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She BccitM tbe Stery of Her Goo
and Charitable Deeds Mr.
Bird a Defease.
Lohdoii, December 10. On the re
WDpUoB of the Campbell divorce
cue todny, Mr. Murphy, counsel lor
Gen. Butler, defended his client
agtinat tbe e'legatioDa that he had
been criminally intimate with Lady
Colin Oimnbell. He eaid that Gen.
Butler bad Tialted Lady Colin hnt
once; that waa on Apiil 13th, when
there waa not a tioiile enpgPBtion of
impropriety, either by act or word.
He dencnoced the nitueBsee) who bad
testified for the defense, end declared
that perjury was rife and stalking
Counsel for Dr. Bird then apoke in
hiadelenna. lie aaid the charge wh!ch
had been brought against hia client
included ndVtery and procui'nir and
.nniAttlin 14 mi'oarriase. If they
were proved, Dr. Bird'a credit, reputa
tion and position ould be destroyed.
He declared that it waa monalrons that
inch charges should have been made
on each flimsy evidence as the de
fense bad offered.
The witneesee, continued Dr. Bird a
eount-el, had had tliree years ooaching
by detectives and solicitors. They
bad become partiaana, and had testi
fied with an aniiety to convict Lady
Colin that was not exceeded by that
displayed by her brjaband. In the
trial in 184 tbe medical evidence
bowed that Lady Colin's condition
was dan to Lord Colin, and no sngges
tion was made of her having had a
tniacarritKe. Dr. Bird, counsel said,
attended a concert with Lady Colin,
who was taken ill. He (counsel) cculd
not say whether it was true that Lady
Colin bad leaned her head upon Dr.
B.rd'a shoulder in the cab, but it
would have been discreditable to the
doctor if hs had not allowed a sick pa
tient to rest ber head npon his shoul
der. GoohshI B'lhu'ei to Dr. Bird's
delieate position in attending Lady
Colin, who was suffering from a dis
ease tbe nature o( which ber servants
did not know. When he consented
to attend tuch a case he risked meet
ing some day with a Colin Campbell
sensation. Dr. Bird was not accnued
until ba brought an action for his fee.
tilie entered the witnets box amid pro
f nnnil silttnce. Bbe was very rale, and
test i Had in a slow, dietinct voice, fche
raid that until tbe family meeting at
Thurlee Pquare, in 1HH3, she had ex
changed letters dlly with her huvband
when absHnt. Before their marriage
Lord Colin twked her if she would
consent when married to their occu
pying separate room . She consented,
and Loid Colin asked her not to di
vulge the fact tbat he had made this
request, but slie ineisted npon telling
her mother. The nuturenf his illness
waa unknown to her until May, 1H83.
She never pre Bdd LirdLVin to marry
ber, but her mother disliked long en
gagements. Continuing, Lady Colin
aaid she was educated in Italy, and
spoke Italian and French before she
learned tbe English language. She
sang, painted and wrote books. Hue
was also a ) nrnalist. She sang at
fortv .charity concert, not one of
which Lird Qolin a' tended. Bbe
taught right olauta of factory girls,
visited the poor in the day time
and aeivfd roup for two hours,
and worked daily among the
Soor of Naflrou Hill. Lord
jlln knew of every engagement and
of bar work among the poor, and he
never objected. She went into eociety
alone at ber husband's exnres wish.
He ordered Unit the fact of his lllneas
should be nnkuown. Hs wished It
understood that he wai engaged In
tbe House of Commons. Lord Colin
accepted engagements fur both, and
then desired her to gi alone. Her
husband went to Scotland in 1882 lb
out a nurse, and she attended him.
Bhe left bira there in order to visit ber
mother. Ho was better at that time,
and pressed her ta go. Hbe lelt ill the
first live days after the contmnim.ttioti
of tbs marriage. In November, 1881,'
she was very ill, at d wes r.ever free
from svnijitomi until 188". Her
sickness was of varied iuteuielty ; some
times she suffered great pain. She
spoke to her husband about her con
dition, and he eaid: "It's of no cuusp
(juenpej all women bnve tbet sort of
thing." In Febrnary, 188'.', Lord CMin
returned honm. OnoneocunHion, while
Bitt'ng beside her couch, hn began
to cry. and said tbat people wers very
cruel in enying that he ought not to
have married on account of IiIh health.
The same evening Lord Colin add it
was better t) oo on the safe side, and
be told her what precautions to t kti.
Bhe followed bis directions and it gave
her great pain. She consulted Dr.
Bird in NbVfUiber, 1S82, and hn n
amlned her. In April, 1KKH, she wds
seriously IU, and was atteuded by Dr.
Bird. Dr. Hicks was twice ennuir n- tl.
An operation wai porf. rmed in Octo
ber, 1883, and she afterward improved.
Bhe did not know the ratine of her
own or of her hueliaua's illness.
Lord Colin urged her to d's nits ttose
Baer, who he said bad go&ipped
about him in the kitchen. She (wit
new) objected b:c:uie she thought
Ko:e a good maid. Lord Colin in
sisted, urd gave Rise a month's
notice. Sheared O'Neil what she
had )en saying. O'Neil replied:
"She said the Duke of Marlborough
visited your room at Leigh Couit " It
was nntrun that eba (witnrs-) said to
O'Neil: "It is a damned lie' Knee
denied what she waa accused of, rrid,
and aaid shs was a wicked girl. Wit
ness told Rosa that as abe had lied so
wickedly she (witneet) would with
draw the advertisement for a situation
for ber, and would refute ta give her
a certiflca'e of characte-r. She dis
mirwrf hor fortUwith. Hbe never had
the Poked Mir.ltjrouRh to eunper.
fit' Philip Miles o-cupiod a room next
to hers at Leigh Court. The room ou
tbe other side wss empty, being
kept for her husband. She did not
know what room the Duke of Marl
borough occupied. She never was at
the turned. On the Satordny niubton
which she was accused of having been
with the Duke of Marlborough, sbs
went to the theter with a ladv friend.
On the Sunday following shs took tes
with Lady Miles and dined with her
mother, Mrs. Blood. Referring to her
visit to Paris in May, 1884, she eaid
she was on ber way to Italy. The
meeting with the Duke of Marlbcr-
rough was purely accidental. Hbe waa
once taken ill at a concert, aid was in
great pain. Bhe drove to Dr. Bird's
boose and remained until the Dm tor
, prepared seme medicine for ber, when
she returned home, arriving there at
11 o'clock. It was untrue tbat she
leaned ber head upon Dr. Bird'a
shoulder while driving home. Mie
save an absalrtte d'niul to the evi
denes tif l.OHoJSaer, Mrs. DuH, O'Neil
and other witnersce, and declared that
abe bad never loiuniittud adultery
with the Duke of Marlborough or any
other man. Tbe case was then ad
adjonmed. Lady Colin gave her evidence with
perfect composure ami tbe fullest sell
possession. 8be gave ready responses
to tbe questions ked. 8he wore a
plain b us serge dress and black bon
net Her wboU- style was that of
si m pie elegance. Bbe is tall, lithe and
shapely, and baa full, black glowing
eves, with a pale, clear, pallid com
HoMi III Retmlwr Quarterly Mel
Intr All Cluwi )f Wnl Hoasd
might to Be Advanced.
Bt. Louih, Mo., December 10. Tho
Middle aDd Western States Freight
Association held Us regular qaarterly
meeting at the Bouibern Hotl yeaier
ilnv. with Permanent Chairman J. M
(Xtnrn in the chair. All the lines in
the sssociatlon (fllty-eight) wre
either represented by their own iraiuc
officials or by proxy. It wa decided
bv a unanimous vote to advance the
rate on an oiames or won iwuuu
freiKht from tbe baeis ol 4& cents per
100 voanda; on nrst cias", nusonrg
to Chicago, to 50 cents. The h 6tern
initial points affected by tbe change
are Buffalo, Pittsburg end Wheeling
and points common to them. On the
. . i . in -
lower cia'ses ine auvancn win auiuuui
to about 2 cents per 1U0 pounds.
The next business dispoeea oi Dy
the AasoeiaHon was the unanimous
adoption of a new form of bill of lad
ing. The most objectionable featuresof
the new bill are these: ' Neither this
comi any, nor any such other carrier,
shall be liable for any loss or dnmege
to said property by dangers or acci-
dents Incident to rauroau iram-pona
tion, cr by Area or floods while at
depots, stations, yarae, landings, ware
houses, or in transit. And said prop
erty is to be carried at owner's risk of
leakage, breakage, chafing, Ices in
weight, or loss or damage caused by
changes in the weather, or by heat,
frost, wet or decay, and if any portion
of route to destination is by water, of
all dangers incident to navigation."
Shippers will be not fled that on and
after January let no dray ticket or
shipper's r;oelpt book will be re
ceipted which does not contain tbe
above prisione. It will be observed
tbat tbe roads are practically relieved
of all lb ks Incident to transporting
trsfllc and thrown upon shippers.
The renortof theClessiflcation Com
mittee was adopted, bat it contains
nothlntr of public Interest.
The Question of organixlcg a west
bound pool elmllar to tbe Central
m .11 1 : . : a. nl n..,r. r. 1
iraillC ASeUCJUUUU WOO uui cicno'i,
but It was decided to take it np and
dianoso of it at the next meeting,
which will be held in Cincinnati next
March. The meeting tnen adjourned
Ma. J. J. Bavnb, No. fi2 Lake
avenue, Rochester, N. Y., will tell you
is you write, inclosing s'amp, tbat this
woiidrrfu! story is ttue: "In 1882 1
was taken to the Clifton npriugs Hani
termm in a mo3t deplorable coudition,
with congestion of liver, constunt cold
hands and feet, rushing ol blcod to the
head, purple spots on my uce, ana
mvtk n vim yellow as a lemon
The slightest fool could not be taken,
without such distress and spasms that
mv enreams could be heard a long die
tan re. I had prolapsus very severely,
proluse ieicorrr,ana uterine uicers
lion so that I could not wear a sup
sorter. The doctors said that I had
tbe worst cafe they ever saw. In two
months 1 lost fortv roandn of flush.
and aufleiing all the time from inteure
headaobes and unable to obtain sleep,
while cold, clammy sweats would
break out all over my body fre
quently. Under the operation of
Warner's sale curs my earn cleared
np and I began to gain flesh, and wr.a
able to walk one full mile. My case
created each an interest at tbe 8initi
lium tbat Warner s safe curs has
Rince been prescribed for its patients
with eood results, l never was to
healthy In my life."
Tho Bogu Pen. loner Hprncrr,
St. Louis. Mo December 10. Bob
eit Spencer, who a short time ago
raked a pension (11000. baa been ar
rested at Dodge Ci'.y, Kaa , and b.iund
over to await the i.etion of tho grand
jury, All of the money which Spencsr
obtained on ire cneiK was lecoveieo.
The cluck bad bepn properly s gned
and stamped, but the space intended
to ba filled in with the amount waa
It ft blank Spei cer tilled in "throe
thousand," and obtained the money.
The pension examinors exonerate tbe
pension aud bai.k omciala ot every
thing except clerical nrgligonce.
Coi.. Jmki'ii 11. TuousTON.Tof Cin-
cinnnti, (1., an bnuiired war veteran.
was for e'uhtcen i a victim ol that
old soldier's complaint, chronic disr-
rluvi. Twod. sen bot:les of Warner s
safe cure restored his liver to health
and cured his ailment. His d iughtcr
was very ill of an (.bHinate disordur,
which the best physicians failed to re
lieve. Shs has also palpitation of the
hert, intense pains In the head, nerv
ous dyspepsia, and all her vital organs
were involved. Hy tbrtte month's
faithful home trontir.ent with War
ner's cafe cure, alone, n.e was fully
restored ta limlth. That waa two
yearn ago. TUe cuie was permanent.
Col. Thornton will t.-;d you It is trnn
if you wrtie him aud incfosea stamped
The KiiighU onrt tho Hlalr Educa
tion Mill.
Washington, December 10. Tbe
National l.miBUtton Couimittee of tne
Kuights of Labor l.eld a consultation
this afternoon witu Senator Blair,
c! aiiuiHii of the Senate Committee on
Kaucatiou and Labor, with regard t)
the attitude to be taken by Knights
toward the Blair educational bill. The
reeult of tbe iuterview will he for
warded to the ' lieueral Kxecutive
Board, with a recumujeadation of the
bill, and, if the board approves, the
Legislative Committee will try to ee
cuie the tassage of the bill at this ses
sion. Eoalavllle Oaaoat.
Foundations, cellar walls and build
ings subject to overH.iw should be con
structed with Lonisrllle Cement. It is
the standard.
Taa Hnriior Parly.
Lovirviixe, Kv., December 10.
The Harper party, who have been
making a tour of trie Mouth, arrived
here today from Memphis, stopping
over several hours to insnect Aiam
moth Cave. They were received by a
Hoard of Trade couimittee and shown
thionsh the city. ToDiirbt they were
given a reception at the Pendennis
Club. Tomorrow they breakUs. with
Mr. Henry Watterson, before leaving
, for the Eeet.
'I want some SOZODONT." said he.
' Jad out," tho cunning drnpgiet eaid,
But hem's a me powder known to be
As good."T'ie patron turned and fljd,
Asking, ' Do j on mppoee I don't
Know nothing ei)Uln r-oZODONTT"
What Arcbblshop Corrlgan, of New
Ttrk, Has to Kay About It
A Bare Case.
New Yobk, December 10. A state
ment published tbat the Rev. El ward
McQlynn, D.D.. is "to be depos d from
bis priestly office in tbe Catholic
Church" on account ot bis advocacy
of the Henry George movement, wai,
to say tbe leat, extramtly premature.
A reporter of the Timet called at tt e
Aribbishcp's pukce yesterday and ob
tained tbe fc'a in the ca-e. It seems
thai a far back rs la?t September
Archbishop Ooriigan received a lett r
horn tbe Propaganda at It me, com
plaining of the course which Dr. Mc
Olynn was pursuing Anothir letter
came, and at la ta letter arrived which
th HjIv Father himeelf had crd red
to be written. In It waa the stnteu,ei. t
that the doctrines Dr. McGlynn waa
espousing were contrary to the teach
ings of the Catholic Church. In con
sequence of tneie letters, ai d particu
larly of the last, the Arcbbi'hop com
municated with Dr. McQlynn atsd
Henry Georte. He read one or more
of the letters to the latter, end allot
them to tbe former. At lengtn ne
prohibited Dr. McQ'ynn any further
part In Mr. George's canvass for the
Mayoralty. Nevertheless Dr. Mc
Glynn peratbted, and, at the great
ueorge mats meeting in nicseriuK
Hall on the evening of October 1st,
be spoke for an hour In his most
eli quent and impressive manner, eu
logising Mr. George, calling bim the
greatest man in this country, and ray
ing that be was fit not only for the
office of Mayor, but for President.
During the rest of tks campaign Dr.
McGlynn continued to support Mr.
George, and on election day be made
the rounds of the pilling places, sit
ting in an open barouche with Mr.
George, Mr. Powderly, and the Rev,
J. H. Kramer.
It was owing more than anything
else to the letters which the Arch
bishop received from Rome in regard
to Dr. McGlynn and Dr. McGlynn's
actions thereupon that the Archbishop
introduced In his pastoral letter hii
now celebrated paragraphs npon tbe
right to bold propeity. Nothing fur
ther was done in the premi es un il
last Friday, when the Archbishop re
ceived a cable dispatch from the pre
fect of the propaganda, summoning
Dr. McGlynn to Home and ordering
him to twt out at once. With a heavy
heurt the AnlibUhoD performed his
duty and gave the summons and order
to Dr. McGlynn.
It is not known at the palace what
Dr. Mc Glynn will do about tbe mat
ter, nor was any information to be ob
tained Yesterday of Dr. McGlynn hitn
self, f he news iutir.es a gieat impres
sion on Catbolics and Protestants
alike. Dr. McGlvnn has been a prom
im ut figure in many important public
movements and no Catholic clergyman
is so well known to tbe people of
other faiths, several ol his acquaint-ar.Ci-a
have an immersion that he will
not obey the summons to Rome, but
will leave the churcn and Decome one
of the leaders in the labor movement.
IIar Snow la the MoantalBB The
Unlvertity Doing Dowa.
fcsaBiaroXDKXCS or thi jtrriAL.J
Knoxviixe, Txnn., December 7. It
begau to snow here on tbe morning ol
tbe 4th, before daybreak, and con
tinued to fall heavily nntil after dark
of the came day. Sunday corning it
measured eighteen inches on a level,
and Ml about tan more during the
niuhtoflhe 5th. measuring after the
second snowfall about twenty-tight
inches on level ground. The rols of
a few old buildings were crushed by
the scow. At Butted, at tbe north
eastern extremity of the State, on the
)in, it is sid to be thirty-eiht inches
in depth. Jhis :s the heaviest enow
full ever known about Knoxville.
The nearest r-pproichto this was in
the year 1870, when tbe fall on level
i round is sai I to have been einhteeu
inches. This is the seuoi'd snow we
l ave had here this winter, tbe drat
falling on Thanksgiving Day, early in
the niorr.inir, end about a quirter of
au inch in depth.
During the lut week the mechani
cal building tor the university waa
erected. It is provided with the beet
tools taut could be selected. Work
there wiil beirm Wednesday. Many
of the students, probably one-thitd of
those now prcBem, will leave at
Christmas not to return. The nniver
Bi'v is being (orsiken.
Your correspondent made quite a
pieasdui can upon tue lion, k. l.. ray
lor recently. He said that while
young he came very mat becoming an
actor, but that his parents' advice pro
vii oJ, and he was saved. He rays a
Colitii'dl life is a hard one. A man's
est f lend wi l turn against him, and
many persona are er emits of the sno
cesaful politician simply from jeal
ousy. t he l-nwfon .ucuueo Liiorary, ot mis
city, is in fine operat.on. It is only of
a lew moulln atauuing, aud ua large
Br th WMIcrn Vnloa and B. A U.
Tvloaraitli Uouinaulea,
Nkw York, December 10. Not
withstanding denials by interested
parties, the-re are evidences on every
hand of tome sort of a deal between
ihe Wes'era Uniouand Baltimore end
Ohio Telegraph Cbiiipacii.is. The Trib
un thin mornii'g makns public the fol
lowing special dispatcli from Pitts
burg: ' It is a atod by those wall in
formed In telegraph matters in this
city that the Baltimore a, id Ohio Tale
graph Company and tbe Western
Union have at last buried the hatchet.
Arrangements have heeu perfected
whereoy the two coiup.inien will here
after work together iu harmony, and
at the first ot tbe year tolls wid ba
advanced on both lines to and f,om
all idiots to the same fliiire aa ia now
i-herged by the Western Union where
it has no opposition. It is a significant
fact tbat a few days ago O. A. Tinker,
ireneral sapeiintendent, and Charles
O. liiwe. divifion superintendent, of
the Wes era Unijn Company, uiado a
auiet visit to Pittsburg, and made a
thorough inspection ol ube Baltimore
aud Ohio Telegraph Ultics here."
Tbs beat medical writers.claiai that
the successful remedy for naaal
nUrrh must be non-irriutlnir. e st of
application, and one that well by its
own action reach all the remote cores
and ulcerated surfaces. The history
of the efforts to treat e aUrrh during
Ihe past few years obliges na to admit
that only one remedy has completely
met these condition, and that ia Ely s
Cream Brtlrr. This tale aud pleaeant
remedy has mastered chtrrh s nulh
ing el e has ever done, Mid both phy
niciaiis and patients freely ronreeie
this fact, v Tbe more distrvSiiug eymp.
toms quickly yield to it.
' '
HY one remedy can affect so many cases is this: The dieeasea have a common cause, and a remedy that can affect
thn ran a. nrmanf ntlv cures all the di leases. Unlike inv ntlier oman :n tbe body, the Kidney when diseesed,
may Itself be fre from pain, snd the very fact that it is rot painful leads meny people to deny that it is diseaetd. But
Medlrsl anthorl lea agree tbat it can be far gone wltb disease snd yet give forth no pain, becsnse it ban few, H any,
uervts ' f enet'on, and three are the only means ol conveying the sense tf pain; thus unconsciously diseased It
affects tbe entire system. We do not open a watch to see if it is going or is In good ord r. We look at the bands, 0r
note the accuracy ol its rime. Bo we need not open the kidney to see if it is diseased. We Btndy the condition of
the system. Now then, KIOMEY DIhEaSK produces Any of the lollowlnnr Common and I'nsnnpfeted
OVU DTnil W B'ck ,onei Unl detlre to nrlnate at n gbf ; Flu'ter'ng ard paia in the heart; Tired
Olilll XUJliC) Feelinias; Unusual amount cf reay Fretli In watei f. Imuted, hot and dry bkin; Fickle
Appetite: Scaldirg sensations; Acid, bitter taste, with furred torgne in 'h i Vornlng; H adache and Ifeuralg a; Abun
dunce f pale, or ci antj fluw of Oark colored water 8 ur Storoachi He'r'hurn with Dyspei Bia; Intense pain, upon
euddea ix 'it m n, iu tueSmall of the Back: D.po-ltof niiicoassine time uftcr nrlcatlitn ; Loss of Mmory; Rheu
mat sm, ehils and fever and Pneunconia; Dropsical Swell ngs; Rid or white trick dust, albumen and tutWii-tiu
tbe wi-.trr; Ccnsipution, eltertatinj with Locsness; Short bnath, P.euray and Botchial affections; Yellowish
PRleThee are only the chtef dborders rr symptoms caued by a dilated condition of tbe kidi evs. Now then, isn't
it clear to yon that the kidncya, bi-irg 'he ceus1' of nil theie durargprnei ts, it they are resto'ed to heelth by 'be greet
specifl", " Mrruori NAFU !ure,M ihs majority of tbe above ai'ments will dbsppeur? There is SO .Y5ThKY
ABtiUI IT. It does cure many bad ttates ot the system prtcisely aa we bavs lrdiia:ed. No, when the kidneys ere
diseased, the a buninen, the li'e property of the blood, escapes thiough tbir walls ami pa'Hs awav ia tbe water, while
the nrH, the kldn y p H on, remains, and it is ibis kidney pols in lu ilia blood, that, circulating throughout the entire
bodv, aff.cU tTery organ. aDd prooncesall the above stniutomg. .,
Th- n fore, we ay confidently tbat ll uruer's MAFJ3 C'tire," ia TilE MOST EFFECT1TE MfcDK.ISL KYEB
BI'COVfcBtU for ti e human nee. It is the common remedy which, overcoming the comr-.on cause, removes tbe
greatest poesible number of evil effects from tbe system. Let us note a few of these diteases and bow they are
ant etna ny xiaoey poisin, au cireu uy
VwTT"lf lIT'l A In a great many cases Consumption is ODly ibe effect of a diseased condition o
J ila to L) illl AAUil tbe syetem and not sn original disease ; il the kidneys are inactive and there is
anr natural weakness in the lungs, the kidney po son attacks their substance and trentnully they waste away and
are destroyed. Din your dnger in acid
festering sore and is eventually destroyed, ice Kidney poison acid in tne blood Has toe same aestroc'ire tnect upon
tbe Iniigft t Fur this reason a person whose kidnevs are ailing will have grave attacks of Pneumonia in the spring of
the year, Lonjr feve b, Coughp, Colds, Bronchitis, Pienriey, etc , at oil reasons of the year. Rectify the action of the
kidneys by " Warner' SAFE Cure,' as many huudreds of thousands have doLe, and yon will be surprised at
the Improvement lu tbe condition of
Kidney acid with some persons has
aa especial affinity fur 1 he optic nerve,
and though we have never nrged it as
a care for disordered eye sight, many
persons have written na expree-sing
surprise that after a thorough course
of treatment with
Warner' SAFE Care,"
their eye-sight has been vastly Im
proved. In fact, one of tbe best ecu
lists in the country says that half the
patients tbat come to htm with bad
eyes, upon examination be discovers
are victims ot kiilnry disorder. We
have i.o doubt tbat the rson why bo
many people cnmplain of failing eye
sight early in lih) is that, a 1 uncon
scious to tbemsrilves, their kidnejg
have been oat of order for year?, and
the kidney poison is gradually ruining
the eystom.
It is a well known fact, recently
shown anew, that opium, morphine,
coca;ne, whisky, tobacco and other
enslaving habits cptura their victims
by their paralysing (-Sects npon the
kidneys and liver. In these organs
tbe appetite Is developed and sus
tained, and the best authorities state
that ihe habits cannot be gotten rid
of until the kidney and liver are
restated to perfect health. For this
parpo.-e leading laodi'.al authoritiep.
after a thorough examination of all
claimants for tbe honor of being the
only ftpeoifio for those organs, Lavj
ata dad the priae to
"Wurner'n SAFE Cnre."
Every repu'a'ile physician will till
yon that rheumatism is caused bv an
acid e rudition of the system. With
some it is uric acid, or kidney poison;
iu olhen it ia lithic acid, or liver
poison. This acid condition Is caused
by inactivity of the kidneys aud liver,
false action of the stomach aud fond
assimilating' organ. It r fleets old
people more than young people bs
canse the acid has been collecting in
the sya'em for years And Dually the
system becomes entirely acidified.
These a -ids produca all the various
forms of rheuuiitrm.
"Warner' SAFE Cure,"
a. ting npan the kidneys aud liver,
nur-t'-aliaing the acid end correcting
their false action, circa many ca'iea of
"Warner's SAFE Rlicmuatlc Cure,
alternaling with the use of "Warner's
r-Ara I'ure, ' compU-tej ibe wo k,
we make Ihut "Waruer'a S AFE Cure" is the "most effective re msdy evrr discovered for the greatest cumber of
human diieasee," is ju tiii.'d. It is nrt a remedy without a reputation. Ifs sales for the psist year have been greater
than ever, and the advertising thereof less thaa ever, showing incontestibly that the merit of the niedicluo has givea
il a p '.rmunent place and value.
1'oopie nave a a:cauiiu learei Brigtit a cisrase, r.nt we can reti tnem irom our experience mat u is ine ordinary
kidney disease that prtdaccs uo pain tut is today the greatest enemy i.f the hmnaa race; great and all powerful,
because iu nine ca- s out of ten its presence ;'s nnt suapced by either tbe phjaic'aa or the victim 1 Tbe prudent man
who finds himrelf year af.er year troubled wi'h little odd achrs nt d ailiui'iita that perplex him, ought not to hesitate a
moment as to the 'i-a' cause of hisdise-iee. If be will eive Limself thorough conatiiutior.al treatment with "War.
ncr'ai SAFE dirt' ai-d 'Warner's SAFE IiIU," I.e will get a new lcasa cf life an! i;ist;fy in his own ex
perience, as bundr ds of t'ueu'ands have done, tbe;t 93 per cent, of human diseases are really attr.batib e to a deranged
condition of the kidneys, and that they will disappear when these organs are lestored to heal.h.
.f, it' V-C
For Hals FvyryHhyre w ln
Koch's Pat. Store
RHKLTISIO I a-fjottahte to meet anv nesd
orbusineu. It is obiprthan old style. eVn
be pi t up by any one. X uMiunlaxI lov
Irnniry .ml itv-'t M-Ivj-. Address
2iM H A. Jk Mlns.
S4I HUMS 1st.. fKOUIA, lll..,or,
hlusiuoa Unrdwaret o.,-it. Louis, iio.
DECEMBER 11; 1888.
i ... i
and it is burned. Wash tbe finger every day in acid and it soon becomes a
tbe laugs.
Gross and other high medical au
thorities say tbat most of tbe bladder
diseases originate with false action of
the kidneys, and n;:nary tract. Uric
acid constantly coursing through these
organs itflames and eventually des
tioys lha inner membrane, producing
the Intense buffering-. Sometimes tbis
kidney acid lolidifles in the kidneys
iu the form of gravel, which in its de
scent to the bladder produces kidney
cirflc. Sometimes the acid soli titles
in the bladder, producing ;alculou8 or
Waruer'a SAFE Cure"
has restored thousands of ccsea of in
flammation and catarrh of the bladder,
and has etf.-ctively corrected tbe ten
dency to tbe formation of travel aid
Etone. It challenges eomp.iri- ou with
all other remedies in this work. Buy
Congestion is a collec'ing togathfr
of blood in any one plac. If there i
loss of nervous act'oa fn any org in of
the blood vessels do not allow the
blood to circulate and it s'agnatea. If
this condition exists very long the
collecting blood clots and eventually
destroys the organ. Many persous
are unconscious victims of this very
common condition. Tbe heart, deter
mined as it is to fcrc:e blood into
every part of the system, has to work
ha dcr to get it through the cloeged
organ, and eventually the Heart
breaks down and palpitation, excess
ive action, rash of bload tithe head,
distreeeing headaches, indicate Ibat
Ihe Congestion has become chronic
end ia doing damage to the entire sys
tem. Congestion of the kidneys is
one of the commoBCFt of complaints
and is the beginning of much chronic
misery. '
" Warner SAFE Cure"
will remove it.
What we have said about, Congestion
app;te3 witn particular lorce to the
above complaint?, lhey are aa com-
uion 88 can be, and a? every doctor
can tell yon, meet of them begin In
this corgesllve condition ef the syK
tein, which, not being rfsuUrly cor
rected, grows into diteasa and pro
duces ih-se countless auffeiings which
can be alluded to but not detcribed in
I a public print. Thcu ands have been
1 pi-riiiaututly cured.
'i SrH 111 HI
jflHIUl'lA rV
"! "' ' " '- ' .". -f-i.. -.''A -' .i. - ' f ' . '.. Ji
I'nUtMl Salw lt Hnrv
i..Ao.n;lll''i-iit hlrt'4-i, l or. tuiou, AlttuipbS leuu.
KfaujtttnnpttHiin; - 'fmwmmmfrwnm, rwu,"mm'""'?": s'i'VWJN4Wtl
It is Eot s'range tbat to many,
many people write to us that since
they have given themselves thorough
treatment with- '
"Warner's SAFE Cure
their thick and turgid blond, their
heavy, blotched, irritable skin have d
sppeared nnder its potent it lluence.
Tbe kidney poison In the blood
thickens it. It is not resdilv purified
in the lungs, and the remit ia ihe im-
Eurities come out cf the surface cf the
ody, and If there Is any local dis
ease all the badness iu tbe blued
set-ms to collect there. Our experi
ence justifies U3 in tbe s' element that
44 Warner' SAFE Care "
is "the great: tt blood purifier known."
The treatment mneibe very thorough.
Many people complain more or less
throughout the year with stomach
riisndr-is: Dyspepc'a, Indigestion,
Waterbrash, heat and distress in the
s.oniEch, sham peine, frequent aches,
want of appetite, lack of energy. Now,
these ate exuetiy the conditions that
will be producod in the a'omr.ch
vtkeu the blool i filled with kidney
poison : People dese the mse-1 ves w ith
a1! sorts of et mach reliefs, but ge.t i.o
beiter: They never wiil get belter
nntil they give their attention U a
thojougb. reviving of kidney and liver
action by the means of ihe only
Warner's PAFE Cnre.
Theae distressirg ailments, more
common among one cl :es than the
other, are cot original disorders, but
are secondary to imperfect action of
the kidneys and liver. The natural
cathartic ia blip, which ia taken from
tbe blood by the liver. If the liver
fails the bile is not forthcoming and
the person gels into a constipated
habit. This, eventually followed by
piles, is aim's! ulwayrj en indication
cf congested liver, and a breaking
don of the r?ystcm. Remove the
congestion, revive the liver aud re
store the kidneys by the use of
" Warner' SAFE Cure,"
and thene constitutional secondary
dieeases disappear.
Many people Buffer nntold agonies
all their lives with headache. Tbey
try every remedy in vain, for they
have not struck the cause. With same
temperaments, kidney acid in the
blocd, in spite of all that can ba done,
will lrrltnle and inflame the bruin
and produce intense tuffeik g. The
obstinate huisdiclieiB which do nut
yield reaoilyto local trea mem, may
be regarded q ii!e certainly aa of kid-
ney origin.
- i
" iiiifLwraj"-'!-'i..VJ-'v.,j: r ;-- -
nl Kny le fjtnnlne
Art !'.
Important 8le of Terj Talna-
ble Lands In the SUtes of Ar
kansas and Mississippi.
UlMpili, Tnn., Dwinbtr 1,
NDKR ml ht Tirtu. of ih. Urma uj
oBdltiooi ol Mrtain detd of trut
zMstcd In ma, u Tro'ie , r K. M. Appr
on ana other., aa tb. 30th oj of Mjr, lSi,
ta i.earo tho indo'todn.. thoroin mea
tlosod. daljr rooordod in Book "A'ptfo
463 to 471 ineln.no, of tho Circuit Court ol
Crittenden eoontys Book 44, ptroe 73 to 83.
o' theCiroa't Court of Phillip, county ( Book
"J," pbki 126 to 137, oi Circuit Court ot
Loo oout t : Book " A A," pei 4 to 111.
ol Circuit Court of Linoelo cnunty, Btu of
Ark-niM. Alfo.it, Book "H H," pare 230, ef
tbe Chapoerr Court oi Bli.u- county, nd
in Book 21, r-g... 495 to SOT, of Panola coun
ty, Bt.t of MUtioippl i default hayint boon
made ia eaid trust dnd, aod beinr rcqueited1
by tt e maker of mid iro-t deed and the ben
aficiary thereof, I will, at .aid Iruiloe, ok
Tun day, December 21, lttgfi,
on the looihweat eorntr of Main and Madi
ann (treeti, rnmmeucln promiitly at 11
o'olnck m., and eont nninx lr in day to day
nntil the laid laud, are all .old, offer
for tale, at publio outcry, and tell to tho
hivhest and beet Mddrr, th. follow inf de
scribed land-i and property, filuated in th
Stat, of Arkansai and tinmii-pi, and
particularly described as follows, to-wit:
tbe following lauds, lying la the oouniy of
Phillips and State of Amansas, on tbe bank
ol tbe Mississippi river, about ten miles be
low Helena, Arkansas, to-wit;
Tbe east half of section thirty-thi, con
taining 2i6 69 acres, and all ol section 34,
containing 639 88 a.rei.
Th south halt ef section twenty-sTeB,
containing Sf renty-three seres.
Th west half .action So, containing 334
Ihe northeast quarter of section 28, con
taining ICO aoret.
All in township Sscath, rang 4 east.
Fractional northeast quarter of section 4,
containing 112 aores.
All of fractional section 3, containing
466.48 acres, in township 4. range 4 east
being th lands known as " H. M. Apperson'J
Wettover fiantation." eontainiag in all
20:U 57-100 acres ot land, more or less.
Th southwest quarter ot the southeast
quarter of section Si. oontaining 38.83 acres.
Tee south part of the southeast quarter of
section 36, containing 4.41 aores.
The south half ot section 26, oontaining
320 acres.
All of fractional taction S6, eontining20T
Th northeast quarter of section 35, con
taining 160 acres.
Tbe northwest quarter of the southeast
fractional quarter of section 36, containing
40 acret.
Part of the east half of th! southeast Quar
ter of section 36, oontaining 78 aores,
All of fractional seoiion two, containing
74.26 acres all in township 4 south, range i
West half of southwest fractional quarter
of section 30, and tho northwest fractional
quarter of section 31, containing r?6 aores
township thne (3) south, ran go 6 east, known
as " E. M. Apperson't Money Plantation,"
oontaining 1043 48 10U acies of land, mors or
Also, certain personal property now on
tho said Westoyer Plinueion, to-wit: 18
head ot mules of rarieue ages, sites and de
scriptions; also, on steatu engin and all
the appliances and attachments thereto be
longing; on gristmill, tao cotton gins, on
ootton press and ail the appliances and at
tachments to tb tame beloniiingi ail of th
wagons, farming utensils, implements and
tools of every kind and oharae'er used in th
oultlration of the said plantations, on half
ot which will be deiiven d to the purchaser of
the Maney plantation. Each ol said planta
tions are in good state of cultivation, and
have all necessary buildings, including
dwellings and stniehouses.
Also, the following decribed traot or par
cel cf land, lying in the said county of Phil
lips and biata of Arkansas, and desoribed
as follows :
The northeast quarter of section sixteen,
township one south, range lour east, con
taining 160 acres.
Also, tbo fulloxirg other lands, lying il
the oounty of Lee aud Citato ot Arkansas,
about twelra miles miles from the town of
Murianna, to wit: Tbe west half of th
west half of section twenty seven i27), eon.
taining 150 acres; the northeast quarter of
seotion thirty-three (33), containing 161
acres; the east half ot the northwest quar
ter of seotion thirty three (33), containing 81
aores, and tho northwest quarter of seotion
thirty-tour t34), numbering 160 tores, con
taining in atl t60 acres, ana known at th
"Co' tor traot."
Also, the following other tracts of land,
ljing in said county ot Lee and btat of Ar
kansas, on ar.d near the Mississippi riven
The northetst quarter ot section one
fractional southeast quarter of section ones
fractional east halt of teotion twelve (12),
and the fractional southwest quarter of tb
touthwett quarter of section one.
South hall of south half of section 2;
West fractional half of Motion 12;
The northeast quarter ef taction eleva
The south fractional half rectlon 11 :
The west ftaotiocal hall of section 13:
The northeast fractional qaa.ter of sta
tion 14;
All of fractional teotion 24;
All of fractional teotion 25, containing
2245.91 acres, more or less.
Also, the following traott or parcels of
land, lying in lha oounty of Crittenden and
State ol Arkansas, to wit:
r-ioulhwett quarter of teotion twenty-one
Kast half of scuttwest quarter of sectlo
twenty-three (23) ;
West half of seotion six (6);
West half of saction seven (7) ;
Northwest quarter of seotion eighteen (18).
Southwest Irnctional quarter of section
nineteen (19), all in township 3, north rang
7 east.
The said tiz (6) last named tracts oontain
ing 1070.77 acres. . ....
Also, the following other lands, lying is
the oounty of Monroe, and Stat of Arkan
sas, and described as follows:
The outhwest iiuarter of seotion seventeen
(171, containing 160 aores;
The southwest quarter of the northwest
quarter of section 17, containing 40 aoreti
The north bulf of the northeast quarter 01
lection 25, 80 aores;
The northeast quarter of th northwest
quarter of section 2Ti. 40 arret;
Containing in all 320 acres, and known as
part of the r'Kedoiond traot," all in town
ship 2, south ranse 1 west ...
"AIfo, the following other lands, lying in
the county of Arkansas, and State of Arkan
sas, and described as follows, to-wit:
The north half ol the north half and th
north half of the south half of section 10,
township 6, couth range 2 west, containing
160 acres.
Also, the following tract ot land, lying is
Bo ivar county. Mississippi, to-wit: It being
tho north half (except twenty-two aores) aa
sersed to Lobdell, of section twenty-six.
township twenty-two, range eight, contain
ing three hundred (300) aoref , and being th
tame land convoyed by i. I). Quigjey, trus
tee, to K. M. ApperKon t Co., and known as
the "Ht. John Place." Also, the following
tract of land lying in ihe county of Panola,
and State f Miesissippi, and more particu
larly described as follows, to-wit: The north
oast quarter of section twenty-fix (26), th
west half ot Jection twenty-five (2fi), th
toutheaat quarter of section twenty-five (25),
part of t northeast quarter of teotion
twenly-flve (25), all of section thirty-six (36),
in townfhiprt, range 6 west, and containing
about 1332 acres, 6j6 aores ot which it cleared.
I Also, tbe rollOHIng tracts ol lanas suaai
! d, lying and being in the oounty of .Lin
I ooln and (state of Arkn.at: South fractional
half of seotim thirty-tour (34), townsht
seven (7), south five (5) west; east half east
ot Doone laae, section miny-mree vi,r.
townshio seven (71, range ove to); easi naii
east of Boone lake, stctionlour (4), town
ship 8, range 5; tcrthweet quarter oi aection
S, tnwnahip 8, range 5; north fractional hall
of northeast quarter of section 3, township
8, ranae 5; southwet quarter reotion S,
township 8, range 6, containing in all 731
acres, together with all accretions made by
the Arkansas river, known as the Alapla)
Otove Plantation," together with th fol
lowing persona! property: Twenty-on
head ot mules of various ago, sites and at
soriptiotit: two head o oattle; one steam
engine and flxiuras ; one gri?tmiil; one cot
ton tin and ootton pre.-s, together witn
wagons, tools and farming utensils.
Terms of sale-Uae-fourth cash of the price,
balanoe in four enuJ installments, pay
able in one. two, throe and lour years, evi
denced by notes executed by the purchaser
bearin interest at the rate of six per cent.
Ser annum an til paid, and secured by trurt
eed on the said lands. '
The title to above lands it good, but I sell
and convey only as trustee.
Further information can be obtained of
E. il. Apperson it to., i). C. (-laughter.
Chairman and Trustee, and ol S.f. L mat
ter, of Forel k Lemueer. real etate agents
Trustee, Maroolc Temple.
Proclamation by the Uovernor,
The Sute of Teoneeeee Wm. B. Bate, 0oT-ernrr-To
all ho shall te the Present.
t UKRKA8, It hat been made known te
I W me that tome unknown party or par.
tie. obarged with having cimmitted a tool
a.a atrocious murder on ine oouy ol John
graham, on the 30th day of October, 1886, ia
our county of Shelby, tied lrom iuttio an
now running at large:
Now, therefore, I, Wm. ft. Bits, Governor
at aforesaid, by virtue of thn power and aj
thority in me vetted, do hereby oner a re
ward of two hundred and fitly dollars, to
any person or persons whi may apprehend
the said unknown party or pirties, and de
liver him or them to the Sherd or Jailer ol
our county of Shelby, in ord r that justic
in that behalf u-ay be had and executed.
Th s reward is maJe payabla, one half on
delivery to the Sheriff ad one half on con
viction. In testimony whe-e if. I hive hereunto set
my hand, aud caued tbo Great seal of th
State to be affixed at Nashville, on the 18th
day of November, 1-tSri.
.. WM. B. BATH. ,
By the (overnor;
.1ohviAi.! tnt, Scr-'ary of S't.1 -i

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