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MEfli'lllS APPEAL.
THCBSDAT, I t DtC. . 1&8U,
BIAS. Tho ros'tion oi the Iadians that re
ma' n uni ;vr in bus bcoue 10 aarima
lou', tln.t r. fl (tin cunstf rurp'ife
why, dang or.r ceiit;:ry cf nn'.ioiial
C iiBience, while c u' mifisirnaries liavfl
tem currj jrg religion am! civ lizi'in
to d Mar t land?, so lirt'o pr v.rf.a l?
boen made towaid e!cvatirg- them
and fiuitg theui fur ti;is?iisliip. In
big niesssirtt jutt laid b fore Coi gtw,
Pii-sid-nt Clubland hug xery properly
called attention to the "Iadian prob
It Di." Hj poiog out that oar prsscnt
Ir.dinn Bvg.em wrg established when
the whites and the Indians wera far
apart. Toe extension of )Oiu'atijn
has brought the two into close prox
imity, aad tb President calls upon
Congn si to ma e provifion for the
state cf things as it extets todny. Every
effort should have for its aim to fit the
Indians far cilisauship, for "they ara
a portion of our people, are under the
authority of cu; government,
aud have a pt-euliar claim
upon us." The JVsident there
for recunl.iienils lh) appointment of
a committee, with the special objout
cf transforming the iguorant rtd man
i ao an intelligent, nsoful citis-n.
This the present agency system can
no', accomplifb. These people sro now
sabmissive to cur laws and show a
desire fur education, and the means of
edno.ttion, and inetruc'.ioa in aurieut
ture and the ue of tools should be
opun to them. Soma have already
been shrewd enough to obtain ac
quirement, aud tbfie now want to
receive their own fllotments of the
land belong ng to the tribe collect
ively, so that thpy may bave their
own business and maintain independ
ently tholr hoaHehulds. Burn an al
lotment of laud to individuals the law
does not permit. Provision shou'd be
nude by Congress for establishing the
progressive in their owu homesteads,
with facilities for others to follow,
"breaking away," Mr. Cleveland
says, "from tiiJal curtnnvj, and
substituting Iberefor the love of
borne, the interest of the family, and
the rule of the Otate." The Indian,
natead of being left to brood over his
wrongs, mast be brought to see that
his welfare is cared for, provision made
for bis advancement, and for giving
him the protection of law, and with it
the rights and independence that
belong to manhood. In short, our
aim must be to fit the Indian lobs-
71 e chimin, to have his aims, am
I . 'OB aud hopes of success like
o.. r men. While shut out and
denied the privileges of the reat of the
m ..inanity, he can never become the
biOng he is capable of becoming, a
culture having his own property, his
own stock oi knowledge, and his own
Independence as a manly and indus
trious mxiuber of the community.
Such are President Cleveland's ideas
and recommendation to Congress.
Tl a', they are wise and states
d nllke, all who are versed in
tt "Indian problem" will allow;
t'.'tj are also beneficent and
Christian, and evidently come from
a heart whose sympathies are not
boanded to the narrow confines of
language, race or oolor. "The world
is my oonn'ry, tu do good my relig
ion," are words that come from a
very unorthodox source, but 11. ey ex
prees what His at the foundation of
Prettideut Cleveland's thoughtful aud
humane recommendations to Con
gress as to what should be the future
Indian policy of the United States.
The gret German general Von
Moltke stands at the head of the
world's living military commanders,
and in a warlike speech be maJe
in the Re cha'ag on Haturday he
assumed an attitude that shows that
he, at least, views the present condi
tion of Europe as one unfavorable to
the maintenance of pnace. Si
thoroughly is ha imbued with soldier
ly Ideai tliitt hn la credited with paying
that "war is an element in the order
of the koi Id or 'alnd by Qod, for in it
the noblest virtues of mankind are de
valoped." The Germsn Government
demands that ths Reichstug shall
mike appropriations for an important
introfSa cf tin German army; that it
shall be ma le, not aa uruul for the
coming year, Lut for seven years lo
come. A3 tiie army of Germany is ai
res !y si htrgn s to bu a fearful weight
upon th r sources of the nation,
thers is much rolu stanca to agree to
those domiiiid1, but the government
declares ttint such ii the nrgnucy of
ths cor th'it its demand ma t bu
acceded to, end it must ba done liofore
Curiitruu c imei, as delay msy lead
to most n rious onsequnnces. To
orgs the Il icbstag to thorongh and
immei)ia:e action, the veteran Yon
Moltke, now 8(1 years of ag, appeared
before it w th a speech that produced
a pro'ounl impression. It was uttered
with a s. It-run earnestness and an
emphatin decision that betokened, in
the speaker's mind, a conviction that
a groat cr tig Is at hand. There was
no express reference to Russia ; there
silence wss probably a political nec
esaity, but f the position of Fiance,
which has ircreaeed its army and its
wJr l marital, Vou Moltke spoke
-without re-erve; he has always dt
clarsd thi' Germany will never give
tip to France the provinces oi Alsace
and Lanain. Amid huehad s lenee
on the part of the R ichstag he de
clsred, a hi ling to France: "So long
aa public cpinlon there clamors with
nnvarii g tindttfl neciteJ bitterness
for tbp itctiiu iiin of tlnj provinces re
gained wiih "si much bloodshed, ss
loog niu'.t fi-rmany repeat that she
will sheJ ber l.t drop of blcod in
holdicgard defending here -nqutta."
These wnrds wtre rereived w th an
ou buist oi cbeors. Von Moltke thrn
aer'cd th it the safety of nations do
p-r.ds upon their might, snd the
refoarccs of Q.-rmsny's a Je'y "lie In
the excell-me of its army." All these
procecdiigt apprntly tend to show
t.r.t v.arliimmii.e;i, t u. the qutioa
is mk-.d, Ii the Ui rinaa Governm-i.t
h e in its 'apu H'e, cr is it taking
a lvar.lag'j of exis ing tr uh'cs to
i lam the R.ichit g iuto confoimi'g
tun DPrExixo catrteo bi j
orrit'E SEEKER.
Much o! the suffriogj of the w rk
iagmen CS'1 be traced to office seeking
deiaitpgaes. The late developments
rpgtrding the Chicago a rike, which
thrjw 20,000 msn out of work.and
caused several thousand of their nnm
brt perinsnently loso their places,
shew that it was net a 1 for the work
ingmen, no deiire to advancs their
real iattereits, tht precipitited tbe
strike, but to sec ara tbe election of
Master f orkman B a tier, who at the
time wasihi caudidati of the Labor
party for Sheriff of Cojk county. Ia
other wordn, this ofB seeking
laboring mm sa?iiflced 20,000 laboref s,
brought unspeakabU suffering upon
them aud their fatnills, in the hops of
securing his eleoti n. Butlor failed lo
get la j offl :h oi berifT, bat the result
ol his brutal selQs'mesi threw 20,000
men iut d employment, lost thorn
$250,000 in wage.', and many of them
aie still eufiering for bread, as their
emp'nycr ref iscd to restore men to
work who engaged in a strike so
wiiked and caasoioes. In every elec
tion tbo woritiugmen are imposed on
by the ofi.e seeVerj ia their owu
ranks, hnd by the office seekers outside
who never did an honest day's work
inlboir li van, and who, with soft Landd,
Wiile ehquantly about the wrongs of
ths laborer. The labor oraanis itiom
sSnuld rid themselves of such
offl.erieeking deraagigues as Butler,
who una them for selfljh purposes.
The disastrous strike inaugurated to
secure ths election of Butler will
teach int 11 goat workingmen the suf
fering that will follow every attempt
U pervert their orgaa'aitlona to tbe
election oi oflTe seeki rgdemag-aea.
Few lhlaHs In public sflaiis deserve
more Ihoughlful attention than the
monthly report of our loicei by fire,
when we ramsmber that the greater
part sf the loss arises from our want
ofc.tre. The evil does not decrease;
experience cf the loss of property, the
ruin of hard working people, and ths
Ions of life appears to produce slight
Impression, end the report for the lost
month is aboat as bad as it could be.
Leaving eat tbe exceptional Boston
fire, tbe average lost during Novem
ber, since the record wis kept, has
been 17,500,009 in the United Sates
and Canada. During the last Novem
ber It has amounted to $10,003,000.
Tiiis i, fof last month, an excess of
83J per cent, above the average for tbe
earns month for any November of
whloh trustworthy fire statistic exist.
Is not such a fact worthy of considera
tion nnd surlou) thougbtf The New
York BulUiin't cm efully kept file j re
port 109 fires during the month, each
ol which destroyed property to the
amount of batwoen fOOJO and 110,000.
There wore tkirteen fires where
the lo in mich cae was between
$100,000 snd $2J!00). The entire re
corded loss by fire during the eleven
months of the present yer has been
$105,000,000. The figure is a fearful
one, especially whon wa remembor
that tbn greater part of the loss was
preventable. The prevailing indiffer
ence lo providi by drilling the young
of earh fimily to dread fire, aad by
providing every needful preciutlon
sgilnst fire, and agsinst meeting- i s
flrnt ontb e k when co much more can
be done than can be done in the fame
epics of time a'terward all point to
the necessity of a legal investigation
of owners and occupants of burned
premises, to as to arouse a seuss of
perrons! rapon-lb lity wl'hln each
olt am as it respects caution againBt
TerrlBe aiornaa.
London, December 8 A lerriflo
gale, aooompanled by lightning and
thunder, prevailed Inst night and this
morning in ths southern counties of
England and the channel, where a
numbnr of vera la were wrecked at
Brighton. Much damage was done
throughout the United Kingdom.
Rain and hall fe l during thn storm
and ciused widwprra.l dia ater. In
Scotland there was a heavy IM of
Ths rale abated sotubwhat darlog
the daytimn, bu'. raged with Increased
vlolm.o tluriag the night ovtr the
whole Kingd mi. In the west of Ire
land the st Tin was tsrr.fln. Steamers
are dolnyed in making Q leenstown,
and all the haibors aie filled with
suinping. Tbe high tide at Limerick
is (1 oiling the warehouses on ths wa
tt r lion', and at Aiuiagh the spinning
mills have been s'opped by flood-.
Damage to property, acoidents, and
some rasea of houses being set on fire
by lightning, are reported from all
parts of the King'om. A French
vessel foundered ifl Dynscburch, and
fix porsona Wire drowned. On tbe
Dan'sh coast many vessels bave been
The gale was of unprecedented vio
lence. At Liverpool aad on the Isle
of Man the barometer sank to the
lowest point within memory. . Ia the
morning the renter of the storm 1st
oft the northwest of Ireland, and it is
now pawing to tbe eastward of Scot
land. Off ail the ooMsts were seen
ships flying signals of distress. It is
feared ibat thers has been a great loss
of life. The papers bad no telegrams
from the continwntjsst ptght.
Aa Aaaerleaa ajrero Prakor
I omiioh, December 8 David Nero,
a ri'vro religions lmpos or who pro
fes d to bave been son; by thn duec
tors of a Ml som 1 college of wbiob he
wts principal to rae tu ids for an ex
pi'dition to rvangr-l se S mthern Africa,
wai coiivic'ed i t 8nlo d of obteining
morev nudor falBe pr tunsee, Ri d seu
teno'd to six months imprisonment
a hard labor. N to pr anhed at U ai
gow, Edinburgh, L o il n end or her
phic s, ami ai i xtemely popu nr.
parti u nrly with the leinaie sex,. until
exp .s-d.
liiHpect TtieUwrd a MlwcU.
SfOV. Ptiilrn III I Intrndnccd by Zacb
T)lr "ho ilv rand Harbur
tomunttev- Silver loin.
Iflprtouu to ths irrtAi..!
Wahbixotdn. Dc'wrnlier 8. Rer-rff-S'Htat
v Tayl r toJay introduced
three p ih'ouM for pensions from wid
ows rtslding Rt Kcot''s Hill, Ilfnder
son county, Teun. The grounds on
which t tie pnns'onx have beenrefos'd
by the Pdiision Office are the same in
eaeh case. Tbe soldiers wer r.ever
muotered into service. Ths bibs are
for th relinf of Harriet E Jonei, es
the "ldowcf Wm. T. Presley; Nancy
R, Price, widow of Stephen L Price
(these two men died in Anders nville
prison), and Margaret E Price, widow
of Robert C. Price.
A bill was also introduced for the
claim nf E. J. Timberlane, adminis
trator of the ettato of P. R. Sana 1, of
$4149 for stores taken durii g tbe wer.
The c 'remittee on the liver at d har
bor bill has been prevented from
goinir to w rk a once on acrount of
the d'jlay of the chi f engineer ia fur
nishing the nccefsiry estimates. It
wfti decided, howevi r, to meke a re
duction of from tweuty-five to thirty
per cent in tbe bill over that cf lis'
goneoii. This action l as be n nices-ii-ta'od
by the ttre nnous nppos tion
a nit ths shortness of the session.
The commiitee prefer to carry through
a small appro;. ria'ion for the rivers
and harbors ra ber than fail to pi-si
a bi l which should appoprixte a de
cent mm accordingly. The work on
tv'o Miae'seip i and Mig'onri rivets
will be coneiderably curtailed Lexc
year. The Tennes ie delegition is all
here now with the exception of Mr.
Billantine, who will anive l ero on
Monday, having been ditjined by
private business and the illness of his
Montana's application.
D legate Toole, of Mnntina, ap
peared before the LIouss Committee
on Territories today and made an ar
gument in favor of the sdmiebionto
the Uuion of that Territory as a State.
Chief of Engineers, transmitted to the
Houte today by the Secretary bf War,
shows that toe bilancta on band No
vember 1st last of ths appropriations
for nvers and harbors were, in the
Treasury, $15,430,944; in the hands of
officers a' d in transit, $1,196,418; to
tal, $16,630,62.
returned to Washington this morning
from N-iw York
The President has accepted a section
of forty miles of the Cascade biauch
nf the Northern Pacific railroad, in
Washington Territory, from t ie 124 h
to tho 165th mile wtat from Columbia
land orrica
has recommended that proceedings be
commenced to compel tbe removal cf
fences unlawfully iocloeing public
lands in Colfax county. New Mexico,
amounting to about 165,000 scree, of
which the Western Cattle Company s
Slid to bave inclosed about 47,000
sores, tbe Pilo Blanco Ca'tle Company
2000 acres, Stephen W. Dorsey 13,627
acres, tbe Portsmonth Oatt e Compuny
2M0 acres, Prairie Cattle Company 13,
500 aces, and James Temp'e 7U0 acres.
The Commissioner alto recommends
that the feoces inclosing about 82.000
acres in the pub ic lands strip so lib of
Kansas, said to havd been built by the
Western Cattle (Jomptuy, be removed
by the military.
Tiva rsriKS,
of Kansas, t' provide for the dep:sit
of go'd or tilver coin or bullion as
security for national btnk circulation,
authoriies the barks to deposit coin
to the par value of United Sta(ts
bonds now deposited as the has s of
thnir clrculati. n, or to deposit bullion,
at fficient in value at current prices,
to be determined by tin 8ncre'ary of
the Treasury, as shall iqial the par
value of their bonds, and the Secretary
is empowered to surrender the bonds
to the banks when coin' or bullion is
so deposited.
RsrsasuNTATiva millbb, or tbxas,
Introduced a bill to amend the na
tional btnk act of July 12, )882,bo us
to provide that national bauks having
a capital of $"000 or less shall not
be requtred to keep on deposit at tbe
Treasury United States bonds in ex
cess of tOOOO as a curity ot circulation ;
that banks having a capital cf not
more than 1250,000 snd not less than
$75,000, shall keep on deposit $10,0ii0,
ana biuks having a capital of $150,
000 or more, shall not be required to
keep on deposit mors thau $.5,000.
to representatives ol domestic iron in
terests in reaard to the manner of de
termining the dutiable value of im
ported iron ore. Un 'er the tar fl set a
duty of 75 cents per ton is imposed on
iron ore. The Treasury Department
recont'y ru'ed that du'y shall be as
sessed on the ore alter it shall have
ben suMected to a temperature of 212
degrees Fhrenh' it. Ttiis ruling was
ba-e 1 on infurina i m that such was
the cnrnuiorclal signifliance of Iron
ote. Domealic mine owners have pro
tested againi-t tins ru ing as ut just to
domestic interest. Argument in sup-
fort ol their claim that dried iron ore
snot the commercial sigv.iQcation of
iron ore were nude at tbe hearing to
day by M ssrs. Weed and Witherbee
of New York, E y and 11 inca of Cleve
land, Curry of Michigan, Imboden
and Bowling of Virginia, Swank of
Pniladelph a. Weeks of Ptttebnrg and
others. Ei Solicitor General Phillips
repres'nKd the iuteres's of ths im
porters snd made an argument in favor
of the recent ruling of the department
The river and barb w bill this ses
sion seems likely to be a rather slen
der one. The appropriation of last ses
sion is only just getting fairly into ue,
and the engineers seem to Lavs been
struck with a remarkable apam of
modesty, for Instead cf some $10,100,
OiO or $50,000,000 asked for a year ago
they now ask for only $28,000,000.
And th'a includes the estimates
ot the Mississippi River Gommitsion
on the Mimifs'ppi river below Cairo,
which of themeelves are something
over $6,000,000. There reems to be a
disposition to out out altogether the
minor streams and to devote the ap
propiiatlons mostly to the more im
portant pr.j'cts.
Mr. Morrison bus expieosed himself
in favor ol taking anything whatever
he can get in the wy ol adju tment
of the tariff, aod thkt as soou as it can
he had. His (rends are expressing a
di sire to see eome sgreemxnt reached
on t' lj mihj.ict. "I g ,U Bdv sj
him," sad Gen. Oa, of Ala
bama, on cf the mo-t consrv'.
t ve of the Ilo tse D. mocmt, "I
bhull advise him lo firs; try his own
bill, and if we f -ii! to get that np, thi n
move to tnke up the Rtmlall tuifl
liill. If we can do that I l ave s .rue
hope that we may r-tch eome aree
mi lit Peih-.pi we may get ail the
reduction tl.at we think ought
lobe li-nl. But if we et a readjis
ment and a mnde'a'e r'dict.on,
one which Mi 1 rtdooi w revenue
somea-l.at, eo th t tho tmrulua iu the
Treasury need i n' ho pi'i.. np whtn
the 3 per cent, bonds are o id, and so
th it ths people i.l i e ril of feomo n(
the bmdui s of taxnti ip, it vre can ac
complish thi?, evn it tr do n'tgjt the
reduc ion that wh want, I am in favor
cf accepting what we can get."
This seems to he tbe fen'imeot cf
leirly all tl o3- who express them
selves on the eu je :t from a Demo
cratic standpoint Ii fact, Mr. Rn
dall seems to have gained a good deal
of ground in thef w months sii c the
vacation of Congress bgan. Many of
the oen who would note insider ordis
cuss his bill are now in lavor of tak
ing it as second cm ice, with the hope
that a ea iafacto'y compromise may be
reached. Toe general tone of the tar
iff reform people is very conciliatory,
much more so than it wes six mouths
ego. Ttiey evidcmtly doo't mean what
th y say when they state that they
dou't think the cause of tariff has
been at all shattered in the recent
fbanses ia OHice rh President's
It 111 uiiiHtlc.
Washington, December 8. Tbe
Diuinot (Wiuhr0!! ne's todny appoint
ed 'oL Wm. G. Moora to be Major
and Chief of Pooce, in place of Muj.
Walker, resigned. Uol. Moore is the
commanding officer cf the Washing
ton Light Iufa .try Corps, and at
present holds a iiiomineut position in
the National Metropolitan Bank of
Was linu'on. lie was private secre
tary lo Ex President JobnHon.
Preoident O'eve and Buffered con
siderable rheumatic pain today, aad
spent most of tbe time in a re comb nt
pobition. lie denied himself to all
callers eoccept n few Henat.'ts who de
sired to ses him on important busi
ness. Bell Telephone Case.
Wasbinqton, December 8. Mr. Jeff
Chau'H -r, of K .vofi.uoent couneel in
tbe Bell Telept.oi e company rase,
said today tbe government did not
pronose to appeal the case lo the Su
preme Court, bit will institute suit
ega nst the compaov iu B sronassion
as possible. "ISot," he said, "because
we b lieve tv e Columbus dec sion
wlh regard to jurisdiction to be just
or because w hiive any doubt in the
matter, but b.rause we retiiza that it
wculd be Imp asible tog- t action by
the Supreme Court for at least two
years. Tbe overcrowded condition (
the docket," he continued, "wonld
materially throw the cae over Until
next term, and it would be almost im
possible to get it advanced, since the
court has several t mes refused to ad
vaoce cases at the express solici ation
of ths Attorney General, and it cer
tainly would cot be eo In this case.
Ws would spend two years to stand
Iust where we are now, so that it has
teen deemed advisable to take the
case to Boa-on "
Beaolalloua of Condolence.
Waiwngton, December 8 The
H m;-e Committee on Agriculture met
today and adop ed resolutions of con
dolence for the death of Representa
tive Price, who was a member of tbe
committee. The resolutions will be
engrossed and rent to tbe family of
the deceased representative.
Babaldlnry HllTrr Coin.
.Washington, December 8 The
Secretary of tbe Treaeury today trans
mitted to the House a comu.unication
from the Director of the Mint pointing
ont the r.eed of new legielat on in the
matter of the siaicuory limit cf sub
sidiary silver coin ou standing in cir
culation. In bis communication the
Director says th.t the prac iue of the
department seems to have been based
upon the theory that it is the duty to
supply subsidiary coin up to the full
riquirement bf ihs public demand,
yet ibis practice does not eeem to Re
cord with tbe j ant resolution of 1876,
limiiing thesm mnt ot subsidiary coin
outstanding to 15 1,000,000. To sus
tain the department in its theory and
action in this m utter the Director tub
mi la a draft of joint reso ution pro
viding that so much cf the act of 1876,
above referred to, as limiis to $50,
000,000 the amount of subsidiary
silver coin outstanding, be repealed.
It aleo au hori s the Director to pur
chase the bullion required for ttiis
coinage with tbe bullion fund, with
the p oviaion th-it he am mot to be
coined into ha'.f d liars, quarters and
dimes shall be regulated oy the Secre
tary. Authorised lu lie-in Baslneaa.
WAfHiNOTON, D.-cember 8. The
Comptroller of the Currency today
au horis 'd the Midison National
Bink, cf Madieon, Dak., to begin
business with a M iul of $50,000.
Washington, December 8. Tbe
Pr eeiden t tod iy foi,t ti the Senate tbe
following nominations: Tbo. Mom
light, of Leavenworth, Kas., io be Gov
ernor of Wyonvng Territory J Arthur
L. Thomas, cf Pennsylvania to be a
member of tbe U ah Commission;
Naval Construe or Tneo iore D Wil
son to be Cuief ol the Bureau of Con
struction and Kep.iir aud Cnief Cou
etructor in tho Department of the
Navy, with the relative rank of Com
moduie; Pay Direc or James Fu'ton
to be Chief of the Bureau of Pro-vl-dona
and CI tdng end Payma-ter
General in the Department of toe
Navy, with the relative rank of Ci m
modore; Pay Iispentor Rutus Parks
to be a Pay Director; Paymaster James
E. Tolferee, Pay lueprctor; Assistant
Paymas'er John Corwine to be a
Passed Ass'a'ant Paymaster.
Diamond at Sluliord'a.
foniUvlUe Cement.
Foundations, cellar walla and build
ings snbject to overflow should be con
structed with Louisville Cement It Is
the standard.
Diamond Watctaesu Mnlford'sj
Inner Op rati Pnd
Dbmvxb, CoL.,December8. A Lead
ville special aays Signor O peratl, a com
poser, impresario and leader of tbe
Clio Orchestra, died there last night ot
congeetloit of tbe lungs. The deceased
composed the mnso of 27i Black
Crook; was leader of tbe orchestra at
the Centennial Expos ton, and author
of several French operas, and piior to
coming to America was pianist to Vio
tor Emmanuel, King of Iuly. His re
mains will be shipped to New Turk.
Monogram Dangles, Molford.
And it stl'nnlatos aad promote the
growth of tbe hair.
fturoe'Va Flv.;r:r FTtrr-etaa-e tbe
Flue llultbes at Mullord's.
ttho lldles a Paitisau Addres' U
tho C iiisPi'Tatlife ("lub-The
Fr ten Cublnot.
London, Denembfr 3 hnd Silis
bury deiivend an orfdrw at the Ci y
Cor.s rvative tluo this eveuirg. He
laid that it was a rema-kahle phe
romenon that mea cf the greatest
power and ii fl ;ence had separated
themsjlves from theLibeial party ad
that thir leacter had thrown aside
parry claims f r a principle. No party
co-nmanded an absolute msjoriiy in
Parliament, but the Conseivaiives and
Unionism were woikjng together, aad
thongh 6tll retaininir. their indi
vidutlity end independence on al
sut jets except one, b .th sides were
avoidiog points of difference. Noth
ing could exceed the s'raightforward
nees d'uplnyed by Lrrd Uartington
and his folio ers in rendering tneir
co-opera ion easy.
Cont nuirg, he said: Mr. Firth has
claimed that the Contervatives have
been converted to his views ia regard
to municipal reform. Weil, I am
grieved to h ar it, beciuse I should he
sorry to entertain such views. We
strongly rpprse everything that will
diminish ttie luster and authority of
the city corporation, though not blind
to the needed municipal reforms out
side of the city. lie a.d not believs
that any cunning manipulation ot tbe
municipal ins'itu ions would give re
lief to Ireland. She labored under tho
evil that her poou'ation had been
long deceived, aid nothing but the
strong arm of the law persistently ap
plied could redeem the peope
from that deception. It was
not a question of home rule
with w'aich they had to deal, but was
with a very different thinn 'he keep
ing of others' money in their pockets.
Could the founding of a catiou be
baed upon orgn zjd embtzz euient?
Lord Salisbury regretted their adopt
ing this courso, because they we.e da
s roying the confidence of man in
man, which was the rcot and prop of
p o'perity, end the evil effect of
which destruction generations could
not remove. Oa the other hand he
was glad that they had not de
ceiveda the Eoglisb people, who
might have been misled aud con
fused as to the justice of the Irish
claims. "It is certin," couiinued
Lord SalLbary, "that we will tuertby
obtain the support of many men who
lave hitherto sympathized with the
Irish in their aspiration?, but who
will feel that they are resisting not
only tbe dismemberment of tbe Em
pire but dcctiines fatal to the develop
ment of the industry and well being
of any community. With Lord Hart
ington, I regret that English s'ate8mn
allied with tbe Irish party have done
nothing to stop such a pernicious doc
trine, a doctrine for which they are
largely responsible."
International Cable Conference.
Pabio, December 8 The Interna
tional Cable Conference adjourned
until July 1, 1887, when all signatory
States will be asked to adopt penal
legislation to Insure the execution of
article 12 of tbe convention.
The 4'rencta Cabinet.
Pabis, December 8. President Gre
vy, on tbe advice of M. Flouquct,
President of the Chamber of Depu
ties, who yestsrday undertook lo form
a ministry, but without success, sum
mond M. Gohlet todav to form one,
but Goblet decliued. President Grevy
again summoned Flouquet. and sub
sequently, under preeeure, Goblet con
sented to undertake the formation of
a Cabinet.
Catholic J (hi I ficatlon.
Dublin, December 8. The Oatho
liis of Lurgan, County Armagh,
formed in proie,s on last night aud
marched throuxh tbe streets to show
their joy at the aiquittal of some of
their number who had been tried on
charges of riotiug. The Orangemen
of the town resented the demonstra
tion and attacked the paraders. A
fierce liot ensued aud sticks, stones
and revolvers were used. Tho fight
ing lasted several hours and was fin
ally quelled in the early morning by a
troop of dragoons, which had to bs
called upon. A score of persons were
wounded and several houses were
partly wrecked.
lews From Berlin.
Bkblin, December 8. Socialist
Bundesratb, replying lo the resolution
adopted by the Keicustag at the last
session disapproving of tho recklees
expuhion of Russian and Austrian
subjects from Pinssia, de lines to con
sider ths reeolutions on the ground of
the competency of the Prussian Gov
ernment. The order ot expulsions
cannot be called in question.
. Ludwig Gumpel, a prominent bank
er u f Li ipsic, is dead.
Tbe official statement shows the
public deht of tbe city of Hamburg to
bs rver 150,010,000 marks.
D'Oyley Carte's M kado Company
has returned to Berlin, snd. are meet
ing witii crowded homes. Crown
Prince Frederick William has taken a
bex tor a seuton of thirty-five nights,
Melbourne Kzblbltloa.
Melbourne, December 8. Prepara
tions for the exhibition to be held in
this city in 1883 are being earned for
ward on a grand scale. The Prince
and Princets of Wales bave been In
vited to open the exhibition.
Don't Waul the French.
MiLBOCRNS, December 8. A depu
tation of Presbyterians has asked the
Governor cf Victoria to send a petition
to the Queen against tbo French occu
pation of the New Hebrides. The pe
titioners say that the occupation of
the islands by ths French imperils the
missionary work which is being car
ried on there and the interests of Aus
tralia. Tr.ey ask that effective steps
be taken to prevent the occupation of
the islands, which ia tantamount to
annexation, and alto ask that the gov
ernment protect ths missions that are
now established.
Grave Diplomatic inatiana HI a la
ter Maaalac
Citt or Mexico, December 8. It is
generally believed here that diplo
matic qucst'ons of grave importance
wi 1 soon arisa between the United
Stites and Mexico, growing ont of the
position taken oy Preeidnt Cleveland
against the tight of Mex'oi to try
Americans committing offHnsesagainHt
MexiCiin law while on American soil.
The new-paper j ol all shads of opin
ion staud by the government in this
ma ter on the ground that the princi
ple is a sound one and approved by
some cf the most hinh'y civilized na
tions in the world, .rieiinuniry judic
ial proceedings have been taken to
bring criminal su'ts sgainst the
euthors cf reient reports regarding
Ministor Mann-ng's conduct at a pri
vate dinner. The Governor of tbe
Federal District is active in trying to
detect the sources of these reports.
The physician who has bteo in at
terdance on .Miii6t---r Minningeays
he has bsen BufLrirg from two dis
tinct comp'a'nla dibtresing umbili
cal affection and incipient pi enmotite.
Minister Manning is ut the legation
discharging the ordinary duties of his
'Sau FranclNeo Mlrel Rail war.
San FraiCI8Co, Cal., Dec; mber 8
A tie up occurred on toe Hutter street
rxilway lines today. It includes tbe
S itter and Lar:kiu etrect cabin lines
and the Pi.lk street 1 orse cer branch.
Two bundrod and fi'teea men went
in o a strike, whioh was cuusedjby t'e
refusa' of ths company toc -mply with
the demands of tt:e men, that waees
bu increased from i'Z 25 to $2 50 a day,
and working hours decreased f oin
thirteen and one-half to twelve hours.
No disturbance tor k place.
'III !
For Dfrpepla,till daiu (,luiijiiu
f the Dlfeatlra Organ and tha
aTar,Skln Dlteaiei, Cat, Buu,
cnlda ant Brultm, ACID IB6S
A RTD la a apeclfie.
Khoanintlsm, malarial Dlor.
Cars, Chronic Dlarrha and a
atlaata eaaea ol Blood PoUonln,
yield without fail to lu wondo
tal varlrtiTR r.
A mil raarklat, sjn ha hant
at U.I J' ,, .-. f'VtAX.
SVM i i. 4. t.. K.m.t .iVhAil., I law
p'n: ,, urff cents.
At WholeRiilii by YA VI.FET& 10.
And Still They Come
S&ri,verj Pair Warranted 'QJl
M.T 85.1)0 , l'AIK.
410 Main Street, Memo lit".
rna ' m
Ii notaliquid, snuff or powder. Appliet
into nottrilfi fquicklji absorbed. It cUanset
the head. Allays inflammation, llealtthk
tores. Rettorttths tenses of taste and smell.
tOcmtttU Drugguu; byniall, rtaiutrtd, 0 emu.
ttT BROTHERS, Drngglsts, Owego, N. T
Mow The luie To Speculate
AOTIVK Fliifftna'ionri tn the Market ofw
opportunities ij peoulatna to make
moner i1 OraiD.Stockt Bonds and Pctro
leaio. Prom t personal attention nWen to
ordo'P recelrej by "-Iro or mn l Corrct
pondeooe anlioiud. Full inlormition about
the markete in o-r Book, wiiioh will be lor
warded tree on aijiilieation.
H. 1. KYLE, Bunker and Broker,
a Broad S4 Ne Ht'eetii. lsw torkCtty.
wr nn m. -
Electric Appliance art tent on 30 Diyt1 Trial.
WHO are utTprlnv from Nihtoot Dkbiutt,
Of I'RlisorTH, Nat-vm tvftiltiorf from Abvm and
OTtitm CAt'. 8tfHly ml irf and com pip t ruvo-
-tJon Of HKALTB.VltKBarxlMArllIOOlUt'AlArrrilft,
Th grrmndeit dicovery ol th Mnftevntta Century.
Send ai one (or lllustratml fainphlPt f roe. Addret
Fine Watch U-.ialriug, fiuUordV
Iron Karth.
Trade v
a, i it ai r jr
We, have remored oar entire baelneli te
Nos. 378 & 380 Front St.,
adjoining tho nys.. Hotel, where ws
are recoivir: a larte arsorlinent of t'ar
rlHK'x, Hiiaxli'U HHitonN, llnrnri,
smliliery, tin., all et whirk will be lold
nt Very Low Friim. A full lino of Store
B HiikriN and l.p on hand. All
pertonair, nerd o' the abeve (roods will .are
monty by ez iminin our i.ook before pur-
Manufacturers' Agents.
ioliflaf Li ii ij 11 s
Oranges, Malapa Grspes, Apples,
.Bananas, Lemuns, Cranberries.
Pitted Cherries, Evaporated Peaches
Citron, Evaporated Pesrs,
Germau Pears, hernsa Peel, "
German ("hemes, Evaporated Apples
Orarjge Peel, Dates, Kaibios, Prunes,
Pine Apple Glace, Fige.
Almonds, Pecans, Filberts, English.
Walnuts, Brazil Nuts.
Jellies, Preserves, Etc.
Shaker Preserves, Canton Ginger,
Dundee Jams and Marmalade,
Currant, Raspberry, Strawberry, and
Peach Jelly by the pound.
Apple Butter, Mince Meat,
Maple Syrup, Honey, Maple Sugar,
New Molasses, Sugar, Syrup,
Plum Pudding.
Curry Powder, Celery Sal', Olives,
Olive Oil, Capers, Mixed and Plain
Pickles, Sweet Siuffod Mangoes,
Holland, Pine Applo, Youuc: Amer-
iou and Crcnm Olice-e.
S'nlad Dkv-sic!, Dcvilod Ham,
Worcestersiiire Sauce, 't omato Cat
sup, Mustard, Pepper Sauee,
Sage, Thyme, Sweet Maigoriuin,
Summer Savory
Buckwheat Flour, Graham Flour,
Dried Corn, Farms. Tapioca. Sago,
Corn Staroli, Lonti Is, llollea Avena,
Oatmeal. Cracked Wheat, Split Peas,
Ri)e, White Peas, May Beans,
Farinoca, Homiuy, Grits, Barley,
Green Kern. .
White Peso? cs, Apricats, Eyg Plums
Yellow P'iaohcs, Grape.", Nectarines,
(Jreen 4sgcs, Cherries, Pine Apples,
Guosebimcs, Banlett Pears.
Asparagus, Baked Beans, Peas,
String and Stringiest Beans, Corn,
Tomatoes, Okra snd Tomatoes, Okra
Succatash, Pumpkin.
Canned Fish and Meats.
Lobsters, Bloaters, Deviled Crabs,
Finland Iladdies, SalraanSardines,
Mackerel,. Shrimps, Busuan Cavier,
Cove Oysters, Pijisfeet, Chip Beef,
Ox Tongue, Canned Beef.
Gelatine, Flavoring Extraots,
Yeast Powder, Blanks'! Hand-mada
Larrabee & Kennedy's Cakes and
Creamery Butter, Swept Cider,
Boston Brown Bread, Deep Sea Cod
fish, Shelled Aim ends.
ruAflt WOKW Heruored Alive, in front
40 mlnntettol boom, with head com
plete, or no ebarir. No Fasting required t
no poi mou u edioine.. Tan be Uken with
,p, by child or adult.. 0.11 or aend for sir
eulara.riK. M. NKY BMITH. 8peialit,
Bnrinrneld, Mo.
817 and
K. Second
Uinvrurmsns or
(ii,k('i,(, vat.
LSMK.m Rli.h fit . W..h,n.tnn. 1.
C. ProTidi rraotieally a-e'ul tioitnen. edu
cation. No teribi nor vacation., r-tudenta
enter at ant time. Teratt Lile .cholanrhtp,
40. Twnlre weeki' Ooar, Board, eto.,.175.
Knr1 tor 'r"U
Dolldaf rr senU, Stnlford'a
819 P5T imiis.

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