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The Memphis appeal. (Memphis, Tenn.) 1886-1890, December 14, 1886, Image 8

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OkwuwklMrf Ohl t-Train I
a .toilowyi KMt lina lea.ei at i
b.b. BU laaii fart lln Imvm at 5:30
.., Fut lina uriTM M liDO p.m. I W.
Lents fart line utitm at 8 :tu a.B.
umI Tmn,-Trll
... iTnt Naa Olunt mall arriyei
ally at :C0a.m.l leayei deilya
ardii acooaaodatioa arrtTei dally at 8:50
1.1 IMW daily at e:w p
sigh arri.oi dally (eieept Bunday a 18:90
.( Imtm daily (aio.pt Sunday at t:fi
a.m.. Ma .train, do not itop a iflaa .U
tioni, nor WhiUhaan, Horn Lata heibit
mat Lorn.
Miaai.alp ValLy Boil. (L H. O.
il w. Rt.l-Ttmina on tbia roa fol
low!! Now Orloani last mail, dally, le.Tel
4:30 p.m. i Vtcksburg expresi, daily,
i.ma at 9:15 a.m. Naw Orleanl fa. mail.
daily, arrival '9:10 a.m. Vloaiburg ax-
cress, daily, arrlT.s a 15:45 p.m.
Lsalavtll and Waab villa Train!
jot. a. follow. t Put mail arrival daily at
6il5a.m.i leare. at 10:10 p.m. t mail learei
daily at 10:10 a.m.i arrival at 4:00 p. m.
BrownsTlUe aooommoiatiom leave daily,
aioepttianday, at 6:lsj p.m.! arrival daily,
axceptSunday. at 1:60 a.m. Utandard iiut).
unir at ! (HMnaiaa Hly. Hurt air
riil mm Miutal) Iratni laava M. and
T. dtp. 'a follow.: No. 4, Kama. City ei-
pr.'a. Mava. at iu:ao a.m.; no. a, jvanaaa
City aiurM., arrival at 3sS0 p.m. No. i,
tamai City mail, laava. at6:00 p.m.t No. 1,
anaaa City mail, arrival at 8:46 a.m. No.
:8C Loail and Chicago eipreii, laava. at
tOO p.m. Na. 1, Bt. Lonla and Chloagoei
presi, arrival at t :45 a.m. In .foot Burnley,
April 1S.1SMB.
, oanhla and Charleston Tralai
Jiova at follow! I Through axprail laaval
aily at 18:00 p.m. Hall and axprail laaval
ail at 10 100 a.m. Boa.rrllla accommoda
tion laaval dally, aioapt Sunday, at t :40
p.m. Through axprail arrival daily atS:36
a.m. Mall and axprail arrival daily at 10:30
p.m. Bomarrilla accommodation arrival
daily, axoapt Bunday, at 1:30 a.m.
finrla. BlrxolBCham and Atlaav
Me Holly Spring! Route Tralni mova ai
allow.t No.lleayei M.miihii dally atS:4S
n.ai.i arrival at Holly Hurlnai at &:M p.m. I
No. i laaval Holly Boringi daily at 8:10
A.m., arrlvaa at MamriMe at 10 1 10 a.m. I No.
laava. M.mphii daily at 7:15 p.m., arrival
at Holly Sprint at 11 :45 p.m.i No.O laava.
ilolly brings daily at Sift a.m., arrival at
aUmph ;iat6:46a.m.
inptli and Mttla Kocli. Trala
ar.ova a. tollowa (oantral Itanaara tlma)
No. 1 laaval daily at 4itf p.m.i arrival at
1:55 P.m. No. ! laaval at8:55 a.m.l arrival
at 9:45 a.m.. Ho. 6 (freight) leavoi Bopedeld
daily (axoapt Header) at 8 i2u a.m.l arrival
46:80 p.m.
For Alabama; Fair weather; westerly
wW; tlight change in 'tmperaiure,.
For Kiiiiipi and Louisiana i Fair
weather; wetlerly windt; tlight change in
For Tenneute: lair weather; touth
wetlerly wind; itaHonary temperature.
For Ttsa and Arkantat: Fair weath
er; wtiterly wind; ilight diangn in tern
The river will faU ttigUly, except a
alight rift in the Tennewe and Cumb
Meiaorulogtml Krporl.
MiaPRii, Tins).. December 1:1, 1S88.V.
Bar. I Tiler.
7:00 a.m.mOS3 41.0 8 E.
8:00p.iu.iL'tlrM4 60 W.
10:00 p.m 130.070 45.0 I W.
Maximum tuinfihriittiro, 52.
' Minimum t '.mpurdturp, 40.
Otsnne, 11 .m., .
Rainfall, 0.00. (
Tlie Oon(e.lorte Hhlorical Amo-
elation will meet tonight at 42 Mttdi
aon etiett. . ,
MaJ. K.,P; McNtal ol Bolivar'
Tenn,, died on Friday last,' aed 81
year, aud waa baried on Nuadny.
The widow ol thalateW. B Dana
vant ba bneu paid $2000, the amount
of the policy which oaveiod his lio.
Theie will ha no ' 'Wednesdny
matinee at the New Memphia Thea
ter, aa announced. Tbe announce
ment was mad inadvertently.
The funeral of the lata J. D'
Donoho took place Sunday aiternoon
from Holat'a. under the auai lcea of
Memphia Lodge, Kolgt.tJ of Pythias.
Next Thursday, the Kith irmtaut,
la Ladies' Day at Oblckanaw Guards
Armory attain. Music and refresh
ment will be furnished, and a gen
eral good time la expected.
The following named persona re
ceived marriage licenses yesterday:
James Allen, colored, and M'SJ Harriet
Guy, colored; James Williams, col
ored, and Mis3 Lucy Golightly, col
oied. Lost, on l-'atur lay night, the iliBt
vo'umeofH Baling Gould's "Orittia
nd Development ot Kal'gkui Be
lief." Tlie under will coufdr a fvor
by restoring it to J.' M. Renting, at
the APi'KALOiUoe.
The Atlanta Coiutitution of Sun
day, December 12th, coutains a etroi g
' luiimiitiiia that Atlanta will have iio
olub in the (Southern League next
year. They have got enough. This
. givt ilobila a chance.
Charlie Junes, a youthful colored
employe at Miba L axle Wright's
boarding house, near the Louisville
and Naihville d pot, was arretted yes
terday on the charga of atsaling $45
from a boarder in tne house.
Ten yard or dept.t awitchmen at
the Memphis and Uhurlestou railway
depot struck yestt rday morning, but
their vacancies were HI ed during the
lorono jn and work progress-d as mual.
Tie men demanded $'1 per day. They
had been getting $1 75.
Tbe Nash v. He American says E.
W. Cole, A. 8. Oolyar, J. M. Head, Dr.
Win. Morrow and B. F. Wilson will,
today, serure a charter of incorpora
tion of the Baltimore. Nashville aud
Memphis railroad. This line, as pro
jeotrd, will pass through rich fields,
which will be connected direct'y with
the two leading cities of Tennessee.
President Hadi'en is keeping a vig
ilant eye on railroad companies. War
rant were irsiied yesterday agaiunt the
following paitiea: Italvh emmcs,
superintendent of the Uitissus' rail
road, for failing to grade (mm curb to
curb as ordinances provided, and leav
ing Dein avenue in an unfiuifhed con
dition after laying their track; J. 11.
hu'livan, superintendant of tbe JCan
B3B City latlrtad, for ailing to fix en
t'anoe to and aroea an alley just west
of llayburn aveous, Said alley and
Broadway both being public streets.
The following nawed officers were
elected and Installed in Peon Chapter
No. 22, Royal Aroh Maanns yestsidty :
Marcus Jones, Most Eminent High
" Priest (re-elected): Kolomon Coleman,
Eminent King; Rev. George Pa -
terson, F.ininent Hovihe- Q. T. Bas
atr, a. V H. ; O. M. Cartoll, f irst
Kentlnei; V. Osnshp'irer. Gnaid Third
Vaii;N. Gerdlaw, Guard Second Vail;
Money ujok, uuaru first vail; W.M.
B.oks, Treasurer (re-elected); D. O.
Trade-, Beurstary (re-elected); A H.
Myers. Trustee, for three years; C. M.
Carrol), Hall Tiuilet,
William Carter, alias Piestou
Carter, a colored man convicted of as
sault with intent to kill about ten
years ago, made his etcape from
Kasley's farm in 18JU Daputy bheri9
Djan Pope, who has been on the look
ont far him, traced him vestorday to
the steamer Coahoma. Carter rau to
the s-biu of the boat and jumped off,
making for Union btrte'. Pope was
too quick (jr him, however, atd se-
cored him at the corner of Front and
Union atreeU. Garter bad bat a
ahort time to terra when he made
hiaeecape. '
Cou W. A. Percy end wife.
Greenville, Miss., are in the cltj.
MrjBBaY F. Bmith. prominent
member ot (he Vickaburg bar, ia in
the city.
Cnis Dddlit, levee tax collector
of the lower levee district of Missis
sippi, ia in the city.
S. "VT. Mobtok and wife, of Virginia,
are visiting at the residence cf William
M. Randolph, No. 310 tJeale street.
Bishop Dihoah, of South Carolina,
la in tbe city, the guest of A. W. New
a m, and will leave thia aiternoon for
Pert Gibson, Mies.
Thb Est. Dr. N. O. Jobnson, of
Hpringdale, returned yesterday from
Jackson, Teno., where he had bten
attendlog tbe Memphia Conference
ot the Methodist Gplecopal Church,
IaviTATioMS to the marriage of Mr.
R E. Monia and Mlsi "Ptt" Gallo
way have been iseued. The ceremony
is annonnced to be solemniaed at Cal
vary Church on tbe night of Decem
ber 21st.
J. T. KaMPia. the popular yonng
man of the firm of W. 0. Powell & Co.,
who waa accidentally shot last Tues
day evening by pistol tailing from a
sola in his office, has been very ill at
the Infirmary of Drs. Rogers. Man
nings & Wl llford. Hie many friends
are delighted to know that he is re
covering from bia wound and will soon
be able to return to bia oilice, where
be ia greatly missed.
At an election held yesterday the
following diiectora wrra elected to
eerve for the ensuing rear the Htcurity
Bank of Memphis, No. 42 Madison
street: W. D. B thel, W. T. Tavlor,
John Overton.jr., H. P. Read, R. Dud
ley Frajter, J. R. Gcdwin, R B.
Snowden, W. N. Wilkerson, 8. L.
McDowell, W. A. Williamson. R. J.
Black, Li. A. Hamilton and D.Zillner.
At the same time the following were
elected otilcers: R. Dudley Frayaer,
president; W. N. Wilkerson. vice
president, and R. J, Black, cashier.
J. J. Wobrbix, editor of the Jack
aon (Tenn.) Ditpatch, is an applicant
f ir tne position ol Superintendent of
tbe Penitentiary. No better man on
be found to ti l it. We have knovgn
him long and favorably. lie ia a nice
gentleman aud o good busiutss man,
whoa) character ia without a blot or
blemish, lie is about 40 years old, in
the prime of vigor aud manhood and
hai always been a sound Democrat,
lie did mors to secure the nomina
tion and cbnscquint tloctiou of Bib
Taylor for Governor tban any fifty
men in the r-'tite. The faot is, Mr.
Woiroll made lbb Taylor our
Governor, which ia aenerally un
derstood and conceded by the
tieope of Madison county. Mr.
Worrell waa never a candidate be
fore for any oflke. notwithstanding be
has been time and again solicited to do
ao. He has alwaya betn found on the
aide of the peop'e during the darkest
hours of the history of the State. If
Gov. Taylor would graiify the wishes
of the tolling masses throughout West
TeniieFaie he will appoint Mr. Worrell
rYupttilutendent ol the State prison,
which would be a fit recognition of
bis services, and bs only that which he
deserves The people of his own
county, Mad sjn, are solid for him.
latrRovso Calfgraphs No. 44 North
Ojurt street.
P. M. Btanlbt, funeral director and
embalmer, 66 Madison street.
Memphis Etearu Laundry. Calls aud
deliverlea free. Telephone No. 21.
Miss Cabhib M. Kiatino, pianist,
may be found at the Gayoeo Hotel. lt
Drbssrd Torkky 8 cent.
8icon hand idanos sold on pv
ments of $3 to $5 per month. D. II.
Baldwin's, 258 Second street.
faa Horbal Chill Unto, the heat
tonloand ar.U-norit tto tuowo. A nrUin
and iur oar 'or fhillii. I'rfci II Pr bot
tlo. Haud itsmti (or oirout'.m. Any rf
aronr. ien. AiMraft Joun 0. Ktiokar,
Lya.hbara. V
Mkmi'his Wholosile Meat Co., 11
A ll.M- fuuK DuaI r..W vf
JVUailin. -mijr linin muv
ton, a'sn Corned Bcrf. Orders sollntted
and promptly nilcd. Telephone 874,
G. W. MIU.KR& Co .Patent Asbestos
Fire Proof Roofera. For durability,
equaled by none.' Used on wood, tin,
iron, felt and gravel roo's. No. 66
Madison street.
Tub Memphis Saddlery Company,
which ia among the enterprising busi
ness organizations of tbe city, has just
put into its building a very attractive
sign in the shape of a bors9. The work
la fii-st c'ass and so is the firm. The
stock ii immense and ofl'eredatlow
prices. Country dealers sta well at
uurchasers of single arliolei will find
goods at corner of MadiBon and Sec
ond at low prions.
PITTSBUKU, PA., Doceinbar 13.-NUht-Kiv.r
3 fot 2 Inch. nn the irauya and ilalux.
W.nth.r turuina colder, with urinllm rain
all aay.
WUKULINll, VA., Docembar 13.-Niht
Klvcr 8 feat inohoion Ilia (auya anil rii-
lii. raunr cuoi aua rainy 1 rain.a an aay,
LOUISVILLK, KY., P.ti.nibar 13.-NI.Ut
River 0 Tat in tbo canal and :t foeH Inciiol
on 111. fall! and fnllinc. Waathar olouilr and
roldar, with drmllng rain, ilaiiartsdi U
P. bch.nck, Hw Orl.ana.
lr you once try C trier's Little Liver
Pills for sick headache, biliousness or
cniftlpat on you will never be witu
out theni. -They are pirrely vegetS'
b e. Small and easy to take, all drug
gisti sell them.
. . , . a--a .1
Goou stond hand organa Bold ou
riaymcn'sot W to 4 per mantu. JJ,
H. Bddwiu'a, 258 Second street.
DakS KD Tt'RKKYs and Oflerv.
AtiUOKiURA Bittkrs were prepared
by Dr. J. G. B. Siegert for hn private
u;e. Their repu'ation ia auch today
that they have become geneially
known as the best appetising tonic
Beware of counterfeit. Ask your
drgglst for the genuine article, manu
factured by Dr. J.G. B. Biegert A
- . ...
For coughs and throat disorders use
Brown's Bronchial Troches. "Hive
never chacgod my mind respecting
them, except I think better of 'hat
which I began thinking well 0."
Jier. Henry Ward Bcecher. Sold only
in boxer.
Naw organs sold no
per month. D. H.
Second street.
pavtuenti of $0
Mai un's Foon, the only Jierfect
substitute f r uiother'a milk, w reo
ommended by our most, p'oini.nont
pl'yaii'lus as the bt-st and Bffst f ind
lor infanta. It n t iins no trlnaxeoua
mat er, which b j often prfduiisdis-ord-rj
of the aiomach,
OoTTon oil trusts were off few
cents yesterday.
Charles W. Hunt has applied for
membership of tba Cotton Exchange.
Bbiadstuffs and previsions are
easier and lower in the leading mar
kets. In the London market yesterday
4600 balea of wool were aold at fair
Thi stocks of grain in store at Chi
cago, December lltb. were aa follows:
Wheat, 11,854,000 bushels; corn, 8,
682,000 bushels ; oata, 974,000 burhels ;
rye, 133,00U busheu; barley, aio.uuu
Forkiok wheat in the British mar
ket during tbe ptst week has main
tained a rise of 6d. A slight decrease
In tbe American' supply, combined
with reduced shipments from India,
keep quotations steady.
Wa were shown a work of art yes
terday, an old painting on copper, at
tributed to Leonardo Da Vinci, which
must be over 300 years old. It repre
sents the Madonna with the Ulint
Jesus, surrounded by a wrea h of
Bowers. Tne execution Dears tne un
mistakable evidences of tbe work of a
Thi report of the visible supply of
grain on December lltb, as compiled
by the secretary of the Chicago Board
of Trade, is as follows: Wheat, t'J.
920,000 bushels; incresae, 389,(00
bushels. Corn, 11,627,000 bushes;
decrease, 112,000. Oats, 6,123,000: de
crease. 138,000 bushels. Kye, 403,00)
buaheia; decrease, 17,000 bushels.
Barley, 2,726,000 bushels; decrease,
69,000 bushels.
VisiTOBS on 'Change yesterday:
Col. J. O. Morrison, Little Rock ; Geo.
W. Han is, Louisville: James Mix,
Kankakee, 111.; Mlsi Nellis Emous,
Mrs. R A. Armstead, Thayer, Miss. ;
Mrs. A. G. Walts, cny; l v. t'ratner,
Baldwyo. Mutt O. W. Dattlinger,
Ed. Miller, Little Rock;- O. E. Arm
strong, Vicksburg; P. J. King, Bolivar
county, Miss.; T. J. Thoman, John
W. Baker, James U. rarker, uoia
water. Miss. ; Go. W. Haines, LonU-
ville; Miss Julia Vaocaro, city; Miss
Kate Korkery, New Orleans; Miss
Carrie Bpicer, city; Mlas Mamie Ken
nedy, lvooinvilie; Mies ttosaiie a.
Whites, Bjhalia, Miss.; Miss Rosadell
Martin, Buntyn, Tenn.
By 1. If. Haallna-D, Haaaw & Co.,
. Publlaberi.
Mr. W. H. Maitill is canvassing the
rity in the interest of the publishers of
ths above va'uable work. As it will
be the only authentic volume devoted
enMrely to the history of Memphis
end SUelDy county, 11 is eminently
worthy of the support of all classes of
the people of Memphis So fur Mr.
Magill has met with enthusiastic sup
port, and feels greatly encouraged.
Carter's Ljttlb Livrr Tills will
bs found an excellent remedy for
sick headache. Thousands of letters
from people who have used them
prove this fact. Aak your druirgUt
for them.
Ifteliig ami denning.
Ladies and gents' clothes cleaned
or dved in any color, also kid gloves.
ostrich feathers and lace curtama by
Louis Reigel, 68 Jetierson street, Mem
phis, Tenn. Goods received by express.
is asMovao bt tus bus of coooaimin.
And it etimnlates and promote the
erowth of the hair.
Bnrnett'a Flavoring E""Tathe
1 A lirugglHt'aj Story.
Mr. Iaaao C. Chapman, druggist,
Newburg, N. 1., writes us: "1 have
for the past tea years sold several
groaa cd Dr. William Hall's Balsam for
the Lungs. 1 can say ot it what 1
cannot aay of any other medicine, I
have never heard a customer speak of
lt but to praise us virtnes in tbe httr
est manner. I have recommended it
in a great many cases of whooping
couuh. with the bapoiest enects.
have used it in my own family for
many years; in fact, always have a
bottle in the medicine closet ready lor
The Young People's S i r. in the
basement of the Second Presbyterian
Church, wi'.l be continued today from
U 0 clock a.m. till o'clock p.m.
Cut l'lowcrn.
For fine cut flowers aud boqueta aud
funeral designs of all descriptions a"d
uec.irations lor parties an t entattain
ments aud weddings. A great many
of my friends are witness to the fact
that one ot the finest drorntions ever
ma le in Memphis was at J. C. Nuely's
last Thursday night, liear in mind
you can get j net as fins docoratfona in
Memphia as in anv other city by giv
ing noticn ahead at the greenhouse
and nursery, Hernando road, two
blocks south of Hernand ") curve.
11. MOORK, Flurl.t,
WltliMut Uiilnn
U a candidate for Maistra'e of ihe
Fifth Civil D strict, comprising the
First, Second, Third and Eighth
Wards ami li g Borings, to nil tne va
cancy mad by the death of John M
Rourke. Election December 20, 18tM
a .
Ir sick headache is misery, wbatare
Cartn's Little Liver Pills if they Will
pofltively cure it? People who have
used them speak frankly of. their
worth. They are small aadeasy to
Not ice.
The entire stork of
es, Clocks
and Jewelry, Fani y Goc
Spec' aides,
etc., 01 tiiwy A Aiichnt
21)04 Main
atreet,Uoder l'eibody
tor sale. Closed bids
tel, is offered
be received.
for five days, from
cember 10th. I m
is Fridav, De-
the right to
The stock is
reject any and all
now opeu for inepi
UAfl li
mk-W. Katalvar.
iew UootfH lirory
Bedroom Sets, Par'or Suites, hand
aome widow and upholetpred Chairs,
tKugant Wardrohes, Hat Racka, Side
boards acJ Center Tables, Carpets,
Rugs, Lace Curtains, Window Shades,
and in faot, a large stock of everything
needful tor housekeeping. All sold
low for cash, or 00 payments.
271 Saeund atraatOpp. Court Squari.
Ad floe ( Blothem.
Mrs. W'inslow'i Soothing Syiup, for
children teething, is tbe prescription
of one of .he beat female nurses and
phyriclans in the United States, and
has been used for forty years with
never-failing enrcoss by ovlliona of
mothers for therf children. During
the process of teething its vtlne is in
calcuable. It relieves tl-e child from
lain, enrea dysentcr y diniil,ni,
griping lathe hool, hu I ami colic.
By giving l.eilth to tho child it reels
the uiothwr. Piie. 'Ji i 'itn a 01-Ule.
M km puis Ste im LauLdry fihrnh col
lars and cuds eittal to new.
The I.a tiayaaw. '
Caaa. O. RuTa...-.Uanaar.
Ratal 12 6u to t4 par cay, aooordina to laea-
ti"a of ruomi.
H J Pri chard, Mill C. K Jackioa, Mi.1 '
B j Littla. Pa
TiiM ntacki fa
tieol Wbealar, NT
W K K.atin. Mill
K'l Fineb. Maaa
Klrtid L'anB.ld, Ark
PHuiiay, Ark V Williaml, La
j Ro-nnrani, TV I B Townaand, Tex
Mr. f Merriam, Mill Mill 8 Marriam, Mill
(1 Marriam jr, Mill W N Sproule. D 0
Ed Dyer Aw, La Urn Lewi. 4 i, Mm
Mn CO Moore, Mini Hart ay Aw, Kai
HAWh uule Aw.Kaa W (I Booth Aw. K
j J cutuiao aw, til j. tinman, ill
J E Andrew!, fa
L C lounit, Mail
MAM atfon, III
Miu A tiavii, Mini
L K FowlerA w. La
A K IVm. Ark
C K Stewart w. Ill
Mini M Davii, Mini
t b Uardner, Ala
v -in e'rr, tia
H A 8h-iru4 w, Ka W i I'.rtridae, Mill
" a i iiiu0 a,
V Aroh.r Aw. Pa
' ' .u ii lor, lu mi
III Warwick. Ohio
A Btrne. Aw, Maa.
O Welch, Minn
C T MoCu lou,h, Ark
J Or.irjberit, Mo
HCranda I. Mo
J 1) 1it hell. Ml.i
J B Uuniei, T nn
i .i , . i i ,4i
H W uane, Mo
J llar-dley. Ohio
S Williauii, Minn
A W Barber, Mira
N W Jonei, Ala
U H Smith, Ark
11 W Onward. Min
JnoTodd Aw, 111
R W Hull. Mo
K T i-itxtcrald. Ark
CJTuia, Ark Win 0 Bir.'h, Ohio
13 rebaatian, Mo C 11 Cnldwed Aw, NY
W C Mo r.cken.Ark
Mill u oodion, La
L W Creamer, Tenn
K W Lawler A, Ky
J A I'aire, Ohio
1 Chamber, Mica
Ueo hwencer, Ky
E 11 I'unlan ir. Miaa
Mn Woodson, La
PC We ner Aw, Mo
M CKiley, Ark
1) J Carter, Ky
T W Crawford Aw.Mail
J K H' rkini, Ky
K 11 hunlap. Mill
K 11 boott, ten a
B He, Ky
A Fr-mith. Ark
E Underwood, 111
K W lyen, Ala
( W Fiiher, 8 0
W R hwilt, Minn
O K LanmuK, Ohio
J Dow Jen, Mall
T V Pyne, Ind
W Robbim.Ky
L J Stronar, N Y
HrH B Thornton, D C
J K Hnldar. Tann
1 P Morrii tena .
K John .on. Mo
T Ramiey, Ohio
W Wood, Ky
11 0 llendorion, Qa
K J tierry, Va
K Keith, Minn
II Laming, N Y
Wm RS'one, Pa
HKirknmn Ala ,
JOKrwin.Tenn '
B M Jackunn. KV
J M Phillipi, Mo.
J C Lonriitreet, Mini J L ('coke, Mie.
B Manhall Aw, Mo A W Darraph, Mill
O J Larotelle, Mill Fnd B White, Mial
h 8 Rokey, La (Jeo L Hurler, La
Mii M i tout, Ark J U William.. N t
R F Tata, Mini . A i Moaeley, Tann
B II Ountea, Tenn F M Boinem, Tenn
C M Blaek, Ark Frank T Kyan, Toon
W" K Armitrona Mo J A Frailer, 'Ark
C W Dudley, Mill C Armitroni Aw. Mill
MnMoCutcheon.MiiiO J Itir lnong, Mm
A J Mutely, Min J A MoCown, Pa
K K W atari, Md L 11 Lanier, Tenn
M (loldman, Mo J L Blanchard, N Y
JThmu, NY . II II Wa.hburn. Mo
Chan Howard, Mo Ana Kellogg, Mo
W B Needham, Mo E Kellogg, Mo
O M Pratt Aw, Min M M Bony, Mill
W I! Hworiie Aw.Tennll T llnrrii, Mill
L C Dulanoy, Min A A Hharn, Mill
Dr M A Ulnd, Mill W L Koberti, Mill
J T Wiikin.un, Tenn Mrt Wilkeraon, Tenn
Miai A Wheeler, I) (J Mill Mansfield, Tenn
W L Parker. Tenn A K Oamuboll, Kai
0 R Perkina, Kai L B Towniand, Ark
U U Allen Ark (J Raybum, Ark
J Watron am, Mo R P Andr.wa &w. Mo
MI Downey, Ark RWilaor.Miii
J J Foster Aw. Ill T R Forbti Aw, La
11 1). vine, Mini M Read, Mill
J W Harvey Aw.Miia n 0 Johnson Aw, G
FBUrayAw, Miei C N Rogori Aw, Mill
H Btewart. Tenn T A Lyona Aw, Pa
R P Ingruham, Min Dr Thurmond, Ala
W 0 Browninr, Mini S B Ketchain, Ala
11 Phelpa Aw, Mo J 0 l'earoe Aw, Ohio
n jj .lonnaon. Aim n 1 rearaon Hi
b Williaiua, N V
llJRoa.. K
EHUiuley. Ala
I M Wrigut, Ark
E B Smith. Ark
J R Rockiord, Ark
B R Mafon, Ark
CT Leator. Mo
HJ Wallace, Mo
KFUraham, Tenn:
0u Reynold!, C R Webster,
Kobt NoMair, J B Tumor.
Waaton'a Itolol.
W. U. BINGHAM Mahaoib.
European plan. Enlarged and returniahed.
Prioi according to aiie and loca
tion of rooms.
0 H Dollman Aw.Ind 1 B Lincoln, jr, N Y
L Byrne, Ark D Larkin, Ala
W M May, Tonn 11 'J hania, '1 onn
W T Ktokea. Tenn H 1) Ktheridge. Tenn
J Whitaill. Mill B J Rodgora, Mia"
Mra T Motwep, Tenn Mini K AloEwen, Tenn
J II Dunwido. Tenn Miee W McKwen.Tenn
iVV' left? AliBiF Clarke, lean
W L Graham, Tenn G F Stowell. Ark
RM Allen, Ind Ml.a 11 Mattheai, Mill
Mr Wafhwood, Ark Peter Tracy, Ark
K FSIiin. 'ler MraO W Ureen, Mox
A II Jam Sim, Misa Miaa F Green, Mex ,
Il'in .m, nra .11 la- JOUniUD, Ml.l
r J U l.u gin n, A; ;
IV . Iirniln. Ar
i M Given, linn
fli c Uiubii, lenn
W TBtokca, Tenn
K L Bright, Mi
G A UucKie.v, Ark
KSullivu'i 111
HTUi m r: Tax
u 11 uraler, Mo
II II Tho Dion. .11,11 W A Km,, Mi..
P 11 Uryaou, Tenn 0 White, lenn
11 Welub, lenn J II Neulett, Mia
Mrj Martini. Ark J A rampbel , Kai
F N Greon, Miaa O T Boll, Ark
B R Anderion, Mich OF West, Miaa
H B Eaaingion, Mo MA Brght. Ark
R L Grigaby, Tonn L Vaden, Tenn
0 W Hraiy, Ark J Fort nberg, Ark
H P McDaiiiel, Mill W H Ilnlaki N Y
VW WilllauiaAw.Ark M J Calvin, Ark.
lt If Elliott, Tenn A hUhu, Pa
J 11 liuyneaAi, Miaa J K Moody, Tenn
W P CowanAw. Tonn P Whitty, Tenn
T J Ftirguann, Mill X McGiares Aw, Mil
Mra P Marki Ac, M a 0 T Vniae, Miaa
a W Mcl'eak, Mils A M Wynn, Miaa
A M Dlriig, Miss M R Mitchell, Miaa
E B Luoaa Aw, Tonn F Cleimaon, Tenn
Era Flemingi Ao, Ark J 11 Powell, Tenn
D J Klyoe, Tenn J G Fleming, Tonn
G 0 Chandler, Miaa Mia Adiuna, Tenn
Miaa Wilkeraon, Miaa ti CLucy, Pa
A B Harlan, Tenn J Crouiin. Tenn
W Mooring, lenn , S Nawc n, T nn
W l Price, Tenn 'f J I'lippen, Tenn
W A Ibnmpaou.Tenn T Polk, Tenn
A htornie, Ala Mra Farley, Tenn
R V Miller, Tenn J A Wright, fenn
W I Smith, Tenn Mra Gutowood, Ark
Mixa Gutewood, Ark Muator Giitewood, Ark
I 11 Uutohinaou.Ark W H Allan, Ark
TW Allen, Ark R E Klhig, Ark
C II Carlton, Ark P Cntcn, Ark
B tinnier, Ark P G McClure, Ohio
J C Tillman, Tenn AG Kyle, Miaa
U 1) Tnlar, Ar 1) A Moivell, Tenn
8 P Wilaon, Tonn J Kvina, Ark
J W Title, Mi R M (l.urJ. Mo
WHS llarria, Tenn ti I Poolin, Ky
G W Sia. den, N V J ,M Jhiiii, Ky
Mra 0 L Hill, A!n J II Hurria, Tenn
J O Smith, Tenn Lao lloyd, Ky
K R Anthony, lenn A B lliu-lau, Tenn
D W sharp, Miaa nra G vv onydor, N Y
MraW 11 Dickson.N Vl'erry fchorl, Mo
R U Elliott, La E Teary, Alia.
G Andoraon Ad.MirS W 11 Toby, Tenn
M B Jay. Tonn W T Allen. Miaa
11 J Allen, Miai .V D Kamlo, Miaa
A VVlber, Miai
J B.nghaiu, Miai
iiaiByV Euroiieau Kutel.
Corner ol' Adiytn and Main .treed. Xonmi,
50t, 7ro;nd SI per dari American Plan.
ti per M: ola Restaurant in the
Hotel. .ijAl. Dl'l-FV (10 y.axa with Pea
hoar Uoet;, Proprietor.
Mn Foat Ac. Ark F C Purchatd, La
Mn Foatr Ao, Ai
l V Bnirt", N V
r Pik.lVnn
a n i.ion, lenn
RC Ac-k ey, Mo
K Van Aken, Mo
A. Iv Clnrka. A rlr
H l ecer, mo
0 W VeJaruatt, La
V Vincock Aw. M i Mra V, J Hinon. k. Ark
rv u lauriiian, nra r riori,, ArK
J Harria, Tenn G T Rather, Mo
IVedOtt, Tenn JMKto.e.Ark
0 J Uouier, Mo ' 11 Jenks, Ohio
j M Urooka, Mo T I). Ramaey, Tonn
T D Newbern, Tenn C Wallace, Ark
A s Rodaora. Ark II Ii Iloldan. Tmn
F Hall, Tenn W C Tichnor, Tonn
R K Cam
po.ii, lenn j u mormon, lenn
i ti Kinme. Tenn
J S Kinney, III
II Wickhiier, Tenn
L Flrbel, MiM
P B Soxlon, Tenn
C A ll'iyea, Miai
V I) Grnv. lou li
a uiibert, Ky
u L slater lii, Tenn
A EClark. Ark
C W Belding, Ia
1' 1) Rauisoj, Tans
. C f hell, Ark
icaJ 11 Morria, Ark
J M t'otner, Tenn
W 11 Barcua. Tann
D J Newbern, Ky
W J Htophen on, A
W h Pointer, Mill
G Holme, lenn
J W Philiips, Tenn
J J Shields Mo
D Larkin, Ala
A J Jnron Aw, Ark
I 1
R W ella, Ark
mti beka, Mo
J T Johnana Avr.Ohio F McConnell, Mo
E S Johmon. mo J n i ninr, aiu ,
J B Maver. Ark D H White, Tenn
ytl llotlonboraj.Tenn S Wile, Mo
Kuan, Tenn W A J Davie, Tenn
J Noka, Tenn HSIrvinTenu
Friday HuH'.r',
(Formerly Commercial Hotel,)
Cor. Front and Jefferaon Sta., M.mplili.T.na
J. It. Paiauv, Prop'r, of Richmond. Va.
Tranai.nt rata., tl 60 to ti p.r day.
T V Rt hlni Af, Ark MraMayfe'd Al'o.Tenn
MraBirkheadAd.TennT B hich,.N N AUVRy
J W iVlctlallaw. Mo Geo Cnnklin, Mo
BEMcGuirk, Mo A J Vincent, Ind
w m Flaming Ga AMR Brnnann, Ark
D M Daucy, N Y J R Well., M 1. Ark
C W Wilroy, Mill F K Brown, Ai
Mra K L.ndroigl, Ark Mra L Valdeken, Ark
A 11 Janiiaon, Mill J II Cocke, Tebn
S M Tarlev.Tenn B llarria Aw. Ark
J M Rii-e Ach, Mo W A Tirler, Tenn
H W CraeryAw, ansa r u w iiinima, lena
M K Wilaun, lenn
J Garner, Miaa
O II Keid, Miaa
K L Mmpaon, Tena
j 1 Cruovliua, Ky ,
J MorriJi n. Mill
11 Aroiilagx, Tenn
A J Jotira, Ark
V 1. B eraing, rai
G 11 Calvilia, Miaa
.1 11 1MI, To I
Geo llraner, Tenn
J R ltcivoa. T-nn
T A HoborU, Jllaa
R J Miunnon, Mial
K L liamillon, Mm
S Garner. Miaa
0 W Anderaon, Tena
J R Smith, Mia.
11 L Aakew, Ky
M J Donnbue, Mill
J U Hughe, Tenn
K B Klliridge, Tena
A J Mad Jin, Ark
J L Calville, Mia.
J 11 Collins, Ark
J L Kthridgo Af. Tex
J D llaaery, Tena
J S Kaaaer, lenn
F P Gullin, Mill
P Tai'P. Miaa
W A M'rallnu, Mill
PMbelw Batcl. .
0. B. 8ALL0WAT CO Pioraiaroaa.
Kataa a. htl and (3 ar day. aeeordiog ta
ia and location of room Special
made rata..
LBtraiabargar. NT W R Beharrell lad
L H Teittebaam. Oa Mra CloiUreran, Pa
MlMCloiUrman, Pa L 8 Logan, Ky
V viaroa, a jnoetral, fa
John Donnelly. Ala
R V Hlawart. Mo
n w rorter, Ara
W P Row, Tann
J F Tillman, Tens
M A Cotton, Md
M W Bliai, Mo
I N Bee, N Y
K A Bailey, O 0
E Fisher. Ga
J H Bowden, Misa
D C F Partner., Ill
R A Flagg. Ill
K A Judkini, Mo
6 H Martin, N Y
A K Alwater, Mill
C H Ault, Mo
J L Driver jr, Ark
E A Huck, lenn
W OFIynn.Tenn
J C Head Aw, Tena
W T htra'ton, La
W RCady, Mo
Geo McCandlea, Ky
JR Weill, Ark
Q Fitigerald, Tena
C M Cam born. Tena
E Robinaon, La
John Diamond, Pa
R H Knowlea, Mo
F M DuVal. Tenn
KM Allen, Ind
Oeo Miller, N Y
P H Goodloe, Miai
JN Decker, Ark
P Meller, La
K D Palmer, Ohio
E 0 Oaborne, Ark
A Mcntgemery.Mill
C P Moore, Mil.
H Park! jr, Tenn
E T Denoey, Ala
W L Boyd. Ky
II U MeCaleb, La
G W Morgan Aw, Ark
J Howard, lenn
A D Griffin, M-
W L Brown, Mo
L, w vyynne, JHiai
u n m pari a, ArK
J W Draughen, Mill ; D E Pri-hard, Kan
W Qv. Tenn
Mra P Walter.. Ark
8 H Smith, Tenn
M F Smith, Miai
T W Hughes, Miaa
W R Mu lim, Trnn
Mm Miller, N Y
R K Polk, Tenn
John A Ward, Teno
T P Kelly, Ky
J B McKlwoen, Ga
J C Davia, Tenn
II J Dear. N Y
Willie Brown, Mo
Til Stuart, Mo
L A Weisteigor, Mill
F Back jr. La
J V Seymour, Tenn
I Ruaa. Tann
W A Percy Aw, Mi.i
T B Honker Aw, Miai
D U Hawkins, Tenn
J A Miller Aw. N Y
Z E Kerr, Ark
H W Uradlev, Ky
U D Lea, N Y
8F Woodson, Ga
R J Morn.. Mo
CH Marshall, NY
W B Thompson, Mo
A II Summers, Tenn.
CDWingDeld. La
JF Tillman, Tenn
h H Boston, Tenn
JJ W bbarp, Mia.
J B Collyai, Tenn
D L McKea, Miai
W M Tyler, Ohio
E G Davidson, Tenn
JB Yarcey, Tenn
ai MaoDonald, Mo
W Dempf. Ky
W U Flynn, Ky
II - D Collins, Tenn
E Vaughn, Tenn
B Ruffin. Tenn
J J Price, Mill
RFTisdale, Tenn
R C Gravea.Tenn
Jaa Byara, Tenn
I) E Campbell. Mo
Walter Green. Ky
C A Harding. Ky
J R Soaiei, Tenn
A Becker, Tenn
W S Moore. Tenn
j'l . uinaui ojic. aiii.ou, leua
Col B Bowden, Tana W A Percy, jr. Tenn
J Manning, Ala Mri J Manning, Ala
B Mitohell, la V J Chanda, 111
W Cloud, Kla C Boydton Af, Ark
A Maury, Ark (' Bngga, Tenn
W J Mixon, Tenn J W Levy, Mial
E Warflold, Ark.
W. J. aciNLAR'a count t.
W J Scan I an H I Leech
Ueo W Deyo Geo W Barnura
Bidney R Ellis A F Morrell
Charles Dade John Launf-
Miii Warren Misa Lee.
jvt A Bland, Miai
J W Allison, Tenn
Fine Jewelry t SIairard,.
' r
Memphis Bteam Laundry, No. 224
Second ttreet. Calls and deliveries
Larorrt size new pianos sold on In
stallments of $8 pet month. D. H.
Baldwin's, 25S Second street.
He Who Hesitates Is Lost,
and His Pocketbook
BSsTBusiness is booming at the Mis
fit Clothing Parlors, 262 Second
street. Business is never dull where
Push, Pluck and Energy are dis
played. Tho people are alive to their
own interests, and they always seek
the place where they can get the
most for their money.
That extra choioe bargain lot of
COATS, spoken of in our last adver
tisement, are going at a lively rate.
It you want a phenomenal bargain
don't hesitate. Coma at once. An
other choice lot of Suits arrived yes
terday. New goods are rolling in all
the time. We never have any Old
or Shop-worn Goods. You are sure
of the Very Best Cloth and the Very
Best Make. Better still, you are
sure of the Very Lowest Prices.
Don't Shiver and Shake !
So low are the prices at the Misfit
Clothing Parlors that there is no
excuse for going without a good, sub
stantial and warm Overcoat. We bat
ter down all opposition by buying only
where we get good Overcoats far be
low their real value. If we paid
full price for our goods we would
have to ask full price for them. But
we never pay full price for them.
Often we pay less than half price.
Is it any wonder, then, we can sell
and low prices are a luxury. We
have both. One pair ot our fine
Custom-made Pants will outwear
two pairs of ordinary ready-made
trowsers, and yet our prices arc al
always the lowest.
Clothing Parlors
262 Second Street,
Oup. Court Square, Memphis, Tenn.
N.R Remember, all alterationi to
insure a Perieot Fit, DONE FREE
MTFor the XEXT 30 DAYS
we will Brll Ovorfoatn. In nil
Shadca nun Sizes, at 50 rents
on the dollar ' Extra-long
Overcoats, for Tall Men, nat
received. .
m ... tl
mum i$Mmm
Agent and Commission Merchant and Wholesale Dealer.
. . , .1 ., A IT
listing ol titovel, Furoitute, Q ieensware. Tinware and Houiehold JrTarniah n iloodi, wa
will sell cheaper than any other house in the eity. Hive ni a oall,
P.B. All kinds ol New and Second-hand Stovei and Machinery for tale 'heip.
Wa buy all kinds of Rag and all grades of Cotton, Iron, Bones, Hides, Van, Metals and
Feathers. .Biirheit Cash Prices Paid and Prompt Returns Made on all goods consigned; o
ma. lOOO 'tosta Old Iroai . W iConespondenoe solicited, and frica Lilt
lent en application.
400,411 ami US Shelby St. and rl Weale St., Memphis. Tenia.
V ' a"' V
u. a. litriuiviij
Lato J. I. LaPrada Co.
T n, T . Tl T, . ttj
tti-' ;t' .' k tsrsr'
No. 301 Front street, MetupMs, Teim.
aarrjarlng retired from tbe Saddlery and Harness basineii and opened aa offloe at abore,
wa are pleased to announce to our triends and the public generally that we ara now prepared
to serve them In oar new capacity. Returning thanks tor the very liberal patronage ex
tended ai in the old line, wa trait to merit and receive a share of yoar favors in the new.
atoK af
s -
e I : .nt-V, - e r.;.J r .
W ta" 'itl 1 1 mriViaa'f- ai ism jraailawilii.iaiiiaiiTHTriiil'iirilrv- If, iw W
D::rs, Sash, Blinds, Mdino. L
lath and Shinglas, Flooring, Celling and. CwlaTgtegA
aaaaaaaai I .1 I aaaaapaia,aaaaaaaaa.aaaa i I. I aiaaai . f
FOUNDRY & MACHINE DEPT. 160to 174 Adam? $t XemphT
lrom and
If,- - r ft"
. t naiiun,
Front. Wl
Work. fcaaana.
IRON & RAILWAY SUPPLY DEP'T, 226 and 228 Second St.
(Bucoeiion in thil lepartment to JOHN MAN03UK.)
aarWrlte ns for information on ANY THINO in either line
-Deposits rocelv.d in inmi oi $1 and upward, and interait allow.d on lama B te.fi
aay-W. buy and sell local Inrestment llor.ds and Securities generally, pay taiei, act u
trnsteei, and, in general, azesuta any financial buiinaii requiring a safe and retponiibla
sar Wa inn drafti, in iubii to init purchasers, on all parti of Europe,
ar We have a commodious Vault (or the depoiit ol valuables, which is at the service al
our customers, Fr of libarKe.
1). P. HADDEN, PresIdenU EVH. U0LU8MI1U, Vlce-rresldeat
JAiWFH W ATM 1ft. Cantor.
Urn. t7g AlffD ISO mo NT STREET. MESWTl.
Cigars and Tobacco
37 Main street- p. Court SnriS. IrTeuiphja. Tenn.
J. . IA1A0K.
. . ana.
Uliol&sale Grocers & Cotton Factor
t9 Trom.t jBtraet, Uaaaplala, Temtk.
aiUa.l ta ai will kava ar Mnral at tea Ilea. W. aacry atall M
aaiaatad st.k .1
Ctza& Fancy Grsesri63,Wlnt,Uqu9rtJok&$n&Clssr
wal will aoll
it 1 1 ?
a a ?.
ae ms.-. j
. D . U H..1. .,u.t'
Chickasaw Ironworks
08 Seoond Memphii, Tenn.
.niflnes, Boilers, SawmllLa,
Bradlord Corn and Tieat Mill
Cotton Press, Cotton OSnn,
ShanioK, J'nllei A.tt.
SPECIAL MOirrB We ara prepared to t!I order,
on idoti notioe, for the oeleorated M ml art Patent
WronKli-' Pnlley. Wo oarry in itock 0Tr
Two Hnndrad Asiortad buci.
or Bend for Catalogue and Frisa-liit.
LaU with J. I- LaPrada Oo
- 'TTpi.'TvJV .(" 1
Bar IrOB
Boiler Iran
Hoop, Bane)
Sboet Iron
A '.V.
i Rata,
V blvcla.
Ct. ,Kl.
Mir t Railway
a. a. pAjucia.
a. ia, vwmSSS)
Law a. th laanl.
llltaallUilflll tu

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