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Jodgi Mobgax makes' answer in
the ArraAL of tbia morning to) the
propositions of contest by Gen, Chal
mers, published by as torn time ago
for that gentleman. He makes a
clear statement of his case and leaves
no donbt in the minds of his leaders
a to his sapcrior s'reDg'h. He proves
incontestibly that a majority of the
votes were not only his on election
day, bnt that an accreting nenliment
growing ont of his usefulness and
ability had 8f cared for him a stronger
support than hi had hoped for. This
paper of Jndjje Morgan's is instruct
ive as showing tbe determination of
the Democrats of his diet.ict to sustain
him and maintain the party and et
well enoagh a'one.
Thi State Board of Health in the
November number of the Bulletin
warns the people of Tennessee, the
municipal and county authoritifs eepe--c
ally, to pat their hatnea in order and
prepare for a possible visitation of
cholera. Tbey calla'tsntioa to the fact
that thia fi thy aod decimating disease
has crossed the Atlantic to Baenos
Ay res, whence its transmission to thia
country is easy. Therefore the neces
sity for sanitary preptr it'onj of a pub
lic as well as private character and of
a nature searching aod comple'e. This
is timely caution and advice that we
hope will be promptly acted npon in
all parts of the 8'at?.
Ths yenerable mother of churches
U being invaded by the spirit of mod
ern thought, and she is feeling some
thing of thi troubles the "Protestant
sect" have and are enduring in the
positions taken by some of their min
isters on questions that invite churcb
discipline. The RiV. Dr. McGlynn
has been summoned to Rome to an
swer for hi a contumacy in continuing
to support aud coanteuance Henry
Georga after being warned by the or
dinary of his diocese, and the Rev.
Dr. Charles O'B-iilly declines to give
up his connection wi'h the Irish
Land League at the demand of Bishop
Burgees, of Michigan. The attitude of
these pries' if permitted or over
looked, means further independence
in matters cf political and social
thought, and endangers the infallibil
ity of the mother church. This ehe
can't permit, and (he will crush it
with a vigorous baud.
Thi stage of the Theater will this
waek be occupied by Miss Rose Cogh
lan, supported by an unusually strong
company, a company made up of some
o! the admittedly best actors now be
fore the English speaking public. Mies
Gjghlan henelf has, ever since her
advent upon the American stage, been
a very great favorite. , Her placs in
dramatic hutory has, therefore, been
aneured. The fact that she was for
some years the leading member of
Wallace's company is proof of her
high ability, and of her capacity to
comprehend and Interpret osrtaiu of
the most subtle phases of human,
character. The advent of such an
artist, supported by such a company,
is an event in the history of Memphis,
so creditably linked with thst of the
drama; it is an evest tbat ought to
and will enILt the itctive sympathy.
especially of cultivated people, who
know how great an aid to culture the
Etage is when diree'ed 1 y a wesran cf
ability who hat challenged the cri'leal
approval of the rest ot her contempo
raries cn the etae and the first critics
of oar time.
A pbtitioh is in circu'ation through
out the Slate, praying the Chancellors,
Circuit Judges and Prasecu io? Attor
neys to oren thulr cour s on Tuesdays,
Insfesd of Monday,8o that the lawyers
may hav. Sunday to re t in and not
ba compelled to travel cn tbat day to
reach court. A copy uf this petition
hashes inclosed to us by the Rav.
(we presume) Jaras B. Converse,
We pre-Ninn nectuae his note fa
headod "Pargoaage Presbyterian
Church, B!oant3v.lle, Sullivan coun
ty, Tenn." Mr. Converse in his
note says: "I suppose that if
the Appeal nolle the matter nt
all it wiil ridicule it." No,
Mr. Converss.Oe Appkal will not
ridicule it, but the Appbal will
and does sty that the attorneys who
desire to observe Sunday as a day of
rest, will do m regardles) ot thia peti
tion, or any attempt in any way to
force Sabbatarianism upon those who
may not have any special convic
tions on the eubjt tt. A lawyer wto
is a member ot a c Enroll does not
need the stimulus uf this petitiin
tj remind him of his ouliga'ious,
and the lawyer who is not will con ult
his convenience and the di mands of
btec'ienta. The judgs wiil, we hope,
open their courts ai uenal on Monday
and proceed with the docket in regu
lar order, calling etch case, and giving
the attorneys who are present all the
advantages that their promptness de
serves. A wobd or two mare about the pro
posed caucus by tbe Democratic mem
bers ot the Legislature. It will be
remembered by the readers of the
Appbal that before the State Demo
cratic Convention met the qnestioa of
caucus was discussed by the pree:,
with a view to tbe insertion of a
plank in the platform instructing the
Democratic members of the Legisla
ture t settla evary disputed question
by caucus. To s was very generally
condemned, aud when the convention
met the subj ect was ignored. The
delegates wonld not consider it. Eren
the Executive Committee was opposed
to it Wi'h these examples of posi
tive opposition to the cancas, it is not
like'y the Legis'atare will resort to
that method of selecting a candid .te
for the Cnited States Scnati?, or aDy
f the offices of St .it?. The Denio
rttc party by the negative and pos
itive ac'icn of that convention has
condemned the cauenn, end con
demned it is. There wiil not be a
caucus for any purpose. It is not
necessary, and would do more harm
than good. Lt us have a free fight
n3 no favors. jj - , ,.
vho never qualified m r member
, M.AWM "I MIUIU bNlWllil.,
The Seld Honse la Chattanooga Sold
Two New Furnaces fur
IsriciAL TO THI ArrlAL.I
Knoxvillr. Tbsn., Decmhr 18.
Th tatoaof Friday, oontiinicrth. Knox
ville spec al on tb. Carpenter Wagner light
fr the Pension Agency, and iu results,
created a genuine oommo'ioa whea it
reached here too ay. Tbe new. dealer, ioon
old tbeir .apply of p. peri, (i.d from 60
cents to fl waa offered for single
copies. Yoor correspondent's .taie
ment wa tbat char. el of forgery had
been made by Gammon against King k
hansom. Tomorrow tbey will publish
caida. In the first pagraaraph they deny
the charge ol forgery, bnt in the see
ondthey virtually auuiit it, and ooly deny
the malicious intent. Thi. ii a backdown
for Gammon, aa he certainly dd
eharie that forcer? had been oom
mitted. Ho lent S. K. Kodgers to
Maj. Carpenter with a Wwitn to that
effect, on the morning alter Carpenter', re
turn from Washington, and made the stite
ment toother partial. It ii .tated tonight
that affidavit, will be made on Monday by
reputable ot i.n. to thi. effect. The end i.
not yet. A. a matter ol justice, your cor
respondent would aay tbat, aocerding to hi.
beat judgment, King A Sansom are innocent
of tbe intention of wrong doin,.
Tbe Held lloaae Bold.
CHATTANonQA, Tenn., December IS.
Never in the history of Chattanooga haa
thete been such to ac.lvity in real estate a.
in the pant month. Today one of tbe largest
single real estate transactiona yet reoorded
wa. olosed. It wu the sale of the Keid Uou-o
t Samuel 11. head and U.orge Morris, of
Birmingham, for 1176,000, half cash.
Another 1160,000 transaction wu.
alio closed today, and the paper,
will be signed ntxt week. Ful'y tl 000,0 0
ot out i le capital has been Invested here in
the last foar or tlx weeks, the greaitr tor
tion oomingfrom Alabama, Mississippi and
Georgia The Head Uouse sale will remit
in the expenditure of about $.50.0(10 in im
provement.! and another sale ot SSO.000 will
probably be closed next week, which wi'l
result in tbe immediate erection of $75,000
f new buildings.
Two More lorntteea to Be Erected.
Birmingham, Ala, December 18
A trade was closod hore todiy and a com-
riany lormod lor the o-ection ot two more
uruaces with Pennsylvania capitil. The
parties to the deal are hmiih ft Eastman, a
prouiiciei.t local firm of land operators on
tbe one aide, and sever il of the geutlemen
Irom Uniontown, Pa., who were Lore and
looked at their properties some three month,
go, on the other. Tbo Northerners take
fioin Smith A Kattmnn a half interest in
lome 2000 acre, ot irou lands, with
mines already opened, and furnace tite en
listing of ivO acies, near lrondale, six miles
east ol this oily, and onligate themselves to
furnith monoy to build two furnaces a. soon
as possible, 'lhey say that beiore they came,
down they ma '0 conditional contracts for
pirt o. their materia'. Mr. Thompson, pres
ident of the First National bank ot Union
town, was selected for president of the com
pany.and Mr.llag.ett.wBo hue afu nace near
Pittsburg, for general manager.
A Yoaai Man Nojipoatiil to Have
Kern Mnrderecl-s Mrlkd.
Bibminohav, Ala., Dec mber 18
George W. Hughes, clerk in the Louisville
and Nashville ticket ofTi-e, is unaccoui tably
missing. He did not" how up thia morning
ar.d the agent, Throckmorton, bei. g out ol
town, there was not anyone to sell tickets.
Thi. alternoon the office was broken open,
but nothing was lound to explain his disap
pearance. There was $138 in tbe money draw
er, which amount it se-mi he ounht to have
hsd in the ordinary cour-e of business. Hi
frienclj here neeiat) have all eonfldenne in
his honesty and fear that he has been
foully dtalt with. Hughes looks to be iS
J ear. old or a little more. He was raised at
ackson, Tenn.
A strike of tlieh .ndsat Eureka caused the
furnace to shut d wn there today, i'nore haa
been acme diseati.faetioa among tbe em
ploye, on accountof an assessment ievied on
them by the company to pay a doctor and a
Softool teacher. No'ioes were posted this
morning to the effect tbat this would still be
exacted in all cases, and abortly beiore noon
all hands knooko i off .
Nous-t rirte aiport and dood W outlier
: lu the Field.
Grand Junction, Tunn., December
18 This was the sixth day of tho Nation.il
Trials. Tbe weather was everything that
could be wished, and the work progressed
fas-er than on uny previous day during the
Kichui'ind and Daisy were put down to run
for seoond money, Daisy having the ad
vintugain rai.go, Hiclimond the uioro stylo,
LMisy uutworkeu bim on gattieaud won.
The third money was divided between
Richmond and Lillian. This finished the
stake, and the Dorliy was then commenced.
Li'ttle Nell beat Ben llur in a pretty race
ofn!tv-two minutes. Kach had good atyle,
but Ben Uur rather pottered and worked
fast soont, while Nell was rang 7 and on body
Chancebeat Gladstone's Girl, having the
Eace, range, indoiiondonce and nosn in tbe
eat. Gladstone's Girl had had little expe
rience did not back and was uncertain on
Nat Goodwin beat Dante, with somothing
to spare. Nut showed the best condition and
out paced Dante in style, both were good,
but D.inte seemed a little off in nose. It was
a good race.
Kuby U won against Tally Rind in an
hour and twenty-two minutes. They were
about equal in pae, range and style, but
Ruby waa more caution, and showed better
Hustling Hannah beat Wanda in nose and
Judgment in a neat race of twenty four min
utes. Cissio beat Gladstone in the prettiest heat
ol the day, both showing well. Cass.o out
worked Gladstone on game, and was awarded
the heat.
Keystone beat Koil. Thoy were about
equal in pace and range, Keystone showing
better style and nose.
A Kttiw-y Horse t'anaea nr. Fred
Moore lo JB Fitlofally Injured.
Litti b Rock, Ark , Decmbrfr 18.
Mr. Fred Moore, formerly engaged in the
shoe business here, met with a painful acci
dent today bv being thrown from his buggy
and having ooth arms broken and sustain
ing injuries on the heaj tba; may prove
The animal he waa driving became fright
ened at tbe oorner of Second and Main
strata, and Urnlng down eeon J thrtw Mr.
Moora against a hitching post, inflicting ths
tbovo injuries. He was removed to a corner
drug store, where his wound, w.re dreased,
and alterwardconveyed to hia home.
An Kecentrle Old Charsjed
With Murder.
Little Rock, Ark, D'-iribrr 18
Detectives today rearrested W. J Rawles,
an eccentric termer resiamg on Big Knox,
three miles above this city, charged with the
murder of Moro Klder, who was killed on
tbe Billy Woodruff farm, near Rawles's res-
uu-,oi wm.
tic. Ihe .detective forae of Little Rock
have been busily engaged on the case,
aod friends of the murdered aian
brought sufficient proof before the grand M
jury 10 nave nawies inaiore t for the mur
der, and he was todny placed behind the
bars to await further developments. Raw I is
issn eccentric old genius, 30 years or age
Ho has a tub erranesn cave attached to nil
house, which ia aupplied with defensive im
plements of all kinds. Port holes point in
eve y Uirec'ion. aud it i. said he could do
destructive work to intruders in saseuf ne
oenity. JACKS!)'-., 311 is.
Iown Kaenrvlonletw r-oirhnte l.mstda
t Ih j Yriaoo Is.Iim
lir.CIAI. TO TH APrKAl,.
Jackhok, Mi?s Uhc) nb r JS. T.;fi
exur-i party of low oat.itilisti returned
lst night from a tour thiuugb portions of
the Yaioo Delta. That they were favorably
impressed is evident, borne ot the pirty
purchased 80oo acres of laud, aud others are
rvgATIKU. Dianisr. I
be lonnd t the Gajoso lioMl J er,
luouce, buiuv iwu uiuuluh ago. nawies was ... , - ti. Lj
arrested for complicity in the bloody deed rpoti,5a0h"d. ."if whit
soon after tbe eritne was diaooverod. but 1 ft",." ,i hiLkL
he proved an alibi and escatied Jn.- i P'fj ! "'? h'" kn:
At a meeting
cf the II lnoii Central
Uvuidiiit i excur
aioeiau, the folowing preamble and resol
tmn vara nnammnuslv adoittad !
Waiu . Tbe Illinois Central Railroad
Company hs a(fn:dd us every possible fa
cility lor vie-ing tbe country through which
we h.ve pasd, an I placed a atectat train
at our service to view the wonderlul bodie.
of timber and the inexhaustible soil along
lie rosd in the l.soo Delta; tl erefore be it
Holptd, Tbat we tender to the Illinois
Central Kail osd Company and ot apt. J.
Merry, it. emcient general Western ta .en
ster agent, wbo has aoon . pmied us. our
hearty thanks fir tbe emcient ana gentle
manly management hatha, male our trip
so thoroughly a Journey of p eaaure and ol
prontaoie intorm.iion.
Anriil'tt J RSRVE, Iowa;
M T. hllRKUUGHS. Iowa;
J. D. liATEMAN. Iowa,
They divided into several names this
morning, each branching out in different
amotions. All ol them are to renuoavous
bete in ten days.
Hilled by a Hirest Car.
Nashville, Tenn., D cember 18
A deaf negro named Green waa run over and
lnatantly killed by a atreet oar this afier
non. He waa on the tra-k. lb. driver
shouted at him. but the oar was going duwn
grade and could not be atoppod.
T bfi State Expense another Deal.
The clerk at the Oimp'roller and
Treasursr'a cfilce at midnitht hare com
plete! tbe repct of tbe receipt, and
eifienditore. of th. btate funds for the
term of office of the respective ritate offi
cials. The repo'ts show that in lK the total
receipts were l.3.lo.Siy 20; or ltlbti, receipts,
I1.2S.6S4 33; toUi fir two years, o osing De
cember lit, l!Ht.$'.!,5Sl.a63 5; di-btrsements,
lm. I1.76.5.W6 DO, for 1886, 11.56,301 3;
total disbursements fur two year' ending
December It), 18SA $:t,2yi,3nO tta i condition of
the treasury this, inidni ht, overdrawn,
pM.bXi 62. It Is claimed that during the term
ol office of tbe pre e, it officials H, 0,000 extra
has been collected through the vi.i'ance ot
the Coiuptrolle' and 1'reasurer, consisting ol
back taxes, otherwise the Mate would ,to
mght have been forced to borrow in the
neigh, o hood of 11,000.000 to bare met the
expenses ol the government,
ibis evening a scheme was unearthed by
your correspondent b' which a syndicate
composed of leading capitalists of this oily
have received options on the purchase of the
entire oiocaot out oiogsextemtingtromtbe
public square to buiumer street, tor the pur
pose of widening? De.derick street, reraod-
ling the buildings tcereon and putting up a
splendid block of Ive story buildings tbe
loiter stories for retail stores and the upper
for offices. The street is to be widened to
aixty foet, and be made the principal retail
mart and thoroughfare of Nashville Tbo
oipitsl stock of the syndicate is 1100,000.
An Enterprise That Should Have
he Dearly Indorse mint of .he
People of Memphis.
To the Public :
The free reading room for v);ki Jtt
men and women Is an accomplished fact.
The Women. Christian Temicranue Union
ot Memphis have rented a large, well
lighted and well ventilated hsll at No 37
poplar street, and on New Year's day they
will be ready to welooine thi working people
one and all. And, as a leader in this move
ment, I extend a cordial invitation, espe
cully to the working women and trie girls
employed in factories and stores. Iu all our
philnnhropio plans we try to touch loving y
the lives of those a iris. 'lhey are a
most important class. The are in
onr midst everywhere, by hundreds in
our towns, by thousands in our cities. Ws
make a plea for their work and their wages.
We ask tbat girls in the stores be allowed
seats when not busy. We aik that they re
ceive equal pay for equal work. Here we
may be able to do. but ittle, but in so great a
work it is better to do a little tbn to dn
nothing. One woman's life set right will
probabiyicfluenoe a man's life and a so re or
more iu generatiots to oouue. Fur right liv
ing dpenda on the women, the sisters, the
wives and the m there. Each attracta to
herself others, and what she ia determines
the character of sooie'y. And so we cordial
ly invite every working woman to join us
in making M bite Ribbon Hall an attraction
and a beoefuotion to our oity. An 1 I do most
earnestly ask the co-oporalion and holp of
our business men in this enterprise. .Vlany
ot you started in life aa poor bora. Look
back to tho old dona d iys.nnd think how
pleasant it would have been, in your early
struggles wiih poverty, to feel tne cnrdiil
g-asp of a friendly band, ilow it won d have
chtered you, alter a day of toil, to know tbat
a warm, well lighted room was open to you,
and there you would tiod pipers, books,
means of keeping up with ourrent event, or
of mastering the uiy-teries of your art or
avocation. And, thinking of all tfis, won't
you help the poor boy who is in your
city, a stranger in a it ran go land,
as you once were. You are gathering in the
ahearea of an unusually fruitlul season
cm you not snare a she 'f for the gioaners in
tbe world's fleM of toil T I have late y to
the best l my ability stood up for some of
eur business men against unjust accusations
of graspin avarice and ooinuieroitl greed.
Now, gcullemen, 1 expiot vou to prove that
my faith in you was wow founded. And
while I hold no commission as lieutenant ot
Providence, to empty viulsot writh uion
you, yet 1 have good authority tor the as
sertion that a stingy man is an aboui nation
in the Lord'a sight, for the voice ot inspira
tion h , s laid: Ihe Lord lovelh a oboerful
Gentlemen, I know you are waiting and
anxious to help us, and only want to know
where to send thn aeerliul. All subscrip
tion monthly ir quarterly, or cash contri
butions, small or lari;e, will be thanklully
receiv.i'i by the Finance Comniittue, 'tirs.
L. C. Jobn'nn, Popl.ir street; Mrs. W. 8.
Abernethy, No. 47 Vance stroet, or yours ex
pectantly, L1UE M bill 4KTlllt.il,
No. 11 Talbot stre;t.
A tjleneroaa OHor by the Cotton Ex
chance. The following;
letter w.ll be reid
ith great pleasure by all who feel for the
in. Door. It eonvev. a aenerous and
noble offer tbat will no doubt be accepted by
Mr. Tracy :
Mimphir. TgNsr , Decern er 18, 185.
Peter Trncy, bsq., Manager Charity B ill,
Memphis, Tenn. t
DiABfiiB The Memphis Cotton Exchange
1" heartily in accord with the movement to
f ive a charity ball for tbe purpose ot reliev
ng the di' tress and suneringoi tbe poor peo
ple ot toe oily, and to n-sist you in your
worthy cause the Board of Director, hereby
tender you for thut purpose the use of tbe
Cotton Kxcbnuge ball and the Cotton Kx
change ooinrnltteo rooms tree of any expense
for suob night as you may designate.
By order of tbe Board of Dlreotora. Very
respectfully, U KINKY HOTTER, tiec'r,
Mr. John Kent Uiioehrel flow a aad
Robbed on Hnrhet Nlreei.
M Jn-,.Z'.'nt1weH known in th'sc'f y,
whilo walking on Market atieot, between
Second ai.d Third, a I ttlo alter9 o'clock last
night, waa knocked down and robbed ol a
gold watch and chain and a litt'e change.
Mr. 7ent appeared at the ' tat ion Houss rt
about 10 o'clock lait night and blood waa
flowing profusely from a wound in
bia head. Dr. Williamson, the
city phy.'iel&n, waa summoned,
and he soon stopped the- flww of b ond and
Srononnoed ii only a flesh won: d. Mr.
ent said tbat a. be wa. passing tbe alley
east Ot Second street he heavd something
that sounded like a shot. At tbe same lime
"n "a. tuofir enu..ihioo ID Din osn'l ana leil
man oounoed noon
nresslna his anna, nnon his hran.t..
took what he had. Mr. Zont wits unable to
giveadaacriptlon of hi assailant.
Salvation- Oil cures toothache,
K,TdiD, b raic-, Uii.iais. chil jlainsand
all fi bit wounds, ft cente.
Knrrneehmenta fey the
J ndlelnrjr
Chicago, III., D crmber 13. A
special to the limn from Linooln, Neb ,
says: Attorney General Lees transmitted his
repo t to tbe Governor today, lie uinkes
the somewhat startling and unusual orser
v.iliun that the Fedoral Courts are infring
ing upon the o urts of our Sla'o. lie says:
'I unu thore is such a growing tendency on
the part nf the Federal four's to extend
their power that the machinery cf our courts
is almost paiulyzod."
You Led rot n'itleot your bu;ine-,8
when tnub nJ with a co!J, if yo i only
ne the reliable remedy, Br, Ball'a
Congh Svrup, av once. j ,
Mam A Hivcnn nt ith tn ...i . i..k.
pwt oi Iota .10 and,!! eouutxy, lot
negotiating for 100.0C0 aorea.
sim clius
Friends Tomorrow
LoweoBtela A Bros.
Ufa Hosts.
to Be
Jur at thia lime of t!ie year everv
tiny youngster i. asking wh ther Kent
Clau. willbeheie Christinas. There is al
wai a a doubt on the part of the little folks ae
to his arrival, anil il is hard to eonvinoe
theus until be is actually at en and hear,.,
lie might get loit m the .now, ir bis rein,
doer nii.ht break down, or he might drink
too much egg m gg, for th y dos .y that he
little red berry tbat gleams Trout the tin of his
nose, and the round, compact stomacb are
the signs f high living. Furthermore, the
children oan't understand how his gilt,
should go around, and they are alraid he will
run short by the time he reaches Memphis.
Uw he can pick Chritms giiuforall tbe
children in the world in hi. little sleigh i.
more than they can undereurid
But the children may et all their doubt,
at rest. Santa Clans ha. been plowing hi.
way thrnngh the Cbtiitmas snows for hun
dreds of years, and never yet hsa he failed
to dash through them, sa'e, aound and
merry His sleigh Is of a peculiar construc
tion ; and no matter how soft the falling snow,
the reindeer never sink in it, bnt skim along
the top ot it as if they were birds of the air.
There is no danger of their breaking down
either, such a thing has never happei ed,
and Manta Claas always takes good care tbat
his runners are in tood trim. Furthermore,
tbejollt little fellow is out in tbe cold so
much that ba can take an Unlimited aupply
of egg nogg and atill be a. f e h as a daisy.
Bes-des all this definite W"rd haa been re
ceived from Santa Claua to the effect that
"ha will apend 'he holidsys mainly in Mem
phis." It w II be remombarr-il that last year
he waa the guest of Messr. B. Lowenstein A
Bros., and that he was right royally enter
tained. All of his wishes were carried nut
to bia entire satisfaction, and tbe children
oanie in thousands to ae. faira. M ben
he packed his things up and set out
for hia home up near the North
Pole, he oclared he would like to live in
the tsunny Mouth, and of all the plaesa in it,
that Vets phia was to him the most attractive.
He promised his host tbat he would come
back tins ye ir, and would sg.in spend the
holidays with them.
A few days ago Me'sra. B. Lowenstein A
Bros sent bim a te'egram reminding hiuif
his promise, and assuring kirn that a warm
welooiuo awai'ed hiui. In (response they re
ceived the following:
Castle Cloodland, Dereinber 15, 18S8,
Messrs. B. Lowenstein A Brus, :
Yourrecond invitation to visit yon has
Inst ..rrived and I hasten to assure you th-it
1 have not forgotten my promise, lnnoed
all through the summer ad 'all, whch are
rather trying seasons to an old body like me,
I have condoled myself witi the thought of
the pleasant time would havo in Memptiia
during the holidays, binoe my ast trip, 1
have inade cortain change, iu my ru,
which will give me three hours
more time on the rod, I have
ayatomiied thing" so completely tVat I
make my journey through Kngland in th tty
tive m nute, anu 1 made a rntind trip of
Kurope in an hour unl fiftv-tivi minutes.
The use of electric runners cn my sleigh has
been a great ussi.t.ince to me in making a
rapi.i trip, and it relievea mydeera great
deal. 1 am in "plcn iul health, and will bo
pleared to d ink vour heilto when I r.inch
Memphh. hiavs the same winHosra that you
bad !r me lart year, and tell all the boys
and girla that they will hear from me. Very
truly you'S, 8 A NT A ul. A.U.-I.
01 ouurse this telegram olincbed tho mat
ter, and Messrs. B. Lowenstein have begun
preparation, fir the proper reception ol their
jolly guest. No pains will be spired to
eniert 'in him handsomely, rianta (Jiaus will
arrive in the city Sunday night, December
19th, at lio'clnok.
It goes without saying that Messrs. B.
Lowenstein A Bros, h ve closely lo! lowed the
instruction, of Saita Cl.oi, and that their
two largs windows ha e been prepared in
true Christmas style. Tbe south window
has been arninge.i to rsi resent a ststely
house and garden. Sauti Claca will be
een there in the ant of going down the
chi iinev. The north window w II represent
an interior view of a mod il house, bunta
Clana will make h;s appearsnoe here
end greet the children. His hours
will be fro " 9 to 11 o'clock a in., from Uto6
o'clock p in. a d from 7 to 'i o'clock at night.
The children of Memphis should feel grate
ful for tho interest he IV s In them. He
sends word to his little ff ..:, here to pre
pare the city for him He wants to see them
all out. He is determined Xhat none of the n
shall be disappointed, and promises that
their wonderful dreams shall be more than
roalisad. Let us uiako a gala week of it, and
give tba old fellow a right royal welcome.
Will He Held Today at tbe Varloua
Vhorebea at the Ifo'irv Knmeid.
Cumberland Prebyttrim, Conrt streot.
Forvice at il a m, and 7:30 p.m. Kev. II. A.
Jones, pastor.
.Sirijn(7ers'6Aiircni. Union street. The Rev.
N. M. Long, pastor, boi vices at 11 a.m.
and 7:30 p.m.
&iffarnn irert McthoHiH f.ftuifft,Caaf.ca.
Pervicos at 7.-30 p.m. by the Kev. W. U.
Evans, pastor.
Roioan Mission. Fort Pickering. Ser
vices nt 11 a in and 7 p.m., by the Kev.
J. 11. Bnow, pastor.
Immntwrl LaurcA. No.2t Third street, be
tween JelforKon and Court, bervice at 11
a.m. and 7:30 p.m.
NfiirilunUiitt Meet at J m at No. W
Union street in Dr. Watson s Library, (seals
are fr.e. All are woloome.
Onlriil Melhodiit Churrt. Union street.
Services at 11 am. aud 7 p. in by the
Kev. K. W. lirwin, pastor.
fVrst Melhoditt. Corner Seoond and Ioi
lar street". Hervicns at 11 a.m. and
p.m. hev. R. 11. Mabon, pastor.
thrvttinn Church. Cornsr of Linden and
Mulberry stree ts. Hrrvice.t at 10:30 a.m. and
7:30p.m. Rev. J. B. Brine, pastor.
JVel 'resopferiVin. Corner of Third and
Poplar streets. Preaching at 11 a.m. and
8 p.m. by the Rev. Kugone iuiol, pastor.
ttntrnl Bnptiti. Socond street, near Heale.
Preaching at 11 a.m. and 7:Kl P.m. by the
Rev. A. W. Lamar, pastes)-. All seat. free.
Avery Chnvel, A. il. fi. CAurcA. Deaoto
atreet, near Bealo. PreajlHri:: at lO.-'W a.m.
and 7:30 p.m. by the Iter. Ueo. llardia,
irs( Bnpd.t. Services at 11 a.m. snd 7:30
p.m. Special service, at night. All seats
tree. All are invited. Rev. K. A. Venable,
Second Prenbyirria Lhurrh. Corner Main
and Beale streets, rtorvieis at 11 a.m.
and 7:30 p in. by the Kev. W. K. Bo.gs,
St. Jfarv's CbrWrol. Ponlar street Sat-
Ticca at 7 and 11 a.m. and! p.m. Bishop
Uuintard will hold an or.iina..ion and nreach
at 11 a.m.
FERGUSON The friend i of the late
HisitT M. Fi. ooton and family are Invited
to attend bis funeral, from residence No. IB
Madison atreet, thil (BUN1MY) afternoon at
2 o'olock. Servicea by th. Rev. Dr. Long.
SHANKS At residence, No. 481 Shelby
atreet. Saturday, Deoooibsr 18, lnbti, LuuiaA
Allxn, wife ot John T. Hbanka. I Norfolk
(Va.) papers please oopy.l
Funeral services at th. residence this
(SUNDAY) afUrnoon at 3 o'clock. Frlands
oi th. family Invited to attend.
A f EMPHIS KotAL Ai "bat.
. A A. M. Will hold 4
ocation at Taberna- Jjr
Temple, U-mnrrow Av
ning,atT:30o'elook,' '
A.TX no. K, r.
lla aanual eonvoe
cle, Masonio -Ten
(MONDAY! eveni
for election of oihoers and dispatch of holi
ness, visiting eotniien-ons traternally la
yited. By order B. F. MALLaU, U.P.
Jo.g D. Hp, Heoret-ry.
t on u L..vr.
OVB tract of Land, nntr Fras.r Station,
bhelby eountv. Tnnn.. foruier'v owned
by Dr. W. T. Prror, and known as the C. A.
Kose tract, ftonta-nlnr lOnUO-lW acres leas
tlit) large app'eoi chard.
One tract aOjoimng .aid P.yor homoslead,
cor talning 1H2 9"-l(Hi a-ro-'.
Also, one tiartn-ur Lu y Station, Khelby
county, Tenn., b longlrv to tin etat) of IV.
'J'. Pryor, de'earcd, and known as the Dan
can place, containing 211 W i ll acra ;nore
or leis
All tho nb-ivo nsrned and dos-rihed real
estats will be roi. li d ior toe year 1KS7, on
Wedueadajr, liirsnier 29, IINtt,
at what is known as the Pryor Homesteud,
near Frter Station, Tenn . t public outcry.
. ' J. K. L'JNH, Keceiver, v
u 310 Seoond itraet, Mempbit, Isnn.
w.rasa iree cn ai i
M. 1. KVI.k'
Kiinsi on.
.KVLK, Banker and Droker,
J5rod A M ,ew btrwU, A.w Kvrk City, '
Ntnrtlnn; Honday 9Irulnc,
The Ureatrst A ttraetlens In Krery Derart
mnnt. We will make it pay yea to visit
KHKMEK'd every boor ia the day.
Wherever you go you will Ind beautiful ar
tic e. and articles at every price you wish
to apend. Commencing at the
Ton will (nd thia ens great Bs.iar of Won
drous. B-aatv and Ureal Kconomy eon-bined-RbAD
Hundreds of DRESS PATTBRNS, suiUble
for every k'nd of wear and style of per
son, specially prepared for this neniin
and designed to replace I RAMI Y PRb'S
KNTS. Dres.es for all your relative,
and hoaseho'd tyrants, inclpd ng the
COOK. Compete ntttertis. showy and
durable, as low as l a dress, ana then
np, step by itep, dollar by dollar, giving
two dollars worth lor ole hundred cent ,
It Kremer'a ChrWtma Ulft Wtnk.
calculated to lay every other shop in the
shade-l'HMSTMA'-i GIFT
I.I.O ard-SILK VKL VKT-beautlful,
lovely colors ami gualitv, all worth Ii
easily and sailing r-pidl- for II lf. but
we want to give an incent.ve tu SKNsl
All of Our Urcss Goods
Iu our Dreas floods Department, between
the hours of 9 and 10 a.m. and ,1 and 4
p m., wa shall offer
IOt0 yards Fib Isreea Hnede at HH
eenla, e isi y and fully worth Joe to II.
BOO tarda ly.ins raacj Mlki ut SO
ei- I a, worlh ti.
The sale In these two lines ef good is strictly
limited to these Leurs.
REMKMBKt, and don't forget our g eat 11
U aok Silk, fall value I1..5.
Chester street and Market street, namely
Lota 19 and 20 on Alabama atreet, with
front also on Uuinby and W inobester at..
1 .. . - 'fi o. . .1. (ui Vr uu o .1 a,, -.... I.
UVIP t. 1, AU. , AO, IUU wu fuuvu
side of Winchester street.
Lot 31, on north side ol Winchester stroet.
Lo s 1 and 2, on Market street.
A full and aoourate plan and descrlptinn
can be aeon at our omce. Title ported.
laiea paid. Abstract of title will be fur
nished nurchaser.. Bala will take place
promptly at 11 o'clock, all on the grnnnds.
No Dostponement eineut for inclement
weather, in which osao notice of further
time will be given.
The green car. rua past tbe lots.
It. J. BLACK CQ., 42 Madison at.
And American Productitm of
tSrOitT aeleftlon 3oiuprlH?i
KltKau( Mi Ih (of the Latent)
and UEfcT Mitkersi, Forelnu
and Ifouiettllc
SiarOur Uooli4are ImporltMl
IHIIKCT, tkrouKh OHH hh
tom Ilonxe.
Dli. ii. h. LAhKl,
"JiM (Street, Near tf'iiJou.
Telephone No. M
Notice of Dissolution.
THR firm el M. Ooodtnn k Co. has this
daf dissolved by inulnal eonsent, Mr. I.
Koeschsr withdrawing. Tbe firm will be
continued aa heretofore hi M (loodman, an
der the name ot 14. Ooodman A Co
at ejjirh is, Tenn., December '6, imS.
a a Wa haw ear-laasl of Humloras
Baaaaaa, aat rxeclwad, tai arwllfimt
blpplas order, t'aas Pack to pro
tect froaa froat, 91.00 to a.ita pvr
Bands. Enrloee raonsr aud;orMler Tor
Ilolldaya. Telvpboae a.
JOHNStOW t tit lrE.BHd front Ht.
t'lenulnsr, rsloi(l B"p.tt-I. tf,
No. 17 W. Cotitr Str.kt.
O o- . Wtnli r I .
Oibkak IUni nr MaurNig. 1
' Memphis, Tenn., 1 ecem' er l'l, I'M. f
Till; the sine' ho dors ot this bank are
hereby nnt fied th it tbe snnnal e'eotion
for lJiren'or. to serve the ensuing ycr will
be held at the bank on TUbiilM V, January
11, liib7, between tbe hours of lu a.m. and 1
p.m. .!?. liOUAUIil, Cashier.
tmraSiwS j VV III 1 IV hll Jj i) fl Ij il 1111
hnmestead. situated on Alabama street. Win-I i-IJ-I 1 .fXUX MAX XJ KJ X t JU J J 1IU
lie kgei
841 M tit r., IKKI, H U,r,
Nluiuioua UarUvrti-e l.,bt. JLouis.il o,
Pine Black Bare Mod, tu crnts.
Heal Sable. Monkey and Beavor 3vta.
Heal Furs at or e half price.
Sftoents yard lor nceTrimsargs, in all eel en
4 andJ-tnch Feather Trimsuiu.. at W ceata.
'neJet'ed Froots at 1)6 crnta.
Fitramely One Iridesnaat Frutits at ft. IB.
Dtl eents for all new shade. Una tkenilli
Thousands of Rare Bargain, la this, enf
our best deiiartmenls.
Immense line ol line BilTToRSet Xsjdona.
hpvelal Halve Bnlluue between ( and
10 a.m. and 3 and 4 p.m., i IK .sou
worth SO.
and Fine Fan A IlaudkorchltlV,
' w 11 he arrayed cn Prie. Counters.
Arteea at 8 oeata.
Articles atlKeonts,
Artioles at fl esnts,
Articles at 'ft cents.
Articles at f I Ol,
Ar.ielas at l N),
Art elee at t'.lO.
We beg to assure our pa' runs that lhey will
Ind many very ohoiee and taatolul artleles
in these lot.
Wear. be. idea lust In recilptol every choice
snd novel line of
Biguts te 11ANDKEK0U1KF.4 m kaulem
broidery and Duchsase Lace.
Articles on eur Price Tables inelnde
Fine L'nen aud Hilk llandaerch'e .. Fans,
Focketb.-oks, Neckwear, Laoei, jaboU,
and Fansj Juoda geoenllr.
Chrlelmai In Uur liA V D. pjitmcut
I'B irKN.
All line tlatsaid lloosi.U atid.ltO, l-ielud-lag
inaoy tht were a big as 115.00.
Oaroiquteite Handkorchiefa eo te univer
sal adiuiraiion
Oar .lock Is entirely new, silsnllon eiqals
ite, Prices Lowest In the Oity.
In Our lla1 Department we 'hill olTer all our
lie Misset aud Ladlaw' r'eit uud Astra
ehan Hats, trunmed a-id nntriinmed, at
Ml cent, and II (KI
Between tbe houra of 10 and II a.ui., ) and S
p.m., at 1 ceuts, we ahll iflVralllhe
very latest ahapea (n Fells, wor'b from
7 cents lo 11.50 puro'jaaer Hin ted to S
All Miases' flats and nicely trimmed Felt
Huts atll(10a"h--thls lur Mi udjy Lly
GL0VKHF0K PRKSKNTH-PinotitiiirunUel
tllo-es, in Foster i nd Kramer Ulo?es, at
11 00 pr pair.
Full assortment of Brlilcmivldi' 10 Button
Length., at a great r dilution.
Flue quality vl Ju i-y til ivn, fur T.iidles
an. thtlilren, at -K c .nt..
Fine nnbroidornd Glove, at 11.85, Worth 18
Flno Kvealng Olov s In a" Imn.lis.
Total New Business Greater than tho total new business ol All
Other LlleCoinaanles now reprosontoil In Iff emphta Coniblnod.
Incroaso lo Surplus moro Jthau Jtwlco the total I nc rouse ot
surplus ot all other Uio Companies now represented in Memphis.
, J.F.VVAipB,j; : ?PECIAL!AfHI.. .
Boom No, 1. fVt.fni t'.tfihaniTetiiUfilnar, MomphU, Tonnriwyt
AT ('ONT, roJl TII5HTY IlY.li,:to make room for hprtag
ftitook.' One lit Opeu KuKclfx. huIihUIc for tMtautrr VMtJw
OVU OvVJV JIAMJi'AfM lim:, uud fully Knrnlecd.
Lilly Carriage Co.
325 Second Slrect. Mctnplils. Tenn.
ft '!tr-.oiMlsi steel NallH,
:t 4 Hr-liHla Nil ii II ttnd od i,
I !ar-lwl I.Hr ', llltlllsl lllisl rSIIMl;;t'.
4 hi-IhiIi iincrlfMii Ntirtltiu'sv
1 4 itr-l ail ew ItalNlitM,
1 'ar-lotd Maliuon.
1 !irloal 4 nil lorn lit Canuotl rrull,
I4 4W-lu.el'4 Twiualtstssi t'vi tflic,i'oru, S:i4'.,
1 ar-lwal nuors'i Minor JtltvU.
2 tar-ladi JMew York lliickwlionl.
2 srarsloail l'ljjsleol.Jir.iiil utid ttrrtl IMfUleas
2 Hr.lomltt Nilver Moon Crratu (:ti4iMit,
v 'ar-loatl4 VlrKliila I'eauutp,
tar-load t l-'lru f'raU'r-4 a ml llrpw rk,
2 ar-ltals iiN .mhI 4'nrritiilM,
.'I Citr-lonlH l'lno Itiiaauitss
ft 'ar-lottd ICfid llu Oat it .Apple,
I 2 l'ar-load4 Frcili I' tncy (JaitdlfM,
1 t'ar.'on I 4.tl im al, C'rA4ktl IVIie l. T.W ,
! And a fouiple awaortuiont ol Maple and fancy tgiNntrteai
I tor Hits apofinl iim ol t'onnlry rioic.'i.tnlM.
MT'vond loru I'rlwLUf.."!
liver, X?"irxr3Lio nSo Oo
. 1 - -H .
E.EIIGI k mm.
Dry Goods Notions, Hosiery
Nok. 'iHi and pi Mala Street, Memphis, Tenn.
axroi'R mot k or FAti, anTTwin i f:a ooont 1st lihhkb d mobe
C0MHLKTB THAN KVK.t UKKORit. and our pricts will cmnuar. with tacse uf any boss
In the United States. We sr. Aunts lor
Teunc8e M in afoot art of Oo.'i
K. hUlltfulK k yl!
And Commission Merchants,
3Tos. 31 mid Madison street, Mtfiuphls,.
rvidcoutl ?!trtt, Jleiuphlis.
YltnrUls. Pu n-'S. 'r V.i., Iron, f.'si t 'in I -tt .n, tin.Iil. Vi vtn-i-. fjtnl.n.. K:
We want to Anish np th. season. Onr.alet
have been immense. Un MONUAV we
shall offer all our Fine birds and Fancy
Feathers, worth from 13 to 15. stilio.
Fine Black and Co! red O.tn n Tips and
1 1 units atufic.
Benutitul hrist,na Boucuet of Flower.,
natural beau'y, at 0 o.
In our Feather Department, between 10 and
II a ui, and 2 and 8 p.ni , at 10 cents, S0
Fancy Koalhrrs wort'.i &0 uent each. 2.')
bunches Ustrich Tips at 10 oouis a bench. -The
tales of these two line, are limitea
to these hours.
III bboa I'rlepg Torn to KI bands.
SOOO yards of Fine Ribbon at i cents a yard.
t'U'INKTs) COKstKril tiWKNCrs
At 2c. At 50o. At 75s.
Then Corsets at II, 1.29 and 11.50.
COLLARS ANflCUFFS at 5o, 8c and 15e.
Krempr's Cloaks fir Clirlstuiai
fl (tl for. line of Jsoketi.
1.2-S for a II unle and Aairachaa Jacket.
14 yf fur siiturli Berlin Coats.
(1.7 for Fine Hoik!, Tail 1'rlmmed Wrap..
I.fsO tor . lino ol Ulcvaiit Imported Colored
Wraps lur young ladiei.
ltd You Waul a Fin? Cloak!
KKK '.1K.H'S will sell you on. Th. dear
people say that Kioiner's have the very
best so far aa material and atyle go. We
do not dare gainsay them. In addition
to this Kreuier's are willing to sell you a
Fine Wrap at cost aud carriage Yoa
can bur a voritable bargain at Kremer'a
t'loak Department. All our fine Seal
I'lnsh, Ulack and Jet Wraps must be sold
this wank.
KKKMKll'd new Jcrssvt at ll.2T acd 11.80.
and then about .VI extremely Sue Import
e I Jersevs, bonded an! embroidered, at
8 1.; II each Nunc of them cost us 110.
fher must le sold.
10 Opera Wraps at one-half cost
50 Fine Tailor mada MuiU at IU 25 eiob
cost ili oil t uia uiuotuf.
12 til Uhilil, en's ("oakr.
t 7.. i.h Mron's Cloak-,
Aud every no ot our Hue Children's Cloak,
at cost, to close.
Kremcr's Xristmas Karnival
erpome enrly and oftnn. Our st re will he
open till V p. in. dining t'hrlltiiaa Week.
Kverr pun baser ent itlol to vota for Bride
ro'l to the most l' pular Miss tn the city.
Po Jm olo o o i t ii itu'AH Kve night. Monday
S .ii rcnlrs will be giv jn to all pu oivrors.
Ii, DrllN, S'lcetlnj, Shirting, tele

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