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Taking tbe Talnable of the Men
and Conceal ng Them About
Their Persons Crimes.
St. Louis, Mo., December 12.
.About 4 :30 o'clock Saturday afternoon
tbe upper floor of the A. F. Sbapleigh
& Ca'dwell Hardware Company's ex
tensive establishment, occupying
stores numbering from 414 to 42
Korth Main street, ie 1 with a great
traiti. i'u.n flior wts 'covered with
heavy agricultural maihicery end in
its fall carriml d.wn the third flor,
Btcckei with i-helf Roods, and the
second fl xir, fiiled with wimple gotjd.
In a moment or two the debris caught
fi ie, presumably from tbe overturned
stoves, or rrwibiy from the furnace in
, the btteiient, and with startling
' rapidity the flarot-a shot up through
tbe broken timbers to tbe roof. There
. were five fire walls between the differ
ent storerooms, but all had openings
in thf m through which tbe fi t men
and in a very short time the entire
building was i niaes of fiercely burn
ing Amies, and every window and
door was belching fjrth gnat clouds
of heavy black smoke. S-iortly aftr
this tbe roof over No. 422 and the
north wall on Vine street full ; then a
part of the front or Main ttreet wall
toppled down, the interior floors of
the whole building followed in rapid
succession, and by 4 o'clock p. m.
nothing was left but broken walls and
a great mass of buint and ruined goods
and twisted and destroyed machinery.
Tbe fi e was confked tithe Khapleigh
building and property, which was, be
fore thejwalla and 10 f fell in, in immi
nent danger was but slightly dam
aged. At the time of the era Ji some
fifty emp'oj es were scattered through
tbe building, but so far as can now be
learned all but two of tbem are ac
counted for, and it is thought that
these two will turn up later, rieveral
of the men
in the way of bruises and cuts, but of
those who are repotted none are seri
ously hurt. Tbe firm dealt largely in
sporting guns, p'etola and small'sm
munition and during the fire there
was a very active fusillade by explod
irg cartridge?, which created some
alarm in the rrowd present, but no
bcdy is known to have been hurt by
' stray bulla's. The report that dyna
m!e cartridges had aleo exploded
seems to have been unfounded. The
honse carried a heavy stock, valued
at the present time at about $500,000
What part nf this, if any, can be saved
is not now known, but the probabili
ties are that it is all ruined. The in
surance amounts to 1400,000 and is
divided among 100 companies", chit fly
Easlern and foreign, iu sums ranging
from $2500 to f 5000.
The Vletlma.
St. Louie, Mo , December 12. The
search for toe bodies of the two vic
tims of the catastrophe which de
stroyed the A. F. Shapleigb & Cant
well Hardware Company's establish
ment vesterdav wan
Streams of water have been poured
upon me mass oi aeons all day, but
me rums are sti.i so not tnat search
cau be ma le only in places where
they have cooled ofl sufScipntly ta per
mit it. The bodies of neither of the
two men, of whom nothing baa been
seen since the fire, have as yet
been found, and it is believed that all
, traces of them have been obliterated.
An Old Woinnn Hnrdcred by Body
Baltimore, Md, December 13.
Early Friday evening a negro man
brought to Maryland University, on
Lombard street, the bodyofawhita
woman Bad left it with Atderson
Perry, the colored janitor, faying he
would call again t. r $15, the prica
agreed upon. The bndy was taken to
be prepared f jr keeping until needed
for dissection, but it was found that
the head was faoniblv crushed and
there were two wounds in the left
brehst. The police were at once noti
fied. Yf sterday a post mortem exam
ination was made. Pfcysicians slated
positively that the wour.ds were made
after death, leaving the inference that
it was a Bimple cpse of body snntehing
and that the work had been doue by a
novice. Today, however, the body
was identified as tbatof Emily Brown,
a woman 00 years old. who for the
pas'; six months Lai been boarding
with a colored family in the western
section jof the city. She was of
di?sipated habits and lived by begging.
She was at home three hours before
ber body was brought to the univer
sity, and it is now evideut Bhe was
brutally murdered for the price her
body wcu'd bring for use on the dis
secting table. Perry, the linitor who
received the bidy, denies he ever saw
the woman, but he is known to have
been a boarder at the same house and
to have eaten br.)akfa;t with her on
the morning of the mnrder, and was
today arrested rs an accssory.
Late to-night John Rota and Albert
Hawkins, b .th olored, were arrested
and conferred that tbey killed the
woman at. the instigation of Janitor
Perry. tt3s smashed her hfad with
a bii'.k and Hawkins held h i and
stabbed her through the heart.
A Bank Oanliler lixfore tbe Maul.
Louisvillb, Ky., December 12. A
special says: The talk of Hopkins
ville, Ky., is the reported compromise
by the attorneys of James A, Wallace's
, defalcation of J56,000 to the Bank of
Hopkinsville. Wallace was cashier
and is said to have lost the bulk of the
money Iu wheat speculations. On
, January let, 1884, he took $14,000 aud
disappeared and a large reward has
been standing for his capture. The
' terms of the compromise are the pay
ment of $17,366 to the bank, the
sureties and Wallace being released
fioni civil prosecution. An effort will
be made to secure a pardon for Wal
lace that be may be exempt from
criminal prosecution. Wallace was
a prominent church member, and is
supposed to have turned sailor since
his defalcation.
A Qaaa- of Tram pa Raise a Blot.
Shenandoah, Pa , December 12 A
band of about thirty tramps who bave
been making their headquarters just
outside the borough limits during the
past few weeks, came into Shenandoah
last night arid raised a riot in a saloon
and probaMy fatally injured three
men. Four of tbe tramps' were ejected
from the saloon for uBing abusive
language, and thoitly afterward re
turned with reinforcement and at
tacked the party in the hou-e. James
McKeeu was horrib'y lacked with a
ratir and two miners were beaten
with bottl -s and g!a:8e3 into insensi
bility. Several arreeti were mada.
Laborer Atfark I'onr
Aubi'bn N. Y.. P,vembr 13 Iul
iau laborers employed on the canal
improvement t Pyrt Byron, savagely
attacked four Americana this after
noon. Letter Burgee was struck on
the hrad witn a nick handle and prob
ably fatally injured, a ma a named
Pratt was mortally stabbed, Charlts
Daryhirsh was seriously stabbed and
the fourth man was slightly cut. Four
Italians were captured and two es
caped. Great excitement exists in
te village.
iiMwnmt Warraat Forced.
Chicago, II'., Drcembur 13. The
trial of VVm J. Gallagher, for passing
a f jrgd special bps. Biment warrant,
was begun in the Ctiminal Court this
morning. Gat.axhur achieved no
toriety in having been jointlyindicted
with J:seoh (J. Mackin for election
A Toon Lulj Hub the Halls.
Pittsburg, Pa., December 13. Ida
Baldrulga, a oan dauirhler cf ex
PuBtmaater Bjldridge, of Greenubnrg,
Westmoreland cnui.ty, wis arretted
at that place this mornit g, for robbing
tbe mails. She was we'l and favor
ably kn wt) in tbe town, and her ar
rest caused iiitanse surprise
Vieoinia City Nkv, December 12.
So o i on Frnnkel, member of tbe
stock broking firm of Frankel & Co.,
whic h failed a few da8 ag?, wai ar
r;st(i la t Diht rhurgpd wish ember
alement W. H P. Plauve't, proprie
tor of t ie Gold Iliil Bini, wtsarrest
ed, charged with a similar offense. '
Ordinance or Chicago Annoya Frla
oaera Convicted lor Felly
Chicago, December 13. The prin
cipal oolite stations were unusually
crowd d yesterday, it being the first
Sunday on wt.ich the new ordinance
relative to bail boads was in force.
Down ttnirs in the cells were men who
had committed trifling offenses. All
were clamoring ts be let out. Many
who had sent notes to influential
friends were denouncing these friends
because they had not secured their re
lease. Tbe desk sergeants were kept
busy answering the q'ttstions of m n
who dropped iu to see nit they could
secure the release of prisoners by put
ting up a deposit Many oi tnrse bad
secured the releasi r.f their friends on
former occasions. Tbey were shocked
when they heard the provisions of the
new law. Same t:ied to intimidate the
police authorities iuto releasing their
friends, while others tried to effect
their purpose by pleading The new
law providi s that only a property own'
era can sign a bond, and te only otter
alternative is to deposit 4-200 with the
station keeper. A clau :e in tbe ordi
nance, which baa been overlooked,
allows tbe police captains and lieuten
ants to take Bpedal deposits sm iller
than those specified by the law. The
matter is let c diacrntionary with the
police officials. At Harrison street
several $50 dep sits have betn taken
I r men who have committed small
offenses, where the hifchent flue wou'd
have been $100.
"J he Moist Ki'Uiurkulile Case."
Thornton, Limbbtoni Count?, Til, )
April 28, 1880 J
Acid Iron Earth Company :
Gentlemen I was greatly troubled
with neuralgia of my breast since last
f tll, having at times to keep my bed
My blood seemed to be iu a bad c n-
dition. I had a sore on my check that
1 tbought was cancerous, alfo some pe
culiar sores or growths on mv hands.
which, at times, resembled a rooster's
spar, wuu qiiie a numDsr less .ele
vated, but bard and bony like. This
had been constant with me for over
five years. I have now been udng
Acid Iron Earth for tw J weeks and
these bony protuberances haveall come
off and my face is about well. The
neuralgia is entirely gone and my
appetite and strength have greatly im
proved. I feel thai I have been Very
much benefited, aud am, tberefoie,
most respectfully your obedient serv
ant, m. a, long.
P. 8. I am 60 yeara old.
"Mr. Long is known to all the mer
chants hero, and his ia the moat re
markable case I ever saw "
.J. B. MILLS, M.D.
r x tloveruor C'roswc II, or Michigan,
Adrian, Mich., December 13 Ex
Governor Charlea M. Croswell died at
9 o'clock this morning, after ten days
illnees. Ha leaves a widow, son and
two daughter. He whs born at Naw
burgh, N. Y., O.tober 13, 185, and
came here with an unci i in 1837. Hu
wai present at J.'.cksim in 1854, when
the .Republican party was otganized.
For several yeara he was a law partner
of Judge T. M. Cooley. After filling
various municipal office, he was
elected to the State Senate, where he
served eeveral terms. Iu 187o he was
elected Governor," and in 1878, re
elected. Noott'a Emulsion.
Of pure Cod Liver Oil, with Hyp?
phosphites, is a most valuabla remedy
for consumption, scrofula, wasting dis
eases of children, colds and chronic
coughs, and in all conditions where
there is a loss of flesh, a lack of nerve
power and a general debility of the
Grotikan,lhe Soelallitt,ln a Predica
ment. Milwaukkjc, Wis, December 13
Ii the Municipal. Court this morning
JuJgA 81oan took up the case of Paul
Gjttkau, the socialise agitator, who,
duiieg the progress of his trial hv-t
week, published an article and poem
in his. paper, the Arbeiter Ziitung, in
sulting to the presiding judge. After
cousiderablg argument on both 8id,
Judge Sloan gave Grotfkau until 2
o'clock this afternoon to show why he
should not be punished .for contempt
of court. The belief is general that
Grottkan 1b in a tight place and will
not escape punishment.
"It is remarkable that the South
Ameiican Indians never suffer from
consumption. The cau-e is tbeir ue
of Coca. They a'so never snfl-ir with
scrofulous nor skin diseases. Tbey
reach very eld age, aud frequently pais
their f nil century" (see Jcnimn nf
the Royal Society of Vienna). For
weaa lungs, enronic cougb. asthma.
shortness of breath and female Buffer
ings use Liebig Company's Coca Beef
Eastern Freight Bale to Be Ad-
St. Louis, Mo., December 13. The
Republican this morning eaid that the
Central Traffic and Trunk Line Asso
ciations have determined to advance
east bound freight rates, beginning
December 20th, until transportation
by water is made possible in the
spring by the breaking up of tbe
river. The new schedule advances
rats on all freight from the West to
the East from the basis of 25 cents
per 100 pounds; Chicago to New York I
to 30 cents per lOOounds.
Nbe Who Would Be
The Queen of Beauty must look to her
tt eth, for a pretty mouth is indis
pensable to ftma'e loveline?. Brush
your t-jeth rarefudy Wll' SOZODONT
and you will be chained w'.tii the re
sult for it is wi'.houl equal ei a dentifrice.
To Whom He Traced the Tile Slan-
derg of Which lie Has Been
. So Long the Yicllm.
San Frasisc:, CAL.,D?cea.b! 13.
Mgr. caul bat 1'fue.l the iol owing
stetxment concerning ceraiu articles
puhlintsed respecting him in the EiSt
ern States and EoUnd :
To the Pnblio:
After two months of diiiger.t inves
tigation, aide! by disclosures made
unoer psrrmtitorv entire from a rp
lesi ntuiva of a New Yrk iinrnal. I
have been uble t j truce th a'ltb ira of
the s anderou etois circu'at'rg re
spec log ma in the E tsiern p.er-e By
earn In I comparison it he hen found
that the editor r f tbe Argonaut, news
paper published in tura city, and
which is a rab!d hater of the Pcpe,
has peiBistent'y indulge ! In personal
iifS coiiciriiing me, Ua lttniy an
nourcedlhad b come a Proteitaijt,
and rt a sub;equent period he invited
tbise whj deeired to know my addrees
ti call a', the Argon iut olBje.'aiid alao
rd-rrfd them t i a di-tiugiiialied at
tnrnry of Sicrame ntj for my rnhniicr
of lift) Profiting by this oiler of in
'O'malioti, ' tha ieportr buc
cstded in Itaruing that it
was the Argonaut which supplied
ttienwg published coi.c-tning me in
New York, Chlcag and Phi.adelphia
papers, and thac the Sacramento at
torney fur .iabed additional news con
cerning me t one Nw York journal
and which I, in a telegram addressed
to the latter paper, characterized as a
tissue of f . Is-hoods, and wherein the
journal was trade a cat's-paw to per
s'ente an bo'imable American lady
and 1 1 thwart her claims in tbe p.-nd-irg
1 ligation. It no transpiits that
the Sacramento attorney is none otner
than the opposing coun:el in the suit.
Honor and justice to a persecuted
It-.dy of irreproachable c'rarscter, loved
and rtspecU-d by ber re giliois aud
all wtio kuow ber4 as well as duty to
my church and myself bb'ig' d tne to
tike action. S.multaneouoiy I sba.l
prosecute tne au'nors neie lu UjII
fornia and too pit'ilishers of the vile
statements in the E($t. I nay add
tbt MrA'ulensin, husband of the lady
rtfurred to, rcitt-r.-.t'S most emphatic
ally he never ciclated any story re
11 cting on his wife and mvsplf.
m T. J. CAPEL.
Tnh Action on the Amcrlcau 0iera
Bullet and tbe How Law.
Cincinnati O., December 13. Tbe
Evangplistic Association, composed of
nvn st -rs nf the diflerui.t Pr )tolant
E7aogli'al churches of Cincinnati
an 1 vii iuity, held t n uuu. ua ly large
meeting today and ecrisderd two
mst.eria the ballet in the opera as
reevntiy precenti d here by the Amer
icau O'.-a Comptny, a--d the bow
)aw taxing ra'oons. Ti e baILt was
quickly dispoWd cf by the adoption of
a preamble an& resolutions reciting
WhkrkiS, The question of tha propriety
of enoouruging luch theatrioal or operatio
exhibitions an inoludo the ballot has b en
thrnit npon the consideration of the Chris
tian people ot this city by its introduction
into Muaio Hull and by the enoouraKOuient
and iatrunK given it, though unwittingly,
as we bave good reasnn to believe, hy pro
fessedly Christian people; and whereas,
soma of the newspapers have not only chatn
nionfd these exhibitions as proper and right,
put ope of them (tbe nmmerciat Outette)
has alfo, in an unjustifiable manner, at
tacked and, as we oolice, slandered some
of those who felt it their duty to oppoao
them; therefore.
Httolvtd, That in the judgment of this as
sociation the tendency of all suob exhibi
liont ia in favor of irreligion and immoral
ity, and shou'd reoeive no eountenmre from
anyone interested li the moral and religioui
wolfare of oar population.
The Dow law wa treated by a pa
per read by Dr.,K. H. Leonaid (not
the a-jiruH Probibiiionis ) favoring
law as aa'nt al'eolute prohibition.
Nj opi osition to Dr. Leonard's views
found ex pi e; si in.
ror Horses, Cattle, Sheep,
. Dogs, Hogs, Poultry.
Chart aa Bellrra, and Book Seal Irao.
Ctmr.8-F nvera. rongeatlona. Ttiftunimatlon.
A. A.-H,innl Mi'iiliigllla. Milk Kevrr.
II. H-Htralna, I.uuii'iicnh, II hriimaliaiu.
J;. '. ulaiciiiiier. Kami iHacliarges.
IJ. !. Ilula or li rulia. Wdrnia.
K. 'niigha. Ilpaiea. I'linimonla.
K K.-t'olicorlJi-lpr.. IIHIyai'lie.
tJ.lj-.MIcarrlnar, llprunrrngea.
Il.ll. I rlnnry and lililiii'y Diaraaes.
I. I. Frupllve Dtacnaca, Mauge.
J. R. Dlavuaea uf Digeatlon,
Prlre, liottlo (oror W doaoa), . : 78
Slafiln Caap, with Mannal, (TOO pasnawlth
i chart ) lu botlliK Sin-rilira, bottle of Witch
Hazel Oil aud Mudicator,
. 8ent !rre on Itcrrlpl of rrlce,
Humphreys' Med. Co., 109 Fulton St., H. Y.
lu I1U UU Vein. Thw nnlv annnoMfnl mAm
Nervous Debility, Vital Weakness,
and Profltrttfotv from over-work or other cannon.
fl pur Tial, or fii(ilnd larsn vial rKiwder, for f5.
(y boLonv UKUooits n. firwot porttpait. on riouiptol
priCt). Iliunphrfja' Mexllrlsitla,. o lull on HtM N. J.
Mljr i A victim
of youthful impro-
dence, oaasing Preuatar Der. Nervout
Debility, Lost Manhood, ate. kartsf tried
in Tain every known remedy, hsa dlicorered
a simple self.eure, which be willsend I litik
ot his tellow sufferers. Address
C. J. UAiOiS.
Post Office Box 3179. New York City.
Cream IJalmlT
Gives He Uf at
once and Cares
CUM) in HEAl
'rsl' t-mn wr- ,ra
Hay Fever.
Not a Liquid, Snuf
or Powder. Free
from In I u rlon
Drugs and Olen
sir odors.
A particle is applied into each nostril and
Is agreeabl. Price 50 cent a at Vruirgists:
xiy mail, registered, woents. Circulars tree.
KLY BttOS.. Druggists, Owego, N. Y.
Hlataeisl Award ftfMrrialafsj Fvroea
f r and America.
Tha neatest. Quickest, lafei i w.i
nowerlul rainedy known 'or KheutnatiiT,
Pleurisy, Keurnlgia, Lumbago, Backache,
Weakness, Co ds in the Chet nnd nil aches
and pains, Indorncd ty oiJu r oyiiciins and
ilrugal'Ui of the hWheat repute. Benson's
Plasters promptly roMeve and cure wnere
otner plasters and greay salves, liniments
and lotions are absolutely usuIoks. Hcwnre
of lmitetiins unfler similar sound ngnames.
such M " Capsicum, 'opucin," ''C'.ii'iii- i
cine," ns they sro ut' .riy wor hls and In- ,
tended tn doooive. Aaa for bt.s m'a ivo i
Task noothf.rh. AlldruirysM. nKAliL HY
JOIlMjOW.lTopieWrs'vW XvU. . .
1-- ann -, ar
K ka
I do not believe that
Ayer'a Survaparllla has
an equal aa a ri'innty
for tk'rufuloua Hu
mor. It ta pleasant
to take. kIvps atrrntrta
and vlKor to the body,
ami vrottiici'a a limit
permaiK'iit, In -I inir. re
sult til in im liiciliritte
I ever ui J . K
Halnrs.No. I.lmlitle.O.
I bnve used Avor'l
S:itvii.i lillii.iumvYiim
lly, lor tiorotuln, and
know. If it is tnkrn
lailiil till) , it wiu
tliorontlily rradloate
this ti-n ilil diwaae. .
W. V. KowUr, U. D,
Greenville. Trim.
For fnrtv cnra I
have stiU'creil with Krv.
sliH'las. 1 Imve tried1
ill tortH ot retnetliel
for my complaint, ImC
fottiul no relief until 1
CO in tne n cc, hhIiio'
Canker, and
Ayer's Saihupitrilltt.:
After tokniK ten bul-
lies or hum met! cine I
am completely cured!
jiary t . AiiicHiniry,;
Koekpoi t, Ie
I have siifl'ered. for
yenm, from Cntnrrh.
whieh wai so aevers'
rliut It ilist roved mj-
appetite unci wi iikeneUj
inv sj-sti iii. After try-!
imr other remedies)
and getting no relief, I
began to take AyerV
SHrsitpariila, and, In a'
few luontlia, was cured
Susan 1.. Cook, iku
Allinny st., Itoston'
HiKliluutls, limn. j
Ayer'" Sarsnparllli
l siiwrior to nil- blood'
purifier Hint I Imve'
Can h
cured uy
the blood
ver tried. I havaj
taken It for Scrofula,
Canker, nnd Salt
Hhetmi, nnd receive
miieb bem fit from It.
It is good, also, for I
weak toillilell Itlllla
Jane lYIive, South'
liradford, llusa,
Aver's Sarsaparilla,
Prepared by Dr. J.O. Ayer k Co.,Ixwll, tlaaa.
Price ! alz botttea, B8.
Child Birth Easy I
The time has come when the ter
riblo agony of this critical period In
woman's li t can be avoidra. A dis
tinguished physioian, who sprnt 44
years lu this branch of practice, left
to child bearing woman thi leeaey,
Th MoTHKR'a KataND, anil to ay
there are thousands ot women who,
having used this retreiy brlore oun
finemtnt, rise up and cull his name
blessed. We can prove all we claim
by living witnesses. and anyone inter
ested oan call, or hare their husbands
do so, and see the original lotters,
which we cannot publish.
All druariftta sell It. Fur nartieiilara ad
dress I)KiDrui.o RiouuTna Co.,
Atlanta, (ia.
The onlr txrftwt enlxil'iile far
Mollipr'a nilat. Invaluable in linlnra
lurnnm ana aeeihlBg. A ure-ill-
gested food for Ity Nepilea, (ouuuip
tlfed, 'oiileacel. A penect nutri
ent In all senalliiK IHoeiiNfm. Hrqulres no
cooking. Our Book, Thj fare ami 'el-
lut InluulH, iniillc I free.
BuPton, Mass
Proclamation by tbe Governor,
The State of Tennes-ee Wm. B. Bate, Qot
ernor To all wh: shall see these vrosenti,
WHEREAS, It hn been mulo known to
lueihatam liruco (o), rh irgod with
hiving committed tnuiiler on ttm bedy of
ltoach Oakley on the day of October, 1H86,
In our county of Sholby, fled iroin lustice
and now running at Inrgei
Now, tberofore, I, Win. B. Bate, Oovcrnor
as aforosaid, by vir ue of the power and au
thority in me vestei,do hereby off'ir a re
war i ol two hundred and lil y dollars to any
pnrion or persons who niav aprrehund the
said Sam Bruce (c), and dollver hi ui to the
sheriff or (ailor of our oeunty of Shelby,
in order that lustice in that hilulf may be
bad and exocufod. This reward is payable,
half on delivery to sherla and liuif on eon-
HAM BKUCE, wanted for killing Roach
Oakley, is ft taet V inches high, heavy set,
brosd shouldors, nenuine onlorcd man, Urge
features, keen black eyes; had rlurmiide
whiskers, mustache running bak to whis
krrsi boosting dispnsition I fa. els turn out
more than ordinarily in walkinir. flails
rom Morgan Point, noag Osceola, Ar t., and
mure recently from Boll's sawmill, near
Lakeview, in Tennessee.
In le'tiiunny Whereof, I hare hereunto set
my hand, and caused the tlre-.t oal of the
State to be affixed, at Nashville, on the Vtn
clai of November, 1886.
w. ii. l: 'fa.
By the Ooveraor.
John Allison. (Secretary nf State-
on KoHident oticc.
No. iV8 In the Probate Court af Shelby
countv. Tenn. John Mitchell. Petitioner,
vs. i'odspn Mitchell, Defendant.
It annearing fioin affidavit in this cause
that the dolendant, Dodton Mitchell, ia a
nnn-rerident or the rjtate of Tennessee and
is a resident of the Stat of New York :
It is tberofore ordered, Tl.at fie make
his appearance herein, at the courthouse
of Shelby county, in Memphis, Tenn , on or
before the first Monday In January, 1M7.
and plead, answer or demur to C"in plain ants
biil, orthe same will be taken for confessed
as to him and set for heiringex parte: and
that a copy of th;s order be published onoea
week, for lour successive weeks, in the Mora
phis Appeal, This 4th day of December. lHdo.
A onpy-atteat: P. J. UUIdLEY, Clerk.
By Tnoa. B. Crenshaw, I). 0
Henry F Dix. Sol, for compjn't tue
817 nnd 810 foCT LOUIS
N. Scco.,,1 St. f.
-;.'Wv.,.:?-.'?!-.rt-'53 v I
iutroTacTcniiia or
OA Vir Ol B01LER9
Electric Belt Free
TO introduce jt and ' btain acents we will
f r .he next sixtv daya give away, free of
charge, in each county of the U. S. a limited
Dumber of our W-riiii. IKlcetroClalvan.
Ie i-.aNijir7 llelle. Price t?; a posi lve
and unf- fling cure for Nervous Debility.
Vaticocelo, KmBBions, fmpotenry, etc l')0
Kcvard paid ii every Bolt we manufacture
d o nnt geDerate a trcntii"eelprtric current
Address at one KLKt'TH 10 BKII AOtN"
Cy, P. V.iv178, Urovklyn.N Y.
DECEMBER 14, 1880.
1 ors MhbIi, Itllnda,9tolliat;H.Hll kiudij ol Uuor Hurt Hlndow
aFm,uieis'liracke(ja, Scroll Work, Hough aud DrettMed
Luuiber,: MilugleM, I.tilhM, Wrtter f uku.
All kladHot lV4sMl;lVurk i:xecntel h Nliort 'li-.
i. 157 to 17, Wttslifr-ytou strtM-t, Mt niplils. lenn.
HTnusnr mis vsi pit n n
DitNAni, mmi s-
Wholesale (rrocers, Cot Fao to
I HUH 1 1 W'?"L"4 W frT 1 1 f M Iw'wMIMIHiallllllaW III 1 1 1
CSottomL Factors
C'tiHb AdraurH ( nerchanfa and Planlertt.
Cctton Factors and Wholesale Grccer;
ItSUSdS Front Ct.t HemphU, Tenxu
Cotton Factors, Commission Oerchanti
1?e. HO Pontlt main 0t. fit. Iaitav.
imaWti w TiiiMwniiiiii mil iiaii mtwiiH 1 1 wmMMammuuujLLJtamsBnwisBr
illiiiio,, iilas;;-;
Dinner, Toilet and Chamber Sets in Great Variety.
r-AKfinta for thaelebrnid;HKBIKlfWOOI TIlRiriCO CHIN 4, peelatlj
)alwiIfHl fir Hotlw. Wslassranl anil Mit ninbanfo.-miai
SLK1)K BKUSnOf Com., Mat, r.
Koa. IS8 And 8M Front 8treet MftmjphLi Tceukv
. W. llrowu.
II, I a
W R. Brown & Co.
2G0 fe'ronl trpi, : : MuiiiuIiIn, Tenn,
llrlakloy, ArkM
ill) DULIM ia
9n. Suk, B'llaia, Dreund FluorUv, CeUlujr, WMtkrBarlBS
Vjpr MhlBftle. liatka, iA.
Ear laliMa r sarasid bf aar sawsatU la tha Boita far II i ia artlani anavftta
ataj. Mllaa, BUIai. Uu LaaiW ami Otpraaa Baiwds a laliri ate,rraaia
av af atfalsMailoas. Wa mak ta Wkalaaala Builaaas a laMisi faatar. 0a
olioftad aaa" roaall Iliad.
2T. 114 Jaffanon Street MemPKlt. Tann
Wkoleiinle Dealra aud FabllHlierit,
8ol Annu for tha following First-Class Instruments:
WANOS--Kranich & Bach, Gabler, and VVheotocfc.
OluaANNCleugh Warren, and Smith Americsr.
swA biiw 7-ocTAVK
Write lor Catalogues. Sou. il and
j, a. BAT.
W. H. BBTa.
La( of Haaeaaa Hart.
ttO-Xtt Trout Street ZZeamvfcta Tai
Window Shades, Picture Kail
no. a seco.i NTKEivr,
M. HOKKLEET, Be.tdeat TuUn,
arret (.
W.JT. IIroirii,Jr.
MannflMitarera !
riAno;ruri n,-
Heeoud MreeUHltaip it
Late .f aUlas
Mouldings and Mixed Taints.
.... Mrwrjiis, tes
Important Sale of Tery Talna
ble Lands in the States of Ar
kansas and Mississippi.
U Memphis, Tana., Daoambar 1, 1S86.
NDKK and br Tirtua of tb. tarms and
conditions of a oartain dsad of trust
aiecutsd to ma, as Trostea, by K. M. AppT
son and others, on tha 30tb day of May, IKjiA,
to securo tha Indebtedness therein mea
tinned, duly recorded in Uook " A," rafet
4i'2 lo 471 inolusite, nf tbe Oimilt Court of
Crittenden county ; llnok 44, "3 in ),
of thai'ireuit Court of Phillitu county : Book
" 1," l aaes l'Jti to 137, ot Circuit Court of
Lee Cf iintt Book " A A," raves W to 111,
ot Circuit Court of Lincoln county, Stat, of
Arlfn-a. Also, in Uook "II Il,"paRaiO,ol
the Cha. eery Court ot Bolivar ouun'y. anil
in BooK 21, pages 4!ift to 507, of Panola c .uo
ty, Htate of Mississiiipi ; default bayini been
oraile :n said trust deed, and helncr rciuestel
I y ti e uiakor of said trutt deed and the bon
euelary thereof, I will, as said Trust., on
Tim Uny, Dcirmbpr 81, 18S,
on tbe southwest corner of Main and Maai
S'(n streets, oommencinv promit!y at IS
o'clock in., and continuum from day to day
until .ho said lands art all sold, offer
for sale, at public utcry, and ll to tha
hiaheat and best l-ilitr, the f.dlu-ln de-
snritma lanus ana .ru-riy. si uatcd u: the
r'tatss ot Arkanni. end 'SMssiiioi, and
I'atticularly den nhid a. tol'ons, to.wlt:
lbe lollowiiiK lan-ls, lyins tn the county o(
rbilhi'ti a .d Suite of Arxtina.is. on '.in lomk
ol tVe Miasissiimi riyer. about leu utile, he
lo Uulcnit, rKansns. to it;
Thee't half of nection Ib-.ity-ihno, coc
ta.niiu 2 f iW ncrm, and all o: region M,
0on;iiiui:ia t1:.! riH anea.
Tie south hnll it acction twenty. myen,
Co i tit in I n if m venty- 'hrce afroa,
I ho wo t l"ul hodh.ii 1, oontainlng 3J0
the northcan- 'tuarter of see ion 2d, oon
tn i. i ii ir 1KI acru
All in ti wnshii' l. nth, ra- ae 4 ens'
Fraottona1 -ortl:o:ift unrcr of sci'on 4,
cootiinli'K 112 ucma
Ail o Irctional rcc ioii H, coiitniinn
4iM.4M acrrs, in to i ship 4, ranae 4 east
he in the lutidi known as " K. M Apimrsun's
Hcslover fiaptntion," contmnlna in all
2014 fi7-lt ai res ot land, more or less.
The siuthwoK- nu.rter ot iho sioithe.st
quarter of sort on Hi. conUlninu SH.W a ros.
1 e south part of the southeast quarter of
S0''t onH, Cvintitiintr 4.41 acres.
The south bull or section 25, sontaininc
S2P acres.
All ol fractional motion .1', ountalnlne W
The nortbeakt quarter of section S", oon
talnini I'll) acres.
The nnnhwtst qimrtrr oi the srutlieast
frai't onal quarter of section 3, oouluininc
4 acres.
l'art of the eat half of th southeast Quar
tet of section 35, cnniaininK 7H ucrea.
All of fractl inal seclion two, 'otitaininaT
74. acies all in township 4 south, rautr. 4
W'eatfnlfol stuthwest frnclloniO quarter
ol section 3n, and tin. nurthweat fractional
quarter of section HI, containing S.1 acres
townnhip thr a rnuib, rana 5e:st, known
as"E. V. AiH'nvsi n's Manor I'lnntntlon,"
cont iiniiig Una 48 Inn ar ea oj'lund, in. re or
Also, certain personal proaortv now oa
tho said Wcstovof I'lmtu'ion, to-wlt : 12
head ol mules of various axes, silts andde
scriptioiii; ulso, one stcmu eoaino ami all
tho api'liiincos and attachine is Ihoreto be
lotiMinir; orn aristiniil, two cotloo Uiik, one
cotton pross and all I lit. upplia cos and at-
tachinuitts to the rame beloiuina: all of tha
waRons, fur .iina ulrnsils, imiMciiients and
tools of O' cry kin I and character uted in the
cultivation ol the said plr ntntions, one ball
of which will lie dclivorrd to the luirohufcr of
the Mauo) ii'antiiiion. Knch ol said I'lnnta
tions tiro in Rood state of cnltiv.tiion, and
have all ncceaiary building, including
dwoUitiRi and sto onousos.
Also, the following do rrilw d tMCt or par
cel i.l Inn. I, yitwin lb., siitd comity f I'llil
iil in d S.hIii . t Arkiinsu:'. and do or had
as tolloivs ;
Tho northeast iionrter of section slxtcjn.
touo'hip ono fmith, range four euTt, con
tii.i.'ii.. H'iU acros.
Alio, t following other IhtiiIh, lying in
the com ty ol Lee and Stulc ol A kamai,
nhnir twalvtt iniloa utiles from tho town of
Miirhon i, tO'Witi The west half n tLo
w)t hall oi section twenty-seven (27), eon.
taiiiitu lii" acres: the northeast ou inter of
section thirty-throe Clll, containing IU)
acres; the entt halt ol the northwest quar
ter of section thirty, three ( U), containing Kg
acres, ami tne northwest quarter ol sootton
thirty-lour till), numbering loll acres, con
taining lo all riU aores, and known ai tha
"Co'ter tract."
Also, tue following othoV tracts of land,
lying in said county ol Lie and Ml ate ot Ar
ki'niiia.on and near the M'snliisiyul riven
The northeast quarter of section one
fractional southeast Quarter of section onet
fractional east kill I of section twolve (I'i),
and the fractional south west quarter of tbe
southwest quarter of section one.
H"tilu hull of south half nf seotlon Sj
H'est fractional half of section 12 1
T'he northeast quarter of itotlon eleven
The south fractional half section 11 1
T ha west fractional hall of lection 13:
The northeast fractional qua ter of sec
tion 14 i
All of fractional sactton 24;
All of fractional section 2r, containing
2245.U1 acres, more or less.
Also, the following tracts or parcels 0
land, lying la I he county of Crittenden and
Slate ol Arkansas, to wit:
Mouth went quarter of section twenty-on.
ast half of southwest uuarterof aectlon
twonty-tbree t&i);
West half of lection ill (It) :
West half of section seven (7) I
Morthwest quarter of section eighteen (IA).
Houthwoat fruc'ional quarter of seotlon
nineteen (IU), all In township 3, north rang.
7 east.
T he said six (II) last named tract! contain
ing 11170.77 acres.
Also, the lollowinir other lands. Ivtna In
tho county of Monroe, and Htate uf Arkan-
I he out ti west uunrieroi seuuon seveniaea
(17), containing Ilk) uores:
The southwont qnnrter ot the northwest
quarter of section 17, containing 4V acres
Tho north hull of tbe northeast quarter ol
loot Ion 25, nil acres:
The northeast quarter of the northwest
((Hurler of soction , 41) acres !
Oontnitilng In all 320 acres, and known af
pnrt of the 1 lUdmon.l tract," all in town
ship 2, south raiiiio 1 west
Also, tho following other lands, lying In
the count v of Arkansas, and State of Arkan
sas, nnd described as tollnws, to-wlt:
Tho north half of tho north half and tha
north half of the south half of section 10,
township ti, south range 2 west, containing
liif) acres.
Also, tha following tract ot land, lying In
Do Ivor county, Mississippi, to-wit : It being
tho north half (exoopt twonty- two acres) as
sessed to Lobdcll, of section twi.nly-slx,
township twenty-two, range eiaht, contain
ing throe hundred (:")) acre., and being th.
same laud convoyed by. .1. I). Quigiey, trus
tee, to K. M Apperson & Co., and known as
the "tit. John l'l o." Also, the following
tract of land lying in Hie county of fanola,
and Stn'ei f Mltsiakippi, and more particu
larly dupcrihedas follows, to-wit : The north
east quarter of pcctlon twenty-six (SI), tha
west hall o' rectinn twanty-hvo (2ft), the
southeast quarter of section twonty live (2ft),
part of t o northeast quarter of section
Uoniy-Ovo (25), all ol section thirty-six (AD,
tn township il, range o wast, and containing
about 1IKI2 acres, t,i,ri ucrcs ol which isclriirad.
Also, tho lolloa Ir.g trai-iaof hinds sitont
ed. lying and hoin-, initio county il Liu
coin and .State ot Arkansas: .South fractional
half of aeotinn thirty-tour (i4), . wn.h.p
seven (7), couth flvo (5) won: it hall ent
of Boons lake, section thirty-three "331,
townshiii seven (7), ranire livo (i) : east h ill
east ot Bout,, lake, s ciion lour 4), town
ship K),ine 6i northwest quarter .ecfon
3, t iwohip 4, rar ge 5: north traction. 1 half
of north'-iiH quarter of soetion 3. township
8, rao.e 5; southwe t quurterf i,ie:io-i 3,
township H, rHiisu 5, conta nlriK in ail 7 il.'U
acres, togd her with all accretion, m ulo by
the Ark .lieu-- pvnr, known as tiie ".ilaplo
Oiovo F'lintntinn," tugetlur with tho lul
lowirg oorsoiial property: Twenty-ono
hcud of itiulos ol viittous Hge., six :J at d no
scrirtioiis: two head o c.t'.tt-j one tnata
engirie and fixture; ooe griituti'l ; on cot
ton gin and cotton pre-s, t. gelticr w t.i
wagons, to.. Is and funning uuii il".
J onus of'8Jilc--Oiio-tour1h cich o: thr price
balance In four equ-tl i' .1111110011. liv
able In one, two, throe ..nil lour yours, evi
doncod by untos exocute.t by f tie .iir.-baer
Lea rin - interest at the r ite ot six per cent,
per annum until paid, and secured by trst
deed on the said lands.
Tho title to above lands is good, but I sell
and convoy only ii. trustee.
Further IiiloriuatK n can h obtained of
E. M. Apperson A 10.. II. C. cliiiightwr.
Chairman and t rustee, and o' N. F. Leuias
ter, offurel Jc Loinas'.or, rl eatat. atn s
K. U. JORlA .
Trqu'ce, Maron o lemt ie
Tint l'l LT or fie
ger.tr tor is icade J
, presnly -n ttte cur.
yol ae.encrntii 1. 01
ice jflii.t.o.. vi-
-. fii.'' . if DilsisVeahon tbi
1 no
- k 1 ' .Itinuous stream 01
I v H r?r" ,'V fcLatl'ttliJlTIf var
'' " 'nil 5 B-..tia tbrouih Ihe
lif-lO-'i- Ul'.Li parts mm restore
them to healthy action. I'o not ooniound
this with Klectric Bciti advertised to cure
all Ills trotu he.ul to toe. It ts fcr tb.ON II
Ipfcific purpose. Kor circulars giving 'all
nfori'-.-iti-on. a.ldroBs theover t.ioc.
l f, 1 . H -n vijlon .Irwt. Vh e ..
Koch's Pat.8 for
Nil I". 1. '! isa.U'i"UV!o to n-rv: ar" reed
or business. It is clioainr tii"n oi.l at fit. t.0
be put up t.v any one. I iciUi.H lr
no; n . it. .. wit-..
.... , 1 a US' lii'ikaJl I t al .

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