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Coltoi Flrra-JUJdllBt', g 13-lOs-
Salc. ieterday, 5700
Mony is in pretty active demand
at 8 per cent. The tghtaes3 in
finances is beire relieved by the
heavy suits ltd shipments of cotton
Local securities aie strong. The cot
ton market was firm; middling,
8 1316c. Sales, 5703 biles. At Now
York epots eteidy; middling, 9 7-16c
Futures steady and 2 to 3 points
A leading New York cotton circular
ays of the speculative market
"Contracts, stimulated by (farther
advance at Liverpool, started strong
and gained 66 points, when a sad'
den outbant of supplies from all
quarters carried a sharp and general
reaction, with a full 10 points decline
from the bi;heet. Everybody ap
peared possessed with a desire to
realix?, and an immense amount of
'long' cotton was liqu dated.
At Now Orleans spots were strong ;
middling, 8Jc. Futures barely steady
and 1 to 2 polcta higher; December,
At Liverpool bj ota were steady, good
busicees.hardEBing; middling, 5 316 i.
Futures irregular and 2 to 4 points
higher; December-January, 5 8;64d
The general market presents a
strong feeling.
Seventy-euht pkgs butter, 65 pt
bacon, 738 pkgs bouts and shoes, 28
puRS cneeee, z.3 bus eollee, 11 cars
cotton seed, 4375 sks cot on sed. 55
pkgs dry goods, 23 pktrs eggs, 402 brls
flour, 1024 bnlt s buy, 23 pkgs hats, 67
hd hogs, 3 bd Cht l-, 1 hd horses and
mules, 455 pkgs lard, 24,000 ft lumber,
64 pkgs liquors, 14 brls me il, 114 brls
molass, 3U7 brls potstoae, 4 cars pork
ides, 320 brls eug.r, 328 pkgs tobacco,
600 bu wheat and f 3 brls iice.
The following shows the amount of
grain received, withdrawn and in
store by regular e'evttors, as reported
to the Merchant' Exchange yester
day: Wheat in store, 1045 bu. Corn
received, 663 bu; withdrawn, 84
bu; in store, 4267 bu. O its with
drawn, 1345 bu ; in store, 227,347 bu.
Mr Bally Quotation or Cotton
OU Tr-ata and Hew York Ex.
ban Stocks are open to those
latere tad, aU mjr office.
24 Maalmin St, Memphis, Tenn.
Money in pretty active demand at 8
per eenl The Clearing House report
Is as follows:
Tuesday, December 7, 18S6, $514,
554 16; thus far this week, $1 2ft4,
952 98; same lime last week, $965,
$93 48; corresponding time in 1885,
$558,712 83; corresponding time in
1884, $320,11441.
Tupsdy, December 7, 1886, $36,.
114 46 , thus f ,r this week, $139,604 41 ;
same time last wetk, $207,413 74;
corresponding time in 1885, $84,
385 68; corwponding time in 1884,
$141,458 0L
New York sight on all points,
diaconnt buying, oar selling ; New Eng
land demand, j discount buying; New
England sight, discount; New Or
leans, J discount buying, par selling.
Bank of Commercp-148 bid, 150 asked
First National 160 bid, 165 asked
German Bank 192 bid, 20;) asked
State National 147 bid, 150 asked
Union and Planters154 bid,
Mercantile Bank 135 bid,
a ked
Bluff City.
....105 bid, ... asked
Memphis City..,
Peoples ,
...1U3 bid, ... asked
77 bid, 80 asked
107 bid, ..asked
80 bid, 85 asked
100 bid,... asked
...110 bid, ... asked
.....25 bid, 30 asked
35 bid, ... asked
.30 bid
Shelby Oo. warraots...90 bid, 98 asked
M. A 0. R. R. shares. ..57 aid, ... asked
M.AT.RE. shares...45 bid, 50 asked
M. & O. consols, 7r.'...121 bid, ... asked
M.4L.R. 1st m. 88.105 bid, ... aeked
Miss. AT. R R.cs. A...' 13 bid, ... asked
Miss.drT. R.R.CS.B..103 bid, 106 asked
Tenn. wts. ser. D. 96 bid, 98 asked
Tenn. wts. ser. E to J-85 bid, 90 asked
Shelby Co. 6s. 108 bid, 110 asked
Tax. Dint, 4, 6s .99 bid, 1C0 asked
Tax. Diet, (in 106 bid,lC7 asnoJ
J" em. u s Donus .104 bid, ... otked
Mem. Water brnds...l00 bid, ... asked
Hanauer Oil Works...60 bid 70 asked
Am. Cot. Oil trustees bid. 69 asked
Fioneer Cotton Milli27 bid, 32 esked
Mem. Stor. Cora. Co,127J bid, 1?0 asked
Mem. Uas stock 75 bid. 80 aked
Masonio Temple bd, 8s 1C3 bid
Cot. Ex. B'ldg, 0' 104 bid, 106 asked
Niw York, December 7. Money
on call active at 615 per cent, clos
ing ai ti per cent, fume mercan
tile pnpr 45. Sterling Exchange
quiet but steady at $4 8C for 60 day
bills and $4 8? for demand.
Bonds-Government bonds were
dull bnt firm. State bonds were dull
and steady.
Stocks The stock market today
showed the nsnal activity, but the
strong undertone noticed for a long
while gave place to decided weakness.
The downward tenderer, while ap
parent early in the day, made very lit
tle progress until the afternoon, when
a deciuad slump occurred. The in
creasing stringency in the money mar
ket, aided by realising sales, was prin
cipally responsible for this. The room
traders, however, among which thefl
sentiment is at present decidedly
bearish, seised the opportunity to
hammer the market all round. The
foreign buying was the principal ob
struction to the decline and ma erially
aided In the strong reaction just prev
'0Uji ' tQe C'0B9 There was heavy
trading n Reading again, but there
are no new developments, and the in
creased biioinfps is ger eraUy attrib
nted to manipulation. The pnpo ed
ams'gamsiion between the KBt Ten
nes e, Richmond and West Point ard
Norfolk and Western railroads was the
suhKct o( a cotfen-nca today, and it is
understood that little remains to be
done beyond arrangement of de al's;
but whila Ejsi. IVnnessee was strong
n the mgrniDg Noifoik and Western
wai barely steady on ibe whole, a-;
Richmond and Weft Point n gVct-d
Thty all felt t:.e sdver.se irrti-tica of
the alt mom and-all yielded The de-
cis ou of Jddg? O ela n had a de
ciuea eneii up in the Wb'h ffcun
tie', and thoagh some f the bon is
an higher the etneka f nffere 1 a mate
rial decline. The recommendation o'
tba Wes trn Unioa Executive O m
mittee tbf there be no div d-j.d
caused roii3ider'jle selling cf thu
stack. Tue opening was dec dedly
ca, nr.)t ptices tn-iwmir ceo 1-ifB o
J lo J per cetf omlastevoci' g's finsl
huris, the o dy excjptioiB being
ijouisvuie and Nashville and Western
Union, wh eh wjre up J and Jptr
cen respec.iveiv.
Further declines were made in the
early dealings, Canada 8 utbern being
conspicuous, ine streng'b in come of
ue specialties, nowever, rallied pnere,
when the market became qnut. It
soon rallied, however, and in the after
noon aiciued wf ainees became appa
rent, accompanied by increased trad'
ing. Sales 606,976 sha-es. Reading
iarnisoea ua,zw: bu rni, 41.UUU
Western Union, 36,395: Union Pa
cific, 29,085; Norfolk and West
ern preferred. 27910: Lackawao
na, 28 900: Lake Shore, 24,646, and
and Erie. 23,895. Cameron Ooa is tae
only stock in which the trudirg was of
any importacce, wnicu snows an ad
vaace, while Wabash preferred is
down 3. The common e onk is sleo
down 2i, Richmond and Wtst P.iint
ana Latkawanna 11: Hocking1 Va ev
and Mich gan Central ta'iti 11; Texts
racnic lg. and Ujintia lj. KailrnaJ
bonds were lees active, and in svm
pathy with the shsrs market showed
considerable wetknfes, r-alee $1,720,
000, of which the West ttlioie
4j lurnisbed $287,000; Dotrr.il, Mack
inac and Mttrqtiefe laud grants
$200,000 and the Denver and Ria
Grande 4a $136.0 0. Thtra was un
usually heavy t-ad ng in the Wabash
issues and most t t ths-n sre higher,
ihe Mackinac and Maquet'e land
grants wereapp cial fea ue of the
trading and sold up to 5 j, but firally
closed with a net advance of 1 per
cent at 53. Chewp-ake end Ohio
purchase money fund lest 2 at 111 J;
Texts Pacific income tru t receip's 2,
at 68; Wabash general trust r.ceip s
2, at 64. Ihe boom in mining shares
tins morning snQerd no hindrance
because of the San Francisco failures.
Oo the contrary, the market in numer
ous directions was ttrons"-r than ves
terday, notably in Sutro Tunnel, which
sold up to 63, with unueu-tlly heavy
trading on reports that the stock
was selling in ban Frunc-lsco at
$1. In the afternoon most shares
were a shade lover and
the demand was much lie-hter. An
unconfirmed rumor made consolidated
California and Virginia Belling at
above $100 in San Francaco. Petro.
leum opened weak at 80c, diclined
sieaaiiy, toacnea Ml at noon, became
panicky and dropped 62 to 72c within
half an hour, steadied and rallied to
741c, but became heavy sgiin and
closed weak at ,73c. The dav's de-
cline was partly cans.! by the reports
of two new wells, flowing at the rate
01 zuuu Dris per day. Several lots of
oil ware sold under the rule for
brokers who were unable to carry out
weir contracts, bile?. 9.813.000 brls.
The total sales of so :ks today were
606,96 shares, including Canada 8auth
ern, 17,739; D-lawa'e, Lackawanna and
Western, 26,900; Erie, 23.895: Ksn
sas and Texa, 7360; Lake Shore,
z?,oio; Liouisvuie and IN ten villa, 17,
265; Missouri Priciflc. 3098: North
western, 8300; New Jersey Cen'ral.
10,880; N-w Yoik Cental, 13,3i0;
Northern Pacific, 4450; Ohio and Mis-
siBBipp', 3250; Paii'fio Mail, 4970;
Readinc. 118.240: St. Paul. 410 (1:
St. Paul and Oraiha, 5120; Texas and
racinc, is.auo; ijnion i'ac tic, 13,900;
Western Un'on. 30.595: Wabash Pa-
cific, 7020; Oregon Transcontinental,
6730; Hockirg Valley, 11,605, Clos
ing quotations:
0. S. 8, 109. it, eoup, 12!W.
iV,s, ooup, Ho.1 i. I'aoifio 6a oi VAV,
L. tm,a, 4, 81'4. Miiionrt 6, 103.
"IV, fl.,1!-11;:., gn a r a. it, 119.
D 411.(1. W IstH, 78. Kri idi, Wa.
M K 4T.G.n.6a.l(Kl'nrth 1.1.. lifi;
North. PB0.2da.l(W4. N. W tutor n oon. Vmi.
N. West. dob.6. 108. St.L.B.K (n.M.,l);i!i
St Paul con, 1.12. 8t.P.C.P 1st-, llaW.
T.P. land riint,57,
T.P.R U.ei cu.7i4.
u. r. isu, iiv.
Tenn. 6. let'mt.ion.
loan. 3a,at'mt,7
nei enure, 110.
'i.'ean.5i,iet'mil 102.
Adftml Exnreti. 13S. MnrrlTtt . nfA H9
Allegheny Cent'l,. Nuhriile i C , 100.
Alton & T. 11 S6. N.J.Central hlhi.
A. T.U..iifd.,85. Nor.4 W.i-id,57.
American Ex.. 10.. Narthorn P
B. O.K. AN, 70. Northern Pan ptd. 64U
Oanada Fao
Canada 8oa. 65
C.AN.W pfd ,13f
N.Y.C.ASt. I...14f4.
Central Faoino,
So. HV..
CtKifsneake A0.,Wk.
C. A O. 1-t pfd.18.
C. A O. 2d nfd.lOJi.
Chioago A A. ,143.
C.A A.pld,160.
C, B. A Q.,13
C, St UAN.O..
C. St.L &P..W4.
O.St. LA P.i)fd.4f4.
N.T.O.ASt L.pld,28
vnio i;enirai
Ohio A Mim., 32.
O A Mist. pfd. 91.
Ontario A W est,, 20
Oregon Nay , lot)
Oregon Irani.. :V.
Orfgon Imp., 4S.
Paoifio Mail, bi.
Panama, 08.
Peoria D A B.,33.
Pittaburg, 148.
Pullman P.O., 141X.
Beading, 47.
Hock Inland, I'T.
0.8. AC. 54.
u. a v., ti
o. a U
I. Valley. 41M.
i Hud , 104S7
j. A W., 14.
Del. A
Del.. L
Pen. A Kio Q . Si,
Kne, 3t,
Krieptd,77. St.L. A S.F . XV-
Wew hast Tenn., TT.St.L. A 8.K pfd, (W.
NewK.Tenn.pM,80K. Bt.L.A S.F.lht p. 115.
Fort Wavne. lit!
al t a. i . i ii.n
Uannibal A St. Jo,
H A St. Jo , pfd, .
Harlem, 220.
Houston A T.. .11.
, f!.M.A8t.Pp, 119.
m. r., si. A M.. 117.
St.PaulA Ocnaha. 52
Illinois Central, 133.
Ind.,B. A W.,18.
Kansas A T.,
Lake K. AW, 18.
Lake Shore, mi.
Lou. A Naab., 'it's.
Lou. A N. A., Cti.
M. A CI. lat pfd.-.
M. A C. seoonds. .
Mem, A Char , 5tl.
ct Paul A O. n
Tenn.CoalA Iron. 116
J nion Paoi8o,6
V. . Exp-ess, M
W-JS. L A P. 2ifi.
W..8.L. A P. p.. 3T.
W.A F. Kx.. i:.
W. U.Tel.,7-i4.
Colorado Coal, 3).
Uome Stake. 17.
Min. A St. L , 21V
iron silver, 225.
Min. A St. L. jiid.lsJ.Quiokniiver, VA.
umario, Z4.
ST.. .... . ...V wu'oaauver pld, z.
Mobile A Ohio, 17. South Paoifio, -.
M. L. 8 AW.,6'i. butro. 35.
London, D-cumber 7, 4 p.m. Con
sols, 100 13 16 lor money and 101
for the account. Atlantic and Great
Wf stern firsts, 64; seconds, 15. Bar
silver, 46 J i par ounce. The amount
of bullion withdrawn from the Bark
of England on balance today is 50C0.
Pabis, Decmber 6 Three percent
rentes, 83f 65o for the account.
QNiw Orlians, La., Dsenmbsr 7.
Bank clearings today, $2,134,770.
Chicago, Iu, December 7. Asso
riated bank clearings today were $10,
300,000, ,
St. Louis, Mo , December 7. Bank
e'earinss today, $3,119,099 : balances,
Nw Yobc, December 7. Bank
clearings today, $139,185,810 ; balances.
Boston, Mass., December 7. Bank
clearings today were $13,470,683; bal
ances, $1,633,413.
Baltimobh, Md., December 7.
Bank clearings today, $2,012,329; bal
ances, $J75,625.
Philadelphia, Pa., December 7.
Pai k ciewinirs today were tll,494 3H ;
balances, 11,421,908.
Ths local cottin market opened
firm and cloeed firm; middling,
813-lOc. Bales, 5700 bales, including
2400 hst evening; 2S0J to expor.ers
and 2.;00 to Fpiun rs.
Yesterday. Monday.
Onlinary lSm. Mom.
Good Onlinary.... 8 16 8 3 16
Low Middling 8 9 10 8 910
Middling 813 10 813-10
Good Middling.... 9 1 lo 9 1-10
Middling Fn;r...... 9 7 10 9 7-10
Fir Nr.m. Noni.
Stains and tin-e?.. 8 ? 8 86
Mnapuis, December 7, 13S6.
Stock 8pt. 1, 1 8Sti 4,009
Received tod ty 3,078
Receive.! previouely. 3S2,S62
Shipped today .. -3,021
Shipped previously-J234,934
uome consumption to
Mock running account
Thus far this week
Ttus far last week ,
. 13.5S4
.. 24,032
Situe September 1st.
M. and O. R. R
M.AT. B. R.
L. and N. R. R
M. A L. R. R. R.
L., N.O.AT. R.R
K. O., 8. A M. R. R
M.S.AB. R. R
1,24 i
Steamers 553
Wagons and other sources. 200
Thus far this week-
Thus far la(t week
Since September 1st.. . ,
.... 13,481
.... 20,774
A O. R. R
A N. R. R
O. A S. W. R. R .
.... 711
.... 1,085
Total m 3,021
New York spots oponed firm, and
closed steady; middling, 9 7-16c,
naira, ioa dbios. yaowuors were as
follows: . ,
Ordinary 6 11 16
Good ordinary-... 8 1 16
Low middling 8 15-10
Middling... 9 7-1C
Good middling ... 911-13
Middling fair 10 516
Fair .10 15-10
6 916
7 15 18
8 13-16
9 6-16
9 9-10
10 316
11 13 16
New York futures opened firm and
cloeed sieidy and 2 to 3 points lower
man yesterday. Hates, 185,800 bales,
The closing quotations were as fol
lows: Yesterdav. Monday
December. 9 37 9.37 9 38(5) 9.39
January.... 9.41 9.42 9.44(3) 9.45
February... 9 51fal 9.62 9 51 9.55
marcn. u.B'tgvoz 9.64
April 9.71 972 ' 9.74(a)
May 9.81 9.82 84
June 9 91 9.92 9.91(il
July 9.99 10 0110.02
August 10.05(210.08 10.b610.09
The NewOrloans spot market opened
firm, and closed S'rong; middling,
8ic Hales, 12,000 bales. Quotations
were aa laiiow :
Yesterday. Monday
Ordinary 7 6 15-16
Good Ordinary..... 8 7 15-16
Low Middling 8i 8 9 16
Middling; 8, 8 13 16
Good Middling 9 9 3 16
The New Orleans future market
opened firmand closed barely steady
and 1 to 2 points higher. Bales, 68,800
bales. (Quotations were as follows:
December .
Jannary ..,
February ..
9 01 9 03
9 mr3) 9 10
9.18 9 19
9.29 9 30
9.00 9.01
9.17(a) 9.18
April ...
9 28(a)
9 4() 9.41
9.39 9.40
9.50 9.?5
9 61 9.62
9.71'a) 9.72
9 73 9.75
May 9.51(h) 9.52
June 9.63 9 64
July 9 73 9.74
August 9.76 9 77
117 285
34 262
9 722 8 13-10
11 m.
fi m.
3 337 8
4 860 8 13 16
70 738
Boeton ...
St. Louir
635,9 7-16
2,548 8J
' 422 811-16
Receipts at ports, this day, 1886..30,;09
Receipts at ports, this day, 1885.43,294
R'tS U. 8
p'rta 4 day
122 384
x. ur. Hi
R'te Sept. 1
For'gn Ex.
2,914 394
Increase in receipts this year 31,044
At noon: Liverpool SDots were
good busines', hardening. Sales. 12.000
Dales, 01 which American 9300 bales.
Keceipt', 46,000 bates, of which Ameri
can 34,400 baits. '
Ulosing Quotations wers as follows:
Ordinary, 4td; good ordinary, 4 9 16d;
low middling, 4 15-16d; good mid
dling, 6Jd; middling uplands, 6 310J;
middling Orleans, 5 5-16J.
f The price art given in venee and Mlh.
titiA' 4 63 meant 4 63-64d; and 5 01
mean 5 l-64dl
At noon: Liverpool futures were
irresuhr; December. 5 09d: Da-
cember-January, 6 08 1 ; January-February,
5 08d ; February-Maroh, 6 09
(ai5(j8,i; jaarch-Annl, 5 ll(S)5 10d:
April-May. 6 135 12d; Mav-June,
15(a& 14(1: June-Julv. 5 17(3)5 lOd:
July-August, 6 195 18d.
At 2 p.m.: Jutverpool futures were
steady; December, 6 09d, sellers; December-January,
5 08d, eel era; January-February,
6 08d. sellers ; Febroary
Msrch. 6 08 J, sellers; March-April,
5 10d, buyers; April-May, 5 12d, buy
ers; May-June, 6 14d, buyers; June
July, 6 17d, sellers; July-August,
6 19J, se'lers.
At 6pm.: Liverpool futures were
Irregular; December, 6 C9d, value;
December-January, 6 08d, buyers ; January-February,
6 08J, buyers; February-March,
6 09d, value; March
April, 5 lid, sellers: April-Mar. 6 13d.
sellers; May-June, 6 15d, buyers;
June-July, 6 18J, buyers; July-August,
6 20d, sellers.
Oobnmbal Standard. $2 202 25:
pearl, $3 253 35; roller, $2 45.
11a t Choice, lrom store, 75o; car
load from levee or depot. 114 : ..rime.
from store, 70c. car load from levee
or depot, 112 5013; prairie, from
store, 45c.; car load from levee or
depot, $8 50.
lOBN From etore,white.5Io:mixed.
49c, from lovee or depot; white, in
bulk, 44c; in sucks, 47c; mixed, in
bulk, 42c; in sac ks, 44 Jc.
Uati r rom store.wbite.39c: mixed.
37c; from levee or depot, white, in
bnlk, 31c; in sacks, 35c; mixed, in
bulk, 31c; in sacks, 33c.
ISban t rom store. 8'Jc : from loves
or depot, $14 60.
f loub fiom store, No.3,$33 25;
fatBi.T.iaf-iitfi. ,i; 1)1 ' ';
4 50. PRtenin. iS I'1'-
Beans Svt,
. t "i
.lium, $1 50
1 75: c. mmon, t- 21
tu-rmau m;!!ei,
fl 201 41.
Kick Li'Uisiara, iu 'Hi
'UTMr.M.- Ia 'iiiU-b .rr.
t' m p on.
(.VvRgnn Soda, Axm. 'p' flPl,a
treble x i,4Jf ; ttv.,7.vginpw 'fsuape,
exrra, re;nos rt- jmnbltjj, 10c.
('back d Wbbat In i:i-l)fc lreIs
$4 25 '"rum t, ore.
c.-miv np : From s!o. w
;t.a)3 si
Cmc.a III, De"?ui' er 7. The
wheat iMR:ket opened 'Lis morning at
ua: dum b iiricis, una until 11 o'clock
May du'ivrry fluctuated between
8"i'-85Jc. Tben rojeoa gord buying
tu M! -, vuled steady for a short lime
and then took a downward plunge,
not ttayirg in cnurte uuiil 850 had
been toiii hed, which nas the closing
ngure 111 1 o c ock. in tne ulternoon
the be?r.' onticued to humour prices
and considerable "long" property was
uainsaea. ine price 01 May dropped
to 84le, or 21c under t' e highest fig
ures of last neek. The feeling became
quittt D risti toward the close of trad
ing a.id ti e markt llnish d at nearly
Inside prices, Cjrn whs held- up
nriuiy euy 111 nie ie-eion, May deliv
ery touching 432c, but when the weak
ni ss in wheat bugan to a? Bert itoelf the
op'ioa declined t 43Jc, -nd cljeed at
that prtce bid. The receipts sre only
U'oderate, but !h- shipping demand
Oiintirues only mod -rate. Oits ruled
quiet and Susy, declining a fraction
and closi -g at rsi-t. fillies. Oiish
price1 w-re i.s fol ow : No. 2 Bpring
wheat, 7ejc; No. 3 '-r ng w1 eat 7d
iu: no. z r, w:i a , ; Ho. Z corn,
37ic; N. 2 oils, 2i i-; N ;. 2 rje,
5ljci No. 2 barley, Uj; No. 1
fl-ixsaid, 92'o' p:iiu" limot'iy hay,
$1 80(i-l 81. Flour wps qu:et and un
changed, thu lending l.iturea ranged
asf llos: Whent-D cember opened
at 77J . h gh -et 7.Sje,loreet 76J-, clos
i g 7eji!: J 11. nary npened at 78,
h ghest 79c, low st 77c, closing 77 -j
Ftbrua-y opened a' 7t' , hiyheat79jo,
lowest 78jc, c'os nu a. 78Jc; May
opened at c5Jo, b'uhe t 8tijc, lowest
81c, closing st 84 Jc. Oirn Decern-b-r
ope ed ,ftf., g'n. st 37J , lowest
37Jc, closinc 37Jc; Junuary opened at
3So, highest 380, V ww.t 3"Jc, c'oJng
37 jc; Februarv open-'il at SSJn, h!ghost
388c. lowest 381c. do ing 38lo: Mav
niHined at 43Jo. hig'.est 43jc, lowest
at ', closing ai Decem
ber opened a 2tiJ'', highesi 26lc, lowest
2(c, closin.: 2Uic: Januarv opened at
27c, h'ghest 27c, lowe-t 20I3 cl.ieing
261c; Mav openedat31', higJiest 31jc,
lowest 81 Jc, clns'ng 31 Jc. Receipts
Flour, 11,000 brls; wheat, 139.000 bu;
corn, 125,000 tin; cat", 12",OO0 bu; rye,
2000 bu: barley, 69 000 bu. Ship
ments Flour, 14,000 brls; wheat,
26,000 bu ; corn, 80,000 hu : oat , 80,000
bu ; rye, 2000; barley, 21,000 bu.
St. Louis, Mo., December 7. Flour
?uit t and flrn : treble i x-ra $2 502 60;
inilj, $2 75 2 90; choice, $3 20330;
fa-cy, $3 503 65; extra tnncy, f3 80
4, nat.i;s, $4 154 50. Wheat
acdve but unsettled und lower; the
market opened weak, advanced a
weakened decidedly re-ir the close,
declining 1 Jo, auri finished jo lower
than jeaterd-y; No. 2 red, cash, 79io;
December, 79o; Junuary, 801
8l8 Ju, cksing arSOJc; February,
8-'(u)83i; J, -closing a 8c; May, 87f
88 J c, oiosing at 87j87jc. Cora
dull but firm aud a shade higher;
No. 2 mix'd, cash, 36136c;
December, S6J0; Janusrv 36Jc;
February, 37Jc ; Mny, 40J 4tfl, clos
ing at 401 ; a'iked. One irregular; near
fu urea fl-m; deferred delivery easier;
No. 2, m xd, cash, 281c; December,
i7i27Ja; May, 81c Rye strong at
53Jc bid. Barley very dull ; the only
(ales were four cars of Iowa grades at
pricis rsiigng from 5564c, Hay
qu:et, hut firm and nnchined. F'ax
sed Lom;naliy better at 95c. Bran
firm at 60c. Comment easier at 1 95
2 00. Receipts-Flour, 2000 brls;
wheat, 10,000 bu; corn, 24,000 bu;
oats, 23,000 bu; rya, pone; barley,
13,000 bu. Shipments-lflnr, 50JO
brls; wheat, 6,100 bu; corn; 1000 bu;
oate, lOOObu; rye, none ;bailey,1003bu.
Afternoon Board. Wheat weak and
ilc lo er. Corn e.isy and lJc
lower. Oa's nominally easier.
Kansas Citv, Mo., December 7.
Wheat weaker; No. 2 red, cush, 66c
bid, 67 arked; January, 68o bid, 68jc
asked; May, 76c bid. Corn steady;
No. 2, cash, 31 Jc bid, 32o asked;
Jaouary, 32Jo bid; May, 37o bid.
Oats nominal ; May, cah, 27c. bid.
Bcttbb Butterine. 1314c;
creamery, 30(5, 35c; dairy, 1822c;
country butter, 1525c.
IIoo Pboduots Me pork. $10 60:
sugar cured hams, 10J10Jc; breakfast
Dacon, j(o)uio: clear rib sides bacon,
7Jc: bacon shoulders, : bulk
pork clear sides, 61c : clear rib sides.
6c; shoulders, 615io: long clear. 6I0.
Lard Tierces, 6 Jo; half-barrels and
kegs, 6c; choice kettle, 7c.
Fbehu MgATS-Buel. furequarters.
45c; mutton. 46o; hind quarters
of beef, 46c; nogs, 6 7c.
Poultry Oh ickeus dull: spring.
$12 ; old hens. $2. Turkeys, $811.
Gsese, $3(A4. Duck,$2503; dressed
cliick-ns, $1 50CA260 per di sen; dress
ed turkey. ll12c per pound.
Qamb-QusiIs, per d "i., $1251 50.
Pqulrrels, trl 25. Rbb tj, $1 50 oer doz.
Ducks, wild, $1 602 0. Venison,
Wbole,50c; saddles, 810c.
Chkbib Prime flats. 8if49a: New
York factory, 718o ; fall cream, 13Jc;
loung America, 140.
1iob bet. Barrels. 18 25: half bar-
barrels, $4 25; kega,$l 26.
Chicago, III.. December 7. Pro-
visioni ruled s'rong mo it cf the see-
sioo, May advancing to $11 65, with
considerable trading at tuatngure, but
fell off in apparent svmDsthy with the
other markets and clced easy. Cash
prices were as follows: Mess pork,
$10 80;' lard, $6 15; short rib sides,
loose, $5 505 60; dry salted shoul
ders, boxed. 4 75(314 80: short clear
s.des, boxed, $5 905 95. Ths leading
futures ranged as follows: Pork De
cember ooened at $10 90, highest
$11 02, lowest $10 80, cl sing at $10 80;
January opened at $11 15, highest
til 271, lowest $11, closing at $11
February ouened at til 25. highest
$11 35, lowest $11 10, closing at
$11 121; May opened at II 62, highest
$11 65, lowest $11 40, closing at
$11 42. Lard December opened at
$6 20, highest $8 20, lowest $6 15, ow
ing aio 10: January opened at 16 25,
highest $6 25, lowest $6 17, closing at
$6 17; February opened at $6 32,
highest $6 35. lowest t6 25. closing at
$6 25; March open d st $6 40, blrhest
$6 42, lowest 16 35, closing at $6 35.
enon riDS January opened at so OJ,
highest 15 62. lowest 5 5-4. closing at
$5 52; Feb unry opened at $5 65,
htght-s' J5 67 loweet t5 67. clnsing
at $ 67 ; Mnrch openoj at 15 72, high-ei-t
$i 75, lowest $5 t5, tl sing kt $5 65.
Oj the 1 loriuce Kxi lnngebntter ruled
easier; oei ey, 2i'26cj diiry, 17
23c. tigs f.esa, i4"o.
Ft. Loch, Mo., Decmber 7. Pro-
vl-iors qainf, nd g?u rally flm, tx
cep b cou, which inlt d eauit r. Poik
s-ady at ill. Lard firm at 16 05
(3)0 10. Bulk meats s"".'y; lio'e
lota long clear, $5 6i5 60; short
ri, tfo t,;,i F ,,, ; Bii.ir il ar, 5 80
bcxed lets I i e c e.tr, f 5 50
v:wi a on ; ri t 70; fh.:rt clear,
N K cou . a'ier ; long clugr. $11 6'.' ;
h rtr.lv, f6 75: s u rt e'ear, 16 87.
Ilamj firm, at 9ilti,-. Umter qu et
eav; treiiut-ry, 2V.'.'7o; dairy. 15
C 2'c. s flrmai Q-.'Uc.
Sl'OAB Pnro write, SJ-'JiGc; pfl
wl.ite, 6J(oV-jc; Yellow clarified, 5J
5p; sicon ie, 4(g)e; k&uM A, 6(i)
6i.t; sr-nn-et'd, tilj.vOf,-:; p'ant..tion
gi u-a-ea. wtjf'jc; powdered, 771c;
, moni 1212c; ordi-
urT, joWiajc; prime Kio, 1414n
choice to fancv. 14i Jiifilc. nM
k it.,.., -TV,..uu.
. oap 3fSlc per nonnd.
Sa lJ,T?L 20 per bRrrel : "acks. fine
i mil. 1 45; coaree. fti lrvai ik.
ets, bTekBd. 2J7c; car-loads from
tevee or a "i'0'! oc cneaner.
Candies- -Sticks, all sises, In boxes,
pans and barkt jv-wio.
KAiaio uo,uuni nrv. mees per
osen: nneap4"'"i i z-Hntl 00;
peacbes, 2-lb, aUnd."a, $1 15l 25 ; sec
onds, i(rtii iu; tomhoes, a-ib stand
ard, 90 $1; 3-lb.fl; 15; atrawber-
ries, $1 10()1 25; raspbarrieji, $110
izo; DiacKDnrriee, t Kail 10; green
gages, $1 tsAo)l 75; pears, $2
a zo: piums, i wi 7u; appamgus,
$2 604; green corn, ll 35; green
pea, $165165; cove oysters, full
weight. 1-lb. $1: cove ovsters. fnll
weight, 2-lb, $1 75; covs oysters, light
wsigbt, 1-lb, 60c; cove oytters, light
wetgm, z-10, ji iu; comienseu milk
Crown, $5 7i5 85; Eagle, 7 75;
Sies, $5 75.
Molabiks Lonisana, common to
fair, 1825c; prime to choice, new, 40
45c; syrup, 20(;t)t0c; common to
fair, 2026c: prime to choice, 2830c ;
centrifugal, fancy, 3035c.
Nbw York, December 7 Coffee
fair; Rio firm at 14c; o,tionsl015
pointi higher, lisa dulug: sales 26,
750 bags; December, !J.20(i)l225c;
Junnary, 12.25(7i)r2 30e; Febrnary,
12.30c; Msrah, 12 3012 35c; April,
12 3012 35c; Msy, 12.3512.40c;
July, 12.40c. Sngar firm and quiet;
refined steady; O, 44o't yedow,
4)c; mould A, 6.i; confuctioners A,
bit; g'anulat d, 6io. Molasses steady
and quittt. Kice firm.
New Orleans, La., December 7.
Cuflee in light demand, but holders
firm ; Rio cargoes, common to prime,
1215c. Sugar aetive and a shade high
er; centi if uals choice white, 63 lflc;
off white, 5 l-16rc; ohoioe yollow
clarified, 4 15-16; prime yollow c'arl
fied, 4c; cecnnds, 3i4ic MolHSses
strong: open kettle choice, 42e; oen
trifiuals strictly prime, 2125c; Loo
istana syrup, 2V32o. U se dull; or
dinary to prime, 2j4B.
Apples Apples, $23; dried p-
les, 21.'tc per pound from store,
iried peaches, 4oo from Store.
VEOETABLES-Onions,$2 402 75 from
store. Cabbtige,$260; per head, 08c;
$1 76 from levee or depot per crate.
Kraut, brls, 1 755 ; half brls, $2 75.
Uarlic, 4060o per 100. Turnips, 60c
per bushel.
Fbcit Oranges, per box, $3 51.(3)4;
Lemons, $44 60 per box. Bananas,
$1 602 60 per bunch.
Nuts Cocoanuta IS per 100. Pea
nuts Virginia, 67c; Tennessee,
farm-ersstock34c; roasted, 2c high
er; shelled, 10c. Almonds, 1820o.
WalDuts English, 18c. Filberts, 11
12o. Pecans Texas. 810o for small
to medium, 1014o for large; Arkan
sas, 35c.
Raisins London layers, $3; lay
ern. $2 75; California, $2; Imperial,
Pickles In jnrs, pints, 95c; quarts,
$1 60 ; half-gsllnns, $2 75 ; gallons,$3 76 ;
loose, barrels, $6 607 ; half-barrels,
$3 754 25: mixed, barrels, $10 60;
mixed, half-barrels, $6.
Fish Mackerel, half-barrels. No. 1.
$5 506; No. 2, $5; No. 3, $4 60;
10-lb kit, Ho. 1, 90c; No. 2, 75c
15-lb, No. 3, 65c. Dry herrings, fam
ily, 25c per box.
Oame Game fish, 56c4".
Eogs Firm, 24(f2(ki.
Potatoes Northern stock, $1 50
1 85.
Oidbb New York, $8 507 per bar
rel, and $3 754 per half-barrel,
Vinegab l!Wa)15c per gallon.
In cur load lots: Prime crude cotton
seed oil, new, 2728c ; off crude cot
ton seed oil, 2326c ; prime summer
yellow cotton seed oil. 3334c: of!
summer yellow cotton seed oil,3l32c ;
miners summer yellow cotton seed oil.
3335c; prime summer white cotton
seed oil, 3536c ; choice cooking yel
low cotton seed oil, 3437c; prime
cotton seed meal,$14 75 ; off cotton seed
meal, none. Cotton seed delivered at
depct or levee, $9 per ton : from wagon
at mills, $9 per ton.
wuiij giuwg nuuit uu .hiiiou, "K ?
18c; clear grease wool, 23 26c; burry
washed, 2330o; tub washed, 3337c
New Yobk, December 7. Wool
?nlet; domestic fleece, 3038c; pulled,
St. Louis, Mo., December 7. Wool
quiet and steady; medium, 2126c;
coaree braid, l(l21o; low and sandy,
1319c; fine light, 1825c; heavy,
Boston, Mass., December 7. Wool
market continues firm at unchanged
prices; meilinm Territory, 2.Vi)27c:
No 1 Ohio, 3738c; Michigan X held
at 3-'Jc; other grades unchanged.
Philaoelpria, Pa., December 7.
Wool quiet and steady at un
changed prices; New York, Michi
gan, Indiana and Western medi
um, 38(a 39c; tub washed, choice, 43
44c; medium unwashed, combing and
delaine, Sl
Ilides-Dry flint, No. 1, 10c; No. 2,
12o; dry salted, 10J12o; green
salted, No. 1, 8c; No. 2, 7o. Sheep
skios, 15c$l. Beeswax, 20c. Tallow,
Deerskins, 18c; bear, $1 7; mink,
1540c; coon, hunter handled, 15
60o; country handled, 1560o; other.
$16; beaver, 60o$7; wild cat, 15
25c; fox, 1575o: musk rat. 10c ;
opossum, 10c; wolf 60o$2; skunk,
676c; panthers, 60o(a)$t.
Naili-IOs, iron, $2 25; steel, $2 40.
LlAD 60.
Shot Drop,$l 65; buck, $1 90.
Coal Oil Prime white, wholesale
lots, 9J10o per gallon.
Clivbland, O., December 7. Petro
lenra quiet; s. w., 110, 7c
Pittsbobo, Pa., December 7. Pe
troloBm eici ed and weak; Nutlonal
Transit cert'ficatea opened at 80 j;
cloeed at 70 c; highest, 80c; lowest,
71 c. '
Whisky Straight Kentucky Bour
bon, $1 606; rei'intilled goods from
85c t' $1 60, according to proof ; rye,
$1 756.
Chicago, III., December 7. Whis
ky, $1 18.
St. Louis, Mo., December 7. Whis
ky steady, $1 13.
Cincinnati, O., Dcoember 7. Whis-
ky active, firm ; m)ch t 1121 harrdlaof
uniai-tu KHO'ia on a i.a-tis ( 1 fl U.
BAfKiiNo Carlca 1 lo s: Jute, 2 lbi
He; 1 J ILh, 7ic; 1 i; s,7c. Flax, 8
Tibs $1 05(7)1 10.
Dnot.s-tai nine, P. A W.. 01. 70c
cun', 65c; New Y.uk qniuine, ci., 6c:
can, ouv, u. s. mi nine, (a,65c;
cans,Aik';inorphiro, P. AVV..ca1f2 35
c, 1 os. vm'. S2 10; o York mor
phine, I oa $2 25 per ix. : 1 ex. vU'h
$2l5;cinchonidia, 1 oa vils,18coi , 5
os. cau1,1 jccb. ; gum oninm.per pound,
$3 40: iodide Dotsah. fl-2 N)
inclusive; subnitrnte bismuth, $i 20
per pound, inclusive; chloroform, 45c
per posmd ; blue macs, 43c per pound ;
calomel, 75o per pound mercury, 70c
per pound; chloral hydrate, $1 60 per
pound ; camphor, 27o per pound ; al
cohol, barrels, per gallon, $J 22; cas
tor oil, barrels, per (tafon, $1 42.
Paints and Oil Whita 1m). Pol.
Iter's, 7 Jo per pound; 600 pound lots,
7c per pound. c off. 19 davs: South.
rn whita lead. 7o oer nonnd: fwm
pound lots, 7o, 2o of, 15 davs; boiled
linseed oil, 43o per gallon, by barrel;
wa Al ' . UD1. ! I .
by barrel.
GbassCattlb Choice.a3Jc;iood,
33o;mirto medium, 2J')2c;8calla-
wage, mrtU.'.
Jloos t 'ioice.4 o teood. 40141c com
mon, 33o
Mibep iUir.ice. 8i: medium. 3(3i
31c Choice lambs, 44c.per pound.
Cr.ioAvo, Iu.. Deanmber 7. The
Droner' Juurn.u reports: Cattle re-
ooipta, 90(X) heal; shipmenle, 2000
head; mitrstt abont steady but
wvak; Ohristmra beev. S5 05
5 35; shipping Bteers, 950 to 1500
lbs., aw.t 85; Blockers and feed-
ore, 23 35; onws, bulls and
mixed, St 453 10: hulk. $22 35:
through Texas cattle weak, $2 25
(3)3 40. Hog receipts, 50,000 head;
shipments, 7000 heRd; market elnw,
and 00 lower: lough and mixed. $3 35
4 05; packing and f hipping, 13 85(3)
4 ;su; ngni, j 3 W); sKipa, f.' 40
3 60. Sheep receipts, 60 O head: ship-
ments, wi need; market steady;
natives, 12 250)4 'Jh WtBtem.I2 503
3r.0;Texans, $23 10; lambs, $3 90
5 25.
Kansas Citt. Ma. December 7.
The Ik 6 jet ImHoaior reports: Cattle
receiptr, 3876 hfad; shipments, 196
head ; market slow and weak ; go. id to
hoice, $1(3)4 40; comriijii to medium,
$3 303 $0; stic ker, $2 262 75;
feeding steers, 12 80(43 40: cows, fl 50
2 80. Iloge reoflrole, 15,415 head;
shipments, 457 hend; market weak
and fi10o lower; good to otolce, 13
3 90; common to medium, 13 60
3 ". Sheep receipts1, 102 head; ihlp
ments, 125 head ; market steady ; good
to.'chois-, $2 6(ka3 25; orauion to me
dinm, tl MK32 4X
MlHT mm. l)ranW S. r
r D-ln tb iuuihIm of nrliillon
akT Ulro, Ui Aiatin Line will ran th
Hiir CITV OF VAlHOrrin Sli-innhia
to icikbar. Imt.k Hamnhla KVKHv
B ATUHUAY at I v m. fr.uhl will b tf
lTa at Ike Bilr.
All NTOKM. AtxjK
ForOalr. BniTllle, Loattrllls sod Cln
lanim 1 he lAni ilMinir -
Oraiille Wtnto. if
a.j. L,inanir. .. muter rnn twarri oh
Will leaf Tlllrf 1IAV. !.l. S h. at A n
For fraulit or piunaiit apiilr U 0. 11. KU8-
MvUli. U. r. nail I. A., l'i Mail ann Itraat.
inic-ponna -eft. jiihn i-am-t Airat.
Tar llaleia, Arkanau Oily, flraanvills,
Tioaaaurr, iann naunaanu an way
Chas. P. Chouteau, .-3
Will loara lltboll from Kla .tar W KllN I...-.-
L.nnuina- Biauioir
I)AV, Ueo. Sib, at S p.m. Fur freiht or
pnmtaK aiiiiir at f,o. 3 Maliinn utiaat. lala-
phoni. IV Ki II ) lmi, A irt-n t .
HI. 1'rancla Hl-ei Tntnaporlitllon Vo.
Tba iliiul ateamar
Rene Macready, r.Cjt
. K. Jop'ln maator,
aavea Mamuhii KVHKV TltKSDAY anil
SATURDAY at 0 p.m., lor Marlanna and
way lanmniiai lar ai ItieUut-UB.
1'ba oaulaln reaanai tba fiibt to cul all
landinta hadoaoia nniafe- Talaihon 69.
JAB. LKB, Jl,t Bup't,
ftfflne, Nn. 4 Maiiliion iitraat.
For Oioaola, Ilalea Point, OarnthariTllla,
Uayoto and TiptonTllla Tba naw ilda
whaal ramnjar itaaar
W. P. II all matter. I J. I). Fnllar eiark
Will laara ai abnya, and all way pointi,
liutBiM,i-rlnra a-oiua mhu Mt)iUfi
anil Oiorolia Fatknt Uaataany,
Vorlltlana. Hlendnlu, Frlara Point and al
Way Lanillnti WUauiar
Tninen lAee, .egZT
K. T. CLAOURTT Mn.u.r.
Will lears aa above on KVEKY MONOAT,
WllDNKaiJAY and FHIDAY at 6 o'olook.
For Randnlpb, I niton, Flioeola aa Way
lianiitnra Htaamar
E. W. COtiK, jSSSl
J. tt. COOPBR ,lit.r.
and FRIDAY at 6 p.m. The boati ot tbl
line reierve tba rlht to paaa all landind
the otptain may deem uoiale. Offlae, No. t
Mfllnn it. JAVKS l,KB. -!., np't.
Arkansas IliYcr Pk't Co.
I. D. nuiuii uiuier. - w tmmm
Ukt Mtuii bil Kr.ry TUtHDA, t6 p.a
n n a i.l
Stp.E. W.COLE,
Kd Nnwland - niitar,!
Uarei Memph Every SATURDAY, I
For freight or puiac arnl r to s
U. cf. LOWK, Arent,
Off! "a. Wn. S M.i-nn at T'-pbona No. W.
Memphis and Vlckshurg; Packet Com
pany TJ. 8. Mall Line.
For Helena, (-'onoordla, Terrene and Arkaa
laa OltT The elerant pauenter iteamer
If. R. Obesk.. matter I W. 0. Blanker ...olerk
Leavet memphli
For Concordia and all way landlnn.
The Hteamar
A. L. Commtna, Mut'rJ Lew Prioe Oierk
LeaTetTU kDAY and SATURDAY at 5 v.m
For general lnlormation apply at
No. 4 Madiaon atreet.
.TORN OABW. P't nt Tinhntie "A.
Memphis White direr 1'kt.U
ror (lamaden, !ailla Hlnll,,
Aro, Ananata, Haaroy, Newport, JaektoB-
Sort, Uate.vllle and all Way Landinaa,
K. 0. Foatnl. in tr,-''- "--
Will leave EVERY WEDNSdDAT at 9 p.m
Ktr. ALHKRTA 0.3,-
Albert t. riHinn
Will leave KVKK
Throuab ratea liven to all pointt.
eonaitned to the Meophia and White Hivel
I'aoketUo., at Mempnie or lerrene, will b
r.,r&rj(i nrmnntlv
For aeneral Inlorma-
lion api-iy ai omoe, ho. 9 h
i Madl.on it., on
Call Telophone M. fi. 0. LOW 8, Aa't.
RiiEKs aid simum
Frlan Point JimsLki, 5 p.m
Oola Ciuboka. S p.m.
New Orloana C. P. Ciioctsab, 8 p.m.
White River..- Chickahw, 5 p.m.
Cincinnati...... Obasiti Stti, 12 m.
Arkaniaa River ....Jokl'kriRs, 4 p.m.
Arkanat City Kit Adims, 5 p.m.
Tlptonville CmrsArtt, J p.m.
.4rrtra?t. Joe Vetfre, Arkansaa
river; Ouickai-aw, Wliite river; E. W.
Cole, Arkanpaa rivprj R. A, tpeed,
Commerce; D. C. Foge!, abote; City
of New Orleans, 8U Louia.
Dryariurw CHy o! New Orleans,
New Orleans; Gayoeo, Concordia;
Rene Macready, 8L Francia rirer.
Joe Peters 68 bales cotton, 9 bags
teed cotton and 168 sks cotton need.
E. W. Cole 644 bales cotton, 28
ban seed cotton, (117 ekj cotton seed
and 380 pkgs sundries. . .
Ohlckaeaw 4s0 balea cotton n,r
1405 aka cotton seed.
Granite fctata 775 hrm Imr rnrt
brls fl iur, 138 wet barrxh. 825 hi.
niarctaanaiB, 300 kg nails, 270 pkgs
furniln-e. 1050 brla rait. 400 aka nntr.nta
eoed, 161 aka tar roro, 10 hales cotton,
04 balea hay and 600 pkg sundries.
Tub Chepopeake leaves as nsual t
morrow for Tiptonville.
let from the upper Mississippi is
floating sumo diuUnce below liitk
man. Tub Joo Tt-tirs rpgh'ppe l only 18
baits of cotton at Terrene Lr Njw Or
leans. Tdb Oayoso fbr Concordia and the
Rem Macready for tiu Fianeis liver
had fair trips oat.
Tub Rurkej'o S ats for this port and
the U. P. Nchi-nck for NewOrloaasars
to leave Cincinnati tonight.
Dubino the twenty-four honrg end
ing at noon yi Bterdny the nwer at this
port fell 1 foot and 4 tenths.
Tub big towloat Joteph B. Williams
passed to New O -learn at noon yester
day with a large tow of coal.
Tub Kate Adams Is the roular
United Htntffl mall picket leaving to
morrow evening for Arkansas City.
Tub Fntnre City, from Bslmoat and
towing four bargua loaded with grain
and package freight, passed to New
Orleans yeetorday.
Tub towboat D. C. Fogel, with alow
of produce boata, came down ttie river
yesterday evening and landed at the
island above the city.
Lonbit IIodson, a Memphis boy,
and one of the cleverest aid moat
Eopnlar freight clerks on the river, is
ere from St. Louis on a visit.
Tub clever and accommodating
clerk, Char'ey Postal, af er a week's
flailing tip Wliite river, ia attain on
duty in tne ollice cf tbe Chickasaw.
Tub James Lee, Oapt. E. T. Claggett,
leaves this evening at 6 o'clock for
llelena, Friars Point and all way
landings. Wm. Ashford ia her clerk.
Tub City of Bat in Rouga, en ronte
from Now Orleans to Hi. Ixmls, is due
np tomorrow morning. Hhs will add
here 600 bales of cotton for reshlpment
East at Cairo.
Tub Coahoma is the Lee lima packet
leaving this evening for Ofceola and
all way paints on tbe opper coast.
Capt. Henry Cooper commands, with
wm. niuiltier in tne otuce.
Tub great Iron steamer Chas. P.
Choutean, Capt. W. H. Thorwfgen, Is
announced to leaved here this evening
for New Orleans and all way landings,
Capt. Ueo. Miltenborger is ber clerk.
Ths towboat H. A. Speed, with the
disabled E W. Cole in tw, arrived
yesterday rooming from Commerce.
Work was at once began on the Cole,
and it Is thought that her repairs will
be completed in time to leave for Ar
kansas river Ha' unlay.
Tub City of Cairo left Vicksbnrg
yesterday morning for this port ana
should arrive here tomorrow. As
slated in yesterday's Appbal, the
Cairo will leave here on (Saturday f r
Vicksburg, and remain in the trade
until navigation to HL Louis is again
Thb Joe Peters, Oupt. E. B. Smith,
arrived yesturdey from Arkannas river
with rather a light trip. This was
owing to snow and sleet, which pre
vented planters from hauling their cot
ton, etc., to the landing!. The Peters
leaves again this evening for Pine BluS
and all way points on the Arkansas
river. Mr. Charles Musie.lmaa il her
Omrics Signal Sbrvici, TJ. S. A.,
Mbkphis, December 7, 1 p.m.
The following observations are taken
at all stations named at 76 meridian
time, which is one hour faster than
Memphis time:
Ab've Low
101 he
Chattanooga ..,
Fort Huiith ,
La Orosse
Little Kock
Nashville - ,
New Orleans...
Pitteburg ,
Ht. Louis ,
St. Paul
Pittsbubo, Pa., December T. Noon
River 3 feet 10 inches on ths sang
and falling. Weather clear and pleas
ant Evaksvillb. Ihd.. December 7.
Noon River falling fast, with 14 feet
8 Inches on tbe gange. Thermometer
34s, barometer 20.
Caibo. III.. December 7. Noon-
River 16 feet 3 Inches on thi saaes and
filling. Weather clear and cold. Na
arrivals or departures.
Lodibvillb. Kt.. December 7.- Noon
River falling, with 8 feet 1 inch in
tne canal and 0 leet on tne laiis.
Business fair. Weather cloudy and
Oiwcihwati. O.. December 7. Noot
River 10 (vet 11 inches on the gang
and falling. Weather clear; ther
mometer 31. Arrived: Sherley, Pitts-
burg, and fuid up.
Whbklino, W. Va December 7.
Noon River 0 feet 2 ini hes on tht
a:ige and falling, and fall of ice.
Wetlier c'oudy sue cold. Arrived:
Andes, 0 a ui and will layopheie.

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