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The Memphis appeal. (Memphis, Tenn.) 1886-1890, December 07, 1886, Image 8

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mma use table.
mova iwllown KMi lin. !'
Mr1' t i,n. arrive! t 1;30 p.m. I .
L'onii hit link erriv.i at s :4 a.m. T ,
lovoaf followit Nw0r'5V.?IS ifr D i
ally it : a.m. s !. '"f',?; q s5
artfi. a.mmod'tion arrive, daily at 9 W
htovei dily at 8: P " ori'
Mom. oi WtauhM.-.
! . Ky.l-TrBin.outtitiroa fol-
.i New Orleon fat wail, daily. leaves
a 1:80 p.m. I
Laval at a
l.;i. arrlvwt "
Vlokiburs eures, dailr.
. N.W uriemi! lai mau,
tf:)0 a.m. Vlckiburg i-
reel daily, arrival a tfstnrj.ni. , . .
dot u follow!) r mu arrive. "
S:la.m.: leave. etl:ltl p.m.l mall leave
daily at 10:10 a.m.! arrlv.1 .at 4:00 p.m.
Brownnville eooommodatiom leares dai y,
io.Pt rSiwiay. at I -M p.m. ! arrives daily.
eiei tlordav, at e 50 a.m. (itar.dard time).
Half KooLnHnnw" 'liy, ftprii.er-
aM numpuiai iraini inn ju.
T. defo ia follo-vit No. 4, KiniaJCity t-Jre-e.
leaves at Wtt5 a.m., No. 3, KansM
Cit eirs, arrives at 80 p.m. No. 2,
Kansas-City mall, leave et:00 p.m. t No. 1,
Kansas City mail, arrives at :ib a.m. No.
ISt.-Loai id Chicaeo-agpreM, Lave! at
iUla.in.1 Na. LSI. Louie and Chioagoei
prevs, arrives at 1:45 a. bk la eflect Bandar,
A&S0' nd Wleeto.TT.Ini
move ai follow! I Tbreugh eipreii leave!
. de9 at WrflC p.M. Mali and express Laves
J. ft. .lldAU m. knmarvllla tflMmmodl-
ba leaves dally, eaisept Sanday. at 4 :40
B.ta. Tarn igh express arrival daily at 6:38
a.m. Mail aad express arrWai daily at 1C :90
S.B. TlaaiervilL eeaommodetioa arrives
aU. luniil Bandev. at 8:30 a.m.
Mevrrptila, Rlswlaabana and Atlaa.
tla-BoLy Bprlags Ronte-TralBS move as
( ellowii No. 1 leave Memphis dally at :46
. a.rlmaat Hail Hurina-aat&ine'D.m.l
iU.'i lTi Holly Bonnni daily at 8:10
a.B.I arriTM atMaapbii at 10:10 a.m. I No.
fi laarat Mamphii daily at 7:16 p.m., arrival
.1 M.U. Hnrlnaraat 11 -4A II. m. I No. 6 lTM
Wall. Sprinn daily at lilb a.m., arriTM at
klampli iiat8i4b.B.
araitbta aa LltUa Bawli. Pralni
wan M lollowa (oantral itaadafd ma)i
No.'llaaTMdaHy at i:J6 p.m.: arrlTM at
fU&r.m. H. JlaaTnat5:&5a.mj arrlrai
at 9Ki a.m. No. ft (frolf ht) laaval Ikixdald
dally (ioatt.Bday) at 3:30 a.m.! arrival
' tavaa.m.
T11E weahier.
For AtAboma: Fair vxather; north
apMtfrfy tomii; dightly wvmer.
For Mimilppi and LouUima: Fair
laraiAfc-; northerly unndi; fMaWy $lat!m
mry Umpmratwre.
For Ttnneme: Fair utittKtr; north
yoettsrly wmdt; tlighlly warmer.
lor Ttxai and Atlanta; Fair weather ;
toulherlf vmd; warmer.
The riveri will continue io fall thwl
cweept tiighl ri$e in Hit Miuimppi below
Si. Imi.
MetnorulOKlonl Krport.
' WmrHTi, Tixn.. Dafpiber 6. ISHfi.
7:00 a.m.
8:00 p.m.
lunw p.m
Maxluiuiu Uniperriture, 35.
Hmimnm torapurnture( 17.
Osnne, 11a.m., 1.
Kainfall, O.Ot).
Sale of (eats for Mrs, D. P. Boar-
era's niRHmontwill lie reaumod tsday
The prnpotition to construct an
elevator in thu Conrthouee ueetd with
universal favor, , The work cannot ba
' dona too soon. '
Frank Waters waonvlcted yes-
terday In tbe Criminal Court of steal
ing ill and ten'enced to eleven
. months and nine days in the Work-
Marriage' licenses were Usued
visterday lo Fred Boltoa, oolored, and
'Airs. Mary Llgsinti, colored, L. T.
Brown, colored, and Miss Mat'.ie Mor
. gan, colored.
-i-Joe Robinson, alias Johnson, wil'
be tried tod3y in tbe Criminal Court
' for asrault, with inteiit ti kill Con-
doctor Ferryman, of theMpmphlsand
Charleston railroad, a few weeks ago.
Andy White was cut in the tem
ple with a pocktt ki.ifii ytster.iay by
-J. .W. Baker, a co'ored roustabout
from Indinna, at LoUia'a saloon on
Hia'e street, opocaite ihe market.
.Bukirwaa ainstud.
Wm. Vick, burgage rur stcr of the
.'Louie villo .and Niwhvdle rosd, will ba
tiled today in the Ctimiial Couit (or
interfering Ki'h Justicj Pawull whi'e
eriluavoririK to luvy up.iu bagijane in
the riis'.ody.of dcleuduut.
By workirguatiU o'clock Kunday
morniog the Mouiphls City ltniiroad
Company uiaajod to cletT itatiacks
of mow to. an tx ent Biifllcinnt to
. make travel pracicablr, to the groat
relit t of chuich goers who feared that
thev aonld be couiptl led to trudge it
on foot
, -Mersrs. Jf. IVioli. F. W. WcCarty,
B F.l.owardJ. II, Morton and F. A.
Nolley, Weilero Union operators, did
superb woik iu hMiitiliiig (he IVsi-
dent's iifHHie b'undsy night. It con
talned M,000 werds, began coming at
1 1 :30 o'ck. k, auf was all in and mani
folded for four newspapers by 0 o'clock
a m. yesterday.
A wLile man, about 50 yeaa of
rx, died on b ard of tbe steamer
JaiaiesiLee, Kundiy mjndng, of ex
powrd. lie had kieeu at work on tho
levees near, Friars Point and there
contracted malarial Cover, and became
unfitted to woik. From letters about
bis person it appears that his narso is
'Wujl iKna, Oieef the letters was
datui.tUL LwU, H camber 2(lth,.at
'loreofe Mac tin's ed.oon, No. 002
North Third street, , and signed, Pat
Anlnqueti was held lest Sunday
by Deputy Coroner Barry on the bodf
of John Franklin, a trawling man or
ururumer, louod dead at ihe boarding
hon of M. MofBtt. 72 Court etreot.
Franklin vaa ttavelini tor Burns A
Co., wajron Jiisnu'scturers, Cjnntc'.i
cut, was about 26 yean of age and
died ifrom taking an overdose of
morphine, but whoiher with intent
suicukl or n t is utknown.
Ixttera found on Lin person indi
cated I that he had a wife reoijingat
Netches, Mis, and that big fathor was
a resident of Plaiiuamiue, L. He
had money and a couple ot riliss
containing papers and clothing Tbe
remalos were taksn iharre ol by ijln
dertaker Stanley, who telegraphsi to
his relatives aa to the burial.
Ihalfihcr, Mauou aad Wvat's Mia. !
Opened st the Haw Meaiphis Theater
last night ti a t rowded house and
ravs an exctlle..t perfcnxacce, Billy
Rice awpecially keeping tha audience
in a roar of langliter. The bill in-1
dudes, many attmoi've cpeeialtiej, j
which elicited enthusiastic app'anoa j
nd repeated enc .res. 84 rue hill to-
M Lifter Uoodi.
The bata ani .b-nntti at Lavlne's
re tbe mort i. p'Oprinto for co'd
wea'her. Lsljen aiould cjII nd ex.
D)ip? ft fm,
Bar. Tuer. Wind.
30.3701 17.0 N.W.
30 347 8)0 N.W.
30.3331 30.0 N.W.
Oomn sa yesterday, 64C0 b'
receipts, 6392 bilei".
Hoa choleia prsval's if twnnfy.
tliree counties I the SUt o Qaio
BKBAi'iirre? nd v .cynona ware
hatle cfl in the leading markets yes
terday, Tnstrpor'ji tl fl jur and whet dur
ing t".e lasiflve month warn pqnal to
et.iw.'.HJU, aia mat 8i,wo.ooi) lor toe
tirfespctcding time la 1885.
Srotcottinw nn MRc ail ic-airl
VfBtrdnv in Merrpli'B. New Orleuns
and New York ami futures mlvuc ji)
10 to 18 pointa in rLe two UUr
Visitobs on 'Ohcngfl ye.'iarday:
Wm. Ha'h, 8t. lou'fs; 1). i. Pepper,
Sirdia, Miss.; W. T. Hatchett, A'.a
biuia; (v. W. Hairlj, Louisville, Ky.;
K. K. West, Oharlwaoa, 8. O.
TfltuBexpected advance in cotton
futnres yraterday tit New York, it in
aaid, was owlnd; to the phenomenal
anow Btorm thr rj,j(hout tte South,
whick stimalifjd hi-sitatinR buyer,
who took all offerings, tbe eellera
competing wlUi the buyers. Cotton
clocod atron 23 point above Satar
day'acloeioo Tbi visile ertpply ot grain in New
fork on Dsc mbar 4tb,as compiled by
tbe Prod ace Eichanee, wan as fel
low: W boat, ."69,568,521 bn; decrease,
13,657 ba. tJorn, 11.738,7tf5 bu.; in
crease, atVm) bn. Oata, 5,281 ,570 bu ;
decrease, 2 43,706 bo. Kye, 414,615 bu;
increase, 57D bu. Barley, 2,7U4,tt29
bu.; InCT' tBai, 160,179 bu.
T Mark Lane Exprm, in its re
view tf tbe British grain trade during
the r-st week. aay: Wheat valuta
having further enhanced, the nnsonnd
nrer o f the potato crop, a factor of
leading importance to the wheat trade.
is becoming apparent. The tuoera are
now k.nowu i) be rotting over large
Tbe viaib'e supply of grain in Chl-
,ogo December 4, aa reported by the
secretary of the Unlcazo Boarl ol
Trade, is as follows: Wheat, 69,539,
000 bn: decrease, 33,000 bu. Corn,
11,739,003 bn; increase, 311,000 bu.
Oat. 6,261,000 bu. ; decrease, 288,
000 bu. Rye, 421,000 bu.; Increase,
14,000 bu. Barley, 2,794,000 bu; de
crease, 162,000 bu.
Cbaaeery 'oort Eliot, Cbaaeellor.
Calendar for Decembftr 7: Nos
6414, Joneavs Houck; 6419, Jones vs
llfdspn; 6118, M. and 8. 88 vs Hill;
6423, Lu'x vs Htoddnrd; 5420, Harris
vs Harris; 5424, Uliieon vs Taxing
District; 5425, Taylor va Taylor: 6428,
Trabusco vs Trabucco ; 6430 Hollcn
berg vs Hnllnriherg; 6429. Kendall vs
Hunt ; 6433, O'Mxlly vs O'Mally ; 6431,
Polk vs Polk; 643(1, Smith vt Smith;
6136, D'Arusnmorit vs P.cault; 6438,
Snowden va Tioiiivills and Nashville
Tfti road ; 5437, lt'ura vs Watkins;
5441, Morciuntn' Bank vsWoidruiT;
543th Bonds vs Bonds 6443, Hatchett
vs Leth; 5442, Weit vs Brinkley;
5448, Os"nvs Olsen; 6414, Price vs
Ilsrris; 6447, Johnson vs MoNairy.
Circuit Coart i:atrr, Jadae,
Thu case of Garrison & Htrange
gainst Burronghs A Abernethy, re
plevin for a mule, was decided yester
day in favor of plaintiUj, aftor three
days' trial.
The riniia'udur of yesterday's calen
dar will be cHllpd todity, with the ad
dition of No. 9080, R. J. Black, execu
tor, vs VA Shore and others.
Coms to Women's Exchanga for
Impbovbd Caligraphs No. 44 North
Court street.
P. M. Stanlkt, funeral director and
embalmer, 65 Madison street.
Mihs Oarhis M, Kkatino, pianist,
may be fonnd at the Gayono Hotel.
Lovgi.T orange blosnoms for brides'
dresses at the Women's Exchange.
Bier violin, guitar and banjo airings
t Hollenberg'e, No. 820 Main street.
Timsf who want ti buy good Ian Is
re referred to the advertisement of
O. B. Allen in "sale" column.
A cough, ccld, or Bore throat should
not ba ccirlectud. Brown's Bronchal
Trochees are a slrorilo remedy, aad
givo prompt rnliuf. 25 cts box.
Miu phis Wholesale Mtat Co., 11
Adams. Daily freib Boef.Po;k and Mot
ion, a'ao Cured Iiotf. O dors nolicitcd
and promptly fi led. Telephone 871.
O. W. Miw.ua A Co , Ptar.t Aabe'toa
Fire Proof Rjoferf. For durability,
equaled by none. Uted ou wood, tin,
iron, felt a:.d fcravel roo'a. No. 66
Madison ttre:t.
i.1".! ilwijal Chill Cure, the best
tonic r. 1.1 i;tl erio lio knora. A certain
uiid lure oare ior ob.lif. Frioo II per bot
t . Send liiicri for o'.rcolari. Any ref-en,-e
num. Addreil Jobs C. Keeker.
Lvnnhbere. Va.
Mkii.in's Food, this only perfect
substitute f ir mother's milk, is rue
emmnndod by our moat prominent
physicians as the best and eufest food
lor infants. It contains no farinacetus
matter, which so often produces dis
order! of Die stomach.
Anoostuba siTTiits do not oalv dis
tinguish themfelves by their fUvor
acd aromatio o-lor above all others
generally nied, but they are aSio a sure
preventive nr an moeases originating
frrm thediKesvlve organs. Beware of
cotintorfuits. Ask voor grocer or drag'
g;st for the genuine article, manufac
tured oy vr.j. u. it. Hiegert fons.
Loho ago, anya the New York Com
mrreial Advrtiitir, Baron Liebeg made
himself famous for disnovoring btef
extract, and now the Liebeg Corup my
is again snecoiatu I in its eombinatiou
of beef, coca, rare old Bberrv and iron,
forming ieueg uo.'s Uoea Hwl ionic.
A valuable remedy f ir thrso debilitated
or aUlicted with indigestion, liver com-
plainU.RMhma, shattered constitutions
Ja:.Je, jr.,et ut. to D. A. Frayscr,
trustee, to secure J. Black A Co.,
gentvin the sum of $4000, 50i 145
fet socth aide Adau street, noar
r ourin.
Jaa Hitks, deceased, to J. D Walk
r et ai.. tiPxlAO feet. 00 th aide Liu
denial sfecet; consldemlion, love ail
Berrv Wh-'iAaidea to Mxa. Annie It
Weisger, lotJ, R So Btibdivisin, GOx
153J fet, sontft side Hoary avenue;
consiuerauon, 1 mm.
Lou duo no 'a perfume, F.denia
Lnndborg'a air.'atae, Marchal Kiia
Lundborg's peifutme, Alpine Violet.
Lundborg's por&ime.'iLily of the
17 A Ami ivllaMo llediolnos are
vv thiv beat to le4cnd upon.
Ai'kcr'a llloixl li;ir hrm U-en pro
aerilied for je:irH for till lmxiriticr of
tho Wood. In everv form tf Kcmfu-
loua, Syphilitic or Jfercuniil DmenHCU
it is invalunblo. Fur JUiOUII.iiriam,
uas uo equiil.
"be Kaw Uayono.
Orf.s. O. Hon ..Mnirr.
Rata:W bu to M per oar, courd.ng to laoa-
ti'ia Of rnnml.
W CT,li,r. Mica JITWhi'a, Mi l
D A f.eid, lnn N MlioVi, 0
J I )' 'otveil, N Y K TS.i.t'i. Mo
J A Kva:ir,Toa 11 Bend ot, Md
B inar.-, !as T L Kirh ui'ii. Md
J V ewbur.fr. Ml si K K W.m, C
F A Car or. lnd Mil A b Kid tv, Ohio
J I, Cocke aw. Mils K 1. UooJW.r, Teon
Onrdorr, Trnn 11 ; 1-a, v in
.1 L T .wna. K- w Ucwiifd iy. Miu
n H Hipk-i,. ir. T,hr linn Jninftr. Trttin
KM lunl(.p, N Y E Hun-hiw, jr. Ohio
(1 L Uitflnv, Miu ham Wile, lonn
J 8 W Hrrnri, Trnn II O I n uei.M'i
J Q Panliuli.Mirh H A Mu.l.ly .w,Mii
C i llirdwinR, Mitt llnvk-ni. Tcud
A M llnmiltiil, Mi." .1 K 0'l:ricn, N Y
II V Mallahno.Jr, III W I! Tuckir aw, Mill
J H We b ', K" PNer.Ohia
F nnod.nin, Ky K 11 AltKinliry, Mill
J L Lnnit, Uim A Y'amer, Miu
J A UrunUy, lena WH lh jrntoii. N Y
41 T tt.ul-kwell. W 8 lliidlnv. Mo
P K Mi-er- Mo K A I)ii.n kr. Mo
8 H Mrhall, Mo WL Hubert!. Mo
imIhi M. Koa. Miu U A l.enr'e Aw, Miu
BS.W,Bb,lnd K M 13 lkai, Ark
J K Cbenow.th, N I 0 R CeltoD, Ark
Col A 1) Uwyua.Teoa R II louplo. lnd
fFTbomnj.lroo J 11 WatuwD. Tana
All Milohell.Tena C Poote. Mo
Ueorge brieae, La R J Harrir, Mies
W H Meyan. Miu J M Mull, To no
M P Alaiaodxr, Taaa J M Moadengn. Tena
I, A Jonei, Mi-a
0 J Kamaey, Ark
KLIiill, Ark
J . Wiaeman. Mill
II O Freak, NY
R M Uarrett, lad
II M DunlnD. Mm
J R Watt. Ark
B KKere, Miu
K MCoOin.N I
(! H b.r. Ind
VT Handy. Tena
L M (Juoter. Ky
W W Wood, K;
J P Willi. ma km. P.H J Williaml. Pa
MiM M William, Pa Mn B A Armttead.M
h J KnberU. Mo V n ioao, An
J M Chaeell.r, Ark H J Towler. Miu
CR King, NY K M Clay, N Y
II R Allen. Ill k L Joffareon, Teoa
J Maynard, Tena A B Tborntad, La
0 E r-haw. Hi B H Footo, (la
A L Neweomb, Mill A L Hrpgjry. Mita
B K Ketcbam, Mii A L Priiohett, Ark
J A Andenon, Ark P B Barnei, Ark
A 1. MoKoDile, Me A Oamter. Mo
0 B Reed, Oblo R J Wbitemaa, Ohio
H T Balins. Init U M barber, ina
B L Ilrowa, Ind JB Tori or, Ky
H It TaU, Ala U L UaddenoB, Ala.
Daflj'a Earopeaa Hotel.
Coraer of Adami aad Mala itraeti. Roomi,
fiOo,7oeand 1 per day: American Plan.
(1 per day. Fir.t olau Reitmrant in tha
Hotel J.M. VVVVY (10 yaiwiwith Paa-
body Uotel), Proprietor.
J T Ellii, Tenn L H Rrnith, Tenn
B Hteeni,'lenn K J Caldwell, lena
H B MorriioD, Tub a J A Arnold, fa
K U Hurley aw, J mi
m J MoAiee. Ark
Mn Hale. Ark
J Lexer. Ark
A Hartmaii, Teas
A DiokiB,on, Ark
J Calvin, Ark
C Burohel, Mioh
A Collini. Ohio
C Hiniili.Tean
W U Morrii, Tena
L Htigerwald, Mo
R K I. Uarris Teas
W II Harris. Tenn
J W Carroll, Tea a
R H Reno, Tena
H T Rather. Mo
H J Davii. Ill
TI Lury, Tel
O Reynialdi. Tean
PJ Caldwell, Tenn
A I.ewii, Ky
R VV Drnptr, Tena
J II Nehlrtt. Miu
W II Dickfon, Mill
VT II A'ldB.raaiif 014 en K U SX ifirsa IllHi
Mim K T Beldins, O C W Hbipp, X-
PL Hopkinn, Mian
T Kennell, Ara
Pi baker, Ky
R B bhodei, Tenn
J W Little, I 1 .
Miu C Hetera, Tenn
W L. Phillip. Tean
J Amkony. Mo
0 ti Corritt, XeoB
JColvrin. Ark
J K Mjall, Tena
P (ilonAi'n, Ark
W J 1 offre, Ark
T F Martin. Ky
P B Reiton. Tenn
W A Phillip, Ind
T N Donalaa, Ala
I R MoKinney, lenn
J N Riokinin, Ky
BPCra-g. Ohio
A H (filbert, Ky
TP Prioe. Mo
J W Cnrro! Tenn
L U Weed, Ark
II Frank, Ark
W (4 Hmith, Ua
H B Whiloomh, la
W A Lindny, Ob o
n ji Junta, icon
L Bunby, D C.
PenlMxJy Hotel.
0. B. OALI.O WAV A CO -..P ioranvOBi,
Rate, fJ VI and 83 per day. accord intr to
e ani location of room S,eoil
made rctm.
V Ive. Oalo
J It Woo l. M j
J W Buckuer. Ky
Ike Itniner. Md 1
t T N-fbit, ,Mi"S
W HMullini, Tenn
R Siirunt, Ohio
U Ei'iiremld, Tenn
A F 1. mie-, Ky
P H Mo by, Tena
B V PiimcTena
J II Shields lenn
K Karieberc Aw, La
A Loab. Pain, ah
Mm A Yonunce, N 0
K llarknr!. IN Y
J W Hill Aw, Mi
W W Whilron, Tana
II 11 McCa'eb, Teon
I Hnha or, lena
J C Koftera, Tenn
K Mcllnire, ill
U P 11 iriun, Tenn
C V Heynohl. Mo
8 P Uniloy, Tena
K Carter, jr, (la
II ltlitt.n, 1
( 8erxt ihley, La
W II Klvnn K,
E P hinltb, Tenn
JE Mr or
W Oln.i
in, Chio
Dhart. Ark
8 R Buxky. Tenn
U ii Kurt. Tenn
A Cm ft, MUs
11 W Hradley. Ky
MiM N btell. Texas
W 11 Oici.tt. Tenn
L A Hairfdalo, Miu
B Nrhnpker, Ma
T Ii bunch, Ark
Watt Martin. NO
W J Arao'd Aw, Mo
W R llildeman. Ill
T Itowni-y, Mo
J Mctiiniy, La
C C Kutell. Tuna
H Thouin, Tea a
FM H ard. Ill
L White. Ky
Cll blrmton, Mo
8 II Lennox, Mm
W M ilnilcy, Ky
W F wift, Ohio
(1 A Elliott, lena
A Uhllileri, Ky
mm A p.uiBuier, ay K iiuiKi, ionn
Ii M Milburn. ill K B Keeiion, N Y
II I) Kina. lenn J L Frkdman. Kv
BMHiyney, Ark Mr M K I'lnull, Ark
AVUMtD.Am j H mart n, Atni
Col W Knlkocr, Mill Mli 81 Falkoer, Mill
J P Woiilry. Va W Ma'erion, N Y
W L Phillip, Tenn F R Kin? Aw, Ala
M K Upnhaw, Tex M Scott, lex
F V Dolilon, Ark C Turker, I ena
JW.lonee.Teua MTrtkill", NY
Mr M T Skid, NY C C.Jackion. Tann
John MoCullouh,NYU .--Vhuyltr.N Y
r M nuvaii, lean 1 11 viiuuy, xeno
8 H Chim. MU
A r rt ilinnn. lenn
J W llnn.ell.Tenn
W K Mnngnrv.Ark
E Morime, Mo
W llsth. :V.
J Dor', N Y
V. A J ti.lkir. x. Mo
M 1' Alexander, To no
w a Hare, V
T 11 Ilightt.N Y
J Na.h, Jonn
ri llowrnan, U.t
W K Bnweri, Tonn
U 11 Walto 1, Mix
J C lrnndyk. N Y
1, A eusnter,Mlf
J 11 Killflircw, Touu
A S Llurkult. Ark
K II Loonry, lena
I. KU-.l-oll, Ark
11 etiuorelnna,ArKW L-y, lenn
Si Krnnk. M'u Mr M A Bnittie. Va
T E Taylor, (la J 11 Mow horior, Mi 1
John 11 tiunn. Li 1 ri iira, avis
J V 1'ismh, Als M U lloKoll, Mo
II S Mill., l a J 11 8cnte', Teun
iMWbiKi.Ky TKllicl. Va
Vra K lUu iiton.Mir.iH 11 Lennox, Mii
f C Menu, Mnt Vhv J M Chew, N Y
J C Well. NY T L Laurence. Tonn
ES liiimer. en J A 8udd'th if, Mil
tf r narreil, ay 11 A itiore, UI110
THri ina, i'iiiiiim a wKsr'a 111 nhtbrlh.
Oeor Th'i'cher Aw, D W Tru", nianager
lico II Primrose.
n ill 11 ivcflt.
Hilly li re,
Oeo II bilwardi,
(loo W Power.
I li4 8 (luyrr,
lliinli Winter,
J P O'Kcnfe,
Hilly (Irillin,
II Midion,
.1 B Martin.
Wm Warner.
W II A Crnnkle,
Fred Martini,
M It W,.t'o,
Ed nrble.
Hurry C I albert,
Wai Uelhauer.
F W Oakland.
K'Hic M trki.
11 Crawlord,
L H Do Witt,
C F Warnor,
J M PrjnliHiu,
Win A Haley,
J K Uoodriok,
Win Lincota.
ueo 1 Liapnam,
J 11 Moora,
Jamei IN orris.
UaatoH'a Hotrl.
W. D. BINOBAM Mviora.
Baropeaa plea. Knlarged and rafurntiaed,
Prioti according to lire and loca
tion of reorn.
8 J Mcl'eek. Mim
8 O Went, Tenn
8 A Able, Mia
J B Tiirney, Md
II M lleadem, Tons
W J Porier. N Y
M Wolf, Ohio .
T Sulloao, 111
W W Miller. MiM
WDWiaa, ky
W A llriwht, Ark
J T Bronlen, Miu
J R Connor, Tena
J Ii Lnilie, Tenn
J A Currlo, Ark
J V Elicrle, Ark
P C McMillaa. Tenn
M B Putteraon, Tena
i u Aiatin, lena
am Tenn
A Mrk. Tonn
ii A Fonloumn, Ark
J W Idtile, Ky
T L (IraliHHi.Tenn
K ballentino, Tenn
J A Cocke. Miu
W P Paint.r, Tean
II Uoliler, Tena
Ueo Lewi. Ark
n A jvoil.im, ia
Mre K A lliirm-r Af.Ar I. 11 !.il,.,, M .
II C (l.irreU. Mo Jc.ie Huflner. Mo
Q 0 Tiptnn, Mo J P 8hinrd, Mo
T L Ab,ho!,U, Mii (1 P M Turner, Tenn
II I Tomlinion.Misj Jli M Tillory, Miu
W M PiJtiier, Tenn W T Vofb, Tenn
W 1 8tr.U .a. Miu N U Bailly. MiM
yThouia, Ark W 1) Uroper, Tena
K McPhrraoa, TennU A Mie, Un
J! I. U wo.,,1, Miu J T Kdwrd, Mi
1 1 lemuiou, Aik B 8 Cnrlelon, Ark
M E Lirabert Aw, Ten M Btratton, Mil
S'l.'.?u',,tlon4,Mi, '"'arhtratton, Mii
8 Thomaa, Tenn J A Ciiirle, Ark
RMtJr.iiht.Tenn 0 C 8woofre. Ala
tM' L.S M A AtfCroiky. Tens
U W Tomlin, Tenn John AJami.'feno
W H WeiMlnxi. Tenn W I Brook.. Ark
K J William, Ark K A Carlet.w, Ark
H Writht.-Tenn
W B V.nklrk, Mo
L T Wbiukcr, Miu
(I A 8eiton, Alias
(I Caxritl, .Vex
Mn Wither. Tenn
Otto Hoypiwl, Tann
M 8 Jar. li.nn
R Cbo.tham, Tenn
J K I.Jw.rJi, Miw
W P Malone. Mii
J I) Ji.eo, Ml
W T llu-ria. Miu
J M Iiunmn, Tenn
J M Coleuinn, Teuu
J U 8etiir. Tenn
K T McManu. Ttnn
IV Kuru'Mibain. Tenn K Murr.th. (I.
L Hollouj.inilli. lenn k W Vimnir. Alu
11 W lioud. all) J Aim. ml. I.
C A hlritioii, Ark M M-J'igliv. Ark
8 H Jack-, 'Jonn T N Canon, Tenn
k M Swift, Mn- it llarmell. Ark
T llaj.t..t. Ark S E lluel. Ark
W II illund. Ark U V. Ktch.r.l.un. Ark
1. llut'riM'ii A f. Tehi, fr CulherSounn Teun
TlCjiiturhou.e.Tnnn I, K Kenned. Alice
Ail rt llorrl.-ig, itjich l( Jlir, iann
J IS Daniel, cJl i It Karon, Ark
(Formerly fammeroial i'otJ.1
Cor. Front ao i Ji.ffcr-oQ hii., Veeirhii.Tona
J . it. f 16DT, Prop r, 1 1 Bienujoou, va.
Traniieat ratei, tl ' to It per day.
JCnrr, Tenn JWo'vd.Tonn
F. Rntlnnd, Tenn WIlLaxe, M'nn
W D Myeri. Minn W P Outlaw, Teno
T B lone, Ark C W hdwarda. M i
Hrah w Ke.em.Tenn J !-amu.H, lenn
H A Sii-tri'.k, Tena V C M ilvr, Tena
A W Necron, Ten 1 J Alnp, Tenn
J W Jc knxin, Tena T II ll iin.-. Tenn
8 K Hainloit. MiM W D Mauld:n. 'lenn
W D .VI auii in .jr. Tenn W T Ber'iarn, Tena
W I'enciel, Ark J I DaviiAw. Ark
KJ lliliingi, Tena (i II roti. Ark
POilcn.io, Mm H Citilia, Oa
M H ( rtorn,lh',Mili J C Jonra, Ark
C I. brown, Aik J II Ca to-, Ark
W II Uoleuiun, Mill II C Dicker.on, Mill
W ll.,u-toti, Tenn F J Moore, Ala
C L Collio. Ala J Ftruon, Miu
K P Waioritrht, Miu C I Yeagir. Iil
K T Palmer, HI J Yun, Ark
L B Taylor. Aik H J Jamenon, Kv
(i Roiemon, Ky K Heal. Mo
JJMowatt, M K C Sccncer, Miu
J W Howell Af, ilia T P Arhlin, Tex
NBaite. Tex J J Norvuod, Ark
8 T Hot.imon, Yin P T Haywood, 111
J C llarri'On, taiaa Oir lou Jaquea, lnd
H J Vir.oent, Ind B C e.oent- w. ToBB
D Nuxent Aw, Mm JS Moora, Tenr.
U E t o 'dfon, Teno 0 11 Wilroy, Mi-i
0 A Don lata. Miai IU Dhv i, AI
C ir'nkley. Ark C L linker. Ark
WBKiiar.La JMkixht. Ark
L M 8Ue-lor, Mid.
We ask the indulgence of our
patrons who have not yet re
ceived goods purchased yeeter
day. We were not prepared for
the extraordinary and unprece
dented demand on our capacity,
having over 2CO0 packages to de
liver from yesterday's Bales. To
day, however, additional force is
employed, and all will ba
promptly served.
Today we continue our most
stupeudoui and iuucesBfal eaie of
Blankets and Comforts I
Merino Wool Underwear!
Cloaks sod Wrapt!
Tho Alaska Sal Wraps are now
on exhibition, from $125 tj $290.
In addition to the above we offer
today in
500 pairs Boys' Knoe Pants, worili
$1 a pair,
At Only 25c Fact).
2"0 Boys' onits (kne pants),
worth $) a suit.
At Only 92 50 Lficb.
llid wwmeit, most conUoit tble,
pleaaantest winter "chapeau."
300 pairs Not'ingbam Lce Cur
iam?, 4 yrds long, taped all
a:onnd, real value $ti a pair,
Only ft 10 a L'air.
Btrgains in Carpets and Rugs !
N. B Toys and all Holk'ay N v
elties, (.irnaments and Kionz-s
now oa exhibition.
I lawrrre. I'luwert.
Klegant funoial dwiirtDS made to
rnl'r tit Oolrpl Nursery, No.9 Mark
it r;;ret. Telephone No. 717.
IVInter (aonds.
The bnt aud honnii's Et Larg-e's
nro ha mom appropriate l;r cold
wrtlli"f. Ladk-s rj.it.uld call ar.d tx
arnin trioin.
A)7 Ul&Uiafil O
A. m Am
ComblalBf IB0R wltk PDBI TEOETArtLB
10MC8, qalekly and completely CLEANSES
the action af tke Liter aad KldBeva. Clears tha
eomalexloa,BiakMtheaklainaoota. Itdoraaot
lajHretaeteetb, caiiwheadarhe.oryrodececoa
PhyaVdana and Praggleta aieiiaharareoommeBdnX
Da W. S. RtKMLia, of MbHou, Mm., aya, I
recommend Brown'i Iron BltUm as a valuable tonio
fur enrtobina tbe blood, and remorltic all dyipoptw
arnpunie. uu. am wie wkh.
. Da. B. M. Dajjau, Beynobl, Ind , aaya:
have pieeei ibed Itrtavnl Iron bltlera In eaae
anamila and blood dieMeee. alao bea a tonlo waa
neodtHl, and It baa proved thoroughly uilMfaetoty.1
MB WM. Btbk, X Ht. Mary Ht., New Orteane. La.,
aaya: " Brown'. Iron Bitter relieved me In a oaea
of tdood poleoning, and 1 heartily oommand It to
aJvrsM nnn.'
img a onmd panner.
MR, W. W. J.iOAHAr1, AlJIiClininiaX Ala... Mn:
ftva bvMtn IrntiMitl ftxxa rliUillvKMi wlla lmpc
IrntiM'tl ftxxa rlilbyKkd wlla lmpara
rttption on mr imam two buttltM of
ItMKi tvnd rttp
rowii'i Iron liitUm fffKtyl rfet core. 1
ptMnAV (OO UkMllly tAl turn TMIiMIM BMUlUItlV.
Gnah hu bo TrtMto Mark aim) atnmui md IhMal
on tvTpiw. Tnk Hir. laWstmiycv
; '''
Koch's Pat.S.'.ore
Mil r.l. IKO l.'il.'ujtablc to meet nny rord
orboameee. i-'S cn.aior thnn ol.l rivie. t A
be put tip by ny on. k'nmanliyl tor
irntury mii .' Rrjpi.-'a. AutUC.1
.il;.l A. . Vt aJir,.
l H tlv t-v PlotK.i, i; i ., r,
bliii'iKHia M)rilv''.t,,-t. Lnurj.Mo.
J1MEN J. HULL, I-rwldenU
Noh. 390 tmd 292
Saddles, Harness, Collars,
Clothing is always the cheapest, as
it gives good wear and good satisfac
tion. It lasts the longest, and is by
far tbe best to buy.
ER I The Mibpit Clothing Par
lors, 262 Second street, sell noth
ing but good Clothing. Our special
ty is Fine Clothing, bought at sacri
fice prices from the Merchant Tail
ors, and offered to the publio at bar
gain rates.
A real Well-made Suit, selling for
less than a much inferior grade ol
goods can be bought elsewere, is the
Pointer with which the Misfit
Clothing Parlors appeal to your
pockctbooks. Our Suits are High
in Quality, but Cheap in Price. We
have them in Sacks, Cutaways,
Prince Alberts, Full Dress, and all
styles in vogue at the preesnt time.
We have no cheap grades of suits,
but the extraordinary low prices at
whioh we buy enables us to Bell High
Grade Suits for less than the cloth
and the making cost. The great ad
vantages we offer make it a groat ad
vantage to buy from us.
POINTER !-If you haven't an
Overooat you'll soon have to get one.
You may have but a little money to
spend, but yet you want the best ar
ticle you can get for that small sum.
Well, you can get the best for tho
least money at the Misfit Clothing
In addition to the Lowest Prices,
we have the Best Assortment and
the Best Fabrics in Memphis. When!
good goods and cheap prioes go to
gether, the purchaser is always sure
of getting the most value for hit
money, bee the point r
Clothing Parlors
262 Second , Street
Opp. Court Square. Memphis, Tonn.
N.B. Rouicinbor, all alterations to
insiure a Perfect Fit, DONE FREK
OF Cn ARC. E, by First-class Tailors
in our Parlors.
Handle tha FiritQunlity Rubber Shoei
ONLY, and iell them aj cheap ai othen
tell their aecoad and third gradei.
First Quality Wool Lined Arctics.
MEN'S 6I7.E8 91 OO
First Quality Rubber Over Shoes.
C1IILD3' SIZES .... ..ao
First Quality n ol Llae.r.Alaekas.
Men's and Ladles' Rubber Boots.
Han' Rahbrr HI aad MprtlnaT
Haota, Slea'a atait LaMllaa' na
ber Clogra, Heir Acllaa: Hamdala
aad Rahber NkeM af all 1e
aerlptloaa cheaper inaa amy
wkrre elae.
aas isi;co.M st.
IV. .11. MeVXJ
(iereml Johbi r In BRICK t0r.K1
ftRATKS SET, and Smoking Uhtmntyi
Cured. All work gaarantaed.
Ms A Piter
ant levee Centrm-tors for Wagon. Scraper and Cart Hainesa.
IBeots and Shoes
O iomple'a than aver. eomprUing not only
n . kt onnva
dinm, duraoio ana nyiiea gww", wuou vw, ww
TO TIIK TRAOK wo offer ipeclal lndnceroenta. Carrying moat of oar roods la
SOLID SIZES, we are prepared ,to fill .orderg lor ipooial mei at NO EXTRA CObT, tha
anaaling MerohanU to ill in without being oompelled to buy goods not needed.
Areata' for tbeClebratewl W. I.. Donalaa Mea'i Calf tbaa and 991
- Uoya' Nhoea tm all alyU4
Ubtaf .S.ayA'8aa: Lata of Maaohaat
vrnwi !
280283 Front Strtvet Muaivhla Tann. h
Haling from Mulborry to St. Martiu Streets
. a :
lInsuranoe and Saoks free.
The Largest and only Complete Gin in the city.
9-Best Yield. Best Sample.
IMlNyJr r"hi B ' flTV
Agent aad Commission Merchant and Wholesale Dealer.
arUavlng i nrchr.ed tbe entire itock of Henri Peroi. M Bella itre.t. ar a low igura, eon
isting ot bt iv:, Farnitare, Qaeeniware, Tinware and Hoaiehold Furninh ni Ooodi, wa
will fell cheniior than any other homo in tho eity. 6ita ni a cill.
P S. All kioda ot New and t-'eoond-hand Stovel and Machinery for lots cbe-p.
We buy all kindi of Raga and all gntd.a of Uotton, Iron, Bones, Hides, Fan, Metal! and
Feather. Highest Cmh Prices Paid and Prompt Ratorni Made on all ood. eoniignod; a
mo. 1000 lona Old Iroa Waaled,; .Corresuondenoe lolioited, aad Irioe List
lent on. application.
400,411 anl 413 Sliflby SI. and SiHeale St., ItfomphKTeiia.'
Coffee Roasters.
Importer anil Wboleaale Ilaalera In!
Teas, Coffees,Smce3
Teiephoaej 205 Main Street, Lee Block, Memphis.
Wm lenn. John Ml Iv. i. )ivn. Jmw Itolllv. W. II. Ilcati.
BiiBkI7. Arl.n
Dors, Sask, Bliais, Dressed Floorluir, Ceiling, Weather BearwlKA
Cyprtxw SblnKles, Latba, te.
laarOmr faollltlee rr aaiarpaiiad by any lawmlll In tbe Soatk for it lint ardart araaKBtM
flBirkaa. Oaillaa, Bldlag, Bt.pLimbar and Cyprasa ShiBadaf a ipaoialtTj aloe, fraaw, d
Laaataar ef afldiaMaiiou. Wa make tke Wholeaala i Baiinaa. a ipeoial faataxa. OrdMai
otioltad and promptly filed.
ST. '114 Jefferson Street- .. .... Memphis. Tennst,
i i,i i mn mi mi j-BBBsummttBZ-
Canh AdTances
Cctbn Factors and Vholesalo Grcccro
Cotton Factors Cominission Oorchant
Ho. HO Centh Ualn Pt. Gt. Ig-ilm.
JN0. 8. TOOF. K. L. MoOOWAS. J. 8. MoTWHK. W. 8. PATTE80K.
Wholesale Grocers
Anil; Dealer In Lcice
ri o.'ii "4iron Street T.
F. aUJYi:J, r-ec'j' aud Trcaav
vrn vii I awn wivTrn wv.n vc wee
tha bait and Sneit bat alio toll Unag of ai
s. w. iiiiiy.
A BerUa. UU af BUrOaVtlaiigl
Vlce - Pres't. JOHN LILLT, Seo'y and Treai.
Spice Grinders,
MaannMtHren !
on Consignments.
and Cotton Factor
UttlLroaJnppUsia,;:: ' j
..." Slemphisi. Tonnoiw
Cotton Gm

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