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U liKOAD DATLltilir
Ihey TaVe a Lady From Her Home
to a Secluded Spot and Outrage
ller Kepeatedlf.
Et. Lopis, Mo.. Decamber 8. A
most brutal outrage was committed in
tbie city eirday aftornoon la broad
dayliRbt Mrs. John W. GuttinR was
lone In the hou e of ber hutbn),
No. 4658 Pei noylvania averjne, when
two men of diwepu'able appearance
drove to the door and asked for ad
mifaion. 1 lie lndy eupr ctrd nothing
and allow d Ihera to enter, when
they overpowered ber, and, tNrorteo
ing ber life,carrind ber from tbe hoase,
placed ber in the buggy, which was
BtandiDR at tbe curb, and drove to a
secluded place in tbe southern suburbs
of tbe city and repes edly outiaged
her. Mr. Gutting is a clerk in the
Probate Court, and tbe affair has
caused jtreat excitement. The men
who committed tbe outrage are ped
dlers by occupation, named Thocaas
Cunningham and William Maher,
aged 24 and 22 respectively. Tbey
were arretted late lwt night by the
polios, and were taken to the Oate
htraet Station. I Tbey were found
drunk In their wagon at the time and
Cunningham was too far gone to be
able to speak, and when seen
today neither of them would
talk. Maber, however, lavt night said
that Cunningham was tbe one who
com mi Hod tbe deed, and that he saw
him dolt. Mrs. Gutting was enceinte
and Is in a precarious condition today.
It is thought, however, that she will
survive he) Injuries. She said today
that aha was sitting in a room facing
the street when she saw two men
drive up in a peddler's wagon. Tbey
came to the door and offered to sell
to her their wares. A short conversa
tion followed, and at its termination
tbey both seised her and carritd her
out to the wagon, warning her in the
meantime to make no move or resist
ance. Tbey drove her some distance
from the house and into the suburbs,
where she says they both repeatedly
outraged her.
A Barglar Harden His Victim.
Cincinnati, 0., Decamber 8. A
special from Eaton, O., says: William
Mural, a farm band, last night under
took to rob the bouse of Daniel Ubriet
man, a mile and a ha'.f from that
place. Be killed ChrlB'.man on the
outside of the bouse with an as and
then entered and struck Mrs. Christ-
man, who was in bed. Securing $J0.
he attempted to Are the house and
fled. The effort to burn the bouse
failed. Mrs. Christman will probably
die. lntenee excitement prevails and
parties aie in pursuit of Muel.
Tb Cook t'onaljr "Uans;.M
Chicago, III , December 8 The
Cook County Hoard of Commissioners
whs reorganised last Monday, and the
old members who bad been denomi
nated as "gang" members succeeded
in retaining control of the board or-
f aniattlon by a vote of 8 to 7. After
be board adjourned a number of the
so called "gang" Commissioners, in
cludingome of the retired Commis
sioners, had a night meal in a beer
ball known as Waiserman's Beer Tun
nel). Tbe conversation at the meal,
the Interchangs of profane and dis
graceful languBge and the alleged in
toxication of the gucwta was given at
length In the Doily New last night.
Commissioner ''Buck" McCarthy, a
man weighing 240 pounds, made an
assault on Paul C. Hull, the writer of
the article, a man of small physique.
Tbe attack, it is declared, was made
wltbont warning. Hull was knocked
down and was carried away senseless,
an it was feared that hts injuries
might prove serious. MoOarthv went
to the Town of Lake, where he has
figured as a sort of leader and coun
sellor ol the strikers on the Like Shore
road, and the packing bouse men,
and bad a complaint and fine entered
against him by a jtiBtlce of the town,
lie paid the fine to escape prosecu
tion. A. Na-ro Butchered.
St. Loots, Mo.Jecember 8 A sp-
clal from Khepberd, Tex , says: List
night a 12 o'clock a party of eight or
ten men went to the house of Jam
Conner, a negro mTwuu uvea oa
Big Creek. this place, and calling
hir mo yard, seized ntm, bore nun
to the ground, cut his entrails out and
left Him for dead. This morning tbe
bloody and dying Conner was discov
ered still living and able to give tbe
names ot trie pantos who Dutchertd
him. Sheriff. Toe immediately organ
laed a posBe nd arretod several of the
accused parties, and has them under
strong guard. me others escaped,
The friends of those 'under arrest are
desperate, and the Sheriff is a man of
nerve, bence serions trouble is antlcl
pated. Connor was suspected of baing
implicated in the Cold Spring mail
robbery near Shepherd a few weeks
Ti. This is supposed to be the came
his assassination, lie is horribly
mutilated and ii in a dying condition.
us cannot uvetui morning.
aTeu4er4 HI Little baasjhter.
Chicago, III., December 8. A
special from Nebraska City, Neb.,
am O.i Anril "Klh luat M., ......
Sbellenberger, the 11 year old daugh
ter vi uiuiuer nueiiniHrg(r, a urmer,
was found murdered, her throat being
cat. ller father and stepmother were
. . ...
muicveu tor we crime at me April
term. They demanded separate trials,
which was granted, and seven days
ago Sbellenberger was plased on trial.
It required 200 jurymen before the
panl was filled. ' lis was defended
by able counsel. Ninety-three wit
nesses were sworn, and so great was
the Interest taken that it was almost
impossible to crowd into the court
room, the latgast part of the audience
being ladies. All the evidence pro
duced was purely circumstantial, Joe
Lee, the 13 year old brother of the
murdered girl, being tbe p:ini al
witnew for the prosecution. The
casa was given to the jury yesterday
morning, and, last evening, they rs
turned a verdict of guilty of murder
in the first degree. II is day of exe
cution will bs fixed for some time in
March, li s attorneys have movsd
lor a new trial.
Baal by a Brtaoal Teacher.
Oobunna, Mica , Decembpr 8 At
Henderson this morning Fred Joslin,
a school teacher, shot and killed
Thomas Morrison. Ths teacher had
punished young Morrison, as his
lather thought, too severely, and Mor
mon visited the school to investigate.
He entered the schoolroom and walk
ing up to Joslin nld him he was
about to give him the same treatment,
whereupon Jo3lin drew a revolver and
shot Morrunn ded.
A Kenadal Developed.
WAsriNaTON,D."cember 8 Mr. Jno.
C. Miiler, a well known stenographer
and patent a:t)trey (if this city, who
residta In Uycttril'e, Neb., was
shot on F Rtreet near Eighth tb's af
ternoon by a extractor earned Geo.
N. Walker, arother Of Maj. Walker,
late CbM e! Mice. After Walker
fired Mil'eraid not fall, bnt rushed
upon Walker and attempted to tike
the pistol from ntm. 1 hey then bad
a s rnggln upon ths. sidewalk, Walker
btatirg Miller ot. the head with tbe
butt of the pistol until tbey were sep
arated. W.Uer. a! er Lis arrest, said
t) a reporter tht,t be had for a long
time been annoyed by insulting letters
r Uecung upon tns character ot tits
wile, Home ot the let era were anony
mous wijtle o hers bore Miller s sig
nature. He had als been threatened
with violence, and bad had Miller
bound over t keep tbe peace. He
had no intention, he said, of killing
Miller, bat meeting the latter acci
dentally cn the street, and seeing him
make a motion like drawing a pisioi
he drew Ms weaoon and fired severs
shots. Miller, after being shot, raid.
referring to Walker: ' He sut his wife
after me, as he has after many oth
era." Miller's wound is dangerous,
and, perhaps, fatal. Walker wai com'
mitted tojaiL
A Fall af Tblrlora Coats Mlaee ttae
Oaealaa- Teaterday,
Pirrsaaaa, Pa., December 8. There
was anotber panic at the Uii fcxenange
this morning, and prices dropped to
66 Jo, a decline of 13c since tbe open
ing yesterday. Tbe oil trade in this
city Is entirely at sea, and old dealers
who raseed safely through the great
break of 1882, and still later the panic
following the failure of tbe re on
Bank in 1881. suite In saying that
never in their recollection was demor
alisation so complete. No one seems
able to give a satisfactory explanation
for tbe sadden break, and the fear of
still further decline is written plainly
on tbe faces of all. A number of the
local banks are now calling in their
oil loans, and others refuse to accept
them without heavy margins. TLls.it
is thoneht. will have a tendency to
check speculation. The market
onened feverish at 721:1. and after hov
ering in that neighborhood for some
time suddenly bioke, and In a few
minutes values had fallen off to 6(llc.
A alight reaction then followed, and
at noon 09c was bid. with no dis-
fiositlou manifested to take any
arge blocks at those Aborts. At that
hour all ths sheets bad pasted the
clearing honne bat that of C. S. Les
lie, and 152,000 barrels of his oil were
sold under tbe rule, to meet his con
tracts. The amount of his failure is
not known, but it is estimated that
his loss will average 6 cents per bar
rel. Secretary Barbour, of the Ej
change, rays the lot on oil up to lust
night, since last baturday, win aggre
gate $3,000,000. Jacob H. Waiters,
an old dealer, failed shortly afler 12
o'clock. The amount is small and it
is said will not exceed $500.
In the afternoon considerable
strength was developed, and prices
rallied to 70Jo. closing firm at 70.'.
Towards the closing hour dealers in
Oil City began buying heavily, aud
this had the effect of tt (Tuning values
here and elsewhere. A feeling that
the worst is over prevails in oil circles
this evening, but it will be some time
before the trads recovers from the se
vere shakings sustained here in the
last forty-eight hours. '
I be Society af the A r my of t he Cam
Washington, December 8. Lieu
tenant General Sheridan today issued
a notice that "The society ot tbe
Army of the Cumberland will hold its
eighteenth reunloa in the City of
Washington on toe inn and iztn gi
May. 1HB8. on wiiiob occasion tbe
statute in memory of its lamented
comrade, Gon. James A. Garfiild, will
be unveiled," As president of tbe
society, Gen, Sheridan has appointed
the ' following vcm bxrcntive Com
mittee to make an needlul arrange
ments for the reunion: Gen. Albert
Ordway. chairman ; Gen. N. L. Ander
son, Col. John Hay and Gen. B D.
Mnaeey, secretaries
Thi beat medical writers claim that
the successful remedy for nasal
catarrh mint be non-inhaling, ey of
application, and one that will by its
own action reach all the remote sores
end ulcerated suilaca. The history
of the efforts to trea'. catarrh during
the past few years obligns on to admit
that only one nmedy has completely
met these conditions, aud that ie lily's
(Irnaru Balm Tii in tale and pleasant
remedy has mateied c.Urrh bs noth
ing die has ever done, and both phy
picians aud patients hvely concede
this fact. Tlie more distressing symp
toms quickly yinld to It.
A Dead Naa t'oiue to Life.
St. Louis, Mo., December 8. -k
special f'oiu Poplar lllufl, Mo., says:
W. W. Steid, an .Alderman of this
city and m ell kuowu throughout the
country, waa supposed to have died
last Sunday eveumg. His bidy was
laid out And all arrangements were
made for the funeral, which was to
have occurred today. Yesterday, how
ever, s'gns of resuscitation became ap
parent, the face assumed i s natural
color, the temperature of the bidy
became distinctly higher, and the eye
lids opened and shut several times.
He was spoken to but gav no signs
that he heard or understood. It is
thought poealbln that he may bi
brought back to life although the ef
forts of physicians to accomplish that
end have so far failed. la ths mean
time the funeral has been postponed.
Ratlaaal Trolling Auoclatlaa.
Naw Yoiiic, December 8 A mat
ing of the Board of Review of tbe Na
tional Trotting Aoclation was he'd
today at Ibe Fifth Avenue Hotel.
Judge Graut presided, and thera were
also present Vies Presidents Edward
Martin, of W. Louis, and Gsu. W. 8
Tilton, of Maine; Morgan Buckley, of
Hartford; Thos. Axworthy, of Cleve
land; PauI Hacke, of Pittsbn-g, and
Daniel Campana, of Detroit. After a
heated discuwi'in, Thomas J. Vail, of
Uartfoid, wis re-elected secretary by
four votes o three. Those who op
posed Mr. Vail were Gen. Tilton and
Messrs. Campana and Martin. It is
expected that the decis'on will cause a
rupture in the btard, and that the
Western men will form a new associa
tion. The board upheld the decision
of the judges in tbe Zahn case.
ralcara aad
at VmuU
Niw York, December 8. The tale
of tbe Chicago and St. Louis railroad,
running from Chicago to Peoria, has
been prac ically agreed upon. Tbe
road waa bought by a syndicate repre
sented by Frsnk O. Hellins, No. 11
Wall street It is generally known as
tbe Hinckley road, snd is capitalist
at 1,0 )0,000. It Is generally believed
that tbe purchase waa made in the
interest of tbe Atchison, Topeka and
Santa Fe road, but it cannot be ascer
tained whether this company or a pri
vate syndicate intends to operate it.
Frank O. Hjllius wss lu Chicago ten
days a.o on this birinrsi, and the no.
gotiatiors for i s sale ware carried on
then with Mr. F. K. Hinckley of Chi
cago. Miss Cabbii M. Keating, pianist,
may be found at the U.iyoio Hotel.
Philadelphia Glass DIowera' Strike
Miners Uolo? West-Clolhln
Cutters' Convention.
Coidmduh, O., December 8 The
Becond dity's suasion of the Trade
Congress opened at 10 o'clock a.m.
The chairman announced Committees
on Grders, Resolutions, Finance and
report of Legislative Committee. Fa
rmers were read from the St. Lonis
Knights of Labor sjtting foith griev
ances against the boss brewers of that
city. Chairman Garupars.of tho Legis
lative Committee, recommended tuat
the conrrcss resolve itse 1 into a Com
mittee of the Whole and attend the
Trades Union conference and that in
the meantime the congress commit
tees proceed with the work sssigned
to each. There was some opposition
to this manner of forming an amalga
mation of these two bodies, but tbe
suggestions were adopted end the
congreee took a recers till noon.
When ths congress convened again
J. R. Scott, of Toronto, wai elected
Chairman of the Committee of tbe
Whole, and tbey decided to enter the
Conferencsof Trades Unions about to
bs held, and adjourned to meet at the
call of tbe president. At the confer
ence, in the absence of President
Weihe. of tbe Amalgamated Associa
tion, Secretary McGuire called order
and proceeded to read tbe call setting
forth tbe action oi tbe Trades uonier
ence in Philadelphia last May. John
McBride, P. J. McGuire and Samuel
Gomp?rs were nominated for 'tem
porary chairman and all deplined ex
cept McBride. who was elected. Mc
Guire was elected temporary secre
tary. Tbe Chair named the following
Committee on Credentials: Messrs.
Atrasser, Scott, Kdmondson, Miller
and McDermott. There are no Knights
of Labor or Trades Assemblymen on
the committee. The conference ad
journed to 2 o'clock p.m.
of the Trades Union Conference the
Committee on Credentials reported as
to the delegates who were entitled to
seats, and all were admitted and ths
report adopted.
and resolutions were appointed, a: d
the former reported John McBride for
chairman and P. J. McGuire and
John Kirchner for secretaries. Chair
man McB.-ids speke cf tbe couilutirg
opinionB exieting among the members
of tbe conference, and utked them to
so conduct the diucu s'oa as to create
no animof iiies. All grievances should
hA covered no and nothing done bu'.
that which would result In gord ti
thi various organisation whose mem
bership waa represented iu the cou-
were read by the secretary, the first
fiom President Weihe. of the Amal
gamated Association. He regretted
that his organisation was no; repre
sented, but SJid if tbe resolutions
adopted were not of a free trade na
ture the Amalgamated might partici
pate in future conventions. He in
closed articles from a Pittsburg labor
paper regarding the formation ot
Knights of Labor lodges among iron !
workers, and the objections that had
been enteied to tbe same.
Various letters of regret wtre read,
nearly all being ot the same tenor.and
U. 11. lane. ot the flew Haven tut 1
Trades Council, urged independent
political action as
President R. Rublera, of the Cuban
Fed oration of Ci);ar Makers, urged that
only representatives of trades unions
be allowed to paitiotpate in the uon
ference. Hugh McGregor, of New
York, urged that the foundation be
laid . , ..
and declared that the Knights of La
bor had exploded like a meteor; that
its growth was no accident, an 1 its
mistake had been in mixed assem
blies. Federation, he claimed, waa
the necessity of the sge. President
Frank Rnney, of the Federated Trades
oi lbs racilic coa t, asserted in a
lengthy letter of ad ire that fedeia
tionwnstha only recourse for labor.
He advccat.Ml tjuo fet of laws for all
trades unions. Secretary McGuire
made a motion that the prees be ex
cluded from tbe si'ssious of the Con
ference. This point was discussed the greitor
part of the a'ternoon, being presented
in itsvariouj pbasis, and finally the
motion was agreed to by a vote of 18
to 10. The adoption of the motion
created considerable ill feeling, aud
suggested the inquiry on the part of a
delegate whether thore delegates who
represented papers snd were making
reports for the eame should be allowed
to remain. The secretary aaggested
that all who could show credentials of
membership in any trades union
should be allowed on the floor. Tbe
re potters began to present working
cards and other certificates of mem
bership, seeing which, the president
suggested that the motion adopted
would not porsibly exclude any one.
It wai finally agreed to adm't all mem
bers of trades unions as vicitors except
newspaper reporters.
Some discuwion was had on the
all expressions being favorable to any
plan having that object In view. F.
L. Daily and W. H. Marten, of Massa
chusi tt-', representing the New Eng
land Shoe L v t-ns' Union, were ad
mitted on their credentials, but there
was a spirited discussion over receiv
the credeptia's of Georga G. Black, of
the New York Htereolypers' Uniou.
Mr. Wright claimed they were not en
titled to representation, en they should
be subordinate to the typographsrs.
He said in reply to a question that he
would not set ty p to be stereotyped
by th:sin(on. lis was informed tbat
all Naw York uuion printers did this,
aud the credentials oi Mr. B ack were
All resolutions wars handed to the
Committee on Resolutions without
reading. Several rf them referred to
the status of trades unions and the
rights of labor.
The convention then adjourned to
9 o'clock a. m. tomorrow, without
having taken any action regarding the
Poaderly committee, which arrived
in the city on Taeeday night
Olaas Blawers Strike.
Philadklphia, Pa , December 8
A special dispatch from Wondbury,
N. J., soya the glass b'owers of G. G.
Green's factory went out on a strike
yesterday. This sction was a perfect
surprise to many of the b'owfrs as
well ai to the employers end to the
public. The undorbUadirg has bean
that the men were dotcrmiued to
abide by the terms of the compromise
npon which they wont to work in
October, acd had rocent'y given thoir
employers assurances that such was j
For tl KverywIiPro In tlie
the case. The strike was brought
fcbou - through tbe apprentices.
Mas er Workma Coffey ti at
Wo.dbu y on Moi.d y olgbt and held
a meeting, wMch wa at ended by the
apprentices. and a few o' the journey
men. As a reun t i.f C iflej 's persaa
sion the apptnt c n lefosed to work
yesterday mo niog, and s I ' pped tbe
factory. A mee ir g of ah the blowers
and appriiitices "as held iu the after
noon, atid a m j ni y v)ted to stand
by the At'an'ic City reso'utioa and
break tbe agre Dnt upon which they
wtrrtwoiking. Mr. Green says his in
tention is to out out th tires and not
start ag ia th;s year
Hlaer Leavlas; Colorado.
Pitthbcbo, Pa , D.ciiuber 8. A
party of twenty-six miners from Beech
Creek, Pa., left here lact evening for
Co Crrek, Col., wl ere tbey intend to
work. Tbey state tl at they have been
advixdiogo to Co'omiIo by friends
who have already art led there, and
who cay that they can earn much
higher wages there than in Penntyl
vauit. Tney say tbat there is a feel
ing amorg tbe Penny vania miners
that natural gas is ruining their trade
in 'hid St t a.id that thi severe com
petition for the lake 'ra te canees such
cutting in piices and waites that tbey
cannot ern a living The good pros
pects a; 0 ial Creek, make it probable,
thvy think, tbat a hrge number of
Pdnusylvaoia minerj Will go there
Pay for Overtime.
PiTTSBuna, Pa., D comber 8. The
employes in the fre ght departments
of the Pan Handle Railroad Compiny
havo been nottned that bereatter tbey
will receive ex'.ra pay for all over
time. This Includes the r eight con
ductor?, engineeis, brakemen and
A special irom Uoiontown, jra,,says
the entire 8 stem of the Biltimore and
Ohio railroad have made a demand
tor pay Lr overtime. A crnferecce
will probably be he'd on Friday and a
satisfactory conclusion reached.
Clothing t'altr' Convention,
Cincinnati, O., December 8. The
National OonveUhn i.f Clothing Cut
ters Knights of Labor brgaa its ses
sion hare this afternoon. After an ap
pointment of committees on orgnni-
ut on tbe coiven i n adjurned until
PrMldnt of ths Grt LOUISVILtB C0l.
KIKR-JUURNAL CO., tells wn
h knowi of
VYintersmith's Chill Cure.
Orncs or tbi ContiR-JorjiHii,,
LouiaTN.Li, Kr.
Dr. WintmmitkSir; I wairs rul I hv
obiervad for many jturs, the Talus of jour
ramady romplin( mo to lay. In rapfy to
your requaat, what I know of your Chill
Cura. The urivata aiaarnncaa of ita efficaoy
I had, and tha good roaulta of Ita affeota 1
had obaarTad on Mr. K. W. Meredith, who,
for mors than fifteen yearn, hud bean fore
man of my ortloe, induced ma to teat It in
my fa'iiily. Tb raonlts have been entirely
ea.iafaotory. The Brt oaae waa of two
yotra' atandint, in which 1 beMere every
kaoan remedy had bean tried with tempo
rary reliefthe oh ilia returnini pariodioally
and with aeatninily inrreatad aavarity.
loar enre broke them atonoe, and thore hat
bean no reenrrente of them fur more than
an months. Tbe other rate waa ot a milder
form, and yielded more readily to other
remediea ; bnt the ehllla would return at In
terval until your medicine waa used, ainoe
which time, now aeveral months, they have
entirely disappeared. From the opportu
nity 1 have had tnjudire, 1 do not hesitate to
express my belief that your Chill Cure it a
Valuable aper-ifi?, and perlormi all yoo
promise for it. Heapentfully,
ARTUIMl PETER A CO., Aitenta, Louii
ville, Ity.
noiraoPATmo viieiinasy specifics
For Horses, Cattle, Sheep,
Dogs, Hogs, Poultry,
Aatt M Bellm, a4 Bm tmt VfM.
rmxa-Vnm. Contrallntia. Inflainmallon.
A.A.-elplnal Mrnliialll., Milk Fevrr.
l!' l-lralii, l.atnrlMs., IMieuntalUin.
uifrai rr, ria"l iMlirea,
l.-Bota or Urnba, Worma,
ongiia, HriTM, I'liramonla.
Frlre. Bottle (over B doaeal.
Slalil (taan.with Manual, 8no pares with '
V Uuil Oil and aliiliati, A8.00
Bent Frrfl oa Reretiit of Price.
Humphreys' Med. Co., t09 Fulton St., H. Y.
In Uaatl IU IKara That nnli u-...J..I J
Nervous Debility, Vital Weakness,
ana I'nMlration. from trm mork or othur oaiiMa!
1 per vial, or t TiaU and Uro ti.l powdar. for ti,
tkuj nv naeoilAT. orsealpivtinAiiionrMwintoi
ltM.-llM,i.n' HUrtM i., in Mm m., . f.
.! i ' ; i'
Moat happily meet the demand of the Ma
for woman's peeuiiar aSlictiona. It ia a rem
edy for WOMAN ONLY, and for one fcHK
ClAL CLASS of her dieaea. It iaaape?iflo
for certain diseased rsnditiona of the womb,
and to oontrola the Menstrual errana as to
rcR'ilate all deranaementa and irrerularitiea
ol her Monthly Sioknesa. The proprietor!
oiaim for thia remedy no other medical prop
erty. It ia striolly a Veirrta ile Compound,
the studied prescription of a learned phy
aiclan lr ae specialty was Km ai.s liaera,
and who-e fame became enviable because of
his ancoesa in the treatment and cure ef
female comptatnta. ctuflerinr womnn, it
will relieve you of nearly ll oniuplainta
jiccnllir to yoar rex.
V r fato ny drui iri'te. M'rite for book,
".Mesuae to Woman," wiled tree.
Baarii.LD KtugurOa. Co., Atlanta, Oa,
r.. k.
. . . uiirurunpr..
JBf.ll. l'rlnnry and Kidney IMM-aaee.
. I.- KruiMlve lllarawa, Maaae.
,K. -UUpa.c a of Ulcrailon.
DECEMBER 9, 188.
f itn hi ixtx
FnHod Mat It Snrs and Itny ih ennliie Article.
PAID IIP CAPITJX, i x i i : t $100,000
Xxatesrasaat Paid on XSsspoasiltaa.
M. H. K1TZENBES6EB, President. T. KATZEMJEBSER. Cashier.
TVo. a.U Front, Hiret. Vnr. Fnlon. lttiwphiaa. Tenn.
1APO1E0H BILL, FresldeaU If. 9. W1LKE8S0B, Tk4frMt
U. J. LTir9, .CaiBiara
I Tf
Oltlce19 XfafHsoit Street, lvXerapbSfli, ?enb
Lato J. T. LaPrado i Co.
No. 304 Front street, : Memphis, Tenn.
VHavinr retired from the Saddler and Haraeat basineee and opened an offioe aa above,
we are pleaaed to announce to oar lnenda and the public generally that we are now prepared
to serve thea In our new oapaoity. Returning thanka for the very liberal patronage ei
tended aa In the old line, we trust to merit and receive a share of your lavors In the new.
Capital, $200,000. Surplus, $25,008,
j. x. etBwn, Prtwn. i. m. cwoobar, litrntu c h.;kaxii, casfak
mr aaeawaa aaaaal Kttmm aajaaalaU
And Commission merchants,
SOO and 2CJ2 Front St., Mem.li.g. Tenn.
KaT Country Store), Dwellings and Glnhoosea a Specialty.
!9-Loiea Adnted Promptly, and Paid at HempbU.
Steam Engines, Boilers and Tank Work, Ck)tton Gins, Cottoi
Presses, Wood Pulleys, Shatting, Agiicultural
and Plantation Work,
Corn aEtncl Saw IVHIIq.
arWi have the LARGEST WORKS of the kind In the Fnltd StaUi, and will meet
prioei ioraame qaality of work. Send for Catalogue, Prioe-LiaU
and Teatlinoniali.t
t X a
; ' i
A. iVll Oil ,
:: --v-.v
P-iTin II 1 1 nti'
Late with J. X. LaPrade A Co
Chickasaw Iroiivorlii
98 Seoond St.. Memphii, Ten
UKlneM, Boilers, Sawmills,
Bradford Corn and Wheat Mill
Cotton Preas, Cotton Gins,
Shaaing, Pnlleys, V.ic
RPKCIAL. NO riCK-We are prepared to fill order
on i&or' notloe, for the oelenrated Mdart Patieat
Wroolii-ioi Pulley. We oarry in itook ovei
Two Hundred Assorted biaci.
axrHend for Catalorne and Prise-list.
Aeajajaatajaa CwaiewtXiieaa.- "
- Ttinieatee
Important Kale ol Very Valua
ble Lands in the States of Ar
kansas and MisKissippJ.
Memphis, Tenn., December 1, 1884.
UNDEK and bv virtue i f ibe te-ms and
eonditiona of a certain deed of trnet
exeruted to aue.aa Tru- e', by li. M. Aprep.
son anu ith-ra, on the SW'H ay of May, 18a5.
to recure tbe lnue teJn s.s therein men
tioned, duly recorded in Cook " A," pacea
4'2 to 41 inclusive, ot the Cin.mt Court of
Crittenden ecunty; liook 44, tutftea 72 to 83,
o IheCircu tCourt of i'iinlips rountv; Book
" Y," i'Be l'.'f) to 1M7, ot Circuit Court of
Lee com t' : Book " A A. I apes Yi to 111,
eoni t : Book " A A." l.atrea M to 111.
Circuit Ci'Urt of Linnoln n uuty, Ktnle of
I neae, Aim, i.t Book "11 li,"aa;e230,of
Char eery Court 01 Bolivar oouniy. ana
ol Uiri
Ark n
tea Cba
in Book 21, fia"ea 495 to .Vi7. of Panola coun
ty, btate of Vieaiafiiipi j delanlt btvinxbeen
made io eittd truatdoed, and beioir requested
by t' e maker of aaid rru t deed ai d the ben
eficiary thereof, I will, aa aa'd Trustee, oa
TutvUnj. HtKciiiljcr 21, lS(f,
on tbe eonthweat corner of Man and iladi
ton etreeta, pommeucin prouiitly at U
o'c'i'Ck m. , and contiLUnv from day to day
until ihe aaid lands are all eold, offer
for aule, at public outcry, and sell to the
bithest aud beat hldiier, th. fol loving de
soiibed latd and property, 'i ualed in tb.
btatea of Arkanaaa and Viatiaaippi, and
particularly described aa fol'ows, to-wit:
The lollowlng lands, lyinv In tbe county ol
Pbillipe ard State of Arkansas, on the bank
ot tbe Mississ pni river, about ten niilea be
low Helena, Arkanaaa. to-wit;
Tbe eaat half of section tbirty-three, eon
taininr 2i6 M aerea, and all 01 aeotion U,
eontainini 639 88 atrte.
Tbe aouth halt of section twenty-Mvon,
containing aeventy-ihree aerea.
The weet half section 35, containing 320
aerea. .
ihe northeast quarter oi feotion 24, con
taining lfO aorea.
All in townahipSeouth, range! eaat.
Fractional nortbeaat quaner of aeotion i,
containing 112 aerea.
All of fractional teetlon S, containing
465.48 aerea. In townahip 4. range 4 eaat
being tbe lands known as " K. M. Apperaon'l
Westover Plantation," containing in al
2034 67-100 aerea ol land, more or leas.
The louthweat quarter of the southeast
quarter of aection 3). containing S8.tU aerea.
Toe aouth part of the aoutheaat quarter tl
ection35, containing 4.41 aerea.
The aouth half of aection 6, containing
320 aerea.
All of fractional lection 36, contain ing20T
The northeaat quarter of leotioa 36, con
taining 160 aerea.
The northweat quarter of the aoutheaat
fractional quarter of aection 3o, containing
40 aerea.
Part of the east half of the aoutheaat quar
ter of aection 35, containing 78 aerea.
All of fractional aeeiion to, rontaininc
74.25 aerea all la township 4 aouth, lange 1
West half ol aonthwest fmetionnt quarter
of aeotion 30, and th northwest fraotional
quarter of aection 31, containing r5 aerea
' townanip tnre u) aoutn, range Deist, cnowa
' aa " K. M. Apneraon'a Vlaney Plantation,"
containing 1043 48 100 aorea of land, more or
Also, certain peraonal proper: now oa
the aaid Westover Plantation, to-wit: 13
beadol mules of various agoa, siva and de
erriptions; also, one steam enaine and all
the apidiances and attachment thereto be
longing; one gristmill, to cotton tins, on
cotton preaa and all theupplia' cea and at
tachments to the eame belonuinir: all of the
wagons, farming utenaila, Implements and
toola of et ery kind and character used in tbe
cultivation of the aaid plantations, one half
ol which will be dolivertd to tbe purrbaterol
tbe Maney planta'ion. Kuch ot aaid planta
tions are in gcod etate of eultivation, and
have all necessary buildings, inoludiug
dwellings and stiitottoutes.
Also, the fullowicg do-crihed tract or par
cel ot land, lying in the aaid oounty of Phil
lips a?d butt of Arkanaaa, and decoribed
aa follows;
The northeast quarter of aeoti n sixteen,
townahip one aouth, range four eaat, con
taining 160 aerea.
Also, the fcllowtrg other lands, lying ia
the oouuty of Lee and State oi Arkansas,
about twelve niilea ruilia from the town of
Marianas, to wit: Tiie west half of the)
west half of section twenty seven 127), oon.
taining 160 aerea; the northeaat quarter of
aection thirty-three (33), containing 164
aerea ; the east hull ot tbe northweat quar
ter of aeotion thirty- three (33), containing 88
aerea, and the northweat quarter of section
thirty-feur 'H), numbering 160 aorea, con
taining in all !60 acres, and known aa tb
"Cotter trier.."
Also, tbe following- ofher tract of land,
lying in said county ol Lte and btat ot Ar
kanaaa, on and near the M aaissippi rivers
Tbe northeast quarter of aeotion one
fraetional aoutheaat quarter of aeotion one;
fractional eaat hall of aection twelve (U),
and the fractional southwest quarter of tb
aonthwest quarter ol aeotion one.
South hall of aouth half of aection 2;
Weat fractional half of aection 12;
The northeaat quarter of jeoticn clove
The aouth fractional half feotion lit
The west fractional hall of aeotion 13;
The northeaat fractional qua. tor of tee
All of fraetional aeotion 24;
All of fractional aection 25, containing
2245.91 aerea, more or leas.
Also, the following tract! or parcel! cf
land, lying in the county of Crittenden and
State of Arkansas, to wit:
Southwest quarter of aection twenty-0D
llaat half of southwest quarter of section
twenty-three (23);
West half of aection si (6) :
Weat half of section soven (7) ;
Northwest quarter of aeotion eighteen (18).
Soutbwest Irac'ional quarter of aection
nineteen (110, ail in townahip 3, north rang
7 eaat.
Tbe said six (6) last named tract contain
ing 1070.77 acres.
Also, the following other landa, lying la
tbe county of Monroe, and State of Arkan
ihb, and described as lot owe:
Tbe outhweBt quarter of aeotion seventeen
(17), containing 160 aerea;
Tbe soulhwe.it quarter of the northwest
quarter of aection 17, oonloiniog 40 aorea j
Tbe north hn if of the northeast quarter of
aection 25, 80 acres;
The rortheut quarter of the northwest
quitrter of section 2". 41) aorea;
Containing in all 320 acres, and known ag
part of the "ftedtnond tract," all in town
ship 2, aouth ritnue 1 weet
Also, the following other landa, lying to
the county of Arkansas, and State of Arkan
aaa, and described aa follows, to-wit:
The north half ot tbe north half and the
north half of tbe aouth half of section 10,
township 6, aouth range 2 weat, containing
luO aerea.
Also, the following tract ot land, ling ia
Bo ivar county. Mississippi, to-wit: It being
the north half (except twenty-two aorea) aa
seraed to Lobdell, of aection twenty-sir,
township twenty-two, rang, oieht. contain
ing three hundred (300) aores, and being tb
same land oonveyed by J. D. Quig!ey, trus
tee, to K. M Apperaon A Co., and known ai
the "St. John Plsce." Aleo, the following
tract of land lying in the oounty of Panola,
and State i-f Mississippi, and more particu
larly described as folio a. to-wit: The north
eaat quarter of section twenty-six (26), th
west half ot aection twenty-five (25), th
tonthcast quarter of aection twenty-five (25),
fart of tte northeast quarter ol section
wenly-flve (25), all of aeotion thlrty-eix (36),
in township 6, range 6 weet, aad containing
about 1332 acres, 6;s aorea of which ia cleared. .
Also, the following tract of landa aitoat
d. lyinvand beinn In tb county of Lin
coln and Stat of Arkanea : South fractional
half of aection thirty-four (34), townahip
seven (7), aouth five (5) west; eaat half eaat
of Boone lake, aection thirty-three (33).
townshin aeven (7), range five (5); eaat hall
eaat of Boone lake, emotion four (4), town
ahip 8, ranire 6; northwest quarter of aection
S, township 8, ranges; north traetlonal hall
of northeast quarter of aeotion 3, township
8, range 6; southwest quarter aeotion 3.
township 8, range 5, containing in all 731.21
acres, together with all-accretions made by
th Arkansaa river, known aa the Mapl
Grove Plantation,'' together with the lol
lowiot personal property: Twenty-on
head of mules of varioae ages, sues and de
scriptions itwo heal oi oattlaione steaut
engine and fixtures; one gristmill; one cot
ton gin and cotton prose, together with
wagons, toola and farming utensils.
Terms of sale One-fourth cash of the prise,
balance in four equal installment, pay
able in one, two, three and four yeara, evi
denced by notes execnted by the purchaser
bearinar interest at the rate of six per cent.
Ser annum until paid, and secured by trait
eed on the aaid landa.
The title to above landa ia good, but I MB
and convey only aa trustee.
Further information oan be obtained of
n. 03. Appvrnun m .o. af, v. niaufnwri
Chairman and Trustee, aad of N.F. Lemae
ter, of Forel A Lemaater, real estate acent
Trustee, Masonic Temple.
Proclamation by the Governor,
the SUt ef Tenneas Win. B. Bate, Oot.
ernor-To all who shall ie these Preaent.
WrHKrf 8 AS, It baa been mode known t
me that some unknown party or par
tie charged with having eommitted a tool
and atrocious murder on the body ot John
Graham, on the 30th day of October, 1885. in
our county of Shelby, fled from luatioe and
now running at large: ""
Now, therefore, I, Wm. B. B.ite, Governor
a aforesaid, by virtue of the power and au
thority in me reefed, do hereby otter a re
ward of two hundred and fit ty dollar, to
any person or persona who may apprehend
the aaid unknown party or pirtlee, and de
liver him or them to the ShariB or Jailer of
our oounty of Shelby, in oi'l r that iuitie
In that behalf may be had and executed,
rtrs reward ie made pavabl., one halt oa
delivery to the Sherii aud one halt on con-
Iiotion. ...
n testimony whe-eol. I h've hereunto set
my hand, aud caused the Great natl oi th
btate to be a lined at Naabville, on '.he lata
day of November, 119ri. .J
By tb Governor: J
.Joan AI.LII3N, Sartrroi Stat,

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