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(oeeaaer to
It !a receipt ( larger,
Ittttea iteck fClSSlJIEEES,TrOi!SIEIS,Sl lTnJj
Ilea;) thai was ever shown Is ttala market. TLn
liecx ceaarliei the choicest
u t darabls roads In gentlemen's wear.
IV Sassplej and Prices
Wke kive left measures.
lock Open
WE would respectfully announce to the publio that we have opened an Auction House,
and will conduct th General Auction Business at our old stand, ko, ! jMhIu
Street, in the Webster Blook. Having secured the servioes of Mdj. J. R. MoDON ALD, tho
.n iuuii nuuuou iMit'uiDi uu uKBiiDUK expenerca id toe auction nusiness, we ar
prepared to make at RKSIDENKS or MORKHOUSKS, and will nay particular atten
tion to the Kale of Kent Estate and solicit a liberal Datrnnana. as our m..ttn . Ka
and PROMPT hhTTLKMKNTd We will
kiavuie. ABsiur.ee DURnua. uuiuiiaeiuaert hud uuirmans. pales at our (salesrooms dally
at 10 o clock a.ra and at 7 o'olock p.m., and Trade Sa-ea onoe a week, the day to be en
Doanced hereafter. Consignments of Merchandise of ever; kind snlioited.
T IlKM'llOI-F fc CO., Liceuiaed Auctioneers.
J. B. McDONALD. "alesmnn.
veedntedajr. Dee f.
Bnpported by Mr. JOS. WHBBLOCK.
Wednesday... .. Elisabeth
Thurday... ; m acbet h
' Friday Harjr Smart
Saturday Matine.,I.art e Andley'e Secret
Monday, December 13-W. J. ECANLAN.
LiTing Two-Headed Cow
A Host of Other New Features
An an Entire New Company In
10e ,'aTiMIS-Ion TO ALT lOe
keal emate.
W. r LUMPKIN. 9 Marfieon at
MADAME FAN NAYS The celebrated
Gipsy Clairvoyant and Test Medium,
177 Third street, near Poplar.
TTHSTTl-eOoMB KNOX-Offiee, 273X
XJ Main St., orer Leidy's. Office telephone
SS5. Dr. Knox's telfphone, at reaideno, 981.
T7-.AT1K IlAHSkLL-t leaae
rite to renr
own FRANK M. II.
Memphis, Tenn.
CuoiisiUNB uutlt and repaired and war
' ranted. Inventorif the Sanitary Port
land Cement Pump. Contractor and btiok
laTr. 1Xr rhonn HK. THUB OUHnTNK
MARKS Fronl my atable, on Tuenday
niajht, Deo. 7th, a pair of small buy
mares, with harness on. Any oue returning
will be liktraJy rewarded.
. '6 Front street.
MULES-110 IlEWAhD One blank horse
mule, kianded S. M. on left shoulder.
One blaek mare mule, Isme in right (ore foot.
.eturn to
. at P. M.
Patorwon & Oo.'s Htahle.
MULES-On the nisht of Oct. 3d, S miles
east of Cellieryille, 2 black mare mules t
one about four years old, in good fix and
trimmed up, with little white spot under
Jaw; the other, ten or twelve years old.
rough, and not so well trimmed. Reward
for information, or return of mules to J. W.
Xoung, Metupru, nr
W. T. PRICE. OolliM-Tllle, Tenn.
aores high, level, very rloh land, 4 miles
Oiatoi Memphis, on Pigeonroost road; finely
improved. Terms librral Apply to
or A. J. MARTIN. 28D Main St.
MULES One or two mule, cheap,
At 476 Mississippi avmne.
FIRST-CLAeS Confectionery and Toy Es
tablishment; aood trade; g od reasons
jot selling. Aaaten it. K . tni- otnoe
LAND Deadening and Bayou Bank Lind.
5OU0 acres in Bolivar Co., Miss. Address
C. B. Allen, Nana hohaw. Warren Co.,M isg.
ARKANSAS FARw-OI 160 acres-fifty,
above overflow, r eared thirty dead
ened; threo tena , . nt h net. well fenced,
good water, convenient 'o tree schoo'a; good
fishing and hunting. Situated two miles
from Misiiisli pi ivr, thirty ahove Mem
phis. Part s"T will be takon in broad marea.
F. G. ftio lA V0 K, McQavuok,
M raissippi county. Ark.
AT A B AKGAIN A good payiog Gariuan
B anlinghouse in llulena, Ark , owner
wishing to reiiro Ft lurther particulars,
it quire at BRUNER'S, in Helena, Ark.
good trade; reaaon or selling, kadhealh.
Will sell oheap. Address
n., tnts office.
MILUH COWo And young calf,
at Keek's b
COTTON SUI.D-Alien Lone Staple Cot.
J ton Heed ; (4 centi ner bushel in lots of
Dot lass thaa 100 cnahels.
K., 3W Missisaioni avenne.
rnwo mules anddrays.
-a- Address W this offloe.
EOT-Cheioe Port Pickering lot; no oity
taxes. DR. HINSON. 279 Main rt.
Cheap, at
TiRAMB Cottage, on cur. Rayburn av. and
Si a ! - . I . . r,w ... 1 M
.a. vursia. i I,, winui wim a nonse oi a
rooms, in good order. This is a ohoioe piece
of property, and oaa be parohased on easy
monthly payment by paying part eah. Ap
ply Mlnter Parker or A. J. Martin, 288 Main.
PLANTATION Oa the Arkansas River,
Lincoln County 600 aores ra hiih state
of ealtlvation ; 1640 aores la tract t well 1
proved; steam gin, 2 large barn. 21 good can-
In s and handsome dwelling, 7 rooms, with 20
acres lawn In front. Liberal terms. Apply te
871 and 374 Front street, MemphlJ,
or J. (i UAPKovI I, Deraise, An.
Hand press, for nine-c
6 Waahine-toa
i-enlnmB hum, i
goo a iiisw. inquire at no. in union st. -A
II. A. Jonas k Co. 'a., one nioa aentie
XV bogry MAKE that any lady oaa drive
yrriM ierreeiiy safe.
-Kn at, nH M Market at.
XV is good repair: lot 57xl4H4. Apply to
m. v. KKNNEDY.47H Mosby st
little aael, and in good condition. Ap-
ply at
THS leaia and flxtnres of the St. Elmo
Betel, Me'ldian, Misa, Twenty-five
commodious rooms, within three minutes
walk of the Union Depot; large sample
room oa the street next door; now doing a
good business and pooular. Can be had at a
haraaln if appi ed for within tbe next thiity
diys Applv to Cbarlet Elmire, proprietor,
Meririte. Misa.
more varied tod better -
till, ieaaoa's Ittnori..
desiras. One.it texture
oa application to these
for Inspection
make special rates with Attorney, Adminis-
Owner can have Kama hv nrnvlne
LiJ. property anil paying charaes.
I'rvperij' aun paying canrses
WM r-PRI, I.MAN. d MaHnnt.
ROOMS Furnished or unfurnished; cen
tral looation; terms trod urate.
US Madson street.
ROOMS-Two detlrahle roomi at 133 Mad
ison street. References exchanged.
WM. H. 8TOVALL PLACI-UniolTave-nue;
hnnseand5 aor't.
WALTER QRKOORY. 285 Main at.
CHOICE OFFICB-On second floor. 838
V I Main itreet, oorner I'd ion- Apply at
36 Union. JOS. LENOW.
Third street.
brick (table on Short
B. 0. MOsBT,
304 Front street.
NEW 6 10RK Southeast corner Main and
Poplar sU. M. K. CON A WAV, 285 Main.
ROMS Two basement rooms, for colored
people only. lti8 UNION ST.
PLKIDID rooms, lurnished or unfur
O nished, with board. 180 LINDEN ST
ROOMS Furnished or anfurnished, at
street. B. M. KSTEB, 35 Madison.
arena and Jackson street; two-story
frame, about 24 aore land, fruits of all kind,
fine fruit -and vegetable garden. Will lent
for a series of years. Aiso, another place,
some six aores, near Qatton's; fine vines
and fruit, with residence.
L. B. MrFARLAND, 22 Madison st.
LaROB ST')HE First floor and cellar,
with side and rear entrances, aNos. 301
and 303 Main street.
OFICES-No. 282 Second street.
DWbLLlNHS-Nos. 391 Main street; 12f
Court street and 9 Quimby street.
VACANT LoTi Aoulv to
it. a. BjNOWiiCM or J. l
38 Mndison street.
T3O0MS Pleasant rooms, furnished U
J- V
desired, with references, at219Madison.
FFiCE First floor
At 32 Madison street.
4 ELKO (NT KDO.M.S-At 59 Market street;
single or en suite, furnished or unfur
nished, ood water ysnd rear business.
S- TOREHOUsE Four story an'l basement
storehouse. No H54 Front atreot.
C10TT0N "Ff ICE-Apply to K. M. Appar
J son A Co., No. 364 Front street.
HOUSE 2i Washington S: 7" rooms and
bMhronm. Apply at 133 Poplar St.
No. 16 Main Street.
fo. 206 Main Street.
No. 207 Main Street.
4 Mnilisnn St
AptilTto 'AMKH l,KB. .la
WHITE GIRL To cook and do house-
work, at 97 Vance street.
FIR3T-CLASS WOMAN-To cook, milk,
etc., fors.iiall family, at 699 Bhelby it.
bermaid: aood
Aa experienced cham
waaes: rnferflncas re.
Apply at 155 Seoond street.
SITU ATL IN By an experienced and prac
tical plantation manager; best of ref
erences klren; correspondence solici'ed.
Address "MAN AtfKK,"
Care "Oommeroisl." Pine Bluff. Ark.
Of any kind by a midale-aged
X man just from the North
'in Address
F. C. lb s rfflce.
PUPILS-Shortband taught,
at 53 Market street.
LADIES and Gentlemen, in city rr conn
try, to take Hkht work at their homes,
tl.00 to 13.(0 a day easily ma e; work sent
by mail; no eanvasaiog We have a good de
mand lor our work, and furnish steidv em
ployment. Address, 1th stamp, CROWN
M'F'H Un.,2!4 Vine Ft.. Onc'nnat', Ohio.
G1 1RL To do general housework.
T Apply at 183 Th'r.l street.
MIUATION-Onafarw as manNffer ; can
J fmnnh refprenoea. L. J R.. this office.
77 AD'M8 ST.
IRON A anantitv nf loret ard
macbinrr.' icrap iron and old car wheels.
. St. Louis Mo
QALKS.MEN In every State in the V ion
D to represent a PAINT MANUFACTUR
ING ESTAbLISHMENT having several
SraoiALTiia that are popular and easy sell
ing. Can be handlod alone or in connection
with other goods. Address THE WM. B.
9nflMEN-To io "a""" work on the
.JJ Memphis, Birmingham and Atlanilo
R.R., near Abrd en, Mis. Appiyon work.
GARVEY LEK. Coatr dors.
OLD GOLD A SILVBR-Porcash ores
ehanre. M11LFORO, Jewe ' 2U4Mat
FLAT Or part of a residenea (three or
four rooms), In good neishborhood, for
light boast keeping, on reasonable terms ; ref
erepcesexohangej. Ad. 0. H. T.,tiis (.ffica
OflH TEAMS At M per day i loODriv
iJJ at tl.no per day. Pay every Sat
day night. 200 Station Mem will nav from
12 to 17 cents per yard. Best work on the
levee: no roots; no grubbing; all new work
Infields. Go-d camps. I-qnlreof
F. A. JON EM A CO.. fit Monroe street,
or on works of Forrest A Co., Austin, Min.
"I OOD Colored Chambermaid.
VJ At 72Madiso street.
In every town to sell Pianoa
.ns. HOUCK A CO., Memphis.
XI and Orsans.
order in best styles at
VrTAN An Intelligent, earnest man to rep
xvj. resent, in his own locality, a large re
sponsible house. A remunerative salary to
riht party. Steady position Relerenoes
exohanged. American Manufacturing iljuse,
16 Barclay St.. N. V.
.prrOt2. Blood Elixir is the
-lV,VV 5 0y B,ood llemedy
fTTiarantncd. It is a positive cure for
Ulcers, Eruptions, or Sypliilitio PoiaV
oniric:. It purities the whole svstnra,
and baniHhos all iiheurnatio and .Neu
ralgic pains. We guarantee It.
foltU btlfVt ttt Mul-ord',
VWtluff the Pulilc Mrhoola and
(inctlngr tho Sewtrs Au 1
rorin.il Rt ci pl on.
Tim Harpor prrty separated in'o
twj divs oua yesterday tnorotui;, Mr,
0!i8. uuairy Warner remaiuing at
tbe hotel to await the E.cfption Oom-
miicee ana mprer. .uonrce. Urilnm.
iirauiey an j uurn n takinfr a river
view ol tte city on board the s'eiira
tun JamfB O CJennor, under th tuid
ance ol A. M. Ccoks, K A. Keeling
and C. B. Bryan.
Th Jones et aoied up tho river to
uia tim iMana, tnea sped its way
aero s tbe Mtftisaippi in order to give
tue lourBW an opportunity to land on
Aiaaceas sou.
The incline of the MeniDhln And
Little Rock railrrad was se'ected as a
landina plac?. and while Monio9 and
Bradley landtd and trod the ehnrsi of
Arkansas Gran am iinnned him elf hv
shooting a riUa at bits of thating
The Jnncs then ran down to the
Kansas City irclire. whe e seT.'ral
gnod views were 8' cuied by the pho
tographer, thtn e b ck to toan, atop-
fvng occasmnaiiy lur tbe camera ait
sbt to take views.
The mattresses in course of construc
tion to prevent the caving of river
banks, and the busy scenes oa tho
landing, made piotnr, sqne ma'er'al
for skeching, of which the toilful
draughtsman did not neslect to avail
themselves. Tho remainder of the
day wss spt-.nt in sketching conHuiru-
oti3 places cf inteiest in the city. In
the meantime Dr. D. T. Porter wailed
on Mr.
and took charge of him. as had been
arranged, auu at 10:30 o'clock a.m.
the fallowing named eentlemen In't
the Gayoso in carriages : Mr. Clias. D:
warner, J. m. K.atiugol the Appkal,
Engineer Meriwether. Dr. Q. B.
Thornton, Mr. John II. Lenow and
the Appeal and Avalanche reporters.
The fiist halt madd was at the
where a number cf prominent gentle
men were in waiting to meet Mr. War
ner. iies dent (Jhase called the meet
ing to order and called on the Hon.
James Phelan, Congressman elf ct of
this district, to welcome Mr. Warner
in behalf of the Exchange. Mr. Poe-
lan mounted the pla'form. and ad
drerairtg Mr. Warner. Baid:
it is my pleasure and privilege to
extend to you ana your party tbe
warmest greetings cf the Merchants'
Exchange, whose guests you are. Yes
terday was devoted to showing vou
toe social me oi Memphis. Today,
realizing mar, your mission is to in
quire into tbe industrial life of the
South, we will endeavor to show yen
what Memphis is doing in the com
mercial and industrial line, of which
tbe Mercnanto' Exchange is peculiarly
the exponent. We trust that, in order
to do ttiia tuny and satisfactorily, you
may be prevailed to stay at leant
until tomorrow, so that you
may have ample time to inform
yourself fully as to what Mem
phis is doing in a commercial and
industrial way. It is, therefore, with
a warm sense of nleaaure that I as
sume the happy privilege of extend
ing to you the hospitalises of the
Merchants' Exchange and urging you
to prolong vonr stay a day or two
longer." When the applause that
followed Mr. Phelan's remarks had
subsided, demands for "Warner I"
Warner I came from all over the
The distinguished writer mounted
the platform and spoke as follows:
URNTLEiiRNKver since we started
on oar present tour we have found
the gales wide open wherever we
came, and found everywhere evidences
of that new lite that is givirg a froth
impulse to the South. We Lave seen
the most sat sfectory indications of
the great enterprises now starting in
the Bouth, and are especially pleased
with the air of thrift, prosperity
and indas'ry that i everywhere
around us in Memphis. I am not
sure but what it was a wise thing to
show us the social side of your city 's
life first, because we were so delighted
and amsxed by what we saw oi tbe
beauty, refinement and wealth
of this ' city that our op
tics must have become magoiflVd,
causing us to se every object double.
Laughttr I have no doubt that
our impressions of the business life of
Memphis will be largely colored by
the recollection of the flowery
gates through which we en
tered. I regret veiy much that
we cannot, without creating con
fusion and breaking dates settled in
advance, accept your kind invita
tion to stay longer. Two things have
lmpreesd me particularly during my
visit: Firdt Ttiut the industries in
which the Sru'h is now engaging are
of local origin and Supported mainly
by local capital, giving employment
to large numbere of people, and build
ing up a clafs of honest wage fame s.
Second I have beea struck with
the fact that the notion that prevails
largely in the Nonh, that labor is not
coisiuerei ditnifitd in the South, is
erroneous, and that there is growing
up a population who have discarded
such liioBS if they ever exis'ed. and w ho
are today working manfully for the re
generation of their country. This
brings wiih it, of course, other evi
dences of thrift, that I have observed
with pleasure, name'y, tbe taste tbat
it awakening for the graces of life and
tbe cultivation of a desiie for things
of beauty in nature and art.
Mr. V arner then held an informal
reception on the floor of the Exchange
and then took a peep at tbe Cotton
Exchange, after which a brief visit was
made to
where Mr. Warner (pent about ten
minutes admiring specimens of the
fair artist's work.
The next place visited was
where - the visitors, after passing
through a library well stocked with
books and specimens, were conducted
into a classroom where cooking is
taught. There they found half
dozen bright looking and neatly
dressed girls taking object les
sons in cooking, under the direc
tion of a matronly and intelligent
looking lady. Next the wood working
shop was visited, and afterward the
various clasj rooms, iu all of which
there was excellent singicg by -tbe
pupils, the music being of a very su
perior character. Mr. Warner ad
dressed the school in complimen'ary
terms, exprev-ing hli aircere gratifica
tion at what he saw, and asi-uting bis
colored hearers that tbe evidences of
their advancement that he saw around
him gave him unbounded pleasure.
"In a 1 our travel," be added, "it is
such schools as that havo given ns
moat pleasure."
was the next stopping place. As tbe
car.-ia'S halted ti e children, who
were at fece s, haitnl iKe pa:tv with
cht-ers aod imnaU. M ax A. C. Iv u-
deluube'. the accmuplishtd ir n''Dil
of the school, pfouip'l summoned the
p lpiisin, and aunoet in lees time tha i
it takes to write it they were in their
rea's and ria:y .r o,k.
( a,,t. Char it 11. t .1 inr, Su
pirinterd,". t rf I'ul.Iir ri v,o.-.! ,
fvcortnl t:.t gi'P'l hi n tLrc'tph ti.e
bf.ilil n. T:.e Fl ti S:h-oi, on i,e
third fl ', wa . fl r vi-it,d, a' d Mr.
Eiz J, Cr ckt-tt, li.e lrf,iru-i princi
pal, has reason to be piomi i f th ti
Libit rr.a ie in her ilct arim. n1. A
number of her yo"' p Indies rec tH a
poem, "Tue LiUiichir-K cf a Sn:n." m
a very effect v and dramatic way, and
the compliment p.iid to the c aha b7
Mr. Warner in express terms atvmt
this retit iiion s eii'i'il to b- psrticn
larly gratifyirgto Mi.-s L wellvn who
h-g charge of the clas-ts i'l t t cutinn.
The yonnc lades tl-o d d some ex
quisite siugirg. F-om the H g!i cho"l
the patty d-scei.ded tv tho depart
ment presiuea over iiy .ni.g l.-r,Uel
buher, and in every cls-s visited, and
there were five of ih.-m, Mr. Warrer
f.'iind evidences of (artfiil training,
skillful iistrnc ion and ihtelligent
sctio arship, and expriss -d his grati
nca'ion, not only by word of mouth
hu' bv the halt astourdd. ha.f amt:sed
expresti n on his leat.i.e '.
wa? next lnveetgited, Mr. Warner
bung dunbly interested in the work,
not only betanee of itseani a v nh sei.
but b" cati e Mr. Waring, thedemuutr
ana loustrticior, is tui pen onal lilecd.
at the foo' of Winchts er itreet, was
also viewed w :'.n ltnereat oy Mr. V'
ner and putv, audtln pr nt-rs i f com
prtssing co-ton witnessed witu yU- e
ure and curios'y. At this aiii.t
ihe pa-tv r.e.iernietl, Mr. Warmr
going to Elmwo d and h n.e to t'ie
Hon JamtiB Fheuu s -eMd-.m-e, wheie
be sj-ent two Lour..
at the Gayoso, th .uh informal
wai a notably refined afluir.
and a 1 the 1 a iog so.i. ty
people wore prepent to h iror
the city'a gnet. Tim tec ptiot took
place in tue an loon i-rl r, (.ml Ar
nold a band d stvursvd s eet music in
an adjoinii g pa'lor.
Among the Lidios pre-cn were:
Mrs J M Keatinr, Mii Carrie Kea'ing,
Miss Anna ttrt.ee. Miss Louice "need.
Misa Mette Slratton, Miss Corinne Wbite,
M iss 0 Mansfield, Mrs K T A nd. rson,
Miss Maud Milburn, MriRllV-ne,
Mrs Julia Doyle
MIS J M Kdwurdi.
Miss Pauline King,
Mrs Rosenn'Henter.
n ils Pauline Momere
juiss -usie (in l ureal u,
IViiss BesieWo dson,
Mrs J T Farraron,
Mrs James Ring,
Mrs I J Latham.
Miss F Woodhon.
Mrs K L Woodson,
Mrs Belcher,
Miss Mary Mai lory.
Miss Met a Humes,
Mi-S Pointer,
Miss Pet Galloway,
Mrs J 8 Menken,
Miss Donelson.
Miss Jennie Day,
Miss Clara Conway,
Mrs Army Collier,
Mrs II J King,
Mrs LeGuerre,
Mrs J U Neely,
Miss A M Gale.
Mrs Kmmett Hunter,
miss Jesiie Kenntdy,
Miss M Lighthurne.
Miss L C.lyar. Nashv
Miss ft Falls, H(hv
Miss Robinson, Miss
Miss P Ed variia. Tenn
Miss MaggieRambaut,
Mrs Mull ly,
Miss I'earl Neely,
The Misses Long,
Mrs Torn Gale,
Mi's P Hatchett,
Mrs Miles Co Iter,
Miss J Montxomerr.
Jtfl iss naggie Masrae,
Misa Jennie Pettit, Miss KupheaiaCollier,
Miss Georgia Collier, hi,sSuiiiners,Louitv,
Mrs Loath, Mrs Matthews,
Mrs WD Bethel, Mrs R B Maury,
Mrs J M Qoodbar, Mrs S P Walker,
Mrs J N Falls. MrsJW Falls,
Miss Jennie Walker, MissesJobnson, She 11 J
Miss De Bow, Nashville.
It was with ex'reme and unmis
takable reluctance that Mr. Warner
and his aseocibtea bhw tbe hour of
tbeir departure approaching, and it is
certain ibt tbey left Memphis with
great regret,
The committer having the Harper
party in charge covced themselves
with glory. It was a together one of
the best managed ajj ird in the history
of local events of a sicial chnracier.
The jtnes's of the city were not only
brilliantly enteitaineti, but every
where met with a hospital
ity frank and cordial and entirely
devoid of cold f irmali y. O tentatious
display vi a? avoided, and the comfort
and convenience of ihe vi-i'ors solely
consulted. The remit wa that they
fe't thoroughly at home, and aecora
p!i hed their miesion wiihont in'er
million, yet most, agreeably withal.
Mr. Harper didn't want to leave for
New York la it bight, lie was nil
broken np, but the let ires that Gra
ham, Durkin ami Bradley are lomake
must core e him. He save there is
too much beau'y in Memphis, and it
ought to be distributed.
as the train pulled out with the
Harper-Ionian paitylast night from
tbe Louisville depot Graham might
have been seen in a noMtion of deep
thought, with his legs crossed, trying
to get np a letter beginning "To the
ladies of Memphis." He had just
gotten that far when the conductor
called out "All aboard!" He had
failed to do justice to the occasion
with his "ins antaneons."
Bradley took to the parrot, when be
boarded the car with a moist eye, and
Durkin began to make a fresh study of
the "inteiior," his special pnsz'e btirg
the difference be' ween tbe carpet and
tbe ceiling. Giabam, struggling
tbtough his tears, wts trying to give
him a pointer, but be mi too dtztd
to see it.
As the train went out from the de
pot in the gttheting fog last night the
Harper piny assembled on the plat
form and gave Mr. Keating three
cheers and a tiger and then one more
for the Memphis la.lius, "Q d bless
em." "Tears, idle taars. ana "vain
19,000 for tS Invested.
Fotune hs smiled on Mes-rs. El
ward II. and George Washington Lay
coik and T. L. IVndi II, farmers and
tobacco raisers living near Keene, Ky ,
bringing them a sum of money laryer
than could be made by years of toil
and strict economy. They inveeted 11
each and purchased three one-fifth
tickets in the Louis ana Btate Lottery
at New Orleans. One of these proved
to be a one-filth of ticket No. 94,552,
which diew tbe capi'al pr ze of $76,
000 at the regular monthly drawing of
November 9 h. On learning of their
great fortune they placed tbeir ticket
in the bands of the First National
Bank in this city, and by return mall
received a check for $16,000, giving
them $5000 each on the $1 invested.
They were delighted to find that tbey
bad struck- it so rich. Tbey are bard
working, indost'ious tobacco raisers,
and all their friends are gratified ai
tbeir good luck. Tber will hereafter
bo called colonels. Tbey rdvlse all
their friends to try tbe royal road to
fortune through 'he Louisiana State
Lottery. Lexington (Ky. Prttt, No
vember 27.
Colcmau's Ko-Ko Tnla.
Men, women and children chew it,
and all say it is gojd.
Mnlford, Jeweler. 2l JHaln strwt,
ouciu ornera from in e coanirj
DECEMBER 9, 1886.
A lllk
WJth All on D,ord-TfW Stpn',''t
of Cup!. Uuucii, r.uiA of tie .'at!l
Ti uiichsco Jitvalrjv
Can'. Th.mts 17 ftiinrh. lute oi the
Ninth Tsnneeste federal) Oa V.tlrv.
and now an intnatj of the N.it.'onal
r-oldieis' Hoaie at Divton, O., was in
the city yesterday, IN. torvther wi't'rt
to voung men, made his way do
the MisMesippi iu a small flUboat. ana
is bound for Whito rfver
"n a fidiinoj expediton. Cai't.
Bunch stated to an Appkal repcr.'ar
lhat when passing New Madiid, clos.
to the Mies inri si in 1 1 the river above
lulu city, lail Viednesday a strong
wiad came np which s ou ateumeu
inestrergin of a lanoua gAle. its
Doat was lilted almost bodily from the
water ana careeueo to such an extent
that all the articles on her were
thrown into the l.ver. He stated
fu'tner that near the Ken
lucky shore aeries from where
his boat was, there was
what is ca'led a "shanty boat," iu
whic!i there werereveral people. He
ij ctr a:ti that it went diwn in the
gle at d with it all on board. Capt,
titinca w, s unauie to give any parlic
nlars. P.-ople on the bauk between
h a point and New Madrid should be
on the lo kout for fl ateis.
4'bnrlre Eberhrdi' N'nrrow Raeape
a rsirmnj,
Capt. ChnrlwH Eberhn ilt.i he e flicient,
and gentlemanly superintendent of
MefS'S. itioan & Jones a city coal
bustnets, came ner being the victim
of a dreadful accident yesterday even
ing. In order to give instructions as
1 1 the plac ng of a.iraa boats loaded
wi;h coal at the fool of Market street
be was compslh d to go on one of the
fl aiB. Tin re being no f lank out
he attempted to cross to one of
the fl ate on a log. He had
crossed midway when tbe piuce
of timber turrud, throwing him
square across it. The shock was so
su lile.t that for a few moments he re
main' d unconscious and twice sank
heneath the water. Luckily there
were some people about, and Mike
Maloney, the watchman of tbe UVet.
together with several other men,pulled
"Charley" out of the cold river and
any, d Lim from a watnry grave. Capt.
Eberhatt wegbs a lhtle over 200
piumls, but had he been weighed
af er being fished out of the river tbe
testes would have certainly registered
Hra. Bowers ae tllaabeth."
At the Memphis Theater last night
Giacnmetti a drama entit ed lital(fi
was at'ractively presented by Mrs. D.
Bowei s and supporting company.
It has been come seven or eight years
slice this star appeared belors a
Memphis audience, and ber reappear
ance was greeted with applanne. The
drama is etiong in possibilities at tbe
bauds of a competent company. It
was we 1 staged es to scenery and sur
roundings, and was fully enjoyed by
the audience, Mrs. Bjweri and Mr.
Mheelock having been ca led before
the curtain many times. As "Eh'ii-
beth" Mrs. Bjwers is, if anything,
Bttonger than she wes many years
ago, and the was exceedingly well
supported by tire company, the cast
ne inn ai ionows:
Elisabeth . Mrs. D. P. Bowers
Hubert, Karl of Essex Mr. Jos. Whaelook
James VI , King of Sootland
Mr. Mark Lrncli
Fir Francis Bacon..
John A.
Ceoii, Lord ttu
Lord Howard,
Cecil, Lord Uuileigh Mr. Rudlph Strong
ol ElUDgh'im
Mr. bydney nowkett
Tha Marnuls dl Mendoaa.
Mr Wm. II. Young
Sir Francis Drake Mr. Percy Sage
Duwson, tKeeperol the t'eala)
sir. Uiinaio nmeai
adv Sarah Howard Mi-sPnny Gillette
Lndy Ann Burleiab Miss Jennie Carrol
Margaret Lauiburn..-.Mi'S Alberta Gallatin
Page Miss Helen Hosmer
fonight Macbeth will be the attrac
tion, with Mrs Bowers as "Lady Mac
beth," Mr. Wheelxk as ''Macho h"
and Mr. Juhn A. Lane as "M mdnfl "
On tomo. row night Kdmuhd Falcon-
r s version ol Mane btuart will be
given, and at the Saturday mat;nee,
which win close tne engagement, Laay
AudUy't Secret.
The Polloesaieu'a Bull.
Tomonow night at tbe Skating
Rink the second annual ball of tbe
Memphis police force will take pla'e.
and it goes withctit saying lhat it will
be one of tbe liveliest masqtieiade
halls ever given in the C ty. The men,
from the Chief down, have had their
honldera to the wheel for more
than a month past, and so successful
bave tbev been that they, on ytster-
day, ceased tbeir untiring fforts. All
arrangements bave been peifected by
the different comtnit'eos, and a good
time is afsured by all who may attend.
Good order will be maintained
throughout, and tho?e not behav n
themselves will cerainly be taken to
the Adams street ho' el. Some 1500
tickets have bieu sold and the "boys"
ipect the biggest crowd that has ever
attended a ball of this kind
Memphis. Hoveral handsome
prizes will he a Wat del,
notably one for the lady waring the
handsomest ciBturre or its use the
MeuiDhis police force is the beet In
the world, and in order to show their
appreciation of the faithful eer vies of
the "blue coated bys," thec t s-'iiscf
the Bluff City should iecpond liner
ally in any way Ibey can, and give
tbem a ronelng send off. .
A 1-evee ler I be Macon Bead,
Io the Editors of the Appeal i
A petition is being circulated ask
ing tbe County Court to levee up lbs
Macon road where it passes tnrougn
the Wolf river bottoms and to repair
that portion knoan as Nee'y's lane.
This petition is just, and soould bs
complied with by onr good engineers,
each and every one of whom would
vote lor tne mt asure were they to
make a trip over the road and see Its
awful and, I m'gbt say, disgraceful,
condition. And from this on until
late in tbe spring the road will con
tinue, except at short Intervals, to be
impassable. I had occasion to visit
the Seventh Civil District one day lastt
week, and It was with the utmost diffi
culty that I made it at all through the
bottom, and came near being mired
in half a dt &in places, and that with a
goad horse and light three-quarter
bnpgy, and to tssure you what a re
pugnance I had for the road I re
turned by the way of B-irtli tt ard
Raleigh, four miles lODgerridx, rather
than inn the risk nf staving ali night
in the lot onis. If our County Court
does not feel indebted enough to tbe
n opetty owners Hlong the Alaron
ro.id to grant the hiect if the petition
when it is presented, it ceitaitily owes
ii to iht tnerchatitd of Memphis with
whom these people da hn-inep.
Tailor M Importer.
WY sTALx, S1ca Is siare. ' f.'!Pl!U- T '"a". Chefeeet and
Moat VariM I b.V. ...?Jl- I M.asphia, eoasisung , ,u Oim
Ul aahlle u no ..a i .'.
t)l.i S I AKIS,
Cor. S.coiirj ni Jiffinen
l.VlWjaWSSJIL.I.iMI.SMaj.lIji i,l Mfa
Chs. Herzoa; & Bro.
Cj-Wt' lnue the Lrr;t Amnoi (mcitt ofIOLLN, IMioiograh
AHmiuai, il'ritiBK IPr.ksi, Work lloves. Toilet Vkch, Ant9
graph and K'rai I took h, MuhIc lloxfn. Die.
Mliat'IIiMTN will lo vise by Rttlliiir onr prlocw befotv
buying cUrwherc.
Ctias. Herzog c&r IBiro.'
Hftfi Main Strfct. Odd. IV.'ibody TinU h
aJi BaaaaaaaisBausjSBMSai t
K. W. Harri, exe'ntor, to L. B K4
ton, lot 8 of thrt l.a'ham and Stewart
snbdivieiov, 2(M)a!l!k) lent, north ude
of Kerr avenne for the sum of f 1011).
Oi a. UuDlna to K. H. G lens, all Iht)
Qxtnres and ii ftroineriai pertaining to
and contained in barber shop No. Ill
ilonle street, J r the som oi (175, lieu
retained to secure putohssn money.
The Memphis Keriiliair Comnanv.
deed of trust t) J. A Oniharg, lota 170
and 171 on eoit s de of Main street,
between Auction aid Sycamore, to
gether with improvement', machinery
Bud) live stock, to sjcra f 10,000.
Initial Klutf ut Mnlford'n.
A oosoii, cold, or sore throat should
not he t eglected. Brown's Brouchal
Trochees are a siuinlo remedy, aud
give prompt re I lot. 25 eta a box.
Fine Jewelry t Msiirorjj'n.
Browns Iron
Tl OnMtlnn tiAdl Irnihsahtff Kmd sMktkd thonaanrfs
or umdstv tiOvT a an Hmwn'i iron Ditt4ira cure mimrj
whiaurr' WJl. U dixwi't, Htti It , uur mv 1iimmi
fur wUcb riutlli iitimlriAo would rrMcwiiNiilutii
Fhrtrlultuisl ne4Minkli Inm am ih) ImhA MaUirtkLiv
lMTnl koArwa ta Hi prikMsxttkm, nd inn airy of mj
ItiMtiax ohtvMitMki KrMttiU atwit&nl 11U Uitj awnurtiua
tltftt Lkrira Mrs Blur nr i kavrtU t urui jf Inm tbui of tuif ,
ol Imt BabnidmtNi tuMa in mtHlicin 1'hi ahtrw 4xn
filudnttr UtM trait it tmhnmfliMtjrtHl i b th mmi
bowtwttr, ft rftmukavM fot, hnt nrior Cu thtt dUoT
TV at II It i t M l H I It 41 N II I TT KHMnn nsarfaa,.
ly fttUfsMtAiiT iruii otanibttaftlion hA tu- Immi fuuud.
haadaene, or prodnee oonsttpeMoe ell el ber Iren
medicine da. II It OWN H IKON IIITTKHH
rare laallgoalUe, nillwiMnrea, Wfaksssa,
liyapepala, niaJarln, ( Mile send Kevera,
l lrod Feeling, (JrncrsJ Orbllitr.Pnla In tbe
Hide, Hack or l.lmba,llenlnclieand Nearal-sjla-for
all IbeM ailinonle Iron la nraaorlbed dally.
aibiate. Like ell other tkernagb merilc-inee. H ante
alowl. Wlien teteo by tnn the r eymptoni of
beneat ta mnewerl unenrr The mneileethen liecmn
nriMr, tbedMiaMtimiintirnrea. tlih.neli, ere entire
in "w theiiffnct ieusuallr nni rsnlil snrt marked.
r'TW"" wwhten; til skin rl.srs
It,! UMAltllV miAnr ... ..I
diaapiwers; lunctlonel itrngernenle become rii.
Iu, and if a nuraiiig iniaher. ahnndent eiistensnoe
mpi.l lor the ch, d. H,lr Hr,ern' lr
BlttereistbeilNI.V inw, H.J,in. ,k. I. .., i-
Jiirkiua. i'avnc.in, ewl ilnwOiKnamva,! II.
Ihe Oennlua haa 1WK Mark airf emMeg fed I toes
wrapper. 1ft UK NO OTIII-'lt-
Merrbnule and Plstiiicr. aimall
Farmers and Gardeners, Simula, u the In
terval between Harvest and Planting timo,
look oat lor the future, and
that they have made alt arrangements for
Beads and Imi laments net d ul for the next
geaaon. Hundreds of circulars are flooding
the country and filling the columns of th
newspapers, soliciting th reader
goads that they know nothing of. With th
experienc of twenty-five years la the South,
both in rolling. and planting, we think w
can safely olitlin that
house baa always dealt fairly. W aim to
keep th mart Improved Labor-saving Im
plements, and to send out only Fresh and
Our present stock l full and oomplote, and
we aro prepared te furnish our papered Seed
In neat and attractive style, to th trade, at
tb lowest rat. W have also large stnoki
ol GRA83 and FIELD BE BUS for Spring
Planting. Oar Annual Catalogue wrll be
ready for distribution by First of January.
Send for on.
R. Ge CRAIO fc CO.
30 tlnlou M.. Mf nipliU.Tt'iiu.
Frank Schumann,
Import! and Dealer It .
Oasis, rtetalBC Tackle and B)pe)rMh
sea's Bnppllea. rw- Special attentloi
given to MANTJIAfTUmUG and, RB-PAIRING.-:
419 "1111 NtfM einnhlai. Ten
Uont Aminonltlcu, Fishing Tackle
and Mtrrimenm' nappuea,
Sa4 MIb Nirl, meusuble. Tenia
Vlannre.ct'i-lr,g and Kapa ringol Goes a
BlecteM. usryewt wtoek. Ttest assortment
UolU rent ut Jttulfbrxra.1
" t-iiifhitiiim mm in ;
L. r. ""itam sit
I ttCai. at ear
Jli.f . Kemphli, Tin.
, W i tXTXBIA WSZmiii
-- m
HUUSK-CmsT Henonit and
, a ltnnn..JI,A...I ee
O Adams stres s.
1, . u. j ; v, , rot.
" u - , U'V " tTtl, V.I (K,
( OOD BOAKlJ-lly thTjnTrw week-"
VT At i:vtTrHrd stre
I JOO.MS-Twj'aiifutnished mens." "
1 l: AL'AMS ST.
NICKLY FU RNtsH fii) itOtlli -i - Yi
board, at fro. tk) Adam i strrwt.
TAHLK BOARD The best tfie aoiTkeTSr
" At m COU Iff S 1KKKT.
XT run i- , r : '. : '
V i" ui lurnimeu iront r-min, wita le
"w ,i.ni rmiu. Wliaaie).-
lor single ueatlj9nen SI
' aiii ojarn
Court stroet.
IOOMh-l'leas.mi orniabd 'rooiu, with
board, for ladiaeoracatlereo. Term
T"r.?9B,"n,ll,le- SWCourt 'Steaded.
HKAVTIFL'L frost rKiina,sinle or" ea
suite, furnished er unfurnished, with or
withont t'or,ii nt'is-rnn, HM-lIsi nyri st.
PONY-SmallblacV -tridlan pony, Inasded
041 Kolll riffht li rmt a.Mfl kin Uh ...I.,..
with Indian brand. Ueteru to A. J. Craw
ford, near Hugh Orajrs, Pigeoni cost read.
S"it rrttflreerd.
C10WOn Thursday, aar neon, two odwsj
on a black. Willi n, aim hn'elsme
ar and slit and nolo in the otb- the
other, red and white spr ilwd, with a swallow
fork In right eurt teats hove black Mrk:
A suitable reward for their return to me.
near eoruer of Lane avenje ad Ayres itreet.
OllaH.rtVrTrt KAKt.KY
Li'ARM-I wl h Io lease say firm, t'uree
I1 and a half miles southeast of Collier.
jIARM-I wl h
' and a half in
villa, on the Mt Pleasan'.. read, eonlainlnsr
nisui uuooreu ncres,m leaaeaseeend Mts
g ssipptj wall tenced, with ginhnuse, stable
and cabins sufficient for l) purposes: th
best of wrll water, and stock water in abun
dance In th dryest times.
. am. A. RMTTfT.
-t LOST.
L' 0ST OR MISLAID A Bet af Plans h.
, J,0"1" B-Lowenstela A Brothr
New Buildiug . Please return to
junn nanu, under.
CtOW Or strayed, Nv 11, rear south gate
J Kim woo J, one red brlndle eow. orumpl
horns, crop off right ear end nader bit undo
right eari also under-bit
nadar lert Mrs
hue si
pot under her belly, A liberal raward
wi I bv unl (I for her return to
ii Kt) r-JtrttiUr-UW, Klinwoed ''emetery.
t itifrl A large red steer, with large
1 horns. A litieral reward will be paid, at
PUP A lenon-colored pointer dog pun
white feet. A reward will be paid for It
re, ,i,n to .wi i.iniien street
Th Christian Brothers have the pleaaare)
of annonncing th completion of KXTF.N
S1VK ADDITIONS to their Collag. wblok
they hav provided with all select saodera
improvements and eonvenienees, and they
ar now enabled to accommodate an In
creased number of Boarders, Half Boarder
and Day Student.
For information concerning Terms, Board,
Tuition, etc., see Catalogue, or apply by snail
or In person to
imUTil&H mAUKKUlAa,
' WW I tfy tmr 1 4m mm m mmnif f t Uw
MMItslWI hm-m lama ntellli aal. I Mei rtttvej
mn. I M mm im aimw mt rnv, HTH Jtmi ttr FALW
iHttflll ilhMftUhpMkaitMf. I trvarrMt snr nn-ij t
mmr tttt wfttt 4WMi. MMrt mmmt taJttut M
ravva lor Kttt kuw rtMnii otira, mm4 at mmr tmr
trtjatiM and t Pnm HotlMtM Mr totalHMei tmiyt Ml
ftiiiai ttiid f"t urn.. II oh. (orftirUI,
mm I will eurej yun. UK. M. ' lt" ' VI ft., 1S.T.
I lies lea be found In Ihe "SUlKSj
Of IIK4LIH." for the
gpeerly cure nf Nervous Debility, Lost Ener
gy, Uespondenoy, etc. A copy ol this noog
will he sent free,se'ed Andr-es MMKNt'at
ur IIKAI.sss,lo Weal NlHlh elretet,
4'lrinnrel, eassl.
Young & Brother
Booksellers and 8tationer,
2 IN Main HUy Klein IiIh, Tenn
a hew si rpi,T or
fak year satnitcr for Mtfrlirlnal t3Sheei
Ikw.Yonf Imitation. - m
KoneOennlue uuloea bearing thUStaaspl
laVluliattoa,UnrrMsaTwl le. aemoaa
in. uiieineisenin mro.
built, Onerl oMd ilppsnet
vu. A pOMtaloardseustO)
us will tirtoa von Informa
tion how to gi t thla arxe 1st
oujf Buioorlenitory.
its aboe ataiiU hh her In (herttuttou o(
, In Ik. w.vl.L Tholes
andaVtW0Ml6wUlteU0W the JtiaauB If jro
j. w. voEorn
fl 11. , -srw
Pennyroyal Pills.
The OrlKlsiNl tnt Onlr Jnltie,
Bat and always Rellabl. lie wore of
Imitations. Ind'spentahlr to I.
-u your IsriiMsitMt (or " hie UwU rl
r.uKli "aaA lak no other, or inolos 4
(stamps) to us f i-artloulars in t.Tsa ;b
rxiiim niHtl. i o. J-A :. -fbeslerl
tieiul al 4'o
H.t Saillws M.inwre, sll5nta., I
Sold b Iiiflu everrwhere. Ask for
hi-bMSr'e liualiab" fraauyrojat
nil. TuS-enooher.

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