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Cotton Firm Middle?, 9 Centa
S&Ics Testerdaj, 1700
Money is in prttty active demand
t S per cent. Finances re easier, owinf to
the tales end movement of cotton. Local
ecurities ro stroag. The cotton market U
eulet and steady; middling:, 9o. Bales,
ITOUbalai, At New York, spots were steady!
middling, I9e. Fnturei quiet and i to 8
point! lower; DeoeinW
A leaditg New York cotton oiroa'ar (an
tt the speculative market! Coa iderable ir
regularity prevailed, with a general Indica
tion in buers' favor. There wai. however,
tome fair buying on erders to cover at the
breaks, and after losing lome S points prices
partially reacted, doling about stoaly at a
email shading f.om the figure ruling on
Saturday evening.
At New Orleans spots were easy; mid
dling, c. Futures steady' and 1 point
lower; December, .U)c49.11o.
At Liverpool spots were unchanged; fair
business; middling, 6d. Futures dull;
Deoeuiber-January,, S 124i sellers.
The general market presents a s'.eady
f0eliD' IMPORTS.
Twenty-eight brls apples, 1325 sks bran,U9
akgs but'er, 29 pkgs b'.oon, 46 pkgs boots and
shoes, H.lt3 Ru corn, 30 pkgs cheese, 50 sks
coffoe, 2d cars oott n seed, 7lWjl sks ootton
seed, 52 bdls cotton tics, 100 pkgs dry goods,
liSJ pkgs egg. 1M0 brls flour, L1i5 bales hay,
120 hd hoku, 71 iid cattle. 78 lid horses and
mules, 98 pkgs Urii, 27. fW) ft lumber, 2oUpkgs
liquoss, 5 brls ireal, 2-7 brls molasses, 804
kegs nails, WOO bu ots, 8brls -ni ns, 160 brls
otatoes, 14 care pork aides, 6t'rt brls sugar,
12 pks tobacco, 600 bu wheat, 7 brls rice.
The foilcwing shews the amount of grain
received, withdrawn and in store by regular
levators, an reported to the Merchants Ex
change yosterday: Whsatin store, 1046 bu.
Corn reoeived4(0 bu; withdrawn, 90 bu;
In store, oeVSt'bu. Oats received, 17U1 but
withdrawn, 20JO bu; in store, 224, 843 bu.
M Dully Qnoltstlotia of Cotton
Oil TruMia and New Torsi Ex,
ebauge Miorks art) open to tboac
Itsterfmttttl, (tt my orHrr.
jojtM I. Norton,
24 SfailiKon St., W$H, "Venn,
Money in pretty ictiva demand at 8
'tr cent, The Clearing House report is as
Monday, Tee, IS, f 572 67
fame time last weok 7S.3yS.Ji2
Corresponding time in '85 S29.8A5 66
Corresponding time in '84 462,519 42
Monday, Dec. IS, '88 105,218 70
game time lust w k 103,549 95
Corresponding time in 'US 89,0r0 08
Corresponding time in '84 94,353 20
New York sight on ell points, M discount
haying, par leliiagi New Kngland demand,
disc unt buiir g; New Ensland sight,
disoount; New Orleans, discount buying,
par selling.
Bank of Corameroe 148 bid, 150 asked
firs i National 100 bid, 105 asked
Oerman Bank 192 bid, 2tK asked
State National 147 bid, 150 asked
Union and Planters 156 bid, ... asked
Mercantile Bank 135 b d, ... asked
Bluff City........ 103 bid, ... asked
Hernando ............ ..1II3 bid, ... asked
Home 77 bid, 80 asked
Memphis City W7 bid, ... asked
Peoples 8(1 hid, 85 asked
Phoenix...- 100 bid, ... a-ked
Planters 110 bid, ...asked
Vanderbilt 25 bid, 30 asked
Arlington 36 bid, ...ashed
Factors 30 bid, ... asked
Shelby nuaty warrant' 96 hid, 98 asked
M. i C. H. 11. shares 57 bid, ... asked
M. AT. K. R. sbare' 45 bid, 50 asked
M.AO consols. 7s .121 bid, ...askid
M. A 1.. K. I t ui. 8s 105 bid, ... asked
Miss. A 1 . B. R. os. A 113 bid, ... asked
Miss. A T. R K. es.B Hw bid, 108 asked
Tenp. wti. ser. 1) SHi bid, 1)8 M asked
Tenn. wts. sor E to J 85 bid. 90 asked
r holby County 6- 10S bid, 110 asked
Taxing District 4,0s I'd bid, 101 as ted
Taxing Lhlnctos 106 bid, H7 a ked
Memphis Nu.s bonds ll'4 bid, ... asled
Memphis Wator bonds .110 bid. asked
HunaurrOl Works on bid. 7') a-ked
Am. Cot. Oii tru ts 00 bid, 07 askei
Pioneer Cotton Mills 27", bid, 32 asked
Memphis Sio-. Com. Co liO'i, bill, ... asked
Memphis (las stock 75 bid, 80 asked
Masonic Temple bond'. 6s 103 bid
Cut. Kx. B'ldi.Ss 104 bid, 106 asked
Ala. A Tenn. 1 A C. 115 bid, 118 asked
Tenn. Valley I. A R. K 47J, bid, iO asked
NEW YOK K, December 13. Money in call
active, at 69I0 per cent., closing at 12 bid.
Prime mercantile paper 4"5. Sterling ex
change dul but steady at 480' for sixty dajr
bills and 4H3; for demand.
Bonds Ooveninientboi dsand State bonds
were dull ar d steady.
Stocks he stock market renewed tho de
cline of Friauy und atu'duy, and the los es
during the Uy were much more genera'
than on any day ot last week. The leading
stocks lelt the depcers on throughout, and
the special tifs were weak. London prices
eatLe higher, but the effot ras seen in only
a tew stocks, ti e rem limier being decidedly
weak. To this influence alsemybeasoribed
a slight ra! y eaily n the forenoon. There
was an absence ol the persistent hammering
noticeable during tbe past few days, prices
doolining almostemirely in consequence o
the n agnitude o: the telling movement. Toe
trading wa extremely fevorish for most of
the day. Csnnda Southern was the princi
pal leature, recording a drop of over 4 per
cent., due to the tact that many stop orders
were uncovered a ter some hammering by
the bears. Reading, though first on the list
in point of activity, showed a maiked de
crease in busiiiexs. Westnrn Un
ion, Lackawanna, Louisville and
Nashville und New York Ceutr ,1 wore all
conspicuous, ihoir losses at oi.e time rang
ing between 1H and 2'i per oent. Among
the specjaltios the i-rtat feature was the drop
ot 16 per cent, in .Tennessee Coal and Iron
without sssiirnable oause, 9 per oent. of this
afterward being recovered. The opening
was extremely active, and nearly one-third
of the bus n as of the tiay a transacted in
thefl.-st hour. First price- generally showed
deelin-s Irnui Bitur i.y's final figures of
(iS'-i. tbiiKh Lack wanna was down 1 per
cent. The few gains rhiwn were for insig
nificant (rant on enty. Prices wont off with
a ruth in the rarly trad in , and in the lint
)minut?s deoiiae" ranging up to 2Yt per
cent were recorded, Canada Southern and
Reading be'ng tlie prii cipal features. A
fractional rally f lowed, but before the end
of the hour the 'one was ag 'in heavy, and so
remained until tower I 2 o clock, the general
market losing fractions, while a few stocks
displayed weakness. The last hour was
marked by a general recovery, which ranged
up to over 1 per cent., Norfolk and Western
preferred being v-ry prominent. The inar
ki t finally closed steady at the recovery.
Bales, 6I1.8ST thsres-Keading 79,590, Wsl
ern Union 68.825, Lackawanna 57.400, Krie
38,423, LakePhoreM 840, and St. Paul 33,300.
Railroad bonds were rather more sctive;
sales. $1,658,1 00, ot wnieh im seeonds con
tributed 12o0,000, Ie roit, Maokinae and
MaiquetU land g'ants t!44,00fl, and the Den
ver and Kio Grande 4 1142.100. Prices were
. heavy to weak throughout the d,v. sol final
gains were very fe in number, a majority of
Wo list snowing uec.i inesol tractions. Mining
shares were s rong, at about Saturday's
S rices, but with a very limited inquiry, in
ioating that the boo ja haj collapsed. Sales :
Sodie 2, Censolid ited Caliiornia and Vir
ginia 30, Deadwoi d 170, Savage 9.
The total sales of stocks today wera 611,822
shares, inolading anada Southern, 2t,952;
Delaware, L'ckawarna and Western, 67,
400; Er e, 38,324; Kansas and Texas, 15,540;
Lake Shce, .S4.M4; Loui ville and Narh
Tille, 29.720: Michii.au TentraL 3725; Mem
phis and Charle-ton, 4,'HM; Northwe-U rn.
5825; New .(erey Central, 13,410: ew Kork
Central, 7465; Northern Pao fio, 3700; Pa ilio
Mail, 4210; Beading, 79,'i90; St. Paul, 33,:i50;
St. Paul and Omaha, 6i-'i; Texa- Pacific
12.&I9; Union Pai ilio, 18 230; Wes ern Ui Ion,
5H,8A; Northern Pao fio p'e'errcd, 3920;
Oregen Tr nscontinental, 8303; Kichmond
nd West i'omt, 7750; Homing Valiey, 12,
750. Clesiug qLotiUions:
U.B.3c, 10ti"J. 4s, aoup, 129.
4j4, ooup, llu!4. Pacific S of 1895, 124! i.
La. stsmi,4a, 82'4- Missouri 6, If 3.
Cent. Pc lsu.ll l. Len. A 8 0. 1st, 119.
V AR.U.W.l.tj., 7.1 Eri 2ils, 99V4
M K .AT.Oi-a. North. Pao.lsts, 118
Horth. Pae. u n. western oon.
M.West.deli.5.10;S. St.L.S.F en.M.,U3i
jt.Paal coa, Ui. bt.P.C,Ar.uts, 119.
T.P.land grants,5X.T.P.R.(.ex eou.75K.
U. P. lsu, 117. Wast Shore,lli4i.
Tenn.6s,set'mt,108. Tonn.5s,(t'mt, 102.
Tenn. 3s,set'mt,7S.
- anxia. 9
A dans Kxpress, la6. MorrisAE., ofTd.143.
Allegheny Oent'l,. Nashville AO, 97.
Alton A T. H 35. N.J. Central. 51',.
A. A T.H.iPfd., 82. Nor. A W.pld.M't.
Ameriean Ex., lofi. Northern Pac.,2H.
B. O. R. A N, fe. Northern Pa- pfd. 62J
Canada Pac, 67 ti. C.AN.W.,113 .
Canada Sou., 66'. C.A N.W pfd ,l t8"4.
Central Paoiflo, 46. N,V. Central, U3'4.
Chesapeake A 0..9. ' N.Y.C.A St. U..I3S-
C. A O. l.t pfd. lfr-4. N.Y.C.A St L.pld.27.
C. A O. 2d pid.U. Ohio Central,-.
Chicago A A.. 142. llhio A Miss.,307k.
C.A A.old.ltM. O.A Miss. pld, 9oX
C., B. A Q , 136. Ontario A West,, 19
0.,Kt L. AN.O., Oregon Nav.,10;tS.
C-. St. L A P., 16J. OreKon Trans., 'H.
C. St.LA P.pfd, Wi- Oregon Imp., 44.
C. b. A C. 4ft. Pao'fio Mail, 5i?,.
C. AC.,09. Panama, 98.
C. A H. Valley. 37. Peoria L. A E..31J4.
Del. A Hud., mJ. Pittsburg, 149.
Del., L. A W., m. Pullman r0., 140.
Den. A Rio 0 , 33; a. Reading,44.
Erie, 34i. Rock lsland,12
Erie pfd.73'. St.L. A S.F..31T,.
New East Tenn., 15. St.L. AS.K pfd, tS-
NewK.Tenn.Dfd.76. St.L. A S.F.Tt n. UiM
Fort Wayne, 147 C. M. A ht P., 93
Hannibal A St. Jo.-. O. M. A St. P.. p. 118
U.ASt.Jo , pfd. . St. P., MAM., 116.
Harlem. 220.
Houston A T., S94
Illinois Central, 132.
Ind.,B. A W.,16'B.
M.raui u. pia, in
Tenn. CoalA Iron, 93.
Texas Pacific, Tl'-i.
I'oion Pacific, 62 1.
Kansas a v.,
Lake E. A W , 19. U. S. Exp ess, 2S
Lake Shore, VbM. W., 8. L A P., 18
liou. a ciasn., ci;. v A p,,
Lou. A N. A., 60. W.A F. Ex., 128.
m. x isi pia, . w. u. Tel., 73:-s.
M. AO. seconds. . Polo, ado Coal, 37S.
Mem. A Char , 52 Home Stake. 16.
Mich. Cen., 9iH Iron Silver, 250.
Min. A St. L , Mi. Ontario, 22S.
Min. A St. L. Pfd,45M. Quicksilver, 7.
Missouri Pacifio,lll. Quicksilver pfd, 27.
Mobile A Ohio, 16. South Pacific .
M. L. 8. A W., 66!4- Sutro. 33.
M.L.S.A W.pfd.lOU',.
BOSTON, MA88.,D,cember12.-Tha fol
lowing, compiled irom dispatches to the
Punt from the manngors of the leading
clearing hnu as in the United States, gives
the gross exchanges at esch point for the
week ending December 11, 1H36, in com pari
son with the corresponding period oi 18&:
New York, 1860.751,302; inorease, 14 .
Boston, t88,1.2,431; increase, 4 8
Philadelphia. 363,318.550; increase, 19.8.
Chicairo, $61. 636,100; Increase, 17 5.
San Francisco, $14,951,982; inorease, 64.7.
St. Louis, I7,772.9!'; inorease, 10.6.
Baltimoro, 813,137,0 6; increase, 11.9.
New Orleans, $!2,214,IXi0; decrease 8.4.
Cincinnati. 111,35 .0011; inorease, 15.9.
Pittsburg, 10,i76,612; inorease, 44.2.
Kansas ily. 87.C.H (114; increase, 41.7.
Louisville, $5,977,5IS; increase, 23.9.
Providence, $ ,0 4,701; decrease, 8.4.
janweuaee, 4.nii),uou; increase, 11.7.
Omaha. $5,146,87; increase, 80.1.
Minn eapnlis, $4,525,21)9; inorense, 48.9,
Detroit, $3 884 173: increase, 3a 2.
Indianapolis, $1 624,271; inorease, 53.9.
Cleveland, $3,193 9-'8; inorease, 37.4.
nitila,4,)t7,70;lut!rvMH 73.9.
Columbus, $2.129,51:t; in, rease, 39 8.
(laleston, $2 160 OOO; decrease. 7 2.
Hartford, $1,668.291 ; Increase, 16 6
New iiaven, $1,260,7)9; inorease, 20 1.
Peoria, $1,089,971; increase, 40.6.
Portland. $l,160,(s)0; incroase, 27.2.
St. Joseph, $1,037,920; increase, 19.5.
Springfield. $861,952; increase, 13.3.
Worcester, 1878,992; increase. 0.3.
Lowell, (619,709; increase, 29 2.
Syrai us", $513,336; decrease, 16.0.
Denver, $3,533.9 5: decrease, 4.0.
Total, $1,216,478,578; increasa, 15 3.
Outside of New York, $45,727,376, in
crease, 13.5.
'Partly estimated.
LONDON, December 13. Consels, 100 9-18
for mor.oy and 100 11-16 for the acoount. Bar
silvor, 4u-Hd per ounce. The Bank of Eng
land gained CO,000 bullion on balance to
day. PARI'', December 13. Three per cent,
rentes, 83f 85o for the acoount.
NEW ORLEANS, December 15. -Bank
clearings today, $2,331,148.
CHICAGO, ILL., December 13. Bank
Olearings today were $10,679,000.
ST. LOUIS, MO., December 13,-Bank
olearings today, $3,452,394; balanoes, $461,
6S7. NEW YORK, Donember 13. Bank olear
ings today were $160,419,093;. balanoes, $4,
983,253. BOSTON, MASS., December 13. Bank
olearings today wore $13,854,123; bilauoec,
BALTIMORE, MD.V December 13.-Bank
elearings today were$2,36,219 balanoes,
PHILADELPHIA, PA., December 13,
Bank clearings today were $10,276,460; bal
ances, $1,520,842.
Th locil citton uitikft opeued
quiet and stoadv and closed ouiet and
steady; middling, 9c. Silea, 17(0 bales.
1500 to exporters and 200 tosi itrer.
Yntf,rilnv AnturHnv
Ordinary - Norn. Norn
dood Ordinary 8-! S'i
Low middling 8.'4
Midlintf 0 u
flood Middling 9'i 9'
Middling t air 9"'-!; y
Fiir Num. Kom.
Stains and tinnes u S tS;,
MltUPHTH. llMnnmhr.p H. 1 iA
Stock, Fopt. 1st, 1836 .. 4 009.
Heceiveii ti.rfnv ft 'Wfi
Ktceived previously 403 .34) 416,614
Shipped today 9.314
Shipped previously 257,533
Home consumption to date... 357
Stock, running account
Thus fur this week
Thus fur last. week
Since September 1st
M. AC. R.R
M. AT. R. R
L. A N. R. R
M. A.L R. R. R
C.,0 AS. W. R.R
L.,N. . AT. . R
K. C, SAM. R.R
M., S. A. H. A
Wagons and other sources...
Thus far this week
..; 7d46
Thus farlastweek
Sines September 1st
M. AC R. R
M. AT. R. R
L. A N. R. R .
C.,0. AS. W. R. R
L..N.O. AT. K. R
Steamers North
Total 9 314
New York Spots opened steady and closed
steady; middling, 9o. Salee, 735 bales.
Quotations were as follows:
Yesterday. Saturday
Ordinary 6'4 6'i
flood ordinary H K't
Low middling - 9 9
Middling 9 9S
(lood Middling tf'a
Middling lair ....14 lo"
Fair 11 11
New York futures opened steady "nd
oloscd s eady and 2 to 3 points lower than
yest rday. Sales, 76,900 bales. The closing
quotations were as follows :
Ycsrsrdav. Saturday
Peeember 9.44l 9 45 9 47(4 9 48
January 9.48a 9.49 9 49j) 9 50
Februiry 9M 9 59 9.60J
March B.69'e) 9.70 9.71 i 9.72
April 9.79-4 9 80 8I(S 82
May 9.89 4 9, Do 9 t)l(4 9 92
June IO.OH14. 10 01(410 01
July -.10 inl0 09 10 09410 10
August 10. 14 s 10. 15 10 1610 17
The New Orleans spot market opened
Suiet and doted easy: middling, 9 'do.
ales, 4O00 bales. Quotations were as fol
lows: Yesterday. Saturday
Ordinary 7 7
Hood Ordinary - 8'3 8'i
Middling... 9V. 9
Good Middling H 9;
The New Orleans future market opened
steady, and closed st ady and 1 point lower.
Sales, 44,000 kales. Quotations were as fol
lows: Yesterday. Saturday
December 9.09 4 9.11 9.0W4 9.11
J nuary 9 16 4 9.18 9.17 9.18
Feb u .ry 9 25 4 9.26 9 2h'4 9 27
March 37(4 9.38 9.38(4 9 39
April . 9.4 4 9 so 9.49(4 9 80
May 9.61(4 9 62 9 61(4 9 03
June 9'24 9.73 9 94 9 73
July 9 83.4 9.H4 9 83 a ....
August 9.8t4 9 85 9.61(4 9.86
Kto. 1 Priovs.j Stock
New UrleaLS.
I'lmrl' ston ...
rtaltimore ....
New York ..
l'hil idelphU
St Louis.
12,11(8 9
129 304
.25,277, 9!4
4,498, 9
6 473' 9
SI. hill
1 17,6. '2
'.' 2 8
14 518
3 09 9
1, v
r inu.
14 98
r irm.
Qui t.
Receipts st p iris, this day, 180 ....
Receipts at po.tt, this day, 1885,...
. 1886. 1885. 1 1884.
Receipt U. States "
ports, 1 days 97,577 8S' 3 97,831
Elportfll Britain l,6.) 85,(4n 29.825
Mock 991,984 972,793 9S8.390
Receipu Sept. 1st. S,f28,4l5 3,016,954 3,lM,7s9
Foreign exports... l,76.i,9S6'l,716.5iii 1.888,842
Decrease in receipts this year 11,461
At noon : Liverpool fpots unchanged, fair
business. Sales, lO.OiO bales, o' which Amer
ican 84110 bales Ke-eiiit,, W.O 0 bales, of
which American 20,000 bales.
Closing quotations wore as follows: Or
dinary, 4'..1; mod ordinary, 4 ll-16d : low
middling, 5 l-16d; good middling, tid;
middliug uplands, b'-,d; middling Orleans,
Tht pri'cet are girrn iajiiad ane)64ias.
taut.' 1 M Mrai.s 4b3-v4d,' ami 501 mram
6 I (Ad.)
At noon: Liverpool futures were steady;
December. 512('i.5l3d: December Janunrv.
: January-February. 5 12,1: Ki,l-
ruarv-Maxch, 5 12uv5 13d : March-A pril, 6 13
wii.ki; April -may, .nivjl.a; May June,
5 1R(45 19d: June-July, & 205 21d; July
August, 5aJd.
At2n.m: Liverpool futures were dull;
December, 5 13d, value; December-January,
& 12d, rollers; Janusry-r'ebruary,
512d, sellers: Fobruary-March, 6 13d, sell
ers; Mrch-April, 5 14d, buyers; Apiil
May, 5 MM, buyers; Mav-June, 5 19d, sell
ers; June-July, 5 21d, seller ; July-August,
6 2td. value.
At5p.m.: Liverpool futu'es were dull;
December, 5131, buyers; December-January,
S 12d, sellers; January-February,
0 12d, sellers; rebruary-Majch, 5 13d, rei -ers;
March-April, 6 ltd, buyers; April-
.May, a loa, tmjo s; May-Juic, ol'.M, saii
ers; June-July, 521d, seller. ; July-August,
6 23d, buyers.
CORMEAL-Siandard, $2 2092 25; poarl,
$1 25 "3. 'ft; roller, $2 4j.
HAY Choioe, from store, 75c: car load
from levee or depot. $14; primo, from store,
70c; car load from leveo or depot, $12 5043;
prairie, f om store, 4'c; car loud fioui levio
or depot, $8 50.
CultN rrom store, white, 5'c; niiio.l,
49c. from levee or depot; white, in bulk, 44o;
in sacks, 47c; mixed, in bulk, 42c; in sacks,
OATS From (tore, wlilto, 39o: mixed, 37c;
from levee or depot, white, in bulk, 33o; in
sacks, 35c; mixed, in lulk, 31c; iu sacks,
BR AX From store, 90c; from levee or do
pot, $16 50.
FL'lUK From store. No. 3, $13 25; fam
ily, $3 50(3 75; choice, $4; fancy, $1 25; ex
tra fancy, $4 SO; ptout, $5 25.
BEANS Navy, $2; med.um, $1 50.31 75;
common, $2 25.
h ICE Louisiana, 4(j4c; Carotins, 5(4
6Hc . .
(Jrl Ath.ttto sola, extra, 4o; soda, In ble
extra, 4c; extra, 7c: ginger snaps, extra,
5c; assorted Jumbles, lOo.
OATMEAL Jn half-barrels, $2(43 25, from
CRACKED WHEAT-Inhalf-barrelf,$4 25
from store
3 25.
KANSAS CITY. MO., De emher 11.
Wheat stronger; No. 2 red oish, 670 bid:
January, 69o bid; May, 76' ,0 bid. Corn
weaker: No. 2 cash, 31 vHc bid; January, 32 1
bid; February 33o bid, OUs nominal;
27Hc bid cush.
KANSAS CITY, MO., December 13.
Wheat weak ; No. 2 rod, oish, 67c; Jan
uary, 68V00 hid; May, 76"io bid. Corn lower;
No. 2 oa.'h, :-W!-io bid ; February, 3lxHo. Cats
nominal ; 28 bid oash.
ST. LOUIS. M0., December 13.-F!our
quiet and unchanged. Wheat was generally
lower ; opening off on heavy sales and never
recovered, closing easy, at below
Saturday; No. 2 red, cash. 7(479?o;
January. 80(i48'o, closing a' 80T,3l)id; Feb
ruary, 82J-4c; Muy, 87!'iij-.8,io, closing at
87Vo87"ic. Corn, lollowing he lead of
wheat, was generally lower, but toward the
olose a better leel'ng doveioped, and latest
2uotations w- re but s under Saturday : No.
mixed, cash, SftXaCtti'.jJo ; Deoimbor,
3So: January, 35:4(g3 Jao, cksing at 35't,c;
February, ."D'WVio, elosing at 36 Moke
bid; May, 394(940c, closing at 39' io bid.
Oats st. ady 'utdull; No. 2, cash, 28 Vr;
January, 2: May, 31c. Rye dull, 63V!
bid. Barley, 64'405c. Hay little dui ig and
not quotably changed. Flaxseed steady,
at 93c- Bran quiet, at 72c. Cornmeal firm,
at $1904190. Receipts-Flour, 3000 bra;
wheat, 41,000 bu; corn, 94,000 bu; oats, 22,-
000 bu; rye. 2ISXI bu ; barley, 17,000 bu.
Shit menu Flour, 5000 bu; wheat, I OK I
bu; corn, 18 .000 bu; oats, 3000 bu; rye,
none; barley, 2000 bu.
Afternoon IJoard. Wheat steady aud prac
tically unchanged. Oats unchanged. Corn
dull and unchanged.
- CHICAGO, ILL., December 13. The wheat
market was spiritless today, with values ken
erally easier. The starting pric f. r My do
livery was 860, aftr which a steady dooline
to cAjC set in, with ra her free offering, fol
lowed by a rally to 860 on good buying, act
uated by strorger private cablos and re
ported g od export purchases. The rep rt
of the visible supply showing a further in
orease of 389,000 bu caused the tna kct to
again weaken. May declining to 8i'.,c, with
possibly a few sales a shade lower, and cloned
at85c. The corn market was quiet and
.asior, outside business being limiihd nnd
the trading was chielly looal. Prices declined
'ti'i'ic, and oiosed He uod.r .Satur
day's. Oats were du I and heavy,
prices rieoiininK "vic and dosing at nearly
inside liuurts. (:ai.h quotation were us fol
lows: No. 2, spring wheat, 77,'ii'i No 3,
spring wheat, 7ii'o; N. .2 relwt.e t,77'ic;
No. 2 corn, r'Ho; No. 2 oats 2.T'4(rt.2ic;
No. 2rjo, 54c; f,o. 2 hurley, 53.'vr4o: No.
1 liaise d, O.'ic: prime timothy s e l. $179
'41 80. Tho le .ding futures Tinned as follows :
Wheat December opened at 7774.c, hiirlie't
77o, lowest 77Hc clos.ng at 77v'o; Jauu iry
opened at 78'c, highest TSlc, lowest 77?-o,
closing Rr78'f,-; February opened at "9'c,
highest 79o, lowe t 180, closing at 79c;
May opened at 86c, highest 86c, li west
850, clos ng at eW. Corn December
opened at 38"(i, highost 36?c, lowest SiiJUi',
ciosiiigar 36He; J nury opened at 6''c,
highest 37o. mwest 3tVo, closing at 3i;c;
February opened atS7:!'c, highest37?jic, low
est 37'kC. cloaing at 37-jo: Mav opened at
427ao; bigbest 43c, lowest, 42'gC, closing at
42-0. t)ats December epenod at 2.5 'o.
highest 20o. lowest 'r!4o. closing at 2o(uo:
January i.pened at 26c, higbest 26o, low
est 2vo, closing at 2.50; May opened at
307e, lil.lieft ;ki;ho, lowe-t 'Vy';-to, closing at
wtv. Heoeipts riour, io.oisi brl; wheat,
102,000 hu: oorn, 143,000 bu: oats, liH.000 bu:
rv. 4000 bu: barlev. 73.000 bu. Mi iinieoli
Kiour, 16,0(0 brls; wheat, 19,000 bu; oorn.
44,000 du ; oats, oi,ouu nu ; rye, '." nu ; oar
ley, 16.000 bu.
BUTTER Butterlne, 13!!4c; creamery,
3rx.v:i5c; dairy, 18422c; country butter, 154
UOii products Moss nork. I1K4U 00:
cuaar cured ham, lO'ilirJ-ic; breakfast b,-
oon, suov; cieBr no siuos oacun, i-o;
bacon shoulders, buik pork clear sines,
6'c; clear rib tides, 6c; shouluers, 5'.(3oa;
lung o'ear, 5so.
LARD Ti.rces. 6H0; half-barrels and
kegs, fi'Ae choice kettle, TYifi.
FRESH MEATS Heof, lorequarters, 4 4
To; mutton, 4 160; hind quarttrs of beef, 4(4
6c: hogs, 6 -7o.
POULTRY-Ch;cens dull; soring, $12:
old bona. $2. Turkeys, $8 nil. ilteso. $3(44.
Du ks, 82 oOitl); dres ed chickens, $1 042 0
per dutcn ; drees, d turkeys, 8'VliH' par pound.
(1 A viE-Quils, pr d ten, $ (il 2). Squir
rels, $1. baobits, A ir(4$l por d nen. Ducks,
wilii, $1 50s2 60. Venison, who e,5c; sad
dles. 8"J nc.
CUErlSK-PrliLO flats, 84o39c ; New York
factory, 7i8o; full cream, 13'4c; Young
Amerios, i4c
PKlSFKKr-BarrcIs, 3 2,5; halfbarrels,
$1 25; negs 81 25. ,
B r. LOUIS. MO., December 13.-Provisiorrs
quiet and weak. Po'k .t-ady at $11 25.
Lard firm at $5 90(95 95. Bulk meats
firm; loose lots lona clear side', $" 50
short rit.s, $5 60; short clear ,$5 75; boxed
lots Inng clear sides, $5 55u5 60; short
ribs. $565; short clear, $" 75 AS 80. Bacon
s'emly - long dear sides, $6 60: short ribs,
$6 70i6 75; hort clear, $6 90. Hams firm at
9X9Ko. Butter dull creamery, 24a27o;
dairy. 15(42ic Kggs steady, at 20c for fre-h.
CHICAGO, ILL., December 13.-Fpeou-lutive
trad ng in provisions was lighter than
usual and the fenlmg was tame. Meis pork
opened 5c47o per barrel higher, but shaded
off ana closed 2S45c lower than onSa'ur
day. Lara and short ribs slto ruled easier.
Cash prices were as follows: Mess pork,
il iV.i lnrd. (6 (I71.. Jli 10: short rib
lidos, loose, $55505601 dry salted iboul-'l
J t 1 41 ... U,.. ..I . - ..la
uere, uoaou- .1 ov, puuri uiut biuob,
boxed, $5 850(5 90. The leading futures
ranged a" follows: Mess pork December
opened at $10 91, h'ghest M0 90, lowest $10 80,
olosing at $10 80. January onened at $11
hi.heat $11 V, lowest $11 10. closing at
tUld; Februar. opened at $11 )0, highest
U 30, owest $11 20, closing at $11 20: May
opened at $11 62K. h ghet $1162, lowest
$11 524. cloing at $1152. Lard December
opened at $6 10, highest $6 10, lowot $6 07 .
oloaiiiir ht 8607W: J -nuarv opened at $6 12W.
hi.hsl $615, lowest $6 12'-,, elusion at - 11;
nunust so io, lowest. so i-, ciosiui
February opeaed at $6 22', big
lowest $o20, closing at $6 22!; Ma
a' $6 27 S, h.ghest$',30, lowest $625
est Wilt,,
arch opened
S. D'tnest fi.si, lowest (., closinv ai
$6 .10. Short ribs January opened at $'ir)o,
nighist V 60, lowest $5 55, closing at
$ lV.; February opened at $5 60, highest $ 60,
lowest $ 67Va, c!oing at $ bTi; M rob
on. nad at $5 65, higliet $5 65, loost$5 65,
closing at $5 65. On the Prodgce Exehange
today tl.a butter market ru'e 1 weak ; cr. bio
mi, 21'4254c; dairy, 17S'j21o. bass Irtish,
SUflAR Pure white, S'4'46c: off white,
B-'uiS'.c: yellow clarified. HHiUh'-let sec-
ouds. 4''.''Vo: renned A. 6'4M: granulated.
. 6 '.(ii'';i,o: i.lantaiion eranulartod, 6((6ie;
' powdered, 7. s7'4o; cut loaf, 7 .7e.
I C VNI'1KS-M cks, all sixes, in boxes, pails
and borr-ls, 7H89V4C
.tOFFEE-Cjinmon, 12jl3ci ordinary,
!4; prime Rio, W18V; ehoiea to fancy.
16c: old government, 24i25o.
SOAP-anS'Vo ,er p. u. d.
SALT-$1 20 per barrel; sacks, fine, II T
Al 45; coarse, $1 1(H'41 15; pockets, bleached,
2',i47e: oar loads from lovee or depot, V
CANNED OOOD. FTC P-lsg per doa
en: Pineapp e. $1 2541 50; pea-hes, 2-ib,
standard, $1 15(41 25:.rec nd. $1.41 10: to
matoes. 2-lh, standard. 9(-.i$l: 3-lb, $l j
' 11: sirawocrru s, ii iuji. ra'pbernts,
i Usui s: i.iacknerries, l -.1 ill; green
gigcs. $ 60ol rt; pea , $2 2 2; p urns,
$! 6(K"1 70; asparagus, S2 6.H4: green corn,
81(41 o; sre n peas. $1 .x,o.l 65; cove ots
t'.ri, lull weight l-'b, $! ; cove o s ers, full
weight, 2-lh, $175; cove iy tr, light
w ikht. 1-lb. 60c: cove nystnrs. Iiahl ihl.
lb, $1 10; romlenaad mi'k t'ruwii, $ 7.V4
5 85; Engle. 87 75 Swiss, i 75.
Mt'l.Aa.it.3 Lou sian.i. c .uitnnn to lulr.
1825e; prime to choite. , ew, 4iKj4."c : sy. up.
aiu4oo: oouim(.n to lair, oc; in . e to
o oice, suable ; centri iU'1, fancy, ;o)5o.
SANT04, December 11. Coffee, good avr
sge, 58J0 rois per 10 kilos, lie tipts . luring
.he weel., 78.000 hag.; purchases for the
United Stales, 10,000 bag-, clearances for the
United tlates, 46,(00 baxs; st ,ck, .;a),0i0
RIO DK JANKRIO. December 11 CoCm,.
resul.r first, bM) reis rr 10 k i os; good stc-
iiurt, it.iu rets, Heolits during the work,
(l.t'.OOO hags; purchases lr the United
S ates, 77,H i bags; c'e4inre fur thr United
Elates, o .uou Dags; stock, ,ioo bags.
NEW ORLEANS, De-ember 13.-Sugar
active, but not quotably hiaher: plnntation
grantila'cd, 57t,o; choice white, 5'tK): ofl
wile, o'-4 m D-ino; cnoice yellow, cUrifle.1,
S t. 3 l'c; prime, 5 1 l'-o; seconds, 3'4(t
4?4C. Molasek Lou rimia oo.n kettle
stronger sn.l aigner; ttioice, 4,1c; rtnctly
I rime, 40vu41c Other arlic es unchan.ed.
NEW YORK, Decn.her 13 Ci.fTce fair,
firm at 14't,i15e; nptirtns active and higher;
sales, 119,000 bigs; i'crember, 12,95i413.n
January. 12.ttV4ia.tVic; Februirv, 12.954
1.1. lbc: March. 13 li.r(4l3 15': Ap-il, 13.113 20c;
May, 13.HVJ13.30c; June, 13 Uv3 30c;.luly.
13.15(.il3.2fto Kustar qu etund steady : refined
quiet; mould A, 5 lii-ln-tk', c-nfcctioners'
A. .S'4&" 13-16c:tau.iard A , 5 7 lM .Jac; ,Mit
loufitud erushtd, o.H'.''; t'ubo., 5 15 164
6c. Molasies steady; fm tot, 2nlac. Rioe
s eadv.
HAVANA, Deootnber It.-Owing to favor
able news In. in abroad (Wing the past weok
toe sugar market here nns shown more ac
tivity and firmness. All su,ar offered found
buversat lull prices; hence at the last no. r
holders resolved to Wait for stil. bet er
rates, and tho market clo-od firm. At the
outports. owing to the scarcity of stock, only
a small business was don... .Mola.se- 'ng.r,
regular to good i olnris iliou, $1 J-O tl 87', p r
quintal ; muscovado, lair in good refining,
85 to 90 degrees, $1 $241 87S; cei tnfngal,
9! to 96 dagiees in nhds, bag. and bis. $2 l'i
(.('2 50. Sto-ks in wa.ebouce at U.ivaua and
Matatiias, 21,(01 Ins, 161,000 bans, 3300
hhds. Receipts f , r the week, 1KO hags. Kx
ports during the week, 37 bxs, 12,000 bats,
64bhds, including 1 bx, 10,500 bags and all
the hhds to the United States.
IIOI Nsllli l SlI-rLlllH,
APPLES-Arples, t2W; dried si plos, 2'-;
r.i.n.V4c per pound from store. Dried peaches,
4.5c from store.
VEiJETAB.-ES-Onl' ns. $2 40U2 75 from
store, Cabbngo, $2 50; per head, MH-; SI 75
trum levee or depot per crate Kraut, brls,
$1 75(45; half brls, $2 75. (iarlio, 4's .tlOc or
100. Turoips, 50o per bushel.
FKUIl'-Oranges, pe bu . , (3 50(44 ; Lem
ons, $4i.4 50 per box. Binanas, $1 502 50
per bunch.
Nl TS OocoanuU 96 per 100 Peanut-
Virginia, 6c; Tennessee, larmers' ttock, 3(4
4o; roa-ted, 2'-,n higher; shelled, Mo. Ai
monds, 20o. viiiuu- Knglljh, 18c. Fil
berts, 12'-,o. Pecan. Texas, loc; Brasil
nuts, 12c
RAISINS London layers, 8.1; luyets,$2 75;
California, $2 15; Imperial, .
l'lt'KLHS Ir. iars. pints, 9A ; quarts,
$150; half-gallons $2 75; gallons, $3 75;
loose, barrels, $6 Wk47: hlf-barroi, $3 75 4
4 25; mixed, barrels, $10 50; uiixtd, half
barrels, $0.
F1S 11 Mackerel, half-barrels. No. 1,$5 50
IW); No 2,-i; No S $4 50; 10-lb ki', No. 1,
9Uj; No. 2. 75o;il5-lb, No. 3,65 , Dr her
rings, family, 2'ic per box.
UAMK-flame fish, 5(4tc.
EflOS Easy, 24 425c.
P'JTATWES Norther" stock, $1 50 xl 88.
C1UEK New fork, $ti 5o 47 per barrel and
$3 75 "4 per ha f-barrel.
ViNKd AK-I015e per ga Ion.
COTTON SEED In car load lots: Prime
crude cotton feed oil, new, 27S4
28a; off crude cotton seed oil, k.V'1
26c; prime summer yellow etitttin seed
oil, 33c4it4o; ofTgummer yellow ouiton seed
oil, 3l(432o; minors' summer yel ow cotton
seed oil, 333r)o; prime suiuinor whito cotton
seed oil, 3V4.'i6o; choice eooking yollow cot
ton seed oil, 35o; prime cotton seod meal,
$14 75; off cotton seed m-nl, nre. Cotton
seed delivered at depot or levee, $9 per ton;
trom wagon at mills, -9 per ton.
HIDES Dry flint. No. 1, 16c; No 2, 12Ho;
dry salted, Hl'i"tl2!-4c ; green saltod, No 1,
7(tSc; No. 2, 7c; g-rion, (m6o. Sheep skins,
l'k'dJI. Beeswax, 20c. Tailow, io
NKI.'ai Nn rfK4
SKINS AND FORS-IVr skins, 18c;
hoar, $l(h7c; mink, 14Wlc; ooon, hunt
or hindled, 15io))c; country handled,
Ixit'iOc; other, $1(16; boaver, 50c4
$7; wild cut, IXnilc; 'ox, I5ia7r.c; niuk rat,
l ie; opossum, ldo; wolf, 6:jj(2; skunk 5(s1
75o; panthors, 50c(.t$l.
WtiOL Uurry grease wool, unwashed,
13i'4'8ci clear grease wool, ' '(!; hurry
washed, 2i.i30c; tob washed, 83(4370. -
ST. LOUIJ. .MO.. December 13.-'ool
quiet nr. d dull ; unwashed laedl urn, 21 '4250;
coarse br-iid, liv.vJlo; l..w sandy, LXylac;
light, is vnc; Heavy, Jkti.lr
Pltl'KOtllm ttiKHl.l.
COAL OIL Prime hit. wholesale lots.
9!44l0c per gallon.
CLEVELAND. O.. le.iember 13.-Po-
trokum unchanged; w. 110', 7'-o.
PITTSUURfl. PA., Der-enber 13.-Pe-aclive;
National Transit Uer.ifioates opened
at 67Hc; closed at Otf'ic; highest, O'.'V.c; low.
est ti7io.
WtllSKT, Hill, I.Ktl'SSKN, KIV.
WHtslTV Slr.Ul,, V,,.L rt,,.,ri,n.
$1 5u4"; redistilled goods Ton 8 to $1 50,
accoiuiug ui prooi; rye.il i ").
niinaiin. li t. n. i,.. n Whi.w..
$1 18.
ST l.otrr f n t. ...,(... n wki.k
firm, $1 13.
CINCINNATI 0 Decerrber 13.-Whisky
Arm. .,1a, nf 1J't L t Snl.k.J ...l.
on a basis of $1 1.1.
IVtXN, t.1(,i, tuOT,
NAILS-lOs, iron, n2fi; steel, $2 40.
LKaD fio.
t HOf-Drop, $1 05; i,.k, $1 90.
flAjilNM t.HU ilk-,, olf.
BAfl'JINO-Cirload low: Jute. 1 lb..
8Ho; llbs.7:'4o; Vt lbs, 7o. Flax, 8 lbs,
IIES l 05(4) 10.
AUKIt'll.'lt'ltA-. PW 1.118,
SEEDS-Clover, $4 9(l. ior bushel;
orchard grass. $1 50(41 60: heiii-raas. 5 id
55o ; rye. ofia70c par bu ; tiino'hy,V(42 25.
DHUQS-Quinine, P. A W....1 ,7c; can",
65c; New York quinine, ot , 65o; cans, 60c;
B A S. quinine. x., IV..; cans, 60 ;
nioruhine, P AW.,H ot . $2 85 ot. ; lot.
vials, 12 10; Now Kirk morphine, !-p ,V2 25
per ot ; 1 oi vi Is, $215; riuclionidia, lot.
vials, 18.1 oi I 5 hi cans, lie os ; gum
opium, per l ound, $.140; iodide potash, $2 Ml
iter pound, inclusive; subuiirato bismuth,
2 20 per pound, inclusive; nhlorolorm, 45o
per pound; blue mass, 4 per poun l; calo
mel, 75c per pound , men jry, 70.i per pound;
chloral htdrate, $1 50 pel pound; camphor,
27c rer pound ; alcob d, barrels, per gallon,
$2 22; cui tor oP, -barrels, i"'r g .lion, $1 42.
PAINTS AND Oil. White lead. Col
lier's. 7c per pound ; 5 pound lot", 7o per
pound, va off. 15 days; Southern white lead,
7c per pound ; 500 pound lots, 7c, 2o off, 15
days; boiled linseed nil, 4.1c per gallon, by
barrel ; raw, 40e ; tur. active, 38 Vic per , allon ,
by barrel.
CORN FED CATTLE Choice, 4o; good,
&KASS CATTLE Choice, S(4.3oi geod,
2V4-'c; ialr to medium, 242c; soallawags,
IlOflS Choice, KYff. good,4e; common,.
SHEEP Uhoica. 4c; medium, 3Ho- Choioe
lambs, 4o per pound.
CHICAOO, ILL., December 13. -The
Dmvtrt' Journal leports: Cuttle- receipts.
7(HM bead: shipment'. 2000 head; market
steady; ChritsuiM, $ 9in45 6(1: .shipping
steers, 950 to 15n0 iwuudi , $1 25(41 60; stockers
and leeders, $2'a3 30: cows, bulls and mixed,
$1 50 i3 15; bulk, $2 2.-2 50; Texas eows,
.(2 50: Texas rt -ara, ll 60i43 50. Hogs re
ceipts, 39.0IJO head; sl iptuents, 5n00 head;
market teady; rough mixed, $l30'j4 15;
packing and shn ping, $4't4 40; light, $140
t4 10; skips, $2 25(42 50 Hheei reooipts.
7000 be.d; shipments, 2(1 head; market
slow and Uwllo lower; naiives, $) .W'M V5;
Western,. $2 5U93 50; Teians, tXH 26;
lambs, $454 75.
KANSAS CtTY, M0.. Deeerubsr 13. -The
Livt A'lo'lt Indicator rr ports; Cattle re
c. ipts, lino head; shipments, none; good,
.t.H.lv: common, wrik aod hard to s.'ll;
duud to choice, $3 90l 30: common to medi
an, $I12'..38I: s'ockors, 12 v5275; feeding
si.ers, $2 80 'i 3 10; o ws, $1 5142 80. Hogs
rn.. i.ls. 10.00.1 liei d : eh pmen's, a (I head:
murkot strnne and act vo ; chotc ., 5c hiahtir ;
medium and enmmon, steady; good to
c'.oire, $.)9s44 10;oomrnon to medium, $3 75
(4:19.1. theei. receipts, .OOObtad; shipmentn,
none; market steady; good in choice, $2 60
&i 26; common to aieataui, 15032 10,
DECEMBER 14, 1886.
Concordia.. .....,OaTeso, 5 p.m.
Cincinnati. .....Brcxavi8TiTi, 8 a.n.
St. Francis River. Ea Fitsvaa, 5 p.ta.
Friars Polnt....-Jai Lii, S p.m
Osceola -CtUHoaa, 5 p.m.
Arkansas River... .Jos l'iTsa.1, 5 p m.
White River... Cuirxasaw, 5 p.m. S
Arrival - J-tmoa Ie. Ftinia Poiut;
Coahcma, Osceola; Kate Adams, Arkansas
Cit; W.W. O'Neill, Ohio river; Dicktlyde,
Fulton: Oakland, New Orleans; Chesa
peake, Tiptonville.
2Vfirucr James Lee.Friars Ptiinf J
Coahoma, Osceola; Kate Adams, Arkansas
City; Dick Clyde. Fulton; Oakland, St.
Louis; Chesapeake liptonviile; DeSoto,
O a"-' ma K )'fH cotton, 01 bags
serd ertton, and 2117 sks eotten seed.
Kate Adams r49 bulen cotton, 64 bags
seed cott.ni, 2039 sks cotton seod, 2 hd stock,
a. d 110 pkgs sundries.
Dick Clyde 32 bales cotton, 16 bags seed
cotton, and 44Usks cotton seed.
Desoto 5434 pkgs ot miscellaneous
James Les ,M6 bales cotton, 87 bags soed
cotton. 1694 sks co lon seed, and 13,300 leet
if lumrer.
Chssapeake 17 bales cotton, SO hags seed
cotton, nil sks cotton seed, 88.1 sks oorn, 2$
WKATtikBclar and p'efi'.
Tug river contiunes to .ill slowly.
I!c8iNss was po. tl on the lamling
yest. rday.
1 11K 1) ck Cl d. ro urno.l to Fultoa
Int.: night.
Tun p-.cke's wor woll pa'ron'aod
both in nd out.
I hr K ls A.Iiiim In! a good trip
for Ark insas City.
l ug UuiBxpoHkd lntt for Tiptoaville
with a very good trip.
I II K A IK K IlttOWN, il'i a low of
ec pties, arrived from below at dark.
iua O'kla'jil, lOAinir six bnrirea,
pased to St. Louis ut 5 o'clock yesterday
rtutiNU the twvn'v-fonr hours end
ing at nn'.n yesterday the river here fell 8
tenths of a fool.
C it W. O. Tiohenor rarae down
from Ashpoit tnnduy, and will remain in
the city several a ays.
Fkamc Hkk.nnan wont out mntn of
the James Li e ye-tt rday, in place of Oeorge
Clinton, who resigued.
A LAlta,s wllotg mat trans i.i bolntf
sunk at the foot of Court street. It will
probably be out of sight tomorrow.
T.-b Desoto l-ft Sunday tinht ;for
Clncii.na i with 800 bales of enlton, 50 bar
rels ol oil and 100 barrels ot soap stock.
Tiik Jrt'i e I-00 for tlm lower, and
the Coahoma for the upper coasts had good
trips out. They will be back tomorrow.
tSaVKRAl. car loads of freight from
St. Louis are being unloaded at the elevator.
The most of it will probably gc South on the
big Helena.
OciT. Jok Johin, of the wrecking
boat T. F. Ecker', leaves tonight for SI
Louis. Capt J lb n Is one of the m. st clever
men on the river, and one who fully under
stands h s business,
Tua Jois IVora, C tpt K. B. 8mith,
is expected to arrive today Irom Arkansas'
river, and she will return io that stream to
morrow evening. Mr. Chas. Mossolluian is
her clerk.
Capt CnoNin,of Tiptonville, was In
the city yesterday, and (oft for home last
night on the Chesapeake. He wanted to buy
the sieau er Enquirer, but the prioe asked
was too much for him.
TiiKt-iayoio, Cap). A. L. Comniln?",
Is the regular packet leaving this evening at
b o'oli ek for Coooordia and all way landings
on the lower coust. Messrs. Lew Price and
tius Cunimingsare her clerks.
A dispatch received yesterday
evening from Helena states that the Golden
Rule b,d lett there and would arrive here at
au enny hour this morning. She Is on her
way to Cincinnati, and is lully loaded.
A i.t. the 1 e trora" a in the Mis Isaippi
below St. Louis have let go and there is now
a dear channel from St Louis s. uth. Still
enly light drutuht boats on navigate, as
there is very little water In the ehauuel.
i hk Ed Font'r was t. wed uo to the.
wharf ' esterday and she will leave this even
ing in place of the Keue Macro id lor Mari
antri, the Cutoff and nil way landings on
the St. Franc s and L'Anuuillo rivers. The
crew of tho Macready will go on tho Foster.
Thb lowtioat Liotte", which pasmed
here Saturday with a tow of ooal fir New
Orleans, sunk one of her boats at a point
about five miles below this nity. The boat
contained about 20,000 bushels of coal, and
wus probably the property of Mai met Jt Co.,
of Pittsburg.
Tub llui kfve SUtn will arrive this
morning from Cincinnall with a full cargo nf
Western proiluoe. Si.e leaves here again
this evening lor Cairo, Evansville, Louit
ville, Cincinnati and all way points on the
Ohioaiid Mivsis.iii: 1 rivers. Mr. Oeo. W,
liendrickson Isiierckrk.
A nif patch received ypntcrtTay from
Capt. Kd. C. Postal states that tho Chicka
saw passod Devall's Hi 11 II Sunday night
wilh ever T50 bales of cotton consigned to
merchants here. The hiekaaaw should ar
rive here today, and will return to White
river tomorrow evening..
Thb W. W. l)'Nill arrived Sunday
from Louisville with seventeen boats and
one barge, containing 475,000 bushels of
Pittsburg coal f r Messrs. 0. B. Bryan A
Co. The O'Neill Is making up a tow, and
will leave here at daliaht this morning
with eighteen empties tor the Ohio river.
Osior. Slum 1, S ikvior, B.fl Al
Mbuphih, December 13, p.m., f
The fol'owiniiohservHlions sre taker
at all stations named at 75" meridian time,
which is one hour later than Memphis
Ab'e Low
Rlsel Fall
IDi's lOl's
Feel lot's
Chattanooga ,
I Incinnati
Divenport ....
10 4
Fort Smith
La Crosse
Little Rock. .
SI, S(lllN,.
few Orleans..
St. Louis
St. Paul
P1TTSHTKO, PA., December 13. -Noon-Diver
3 le,t 3 ir ohes on the gauge and rising.
Weather reining.
WHEKLNU. W. VA.. Deoembor
Noon-Rivei 5 feot 11 inches on the gtuge
and rising. Veatber raining.
CINCINNATI, 0 , Drcember 13 -Nnon-River
10 f et 1 Inch on the gauge and lulling
slowly. Wealh.r cloudy and oolder.
EVANSVILLI. 1ND December J3.
Noon River 9 ftat 2'- inches on the gauge
and falling. Wether cloudy and oooler.
The Ohio, Irom CiiWnnati, is doe.
LOUISVILLE, K' , December 13. -Noon
River 5 feet II In VI In the Oannl and 4
1 inch on tke falls aad falling. Bus nest
fa.r. Weather warm and rainy.
CAIRO, ILL..DeoemUi lS.-w.ion-Rlver
10 feet 4 Inches on the giuge and fa'.llng.
Weather cloudy and cool. Arrived: IWck
eve Mate, Cincinnati, JO . in. DepaiM:
llll-yoyo Mate, .victiiptiis. 4 a m
rajsr. H " Keo'.'Tf.l ; I , in rrom
40 lUMiUtcitoll i.oui. with .ead com
plete, t-r no charge No Fa ting e.iuiredt
no poi n - us medicines. Can be taHen with
ease by child r adult. Call or send lf oir-,
cuiars.;'.DR. M. NtY SMITH, SpwieH-l,
HjiringSold, Mo.
,w-'I'lic t lino To spec ulate
A CTIVE Fluctuations in the Market offer
. opportunities to stecmat t, to make
money in drain, Stooks Bonds ai d Petro
leum. Prom t personal aitentloo given to
orders received by wire or ma I. Corres
pondence solicited. Full Information about
the markets in o ir Book, which will be lor
warded free on aonlloation.
U. U. KYLE, Banker and Broker,
tS Broad A New Streets, New York City,
For Cairn, Evansville. Lcelsville and Cln
Binmu iss eiegaas sieemer
Ituckeye ftttaterCs
H. J. Vinton master, 1
Will leave TCESUAY, Dec. 14th, at S p m.
ror freight or passage apply tnO. B. KL'S
Sr.LL, 11. V andT. a.. 12 .Madi on stnet.
Telephone 7.1. .lonvCtsa, Pnw'r A sent
pit. I.owla stud Slew Orloniia Ancr-.cr
l.lsso-V. Ss. Mll-FOIl VICkSBi: Ktt.
City ol Cairo,
Llghtner master, 4&?4f4l'
Will leave the KlevaU.r SATUROAt , Dec
lath, at 5 p.m. For freight or passage applf
O. L. Han . PaM. Ag't. AD ...Kyf. SPt.
Sit. Iraucls Mlvn I ranaporlaUua lu.
The elegant steamer
Rene Macready,
0. K. Jop'in mait.r
Leaves Memphis EVEtlV TUESDAY and
SATURDAY at It p.m.. for Marianne and
way landings as far as the Cat-tiff.
The captain reserves the right to pass all
landings ae deems unsafe. Telephone 59.
1 JAS. LEE, Jt.. Sup't,
ffflce, No. 4 Madt.on street.
For Osceola, Hales Point, CaruthersvilW
" " - ',.-'.-.-... .' . MVW l:l,
wheel passenger steaumr
tsayoso ana riuionvine ine new sl.li
W. P. Hall master. I J. D. Fuller clerk
Will leave as above, and all way points,
p.m. for troittht or passage spplynn boaM.
M ,rila,k'rtr fotnt ami ftmyl-.t.
swl 4siIm I'K-hrl 4 ,ini7.
frr Utleita, tllendale, Irlars Point and al
Way Landings Sies.oier
faatuvs Iee, ioSSi
K. T. CLAdtlETT Master.
Will leave as above on EVERY MONDAY.
WEDNESDAY and K HID AY atfto'olooL.
For Kaadnlpi, Fulton, Ostaola an Way
Lenjiuea Steamer
13. W. COI.I3,
J. U. COOPER .Master.
and FRIDAY at 5 p.m. The boats of tht
line reserve the right to pass all landings
the captain may deem unsale. tifflce. No. t
Alndisonst. JAMES l.KK. .la , Sup't.
lrkansas liivcr Vk't (Jo.
B. B. Smith master. Y
Leaves Menu his Every TUESDAY, at 0 p.o
Str. E. W. t OLE,
Ed Nowland. m aster. :-.'iiitS
Leaves Mem ph a Every SATURDAY, 6 p.m.
For freight or passage aprlr to
H. C. LOWE, Agent,
Offl-e. Nn. .. Mnrt'son st Telephone No. 58,
Houipltls ami VIckHbarjc rattketCotx
party U S. Mall Llue.
Ir or Helena, Conoordla, Terrene and Arkan
sas Ditv f he elegant passenger siemmas
M. R. Cheek... master I W. 0. iauker...eleA
Leaves Memphis
For Concordia and all way landings.
The Steamer
wJAYOSO, jsasa
A. L. Cummins, Mast'r I lw Price. ...ln.-i
Leaves TUESDAY and SATURDAY at5p.tr
For general information apply at
No. 4 Madison street.
Jf)HN CANR.Pax't vont Talenhon.
Memiihls White Hirer l'kt.t
fwr e'liarosvlou, llevn'l Kliitt,, Isn
Are, Augusta, Hearcy. Newport, Jacksoa-
Sort, Bateaville and all Way Landings,
B.C. Postal master,4"
Will leave EVERY W EDN ESDAY at 5 P.m
Albert II. Smith. ....master. ' rwtl
Will leave EVERY SATURDAY at p.a.
Through rates given to all points. Freight
consigned to the Meu phis and White Klve
Packet Co., at Memphis or Terrene, will be
forwarded prumi.tly. For general informa
tion apply at odine, No 8 Madlon st., or
Call Telephone 'x. H. I." V. AS
v UK.
Electric Appllsncet ire sent os 30 Oivs' Idti,
"11 rill) are nrrHnf from Vintouh Duiutt,
VKH'rl, WllTIRU WHABMs-MBsW. nnd all thoe rlluuikl
of I'stiuiciHAL Nati'rb reaiiliimr from Anvtiui
OrniH ('AitftM, HtHWvly ifllnr and (VnmplfsU raato
ntionoY HllALTRtVIOiH4UulMARtl04lUtlRAIfTBBBv
The frmnttimt tliiwoTery of tho HttatiUnlli O ntury.
teia4atonnefurlUutra.iiJlfunpUltfrM. AddraM
A Valuable Patent.
lynaojr'e (florae) rnrss sut fra FIkss
HA V1NU .rleotil my incuution, I wh
o place it liolore tho public enpcclnll;
m .vufaclurers. As a Corn Planter, it is a
perfect auocess opens the drill, distributed
the seed accurately, uniniured, and coverd
the same, thsrol,, one mau porlormlng tb
work of throe. Thev 'iave been used le
this section for over a dosen rears with par
foot satisfaction. Can give rnspui.siole tes'.l
monUls. Address
MttVWrQyl woiint. lane
The Christian BroMiers have the pleasare
nf announcing the completion of EXTEN
SIVE ADDITIONS to their College, which
they have provided with all select modern
Improvements and conveniences, and they
are now enabled to aooom trod ate an In
creased aumher of Boarders, Half Boarders
and Day Students.
For Information concerning Tsrms, Board,
Tuition, etc., see Catalogue, or apply by mail
or in person toR0TuKR MAURKLIANi
Practical Pionomakera
U Repairer, of ilna,Or;"s,
And Musical Instruments Generally.
Frank Schumann,
Importer an ' Dnaler Ii
Ua-g, rieliiuc Tackle suit! Nitorla.
issa Maipitllea. ear Special attentlo
t van to MANLFACTURI.su anl RU
.' ',vit5
T Dlaaolve ('oaiirtssrabl.
asrOur entire stock has to be sold by Jan
uary 1, 1M7, to Dissolve Copartnership
our company retiring,
Formerly 75 cents gad tl.00.1
Fancy Featners and Wings
125 and 50 t'eutm,
Formerly One Dollar.
ear Hrlrtal and Hossrsilnsr Onlllta.
erThe finest assortment ol DOLLS la the
ar-Hats Reshaped, Feather! Cleaned, Dyed
and Curled,
srtlolden Hair Wash by the Small cr Large
Frft-u 35 (Vulu Vp.
Wholesale and Kotnil.
U7H SocoikI Nlr?(.
J.0. 1). lUTHEIt, A. II. KKI.IK,
W. A. JOIlS0X,
And Agents for tke Purchase. Sale or
Lease of Lands,
-Special attet tion givon to the elimina
tion of titles.
.e Lands advertised and placed upon the
market, free of charge, unions a saleis made.
rK OFFER FOR 8ALR nn favorable
VV terms a large plantation In Bolivar
county, Miss , recently i in proved with new
post, plank and wiro fences. Twentr-Sve
ne houses, cotton gin, sawmill and near
ItiO.OOO leet of lumber In stacks, fal.000 new
cypress boards all ready te 0 instruct more
buildings. A good sti rehouse and excellent
stand lor a mercantile bu.lness. This plan
tatlon is improved with a view to subdivii
ien. I will sell all or a part, according to
wants ol purchasers. Plenty ol labor Ne
gro tenants hkvo applied aad are dally ap
plying to rent at 10. For full particulars
ai.nl v to TUOS. if. ALLKN A CO.
torTTrtii fonuh, Tlnohltli. AnthmA, Indtawtlnnf Ol
ARKIR'S TQNIO ilb..ut drW. It hu nan
uuiy or Hit woinl iw3 and 1 tim tm'nt rrrtivvljr tttrm
tiJtMimsf t'i Hmmtaml hmris Ami rlljtiMtmw arirdA
nMnltnimn ltliM1eitiliiuuiNilta. 'llisfcciiitiand Mm
bniuvlliiv atralitut itlimiMv ami n row If drlrtlnff to It '
TaTti.wlll In niiMttviirwnHxmtr thtur Itnaltlt hy UaotlnwM
Mur I'ajlkrh'h i'iiNio,biit flnlAJ lidMiitrisiia, IrU
I tiiiw. lnn wdim all ulrm Cmiln. Ulrm mtw llfg
ramtn tatlw am mi ajmuiuriav jiAA 4Twinrttfc
Young & Brolhe.
ltooksellers and Stationers,
8 IS Mala Nt, Meniphlia, Tenn
a sew mvrvvr or
jiiNT m:cn'.ivF.i.
Boilor Works.
HKA Vr.rAKTIIT, rropr's,
140, 142, 141 Front, M(wiphl4.
In the Month, and the only complete
Holler and Sheet-iron Works In the city,
ttmialix-tarcra t Heavy PImim truss,
work of sivflrjr lecrlsiloBs. bpeoial
aitentlon given to plantation work.
T cflRE HI Si
Wa 1 tar tmn I A km imi twnlr to Umai Mi
MaitaaA lltn litom ntarm Mala, I manato
tart. aTm4ibadlMaHMairn'a,lirilM'Hfarral
Mti flldtNKtwl a HHs-Nku iiatlTs I warrant mj roatady
tar Ut wnrat NW, nnawa athora aora hkllsad la
Moa for anl atw rafia a awra, Mna al oaca frr
IntitMaaa a rivn nnilaal mr lafalllhia tw4jt Alffj
BiMaM sail foil Utti-, H oaK fma aotala rnraiHaL
awai will car ya. ML tt 1. tT t"1 it , N.Tt
LATH OK ST. LOU IS, MO , has lost I Had
up an elegant office over Lytic k Hhlelds'f
grocery store, corner of Adams and Main,
where be is ready to Bt all sights and make
glasses to order. The peklto are informed
that the Doctor has no glasses lor sale other
than those made by himself and in onnloroa
Ity with the measurement ol the eye. The
pooler has made that his special study and
has all the latest scientific testa and Instru
ments to Insure perfect and easy sight.
Physiolans prescriptions (or glasses carefully
filled. Offloe hours Irom to Til and Ito'ip.m.
DR. U. M. I.KW1B,
Oculist and Optician, No. 21H Main street,
southeast corner A jams and Main.
J. P. II0LST & MM),
(orcciawoKH to u. u. bolnt a BB.t,
Funeral Directors.
No. ia7 bKluMU MV MK.UfMIIS.
A HILL and complete stook ol Aoodand
Metallic Jasei and Casltets, Cloth-Covered
Caskets ard Burial Uo'aes always oa
hand. aae-Onlsrs by lelesranh oroaitly
Aaal yoar lattilcr for t'it(trlrrlnnLB3Hhai
)l.'WWonf ll.ill llloll
UoneOcnulueunlcee binrlngthleHtaaipJ
JLAUV iii DUbiuu, vvnrn'u nmi wwxk v "v
. AJlWea lle.uw.uailaefl Isi Hamlet
him u.Voinjitriamt Aivmu
aw 4. A iw.iiaUHrii'nl to
m will nrniKyou lnfrniA
tit a how Ut n-1 ttiin sho la
tuxj bt fit or I'ufTitory.
... .TT ....M hkrhar In th natfwiattnn Off
Cnrs Uian ir; odo r In tin. wordl. Thoua
MudTwta "vau tt WW iU you tho rwn U yo
..k ,,HU I
J. v. VOEQi:t.iAL-CQg
War., AiU'imaltlon, ilnj Tackle
und SportHmeiiK' Nnpplieg.
Hi 4 einiu Nlrswl, sirmnhla, 1mal
Manufacturing and Repalrleg e ttuns
Bneclaity, Largest Slock. Beet ateertmeoW
JCrTs. shoe. ,

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