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VOL. XL VI NO. 2 91
T1I0BNE. The Tariff Fight Prnmlges to Be In
teresting Republican! Hold
a Conftreace.
lanoiaT. to tbi affial.I '
Washington, Dcember 13 Rep
resentative O-ildweil, iu the Hoaee,
and SeDa'or Whittborne, in the tfen
ate, today introduced a bill fjr the
improveirent of the Cumberland riv
er, in order to facilitate the bnildirg of
the dam provided for by the bill in
troduced tin Saturday by Representa
tive McMillin. The bill appropriates
$160,000 for that portion of the river
above Nashville, and $", 0,000 to be ex
pended below that city. He also in
troduced a bill granting permission to
build a bridge across the Cumberland
at Nashville.
was tnday appointed Chief of the Issue
and GaBstti Division in the Patent
Office, at a salary of $20C0. He was
until recently employed in the Inter
nal Revenue Service at Nashville, and
is an old newspaper man.
has been appointed Special Agent of
the General Land Office to investigate
timber depredations, at a salary of
in the present Congress promises to
be very lively and interesting. In an
ticipation of the Moni on bid, which
is to be brouelit up the latter part of
this week, the Randall Demociats
were to have met tonight at the apart
ment of McAdoo to outline their
' course of action. This meeting waa,
however, postponed until tomorrow
in older to allow the Republican
members of the Ways and Mean
Committee and other prominent tariff
men belonging to that party to
to settle what tbey shou'd do. This
mettirg wai held at the rooms of Mr.
Hirccck. The plan of procedure de
cided upon ia believed to be as fol
lows: An effo t will be made to sub
stitute the Hint's') tariff hill for the
Morrison bill, and the Republicans
will supput the Rtndall met in this
effort. If Randall c:m carry ai many
Democrats with him as he did last
Besion and the Republicans carry out
tbeir part of the contract, the proba
bilities are that the M orison bill will
LiOf be heard fr.im again.
Theie is a very well defined rumor
here that
will shortly be announced. As ha
b?en ind ented in these dipatches be
fore, Secretary Maniiing is conside -irg
the attainability of rtsiar.iiii on ac
count of his health. Attorney General
Garland may ako resign and accept
the Sm-.a erehip from ArkaDSis two
years hence. Auother member of the
Cabinet, it is pofsibV, may also tender
his resignation short y, although his
name cannot be divulged as yet. This
information is obtained through chan
nels worthy of credence, although not
exactly authoritative.
At the Rpubl can conference there
were same fifteen of the leading men
of that side of the House, including
most of the members ot the Way and
Means Committee. Tl-.esesf-ioulasitd
for three hours and was kept har
monious by a lilieia! supply of cham
pagne. A'l those present were asreed npon
the necessity of reducing the revenue,
and the amount of that redurt;on
rnosi generally appiovcd of was 10 per
cent. It waa decided to oppose the
Morrison bill to the bi'ier en.i, and it
also appears that the R p'.iblicars are
not in favor of the Randall bill. There
is some tali, however, of a substitute
bill to be in'.roJuci d by Mr. Hiaco.k.
The programme of proc9(iure when
tbe Morrison bill comes up, which
Will most probahly ba ou Saturday,
will be very similar to tlat of laBt ses
sion, McKinley, of Ohio, will epp -se the
bill on itd introduciou. There will ba
speeches pro and con, and then the
Republican subatitu e bill make its
The bill to build the bridge acrrss
the MifsifBi'poi river at Memphif,
which wai introilnced last session,
will come up f r difctiBalnn tomorrow,
with every prospect of favorable ac
Mr. Thomas ti. Connerj", formerly
managicg editor of the New York
Herald, ia boiDg ctmnaly ured by his
friends es a candiditte for the vacant
Turkish Mission. Mr. Cornery, who
is now in Washington, had a pleaeaut
interview today with the secretary of
State, and ii to call tomorrow by ap
' pointment npon President Cleveland.
accompanied by Geo. M; ore, tbe new
ly appointed Surgeon General of the
Army, called upon Gen. B ack, the
Comm'ssloner ot reunions, today. The
call was a purely so ial one, as the ex
Geaeral of the Array and tbe. Com
missioner are old personal friends.
Thomas E. Benedict, of New York,
to be Public '"Printer. Dabney H.
Maury, of Virginia, to be Envoy Ex
traoidinary and Minister Plenipoten
tiary, to the Republ c of Colombia.
To be United States District A'torneya
Daniel LrSckwood, of New York, f, r
the Norheru District of New York j
Geo. A. Allen, of Pennsy vania, for the
W stern District of Pennsylvania;
Wm. B. Burnet, of Ohio, for tbe South
ern District of Oiiio; Gnstavus Van
Horebek, of Illinois, for the Southern
District of Illinois; John T. Carey, nf
California, for the Northern D.strict
of California.
To be United S ates Marshals L.
M. Lamur, of Georgia, for the South
ern District of Georgia : T. B. Yancey,
of Tennessee, for tbe Western District
of Tennessee; Wm, L, Maginnia, of
Ohio, to be Ctiief Justice of the Su
preme Court of Wyoming Territory;
Wm. G. Langford, of Washington
Territory, to be Associate Justice of
the Supreme Court of Washington
Territory; Joseph H. Wagner, of Tenner-sen.
to be Pension Agent at Knox
ville.Tenti.; A. B. William?, of Ar
kansas, to be a member of the Utah
Commission ; George W. Ju un, of
Indiana, to be Surveyor General of
Now Mexico ;,C. W. Irish, of Iowa, to
be Surveyor Genera! cf Nev.id-; Rob
ert W. R s.of Illit.- i'. to be Recordur
of the General Land Ofllji', at.d a large
cumbfr of other recess appointments,
icclnding consuls, rogi'-tera of land
office?, lefceive'ia ol puVuc moiieys and
Indian ugents
In tt ec'inrt in umieial t:-rm t)day
of tbe couit in the cases of John Him,
president, and Dr, Charles E, Prentiss,
cashier, convicted of and sentenced to
five years in tbe penitentiary for
jnaking false ei. tries in the books of
the Uerman-Amf nean National Bank,
overruling the judgment of the Crim
inal Ciurt and holding that the omis
sion ot the averment that tbe bank
"wa doing business" rendered tbe in
dictments defective. Over forty cases
against them are thus rendered de
fective. They cannot again be fcied,
the limit of time hiving expiied.
They wire released.
will be no able to attend the faneral of
his brotber,on account cf the iilnesi of
bis mother, Mr, llubbud, which is
such aa to reqrrra his presence in
Mr. Catchings (Mits)loiay intro
duced a bill for the relief of inland
navgition, It authorizes tbe Judges
o! United States Circuit Courts to ap
point inland shipping comrrriasionera
at ports within their jurisdiction,
whoe duties ehall be to afioM facili
ties for engaging seamen, by keeping
a register of their names and charac
ter; to superintend their engagement
and discharge when required lo do so;
to provide means f Jr securing their
presence cn board at the proper time,
cf men wbo are to be engaged and to
perform such other duties relating to
the inland merchant seamen or inland
merchant vessels as may be required
of them by law. Giber sections pro-4
vide lor the observance ot shipping
c intra cte made by seamen ; for toe re
covery of advances in cate o." deser
tion, and for punishment of the sea
men for refusing to serve, wil.ful dis
obedience, neglect of duty, a sault and
mutinv. Other provisions of the bill
are intended to place the inland on
the same' footing with the coast shipping-
Barrett's ' atlenil."
Washington, December 13. A
number of persons of high distinction
in official lice, and hundreds of society
people of note, were scattered through
the large audience which greeted Bar
rett at Albangh'a Opera House this
ovening in bis revived tragedy, Rienzi.
Among the oecupants of o xea wete
the Presidont and Mrs. Cleveland,
with half a tiizen lady friends,
escorted by CoL Lmnoot; the Chief
Justice and Mrs. Wai'e, and General
and Mis. Sheridan, The stage mount
ing and all the uppointments of the
p'ay were magnificent. The plaudit)
of the r.udiet ce at each of the five in
termiesious were lorgana prolonged,
and th Verdict npoit the manner in
which the leading character was pre
sented was one of hearty approval,
Birrett wai called before ttie curtain a
doz n times.
Mr. HIbk Foully Murdered If la
Wile Hasiittoted.
BurnoVille, Misj., December 12.
It has been reported here today that
the body of a Mr. King was found in
the word! near Dr. G. W. Huttou'a
sawmill, eoutb. of Barnsvilie eight
mile. It is tuppesed Mr. Kirgwas
murdered before the snow. Suspicion
centers on his wife and stenBon. It is
Slid thai; he was an inoffensive o'd
gentleman. Several penons are under
The Arbilrallon oinmltle of tbe
Aaoliitlon and the Lengne
IX eel.
New York, December 13 The
Arbitration Committee cf the League
and American Baseball aeaosiat'ore
met tonight at the Fifth Avepue Ho
tel. The committee is composed of
President N. B. Youtg of Wash
ington, John B. Day cf New
York, aud John J. Rdgersof Phila
delphia, of the National League, and
Zicn Phplpa of Louisville, C. B
Bvrne of Brooklyn, and Walter
Watione, secretary, of New Y"rl-,
of the American Association. The
committee will be ctlled upon to eett'e
a number of important questions that
have been agitating tbe minds of the
baseball men throughout the country
e.ver eince the season closed. An tf
fort will be mad;) 1 1 change rule 6,
which permit a club to jump fn.m
oue assoeia'i in town to another dur
ing the time between playing
seasons. The proposal is to change
the rule so that when a club
becomes a memb ir of one association
it cauuot change without the coiwnt
of tbe other meoibers. The matter
of double contract Mgning will
als i be considered by the coininit:ee,
together with th case of a number of
men who have been blacklisted. As
soon as the committee was organ:zvl
a committee from the International
Association pusnted several cases
for consid oration. A decision will be
g ven before the committee adjourns.
Bump, the plnyer wbo was black
lis'ed by the Newrks, and who is
accused of double contra t signing,
appeared before' tbe committee. It
was slated that Brims signed with the
Baltimores and New Yorks Burns
stated that he did not cons:der the
ontract with New York binding.
Af:er bearing kirn the commit
tee adjourned until tomrrow
aud reserved tbeir decision.
From what ws said in the
lobby of tbe hotel -Iter the meeting,
it is probable that thn black list will be
re. if led and the other ma'ter amicably
settled. It it the intention of the
committee Jto'fin'ah business by Wed
nesday, when the anuual meeting of
the American Associaiion is to be held
at the same place.
The Bnzter Stove Factory (Marled
(7n4r Plennlnir 4irf niuilanrrx.
larcoiAb to tbi irriAL.l
Birmingham, Ala., December 13.
The John Baxter Stove and Mann
fa.turirjg Company's works were
started in good shape this afternoon.
The pig iron was carted over from the
Sires furnf.es in the presence of sev
eral hnndred gentleraen and ladies
and melted in a cupola which had
never been trs ed before.and seventy
five stoves were cast. Several
prominent citizens made Bbort
speeches, and champagne flowed gen
erously. The works will be turning
out a hundred stoves t day very scon.
Heeelver A. B. Kimball Nnid by the
limited Mates Government.
IsrtoiiL to thi ArriAL.l
Jackson, Miss , December 13. lhe
United Sacs Govjrnment h s in
stituted in tbe Fed ami Court ber a
euit seinst the bonl"mi:n tf A. N.
Kimball to recovwr J3-'C0, taid ainonr.t
cluimetl ti be dns by him ai Rci'iv-)t
of Pnblic Money of Miwlneippi. He
was euccoeded as Receiver ia 1S83 by
John!, Hill,
Who Wanted to Attract Attention to
Ills eedy Condition-Foreign
Berlin, December 13. A destitute
locksmith's apprentice, named Ro.'h
n'eke, yesterday threw a stone through
the well known to oer window in trio
Imperial Palace, at which Kmpcior
William is accustomed to sit. The
apprentice was at once arrested aid
locked np. His ect'.on, it is supposed,
was inspired by a desire t) attract at
tention to his needy condition, or to
secure notoriety. He succeeded in
making an immediate eenealion and a
great crowd assembled near the win
dow. The Emperor was not Btrnck,
and he appeared at the window toai
ture the people of his entire atfety,
aud was cheored enthusiastically by
the throng.
ForelKn Kelallone.
Berlin. December 13 Gen. von
Schellendorff, War Minister, declared
that any statement from the Imperial
Government referiing to tbe country's
foreign relatione could only ba mule
known in the reipcnMble form in the
public sitting of the Reicbs'ag. The
Imperial Chancellor himself, tf pres
ent at the sitting cj the conrmiseion,
would ref ain from explaining in de
tail Germany's relations with other
powers. The government's psdble
action could not be revealed without
prejudice to the German policy of
peace, and the sitnation is not y t suf
ficiently ripe to be debated publicly.
If the motives which led the govern
ment to declare the urgency for the
measure failed to satisfy the commit
tee Prince Bismarck could disclope
nothing more, because he taw that
further infoimatien might injure the
interests of Germany.
the Hew Military Bill.
Berlin, December 13. The com
mission on the new military bill con
cluded their general debate on the
measure. It was decided to allow
tbe bill to be read the firs' and second
time aud di.'cuss clatues s?para'cly.
Tbe Tronblea In tbe Green lute.
Dublin, December 13. Two men
a med with pitchfork bandies and re
volvers todav afisult"d a man nnnied
Cahill, a hbrdimun cf Limrric'r. t'ahill
se zed one of hi aFsaiiams, whe re
upon the other fired' a shot at him,
but without effect. No arrests bave
been made. .
Sir Croker Barrington, aft n refus
ing to reduce the rents of the tenants
on bis Murro estate, has gran ed an
abatement of 20 per Crnt. from the un
judicial rents and of 10 per ant. horn
the judicial rents, which the teuants
have accepted.
Mr. Sexton, speaking at Dublin to
day, advised hia hearers to abetain
from violencs if their demands for
abatements from rents were refused.
He declared that tbe tenants were
simply unable t pay the rents ex
acted by the landlords. In conclud
ing hia speech, Mr. Sexton said:
''Separation or otherwise Irelaud must
have liberty."
Nine Young Men Arrested.
J)oblin, December 13 Nine young
men ere arrested at Cattle Island for
raiding a Tubbromjng house yester
day for arms.
Judge Boyd Means Builneoa.
Dublin, December 13. Judge Boyd,
receiver of the Land (Joint, an
nounced he will treat the Irish Land
Line's "plin o' cmraign" with
CJDtempt. "This Cou-t," tbo Juilgo
declare?, "wilt know now t deal vuih
tenants who pay their iei.t3 totrn
tes ii B ead of t landlords cr k'(:l
agi-ntx, and it will rIsi kuow bow to
de:d witu truttoes win tike the
mom v."
Jnhll Illllou HI I ni'Tmid Hlmxeir.
Dublin, Dectjmbsr 12. The case
of the govetnmcut ataiunl John
Dillot for eg tating the ''plan of
ttecaupaign" ws ca'ledagaiu today.
The counsel for tho dtf!H announc
ed he would withdiaw, Dillon having
as6u.utdtheta.sk of conducting his
own defense. Atjiurnel till tomor
row. Meetliift- ot iIih Home Mnler.
Dublin, December 13 Tbe Proti ut
ant Home Rulers of this city had a
ms-:tlng today, an, I reso,ved in favor
of fr.e speech aod open air meetings,
ard fair play to Catholic. Maii'Ht ate
(J a'Kc, in a speech, caid that Lord
Randolph Churchill had no futh in
the Coneervativei, ym he had not thn
courage to leave them, believing it
b"t tr to reign in hill t' an to serve in
Mlnabettl'e rnueral.
Rom a, December 13. The luneral
of Signor Minghetti, the stateaman.
occurred today. The cortege included
all the members ot the 1'alian Senate.
Chamber of Deputies and Diplomatic
Corps. Toern was anenotmous pro
ce;sion of Lioeral as'ociations of
Rome and thousands of the populace.
1'leureua lo HinlKterof r'orelan Ar
fnlra. Pari', December 13. Flourecs,Vice
President of the Council of Stale, has
consented to sccipt tho office of Min
ialer of Foreign Atl'aira in Goblet's
Cabinet. The Cabinet at council today
decided to a-k tbe consent of tbe
Chamber of Deputies to p-ovisional
estimates for only two department.
The adoption of these is considered
certain, as tbe three groups of Left
agreed to vote in favor of them. In
tbe lobbies of the Chamber of Depu
ties the dissolution of the Chamber in
the spring is beiug actively diacuseod.
Tbe C'omte de Parts' Document.
Pabis, December 13. A document
written by tbe Comte de Paris in
t'cotland, in September last, and ad
dressed to h s partisans has been
made pnblic. He dencunc a alliances
between the Right and the extreme
Left forthesiinplepurpcs tof pamper
ing the government. He enyr: The
monnrchv ia 'he government in re
serve. The Conservative! ought do'
to put; thomsilvej out of c"U't by re
fnting ti ecept tl.n K-nu'Oic
a'l the wrkinit macliin nn'il
the way is prejiarnd, not by
violent nv'iins far the Vlon .r;liis's.
He urged tin m to adopt a pn gramme
in favor of the reduction of rent, pub
lic postB tnd treasury biirdmn; the
maintenance of the five years' mili
tary service j the apppoiatment of
politiral gsncml t ) cemraind the a'-
nv 11, I nmiim. nf rt-1 lyinil . nAta., it.
tiop, end tbe rtinstkleuent o' m
i rate j wno win icysiij tunporc tne
R -publicans. In conclusion he rays:
'Rv soppnl.lfiff this D-orramnirt vnn
will iadpira Fiance wilii the lain that
arm snouta nave in ns mat our en iris
will be ueef'.il to her."
The Crawl Prlae Celebration.
ATnsNs, Deoeuiber 13. Tu King
and al!h" rrembr re of the roysl lain -ly,
at tbe tiedil of m gr. n 1 procession,
attended the Cathedral today to amis'
in celvhrRtirg th coming i f age of the
Crown Prince. Tne day ws observed
as a fen-r.'.l holiday. Hia city was
thronged with people, a ul much eo
thtiniasm waB manifested.
nslbl Pollilm.
Maobid, December 13. Ia the
Chamber of D putiei tolav Senor Cas
tellar, the Republican lialer, mndean
eloquent speech ia support of the
government. He condtun.ed ih n use
of force for political erdj.
London, December 13. Advices
from Calcutta aayebohra is decreas
ing there.
London, December 13 A Hispa'ch
from St. Petersburg Biya the Bulgarian
delega'es will not be received there.
London, December 13. Fire in the
Queen's College, Oxfor.l. ytetsrciay,
destroyed two valuabl" libraries bt
longing to professors. . L es, -000.
Brussbls, December 12 In tbe
municipal ehctiona here a socialist
workman is among the succeealul
ca'.d'diUs, the tint iuBtance ou
London, December 13. Heavy
rains are destroying crops in the
northwest piovinces of ludia. Tbe
fliodd are causing mrch dcai of life
and damage to property.
Copenha iKN, December 13. Prince
Cbtiatinn, of Denmark, had a S'vero
fa l to lay while exercising in a gyiri-na'-ium.
He broke one cf his ribs
and sustained other injoriei.
Parm, December 13. Princess Ie
titia, daughter of Prlnne Jerome Na
poleon, is betro'.hed to Princi Riland
Bonaoarte, whose flr.-t wi.'e wss the
daughter of M. Blanc of M in.co. i
Virnna, Decemher 13. Tho Tagb'.att
save the Kueaian Government, having
failed to cb'aia a loan, is is uiitg trca
pry bonds. ,lt alio says thai Govnrnor
General Gourno has eummoned tho
chief militirv cnincerj in Rui'an
Poland to a conference.
Londo.v, Dacember 13. The British
ship Kuphto-yne, from San Francisco
fcr Clyde, has arrived at li tei-nstown
in a battered condition. Wh n 50
mile, west, of Frstnet, on the 8th, a
high eea swept one ma i and every
thing movable overboard and injured
four other men.
Bucharest, December 12 A box
containing 200 -pounds c' dynamite)
expkded today Bgaitiat the King's
cummer reeidetice at Co roeene. It is
supposed tbe ii tottion was to destroy
the pa'a'e. Cvery window in the
building was smeshed. The manvled
corpse of a strange man was found in
the vicinity. Ttiere is uo other clew
to the rulprlte.
ksoxville.Sesn. .
A Convict Scheme Tne KnoBvlIle
Laiiil and ltnrpiirrl Company
thambllss mi l.nre.
larxoiiL to tbi irpiL.I
Knoxvills, Tbnn., December 13.
Tbo Union' i scheme tor thn use of
convicts ia mo-t favorab'y received iu
Knoxville, ard there is grent hope
expreesed that it will dp. csrried
through. Your corrc s(ioi;dent Irs
spoken with a sacra r.f leadirg ci'i
zens and t!!s not heird an unfavorable
Tho Kuoxville Land nd Improve
ni' nt Coinpauv waa orirni.ed tonight,
ami the capitil siock pln ed at If ltJO,
000. S. B. Lnttrell wai el -cted presi
dent, William Rale. vIcm prt-bi.lent.atid
W. 11. Kobetts Becretay and musu-r-r.
Dr. J. W. Stewart wjb removed as
KxHiniu ng Pension Surgeon. Stew
art was a hold over from tnu Hook re
gime. Baich C'.iamhlin, who shot his
brother-in-law, John S eeii9, Situr
day, is still ac lerne. Itia no thcught
thi re is a cha ;c f; r SU vena's recov
ery, btr it is eliirht.
At th bpgintiirg of tho war h i
eutered thn Cotfi clem' sotvico ai
captain, but 83 in gae uo hi" com mis
sion to accept a neat in tio Cn f -derate
Conyre&s. Iu lifu he espoueed
th) Greenback ciue, and han
sii:ce been the recoyn:z d leader of
that party in this Sta e. Wherever
known he waa rec vn'z 'd ai a man of
ma'ked ability tnd a citizen wtirmi
presence .'out luster to hie adopt d
Sia'e. He waa buried at Washington,
Ark., ibis afternoon.
Dkssrvkulv popu'ar. We mean Dr.
Bu 1'h Cou.jh Syrup, for it never fails
to care a rough. Only 23 con's.
A S Male Qnarrr-Proxress In
artoiAL to rut appai..I
Chattanoooa, Tenk , December 13.
A ihve expert haa jut returoed
f'om the quarries of Col. Hawkins on
thn L;tt'e Tenneenee livi r, forty mihs
from Lmdon, whero 1 e made a clcsa
inves'in'iou iuto tlt slate deposit
theie. He reporln tha' the slate
is of th eupiior qmiity aod com
pares favorably wi;h ht forcis'jed
by tho bfst quarries in the country.
It is absolu ely fnexautitble, and is
considi red a nioit valuable find. It
1b understood tha' a rmnpany is being
oraniz'd to w ik it, tnd that a fac'ory
for casing it will b ; erected in th s
city, whare the ceneral wa -ehoines of
the couipauy will be located.
Don't' tkn it! If a dealer offer
yw a bottle of 8a valion Od without
labels, or wiappeM, irsist nn gi
ting a. perfect, unbroksn uaikage. 25
Notice to Contractors.
SEALKD PR'iPOSAtS for thn rubulldbg
ol the County J I at foDfrvil o. Tcn.,
are hereby dverti4 lor Vnn trantor de
sirin to bill for thi .rk ii I ulie Ilia
tueir prioauli wilh the Cork nf tbe ' ounty
Court ol Fajbtli County n or be.o'e MON
DAY. JANUARY 3, W7 It in eieMeJ
that tho brick, nvi othrr nuterial now on
the irojn l, irclu linv iy ili , " Inr m tlity
sre Hoond, will be UNod n tbe r.buili!niK,
and bi!s are nked for in lli i' biti. t'liiri
and iie'sifl.iAtiona be U',wn oontrac ori
on .,liOition to the Count Court Clerk.
Tb couuty ixnecu to ry for tbe work in
CA'ill not in wurr.ir.id) und contrnot .r will
reitulate their bid acordiunly. hi.Ut to
rejeot anjr and nil biiln it reserved.
tlVAll BAXi'J'i vuaifoino.
Or. men Wilaoa.
Dr. Wi wi w born io Maryland May 24,
1803, and wu In hitlil hyer. Ilatradoated
In medicine at the Hnltimnrf,Ool'e e in early
lite, and aoon thereafter woye l to Ala.ba.iaa,
where he pmrliocd hia profrapi but a abort
time. At that period tH - Ktndelpb, on
the Mluiraippt river, in Tipton county,
t ntr.ed up M the proji-eot y I'ntnre reAt
oit in Wait I'enner,-. wi h iurr br lliaet
attraotiona for Ihe enurtTiaing yon,. men
tban bhifiield on the Tt-nnea-ee river ean
now boaat. and youn llr. W ilmw lettled
there. lleo-n a'heed pu.'avaa ia hi prae'
I'ce, and tinrricd Ibe tfle o. WeatTenuea
aee, at th.t' toue. vi" Virginia Ka'ea,
danxhier ol Ca.it. Joel Ktiea, oue ol Ihe pio
neer ot tho oouuiry. When landnlph rol
1 ,paed, Pr. Wu.anM tettiett hi lluy woodrouu -ty.
in I St. whero b aoon rnHohed h Iron!
ol bit profcueioa. He reiad Ave boble chii
elreu, all worthy nn-l atn,.'ary c t.RM a. and
aouie Ol them oonaittont t lirinll.iua. four ol
whom eurviv biro. 1 1 noble wi e p eooded
bim to the Brave by about twenty yean, lie
leavea eeveral doaea arand children. Dr.
Wii.so waa a rauiarknble n-an in ir.tiy re-etei-ta.
lie never uaeO tt.b troo, aad ael.loui
whiaky. and for more (hen lour aeore yeere
enjosod timntenupled benllh. lie lil ab
ate i ioqa in hia hab.U. neal and tidy in hia
dreaa, prompt in naylni hia debte. owinir no
man anything, but -iec attentive to eteanli
neaa, which ia neat to aodlineaa, and to hia
own boMiieia. He waa an hoiieat man, the
nolet work of Uod.
lie m it one uf the landmarka of Ilaywood
county, 'J'bey ate faat diaaipeiuinii. Ilia
e-eot and atatoty firin will be taon no more
thia aioe the reaurreetion. Ilebai paid the
laat debt, lie died Weuneidnj, Deoember
M, lUSo, enrrounded by hie weeping and lov
ing ohlldren, and waa home to Oahwood
Cemetery byair,opol rympaihiaiag frianda
and laid to reat by the grave of hia beloved
)DI1K No.
ill meet ln
hia trt)K8-f V
h. at 7:80'
. K. A. de '
iJ lit. F.
and A.M.-Wi
aproial oomiuunioation th
DAY) evening, Dec 11th
o oloek. for work in the
gree. All B. A. 'a Internally invited to be
By order. W. T 6T0NR, W. II.
At'.eat: J. L. fal. 1MB, Heorelary,
I!V ii K F. IT V A It I Ii! r Y
lluvlliinil, Rojnl DreBrtoii, Vienna,
Old Hull, Kojal Worcester anil
Crown lterby Wire,
Choice and Beautiful Bisque.
The finut and prettiest Rll.Vr.n Pl.ATPT
VAUK displayed in .Mouip ii
Cut and Colored Glassware
In great profusion
Cold Band Dinner Sets
At ai7 ro.
arOpon Kvry Night until Chflatina.-o
I n the (louutry should order tie
Ask your Urooer or Druggi:tf'or it,
or send to SPECIIT A WALTKH,
Manulaeturori), mid take nf other.
A N D -
Most Flecaiit IScloctltui
And Jiiiii'lcuu I'ruuucf.iou of
UrOiir mcIvciIoii coiiiprlMt?)
Klei;uii( Mi (of f lieI.uiHt )
nail II1IST Waka'rn, Forrlxu
hii1 Uonilic
terTOiir (Jooilaare Iinporltnl
IIKi:riv, throii)rh 'It'll (Him.
tout Hoiio.
ear We have a esr-load nf Momlnraa
Vaaaeia, ael received, In escellent
ehlpplaic order. I'bi Peek lo pra.
eel frvrn froet, 11.00 lo fH.'M per
Bnaeli. Eui lear money anirtrlrr f
Molldaye. Telephone V.IM.
JttHNNOI iUIN'r,9M Frnl HI.
I'leaulog, Uyelngit ItepnlrlMK,
No. 17 Vf. Cunr.v ttTisr.T.
eort" M. Ivrio-l.
SherJfl 'H !,; of I'cr oiuil I'roperty.
WILL, on Tudy. Pecembor 11, 1HW, nt
1 10: V) oVI'ick a. i I t Inghrat hidiler,
for na li.t'e l;:ok of groceries, g-.oda. fl-
tur oto hi tne oortior ol .vlainnnd Juck
auu trctf, to intniy eiooutiona in my
himila in Invor 'jl Jy Smith k Co., Cnrter 4
lllonainir, Oliver k Kin lo and othara, levied
on m tbo property ol IJ. 1). Kthridae.
W. D. CANNON, Bberiff,
$1 Iom F. Inylor, D. B.
Tie kmi
f? n
Total New Uusintws Greater than tho total new business of All
Uher Lite Companies now represented in Memphis Combined.
Increase in Surplus inuro than Jtwice the total increase ol
hurplus ot all other Lift) Cum panics now represented in Memphis,
Koom No, I. Cotton Kxchitnge KniMing, Mompiiis, Tennessee
n n
AT i OHl, VOK TIIIKTI DAYS, lo make room for MpriHtr
Mlock. Oa lot Open Itufricl?'. milablt1 for country dm.
GPU OWN HIA SI If FA OT If ItK, nail fully Kiiurnuec!.
Lilly Carriage Co.
327 Scfond Street, MnnirliK Tenn.
5 'Ar-londH Nel JValln,
3 'Hr-lnls Nniilt Htid ou,
1 t ar-loml I.nnt, IIhiiih himI ituiNiii(.
V far-loaiH A iii4rl'ini Muni Inc..
1 'ar-l Ml iw KhIhIiim,
1 'Hr-loal Nie iShIihoii,
1 'Hr-liul t'HlirorulA CiwiiumI 1'rnit,
IO 'it r-l tri Toiuiit.H I'o -flM H. t orn, Ktc,
1 far-load Almorf'M HI I )
3 ('ar-lrtHl4 New York ltuckMlK-ui,
2 t'ar-loiMls l'lunk'i'l. Kraut iinil liar re I I'k-ltlew.
ii t'ar.loiuln Nilier Uiihi i'ro.uiii 1 lioeMo,
t'ar-loatlx ViiKiiilu IVuiiuirt,
V f'ur-loiidi Fire I'ruekerw ami l'irew irh,
'& t'ur-ldaili iitNUii't '.'urrtuil-a,
S C'rtr-loiulM Tine ItiliiruiHw,
5 ('urloda ICetl lieu Ijivi ilej. ,
il t'ar-loiuN l're-ti I'aury i .-mii-n,
1 1'ar'outt ta(iiit iil, Vked iVIieat, t'.te .
Anal n complete iiNNortnieiit ol sinpSe and Fancy (inx erl
lor the Meclnl u ol t'onnlry AlercliHiilai.
vr end lorHlrice-1 . Inl.-Xrt
Oliver, Finnic db
!ry Goods, (lotions, Hoi!
Vmm. SIMS nttd 828 Uala
mrmm rrew or rix whttem eM n uaMn vm iwl
EXTT l?" "I"1 rrto ui xi MmrfMrfeJ
taVakVeillae) Ataaea. are AgeaM far
faeuHMM .iirrtr)g Co.'! rUlali, ItrHlm Hknotlif, nSrURff,
WIihI onu bu iiiom M-airiirlnfe tt
lc, or more urntilylnaT In re.
cwlve aa n pri-apiii Iroin ona'a
Mu.hitiirl, Wlfx or ftwnrlheitr' ,
I it u u n pnlr r
t iiiusi nis Ni.irri.it ?
for Mi' il anil Hojra,
Klaborato!r hud ainbroidiirail Toilet
Sliiiueral.i Velvei, t'lntb and Plu-h ut
liitnilaiiiiie deaignp and poiiirg. Abo,
Una hand-made Ti"lot Hliiipera, made
ol Alligator and Morocoo, In ruaiet,
blue, wine culor und other ahadra.
for t.Millm aail Mliara -Uuiiutiliil
new donigna ol Hilk and tiatio nuille I
Uedruoiu .-1 i . icri ; ala i. Cloth. Velvet
aod Kid Kinlirnidrrxd Toilet blippere
and warm lined llotine hllppera of
Kelt, heiivy llvaver and Ma'luesoe, for
Iderly lading and invalida.
garalliarr fur Drraa, Nllpitnra for
Ih) llrralilat tn anil enrnry body.
UEN fLKMEN'S good, well iiinde, ban I
einbroMlrred Toilet Nlippera wonh
fully II ' fur tbe low pnoe ol
AN Afi.SORTKD LOT nf Hllpxera (or
La din and Mlaaea, innluiling Velvet
and Cloth Kinbroldered Turkinb Toilet
Blippera. Iltd un I Tan .Mornooo Opora
HlipiHtra and umny oiher atylea, aome
ef wblcb coat t2 to und II i.na n illy, we
wa nt to elope fieiu out .t a figure Ihut
will iiiuke them gn the low bul imi
(oria pr ce of II.
gMTAa theae Special Ba-ini nrelikoly
to go very rapidly, we would ndviae
the readnr to come fjrly und aecure
Drat ohoiue.
for a check lorl'J)
will print a ten
a advertisement
a One Million ia
auea of leading A-
inerican Aiewapg-
rere andcomp'et tbe work it bin leu d ,yi.
Ihla la at the rate ol only one tilth ni a oent
aline, for lKU OltcnlatloDl The advertiaa
n.ent will appeur In but a aing!e iaaue o any
paper. an' conaeqnvntly will be pli ed be
lore Una Million different newapaper pur
ehaaera; or ?ivi Million RaAOgaa, If it la
true, aa laaometiinea atated that every newa-
Ii per ia looked at bv Ova teraona on an av--aae
Ten linea wil acmtmmoilHle about
agventy-nie word). Addraaa, wilh eupy oi
nivertiaement and check, or lend M nnu
lot book ol 176pagea. (1K0..P. ROWKLLI
CO , Q -prni-e Mrcct, New V-irk.
St. MeEepbli,!!Titmm.
Public Sale of Real Estate.
,r br direction id tho owner-, we will eel I,
at public nuction, the following deacrihe d
lola, In the auhdivialon of the M. J. M ill r
bnmoatond, all u itel on Alitbiwna atreet.W In
oheater atroct and Market alroel, namely)
Lota 111 and 1 ou Abibuma atreet, with
front a'xi on Quinhy and Wincheater ata.
aide ul w inohefim Hreot.
Lnt Ml, on north tide of Wincheater atreet.
l,o a 1 ii lid 2, on Market atrnot.
A full und accurate plan and dolorip tina
enn bo cn nt cur oflicix. Title perfect.
Tnxea pnid. Abatract nf title will be fur
;i lulled purchnacra. Hiile will tako place
promptly nt II o'clock, all on tbe grouuda.
Ha pimtionomont eiccpt for lncloiuent
woiithcr. In which eaaa notice of further
timn will be given.
'1 Ii9 urc?n cura run pnat. thn lota.
K. J. ULACK A C0.,Ji Mudi on at
Ii-fi Skuiio. ttitlr Skatro,
Ttiy Money Ititi.ks,
Hoy' Tool ('llrltc,
Hum' AxPsWoui' "" ii Ifiuk't
lfUiil;i r-' unit Wvnteuhoi ,
' Pockiit Knlvt"-,
T.ilile i ntlcry, lliicurx, Dfc ,
(.'arrlnir Kulvn nn 1 FurKx,
I'liilixl Kaivi'M, r'iikr,Si o , V. e
Finn cL-Kii'f lu i'ast,
("iirvliiif oiIm In reth,
Itriickft Siw M irltint'-v
Mai cil Cull lii llK, ,
Cnul Viihs mil! ilmls,
SliovelN nml Touk", I'.ti'., l.lc.
In addition lit the ibovc, the moat coir ideta
Rfaortu.ent of I IN lllllvJU in
thn oily Aal. to be "liown the cc toroted
KCLIrSi: lti()R !;l'lliNi AND CUK'.'K
tho bout thing out.
3S7 J5ain Street
ar 11 1' phono MS.
MM rim III' IHBH'riil'N
L'gllia AUU P'.ANTKKM B!l Of V i ll 18 . 1
Mciipbi. Tenn., Ueconilwr Ii. f
STOCK ll'iLUb'KS nrr hereby noticed that
an election will bo hold at thla lt .nk en
the Second .Hosd.y in Jauu try, 1T, in ou
lua.m. until 2 p.ui., to chooie Direclcra lo
aerve the onauing ytur.
8. P. RKAP, Canhier
U.K. If. l. LAISK1,
I'Hf lii-liiu, Nurict'.tiu u.d Ai'i'ctt'6',r
:tt: r)fv, Mrect, "wiar I'riloii.
frnimmmuaKmmmm4XWWm mim aawavwWJWW-'eV33&',

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