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The Memphis appeal. (Memphis, Tenn.) 1886-1890, December 07, 1886, Image 7

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Fi.AWfc AM) lOMiMfc
Cettoa FirmSIiJdl?nir, 8 131Ge
ttaJus aeMeruaj, ClOt)
Aioney la in pritty active cemon
at S per tent. Finances continue
rather tight, and will remain so until
the large stock of cotton oa band is
marketed. Lo al securities are strong,
The cotton mai ket wis firm ; middling
81316c. Sales, 6400 biles. At N
Tork spate fl m; middling, 9 5- 16c.
Futures strong and 16 to 18 point
A leading New Tork cotton circular
says of the speculative market: "At
the opening the disposition to realis
was quite pronounced, bat met a cov
ring demand tbat absorbed thece
offerings, quickly changing the whole
tone of the market, the early sellers
competed win. new boyars, resaltiug
in a sharp advance of nearly 10 points.
As tbe day advanced repar'a of a phe
nomenal snows'orm throughout the
South came in, a id this stimulated
hesitating t uyere, who took all offer
ings, prios agan rail) la and closing
strong, soma 13 pointa above Satur
day's clou."
At New O leins spots were firm
middling, 8 13 16 . Futures steady and
17 to 18 pointa higher; December, 9
At Liverpool spot were steady, firm
stiffening a little; middling, 5 3161
Futures sfady and 3. to 4 points
higher; December-January, 5 6-64J
The general market presents
Strong feelirg.
Ten brl acples, 300 tks beans and
peas, 9 pkgs butter, 45 DfciH bacon.
105 pkua boots at.d shoes, 11,006 bu
worn, M pigs cheese, 12 cars cotton
seed, 11,140 ski cot on sed, 60 bd s
eott.:n te, )13 pkg dry giods, 63
pkgs eggs, 1000 bns flour, 880 bales
nay, 5 pkus hs's 1885 pkgs lard, 31,
QUO ft lumber, 78 pkirs liquors, 344
Drls molhss's. 8; 0 k'tis nails. 9 brls do
tatots, 4 ears p ik sides, 1(0 brls pork,
S hhds angr, 718 bns ugr, 145 pkgs
tooutxo, ouw ou wn ear, z. oris rice,
The following shows tbe amount oi
grain reueivd, witbdrtwa and in
store by regnlar e'er itors, as reported
k me me cnenv Kictiange venter
day: Wheat In etoe, 1045 bu. Corn
received, 828 bu; withdrawn, 688
do; ta xtote 3688 bu. O its with
drawn, 295 bu; in ft ire, 1 37,347 bu.
ear Sally Quotations or Cottow
SMI Traaia and Nr Tork Ex
alaaa; tatocka are opts to tbose
fBtereeted, at nay office.
24 Madlsna St., Memphis, Tenn.
Money In preit ac ive demand at 8
per cent Toe Clearing House report
Monr'av, December 6, 1886, $725,
398 82; save time last week, $395,
747 49 corr sp"iidlDg time in 1885,
(282 893 07: rmresponding time in
1884, $350,619 90.
Monday, December 6, 1886, $103,.
549 95, earns lime last wetk, S79,
467 53; corresponding time in 1885,
161 2 2 70; conet ponding time in 1884,
J 88,026 60.
New York eight on all points, J
discount bnyino, oar Billing; New Eng
land demand, ditconnt buying; New
England sight, I discount; New Or
leans, dibcount buying, par selling.
Bank of Commerce148 bid, 150 asked
First National 160 bid, 165 asked
German Bank 192 bid, 200 asked
Btcte National 147 bid, 150 asked
Union and Plantew.154 bid, ... a ked
Mercantile Bank 135 bid, asked
Blnfi City 105 bid, ... asked
Hernando 103 bid, ... asked
Home -77 bid, 80 asked
Memphis City 107 bid, aked
Peoples 80 bid, 85 asked
rncunix lixi bid,... asked
Planters HO bid, ... asked
Vandcrbilt 25 bid, 30 asked
Arlington 35 bid, ... asked
Factors. .30 bid
Phelby Co. warraots...flO bid, 98 aked
. a, u. k. k. snares. ..ft aid, ... asked
M.AT.R.R. sbares...45 bid, 50 asked
m. a u consols, 7f...m bid, ... asked
M.4L.R. 1st m. 8s105 bid, ... a ked
Miss. A T. B R. w. A...1 13 bid, ... asked
Miss. 4 T. R.R. re.B-.103 bid, 106 asked
Tenn. wts.ser. D 96 bid, 98 J asked
Tenn. wta, st. to J85 bd, 90 asked
Bbelby Uo.be- 108 bid, 110 af ked
Tax. Dint. 4, 6s -99 bid, 1( 0 asked
Tax. Dist.Cs 106bid,li;7asKJ
Mem. Q s bonds..... .-104 bid, ... at ked
Mem. Water b mds.,.100 bid, ... asked
i Hanauar Oil Woiks...6tl bid 70 asked
Am.Oot.Oiltrust...6S bid, 69) asked
Pioneer Cotton Milln.27i bid, 32 asked
Mern. 8tor.Com. Co.l27j bid, i:'0 asked
Mem. a stock 75 bid, 80 asked
jaasonio inpie b nd. 6s. 103 bid
Got Ex. B'ldg, 6 '-...104 bid, 106 asked
New Yobk, Dumber 9. Money
r on can acure at tx&o per cent, clos
lng at 6 per cent, asked. Prime mar
' cantile paper 45. Sterling Exchange
quiet bat ftsd at (4 80 for 60 day
Dine ana ni loroemana.
Bonds-Government bonds ware
dull and steady to firm. State bonds
were dull and steady.
The stock market while again ex
tremely active, was somewhat er-
at;- U I. 1 .J -,.V.II
ma mm uigTouioufe mux buuio uait
dosen stocks moDopol sed the major
part of tbe interest London wai a
moderate barer, especially in the
earlv honra. it fni-ltAa holnv tha
1M Pacific roads. St. Panl and Wabash.
tbe murkt exhibiting it) usual s'rong
undertone until tbe laot hour. Canada
Southern ws one 1 1 the special feat
nres. and wa remarkab'y strong op to
3 o c ock p.m. Rumors were clr
cn'ai d of a probable purchase of tbe
East Tei UtS'Sti by the Norfolk and
Wettero Cmpanv, sod tbe trading ia
4 o'lvka of to h thian rnmnmi.-
f l " - i.M,.p nri
oitremfly jet. v. t ad vane, n price.
(J d k-iimii mrnHt in ine early
xraiiig whs erm-wnat leverioh, al
tliongi there aas.liitle movement
Bi prlce, 1 xu-pt in On'iad
lutiiem, Uil.iu, fadfio, St. Paul,
ladjjtiie L-A.t .lenneseee, which
w(io j.'iut-ii. lattr by Njr.'olk and
WiFri. Ia th its: hmir s dr:vs at
theg'tcFtal ma ki-t cfri (! uriuad in
e'iarp y, ai d af er a frnctinnal rally it
clo.vii w: aa. in inu,y cas at thn low
fs. fikU fa re diet: eat" 690 3,55.
Rea lir g furnia ipd 71,500: Norfolk ai d
Wi-Hvrn p n'-rred, 40.:V.'0; Ca:)"
r-outht r.:, 32,760; Eue, 80,518, aad &
inui ou i uu toarea. in! ilia g a
are, wit, tut lew ex eptio.'S, iu f.fcor
ol lower prices. Raiirea t rlrnwre
m-.ee at-.y actite: alcs $2.159.0.-0.
E';e eeci.'.ls co' t ibnti d f 3. 3,50 J and
ickei 1'late $;64.000. Ttie mirkyt
aa geacra'ly firm to s'long early in
the d. y, though it weakened in the
liie t.ital siles of ror.ks todav were
090,33 j s hhrns, includins Canada S jutii
em, 32,760; D-laare,Lackwnna and
Weaiern, 15 940; Denver and Rio
Uraude, 8100; Erie, 30,518; Kan
sas and Ttxas, 8575; Lake 8hor-,
13,453: Louioville anil Nashville. 17.-
665; Michig-n Central, 4810; Nortti
we tern. 6810; New Jersey Central,
12,38"i;Yoik Central, 3670; Northern
Pacific, 6900; Pactflj Mail, 12,770;
Reading, 71,600; 8 Paul, 30,0,0;
term ana ranac, cum; union fa
erie, 20,400; Western Un'on, V2,30;
waiasn rcinc 81 0; Wort tier u ra
cial; prrferred, 300 J; Orcgo'i Transcon
tinental, 7035; H nkirg Valley, 10,-
wo. uioaii g quotauoi s:
IT. 8. 3, lOli'i. U. roan. 129.
4H', coud, 110. PaoifioiiaolliD5,124S.
L. tms,4i. sm. Minonrl 61. If 3.
Ctnt. Pho. lKta,115T4 Deo R (1 lata, 119.
V ft.ix.n 10 Crilt SUM, WlYm.
M K r.Orn.6,,liw'i Norti Pho.Ku. 11
North. PHO. 'iili Mi. N. Wtern eon. 138-.
N.W.st deb. 5s. !',. Bt.L.B.F Dan. M., m
ai.rm'u nun, ioi7 di. r.u.dir lbl, J jvtsfc.
T.P.lundr:ioU.57. T.P.R U.i o..u.7jS.
It D , . , I TIT .IL
Ton.6.,nt'mt,1i'8S. ieon.di.eet'mi., 108.
lODQ. Otf.lttt mt.iv.
'I fie cloeinj ijuou:io:.e were s fol
lows: Yivierda?. Katnrday.
Decornhor- 9 38 ,) 9 3.) 9 ?2 ,
J in nary-... 9 44 ri 9.4". 9 27.. 9 ,i8
Kebru.ry... 9 5i(. tf.55 9 3tl rt 9 37
Ma ch- t l4 9.4ti(3) 9 47
April 9.74i 9.56 9 5?
Mar 4'ij) 9bii' 9 117
June 991 9'.t 977
July 10 ttlfilO 02 fl.84 i, 9.8
August 10i8100i 9.91ii 9.9i
The NewOrleanB srof mark.'t oofn.nl
firm, and clone.! a rorg; middling,
8 13-16l 8.1 es, 50o0 ba.ts. Q ioUt.o.iS
were as f j.lowa:
Yesterdav. Saturdav.
Ordinary 6 15 16 6 13-16
Good Ordinarv-... 7 15 16 7 13 18
Low Middling 8 9 16 8)
Middling .'8 1316 B
Good Middling-... 9 3 16 9
The New Orleans future market
opened firm, 'and olosed ttiady and 17
to 18 points higher. Sales, 83 600
bales. Qaotatioua were as follows:
Yes'erday. Saturdav.
December - 9.00Q 9.U1 8 8 J($ 8 84
January .... 9.08(3 8 9,)ioi 8 91
February... 9 17ia 9.18 8 9 900
Mirch 9 28:$ 9.10(3 9 11
April.- 9 39 9.41 9:2 9.21
Ma 9.5(.a) 95 9.33 3 9.34
June 9 6H3 9.62 9 4 9 45
July 9.7119.72 9 54r3 9.5S
Auxnst 9 733 9 75 9.t6 9 69
1 1U,
Adam Kiproii. lo7. MurrlniB
AMewnenr uent .
Alton k 1. 11 ,1V..
B. C. R. 4 N
Cnd Po., 6S
Canudu Son.. tufiZ.
Central Paoiflc,
Che.p-k4 0.,M
C. 4 0. 1 tpfd,18.
C. AO. 2d ptd. 11.
Chicago A A.. 143.
C.A A.Did.lriO
0., B. A Q , j.nvj.
0.,M L. 4 S.O .,-
C.Kt.Li P.pfd,41)i.
0. 8 . 4 C. 61).
O. 4C.,734.
(!. A 11. Vailey
Uel. A Hud
Hud . m.
..A W., Hft.
: Rio O ,
N. J. Central 5
Nor.4 W.p-d.StlVt.
Northern Pan .SU
Northern Hao ild, 65
v.a a. w
0.4 N.W pld ,141!.
N.Y. Central, Uu1.
N.Y.C.A St. I. ..yJU.
N.Y 0.4 8t L.pld,29X
uaio leDtrai, .
Ohio 4 Miwi.,33.
O A Mim.iifd. HI.
Ontario A W.it,. K.
Oregon NaT , 107
OrexnD Irani.. XJ4.
r wjiuo mail,
Panama, 98.
iVi. Peori.U 4B..S4.
rnuoiirf, 14a.
Button ...
St. Loui.
- tront
fl m.
q ty
qu et.
Keo. iPiici
8,735 811 16
20,282 8
6 (lOOl ...
3,978,8 13 16
1 500
t00 9 6-16
683 ()
Jf 9j
1,756 hi
963 81
119 S37
32 SCO
7h 1 01
20 9311
1 1 629
Koceipti at pons, thia day. 188649 771
Receipts at ports, this day, 1885-49,972
R'tS U. 8
p'rtsS day
Ex. Gr. B
Ht ck
R'ts8ept. 1
ForVn Ex.
99 70
2 792.2H4
188 .
2 761,199'
1 00,55
02 t.873
2,876 i6
1 663,0371 1, 5 '3 548 1,693 673
Del., L
Den. A
Eria. 37i
Erie nfd. 77.
DTM16DII,. 11.91. L, A o.r ptd
2 w K. Ten n . pM .BOH. bt. L. 4 8. F. 1, t p. 1 15,
rori nayne, 144 U. M. A t. P.,
uannibal A Bt. Jo.. '. M.A Rt.P,, a. IW
11 4 St.Jn . nfd. . Rt. P.. IU A U llai
iiuneu, a .
Pullman i'.0.,143.
Hook ll.and. 127.
. Kt.L.4 8.F .'MX.
lS.St.b A8.K pfd,7n.
tit Paul40,naha.5i
6t Paul AO. pld. 114
Tenn. CoalA Iron llti
joim racial, vft.
Union Paoifio, r.
U.8. Eip eu, M
W.. 8,11 P.. 3X
W..S.L. 4 P. p., 4u;.
" . r . nx.. iw.
W. U. Tel., nyi.
Colorado Goal, 40.
Home Stake, 17.
Iron Hil?er, 2W.
untarlo, is.
St. L.pid.49 Quiokailrer, T.
n Paciflo 115H Quiekailrer pfd, T.
Ilounton A T., 85
Illinnla Oantral.l.U.
Ind .B. A W..1HV.
Kana A T. ST.
Lake HAW. Id.
Lake Shore. W,.
Low. A Naib..MV.
Lou. N. A., 63.
M. AC. l.t pld.-.
M. A 0. aeoonda. ,
Men. A Char . 571,,
Mioh. Cen.,U7.
Min. A Ht. L . 22
Mm. A Ht.
Mlaaourt F
Mobile A Ohio, 18'. south Paoiflo, .
in. jj. o n .,077. DDVO, to.
ML.S.AW.pfd. IWi.
LoMDOic. D eemberS. 4 d. m. Hnn.
sob, 101 1-16 for money and 10 1 J
lor tbe account. United States honda
41, 134; 4J,-113r; Atlanic and
Great Wt-stern fin-f, 65; ssconds,
xof. uar silver, m o-io i per ounce.
Paris, Dcmber 6 Three nercent.
rentes, om tJj lor tne account.
New Obleanu. La . Decpmhrr ft
a iBK c eaunxs to ay, $2 209,397.
Chicago. Ill . Djcember 6. A
rixe't bunk cleauogs today were 111,-
Sr. Lours. Mo.. Deriembur 6 Bmt
e'ea ings today, $3,218,167; balances.
1001. 308.
Nkw York. Dcimbpr 6 Bank
olearinirs today. $164,419 337: balance.
i c n Dal ... ,
t.Utl ooo.
Boston. Mass.. December 8 R-nk
c.eri!.K today were $15,149,124; bal
ances, l iOOfllZ,
Baltimorb. Mo.. December ft
Bank clesrinirs today. $2,626 674; bal-
Philadklfhia. Pa.. DecernVmr ft
Bai k ciearinirs today were 10.47fl RSfl
uaiauuts, i,ii,uo.
Increase in receipto this year 41,1.95
At noon: Liverpool stiots were
firm, stiffrtnina a little. Fa!s. 12.0n0
oaiee, oi wncn American 1U0 hales.
K c'ipM, 8i)00 bales, ol wnicn Ameri
can 631)0 ball's.
Closing quotations were as follows:
Ordinary, 4Jd; good ordinary, 49 lOd;
inw mmauDg, 4 lo-loil; good mid-
dlinii. 6,d: middline; uolaoda, 5 3 10 i;
minnungvrieans, o o-iou.
The price are given in pence and 64(At.
(Aim: 4 63 meant 4 63-64d; and 6 01
meant 5 104a.
At noon: Liyerpool futures wre
firm; December. 6 065 07J; De
cember-January. 5 05d ; January Feb-
rnary. 5 05d; February-Mr' h. 6 06
5t6l; Mirch-Auril, 6 65 081 ;
Aprii-mty, o vomo una: ri iv-.iu; e.
5 105 Hd; Ju'i-July, 512514d;
JUIJ-AUgUSt, O 14(a 1d,
At 2 p.m.: Liverpool futures were
firm; Decemb r. 5 07d. selers: De
cember-January, 5 ( 61, sel en; January-
Febiuarv, 5 COd.selleia; Fdbruary-
marcn, o (oa, eel
rn: M arch-ikD.il.
K r 7.1 kii.uMi An.ilu a nai k.. -
trs; May-Jun'e, 6 lid, buyers; 'June- S, r."!J!?,,0!fa Mr. lrka
4oJ ', cloalug at 4.5 J.;. 0t Dei em-
bf r opeiied at 27.1, hiK'ie' 7J, lowtat
27.', clo-ing 27c; Jat.uarv niieped et
27 , hxhe-t 27c, l-iw.-t 27 :, cl i g
,'; .vav opene i ai ai ', nur eg' 31 1
i w.et oil.'?, cii e na oil : Ki-rvip e
Fl-ur, ll.iK) brls; wiirat, 76 0.V la;
c .rn, 1(9,0 0 nu; tat.t, V,;0 bu; t,
.vu nu: DiiM'y. tm. Mi'p.
iiie-nf i' urn, is.isKj urs; wi.eat,
7MH) ha, cor. i, 39.000 bu oa'. , 19 00
bo; rt e, ICIO; b. rli-y, 20,0.0 : u.
Pt. LntJiH, Mo.. De-inltfr 0. Four
qni-t; trMli'e ex ra, $2 4 Oi 2 50; f m.
iiy, $2 70.1 2 8; choLit .f i 2 3 P5;
fu cv, $3 553 65; ex'r imiuv, J3 7o
3 9J, i at ju's, $1 l.'fciit 45. ' Wheat
ac ive and uus. tiled, 1 sing eaib ri
the market opined weak ai d IJi
lower, a'litd Jc under po-d bnji.ig,
etad off flue oated witi ln a ra-u
ofSlc, advanced on via ble supply
8a eiueot, but eaad off aain and
closed ei and iri j lover than 8 it-
urdy; Ho. 2 red, cash, 80(a.8'ii;
December. 80c b d; Jmuary, blllA
oip, cms dk at o.c asea; reoruarv,
e.ioiii; may, 8Subi.', closing at
88 i asked. Corn Veiy'dnll and
e ier, closing JJc lower thuu 8t
urday; No. 2 niix.d, cah, 361c bid:
uwemoiT, ooc oiu; January an
February. 35137ic. OlosiiiB at 37i
Hd; May, 4(' i4'Jc, doling at 40j j
bid. Ottadnll butfi.m; No. 2, m x !,
C'sn, zjijizw; uecemo.-T, 27jn bid;
may, ai : rtye nrm at nsc. Uarley
non lng aomg nay n m; ptairie,
$3 75!1 50; timothy, $11. Far
fea Ui jIi t-td. Fi an tteidy a 60c.
Oirnn eil firm al $2 Rece pts Flour,
uii Dris; y.niat, Z7,uiw bu; c. rn,
62,000 bu; oa's, 21,000 bu; rye, 10(10
bu; barley, 38,000 bu. bhipmen s
Hour, oiMibrln; wbeV, 13,(00 bu;
corn, 3 XX) bujoats, none; rye, 2010
bu; pa ley, none.
Afl TMxm Bmrd. Wheat weak and
ii lower. Cora easy and
ioer. uast. ioer.
Kahsai Citt, Mo., Dei'emher 6.
Wheat weak; N . 2 rfd, c ah, 66c;
January, 67Ja bid; May, 7c bid.
Corn .Htesdv ; No. 2, rtusii, 31 jo bid;
January, rfLji uu; any, 3tjlo bid
Cats nomiua ; May, 29c bid.
Brrraa Btitturine, 1314c;
creamery, 30(u35'; dairy, 18C22c;
country putinr, ioiii-)C
Hoe Pkopdcts .vlens pork. $10 60:
sugiir cu ed hiuis, 10J(ai0c; breakfast
c-ai'on, 8(o)tc; cieur rib sides bacon,
7ic: bacon shoulders, ; . bulk
pork clear sides, ttn ; clear rib sides,
oo;snouiiers, oi(aoc; long clear. 5ia.
Lard Tierces, 6tc; halt-barrels aud
keir, 64c; cholie kettle, 7ic
Frkbu MsATs-Bet, f iriquarUrs,
4(S5c; mntton, 46;; hind quarters
Poulthy Chickens dull; Ppr'ng,
$1(2; nldhens, $2. Turkeys, $8 11.
Geese, $3(4. Duck.$2 50fa3: dreaded
c iii k. n, $1 60(i2 60 per d. s m ; dress-
en lurseye, lifidiZi! per pou d.
Oams-QuhIs, per d a.. $I251 50
"quirreis, i zo. a ibb.t, $1 60 otr doi
Ducks, wild, $1 602 0. Venison,
wuoie,o(oc; sauuies, HMUlo,
Chbsb Prime flats, 8J9i; New
Yok factory, 718c;full cream, 13Jc;
auuuk Aoienrs H I.
PlOS Farr. Barrel. CA 25: lia'J hur.
oarreie, i xo ; Kvfn, fl 20.
Chicago, III . December 6 Prn.
yis ons ruled irregular, but geuer dly
ru ed s roDger. and the closinir Drdna
fir mefs pnrk were a shade higher
lhan 8'ur'ay. Lard was2ioand chjrt
nr. a 0(a) jc niiiher than ou hatunlay.
Flour waa firm and unchanged. Caart
c inoon to priuie, 12.nl".-. Hninr,
c. noifu n!s, rc'ive at d a s'i 'd. I ih
er; civ lea while, 5 3lrV; eff wlrt, 5
1-16 c'ioio. y-llow claiirl.fi,
4 15 16. rinH yell w carried. 41..-
iriwuui., 0.M .H i! .Bm) C u ri u-
KBia rt o::ic ai.l l.tuNr; tl 'iice, 42e:
n.. k ly in.jir, .il'vi'c. U.I1CH UU
Ct 8"ge.'.
Nuw oKif, IVc'iinber 8 Coffee
, ivi iir ii ai ii :,'; o lull s a."'Ve
ai.d hg-.er; sale li:l 75 ) 1 a; D
cnii'liMr, imi nn.'iia 0:j J unary, 12.20
on: 3 3..-; te:rna y, 12.20(412 3V
M r ' ,12 20 1.12 40' ; April. 1220ft
l'tin.. ai i. ns .......
1A: (Vi12 4'.'c. hnita- Ann, UtUrde
mai :.d; f i' to good r 6nii in quoted
it 4 1-lCCi 13 IS J : n fiied niii an.l
sieauy. aioias.'es r-ieauv. K.od firm.
i . .... . . . . M ...
Arri.aw app es. -'fua: dried an.
p'e. i'llja per pound irora store.
lined pnai bee, 4(al6o Irora store.
VorrABLs-Onions.$2 40(5i2 75 from
s'ore. Oabbi-ge,$260; per head, 6(0)805
i to irom leyoe or depot per cratn,
Kraut, brla, 1 7a&5 ; bad brls. $2 75,
Uarbc, 4060o per 100. Turnioe, 60c
per buil el.
Fbdit Oranges, per box, $3 5t.34;
Lem. ns, $4io)4 60 per box. Ban.inas.
i mn&j 00 per pnncn.
Now Coeoa:mtfl-.t6p3r 10C Fea
nn'e Virginia, 6f47c; Topnessea,
larm-ersetocs ay)4c; rotated, 2Jo high
er; (.helled, 10c. Alrmndt, 18(3i20ir.
Walnnts LnglUh, 18m. Filberts, 11
10. l eoans inw. 811M lor email
to mediuu, 1014o for largs; Arkan-
Kai-ins Londnn litvem. $3: lay.
er: $2 75; California. $2: Imperial.
Pick 1,1a la Jura, pin s, 95c; quarts,
$1 60; naif-gallons, $2 75; alloP8,3 76;
mow. Darreia. so oot-iw : half-harm a.
$1 75 U.4 21 ; u-ixed. barrels, $10 60;
niiie.i, hslf-baire s, $6.
Fwh Mackerel, half-barrnla. Nn. 1
$.'i,f0(.ftfi; No. 2, $5; No. 3, $4 60;
10-10 tit, iso. 1, oc; Ao. 2, 75o
161b, Nj 3, boc. Dry herrings, fain
tly, per box.
hams name finh, 56:.
Eous Firm, 22a2;Jc.
Potatoes Northern stock. 1 6fV31
1 CO
Cidkb New York. $6 50a7 per bar.
rei, nn jw ia ner nan-Parrel.
ViNxaAR J0(ftl6c per gallon.
Rivais xw mmm
Cinelnnati... llatiriTB Ptati. 5 p.m.
Kt Franaia RiTr...lUxa MAoaiAnr.S p.m.
Coneurdia i1,tmi, 5 p.m.
Kriure PulnL 1 aula I.kk, ft p.m.
Oareota .viiAiuiaA. 5 p.m.
Wh'te Hirer ('iikiiaaav, 5 p m.
Kew Orlcaas C. P. I atTn, S p.m.
rovi-msTs at the i.kvkk.
Arrival J. in I.e, Fr'ar'e Point;
Cohhiima, Odd :iia; Ka'e Ai'anis, Ar
kansas 'ity; Rih-rt Koxley, O.iia
tiver; John A. Wood, Ohio rver;
Joseph Henrr, Ht. Lou s; Mary II us
ton, Cincinnati; ChtaapeHke, lipton
yille; R. A. Kpped, Piiteburg; ( W.
Anderson, O.ni inuati; City of Vicks
bnrg, V;cksburg.
Deparhirrt. I ity of Vicksburg, Bt.
L ul-; K bert Mixey, White nver;
John A. Wood, Now OrHans; Mary
Houston, New Orl.ans; C. W. Ander
son, Mobile; "he-apeake, Tif,t3nvi le;
Jamea-Lee, Fiiar'a Point ; Coahoma,
O-iceila; Knta Adams, ArkanaasClty;
Joseph Henry, New Oceans; R. A.
Hpeed, Coaimerre.
C ty of Vickshuiu-OO bales cotton
and 7000 sks o t'oxi s ed.
O.iaboma 99 b dee e itton. 20S ake
seed cotton and 1141 sks cotton seed.
James Lee 100 ba!ei cotton. 3 hjin
te d cot on, 8 ."J sks cotton toed and
11 W pigi suiidrio.
UUtetpeike 10J balps cottin. 20
him teeJ cotton aud 1222 eks cottou
Kate Adams 4112 bnles cnttiin. 11
Oig8 seea to vm aud KXl'J sks cotton
seed. "
at a'l s'atio.is named at 75" meridian
t mi', which is one hour fa. tor t.ian
Mernplits tfm:
Ab've Low
Water. (Jliacge.
He FaU
Feat. Kit Is lOlhi lO.hs
Cairn . 17 fi )0
( tmfanoiM .... 4 5 .
Ci'iciiinaii 8 4 4
1 lyenport
Dubuqiie ..,
Fort Smitli- 1 5"
Heena 22 4
I.a (Jnse. ,
Little Ruck 20 2
Mentphla 10 4 '. "i"o"
Nashville 6 2 4
New Orleans.... 4 2 4 "
'n!'u -
Piiteburg 4 20
H. Louis 4 4 44
pn' -
hhreyeport 10 4 1
Vicksburg 19 7 6 ,
July, 5 14d. eelleis: Jalt-Augrust.
..., 1 - 9
o 10a, ouje'B.
At 6pm.: Liverpool futures were
steady; Dece-nber, 6 07d. bmn;
uice iiner-jauuarv, 0 10 1, sellers;. Ian
nary.F.brnary, 6 08', sellers; Feb
luary-Ma-ch. 5161. Luver: Mirch
Apnl,5 I8d, buverd: April-May. 5 lOd.
ouyers mbv-j l- e. 0 121I. buyers:
june-jniy, 0 n , buyers; July-Au
jubi, 0 IO, Dine s.
The local cottin market
firm and dived firm: middling.
813 16c. Sales, 6400 bales, including
iouu r-atai aav evening; 3UJ to ex-
poriers and 700 to spinners.
Yesterday. Monrlav.
uruiuar; num. JJIOm.
Good Ordinary.... 8 3 18 8
ixw Middling 8 9 16 81
Middlimr 81316 fit
Good Middling.... 9 1 16 81
Aliddling Fair....- 9 7 10 91
Fair Nom. Nnm.
Htaibs and tinges.. 8ia,8) 838
Mauriil, Deoemkar 6, 1886.
Stock Sept 1, 1886-... 4,009
Received todiy 6,392
Received previously., 376,970
CoBKUEAL-Htundnrd. $2 20(32 25:
pesri, j zo(a3 ao; roller, 4fi.
tiAT unoice, irom store, 75c; car
'oad from ievee or depot, $14; Krini6,
fiom store, 70. car load from levee
or depot, $12 6013; prairie, from
store, 45n. ; car load from levee or
depot, $8 50.
Cobn From store. white.Sle :mixed.
Via, irom levee or dpot; white, in
bulk, 44c; in sacks, 47c; mixed, in
bulk, 42c; in sacks, 44 Jc
Oats From store.white.39c: mixed.
ac; irom ievee or depot, whl'e. in
bulk, 33c; in sacks, 36c; mixed, In
Hulk, 31c; in sacks, 33o.
Bran From store. 80o : from levee
or aepoi, (11 011,
Flopb From store, No. 3, $33 25 ;
family, $3 603 76; choi e, $3 76(34;
fancy, $4(44 25; extra fancy. $4 26(0.
4 50 ; patents, $55 60.
Bbans Navy, $2; medium, $1 60
175; common, $i 25; German millet,
2UIOA1 111.
kick Louisiana, 44Jc; Carolina,
Shipped today 3,921
Shipped prevloua!y-231,013
Home consumption to
date 357
Mock running account
Thus far this week
Ttus far la t week ,
Siru-e Hcptember 1st ,
... 9,006
... 19 8:8
m. and u. K. K 409
M. A T. R. R 206
L. and N. R. R 410
M.A L. R.R. R. 1 4S4
O..O.A8. W.R.R 726
L , N.O. AT.R.R. 450
K. 0 , 8. A M. R. R 207
M. 8 A B. R. R, 239
Steamers..... loni
Wagons and other sources. 200
Iatm bal In half-barrels. $3(33 15
irom store.
OnACKias Soda, extra. 4c: soda.
treble extra, 4 ic ;extrs,7c ; sincrer snaps.
eiira, oc; assnea lumniis, luc.
Obackbd Wbbat In hail-barrels,
to irom store.
niiM.-NX Lino aarrs From store.
Cbioaoo. Ill . December 6. Som
ulative trading in wbeat was on a lens
liberal rcale today as compered to the
neavy t ania tions ri last work; tt II
the aggregate tr.de wan Quite a ire.
The market op?ned 1 1 per bu lower
than the elm lug figure t f Saturday,
May delivery starting at 86c, but ro
to t508.i on g ioa nuyiog.reatten to 861,
ro;e again to 86. but fell ff a lu 1
cai t in the latent trad 1 not of tha af er-
noon, closing at inside ngores and o
unaer tne last quotations 01 Htt urday.
Jio 95;' a d, $6 20; hort rib sides,
loose, $5 65(35 70; dry salt d shoul
ders, boxed. $4 75(34 80: ahml kVa,
S a S, boxed, ) o(a6. The eadins
futures ranged as follows: Pork D.
cemr.tr opened at $10 90, blgext
tn 110, lowest iu w,vi Mogal $10 95;
Janu.ry opened at $11 10, highHt
111 30,hwebt$U10,cl s ngatill 17J;
F brunry opened at $11 12f, highe.t
$11 40, lowtst $11 2:, rliisnn at
ll 274:Mavoneiietat til 571 hiheel
$11 70, lowtst $11 674. c oeiuar at
u lUi. Laid December onent-d at
f W. illah S' Si 25 oweet JH "O rini
iiu at 16 20 - Jannary o. eneil t '6 2.',
h'KheS' $6 274. lOWeul SB 221 r-ln.lnoei
i.o; r 1' ruary one ed at S6 30.
matiel-t JH J ), lowest id 30. cminiat
$6 35 ; March opn. d at $6 40, highest
toto, lowi-ano aJ, closinir at $6 42.
ouori rma -January opened at 45 674,
h!.Het 40 70. lowest SS fiS. plne n ut
$5 67J; Ftb u iry opened at $5 7d.
bluhesr. $5 72 lower t $5 67 J. clnsing
u' i". raartu openeo at is 711. Mir'w
e.t $ 75, lowest 5 70, clrslngat $5 75
O.i the i rodu e F.xi lunge bu'ter inled
esy; creneiy, 2l27o; ddiv, 18 i
"i p"IDJT BtOCK, H(q)lftC. .2in-
fiesb, 23H&4C.
St. Loch. Mo.. Decern W a Pm.
VI loos quiet, but neo rally fiunar.
Pork etradv at $11. Lard Arm at itt 05
(38 l?i. Hulk meats firm; loose
lots b ng clear, $5 65(36 60; short
ribs, $5 65; short clear, H6 80(35 81);
boxsd lots lorg clear, $5 60, B"ort
rih. 15 65(35 70- h.,r, iciui
5 85. Bacon firm loos clear. $6 61 : I
hort ribs, $6 76 : short dear, ifl 874(3
. cams at wjiujc, nutter atealy :
rream-rv, zimtio; oap-y. I6(ai2fic.
HjggB nrmer at zi(2);ijo.
Spqab Pure white. 51
rnite, Oi(ootn; yellow clan
ed, 6J3
61?; srconJp, 41(35ri; refined A. 6f3
6n; eranulatd, 6i6fc; p'antKtlon
grgnu'a'ed,6(36jc; powdered, 77Jc;
tut iun, f vi f u.
Corr-KB Oi.mmon. 12(312lc: ordi
nary, 13(3131c; prime Rio. I4(314li;:
choice to laucy, I4'ai5ic; old govern
mem, ZK)on.
Hoap 3(ttftc per pound.
Canpibs Ntlcks. all aises. In boxes.
pails and barrels, 7(390.
Salt $1 20 per barrels sacks, fine
$1 35(31 45: coerce. $1 10(31 15: pock
ets, bleached, 2aj7o; car-loads from
levee or depot., 6c cheaper.
uambbd uooos. HTC. Prices per
aosen : rineappies,
1 . . r i .
The receipt. coLtiDDe moderate with peachb sUnd.ro1 $1 laafS m
larger estimated receipts for tomorrow. End "S, bn iSJ 16fh
Pouncment ?bS feJ5iJ"i!! "
gages, SI 6o31 75; pears', $2(3
prict s.
bearing upon the course of
Oorn was active and firmer,
H 1 ""no W.MFI, UIAWWII1CU, 11V29
ioc ciear uroasa won, zj(a'jnc; bnrry
waaueu, ijiojvi :; iuo warned, aii&Ho.
Hides-Dry fl nl No 1. lfto: No. 2.
12)ii; dry salted. 104(31-21!: arretin
Halted, No. 1, 8n;. No. 2, 7Jc Sheep
sklus, 15o$l. Beeswax, 20c, Tallow,
Deer fkini. 18c: bear. $1(37: mink.
lrniMOi.': coin, hunter htnrt ed. 1.V3
60;i- eiunfy bandied. lJigMi; other, rv ",?
$1(38; beaver, 60 i$7; wild cat, l ! 0'7
(325c; fox. I575c; musk lat, 10c; pi?l '
opiaaum, 10c; wuit. 60o(312: sknuk.
oyicc; paainers, ojo'iii.
Coal Oil Prime white, wholeaala
101s, ujiiw ptir ganon.
PirreBUBa. Pa.. December ft Pe.
troleaia dull but s eidy ; National
transit cert Ooates ooenf d at 8OI1:
closed at 80 Jc; hituhest, Si'Jo; lowtst,
Whisbt Htraiaht Kentucky Bour-
Don, i ouoii; rei mined goods irom
8,5c t'i $1 60. accordins to proof : rve.
i oyo.
Chicago, III.. Dessmher A. Whla.
ay. i is.
8t. Lncis, Mo., December 1 Whta.
ky s eady, $1 13.
Cincinnati. O.. December 6. Whla
ky active, firm; sales of 138 barrels of
nmsntd noods on a basis cf $1 13.
Dkuos-Qu nine, P. A W.. os.. 70n:
can ', o)o ; new mit quiuiue, 11,, ic
cans 60; Ii. & o. quinine, (b..65i;
cans,8ii ;morphire, P. AW. i(B.,$2 35
cb. ; 1 oz. via, iu: ivew York mnr-
pnin t, t os. 92 per ib.; 1 os. via's.
$2(.5;ciiichonid a, 1 os. vials, 18c os , 6
os. can,ldc r B ; gum opium, per pound,
!1 4H' i iHllla llrillll'l t Ml r.nnn.1
inclusive; sobnitrate bismuth, i 20
per pound, Inclusive; chloroform, 45c
per paund ; blue mass. 43.1 per pound :
ralomel, 75c per p mnrl; mercury. 70o
per poui d; chloral hydrate, $1 60 per
pound; camphor, 27o per pound: al
cohol, btriels, per gtllon, $i 22; cas
tor on, nrreis, per sal oa, $1 ri.
Faints AND Oil White lead. Col.
tier's, 7Jc per pound; 600 pound lots,
7o per p. und, 1c off, 15 days: South
ern white lead, 7J-t per pound; 600
pouno iota, ic, zjo on, 10 dare; boiled
linseed oil, 43o per gallon, by barrel:
raw, 40c: turpentine, 88i) per gallon,
oy oairui.
Naim-10s, iron, $2 25; steel, $2 40.
L.BAD 00.
8uoT-D.op,$l65; buek,$l 90.
B ago mo Carload lo's: Jute. 2 lbs.
8c: It Ins, 7o; H lbs, 7c Flax, 8
PS. HI !.
Tuts $1 05(31 10.
GbassCattlb Ohoice,HI(331c:ond.
3 oiSJ.i;lKir to medium, 21 2c;acalla-
WHBi, ItOlf
lloos -C noicelo :irood.4'34Ic :com-
mon, 3(330
Hhbbp Obnice, 34c; medium. 3(3
sic unoice ismos, itaiicper pound.
Cr icAio, Iu. December 6. The
Drovert Journal repoits: Cattle re
ceiits, 7000 head; sbipmento, 3000
heed; market steady and rather
stronger; a car of fancy Wyoming
sold at $5 60; Obris'mrs bf ve, $5 10
(35 35; shipping steers, 950 to 1500
1)8., $3 304 95; lock era and feed
er, $1 9(l(a)3 40; cows, bulla and
mixed, $1 60(33 20; bulk. $2 10(32 40:
Texas tattle, $2(33 60. Horn re
ceipts, 47,000 head; ahipmenls, 7000
bead; Dest grades are strong and 60
biaher; rough and mixed. $3 70(34 10;
Tub tob.iBt Pat McLaughlin Is on
her way to th.s poit itu a tow of pro
duoe bout.
Duhino the 24 honrs ending at no: n
yesterday the river at this point de
clined 1 foot
Tub John A. W00J, with a big tow
of coal,p..Bed to New Orleans ytstar
day rooming.
Thb O-ilckasaw, Oapt. EJ Pontal, is
the r giiUr puket leaving tomorrow
evening for White river.
fus A'lioa Bnwn U due from tha
Ohio river with a tow of I'ittaburg coal
for Me-isrs. Biown A Jones.
Tub Mary Hone' on from Cincinnati
parsed te New O.I. ana Hundav. Hiia
tranaae'ed no btiinees here.
Thb City nl Viokaburj Added 200
hales ol cottin and left at noon for
Cairo, wheie she will by up.
Owina to the had weathor and a
aoatcity of labor revaral of tbe local
packets did not leave Saturday evening.
Tub liven are froxen over at
Dobuomo. Keokuk. La
LeaveuworlD. Omaha and KL
Tbb little steamer Robert Moxlev
passed lo Poplar Bluff, on B ack river,
where aue will be engaged iu towios
Tbb Alberta No. 3 be! nu unable to
get out Saturday has laid no until
Saturday, her regular day, whoa she
w.ll leave lor White river.
Tbb Kate Adama and Jamea T.00
for tbe lower and the Coahoma and
Cherspaake lor tne upper coasts loft
yesterday evening with good trips.
Tas 0. W. Auderaon. recently nur.
chased by Oupk Finnegan from Ohio
river parties, reaped lo Mnbiln amr.
day without land.nar. She had a full
Tna Granl'e State, Capt. A. J. L'n 1
say, is announced to leave here at
o'clock tn in evening for Cairo, Evaui
vine, ivoui.v.ue, Cincinnati and ail
way landings,
Tub R. A. SoeeJ arrived ventonla
irom ruisourg ana win nerea't' r do
harbor service here. She brought to
this port a barge of ooal and a barge
icaueu witu prima ie.
Thb City of New Orlaans. which
left Cairo Friday evening, ha I not ar
rived op u a ia e hour last n uhL Kha
is probably detained taking on corn in
me Deuus aoove nere.
Tub OhHfl. P, Chouteau should ar
rive hero today, and alio ib aun ounced
to leave tomorrow evening for New
Orleans and all way landings. Capt.
u. u. lqwi is ner agent.
Thb Rene Maoreadv. Cant O. K.
Joplin, leaves here this evenibg for
msriaDna, me uu oa and all way
laauings on tne m. rrancla river,
Lee Cummins la her clerk.
Tbm Joe Peters is due from Arkan
sas river, and should she arrive in
time to be unloaded, she will return
to Arkansas river this evening. Capt.
xi. j Awe ia ner agent.
Thb Gayos ). Capt, A.L. Cumminirs.
is tue regular pacaei leaving this even,
log for (nooidia and all way land.
Inis. Messta. Lew Prioe and Ous
Cummiogi are bercleika.
Thb City of Cairo, now in the lower
river will, du lug ihe low water seas in
in the Mians.ippi above Cairo, run In
the Memphis and Vlikhbura trade.
She is doe beie Thursday and will
probably leave ht re oa Saturday aud
continue on that day until tue liver
above la again Open, bhe is an Anchor
line boat and she will handle all
freight Bent here by rail from SI. Louis
as well as that shipped by Memph.s
mt rename.
Tub Joseph Ilunrv passed to Vickr.
bmg yesteidey. She reports tbe fol
lowiug thauges iii United States bea
con lights between this port and
C.ii.o: Newaom's, discontinued :
Madrid Bend, mv d opposite wieck
of Roe; Dm Watinn's, new lnht:
Marr's Field, down 100 yards: Point
Pleasaut, up 100 yards; Rney', up to
high ground; Stewart's, . down 200
ya ds, Island 16, discontinued; Inland
13. new lieht: Mitche 1's. down 1(0
yaidi; beluw Cheek's Island, up 400
Tbb E. W. OjIb. en route to this
point, from Arkansas river, with
ab uteoo bales of cotton and 700 sacks
of cut on seed, landed at Uommetce,36
M (arnia, lieoeiaeer 1, 1SK. f
erDurlna the iu pan-Ion of niTi .ties
al.cive Ceirn, toe Anohnr Line will run Ihe
riieaaier OITV Of OA I KO from frni,hia
SATURDAV t 5 p m." Kreiaht will be re
coiveJat ihe K aralor.
AT) T"MM. Acn.
For Tlelene, Arkaaaita Oily, OrernTlUe,
Vickiburr. II non Hnnire and all H ay
, Laniliuaa-Kleliaar
Chas. P. Chouteau, .CPfa,
, W . H.Th(irwet. n...ina f.r WsiiVSS
Will IraT aa abuve (rnca blor lor W KI)N aa
VK, Dae. Hih, at ft .im. Yr freicht or
ia aiiplyntNo. t Madl-on rl'n.t. l ele-
l.hi.n. No Wl II u l."WK Ar.t.
FOR l.omsvtl,l A OINrtNNATT
For Cairo. BanaTllla, Louiaaille and Cla
oinnati the elevini ateaiuer
9rauito Mtatc.jK.
A. J. LlnJe...matr D Merra olerk
Will leave TliKnltAV, . Tib, at 5 p.m.
For Jrelabt or lai ai.plT te 0. 1). KUa
SKLL, u. K ani I'. A., Ii Me.liaon atreet.
1 olohnim 8W ,Tnn ' la.'r Ant.
Nl. I'ratncia Hlvaii I rnuxpnrtatlun Vo.
Tne e etant alaMuier
Rene Macready,
0. K. Jon lr nuter.
Leaw Mnmi.hla KVKlU TUKSD4T and
HATOHOA V el A p.m.. for Marianne and
war landlnaa ea far aa the Cui-ott.
Ihe carnal n reerea (tie nabt (n paa all
landinaa hedoeuia unaale. Tuleiboue 64.
J AH. l.hiH, Ja., Cup't,
. Office, N. M.illann atrwit.
For Oaoeole, Ilalea Point, Oaretheravllle,
(laroao and Tiutoeaiil The mmm akl.
woeel rtaaaenrnr ateen.or
W. P. Hall muter. J. D. Faller.ZolerS
s.vU:.f!, .b."J P4 .'!. M
'ni nuui ana lliunaufll M
Bktu.uie,riHre rum. ! Jinnapaua
HuJ Oaooola Fakrbrt CJoiupaaaj'.
For Helena, Olandele, Frlara Point and al
nay benainii-Bieeaiar
rt.l . r"".r " PUU urmrr, in ok. !,. tl flftrai 7ft. uau, ivuku buu uiiaru, o (iroii iu;
" "iwa the May option advancing to 44o and M i. . J iffii . packing and shipping, 3 90r44 30; miles Delow Here. riaay light, with
Export. clorintorthdjrt4S5whltrt,.wu gj
Thus far this week. 10,400 tbe clos ng price on 8a urday. Re- LSl.? 'T .Y.' I!!? Sheep-receipts, 60 0 head; ship. Clerk Jamea fhompeou and others of
Thus far laet week. ........ 15,538 ce'pta were fairly large. TheBblpping Zl Shi Uh ,t i lk- r ii. he men,. head; market opend the crew came up oil tbe Lee Sunday
Since September lat 234,834 demand was moderate, but mainly fo" Zl Sht lih V..' 5ht higher and chaed ea-y; natlyfa, $2 5J The towboat R. A. Huesd, hav-
. . tbe lower grades. Oa's developed Zl Sht 8 "h tiin..zf f 3i; Western, $2 60(&3 fi0;Texans, iK on board Engineers Eli Samuels
M.4 0.R.R m 171 very little life and pr'cei eihiblted no nmn '' u jZ W 253 25; Ismba. $3 7t4 9a aud Jim Smith, weat d .wn the river
M., A T. R. R. ,.. 37 essential change. Cash prices ware Hwlea S 7B ' The Drovm1 Journal special London yesteiday to briog tbe Cole to this
L.AN. R.R 1 402 as folloa: No. 2 Bpilng wheat, Vni a.l Tni.n. . cablegram quotes prxes weak, at lllo port- She should be here today, and
p.,O.A8.W.R.R '795 77lo; No. 3 spring wheat. 71 f.;, i2-nre to honaS 40 'or beat American steere. Offerings of her repairs will be computed Batur-
M..8 AB. R.R. ARtt 7I48-. No. 2 red. 7. No. a STt 8(?!.nm.S.-CnoIc new' 7 American caitla Hirht. hnt nn.ll, day.
Steamers north
Total 3 921
New York spots oooned firm, and
closed fi m; middling, 9 6-16o. Hales,
225 bales. Quotations were as follows :
Yesterday. Saturdav
Orrllnsry 6 9 16 fU
Good ordinary... 7 16 16 71
Liw middling... 8 13-10 M
Middling.- 9 5-16 di
Good middling ... 9 9- 6 Oi
Middling fair 10 3 16 (!
Fair 11 13 16 lj
Ne York fu'uiea opined firm and
closed s rooi and 16 1 1 18 points holier
than Saturday. Sales, 197,500 bales.
c rn, S7Ic; No. 2 oats. i.7c; No. 2 rve.
55c: N .. 2 barley, 63')4i; No. 1
flaxseed, 93jc; p irns timothy ared,
f 1 79. The leading future, ranged
ssfillowi: Wbewt D:cemher opened
at 78 . highest 7t jc, lowest 77 , clr s
i' g 77 ; January i"ned a. 59.:, h gh
st 7iic, low. st 78n, closing 7- :
Febrna v opened a 7H hit heat Kmc.
lowe t 7dio, c osing a". 7!)c; M.y
opened at 16-, hiuhe'-t 8 . Jo, low. st
8tJc, dosing at 8ijo. O iro Decern
b' r opened Ht H7J , h;ghs' 38 ), lowest
37jc, closing HTjo; January opened st
Zhu, hiKheet ZHo, loweet SSI c'o-liig
3jc; Februarv openi-d at3ri ', h'ghoet
bsjc, lowest 38c, clo'iiug 3n; May
opened at 43Jc, higbeit 41c, lowest
syrup. axMuc: common
UU' , ftVlMUU. pi LUJO HI I'UUIW, iOfyVUV ,
goDirimnai, isucy, ouigoou.
Rio db Jahbibo. De ember 4. Cof
fee regnlar fl-st, 5600 rsis per 10
ai os; (to a s(ooo, oiou rein. Ke
csipti during the week, 83,000 bstre;
puruhas' s f r the Unit, d Suie, 57,000
I as; clearances I t the Uniti d Siatee.
59,0iX) b.ws, etck, 307,000 ba-s.
Santos, D'cember 4 0 ffe gool
average, 65-)0 reis pir 10 kilos. Ke
reipi rlur ng the week, 91,000 b'g'i
fntrcrasei for tr.eUrd'ed St tei, 7,tiOO
ags, ch a-ancf s for t ie United Sutea,
cone; o'ock, 2(H) 000 has.
Nsw Oulbass. La.. December 6.
Coflie etrocg and higher; Rio cargoes,
supplies are exces ive.
Kansas ('nr. Mo. December .
Tbe Inet' jck Indicator reports : Cattle
tecelptf , 437 bead ; shipments, none:
shlppirg grades steady; choice rows
strorgand a shade higher; stoikers
and feeling stten weak: ito.hI to
cnolce, $4(.4 40; comniu to medium,
$3 3t)3 00; Bt.nk.-M, r2 252 76;
ifeainir steers, ti 8()(a)3 00; cm
tl 602 80. Hogs eci.)ti, 12.06
nesa; eii puien s, wt liead: cnuce
firm; com non wak; good to
ctoce, fiWSi; cominou to
medi, m, 33 70.i3H'i. Slieen receipts,
8:X3; shipments, -5I ; m rket steady ;
so' d ti chn-o", 12 rt0in3 25: cjmiuon
to me nam, ii ooz 4a
PirrsBPBM. Pa . December 6. Noon
River 4 feet 3 inches on tbe gauge
and falling. Weather cloudy and co d.
Wbbblino. W. Va . D icember 6
No u Kiver 6 feet 10 inches on the
gauge and failirg, and full of ice.
Weatber c'oudy auc to d.
Louisvillb, K v., D remlier 6 Noon
luver lilline. win. 8 IfHt ft Lichee in
the oanui anr 0 ( el 3 iinhsou the f ille.
Bu line's fair. Wian.er clear and mod
OrrtcaSioifAL Hbhvicb, TJ. S. A.,
oiiMPHiA, u cuntier 0, 1 p.m.
The following observations ate taken
Jnmeg lee,
bj. i. vbauumr , ..MaiUi.
Will leave aa above on KVBHV MONDAT,
WKUNBtfpAy. and KKlUAll alfto'olook.
Far Randolph, Falton, Oaeeola aa Waff
Laadlnte (Iteenier
a. n. liuuran meater.
Leavea Bvery MONDAY. W 8l)N KHDAT
and FRIDAY at t p.m. The eneta of Ul
linereaerve the rlabt to peat all landiasl
the otpiain mar deem anieie. ddloe. Mo. I
MuHl.onat. .1 A M Kfi I.KK, . Hnp't.
Arkansas Kiver i'k't Co.
Leave! Memrhii Kvery TtKHDAY, el 6 p.m.
Rd Nowlend mut.r 1
Leevee Meoiph i Kverr UAXUHDAV.6 p.m.
For freliht or pe iase ernlr to
mm k, A reat,
Pffl-e. Nn
11. (1.
S Vart.t.in at
i. n, nnai,
jft-uiplila and VlekKiiNra- I'acKettJoui
pany U. 8. Hall Line.
For Belena, Oonoordie, terrene and Arkaa-
laa ;itv me eterent paiaenter ateemef
K. R. Cheek... maiur I W. 0. Blnker...olerk
I. axel Memphli
For Ooneordia and all way lending!.
The Steamer
A. L. Oommlna, Maat'rl Lew Prioe Oierk
Leaves 'IIJK.DAY aad BATURDAV atSp.at
kur aenerel Infnpna&tinn kitniw m.k
Mo. 4 hadiaon itreet.
,IOnN ffimt, u.a.'i a..n T.i.phnwe S.
MemphlBg White Uirer I'kUUo
for i'lareaidein, Deivaile UleiNM UeaS
Are, Aairaaia, bearoy, Newport, Jaokaoa
, tt.. iil i li m ii
m n D.i.i . JJ1C.USBI
Will 'leave KVKRY WSDNKbDAY at 5 p.m.
Ktr. ALBERTA Hi). 3,-Q
Albert B. Smith meater. '"' 081
Will leeve KVKRY HA 1 URDAY at
Ihrouub retea aivea to all pointa.
aonauneil to tbe Mennbia and While River
raoketuo., at IMemphla orlarrene, will bs
forwarded promptly
tlon aiM'lv at o
Call Tlihnn
tfor eenerel intorma
oe, No S meiiiaoa at., ort
n. ! i.ftw w, , e't.
308 Front St.
Partnership Notice.
Miarnie. Mevemhertt. IMS.
rpiIB anderalvned have "hie day formed a
enparrnerinip euoer ine eraa nam ei
9KHU U FULLBM A OO., tor th iar-
roee et earrrlnf on a eareirrl rir )
Mnrtaie) laieajrianw Itaetaiaew, Mr. Joe,
H Pallea will have immediate oontiel aai
Baoefemeatof thaknaineaa.
vn AO. la. rULLKH.
JOH. 11. fULLKM.
af. ...... v... w l.-m ttaa
.reie, j .o,f laniT M, ..
TTK have tbla day aold and irea-rrred te
VV ( herlaa L. end J aun II. Fullea OUT
entire Iaauraao Aiener Baali eaa, aad we
beaiea lor them a o ntinaanoevl ae Dttf l
Beea heretolore given to ui.
wjvt, m. r'1 1. 1. r " -v.
Boilor Works.
rillEA ft McCARrHY,Propr8,
140, 111, Ui Front, Mempiiis.
in the JSo ith. an 1 ihe oulv onairlel
lloiler an. I hliaet-lrou wnrKa in ma our.
MMiieilm-iarnre l Mwvf lnl Iraaaea
va.trla ul avrrr lrrrlllH. . brOClal
attention ejiven to plaoutioa work.

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