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AiJLiailED 1840.
JL u L.
PfTir ly Organised Birmiug
A (a., S'ill CaptnrlDK
ie Capitalists.
Bxcmw, Tbin., December 8. The
Jjrtv-feve&th annual s s6ton of the
Idempha Conference of the. M.
Church, Sou'b, convened ii the Fiist
-M. E tOhnrcb, of this city, at 9 o'clock
..m.. BistiOD Dqlc id. l Soutb Oar
olina, presiding, who promptly called
thebcdy t) order. After tbe usual de-
volijnal exerc'aja the roll W8icalld
vbon eighty-six minsters and twenty
at mem bars resDonue-i. ice coiner
ace was permanency organic -d by
tue election ot trie iouowing omcen
The R?t. R. II Mahon, secretary; the
Rev. E. E. Hamilton, a-nistant secre
tary; the Rjv. G. W. Wilson, statis
tical secretary, lne tallowing were
announoed ai d recognised: The Be?.
J. H. Nail, J. L. Yosaand J. D. Steele,
jot this city ; tne Key. A. K Winfield,
of Arkansas; the Rev, W. F. Tillett
of Nathville; the Rer. D. Morten, o;
Louisville, Ky, and others. Ia re
sponse Prof. Tillett, who represented
tne vandeibtlt University, nuda
splendid speech on "Ministerial Edu
cation, which was listened to with
profound a'tention. The B.shop called
vtues'.ion Ho. 20, ' Are all the preach.
era blameltss in life and omidal ad
ministration ?" T. L. Bit-wall, W. 0.
Johuson, Warren Moore, J. H. E?ius,
W. T. Hurtle, W. U. sellers, J. H. Kob
erta. D. M. K Collins, R V. Taylo
B. B. Risenboover, J. A- Fife, A. L.
Pritchett, 8. Weaver, P. B. Adam-, N
Y. Biackwell and J. R. Bell were ex.
amined and passed, and referred to
the proper committee. Conference
then adrnrted until tomorrow at 9
0 clock.
As, Pick tad Edtre Tools iVetarlea
o Be Hearted.
Birmingham. Ala.. December 8,
Mr. Jeffords, the New Yorker who is
here, and Mesirs. J. D. &. B. T. Moore
and W. A. Handler, who compose a
strong firm in the local hardware trade,
nave acre ea upon terms lor tne ax and
pick factory, which Mr. Jeffords cams
down to loct at Sheffield.
Some of the lical land magnates are
considering a p:o:os f.on lrm Sw
Yoik capitali-ds locking to a $200,000
eage tool nctory. Hie prrj ctors are
already operating largely in the sime
line cf manu'fai'ti;e in the Empire
XenkUe Parly
Oil 1'lHr.en
BuowNsvimt, Tenn., December 8.
The necktie psrty given by the young
men last night at the residence of Mr.
A.W. Brockway was one of the moat
enjoyable and elegant enteikiioments
ever given in B.owrjsville. About
twenty-five couples were present, in
cluding some eight married couples.
Dr. P. Wilson, aged abjut 81 years,
one of the oldest reiidett) of Browns
ville, died about 12 o'clock today and
will be b.rind tomorrow. He was the
father of W. P. Wileon, of Memphis,
Two Slew Farnnrfw for Ibe Srowlair
CuArrANoooA, Tknn., December 8
It is reported here to-nipht that
Messie. J. 0. Warner and J. P. Bond
have sold their interest ia certain ore
lands in Dad a county, Ga., to a syndi
cate of Pennsylvania capitalist for
i 175.000 It is also said that by tbia
means there will bs two new furnaces
for Chatttnocga in the near future.
There is quite a Jl irry in certain circles
nere over tne new--.
HOrPKlfclS, AM.
Tb Mule Reck on IV rente of the
M. IS. 4 liurch.
Hot Springs, Af.k., D. cember 8.
The regular pe sion of the L ttle R;ck
Conference of the Msthodiat Episcipal
Church 8outh convened here today,
Bishop Galloway presiding. There ia
a large attendance of delegates pres
ent. Considerable chnrch t usiui ss of
importance fo the leading denomina
tion of Arka 'brs will come btfore the
convention. The Rev. Harry May,
me jew evangelist, arrived today, ac
companied by his bride. The confer
ence will adjourn Friday.
give favorable coloring to- whut he
mitiht eay a"jont the ky. Joel tO"k
tha money a id immrtdia'ply afterwrd
went u n vtoverm r ana turned the
money over to him and to'd him all
ab nt ihe roa t-r. Th's occurred two
weeksago.bat ai kp. quiet uutil
a ieriue vt ivernor nai given nis Ue
cision of respiting Cluverins, which
be did ibis afternoon.
ban D.eg), Cal., Drceraher 8. The
tmpeiaturo b ra during the month of
Noveubfr averaged 68. Thtre were
twenty-tight peritctly clear days.
Qaeboe. Dec mber 8. D. A J.
Maguire, exienaivM hip owners o this
city, are in financial d. faculties. Their
liabilities are estimated at $500,000.
Oswego, N. Y., December 8. Dr. J,
A. Milne, the we 1 known insanity ex
pert, who was injure d yesterday by
being caught In a abaft of his flouring
uiui iiBr iuib c iy, uieu iaei nigat.
AewYork, DecsmHer 8. The sus
pension of Stephen Line of No. 96
Chambsrsttrett, and F. Ellison, of
No. 84 Broadway, both members of
the Consolidated Mining and Petro
leum Exchange, was officially an
nounced today.
Baltimore, Md., Decsmbar 8. At a
meeting of the board of directors of
the Baltimore and Ohio railroad today
Robert Garrett was re-elected presi
dent. After the election Mr. Garrett
addreised the board. Heeaokeof tbe
lavorable prospec of the road.
St. Louis. Mp December 8 A
special from Independence, Mo., says :
At a few minutds after 8 o'clock la t
evening an earthrj'iake w.a distinctlv
felt in this city and the surrounding
luaniry. Ane snooK was severe enough
iu bums uoaees aua rattle cnina.
Toronto. Oat., December 8. Tbos.
H. McDoflie. of Waxahachle. Texar.
wHBarreeieu ia nigot, cnargea by
Ford A Co.. of DAllas . Texn. i'h
$3000 forgery. He was brought be-
lore tne tjnnty Judgn to-day and re
manded. He will fiuht acainftt hfn at.
Pittsburg. Pa.. December 8 Hnrr
"vhiunujU! n A uiiauuijJUM, V., ALU
rreu njaeers. o: Trenton. . J . wn
known sprint runners, have been
matched for a dash of 100 varda for a
f ureeof$500. The race will take place
in this city on December 2Jtt', the
same dite as the Sm'th-Jdhnsan rac.
Harridburg, Pa.. December 8 At
torney General Cas3idy this afternoon
filed bills of eoui-v acainst the anthra.
c'ta cjal comi ination and the trunk
line poo), prarinit the conr: to den'nrA
them nnlafflul. Ho take ! (hot pre
liminary injuDctiars be granted.
Judge Sim out ju fixed Di cember 2Ut
as the day for argument t j the prelim
inary injunctiocs.
New York. December 8 Ldstniuht
the stock exchange firm of Pomrov
Meiga, whrss effice is in the D-xl
buildioir, notified brokers that a check
for $19,000 to them had been stolnn.
and they rr queBted Jones, McOormack
& Kenoett to stop payment on the
check, which was done. At the olll :e
of Pomroy A Meigs the emp'oyee pro-
iLoi vu jluuw uo'.ma; oi lilt Itltlt.
KcQniMle's Kwond Trial Beann.
Naw York. Dacember 8 After th
opening statement on behalf of the
State, Alderman Fuligraff yrM pnt on
the stand and retold thn etnrv nl !)
comblna'ion to pars the Bradwav
railroad franchise over the Mayor's
veto. 1 differed in no essential par
ticular from that told hv him at th.
nranriai. At :3U o'clock p.m. th
court adjinrntd till tomorrow with
fungran etui on the eta ad under
cross exatninau n.
The BHllliaore anil Oblo Tels;rali
BuKfAIX). N. Y.. Dsremhnp 8 Th
Baltimore and O.'iio Telegraph Com
pany today completed i;s connection
wilh the Canadian Pacific railxxr
lines. This connexion eaiabiishes
communication between the Balii-
more and Oaio sy.:t ra in the United
States and theOnadinn Pacific ma.
i , i . n . . . - - j -
ww iioui ukdjcio o msa ujiumbia
on the Pamtic const. It is expected
t at the line from Vancouver to San
Frarciaco v,ili be comp.eted wi hiu
thirty days.
HE JliKt.S
AdniisHlos3 of a Mottt Damaging
Character Col. Blood Shakes His
Fbt ia His Face.
London, Decamher 8 The trial of
tne Lampneu divorce cae was re
sumed today. The counsel for Lady
Colin Campbell aeked for an order tj
be indued ompediuu Lird Cilia to
give faither security for the pax man
of his wife's costa. This the Judga
refused (to grant. Lord Colin was
again railed to the witness btaud.
lis testified that Lsdy Cjlen admitted
that in July, 1883, while the was ill,
she received two or three letters each
day from the Dukecf Marlborough. She
reins a to snow meae letters to nlm,
and she also confessed to receiving
leiera i.om wen. culler, wnen be
asked her to show them to him she rc
plied that she did not keen her letters,
When Lidy Colin left the Sion H:u e
sne sa.d she was going ta ber sister s
at Beaufort Gardens. He asked her
why she went to Ctdogan Place and
wrote letters dated Beaufort Gardnna.
The witness thcught she sj dated
her letters. On being nieaeei
by the Judge, he eaid he was sure he
abked ber if she took anybody home
with her from the ball on the previous
A iiunr uiMUl, UIUT UUJ1U UHQttU DBV-
ing anyone with her. Here Blocd,
fatnex of the plaintiff, rose in court,
and shaking bis Grot at Lord Colin.
id: "You are makinr iofjmrm
t barges against your wife. It is not
the first time you have lied regarding
k w;. ..! a i .....'i
.Aa Attxeaanrat Stoavnl-The "Xvb
is UeinoeraiV stall.
IsraaiAL to thb appbal.1
Littlb Rocx, A rk , December 8.
jaie inis aiternoou Aick Kupferle, the
wuuib:io liquor neater, ran an attach.
ment on ha nttwlr nt Tlaaa 1 fill M
cigars, eo.,of Joeeph Pauli, corner i
tii a ana Jviuienaaa streets. Mr. Kup
lerle's claim is for $247 40. Other
claimants will seive attachments to
morrow. Pauli has been in businees
here for many years, and has er joyed
a liberal patronage.
The cass of J. B. MtiLaughlin vs.
Mitchell A Be'tis, publishers of the
Emmg Democrat, of this city, was to
day called in the Circuit Court, and
largj number of witnesses were ex
amined to prove the character of
the plaimiff. The ' suit is for
$30,000 damage, that bring the
aaaount claimant wants, for the pub
lication, of a communication signed
by Paul Catherine, ConaUble of
Big Bock township, claiming that
ici-tigDiin was crty. lie case
promisee seme rich developments and
much aprrt is fired at the plaintiff by
aiM-Huing witnesses, uotot adjourned
at 4 o'c ock p.m., but not more than
nail ot tne witnesses for tbe de-fence
had been examined. Frank Vanuhan.
. T I - 1 I I . . . '
ra-v-oowy i uuiie, is aeienaing tne suit,
CoBM4af Acaiaat ClBverlaa.
Richmond, Va., December 8. C. H.
F. Durnt. an eifol iceman, was ar
rested tonight on a warrant charging
him with intending to unlawfully ob
struct and impede th administration
oi justice by corrap'.ly cacspuiug to
bnbe Herman Joel so as to induce
him to make a false sUkiment ta the
Governor touching the application
lor the pardon of or comtauiation cf
the aenteuce of C:uverlu. Joel is
the jeweler upon whose evidence
the natch key found at
the reservoir on the dy alter Lilliau
Madison's death was ldest fi;d tJ) the
propenv oi uinvenus. He rppioaehtd
Joel atd paid him $35, upon the con
dition that in the event of his beirg
MUed. btJprt the Qoyernor he woul3
Blot Amonic Mill Hand..
Utica, N. Y., Ddcember 8 A tint
broke out in Amst.rdam at 0 o'clock
thiB evening Htnoug the unemployed
mill hinds. Two hundred or more of
them gathered near Kline 4 Hubba'
mill to attack the non-union employes.
The police charged with drawn clubs
and diapered the crowd, se veral of
wnom were injured. I'tiera is great
excitement over the affair.
The city is te'ror.xed by the threat
ened outbteak of the idle employes. '
u ....... . . a... ii , r J i
oomui; nvo wii p mceruen are on
auiy. ine crowae are being dis
perse' ana tne employes are not
allowed to gatter.
A oty Treninr Sborl 414 OOO.
Indianapolis, I.nd , December 8
A Delphi, I nd . special reports taat
famnei iN. u-iiand, ex-Treasurer of
warron county, u $14,000 short in his
acconn's. A?aicst this there a-e off
sets which will reduce the sum tillO,
000. Heilaud says he ia unable to ac
count fir the ehortfge, as he never
draw beyond his sa'ary. A recount of
the funds has been orde ei and is now
in progress. Heiland'a bon JnniAn am
giod, and the county will loss noth
Unrortaaatti rorelmaert KelnrBlar
PiiTjiHrr.Q, Pa , December 8. Fully
u io uuuur, u loieigners were at ihe
Union station this aiontinor on thnir
way fiom the West to their former
nomes in Europe. Tbe majority of
them were Geimaro. th.jiiah a fa nl
them wie Luihmen. aiH
mem: "ILtae people are nearly all
irom Ht. Paul, Minneanolia, and ether
poUtt in Uiauesjta. Soma of us have
been in this country .two and a half
years, Due we did Lot grd along well.
Too many people w.thout cajiital have
Deen emigrated to tna VTeet. The
majority of us have barely enough
money to get back to tue old country,
where we will remain."
Wmiotb Valoa Bailams.
Nwr Yobx. Deceonber 8. At the
regular quarterly meeting of the d.
rectors of tbe Western Union Tele
graph CooiDiiiT todav. PiwMont
Green submitted his report which
shows the net revenues of the quarter
ending Dxember 31st, bss'd upon
nearly complete returns for Otob r.
rttai uturnaforovember. and nti.
mating the busirees for Dtfcertber.
will be about, $1,000,000: a id anmin.
Octrjber 1st. 15.324.281 98: total sVt .
31'4,2ttl 98; from which, appropriating
for int r.vt on bonds and sinii
funJs $143,470. kavas a b;!ance of Id,
180.791 98. The cim-nit' AA rM-ntti.
roond ti tlie Boaid of Dircctira that
no diyideod bv declared,
that Lady Colin said to him unless
before he left the room be atoned a
paper mnamg nimeeu never to moles
ner again she would go to her sol e-
itor. Witness said he repudiated this
attempt at intimidation aid refund
to sign such prper. He a k d Lady
Miles to go with him into another
room, and af er a conversation wrh
her they both leturntd to tbe family
noun. el. Lidy Milts said to Lady
voho; uoiin ue lrs me to nay
he made no charges againet von."
Wnnera expreaeed his wi!li;gne e to
tuomit i ne question ot Die bealth to a
medical cemmiaeion. and if it resulted
lavoraDiy ne would tike no undue ad
vantage, but ha stiou ktcd that Ladv
Colin mu.t abanuon her corresp i d-
rnce wurt ma indite oi ZkUrluoruUgh.
His wife then ralerrsd him to her s
l cttor, and re used to see him slot e.
It is untrue that he cout:nu;lly mide
oveituna to bis wife, b.it h did re
fuse to hi' d himself eternally agaiant
cotab t tllon. Ibe Jr.dgo here said if
Lady Co.in is iunocent her husband's
questions were mo.t insulting. Lord
Colin denied that he committed adul
tery with Mary Watson. He taid lie
had taken action in Paris against his
wife under his solxitoi 'a advice. Ha
denied having asked Lady Milts to
apologize to Dr. Bird for havirg al
leged that the Doctor caused a nits
car irge. .
un oer cross examination. Lord Colin
said be never studied surgery, but at
tended lectures in the College of Sur
geons on gynecology and anatomy. A
letter was read from Lord Colin to Dr.
Bird, ia which witness aa'd he studied
fo r a long time in the College of Sir
geons, and knew a treat deal about
such matters, witnecs admitted having
written this letter. He refused to
swear he had not told his counsel t! at
Lady Miles said his wife bad mis
carried, was the illness beoran iu 1871.
and was afterward coutinucm from
1876 to 1884, when he was perfectly
well. He remembered well that, at
the trial in 1884, the jury was asked to
say whether or not lie Buffered from a
diteise wn ch could ba commanica ed
to his wife. At that time he heard
h!s counsel say there was not a
sing'e-charge of any kind against
iuy ouu. Alien ut wn and Mrs.
Duffy told him in July, 188 1, what
what they ha i testified, end he be
lieved tutir sta'cmeritK. Ho admit ed
loavttg remonstrated with Lis wife
agatnat iier overtaxing her s'rength
with charitable work. When naked if
me wile ever lied to him. he taid elm
used deception. He admitted that
alter hi wife left him a. the Ivnn
House his brother Walter railed rn
iier at Uaiipgin P,aee. While absen',
Ldy Colin corresponded with him
until the final rupture. He only kept
one ot her letter. This httr nan
written in December. 1881. It rmaari
wi'h "Darling Boy," and ended with
"Yuur Arab. After the marriegs
was coDsummated Lady Colin never
emu bub u au suaered irom some
thing that she was unable to under
stand. He did not remember
navmg told tin wife totakeprecau
tione. He admitted that he told her
to cone ult with hsr sister, but not
bout anything she had told him.
When pressed be admitted having
Mu previous io toe inai ne told bis
wife to take precautions to prevent
caving tuildien. ibis aduiusiou
caussd a animation in the courtroom.
Lord Colin further said his neina
were limited. His wife had provldtd
1000 to furnish their house, and she
nougm lurmtnre at auction sales and
decorated the houso at her own
expense. He admitted that Roee
JJaer was dismissed Julv 17th: no . a
she swore, the 4 b of June. He be-
tevd his ife went ti Leib (3ourr
July 10!b. If h;s couneel said Lady
w iia rusiiea oacx BUUdeuty and d!s
misr.ed Rose Baer, witness was bound
to believe him. Laugbtv Lo d
Colin admitted having used violence
on Mis. Duffy. He further ad
mitted when ho asked Lady C.ilin
iu May. 1883, to withdraw the mesfajre
she had sent to him that month, his
wife replied: "I will, but for Uod's
sake, leave me ato.ie." Lord Colin
aleo said the Duke of Malborough sant
presents to 14105 uotin at their mar
riage and dined with her afterward,
Witness admitted be twice had an in.
factious dneae the fi ot time in 187i
port; Creitwe'n, Le-xing'on
Direct ra-T. II
J.hn Hel-
nins. t. W. Hermann, of Louisville;
Jl. Degeuyter, irovugTn; J. Tell,
lXtrgttn: U. aunrer. Kewp.irt; J.
Weitzel, Frankfort; M. F. Mdlet,
Owei sboro, and James Diiv'an, Howl
ing u een. A eecretery ard treasurer
will be appointed by the diieetory.
ine piauoriu or ice un;cai?o Asocm-
t on, Octobor 14th, was adopted. The
association at'' jtirnt d.
aitiox AtJ.tiNir honopolikhI
Takca by Alioiarj U nrral Cauldy
of Peanylvaul-.
HArBtjBCKO, Pa., D.d mb; r 8. At
toroey Ueueral Cam idy t tia afternoon
nted DliM in equity In the au:hrai-;te
lod combination and tie trunk Hue
pool, and asked that Preliminary in
juLC'iiOiS be granted, anggett ng that
tr.ey oe maue retoraaoie in ten days,
The defenaauta in tbe trunk line
pool are the Grand T.urk, New Yort
Central, Wet-t Shore, Latkawanna.
Pennsylvania Railroad. Baltimore and
OjIo, Lehigh Valley, Reading, and
George De B m, Stephen A. Cald
well and Austin Lorbin, receivers : the
Allegheny Valley and John Pratt and
We H. Barnes, receiver, ; the Baf
fa'o, New Yoik and Pbl'adelohia and
Clinfoa Gardner, receivers; theOin-
cttnan, Washington and Baltimore:
iicrmnn-Aiuerlcnn B. and L. Aaa'n
THR niontblT maotinrnf this MtnoiMion
will hahe'.l l theimffioB. Mn.li., n
(TI11K..I'AV, D ...cWr 9ih. at
i .v v uivi-R v in. i.nnna aii tie rttertd.
ii d J0"N SC11KIHLER, Prtiia.nt,
500 llatidsome Dress Patterns
comrl.t fa evary particular. Irom M.te
H.25, 50. K! 90, fl it, H.U0, H0.50, 113.00
15.30. I'6.50, I8 10.
Import, d Dress Tdtterus
l.aa-Forour Handaoat FA1LLR FH AN
CA1SK, In klak, ana all aaw Itnaa.
New York, Pennsylvania and Ohio; Fall TriniltlPd WrillKi
the Pennsylvania Company; Pbl alel' ul1 AaIIUUIIU TrU)S
phia, Wilmington and Baltimore; the
ntwrourg, vincionau aoa euioms;
Michigan Son them: Michigan Cen
tral; tbe New York, Chioaao and St,
Louis ; the Pittsburg, F'. Wayne and
Chicago, and the P.ttebmg and Lake
i-ne radtoad companies The Attur
my General sets forth the different
contract and agreements ma le by tbe
I !. J.I 1 .
several uuuiuauim ueiemiants. ana
prays that they be lestrained from
consummating tbe contract.
In tbe anttiracite coal combination
bill tbe del otdants are the Phil.tdel
phia and Reading Railroad Company:
thePiiiladelphiaund R adirgCoaland
iron company; eteonen A. Ui dwel .
George De B K m aod Austin Ooibin.
receivers; the Lehigh Va ley, the Del
aware, L,tcKawanna and Western ; tne
w a ware and lludeon UjuhI Com
pany; the Pennsylvana Railrond
Company ; the Pennsylvania Ot;ai
eompaiy: the New Yoik. Like E ia
and Western ; Ibigh Coal and Navi
gation Uomnany; ihe LeMgh Val'ev
Co.il Company : thw 8 Jronehanna Coal
Ounpany; t,e .Mineral Rai.road and
Mining tympany; theSmumit Branch
K'.ilroad C uipaoy acd Ihe Likens
Vallev Coal Coiunai'V. At'ernt v (Sen
eral Casidy claims tat the coinbina
ticna of tbe trunk lir.es aud coal com'
r.auii s are detrimental to the welfare
ot ther- at.", ai.d p aye the court to de
Cii'.re them unlfu'. Ju iue Hirrion-
toa fix, d D.xember 21st an the day for
eruumeiit on the preliminary injunc
Nteamahlp War.
Nbw York. D cmhr 8 Th
stecmship war coninuei wi h un-
abatud Intensity. The Allan Line an.
nounced today that their s'eeragera'es
U3iu ws irom yueoeo tiave bten re
duced to $15. The Anchor L ne will j
undoubtedly reduce rates tomorrow.
Aue Bg-nia oi tne uunard Line an
nounce that on Monday their prepaid
steea?e r it?stoth's nort from Km.
land will be ma le 111 5 in moot iv, .,n.
ot the White Star Line. The Na
tional, Inman and Galon Unas tiave
cot reduced ye', but willindoubtedjy
ud iuru;u idio '.lie uni t jiuorrow.
Why let tbe little onef aufler wilh
rueuiuaiiero. wren in cntl will buy a
Dottle oi Solvation Oil 7
AT 7.00.
Bandnoroa KHORT WI4P, in Plash.
Aitraebaa and Cloth.
At 111.5), SO, 115,(0 and 117. .Ml.
Handsome Imported Wraps
Feallicia, llnto,
and MIlliiM'rj Qoodti,
A lino of Una SILK FACK0 VELVKXS, at
ll.ao, la iiiertu from d aia'ttr to thirty
yard lenitaa,
FOB tl Id A lino of SILK PLUSH KS
worth 12.00 to 12.(0 porytrd.
8.00, SO, 97 SO AND IS.50.
i ;ANTS1,wMv!NyALID9
fiuuti-WtJ aa.
Tho onlv atrrnil iibuliil. fur
nibr'a Mlla. Invalanhlii In aolrra
lafaa una aat l.rlblnir. A re li-
r"tod food for Uyaprptlea, l'oaaiap
llvea. t'oavaleacftolM. A tkrfat nnii-i.
ntln all Waallna; ltaaa. Ktaulroi ao
cookina. Our Book. Tho 1'are aad reva
lue f iBfaato, niallad fr.e.
HoKlnn, Ma..
Total New JJuslness Oroater than the total new buslnes3 yf All
Other Lite Companies now represented in Memphis Combined.
Increase in Surpin more .thin Jf wlce the total hicrese of
Hurplus ot all other life (mpanits now represented in Memphis.
Room No, 1, Cotton Kxr.hange RuiMing. Memphis Tenueea
AT i Ofr, MK TIUHTY DAY lo umk room for Nort.w
Stock. Oi lot Oncu llneslea. an i Initio far
OUlt OWS JIAil l ACVIUtK, bimI fully jrnnraoteeil.
Lilly Carriage Co.
325 Second Sfroot, Mempliis. Tcnn.
W. A. GAGE fe 0
Cotton Paotora,
5 I'lirJonrin Meel JVatln.
'ur-Iourirt N1111H nul t ml
1 4'Hr-loul LtiriF, lldiay. nati iiHitM1.
a 'nrloaiN Aineri4iin 3irlluits
1 4'ur-l mI Acw ItnlHliiM,
1 (tar-ltHl :v Nulinoii.
I 'tir-load 4'nlil'oriiU 4 uciil l iuil.
10 4!.itvoa(f4 Tonin(MH f iom. 4'oru, Vl.,
1 47Mr-ltHl t tutor i'h ltliiu .tlojiil,
4'HrltH4ls lw Vork ItiicetuluMl,
a 4'iir-loa.lM 1MmI(4, liraiti mikI liar rot Cloklr.
a !arlo.Ml Nllvr Moon trtia C'!iewe,
X 4,'Hr-loiulH Vlrirlulu r;utu.
('ar-IOHtln Fire ilracera mid Flrewnrku,
a 4 urloadU JNiitm and :iirraiiM,
3 Cardoada Fine IlaiiaiiMn,
5 rardoadu Itd ilea lavi .4In,
'4 4'ardoada Frah Fiiu-y 4!undiM,
1 4 ar-'oad ttatiuoal. V.iUiii whoai. .
And a 'ouilolo aMi tiueiU ol Maplo and I ' 44rorrlM
lor I lie HMMlal n. ol Country Mrrcliauln.
M'Soud lo. a Prii-ol.Ui.-xoi
Olivers Pinnie
5b 0.
mm HW fi WWW
A Brave KnKlnrrr aa4 II reman.
Fitt: Buno, Pa, Daceni'ier 8 A
wild locomonve on the Bnfla'o, Nw
York and Pitteburg rainav, while
runnicg fifty mllea an hour, collided
with a naaserg-r train 'his nnrning
near Witminirtoa Junctian, Pa. Tue
tiuiueer ad fireman of th ra'enger
train eav-d 'hnmst'lves 1 v inn ping.
Thomas Mack aud Melvin Oevje, en
gii:er snd fi eman rerxe ively of the
wild locomotive, Btiick to tlrir posts
The former waa Mlle l iut ight ai d
the la t.r s b.diy inju,, d ttia' he
diedumighu iha mou.kuied lived
in Oil City.
Cr far greator va'ua tliaii money in
health; tleef.re.furo' uglu aud colds
uo u . unit's uomjbKvrii, the in
fallible remedy Prce, 35 catite.
A Xritra Hoy UHl li K ItmiilAvar.
Savannah, GA.,Uccemb r 8 U.eis
K, lwarde, an 18 ya-ir old iinrohnv.
shot and killed B. Sniit'-, hotel
p'orjiie'or, at Jessup t'ais nicrn;ng.
Edwards was porter at te oi pi iti .n
hotel. Smith rmnte I same of the
negro's imuudence. Kdwardi drew a
piS'ol and 8,nith a kuifV antl tho two
grapphd. Edwardj fired twice.shoot
ing Smith th-ongh the he.trt. Ed
wards waj cut in the b irk. The crowd
tried to lynch him, but he waa pnt on
a traiu and brought to 8aai.nah for
88 fj keapii g.
jMost KleRtmt Selection
And American Production of
Ark , Tae,l
CURRKY-At Lltt'n R, -w
o enini. Das 7. lsAi. Ami .
uf LU W. Cherry, ind aauatilor ol Jano
i. ug at imit UOQ. Jureutl M. llliaiui.
Funeral will take rl.o.from M.mt.hii anil
Little Rock Depot tomorrow (KrtlDAT)
morntnr, on arrirjl of 9:5 train. Friende
of the I'amllT are invited to a 1 1 a 11 d . Cr-
rlftjres at llo'nt'
fr?. n
Dry Goods, Notions. Ilosbp
Vm. Sit and 228 Mala 8U MonphlavrTttam.
umm JU.mfwt.rU U.' PlaWs Drlls, 8hee!iff, SSMs( f
JaJ4iir nelco(loii couiprlHcii
ElcKaut .Stilew (of i ho I.h4?()
aud J1FJT Maker, Foreign
and DoiueNile.
BSr Our Good are Imported
DIKECrr, tkroiiKk UI1U Fum.
tOlU lloUaC.
LnHDBOBo's perfume, Edenis
Lundborg'e periume, Marchal Nile
Ltuidborg's perfume, Alpine Violet.
Landboror'! nerfume.- LI It of th
l lqaoi Oealeni Proteilv Aawoela- i
LoutsviLi.i, Kv December 8 -The
Uquor I.Valeis' Mutual Protective
Aftsocht'on met here today t peifect
its organization and Arrange ulans far
a future poiu-y in regard to tbe prohi
bition quetion. Abont "00 ieprLs:nt
tives of the leading liquor houarsof
the large cities of the country were
present. The following organization
was effected: PrreiuentW il.Thonia",
L;uisviile; vice president! T.J. Mon
arch, Owenslioro; Juhn Brenner,
Covington ; George Weidman, New-
Ii V M l
" mi:.':
To riantcrs Merchants & Ginners
The Mai on la iproaihini: whan Uotton lieoomee Dut. Dimn .n,l II.... n. ii,. .
Tlie vJIlIil3TI5 UOT'l'll f!M! tlVT!ii
Touriaiatile la lmnroTa4 and Valna of Cotton Innr.,l. Mnhin.. r. k.
io aainis nireef. Rliiihlw. 'I'oain.
2f4Ma &4 affidSO Mjm5imiji ntrety tanU
M U It V 11AM T T il LOU,
I'laaalaaT, nrolBeTat Kepnlrluc,
Nu. IT W. Cooar BTaiiT.
Ooora s. NloUo,
Wholesale aud Retail.
LATH OK HT. LOUIS, M0..I.M hut ttl.d
p n el.iAnt oflpe onr l.-le A Mhlll'i
r oi laane anci Main.
I flt &II .itflllK MO.l te.aba
ft".' order. Th puklio tire inforiuod
mai toe y ,our na no Inr ! nth.r
T atore. eornr
where he le re.Jj to d
I. 6
Uy with the aiemn'omeul ol tbe ere. The
Uoetorhae m.de tb-vt hie eteilal itude and
Weeowd Street.
Absolutely Pure.
Tbia jiowdnr nevrr varlet. A mirrel oi
Jjcir.tr, etreniih and wl:ole-omen-e. Jlore
eoooomioal than llio or, 1 nary kind., and
oannot be (old in cunioelitiou villi the mul
titude of low tut, hort wifbt alum or
iboHihil powder.. K, no oi.T ia oaaa
i. ioYali OA KJNd POWDKIl CO.,
.M Wall itroet, Now Voik.
KFMnIf;i. aft MA UMN.
Praotioal Pianomakeri
aad Itfpalrera ul flauoa, Oraaaa,
And Maeisal Inatrumenta Qenerallr.
sur maii rr., e pina.
To t'onl rat lorn.
fiOn rvnn vrdh lkvkb work,
flu, from hakerlew toO. K. Landina. Good
Iriofl and prompt par. Appl te ioof, Mo
Oowid t Co., Aieaii;hlr, Tenn., r en work
, t. ii. IdCliAha A CO...
baa all the Uteii aoloutihe tett and inttru.
menta io iniure iwr'eot and eaey aialit,
Pbralolane preiorlptlom for .l .lini oaretull
Ailed. Oltloe hour) Irom 4 to IJ and 2 io 5 p.m.
. . n , M. LKW1H.
Orallet aad Optioian, No, M Mala itroet,
lonthoaat eorn.r Aama aad Main.
No. Now BeAdy.
Pnblhhed by Bailey, Bawaa A BiDni.i.Joweaeia
ONLYSOCto. A YEAf?.l'hkteli'411"
Dutka.luUa. KaUaepouialWd. wlthnori.al.
a- Wa have a ear.loanJ af Hoadoraa
Baaaaie, ael rwlvel, lu rar'llr-nt
ahlppla. order, l aa Pui k to pro
Irot Troaa Iroal, tl .o in 81. an p-r
Baaeta. Enrlaeo ntoaer aad order I. ir
Holldajre. Trlppbnao .ale.
JOIINNO at' taum, 3i Fr-tNi.
d froa. A rictin,
ot routhful laipru.
denia, aanalna Prematara lloo.r, Neria
I'eiiiiu;, Mt
In roin A.erv
a almple eolf.enre, which be willaend KKKK
,Mt Munbuod. etd
known reipedjr, kaa dlaoorerad
kTlaf triod
of hia follow uU.rori. Addreia
Poit OlDoe Box 3179, 'w York'tiltr.
Hiiirortrta tev,,er Ir, Hvai.Aiume.
'.il.Mk-i iml I'Mhlua Iw.M, KnliOMira1
Ujir ilniim, 1 lr.-ir . k. aart a -
nDilaloni lloiolm-aA ftMideOoii:)S
Mnkw ari-r. jaf rec Vtvn. K,.ot-ia
aptiioe t'w.ra ct tni. f,trT r rw.ilw
d - ni
'h; .Xih, :'.tf,fw. Ad Au'OiHfier
i1" KHf 1'KNCK A ! Off If".
1t:i .il.kl - Mtrir.M, IVenr 4'nia.tu
' 1 4l'ti!mrr N,t. M
Koch's Fat Store
.aKI.TIRW inadloiitaitl t, i,wt aar naodl
orhnaineaa. It ia onoererthan old atylo. ia.
b,i put up by aiijr ono. DMWaal4a
Paoirr and tu.am MIikI. Addrora
KM'4I 4. , 4:.. Wlr.,
341 ejl.l Ml., I'KOHia, II.Inr.
Siiniuon. Uanlwr4' .ft.. l.onlc.Vo,
Electric Ml Fieo
TO introduce tt and "btaic atont will
f T fhn next slit? dnyi gtve .war. froe of
oliurae In euch county m th u. H. a limited
nninlmr ol'our Mrriwa-a O'l-riroUaleaa.
If oM' "i'orr Melt, Price V'-: a poai'iT.
nnd unfiilinc oor for Nt-rv"Mis llebinty,
Vnriowilf , Minl.tona, rnnftun y. 't". IU0
H-word puid i' rvory BHC w. Tmiiir.tn(-ture
d not trfne'-ate - irniitn.oif(-tru- ctirront.
Addro.s at of.c MTI.Ki'T -Id? IIKt.T Atll.N"
CV, P. I). B ,x ITS, llriKik lyn . NY .
kji: rios or iiHt: ioMs.
Uhmh im Pi iTi'a Rm of Maai-ma,!
Moint'ht, Toni., rooprnt'orrt, 1msi.
TOCKII'iLUKH rbr,..y m.'.it.ed that
O an olootioo will be held ul tbu B ink on
the bntiond M --)d,y in J inunry, 1SM7. from
1(1 a.m. nnt'l Ii p.m., to tbooic Uiect.-n to
Berre the enaainir yonr.
P. RKAD, t'aahwr.3
m7MVmmmMJ.mmAmmmmmmmmtmWmmmy M.
; V'
- - t

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