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n 6
Bra Botlkb, with his usosl modest
ud unaffected air, snswerlng a re
porter who asked if he thought of en
tering for the Presidential contest of
1888, aaid : 'I hope I have arrived at
a time of life at which I need, person
ally, neither to seek or fear Presi
dential elections." Devilish sly, Ben,
devilish sir.
Bcodli Alsihmax McQdadi will
be sentenced today and will at once
be sent op to Sing Sing to join bis fel
low conspirators who are now serv
ing their -tims in that prison.
There they' will shortly be
Joined by Sharp and Richardson,
the bribers and by o her Aldermen
who helped to consummate the sale of
the Broadway surface franchise. The
people of New Toik are thus vindicat
ing their right to self-government and
their abhorrence of the boodle busi
ness, which has cost them eo much of
money and good name.
Taa friends of the Memphis Bridge
Company in Congress are doing a'l
they can to secure the ptssage of the
bill now before the House, and will
try t3 call it np today. This will be
good news for our city readers,
our merchants especially, who
have been chafing at the dc
lay in securing this legislation,
which is all that is needed to cap the
climax of onr present prosperity. Ev
ery influence in tbe city should be
united in a hearty indorsement of the
attitude of our Representatives and in
urging the votes of those of the ad
joining States in carrying the measure
Th City Council yesterday passed
a resolution adopting tbe report of
the Committee of Ten and pledging
themselves to take the necessary steps
to secure legislation looking to the
construction of vja'er works by the
city, and the furnishing of an adequate
supply of pore, clear water to the
people. This is in keeping with the
declared policy of the Taxing District
government, and will sat sfy and grot
ify the people. It is what they have
expected, and is a finality of all con
troversies as to the city's attitude on
this question. Judge Walker will
now proceed to draw up a bill
and our Representatives and Senators
will be reqneEtd;o secure its passage,
so that the work of construction may
be entered.upon at as.early a day as
It is to be hoped that every Demo
crat in the House will vote for a bill
to pay the poor negroes the sums
they were lobbad of by tke misman
agement of the Freedman's Savings
and Trust Company. A croel
robbery deliberately planned
by the men to whom the
depositors had confided their lit le
savings, the goveromant is bound by
every oonsideratioa of jastice to reim
burse them. It fathered and fostered
that institution and thus became it
indcrdsr, and therefore is reBpinsib e
for its 1ots3S. Congressmen should at
once pass a bill to liqaida'e the con
cern, aad irnlruot the Department of
Justice to proceed againet the thieves
who have gone to long unpunished.
Och. Botub, who, whatever maybe
said of his political methods, is a man
of influence with many thousands,
and has always been free and faarless
in the exprcs ioi of his opinions,
gave racent'y to the New York Herald,
from which we reproduce it, bis views
as to tbe next Presidential campa'ga
What he siys of Henry George's in
fluence and following is quite true.
Tbe Democrats cannot carry New
York with that following in opposition
to them, and something matt be done
of a practical character to secure that
vote and hold it. Labor must be dealt
with fairly and honorably. It must be
dealt with not after the manner of
alms giving or conferring of favors,
but as with a dietinut political in
flaence and power. I, must be con
sidered for all and in ail that it :s. lu
this way and this way only can it be
won back to the Democratic party, the
only political organization that it can
look to with certainty.
Thi Democrats of Tennessee have a
golden opportunity to riee superior to
pe'.ty personal tinge and factions and
elect a statesman to the United States
Senate, to elect a man who has breadth
and compass and comprebeneion,
who is somethirg more than i
platitudinous ta'ker and mere
village lawyer. No man cau have
these necessary requirements whn has
not had tiainirg beyond his connty
stump. No man can reach af.er re
sults in national legislation who
is without experience, who is
wholly without knowledge or grasp
of national affairs, and who is
not especially in sympathy
with the spirit of progress that has
taken possession of the South. A
Brian without a rich equipment in
ideas and purposes in keeping with
the business boom that is now urging
the most laggard and indifferent in this
section would not only bs out of
place, but would be a positive
power for mischief and to defeat tbe
people's will. To secure such a man
the field must be clear and back-stair
bargains and caucuses must be op
posed. The people must have the
whole Democratic party to select
from.' They most have a chance to
select the bent man, and the be't man
is the ablest man, the purest man and
the moet experienced. Fassjr and
uncertain,' fossils should be relegated
to. the rear,"
Pi St AGE,
Tbe XcXinnvIlle and Manchester
Railroad Bill to Come Up Today
1 Morrison's Resolution.
Washington, December 16. All
the Tennessee delegation including
VJr. Neal and excepting Meesrs. Petti
bane and Hauck, are prepared to
make a big fight tomorrow to eeenre
tbe passage of the bill to give Memphis
a bridge acrots the Mississippi. Its
importance to Memphis can hardly be
over estimated, for the bridge when
built will afford tee rpening wcicu
has locg been needed to the great
West, and make Memphis the - most
important point on the Mississippi
south of St Louis.
The McMinnville and Manchester
rail read bill a'so cimes up tomorrow,
and Mai. Ki5hardion is confident of
Tcere is every reason to believe the
Morrison resolution for the House to
go into tbe committee of the whole on
Saturday for the purpose of consider
ing revenue matters will be carried.
The Morrison men think they will get
a majority of three when the question
comes up, while the Republicans
claim a majority of five. The whole
thing is, however, in a state of great
uncertainty, aad it is impossible to
tell now whether the tariff will bs
touched by the prsant Congress.
A Tribal to Uea. HiUMk1! Htn
ry. Washibgtom, December 16. The
friends of the late W. S. Haocek have,
as a tribute to his memory, raised a
sum of money to purchase a home for
his widow. Tbe committee having
tbe matter in chs'ge decided, af;er
consultation with Mrs. Hancock, to
purcha;e a home In this city, where,
therefore, she will hereafter make her
Pajr Without Rebate.
Washington, Djcember 16 The
Secretary of tbe Treasury has directed
the payment, without rebate, of the in
terest dm January 1, 1887, on the
United States 4 per cent, bonds of the
loan of 1907, amounting to about $9,
000,000, and also the interest on the
bonds leaned to the Pacific R ul WAT
Company, up m tbe presentation of
trie coupon and interest checks at the
Treasury at Washington, or at any of
the Eubtrcasnrhs Checks fur regis
tered interest will be mailed to Doud
holders as Bonn as prepared.
Louisiana Claims.
Washington, December 16. The
Secretary of the Interior today sent to
the Senate tae reply ol tne IJommia-
doner of (he General Land Office to
the resolution asking how many claims
in Louisiana bad ben satisfied under
the set of June 3, 1858, relating to the
location of certain private land c aims.
Tbe Commissioner says 1472 claims.
with an aggregate area of 1,230.400
acre?, were wnoity or piruuuy uneat
Isflsd at the late of the passage of tbe
act. Ia 455 cf these claims, involving
317,738 acres, ecrm has been prepared
by the Surveyor Osneral of Louis;ana.
wbicb has not alt been delivered, how
ever. There are, therefore, 1017 claims.
involving 912,etH asres, in which tbe
light of indemnity may yet be as
sured. Tbe Commissioner eas this
is an apparent defect in the law or in
the rulings in the department respect
ing eradicated scrip cases, but thinks
that the dafect lies in tbe civil laws of
Louisiana, under wu'ch parlies ate
enabled toasBfrt their rights to in
demnity scrip and in the manner in
which claims are presented. He also
says the act has been taken advantgo
ot by speculators, who buy nnlocated
cloimi at "euccess'on sa'ea lor a nom
inal sum (simply the cotts ofciurt)
and the scrip, thus securing tbe
amourt 1 1 land represented by tne
scrip from tbe government wi bout
uetfl. to the original confirmees or
their hew.
t'reeduian's Sovlnir and frsmt Ccua-
Washington, December 16. The
Speaker laid before the H usj todiy a
report from the Comptroller of the
Uurrer.cy. ex-oniult lomnrrsioner ol
the Fieudman's Saving n-l Truit
Company on the affairs of tr.at ics'i
tntiou. The report shows thit on
D cmhnr 4ri there wis a balance on
hind of $7719. The Comptroller makes
a strong pies ia favor of th a'snmp
tion by tbe government of the liabili
ties of the inetitnt'on to its depositors.
He quotas at length the reports' o( his
prcdecf68 T3on the suhjret and bats:
"More thin 15,000 depositors hid to
their credit at th? time of Mo8 o'
the bank only t5 nr loss each, and it
may be necessary that tlics?Bliould be
tought out and peid with as little coet
to thorn as possible. Whita thou.ands
of others have still to tl eir credit
amounts so small as to he entitled to a
like share of consideration." He says
it ..would seem proper to allow at least
three y .ars for the presentation and
auditing of these claims, and
suggests Jnnuary 1, 1890, a a term of
finnl liquidation. He is ioc loed to
tbink that the estimate of his immedi
ate predecessor, thai $1 ,000,000 would
be sufficient tostttleall demands likely
ta.be proved, is correct. In his re
port the Comptroller reflects strongly
on the former manager of the institu
tion. He says that the Congressional
investigation in 1879 revealed notbing
hut a hopeless tangle of involved and
disputed reckonings. Nearly evury
man of position and means bad with
drawn preparatory to tbe col apse In
1874, and the few that remained had
never given arte qut attention to the
concern. Some of tbe active man
agers, the Comptroller Bays, come
under strong suspicion of dishonesty,
yet no criminal proceedings have ever
been taken, nor lias recovery ever
been attempted through process of
Iadassrlad Horn tor rtlrnaMl
Washington, Decvmber IA The
Secretary ot the interior, in response
to a letter from Senator Edmunds,
chairman of the Senate Judiciary (Jo on
mittee, asking for information as to a
supposed difficulty or want of har
mony in Utah concerning an item in
tbe miscellaneous appropriations of
$40,C00 to aid in the establishment of
an Industrial home or polveannos
wives and their children in Utah, has
transmitted to t're Jndiuary Commit
tee the annual report of the Hon
Caleb W. West, Governor of Utah,
wnicn contains a reference to the in'
dustrial home and a copy of a letter
from Mrs. Angle F. Newmr.n, ot Lin
coln, Neb , iu which sl.e vigironsly
protests against uov. west a interpre
tation of taut portion of '.he act mak
ing the appropriation. Mrs.'.Ncwman
write that the wishes of the.memben
of the Industrial Cbrietian Home As
sociation of Utah, through whose
active instrumentality the appro
priation was secured, have
been disregarded by the Board of
Control contrary to tbe spirit of the
law. She also criticises the methods
thns far pursued by the board, and
intimates that all tbe labor and
money expended by the promoters of
tbe enterprise ia in the danger of be
ing eaciified to mirjudgMnent and
mif macsgea en'. Mrs. Newc a i asks
for a legat construction of tbe text of
the act, as to its intention to include
in the management of the Home tbe
association above referred to. The
present Board of C jntrol consists of
the Governor, thi Justices r f the Su
preme Court and the District At
torney of the Territory.
Sea. Miles Vindicated.
Washington, December 16. An
order will shortly be issued by the
President adding Southern California
to the Department of Arsons, under
command of Gen. Ne'son A. Miles,
and removing his headquarters from
Prescott, Aris., to Los Angeles, Gal.
This will Rive Gen. Miles tbe com
mand ot tbe whole Mr x can frontier,
from Texas to the Pacifio. The terri
torial extension of the limits of bis
command is aaid by Gen. Miles's
friecds to be a sufficient anawer to
the charge which has been made that
he disobeyed orders in the Apache
T Be Hanged -A Ula Haass De
stroyed by tire.
Littlb Rock, Abk . December 16.
News fiom Newport, Ark., today, Bays
Abe Ubambers, tne negro who kill
Jonas Williams, alsa colored, last
summr, has been sentenced to hang
at mat place, January zi. iwi.
A fire in this city at 10 o'clock this
morning destroyed the gin house of
Mr. Frdd Hanger, corner of Third and
Bird streets; loss IlU.OOO. lully lu
sured. Tbe house was crowded with
cotton seed and lint cotton, which was
also totally destroyed.
A jBdarnteat tor tIDOO A (Mast lh
Iron MuDDialu ltad Urantetb-
IsraoiALTo tbs ArraiL.1
Littli Rcck, Abk., December 16.
J. O. tf cL?mcre,a morchant at Bailey,
Tenn., got a judgment before the
Unitt.d States Distr ct Court here for
$1503 rcvnpt the St. Louis. Iron
Mountain and Southern railroad. The
euit was for $5000. claimed by the
plaintiff for having been ejected from
a train on the above road at Alexan
der, ArA., tiltetn milts south of
heie, last August. He was refused a
permit, and the conductor took up a
stopover ticket on which he was trav
eling, and be intended stopping off
at Malvern Junction, on tbe Iron
Mountain end Hot Hpringi railroad.
Banders 4 V ugban appeared for plain
tin, whi'e Dodge 4 Johnson repre
sented tbe road.
Today. U. Kims, a grocery mer
chant, csiigned to O. B. Davidson in
behalf cf bis creditors. Carl A Toby,
wholesale Markham street grocers,
and Ratcliffe A Fletcher, attorneys.
got preference for $ 041 95 and $50 re-
Bpecuvey. it was a small concern.
A JBlK t ire Haalutr.
I snout, TO TBB ifriAL.I
Lima Rcck, Abk , December 18.
A fire alarm has just been turned in,
12:30 o clock a.in.. which says a gro
cery store at tho corner of JNin'h
and High streets is ou fire aad will be
dretroytd. O.hsr property is in
dsngt r and the department is making
for tne scene with all piKsiole nasto
Pat cu!ara impossible to get at this
Liter. hA, 12:40 o'clock the flames
are spreading to adjoining buildings
and everything is being swept. Tbe
nearest water plug is four blocks doni
there and cousideiable tin e will be
lojt before water can be got to the
flames. The boueea, nine blocks away,
present a lurid appearance. It is
thought all the property in the bloi-k
wilt be oeetroved.
1:30 .A. AT. The dspartment, afier
much duhculty, have ootaincd sulli
cient hose to give them tbe use of two
engines on the tire and the Uames in
dicate that the ti.e is under control
A courier juot in from the con-
flagition eoys that the fire
started In J. Ij. Uhcksrds gro
cery ttore, corner of Ninth and
ll'gh streete, from an explode! htup,
and that wlnn he left all the housee
in the block were either destroj e 1 or
in fl nies. The la'.ene? s of the hour
renders particulars impopfible to
night. All the property destroyed is
of frame constructi ju ;o that the loss
will not be very heavy.
The Largest Marble Works la tba
Knoivillb, Tbnn , D cember 16.
A contract was made today for an ad
dition to the marble mill of W. U.
Evans & Sons. When completed it
will make it the largert marble plant
iu the world. The building will be
200 feet long three stories h'gh and
will have tw.ty-iight gauge law,
rix rubbing h da and otr.er va:'ut
ble and n'enive machinery.
The largest plant now b ending has
twenty-four taws, coet $75,000. a d
employs 300 workmen. Thiswilll ave
twenty-eight aav(, employ 400 wi'k
menandcrBt $90 000. Tne whoiH of
the Evans Sons' mammoth etitallih
ment will be movt'd to Knoxville from
Bal iinore im tie rear future.
The store of McKay 4 Loop, at
Morri-town, was blown up last sig t
by the exploiion of a keg of pow ior.
Soma loose pa;r anout the Btove
were suvpoeed lo have canght aad
commuDicte 1 1) the powder nrar by.
The building waa wrecked aud the
stuck of goods aim 7t a total loj.
"Mamma, papa says you weren't
pretty last week, but you are t'jday "
"Ah I my child, laatweek I had neu
ralgia, today I have Salvation Oil."
Vol. J. . rareaere Dead.
Clbviland, O., December 16. Col.
J. G. Foreacrc, for two years general
buperictendent of the Transihio di
v'sions of the B.iltimore and Ohio
railroad, died today at Newark, O.,
aged 58 years. He hd formerly Dnen
general manager of the Geoigia Pa
cific, president and genera' man-ge'
of the Atlanta and Cuatlot'e AirL ne,
general mauagitr of the Virginia Mid
land, and president of several South
ern narrow gauge roads. Hisremains
will be taken to Atlanta for burial.
It you have a friend with a cough
or cold tell him to try Dr. Bull's
Cough Syrnp. Price 25 cents.
SufMscrlltx) for tbe "AppeaL"
Antique Oak Leather Rockers,
Antique Oak Tables,
Etc., Etc.
Vun vlttbte rimrct Aalasl Hereral
Nasav li.ii. Tbkm.. Dec niber 16.
TheSiintl.il Oui'in'to of tbe U.ty
Couni'il to iMVi-migit n"rirw ot Irud
npin trie pan of iiy oflicaN met triia
evfn'.pg Conn t'lmati J 'ns made
hfr ch irgns, flue ir ' Ln dbe', end
claiming tuat two tO'incilinon wee
in'er'tid in a co en from which
tho c'ty pu-uhas.d email bills
of m rchaudi tliat snot er
as bs st -ci holder n the Elaairic
Light O itupany, ud that a tiumbtir of
tbe B u d of I'uMIc tVorki undAfl'rs
were rt'nkhol1xrM in the bnk in
whi.-h ci y f'mds w re d-ioei ed. The
accused gentlemen in some instance
pleai guil'y, in others proved their
innocence, but in oacu inbtauce showed
that their connection with these insti
tutions was no? in vi. latiou of any trust
or any provhi m rf the charter. The
ceniu:! tf-e will ni-k a rr-p: rt to the
Ooun.il at its next inteiing.
a, ll Flies a PSIHIoa.
(livki.ao, O, Deistiiber 1( At
Akro'i, O., to lay, Lotta, tha !trB,
fl f tl a pttitioii in couri i sfciug that
two unrig ii;e which she Loldt aguins.
the t'fta'e cf Jrnrs Methews be wado
first and s.'cond lion o i lh p upir y,
and that t e omirn if ibe Nj lh Amui
ican IuBU'B'ice Coiipany ig;.nnttte
eB:aebeat usidc Lotti c aioin t: e
mortg'tg-s, rns f'r $0 ' a d the o her
for ilOt'0, were given I erg v ra' yea"
ago V,y J.iuiei Mtths on aoiouat of
l ans Hud 1 by Jier Jim VJ ath8
was t!ie fetter o' Ctu'lej Mathews,
Henry K Ahluy'n 're-B "T.
rjr'i CsthadrAl, Thursday, Ceo. 16, 1888, st
i p.m., br tbs Rr. Mr. Klein, Mr. T. P.
FiBoraotf, of Klpley, Tann., nod Mtii Era
tvtt Wtt.rsBo. oiirit.
WO'.DyOllD At tie rvidenoe ot hr
mother, Mra. Mary rtoodlird, bi Msdims
trt. In th ltfth arstr of bar ! Ann
Wouucuau. . 4
ITunarsl this (FRfnY)- Vwrnsos, at 1
o'clock. Frioodi of Hit doMed iariud
to ttnd. '
XJ A. M. Will rntst in ttntvd
annual ooniiiiurtiestion thit trnl
LAY) evenlnir. leoeniber 17th. ut 8
o'olock, lord ptch 01 reulnrlii
net) snd olo'tion ol oQlrerifi r tho
rear. All M M.'t in ao il ttirdin
nnltv lnvitail. V
Byord.r W.J.BROWN,
Attaat: O.K. Poli.abd. WnTetry
Notice of Dissolution.
TUB Arm of M. doodman 4 Co. has this
day dietolved by mutual o'insent, Mr. I.
Hoepcher withdrawing. The Inn will bo
continued ag heretotorehy M (ioodman, us
diT tbe name of M. Iloodinan k Co
Mqfliihi, Tens , Uocr n be t tt, Wfii.
Stockholder' fleeting
M'upbih, Tkxb., Deowmbsr IS l1!.
To the V roHiiiont and Diieoto ol the Mem
phin Ci'y Fire an t iJeuoril Injur uu-e Co. :
(-!ntlemen Wo, the untis nimied, tttook
holdsia in the Memphis (Jily t ire and Gene
ral lnrurame Couirariy, rerpectfully ask
that you call a genoral meeting of the tt'jk
holdoraof your company, io the neitten or
fifteen duva, for tbe puruore of taKina into
ooniid'.rittion the auvisulnlitv of gniuf Into
the benkini businef a, and suoh - tber uiatteri
or miereiti io in r oip .By a" on may ae
proper io Drug nei"re mem
r.tt xcl'TS tiieia,
, very re p?ttBi.
Krayser, P.Katlaher,
V, ? W. Claois
k it Co., M. U. Henroe,
w e are, very re ptt
H. Dudley
K. J. Vl.rlr,
R. J. Itlack
J. iS, ll'.'ilkoll, iiuhn (.vorton. Jr.
in accordance wuh the al.ove rO'ine-t, s
teneral nieotii.f of atookholdera il hereby
oalled, for the purpone indicated, to weui
ble at tho office ot th oompaiy, No. 1!) Mad
lion atrcct, in Memphis, tenn., at 11 oak
a.m., on Ilftvaibi r 81, IwhO.
By order of the Board f Directors.
Attest: Ilerry J, Lyna, Cahiir.
Memphii. Tjr.n., Defemher 14, 1IW.
Coeon. fTti vlilrh (he exnwa of
onti ii'i Mtrtugth ol Corou rutioa
vun snuruii, Ari'uwrooi urauxur,
nti In iherf fni far innrtMrconom
cutting ttai than tm ctnt a
cup. It U dalirloui, nourtihlm,
trcuKi honing , tiuiuy 4llgitUHl(
tiuiu ftdiulrably ml ijd for tnval-
. BAKER & CO.. Dorchester, m,
QtasA Btsi or Mknphis, I
Memphis, leuD., tensoiber lit, 1PM. I
THK, the stockholders of this bank are
hereby notified that Ue annusl election
lor Viitren Direerors to serve the enuloc
vear will be held at the hank on TUkMOAi,
January 11, 1XH7, between the huurl of Hla. ui.
and I pm. KP tfutiDSMU'H.Oachicr
mr W sv a csr-lewMt tr Hoiadsirew
Bhbs, t rmlKl, la vsocilloal
sblpplac erar. ra Para ! are
Icet fraaa frcMt, l.mo t per
Reach. Karloao asaacy sart orelcr rr
Rslldajs. Tolophaaei SDS.
jwh fo aj fcn'i Bnr r, mi rrtut x.
r.l K4T14SV or niRF.TIHre.
TJkkib o Pi.iHTsaa Bass or Msmpbii,)
Meuiphia, Tens., Decembers, IkhB. f
STOCKU'iLDEHri are hereby sotlted that
sn election will bs held at this B ink on
the Second Monday in January. 1887, Iron
10 a.m. until 2 p.au., to choose Dirsctrs to
serve tbs ensuing year.
B. f. READ. Cashier
Row The lime To Npemfale
ACTIVE Kluotastlona in the Market offer
opportunities io speculators to make
money i " Orsin, Stooks Bouds snd Petro
leuis. Prompt personal attention siven to
orders received by wire or mail, Corre
nnnilonce solicited. Full Inlormatloa about
the markets in our Book, wbiob will bs ior
wardi d free on ayilication.
H. D. KYLE, Banker and Broker,
8 Broad A M Hi tiunu. w Keik Wty.
and kept free
.. ..
we reame aue naca icaa ws
taaiia orucr ie ku s;oia wv
U 11 EAT
Lordon and Berlin Jackets
LON DO JACKKT!at),IS,l7 50iidS5e
bEAb FLUSH ,. RaFo. ball sad kesvsr
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FINE MOlIg'lKTAttta! LNtt 0L')VK8.
fnrmerly i AO, st tl itft t rime.
Our II line nf uuaranteed FOSTKH OLOVKS.
Ourll OHHOtV.i til.OVK, auursnts.d.
ETeryonelidellkhted with our allies ana
Krioes In this deuiriin.-ct
rtt'UIKK8st9.', Usndkerohiefs st
Vie, Uaslktrshiefs st 50o.
Bfo-lred Dally.
In tin.. Coma at nsee and mike yoar
aWEverr psrehaaer nf whatever srssMnt
entitled to one vole is b.auliiul Bride, to bs
voted to the meat papular Mlaa under years
of age in Memphis.
Public Sale of Real Estate.
by direri"B sf the owners, we will sell,
st public auction, the fellowls described
lot,', in the tuhdivisisn of tbe A. J Miller
bouieHtead, sits.itod on Alabama street.Wln
chtiiter ntreet and Market street, namely i
Lota 19 snd IM on Alabama street, with
front alio on Quinsy snd Winchester st.
Lets 23. 2t, 'l, M, 27, 28, snd 10, on sooth
side of Wioiihealer rtreet.
Lot 31, on n'irth aide of Winchester street.
Lo s 1 and 2, en Market street.
A full and aacurats n'an en1 description
can be sreu st oar office Title pcrlect.
Taxes paid, Abnttai't of title will be fur
nished purchasers. Bale will take plaos
promptly st II o'clock, all on the gr iund.
Mo poitponemerit e script for inrlonnnt
wonlber, In which ciisi notiee of farther
tiii o will be iilren.
1 hi irreon cars ma past the lot.
K. J. BLA0K A CO., Mndi en St.
Most Eloffiiut S.lectl'Hi
or .
Ami tm. rlvnti l'rodrtcllnB of ,
MTOnr M'lM'tiii eoiupriaen
Klrcaut Mj leu (of I be Latent)
au4 BUtVT Maker!, ForelKii
and Ioinc(lc
ftjrOur Good are Imported
DIUF.CT, tlirongh OFU Ciw
loru House.
DH. It. L. LAHKl,
I'ltfltcfsH, Sai'MtH and Ao't her
m: main Ntreet, Near Dillon.
Titnr Mo. as
fsriAPB: IIHH ReiuonJ Alive. in fro
-- 40 rainu'c'tol bourn, with beadcoin
plets, or no charao. No KtinB required i
no poirt jnous uiedicinos. Can bs rskon with
... k. Mhil.l Kilutl. P'llt ft lanil fur clr-
oolars." OK. M. NKY 8mf H, HiMoiallit, 1 1
laianiKJi.i-asauca imeii
Tie km
GO0B3 ?yh
bonrMro wltn Xe7WVv
of Charge, to be 7 fjS. MAN TIL
m ss-l- s. Jt
au-sj u mm mvswi
wow -'
Total New Uii8iueK Orotor tlian the total new biniue ol Alt
Other Lite Companies now rcprwf'nreil in Memphis (Combined.
Increase In Snrp'iw more thmi i wice the tot iumme t
Hurplus of all other Life Companion now rewivseoted in Vteuiphia.
Hooni No, I. roiton Exchange Kniltlluir. SlttmpjiU. I'eiine.see
a 111
AT COST, rOHTIllKTY lk. lo make room tor ;Wlaf
N'ock. Oae 1 t trpen r.O(fii-. stiittn'l inr utry uxeje
OVll tlW l ANVFACITITKi:, and fully KH irautet'd.
Lilly Carriage Co0
325 Second Street, Mciuitlih. Teim.
5 ar-ltittlH Ntoel MUIm,
3 rar-lond Suufl aad Kol,
1 t an -iouU Lard, II tin and MaiiMMce.
a Car-load American bnrdlue.
1 a nrt ad hjr ItKlHlnts
1 far-load Mew Knlmon,
, I ;ar-litd 4 'aliforuia CaiintMl rrutl
' IO :ei-l tils. TomaH.oeN. Iei'lei, Corit, Kte,,
1 (!arIoad Aiutoro'n Miiire .Heat, -
S !r-ltn iew Vork lluoUwIieai,
tl Carload VlniU H, Kraut and Itarrel lMekleo,
3 :av--lodfi Kilter NIoou V ream JlBoe(
'A C'ar-ltalti Virginia PeaiiutH.
u ar-tortd, Flrel'Vafkem and Firework,
a Car-Iadsi iitn i aid I'lirraiiln,
' :i C!isrloam I'lne JtananaM,
S Car-loads ICed If en Da vim Apple,
a far-load Fresh Fancy sandlfiN,
I f ar-'oa.t atmeal, Cracked Wheat, Kte.,
And a complete amortment ol Ntaple and Fancy (IrocerisM
lor the apeclal hho of foiinlry Merchant,
asrtiiciid lor a Frlce-Llsit.'W
Olivor, Finnie cSb O-o.
Iry Goods, Notions, Hosiery
-- AND
Nos. 1120 and 32H Main
.nrlll KIOCK or rtl l, WIMtllR FOODS IN I.4UHF.B ABIC) BBSS
C0MHLKTR IIIAN KVKit bbU'ORK. and our prices will compare with those o! an boos
In tbs Umteu nuios. ne arc nn ior
Tcuneiwee Mjnnfttcfnrlutr Co.'s Plal'i:, OrllU, 8!)etliir, Shirting, Etc.
1 Yv
f, Ml
i t, v i
if 'WJ
v tur1
a. atioLKT raTara, Frei4xas.
u j. aia.st.u. s:allar.
h.Xham. bW JoyKiim.u.,
B). 1. MuiV T muut la. UVUUBl laaiunui .
stlention paid to OollecUone. aeass can as Uf ' fnt'io. JnoI tot
fJr Uvestinentln Real K.late or otherwlss. Ilavs a, com.odioos Vsnlt fr Je
Valuables (or lbs Utll of Mcalir C'sjelonmrs, I roe ol charae. Safe leposn usaee it
rn '""'nwwt'MrtlWsoMclted. A Qsposltorv ,t the State ot T.nnr..- ,
il. I
And Commission Ttcrchants,
Kfo 3 4 and SO Madison Ktreet Mciuphlt,.
JXV.v .S
I illLll,
Street, MemphiH, Tenn,
Chickasaw Ircnworkfi
.I0HS F.. KI;.L CO., I Ktifif.
98 Soooad St., ?IeapllB, Tf ?
' iikIiicm. JJollerss rVawmJllsv
Ilradlord Corn and Wheat UK' 'H
t olioii i re, fsst'ou
NhaltuiK, I'nliys V.lr.
Mri'AHAt. NOTSIfK Ws ars prepsrw.1 to til or.ierv
onsom notice, for tho osls.rs.tsd Mvr.ri
Wronstl.i v rulltj. We earn :n toi ctt
Two Hundred Asserted Ncel.
sT'bssd for Oatalosuo snil Prioa-nct
V. St. WII.HltlPtoai. vyu.-rraine.as.
m. a uairnrsw, i'n.r.
w, F. ta Yu r . R. Vjlack:
u . m om ft". j: . ii4

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