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Scalded to Death In Suit Water
Big Derunllen-A Crew Swept
Orei board.
PrrrALO. N. Y.. December 7. A
dr liberals and coldblooded murd. r
waa CLtmnitted in this city at an early
hour thin DiorDlDU. At about
o'c'u' k a bay rushed iota the pol'ca
ttijoaand stated that a man bad
baenftbothyhia wife in rooms occn
pied by Kmil l'enseyrf-a and hia wife
in the Miilor block. Offic irs irnrnedi
atelv Drocpeded to the p'aeo. They
were met by a woman who appeared
to be in a Ingti fit it a of excitement.
the said ber ho8hand waj in a bed
room. A cloth bid been nailed over
the window. In toe bed lay the body
of Ennl FtfDSeyrejj, a bullet Had pen
etrated bia heart The shooting oo
currad at about 6 o'clock according to
the best report, and the man was
evidently asleep in bed when the mar
dereee fired thelfatal ahot.
There were no evidences of
etiueale. Every indication was that
the woman deliberately ahot the man
in bla sleep. . 1 he discovery oi ner
deed teemed to drive her into
Irene. The pistol she used had been
thrown wilder the bed. 8he managed
to retrain possession of it and nonriab
ed it in the lacea ot the offloora and
screamtd she never wonld be arrested.
Tbey felled her to the flior, and after
a severe atrnggle ancoeeded in gsttlng
the revolver away from her. The only
remark abe made on the way to the
station waa that her husband "never
UBed ber right." He waa some years
her iunior snd a woodworker by trade.
She said aha waa formerly an occupant
ol a home ol 111 lame.
Me rail iff Uollla Salt Water,
PnTiBowfl, Pa., December 7. An
intoxicated man named Burr Woods,
who wandered into the salt works of
Haller, Beck & Co., Alleghany City,
this morning, fell into a vat of boiling
aait water, and waa scalded so bidly
that death is only a question of a few
hoars. The attention of the watch
man was attracted by his shrieks and,
in .looking aronnd, be saw Woods
climbing to the top of the vat. When
he waa pulled out the flesh dropped
Jiom nia body in large pieces. .
A Big Ilrfnaller.
BasTOR, Mass., Dacember 7. Vol.
ney K. Chamberlain, one of the
largest pork packers in the Eat, waa
arraigned In the Uitmbrmge Superior
Conn yesterday afternoon charged
with having concealed the asneia of
the insolvent firm of Lincoln, Cham'
berlain A Co., pork pucker, of wtil'li
be wa a pat trior, and "with the crime
of perjury in ewearing falsely to certain
purchuat a of government bonds. The
complainantsarn John P. Squire fc Co..
with whom the defendant's firm bad
done inese to the extent of nearly
$1,000,000, and who attached the
estates and bnainees ot the defendauta
some years apo, when the Indebted
ness of the latter avgregUed $500,000.
A full hearing in the perjury cue was
bugun tbia morning.
A drew Mwept Overboard. .
Asbitbt Pahk, N. J., December 7.
The two masted schooner John T.
Ling, of New Yoik, otme ashore at 4
o'clock this morning, nearly opposite
the life saving station No. 3, between
Seabrigbt and the Highland rf Nave
Bio k. The surf was running high, but
the crew of the statiou sucseedud in
boarding tle vesai-l. Tbey found only
dogon botfd. It is supposed that
the Aw were swept ovarbwd by the
heavy seas. The surf is now breaking
over the entire length of the schoon
er's deck. She will probably prove a
total loss.
Jary DUaitrecia In Milwaukee Rial
., t.'UNfU. ..
Milwaokki, Dei ember 7. In the
case of Qrotkau and Moesiingar, the
Milwankee Garden rioters, the jury
came in about 11 o'clock and reported
disagreement. Th Judge sent them
back for further delioerationa and im
mediately afterward left for Wauke
sha. He will not return until even
ing, , OHiatquontly nothing can be
learned in' regard to the jury'a finding
until that time. The general opinion
ia tbitt there will be no verdict,
A Coavlet shot Walls Amaalliiiff a
. aural.
PrtTSBtTBa, Pa., Dfcembnr 7.
Geoige Wait, the convict shot by dep
uty warden McKean, in Kiveraide
penitentiary la?t morning, for assault
ing one of the guards with a knife,
died this morning from the effects of
ma injuries, 1 here were about thirty
convict in the corridor at the time of
the aeeault, hut the bast of order pre
vailed.. A number of keepers with
drawn revolvers wore among them In
a few momnt, and serious revolt
wm prevontid by quickly placing
uivuf iu mpir cons.
The Vaaatnoriwii taitl Agent Ua
ier Bnrwclllaaea.
Naw Yobk, December 7. The en
terprising pernon who recently sold
130,000 worth of unauthorised tickets
for the Patti concert in the City if
nas neen captured, it la be
lieved, by Mexican detectives. From
dispatches received at Henry E. Ab
bey s offlce in this city yeaterdav it
is suppoeedthat the swindler hai been
found within thirty miles of the City
of Mexico. The man is supposed ta
be one Charles BDurton, an alleged
I ariaian journalist, who lived at No.
68 Clinton place, in this city, for a few
wesks last fall. The information con
tained in the dispatches was very
meager, and it waa not known posi
tively by Mr. Abbey's representative
In this city yesterday that Bourton, or
who ever he is, had actually been ar
rested. It waa known to ace.'tainty,
however, that the man waa under po
lice snrveillanco, and would not be al
lowed to leave the country. It ia
thought that there ia a very good
chance of recovering the money.
The Vetcallnr 'n or a ftlxleea Tear
Old Sturdrrer.
8r. Louis, Mo., Dec. 7. A special
from Jefferson City, Mo., says: De
cisions by the Supreme Cowt were
handed down today. That of princi
pal Interest waa one by Juiieo Black
in the case of the Stale vs Jamea 8.
Payton. This case comes from Chris
tian Vounty and the following ia its
htetdrf: Oa the 12th day of April,
1885, Payton and hiB brother Willian
attempted to assassinate L. T. Mat
thews, who was moving bis family.
Both fired at him with rifles. Mat
thew waa slightly wounded and an
infant child of hia, which waa in the
arms of his wife's slater, was shot
through the head and instautly killed.
Both of the Payton boys were arrested.
Upan trial Joe. 8 Payton was con
victed cf murJer in the. first degree.
An appeal was Ink' n to the Supre rie
Cour1, where tlie judgment of the.
Jo wor court was HE raced and Iytou
''n'iid to b han ;1 Fr'ilay, J nun
J8S7. IVytJii ia only 18 jenn
' ii . fuid thet a f-tr n,: tU rt
Hdb ;o induce (.o,ernor Mar- ;
mr.Juke to commote his sentence. It
if, thought the Gotvrcorwill not luler
lere, for co pt r;-on unlcr!8 years ol
ag can be committed ti the peniten
tiary in thin S a:e, and should the een
fence be com -nu ted tKe prisoner cou'd
ob ain h i freedom by habeas corpus
proced:ng9. Ttiia orearred once be
fiT', and it ia likuly th it tne Governor
will not allow it to nrcur again.
Uav. lire Will Hut later fere.
Richmond, Va., December 7. Gov.
Lee ban decided nt tr interfere with
the iu lgment of the court in the caie
of (jiuvtiriua, either by commutation
or pardon. The execution will take
place Friday, unleai an application for
a respite is ma le, whim will bs coa
eidured by the Governor.
The H'eary Mark of Completing
Via ry.
New Yobs, December 7. The weary
waik of completing the Jury f jr the
trial of "Boodle" ex-Alderman Mc-
Quade waa reumed today in the
Court of General Sessions. The jury
numbered eleven at the adjournment
of the court las: night. Over a half
doaen talesmen were examined and
excnBed for various causes, and up to
12:30 o'clock .m. no person bad been
sot to take tne vacant seat.
Laler. Finally the vacant seat was
filled. Then defense challenged an
other jaror, and before the place was
filled tne coun aajournea.
Ab Old Woaiaa Barartf ( alh.
Baltimobi, Mo., December 7.
There occarred, early this morn;cg in
two frame buildings on r-a'aw street,
near Preston, a fire. deetroviBg them.
tosotber with all the furniture. The
police rsacued thirteen persons from
the building, but could not find Mrs,
Ann Pack, aaed 00 rears. Her body,
burned to crisp, was after the fire,
found in third story room. The
damage by the fire was about $2500.
The Trial f Art bar Horetaa.
Dublin. December 7. The trial of
Arthur Moreton, alias the Ssv. Theo
dore Keating, on the charge ol ooiain
ing money under false pretense?, was
begun today. Moreton, who pro
fessed to be converted Catholic
priest, succeeded in imposing on the
parish Biihep of Dublin and other
clergymen, many of whoss pal pits he
waa requested to occupy. Many of
the prisoner's former admirers wera
in court today.
aua a Panic and h Dumping-of
PirreiiDRa. December 7. A sudden
and heavy decline in oil caused a panic
at the .Exchange, and the dumping oi
lot of certlncatea on the market.
The session opened with a weak feet
Ing, bearieh field news having a de
pressing influence. The first s ile was
made at 80 and a gradual decline t
lift followed. Prices then remained
without material change until shortly
before noon, when the heirs made a
terrific onslaught on the market and
voluea dropped in a very few minutes
to 71 J, eight cents and a half below
the openii g. A scene of the wildest
excitement ensued. The holders of
long oil did everything in their power
to f-tem the current, but wiihout avail,
and becoming panic stricken, com-
mennod ualoadiuB. At 711. however.
the decline was checked, end with a
Btrong effort the market rallied to 73 j
at 1 p.m.
Unly one 1 Ulure occurred here, t .
M. Uayes.one ot the leading brokers.
wa unable to meet his contracts, ana
75,000 barrels of oil was sold out under
tie rule tor bis account. The money
difference is not known.
Tne afternoon session of the ex
change wa not marked by any of the
exciting ieatur.-s of the morning, al
though the feeling was decioVdly
feverish. After the drop to 72) prices
rallied to 74 at 2 o'clock, but sagged
off again with a cessation of buying,
and cloaed rather weak at 721. The
day a transactions were very heavy,
and will probably reach 7,000,000 bar
The Court of Vialma.
Washington, D.cember 7. The
Court of Claims leat May decided fa
vorably to the claimants the gen
eral principles applicable to the
Franco, spoliation claimi. Since then
the government baa moved for a re
hearing, and argument on this mo' ion
has been going on for some two
week . Yesterday the court decided
the motion agninnt the givernment.
Judge John Davis dolTvenjd .the
opinion. The general princip'ai de
cided in May ere reaffirmed, and the
cou't considers in detail other points,
holding ihut a vesrel could not be
legally condemned on the single
ground thst ber crew did not con
form to French laws, but the deoieions
of prb.j caurtj are not binding . on
political department of foreign gov
ernment ; tdat an appeal to the court
cf last reeort in France was not neces
sary to the validity of the spoliation
claims, because such au appeal would
have been ueslosf, or Impracticable,
and because France did not requiie
it as a condition precedent ti a re
covery for indemnity. The. opinion
discn a s the law of nations as applied
to neutral lighta, and holds generally
while reserving particular cases lor
discussion upon Iheir individual
merits, thai the conduct of France
toward American commerce prior to
1800 waa illegal.
The 4UOfh Aantve marjr t the 1 la
. covrrjr r Aiavrlc.i.
Washington, December 7. -Ths
Board of Promotion of the ConBtitu
tional Centennial Ce'obration ia 189.',
the World's Exposition in honor of
the 400th anniversary of the discovery
of Amerira, in 1892, and the per
manent Exposition of the Three
AmericFS, an outgrowth of the World's
Fxpoa'tion, propose 1 to ba held in
the city oi Washiugtoi, met in con
vention in this city today. Delegates
were present fiom most of the lare
c;ties of the country. The West was
well represented. Letters commenda
tory ol the purpose of the board were
read from the Ministers of Salvador.
Chili, Guatemala, Spain, Hay ti and
Bolivia. The following permanent
c Hi -era were elected: President, Wm.
Clallin, of Ma"wachuB?tts ; s'OietTy,
Alexander D. Andeison, of the D I
trict of Columbia; vica presidents,
A. A. Ames of Minnesota, E. John
E:iii of Louisiana, Amor Smith of
Ojio, Charles 1). Fisher of Mirylanrf,
Ames K. Little of Pennsylvania,
Henry R. Thyer of New York, A. P.
Williams oi California.
. The rinharlM tlaoalloa. .
TobontOj December 7, A special
to the JaJ, the government orgin,
eays: It is not the case, as cib ed
from L sudon, that the Dominion gov
ernment has sent an azect to Wash
ington to assitt in negotiating a fish
ery treaty, nor has it moiiiliid its de
mand for claims in any way. Canada
8amls on th ba'is of t.iy treaty of
1818, and ia quito satisfied to r-ma a
thure f jr the present. While favor
able to a rouewal of the fisheries
treaty at any time, yet ('ana . la ia not
ths parly eullcrirg from the abroga
tion of tbnt treaty and ilcei not feel
called upon lo cacrifta o:o ju'it i ight
to have it reu: wed.
Or New York The Difference
Opinion Among the Leading
NkwYobk, l'eeumlxjr 7. The fo!
lowitig are commonti on SjcretAry
Manning's rep urt:
Tua "herald' says
it is a rem irk ably clar and cogent
discussion of the financial situation.
tub "timbj" says:
We fear that Mr. Manning ia throw
ing pearls before swine. There is
nothing in the conduct of the prueent
majority in Congress to just-fy tha
opinion that on-half will ever read
his elaborate and very able report,
most of which ia of the soundest, or
that one-half of these who read it
would understand it, or one-half of
those who understand it would ap
prove it. We cannot too much ad
mire the a sal and courage with wbicb
the Secretary takes up again, after a
year of great physical Buffering, the
firm and even fervid advocacy of prin
ciples that have attracted no support
and hardly attention from his party
la Congress. Air. Manning is a guted
p .litloian. As we read bis emphatio
and oitea brilliant statement oi ideas,
as important aa any Secretary bince
Mr. Chase haa bad to present, we can
not help wondering what would have
been the effect if Mr. Cleveland had
held a different view of the use of pat
ronage, and if a vote for suspension of
silver coinage, payment of the legal
tenders and frae wool bad bsen made
a condition precedent to the distribu
tion of oiliaea in each Congressional
suggestion throws a strong light on the
capacity ol the .Democratic majority
to accept tne auvica witbont being
bribed to do so.
The boldest and the w.sest thing in
Mr. Manning s report is the recom
mendation to use the surplus to pay
the legal tenders."
Mr. Manning' proposition for retir
ins the sreenbacksand supplying their
lace with silver and gold certificates
not popular ana wi!i not be ap
proved. 1 have, talked with a number
of OongrepamanLYipon the subjects of
I 1. 1 Wf U.H.. .1 ... ...
TitryiuK uiinuus ui uouvi huu uioy are
all against it. Mr. Bland, of Mieeouri.
who represents the extreme wing of
the silver men. will oppose the retir
ing of the green buks. Mr. Scott, of
ivie, who is at tne head oi a class ot
financ'al men, tho exact opposite of
Mr. B and, rail that he was oppossd
to Mr. Manning's proposition. He
thought that the most dansenus step
tnken by Congress for some time was
the authorisation last year of the lam
ing of the silver certificate of small de
nominations. Abe retirement of
greenbacks and the iaa'cg of silver
certificates in their place would
simply batten onr getting on to
mlver basis and the elimina
tion of sold as a standard
from the country. Mr. Manning's
principal misrgestioa, however, relating
to the tariff reduction, fits in very well
with the Hewitt administration Dill.
Mr. Manning's proposition t take the
tariff of raw materials and to have
free wool wonld suit Mr. Hiwitt very
well. The latter believes ia fre wool.
although that is not in his bill. Ia
the main Mr. Mannlrgs suggestions
concerning the tariff will meet with
the Approval of the mj irily in the
House, it is oonsidered etrange that
the President did not bimse f take a
more pronounced stand upon the sub
let and at beyond mere formal
in regard to tne report oi secretary
Ji.cob's voice. Esiu's hand." It
ia called Secretary Manning's report.
but it Is not a report and thareater
part oi it dots not r.ppear to be secre
tary Manilla's. It la not a report,
but an ed tonal argument or speech
on the eilver question and the tariff.
The built cf tne arguruont is not iu
harmony with the mo t important
specific recommendation of thtt H;cre-
retary, nor with the conduct of tho
Treasury DepnKnoeut f jr the past fur
mon'.iiH. f.ver aincs Mr. Marble
Cored to "line fi e bell in nieht."
Liu peculiarities of style have been
recogoa:d by many of bis ffllow-citi-aers,
who will have no hafitntion in
givU g him credit for the graces of ex
pression in this argument. The opiu-
ons aro those which Mr. Maible has
constantly advocated; they are not
those which hRve recently detenviiued
tne action ot tne a pirtmont. '
Horrl-on Oealeallie Slatvmeat,
Wabhington, December 7. Repre
eentative Morri.on today said, with
refereuce to the newnpaper statement
that bla friends desired to make him
Clerk of the a?xt House, that the
statoment did not originate with nor
was It circulated hy his friends.
Mtwillaa rmvwvA l-rpth, mr k tmttfr from
lulrulUw rwnllar to Utlr oi, tfesaia try
ThinnHMffripa pnmhln Iron with fwtabl
toi and ia tnvftluabl. f IHimmum ptH-iiliAr to
Women, and all who ftMnntitijr llvn t n
rli ki-. and Purines In. llloiid, Mlinulslr.
tl Anpi-ilie, Mrt-naihena th. 141 um-Ics and
lSrrvr. - In fact. th.miishli Invlaorntes.
l lnara in. onnpl.ttoa. and mukMiitM nkiii imooth.
It dnM Dot btaokra ttm tfntli. mum hn.dah of
tomduo. OiiaMH4wtl.4iN ufAn- irvti w9u tn fo,
Vhs. Ki.ijUBKia nuti. 71 Farmll in Mttvaa-
nih,flutuiuuit unwoi IW JKO.
" 1 har. ttd Brown'. Iron Bittre, and it haah
than a dtKtti to nts, harins ounid ma ol tUa
aa laam naT. in 11
lioa har. in IHa. A ao enrml dm. of r.iv.
ar OumplainU and now mr onmplxitiii I. olont and
.rond. llaa auw Lxwn ben.flulal to uij uluidnm.
MaaLomu-fl Bnaaixin K LorapnrL N T
Sara: 11 1 baas MiffanMl nnatld laiMra rrtiot P.mala
iXwnplainU, and vnnld otUui nliaf hvm Dothtus
sioapt Brown
n . iron
Bit Ian "
U Uoniun. haa abor. Trwl. Mark and omaaad rod rinefi
oDwrmppor. Tafca aa other. Mad. only hr
MoLemora mnui, nanr 8Ut Kern alt
leia. Ths proper!, which It In Urson
wood, th. moit attraotir. and ,rnwin tub
arb of Mamphit, oonilfti of 8v, aorsi ol
Jroond antarpaaasd for hoalthlulneaa and
an'r ol location, containing a Iwir. Tarte
i n fnrett and fruit tram, ornamental treat
n.t ihruhberyi a twoalnrr reaidenos eeia
lria n ten roorut eonvanlentlT arraaad,
-nil ample aupply of clotetii Uo, kitohan,
..nU, roouii atabla, carriage bonis, ooul
mil p-u'trr houe and viral ntbsr out
l uili):ii.:i two aood clittrna and a dci
hrh k w .llod well with Citurea n a dni-otl-torv
I r milk, bultrr, !rerhtUfRt, e:a. Unn
venir it ,..,-. In tho city by ttrect cart and
lurnira-. wiib e.tin,-tion Iroui citTUica.
i rioo,
o pgr-s-.siuu given to ourohwier.
-intl. or tormlnf ltavnnr titiiw
a' u. y i.luci), tfo. C.MadiHon at , f r teicphouo
Ko. tkW. . W. CliAff.
Mil 11 II M
f -v Li.xlJ ... 'x-. T- . ... M f
For Wale Fveryw lure In ilie
Drilling or Broad Castine
Young & Brother
Booksellers and Stationers,
818 Slata St,, Memphis, Tenn
a hew Hvervr OF
di your ntnllor for tu Original 83 Shoo.
' - Bnmreof Imli.'itiuaa. - -t-
Kone Genuine uuleu bearing; thlaStamp,
viUtyt Vumfortand Appear'
ttnc, Apitalcarilarntco
lis will brinfj you informa
titia lioivtugetthffi Shuo la
T tT.a..M ft. 1
41 IJnooln St,
Ma, Hath'
Thh) aboe Maidi Mirher In theentimatlrm of
Wtartn Uian anr other lu ttxn world. TUou-
nnd vrno w ear W1U utu jrou uu roasMD llyua
bib Tbuu.
inB, Ammunition, Flsfilntr Tackle
ana NportHrnena' Nnpplles.
Mala Ntreel, nempUlu, Tenui
Mftnnfhotnrlnc tnd Ranitlrirr at 0nm .
ImnorUri urn danleri In floni. Ammo.
nllton and t'Uhlna-Tarhl, Hallilra'
llMinlware. fclMtrle Hells and Aa-
Mala alreet, Memphis, Tenn. Kleetrio
applUi lwui on hand.
EUpalrln neatly
TheChrlitlaa Brother! hart the pleasure
of announcing ths completion of EXTEN
SIVE ADDITION 3 to their College, which
they have provided with all aeleet modern
Improvement! and oonvenienoei, and they
are low enabled to accommodate an ln
oreaied number of Boarderi, Half Boarder!
and Day Studonti.
For Information noncerningTrrmi, Board.
Tuition, etc., tee Catalogue, or apply by mail
or In perion to
No.2.T9, R.D.-In the Probate Courtof Shelbr
Ceunly, fennesiee J. A. Andcrton, ad
mlni. trator, etc., VI. R. B. Miller, guar
dian, eto , et at. . ,
BY virtue of a decree for reiale In thi,
came, I will sell at imblio auotfon, to
the highrit bidder., In front of tbs Court
hours door, on Mam street, Msmphls, Tea
aeiiaee.on Nittnrday, Preembcr l, ISHfl,
within legal houra, ths fullowing dstonbsd
real eatate, to-wit:
Lying and being In the city of Memphii.
county of Shelby, sed State of Tonnefiee.
to-wit: Known ai No. Hi, being tho wett
half thereof, fronting 36 feet on Market
trcetand runulog 1-aoK T4 feet S Inchea.
Termi of Kale-One-third caahi balance
payable In eiual Initallmenta in six and
twelve montua; purohaner to siscuts note!
with good and lotliolont teeuritiei tor de
terred payments, and a lien retained antil
the whole ol the purchase money il paid.
Thii November T. li. ror t
P. J. OUIOLEY, Clerk.
By Thoi. B. Orenahaw. D. C.
Tavlnr 4 Carroll, soHnltort
WE OFFER FOR SALE on favorable
terms a Inrge plantation in Bolivar
county. A'las , recently improved with new
poet, I'lunk snd wlrs fsncet. Taentv-Bre
ns huuini", cotton gin, aawiuill and near
liO.OXi leal of lumber In Hack, ofl.000 new
cyprei board) all re uly to onttruct mors
building!. A good t rehou-e and rscollent
atnnd (or a mercantile buiinom. Thi plan
tation la improved with a vln to aubdivii
lon. I will sell all or a Pi"'t, according to
wanta ol pu-cbwierii. Plenty ot labor Ne
gro tennnts htva applied and are daily ap
plying to rent nt frl. For lull particulars
apnlj to , . XUOi. U. ALLKI4 A CO.
... -. i J i lapMiMl
; i, l .n " ii.
FnHoil StaUn Tte Sura
JIASUBE spreader;
Pulverizer A. Cart Combined.'
2nm lond at ant by thtt Pproadpr win
o aa much rnol to the prrarnt crop aa
two oi-dluarllr uprrnil by hani
l.T ...t ,i ,?Af 't-'j
" -. . ;ii:','V;ltv,!,.',:j
f'-'-V''- - ;,1-.-'V' -v.'.1
Cotton Seed.
The Best
PAID UP CAPlTAIa, ::::::: $100,000
Interest Fald on XlopoaitH.
M. II. KiTZEJiUERGEF, President? F. KiTZE.NBERGEK, Cashier.
Vo. 34 Front Street, dor. Fnion.'lvfeinithli. Tenn.
f AlOLIOI HILL, President. W. !T. WILKIESQH, TJMBratttKt
. Us ef. LTHXs'.CatSUaT aaw-.
Mil A OKHKBAa. rutm ABb tUUUIl KrjAnmy '
.JLA'J.H ' .' .1 -- J.' -.1111 1 I' . I!. J" "..jtjji
Lata J. T. LaPrads i Co.
and coaraisBioa
No. 304 Front street, :
rHavlnr retired from the Saddlery and Haraeia bminsas and opened an offloe as above.
we are plomed to announce to our mend! and the public generally that we are now prepared
to serve them in our now oapacity. Returning tbanka tor tho very liberal patronage ex
tended ui in the old line, ws trait to merit and reoeivs a share of your lavori in the now.
W. Ao GAGE & CO.
Cotton lotoira.
No, SOO front Street, t XXeraplila, Tesi
lie Bat
Capital, 200,000.
- -
. Be !(, Prtsn. J. E. CKMXOBaB, TtoFretn. C H. IaDTS, Cccbia
eyeeiaeay saT a
awarnilaarlTtTTIII iliajaaTfiriTfaaTrffT )im ia I n irauiwri r- n i sijis
SiOO.aad SGiroiitt., leiapklsa Torn.
and Ttny ifi dennlne A r Hole.
Fertilizer on the Farm
Late with J. I. LaPrads A Cc
Memphis, Tenn.
uarnAKP.. nntKaTH a ).
Chickasaw Ironworki
98 Seoond St., Memphis, Ten
fiJ Engines, Boilers, Hawnillls,
lirauiord vorn ana wueat mu
Cotton Press, Cotton tains,
Shafl Ing, Pulleys, Etc
SPECIAL NOTICE Ws are prepared to fill order
on short notioe, for the eslenratea Hedaurt Palea
WrenghMiei Palley. .Ws carry in itook ovst
Two Hundred Aaaorted Msei.
a-Send for Catalogue and Prios-Ilit.
of iiH
Surplus, $25,003,
. 1 tffp.
m. uirm. - . J. l.Illtl
mi aeT Tiiania.; Tiaaaain a v isTrli nil f.
Basiisl All iiaMna M Csll!sitsaajs.ssa
Important hale ol Verj Valua
ble Lands In the States of Ar
kansas and Mississippi.
Memphis, Tenn., Dernmher 1, 1886.
UKDKK and by virtue of ihn term! and
conditions ol a certain doed of trust
executed t" me, ai Tru''e-, hy M. Apper
ion and ctlirr, on tbf 30th da; of May, ltU5.
to secure the inu' tcJn- a therein men-r.i.-inad.
dulv recorded in Bool; " A." pairea
4t 2 to 471 inclu ve, of the Circuit Court of
Crit'onden county; Book 44, pagea 72 to 83,
o.'thdCircu't Court of Miullip countvi Book
" Y," Paxil 12f t) 1 i7, oi t:irouit Court of
Lr com t s Buok " A A." paes H to 111.
ol Circuit Ceurt of Lincoln etiunty, Bute of
Ark-na. Alfo.iuBook "U Ii,"pnKe2.,of
tbe Cha' eery Cour' oi Bolivar oounty, and
in Book 21, pgs i'J't to 507, of Panola coun
ty. Kute of Virjeispippi; de'auit hiving been
made in said trust doed, and reing requesteil
hy tl e maker of said inn t deod and the ben
eficiary thereof, I will, ts said Xru.tee, on
l uo day, Deceiuber 21, 18H,
on the son'hwest corner of Main and Madl
I'tn itreetB, oomuienclng promptly at 12
o'olock m., and oontmuiOK irr.tu day to dar
until the said lands aro all sold, offer
for sale, at public outcry, and sell te the
hiahent and best bidder, tb following de
scribed land i and property, ailuated In the
States of Arkansas and Mississippi, and
particularly described as follows, to-wit:
Tbe following lands, lying In the county of
Phillios and State of Arkansas, on the hank .
ot the Mississippi river, about ten miles be
low Helena, Arkansas, to-wit;
Tbe east half of section thirty-three, con
taining 5 fit aores, and all ol lection 34, .
containing 639 88 aerei.
Tbe south halt of lection twenty-seven,
containing seventy-three acres.
The west ha'f section 36, containing 1M
lbs northeast quarter oi lection 28, sen
tainiig 160 acres.
All in township 3 south, range! east.
Fractional northeast s.uaxisr of lection 4
containing 112 acrei.
All of fractional lection 3, eontainipsT
466.48 acres, In township 4, range 4 sas
being ths lands known as " B. M. Apperson'f
Westover Plantation," containing in all
2034 67-100 acres ol land, more or less.
The southwest quarter of ths southeast
quarter of seotion 3i. containing 38.83 acres.
Tke south part of ths southeast quarter ef
ection 35, containing 4.41 acres.
The south half of notion 26, con tain Ing
320 acres.
All Of fractional section 36, containing 207
The northeast quarter of lection 35, con
taining 160 acres.
The northwest quarter of the southeast
fractional quarter of Motion 35. containing
40 aorei.
Part ol ths east half of the southeast quar
ter of lection 85, containing T8 acres.
All of fractioKal section two. rontaininar
74.25 acres all in township 4 south, range 4V
VVestbalf ot southwest fractional anarter
of lection 30, and ths northwest fractional
quarter of section 31, containing tb acres
township thr.e (3) south, ranse 5 east, known
aa E- M. Apnerson'i Maney Plantation,''
containing 1043 48 100 acied of land, more or
' Alio, certain personal property now o
th, said Westover Plantation, to-wit: 12
head ot mules of various ages, siiei and de
scriptions; also, one steam engine and all
the appliances and attachments thereto be
longing; one gristmill, tao cotton gins, one
cotton press and all the appliances and at-
tauuiucuta to lug laaia ueiouKiDK! all Ol IQI
wagons, (arming utensils, implements and
to.jls of every kind and character used in the
cultivation of the said plantations, one half
ot which will be delivered to tbe purcharerof '
the Maney plantation. Each ot said plunta- ,
tioni are in good state of cultivation, and
have all necessary buildings, including
dwellings and storehouses.
Also, the following de-cribed tract or par
eel ot land, lyinir in the said county of Phil
lips and State of Arkansas, and described
aa follows:
The northeast quarter of section sixteen,
township one south, range four east, oon
tuining 160 acres.
Also, the followirg other lands, lying in
the oounty of Lee and State ot Arkansai,
nliout twelve miles miles from the town of
Marianna, to wit: The west half of the
west half of section tnonty seven 127), con.
taining 160 aores; the northeast quarter of
lection thirty-three (33),. containing lnft
acres; the east halt of the northwest quar
ter of section thirty three (33), containing 88
acres, and the northwest quarter of section
thirty-four t34), numbering 160 acres, con
taining in all .60 aores, and known as the
"Cotter tract."
A, ,u H 1 . 1 1 x . - P 1 I
aibu, vuv luiiowiuK uiaer tract, oi luuu,
ljing in said county ol Lee and State ot Ar
kansas, on and near the Mssiiaippi river:
Th. nnrthfutRt (inartnr Of NArtion Anal
fractional southeast quarter of section one; '
fractional east nail of seotion twolvs (IV),
and the fractional southwest quarter of the
Southwest quarter of lectien one. -
Sou.'h Half of south balf of section 2;
West fiaotional half of section 12;
Tbs northeast quarter of teotun eloven
The lonth taettonal half lection 11 ;
The weft fractional halt of motion 13;
The northeast fractional qua. tor of seo
tion 14:
All oi fractional lection 24;
All of fractional motion 25, containing
2245.91 acres, mora or lees.
Also, the following tracts or parcel! of
land, lying in the county of Crittenden and
State of Arkansas, to wit:
Southwest quarter of lection twenty-one
-i) ;
Kast half of southwest quarter of taction
twenty-three (23);
West half of section six (6) ;
W ost half of section seven (7); .
Northwest quarter of lection eighteen (18).
Southwent Irac'ioral quarter of eeotion
nineteen (19), all in township 3, north range
The said six (6) last named tracts contain
ing 1070.77 acres.
Also, the following other lands, lying In
the county of Monroe, and State of Arkan
sas, and described as lol ows:
The outhwest quarter of soction loTenteea
(17), containing 160 acres;
The southwest quarter of the northwest
quarter of section 17, containing 40 acreii
The north half of tho northeast quarter of
lection 25, 80 acres ;
The northeuFt quarter of the northwest
quarter of section 25, 40 acres;
Containing in all 3 J) acres, and known ai
part of the "Itedinond truot," all in town
ship 2, south rnn,e 1 west
Also, the following other lands, lying in
,L .i.nf I.I - .. I . . r , 1
tuo vuuui? ui ni Anuriwi nuu Diata ot Ara.au-
sns, and described as follows, to-wit:
The north half of the north balf and the '
north half of the south half of section 10,
townsnip o, soutn range z west, containing
160 acres.
Also, the following tract ot land, lying ia
Bo irar county. Mississippi, to-wit: It being '
the north half (except twenty-two acres) as
sessed to Lobdell, of section- twenty-six,
township twenty-two, range einht, contain
ing three hundred (300) acres, and being tbe
same land conveyed by J. D. Quigley, trui-
i"B, to ej. in- AiM'er.uu at tu., aim iuu.ii mm
.V,. 1)1 - " A I... . I. . fnllA.:
tract of land lying in the oounty of Panola, .
and Slats nt Mississippi, and more particu
larly described ai follows, to-wit: The north
east quarter of lection twenty-six (26), the '
west half ot section twenty-uve (25), the
aoiithanat ntijirTAr nf .actiin tvAnt,.ltrA f9M
part oi tee nortneaat quarter oi section f
twenty-five (25), all of seotion thirty-six (36),
in township 6, range 6 west, and containing
about 1332 acres, 6'.o acres of which is oleared.
Also, the folloeing tracts of lands situat
ed, lying and being in the county of Lin
coln and State of Arkansai: South fractional
half of lection thirty-four (34), township
seven (7), south five (5) west; east half east
of Boone lake, section thirty-three (33).
township seven (7), range five (5); east half '
east of Boone lake. Suction four (4), town
ship 8, range 5; northwest quarter of section ,
3, township 8, range 5; north fractional hall
of northnsat quarter of lection 3, township .
8, ranee 5; southwest quarter seotion 3,
township 8, range 5, containing in all 731.21
acres, together with all accretions made by
the Arkansas river, known as the "Maple
drove Plantation," together with the fol
lowing personal property: Twenty-one
hoad of mules of various ages, liiei and de
scriptions: two head ol cattle) one steara
engine and fixtures; onegriitmill; one cot
ton gin snd cotton pre,s, together with
wagons, tools and farming utensils.
balance in four eiiukl installments, pay-
able in ons, two, three snd four years, evi-
uviil-.ia vj notes exeoutea uj tne purouaaer
bearing Interest at the rati, of alx rr eent. .
per annum until paid, and seoured by trait
deed on the said lands.
The title to above lands is good, but I Mil
and convey only as trustee. .
further information can be obtained of
ax. . nviiDrauu at 1V. AA. V. musuM..
Chairman and Trustee, and of N. F. Limes- '
tor, of i'orel k Lsmaster. real estate agents
Trustee, Ma'onlc Temple. .
Proclamation by the Governor.
Tbe State nf Tennessee Wm. B. Bate, Gov
ernor To all who shall les these Present. .
O reefing
I1E1?KAS, It has been mads known to
me that some nngnown party or par
. url with havvina- eommitted a lool
a unknown partv or na
ties ebarged with having committed a foul
and atrocious murder on the body ot John
tsrahain, on the 30th day oi uotooer, imo. I
our county of Shelby, fled from lustics an
Graham, on the 30th day ol Uotooer. lWd, In
cioy, neu troiu luatice anoi
now running at Ian
Now, therefore, I, Wm. Bate, Governor
as aforesaid, oy virtue ni to. i"wor ana au
thority in me vested, do hereby ofier a re
ward ol two hundred and filty dollars, te
any perion or persons who may apprehend
the said unknown party or parties, and de
liver him or them to tiieSherifi or Jailer of
our oounty of Shelby. In ord r that justice
in that behalf may be had and executed.
Th I reward Is made payable, one hall on
delivery to the Sheriff a;iu one hall on con
viction. In ti-sijinony where"!, I h ive hereunto let
my hand, and caiifed the Goit bsi! :f ths
bt.uc to be nllixad at Nashville, on ths HHh
day of NoveuiUr, lSii. ,
Bv ths Governor: , i
Joan Aumm, SecrcUry oi State,

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