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The Memphis appeal. (Memphis, Tenn.) 1886-1890, December 16, 1886, Image 8

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t earn peak d Obl ltftate Train i
mor a itollowii lut Hm Ib S"
a.m.1 Bt. Louil fast Un. leave at 5:30
.an fut Its errlre at 1:30 p.m.! b.
Emu fait Un. mini at 8 :10 am.
faaijealppt 4 Tiamm.-Tnlni
aoreai lollowii NowOrieani mail arrive
dally at t:U0a.n.t leave daily tliOO pea.
fardi eooomeredation arrive! daily at t:A0
am. I Imtm daily at 3:to pp. Local
trelgh arrive dailrfareeptjSunday at3:30
a.m. I leave dnily (eaeept Sunday at 6:15
a.m. Ma traini do not itoo a iflac ita.
tloni, aor Whitehaven, Born Lake Neibit
lid Lot.
Miawmlpa VaNey Boil (I. H. O.
4 T. Ky.) Traini on thii roa fol
lowi i Now OrleHBi fast nail, dally, 1ovm
. i:X p.m. Vfroksborg eipresi, daily,
I,itu itlilSi.a. Maw Orleans fai nail.
dally, arrival a 18:10 a.m. Vlcksburg ex
press, daily, arrive a Ib;i5 p.m.
Iahrrlll. and Baan villa Train
ova at follow! i tut mail arrival daily at
il6a.m.t leave at 10:1U p.m.i mall leave
daily at 10:10 a.m.; arrival at 4:U0 p.m.
Brownsville aooomnjolatlom laavaa daily,
eioefit Sunday, at 6:(lup.m.i arrival dally.
eeiBunaev, at i:ou a.m. iitanaarauurei,
Osir ltMri IKiiaiH City . Hnriae:
rid anal Miaatil) Traini laava M. and
T. dvpo iai followi: No. 4, Kaniai City -Irei.
laava at 10:45 a.m.! No. S, Kama.
City uprose, arrival at 8:90 p.m. No. It,
taniai ctty mail, laavoi eto:i p.m.i No. I,
amaf Cilv mall, arrival at 8:45 a.m. No.
!8t. Louis and Chioaro egprea, laavai at
6:00 p.m. i Me. l.Bt. Louie and Chieanoax
pMii, arrival at 1:45 a.m. la affaot Sunday,
April 18, row),
empttla and Oharleataa Train
Jiove ai followi: Through aipran leave
ailyatKhOOp.m. Kail and axpraii laavai
all at 10 :00a.m. Bomarvllla aooommoda-
tion leave! daily, axoapt Sunday, at 4 :40
p.m. 1H-rough espresi arrival daily at 8:35
a.m. Hall and axpraii arrival dally at ICiUO
. id, Uomarvilla aooommodattoa arrival
dally, .xoapt bunder, at 8 :30 a.m.
Memphis, RlruHnKnnm and Atlaa.
lo Holly H prion Route Train! mora aa
allow! t No. 1 leave Memphii dally at 8:46
p.m. I arrival at Holly Spring! at 5:68 p.m.!
No. t loavaa llolly Borings dally at 8:10
a.m.) arrival at Memphii at 10:10 a.m.: No.
(i learn Memphii daily at 7:1 p.m., arrival
at llolly Springs at 11:45 p.m.i No. 6 laavai
Holly Spring! daily at 8:15 e.m., arrival at
tempo iiiB:ae,
makli and I.lttle Rock. Train I
move aa tollnwtt (nantral standard tltnaif
No. 1 laavai dally at 4:26 p.m.i arrival at
':np.m. no. ueavei at o: a.m. : arrival
at 9 iif a.m. No. 6 (freight) laavai llopefleld
Built (axoapt bonday) at 3:80 a.m.) arrival
:ai p.m.
For Alnhamn : Fair weatlier; variable
windt; dightly warmer.
For Miuiuippi and LouUiana : Fair
weather; variable windt, becoming touth-
erly; ilightly warmer,
For Tennetm: lair weather; touih-
westerly wimlt; warmer,
For leant: Fair weather; variable
windt: liighlly warmtr,
For Arkatuat: Fair weatlier; variable
windt; $lightly warmer.
The Ohio will rue from Pitttburg to
Cincinnati; Vie other river will continue
to fall
eteteorolnKleal lleporl.
MuMTHii, Tikk.. December lft, IRfM.
7:00 a.m.
8:00 p.m.
10:00p.m 1
10.010 31.0
HO 141 1. 30 0
'30.2371 V.7.0
Maximum tmuporHtare, 54.
Minlrunm tomperoture, 27.
Oxorje, 11 a.m., 1.
Rainfall, 0.20.
city nmvs.
lht Jritli Minitrel by Scanlan and
company at thn Theater tnulght.
Thore will be no night perform
ance at the Theater next tuturdny,
Quite an abundance of large and
email game can bo found on Front
The chilly cold wave flag waved
ovtfr the Custom House yesterday
There wra no field trials at
Grand Junction yesterday owing to
bad weather.
Tlie Amuteur Athletic Aonnciation
will give a reception and dance on
Tuoiday, the 28th luatant.
Tomorrow evening a hop will be
given by the proprietors of the Qayoeo
liotel to the lady Kuaetg.
A negro named Rube Dracken was
arrmd yesterdfty evening by Hergt.
Bcott lor stealing a pair of hoea.
The eale of scate for the Hoee
Coiihlan engaetuent at the Theater
next week will open at Mulford'a to
monow moining.
The conaoliilatlon of the atreet
railway companies was not effected
yesterday. One of the now company's
Biocauouiers in noiuing dsck,
Vlondny next an election for mag
Is'rttn will he held in the Fifth Civil
District, to fill the vacancy caused by
me oeatn oi justice j. oi. U Jlanrke
I he Toplar s rent turnpike from
Dnnlap Httettt to a dixtanoe of one
mile In the suburbs Is in a fjarful
condition and shou'd have Instant at
Two electric lightt have beun
placed on Etnt Court stree'. onn at
the corner of Third, and the ether
near Charleston avfiiue. They were
badly needed.
The following numbers drew the
larger prlxes In tlio Louisiana lottery
last rnesiiay: JNo. 1)3.174 tlrew U;0,
(XX), 97,409 draw $T0.1K)0, 72,50i drew
f60,000, 80,300 and 8712 drew $10,000
At the NiSjisiippl and Tennrasee
railroad depot two new daylight
coaches are on exhibition. They are
handsomely furnished and equipped
with a view to the convenience and
comfort ot passengers.
At tbe Criminal Court veaterdav
the cae of The Btite vs. Russell God
win, indictment for murder, was called
lor trial. Uoomol for defense stated
that bavins to take dmioaitlnna In tst.
Louis iu the cae, they asked for a con
tinuance. It was gtantod, and the
trial as sat for Monday, January 24th
The Arrangement Conimitteeof the
Moicliantr Kxrhange eDtettainment
mt't yrsttrdav afternoon, and decided
ihat uamns of gues! must be tarnished
to the Invitation Committee. Members
etheiefore requstd in making ap
plications for tickets to please furnish
the names of the peisoaj tor whom
they are Intended.
The following named parties re
cekfd marriage liceuaes yesterday:
J. W. Parker and, Misi Lnna Higgin
botham, J. W. Prondlit and Miss IU
mie-i-. Luca?, Win. E. Carter and Miss
Mom. w. Hhelby, Oliver B. Ferguson
and Misi Beulah A. Matthews. Wm.
Harvfcl (colored) and Mils Jans lien-
Mr.il. I. Kiafford, who, wIUi his
family, was lust on the steamer . ' M.
Whits noar Bayou Kara last Monday
night, was a member of Knight
Templar Comrnenderv, No. 4, of Alein
phis. The fciir KulgLis of the Com
mander telegraphei to have proper
search mad for the bodies of their
deceued brother and family and have
there forwarded to Mtmplns for inter
meet. The Equitable Building and Loan
Association was organized yeatcrday
with the following list of oillcers: J.
J. Duffy, president; Lonis Goldsmith,
TlC president! J. W. Cochran, tress-
urer; Bamoel Hlrach. aecretary, B. W.
Hireh, attorney. Directors fh. h.
Halle, Henry Laebrnann, L. V.
son, II. Gronaner, Bam. Moo'c, Henry
Hurst, a. Morris.
Albert Corbett, a negro hack man,
was arrested laat night by Capt Hack
ett on a charge of misdevaeanor. Cor
bett was given charge o't a baggy, and
when the occupant returned to it
they fonnd that a clos k, a pair of slip
pern and soma other weaung apparel
had been taken awcy. Coibett said he
knew nothing about tbe thing', but
the owners had Lim arrested, and be
will have a beati g thia morning.
Appreclatiig tbe interest a g'eat
number of onr readers manifest in the
national field trials, now being held at
Grand Junction, the Atpxal bas full
telegrapblo report forwarded of each
day s course. Quite a number of onr
local sportsmen and business mtn
have personal inttsrets in the result.
Thvse onteets arc growing in magni
tude each year, and they excite ss
much Interest In a national sense a
any race horse meeting held in the
Union. In England field trials have
been for years a national institution,
and in a year or eo they will be in
tins country.
Some weeks ago the residence of
Mr. Robert Allen, at the corner of
Uadden avenue and Bonth streets, was
entered by thieves, who succedeu In
gettirg away with an overcoat. A
connhni Din found on the rear norch
next morning after the robbery created
much excitement in the neighbor
hood, and the theory was advanced by
all that tbe thieves, if discovered in the
act, intended to commit murder. De
tective Pryde was detailed to investi
gate the case, and yesterday be ar
rested a negro named Morris Bcott
and a charge of larceny wasp'aced op
posite his name on the S ation ifonse
register, bcott will have a hoaring
this morning b afore Judge Madden.
F. W. Rnki.l, correspondent of the
New York 7imi, is In the city.
Mas. T.J. Latham is in Hopklns-
ville Ky., visiting tne lamiiy ot Mr,
Joseph Wooldridge.
Custom J, Enarnur, of Yookers,
N. Y., manager of the Bote Coghlan
Dramatic Company, is in tne city.
Missis GmtTRBDa and Jshsib Al
corn, of Hagls Nest, Mies., are at the
I'eabody Hotel, the gnest of Miss Pet
Db. M. Nar Smith, Tapeworm Bps
clallst, has returned to Memphis, and
will remain a few days at Mo. 72 Madi
son s'recf. Bee "ad" on first page.
Consultation tree.
Gin. Wm. Pbshton, of Kentucky, Is
stopping at Dully s Europoan Hotel
and will leave t"r nls home In Lexing.
ton. Ky., at 10 a.m. by the Louisville
and Nabiiviiie railway.
Wm. A. Stohb. a voung gentleman
who was raiaed in Memphis, and has
an Immense number ol (riends and
w,ell wiBhers, has become connected
with the wholesale drug store of J. J.
Miles. II there were nothing else to
make him popular, manv would ad
mire him because he is the son of
"Old Charley" Stone, who waa a news'
paper man a fojd many years ago, and
who, as well aa his family, have the
good will of all.
Shane-Na-Lawn was again presented
last evening, and will not be repro
duced until Saturday matinee. Mr.
Bcanlan sings a number of pleasing
songs during the progress of the play
and tnakna a moi t favcable impres
sion. The play is amnting and inter
esting and I he people In the oast make
the most of it. Tonight and tomorrow
night will be prodnoed Fred Marsden's
romantic drama, The Irith Minttrel,
Hoae t'oghlaa.
Thia celebrated actreea will surely
have a large week at the Theater
Christmas. There has not neon a
star in Memphis for years, or If ever,
wbo was ao strongly supported as
Miss Cogblan. The following is from
the Boston Journal as to her "Lady
Teaxle in School for Scandal: Misa
Coghlan hsa endeavored to nrnke her
presentation of the comedy as natural
as possible. She herself has played
the leading lady role ccorea and
scores of times, and it was iu that
f art that she opened Wallack's new
heater in New York. Hhe dressHS
herself well in sccoidance with the
custom of "ye olden days," aud makes
a pretty stag picture. At the cIobo of
the first act Mies Coghlan haa a min
uet danced that gives a pertineut end
ing and serves still further to cairy the
mind back to the days of "Sir Peter"
and ' Lady Toaale." It seemed scarce
ly necessary, however, to alter the
text. Mies Cohlan's interpretation
of the character is one tht makes the
auditor like the lair lady in spite of
her faulta and does not cast a shade
over the part, as could be easily d ine.
Her "Lady Toagle" has always a lively,
dashing air, but with her gossiping ac
tion toes a sinceie, honest disposition
that shows at once that she Is stirred
to the discreditable follies ot the so
ciety in which she moves only by her
innocent desire couutry maid that
she is and ignorant of city ways to
be in the fashion. Her open coun
tenance end frank, merry laugh show
that she still possesses some "'country
prejudices'1 that will not let her join
force?, heart and soul, with the pre
vailing fol ios of the day. Her "Lady
Teazle has a saucy air aud there Is a
fresh couutry breea ness to her inter
pretation that takes off the edge of
half her "fashionable" and thought
less actions. Mr. Charles WaToot
gives "8irl eter" in good manner and
Mrs. Waloott was admirable in her
impersonation of that hypocritical,
self glorifying paragon of outside
gooJness and inward malice. "Mrs.
uandor. Mt. de Belleville as
' Charles' and the remainder of the
support also were good.
Miuii'ius Steam Laundry finish
shirts specially for evening wear.
Cut Flowers.
For fine cut flowers and boquets and
funeral designs of all descriptions and
decorations for parties and entertain
ment and woddings. A great many
of my friends are witness to the fact
that one ot the finest decorations ever
made in Memphis was at J. C. Neely's
last Thursday night. Bear in mind
you can get just as fins docorationa In
Memphis as in anv other city by giv
ing notice ahead at the greenhouse
and nursery, Hernando road, two
blocks soutn oi Hernando carve.
H. MOORK. Floriit.
Memphis Steam Laundry finish col
lars and cuffs equal to new.
And it stimulates and promote the
Iftowth of the hair.
Hnrnalt e KIh'T e rants ire .hr
Ma'Mriiu iSteaut Laundry. No. 224
Socond (trt'fct. CaJls and deliveries
free. ,
Thi cotton market la quiet. New
York spot off 116s all round.
Cot row receipts hera yesterday.
4898 bales', shipment, 4742 bales;
sales, 1300 bales.
la the leading markets yesterday
breadstuff's were off and unsettled and
provisions very firm.
JThi account of the immense ex
citement in tbe New York stock mar
ket yesterday will be fonnd in another
Vibitobs on 'Ckange yesterday: J.
M. Richmond, Providence, R. I.; Mrs.
Joe Meade, Miss Micnia Martin, Mrs.
E. K. Sbelton, city; the Hon. J as. M.
Gibson, Vicksborg; C. W. Bernard,
Wall Hill, Miss.
Thb reunion and reception of the
Merchants' Exchange, which will come
off on the evening of December ai'tb,
will be a most enjoyable affair. Re
ception will commence at 8 o'clock,
dancing at 6 o'clock. The refreshment
room will be opened at 9:30 o'clock
p.m. and remain open until 1 o'clock
a.m. The reception will take place in
the Merchantv Exchange room, the
dancing in the Cotton Exchange room,
and the refreshment will be spread
down siairs.
Tea following was posted by Secre
tary Hotter on the Cotton Bxcbange
board yesterday : "The movement of
cotton to Newport News, Va., tbis sea
son up to date amounts to. in round
numbers. 70.000 bales. This cotton
belongs to the net port receipt?, but
bas not been reported by eitner tee
Gold snd Stock Telegraph Company
or the National Cotton Fsohange, ow
ing to tbe fact that tbe Chesapeake,
Ooio and Southwestern railrcad au
thorities at Newport News have thus
far declined to give the information.
The matter is being investigated with
a view to a speedy correction."
At 22 12 Ceils a Yard.
100 pieces extra fine all wool Scar
let Flanuel (Medicated), mark
ed down from 40c a yard, and
sold now at that pi ice elsewhere.
At 0 1-2 Cents a Yard.
200 pieces English Twilled Bleach
ed Canton Flannel, best quality
made, and worth 20o a yard, and
Bold at that price elsewhere.
At $4 75 a Pair.
100 pairs Angora Wool Blankets,
beautiful, s ft and downy finish
worth $0 50 a pair, and sold at
that pries elsewhere.
X "
At $1 25 a Pair.
250 pairs ten-quarter white Bed
Blankets, wcrth $2 60 a pair, and
sold at that price elsewhere.
At $7 25 a Pair.
50 pairs extra large California
BlBnkets, worth f 10 a pair, and
Bold at that prica elsewhere.
Special Notice to Those Who
Intend to Buy Yore.
To Insure prompt delivery, and
to get the beet selection of Toys,
we cdvise all to come thia week
and not wait for the great rush
which is usual the few days pre
ceding Christmas.
C'briHtiunai Special tie.
8am May's, opposite Court Square,
is one of tne places where seekeis ol
articles appropriate for OhriBtmas
presents can ho accommodated. In
addition to the immense stock of
Furnishing Goods for gentlemen, the
department of pretty articles for ladies
has been greatly increased. It is one
of the houses that both gentlemen and
ladies should visit while arranging for
Christmas gifts.
A most doslrahly located house and
lot, No. 155 Hernando street, will he
sniu at puuue auction today at 12
o'clock m, at corner of Madison aud
Maine streets, by the secretary of the
German American Building and Loan
Association. Anyone wanting a good
home, convenient to business, should
atteud the sale.
In Odd Fellows' Bulldlna. is one of
the oldest snd most experienced deal
ers in ladies' Don nets and Lata. What
he says is good will he likely to prove
Advice to Mother.
Mr. Winslow'a Soothing Syrup, for
children teething, is the prescription
of one of .he best female nurses and
Ehysiclans in the United States, and
as been used for forty years with
never-failing success by millions of
mothers for their children. During
the process of teething its value is in
oalcuable. It relieves the child from
pain, cures dysentery and diarrh,
griping in the boweU, an I win! colic.
By giving health to the child it rests
the mother. Price 25 cents a nettle.
If you once try Carter's Little Liver
Pills for fcick headache, biliousness or
oonstipation yon will never be with
out them, 'lhey are pnre'y vegeta
ble. Small and easy to take, all drnir-
gists Ball thorn.
TJbm Hail ayoaa.
Cbas. fl. Rors....Maiiacar.
Ratar 12 50 toM par day, aoeording to laaa-
tino of rooisa.
J M Richmond, R I OeoJ R Chalmars.Miii
MFCook.Kr Mm F Hardim, III
Aubrey, Teno II Bonlan. lann
H B Moo;e. Mn.i P N Fox, III
CW Allen, NY K M Kl.m. Mo
T J Maitland, Pa Mn J M Courtney. N Y
O Hoeker, jr, Ohio WEJenkini, NY
Q B Kollini, Mo J K Rollini, Mo
B 0 Marshall, Mo M Goldman, Mo
Mini Hebron, Miti Mini Mnbr, Mill
J W Allieon. Tenn W H Wriaat, Ark
WMBlim, Kai H S Cnnninaham, Kal
C. H Foote, Km F Winniniihaa), Mo
J 0 Arm.trnny. Ind I Snlerkman, N Y
P II (impiiell, Md M J Fritbur. Ohio
Dr Iiindnay, Tenn 8 M Jackion, Tenn
H T Harm, Miu II T FuririMon, Mill
VL Kobirieori Aw.Miiu (i M W In. hip Aw, La
Mi.f L Knox, Pa Jno M Hinei, Ha
M U Tr sevant, Tann KM Albert, Ohio
CO Brown, Ohio F I Parker, Mail
11 K lurner, Mail K L Wood, N Y
MilKeenau,Mo R J Orocker, Mo
K M Campbell, Ind C U Thacher, Kr
K M Biorlinj, Kr Jaroei Htoveni, Ky
Thoi Goodman, Ala J V Ilaynei, Ala
Kl'Wb tne, Mil. B J l-.r.nval, Mill
L A bin huau, Ark R B Dodie. Aik
8 T Mil-ins, Tenn J 8 Pinch, Tenn
K B Muive., Tenn K 8 tttilei. Mo
CBIInoD-r, Me W 8 Marl'n, MIm
8 vi.Uki at n,M)i W M , heel r, Mini
'i T While, Win L B Pittnon. ind
u 8 Kayinond, Ind I. O 'dmondi, Ark
T tiyattr, A k II J Bell, Atk
R Merri .ttitr. A.k CJoneR.Tenn
CJ fetharbrid.a,N V J W t'ldtidae 4f,MIn
U U hhuw, f y 1 it 11 Ma
I 0 Kendrlck. Mill Mr KKStovkard.Min
J A K 4r, Tein.
Uaaluu'a Hotel.
W. 11. BINUUAM MiMiOia.
Eoropean plan. Enlarged and relurnuhsd.
Frioi aomirding to aiie and loca
tion of rnnmi.
0 C Webb, Mid J W Robeion, Mini
J M Kobeion, Miu II D Etheridge, Tenn
J C Thomas, Tea Mn M A Andrewi.Ark
A F Mayber y, Ark Mii Mayberry, Ark
F F Madden, Mich DJCobn.JHo
R II M alker, Ala J A llaya. Ala
II Klder, Tenn Win Murphy, Tenn
U V lluinmerly, Mid A J West, Mini
A B Bine, Mm T Hnleman, Mill
(1 T Campbell, TtX H M llendernn, Tenn
Will Scott, Tenn K 0 Miller, Tenn .
J C Davis. Teoa 8 D Ksteridgo, Tenn
J F Warren, Tenn W R Thunton, Mm
(1 W Whitnrtnre.Mlil O A Kiirht. Ml.i
BO Hawtell, Tenn J T Runell, Tenn
u u uoKier, cngiana n, nwmueily, IN X
1 1 V.
J u Milan, lenn
U K W'over, Tenn
oL Hall. Ten
A Grnyion, Mill
C II Uaylord, Ark
8 K Uavia. Ark
R Davis, Ark
W R Thuraton. Tenn
W P Hale. Ark
J D Driver, Ark
L I) Blaner, Ark
j 1 Darner, La
Mn Tomlinpon, Ark W D Roduian&f, Ark
w njonei, lenn mn HaBhinood, Ark
CMorebead, 111 U W R Corlia.lr, 111
R W Mi-Daniel, Tenn W J Morgan, Tenn
J 0 Hamlett, Tenn E M Midget, Tenn
MSJiit. Tenn
w A Jnplin, Mo
8 W Kiohardioa, Mo
II (Irani, N Y
J W How, Miu
J B Aodrewi, Mill
M-? A C Donoll. Tenn
K K Wanner, Mo
C CbiKtuan, Mo
0 A Hill, Mill
KCMrait, Mill
11 u lloi e, lenn
Mifi L. Donell.Tenn W M Carter jr Aw, Mill
a wruomuiacK, inisi n n uicKnon, Ky
.1 vi Diobion. Ky T D Daniel, Ark
,1 1'IUB.OIl, Ay
J T Mum. Mim
li w tviiii, lenn
WJKaat, Mill
M A Burk water, Mii
W M Taylor, Ark
M Cooper, Tenn
8 11 fluntor, Mil
T P Ferguion, Tenn
Mn Burns, Miu
J Malone, Miai
W D Hawrie, Tenn
K L llurrt, Miu
W It Folk, Tenn
8 D Kobertu n. Mill
1, P Cooper, Tenn
8 Y t-haw. Mill
A (I Kyla Aw, Mini
J RCorlii.Tenn
F A Bruce, Ohio
w K 'l hunton, Ark
ALU dolott Af. ArkM Uavin. Tenn
A B Culien. Tenn R A Brown, Mill
J M Coppedgo, Mill H E Craig, Ark
W U Brown, Miu J M Mitchell, Mill
M Bolder, Mill.
PeabKly Hotel.
0. B. OALLOWAY k CO Pkoprictors.
Ratei til 60 and t'l per day. according to
me and location, of room Special
rn.de ratei.
A F Field, La J R Weill, Ark
W II Wright, Ark O U Jemon, Ark
ESMuir, Ky J P Mellon, La
F Manning. Ky K U Morrow, Ky
K R Han, Tenn E 8 Chadwick, Md
J R Thompion, Aik TJ Rtchardion, Ark
T B Odon, Ark L Brnham, Ark
T llartinnn, Ark R 0 Long, Mo
J W Keightley. Ky C T Koliy, Tenn
O L Mniy, Ark J B Chiitn, Mill
II i. Field. Tonn W White. Mill
B 0 lla'rmm. Ark M Beatua, Tenn
U Fidg r 'In, Tenn .1 D Black, Ark
V W 11 ugh. Ark E Mope e . Tenn
R K Me .uuk. Mi T F S-.tTaniiiii, Ark
W U .-hairod, A la A llaiuptou, ti t!
II M Miorrill, Ky J E 'fully, N Y
Mrn V II Ail ims.Tox V V Mc(lavo-k, Ark
T P Koily, Ky B J Busb". Tenn
A K Mill i. Mo Mn K M Yergur, Mill
Mn J A Cooner, Mill T W Hush, Ohio
W L Dewoody, Am II Q Kokntein. Ill
F A Morriion. Mim W ti Field, III
FM Polk, Neb J P Smith, Cl
H II McCuleh. La T B Yancey, Tenn
L W 8mita, Tenn W H Burdett, Ark
T Oormley, !Vld L Benham, Ark
JRBcalos, 111 Mr M E Smith, Ark
J Stone, Mill 8 B Harrii, Mill
F W Hnell, Ohio J M Snxton, Mo
0 8 Saxtm, Mo LI1 Friedlander, III
II P Miller, Tenn 11 0 Turner. Ky
D8 Kounta, Pa J A Deaton, Miu
A II Daihiefd, Tenu U V Tatum, Ky
11 II Matlack, Ky Iaanc Froiberg, Ohio
li (J IJriinw.Mo J L Simmons Aw, Mill
8 Pcrkim, Tenn W C Brooks, Tenn
T llarman, Ark C J Edseriy, N Y
Mi.-F J Alcorn, Mim Mini (1 Alo irn, Mill
A 1) (Iriffln, Mo W K Cady, Mo
F C Moore, NO A M King, Ohio
Leon Hunt, Tenn.
Prldity Jlonae,
(Formerly Commercial notel.)
Cor. Front and JcSerHon 8ti., Memphii, Tenn
J. 11. Pridiit, I'rop'r, of Richmond, Va.
Traneiont rutci, II 50 to 12 per day.
B E Lenin, Mill W O Cochran, Mill
W 0 Cochran, jr, Mini T J Shelton, Tenn
A W Lake, Tenn T V Nnel, Tenn
J Carpentor, Tenn W R Mullini, Tonn
J 0 Malion, Teun II T Blythe, Ark
A J Vincent, Ind J S Hill Aw, Mo
W W Brooki. Tenn W II lliilcheion, Mad
K ' D .Titt, Tonn M L Uenge, Misi
C Irby, Ark II Bower, Mill
J A Miller, Miu L H David, Ala
J II Phillipi, Ark J J Morgan, Ark
1 P Smith, Ark M J Allen, Misi
O (1 Scott. Mill A L Baker, Mini
CCBradlnrd.Tenti J II Onllin, Tenn
C L Whorton. Ark M B llarrli, Ark
Oeo Outlaw, Mo II J Woodi, Mo
K 11 Weill. Mo C 11 Migbon, III
C M ''arroll, Tenu T B Hajnei, Tenn
T K '.Irown, Ark R A Lytle, Tenn
P K Wondion, Tenn 0 A Douglass, Misi
(leo Yorgor.Tonn F A Will iams, Oa
C M Cox, Mill J J Cooper, Mill
J LO' Meal, Ark J N innre, Tenn
R N Blakouiore.TennF E Willis Aw. Mo
S 11 (lib. on, Tenn C L Barker. Mill
W J McOonald.Mins Chm T McKay, Mill
CBUobion.Ark D P Harrison, Ark.
Unfly'a Fiiropean Hotel.
Corner of Adaini and Main streets. Roomi,
Nl, 75c and II per dayt American Plan.
fi per day. Firt class Restaurant In the
Hotel. J.M. Dl l'FY (10 years with Pea
hody Hotel), Proprietor.
8 J McDonnell, Tenn A L Ankeny Aw, la
Misi B Ankeny, la
miss M Ankeny, la
W CTichnor, Tenn
i r Anaeny, i.
M Luckett, Ark
W U McKhane, Mo
W P York, Tenn
8 M Watt, Tenn
0 Holrars, Tenn
D P Wstsun Aw, Ark
Mrs F Taylor, T
A O Jacobs, Mill
A L Sebrig, Mich
F L Molloy. N J
DrM M Smith As.Tenn
8 Miles Pa
W A Sloan, Tenn
T Welsh, Tenn
J M Brooks, Mo
L D Blann. Ark
M K Davii, Ark
H Davis, Ark
II J Patterson. Tenn R 11 Webb, Tex
II C Beldina. Tex
A E Cl..rk. Ark
W J Adams. Tenn
j C Cowan, N O
L F Burnet, jr. Ark
D Pursley, 1C
II N Davie. Misi
C M Black, Tenn
W H Ford, III
J J Hicks, Tenn
T 11 Ward. Tenn
T K Nelson, Tenn
1) C Jackfon, Tenn 11 N Patton, D 0
J L Weaihernead, Pa 8 J Cooper, Mo
OMAllon.Jex AAV, hue, Miss
W II Davis, Ind J U Bean.Md
A L Phelpi, Ml-h A 8 Phelin, Mich
W II Connely, Ind C J Uorman, Tex
L M Taylor, Mo (1 C Taylor, Mo
K R Alexander, Misi J L Coleman, Ark
Jt 0 Coleman, Ark 8 I Pool, Mill
C 11 Watson. Ark P C Barker, Mill
in, ma r v oaraer
11 N KobarUoa. Miss.
A UriiifgUt's Ktory.
Mr. Isaac C. Chapman, druggist,
Kewhurg, N. Y., writes us: "1 nave
for the past ten years sold several
gross of Dr. William Hall's Balsam for
the Lnngs. I can say of it what I
cannot say of any other medicine, I
have never beard a customer speak of
it but to praise its virtues in the high
est manner. I have recommended it
in a great many cases ot whooping
cough, with the happiest e fleets. I
have used it in my own family for
many years; in fact, always have a
Uitlle in the iooJioiie closet ready for
William Qiilnu
is a candidate for MauUtraie of the
Filth Civil District, comprising the
Firnt, Second, Third and Eighth
Wards and Dig springs, to till the va
cancy made by the death ot John M
Kourke. Election December 20, 1886.
By 9. H. Keatlmc-D. Maaaat Co.,
Mr. W. H. Magill is canvassing the
city in the interest of the publishers of
the above va'oable work. As it will
be the only authen'ic volume devoted
entiiely to tbe history of Memphis
and Shelby county, it is eminently
worthy of tne support of all classes of
the people of Memphis. So hi Mr.
Magill has met with enthusiastic sup
port, and feels greatly encouraged.
J. N. Ford to John Clements, 60x176
feet, pa t lot 74, Willo Wi liama sub
division; considera'ion, $:05.
Sarah Sco t to (trust deed) Oscar
Eidlty, trus ee, to sreme A. Bryan in
tbe sum of $100, west half of lot 34 of
Cherry & f aid -veil's subdivision.
David 6. Pattiaon (deed) to Mer
chants Cotton. Prpjs and Storage Com
p ny, part of block 4, Butters addi
tion io Memphis ; conde'atioo, $6500.
J. H. Thonnpsin to II. R. Bats, part
of Jot 209, City if M. mphis: co:sider
ation, $3000.
, EVAS8VILLE. IND., December 15.-Nidht-Rirer
7 feet V inchei on the (autre
and fHllinjt. Weather thermometer 22".
Departed: U. P. Bchenck, New Urleani.
He Who Hesitates Is Lost,
and His Pocketbook
KaTBusinesa is booming at the Mis
fit Clothing Parlors, 262 Seoond
street. Business is never dull where
Push, Pluck and Energy are dis
played. The peoplo are alive to their
own interests, and they always seek
the place where they can get the
mdst for their money.
That extra choice bargain lot of
COATS, spoken of in our last adver
tisement, are going at a lively rate.
If you want a phenomenal bargain
don't hesitate. Come at once. An
other choioe lot of Suits arrived yes
terday. New goods are rolling in all
the time. We never have any Old
or Shop-worn Goods. You are sure
of the Very Best Cloth and the Very
Best Make Better still, you are
sure of the Very Lowest Prices.
Don't Shiver mid Shako !
So low ore the prices at the Misfit
Clotuinq Parlors that, there is no
excuse for going without a good, sub
stantial and warm Overcoat. We bat
ter down all opposition by buying only
where we get good Overooats far be
low their real value. If we paid
full price for our goods we would
have to ask lull price for thorn. But
we never pay full price for them.
Often we pay less than half price.
Is it any wonder, then, we can sell
and low prices are a lnxury. We
have both. One pair ot our fine
Custom-made Pants will outwear
two pairs of ordinary ready-made
trowsers, and yet our prices arc al
always the lowest.
Clothing Parlors
262 Second Street,
Opp. Court Square, Memphis, Tenn.
N.B. Rouiember, all alterations to
insure a Porfeot Fit, DONE FRES
169-For the XEXT 30 14YN
we will aril Ovcr-coiti, In all
Shades aud Size, at 50 cents
on the dollar- Extra long:
Overcotatfi, lor Tall Men, Just
Wholesale and Retail.
3178 Second Street.
Anil Agenti for tie Purchase, Bala or
Lease ci Lands,
vSpeclal attention given to the examina
tion of titles.
aur Landi aJrertlieil and placed npon the
market, free ot charge, nnlefi a sale ii made.
Boots and Slices
261 3MCAI3XT ST.
eotnple'e than ever, eompriiina not only the beat and tnest but alio full llnai of me
dium, durable and itjliih foodi, whioh we offer at low figures.
TO THB TRADK we ofter ipeeial Inducements. Carrying most of onr good la
SOLID SIZES, we are prepared to All orderi lor special ilsea at KO EXTRA CObX, tha
nabiing Merchants to 111 in without being oom polled to bur eoodi not needed.
Ag-enta ror the Olebratrd W. L. ook1h t3 Mru'a Calf 8bue and 83"
Boys' Shorn In all air lea. "
R. DUDLEY PKATN1R, Prraldoml.
n. s. niiAiia, aauier.
e. i. McDowell, r. dudley fratser. wm. a. Williamson, r. j. black.
"Deposits reeeired from DO cents upward, atnd Inter eat allowed on lame leml-annia-
allr. will Bur and Sell Local Securities act as Trustee, Receiver, etc. , for Corporalioni or
Individual!. Can becnue Onardian, Adoiiniitratir. Mo. Bur end Sell Kxohange. Special
attention paid to Collection!. Money can be draw tint at an; lime, when desired
for inreitment in Real Estate or otherwise. Have a oominodioui Vault for the Deposit ot
Valuables for the benefit of Ketnlr CnHtomera, free ol charre. Sale Deposit Bexel (or
rent. Hwyings especially solicited. A Oeprflitorr nf the Mtnte of Tentieisee.
Wrt"-wsg-" 1rr W lat waWdwat
Agent and Commission Merchant and Wholesale Dealer.
WW Having rurohssed the entire itock of Henrr Perei, 84 Beale itreef at a low figure, eoa
isting of Stoves, Furniture, Queemware, Tinware and Household Furnishing Ooodi, w
will sell cheaper than any other house in the city. Give us a call.
P.S. All kinds of New and Second-hand Stovei and Machinery for sale chesp.
We buy all kinds of Hags and all gradei of Ootton, Iron, Bonei, Hido, Fun, Metali and
Featheri. Higheit Cain Prices Paid and Prompt Return! Made on all goods consigned; 0
me. lOOO Ton Old Iroa ; Wanted.) (Correspondence lolicited, and x'rice Lilt
lent onrapplication.
4M,411anl4ia Slielby Kt.and 1 Reale Sf.,Mennlil.Tcnn.
j a li.. r-
r i J X-
0' fV
Wo. S31i Front Kfret, or. Fnlon, Memphif, Tenn.
-Deposits received la lumi ol 1 and upward, and Interest allowed oa lame BenaH
W We buy and lell local Investment Bond! and Secnritiei generally, pay taiei, aci af
trustees, and, in general, execute any fluanoia! businen requiring a lata andreiponilbla
aar We issue drafts, In lumi to luit pnrohaseri, on all parti of Europe
wWebaveacommodioui Vault for the deposit o! valuables, which ll at the lervloe al
our ouitomers. Free of liarg:e.
D. P. HIDDEN, President EWD. GOLDSMITH, Vlce-Presiilext,
JAMFS NATHAN, raoalcr.
FOUNDRY & MACHINE DBPT,160to 174 Adams St Memphip
Iroa and
F route
. jllry'- f. 0!Ll J::V "
-Mill.. . ,
..;; ?nrrZml?iZ. -ri; Jrri'aTTTc - vk) Waahera
(Sncseiion In this lonartment to JOHII MANOQCE.l
rWrtte os for information on ANY TIHNOI In either line.
TTnTrnlSnggS ILaIE3'i7"IS3
Cigars and Tobacco
875 Wain SireeU Opn. C-onrt Kqnare. Me mpMmTewn.
JLf.tAlAJO. 0.0. mi. E. A. PAEOK. B. k VMSSTl
Uliolesale Grocers & Cotton Factory
St Fron. 8tret, Memplnim, Tau f
OaMea eeajigied te as will have ear earefal atUatlea. We earry at U Katee a gjg
awieeted ateek ef
Ctipls & Ftncy Grseeriet, Winss, Llqucnjsiacw & Clrqj
a Sid will 11 tow ,
To Planters, Merchants & Ginnera
The leason ii approaehing when Cotton becomei Dusty, Damp and Heavy. By the uie ol
Yonnample li Improved and Value of Cotton Increased Machlnei'for'ialelby j
100 Co 171 AduuL Street, Meniulil'S teuwu'! '
W. (f. Wfl.KFRSOW. Tlea-Prealdeaf,
nn.n a: vaw, a
Chickasaw Ironworks
98 Second St., Meniphla, TcvrC
j ' .nifluieB, ISollero, NhwuiIIIh,
Bradford Corn and Wheat Mill.,
f'olton Jrei8, Cotton tiliiH,
Nlinftlui;, f'nlley v, j-..t c
setCIAI. NOTICE We are prepared to fill orderi?
on soor: nctioe, far the oeiO"rted Hedart Pateeit
Wrnli-. iu ullev. We oarry In itook over
Two Hundred Assorted ;mvi.
"Send for Catalogue and Price-list.
liar Iron
Boiler I re a)
Hoop, Basel
DEFT, 22tf and 228 Second Sfj

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