance
agents, -iuw; lany covered ny in
1'tOO Bales f Catloa la (a Blvar,
Mombos, La., Decern bor 0. Tbe
steamboat t't. John dropped her guards
la t nlht about forty miles belew
here, prtcipitatlag about 1000 baits of
cotton into tbe river. Hhs careened
so badly afterward that she was run
into tbe bank t prevent ber from
going over aud sinking. Every bale of
tbe cotton was flubs-qaently recov
ered. Her cargo will be rnblnped by
tbe steamboat Joae W. xne BL Joan
passed here with 280 bales of ootton on
Coallaaa fa UUuw (ka rraaparlijr
of MenaphM.
Bostox, Mass.. December 4. The
following table, compiled from special
dispatches to tne rott aom tbe man
agtn of the leading clearing houses in
the United H ates, itivrs tbe groes ex
changes at each point for the week
ending November 27, 1880, in compar
ison with the corresponding period of
New York, $005,906, 714; inc., 22.L
Boston, $3,14.130; inc.. 1.3.
Philadelphia, $re,08,: ; inc., 10.4.
Clncag-i, $(H,B.S tW); inc., 8.4.
Ht. Louis, $16,684.7)13; dee . 9.0.
Han Francisco, $20 837,024 ; inc., 62.6.
Baltimore. $14,171,64; lnc , 0 U.
Ciocinnati, $IO,150,(H)0; ino.,2 5.
New Orleans, $1 2,1 47,000 ; dec., 6.9.
P ttsburg, $10,(137,207; ice, 25.4.
Kansis Lily, 17 (K) t,65 ; inc., 10.0.
IiOiiisville, $7.3(,H8'; inc., L'4.2
Providence, $4,873,200; dec, 12.8.
Milwaukee, $6,701,000; dec, 4.9.
Omaha, $4,93 91)7; inc., 40.4.
Minnepolip, $4,400,744; inc., 24.8.
Galveston, $2,010,000; oec, 20.0.
Detroit, $3,825,788; ir,c , 13 4.
Cleveland. 2,fVJ0 TIC. inc., 21 9.
Indianapolis, $t,K04,437; inc , 119 4.
Memphis, $2,576,108; inc., 132.4.
Oolumbns, $2,209 251 ; inc., 28 3. .
Hartford, $1,694,533; dec, 3 0.
New Haven, $1,185 951 ; dec , 4 0.
Peoria, $1,040,975; ino., 22.9.
Portland, $1,175,000; Inc., 118.
Hpiingtleld, 9S9,124; inc., 8 4.
St. Joseph, $l,lt(7 780; inc., 84 3.
Worcester, $086 713; inc., 13.8.
Lowell, $55743; inc. 20.9.
Syracuse, $568,860; inc., 6.6.
Drnver, $313J.483; dec, 2.5.
Tottd, $1,208,618,317; lno , 19 . 2.
Outuide of New York, $382,712,603:
Inc., 8.0. .
('apt. Inn B. Kada laletvlewed.
Pittsburg, Pa December 6. Capt.
Jnmea B. Kids, the celebrated Ameri
can engineer, who is v siting friends
here, stated to a reporter today that
the gentlemen iutsrebtfd in tbe
scheme to shorten the distance be
tween the Atlantic and Pacific ooaiti
ot North America by means of a ship
railway acrors tho Inhmus of Panama
bad decided to abandon the accept
ance of governmental aid, tranime ed
by governmental restrictions. The
company has concluded to form a pri
vate corporation. For iir'acs to carry
the immenso enterprise to a suocees
fui terminal an appeal lor financial aid
will be nude to all tbe great money
centers of tbe world. The Ship Rail
way Company will be iuterca ioaal in
iti suopo and international la its mem
berpliip. At fie coming session nf
Congress that body v. 1 1 1 be bsked to
charier tho cew organlaition, when
ttie process nf securing money will be
pushed with eneigy.
Harvard Ocln Aitollirr Fori one.
New Yukk, DeMinber 6. A apodal
from Boston, Mac., si ys Harvaid Ool
lete ite s nearly $51)0,000 by tbe death
Saturday of K Price, (jrenleaf, an
eccentric miser of th a citv, who bved
almoit a century. II j was atypical
mliier. With biinilrels of thouiunda
of dollar.i behind the granite walls of
the Safe Dejio-it Oorotaoy, he deidtd
hinisslf cf nearly a l the privileges
and moit of tbe necessaries of life. lie
badagreatdes'teta be immortalised
by Harvard. That wbb his chief am
bition in lite. When it became known
a short time ago that bis days on earth
were very few. he expressed adexire
to have bis photograph taken, Hia
wish war gratified, and tbe photograph
was taken while he was propped in
bed. A copy of the photograph will
accompany the bequest, aud if Har
vard follows Mr. QrienUat's desire tbe
college will have it copied in ail and
hung up on its walls.
Uarlnud aad tbe Neaale.
St, Lodis. Mo., Dc'cemberO. A spe
cial from Little Rock, rt:rring to the
tenatorial qu-stlon in Arkansas, cays a
letter recently written by Mr. Garland
to a friend in Little Rock, contains the
following par.waeh: ' I am at present
tiying to serve the whole country as
au impartial adjunct to tbe Cabinet,
and tbe question of whither or not I
will be a candidate for re election to
the United ti atos Henate two years
hence Is so far in the future that J
have not even thought of the subject
However, I feel eafe in saying that my
official services will cease for awhila
a, the end of my term as Attorney
Ueneial, because I long (or the teat
and quiet I at least merit at the hands
of the good people of Arkansas who
have honored me by political prefer
ment." la II Anoint- Charley Roaa lawT
Nw Yokk, December 6. A special
from Reading, Pa , Bays: Is it another
Cherly Rosa dsn T Willie Arnold, a
very bright lad of 12 years, disappeared
from his home in this c t last Wed
nesday morning, sinco which time no
trace of him has been found. The lo&t
boy is the son of William A. Arnold,
reputed to be the richest man in this
city. Detectives have been at work on
tbe case, bat as yt t no clew has been
obt.dned. In au iul' iv'ew yesterday
Mr. Arnold Btutod: "I cinnot believe
my boy toll inta evil bunds, to hold
him for rai:som."
'1 WRnt mine BOZODONV," said he.
'Jurl out," the caarn- g drugget said,
Tu li.r.'o hid pj.MUr known t bo
A ir'...d.,"lr,.) ,-atr n tutted and 11 d,
Asl.i: g, '-D; otl tuj-p o 1 don't
Know nottiir g iquahi KiZODONTT"
mmil D1Y0&C CASE.
AMI.VtD. . '
Lord Campbell oa Hie H'andaiid
Tills hoinetb air About Ills
r5r t:i
IONDON, D.-co ruber 6. In the Camp-b.-li
divorce iH. e tody, Davii, the lr-
t-c:lve, who was on I lie aaml when
the raje wa at journei Br'urday, tea
t fled t Bhadowicg L dy Cilin l arcp
reii aud tne xinke ol ManuoroiiK'i in
Paris. He Slid be was uncert.iu
whetl er the tall genth men whom he
bad eeen walkii g with the plaimiff
was Mr.Ktewart, an American million
aire, or cot. 1 he Duke of Ma lbar
nngti stayed at the Hotel Wigram.
Witness never aw Lady Colin
tte-e. . Heveral spies were keeping
trace of Lady Colin at the same time.
On ote occasion a sham letter was ad
dressed to ber and delivered in a
crumpled condition, so as to look as if
it bad been picked up in the street.
Witness banded the letter to tbe
Elaintifl in order to get a clse look at
er in her room, that be might know
ber face and inure wh le engaged in
tbe task ot following ber. The ruse
amccieded, bnt witness learned noth
ing in the interview.
Annie Brown, a servant, deposed to
a visit made by General Butler to
Lady Colin, and to h's remaining
three hours. General Butler, on this
occasion, when he detarted. went
down stairs on tiptoe and let himself
out of tbe front door. Witness found
a photograph of General Butler under
Ldy Golin'a pillow and spoke to Lord
Colin Campbell about her. Witness
was therm pon dimatneed by lady
Coiin. Neptune Blood threw the
boxes and lupgage belonging to wit
nens into tbe street.
Wation.a cabman, testified that once
while he was carrying Lady Colin and
a gentleman ha watched them and ea w
them caressing like lovers. La'ly
Colin's head resting on the gentle
man's shoulder. Witness took the
Elaintlfl and her male companion to a
ousr4 in Brook street. He waited
outside an hoar aud a half for Lady
UJiin to take ber noma and then de
parted withont her. Humphreys, a
rolicltor, testified to an interview with
Lidy Miles and Lord Campbell in
November, imi. .Mdy jnues threat
ened Lord Colin that unless he with
drew his proceedings against. Lady C
lin ehe (Lady Miles) would produce
evidence against him. Lord Colin
Campbell, witness said, considered
the proposals on behalf of plaintiff as
ma le thr nigh Lady Miles ai dishon
orable and immoral and declined to
accede ti them. Lady Miles then as
serted, distinctly, that an act if adul
tery bad bpea committed by Lord
Campbell with Mary Wa'aon.
The lmke ol Argyie as then
called. Tbe ol joc in calling him was
ts have him s'ate that he dit approved
of tbe marrmge of hi son to plaint U.
Mr. Kusseli. counsel lor .Lady (Jo in.
produced a letter dutad Augtiif, Jb83,
rom Liidy Uuiin to toe l re s, in
which the d tailed the cans) of ber
disagreement with Lord Colin and de
scribed hs tyranny end persistence ia
insisting in maintaining relationship
tb her, despite ber oppiattion be
cause of his condition. The Duke's
reply was that hs considered the
obarges against his son false, and be
lieved that Lady Colin's letter was
part of a system to iutimida'e ber
husband, and witnees declined to hold
any further correspondence with ber.
Lord (John l anopbell wai next
worn, lie tcstiue t that tbe nrst time
he met bis wife was in tbe month of
September, 1880, at Ibverary, the chief
Beat of the Argyie family, and tbe
pital of A-gyle county, Scotland,
The ccqiwiut inco s on reenl'ed in an
erg.ig 'Uientof marriage. He next stw
Miss 11 oo J In London timing U.:'o-
ber. Atthhtima witnrss wrs fiufT.r
ing trim fistula. An oper.ition was
performed upon him, but it failed on
account of the fever he had.nnd which
wai aggravated by at.x'ety respecting
bis engagement. He waa not euflering
any ecngo from an infectious
:re?B MHs Illood frequ'intly visited
him. When be was cent away cn b
vojage Mi.s Blcod sent bi'ti a litter in
very mail, lu April, lb81, another
oppiaMnn khb p-rlormid, and it a'so
failed. His father's opposition to hia
ng'gvmur.t wns at this time c-'.uaibg
witutHi constant am ley. Wi'no.'s
rew b fire be mnri-d tlint M;S3
Blcod wts arquiduti'd with the Duke
M.iritioroutfii. bin told witnees
once that the bud been to the theater
ith her tis er and s.-veral others, in
cluding the Duke of Marlborough.
Witness repn d: l don itiink ynu
were were in good roinpnny." Witnees
ad known Uiiiuf Maw a lone lime.but
not Gen. Butler or Dr. B,rd. Witness
was married to Misi Blood In July,
1881. lu the October following hie
doe ors re'eiised him from tho prohl-
ition he had been under because of
in malady. Lord Colm. conlinnii-s.
said be beard while tUylng at Argyie
Lot g, bis u ber a London residence.
tbat the Duke of Marlborough had
oelled at the lodge. He then said he
did not know (he Duke. Witners re
monstrated with plaintiff for lidinsr
out with Chief Shaw, and aha became
iolent. When witarss was ill at
Bournemouth Lfidy Colin left him
without asi nina anv reason. She
umially dined out, and generally spent
her time away. She cever complained
to witness that their relations had any
ill efloct on her health. Witnees had
long talk with his wife in December.
1881. about the Daks cf Marlborouah
and Chief Shaw. She then procuieeJ
tbry should not visit ber any
more. Witnees and plaintiff ceased
their relations in June, 1882. On
tbe afternoon of the day that Lady
Miles bad the Interview with defend
ant, Lady Colin came to witness's
room. She was cryicg and shs threw
er arniB about bis neck. . Then she
burned, befoie ber eyei, the letter he
ad sent nor tbrongh Lady Miles, but
she made no mention of the fact that
she had kept a copy cf it. Witness
bad never advised plaintiff tome ore-
cautions aguiuit Infection. In July,
18S3, while ataying at the Scon
Hons, witnera asked plaintiff to
spnd tbe night in his company, but
bt.6 iuIuhmI. He upbraided her for her
conduct with other men, and ehe be
came very violent, and she said to
im: "If you put me in a divorce
court you will get the worst of it."
Tbe case was tben adjourned.
Confections, Gl.ietM, Nougat' Caramels, French Fruit Olaces
(.ream Bou Uoiis, Fine French J!anirii;u!e Creannjuid
I.'on J Jons, Chocolates, Ices and Nougat ines.
You oaa Bad tbare fODd "f AT. KB r AIL.," in any quuti'lo. at-
retm & Snwrio Co.'s Iletail Establishment
K. 4'.l J llfwon Street, Opposite Their I'uetorv.
Then art tb Coat Conlootioni tbat lh Mamphii Pabllo hart tvr bad tha oi-portunltr
10 puronva.
rTry lnr 'ew C'reMin LohI"" lloIi-loiiH.t,-rBl
W. T ItOl llttt.
. i. Jtou iiti:.
Hi Fnwsale Ciik
8M Front Mtreel,OpponlieCnnom lTona.
Cigars and Tobacco
875 Wain Street. Opr. ftonrt Kflnare. Hfemphln, Term.
Window Shades, Tlcture Rail Mouldings and Mixed Faints.
fThoIcsalo Grocers & Cotton Factory
S69 Froat Straet. ZJompM, Teasu
OjMm seatteaai t u will kava ear eanral ttoti.. W airy at all tlsMS a vasV
alaatad itatk !
Sispji & Faoey Greceriss, Winss, Liquortjobuti & Clgirs,
a ftt wfV mm W. w nm tt I ww.
tJOti C01iEMA,
:david P. HADDBN,
ww-Dapoalti r.oalT.d In mmi ot 91 and npward, and interest allowed oa mm. Bead
ennanllr. rWt buy end toll local InT.itmant Bondi and Saenrttlei r.nerallr, p taxei, aotu
trnstaai, end. In (ori.ral, execute any tuenolel bailnox reqairing e lit. end reapomiblt
ear- We iaine dreftt. In inmt to inlt parerieter. on ell parti or Eorope-e-
W bare a oommoilioui Vnulttnr tbe depoiit 01 valuable', which 1 at the iervtoe e
onr cuitomern, Frw or hre,
O. P. UADUrS, PresliloDt. EWI). HOIiOJiMITH, Vlce rresWest
JAMTH fMTilAJi. rKhlir.
1 3
LATE OP ST. LOUIS, MO., hm nt nttad
up an aloirant oflioe urar Ly tie A bhieKli'i
trrnrai-r tnre, fornar nt Adams aud Min,
mare be la rtvur ut all nyhta an l piake
last4 to ordor. The iubha are Informal
Hint Hi. Doctor hat no ulaarn lor aala other
lima thona nuado lr h ( maol I and in oonlorm
ilyoitli the inaaaiiieinont ul I ha eT. The
Hoctor baa mda that his ai.olal atudy and
hiuall tbe latent loondtio tinla and inatru
uionla ti iuniro porl.nt and amy aulit.
Pli jjiolnna preaoriptlons fur irlu' oar.iultr
S.l.d. Offica buura lrom9 to n and j ofSp.m.
. . UK. H. M. l.KWIS,
OcuIUt and Optioiun, No. 21(t Main Hreet,
sonthf ht porn.r .ir'",Jj)n)j((.j
if : mi
Bill rali
B " 1 u : " j
ki'Si'Vf' v-'Tt'.--
V nw am riuLsixo-inix, mArmkxm.
imf Sash, Blinds. Molding, Lm
Lath AHd Shinglese flooring, Celling ud GtAjur Psii -
mS5I.I55I; - - TEW
Gr ocers & Cotton Factors
Ttm. tn MavJ Street. GAjreM BlMk.
ICboleiMile Dealers and PnblUhern,
usio House
" Bole Annta for the following Firat-Clasa Inatrnm.nt;
OMAMfi---CljU3h &3 Warren, and Smith Ainsricar.
er a'nkw 7-ocrAVE piano for tio.-i3 . ir:wz:m;z
Wi-ittt for CiUloqnevjXrtn.aai ami Ul'.i Neroud Nrtf., Jlfiup l)' .
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a, n. AiMnm.
ti. h. miar.
AfldCcmmlsIori Mercliantu Hay, Corv, Oatx, Bran, Chop Feed, Oil Meal,
Lime, Cement, 1'laster, Uaildlog and Fire Brick, Etc
Cor. Front and Tnion, 1 Howard's Row. Memphis.
FOUNDRY & MACHINE DKP'T, KM) to 171 Adams SL, Hemphia
Boiler Ira
Stia- MUU'fv
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waala I
Work. """.
r-,--1rJ.i, iiriiiP"rIT TMr-
kVJt. r Mian,
Mine iw J.
If ea Batllwi
'zj,iMtrMib& Sap
IRON & RAILWAY SUPPLY DEPT. 226 and 228 Second St, "
(Sneeeaaori la this iejnarttn.nt to JOHN MANOQUB.)
aerWrita na 1nr Itiformatlnii on ANY THIN ft In either tine.
I. N. B8TX8. a 8. 8. IrlClft. W. . POAJT.
(ftCCCMSOatS TO BRZH, Alf 04
Wlolesale Grocers and Cotton Facfero
titt. a 1 2 and 13 L'nisn Street Ktmphlt, Tsssl
Old Stand. No. 9 Union St., Memphis.
Quaxtor of a Century intheJ3ardware Business.
Nos. 323 and 324 MAIN ST., - MEMPHIS, TEHttf.
Molcsale Grooers & Cotton Factors,
Ii & Go
Cotton Factors, Wholesale Grocers,
Nftm 800 JPreht ttlrneU Memphis, Tens
' 1 I" aaaaaaeaaajaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.aa..
M. 0. PEARC13.
Cation Factors & Commission Klorch'fs,
Cotton Factors, Wbolosalo Grcccr
IT. 11 Ualen Btreet. : : JCXeraplalB. Tnn
jT. .. a. I. WITT.
I2IaTO"0:iEJIES Ea tS 9
33G Second Street, Memphis.
, MtiHl. fn-nnil. Trl Wll. rrnn . T,1 anil Mfon Pinn. '1m WnrM. flloh... gt
I.. 1. MULUNa, ol UteJ. tt. HodwlnACo. JAB. YONUK. iateot J. W. Oaliwell Ue
Cotton Factors&Commission Herchants'
I ' , i
No. 1 Howard's Row, Cor. Front and Union, affemphln.
JOfea) . aleilllTM.
M. . Claw Be
XThoIesmle Grocer, Cottoa Waatnru
Ani CararaljtUn Kerchwli,
m 231 Front SL, CccipMs, a3
nwni abahs iirnauei
Mr. I. aUIIIItT levatet kli wl. Me U the w.Ualef tele ef eJI
er hrw. OMtm Wimliinn. WuHaiUa .
U m m r
mm & co
Cotton Factors and Cohnnis3ioa 3Ierchante.
Ko. 311 Frcut Street, Comer ol Monroe, Memphis, Tenn.

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