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To Congress Tr rough the President,
Suggesting Ueinedlul Legislation.
fifktlre to the Rights of American
Fishermen lu British .North
WaartiitaTOS, December 8. The fol
lowing ifl the Pr-sident'e ktttr trans
mitting ti Congrtsa tbe communica
tion of the tsecntary ol State and por
reepondeoce reht'.rg to the fisheries:
Exioctivi Miasm, Wmimwi, 1
December 8, 1886.
To the Senate end nous of Representatirei:
I transmit huiewitu ajot orlioin trie
Secretary of S.sVe, which is accom
panied by the correspondence ir rela
tion to the rights of American fisher
men in tbe British North American
waters, and ommnnd to your favora
ble considera'ton the lapgestlon tbata
commifsion be author d by law to
take perpeinatiog protfs of the losees
sns'ained during the past year by
American fishermen, owing to the un
friendly and a a warranted treatment
by the local authorities of the mail
time provinces of the Dominion of
Canada, I may have occasion here
after to make farther recommenda
tions daring the present session for
acL remedial legisla'ion as may be
necessary for the protection of the
rights of our citizens engaged in the
open sea fisheries in the North At
lantic waters. .
MR. batabd's lettkb is as follows:
Dhpakthiixt or Statu, 1
WiiHiKUTOji, Keo mber 8, 18S6. J
To Ihe President:
The Secretary of Stnte has the honor
to submit to the Preatdeut, with a
" view to its commnnication to Con
gress, the correspondence relative to
tbe fisheries in tbe waters adjacent
to British Ni.rth America, which has
taken pine? daring the present year.
It will disclose the action of th a de-
, partment ar.d of our Minister to Great
Britain in ralatfoa to the disputed
: construction of the convention of
1818, and what has been done to pro
cure inch an interpr tation of its pro
visions as will be acceptable to b th
parties to that instrument and con
sistent with tbcirmutujl internets and
honor. From time to time, since the
conclusion of the treaty of 1818, dif
ferences have arisen between the two
governments es to the extent of the
renunciation by the United States of
their former fishing tights in the lit
toral waters of Brit bU North Ame it a,
and the true defi'iition of therigh's
and privilege retnincd by and ex
pressly guaranteed to the United
States in the first a-tide of that con
vention. The history of this question,
during the period from 18i8 to the
prerent time, has been one of
unsuccessful attempts to adjust
to the rtspective claim), and
occasionally the difficulties have been
bridged over by temporary arrange
ments, notably by the treaty cf Wash
ington of June 5, 1854, and the treaty
of Washington of May 8, 1871. the
fishery articles of the latter both of the
latter having been abrogated by the
United Slates on June 30, 1885. It is
deeply to be regretted that the efforts
of this department to arrive at such
an agreement as wou'd permit instruc
tions of like tenor to be issued by the
Government of Great Britain and tbe
United States, to guide the citisens of
the reppec:ive nationalises in the un
molested exercise of their rlgh's of
fishing in the writers in question, and
defending the limits of lawful ection
therein, have not s yet reached a
final and satit'.actory reeulf. Although
propositions are now pending for con
sideration, which it is hoped may
prove the basis of a ju5t and perma
nent settlement, yet as supplementary
te the published history of this long
Standing tubject ts iflrjs'rating toe
obvious necessity in the interest of
amity and good neighborhood, of hav
ing a clear end well defined
understanding of the relative
righ's of the two governments
and their resnective cit'zenq. it
weenmdrred expedient that Congress
should have full knowledge of tbe ac
tion of the Executive in the p emiste
to assist them in their deliberations
upon this important eul j ict. It wil
be observed in the course of this cor
respondence that notification has not
failed to be dulviven to the Govern
ment cf Great Britain, that compenfa
tion is expected fur tbe lose and dam
age cansad to Ame, icon fishermen by
the unarrantable action of the local
authorities of the Dominion of Canada,
not merely by the summary eeiz ire of
their vessels and the exaction of heavy
fines in advance of hearing and judg
ment, but for the curtailment of priv
ileges to which they were justly en
titled undor commercial revalationw.
s well as treaty stipulations; and the
consequent interference with their le
gitimate voysgos, whereby the natural
profi s of their industry were seiiously
diminished and iu many cases wholly
It would seem proper that steps
n perpetum m wvrmrim should be
taken by CoDgreea to allow proofs to
be made and placed upon record of
these losses and injuries to our citi
sens, to enable them to be properly
presented to Her Majesty's govern
ment for settlement, and that for this
purpose a commifsion should bi
authorised by Congress to tcke the
neceesary proofs of the respective
claimants. Beepec'.fully submitted,
The co'respondeace opens with a
diepa ch of date March 19, 18S8, fro-n
Sir Lionel 8. Ssckville West, the
Biitieh Mink-tor, to Secretary Bevard,
transmitting a request of Krl Bose
bery to be inform"d whether it is the
' intention of the United States Gov
ernment to g've notice to the United
States fishermen that they are now
Srec'uded from fishing in British
orth American territorial waters, as
Her Majesty's government are now
considering the expediency of istuing
a reciprocal notice with regard to
British fishermen in American water.
To the communication Secretary Bay
ard replied under date of March 23d :
"That the fishing question is now un
derstood to rout on existing treaties,
precisely as though no fishing articles
?d ,bBn Incorporated in the treaty of
He adds: ,,Ia view of the endur
nature and important extent of
he rights secured to American fisher
men in British North American ter
ritorial waters under tbe provision of
Ihsri, 8. c rtry B-ivar l wr.ito a lit g
letter to Minister N e roarerniiig 'ha
s-iaa'e of the American e-.Lo'ner Jo
seph Story aud t-choonrr David J.
Ad mi. After poiuting cut, tha ille
gality of the stisuree, the Secretary
4"i'he eeizne cf the vees lslhave
mentiontd, and certain pnbl:s!d
'warnings' purporting to bave been
iseuei by the colouitl authoritieF,
would appear to have beea madd
under a supposed daW-pat'on of jurir
dits.ion tiy llie Iaiper'a' Goveriiruout of
Great Britain, and to ba intended t
include authority to interpret end en
fnce the provisions f the tr. aty of
1818, to which the Uuiied States and
Great Britain are the cant; acting par
ties, who can alone deal reasonably
witn questions arising thereunder.
ThetDrtjt of this c ljuial leg'slati n
and exeout.ive interprct-ition, if ex
cu'ed aec-jrd ng totfie letter, wou'd be
net only to exrarjd the rest ict'ons
and rennnc'atii'Us of the treaty of
1818, whiih re!a es solely ti inshore
fi-hory within tbe three mil limit,
soestoefTeot the deep sea fi heries,
the ;iht to which remained unqU' S-
noma ana ummpairej lor the rgoy
ment of the citii'ns of the United
State, but further to diminish and
practically to destroy the irivileges
exprepsly secured to American fiibing
vessels to visit these ioshore waters
for the objsc's of shelter, repair of
damages, and purchasing wood and
ob aiuing water."
' As it is admitted that the deep tea
fishing was not uuderconsideiation in
the negHiation of the treaty of 1818,
nor was affected thereby, and as the
use of bait for inshore li'hicg has
passed wholly into disuse, ihn reasons
which may have formerly existed for
refusing to permit American fisher
men to catch or procu e bait within
the line of a marine leatrue from the
nore, lest mey enouid also use it in
tue same inhabited watms f .r the pur
pose of catching other fish, no longer
exUts. As, the:efo e, there
is no longer aojr inducement for
American fishermen to 'dry and cure'
liih on the interdicted coiats cf Ca
nadian Provinces, and as bait is no
longer used or needed by them (for
the prosecution of inshore fidhing) in
order 'to take fi-h in the inebo'O
waters to which the treaty cf 1818
alone r el a tee,' 1 ask you to consider
the results of excluding Ameriaan ves
sels poseeasfd of permits frcm their
own government to touch and trade at
Canadian puts, as well s to enga.re in
deei) eea fishing, from exercidng tree
ly the parne customary aud reaona')le
rights and privileges of trade in the
ports of tbe British colonies as are
froely allowed tt British veels in all
the ports of tbe United S.ates I
have been led to offer these consid
erations by tbe recent seizures of
American vessels to which I have ad
verted, and by indications cf a local
spirit tf interprwtati n in the Prov
inces affecting frinndly intercourse,
wnicn is, i nrmiy Daueve, not war
ranted by the terms cf tbe stipula
tions on which it professes ti rest. Ii
is cot my purp;se to prejudice the
facts of the casts, nor have I any de
Mre to shield any American vessel
from the onsequences of violation of
international obligation. The views I
advance may prove not to be ap
plicable in every featare ti thoBe
particular cases, and I should ba glad
if no case whatever were to arise call
ing in question the good understand
ing of tue two countries in this regard,
in order to be free from the grave ap
prehensions which otherwise I am
unable to dismiss. It would be most
unfortunate, and, I cannot refrain
from saying, most unorthv.
if the to na'ions who contracted
me treaty oi 1010 enouiu permit any
questions of mutual right and duty
under that convention to become ob
scured by partisan edvocacy or dis
torted by vhe heat of local interests.
it cannot but be the common aim to
conduct all discussion in this regard
with dignity and in a self respecting
spirit that will show i'self intent upin
securing equal justice rather than un
equal advantage." Every
thing will be done by the United
States to cause their c tizens engegnd
Infishicg to conform to the obliga
tions of tbe treaty and prevent any
inflation of tbe fishing laws of the
British Provinces, but it is equally
ueciBHBry mai ordinary commercial
intercourse should not be interrnptod
by barsb measures and unfrieudly ad
ministration. I have the honor, there
fore, to invites frank expre-sion of
your views upon the eubjoct, believ
ing that shou d any differences of
opinion or disagreement as to facts
exist they will be found to be so min
imized that an accord can bo estab
lished for the full protection of the
inshore fisheries of tbe British Prov
incrs without cbrtructing the nnen
sea.fi'iMng operations of the citisens
preeaiven-es nf a iy sett ement we may
arrive kt. a simple ar tnowlMgm
of the receipt of tMs communii at1
and no'ice of its reference to the Min
leteroi r jr. iKii Auvrs was t e on y
repiy mace in mis n vt r.
Ou May 29th Sicretary
as f -Hows:
"Sir I have list receiv-d en efli
ciel im.'rint; cl U'U of Comn.ons
bill No. 136, cow pending in the C'
n-'d'au rarlumpni, enti lad 'An act
further to amend the mt r.'spec'ing
fishir.g by foreign ve8ti)-, and am inform-d
that it h s paved the llo ise
ena 18 now Dsndirir in ths Santt
Tnis t ill pri.0ied the forcible eemh,
seizure and forfeiture of any foreign
vessels witmu any harbor in Canada.
or hovaring witi.in three marine mi'es
of aoy of the eojste, bays, creeks or
naro.rs in i aiaaa, w .ere such vets I
hs en'ered eueh waters fnr ary pur
pose noi psrmii'ea D? tne laws cl na
tto' B, or by trexty or ronvi'tion, or
Dyany taw ot tbe Uo.ted Kindom
or oi uanana now in lorce.
"I hasten to draw your attertion to
me wnojy unwarranted proposition
of tbe Cana iian autl o ities, through
their local agents, arbitrarily to en
force, according to their own construc
tion, the provisions of any conven
t oa between tbe United States and
Ureat Britain, and by the interpola
tion of language not found in any
such treaty and by interpretation not
claimed or concdsd by either party
to sac!) treaty, to invi de and des roy
the commercial rights end privilege
of cit;tens of the United States under
and be virtue of treaty stipulation
with Great Britain and statutes in that
behalf made and provided.
"I have also bpen furnished with a
copy cf circular No. 371. purporting to
be from the Customs D 'partment at
Ottawa, dated May 7, 1883, and t3 be
signed by J. Johnson, Commisiiorer
ofOastoaas, assuming to execute the
provisions of the treaty between the
United States and Great Britain con
cluded October 20,1818, a,d print d
copies of a 'warning' purporting to be
issued by George E. F.sier, Minis'er
of Marine and Fisheries, dated at Ot
tawa Match 5, 1880, of a similar tenor,
although capable of unequal result)
in its execution.
".?uch proceedings I conceive to be
nagrantly violative of the reciprocal
i:uuiuitiri;iHl privileges 10 W01CU C It'
tens of the United Stites are lawfully
eutitled uader the statutes of Great
Britain and the well deBntd and
publHy prcckimed su'hnritv of both
countries, beiddw being in respect of
ma existing convene ;,s Dite-n tbe
two countries an assumption of juris-
uicuon entirely uunananted and
which is wholly denied by the United
oatee. .in mo inunstol the main
tenance of peaceful and friend iv re
lations I give you my earliest infor
mation on this subject, adding
mat i nave leieg'apneri Mr
Phelps, our Minister Ht London,
to raaks earnest proffs' to Her
Miiesty d goverrmeut against such
arbitrary, unlawful, unwarranted
and unfriendly astion on tbe part of
the CViadl m Government and itsoffi-
cials, and bave instructed Mr. Paelm
to give notice that the Government cf
Uieit Britain will be held liable for
all losses end injuries to citizens of the
unuea biates ana their property
caused by the unauthorited and ur -
friendly action of the Canadian offl
cials to which I have referred. Your
obedient servant, T. t. bataro,
On June 7th the Secretary Dritests
to Minister Weet against the seizure
at St. Andrews, N. 8., of the Annie
M. Jordan, "as withholding of legal
commercial privileges trom an Amnri
can vessel" and not.fied the Minister
for the loss tnd d image sustained by
tue owner.
un July loth, the Secretary writes
t Minister West, informing him of
the refusal of the Canadian authorities
to allow American vtsseis to obtain
ice and to ship fish in bond to the
United States et Pictnn. N S and
onclud' s es follows: "AgaiDtt this
as an unwarranted interpretation
and application of the trea'y by the
omcers oi me JJiminion of Canada,
and the province of Nova Scotia, as
luirhcuou oi me laws oi commer
cut and maritime retstions ex'stina
uttwr.ru me two countries, aud
and for any loss or injury reonitirg
therefrom, the government of Hr
unt:sb M!.jes'y will be held rcsponi-
uie. uiiQ raaieoi juiy z3d h.Tl Ksr
uory wrutB to iuinister West, ac-
M. H. COQ VR & GO.
ties towsrd the Vrsee e Retilt.r.tt-'liien
Hud, Shilob, Ja 'e Eli. u aud Aiollie
Ailams, declaring that s u:h
end contrr.ry to humane usuigos of
civ. I tjd notions, and in t o cueo
tee Jsr.e r.Men ana Mulch he aslrtj'
tt at the tiring of gan a rnrs tl oi
"os a amjit nnnsnal and uncalled
:o- exh bition of hostili'y.
Under d ei f Oo'i b r 18th R'ce
try ft.iyard, hft. r d.-t-til ng to Minis-t-r
We.-'t the c'feumsta ices tf the
B":Eure of ttie Everitt jteeV, says:
"If, as I cmt'ot peru.it mygvlf to he-
WTtii uii ed TELnST yw- to m Wftghlngfon stroet, Mimnlit&
jovuient of the pUinest and meet un
tiematiie rtgnts, tne consequence
would be eo serious that they cannot
bt oil turn pa ed hy this government
b i' w;th great loniem."
Und-tr d ite of NuVemlu-r tt h S ce
tarv B.iy ir l advis-s Miniiter Pm Ins
of the se'i'lrn r,f the Marion Grimes
and ti e enforced lower i if of the
Ameriran flin by Capt. QuiKiev.of tLe
uanaa an cruiser Terror.
In commeniins noon this case, the
(secretary says: "it eesms hardly
recee. ary to say that it is n t until
after condemnation by a Prie Court
UNDKR the euth. rl y reoted In me t tl.e
(beirmtn o' the guxrerly Coun
Court ot Sh.Jt., en I by v -tue of ra d ofli
lrutee of the enste ol W. II. B-I'on. drt-
XI M n B I eeawcl, mnn of reo d in lto.
Alii J 11 I I I H" "I, tto.. ol th. H. niner'. 01,-. of -bolls
I J f I I W count;, Tenn,, 1 i I, en iuul lrort, t
y Mm I j 1 I I MunilHy, llrrriubrr 20, IH '
B II i fi I I J12oVl.i k ra.,onth: l-n:ht cor'
9W IAS leL ',! ,n nni MnilKnn H'rerts, n th- r
Door,Sn!i, nilnIs'MoIlijl(H,iH,klnIn of Door mi. I IViudow
FrimifH, Hra k;tM, slrull-IVork, Itongli hii1 Ire wwl
l.nmUer. hlilualfA. lVuior
Ill kiutlM.ol U'ood.AVork Cswiitcd hi Short Aotice.
AJIftJSKW HIRWAirr. H,w rlex. A.NDKUW 1). MsK.
as a pr:ze of war is hauled down by
tier captor. Vu. a fortiori, is this
principle to apply in cases of enstoma
seizures where Hues only are imposed,
and where no belligerency wba'ever
exists T la the port ol New York and
other of the couutlees harbors cf tbe
Ut.ited States are meichant voxels to
day flying the Britieh & ig, which from
time to time are liable to penalties for
violations of customs laws tnd regula
tions. But I have vet to learn that
any offljial, assuming directly or in
directly to represent the United
States, would under euch tirenm-
s'ances order down or forcibly haul
down the British fl g from a vessel
charged with such irregularity, and I
now assert that if such acta were com
mitted this government, aft r beine
n formed of it, would not wait for a
complaint from G-eat Britain, but
would at ones promptly reprimand
the parties concerned In such miscon
duct, and would cause proper exorea-
ti'in of regret to be made. "
Und ir date of June 27th. Miniatnr
Phelps ad jrersrd a communication to
the Erl of Roseb"ry, protastlng In
the nims of the Uutted St ites Gov
ernment anaitiBl t le se'inriis made by
the Canadiacs as wholly unwarranted
by the trraty of 1818, rrq letting the
release oi ti.e vessel j ard inlunm
him that the Unitsd States would
hold Her Maissty's noverrment re
sponsible for all losees sus'aimd by
American cit'z tus growing out of the
6e run s
says Minister Phelps, not what' fr.h
treaty may or might be desir ble, but
what is the Iruean't ji8'. construction,
as between the two nations, if the
treaty that alieady exists. The Gov
ernment of the United S ates, ap
proaching this qui stion in the most,
friendly spirit, caunot doubt that it
will be met by Her Mdjasty's eovern-
mer.t in the same spirit, and feels
every confidence that the iction of
Uer M iestvs Bovernment in th
premiees will be such es to maintain
tbe cordial relations between th t two
countries that have so long ard happi
ly prevailed. The corremnndnniw
es with a letter from Minlitnr
Phe'ps to Earl R sebery. in which ha
combats the position taken by the
Earl that Her Majesty's R' vernment
cannot take action in the matter of
the soz'iies because the Canadian
couits are couriering all tbe cases in
dispnte. Mr. Phe'ps maintains that
the United S;ates must look to the
home government for redress and
eatie fiction and such instructions
to tne colonial authorities as will pre
vent future se'snres. He suggeets as
a means of preventing furthf r collis
ions bat ween thn American fishermen
and Uanitdian officials that an ad inte
rim construction of the tsrms of the
existing treaty be reached by mutual
consent, to be car: led out informally
until a more permanent understand
ing be reached.
stfirt mm
Wholesale Grocers, Cot, Factors ::
- aJTB
imr oRi.r.iwi. iiimif am aj
5Hh Advance (o Sferchant and Planter.
Cotton Factors and VYholosala Brecon
Front UU Uemphla, Tenaru
Cotton Factors, Commission Herchanto
Ift. 11C Donth Umln SJf.. fit. Ttol.,
Dinner, Toilet and Chamber Sets in Great Variety.
BBrAaeakarr lblbrali:aRKRIW04ID TIIHIFIRD CHINA, itoelaDy
mlwntxl for H,,tl. Rwieeirinti mmt lniboM.ii
SLEDC)IBBOfHiCeja,n. I1. B.OHFLEET, KeJ,!eBtrartatT.
.ioui.ni. lcnn . rjor tor ime
uu'iy, and n il to Hie higheM ami I
dnr, the loilowmg dcioriboJ r nl e..u, it
Tin i rropertr knwn at "T'i Tew Kent
an l Ivaimio" I'l n t itionn, r mininit, b
n'liintii.n, 221U 11-1 rri, l i r in Fnyelhe
touuty, Tenn., ah.iut twu mil. i. E of the
towD ,.f rtavlle, on the U ' .1
ClurluUnn I'Biln.a l. about 32 . I
jMouiphu, Tenn. llio-e lamli nt. j
in one body, unj are doacriofd a.
it:. 1st A 1 1 ol tei;tion M. in i. . .
one, ranuo thrfo crl ol Ihe bni n . , , o
oi the l.hlokitw CeiBlor, o. n ari.i.. it
a;re, and In known as the TLI.i mi V -e.
ild-AUo. the N. E. H ol no i H, torn ,i
one, THiy.x t,r o n r I. p m-linMii I'ti a.-en.
Aifo, one huh ol Iho S. K. i.i .toii n S, in
lownJhiiK.no rinice ttnet, th.. lanie h:i ng
denonbed a. d houmt..! ,d f..!t, w : H gin-
ua a. w.comnro uiul u Fnlioni
rnnnlnt Ihcnro dm. ,i t Vti iole t'i .he
eaitnrn boundurj lin. of iail e 'Hod : theno
with lai l bound .ry line louth '0 ,lfi to a
tlf, wllh Kl. ...!..... . ik.... ...
JO wole to axtake In the ficl ;'theuoe iiontli
W ix.lee: thenoe wem m toe to Jnroei Mar-
na i line; tnenre north with eaid line 110
ple to Ihe bofinnini, contain. i ( 8fl acrel.
'ih'i and the M leotion heretofore donoribed
Ii known ai ibe "Tomiile" place, and to
(ether mntln JW anrei. 3d Alio, all of
ection live, in township one, range S welt of
Ihe liae inert linn of the bickasw Cenion,
and containlna tito , c es, and known a th
"Jurnaf an itam. Alao, lot No. 1, belonr
ini to tection five, beii.j a fractional part ot
aiu lecuon, lying rorin oi it, and being in
to r,H. one, rnce3 wet, anl eontainiag
18' acres. 4th Alio, the lolloalng threa
traola ot l.md, o utaiuinf br nuilmation, iM
crei, aid known as the " Whitle" p'aee,
which nre In Uwnhip one, rang. Iwut of
the bai meridian ol the Chicka-aw Ce'tion,
and bei'f a part ot icot.on tour, and b
ginning IKS1 poiet east ot the N. W. co-uer
ol section 4 au.l the N. K corner c f T. J.
Oravo' lUiS acre tract, now ownrdbr on
huiithi thence loath with raid Urar ' or
Huilth'.ciM line ItH pole.' to hie ti. K oor
neri then 'eemi I'iJ!, pole totheS. W. cor-
er of ii. liilea'a llKi-,, aore tr ict. now owned
y ( ne Thompson ; ti.enoe north with Ltles'e
or 1 horn .Mi.i b linn lis) p.ilod to their N. W.
Burner i thence west 111 rolee to ihe begin
ning, containing lUii'-a aoros. Also, on
pthur tract, I etng a part of same leorioo, it
bting the S. W. Hot said eection 4. he'eto
foro doscrl e I, and containing M aorei.
6th Also, the north ball of lection 'Inc.
Ir. t iwnsuip one, ranne S west ol the baan
meridian of the Chickasaw Oraslou, con
ta niug S'il acres. These lands will be sold
In iran, as herein sJ forth a .d deicr'bod.
anu in th. following ordei :
1't -" J.iinagin" 1'liica, THi' acroi.
2d -" Whlllr" Flaea. filii ami.
31" Tilman ' l'l oo, M acies.
4lh " Temp e" I'lace, M acres.
Also, tho propert known as the " Hioh
land" tltnlHiinn, of ln'.7li sores i 1nt No.
I, tiling In ringe 1, secli, n 4, ol the li b nr
reeor'i lilri,H ot r".iMtte . ouniy, I eini.,
3!a miles wo tnf 1 1 1 - town ot Somernl ound
m the waters o' tin L, ion. lUtoh'o rifr:
II. gins .it a sl ike, lomple'i 8. W. c.irner.o.
32'iW.40 liuk I'r.iiu a swaotwm mH.'lit,.
", ' on the south bank of wins creek;
I ence north wiihhisirmnp'e'sl lino eroding
n H is crook several t ium, (15 10 ohnlni to a
wlnto a miitkod " T. 0. HI.," tue a W.
corno-of a it.-.icre lot: Ihonce cost 16 r
chains III slake 7 links i.iutb ot an alder
marked "It W."i thence aurt'i lt fiicbuini
tnail.iko ID links cast of an elm uurked
"II. W. 'j thunce wst 4. oil bVus It. a
sweoti uin ni.nko.1 "U W . the t-. K oor
n.r.if an l'.'-acre trimt: he:-co n.'rMi wih
tin lino of s .1 t . t ot III ,'iiain- t.i a h..
tree marked " K. W."i ihnne II in),
ch.iit.s In a d.gwood, redoitk hi i per. minus
pointers .in t ie w,st b.mk o l,o r Hatch)
river; llien-e down tho snid rieor sllhltl
iiicaiidiiritigi In a stake on tbe pn:tb l ank of
rlv.r 'Inks north ol a lar a rhitounk
marked "X."i thenoe houtn ISii chuitia
toa Mil.,' in a road with two oak mining
pointer! the K. W, corner of "2J7 noretraot,
old to K. M. Anitrson by K. Dickinson j
Ihenci east with tho south Hue of salu tract
M 'ifi chains to th beginning, containing
ti'Si HI acres.
Lul Mn. t baiilna nl the 8. W. corner of No.
i, uieni e "st ..I. j.i ciuiins to the o. W cor
ner of tho 107H lore trai t sold to Appersoa
by Dickinson, which Is a stake with persltn
iniin pointers In a pnn.l; thonce rorth 1U0.MI
chains to ataka; thouee east lo chains to a
take; Ihonon north, passing into Uatchi
bu t. .in at 12 chains, (u all M ohalns, to a
take, with tvhltnoak, hickory and black
turn pointers, on the south bank of Uatcbl
river; thence up said river with IU mean
darings to the N. W. corner of lot No. It
tlien.-e south with the west line ef lot No. 1
VM(V chaing to we beginning, eontalnlng
B, H al acres.
Alapl showing survey and division of thee
lands, einhodleil and known aa "Hlohland
l'l n tation." will be eiliibiUd on the day at
ale, and In the meantime may be toon at
the ofllKn of the Chairman of the Shelby
County Quartorly Court.
Also, a tract of 101) acres, lylag In Fayetl
pnunty, Tenn., about three miles north et
Boillorvillo. hnirlnnlnir at thm W. m.sm '
of ttie original tract bought of Jamel K,
Polk by Uurrui Carter: thenoe south VI -
take in the District line road i
nee nasi 1,1 poiei to a slate wltD klacg-
Day and Night
Ho: tlS and 858 IVont Street Mcmjhli Ttmn,
WM. DBAN. Prn't. I JAMKS KEILLT, Vlee Prn't. I JOHN L1LLT, Sea'y and Traai.
of the Utiiled States or distnrhino. t.h ?m ' ?a8LB "celt " dispatch
itin w m lUB.aiinitwr ir,c:o3inR a copy of
trade regulations dow Misting be
tween the countries."
On May 20, 183(1, Secretary Bayard
addressed a s cond Ibtter to Min ster
West concerniDm tbe continued de
tention of the tchoontr Adams. He
refers to the unresttained and. what
appears to him, unwarranted, rreen- !?Vn. . mHtWr' n? 8t tl
lar and sover. action 'of Canadian 'la8'y 8 R8vernm?,nt entirely
a note addresssd to hitn bv8.crtarv
Bay..rd, refarrinfr to tbe se i ire of the
Josepn htory and David J Ad;tmsi
The Earl mcloees a opy of an ap
proved report of the Canadian Pi ivy
Council justifying the cu es of Can
ada in the matter, and states that Uer
During an aoute attaok of Bronchitis,
a ceaseless tickling in the throat, and
an exhausting, dry, hacking cnuh,
afilict tho eulTcrcr. Sloop is banished, i
and great prostration follows. This
disease is also attended with Hoarse
ness, and sometimes Loss ot Voice.
It is liable to bt'coino olironic, in
volve the lunps, and terminate fatal
ly. Ayer's Cherry Pectoral affords
speedy relief and oure in cns of
i$ronohitis. It controls tho diHposi-
tton to couiih. and mduoe-i retrenh,
ing sleep.
I hare been a nraetlclna nhTaieian for
twenty four yeara. aad. foe th. ,,.,1 iu..
hay suffered from annual attacks of Bron-
ne -, y .ov m a m tt
wa,A& wuu j, W, M. JLJM VI e1, JLUJJ UUI
Coffee Roasters, Spice Grinders.
IiiHMirfiir and Who!-ail Dcklera In
Teas, Coffees,Sr)ioes
polei to
thence ei
0 k and black mam noinlers, IhAniu snrth
01 .17 polos to a stake In the vomer of 0. B.
uauor s anu j, it. Mushy line I thenn
weal 175 imloa to the beginning, and known
a the "Mushy Tract."
All ot aalil liin.ls are well Improved and la
a fine state of eultlvatinn.
Xenna of Hale: One-fourth ensb, balane
in one, two, tbreo and four yean, witb In
terest from dute, and aecurea by trust deed
on said lands. 1). 0. fLAliOUTHK,
Chairman and Trustee of Kitute of W. II.
H. D. Jonlitn, Attorney.
And Iron Hoofln j.
Telephone.) Ofl Main Ctr-ont I na Dlaeb Mamnkls
a.ww muni uiiwvi, a.L,u uivt,n, Iiieill)llll9,
wvm faiw. John I Illy. eg. )-ln. James H
W. II. tean
tne treaty of 1818 to taka tish within
the tbrea mile limit in certain definite
parts of the Biitish Noith American
coaets, and to dry and cure floh there
tinder certRin conditions, this govern
ment hasn.t fou id it necessary to no
tify fiflhernien that they ire now pre
cluded from fishing lu British North
American territorial waters."
Under date of Washington, May 10,
officials toward American v's;els, and
their apparent disposition to. use the
most extreme and techniral reasons
for interference with vessels not en
gajed in or intended for inshore fish
ing on their coaH, and relates at con
sid;ra,ble length the circumstances
connected with the eeizure of the
AHama. He concludes the letter as
"I trmt ron will i tin me in malic.
ing the urgent and essentia!1 impor
tance of restricting all arrests of Amer
ican fiehing vessels for supposed or
alleged violations of the convention of
1818 with the limitations and condi
tions laid down by the authorities of
wreat Britain in 1870, namely: Tuat
no vessel shall be seiaed unlets it is
evident and can be clearly proved that
the offense of ftabinz has been com
mitted and tbe Vcss 51 itself captured
within three miles of land. In regard
to the necessity for the instaut impo
sition of such reitrictinns upon the ar
rest of vfssels, you will, I b.'lleve,
szree with me, and I will therefore
ask you to procure such steps to be
taken ss shall cause euch orders to be
forthwith put in force under the au
thority ef Her Majesty's govern
On May 22d Secretary Bayard wrote
to Minister West: "I have telegraphed
Mr. Phelps, nrgirg the advantage and
need of my coming to some immedi
a'e understanding with you expres
sive of the views of the two parties to
the treaty. My conviction strengthens
as to the importance of having a stop
pnt at once to vexatious interpre
tations and action by local authorities,
which can only hinder an amicable
accord, and I have asked that these
seisures be suspended without pr. Jn
eiici to the iegal results pending an
authoritative treatment of the main
question. It surely cannot be the pur
pose oi toe rrovincai eu hont ei to
embarrass the the countries by whom
lone the issues are co n;g-,b!e. A
frank and frierdly spirit hts breu ex
hi'ii'ed by both governments in ab
staining from any demonstration of
naval forces in Pruvirjchl waters, and
it is uei.raniB man mis suouia be con
tinned, ai it v ' ' -1 the moral im
in that passage of the report in which
it is observed that "if the provisions
ot me csnvanuonoi 1318 tiave become
inconvenient to either contracting
party the utmost th ,t good will and
lair dealing can suggest is that the
terms snail be reconsidered. '
thb communication closb as rol
"It is surel v net unreasonable that
Canada should inbist on thn rights se-
cureu to ner ny treaty. Stie is aim
piy acting on tne ueiensive, and no
troub'e can arise bet wet-n the two
countiies if American fishermen will
only recogn'se the provision cf the
convention of ibis as obligatory upon
them, and until a new arrangement is
made abstain from fishing in her wat
ers and from vielting her bays and
barbnrs for any purpose save these
specified in the treaty. The under
suned would express the horie that
the discussion which hes at wen on
this qustirn my lead to renewed ne
gotiations b tween Great Britain and
tbe United Statf , and may have the
result of tK.tibliBhing extended tia ie
relations between the R -public and
Canada, and of removing all sources
of irritation between the two coun
Inclosed in Eirl R jsebery's com
mnnication is also an extract from a
lettrr f om the Marquis of Lands-
downs to tart uranville in which he
"that the Dominion Government is
seeking Dy its action in this matter to
invade and destroy the commercial
rights and privileges secured to clti
lensof the Uni ed States under and
by virtue of treaty stipulations with
Great Britain is not warranted by the
tacts of the case. No attempt has
b'en made either by the authorities
Iiitrrjs'.ed with the eoforenment of the
existing law, or hy the .Parliament of
the Dominion to interfere wi'h verse's
er gaged in bona fide crmmr rcinl tiaos
aetinns u :on the coait of the I) m;n
bn." Under dates of Angust9 h. l'tliand
18 h and Seule nb -r 20tb S xirelary
Bay&rd complai s 0' violation of treaty
etipuations of the Canadian authoti-
After eihauating all th uiusl rem
Without Itellef,
I. tried Arer Cherry PenioraL It helped
ne iiiimoui't'e.r, ana eaeovefl a ipeedr cure.
. oioreaii, m.u., varroiltvn, .Mus.
Ayer'g Cherry Peoteral Ii decidedly th
best remedy, within mv a ha.i.h.. r..v
chronic Bronchitis, and all lnng diieatei.
M. A. rtust, H.D , South Paria. Me.
I was a'taekad. laat wlntite. lil,
Cold, whioh, trom en osure. grew worse, and
nnally settled on mi Lun. hi nlaht
weta I was reduced almost toa skeleion.
MrOough wai incessmt, and 1 frequently
pit blood. My physician told me to fire up
business, or 1 would not lira a month. A Iter
taking serious remedies without relief, I
,waj Onslly
Clured Itr lifting
two bottles of Ayer's Cherry Pectoral. I am
now in rat-feat health. anH ski. n Mantna
business, after baring been pronounoed in
surant wlih OoDsninptiun.-b. r. Uender
son, Bauliburgh, Pentu
For yeara I was In a decline rh!
lungs, and sufered from llroaobitii and Ca
tarrh. Ayer's Cherry Pectoral re-tored m
to health, and I have been for a long time
oomuarauvBiv viirorona. in uu i.r snit. n
eold I always resort to the Pectoral, soil Ind
needy relief. Kdward K. Cartis, Rutland,
Two years ago I inHered from a sorer
Bronchitis. The nhriician atln,l r ma ha.
came fearful that the dieas would termi
nate in Pneumonia. Altor trying raricus
medicines without beneet, he Inally pre
cribed Anr'i CharrT PaeUe..! .Mh r..
llered me at one. I continued to Use this
medicine a shof time, and wjj cured.
oxnesi uonon, botansport, lad.
Ayer's Cherry Pectoral,
Prepared by Dr. J. 0. Ayr ' Co.. Lowell,
Mas.. Sold by aU DrutgisU. ,(Prio. ll.Wl
Sl bottles. tTi.OQ. '
I silr iibviIv IVit ttia Ijov tiUMM , lr
wihotukntt of ij r ti worn Um4 m4 of "C
sHaodi oaf Jir bo Cud. InJeM. o stroOsT U
Ulh la tta olBcavv. imi 1 ffl wod TWO gfOTTIJM
VUVM, leiMlt.r llh VALCABUI TU.'nil UH
fiawMsie to aay awftmtr, THti iti i im hJ r O. svldr
! T. A. bVLOOOM. IP iW. MT Trk. j
BrMer Car Worts Mannfact'ir Co
Flro. Wind. Water u,hi.i.r
riroof. Hiiitahle for all kinds of buildings.
f or prices and estimates a factory rales
sail on or address
i' A M Main it., and 21 A 21 Mulberry it.,'
Headinartera lor Iron Fenw-s and O-estfnc
Htlvnn Iron rtnrnlce.'l In Ki-nfa A toe.
llrlatkler, Ark JHaaBOsetarer f
XJiJiLUU rilM. AND OAK LUMBEU Prwlamatlon by the (.nvrriioiv
AUD DEAa.fi etal ! -
Irwari, Savs-, BUb4, DreM4 FlooriB;, CeQIajr, WeatherBtMNlK
r.S,j.;tfll'll,l'9llLL,1n ij" CblaaHes iswolaliyi aia, rVai-
In I If f ail Mitoaa. We make th Wh.leaale Bailees a sMiaJ USmil, ISLi
solioitcd and sraaaetly 1114
X3. 114 Jeffanon atreot .- Mamjphlg, Te
EVKRY hon'ekeeper knows- somethlm
about the troubles caused br smoklni
f eplaees, which are among the greatest anl
asnces to be met with. On of the important
things to he attended to In all honsrs is to sea
that Ibe grates are set pro-,rly, and that th
flr'tilRcos are correctly built. Mr. -
I.r.Miar, l Usrsso Ntrrrl, S an expert
at this business, and has nabnbil some ar
rangement that enable him to correct smoky
chimneys and to gst the irreateat heat from
the fuel. All who want Breplaces or ehim
neyl remedied ahould apply to Mr. LEMON,
whop work will fir laUslactlon. .
Speer's Cotton Gin
lluliii from Mulberry to St Martin Streets
W Inuranoe and Sacks free.
"Th Largest and only Complete Gin in the olty.
WBeit Tleld. Best Sample.
Va. '
lease f MMhaa A Hrla.
Ut it ry AOl IllQBI
The State nf Tenn.s-eo-'Vm B. Bale, (ior
erniir To all wh shall tee tliess presents..
WHKKRAM, It hns been rnnde known to
me Ihu'NHiu Drum (c), ohnrgeil with
having cniiimitted luin-der on the I, ity ol
Koach Oakley an the d o .if Octobe-, iKJaS,
In our county of Minlbv, Uud Iroui jusiiow
and now rurnlng at la-tc;
Now, tl.ernfi.ro, I, U rn. II. Bain. Movvrnor
as aforesaid, hy vlr ue of th i-.,er and au
thority In me veste.i, do hereby oBer a re
ward of two hundred nnd fly dollars to ids
person or i.urhons who tus. ai.i.rHt.n,i
said Ham Ijiuce (it), and deliver h-m to th
sheriff or lailor nt our onunly ol Hhoftiy,
In order that lus'liw in th;,t beha" iuy l
bad a "d oiecntjt. This rowcrd is payabl.
btt I on dblivenr to kherl If uiul h-i
bAM BltUCK auilnd tne blllU. U. .,.!.
Onkloy, is 6 laet U inches high, henny eet,
broad shoulders, i onuine o ilnrvd man. Inre
leatures, knun lila. k eyoa; had burnnile
whiskers, musUicho runnmi,- hick to whis
kers) boasting disposition i h-els turn out
more tbun or.linarllv in ..i i. in. u..iiu
irom Morgan Point, nonr Oaoeola, Ari., and
more recently trom Bell' sawmill, uear
Lakeview, in Tennessee. .
In Tn.tiaiony Whereof. I hsi-e herein to set
my Hand, and oauiod the (treat ,-esi ot tiw
Hlate to be affiled, at Nnshylle, on th Via
da- ot November, leW.
By the Ooraraor.
John Allison, Secretary o' Ktale
w-gj rront Btreet sxamamis Tenn.
" ,-aj-JJJJ i yTjs!Me:'..!'r, at. r
r ' " morican Mewspa-
W. IV. Ilrowu.
. F. Garrett.
W.ST. I!rown,Jr.
W. M. Brown & Go.
260 .Front Street : Mom phi h. Ten 11,
iers and comp ete the work ithin ten days,
this Is at the reus ot onlv one fifth nt a cent
a line, for 10XI Circulation I 'Ihn advertise
ment wlil.apiiear In but a aingie issue o' any
J. si.er, an I cnmequently will be placed be
nre One Million difforent reaspaper pur
chasers) or Fivg Million Kaauaaa, if it is
true, as is sometimes stated ttrit evoy newe
paer Is locked at bv five pe-sons on an av
erage Ten lines wll aeconiuiodate about
eventy-n. words Address, will. c..py t.f
advertisement and check, or send "M cents
tor honk ol ltd ,. ages. OK'.". KOWKLLA
CO . 10 hpruco strret. Ne V'-'k.
oani-s, and a new
d si. ,- -.fui- t I KB
your own home, by ni bo was dead
twauty-eiaht yeas, freLcJ by unwi ol
the noted siacialisis without boneb'. ti'aais
HiunaLr in throe months, and sii..e then
hundreds of ot'ers. t'ulf particutarr aeDl
on ai.iill.'Htion. T. 8. I'AUK,
. 41 West 31st itieet.Nt Vtti Cny.
" at yoar own home, I

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