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TUESDAY, I I DEC. 14, 1880.
the BnunEAN hi rr ATIOS.
The clesrinjrs of last week again
how a very satisfactory condition o!
business. Tlit re was an increase in
tie total ol the thirty banks reporting
of 15 3 per cent, over the correspond
ing week last year. Excluding New
York the total wao an incrrvss of 13 6
per cent. The artivity in Wa'l street
speculative operations makes tbe fig
' ure high there. On the entire listouiy
five cities report a decline on the wei k,
nd of these only ByMcnsp, N. x , was
over 10 per cent. New Orleans de
diced only 3.4 per cent, a consider
bit Improvement over the previous
week or two ; G .lvr atin, which showed
a heavy decline last week, sent in only
a partial report. Many of the increases
were large Memphis, 73 0 per ceDt
General business ia lately under
Chiistuias inft lenceo, and the general
expectation is that the aoiount o!
business that will be done will be lit
ahead of. the Christ nif sea tines the
depression set in. The demand
for moi ey at thU season, and the
large disbursements (but have to be
made with the turn ot the yettr, have
given a sharp temporary linhlneF-s to
money. The New York MraWsaid
on Saturday: "Money is much tights
er and lenders are scrntin'zing col
lator al more elonely. Imns on c.ill
were Hindu as high r.s 15 per cent to
day, anil a cnnci.lerable prrpnrtlon rf
the Rnck Exchango borrowing was
done at 10 per cent." The IlulUtin re
marks: "Opinions vary as to the
prospects of the money market during
the remainder of the month, as a dls
position to anticipate preparations for
January dividend disbursements in
creaees the firmness arising from other
canst : and It is uncertain 'how far
this will be cflst.t by gold import
tiona, 'which from presoDt prospects
are likely to be important in amount."
The Indicator Bays: "The latest ar
riva's of gold from Europe aggregate
$1,088,000, and more is to come. Gold
import will kill money stringency."
A week ago silver quoted 45) pence
an ounce; it has.been advancing since.
Oar latest quotation Is 46 pence.
which makes the silver in onr dollar
worth 73.415 omU. England, Ger
many and Austria report a better
movement in trade, but the general
depression la still such as to affect our
oreign commerce, although we have
1 d a fair increase this year aa com
pared with hut. The English home
apply of wheat proves to be lower
than had been anticipated, and a good
demand from thia side is looked for.
Congress is in session, but although
there are commercial and financial
questions of 'great moment In ques
tion, tbe reputation ot the present
. body is not such as to lead to any
amendment of commercial matters
from that source, dtrlkes are lean
prevalent and a more settled state
of things exists, but organise
. tion is proceeding at rate - that
indicates trouble in the future. The
New York Indicator has the following
"An inquirer wishes to know our
opinion ot Ohio Southern incomes.
We consider them good for much
higher figures, although the advanoo
may not come until after the holidays,
Tennessee Coal and Iron touched 115
on Saturday. L ist March it to 38,
and we told our readers then to buy it
for ar. That was good advice. It is
. going higher."
Tt. wumupl Ul'l IllllUUUUflU HgAl
and again to thea'tenlion ol Oongri'sc,
though nevor a.;td upon there, stdl
express. a livirg tans. Groat num
hers of ( nr commercial people regard
its enrctmeut ns vital to their inter
euta. OaThur.idar laHt the Now Yoik
Board of Transportation, by resolu
tion, declared tho enactment of a na
tional bankrupt law to he necessary to
prevent fraudulent and inequitable
: preferences, and also to make credits
more secure, and to moro effectually
protect the commerce ol this country
agninst the losses now 8us!aiued by
reason of the unequal and varying
8. ate ing)lvency lawn, and of the op
portunities afforded dishonest debtors
to chetv and defraud thuir creJitors.
Tbe resolution was as follows; "That
the N. w York Board of Trade and
Transportation, in recognizing aad as
senting the great nocesulty tierefor,
again respectfully nrgesupon Congress
for its Immediate norifiiduratlon the
question of enacting at its present ses
sion a uniform, just and national
bai.krupt la; aud this board ppect
fr.lly n qaea's the co-operation of all
other mnrca'itile bo'lies throughout
tho United Htit'S in securing
immediate action by Congress in
this important direction." Tbe board
further resolved that "tbe Lowell bill
suonld be unacted by Congress, inas
much as the bill, which formed the
material pattern for the British act of
)Hi3, Lai received an unquestionable
indorsement for its practicability and
worth." The call npon "other mer
cuniile boilieh" to co-operats iu secur
ing the paneaie of a national bankrupt
law, should meet with an outspoken
expression of the wiehes of mer
chants with respect to a national
bankrupt law. If State legislation, as
it px'atn, with all its discrepancies and
contradictions roocts with approval, it
would be well for trade boards and ex
changes formally to say so. If uniform
national law npon the subject is de
sired, th'we bodies should hasten to
make known their wlahos to Congres.
The uiontrv.s;t:es of onr high (arid
are cutiiu:!ly UHuilosting them
selves, f nd are more end more excit
ing Oi'poi ition from p rt:.ons of buti
nees ti at are opureswd and injuied
by ita operation. The wool people a
whilo gj were deir.andirg that the
tax npon their s'anle should M in
creased, because, high as it was, their
business was suffering, and more tax
nact be piled on to relieve them et
their difficulties. Since then farther
experience. Las led to an entire revo
lution of .view and to tbe dncovery
that extreme taxation defeats ij own
object and increases the very evils
from which ' relief is sought The
Philadelphia Ledger repoita tbe wool
rorting indue try in that city and dis
trict ns depressed, andot 500 porsons
employed 300 are spoken cf as out of
work. The rta.on for this condition
of affair?, i:b given by manufacturers
and weaver, is that the. present tariff
on raw wr ol ia too high, enabling mar.
nfactnrert to Import some gia 'ee of
unfinished woolen goods at less than
itcoita to make tne same goods here
with imported wool. The textile indus
tries ere alto athcted br tbe tame
overtaxation, and several thou and
workmen weavers, winders, epic-
tiers, reelers and others are without
work in consequence. Thepiospeot
of $100,000,000 revenue surplus next
year, and the neceudty of providing
foreign outlets foi superabundant
manufactures, together with injury
expeiienred in various occupations
through its mischievous operation,
inp.ko an curly reform of the tariff a
certainty. Hard, stubborn facte, which
C inada In finding to be the conse
quent of high tariff even mote strik
ingly than we have yot done, make
re.f iMii no longer a matter of choice
hot of necessity, anl the longar m-
fiirin Is delayed the morn sweeping
and radical It will be whnn it rorai'S.
An unsound currency and h mischiev
ous lurid are sure to show their evil
results In the end.
Promptly A aiabblnsj Affray Cow.
hided by Woman The Hemp bin
nd Nashville Railroad.
Israelii, to tii irraiL.I
Nauhviixs, Ticnn., December 13.
Comptroller Pickard says tbe January
intereet will be met promptly, though
it amounts to $205,000 and the treas
ury is now empty. The circular he
sent out some vteiks ago is bear
ing fruits and collections within
the next twenty days will enable
tlm (into to pay interest
without embarrassment. Pickard
believes tho Mate will bo sorely tried
within the next two years on account
of having to pay $400,0(10 on the new
(Torbslt) issue. This Issue is receiv
able for taxes only, but represents
unt that mnch money to the 8 tale,
he Comptroller is of opinion that if
tbe General Assembly enacts a law
compelling County Courts to pay their
own costs in Criminal Courts, the
Hi ate will be in no danyer in the
future ol becoming embarrassed on
account ot a lack el funds to pay her
A charter will be applied for lnoor-
S orating the Mempnis and Bristol
.ailroad Company. The proposed
linn runs from Memphis across the
Tennessee river through Hickman
and Wayne counties to Naibville,
thence eaat lo Bristol, where connec
tion will be made for all points east
and south. The company wan organ
ised by K. W. Cole, Wm. Morrow and
others of this city and Memphis. The
toad, if built, will do away with the
nicioBity existing for a road to Knox
ville, such as was proposed in the
Crawford road, as tbe line runs di
rettly through the section of country
contempla'nd by that road.
John Biettoii nnd Albart Brown
were horribly ecMed this morning in
the boiler r om of the Jqurkan build
ing. These young men naflb.on cent
by B. G. Wood, tin boiler maker, to
r air one of the bt ilers in the build
ing. They "fie "10 boiler doing
their w' when, by some accident,
tUa bUbiu frin tho bmlor wbr turned
i : t o th one n which the workmen
were esg 'ged. Bi f tick wai severely
see ded abontthe buck anil around bis
walnt, 8' d the skiu taken ff his right
arm. Biown's legs were fearfully
Resided. Bjtli ineuare suffoiing ter
ribly. Mrs. Hue V. Hi'ton, execut''! of
J. m Hilton, flUd a bill in the Chan
cery Court today Hgaindt ti e Wts'ern
Union 'JVIegtaph Ooinpant to recover
f5G25and co:its, alleged to bo duo the
er-uto of Jam.is Hi ton, deceared. The
bill a'l'TPS that Mr. HI'too, at tbe
December term, 188fi, of the Supreme
Court, obtained a judgment against
the Atlantic and Vaciflo Telegraph
Company for th above amonnt and
ousts. Tho execution was returned
nulla h.nti. The bill charges that de
lendant Las became po'S''saor of tbe
proieily of tbe Atlantic and Paciflc
Comp.tny, ai:d (Xrnnlaina lit seeks to
recover the debt of the defendants,
and prays for tie n-ww.ry relief.
A Weleoflvn fnwbldod by a Woman.
B J. Ilanaflo, l.itu of tbe Park The
a tor and at pre rent of a detective
agency, was cowbided by a woman in
front of the Mai well II o one touighU
Who the female wai nobody knows,
aa she literally "cut and ran" before
tier Identity could be established.
Hani fin's legal wife is employed at
the Maxwell, but whether she or some
one of Hanafin's diuy female friends
did the thrashing is a mystery.
Nana Col klabi w. J Rubor, Ike
Hotel Proprietor
(aricuL to Taa Arraii..
N ABHVii.i.H, Tsnn., December 13.
W. J B .kar, proprietor ot the Whits
Elephant Hotel, and Ram Cole,
nephew of the millionaire, E.W. Cole,
had a desperate fight tonight, in which
B iker wan rut twice in th neck. Cole
was drank, and accused Baker ot hav
ing caused his indictment, following
this up with a slap. Baker knocked
Cole down, and as he stooped to pick
up the iirottrate man he was cut with
tbe kuife, barely missing the carotid
artery. Tbe wounds are painful, but
not dangerous. Cole is in jail.
A Dtrike Throatvaed tho L, dt If.
Nashviixb, Dec. 13. A strike is
threatened on the Louisville and
Nashville railroad, and it la rumored
that from Decatur to Louisville and on
all branches hi twen thoas points the
emplo) ei wilt etrike at noon tomorrow
unless the demaads for im-renfe of
time Are conceded. The committee
from the men is now in I.o'iisviilo in
cniifuI'Viou with tho Ulcers ot the
road. The rcsn't is not known at
this hour.
NBWTORK, I)snmbr 13.-Th market
hi uiet Irt ncramnd n ron-q'npof Hgtj
wtn. r rurdtrlnt lh inilntion ol (nods
almo.t ti piMibl. Aff-uts hw advuDocd
AndrnnroirKin 10-4 wiJ tfatttim lSo; all
othrr widlh, Is.
Evidence to Exculpate Him and
Prove That He Was an Honest
Public .Servant.
Nkw Yosx, Det. 13. Tbe trial oj
Alderman MiQjade, charged with re
ceiving a bribe in connection witH the
pus'age of tbe Broadway Surface Itiil
rohd frauch s'', was .continued today
wi'h tbe bearing rf evidence for the
defer sa. W. H. Williams, president,
and the Hon. N. A. Nelson, vice pres
ident of the cable road, tes'ified thst
Iht y did net know ol any offer having
been made by thejoompuny to the Al
dermen, either directly or indirecrly,
for tbe Br odd way frarchit. The
company wai authorized to irsue $15,
tKK i,000 in stock, and in tne latter part
of 1881 did issue $2,000,000 or $3,000,
000 worth of bonds, csnver ed them
intoci-sh and deposited with a t'ust
company. The trust company also
Offered the city $1,000,000 for the
franchise. A number ot wit
n fuses testified that McQuade
favored a street railroad on
Broadway btfore he was chosen an
Alderman. Ex-President Andrews,
cf the cable rad, said he knew of no
offer of $750,000, or cf any other sum,
to the Aldermen for a frarchiae. The
bid of $1,1 00,000 by his ciinpany was
intended to cover notot.ly Broadway,
but a total of eeventy-eiglu miles of
To tho Recorder witness knowl
edged signing some bonds lat'T in
1884 iMr. Williuraa bud wine, Mr.
81 aw bad some, about 200 or 300
bonds of 11000 eaoh. The lat-t was in
payment for Irgal servic e according
to a contract. Wimuts nlao had soma
of them, and these were on deposit
ith.U e Farmeie' Tina' Ctmpa'iy uh
trustee. About $2,000,000 o;tli of
bonds were divided amo a i-everal
men. To account for McQuade being
' tlneti" ot money, it was shown tlia
be had been left a legacy of OKX) iu
1884 This was followed by (.valence
as to fie piisoner s gocd character.
Testimony was introduced to show
that McQuade had been a man ot
property fo. yeira. The cualiler of his
bank testified that McQnade's lrinRnc
Hons for several years had aggregated
from $120,000 to $150,1 00 per vear. Ilia
bondsman testified that AtcQ iide had
mdemnihed him againbt loa by malt
leg over to bim property valued at
from $40,000 to $5(,,000. Tne secretary
of -ttie cable road tes itiud that the
bonds were signed in Decmbtr. 1884.
but were not leaned till the spring of
1885. John UMeill.oneof tbe indicted
A'dermen, denied any knowledge of
the "combine;" denied attending the
meeting at Fullgraft 's ( dice, or either
of the fonr meetings at McLaughlin's ;
never before heard that any amount
ot money had been oil red to' a fran
chise. With Fu'lgrnff. witness once
called at McLaughlin's house when the
latter was sick, in December, 1884, or
in 1885. Via not know the name
of the street. On cross-examination,
O'Nell aa'd that "Billy" Moloney
told him in the City Hall park,
in tho summer of 1884, that there
was a combination of JL'dermen on
railroad matters. Ha could not re
member Moloney's message that he
believed Jl,0OO,0iA could be bad for
the franchise. Witness reluctant
ly admitted that be attended tbe
secret 9 o'clock meeting of
the aldermen. Moloney brought
the call to him at 6 o clock in the
evening. Did not know or care what
the object of the meeting waa. When
he wont into tbe mt-e ing he asked
and was told the injunction had been
dissolved and that Borne one fhe was
trying to get another injunction.
Never knew the names of tire "com
bine " Heard Keeran bed something
to do with a "comhioe" on railroad
mutters. Did net know that a circu
lar, printed as having ben signed by
8ainnel J. Tilden and others as recom
mending his election as Alderman, had
been distributed in Lis distiict lie
said the names read wore dames of
general mauagersof tho district or
ganization. Witness explained that
throughout 1884 there waa a persistent
effort to have morning sessions of the
Joseph Miner, a uiemher ol the Tam
many Hall General Gommi:te of the
Fifth District in 1884, testified that
McLaughlin waa clmiruiao of the Dem
ocratic Sti.ts Convention in June, 1834,
Several conferences were held with
Mcliiughlin at the latter's house be
fore the convention. Other members
ol the omtnittee met there to arrange
for the fall campaign and to attend tbe
National Convention. The meetings
were held evenings In May and Jane,
1884. McLaughlin had many callers.
Witue s f iund crowds of wen there
several times. They were smtetimes
in the area ard generally about tbe
door. Never mi t any of the Aldermen
Dr, James W. Lyman, who at'ended
MuLnuglilin in his last sickness, was
called. He slid McLaugh'iu wait taken
sick January 8, 1884. Witness por
formed ftti operation on him February
18: li, and Mr Iughlin was conflued to
his bed till March lOlh. Mclaughlin
after the operation had to huvo an at
tendant wherever he went. He went
toSamt"ga June 10th aid r-turned
'June 17tti. He made a second trip
and spent a few days at W.-ratoga, then
went to th north part of Ling Inland
June 28 h, remaining there ti l Sep
tember. Tuedect r then ou'lined McLsugh
HiWh life through 18S5 down to bis
death on Long Island, August 2d, dur
ing which time the patient wat at bis
house In Thirty f.mnb street, and his
mother's bona in Ttiitty-ninth street.
The doctor lived next do r to Mc
Laughlin and his bell was frequently
ruug by callers for McLaughlin. The
doctor was forced to amend his evi
dence in regard to McLaughlin in
1884, asjit waa shown by documentary
evidencs tbat McLaughlin was in tbe
city at various times in June, Ju y aud
August in attendance on Council
mtetinirs, State conventions, etc,
Me a McSorley, a niece of McLangh
Iln.textifitd that Fullgraff called on Mc
Laughlin wht e he was ill at kls moth
er's bouse between January 1 and 10,
Ex-Alderman Chas. H. Keilly, one
ot tbe indicted, contradicted the testi
mony of Fullgraff and Duffy in every
essential particular, but nothing waa
elicited. Indicud ex Alderman Thrs.
Oletry, who was ill and did nut teetify
at the first trial, denied a'l knowledge
of tbe "combine," but aaid he called
on McLaughlin during the latter's
illness, and insisted on contradicting
the servant girl, who swore on Satur
day that CUary rang tbe wrong door
bell on tl at occasion.
A Reverend Father lTtlr a Co ran.
Nkwakk. N. J , December IS. At
tbe clote of one of the mssws in the
Church of O tr Lady cf the Valley
yes'erday, tbe Uev. Father fallen, the
pastor, spoke at tome length on the
qntetion of Sunday observance, which
is just cow agitating the people ol
Northern New Jersey. He referred
pointsdly to tbe glaring violations of
tbe law and to tbe extensive tale of
Honor to minors. In sneaking of a
certain saloon in Orange Valley, he
described it in such a manner that tbe
members of his congregation cou'd
not but know to what place hi re
ferred. Suddenly tu ning to the altar
he laid bin band npun 1 aud, to the
surprise cf the congregation, uttered a
cureeon tbesslo in. Tbe matter has
been tbe chief tonic of conversation in
all the Oangf s today.
Kntrlra lor the All A fed Ntabe
Drawing and rdr of Kanalna
Boalnea Meeting;.
Gbahd Junction, Tknn., December
13. Tbe National Field Trial Club
opened their meeting this morning
nnder bright and promi -ing auspices.
Hpnrtsmeu (roin all sections are here.
Triey represent the entire country,
from tho shores of the Atlantic to the
Pacifl'1, and from the frozen lakes of
the North to tbe tepid gulf of tbe
Gen. W. B. Hh&ttuc, president of
the club, came down last night fr m
Cincinnati with a bevy of friends in a
special car, with tbenirg and eating
attachment?. The car is quite a favor
ite place ot reaort, where all manner
ot good thirg abound. Though pres
ident of tbe duo two terms, this is bis
first atteudftLCB et its meetings, and if
I may be allowed a prediction, ue will
be oli dud prts dent agitin and as often
as be will accspt. lie ia a clever,
whole souled (tontlemtin, full of tbat
personal magnetism, which is per
fectly irresistible.
Mr. O. W. Fuller, of Richmond.Va.,
one of the judges, and Mr. O. W. Par
ish, of Cincinnati, alternate judge,
accompanied lien. Shattuc in his car.
Among the prominent (p' rtamen pres
ent are Maj. "Buck" Key, of Florence,
Ala. ; Dr. Rawlings Toung, of Corinth,
MisH. ; Maj. J. H. Tr ZHvant, of Texas ;
A.J. Rose, cf Texae; II. H. Brigis, of
San Francisr o, Cal. ; K. O. Vauhnrn,
ol Kansas; George B. Lincoln, of New
York; B. Waters, of Chicago; R. F.
Greer, cf North Carolina; 8. T. Ham
mond, of tbe Ftred and Stream, New
York: Dr. N. Ro we, of tbe American
Field, Chicano, and a' great many
otbera, ' too numerous to mention,"
from every sic ion. This meeting has
brought together the largest number
of prominent sportsmen, and as fine a
cla-s of dogs, as ever assembled.
A business meeting of the club will
be held tomorrow night. It is the de
termination r f tbe members that this
club shall be, as its name implies, na
tional, and continue to rack first of all
similar orguiiizdions. Many new
and important matters will be present
ej for the club's conrddsration and a
regular "boom" inaugurated. Tbe
alleged stake drawing and order of
running is as follows:
Ben Ilill, owned by B. M. Stephen
son, against Beaumont, owned by W.
R. Huntington.
Gladstone's Boy, owned' by Dr. G.
G. Ware, against Lillian, owned by
P. H. fc L. Bryson.
Don's Dot ( pointer), c weed by J. E.
Gill, f gainst Dora (Irinh setter), owned
by J. II O'R illy.
Pet Gladstone, owner! by P. II. A D.
Fryson, against Daisy F. owned by R.
M. Dudley.
Lady C . wned by B M. Stephen
son, againet D in GUdttone, owned by
I. H. 4 D. ltryron.
Ln.'ra, owned by N. B. Nesbitt,
Hgidntt Noble O , owned by B. M.
Chickasaw II, owned by P. H. and
D Bryaon, aamst Sportsman, owned
by Maj. J. U. Mnriian.
Minnie 8., owned by B. M. St' phen
Fnn, egainat Bridgeport, owntd by E.
E Pray.
Jack Cade, ownPd by E. V. Halo,
ag.r nHt Richmond (politic t), owi.ed by
J. E Gill.
Mobe, owned by T. L.' Maitin,
eg Inst Bjb Gates, ownid by Wbjts
Patsev D. (Irish ssiter), owned by
R. O. Vati Horn, against Gay Glad
stone, ownit i by B. P. lLilliday.
A vety Inre proportion of the dojs
niimiimted w ill start. The weather is
fairly good, lint a little cold. The
ground is sof1 and traveling heavy ef'er
tne show, ami birds are Hcarco. The
first series b gan at 0:28 o'clock this
morning three miles northeast rf
town on ti e Junes farm. Bon II 11
and Bciaum nit ran a close heat, Ben
Hill winning on nr se and judqmetit,
both rather hIow and working close.
Down sixty-iwo minutes.
Lillian bent G lads one's Boy in a
pretty heat of thinv-one minutes. Hl.e
show gocd p:.ce, style and nose. Glad
stone's Boy seemed bU.U and lezy,
D wn tbirty-ono minutea
Daa's Dnt won againet Dora with
out making a point, hecause Dora
would r ot hack and bad pome de
merit. Do , i one hour and thirty
five minute.
Daisy F. beat Pet Gladitone, having
the range, judgment and nose. Pet
Gladstone waa tasty aud a l.t'le out
lucked. Down one hour and eight
Dan Gladstone ard Lady O. ran one
hour and thutv tliroe minutes, Lady
O. 'having in the opinion of many the
best ot the li"at, bat it was given to
Dan Gladbtonn. It was a good, keen,
cloae face. Both showed good form.
Tbe laat heat of ihe day was be
tween Lufra and Noble O. It waa won
by Nobla O. Neither made an etror.
No'rle C. scoaad five olnts to fonr f r
Lufra. Both backed and retrieved
Diamond at MuHord'a.
Postmaater l'hnl With Mobbing
l be Mails.
Nw Yorx, December 13. George
Brown, ntsi.tant postmaster at Ham
burg, Ia , was today arraigned before
United tStntrw Commissioner Shields,
charged with robbing the mails
B own when arr'td made a con
fession. He left Hamburg in April
last, and has traveled nearly around
the globe. He was tracked by de
tectives, and this morning be was ar
rested at the offices of the Shipping
Commissioners. He left Liverpool a
short time ago and shinped as a sailor
under tbe name ot Jackson terbush,
Brown was turned over to United
States Marshal Bernhardt. He started
West with h m this evening.
Mutfortr. awl Mnin.
Tobaeeo drawers.
Locif-viut, Kv., December 13. At
the Convention of the Tobacco Grow
ers of tbs 8 ate, held at Lexington,
Ky , today, it wes decided that the
supply and demand should regulate
the tobacco production and tMis re
lieve the pres- nt distre-s in p-ices. It
was recommended that at leapt N) per
cent of the crop r.f 1880 should b
withheld from the niaiktt indefinitely.
- Flue Wftlrbeaitt Mnllord'a.
. --
Initial Ulug at Mnlford'A.
Lady Campbell's Jloiher Denies
Ihat She Hud Any Knowledge
Of tbe Engagement.
London, December 13. The trial of
the Campbell divorce' case was re
sumed today. Dr. Hicks testifldd that
be made an examination of Lady
Campbell and aecertained tbat the
lady bad never had a mkot-rriaye.
Dr. Hicks, con'inuing, said that the
maintenance of relations with the de
fendant might have canted pUintiff
ecute pain. A woman nrgnt, witm 89
said, be to all appearances virgo iu
(acta and yet have conceived. Dr.
Barnes corroborated Dr. Hicks. A
foot nan employed at Leigh Court
testified that Lady Colin'd loom tbere
was situated on the side of the build
ing opposite tbe room occupied by
the Duke of Marlborough. Frank
Miles, an artist, and Neptune Bload
.both testified tbat they eaw Ldy
Coliu Campbell in London r-undv,
August 13, 1883, the day on which the
defense alleged fhe was at the Pur
fleet Hotel with the Duke of Marl
borough. Annie Brown denied the
statement made by the man eeivant
O'Neill tbat ho once called ber
attention to stratgi noiBes in
tbe dining room cm au oc
casion whn Lady Colin aud
the Djke cf Marlborough there alone.
Neptune Blood testified he bad since
the beginning of the trials examined
the door of the dining room in Cador-
gnn Place, thiough the keyhole ot
which the man servant 0'Ncilltesti
fled be once eaw plain iff and the
Duke of Marlborough in criminal in
tercoursa. Wanes said there were
flaps over the keyhole on both Bides
of the di.or. He looked through, but
could not see any object on tne floor
six feet awny, nor any article ia the
room clearly enough to swear to its
Mrs. Blood, Lady Colin's mother,
testified that tne engagement between
her daughter and Lord Colin was
made without ber knowledge. She de
nied that she pre sed the marriage.
She declared it untrue tbat Lord Colin
told her anything about bis health,
except that he said he bad an opera
tion pel formed. She never would cave
given her daughter in marriane to a
man in such a Icathfome conuition as
Lird Colin was if she had known it.
Witness swore that Lady Colin was in
her (witness') house Sunday, August
13, 18i3. On cross-examination Mrs.
Blood admitted that she wasanxous to
break off the marriage between defen
dant and her daughter btcause the
Campbell family treated her daughter
so badly, and added, "It was a wretch
edly bad marriage."
Witness said she saw no reason why
her daughter should not associate with
the Duke of Marlborough, who, wit
ness declared, was no worse than
many others who got off more lightly.
Rutisell, counsel for plaintiff, prom
ised to conclude the cape for Lady
Colin Wednesday. The Judge Eaid he
would sit until midnight every day
rather than permit Hoe hearing to
linger over the holidays. Adjourned
Exponlllon to Be Held la Paris
Tbe United 8late'a Interest.
Chicago, Ili, December 13. John
W WtJftrnn. ttammiafllnnRr Hantral
for the United Sta'es, who proposed
inn inn rnttiioiiui iiauway axpoMnon
to b held at Paris from May to Octo-
hnr him i'HiirH a nrnnnpi'tnn r.fi
tbe railway companies, enlisting their
. : . . L. . ..u. . :
i;u-i it I i. i u ii iu inauro iuni tuo umrwu
will bs properly represented. He
cites that Grent Britain has asked for
six milrs f track rrom to illustrate
the operation ol its roaos. Kspect-
iru, IIia prnnairinn. Afr. Wpnfon ravr!
' Ai-ttnirr nnimil.tcAi tlironph.int Frani'A
eumber 200, Cahine; Min s i ta being
on the list of honorary pret-i Ion's.
Tho directors lepot ted in November
that the prospects cf euccesa ex
ceed their most sanguine expectations.
.Clglll IX'LUIUllBIUUtTtl UttVB UOru tt
nriinfMH fnr fmAiitl rouiifrion. inrlllft
ing the Unite! Ststtte, Great Britain,
rtosi'iu, iiaiy, opain uuu Dirmi.
The Emperor of B f.zd has intimated
that he will cordially co-operate.
Great activity towardu full representa
tion and display pra vails.
Several rawaeua-era Severely In
Canton, D. T., Decembar 13. A
Milwaukee passenger train, urrth
bound, struck a broken rail five miles
below Hawarden, at 10:30 o'clock s.
rn. The rear coach wa ditched and
badly sba'terel. Oblmad, a l qunr
dealer at Yankton, was injured about
his head. Miss Khodef, of But val
ley, Is., had her shou'der injured.
Biuce Oliver, of this city, had
bis family ou board His small
boy W'B ninioued under the car; be
hs since been recovered. A six weeks'
old child waa thrown violently through
a window, but was uninjured. The
coach is a bad wrecr, nnd the esr.ape
of passengers from dea'b is miracu
lous. Ttie balanca of tbe train passed
north this afternoon, aud the injured
ail Btopped here except Ohlman.
None are seriously icjtiied.
Boxlon'i Elftfltlon Today.
Boston, Maps , Dumber 13. It is
certain that a large vote will be polled
at tomorrow's municipal election.
The triangular contest for ths Mayor
slty bttwen Hart (Republican),
O'Brien (Democrat), and McNeil (La
bor) will be a fierce one. Bjth the
Democrats and Republicans appear
confident. The Republicans base
their bones on the aaaistance of the
rouBty Democracy and the labor de
fection from the Democratic rauka to
McNeil. The labor vote is estimated
at 6000.
Mulford, Jeweler, 204 Main street,
solicits orders from tbe country.
ATralaCtoMOveraa Embankment.
Pitsboro, Pa., December 13. A
Glasgow, Pa , special says: Tbe regu
lar passenger trsin on tne Bells Gap
railr ad, consisting of one coach, one
box car scd a truck laden with lum-
Kav Inmnail IVtA ftanV nAtr hunt this
morning, and tbe entire train went
over a steep embankment. Fourteen
passengers were in the conch and four
were seriously injured. Their names
were rot barned. The coach took
fire, but before tbe fUmes obtained
much headway they were ex
tit'guished. Kulld NlUerat Mnlford'sv,
A Mlnlalrr Horn ThleC
Galvtom, TkX., December 13. A
special from San Antonio to the Asm
eaTs: Tbe Rev. Wil iarn Mier, pas'or
of ths Bori.et Street Methodi.t Church,
wan ariVstoit todav on the charge of
horse theft. The case has been sub
mitted to the grand jury and the prlS'
oner has been refused bail.
The Death of Burns K. Uarlaud.
lariniAi to thi rrtL.I
Litt-x Rock. Akk . December 13.
Information of the death of Rufus K.
Garland, e'der hrother r.f Attorney
General Garland, wbich ocenned at
his home near Petc )H yes erd-y, he-
came known in this ci y today and
canned nn txprosriion of regret
from ail our tit s'nB, n.any r.f
whomenjoeil p' rdonl a'.quaintince
with the decea-ed. Few uie i iu the
Slate were tetter known than Mr.
Garland. His death was he rsr.lt cf
an attack of crebral menir gitis. He
came to Arkauoaa w:th u s paren s
f;omTi(it')n Cj., Tonn., whils quite
voung, ar,d lias sine its ded here.
Daring the course if nn evpnttul
life lie held many p'aces of
publia trust, in ail of which
tout eagaciouaness of purpose which
is so characteristic of the r.ODest man
was dirplay.id in its fullest teutu, und
in dying he has 1 ft "lout prints in the
sands ot time" that cm be followed
by tbe younger guneratton with great
The polica today captured an o-gan-iied
gang of young negro sneak thievts
in this city who have been making a
practice of it' aling candies from
buckets at the Esst Tenncsice depot.
Over $00 00:) in foreign capital was
invested today in Chattaneoga real es
tate. Plans are being piepared for
100 feet of fohr story brick building)
to bs ertcted r n Carter street, near
tbe People's Hotel, which is now
neatly under roof, which wdlbetbe
largtBt building in the city.
Ilenry M. Rtxnley Mnmmonrd by tbe.
Ulna- ol lixiKtuiu to uoiaru.
tkw Yobx, December 13 Henry
M. Slaaley, the Afidcan explorer, re
ceived a cablegram from tbe King of
B.lgium, ordering him to return at
once. Mr. Star ley was also further
advised that this uaexpecttdsummons
is cccasioned by the troub e with tne
predatory Arabs in the free Congo
State. A band-of Arabs under Hen
Mohammed, emboldened by tbe ab
sence of Stan'ey, have entered the Free
Congo State and massacred the earn
son at Stanley Fal s. At every village
where they found white fam
ilies the men were killed and
the women ard children car
ried away. Tbe Arabs number
1500 men. Attempts have bsen made
to check their advance, but without
success Ism well acquainted with
Ban Mohammed." said Stanley, "hav
ing known bim sines 1870, when I
made cintrct wilh him ti accompa
nymnwi'h force cf men for fifty
days, wear 'i.od fiends, atd 1 pre
pu-"- Kill. ' r"'- nio t.o fp
Absolutely Pure.
This pnwder never varlei. A mwvol oi
purity, itrenirth and Wbolesomeneta. More
eoonomioal than the. ordinary kinds, and
oannot be intd in competition with tho mul
titude of low teot, short weight alum or
phosphate powders. Sold only in cam
plfl Wall trft. Nnw YnrV.
BIck netdnetie and rcltfre all tho tronhlee Incl
dent to a bilious stnto of the system, iirh in Dli
tineu, Nni-, I)rowinr. Uintn-M after eating,
Pin in the Sule, Ar. While their mow remark
iblo tucccsa linn b.nn thown iu curing
fkluablc in Conriipntlon, curiDg and prctentiDg
lint annoying complaint, while they alio correct
III dmonlerl of the ntnmirh. ellTnnlarc the liver
uid regulate the bowela. E.en if tb.y only cure!
Ache they would be almost priceless to those whs
luffer from th! dlslrexing complaints but fortu
nately their goodnen does not end here, and tho
who once try them will find these little pilla alu
ihle In to many waya that they will not be wOliag
lo do without them. But after all aick head
(a the bane of eo many lire tbat here re where we.
make our great bout. Our pull cur it wbiit
othera do nut. . ...
parter'a Little liver Pilla am very amall anal
very easy to take. One or two pilla make a doae.
They are etrictly vegetable and do not grip or
purge, but by their gentle action pleaae all who
iiKothera. In viala at Si centa; five for II. Sold
by drugglata every whe, or sent by mail.
New York City.
Holiday Excursion.
Mkmphis, Birmingham and Atlantic 1
Miurnrs, Xrnn., Dec. 10, lSjd. )
Circular n. i I
mm- This Oomnany i l sell ROUND TRIP
Tl KVTS du'inn the Holidays at ai
On fourili tr for ths roun t Inn.
ll.l. ..I ..i. will h Ininhr llrl. 24th.
2fih, 3(Hh,:tlst, an I January 1st, and will be
united to return umu januar i, is. .
11. P. KLUtf, Uaneral Arent
H il rl'if . . , i t .
1 Tj-wUltfidVjrs ST11
TROYALisa.ij "a J
We have removed our entire bualneai to
Nos. 3T8 &, 3SO Front St.,
adjoining the Myoar Meld, where wo
are receiving a lar, e apgnrtrnent of t'r
rlaB'N, lliiicvifa, Whicoiik, Harnem.
niwidlery, Ki.,ull of which will he (old
at Very Low Prioea. A full line of Horxe
ItinnkciN and 1'1 Htba on hand. AU
peTfouu in need o' tho above goods will savo
money by eziminint; our stock before pur
Manufacturers' Agents.
Oranges, Malaga Grapes, Apples,
ilananas, Lemons, Cranberries.
Pitted Cherries, Evaporated Peaches
Citron, Evaporated Pears,
German Pears, Lemon Peel,
German Cherries, Evaporated Apples
Orange Peel, Dates, Kaisins, Prunes,
Pine A pple Glace, Figs.
Almonds, Pecans, Filberts, English
Walnuts, Brazil Nuts.
Jellies, Preserves, Etc.
Shaker Preserves, Canton Ginger,
Dundeo Jams and Marmalade,
Currant, Raspberry, Strawberry and
Peach Jelly by the pound.
Apple Butter, Mince Meat,
Maplo Syrup, Honey, Maple Sugar,
New Molasses, Sugar, Syrup,
Plum Pudding.
Curry Powder, Celery Sail , Olives,
Olive Oil, Capers, Mixed and Plain
Pickles, Sweet Siufl'eJ Mangoes,
ilolliiml. Pine Apph, Vouni: Anier
uii rii..i (.'rui (Jiioc-e.
Salad Hii'-VLi. Di-vile't I J am.
Worcesteisijiro Saute, I nuato Cat
sup, Mustard, Pepper Sauce,
Sage, Thyme, Sweel Margorium,
Summer Savorj
Buckwheat Flour, Graham Flour,
Dried Corn, Farina. Tapioca. Sago,
Corn Starch, LentPls, Rolled Avena,
Oatmeal. Cracked Wheat, Split Peas,
Rice, White Peas, May Beans,
Farinoca, Hominy, Grits, Barley,
Gretn Kern.
White Peaol es, A pricota, Epg Plum
Yellow Psaches, Grapea, Nectarines,
Green Gages, Cherries, Pino Apples,
Goosebjirics, Bartlett Pears.
Asparagus, Baked Beans, Peas,
String and Stringlesa Beans, Corn,
Tomatoes, Okra snd Tomatoes, Okra
Succatash, Pumpkin.
Canned Fish and Meats.
t i . Hi... T . 1 . .1 n l,
iiODSters, oioaiorM. iuviiuu viauo,
Finland Haddies, Salmon, Sardines,
Mackerel, Shrimps, Russian Cavier,
Cove Oysters, Pijisfeer,, Chip Beef,
Ox Tonguo, Canned Beet.
Gelatine, Flavoring Extraots,
least 1'owder, iilanks s uana-maae
Larrabee & Kennedy's Cakes and
Creamery Butler. Sweet Cider,
Boston Brown Bread, Deep ScaCod-
nsn, blicilcd Aimenas.
jimii.. tmnaid Public lu.
For Lease for Five Years.
TITG will le'e tbat valuable cisntatios
J T". 1. A M wAII I c a nr. A PM tk..
miles below Onceola. Ark for a term of firs
years. One thousand sores of oleared land,
with resident tenanrs who own their teams.
The landinr and rereiTina- point in ordinary
water for Osceola and a lar.e neighborhood.
Ibe United States fleet anohnrtd in front.
The I'n'ted States Oovernmont will exp-nd
from tlliO.000 to S tiil.OOO the eorninn season
on river i in i m i o ut it u v .u i ynr u.u " -this
point, mak'n it a most valuable mer
cantile print. The tuhlie gin will eontrol
lOu.i bales of euMom cotton. Good residents
and healthy location. No ether such orer
tunitv fnr a live hu.lneaa man can be fount
on the river. Aoply to .
thus. n. l..ivn v"v,
or B. B. WADUBLk, Memphis. .
And Iron Roofing-
Flrei, Wind Water sad 1lRha'iBa?
prool. Suitable for all kinds ot build a(s J
For prices and estimates a factory 'rates i
eall on or address
i A W0 Main it., and 21 A 23 Mvilbarry -;
Headquarters (or Iron feneea and Oestine,
UatTauUediron Corntoe.IU ftoofj A blOTea
iilii! Iiiil;;

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