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The Memphis appeal. (Memphis, Tenn.) 1886-1890, December 09, 1886, Image 7

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CottOH Flrra-XitldliDj, 8 13 lGn
Kales tesurlity, 2C0O
Money !s in pretty actlTO demand
at 8 per rent. 'J he tght:ies3 in
finances is bh g reliBved bjr the
heavy salt a-d ahipmen'a of cotton
ical eecunt:ea ae strong. The cot
ton market was firm; middling
B.1.J-1BC. Kales, 260) bJei. At New
York, (pote eiay; middling, 9 7-162.
Futures st.ocg and 7 to 8 points
A leading New York cotton circular
says of the speculative market
"All handi were nervous, and eiratic
trading ltd to considerable irregular
lty. After a email opening gain a dis
position to unload ltd to temporary
reaction, bat ther.flrirg was promptly
vaJten up, atcl new demands coming in
iofueed stronger lone that nlti
mately left the fi al r .testhe highest
of the day, bi;w:ng a gain of several
points over 1, a, evotiii g."
At New O. ietns spots wera etrotg
niiauung, oio :o.'. futures s'TODg
and 11 to 13 paints h'ghisr; December,
At Liverpool npoti were firm, good
demand ; middling, 5 3 16d. Fumrea
steady ai d a d angtd; December-Jaa-
tnry, 6 8-64 1 8nlLra.
The gxneral market prettenta
at r org let -If t g.
The fo!'oii g Bi o ta the amount of
graiu reiwivrt, i hilr iwa and in
stare by icgnla' e ev-uora, as reported
to the Me chan's' Exchange yester
day: Wha-it in ato e, 1045 bn. Corn
received, 10 2 hu ; withdrawn, 1331
bn; in i-toie, 3P-8 ba. OitH re
ceived, S77D hn; withlrawn, 2G82 bu;
in btore, ' 8,437 b i.
mr Dnlljr 4 netniioaw of Col to
OH TroHtu Hud firm Tftrk ti.
. change fctocb are epao lo (nose
InterentMl, at my flla.
24 Madison St., Memphis, Tenn.
Money In pret acive demand at 8
per cent Ttie Clearing House report
is as ioiiows:
Wednesday, December 8, 1886, $131,'
869 75: thua far this week. tl.HOl,
822 73; same lime last week, $1,300,
940 41; corr spending time in 1885,
$807,544 63; ro. responding time in
1884, 1,166,74S 62.
Wedntadi'T, December 8, 1886, $55,
040 51; thus I. r this week, $174,704 92;
same time last wetk, 1279,700 06;
corresponding rime in i83o. siov
349 80; corresponding time in 1884,
New York sight on all points, J
discount huylntr, oar selling; New Eng
land demand, di-coant buying; New
England sight, discount; New Or
leans, t dl.connt bnytng, par selling,
Bank of C maierce148 bid, 150 asked
First Naioi ai 1K0 bid, 165 asked
Germau Bank 192 bid, 200 asked
St&te Na'jora! 147 bid, 150 asked
Union and PlinterRlfi4 bid, ... a ked
Mercantile B-nk 135 bid, ... asked
Bluff City 105 bid, ... asked
Hernando 103 bid, ... asked
Home -77 bd, 80 aaked
MeraohiB Ony 1 07 bid, a ked
Peoples 80 bid, 85 aaked
Pnasnix 100 bid,... asked
Planters 10 bin, ... asked
Vanderbilt -26 bid, 30 asked
Arlington 35 bid, ... asked
Factors.... .30 bid
Shelby Co. warraote...96 bid, 98 asked
M. A O. R R. shares... 57 old, ... aaked
M.4T.R.K. sbares...45 bid, 60 aaked
M. A O. consols, 7..... 121 bid, ... asked
M.AL.R, 1st m. 8s106 bid, ... ai-ked
Miss.AT.RR.es. A... 113 bid, ... asked
Miss. AT. R.K.rs.B103 bid, 106 asked
Tenn. wts. inr. D 96 bid. 98) asked
Tenn. wts. str. K to J..85 b d, 90 asked
Bhelby Co.6s 108 bid, 110 asked
Tax. Diet. 4, Hs .99 bid, 1(0 asked
Tax. Dist..8s lOebid.iaaaKoJ
Meui. Ga boud .104 bid, ... ah ked
Mem. Water b nde...l00 bid, ... asked
Hanauer Oil Woiks...60 bid 70 asked
Am. Cot. Oil trust '...6S bid. 69 askt d
Pioneer Ootton Millg.27i bid, 32 asked
Mem. 8tor.Com. Co.1281 bid, 1.0 asked
Mem. Ua stock 75 bid. 80 a-ked
Masonic T-mple b nd , 6s 1C3 bid
Cot Kr. B'ld, 6- 101 bid, Hi6 aaktd
Ala.A Tenp. I. A : , 115 hid, 118 aska-d
Tenn. Valiey I. A R R., 40 bid, 60 raked
Naw York, December 8. Money
on call an ive a 49 per cent, cloa
ing at 4 per cent. Prime mercan
tile pp r 4(y)5. Sterling Exchange
dull but rb-odv at 480) for 60 day
bills and 48 i (r demand.
Bjnda Government bonds and State
bonds w r- dull and steady.
Stocks 8t ckg continued firm, and
nearly everything on the active list is
higher tnuigh. There wes no impor
tant (-rT.irt to dt p e-a prices, and con
siderable covering cf shorts pnt on', in
the lart few dajs was done. The
bucket) was the smallest in two
weeks. The baying for toe long ac
count was mostly by the foreign
houses, their specialties being St.
Pant, Herding and Louisville and
Nashville. The improvement in prices,
while sntject to teverat reactioas,
continutd throughout the day and
fathered force toward the close. Read
ng was nga n active and was weak in
the foreui on. but the losaea were re
covered later la the day upon the re
ports from Pailadelpbla of efforts by
Mr. Ojrnin to do away with the pro
posed aasea-ment. Louisville and
Nathville. however, was the true
leadt-r of the ma ket; the heavy
buyirg by the foreigners oa the
incrraftd evuirgi of the rrad
BtimulaUd its friends here and it
moved np nearly 3 per cent. New
England a'so attracted considerable
attention and iu tbe morning hours
was remarkab'y strong upon tbe con
fidence in the fu'ore of ibe road, but
inter itiemaimd barely steady, afr
reces ion from the be t prices of the
mormn. The Wnrthesnpene i higher
but lost the advitntuge inter in the
day, t! onuh thee whs a marked im
provement t.ward the c oe. Ltckn
wanna b caiuB a a, ec al leatiue in tbe
sf eruoon o;i thH refnsal of the court
in Pern sylsnie to grant an injec
tion f gaiuit tb c. al companies, ihs
praDgen, trunk lines and Western
Union were a I quiet but moderately
etrorg. The oper ine was very in eg-
f" ......... v. i .1. mr, . . I . , 1. i
price rang ng to Jerherway
Uasiness w comparatively l g'.t.but
prices wore firm and strong, hi! the
Wahashes wer remarkably wea.
No:fo k and Wfstern and Lonisvie
nd Naiivi le a!- o be -arae oroment
for t!;e r tt.vnt!i, the market q'liet
ing down at noon. It reir.uined
qu et and moderately fi m until the
last h(ur, when tie upward move
ment aine.n etrer ctn, end on en in
ere? sed bmiiuss th market closed
eirrnif at or near toe best pMCas
rvacnea. M-nes, 4.,u i srares. jjon
iwlle and Nash vi le furnished 47,145;
Lickawanna 28,6' 0, St. Paul 21.350.
All the active st icks are h;iiher this
evtnirg, thongo gentralW for fractioi s
only, ivouisville and ra?hville ad'
vanced 21. Lackawanna. Uockinn Vl
ley and Canada Southern 11 each.
Michigan Central 1 and Texas Pacific
1. Sots of railruad bonds were $1,
381,000 Erie second consols contrib-
n ed f 142,000 and Green B ly incomes
jioa.utw. rnces were generally heavy
to wetk, esp cially during ti e fore
noon, and the last prices generally
thnwed d'cines. The demand for
mining shares was much smaller,
though b isinefw was beavv. The gen-
era) list was cff. All of the company
stores showed ltss life end lower
pr ces. Clos ng ra'ts American
FUg, 10; Alite, 140; Consolidated
California and Virginia, 45; Colorado
Central. 810; Iron Hilv r, 245;
Leidville Consoliduted, 66; Oiient-i
a u Miner, i; uonld and V irry, 9;
B:dirt, 410420; Eurak, CoiiboIi
d ded, 7(i8; Ha'e a id Norero s, 10
asked; Home Slake. 17 malted; Mexi
can, 175 asked; On'aro, 26 asked;
Deadwond" 'IVrra, 3 H.ked; Taylor
I'luiiias, 50 aked.
Ti e total Sils of s o-ks todav were
428,rv6 shHrws, iocl uding t inmda South
e'n,9U80; D-laware. Laikwniina anl
Wes em, 28,6 0; Eri.., 11,450; Khn
88 and Txa, 6010; Lake Shorr
fc3;5; L5uisville ani Nas"vlle, 47,-'
145; Nortnwe-tern, 5200; New Je'eey
Cen al,6 30; Readkg,81 520; St. Paul,
21,350: 8f. Pul at.d Ora ha. 385(1:
lex a a-rt raiiuo 7950 ; Union Pac he,
u,iiki; western uuon. 10,825: vva
bash Pacific, 12,(M); Oregou Trana-
cutinental, 48oi; Richmond and
WeHt Point, 6100; Hoikirg Valley,
ij.-Ji). ruioiitigquotatiuns:
TJ. 8. Si. W-i 4l. nnnn. IW!
ooap, lloS. Pnotao 6i ol lritfS, VMi
La. itAiDsi. 4a. R2. Miuonr! fin. ITS.
Cent. Po. lnu.ll I. Den A R.U. 1U. 118X
u an.u. w .ihu, ou. cri van, iuii.
Nurth.Puo.2a. 103. M. Weatorn eon. 138.
.ii ii ix ii r ii .a.. iiMiTB i ill I i r r. I . I iin
a. neat, aeo.oa.ius. oi.Li.B.r in.M.,u:i.
bt Pa j eon, 1:12. Bt.P.C. AP lat-, 119'.
T.P. land rnt.66V T.P.R..x oou,75..
0. P. lata, 1I6J4. We.t8hore.K6Pi.
Tenn.6a, aet'iiit,(i6. lenn.6a,et'uit, 102.
Tenn. 3,ttf wt.ny.
Adami Eipreaa, 136. Morrla&B., oSd,1t2.
Alleibeny Cent I.,
naahrille & G , 101.
Nor. 4 W.iltd,57'4.
Northern Piui .2(W
Alton X 1. u X).
A. T.U.,jifd.,83.
American Hi., lUiX
B. O. K. A N. 60
Northern Han ptd.64H
Canada Pae., 68
Canada Sou , 6ia. C-A N.W pfd ,140.
Central Pacific, N,V.Central.ll5.
Chet eake A 0. ,tr4. N.Y.C.A Ht. L.,15
C. AO. 1 tpfd.18
N Y C.A ht L.ptd.29.
v. u. m pid. it.
Chi oio A A., 143,
C.A A.ptd.160
C.. B. A Q ,1S.
C, bt h. A N.O ,
uuo central, .
Ohio A Miaa.,33,
O AMiaa.pfd. 80
ODtarioA Wear,, -Jtfii-Oregon
NaT , 105
Oreuim Trim. 3AV
v., est. id & k., my.
C8t.LAP.pfd, ti. OMgonImp.,47.
0. 8. A 0.. 47. Paoifie Mail, 64X.
C.AC. ,72. Panama, 98.
C. A H. Valley '2. Peoria O AB..33H.
uei. a una , iviy,. rniaDnrir, US.
Del., L. A W , 142 Pullman P.O ,142)4.
Den. A Rio fl , Reading, tT.
Kr.e, 37- Rook laiand, 127.
EriepM. 77. M L. A S F ,'XSV,.
New Eaat Tenn.. 17S.St.L A8.K pfd, 6V4.
NerK.Tenn.nr,l.7U! M l. 1 If l-i nj
Fort Wayne. 147 C. M". A t P . 04
Hannibal A St. Jo.-. C M.A 8t.P p, 119.
11 A St Jo , pfd.
St. P.. M. A M..117.
rianem, zai.
itounton T., K
Illinois Central, 133.
Ind .B. A W.,HY
Kanaas A 3tiV4.
Lake K. A W , 18.
Lake Shore, 99.
Lou. t Naah.. 'dV,,
Lou. A N. A., 64.
M. A . lat ptd.-.
M. A 0. feno'idn. ,
Mam. A Char . 57.
St PaulA Omaha, 52K.
St Paul 4 0. j.ld. 11, U
T n . I . I ii.
ivuu.vunia irun, no.
Teiaa Paoifl -, 25W.
Union Paoifio, Wyt,
U. ti. Exp. ea,62
W.. 8. L A P.,2H
WS.l.P.p., 374
W.A P. Ex.. 1.30.
W. U.Tel.,77-4.
Colorado Coal,
Home Stake. 14'.
Iron .silver. 24o.
Micb. Cen.,97H
Min. A St. L. t!d,48! Quiokaiiver.
Miaoun Paoifio 114)4 Quxikulver pld,
Mohile A Ohio, 18V. couth Pnoifio. .
M. L. SAW. 69 Sutrn. 4H.
Mm. 4 St. L , 2iy,
17. iinrAr n. im.
M.L.S.A W.pfd.lOlK-
L 'Ndoh, D c-ra'ier 8. 4 D.m. Con-
sols, 100 13 16 for money and 100 15-16
for tiearcounr. Unite 1 S afes boi d-i.
4, 133J; United 8ia'e binds, 4J,
1 1 3f ; A i Ian ic and G-e it W. stem firrt,
54 J ; s conds, 15 The amount of ul-
lion witljrlr.n f-om theBa k f Ene-
land on balance today i 6,0( 0.
Paris, D-ember 8. Three percent.
rentes, 83f 47Jc for tbe account.
Pr. Tnin Mn . TtAi-amrm Q Tt mV
e'ea ins today, $2,817,170; balances,
'i oed bank clearings today were $10,-
New Orliamr. La . DniwrnW ft
Biiik c ea ioKs to 'ay, $1 805,657.
Niir Ynr. Dt rmVwy Q UanV
clearings today, $142,638,561 ; balances,
$5,023 695.
rtriMTnM AT ABA. TlrfnAmTrtm. Q iTtmV
c!e4rn g todav were $13,643,981; bal
ances, $i,4!0,071.
RAl.TryoRB. Mn Ttor.omKA. Q
Bunk tlexrinifs todny, $1,955,303; bal
ancea, $.91,781.
pRII.AnuI.PHrA. TA . TiiutflmKa. fl
Pa k clenriiion torlnv WBrilOR7l ftlRr
b.iUnci s, 0,443,609.
The local cott m mnrkt oncned
firm and cl.ieed firai; middling,
81316c. Siles, J600 hales. iLcludiun
600 hat eveninir; 150J to exporters
ad 1100 to rpinm ra.
Yesterday. Taesdty.
Ordinary ,
Good Ordinary.,
Low Middling...,
Norn. Nom.
8 3 16 8 3 16
8 9 16 8 9 16
813 16 , 813-16
0 1 11 9 1-16
Good Middling,
Miuaung f air.....
9 7-16 9 7-16
Num. Nom.
Stains and tinges..
8i.l8 88
Haaraia, Deeember 8, ISM.
Stock Sept 1, 1886.... 4,009
Received todiy 3,084
Received previonsly. 386,0 0 893,133
Shlppfd today 4,585
Shipped previous! y237,955
Home conanmption to
date m 957 242,887
Mock running account
. J6C61
,. 30 KS4
Thus far this week
Tt us far la-t week
Siru-e Stp'.ember 1st
V.. and O. R. R S45
M. A T. R. R 9tt
L. and N. R. R J70
M. A L. R.R.R, pS
O., O.AH. W. R. K 08
K. 0 , 8. A M. R R 17.1
Scauims 717
Wag. ns and o her s mrc. 2tK)
Total M 3031
Thns far this woek 8,Cfl0
Thus lar latt week 28,470
Since September 1st 242,540
M. A O. R. R 8 7
M., A T. R. R 2
L. A N. R. R J.rs'j
O..O.A8 W. R R 1,5(10
1.., N.O. AT. R.R sr
Al. SAB. K. R. m
Total 4.685
New York spots opt ned s'eidy, and
r a easy; niiiidin.K, w 7-lto. Knit,
iu Dales, tuotatiops were as follows
Ordinary 6 11 i6
6 9 16
7 15 16
9 6-16
9 9- 6
Uood ordinary... 8 116
Low middling... 8 15-16
... 9 716
... 9 11-16
...10 5-16
..10 15-18
Good middling
Middling fair..
10 3 16
11 13 16
New York futures orjened firm and
closed strong and 7 to 8 points lower
mat) yesterday, tsaiws, 130,600 bale.
ins closing quotations were ss lol
9 37$ 9.37
9.41 9.42
9 6Ur 9 52
December . 9 43'a 9.45
Jtnnary.... 9.48'()
February... 9 5Sa 9J9
March. 9.68(3 9.69
9.61(3 96
April 9.78cu 9.79
9.7 1( 9:2
9 b(i 9 82
May 9K8(a 9 69
Jnne 9 9i. 9 99
July 10l7(3il0.08
9 9K4 9 92
August 10 13(a10 14
The Ne Orleans snot market onnned
Brm, and closed s'rong; mnllling,
lo-itio. sales, 1 2,01)0 oaies. yucU
tions were as follows :
Yfatflrdflv. Tnpadftv
Ordinary 7 1-16 7
Gi od Ordinary.... 8 1-16 8
l ow Middling 8 U 16 8
Middling- -. 8 15 10 fi
Good Middling... 9 5 16 '9
The Nhw OrlHann fntiirn marVit
one ied eteadv. and closed stronsand
11 to 13 points h;gher. Sales, 75,400
balea. Uuotntmns were as follows:
Pncember. 9.1 (o) 9.14
9.01(3 9 03
9 2X5 9.21
9 09 3 910
9.18(3 9 19
9.'29 3 9 30
Februnry .
April ......
9.29c 9.30
9 4iro)
9.63 3 9.45
0.75(3 9.76
9.85(3 9.87
9.87(3 9 89
9 40(3 9.41
9.6U3 9.62
9.63 9 64
Auicnst ....
9 73.3 9.74
9.76(3 9 77
Toae. lut:. PriCHB Stock.
GlvestD fi m. 6,9fiS 813 16 116 370
N.Orle'nsfl-m. 19.2r7 Hf 3 7 018
Mobile... firm. 663 Hi 33 047
Kavann'h Hteady 5.V30 8j 142,365
Oh'rl'at'n Hrm. 1,917 Hj 74 7o i
Wilm't'n firm. 914 815-16 2S.203
Norfolk . Hrm. 996 9 60,356
B'ltlra'r firm 9J 15 649
NwYork. . asy. 92 9 7-16 187,502
Boston ... quiet. 216 9 7 16
Philad'e.. li-m. 115 9 J 11161
St. Loui d.m. 2,422 813-16 56,1(22
Ang'Wa.. t-ady 254 8
Receipts at ports.
this day, 18863H 604
this day, 1885.35,838
Receipts at ports,
1886. i 1885.
R'ti TJ. S
p'rts 6 day
Ex. Gr. B
R'ta8ept 1
ForVn Ex.
2,94 977
1. 618,700
Increase in receipts this year 31,790
At noon: Liverpool spots were
firm, arod demand. Fa'm, 12,000
bales, of which Amerif an 8700 halee,
K. nmnt'. 9.1,00 ba'eo. of which Ameri
can 8,500 bdl. s.
Uloeing q notations wero as follows:
Ordinary, 4d ; gond ordinary, 4 9 16d ;
low middling, 4 15-16d ; good mid
dling, 6d ; middling nnlanus, 5 3 10 J ,
mid lling Orleans, 6 5-16d.
I iVe pneet are given tn vrnce and 64i,
thru: 4 63 mean 4 63-64d; and 6 01
fiwan5 1 64(11
At noon: Liverpool futnreR wre
irteftiUr; Decemher, ; D'cerp-
ber-Janna'y, 6 081; Januirv Fbb-
rmry, 5 0!i(35 08d5 Ff-bruary Mar. h,
6105 OHd; M.ir.-h-April. 6 11(35 12.1:
April-Msy, 6 13:35 14d; May-Jane,
ioa; Jme-July. 6 18d: Julv-
Augutt, 6 21d.
At 2 p.m. : Liverpool lutnres were
qnift and pteady; Decembar, 5 091,
tiuyers; UHceuioer-Janoarv, 5 (81,
buyers; January-February . 5 08d. buy
ers; Fobruary-March, 6 (9d, aedc-rs;
rwarcn-i.piii,6 lid, sellers; April-May,
R III n.l..o. M .. r c icj u....
era; June-July, 6 17d, buyeis;July
AiigiiB', 6 19d, buyers.
At 6 p m. : Liverpool futures were
s'eady; December, 6 (9J, buyers;
D(cenrer-January, 608d.eeilera: Jan-
nary-February, 6 081, sellers; Feb-ruary-Marcb,
6 09d, sellers; Mxrch
April,5 lid, sellers; April-May, 6 13d,
value: MayJme, 6 151, buyera;
June JuV, 6 17', buyers; Julv-Au-
gnst, 5 191, bnye-s.
Oornmial Standard. $2 20(32 25:
pearl, $3 25(33 35; roller, $2 45.
tlAV Uno'CB, Irora store. 6c: car
oad from levee or depot, $14 ; jrinie.
fiom store, 70,'. car load from levee
or de-iot, $12 60(313; prairie, from
store, 45o.: car load from levee or
depot, $8 50.
Uobn From "tore, white, 51c ;mixed.
49n, from levee or depot; white, in
bulk, 44c; in sacks, 47c; mixed, in
bulk, 42c; in sacks, 44 ic
Oats b torn store, wbite,39c: mixed.
87c; from levee or depot, white, in
bulk, 31c; in sacks, 35c; mixed, in
Kn'k, 31c; in sacks, 33o.
kban rom store. 8'Jc: lrora levee
or depot, $14 60.
lour b rora store, no. 3. 13(33 26 :
family, $3 60(33 75; choice, $3 76(34;
fancy, t-K34 25; extra fancy, $4 26(3
4 60; patents, 65 60.
BiANB Naw. ti: medium. II 60(3
1 75; common, li 26; Germau millet.
$1 20(31 49.
Kica Louisiana, 4(34 Jc: Carolina,
uatmial in nail-Darrels, $33
from si ore.
OBACxaaa Soda, extra. 4c: soda.
treble extra, 41c ;extra,7c; ginger snaps,
extra, he; assorted jumblta, 10c
uracksd whiat In ball-barrels.
$4 26 from store.
tion.-NK . i.MD 3uae From stoffl.
$3(33 zo.
Chicago, III., December 8 The
amount of wheat on o-ean passage
showed a decrea a of 1,360,0(10 bush
els for tbe week, whicb imparted
some strength to the market, early in
tr-e session; May delivery t-ta ting at
tl wni-ra it cioeed Ihsc tulgnt, ad
vancing reve a1 time to 85c, and once
touch mi 8 I but off from that point
and rite tnt-d in tbe afternoon to 84 J;,
or 14'! un 'er the beet pr c-s of the
day. Tee L vernool cable r. oorle i a
dull and ea y market, and e m eof the
large local oierut irs who bav b -eu
ta kiriK bu iili were tuppon-d ii be
ui lodrtinit their hiildinK. Ti e t-ffer-inori
wen.certaily very free, and
tricei lr k oQ aharply pnder the
p-iBHU-e N ar the c'oae there was a
rally i f jc (mm inside prices, and the
ruaikct c'ostd for the day Jo under
Lthe latest prces of yp.-terd.ty. Corn
ueve cpea ronsiuer o u arai es', the
May optu n dfi- im.i to 424c duri
the day, but rallied f i Jc t iwiird the
close. 1 lie tecf'pia were fnirly mrg",
wuu uie euiuare i tece nta tor tomor
row su a ler. The eh p;irg deniar.d
W:is good, lint mau :y lor :i e ncr
grades. Out ruled aw and e sy,
tnd ah;m Jc li e. C-s:; p -.eawe'e
a fulow: No 2 r r.i n. at, 7(Jo
N'n. 3 irng ' e.f, 7.c; No. 2 r .1
whta, 7b J ; N' 2 co r, 37c; N-. 2
oats, 2tic; N x 2 r..e 5"c Nj. 2 bar
ley, 64j; No. 1 flixee d. t)l c p iin-
timothys e', il 73. Fiour viMsq'iot-l
nnchang'M, w t". bny-r holduiKifT
The leading fut :re-i iai gel as f jllon:
Wheat 1 ceaiOer opened at 76J ,
h:Bhest 771c. lowest 76c. cl si-a at
7t)Jii: Jai uary opened at 17!', hgh-
eat sc, low st ti , t'losinx t 77 :
Ftibrua'v opi ned 11 hh heat78lo.
lowest 77c, c os ng ai 78c; My
opened at t6J hiithet 85c, low at
84jc, closing at 8lc. Com-December
opened -.t37J , n gh.s 37J-, lowest
38c, closina 87c; January opened at
37 jo, hiyheet 37 jc, lowaot 37c, c'o ing
at87c; February opened at 38c, h;gh
eat 38c, lowest 37 Jo. c)oina 37 ic: Mhv
opened at 43Jo. hig' e t 4.'!Jc. lowBt
42J ', closing r 42Jc Oat Decem
ber opened at 2MI -. highest 2tii :. lowtat
Slij ', cloning 2(l('; Ja- uarv- openod at
'.bi ; highetit Itijc, lowe t 20 jc. chvirg
i: 20 jc; May opene 1 a' 31Jc. hiaJiesi
31 Jc, lowest 31c, clci ng31c Recelpia
Fl.Jur,23,000 brls; W'i. at, 127 (VK) bu;
corn,(4,OiO on; oat, liii.nih) bu; rye,
r-iaiu ou; parley, Y4inni nu. Bhip
meote Floor, 11,000 brls; wleat,
18 OliO DU ; corn, 09,000 tin . oa . 68.000
bu; rye, looo; hurley, L'4,oou rm.
St. Louis, Mo., Dec-mhT 8. F nur
quiet; treble ex'ra, $2 6 fo2 0l;
family, $2 75-2 90; choi ., $3 20(3130;
farcy, $3 60(33 65; ex'r lncv, 3 SO
i't; paten's, $4 16150. Wheat
vi ry acilve and ihih. tiled; t!ie
rrarkft opine! s'r'ni: a-id aivancud
Jc over last n-glit'e c'oair g, but toon
became weak and l 11 ott an tvn
cent on fre- eell'ni; lattr improved
Jc, but fa-wl ( A to.nig the cl e
and finished w i k, J3lt! 1' w-r than
yesterday; No. 2 re.t, cmkIi, 7H Jc ; De
cember, 7fJ(3"9c, coiug a 79J:;
Jxnuary, 80ju8;o akc', cloning at
80Joanked; Febrnar., rJ.'gjSL'J , tlos
li.aat82c; May. Ktil 88c. ci- siiiu at
8t-J'Oj87c. OoT'i riu'l, w k a d 1 wer,
cioeintf 4 Jo umo- r y--ti-rdiy ; , No. '
mixed, ca-o, 36ic; I'ecernbir. 3 1c
nominal: Jannir. 35t(3'iiiJ ' b d, ci, 8.
ing at 35j i tnd ; Febronry, 36j(?'30ju
ked. cl itl a at 301 : nMied: Mhv.
3J a4 'Jc. Odte easier ; No. 2, m x id,
cssh, 28j'329o DecembT,l7 ; Feb
ruary. IVi) bd; Ma-. 31c Rye
steaey at 63(353Jc. Barley nominally
unchaiiaed. llay qnet:' prairie.
m 75(11 130, timothy,! $ii Kax
sed unihinted. B an ti r in a 64(36 ic.
Oornmeil wak at. $1 85(31 90. Re-
ceipta Flour 3 00 brls; h. at, 13,000
bu; corn, 19,000 bu; nms, 14,000 on;
rye, none; oaney, A),uuo bu. Hbiu-
menis Flour, 40 0 brie; when, 13H00
bu; corn, 35,000 bu; osls, 7000 bu;
rye, ioujou: ba'iey, none.
Afternoon Board. w hea. eaiy and
Jc lower. Corn weak and Jo lower.
Oa a JJc lower.
Kansas Citv, Mo.. December 8.
Wheat weaker: Nn. 2 nd, ceh, 6Sc
I'id; Jauuarv, 68.! bid; May. 7clc bid.
Corn weaker; No. 2. cvst, 31 Jc bid:
Jauuary, 32J bid; May, 36jc.
Oats nomlna ; -6 jo hid canh.
BtjTTBB Bnttenne, 13J(314c;
creamery, 3tXa 3r:' ; dairy, 1822c;
country butter, 1525c.
lloQ Jfaonncra Mes pork. $10 50;
fluitur cured h.ims, 10J(Tftlllc; breakfast
bacon, 8J9Jc ; c.le.tr rib aides bacon,
7Jc; bacon shoulders, ; bulk
pork clear sides, 6Jc ; clear rib side.
6c; shoulders, 6J5Jc; long clear, 6Jo.
liABB l iercw.tilc: hnii-barrela and
keifn, tijc; chohe kettle, "jc.
r bksu MiATS-c-el, I rrquartois.
4(35c; tantlon, 48.!; hind quarters
of beef. 46c; Iiouh, 6(37c.
rouLTKY Ubickeus ial : snriniz.
$1(32; old hens. $2. Turkeys, $8(311.
G-ese,$3(?4 Duck,$2 50(33; dresi-ed
c'iii kene, $1 50r32 0 per d a n ; dress
ed turkey, ll(312c per pou d.
Uamb uuhiIb, per a t. Ii2iil50
Squirrels, 1 25. Rbb:t,$l 50 oer dor.
Ducks, wild, $l 50(o)2 Hi. Venison,
whole, 5(ai0c; saddles, 8(3'0c.
(jBBBa frimo flats. 81(o9(;: New
York lactory, 7J8c;full oroam, 13 Jc;
Young America. 14'!.
Fios Fkkt. Barrels, (8 'ib: ball bar-
barrels, $4 25; keg, $1 25.
Chicago, III., December 8. Provi
sions were active, hut the feeling nerv
our and unsettled. M ss pork opened
57Jc per brl lower, af er wuich fluc-
tiiHtions were con lined tn a ra gn of
15c, closing for the day lC312Ja par
100 lbs lnwer. Sno t ribs declined 71
(3 Oj. C sh qnotatinns are as follows:
Mess pork, $10 66. lard. $6; short rib
sides, loose, $6 45(36 Ml; dry salted
shoulders, boied, 4 754 80; short
clear aid s, $ 85(35 90. The lead
ing futures ranged as follows: Pi.rk
December ooened at $10 72J, highest
$1175, lowest $1060, cl einit at $10 C6;
January opened at $10 95, higher
f 1 1 Oi, lowettt 1 10 871. cl si us at f 10 90 :
February opened at $11 05, hiifhe't
$11 15, lowest $10 95, closinit at
$11; May opened at, $11 35. hiithest
$11 47 J, lowtst $11 25, cueing at
$ll 30. Lard December opened at
6 m, hiizhrat ti 121 !ow't$6, clop-
ini(ati6; Jannary opened at 6 17 J,
hia-heat $0 17. loweol $6 071, clonir-B at
$ti 07J; F-i.ruary opeced at $0 25,
hlnhectfo 274. lowfst irt 15. c osine at
$( 17J; March opend at $'i 32J, highest
JO 4 ), lowtst SO 22. cloaitiK at $0 221.
Short ribs J an nary opened at $5 50,
hiffhont 10 b-i, lowest I-j 40, clos'ng at
$5 42J; Fi b'Uiry optned t $5 61 J,
hiithist. Jo 57J. lowei-t $5 47J clns'ng
at $5 471 ; March opened at 16 00, high
est $') (5, lowest $6 65, tlrsing at $5 65.
Oj ihs 1'rodu e Exchnnife butter ruled
steady; ere ore'y, 23(5.27cJ ; dilty, 20
25c. Kigo fresh, 23J(3i4c.
8t. Lovis. Mo.. December 8 Pro-
vl ions activa but easy and generally
lower, rora, mi. itrd 0(3tuc lower
at 16. Bulk meats ea-y ; loore lota
long clear, $5 60; short ribs, 6 60;
short clear, $5 75; boxed lots long
clear, $5 60; short ribs, $5 65; short
clear, 6 76. Bacon lower; long clear,
$6 02J; ehort rib', $6 75; short clear,
6 95. Hams fl'tn, at 9(311Jc But
ter ; creamery, 24(327e ; dairy, 1526c
gg nrm at XKiijc.
Scqab Pure wnite, 6J(36c; off
hie, 6t5o; yellow clarified, 6K3
I:; seconds, 41(35o: refined A, 664
ic: srannlet d. 6l(36(c: plantation
granu sed,6(36jc; powdered, 77Jc;
cut ioar, il&ltC
Vorrta u .mmon. l2f3izio; ordi-
nary, 13(313 Jo; prime Kio, 14(314 Jo;
choice to fancy, 14J(o)15Jc; old govern
ment, 24(325c.
Hoap 3(310 per pound.
Salt-$I 20 per barrel ; sacks, fine
$1 35(31 45; coaree, $1 10(31 16; pock
ets, bleached, 2J'oi7c; car-loads from
evee or depot, 6c cheaper.
Uanpiks Wicks, all sizes, in boxes,
pails arid barrla, 7J'39Ja.
UAN.iao Uoods, 1ti-. ITioes per
doan: Pineapphs, fl 25r31 60;
peacnea,2- b,s'Hndurd,$l 15(31 25;npo-
oniH, fl'"l 10: tornntoee, z-ib stand-
rd,90 (3fl; 3-l$!(3i 15; strawber.
nes, $1 10(31 26; raeiiberriea, $1 10(3
25; b ack bmee, $1(1 10; greeu-
gires, $1 o,,M 7,-,; WArti, $2(3
AI"U',, 11 Vl 70; Hr-parrgiiH,
$2 61X31; ,jrtu corn, 1(31 35; green
oeae, $1 5(a)l 5; rove nys;ers, fn'l
weight, 1-lb, $1; cove ovftew, fnll
weight, 2-lh, $, 75; cove oyeterr., liKht
werght, Mb, 6o,- cove oyiters, hgiit
weight, 2-1 h. tl 10; condensed mila
Crown fS7u..,b 8;.Ei.ge, $7 75;
t)i-i, J5 io.
M.-LAaas Louinica, common to
fa r, 18(32 c; prime to choi.e, new, 40
"' "J yrnl' 2i(;iH0c; common to
fun, 2(Xs2.yt-; prim to i'hoice,2S(330j;
ceiiirifimai, fancy, 30(3;i5j.
NwOki.bans, La.. December 8
C- tlte excite! and higher; Rio car
goes, CimniOU to Prima. l?lio.1SI .
oigr acive and Irm; cnnifutal
planU ioo granuUted,513 1'I.!; off
Minuva ion granulated, 0o; choice
white, 61(35 5-lflc: ehnica .linia..
fled, 6 l-16c; prima yellow e'arifled,
6c;.econd,3J4J.!. Molasses open
kettle choice. 42c: M.nr.i(nL
strictly prirse, 2trc; Louisiana
ayop, 2ViS2o. Rca-ordinarv 3
prime, ZJ4c
Nbw York. DenemhAr fl
fair Rio firm at 14Jc; o. tions active
and higher; Bale 75 Oik) h. n.,.
o-mbor, 12 35(312Ji!i Jmnary, 12.35
(r)12.56c; Fehrnay, 12.40(312.60.!;
M,r.!h, 12.0312 60,!; April, 12 46a
12 65c; May. 121(31-1 ! Jnn
I'- Jc. Sugar flrrn: r. H ie,l flrm 1
4J(?)4jc; ex raC,4(atJc; ye'low,4JC3
4Jc; siandud A, 6 9 10c; cut le af and
cruihed, Jc; mould A, 6 15-160; cob-
te tlintrn A, 6 13-:6c. Molaaies dull.
Rice steady.
Arpim Apples, $2(33; dried ap
p'ei. i'J(3.IJo per pound from store.
Drid p.-ai hei, 4(36c from store.
VKnrrABi.Kj-Onioii6,$24(X!:)2 75 'rom
s ore Cabb.ge,$260; pertieid, 6Vo)8!;
$1 75 from levee or depot per ciat.
Kraut, hrie.tl 7o,35; haif bns,f2 75.
Garlic, 40(360c per 100. , Turnine, 60c
per bust el.
Fbbit Oranges, per box, $3 5i. W4;
Lenr ns, $4(;4 60 per box. Uan.inae,
$1 60(32 60 per bunch.
NcTs G)Coanut"-f6per 100. Pea
nu's Virginia, 6(37c; Tennesaee,
farm-ers stock 3(34c; rottsted,2J(! high
erj shelleit, 10c. Alm-nidi, 18(320!.
Walnuts-EitKlieh, 18a. Filberts, 11(3
12c. Pecan's Texm. 8(3l0c lor email
to medium, 10(314o for large; Atkan
raa,3(Ji)5i, Raihins London layers, $3; lay
em, $2 75; California, $2; Imperial,
Picxi.es In jars, pints, 96c; quarts,
$1 60; half-gallniia,$275;gallniis,$3 75;
looe, barrels, $6 60(37 ; half-barrels,
$3 75;n 4 25; nixed, barrels, $10 60;
mixed, half-barrels, $6.
Fish Mackerel, half-barrels, No. 1,
$5 60(36; No. 2, $5; No. 3, $4 50;
10-lb kit, No. 1, 90c; No. 8, 76c
151b, No. 3, 65o. Dry herrings, fam
ily, 25c per box.
Gams Game finh, 56c.
Eooa-Firm, 24 o 26c.
Potatoes Northern utoek, $1 603
1 85.
Cipbb New York, $6 50(37 per bar
rel, and $3 75(34 par half-barret.
Vimboar I0(315c per gallon.
In car load lots: Prime crude cotton
seed oil, new, 27J(328)c; off crude cot
ton seed oil, 23M'-6c; prime summer
yellow cotton seed on, 3;334c; on
summer yellow cotton seed oil,3132c ;
miners' summer yellow cotton seed oil,
3335c; prime cummer white cotton
seed oil, 3536c ; choice cooking yel
low cotton seed oil, H5; prime
cotton set d meal,$14 75 ; off cotton seed
meal, none Gnttm seed delivered at
dep t or levee, $9 per ton ; from wagon
at mills, $9 per ton.
Hides-Dry flint, No 1, 10c; No. 2,
12 Jc; dry saltd, 10j12J-!; green
-Hl'ed, No. 1, 7(38c; No. 2, 7c; green,
F(36c. Sheep skins, 16o$l. Beeswax,
20c Tallow, 4c.
SKIS' AN It runs.
Denrek n", 18c; bear, $1(37; mink,
15:340a; coon, hunter handled, 16(3
60a: country hand'ed, 15Jij60i other,
$1(36; btayer, 60c7t wild cat, 1
25c; fox. totvtjOc; mnsk rat, 10;
opiesnm, 10c; wolf, 50cfii!$2; akank,
5(6c; paBihert, Btln(3$l.
Coal Oil Prime white, wholesale
lots, 9J(310c per gallon.
Clivclanp, 0., Decmnbfir 8. Petro
leum steady; s. w., 110, 7Jc
Pittsbcbo, Pa., December 8. Pe
troleum exci ed and irregular; Na
tional Transit cert ficates opened at
721-3 ; closed tt 70 Jc; biuheat, 70Jc.
Whisxt Straight Kentucky Bour
bon, $160(35; rer'iHtilled goods from
85c to $1 60, according to proof ; rye,
$1 76(36.
Chicago, III., December 8. Whis
ky, $1 18.
Bt. Lncis. Mo., December 8. Whis
ky firm, $1 13.
Cincinnati, 0., December 8. Whis
ky active, firm; salea of 579 barrels of
finished goods cm a basis i f $1 13.
Baqging Carload lota: Jute, 2 lbs,
8Jc: 1 lot), 7Jc; 1J lbs, 7c. Flax, 8
bi. 9 !.
Tins $1 051 10.
GbashCatti.b Choice.3J(331c;ood,
33J i; fair to medium, 2Ja)i:Jc;sculla-
wagH, MCdii'.
Hoos - C lioice,4Jc ;good,4)4 Jc ;com-
mon, 3(33Jc
Hukbp 4Jnr'ce, 34o: medium, ;f(3
3Jc. Choice lambs, 44Jc.per pnnnd.
Kansas Citv, Mo, Drccraber 8.
The line jck Indicator reports : Cattle
receipt, 1178 hrad; vhipments, 790
bead : market slow and wetk ; eo.'d to
choice, $4(34 50; commoj to medium,
$3 303 90; Btoikers, t2 25(32 7ri;
feeding steers. 12 80(5)3 60; cow,$l 60
(32 80. llogs recet rt, 13,r60 hesd;
shipments, 414 hexd: market slow
and 5(3101 lower; good toct olce, w
(33 90; common to med urn, 1 3 60(3
3 7. Hbeep receipts, 268 headship
ments, none; good steady; good to
cboic ', 12 60(33 26; common to medi
um, $1 602 4a
Chioaoo, I.L., December 8. The
Drovert' Journal repoits: Cattle re
ceipts, 11,000 head; shipments, 2000
head; market alow and a had lower;
Ohriitmri beeve, $4 80(35 30; ship
ping steers, 950 to 1600 lbs., $190(3
3 60; cows, bnlls and mixed, $140(3
3 20; bulk, $2 20(32 60; Texas cattle
plow, $2 25(3 60. HogK receipts,
60,000 head; shipments, 9000 head;
market slow; good grades steady;
enmraon, weak; rough and mixed,
$3 60 4; packing and shipping, S3 80
(34 15; light, $3 40g3 15; skips, $2 i6
3 40. Sheep receipts, 60 0 head;
shipments, 2 00 head ; market steady ;
nanv,s,$2 254 60; Western,$2 60
3 60; Texans, $3(33 25; Umbs, $4(35.
Naw Yoax, Dei ember 8. There wus
tlii nrual free f awarding of fid
st lea and qu kilties of cotton and
wool fabiicslu I ha i xecntinn of orders,
with a wider inqu ry and more new
outdoes-i In c ttm goods. Auen's have
advanced Androncog-n 4 4 bleached
co t ins Jc, and Amonkeag etiipe and
plaid shilling ea.-h Jc ,
mm m smwn
ArkinawOlty KiTK Adaws, 8 p.m.
('BirriAH. 5 p.m.
O. P. CanvTiit, p.m.
Jamm Lew, 6 p.m.
....CuAaoiiA.fi p.m.
Kw OrluJB.'..
FrUra Point.
A'rivals Juni'e L e, Kr'a'a Point
Ctiaiioina, UccoU; O. P. Chouteau
New Orhana; PmU O. Brown, C n
cincati; Ilirunt, Silas P. Coe, Gua
Jenalnge, 8. L. Wood and Alica
Brown, Ohio rivf r.
Dt artu Ja L, Fr'arsroint;
Coahoma, Oceola; Paris C. Brown.
New Orleans; Joe Peters, Arkan-as
river; Chickasaw. White mer: Gran.
ita State, Cincinnati; Hornet, 8i las P.
Coe, Gas Jennings 8. L. Wood and
D. C. Fogle, New Oileane.
Binairrs viTbbpav.
Coahama 147 ba'es cotton, 41 bags
eaed cotton, Zl!78 ska oat ten seed, 3 hd
Jamej Lre 411 hales col t.m. 66 Wri
cd cotton, 1111 ska coiton teed, 13 hd
Pnri9 O. D own 400 ska cotton seed.
ChHS. P. Chouteau 182 hules cotton.
10,389 tk- cotion s ed. 475 brls and 75
hhda molasses, 343 Mia shingles, 306
pkga saudiies.
6KNt.lt A 1. NKWSJ.
Bsmviirs was Vtty goid yesterday
Tub Demote lathe taext. bofct leaving
bere lor tuincinnatu
Hbvbsal branlhovns, the advance of
the Ohio river fleet, pafrcod here yes
terday. Taa D. O. Fogel, wtih her tow of
ptodace bca:, pacsed t) Ni w Or.eana
Tub James Le for the lower and
the Coahoma for the upper coasts bad
good trips.
YcsTtBOAV was towboat day, ra five
of that class of Bitambjats passed here
during the day.
Thb Joe Pe'ern, for Arkansas river.
and the Chickaraw, tor White river,
Did good ir pi oat.
Psbins) the 24 hows cndlrg at nnon
yesterday the river Aero declined 1
foot and 4 tenths.
Tub City of Cairo will be hereto
i'ay, and leaves Ha tardav evening for
V cksburg. Capt. Ad iUorin is her
Tbb repairs to the t W. Cole will
be (Otnplettd tndt.y, and ahewill prob
ably leave on l&turday lor Arkausan
Tub towboats llmnt and Gas Jen
nlng. with tows of ial and prodwee,
passed to New Orleans yesterday fote-
Taa City of BAton Rorage is expect
ed tn pa s hern viday bn her way to
Cairo. She will add bars COJ baits of
compressed cotton.
It was very noaddy on the levee
yesterday, but notwithstanding this
fact there were a large number of
people passmg tt and frj.
Tub S. L. Wocw, tewing twenty
three boats and bargee leaded with
coal, passed lo Naw Orleans yesterday.
She left her fuel boat here.
Thb Cheapeake, Chpt. W. P. Hall,
is the regular packet leaving tVa even
ing for Tiptonvilln and all way land
ings on the upper coast Mr. J. D.
Fuller is her clerk.
Tbb Kate Adame, Capt. Mark
Cheek, leaves at So'closk this evening
for Helena, Terrene, Arkansas City
ana an way landings. Air. William
Blanker is her e'erk.
Thb towboat ft Ins P. One, with a
large tow of produce from the Ohio
triver, paused am h yesrerday. Hhe
dropped here twit b. -ta loaded with
cabbage and other staff.
Capt Pbtbb Vabdbvoobt, ex Unit
ed Hiate- hud Inipctor for t-'t. L uia,
(Hod on Riiurday la-1, aged 76 years.
He was in the service for aevnnteen
yean and resigned i i June, 1883
Tbb Paris O. Brown, from Cincin
nati, pitted to New Orleans yesterday
loreiioou with about 1000 tons of
freiuhl, inulu.ii,iB Bome 6AK) sucks of
corn which she ; u. gn D8low
'Jus Memphis and Cincinnati
Packet Company his sold lh rteamer
James W. UkA to Mr. John De Camp
for $2500. The boat will be wr eked
and her hall will be need for wharf
boat purposes.
Thb Granite State left at a late hour
last night for Cinelnnatl with 900
bnlea cf cotton, 700 barrels of oil, 400
bULdluaof green hid. s, 25 hngshea 'a
of sugar, 40 barrels ol molasses and
about 20 tons of miscellaneous.
Thb A ice Brown arrived from the
Ohio river at dork with 20 b rats of
Pittebarg coal for Messrs, Brown &
Jones. The Brown my take a few
barges from here to replenish the sup
ply at Helena, While river and Arkan
sas City.
Partiim In tliU olfy have rroolved
telegrams from r frkeracf the Sou hern
TrauHifbrtat on LLie In rv'erei ce to
the steamer Will H. n ys, tht y wish
ing to lecure hr to takn tha p'ai-e of
the burred Charles li rgin in the
Oir.clnnr.ti and New Otieaua lia te. It
is said that tho ILtys otn be bontit
for fiO.OOO, and that the cannot be
Thb river having reoedtd snffi
cletitlr i allow the work to ba cor,
tinned, the government' pecple have
agnin gone to w,rk tirikkig willow
n.aitffHi-es iu tbe harhor, A large
nuoibtr of men were engaged vsr-tei-
dtyin the coiistrustion of a mattress
hich wol be S'ink at the loot ol J I-
i-rron street. M will be about 600
feet iu length.
Thb great iron steamer Clia, P.
Chrn'can, in eommat d of Capt. W.
H. Thorwegfn, a-med yea!erty fore
noon with 11 970 pretages of (night,
including 10,389 ansks of oit on seed.
She is dirohaigmg hwt cargo, and will
leave to lay for Uelena, Terrene, Vlcks
burg and all prominent way points
thrunghto New Orion ne The Chou
teau, bttsides being a large carrier, baa
excellent atootnraodatlo.ie lor passen
gers, and is in chirge of gentlemanly
and experienced cfAeera. Mr. George
Mlitenuerger nai cnarge ol her cmje.
Ptttsbubo, Pa., December 8. Noon
Kivsr 8 feet 6 inches en the gangs
and stationary. Weather dear and
Whbblino, W. Va , December 8.
Noon River 6 feet on the gauge and
stationary, and full of ice. Weather
clear am cold.
Evanhvillb, Ind., December 8.
Noon-lover fal ing, w th 13 bet 8
inches on the gmge. Weather clear;
thermometer 4J .
Lodisvillb, K v., December 8. Nnon
Kiver filling, with 8 feet In the ctnal
and 6 he' 9 inct.ei on the Idle. Ku-i-nei
g od Wiat.her cle.tr and warmer.
Caiko, 111., December 8. Noon
Rivor 14 'ee' 3 inotuson (hgange and
falling. Wer-.ther clear and oeld, Ar-
tived: City of Vlckaborg, V.cknourg,
10 p.m.; Kfau me, Pittt,bri'g, 1) a.m.
Di parted: Keso'ute. Memphis, 11 a.m.
Officb Sionai, NBVIlK, U. fJ. A., 1
.MiMPiiis, l)ecmt er 8, 1 p.m.
Tho fol'owingobFerva'ionp are taken
at a I a ations named at 75" mnridian
t ine, which is on hovr fa tr thaa
MHtnntwM HniM :
I h've L
P. ee
a saa
lOt 1 H
Cairo ,
Chat'anoog t
Fort bmith.,..
La Crosse.....
Little Kock ,
Louisville. ,
New Orleans...
Pittsburg ,
Ht. Louie
St. Paul
tKRuenrs. i. fimki a. tfljia r
ur Purlnrj th u-Q.Uti of na?imtioa
mmva (.airo, mn Anaiii.r Line win run th
MouiBrCITV OK OAlltOfrum lMni.til
10 tirltkitiira, lnroii MflmnSia KVKRY
SATURDAY ai 5 p.m. Freight will l. re
ceive.! at 1 ho U.evtr.
AOSTnitM. Airn.
St. Itnl ol New Orlennia Anrbor
l.iuo-l'. h. SlnH.-ioR CAIKO.
City of Baton Rouno
R. J. Wh;tleJ,(....ro.tr. i53
Will I., tk. . 1 1 ... T 11 1 o mv t
9th, at 0 p.m. For height ur huuit pplf
C. Hi.i Pam. Agl. A D STIIH Vt. Kor't.
ForCulro. KfnTllle, LoniaTill kbi! Cla-
einnatl ' he eln ml steamer
JKKOftO, r0
J. 8. Jon maatapl II. fl. Uri, . . iC
will leave t'hlOAY, Deo. 10h, t t p.m.
Vnr fri,iht n, n,,..... .nut. I. n n Ullw.
SKI. I, .(I. if anil I' A . li M .,. I '......
Telephone tn Jdhii rm, C-'r Airent.
Ml. t'rHuelo Hli I rawaporlAllun Vo.
1 tie iuaDt Meaiuer
Reie Klacready. jdSZt
0. K. Jon In m alter
1. eavea Mnmuhii KVBH.V T1IKSDAV an.l
BATDRDAV at ft p.m.. for AUritnna and
war landing! u far aa the Cut-off.
Ihs centum re.erven th rlht tit puia all
landiufi haileerai nnial. Telephone 69.
. J ao, 1, na, ja., eup't,
1ffi. N. 4 Mnilinon utreet.
tor Oiceola, llalea Point, CarathoraTllI.
uajoio ana llplonTllle is bow lla
wheel pamenirer tteauer
W. P. Hall mailer. J. D. Filler....olerk
Will leare aa abo?, and all way polaU.
ror I relght nr panae applyon board.
iUlila,S-rlMra t-ulul aau aeuipaia
aud OMMtoln lMktit Ikmnmai.
For lllna, Olandale, Frlari Point and al
nay iianainat-eiaaaisr
TaineN laee, r-!EDA
mm. a vunvMiwi a HtnMtati
Will lear Mii taoa KVKRY MONDAY,
niunnouAi ana imuai aio oiooe.
For Randolph, Fulton, Aaoola an War
Aianiliaec rltearaer
J. n. ooopbr r.u.t.r.
and FRIDAY at 6 p.m. The boata ol thl
lin reierr th riht to paat all landlns
th otiiialn may deem oniaie. tiffloa, No. I
M arli.on at.
.1 A M KH I.KK, l , Hop't.
Arkansas lliFcr Pk't Co.
n u. 11 ui i v li ui aw t4r. j. .-mmmMmm
EdNowland maitr a"DMjRa
Laea Mmpb a Krerr ctATUROAiTs '-m
For freight or paaac apnlr to
m-mmmw Pnnr u .
II. 0. UtWK.."i! .
Memphis auu vMairrr Packet Com
puu j ui n mu 1
v.. n.i... . i . t ..J
aauttr in eieiant paiaenger ateamer
M. R. Ohok...mattr I W. 0. Blankr...olk
ljvea MeniphIB
For Concordia aad all wty landing.
1 he nirinir
a r at- u--a i i n ZiZ1 ' 'til
LeaillJKr UAYaad HAl'UROAY atop.a
For general Information apply at
Do. 4 MaUiiOD itrt. .
n aj vainiuiiina mui r i uvw rnD.Htivii
lOHN OA BR, ". ( TSan ,
Memphis While Uivr rktCo
for Inrenrlon, OiviiI Hiat Una
Ar, Anguata, hearoy, nwp rt, JaoRioa
port, BaKi'vIO and all Way Landing!,
Sill. CHICK ASA W. r!C,
r. u ruimii ...... utMir -
Will leaT EVERY WKONK.IDAY at S p.m.
Albert H. Mnilth :mutr.
Will leave hVlvRY NA1DKDAY at p.m.
Thrnmrh i-atM. tfivH to all Uointa. FrelaDI
ooiialgneil to the Mvi pliia and Whit Rivr
Packet Co., at Mernpnia or Terren. will ba
forwarded proiui tly. For general inlorma
tlnn apolr at olBi-e, No S Madiaon at., on
Call Telephone '.. . 1,'rW y, Air't
No. 2W, R.D. In th Probata Court ofShlb
Caunry, lnnepee J. A. Anrterlon, ad
minUtrator, etc, ti. R. D. Miller, guar
dian, etc , t al. ...
BY virtu of a deer for reaal la thM
caune, I will lei I at publls anotion, ta
th high at bidder, In front ol th Coart
fconr door, oa Main atreet, Memphla, 'iea
neaae. on
M.tlnreliay, tlnamkrr I. IBM.
within legal hoarg, th lullewlnf daorlb4
real eatate, to-wlti
Lying and being In tholtro' Memphis,
county of riheiby, and Mtal ol Teanene.
to-wit: Known a No. M!, bolag the wait
half thereof, fronting tet on Markl
ttretand ranning tack 7 leUlnohea;
Terra a of Hal On third caehi balaaoa
payable In equal ini'allia-nti ia lia and
IwelT monthat pnrchanar to lecut aotaa
with food and euMoieot eantia lor d
lerred payment, and a lira retained aatil
tbe wr oleot tbe purohaa anrU paid.
?y Thoa. B. Crnibaw, li 0.
aeloe 0rr"l. el"yr.n
Nnn-Kehlili'nt Noiu-.
N 2&n, R.D O roultOou tof 'helhyooun
ty, lenne.aee Kaaia Oily, Mamphia and
lirmngbm Railroad Compaay fi. Mary
Ann lioyd et al. . ,
H ap caring Irom th petlll' n. whloh II
gworn to. in ihia oho- ih "o detendant,
Marvaret Me roa Ituther'or.l. i a non-rog-Idcntof
thSt teot lenn r et
It ia iherefore orrle u l. luat an maka
ber appearane hr-i , rbe .t hoiia, i
In th onyc vt..i,,hii renn on r befora
th aeoond M .'i' ' Deouirir neit, in,
and p id. ar-'w.r or Jaiu.r io piainutl a
tietitmn "t ci'-'i-'i'i'ution, or tho me will
taken lr - 'oftieeit hr and act lor
nearinic ea l"rt and ihr a oopy ol thia
order he iublnl omm a wi-e-, mr tou
auooein v wn.ka. ia tue itauipbii Appeal.
..A.,u-..le.t,AN-(tL8t(iLi i.Hi
ryj. T Tomlinion, IVputv Ol. k.
Aitoruoy'tvr fiii..iff, ewiutrb. tttl

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