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A Well Selected Programme Itrj
Mcelj Fxecuted the Pupils Off
fur the tiolidajg.
leoBBiaroiDiNCi or tai irriiL.t
Moktiaglb, Tkbh., December 13.
Another letter to Memphis, and tLen
for long threw months we mountain
people will have nothing to tell that
wouid miens; afoul beyond a ravins
of twrtty mile from )ivn. The long
holiday of the Uuivwsiiy of the Sooth
and Fdirniount Co leu;. beitira tbe
15th of Decern tsr, Inc udea both the
hoppeninus t f Yule ildn, theteafon in
. the far Sou h, aDd then in March
(Undents lrouj eveiy detection climb
the bill of knowledge or another
ichool year, broken in two by covu
me net mi-nt in Apgna'. Today be
tween trains Fairnjonnt pave the
regular c mcert. Tie time (metid.an)
eema a little odd for ench an occur
rence, but Lew hands hold the reins
of government that tie ihe ro d to
orders and people to the tiain's time.
No more spt'tial trains now. The
Memphis and Charb s ou has bought
the r;,ad from the coat company, md
onr schools lost by the ttaneft r mnch
of the in'erept that wai felt by the
managers of a local toad. But I must
tell yon of the concert, in which two
llempbuns were consiiicuouj'y pre
sentcd.and doiighled the audience by
their sweet notes.
The day dark, cold, drwly. The
elements seemed coming "head or
tailb" in the toss up for mow. We
book our umbtelhu and plac 'd them
with a goodly company of others of
varioru ehapea and b''z;b and entered
the schoolroom. Darkened, tiimimd
with holly full of bright berrits, can
dle vieing with el'ctric lamps with
their.star like sof; light. The yourg
ladita standing in a etmi-ciicle about
the two nisnos f jr the first numhtr.
What a delightful contrast. Tho
music was selected to p'tase us wtll as
how profbiency. B4h et.ds were
' accnmplistud.
Mies Thomj ean arranged the pieces
effectively and nccjmpHnied the sing
ers upon the )hno. One solo only
was rendered, and that by Miss Cel'a
Bingham, oi Msmphie, in hemwn
pkauint way, filliug the room wi'h a
gloric.ua voice. The following was the
programme: .
Chorui The Carnival of Venice, ...Bordeia
To. Kowne C ob.
Piano Quartette Pi ieat'e March
From Alh.lia Mendelsohn
Miiaea Gnieie and Ma tie Bailhrd, Misses
Litaie Justice and Alice Bnuka.
Vrea! Dutt-Le Calabr Uuhustl
Mimes ''elia Bingham and AldU Crlon.
Piano Duo larenteile .Ucller
Mines flunie and Mamie Ballard.
Song Knitting t . Scarf Osgood
Miai Bingham.
Choral Like ths lark Abt
lh Buterne Club.
Piano Sextette Marohe Torque...Beethoven
Miesej Jastice, Brooks. Cawi bell, Thonip-
aon and Lecg.
Voool Tria Speed Tine, Bonny Bnat...Prooh
JUicaoa BiEgham, i'honipson ana i, rdon.
Between the first end second rar e
Mr. Silas McBse, the principal, maJe
' a short speech, announcing a change
in the ecnool yiar and placipg t .e
tima in nraAnatino I TamiRptt in ihn
summer. A pr.ee for penmanship was
given to Mias Annie Gordon, of Ala
bama, a benutiful writing case. Miss
Mamie Eallard, of Louisiana, receivd
a gold pon hol er and p9o for greats',
improvement. Three yonog ladies
had an equal r'ght to the pr'ze for a
neat room. Miss Florence Campbell,
of Memphis, Miss Etta Nathnrnt,
Tracy City, Misa Lily 8egg, also of
Tracy City, Tenn. h:i were drawn
end Miss Campbell received the book
of poems. S x young ladies had not
reot-ived b demerit during the year:
Mifses Lillian Moffat, Ceha Bk'tbam,
SallieGreenenny aDd FrothiaOwen,
Gertrude Usher, VJaecie Shook. TherB
was tnt one cau&date for the 'White
Kibbon" honor, wt;'wh was conferred
with a neat rpeach by the principal.
The gift of the grrduuting tl.ips ws
GnidoV'Matar Dolorosa." Tho Bev.W.
P. DuBoi-e, cha;jl;.in cf tbe school,
S resented it with an appropriate ad
reee. After the cjncvrt a party
formed t: s?e tho recently consecrated
chapel. It having newly added some
carved barriors snd alt .mil, which
nro pw!s of an exquisitely carve t
altar, reredos, bishop'a chair, etc., all
the handiwork of the principal. The
floor was cleared for dar.dng. Same
of Sevtauee's moHt fivord yonr.g
men having boon invited to attend. A
pleaeant hoar was filled in.
Among the noteworthy pr oplo pr?s
ent were: Mrs. Tifair H .dgartn of
fc'ewacee, Mrs. .Nixon of New Or
loans, Mrs. Juoy and Mii'3 Lna (a
former eludent), snd Mr. Wm. B
Hoi roes of Montgomery, Ala.. K.
Thirby Smith of Sewanee, Mif-s Kate
Leslie HcCt-ndlfs of Atlanta, Ga.,
Mrs. Polk and Mrs. Nathurat of Tracy
City, Dr. Anderson of Sewnuee, with a
car full of stay yo u g pop'e, -vho de
clared the occasion one ot real pleas
ure, despitH the disagreeable wea'her.
Thb fi:6thalf of George W. CaUlo's
two part Btory, "Carancru," a 6tory of
the Lonisia' a Acadians, will appiar m
the January Ctnivry, with illuttrations
by Kemblc, who recently visited
Louisiana to obtain sketches for the
work. . .
"That Rcrilner'f Magatine is likely to
beaeucces iu En k land, as r"" "
here, is abundantly proved by the
that Frederick Wtrnt & Co , of Lon
don, vho sie to . ct as tbe auerts for
the sale nf tbe mai-tsine in Great
Britain, have bonght outright 20,000
co) iis of the new n;a7u ne. , Ciltiiu.
" Thb New Astbonojjt papers, hy
Prol. 8 P. Langhy, of AlleKheny Uni
versity, which were printed sometime
ago in The Century, wi 1 be supp'e
merted by several additional papers
by tbe sumo author. The fir.t of th'Be,
on "Compts ard Meteore," will appear
in the January Ctnivry, with nine
striking illustrations.
The illustrations for Dr. William
Hayes Ward's aitic'e on "Babylonian
Seals," in SmAmr'a Magatine, are
largely taken from specimens in his
own valuable collection, which has
recently baen eeenred by the Metro
politan Muieuru. 6pecial Ci'Bts of
many of the seals hevo been made for
the express parpoee of illustrating this
Thk article in tbe January number
of Scribnn' iiagotine on "Our Deferse
less CoastH," by CBpt. F. Y. Greene, is
noticeable as containing the first clear
etalerxent of tbe plans favon d by the
beet engineers for fortifying New York
harbor. While there has been a great
abundance of des'ructive cri.ical writ
ing on the subjec, no definite idea
has before thia been tfiven to tbe pub
lic as to what it has been proposed to
subs itut for the existing to called
foi titrations.
""Mb. Habold Fhedbbic, whffe novel,
Stth't BroOier'i Wife, ai pears in a serial
in tbe first number of ficri&twr'a Xago
tine, iitbe London ccrrespondentof
tbn New York Twu. Ha is the man
who, two years ago. imperiled bis I f
by visiting the cholerm smitten dis
trict of .Southern Franca,.. pending
from there the first acenrata descrip
tion of the a nffe.ings of the people.
He bos written several ebort stories
and sketches, bu thia is hia first long
In the December North American
Review Gen. Joseph E. Johrston tays:
' la Mr. D.ivis's account of the mili
tary ODratioi:B in M BS'seippi in 1863,
tbeir dieastions rult is attributed to
my misconduct." Gen. Johnston dis
putes this tittiteinen. otrerly, and pre
seoti records, figures and details to
show that his suggestions to Mr. Da
vis, which eub-equeut everts piov d
correct, were neglected, and tha' hU
OTduis to Gen. Pembi'rton, which weie
imp. rjt've to the tafuty of the Confed
eral iaase, were reptatedly vii lated.
A tTRis no dtscriplian of Rupture
in Children," by Dr. V. P. Uibo-v;
"Ante Nital I' fluonw," by Dr. L M.
Yale; "Children and Pe's," by Eva C.
E. Lucke, matron of ths Lonilon
Hrwpitalj "Art in th9 Nuwery," by
W. J. Stillman; and the illaatrated
rr I? article on ' Toys for 8xatl and
Large BabieK," are auuing the most
important contributions to the De
cember cumher of Babyhood, with
whichthatufM fnl rang i,ue for pa ents
enters upon its third jeir. ,
A sbasonabls artic'e.giving good ad
vice as to the selection of Christinas
prf sen's, is a prominent, fea'nre in the
December number of The Deevntarand
Furnither. A pigo of designs for
Christmas deco ations and directions
for patting op texts, etc , f Jr the holi
day season, wi 1 bath be found exceed
ingly clear and useful. One of Barony's
flue crayoo drawings is the subject of
a full page illustration, fs ia also a
Japaneee design that may be adapted
to home and amitnnr wjrk admirably.
Th continuation of the church fur
ni hing terics is ioterea ing.
Thb simultineons publication, in
Scribner't Maamne, of extrocts from
the diaries of Gnuvernenr Morris and
reminiacences by Mr. Wasbbnrce of
the siege and Cmmune of 1870, re
calls tbe inttreeting fin t that, at the
time oi tt.e frenun revo utioti, Mr.
Moms, then Ainurkaa Minu'er to
France, was the only one of the entire
diplomatic cjrps who ventured tr re
main in Paris through the disturb
anre, aad that nearly a century lat-r,
at th t me of the s cond great revo'u
ticn in France, the American Minis
ter, Mr. Wishbume, wrs aaia he
only representative of a &rat clafs
pswer wno did not aik for bis ra3s
porU and fl e from the city. As these
papers show, each of thise Minitters,
by remaining, was able to render
gr-at service in extending protection
to a larg- number of cit'zaus of other
counts t-s who were resident in Paris.
The article in which nearly every
render will first turn in the D:cemb"r
Bivouac relates to the Nortbwes'era
cooBpiricy. It iu the introduction to
a complete hit to ry of this ep'sode of
the wa', and contains the let'. of in
struction and the comm'saions i euea
to the Confederate Commibdior.eiu.
The cipher ussJ is also given, with an
acc uat cf the manner in which the
eimiM 'Moneys raa tbe blockade.
These pajicrs wil. be : qjal iu blstori
ia! int-iie t i.nd exceed in personal
adventure any wr papera yet pub
lished. Another important contribu
tion ts bietiry is tbe paper containing
some nnpublisbtd le'.teis of Jcfier
con. Thee l 'ttera outaia a number
of valuable historical tvents, and will
be read with pUasa'e. The et r es
and sketches are all up to the hih
standard of modern magazine litera
ture. Thb first number of Vie Swist Crow,
a new monthly meg z'n, to be so:d
at 15 cants a number and $1 60 a year,
will be published in January. This
periodical will be devo ed to ppraad
ing amorg the people a love aid
knowledge of ra'vue. The existence
of a laige class of persons deeply in
terested in the etuiy of cature is
prrv?n by the Agiss" Aesociilion,
which, ma 'e up of earnest workers of
all ages united for the purpose of
origiral Investigation, has attained a
mmuberth'p of many 'honrauds, and
ia rapidly growing. The coneit'.on
bUeen the Aga'B z Asaocia'.ion and
Tlut St Nicliota Magazine having been
dissolved by mutual and friendly
agreement, The Swim Qrmt will be
hereafter the official organ of the
Agaflf 'z Association, snd wilt ba edited
by its president, Air, Harlan II.
Thb Dscember Tius b?r of the Poll
icil Scient Qum terly will be fonnd fuily
equal to its vtfdeces-ors in the in'er
tsia:dvalue of its articles. Under
the title, ' Ths Future of Backing in
thu United PtUes," Mr, Hor.ics Whi e
(of the New Yok Evening Poti) die
ciB.'i s the problem presented by the
s'eady 6htinkRgo of the bank not c r
rula'nn. Iu an art'elo culled "Scien
tific Soc'alisiu," Mr. Herbert L. Os
good gives a clear and systematic pre
sentation of the views of Rodbn tus,
the father of modern s'a'e sor'alisru.
Prof. George B. Newcomb, t f the ("ol
lege of the City York, treat "Thecips
ol Propeity" from a )?eal philosophic
point of view. Mr. Frank J. G od
now, of Columbia C l'ege, describes
"Judicial Remedies Against Adiniuis
t'atlve Act:on," comparing our sjb
t"m with the French fys'em. Prof.
Ji hn W. BurgnFS reviews Von Holtt's
"Public Law of tbe United S'a'ed,"
praising the bsok bighly, but indicat
in? a number of grav ror. Dr.
John E lot Brown ew York
Indejirndenl) cone' -i couv.t of
the "Conflict nd West in
Egypt," d- ,iie sending oi Gar
don tn '' .din and the failure cf
relief expedition.
Amkbx&n Ast for December wdl
heanexrelling a d beautiful number
The articles by Caryl Cjlemin, Krgr
Riordan, Alfred Trumble, Wm. Howe
Downe', Lyman H. Weeks, Lou's
Werthiimber, F. T Robinson, a land
scape painter, and o hrs, are on sucb
(iubjects as "Whisller," "About
Clothes," "Book Hl;!Str,iilons," "New
Yok Picture Exhibitions," "Jp:.n
eee An," "Industrial Ait," "Hom
Decoration" and "En'l .lithicMnible."
Ancther featnn-of tbe number is it
illustrations. There are tearly 109 of
the-e, including hod and tail pieces
and ornamented iiiiiiils, and many of
them are very important. The froutie
pi;ce is a photogravure of a fbwer
pi: lure by Abbott Graves; there is a
lull page portrait of J. A. McNeil
Whistler by M. Pan' Rjon, the great
French etcher; a foil pga engraving,
by Jeungiing, of a picture by Shirlaw ;
a full page flirure by Wal:er L. Tav
lor ; a portrait head of the father of J.
A. McN. Wbistler; a caricature of
the sam artist by Pell'grine, the Lon
don artist, aud reproductions of his
etchiuga. H'.naller il!uttrat:ons are bv
Bruce Crane, H. R. Burdick, E. II,
Garreft, Fied Mdtschall, H D. Mur
phy, G. B. Blair, W. H. Garrett, F.
Hoj'kinnon B.nith, Wm M. Chase, F.
T. Merrill, 1iuis G. Masnn, Hhirayama
Dani, J. F. Barnes, J. R. Stuart, Geo.
Wright, W. L. Tylor, Iretje E Jprome
and luauy others. Many of theilins
Yr.'itions will beprintod in color, and
the publis'ieis claim that this will be
the hanilsome.it and most important
nnml erof an art periodical ever pub
lished in this country,
At iThlca veral Promlneit Qentie
mea Deliver Instructive and En
tertaining Addresses.
Jackow, Mia , December 18. The
Misiesippi 8iate Grange held an open
suasion last night, at which Gen.
Stephen D. Lei, president of the
Agiicultnral and Mechanical Col
lege, by iivitiiton, delivered an
addre-s, He niada a review of
the oianiration of the cillege,
givirg 'he grarg rj and farmers
of M Bsiippi tho credit of flint la
rpiring tbe t-a-ne, who after elgbt
vears of persistent nrgmg upon the
Legislature succeeded in es.ab iahirg
it on a succe. sful and permanent
b Asia, that it now has Lat'onal reputa
tion. He said that the farmers a'83
demanded 'he establishment ot tbe
Industrial Iuatitu'e for Girls at Co
lumbus, which is klso a grand sucews
He dwelt upon the necesnity of tbesa
insti u ions, especially that of the
scientific and practical education for
boya in agriculture and in the
mechanical aits. He said that
objection is made to the-e
institutions btcansa they tae for their
support too much from the
common schools it the titst", in au
swer to which he claimed that tlie
amount annual'y applied to the cara
mon schools will approximate tl.tXK),
000; that the annual aiprcpr at;nn
last made to thi Agricultural a d Me
chanical College wou d run the public
s:hool u t tno i'ay, and thatmadn
to tbe Agricullur 1 and Meca-iidl
and the Industrial Institute combined
would extend the time to tix ('ays;
that these institutions are necsssiry
snd decidedly aivan'age;ui auxilia
ries to common sch. oh by preparing
competent teachers for .hem. He said
it was the duty of the St it, eepecially
the farmers, t foster and cuppoit thee
iottitntio.-a; tbat if mistaken are niadu
do not blame the rctu.ol or
its sys'em, but correct the mis
takes (ind, if cecesAi y, lemove
tbo e who make them. Ha then
discubstd at length the prevailing
folly of cxbaustinK ti e a .11 of its ele
ments n -CcPfa'y for plant food aud
giving no.hing b ck in teturn forwt at
is taken away. Tbe fi rtili'yof the
soil ia tl.e farmer's capi'al, which rapi
tal he claims is d crea:ing every ye r,
wnich will end iu the poverty of the
owner. He nrgBil tha' grnsws aud
stock be rained on t'.e pe r lands, and
that the riek ands alone becui'.iv.t d.
He made a very instructive, coaim n
sense and pva tical poech, for whh h
a formal ad unarjimjus vote of tha:.ks
was given by the Grange.
At the rouclusinn of Gen. LeVs ad
dre s Mr. J. F. ML'rrv, of Mam brat r,
la., general passenger ajmit ef the
Northwestern divieion of the Itliiioia
Oentrnl r .ilroa !, was intr.uluc-d. He
made a short but exci le it speech in
the inte.est of the dairy busiuess. II
give notice of a di ry and fruit grow
era' c'-nveution, to be he d here on
the 10th and 17th of February next,
and urged (in interest therein by all
the farmers.
Mr. Mu-ry is accompan;cd by some
d zan gentlemen Irom Manciea'.er,
Sioux Ci'y and Cheiokee, Ia., who are
prospecting for real estate invest
ments. They left tlrs morning for the
Y. zoo delta.
Today Dr. R. W. Jones, president of
the Industrial Institu'e and Col'egn
for Girle, at Columbus, bv it vitaticn,
addressed the g'ange. He too, gava
the farmers the credit of fi st urging
the establishment of his iua'itu'i. n
and laud d thorn f r it. He give an
iute'ligent and lucid history of the
institution from its orgatiisttiou to its
present succesc-ful a tHinment. He
invoked their continuous a d in solv
ing in our S ate the great educational
P'.oblem, and chimed it shouid bt
done by ourselves aud not by otlu r
not of us. He showed wherein tbe
ytrnng ladies are being educated, i ot
only in literaturo, but in csrtdn in
duet'ial arts that will en.b'e them
to be relf enpportir.g without uc
ki'd.' themaeives oe iu tbe l"-t
detia'ing from their womiu'y
cbara.V.er, but mivnlairii'g tie srme
in its puiity. II a exhiSted some fl'e
Bpedinei:B of tbe handiwork of the
i tilde Jts in ho me of tho industrial arts
that would command fair market
values. He sp ;ko ct length o i the
greaf arlvrtiitittB that will accrue to
ourtiilebv mean? of this college, er
pecia'ly the normal departmsnt,
whor j tP'iChers are trained. He w s
u: an'monsly ibaLked by thj Grange
for his fine a drefs.
Tm'ay t'"e Gmtiro pa-rfel a r: solu
tion bearli'y in 'o-sin the ( bjeel . f
the Dai y an.! Fruit Growers (. o:iven
ti ii, t i'lie held in 'e'jru ;ry, a id
(al d u,i n th sab rdinato Gr mnH
tl.'O'igboiit tl.e Stj'eto tuke activo in
t rst i heir in.
The fn'l i' g fliotre i re e'ect d
for t e m-.uiiig year: IV Dud-ii,
wor hy ui t.'r; Mrf- H. A. Abbey,
peer 'ary; Mrs. Jo Bai ey, tnasuier;
J B. B iley, ' Vr . r; P. L. Wilron,
l-.turcr; A. C. F..ra:er, Btwa d; N.
M Wocdj, ass 's'aat sewsnt; 'A. C.
Ses'iirrB, Laplain : M. Pa' Darden,
Ceies; 'i-H Ann.. Ham lion, Pomona;
Mi. Kennelrew, Fl ra; M s Woo ls,
lady ueiistant ste-.arJ; Willidiu Price,
ca' VecpB
Hffnllnr rmewrd utrenirtb, r wli mVtr from
luftimltlM pcralUur U Ihrlr (Ml, banlJ ttrjj
Thi milfoil. eombinna Into with pora AUb)
V)0lc, ud bt invaii)tlff for Dikaimi pKnilir la
M omen Ann ul wno aa wT'Diry iitm. r.a
I- rlchra uiil PsHtlfH tb HUod, HllaiilfUM
, tb Apiii tiin. Sirenjtfthrns the Mucle ud
I Nrrren m tmct, thoruubl litTiaroralt.
I (J I Mm the oawiplftKloti, tvrtti m&ktM 1 Im ttktn imootlL
It doM mi bl3km Uut t bmulMlia, tf
pnidaoe oonatipaJLumaU afMer Irom wiJh;i Jo,
! llfm. Rr.tZABirra IUrmi. 14 FAnD An,. Mtlwov
I kx Wit., mrn ntxlnr dat of Dew. imb. 1tH4:
I I bvs um Arrwn't Irua Bitten, and it turn rnra
' Inan tbn dooVcto tnn, bTtnK mirwl mm of tb
i fraaknoaw UdM haw la lit. A1m eared dm of Liv
er Ootuulaiut, aud nuw mr oniuuianoo ka doar aad
' food, liaa also b-wn benQaial W wt ohildrta.
t MBa LOTTTilA O B It 4(1 DOW. bmrt Lockprrrt, N .
araT' I hare auflrml an told miaery tram rVmaW
Oomplftlrit, and uuld nhutn rlii from DuUjutg
icaut ttaiw ima uiuen." -Cikoaine
hmr.'sOT. Trd Mark and eroaWI rd limtf
on wrapper. Tnke ne other. Mjuteonlyby
KIA roRI.lt. Kent.
A T ottir
ol youthful ia'pru-
don-e. e:iain Prem-itura Ileoiy, Xerroos
Deliility, Lot linn..id, etc. h. 'tn tried
in vain arerv known r'ot,i, Vv (i!i..iireTd
; a auuple sell. cure, wbic'i he wilUond C Uhf
. ol his leliow rullcieri1. A JJresa
Poat Offiee Boi 31TV, Kew l ork City.
; A Cprnoh Cold '
b often the beginning of serious aflec
ttoni of the Throat, Broncblal Tubes,
and Lungs. Therefor, tbe tuiportanc of
early aud effective; tmtmrnt cauuot tie
overeatlmated. Ayer'i C'lierry Pectoral
niay alwayi bo lrllcd upon for the apecily
cure of a Cold or Cough.
last Jnnuary T was ittartrd with a
Severe Cold, which, by iietlivt ainl fre
quent expoHUn-a, became worne, finally
n-tllliiir on my lunpa. A tririlile couch
oou followed, acvompauietl bv )alna 10
"he chest, from which 1 a uoYrt'd luteiinely.
Aftur trvliig varioiia n-im-dicK, wiiliout
obtiilnltii ri'lli-f, I coininciu-cd taking
Ayer'a Cherry Pectoral, und vsn
Speedily Cured.
I am antlsfiod that tide remnlv nn tuj
life Juo. Webster, rawiui l.il, K. 1.
T contractci! a severe cIl. w hich nd
(truly developed inlo Pui'innoiiiii, preacnt
lint ilnngeroii and obtin:i1e aviuptoina.
Xly phynician nt tuicn onlcird the use of
Aver'a Cherry Pectoral. Ilia iiixtructliuv
were followed, and the result a a riiu:
ami perinntietit cuiv.- II. K. Kiinpwii,
lEogera l'mli lo, Texim.
Two veam apo I suffercil from a aevero
Cold w hich aelileit on my Luu'k. 1 con
sulted VKlioua pliTcicinii", and took Die
medicines they prvncribed, but received
ouly teinporurv relief. A friend iuUurcd
nie to trv Ayer'a Cherrv Pectoral. Atler
takliur two bottle of thin medicine 1 wai
currif. Since then I lmvc given, ttio Tco
torul to my children, aud consider it
The Best Remedy
far Cold, Coughs, and all Throat and
J.umr din'aaes, ever Ucd iu my fmully.
lloberl Vundi-rpool, lleudvlllc, Pa.
Some time a.so I tKk a alight Cold,
which, being neiflecled, trewr worae, mid
settled on uiy liniK. I bad a backing
couli, aud w as very weak. Those w ho
knew mo best considered my lifci to be
In great daurer. I coutlnui d to ruffcr
until I conuurnecd ulue Aver'a Olicrry
rcctoral. I.eaa than one buttle ot this val
uable medicine cured me, and 1 feel Umt
1 owe the preservation of my life to ita
curative powern. Mrs. Aim I.ockwood,
Akron, hew York.
Ayer'i Cherry rcctoral Is considered,
here, the one reot remedy for all diaensee
of the throat 1:1 i'iik. i. ' t moi-e
In demand thas ily llier mediiineof Ita
tlana. J. V. lit ti -ta. Muguolii, Ark.
Ayer's CiHriy Pectoral,
Prrpared hy Pr. J. 0. A j r 1- ('-, Loirf 11, Hut
'told by lirucajlau. l'riie H i koilln, t
No. 2i-4, R Chim-orjr Court of Phelbr
eounty John f . Wiilina ts. Wm. D. Ira
bun et al.
BY virtue of an interloontnry decree for
ante eMereil In the above 'sap on the
7;hdny ol December, ls), M. II. M, pasetlH,
1 will sell, at iublie auction, to the h ghest
b (tiler, in front ol the Clerk and Mnater'l
offloe. at the Mrfin rtreet entranee of the
courthouse of SuePiy couutr, Memi.h.a, Ten-t
nosoe. on
SixnnlHy, NMidiiyof Jni'unrv, 1H7,
within legiil t,oor, the f'll winar iloseribd
proper'y, sttuittrd In the ci'y of Memp'iia,
She'by iionrity, Tenn.. to-wit:
A lot beg uning on the west s'deof Walnut
street, wt the no; thou-1 onrnr ol a parcel el
tnnd oonveed January S.tKti", by S nniel P.
Wnlker In trust to U L. D unison and K.f.
IklcNeair, for Wm. and K.I Orgi I; thence
runn'na; nurthward with the wet line ol
Wali: ut atreot T6 fert ; 'hence west 150 'eet to
a st kes It on e soulh 76 foet to the lino ot
aaid trust property aforesaid; thence out
ward 1"0 feot to the bevinnina.
Term of Sale One hull fa-h; halnnce In
Fix months, note bearing inieroat at 6 per
(tint, from diit. with aiounty reiuirod;
Hon rotsined. This Peoembir 15, 1S80.
B I. cDOWKI.1., Cl-rk and Master.
By B. F. Coleman, D. 0. md M.
C. W. Heinkell, to -nitor.
Th oailr 5rrei iililnl lor
atoiiier'ti DIIIm. Invaluihle in liolrrw
I ii run am m"t leellilnit, A prr-di-rested
food for Hyi p.loii, (ou ninp.
Ile, t'onvalMtriila. A periect nutri
ent In all M ami Inn I'lieneeN. Kequlres no
cooking. Our Book, Tlie 'nre hdu Feea.
Itiar t InfHnfw, mnile 1 fVeo.
IXsl.llli K, UOUUAl.K CO.,
It "Inn, Mm.
"To the VICTOR the LAUREL."
Pf-minnt In vry higher quality, tl-
HANAN SHOE hiti bcom 1h ncn.7xl tndird
(of fino vr trrorg d'tcfirninn 'i.'mtn.
A Vfmn u llh Rralns ntiil oni lonre
will drop petty ntcdjudu tn nntrh-y pit Itrd up
whrn truth It tin hi tlie foor u h mr in itt-U
n try one pir nf " Ilanan't' slm'i. We know
the rroilt : evrry m.tti who wimh (hr brM uitd
6 nest nrtii If in thr market will U'tnine u pwrpet
tul " lUriuii " nitn,
No. ,W2, R.-Chaneery Court of Shelby
i"oanty- Slate of Tennii'ne ra. S. b.
BY virtue of an in'rlooumry decree for
aa'e entered in th) above cause on the
?d daj it Uoromber lHSrt, .M. B. V, pae
fM. I will lie I at publi) au.-tinn, to the hlsh
ei bidder, In front of the Clerk and Master'a
office, courthouse o. Shelby cnuntj, Mem-
this, Tenn., on
M)nr.lny, Hlh ly eif Jmrniry, 1HH7,
within Icval hourn, the followina deaorlbed
firoperty situated in the city el Memphia,
ihe'by county, Tenn., to wit:
An undivided H-M li.ierft In a certain
lot, described as follows: It, ainninf t the
southwest corner of the Kead lot, on the
north side of l:n'on atreet, runniny thenne
westward with the north line of Union
atreet 42 feet, m' re or less, to a Ftake atand-
ne 43 feet, more or leia, eaat of the eaat
:ibut ent of rhe bridae otor the bayou !
tbrnce northwardly l4xV feet, more or less,
to the point where tke hy i.olhenuee of the
trinnde lot of the ttrinkler- brirs, on tbe eaat
of the bayou, cute the south line of old
Union street; thence eastwa dly with the
south line of old I'nion atreet M feet, more
or lera, to the west line of tbe leid lot;
thence southwardly with aiid Read line to
the beginnine.
Terma of Halt On a oredit of til aionlhs,
interest bearini notes with i0"d security re
quired : lien retained, redemption barred.
Tbis Decstnber 1ft, 1HM.
8.1 MclOWbLL. Cler and Matter.
Tij U. F. Cotexan. D. C. aud M.
f. H It 0 W. lleishell, ao'ieitora.
Boiler Works.
.Hr' St VcrAKTflV.fmist'M.
liO, 142, 114 Front, Mtuipil
iu the Pouth, and the only complete
Duller and t-heet-Iron Works n tbe oivy
eMaialitlarniei Heavy Pinto lawu
atorU of every doMriyifsoB. Hpeeial
attention (iveu to plantation work, Sit &.iJ
Totv ..ivii-tiy .'
r,i. D. COOVEB & CO.
Uoorat, NhmIi, Rlludit,l!IoldtMKiaH(l klndu of Jtor autt Window
Frikiu4,'llrn4ket Scroll-Work, HoiiKliHud llrostaied
l.inubrta lUuulesi, LhIIib, iVater ThiiU.
All laliidM.ot lt'ood:n'ork xecnted at Short Notircv.
Xos. 157 to T& Washington stroete Mompliis. rpiin
AJttJUlW alK-WAirr, Kt OrUauas). , JLIHiiiBW D. 8WT3JIX, Bm ffX
WholesaleGrocers, Cot Pactca
o. in aad ass rnoRT trraEET, SEaran, tksssl
hrw nur.KAivn. roriwuif a.'
leaaMMaMLau ujiti ii ji j. iiniiJiiii iii i hi urn iii imvmBmamutimmBnmaBri
(Cotton IPwaotoarss
Caulk Atlvaurcs to K?rhauta aud Plftitten.
Cotton Factors and Wholesale GrccoiT
Cotton Factors. Commission llsfoihanh
?fr 11 Bnt1t Rain fit., t,f Ftlau
mw FIRM.
(11 Of rHUOHH TO; , If.AUIi'H),
Dinner, Toilet and Clumber Sets in Great Variety.
r Agents Iter heMlebriMi:Hr,HSWOi VI1HII IKI . HIJI. qtlall)
nslnnlMl for Itnerle, nrmnnrHtili sail Wt-imihoMlN.iai
BLEDUIBRO&q of Coat, Mill. f.
Boa. S6 and 2&t Front Street - Momphli Vmmm,
W. X. Ilroirn.
It, I Garrclf .
W. M. Brown Co.
20G Tronl Slreet, : : 77einulilM. Tenn.
irlaklcy, Arlu,
n, Suk. B1U4I, Drwaed Flooiinr, Celllnf, Weathsr Brtxa
Cyprawo AhlBKlaw, liatka, Kie.
arOV fMI'Ua narvaaaal b air sawmill la tea Saitk tar II ia rt atMaaMH
PaiirTajTi""-! " "-f "-r Lkaraa4 Crrwaa SkUciaa a aplalir i htm, rriMi
LajaataaV 4 all Jlsaaaaloia. Wa mak tka WkalaaaJa Boalaaa a aMial fMtar. OraW
" aolloiud i araaaptlr all4.
IT. 114 Jeffanon Street Memjphlt. Tenmaaatj
Wboleale Ieat?r and rubllHber,
IH-olibIo Eloueie
Sol Aiaata for tha followini F!rat-Clus Instrumaota:
PIANOS Kranich & Bach, Gabler, and Wheelock.
ORG ANS Clough & Warren, and Smith American
Write for Oatnloanwi. Xon. 21 and N?oud Nlreajl, Mrinp i'
UatafTLa 91 ; Lata ef Maaeaaaa
WIalAI.a '
Stt-Ml Front BtrMt naavaia xaaa.
3?ILalDril5'2;iSIES 2HJ. 3 9
33G Second street, flemphlia
nuin ami. n.ivipr.iira ar.viu 11V Pl.llMIHCrtl. HAS AND HTKAM fl TTIHi
Materiala. Pa nia. Drive Wella, Iron.
M. AURFLEET, Reildeat Ftutav.
W.1V, If r own, Jr.
3Iaafvrtarr of
Lata a'f iu!ry ffinla fl
aaa saa.
8. I. WITT.
Leal and -Stone Pipe. ea yigtnrea. aiobea. Kf
No. JOT, B. Cnanrary Coart af Bholbjj
oosnty Looia ft. Kllartat al. ts. WUliaaa
1'ock. atal.
BY' rirtae of an intarloentory daona for
aala, antered in tha abora eaaaa aa tha
lai day of Docemhar. 186, MiauU Book 66,
l8Ke XiS, I will sell, at iiublio auction, to tb
h aheat bl lilsr, in front of tha Clerk anal
Mastor'a otneo, at the laia atrt er.t-anc
ot the court-house of Shelby ooanty, Mem
phis, Tenn.. on
Malardny, Jnnaarj 8, ltv.
within letal hour, the following deir!bel
proterty, situated eaat of and near tbe cor-
r mation line ol the eity of iieuihia, ik
holbT county, Tenn.. to-witt
hvl No. 3, aa laid down on the plat or sua
airition of lands aa set forth in the decree)
entered herein on the 19ih dity ot Ootober.
1 6, in Minute llook No. M, rnae 4a: Be
t innina at a ixiint on the north aide ef Hen
ry evoi.ue 44o (attweat from the aa'itheaat
Wiley to Henry lioeke by ded duiT r'CurileJ
In lin k No. 1. f .e VH, ot the Kriiter'a
office nf she br county, Tennc.taee, ai.d run
bins thenoe noith lout to .-oihji barons
t' en, c wntwardly wiih e id knyou 27 lent te
tbe n,st li e f 'ot No. 2 0,1 paid i,'.t ; tl'enoa
south with the east lino el autil lot vu. 3.
lsVii net, more or leu., to tlin norta Itce ol
Honrr uvunie. ihcu. e JSt with sai l aveoua
57H leet to the bkinntn.
Lot Nc. 4, as laid down on the aiid'al
and wtiiih I, on iwuiedta'i'ly easi el i,i lei
No. S and tiif a ir. nt of f'i leet on tSe north
aide of I'cury avmue, and ruus bao north
wrdly. between arallel line.', teat ta
Cola Not 5 and 8, as laid do. n on the said
rilat, whic. are In .olido, ilracribed aa tot
ows : lieitinL ilia at a iou,t on the tiur'ii aida
of Honry aveT,iie3 I feet wet from il,e o'ulh
ea't corner 01 ihe kiut conaejeil by W i.i'Mam
to Henry D eke f doed reoor le,l In 00k
No. 1, aio it the lien-lei's otlice of
Shelby county, Tenn., an'i ruriam: Uienoa
wes'war.lly wir tbe n.rth line of Henry
avenue utiSi tm t, hence norlhoe Ihert.vid
Ina lino beiweei lot 4 and S,as laid down oa
the aaid pint 2'0 tcet ta i-ei'hja bayoai
thence enlw.td y ulonit auid la.u to tha
norlhea t co-norof lot o. B; thence south
on the diviiHna line between Ion 6 nd 7, al
laid down cn snid ilut,Hii leet to I he point
ot hodnnuia on Henry in 'line.
Lou Si a. II, XI, 1', It, 11. 10, and th i north
nnaol'i pirt of lot No. 7, which 're In e'de.
described as follows, 10 w t: llelnr.iii at
tha southe t crner of tl.e land coueTe 1 by
Villum Wllevti Honrr Hoeke bv dee.l r.
corner ot toe men convt yrn by n illtaiat
oriled In Hook No 1. nae iu t' e Ret
ist r's office ol t'hflhy county, Tenn , and
which 1" nt it Hl ut W leut wea.wardly
from tliu inter ection nf the ett lin1 ot tio
i hyabayou and Henry avenue, as Ihe enuie
eX'.-toil when aaid doed was exuculcd br Wil
liam WV. to Hm ry II eke; and rn'-nina
thonoe n. ith all na the o ai. lire uf iad land
470 fee'; iheiue wch w rd;y ah ni-ih: north
aido of hi ii land 2H feet to N,.liy, bayou :
tlience in a 'oulliwnsti rly directicn witli said
havou ,'o '.tin nor h end of the west line nt lot
No 7, a laid d"W non said. p!a! ; iheiuie south
on the divid ng hue between ioti rt ai.d 7. 179
feet, 11 O'o or loss; thence a-t nato-a aaid
lot No, 7 on a lino I'tr.illi 1 villi llrnrr ave
nue; ilicii'-e pi uth HI feet, more or lest-, ta
tbe mrlhw.it corner oi In a; -hrnce eat
ill, "a tho norih lino of lot' S und 1, t
Imd d wn un aaiu pint, '.I' d tint to the north
west C 'mor 0 l"t i I , as laid down on auid
put; Ihcoce ao.'h on the dividing 'tr e be
tween lots 10 and 11, 170 (eet in the 11 Tth line
ol Honry nvcnuei thence en-t with Uenaf
ave, uoKil fert to the b-ai'in'oe.
Terms of Snlo One ihiidcivh' bilunoe la
three und a ino t'.ri note Wi-Hrie interrat
wi'h auroty required, "nd lien retained-
Till- l Olllhor l.'l iwi.
H. J. Mt'HOWKLI.. HerW and " tir.
By 11. V. "o'einiin, lputy 0. so 1 M.
I,. A K. l.eliiiinn, S licmi's.
TruHttt''ti -nil.
U.NHM1 the t, tit It. rl'y vo-leil In ma aa Ihe
Im no in o the juiriri Count
t'outt nl Win Iby, an 1 by v ' tue of said ofua
Trusteo m the eauite ol W, H. Jl-I ion, de
ceased, a? npuoura n record In looK ltW,
i'iix.i lilt, ttc, ol the Hoalater'aUlice ol M1U4 -bt
0011 ity, Tenn,. I will, aa aaid i'niptre, on
Wuu.lny, 0M'Clliler 110, IHHt,
nt I2o'cio k 111., on the aniithwent corner of
Main and Mudtsun street, Iu the city ni
Memphis. Xcnn.. 1 O'er lot rale, al publlo
outcry, and sell to Ihe hiiiheat and beet bid
der, the lollnwini described real ettate, ta
witi The propartf known aa "The Now hone
and Knliuoa" Plantatlnna, oontaiaina, hy
esilintuton, 'JJ-IW 11-l'i aoroa, lying In bayotta
eounty, Tenn., about two miles 8. K ol tha
town ol hussville, ou ihe Moo phis ana
t'haileatnn failroad, about 31 u.llet east of
Memphia, TenD. Ihene landa are altuatad
in 11110 hody, and are do.crlhed aa followa
Ma: 1st- II ot seotion six. In tnwn'hle)
one, ranite throe woat ol the baaia nieriuian
ol tha Uilckaaaw Cession, cunlalnlna 40
ncrea, and Is known aa tbe Tilliuan l'lnce.
2d-Also, Ihe N. K. !4 ol seo.lon 8, townfliia
one, ranao three wait, containlnc IM) acrea.
Also, one hall of the B. K. H o( aeoliun 8, ia
township one. rnnae Sweat, the same beinej
described andboundedaa follows: 1). ala
nlngat Iho S. W. corner 01 aaid M taction t
run n 1 11 thence due eaat IHO polea to tha
eastern boundary line of aaid section 1 thrnoa
with aaid boundary line south ,VJ polea to
stake with blackoak pointers 1 thenoe weal
nil polos to a stake In the field: thenoe anutn
(Ml polea: thence weat ) polea to Jamea Mar
shall', line; thence north with aaid line 111
nolea to Ihe bealnnlna, containing HO acrea.
This anil Ihe V section heretofore described
I. known aa ihe "Totnnla" nlace. and to
gether contain 210 aorea. 3d Also, ell at
section five, in township one, range 3 west of
ih bi.Ni. innridlan of the t.hickaaaw Ceaaioa.
and containing oil) tees, and known aa tha
''Jarnagan" ilane. Also, lot No. 1, belong
ing to aectlun live, being a fractional part a
aaid section, lying north of It, and being la
townal lp onu, ninae 3 west, and containlnc
H;Vt aorea. 4th Alan, the lullnwlug three
tracts ot laud, containing by estimation. M4
acre", ajd known aa the "Whitley" place,
which are In township one, range Sweat of
the basia meridian of the Chickasaw Oeaalon.
and ball g a part ot section lour, and ba
ginnina liil'i polea east of the N. W. co'rer
ol aection 4 nnd tbe N. K. corner ol T. J.
Oruvea'a acre tract, now owned by una
Niullh; thence south with said Urarea'a or
Hmith'e onst line HiO polos to hla b. K cor
ner; thonre east WH 1 oloa to theS. Vv. eor
nerof II. Lllea'a lt'iiJn acre tract, nowowie
hy ( no Thnuipaon ; dance north with Ltle.i'1
or Thompsoii'a line 1W poloi to their N. VV.
cornor; thence west Imi'i polea to Ihe begin
ning, containing HVJ, acraa. Also, ma
other lra.it, being a purl ol aatne secrion, it
lirliiK the S. W. nf S lid section 4. he oto
fore described, and oontaiuiag 1AU a rer.
nth-Alao, the nurth hall or aection rine.
In township one, ranao a wtat ol the baaig
meridian uf the Chickasaw Colon, roa
U'.nlna 'HO aoraa. Those 'ni 'n n.ll be id
in tra t'. aa herein aet lorth and 'oicr bed,
anu in ilia lolloivinv ordti :
lit - ".I i' nagan" Place. TH'C. acrea.
2d-" Willi ley" I'luce, Hi;i. in'iea.
.1 1 -"Til in an IM: co, Mo noma.
tu" Temp 0" Place, "40 a're'
Also, Hie proterty known aa the "ll'.'U
land" PUntntinn, of lb' 7!i ncros; Lot No.
1, Ij ing in rnge 1, section 4, uf the Uth t'ar
voyor'a Uistricl of Fayette ounly, leun..
IIS inlloa we tof the town ol Somervilleand
on the waters o the Liosa Hatchie river:
Keglna at a atnlte, Templo'a 8 W corner, 8.
32SJW.4d links from a eaeetgiiin un'rkeil
"1," on the aoulli bank nl vv Irla creek I
t' ei.ee north with hla(Teinple'sl line oru.sina
Wir.a cruok scver.il times, lib 10 chains ti a
white-nk tunrkad " T. 0. M.." tna .
oorne- ot a :l: acre lolt thence e:-. . In. 0
chains tn a atalie 7 ink ' south nf an alc-er
marked ' R W."; tlienoa i.orti 1!' 4ilelniing
to a stake I'.' links out nf an 1 lin marked
"R. W."; thence weft l.iMl 1 h nn tc a
tweet, urn inerked " R W .," tho . V. (r
nirof an l'l-aore tract; thei "0 north wlu
enstline of a -d t'ad lfi cbaina to a hol.y
tree marked " R. W."; 'hence west 11. '.aj
chains to a d gwood. redoiik an 1 prrs'inmna
poinlers on tho writ b ulk 11 l. ( lliitchia
river; t!ien,-e down tbe f.rd ri.er wirhtta
nivaudnrings to a stuke on t t.e south bunk of
river 117 links noiih ol l.r o h't" k
innrked "X."; thence south eb'iina
tn a stakn in a mad wiih lo oak i.,i",ng
polnti's the W, corner of a .'V7 acre t. '-ct,
sold to K. M. Ai'imrsuii b K. Itirmnsoii
thence east with Iho sou'li II ol mi.i tract
M 2" cbniiis to tlio heinning, cont .ii iiik
tllii hi acrea. ,
Lot No. 2 begins ut the S. VI . eo-rer ol No.
1, th.iucc wot 7:i.7fi cbiiini 'o 1 tic S. W cor
ner.! the Hl7',i lore tract told to Appoori
by Dlckinsen, which i. a etakn with par.-un-mon
pointer, in a pond; thence 1 orlh lti 0
chains to a stake; thence eaut 111 chain' t" a
stake; thence north, passing into tlntohie
bottom i t 12 ohains, iu all M ebains, to a
stake, with whiUnk, hick-iry and I'Iim.Ic
gum pointora, on Hie south bunk ot llut. hia
river; tbenco up auid r.ver with ita nieuii
derings to the N. W. corner of lot No. U
thance south wil l the west line ol In; No. I
V. chu na to the beginning, containing-
Mapa snowing survey ami division of taa
landa, embodied and known aa 'Richland
PlunUtl'in." wil! I 0 exhibited on 'he dty ol
sale, and in the meantime may be aeon al
tbe office of the ChaTUan of the ahalby
County Quarterly Court.
Also, n tract of 100 acrea. lying In Kayetta
county, Tenn., about three mile" north ot
Somerville, begin ring at the N. W. corner
of the oriitinal truct bought ol James K..
Polk bv Burrua Carters thenoe south HI 3-7
plo to a aiake In tha Dietrict lino mad ;
thence easi 175 poles to a stake with blftoa
0 k and hlaok gam pointera; thenoe nortrt
n 3 7 polea to a stake in the o- rner ol 0. U.
Caitnr'a and J. R. Moaby line; th-nca
wea" 17S polea to the beginning, and knowa
aa the uoaiiy lra.it. ,, ,,
All ol said lan la are well iini roved and li
a fine atate ot cullivat on.
Term ot Sale: One loiirth ca-h, halaec,
In one, two, throe a -d four vcara. with in
torost from da'c, and scoured by trii-t deoi
ona'idlunds. 1. 0. LAlilH ILK,
Chairman und fruatee ot l-.tta'
R. l. Jordan. Attorney
al I I Ii It' '
)rf -

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