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Yeetoidaj Kills Introduced The
Court of la;mo Sorriion and
the Clerkship.
"Washington, December 7 The
credentials of. Senator Orit nfy of New
Hampshire. arP ucttd to ti.i tempera
lily the vacancy cannd by tha deith
t)f Benftt r Pike, w re prwented by
Senator Blair, aid the oath of effije
irae adm.i.is.erni to Senator .Cheney,
Senator Butler introdeced a bill for
the erection of a ttiituci house at
Cnarleiton. 8. C.
Senator Beck introduced a bill to
provide for the reti ementcf United
' State legal tenders and national back
notes of small denominations and or
the issue of co n certificates. (Jom
HP - mittne on fiaanre.
oenaior vanvvycK lniruuuuBu a 0111
to exempt from duty imported lagar
and mo:aa e . nleo imported boards,
lumber and timber. Same reftrenc.
Senator Morrill off ered the folio jrirg
rusomuun ;
Retolvtd. That tbe promixe of mk
log any revision of the tariff in a spirit
of fairness to all interests not to injure
. any industry, but to promote ttieir
; healthy growth, so that any change of
. Jaw must be, at every step, iejiardlnl
of the labor and capital involved and
wiiaoui aepnvioR American laoor oi
. , sDiuty to compete saccesalaiiy with
foreign labor, and without imposing
lower rates of duty than will be ample
to cover any increased cost of pro
duction which may exist in conse
quence of tbe higher rats of wages
prevailing in this country appears so
obviously hopeless and impractic.-.ble,
that any further attempts at revision
by the present Congress, in contra
vention to tbe for. coins; cardinal
-declarations are to be regarded as in
expedient a id detrimental to tne re
. country.
lie gave notice that he wonld tbe
day after tomorrow submit to the Sen
ate some remarks on the subject.
Laid over until tomorrow.
Senator Dawes ofldted the following
, resolution, which was also laid over
and ordered orinted:
Rt solved, That the Committee on
Finance be instructed to inquire and
report as soon us nracticable. what
specific reduction can be made in
customs dutits and internal taxes,
which will in their judgment,
reduce me receipts ot tne nec
essary and economical expenses of
the government without impair!.- g tbe
prosperity and development of home
industries or the compensation of
home labor.
On motion of Senator Uoar. the Pa
cific railroad funding bill was made a
. special order Tuesday, December 21,
at 2 o'clock, with the same rights is
it cow has.
Senator Iagalls mae actatement as
to witnnolding from hnmeftead entry
oi ine Auauuo ana racmc railroad
lands in Hew Mexico, declared for
feited by the act of Julv-6. 1880. in.
timatirg tbat the fault lay with the
Commisjioner of Public Linda, who
setmed to regaid every pre-emp'oresa
kleptomaniac bound nn pillage and
plunder, and he c tiered a resolution,
which was stippled, directing the Sec
retary of the Interior t) inform the
Senate whetber such lands bad been
restored to entry, and if not res'.oied
tbe occasion of the delay.
Oa motion of Senator F ye, these-
iec; commitiees oi tbe Senate, as they
exisiea on tne uiy oi tne aaiiurn
nient, were revived and continued
during the present session. The pre
amble and r solution ottered yester
day by Mr. Mitchell, of Oreenn. nail
ing on the Secretary of ar for infor
mation as to change of engineers in
cnarge oi certain river ami narbor im
provemenls on ihe Coiuaib'a river, in
Oregon and Washington Territo y,
and as to the cante of delay in tbe ex
ecution of such works, were taken up.
After a long discuesion the preamble
was withdrawn and the resolution
(being modified by the omission of
clauses in regard to change of engin
ers), was adopted. Mr. Blair gave
liuui-H mat ne wouia tomorrow ask
consideration of the joint resolution
proposing an amendment to the con
etitulion extending tbe right of suf.
jrBge to women.
xiie message iroin tne House an
nouncmg the death, yesterday, of
Jar. irice, of Wisconsin, was taken
np; a resolution of condolence of
ferred by Senator Sponer was
aoop'etl, and Mesirs. Spooner, Man
derdon and Bkckburn were appointed
a committee to attend the funeral. A
like mesaage from tbo House, an
nouncing the dta h duiing the recess
oi Aiessrs. Ueach and Ainot. of New
'York, was aleo taktn up, and Senator
aiiiiei stated mat be would at a con
yenient time tek the Senate to listen
to Borne remarks of tu on the life and
character of the rlprnmnH
The Senate then, on motion of Sen
ator Miner, out of respect to the three
deceased Kipreseatativee, djjurned
1 II UlUl'S.
Washington, December .7. After
reading the journal, by oanimous
consent the Slates were called for the
introanct.on oi bills and resolutions,
when the following were introduced
ana retired:
By Mr. Herbert fAla.1: A nwoln
tion authorising the Committee op
Rules upon one day's notice -to desig-
"y measure ior tne considera
tion of the House.
" By Mr. Adaoos 111.: To change
tbe law in relation to the amount of
united States bonds required to be
nept on deposit by national .banks as
security for theii circulating notes.
(It provides that banks having a
capital of f500,COO or less shall not be
required tc keep on deposit bonds in
extees of one-tenth of their capital
stock as security for their circulating
notes; and such of those banks as
have on deposit bonds in excess f
this amount are authorized to reduce
their circulation by the deposit of law
ful money as provided bylaw; pro
Tided, that the amount of such circu
lating notes shall not exceed in any
80 ptt cent, of tne par value of
the bonds deposited is herein pro
vided). By Mr. Peters Kas.: For the de
posit of gold or silver coin or bullion
as security tot national bank circula
tion. .. By Mr. Henderson (la.: for the re
lief of the United States Supreme
Court, and to expedite the dispatch of
nsiness ic that court; also, requiring
Jnvestiftation and legislation compell
'nj the payment to the general gov
ernment for the use of public lands by
cattle companies.
By Mr. Lvman fli 1; ni,n.f.u.,
the construction of a bridge butweon
Omaha and Conncil Bluffs.
- - UVUUI 1
y Mr. Gav La, : Authorizing the
isaisEippi Rlvnr Cummin Inn In rm.
ect tbe caving banks it Piaquemine,
-InParker-JN. Y..To aaeud
the o'eoinararine bill. R-f.rred to
the. Ctnnni'tee rn Aeiicnl'.ure.
By Mr. Cn N. Y : To rmend ee
tijn 61. Keviael btatite so s to
read : Whenever a vacancy cccurt in
e llu r House of 0 tigress by detii or
otherwiaiof any member or d-ltpa'e
elected or app tinted hs-olo after the
commencemeut of the Coogrtfs to
wl-ich he las been el-ced or ap
point! d, the jwou ele.ted o: ap
pointed ti fili it shall be ccmpe'isateJ
at d raid f oui the time teat be is
e'ec'edti fill ea'dv:.tajy; provided,
t&at he s'jall not receive pay while
holding at,y Federal office. I'his cor
r. cts the law w' ich Bu hjriz.-s two
s tla-irs, one lo a Coagressraan and the
olhsr to an officer s c'j ts MinLter. It
iiunder;too' Mr. 0 x, who is uuder
the law entitled t two sala'ie;, it
tisiids to c:mp y with ihs provi.ions of
tliis act evea taouh it is not eiitxied
into a law
By Mr. Herman Ore.: Rrsolutious
callinu on the Stcittdry of War for in
formation as to the delay in re uniiug
active operations for the improvement
of the (Join bin river.
By Mr. Craii Tex. : To changclthe
time for beginning of terms of Cm
gives. By Mr. Makon lad.: To prevents
contraction of the currency. Mr. Mat
eon's bill authorises tbe Secretary of
tbe Treasury to issue United States
notes of the same denomination as any
national banks tbat may have been
heretofore or may herealter be retired
from circulation by reason of the pay
ment of any bonds held by national
backs to secure their circulation.
Mr. Reagan Tex. offjred a resolu
tion fixirg the 16th of December for
the CJLsidera lon of business reported
from the IGommittee on Commerce.
The committee were then - called,
bu; no reports were submitted, and in
the morning hour Mr. Brazgf Wis..
on behalf of the Committee ou Mili
tary Affairs, called np for action the
Seuatjbill for the relief tf graduates
oi ine Military ac idemy. Alter tome
discufsion the bill was Dasyd. Mr,
Bragg then called np the bill appro-
pna iug -uu.wu iarmseaiaoiisnment
at Fort Ri.ey, Kas., of a permanent
school of instruction for cavalry and
light artii ery; and making a farther
appropriation of $175.0(0 for barracks
'and quarters at Fort D. A. RufBell.
yvo., ana fort Komnsan, nao,
faited: Yea;. 138: nays. 88.
The morning hour haying expired
Mr. Caldwell Cenn. called up for
consideration tue electoral caunt bill,
which was a special continuing order.
Mr. Hatch Mn. antagonized the mo
tion with another providing for the
consideration of a bill to enlarge the
powe s and duties of the Depaitment
oi Agriculture.
Tho House, however, decided by
votecf 101 to 27 to consider the tien
ate eiecorai count Dill, with the pro
posed uluso amendments.
Advosating the bill, Mr. Caldwell
Tenn , Chairman of the committee
having jurisdiction of the subject, ex.
plaictd tbat i:e object was to ore
scribe the mode iu wliiih the count of
the elect jra vole was to be made, aud
to eunply an omission which exis ed
in the conatituti A. The passnga of
tbe bill would settle all questions
which arose from tine to time as to
the electoral count. It would decide
that the power to count the vote did
not reside in the President of the
Senate, that it resided in the two
nouses oi uongrees not merely a
ministerial power but the power to
count and consequently to decide the
legality of the voles to be counted ;
tbat the action of the two houses
should be separate npon all questions
au&ing during tne count, out Joint as
to the result, thus preserving the
d'gnity aad lights of both bodies bv
conceding to each equal and concur
rent power without the merger of the
lesser body into the numerically
At the conclusion of Mr. Caldwell's
remaiks the House, at 2:40 o'clock
p.m , adjouraed.
Trades and Lnbiir Salon Conven
Columbus, 0.. December 7 The
Federation of Organized Trades and
Libor Unions of the United Sta!ea and
Canada, opened its annual session to
day at noon. Tbe ineetinar wea to
have been held in St. Louis but was
chanted to this city owing to the con
vention of the National Trades Union,
which convenes here tomorrtw.
There are a 1-irge numbtr of delegates
coming hers, and it is expected they
will form a union. President (iampers
says he reg ets the non-action of the
Amtt'gmated Association lo:kimr
the confederation and fatline to be
represented. Henry Emer ck. of the
JNew ork iuiniture Workers' Inter
national Union, denies the Dre?n m
p:rt that he stated at Pittsbnnr that.
nonerai aemanu was to be ma le Janu
ary 1st for a reduction to nine hours,
and in the event of a refusal, a strike
to iouow two niontns later. The ses
sion will hear the report of the 1( gis
lative committee this afternoon.
Craflon Pierce, renresentative of thn
State Trades Assembly, delivered an
address of welcome, congratulating
the federation on the stand it had
taken not to mix labor with politics.
Harmony in labor unions become
cord in a political pla'.form. He con
trasted the spectacle of Powderly and
Henry George as political cjndidates
to represent the workingmen, one a
free trader and the other a nrnt.nn.
President Comber. re.D'vicp. r.
viewed the past work trades unions,
tending to the enlightment of all, and
being conservative of public peace. As
organizations they are against riot.
tumult and anarchy, and society in all
its bea ings is safe with trades
unions. They looked to, and cul
tivated the enirit of indemendanpaan
manhood and the right to f.ee speech,
liberty and the riirhta of Dronmtv
They had many dimensions during
iub j ear, out meee would oe touched
upon in the r port of the LeeislatdvA
uomnintee. ttttlarriDg to tbe national
convention, which - meets tomorrow
ii i , . , , . '
uey auouiu, lie eaiu, bo conduct legle
tion's approbation and make all i
An adjournment was taken to 3 n.a
and some excitement ws created in
tne nail by John K. Winders, of San
rrancisco, at tbe head of the Interna
tional Typographical Union, berinninj
Kuuu mr tue expulsion cu n . r . u.
Price, correspondent of the Sew lort
Trilnme, which was . denounced as a
leading rat office.
WUI Emnlor Wliou Tliey Pleu,
Tbot, N. Y., December 7. The
Cohoes knit goods manufacturers met
this morning and adjourned uutil this
afternoon. - It is understood that per
mission will than be given to the
manufactu en to open their mills to
whoever they may see fit, no agree
ment having been made with tbe
Knights of Labor. Two or three mills
will probably open tomorrow.
sabtcrlbe for tbe "Apireai." .
Over One Hundred S udents Addtdto
the Hull Sjuiethinj; Abuut
the Fiicultj.
Skwausek, Tkss., December G. In
a year the Ui ivcicity of ti.e Isou'.h has
taken a bound frrwtrd; Btud htj have
inc eaied in ntucber. Ihe grammar
school hai lite-ally run over, so that
a new building, which will cjst $10,
000, is propoped f -r next year. There
are some wondetfaily capable penn'e
in the world who are tucdt. The
vice chancedor of this ins itutian is
one of them, llii time, talent and
money have been be t wed libora ly
upon this Insti.u ion. Ilia adminis'.ta
tien shows every year improvements
that will stand the test of time and
criticiiin, and are the strongest possi
ble test of and tribute to rare capacity.
We were atked a day or two ago to
walk cut one cf the newly cpened ave
nues. Six new villas will occupy next
summer tbe beautiful forest covered
knolls on either side of the broad drive
that sweeps around them, up and
down the undulating surface, that
seems a forethought of nature, for
whimsical mankind to get perfect
building lots. Sandstone now takes
the place of tne wooden structures in
which the institution was nursed to
its present maturity. By the way, its
majority is reached next year. Twenty
years ago a primeval forest saw the
planting of a rude cross by the present
Episcopal Bishop of Tennessee. To
day there h clustering on the hills
halls and homes that have been added
year by year until University Place is
a town. The libiary building that
facs the present cbapal is filled with
1 rare books. Thompson Hail has thou
sands of dollaisof apparatus which
came to its Classrooms with the great
scientist, Dr. J. W. 8. Arnold.
The prime object architecturally of
everyoue's interest now is the iplen
did limestone chapter houss, gym
nasium and cloisters that will bs com
pleted next year. The design is
stately and fe.u iful. Noxt year a
new St. Auuuitine will complete the
pile. It will hurt some to leave the
present chapel. The institution is an
exemplification cf fui h work. For
certainly nothing was ever undertaken
uader less favorable c'.icumstances, so
far as the world's creed goes.
Nearly a hundred has been added to
this town. More interest tban ever
befjre is manifested, I am told,
in the first half examinations
that beiiio on Monday. The Rev. Jo
hannes Od'tel, the greatest paiuter in
Amer.ca ol our day ot Scriptural or
symbolical subjects, is building his
homi and stuclij on Morgan S.tep, a
banu'.ifal LlafT, where the vibta reaches
a shadowy hor'zon, where tbe sun
reaches the goal of his day's race. We
have seen bis pictures full of mi.ji-e-ty,
beautiful iu coloring. He paints
much in moncchrome, as h s ideas
come too fast for the time consuming
processes of coloiing. In the bow
window of his tempoiary home,Schoa
Rune, hangs his pLture of the child
Jesus. A child's listless fi;ure, on a
stone bench by a wall, needs study to
develop the idea of the painter. Yet
the pure, sweet face follows you, end
you cinnot loe the charm of the com
position by any theory founded upon
our education in the treatment of the
subject. On a carved easel a group of
lions are testing. They almcs' breathe
as you look at them. Along the ceil
ing, half in shadow, there ara fures
of Moses, the prophets Ezekiel, Daniel,
Jeremiah and Isaiah, so grand in face
and m-jrgiic in figure as to fill tbe
s .ul with emotion. A canvas with a
branch o! mountain as -lea is per
haps a trophy of tbe spring of 1886.
A monochromelhas a ladder on tLu
top, where it lears in shadow, a figure
of an aged man, clad in the flawing
dress of Palestine, clings and stretches
to his full heiifht to ta t h the sleam of
a rising sun ; h s hand shaded eyes aad
wma tossaa Dca'a are marvniously
wrought to show tbe ray of licht that
senses tnem. fluttering to my leet
scrap of paper falls, I pick it no,
scrap of enrt idge paper. "True Jolie
Fellows" is skstched on it oxen lying
uown iu resttui, rosy positions. Tnere
aro bite of carved wood, a figure with
urapery over it, tie claws 01 stra"ga
oiras sua an tne lit t-r ot a studio.
The mas'.er is not here, he is at the
new house, tarv nir oa an altar for the
little church at Spr ng Hill, Tenn. It
is oi beautiful popla -, cedar aud oak,
a Doruer deeply cut oi leaves, undent.
' 1 Am the Bread of Life" forms the
top. Wheat heads and grapoa are the
corner pieces above fhu panels. A
and O in the usual Greek letters, with
I US in a monogram in the center.
This work is presented by Thos.
Campbell Brown to the church, aud
has been done for about one-fifth o'
tbe price it has cost in time to exe
cute. Air. uer:et delights to so
worship although he is ill able to
do so. .
Miis Kate Leslie MiCmdless, who
has grown famous is a teacher and
perfurmer, expects to make Sewanee
her residence. Her music cla.-ses are
We met yesterday Mrs. H wry Cbaee.
She is here with her husband, who is
being treated successfully by a young
physician whose cures have been re
markable, Mr. Willian M. Harlow.
He entertains hope cf restoring to the
world cf art one of its brightest artistu.
It is expected a large increase in tue
number of stndenta for March term
will justify all the additional building.
It is well that there are fine seals of
learning in onr midt to train the
youth of our cauatry into usefu!iie:.s
The university has the highest ideal
and best record of any institution in
America. The ficuity is mads up
laraelv of vounir men. whn ara nt)m-
siastic in their determination not to be
outrivaled anywhere.
1 tie new management of the railroad
have put down si eel rail. . New
coaches and the engines ot the Nash
ville and Chat'auooga railroad run no I
the grade, abound tbe modified curves,
and seem to take it as sm :oth1y as
level ground. The running is much
Tett VY... CtJ '
TTIK O.NLk IMHMft subsfrtu
hnllL InvHlii..V In OHOJ.J KA INFANT
1 orCUnir JM A il K liK i all 'liwaaoii.rf nhlklrt-d
A nrrJiarttrd fovd for lTrn1lra. iU
live. t'onali-(nta, Av, t'ertWi alBtrirl In aL)
Wantliy rilHwu. ltniilie no oookfnir. Ueepm la
II el (mat Mil . wry a her. Our br,k"i'U
fipre an.1 K-H'.ur ol InUuf," MAII KO VhRK
VULlltr.lte ttU01Al.K A CO.. MijUav JUaUhv
Day and Night
During an acute attack of lironchitis,
a ceaseless tickling iu tbe throat, and
an exhausting, dry, hnckin .- cough,
alllict tho sufferer. Sleep is banished,
and great prostration follows. This
disease is also attended with Hoarse
ness, and sometimes Loss ol Voice.
It is liablo to becotuo chronic, iu
voho tho luntrs, and terminate fatal
ly. Aycr's Cherry Pectoral affords
speedy relief and cure in enes of
Bronchitis. It coutrols too dispoM
tion to cough, and induces refresh
ing bleep.
I have been a praotiotnc 'tiyioian for
twenty four yean, and, lor tho inist twelve,
have uffered Irnm annual att2k of llron-i-hitis.
After exhausting all the uiual rente
Without Keller,
I trM Arer'i Cherry Pen'oral. It helped
u.0 iininediey. end cffwto.i a redy cure.
e. hlovoall, M.D., Carrolltun, Mist.
Ayer'a Cherrf PeoteraV ! dociJedly the
beit remecty, within ht knowledce, fur
rbronlo Uronchitii, and ell luni diieaMi.
M. A. Must, M l) , Buuih Paris, Me.
I w) e Ucked, last winter, with a serere
Cold, whioh, troin exposure, crew worse, and
Bnally settled on my Lungs. By night
sweats I was redused almost tot ikeleton
My Cough wu incessant, nu 1 frequently
spit eluud. My physioian told me to giro up
business, or 1 would not live a month. A Iter
taking larioui remedies without relief, I
wu finilly
Cured By Using
two bottles of Myer's Cherry Pectoral. I am
now In perfect health, end able to resume
business, after having, beeo pronounced in
curable wilh Consumption.-6. P. Hender
son, tiaulibursh, Peon.
For years I was in a decline. I had weak
lungs, and suffered Irom Bronchitis and Ca
tarrh. Ayer's Cherry Peotoral re'tored mt
to health, and I hare been for a long time
comparatively vigorous. Jn oase of a sudden
cold I alwavs reanrt to the Peotortl.and find
sneedy relief. Edward K. Curtis, Rutland,
Two years ago I suffered fro in a severe
Bronohitis. The physician attending me be
came fearful thet the disease would termi
nte in Pneumonia. Alter tryieg various
medicines without benefit, he tntlly pre
scribed Ayer's Cherry Pectxr il, which re
lieved me at once. I continued to take this
medicine a short time, and wis oured.
Krnest Colton, Logansport, lnd.
Ayer's Cherry Pectoral,
Prepared by Dr. J. 0. Ayer A Co., Lowell,
Mass. Bold by all Druggists. Price, 11.00;
six bottles, fj.OO.
Tot Drepepla,ull dsrantrmenu
tt ta Dtg-eetlT Orsjnna aad thai
pjTr, Skin Dlseaeee, Cote, Burns,
csslde anst Bruises, ACID I RON
BARTH Im a epeclfle.
Bhsamatitm, malarial Dlwao
er. Chronic Dlarrhaa aad
tlnaaa cms at Blood Polaoalaf,
Jlwld Itkoat fall to lla wsadef
al owomtiTw sower.
Agoitee-rroe p fiiloa, f a
4 fall dealers oe- sent.
tress tho A. I. E. Co., Msjatls, AJsa
price, Firrr cent.
At Wholesale It TAN TLKKT4 CO.
We do herebv Certify that m tuprvtM tJu
arranormmt$ for all the Monthly and Quar
terly Drawing of the Louuiana &uite Lottery
Comvanu, and in fx-rnm manaoe and Control
ifc uminngn iiewiiMt, niui mai ine tame are
conducted with Aonrtw. faimeas. and in aooc
faith toward all parti-, and tee authorite the
Company to uec thin certificate, with fac-nmUee
or our Bignaturee attacked, in tt ndvertee
Wi. lae wuleraiaiud. Bank nmA Rankmra.
wilt tmv all Prie drawn im Tik Ijouinaun
Statt Lolttriet uAtcA may 6e prtmttd at our
J. lI.OSLEflBT.Prea. La. Hat'1 Bank
J.W.KILBKETU, Pres. Slate Nnl'l Bk
A. BALDWIN, Pres. BT. O. Hal. Bk
Orcr Half a Million Uistrlbnted
Louisiana State Lottery Co.
Incarcerated In 1868 for twentT-flre rears
b the Legislature (or Educations! and
Cnaritabl purposes with s oavital of II,-
uu.uju 10 waicn a reserTO xuna 01 oTernou.-
(XiO has since been added.
By an orerwhelnunt popular vote its
franchise was made a Dart of the nment8tata
uonsiuatios. aaoptea weoemoer lid,
Its Brand Single Nnnsber srsw
inss will take iila.-a month!, ft uxr
rales er port peno.. Look at the following
Dlstrihutlon :
Extraordinary Unarterlr Drawlni
in tne Academy oi Munto, flew Orleans,
'I amdsr. Areeuiber 14. HH.
Under the personal supervision and man-
avement of
Oen.a.T. BesoreKsm.of Loni'iana, and
wen.jnuiea a. .nriy,ot Virginia.!
EiCapitailPrize ' $I50;000
issiws s it' ii na uiiiiiio;iiweineiiwin
rNOTICH-Tlckets are Tea Oullwrs
oulr. Halves, BS. KUths, .
Tenths, !. .
1 Capital Prise of. ll.SO.OiiO 4150,000
1 Orand Prise of...... 60,01)0 SO.OtO
1 Qraad Prise of-.. 20,0110........ ),WI0
2 Large Prises of 10,0110 . 311,000
4 Large Prises ef. S.OilO 30,000
. w rrttea oI...... l.uno
M Prises of. . 6-W S5.000
100 Prises of . 300. 30,000
200 Crises ot ) 4u,ij
600 Prises of.. ........ ....... loa...... 00,009
1000 Prises of. SO........ 50,000
irrsotmiTioK rsuaa.
100 Approiimation Prises of I JO.. 38,000
100 Approximation Ptiaef of 100.. U.OUt
100 Awroxiination Prises of 75- 7.500
1279 Prises, amounting to ....' finttB
Application for rates to elubs should se
aoaxle only te the othoe ( the Company at
hew Orleans,
for further Information write clearly,
giving full address. PONTAI.NjTMt,Cx-
firess Money Orders, or New York Exchange
n ordinary letter. Currency by Kxprett (at
our sipense), addressed
New Orleans. La.
Or m. A. naFPHlN,
w noblna-ton. O. C
at at a est Court nin tlemunJs, Tena
Make P. O. Monty Orders payable
and addiega Jieifitttered Letters to
A' WW Orleisus, Lo. , tw I
H ffl
AaM Ira a Barth.
I Trade irrnrfr.l
Coinntlsaloaei s
M, H, 00CV1
I usimrn wsnn m km.
i mii!iM II i n a lis im i
Doors, Nash, R!liuls'VilUiiKSuH.kiutls)of Door audi M'lu.Vv
rruitios Ilrm-kctM, Ncioil-WorL,, ISoiikIi audi Drc tw
I.ii ict Iter, I.h(1ih, Water Tit ii lis.
All kiadta.ol Wood. Work Jlxecutcd nt ftibort Aotice.
os. 157 to 173 Washington street, MpiiiqIi! Venn.
AUiXkW tZAINAKr, Hew Orlatt-sa, AKSKBW 1). 01712132 M.s. jj51
Wholesale Grocers, Cot, Factsit
CJottoaa. 3?"aLOt02r
Ciwh AdraneeH to Slcrchnuta aud Plauters.
Cstfosi Factors and Wholesale Grocers;
Cotton Factors. Commission
ITo. HO 0ntb Main UU,
Dinner, Toilst and Chamber Sets in Great Variety.
SOrAg;enUrr the eelebnttod IMRUIWOOD VI l'KIFIEO CHINA, special!)
slnel for Hotels, RutnnrliiiU unit N(mronti,-ia
BLKDCIIBKOSe, of Cost, Ells.
lIo. 818 and 8&t Front Street Meraphlj Temn,
Coffee Roasters. Spice Grinders.
Importers and Wlioleaule liealvrs Iu;
Telephone 205 Main Street, Lee Block, Memphis.
Win Dean, Jeha I lllv. HI. flnvln. isnm Iti-lilT. W. II. Denis.
BrinMer Car Worts Mainfact'ir C
lliiakJey, Arlu,
Boars, 811, BUi4i, Dreaiod Floorloj, CeUIiit, IT either Boarilas,
Cjprea Shingles, Lath, tic
osrOsr fsetlltles are asursuasd by any lawulll Is Ihe Boats far llUaiersnpTeawin
fit irtwa. OetliSg, Bldlag, Step LseaVer and Crereu Bklsglee a tseclallyi alee, Irani'
Ins lis- ef saldlsMsloBt. We make the W hoietals Basliest a tpeoisjfeatere, Onaau
solicited aad
I7.'aJ4 Jefferson Street - Memphis, Tenncasej
Speers Cotton Gin
lluliug from Mulberry
1 V
Insurance and Sacks free.
W The Largest and only Complete Gin in the city
Best Yield. Best Sample.
M. a. VAT,
j . W. H. BTw)S. S
, Lsn) of Meaoham A Btrlsa. -
SXO-SSJ Front Street
W. ff.IIrowii.
n, l Oarretl.
We BJ. Brown t& Co.
26G Front street, :
IS t& 00.
iu isl ILL
f. H. 50KlLEET,Heiaeatrartr.
- Pres't. I JOHN LILLT, Seo'y and TreaS.
Maaolactaren at
promptly tiled.
to St. Murtin Streets
. w. a
Use cf Bailey k M
Henaoaiis Tenn.
: Memphis, Teun,
-?i--r. TriJW ale.
USDKRlheauth. ri j
ihn rni-n of the
y vested in me an tliu
Uu -r:,r V t.mirtv
Court ol Hhrll,,. ani b, T.rtun nl maIiI i.tti it
Trut'e of the esuite ot W. M. ll-hon, iln
co.ise'l. s.t a,.reirs ff reo-l in iloo't 165,
i .: ll'J. rtc, t th Itriii-tei 's. ffi if Shel
by count?, let.n,, 1 nil, as said li V , on
Monilii), I .riiilrr 'JO, lSIt,
at13o'clo k in , nn the lu'be t correr '
M -in iiu-1 M:iJ .oil H.rect-, ;n th "'"'
Mrin.bi-, lonn., i ffor tnr raie, a"
outcry, uml hcII to t' o hiKhct and bv
u the loilow.ng dcacrioed leal o.lkUii tu
wit: Ihe propertv knwn si "Th" lew Kent
ainl Kiiimos" Vl.it t-i.tion, cor - ning, by
e.tinu.i,iii,22l9 1I-1J st-ns, lyii i Kayette
rounty, IVnn., about two tuilf K of the
town cf K,iKiviilo, on the .V,o . -I
( hrlo!on Hnilrun.l. khout 82 inili t
Meuivhii), Tenn. lbeo land arc .
In one b .jv.mij aro descriued a :
ix: 1st All ot reotion rix. in t'
one, ranne tbrruwe4! ot tho banis n-or. . i
ol the I hiekiipaw CVfsior, n nta ri.ti r i V)
(i-ros, ond it knuwn an llie Tillmun C'-ire.
2d Alto, the N. K. h ot nc Inn S. t"n.bip
one, ru.; . Mimo w t. c-.titii.i.-ii l'Ouorcs.
A'so, opit ha1! ot the S K. I sccti n S, in
tiwnlii oiio. rxiirie Swo.t, th i lane bo ng
desoribo'l at d huundi d m fu'l. w: iicin
niug at llic S. W.ournero' mid i,,.l 'nj
rutinitti: tht'nre tlue en.t ltUJ pole to the
mtorii hiiundnry lit ot laid o tion; Ihenos
with s.iit buutid ry iiua KouthMliolfS to s
stk wilh H -Ko.i k tolnterr; thi-non west
to poles to a stake in tbe ttU ; thence ninth
fit) poles; thence west 80 to!es to Jatnes Mar
shall's line: thence north with said line 118
poles to the beginning, contain'.! g 80 acres.
Ih s and the W section heretofure described
Is Khown.es ihe lemiile ute
ce, and to
(ether contaiu 40 acres. 3d Aim, all
section five, in township one, vitngo 3 west ot
the hw-i meridian ol tlieihicltatmw Ceion,
and coota ning 040 tc en, and known as the
"farna-an" place. Alto, lot So. 1, belong
ing to sei'tion live, being a fractional part ot
said section, tying north cf It, and being in
townsliip one, ranie S wett, an containing
1' acres. 4th Ah'o, the felloe Inn three
tra.'U ot lard, cictatnln br rstimatiou, 6
acres a. d kniwo a. the "Whitley" plaee,
which are in twi.ihn one, rangr Swostof
the bais u.orldlsn of the Chicka-aw Cession,
and bet' g a part ol section lour, aid be
ginning lul's poles east ot tbe N . W. ru-ner
ol section 4 and tae N. K corner 'f T. J.
Uravei's llHi'S aoie trect, now own.dby ons
builth; thence south with raid Ursi s's or
Smith's e.ist line HH piles to his . E cor
ner; thco e e:nl lttiS poles to the S. W. cir
nerof II. Lllej'. KKj'u tcretriot, new owned
by i ne Tbvuipron ; tcenoe nuith with Liles't
or lhouip'oi.'s line " p.i!c. to their N. W.
eortier; then wett i olcs to 'he begin
ning, containing lot.3, eurei. Also, one
otlitr truot. toiig a l art oi sntne teoriixi.it
being theS. W.Niol saldsoitinn 4. he eto
fnrc dero. 1 c i. and nontcining 160 acrer.
fith Also, tin north halt of section rine,
ic township rno, rnnco S wnt of the oasig
meriutHn of tbo Chi.'kasiiw Cisdcu, i'on
talnltiir 3211 sc. oj. Ibese Inmis will be si.ld
in Irai'tn, ss br.tein set forth a d iSefcribed,
nil in the folloainr nnini :
lt-" Ju'nag.-in" l'lace, IM'i aorfts,
2d-" Whitley1' riu.'o, .cres.
S i "Til man'' Pi cc, 04 t acies.
sth "l'euip o" l'lano, '.'4:)acre.
Also, the uriipnrty krnwn ai the RloU
land" 1'l.intalion, ol lu T.'i iioros ; Lot No.
1. lying In rimo 1. ct.. n 4, iiftbe lib 'ur-
veyor s lttriot nt K.iyette ouoty, 'i nn.,
tuiles we. t nf the town ol tinmen .1 n od
on the waters o' lltd L io.t ll.uoh'.e r!vcr:
Iti-gins ut a st ie. Temple s b w . crnrr, r.
3'J1-.0 W . 4(1 li i ki fr im a Kttofttsum in irked
1. on the south bunk ot w iris creek I
tv-rnce north with hmd'omii'.r'.) iinccronsins
ntttscrcelt B'voru t jies. w in c-.atns to s
whiUrnk uiarkid " T. O. M.," toe S W.
cornut of a .ll-ore lot; tltonce ran'. it,ou
chains to a r'n 1 link south of an alder
marked "H W." thence north IS) 4(ichsing
o a fluke 10 links oust or at tint inarKed
'K. W. '; thence Witt 4.IW 'lin n" to s
snuoUum miirkti 1 H it ., the '. V cir-
rof an l.-acre tmott Ihtice nor'ii wnn
eimtline of r il .'i-t It) . inin tunli'd .
ttcc msriinil "It. W. ; tlionje we II in)
ch .iu to a di.gwood, rcdoak an-i prruimon
pointers 'in tliu whi b ink l,o -sa Ui'tctno
r.iur; tbenre dun the raid riicr elt.lita
nirsudi)i'tiig to a stnko n il roiu bank of
rivtr ;i7 link north ot a lr e v hittivuk
ui'irkcd "X ", thence south 111. ' 6 chaina
tu.i i , . u ui a road wilh two oak siipnng
nolnttrs the S. W. oornor of a W- ni" tract.
sold to .. .M. App.-mon by K. liokineoni
tlicncn es', with His miuth linn of said tract
K IS chains t.i tue liesinning. containing
Ml til acros.
I.nt io. 2 tinglns at then. vv. enrnerol no.
tliem e w -Kl i3.76 chnins to theS. W eor-
ner nf the 1070 i'rc trect sold to Appcrson
by Dickinnon, whii'h in a stake with iierslm-
limn milliter. In e niinil : I hence r orl u 1C0.&0
cuiiinA t n stuka ; tlicncs east III chains to s
take: i ho '.i co north, niiining into tiaicnis
hii'tiim nt VI clininr, In all 64 otinlnr. to a
st i. U r. with wliiu.mk, hickory and black
gutn pointers, on the south bunk of tlatohls
rireri thence. up snid nver with Its menu-
flnrinsrn to the N. W. corner of lot Wo. Il
Jlirn- i) south wltb the went line of lot No. I
M tt'i chains to th begiuning, oonlalsiog '
979 (W acrus.
Maps showing survey and division of these -lands,
embodied and known as "Kicltland
1'lmtiitH.n," will be exlublled on th dny of
sule, and in the uinintiuie may be soen at
the oftl'i of the Chairuisn of tne btielby
County Quiirtcrly Court.
Also, a tract ol uu acres, tying m rayeiie
coiintv. Tenn..
sin. ut tnree nuios norm ot
Bouiervillo. beeinnine at the N. W.oorner
of til
Klmtl tract bought of James IU
lurrua Carter; thence south 01 S-7
pules to a stnko iu the District line road
tbonce oast 175 poles to a stako with btaok
o ksud blank Kit in pointers; thence north
91 .1-7 polos to a stnko in the corner of O. B.
Carter's and J. K. Mosby's line; thence
west 17ft poles to the beginning, and known
as the "Mosby Tract," .
All u( said lands are wall Improved anil In
S line state of cultivation.
Terms oi Hale : One-tourth rash, balance
In one, two, three and four years, with in
terest Irom date, and sncureu by trut deed
on siid lands. II. C. M.AUilUTKK,
Chairman and Trustee of ttstate of W. II.
H. t). Jurilan, Attorney.
And Iron Roolln ;.
fire. Wlnil. Witter aud ' lichrnlnar
iroof Suiliilil (or all kindi of buildines.
For nrlees and estlmetes a i'uctor. r..is
call on or address
4ft 44i) Main St., and 21 23 Mulberry St.;
Uoadquarters for Iron t'eno.s and Creating,
atvAntsed Iron l.'nrnlce.'f in hrni A stoves.
you tJUICeSUilTSI (lib
toc'i t'hj Ntfi. PuiifhU1n. Arthoin. ImlUiftf w.nf Uf
Aftkl.A'ti TOMIU itiwmt (Mi r. U nr anre
Itltiy il lllf M'fll --J It IV I l" t)M? t-ft ll lliillr lr s
Jti4iti"t 'do llir.iittaml )MLn. ru 1 ili annia
nun (tn)ttirit iIkvi ajiilt'ituau t in. 1 n-1 i ! i. lutti u-i
tniVKiin-f nrfit'. ii-ijii, mid i k ' v tt'-inti u tl
ravi-.wiilln tiHwtivin' Jrri rt;i. tr I "ill h In tiu.-llHiN
nmm Pakhvk imi .inin mv ;y j( tiLM ti-n. Jiui
I tlrirtl wh'tn an "law nut,. 'ivih nivrultal
nitftft Co ten: au- wki .luin. aiu jj.-uyyun.
Proclamation by the Uovcrror,
Th Statu of Tenv.0n6--Wm. ur,tei fj0T-
fmor-Jo nil wb tnil o taon t reaont,
On etiiiir r
own to
luathMLSani llrnon In. , hrirrd w.lh
hnvlnr cotrjinittrd tnurdor on the bottv oi
Hoticb Oak 19 en tbe dur ! Oclutier. IhMH.
In our county of bhsihy, Ucd Irotu iu;iice
arid noil ruenlng at lere ;
Wow, thereloru, i, Vim. 11. llato, tlnvercof
as aforcinnd, by vir uc ol the puwor stul au
thority in me vrstc-.tln hereby otter a re
ward cf two t. uiulro 1 and tit y i.ullari m any
person or T.erns who uia siiurehi-od the
said Hum Itruce (c), and doiiver htm to tb
hcriB or lillor ol our c. tinty ol Sbelhy,
n order that ius Ire in ihiU liehsl' tuny be-
ied and elecuie.t. This rew; rd -s f, Table.
half on delivery to shcriG and n.ilf en cio-
"tmn. ;
6AM DHUCK. wanted fur lililim Roach
Oakley, is ft leet 0 inches high, heavy set.
broad ihoulilere, .eoutna c.ilo'eil mnn, tnrite
tentures, keen bl-tck ever; had uurntide
whiskers, mustnche running b.ick to whis-
hoant'ng dii'i'o?! i h-e's turn uut
moro than ordinarily iu walking. Uailg
ruin Morgan fotnt, n ir Oscrula, Ark., and
more rocontly Irom Hell s niwjjlll, near
Lakevlew, in Tennessee.
n testimony nbereul, 1 nave Hereunto set
my band, and caused tne Urest seal ot ine
State to be affiled, at Nashville, on lb Via
a of November, im .
rJf. e.. sdiW.M. B. BATlt.
By the dt-veraor.
John Alliton. Herretnrv of Hlnte.
T'Vi'UY huekeei.'r knowi soroethins
I U about the troubles r.iu-i.i ny s-noami
fl-e:scc, which .ire am. "I 'h- treHtest nal
mncestobe met uttb. One of tlio imp riant
thing.' to be utU uded to lu al! h U9r is to see
that the grates aresrt r" erly. and tb .t the
0-filec se ciirri.etlv M:!l. IHr. H.
l.l.Honi.SI 4Jyo Mteel. is an expert
at this bu'ineit, and fcs patented some ar
rangeuicnts I iat entibl.' him o curre t unoky
cliljuiryu and to .t the gria'est hi-at Iront
the tue!. Ail who want flrepln el oe chim
neys remedied nhould applv to Mr. LkMON,
who' work Kill give ratl'lactb-n.

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