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the mm am HOUSE.
JL (omi.lete FMor4 f the H, Ingg of
Omr Law Miikerg The, Xorrlll
Tariff Bill.
V ashinutos, Oocumbcr 13 Senal',
N'nator Merrill prfrnnloil t'.-e crt
(iir.lialhol (Senator Eiimirj-la lor tha
lull term cniuiencitK March 4, 18r7.
1' ai bd on file.
Among the nniuprchs bills ii.tro
duiei aud referred tr re the follow
iin: By Senator Cnilorn To rtiui nd
the Rr-vued 8tr.tta tn reiat'on to the
iinmed fte t-an-iportntion o' bunded
good. By Senator Bowen Providing
a i.ew baala (or the c'rculalion of na
tional banks By Senator Mcl'hrr
Bun To autt.oriii the je-lucien of
Uniied b'Ute and t' e circulation of
national bunks,
Senator Plumb, from Oommitiee on
Public I-amln, reported a joint nao'n
tion to au'.boi'ea the Secretary of the
Intrior to certify lands for iigricul
tural purposes to the Siato ot Kansas.
t ena'.or Monill offoied a resolution
his rnc.iitK tilt Couimittoe oh Finance
to examine us to the txpadiency of
tome practical measme I n the main
teniinc of luiiui al bai.ki with ample
seniri'j-and without additional cost
to the (jovrnmert. Klrr.:d to the
Oommi' tec on Finance.
Ou mition cf tit-nati r Hoi' the elei
(oral count dill, as received from the
Houhh, was laid va the table and or
der.'d priuteJ.
rnor Mrrgan called np hid rne
lu'.io:i of December 9t)i, riqneetinK
u.a Secretary tf V.e Inturior to furnish
iufoiuiAtiun aa to the e at of fi cta en
which tun coal and iron lands of Ala
bama h-vt tti-n withheld from sale,
noUitliBl.inding tl,e act of March 3,
18H3. Adopted.
Srnator CU'iun ma le on ( ffurt to
have tho special t.rJer on Mr. Logan's
bilHarcepting ifn'Jior (joveinmrni pur
poaea on lake) Michigan)- fretpnned
until W"dimad.iy nt it, but Mr. Piatt
cntendud t hat the special order for
open executive evasions too It prece
dence of it.
The Hmiale then, at 12:50 o'clock,
tesumed couaidtir.it Ion ol Benutor Mor
rill's resolution, declaring the promise
of making a peper revision of the tar
iff at the preawnt fusion obviously
hopeless and impiacticable, and Mr.
Daea proceeded to address the Hen
ate on tbat em ject.
Tne Secretary of the Treasury, he
e aid, had come into the field and taken
his advanced position on the subject
ot the tariff, carming increased appre
hension and alarm In all the great in
dustries of the land. Sober, canserva
tlve business men, and thoughtful,
aiiiioua, but elusr headed dependents
on these iutereata were now eerie utly
i - n ring whether, on the whole, they
n.;. ht not be wrecked if the theories
anil doctrinei announced in the re
port of the Secretary of the Treasury
were to govern in the revision of the
tarifl. The Secretary of the Treasury
threw overboard entirely, and in so
many words, all ldoa of protection to
American industry. Henceforth, ac
cording (o the Secretary's theories and
dogmas, there was to enter into the
policy that is to control In the fashion
ing of the revenue laws of the future
no idea of protection to American in
dustry. The Secretary's considerations
were not what might be the
effect ol carrying out his views
on home productions; not whether
' they might be advantageous or injuri
ous to the vast Interests invested In
productions in this conntry (more
than $,000,000,000 in 1880) or to the
2,600,000 wsea earners dependent
npontbem. In the mind of the Sec
retary of the Treasury no snch con
sideration was to enter into the ques
tion of the Imposition ot duties. The
Secretary would not remove (he du
ties on etiRar because they amounted,
he said, to only 00 conti per capita;
but he would remove the duties on
wool, although tkrty on y amounted
to 8 cants per capita, aod on reiuly
made clotlilng beemme tl ey only
amounted to 3 ce its per capiia. The
proposition of removing the) duly on
raw materials did nut even meet the
approval of the m inufauturerR, for
whose benefit it was iir-etid.
On this point, Hm.alur Dawts read
from testimony uli-n before the Com
mittee on Ways and Mem", in which
Mr. Whi'nmn, a le-iding woolen man-
nf leturer, d.ftlared I iiim-1.' in furor ol
a amy ou wool, so au i j cm onrage ita
i roduition in this cm. try and so
reuder nuumlae urvM indepeiident of
foreku wool. He ch"r.i:,.n!;a.d the
b.c.etary a views as wild d watiton
unit tirtituL hut t.liKu iia I )m J
Hwakec e I hrrioim a ol oil grounded
apprebeiisioii ti.r .rght nt the coun
try, li was theiiliitmle ut tbrati who
I oul ttiM laiitf to reto in a h ch led to
tlieae Hiuions aonretieniioDs. Thi
iniluitries turned to ihe S,v,ate for
tuo alternative, limy looked to those
who spoke for fie SBuf.Ui they had
Smoker fur tr.p p iliey of ttie govern
ment In the lint twei.ty-llve joanO, to
kn iw wl at th alternative whs. They
knew tbat, under the cu ttitutir n the
Finar.ro Ouminittee cl the Henale
could originate ro law to remodel or
rnforra the tarifl, hut they also knew
that it was within the province and
ability of the Finance Oenitnttioe to
consider this question and forniulato.
in a repoit 'hat would curry quiet and
confidence to Ihe industries and labor
ol the (Otiutry, ameih nlof hiinging
the receip s of the government down
to ihe line." of i: expenditures, with-
( impairing ttie aev.lopment or
pr sp.'rily of t iose in 'lis rles or di
miiiisliing the cumpinfaiiou ot tbat
iab r. It w s (or ihnt purpose that he
had intn du ed ITsri solution irs'ruct
icg'he Committee, ou Finance to in
qul e a .d report wht specifly reduc-
oiin can bo made iu ciutcmis duties
nod iik'ertal taxes that will reduce
the) rrce'pta to the neceaoary and
rcoi omlcHl rxpnd tures of the gov
ernment without impairing the pros
perity anJ development of home in
dnftry or the comp' nsiition ol home
labor. 11a declared that the man who
would attack home indus'ri.a and
- home lab r would strike a deadlier
b'.cw at the welfare of the country
thin could ba inflicted in any other
mnnn r short ol war and treason. It
was treason itself to the great under
lvieg interests and proapenty of the
coiinirr on which its future depended,
and by which a oe if s'abiliiy could
be mainiained. He who impaired and
weukered the;e Indnstiies came very
r.tr to h:m who aaiped and mired
tue citadel ol the nnilnn. Thr
he had thought it not out of place to
po-po'g that the Fi ame Committee
of thiib-dy.ehonld deliberate tin the
b:!u Hi- n and i n-tei t 'o the public th-
jo-sibi'i:y of a rffomi of ihe tarifl
tot ou;d 1- ave t!m lesuUe unim
puired, and tiVe ,i leermd b ouder
ecopo to the ene-ny, tbe enterprise a-.d
the Igor of the Americm pr- plo.
Those who met the iigncisot tie
pnt were capaV.ie -1 erupt) iug with
the mob'ems c f tl e future. In the
jjieat struggle f r the poseersion of the
opportaBitiM oflered to homeiodnav
trie o4 home labor, they turned to
three who had lifted labor from degra
dation ard servitude to dignity and
honor, and wbose policy had devel
oped the otrength and wealth and
greatnees of ti e cation. He should,
therelore, ask for the adoption ot the
rrsiiotiou which he had offered.
Senator McPherion said that there
were but two metbodi of disposing of
the su'plui revenue. One was ex
travagant appropriations and the
other a r by a reduction of taxitiou.
For l.lmi-elf be was in favor ol the
second ternBtive. The Banner from
Ohio (Sherman) bad snggeeied iu his
speech, t'e other day, a policv by
which $';4 000,000 oi revenue c"uld be
avoided by atriking off the tax on
eugar, and in the same bre.tth that
Senator declared that the duties on
sutar and on wool were the only pro
tection which tha agricultural inter
ests enjoyed. He (McPhers in) was
opposed to the removal ol the duty on
bo gar, and predicted that (with that
duly retained) nine-tenths ot the
sugar consumed In this country would
be prodnoei here. He would alai re
tain a duty on the high qualities of wool
which are produced in the United
States, bat he would remove it from
the cheep equalities ot wool that are
not raisi d here and that are ued in
the maiiiifa-tare ot carpets and chta i
fabrita. He was a protectionist to
tbeext-ntof giving to t' e labor ot
this country all the protection that
it needed to oompete wilh foreign la
bor. He was in avor of higher piicea
for American labor. God lorbid that
he would ever consent to putting
Amcric-n labor on a par wi n the
pauper h'.tor of any coaatry. But ha
was in lavor ol giving to labor the
raw material that would enable it to
cimpeto wth any country. In an al
lusion to toe Kaighta of Labor, he
said tbat that orgmlaation, provided
it adhered lo the principle! on which
it waj l-ma leil, would be longest lived
aud with the mo it hentfldal results cf
any oruan'sition since the world be
gun, lie was in favor of a fair ravis:on
ot the tariff, and an immediate one.
U.B vas In favor of fioch a revision aa
would not permit an annual surplus
of $100,(00 01. He was ready when
any aocli bill would be presented to
take op every article on the list and
adjust each one in a waythat would
give protec Ion to the labor employed
In the various lndu-triia. He wnuli
apply U every industry the same
principle tbat naa been ap
plied lo the silk manufac'ur
in Indastry. There were about
a hundred silkmllls in tbe city of
rateraosi, W. J. The raw material
wa admitted free of duty, and the
conHt-ajaeace w s that no more pros
perons mannfaolure could be found
any w beta. Paterson today was roll
ing ailk at L-yons, France, tne very
heart cl the silk manufacturers of the
world. Why was not the same prin
ciple applied to tha hatters of New
ioikr II those 10.000 operatives ban
their raw mateiiaLfree they would
flood the world wTth ehtap hats.
This waa the Democratic policy, the
American policy, the policy which be
wanted toees engrafted in the next
tariff bill. He was opposed fo the
starving of tkeee 10,000 hat operatives
In new lork in order to support ntty
musk rat trappew on the shores ol the
Uaokeneaok river.
Senator Merrill moved the reference
of his resolution to the Committee on
Senator Beck oppoejd such refer
ence, and suggested that Senators on
both si (I (a should urge on their
friends in the House to pass some
tariff meadow so aa to bring the ques
tion before the Senate in some prac
tical manner ai:d thus open the doon
fairly to dtbata. He was not wedded
ti any eehemo. Us wanted taxes ro
duoed. Ha believed that before this
couutiy acquired the commercial posi
tion filie waa rDtltlcdto, it m uut carry
ita own products oirfts own rblpe;
and that it could not do so 1 ng aa it
had to pjy 60 por con', more on every
bolt aud every piece ot oordigaina
ship than ita competitors had tj pay.
The removal of the tsx on tobacco, or
auar would not optn a sing e nmuii
I cluiing eetubli -hinent in the Uultod
State. Much tilings were only sug
gested for the U'poieo( preventing
at ythiug being done tocn'argo iiii.nu
lactming power aud to send rr.anu
lactuied products abroad. The meu
who owned no uutaitoriis were con
tent' with the American markot.
With all their pretenmg of aiding
American l ;bor they intended to keep
this market to themselves (chergluc
what tbev liked) and to let their la
bow rs starve rather than give them a
chance ol an xtanded market by
whiob they com Id have employment
twulvo moitha iu the year instead of,
as now, four or tve months. He
wanted a chance to argue the Ques
tion aud lo show tbat the protection
If ti were merely robbing the laborers
whom may were pretending to be
friend, lia would go as fai as any
man to protect American labor. He
wanted to give to labor constant rm
plojment. He proleatod against the
resolution being taken Iron the San-
ate nntil he and other men who
thought with him shou'd have a
clmncfl to say what they thought
about it.
Senator Morrill said he would be
the laet man to cut off the Senator
lion Kentucky from tha opportunity
ol maklig aspeich on the tariff. He
therelore would nol press the motion
to refer.
The rerolutlon wai then laid over,
ami Senator Hoar moved to take no
the bill rifKaliug the tenure of office
Senator Tlatt protected that the spe
cial ordor as toopen executive suctions
of the Kenato should taks precedence1
oi any oitier mailer.
Pending consideration of Senator
1 1 oar 'a bill, a message from the Honae
was presented on the subject of the
deti ot Repieseniative Dowdney
(N. Y ).
A lemlution was adopted for the
appointment ot a committee to attend
the funeral (Senators Miller, Hauaora
and Yooihets being appointed such
committee), aud as a mark of reepict
lor the adceased.the Senate adjourned.
Wabhihotoh, December 13. Under
the call ot Htatee, the following bills
aud resolutions were introduced in
the llouae aud referred :
By Mr.Oatea(Ala.): Topiohibit the
appointment ol Congressional Com
mittees to attend funeral, and to pro
hibit the draping of public buildings
iu mourning, except by order of the
r-eaident; also, authorising the p
i ointment ot clerks to Senators and
Ropievntatives who are not chair
men of rommittitea.
By Mr Ltwler (III ): Resolutions
rrcMug (bat th repidly accumulating
surplus in the Tre& ury is in exoe es ol
the roeds ot the government
for it euppoit and the dia
clia'ga of the bonded debt; that
tha coat defense are inadequate to
prjtectthe l.ke aud s-accst ci;ion;
anil that nearly one million men are
unemployed; and d-c arlrg it to be
theMn: of the Hone thst a ia-g-i
I-ropor'jon of tbe surplus in fieTreua
uiy shou'd bs expoi ded through lib
eral impropriations lor repa ring and
properly equipping the coast defenses
aod f r the coiistroction of snipe.
Mr.Townshend fill.) : Br rfanaat.
granting the nae of the hall oi the
House on the evenings of January
Wth, 29 h and 27th to tbe National
Woman s huarage Uonvantlon.
Bv Mr. Allen (tfaaa 1: Grant nat&e
Ernnion to poetal rallmay e'e-ks who
ave become aged or disabled in the
By Mr. MoffaU (M cb.): Granting
thefrenking pr. vilege to inn.a'.es of the
Soldiers rinmps.
By Mr. Hewitt (N.Y.): Authorizing
the Secretary o! the Treasury to autii-
pat the ravment cf trio interest on
the bondi d debt of tte United Sta'e
ar.d to provide for special depoula of
th pnoiic money.
By Mr. Weavor (la.): A re o'ution
raiting on the Secretary ot the Trras-
nry li.r tniormation as to whether any
p ution rif the mmev aonroD-iated hv
the eundry civil bill of last jear baa
beea expended In issuing treasury
i:OUs of large denominations in lieu
of Ainall denominations canceled and
retired; also, as to how many II and
$2 noise have been canceled and de
stroyed since the parsage of tbat act,
and by wba'. authority said note bava
been datroyod, and bow many of
said notes were mutilated notf, and
whether notes of like donomitiailon
were is-ued in their stuad. The lol
loping is the, text of the bill:
gonn 1. That out rff t money in the
Trwurr not rbomita approi-riated, tta
HenreUry of the TreMury ii hereby auther
UeJ and empowered ' antioipate the piy
nient of lo muoh of the tntereiton the inter
eatb:arin( b ndi el the Uniied Mati ai
hell he in exoere of the Waif 3 per cent,
er annum, by the payment In gron of eueh
aunt in eaob cue af ebnll be equl to tbe
avvreicMte present worth of auob eioena of in
teroflt thereon, and for the purpose of anor
tiininf -uob prcent worth, ttie interest up
on the amount pad by the United Ktatei In
antl ipatioo of unh ezoeii of interest ball
be o-mipatel at the rate cf 3 percent, per
annum, roinreetail quarterl-, 10 at to aeouro
to the United Matea the benefit oi com
pound intere-t thereon.
bin. 3 That when euoh payment of Inter-e-t,
in antlnipati-jn ol the iniijurlty thnre-f
hall hare been accepted i y any bolder of
the b n ted Indebtedneaa of (h United
btate, the bonda (hull be diitinullyatamped
and proper y inrinrred in auoh a manner aa
the heoretary of the Treasury may preecribe,
oaa to -how the reduced rate of interest
therealter to be paid thereon: and the
ooupma, if any, ehall be oat on and oan
oeled, and for the coupnna o omoeled
ha I be aubatituted new o up- na benritif the
reduced rale of interest, aud tbe bonda ao
atamped (hall be receivable by the Comp
troller of the Jurrenoy ai aecuriiy for the
laueof the oirouiatinx ao'ea of any nationnl
baukint aaa-oiation to tbe full extent at tbe
par value of the aaid bonda, instead of 90 per
ent. aa now required by law.
80. S. i ht It ahall be lawful for the 8eo
reUryof the Ireaaury to depoait Irom time
to time with any national banking aaaooia
tion any portion of the money in the Treaau
ry not otherwiae appropriated, upon Ihe le
ourity el an eeual amount ol the bonded or
other indo-itedneaa of the UniUd Htateai
f-rorided the whole amount ot i peoial depni
ta thua made ahall not at any time exceed
IOA,MUO,0ii0j and nil auoh depoaita ahull be
eubjeet to call upon auoh notice aa teh Secre
tary of the Treasury may see fit to prescribe
By Mr. White (Pa.): For the free
coluage of silver.
By Mr. Grout (Vt ): to enable the
people to name their own postmasters.
By Mr. Cox (N. C): Fixing the sal
ary of the Civil Seivlce Uommlsiioneis
at $5000.
By M. Springer, (111 ) : For the ad
mission into the Union of Dakota,
Montana, Washington and New Mex
ico. By Mr. Throckmoi ton (Tex ) : Pro
viding for the leasing of uno ccupied
Indian lands.
By Mr. Holmes (fa ) : To quiet the
title of settlers on the Dea Moines
river lands.
e The Speaker laid before the House
a supplemental report from the Secre
tary of the Treasury relative to the coi
tion of customs dutieu. Referred. .
The Houso then a-llourned.
Tha Nntlonul rill aud Encamp
ment. Wasuihot.-)!!, December 13. The
cltis-ms of Waahiiig on having nib
ecribed a guarantee fund of 150,000 to
insure the piyment of r'xe- aod ex
renditures for the Nations' Drill and
Encampmeu', tbe Executive Commit
tee row uivea notice fl at such a drill
and encampment ail) begin in Well
ington on May 23, 1S87, and will end
on DdCofa-ion Day, MayilOli. Entries
wiilbeopentor-gularlyorgar.ix d vol
unteer militia ol tbe United States for
competi ion as rriaieute, luittaiioneor
compaui- e, iu inluiitrT, artillery, cav
a'ry and a uave lattice, aud, a bo, to
regularly r-rgftiilzad corps ol cadote
from milita-y or univeisity schools.
The pr'zea oflered lo comneli
t:rs nggre;a'e $.6,000, of which
$10,000 will be d.stnbnted among
the best Ave companies ol infantry us
follow: tirat pr-sa $OtM), second
$2500, tt-lrd $1500, fourth $1000, fifth
$')(H), Tne object of this national drill
is tost, as an incentive to the advance
ment of proficiency inthe cienca ol
arms ot the citnen a-ldiiry of the
Union, thiough emulation end frie.-d-
Iy competition on tbe common ground
ot our na'ional capital, and s.cooil,
the maseing of representative meu
comprised in volunteer organizations
In tbe Irateri al asioo atious of a camp.
where they may better appreciate
cacti other and learn mutual reliance.
should the national reset v-s be called
to staud shou'der to shoulder in the
defer.se ot iheir common country.
Commanders of regiments, battalions
and companies of all point are invited
to correspond with the committee, I,
C. DeLeon ia managing s- cretary.
aoveruinenl Arllon la the PrOtoe
lion ol Cattle
WasuiNoroa, Dicitner 13. The
commitiee ol the Consolidated Cattle
Growers' Association of the United
Statea appointed to prepare aud pre
cent to Co: gress a bill for tbe extirpa
tion of conUgioua pleuro-pnuumonia
and like disea-rs among catlle l.as
been in c-uforence here this'weck
with metnbra rf Congrea", and gov
ernment ofllcinls and a-e pirf.cting
the bill, the leading l.-iituns of which
propose the appointment ty the Pres
ident of a commission of three, t i be
men of ex -cutive ability, whoa funo
tiens and p -y ire to bs susnend.d by
the Pi evident whenever public safety
will peiinit, and restored whenever
he deems nec -es.iry. The couf rente
on tbe com ml sion of full powers to
discover, quarantine, appraiee, slaugh
ter and pay for diseased and ex nosed
cattle, aud to establish rules and ng
nlations therefor, have the to-ce of
law when approved by the President
tbe imposition of penalties for ob
struction ot officers or concealment ol
disease, and power to employ the best
veterinary skill to be found, with
other needed assistance, and make
necessary expenditure. Appropria
tion, $1,0)0,(100;
Open Meaalona Nlaadnrtl Dollars.
Washington, December 13. Copies
of a pamphlet of fifty or six y pages,
by Doajnan B E iton, in nip port of
the resolutions for opeu ex-.-cu-ive pos
itions, have been received by the
Tt e iseue of standard silver dollars
from tbe min'a during til week ended
December 11' h ws itr.'OOH); fame
wetk lait jeir, $706,765. The fhlp
nient ol f actional eilv-r toin since
December 1st auiounta tii$'J3S,323.
Rlnm-lna: M ill Sat Kealtn.
Wa-hinuton, D-ce tilior 13. Secre
tary Mar ning stid last n ght thai be
1 ail not thought ol reeig-nng, and that
his health ia improving duly.
Street Car Employes, tprlog and
Axle Workers and Freight
Conductors Miiko.
C:oinnati, O , December 12. Ru
cently a Urge number of brewery em
ployes here c-rgai izd as Knights o!
Labor, t-taip tbe nam- of Uatubii- ns
Assembly. Tud-iy t! e piominei-t
Knigrt cf Lab-r met and decideu to
protext to Mr. Pwder'y, on the
ground 'hat ta'oonieta ara not elig.ble
to membership In toe orgauizition.
Stlreel Car Employ e Tie s7i.
San Fsancls c i, December 13 is a
raeuit of the retu-al ot t - e Geary Street
Cable railioad t grant its employes
increased pay and le iuced houre, a
tie up was crdeied ibia muruing and
100 men went out The corapfny,
however, l an aeve al cars during the
diywith new hands. The ttriko on
the Sutter Street railroad and its
branches continues The company is
a'sj i oar runiiiug a number of r a-n ttnl
is inert asin theiu each day as fast as
new men are hr ken in.
Fiprlnsr and Axle Workers.
PiTTHBoaa. Pa. December 12 A
call l a? been iued for a g neral cou
Vdotion of Bpni t' and axle woikers of
ths Uu.t d States to be held in this
tdty on January -Itb. The objects of
the ennven ion is to es'.ahlish un'form
wsges t .rouifnru: the cjuutry, Uking
the hiih)ct pud a a et fid ird, and to
comnli te anause nen a for disbanding
the li'teroation il nrgau-zalions prior
to going into the Knights of Labor in
a body.
Freight Conductors Strike.
LrATKTra, Ind, Ddcember 13.
Freig.u. conduc'orH on the entire line
of ttie Lodisvill", New Albany and
Ghicift'o railroad weni ou a strike to
day on a deman l I t an advance in
pay from 2 to 3 cunts per mile aud
adowani'e for 1st time, winuu the
maui.gnuot-at,r'iiiue'. Fre'ght trains
fiom one eud cf lin ioal to the other
are tied op.
Strikers Ordered lo Leave Town.
Galvistom, Tut , Dicem'oer 13.
A spieitti to tue News from I'a estme,
Tex., stys: Five of the yardmen
who s'ru- k at D n-s -u recently, craa
here Sat urday end, entering the Io
tt rna'iona! and Grsat Northern rail
way yards Saturdsy n'ght, attempted
ti get the m n employed there to
strike. Tbe City Maishal was nstt
find, and ordered tbe strikers' emie
8 tries to leave ton, whicti they did
immediately. No Ubor trouble is
anticipate i here, as the men eay they
are satitfied with their wag:S.
Kolttlaar niila Reeaiue Work.
Tbot. N. Y., December 13. Eleven
of tbe Cuhoes knitting mills returned
operstions tod-iy, practica'ly ending
the lo-'k out wtich bfgm five weeks
ago. Five mills had already opened
tneir doo s, so that sixteen nut of
twenty six mills bslon uingto the aeso-
iiition ore now running It is thought
tht the other ten mills will re6Utce
this wek. Terms have been made
with the Kniirbts of Labor.
At this seeeon nuilyeeery one needs loom enma
O-Yt of tonia. HON entore Into almost eemr pby
eleian's oeeaorlptiou for Utoee mho need buildlna uo.
For Weahnrss. l.nssitndp. I.jirk . of
Knerre, rte., Il HAS Ml 1 Ot'AI,, and la
lm nulv ima mndiritie that is nut luliil-inuM-
t Istirirhoa the lliood, lnvlsrnriiti-a the
ryaieui,Ufltore Appetite, Aiilnlllaeetlun
It done not blecketi or injure the teeth, emum Keed-aebeurpru-luoeooaAlipetlod
olAer Iron mtiitrinM Jo
Pa O. H. Bisancs, leadinc phrslolan of Sprtns-
Bold, Ohio. SAys: ... .,
' UrowD's lnn Bitten h a tborrmahlr Kood medi
cine. I one it In my praelice, end tlnd Its action ex
cels all other fomui ol iron. In wakniwe, or a 1-m con
dition of ttie ayetera. Kroim'a Iron Hlttere is umallr
a poaitlee DeoM-iU-. It is all that ia claimed for it.
Da W. N. WaTHua, 1S19 Thirtj-eeoond Street,
Oeorretowa. D. O.. ja: " Brown'a Iroo Bitters is
the Timio of the M- Nothlnc bettw. It creates
appetite, aires stnwatb and improree 014-081100."
Genuine has eboee Trade Mark aod orossed red llnae
ouirrappsr. Take ao other. Madeonlbr
arWerrhnats nod Planters, Krunll
Farmers anil Oar ioner, ihould, to the In
terval between lUrvent and Planting time,
look outlor the future, and .
that thoy hare maje all arrangomenti for
Seeds and I01 le-r.enta ne:dlul fur the next
season. Hundre ln of circulars are floodln
the country and filling Ihe columns of tha
Desrspai-ers, soliciting the reader
goods that tbeT know n-thlnn of. With the
eiperienoe of tweniy-flre years in the South,
both In railing and ilnnting, we think we
can safely olalm th-t
. keep the molt Improved Labor-saving Im
plements, ana to sena oat only rresn ana
Oar preaent stock ii full and complete, and
ere are prepared to furnish our a-apered Seed
In neat and atlractire style, to the trade, at
the lowest rata. We have alao large stocks
ot GRASS and FIELD SKKDS for Sprint
Planting. Oar Annual Catalogue will be
ready for diitributlon by First of January.
Send for one,
R. G. CRAIG fc CO.
30 riitoii H. Mouiplilw.Tonn.
Pennyroyal Pills,
CHU'WrJaTt Hft EtULlasH."
Ihe OrlarlBMl nnr ly (Jnnlne.
Male and always Keliable. liewureol worila.
It Imitations. In-liaienablc to La 111 t'.tt,
your lroiial( lor " Ili ltiar'
Knelt "and Uke no oilier, or inalol 4c
(tainpai to us for earticulsra m mttih bj
return mull, a a... I'AFKri, Hit
rhater lieiHli'ii '.,
411:1 Wsillxiu Niinnres Itillailn., I'"
Hol-1 by Prurelt-i evervwhere. Ak lor
''ilrli"ter'a ri-BliBli'' Peanyreyal
fllln. T b Bin.0.' er;
W II. IcC.llajL.,
(.eneral Jobber In ItUICK r)0RK
and Smoking Chlmnera
All work guaranteed.
4 21
: ? - -
For NhIo F.vorywluTe In Hie
TrnHtee'g ule.
UNDKR the authority ycted in me as the
Cbairruin ot the (jtmrterly Count
Court 01 Mh- lliy, and by vtus of raid ofll ia
'lruitee ot the es-ate ol W. II. Uiton,d-i-ceased,
aa apeehra nt re-ord in Boos IBS
tnge 119, etc., ot Ihe lleaUler'e- (Bee ol hol
y county, Tenn.. I wi-1, h snid lru-itee, on
KloDdHy, lieeruitter 20, 1H1H,
at 12 o'clock in,, on tbe southwest corner n
M,un and Mudiaon streets, in tne city 01
Meaiphie. Tenn., 1 fler for tale, at l-ublio
outcry, and fell to the biKbest anil beet bid
der, the following described real estate, to
wit: The property known as "TheKewEont
and KaimeJ" Vlat-Utinns, containing, by
estimation, 2219 11-12 sorts, lying in Fayette
county, Tenn.. about two miles S. B ut the
town ot llnHsviile, on the Mo - phis aLd
Charleston Hailroad, about .12 miles east ol
Memphis, Tens. Ihe-o lurols are situated
in one body, and are described as follow'
1st All of teotion fix. in toen'hip
one, range three went ol the baeis meriuinn
ot tLe Chickasaw Cesaion, containing 40
anres, and ia known aa tbe Tillman Place.
2d Alao, the N. K. Yt ot sec. ion 8, toanrhip
one, range three weet, containing ItiO aorea
Alao, one hall of the S. K. H of aeotion 8, in
township one. range 3weat, the tame being
desoribed and bounded aa foll- ws: I)f gin
ning nt the 8. W. corner or said i section;
running thonoe due east loO poles to the
eastern boundary line of said section : thence
with euid boundury line south 50 poles to a
stake with blaokoak lointars; thence vest
ml pules to a stake in the field i thence south
till poles; thenoe west 80 voles to James Mar
shall's liret thence north with said line 11C
poles to the beginning, containing 80 acres.
ah'Sand the sention heretoloretiesoribed
is known aa the "Temple" place, and to
gether contain 240 acres.- 3d Also, all ef
section fire, in township one, range 3 westot
-he basis meridian ol the Chickasaw Cession,
and containing t40 ro os, and known as the
"Jurnagan" place. Also, lot fo. 1, belong
ing to section Ire, being a fractional part 0.
said section, lying north of It, and being in
township one, ranee 3 west, an-t containing
acres. 4th Also, the following three
traots oi land, containing by estimation, &8n
acre", aad known as the "Whitley" place,
wtry-h re in township one, range 3 west of
i-thyViuis meridian of tbe Chtckanaw Crrsion,
)uiiU bail g a part oi section lour, and be
ginning lobTi poles east of the IN . w . corner
of section 4 aud tbe N. K corner et X. J.
tiravos's 10fi5i-aore tract, now owned by one
Smith: thenoe south with (aid (Irav-i'sor
Smith's east line ltM) poles to his S. E cor
ner) thence east iiW-i poles to the S. W. cor
ner of U. Liles's 106 acre tr.ict, now owned
by one Thompson ; thenoe noith with Liles a
or Thompson's line ISO poles to their N. W.
oornert thence west W'i poles to the begin
ning, containing ll3 acre. Also, one
other tract, being apartol same morion, it
being tbeS. W.X of said section 4. heieto
foro (Uoricei, and containing 160 acres.
5ta---rtio, the north half of section nine,
in townsnip one, range Swestoi the basis
meridian of the Chickasaw Cession, con
taining 320 acres. Thone lands will be sold
in tracts, as herein set forth aod uetcribed,
and in the following order:
1st-" Jatnagan" Plaoe. aorea.
lid" Wuilley" Place, 58iei seres.
31 "Til man'' Pl-.ce. 640 acres.
4th "Tomp'e" Placo, 240 acres
veyor s uistrici ni ruyetie rouniy, ieuu..
3S miles weit of the town ol Sotuervilieand
nn the waters ol the Loosa liatahie river
Ugins at a stake, Temple's S. VV. corner, S.
32VW.40 linkx from a sweetgum marked
"t," on the south bank of wirta creek;
fience north with his(leuiple'0 line crossing
Wirtsoroek several toi,e, 65 10 chuinsto a
wlnteriik marked " X. 0. M.," tne 6 W.
oorner of a 3J-aore lot; thence east 16.50
chains to a state 7 links south of an alder
marked "R W."; thenCe norti) 19 4Uchins
toattake 19 links east of an elm marked
"R. W."; thonoe west 4.60 chains to a
aweeteura maikod "R W.," the S. E. cor
ner of an lti-acre tract: therce north won
east line ol s -d trnot 16 chains to a holly-
tree marked " K. W. ; thonoe west u.w
chtilns to a dogaood, redoak an l persimmon
pointers on the w--st bsnk 01 Loosa llatchie
river; thence down the said riter ith ita
meanderings to a steke on the south bank of
river 37 links north ot a lar. e whiteoak
marked "X "; thence south 126.t:5 chains
to a stake in a road with two oak sapling
pointers the e. W, corner of a 227 aore tract,
sold to E. M. Aiutraon by K. Dickinson i
thence east with the south line of said tract
f6 25 chains tu the beginning, containing
697 81 acres.
Lot No. 2 begins at the 8. W . oorner of No.
1, thonce weft 73.75 ohsins to thoS. W cor
ner of the 1079 acre tract sold to Apperson
by Dickinson, which is a stake with persim
mon pointers in a pond; thence r orth 100 50
ohains te a stake; thence east 16 chain to a
stake; thence north, passing into llatchie
bottom at 12 chains, In all 54 ohains, to a
atake, with whiteok, hickory and blaok
gum pointers, on 'he south bank of llatchie
river; thence up said river with ita mean
derings to the N. W. oorner of lot No. 1:
thence south with the west lined lot No. 1
126 65 chains to the beginning, containing
079 68 aorea.
Mai-a showing snrvey and division oftheee
lands, embodied and known aa "Rtchlend
Pl intation." will be exhibited on 'ho d:y ol
snle, and in the meantime may be soon at
the i-fB-te of the Chairman of the bhelby
Couoty Q uarterly Court.
Also, a tract of 100 acres, lying in Fayette
connty, Tenn , about throe miles north ot
Somerville, begint.ing Ht the N. W. corner
of the original tract bought of James tv.
Polk by lturrua Carter; thenoe south 91 3-7
poles to a stake in the District lino road;
thence east 175 polos to a atake with black
0 k and black gum pointers; thence north
91 3 7 poles to a stake in the oorner ot O. 11.
Carter's and J. R. Mosby'a line: thenoe
west 175 poles to the beginning! and known
as the "Mosby Tract." , , .,
Ail ol said lands are well Improved and in
a line state of cultivat nn.
Terms ot ."ale: One-fourth canh, balance
in one, two, three a d lour years, wilh in
terest (Yom dato, and ecoured by trn-t deed
on a iid lands. 1). 0. LAliuUl'ER,
Chairman and Trustee of ketate ol VV. II.
H. D. Jordan, Attorney
riW-'Wzwma2&i fWf-- :
Also, the property ktown as the "Rich
land" Plantation, ot W.VA sores-, LotNo
1, bing in r,iBge 1, section 4, of the 11th t'ur
(ty T'lH Hl Mf P'-pV " ''' v' : ""Kl
p '? " 'Til i.Vl, 1'--. ) tM.rt'niiu ,t It-'fiUrtw
an..; 1 n In -i.i r i-ai-cr. I'tf'l i, '- t jum' S. w willaay t
lb i- ro la urte.yJi iii-p -if hum 'an r 1,.iiU tit. On I't O"'"
!Tr"d"ini'-ra are 1 1 y hie h J 'iu Ur. t. 1 n tTTSfl .' I wm
Bay f a,-al--J rtr-ulara a; vttiaj all jiartli-nlars.by avMreasta
ayi. o ' , I'u'Tt'n N . V - T-h-'la K'twIoK rtfaa. '
No. 23, R.D. In the Probate Court of Shelby
County, fennaaree J. A. Anderson, ad
ministrator, etc, vs. R. B. Miller, guar
dian, etc , et al. ....
BY virtue of a decree for resale In thl;
cause, I will soil at pnblio auction, to
the high-it bidder, in front of the Court
houfe door, on Main street, Memphis, Ten
aesee, on . .
Nnlnrdny, Ieremler I", IHHH,
within legal hoars, the following desoribed
real estate, to-wit:
Lying and being in the city o' Memphia,
county of t-helby, and State of Tennessee,
to-wit: Known aa No. 14;, being the west
half thereof, fronting ieet on Market
street and running I nek 74 feet 3 Inchea.
Terms of Sale One-third eaehi balance
payable in equal installments in aix and
twolve months; purchaser to execute notes
wilh good and sufficient securities for de
terred payments, and a lien retained until
the wi.oleol the purchase money la paid.
Ihie November 27, 1886.
P. J. 0UIOLET, Clerk.
Br Thos. 71 Crennhaw, 1) U.
Taelo-A fturroll. eolleirors:
vt tatllt'a siwflejKHs'lAl, COa.
.ICK,313 Silih St., Washington, 1).
0. Providea i rx.ct cally usetul business edu
cation. No terms nor racaltona, Mndenu
enter at any tisuo. Teressi Llle scholarship,
MO. Twelve weeks' Coarse, Hoard, etc., 175.
Send for oircular.IJ
Fnlletl Kinlw B X"v ami
261 aVX-IKT ST.
oomple'e than ever, comprising not only the best and finest but alao fail lines of me
dium, durable and stylish goods, whioh we otter at low figures.
TO Till'. TKIOK we offer special indaoementa. Carrying most of onr goods ia
SOLID SIZES, we are prepared to fill ordera lor apeoial aiioa at NO EXTRA CObT, tha
enabling Merchants to fill in without being compelled to bay goods not needed.
adijER. :o3blo. &3 oo-
Acentajfor thelCrlebraled W. I., nontrlna 3 New's Cair fctboea atud'Ja;
Xoya' Htioeta In all alyle.
&j&."rxjsrGr& bank:.
K. J. BLAt'si, ajewbler.
arDepoj:ts received from OO centa upward. nrl Inlereat Ml lowed on same semi-an no
ally, will Bnv and Sell Local Securities, ct aa Trustee, Receiver, etc , for Corpora'ions or
Individuals. Can become Uuard-an, Administrator, etc. Buv and Sell Kiehango. Special
attention paid to Collections. Mtsnej can be lriwas osst at ssny Slitse, when desired
for investment in Real Estate or otherwise. Have a commodious Vault for the Depoait of
Valuablea for the benefit of Reertalar 4'astomera, free of charge. Sate Depesit Bexes for
rent. Pavings especially solicited. A llep-sitorv of the Btnte of Tennessee.
t s:n trs'fl 'r. Tittstn Sf '-stmhU. 'I na.
To IMautors, iiicrciiautw & t-inners
The seatou i- u-i-ro'iching when Cotton becomes Dusty, Damp and Heavy. By tbe aaoof
Your sample ia linjiroved and Value of Cotton Inoreased. Machines for tale by
1(10 to 171 Adnnis Street, JIciu1ii, Tf-nH,
tST Country (Stores, IfweUlng aud Cslulrouses n Kpecialtj.
narLHaMesi AIutel Promptly, and Paid nt Blenipbls.
Steam Engines, Boilers and Tank Wort, Cotton ?Gins, CottoL
Presses, Mood Pulleys, Shaiting, Agricultural
and Plantation Work,
Corn nd. Sbl-w JVIills-
er:We have the LARGEST WORKS of the kind in the United 8tatea. and will meet
a, prioea for tame unality of work. Send tor Catalogue, Pnoe-LislaJ
and Testimonials.-
3Q8 Front St.
I haet,iilvrm-4r l-T ll' aho d)e, ; ly
aaethoaunili of eaMSof tue worn kind sod ot lens
eundloc lias besn cored, lojerf, so llrojl 11 )J
mitn id iuj ncor, tnai w" . '
rata, lot.axe will, a VALOaRUt TBKATiog on thia
Oa T. i. aXOOTM. ttl rWt aa., llsw Yors.
To Contract orn.
Ron (nr yards levkb work.
DUU UUU In ouantltiea to auit out
fiU.from LakeriewtoO. K. Landing. Oood
Sricea and prompt pay. Apply te ioor. Mo
owau Coemla. T.or on work
a guaranteed i peel no for Hysteria, Diisl
nesa. Convulaionaa, Fita, Nerrous Neural-
Eia, Headache, Nervosa Prostration, caused
y tha use of alcohol or tobacco: Wake
fulness, Mental Depression, Se'tonlng of tbe
Brain, resulting in insanity and les ingtn
misery, decay and death I Premature md
Age, liarrennasa, Loaa ol Power in either
--: Involuntary Losses and Spermator
rhea, catii. ) by over-eiertion oi the brain,
aelf-abnse or ovevindnlgonoe. Kaoh boi con
tains one mc:tu' treata'ent. II a boa, c
lis boxes for 5, tent by mail prepaid, on
receipt of price. We srnarentce Six Boxes
to cure any case. With each order received
ty usoealx bcxes, accompaaied wit-. II,
we will ssnd the rnrcbaser our written
guaranti-e toretend the money if that reatr
roent doe' ot effeet a ei'. Guarantees
issned onlybv f. HUNK (HI' A"0.. Drug
gists. Wemnhla. Tenn.
A MONTH, as-r'i wanlrd. tHtiwstSMe
dnaijAY ljvo.xaiot,
ny OeiiiitMe Article.
W. IV. wiI.KRRHOtv. Vl-Prldcat.
Hfl.U UKIFFltVti, Teller.
V. - Prea'l, W. H. UCNSGD1T, Heti.r
St. 17 JclToroOii Struct,
(Between Main and Front.) MEMPHIS.
lEsUblished in lttnO.I
1 vR.JOHKSON Isacknowledgadbyallpar
.1.' ties interested as by far the most. sue
coastal physioian in thetreatmentof private,
or seoret diseases. Quick, permanent cure
I guaranteed in every case, mala or female.
I Recent cases of Gonorrhea and Syphilla
i .. r- ) : a 1 ... Ika aiaiah at7 maata
curea in a lew aays wnuv-
cury, ohange of diet or hindrance froui
businesa. Secondary Syi hilia. the last yea
tige eradicated witho-itthe aae oi mercery.
Involunsary losa oteemen atopped in short
time. Sufferers from impotenoy or loss of
teiual powers restor e to free vigor in a few
weeks. Victims of self-abase and excessive
venery, suflering from spermatorrhea nd
loss of physical and mental nnwer, apeedily
and permanently cured. Particular atten
tion paid to the Diseaaes of Women, and
cores guaranteed. Pilea and old sores cured
without the aae of cauatio or tbe knife. All
consultations atriotly confidential. Medl
oinea sent by eipresa to all e)arta ot tha
ooantry. . . ;,
aMrWorkingmen enred at half tha u0
rates. Oflioeiioura trom a o'clock a.tn. to
o'olock p.m. .P. S. JOHNSON. M.D. .
No. a Now Beauty.
PnbliahtMl by Baiixr, BirtKa BiDr.Jowlt
0NLY50 Ct. A Y E A R jJ?
Uopiee,16Cta- FUlaaapecial lleld. with no rlvaj.
TTtVERY houtekeeper knowa aomethini
111 about the troublea caused by amokint ,
fireplaces, which are among the greatest nut
snnces to be met with. Vne of the important
things to be attended to in all houses ts to see
that the gratos are set i ro.wrly, and that the
treilaee are correctly built. Mr. .
M niiX, 41 aiayoao Mreet, ia an expert
at thia business, and hue patented some ar
rangements tnat enable him to oorrect smoky
chimneys and to get the greatest beat from
the fuel. All who want nrepia -ea or chim
neya remedied should apply to Hr. LEMONa.
wbose work will give aaUslaotien.

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