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feCHIUT. i t ' 1)KC. 19 1888.
rLWEitics will tour en.
The whole country, and spe''ally
the State oi Virginia, bts maniff s'ed a
deep intercut in the cue of yonng
C'nvfriai, condemned to be banged
for ti e murder of his coubin, Fanny
Lillian Mad eon, Tbe murder wasooe
of great atrocity. After betraying tbe
young lady tinder the promise of mnr
rlsge, Cluverlus decoyed ber to Rich
mond, with the view of ridding blni
eelf of an Imptnd ng ecandal wbicb
would prevent his marriage to another
joung lady to whom be was engaged.
Tbe corpse of tbe deluded and be
trayed girl was fonnd In the city reser
oir.and all the circums'ances pointed
to Cluverius as the murderer. Many
belli ved that the clrcumttantial proof
waa not etrong enough to convict tbe
accused, and Lis protestation? of inno.
cecce, tccompanied by a meek, lamb
like purity, created a sjmpatl.y for
him whih indued a rtrorg ap
pal toQiv. Lee for pr.rdon. B:rang
to oay that the IbVetitiaBtiona. of Gov.
Lve eopplied this missing link in the
lialn of evidence wanting to convict
Cioverins bynd the possibility it
doubt. Oa the iri Joel, a Jeweler,
swore that lie mended a key for Clu
veriue wide at Centervllle. He aaid
that to the best of his knoarhtdge the
key there produced wai the key left
athlsatire; but ha could not be posi
tive unless permitted to open the key,
tbe only way be cou'd rerogniie bia
woik. The defense objected lo open
ing the key, and the prust cation did
not insist. The key wmb can-fully pre
served, and on deciding on the appli
cation for pardon, Gov. Lee regarded
the key as a pi volal point on which bia
action would tnrn, and he sent for Joel,
and before trdering the key opened,
Joel waa a-ked by Gov. Lee, in the
presence of two witnewea, what he ex
pected to find. Joel aaid if it was the
key into which lie bad pnt a new
barrel for Clnverlun two or three file
marks would be found on tbe upper
end of the barrel, and about it a small
quantify of white solder. The
Key waa opened in the presence
of the Govtrnor, and be found
the riant marks and the
whit solder mentioned by Joel.
Tbe gailt of the young brute waa
t'ini established beyond the possibili
ty a d mbt. But many are still de
ceived by Cluveiius'a protostations of
innocence, lie talks and looka the
saint Bnt it la not al waya or often por
Bible in detect s liar by tbe expression
of bia face while he lies or is accused,
la desperate emergences the mur
derer commands the facial muscles,
which enables him to wear a bland
and Innocent look. A man who hua
drama' lo ability can pnt on a fao tbat
would deceive the very elect. Tbe
bigger the lie, the more guiltlraa he
appears; the more horrible the accu
sation, ll e greater his surprise that he
should be even auspected. When
Dr. Webeter stood up in the Bus
ton curt room nearly forty
years agu to rtceve eentenco of bang
ing for tbe murder of Park man, he
ralsi d hishand and solemnly and be
fore Gd p ousted his innocitnoa of
the crime. Then stopping and eagerly
looking through the courtroom, he
elevuWd hi t voice, and, with the elo
quence of apparent truth, brsonght
the real Binr.ii rer, if he we present,
to confess the cr me and save an inno
cent man fioin tho gillo'vB. Bo dra
matic did 1 e do t! iff, so improsuive was
bis man e', and so awful his anxioly,
that h e words atopped the hnart-beata
of muny tf Mb hearers. They
did not atop the toi sua cf the
Judg, however, who proceeded to
impose on him the punishment
affixtd by law, which wrs that he
sin aid be hanvfd as a murdeer. Dr.
Wib.terwes taken back to jail, and
though long el quently and impree
sively pr it a ing his Innocence, at
laet, wbeu pa d m was refused, con
fenced hia crime. Even tbe niout hard
en.d ariiuiiulH find relief in confess
ing their crime when all hope haa van
.it bed, and belore the fourteenth day
of Jnu;ry, the time fixed (or the exe
cnth.n of Cluveriua, he will make a
clean I n a t of one of the moat heart
less ami utrocloiiB murdeia that ever
stained the annals of crime. Indeed,
the dispa cl.ee from Richmond an
nounce t' at CluvcriuB haa already
rondii a In. I concession.
I; 'a prettv generally conceded tl at
'be K' nilemun whore name heads this'
ariicle will be chosen to p'taide over
t'ie Sta'e Senat. Should this high
hon'T He couforrd upon bim, it is
needhaa t" sy that it will be worn
with a grace and case that will reflect
the b jthHa ctdit net oi.ly on that in
. tellige'it body, but the entire people
of Tei n wet. Mr. Lyrn'a splendid
bna'ne-'e . a. aci'y and nnbweiving in
t'Kfly, conp'rd wib hla thorough
knowledge f parliamentary law and
usaae, qua iflea biin in tha highest
. degre tcr this rs.ons ble position.
'"Wefel en eeree'al irtrett in Mr,
Xjii.'i eh clou to this office, not only
-on account of bia inperlor qaaliflca
- tfoi:s, bat bet am e of his piatunwavrr-
In devotion to the r'ghts and interets
of the leopl - on all qneetionacf public
policy. He has been tried in poi
- fa- n? of prlv te and public trust from
I ? boyho. d to the prefect hnnr, and
ind. r all circoma'avrfa proved him
Sn.f ajf t u- as the needle to the po'e,
and t.,(lav, it home end abroad, be
c.inmunds a leme and eeteem of
which t .e n o t t.mbi iona mi. ht well
be r11511''- Therf re it tfT rda the
. ArrrsAL v ry great pleasure to vcine
the eentluient of he county o! 8helbr,
' the banner county of the great 8Uts
of Teaneaeee, in n'f'ng the election of
Mr. Lynn.
no tariff mmm
The JHotioB to tonhlder Mr. Morri
ton' Bill Defeated by Sit
Votes Notes.
(arsoiAL to rii irfiiLl
Wamhikotom, December 18 No
tariff UiUlatlon thll wltiUr in tha Tf rdiot of
tha vela which wt lakn tbii mornin ia
tb Uoum, and it will b loft fur noihr
Cunre to reliei lha coun rj hum t'.
pra-aot liardrnrom i ric wiiioh ara tha
raamt of lha blh Uriff. Lata laat nifht,
altar the-a di-ichai clmed. Mr. Morn .on
onoadad bit dofaat by frum una lo aaTen
Totet. Until then ba wu eoofldent oUe
Burlnd eowa darati n for hla me.fore br a
Barraw niajorit. Wheo tha anooa. oamai.t
ollba TOIa M nda 'his morn in it waa
a-raatad with l inl oh-arinf on tha Kepubli
oaa aidn, which waa raapanded lo with hifel
Iron liio aalloriaa, aod ripaakar Oarliula had
oil a diloirliy la brloaim tba llnuaa io or
daraftiia. jae Tametiaa daleg ti n otd
U-ioU on partr lioaa, all tha DotnooraU
raiInK far Ihaoo. a iorlior, of the bill.
CoaaieMinitn Koid, ol North Carolina, who
haa baoai aoou'ed of boavy dofalotttioof in
hia own Mala, aod who haa innaidarabla
debta haroi omnot na found anohnra. Iba
laat board ul him waa In No Y ' rk, whera
hawaaabuat threa woeka ago. Ilia friandi
brieve bin monetarf oifficuitli haaa haan
eiaax vaiad, and Ih it he ia off on a drunk
niewlare n th a o t trying todrowutbe
bittrnea of hla d f. at for re eleotion.
Tha I'raaident and Mri. (Jlnfaland will
mnd tlirl.tmas dar quie'ly at Uakriew
with Mia. Fila'iin . eiteud ng the viol ao as
to iaeludn lliaMb'iath. The familial ol the
l:abineifTnra will apen l the dar in their
hewert, a king!" dinner a Irinnd who may be
at a liui 47lraval d .la nid," but tkara will
be aa eitmireent r'ainina of the ooeanion.
Mr i. Whitney and Mra. J. P. Join i will aire
children. Ina eariin on I'hrictuiaH eve, and
Horetr ana Mia. Mauiiiuir will aire their
Cabinet dinner d jrinc Ui.rintu.ai week.
Ilaaew Kill Meiiiul
at Iba
11 aim.
WAbriNOT''K, De'ernb-r 18. Gon.
Haaea I -! I a Star re. ortar tbat the reporta
about bia lalli.m haa th are greatly exag
gerated He aaid he ia suffering ir in d.
i eli", but that be has ImproTed very .uch
of lata, and inatand of baring any d a of
being retirod nnsr sprin.-, be eapnnts to be at
lha head ol lliebigual Her vine lor the next
eight years, fir ba aai : "1 haveu't lolt to
will rr several rears as I do now." apt.
(Irani y, who wit dasignaied as Assistant
t'hl.f blind OSimir, relieves (Jen. IJaeen ol
routine ma (err, but the latter cflicer suys he
aia"t to remain at the helm.
Te Bfrwark.
WaaniNOTOM, Dncember 18. Ouair
inna Uerbert and Kcpnuentatlre Norwood
Wore today in truoloil by the Uouaa Com
mittee on f iral Altalra to draw up and pre
sent to the limine a res dotlon inoieasing to
l,tHS.an Ike an' ropriailon for iba oonatruo
tion af orn aer No. 1, tha Nawa k, and au
thorial iha tseoretary of tha Navy to ao ept
one al the bids a road r made or to roaiher
tisa for aropesals.
Obllttlaa I lao'tnro lis lore
freMmaa'i Sana.
Wabiiinot k, Deceiub r 18. Onmp
truller Trcnholm appeared be "ore the House
teaimittm on II uaingai d Currency today
and aslaineii his views ralative to the g"r
arumeai'a ob'lgalion to the deuoai'or- in the
Vraedaa art's Hank. The o mimittaa reaucsled
him la arepara adra tof a bill oiering the
aaao, vrivl will ka oons derad'at aimaoting
t be bald eaily a January noxt
'Ike Indiana Wall Plnitaod With the
ftrveritli IImu.
Wamhinuton, December 18. Agent
F. Klanev, of tha Yankton Indian Agenoy,
bid a o'enforeni-e todar with Uen. Atkins,
af tbe Indian (fllea, upon the needs of tha
Indiana under hia oharae. lie aaks for per
mission I vurobase for the Indiana 100 brood
maraa. and lumbar forfl oria 100 hou.etin
aroeaasol o inttruotion on the roaervalion.
Uis raaaeat wa. gramed. Agent Kinney re
porta Uie aareaga ander oultivalloa tnie
fear ilar,e y laoreated over I ait year, and
be oar n. cat and wheat crop nil no tier
oeat. betlar than laat year, fie says tha In
dians are making- rapid prugre a in tha
aieiiOa of farming i ara booutning mora set
tled In Ibeir hab ta ot he, and ara looking
with inoreej'ni favor upon tha proposition
lo give (hem land In aev relly.
Nlllvara Mhoea) a ail Soavlet Labor.
Wamhuoton, I't'cember 18 Rep-
renanlative llrasg, ohairman of the Cora-
ittonoa Mil tary AtT.ir.,baa snbinlttad a
Eapoiit the House to aooiitnpany the army
ill, wbioh oonlaina tha following orilloi.m
npen the shoe and sole department of tha
Leaven worm aiiuiary I'nson ine oom
mittaa lad n inettiaati n that for tha laat
usoal ye r there waa drawn Iroin the oloth
Ing fuad by tha manavetuent of ihe military
prison at Leaveownrlh lltW,Hlf, and the
boeta and shoe ol the army hare bm-n and
arabrlna? manulaoiurml at such prison by
military t one a moo ni mil tee aro satis
ad that Ike hoo'S and shoe, m it uinciured
at t ie prison enst mnie necessarily than if
mey were maue ana lurnnneu upon oon
tract lv inanulao ureis ol boots and "boon.
There Is of nrea siiy that lack ol skill and
nplltu ie In oonnota whioh a a fonnd in the
prufoaslonal workmen. In faot the oust of
these shoes proves that prison labor
enhana a the o .st of nhoes and boots
for Ihe army. Is Is also aarortid by
offloers of the aroiy that the onnviot shoe ia
ad ta gtantUllr madu, and that the work
manship la ileieotlve. so that therhoe Is of
littla value. Uut in tuirners i( most be stated
this ia stoutly deuioil, and the rommiitoa
do not fool illing lo exoreae an onii.lun at
thintiaie upoa tbia moo ed question upon
whioh the? mar be called to aot in the luture
upon a lull pres-ntatlun ol all the faeis bear
ing upon ihe question. I he oommittae, how
ever, on not lorbrar from exproenint their
conviction that the Untied mates Uovern
meat etaru d nut build up a manufactory to
he ran by onnviot labor in oou p uitioi with
the honet ardian, who supports his family
by the produot ol his I bor. It is alao the be-
J 1.1 of Uie oemmittee that a lenience to Ihe
leaveowtiT'h priion for tuition, lollowed
kr aa duottion as a ahormaker, or
haraeag or oh a nnaker, or a broemmaker,
with goad quartara. good living, suit!
al alothas atthe eipi-a'ion of the term ot
Sheeealenoe, tranapmtation to his home and
S io ra'rcak alaisolf with, has do such terror
a It as to tend to sup res. the orlino. In a
humanitarian point of view much can ba
aaid lo favor ol it, bnt at an aid to military
diacinlijia ttia eats ml tine think it loo weak.
Tha pominittae. asastep in the progreei of
rrfor.ni.lioa, have put a limit of
lit'), ( upon the amount that oan ba
expended out of the 0 otliing lund at the
ra lltary prison lor tha onrrent yar, and
eipresa a hope that in the near future
the ba'lne a af shoe making as a
penally for dtaeition will be abandoned.
Th t'ii lag Dutchman.
W'aniNOTON, December !8.-A Ger
man Tl s'rara old was taken in charge by tha
1Klio taday. . He aaid he oaroe here to see
'ruiiileut Cleveland about his patent lor se
cret Urography, lie give ad ealii ition of
send! gam ewe with hie parapherna'ia,
uiua ruuiw'Du ui a piece ui f i. : u v w u
rustr pie.w ot iron. He has aito invented a
flying it.acb'.Be.
Tjv Nrlllna by Starhlorry.
Wahiiinoton, D'cembr '8 -The
Irst book larlnted by type sal by the new type
michme, ownrd b parties in thisoty, naa
Just made lis apurarance in the market. Tha
company waa organised a year or mora ago,
but has bean a yaar getting ready to manu
lantare t' nianhinea in oo sid rabla quan
tities. They had Irst to mako 'he too's with
whioh lo make Ihe uixohlnea. Now that ibis
ia done, they oan begin to tun
them out by lha hundred. Una lot
of ever a hundred machines ia not
k'iog snade, They w.il rout somewhere from
KCwaaTOapl-ce. but will enable one man
UAo Ilia work oi tan in tipe art ti g. They
work like a type writer, only thaliheyoaa
b-worked ate higher rate ol speed. Th"
operslers on Ihe machines now being a ed
oaa produce ti pe at tbe rate of sixty wurdi a
minute, and with Inoren.ed i parlance 'hy
eapeei In gat a considerable higher rata. This
mean', the fiiaods of the maon ne say, that
from tbrea to tit man will be able to set up
l i type lor the ordinary dat y paper. Tha
machine oasts tha type a tins at a lima, and
whaa tha paiar is prints tha
type aa Bieled dowa and the
meiat nfi again tha next day.
There baa been In tha paat twenty years a
woaderlal inorease tn the laollities for pro
daekag newspapers with great rapidity la
every dapanmcnt except tyue getting. In
Ibis department tbe oid systems have son
tinned 10 prevail until now, k t i this ma
aulas dors what is olalmrd lor it It wl'l prova
a wooderfui t me saver in this part oular
aedianoiethe p.bi.h.rte lay ihe sews
So ok ing bot beiora lha rasdrrs within a frw
roinuus altar the aotual occurrence whlou It
Kali 11 illouberx'esiipH.bst.ick of the
c.elebr-td "Kro g-tr," ''Conover,"
"Kne'S-o." "Htlli't A Dav.a" and
"IIjllit,btii((" Piuuok.
Hn oar Underwear fa-am Heater,
M Halaatveet.
Kdt'rtu, t'e grat 8iippar and
ltraVfat Kry. For eile by VVt A Co ,
ISo. 6 ) J Oram a're-t, near Third.
naedom bo ara uf Vtmm 1'andlaa
for Chrtalaaaa reaU aa Hpreait'a.
Bargains in Dreca Patterns for
$5 Drers Patterns, com pit te, re
duced to $2 05.
$9 Dress Patterns, complete, re
duced to $4 85.
(15 Dresa IPat'erna, complete, re
duced to $7 50.
$18 Dree Patterns, complete, re
duced to $9.
Great Assortment for Prta.nis.
Silk and Oaahmere
An Endleaa Variety for
tbe dollar for Christmas.
Grand Display of
Tab'e Damasks,
Towels, Nankins,
Stand Covers,
Table Covers,
Piano Covers,
And Mantel Lambrequins,
All for Christmas.
Great arrival of
In Silk, Lisle and Cashmere, Plain
and Fancy Strip: ,
Men's, Ladies' and Children's.
Don't forget tbat Christmas comes
on Saturday. Don't wait too long.
Have Just received
with Hammered Silver and Gold
Heads, at 13 50 and $4, all for same
body's Christinas Gilts.
Shirts and Collars,
UufJU and Suspenders,
Cufl Buttons,
Scarfs and Ties.
All.Cheap for Christmas.
Any one is a very Useful Present
for Chriaimas.
Laat a -rival of
Will be on sa'e ( TOMORROW,
and, oo account of the lateness cf
the season, we will offer same at
each prices that will sell at once.
Lace Curtains,
Bilk and Wool Portlers,
All marked down to close out for
La dies' and Misses' Corsets,
Ladies' Hand Satchels,
Children's Mitts,
Children's Gloves,
Children's Bootees, at
300 doa Ladles' Pore Linen Hem
stitched Handercblefs at 10c,
wonld ba cheap at 250.
Illg raronnnr, fl-r Both MuLing
Attempts to Suicide by TukUg
Morphine -He hurt lies.
Klmiba, N. Y.. December 18. The
dr-tails of a dnuhla travedy at Pennysn
oieited a great semntion t' i mornirg, una
of Ihe principals being I rr M Hamlin,
station asent ot tie r- racuir, Oen va, and
'ornii.g KuiiroaJ. at Pei nyan. Hamlin is
33 years rf ag, endone of the must truit
wortiy nd proiuiuenl ffiniaia in the em
ploy uf the II Ibrt.ok loal Company. He
was employed at Cor. i- up to a re ant pe
ri id in the agent' s i ffics in Ihe llallbr..k
leiot. He has an e'tiin.le ai.d a
bright joung daughter. Tb lii'iiily
moved In tua bent anoiatr there. Ilamliu s
a smart, ly'eusant el'owot agreeable man
ners. jJewei.tto IVennyan lhiir4av nia-ht
and oooup a 1 ihe rii'ije ruoin with his para
mour, n uriel A Mr r man neiure ret r
itiaj. they eaih t.MiK a dnse of mor
phine with iiici'lal inrrt and slant
f r twecty four hours. Suspicion being
amused by II hid iu's ub.-rica iroiu
home Ibe apartment wa- brokeu oen. 1 hia
a'Ous.d Uauilin truin b s.tupor, wuvraupn
he seisod a pistul ly ng near by, S' ot the irl
In tho oraait and sent a ball into 1 is own
bead Tha unlo-tin ate woman wa killed,
butllamlm is .till nil e. His parents are
prominent ro.ideaii ol Auburn, Ky.
The Exblbliluuul Mauunlra
Fonnd by a mintr in New Mexico,
wt-ii h will be tzpoa d in ttiia city
next Week, and part of whose pro-
cei-ds will K" 'o our Home Mission,
will be BOmithriK quite new to moet
of the public, and atiould be well pat
Robliimiu's Jrtusrani.
Atthe Dime Museum this week
many ni-.w at ra1 1 one will be pre-
B4ote I, emonK ' titers Mis' Alber'inn
u uei.lielJ, the two tonvued irirl j J rid
II)wo, tbe maiu'iiiit'i Kentucky boy;
Gen. ritiermau P ttfirf, th eniftlle-t
manoneartn; Veruo, the li)intnini
picture maker; Babel, the cowboy
pianist ; Maori e, theela4tic skiu man,
etc. Iu the li iou theater new pi ople
will present 1 1 rattive entertainments
daily and u'glirly .
Drclnraa Hhnaoif tanllilata tar
Haalalrate in lha firth Olilrlct.
Mr. Jobn Sli-ehan, who ia well
known in the Fifth Civil Diatrict, and
ie a reaidentf lire First VVurd, called
at tha Appeal m e laat niuht and
a a'erl most i0'iii"ely that he is a
candidate for Magiatrata of that
district, the eleci'ou fir which
occurs tomorrow. Mr. Sbeehan is
a mechanic, a moliier by tiade, and
I been emvlnved in the Milburn
Iron Workaa d Livormi.re Foundry,
and ia a gentl man w. II qual find to
fill the position o which tie aspires
tie is In the right in earnest, ana
means to star in the field until the
san goss down on elect! m day. Mr.
Hheeiian asks the assistance ol nis
friends, and if e'ecttd promises to do
his utmost to make a g od r lllcial.
Godahaw. tbe Pawnbroker,
At No. 208 Mriin etree', b. a a fine lot
of Jewelry, a large p irt on oi which
waa mannfactnred for the UhriBtmas
trade. Great ba-gains are bfiug
offered. Aa a pawubroker, Godshaw
advances lihrnlly on til first clas
collaterals. Many if these pledges
have to bo a I'd, and frequency go at
very low rlgurea. . Thui-e woo want
welrv or rhamnmla should so to
GodBhaw'a, No. 208 Main street.
Muaio R l's for BOc former price
$1 at U. U. Uollenbi rg's.
Orders for all aindaofHIilrtamsule
to msssaie al 834 ana 3 0 fteeood
strrel. F. i:HIB:LI. at CO.
JoliuMon A Hootl, Jeweler ,
At No. 413 Main street, are) among
those who have exercised gi-oJ judg
ment in selecting ar ides for (Jrui-t-
mus la leaelry, a ches and other
articles iu ttioir line thy are ofiericg
tc sell at very lo pr cea. They ate
crmpetent erg-avera and repairers.
Those who have ruch work t do can
not send it ti) more ciii pnt. nt men.
AIwhvs emp'oy practical umn to menu
your jriwelry or repair watches.
ffiom nnrt.f din lrr Rft npna fr.rmfir
pricofl.at 11. G. II dlenberg's.
lltillbl.Mi ill -.i ' J I uiwi n . u
fannv ainrla at. M. C4n iflniAn At Oa'tt.
corner of Main and Madison.
Diamonds, Jewelry
And hundreds of pre'.ty articles for
Obiistmas presents, at lowett po sib e
prices, at the Hughes Btore, next to
German B k.
lliNDa. aia rocklijg chairs in plush
and other mieria at Mitchell & Brj
son's, No. SOi Main s reet.
F. rantiball et o. ara sbiiwlngtba
latrat Bovalil-ala KmLwrar, Hand,
karrblrfa, Ulovaa, t'ollara aad VuOa
Ho. aaOBsx-o. d traar.
Tbe Ladies t ay
That the g oda at Lav'gneV, in Odd
Fellow's bni ili,d, ere ibe prettiest and
cheapest in town. This applies to ban
ners, ha s at.d heir good", of which
there is a large and carefully selected
Underwear at coat at Hester's, 814
Mala trra't.
Music portfolio for 60 cents, former
price 1, at II G Htllenberg's.
Bee tha Toya at
Go to Sebilly's,
On West Ciurt street, when yon want
the purest- I q iors to drink and ihe
best of oysters to et t. The plce is
popular Derail e Snhi ly Bopoliea the
good eating a d drinking at losreet
prices. Ha dea a largely in oys era;
and his lunches and mea s are care
fully prepared, being eomposed of ex
cellent art clei car. fully conked. The
place la conveniet tly located, carefully
conotruoted, and very aucceeafui.
Still, there ia room for more, and
GfcO'ge wants to see them,
Wlairr Sooda rnaat ao. How la
yaarrbaare io hay Heavy Tador
woar at coat at llamier'a, 814 Mala
Havdsomb roiking cha rs in plnah
and o her material ttt Mi cbell A Bry
son's, No. 308 Main s net.
Ordara (or all hlada afUhlrte rasMla
to tnaaaora, at 9i4 aad 80 Meeoad
at real. r. f Allf BILLCO.
Horrible to Think Uf.
A little baby '.'3 months old of Mr.
Il.rman Wilder, waa yeaitr ay re
lieved of a ni"n-tT tape worm, twenty
feet Inni', by Pr. 8ut.tr., tha Specialist,
at 10 Madiann atimt. OneulUt.on
frte. OrB opened on Sunday.
rad'rwear (olsic at roat at Bex
tar'a, B14 Mala air at.
Diamonds l Mnllord'a.
I HOICK HKOCtlilrJo. ' '
laara-a 4aatltlea Bala SblppaMl
Oailj by M. Oayla at C0..3V
ad 2S Fraat.
While tha dry goods and retail
stores have beau (rj-ded daring tbe
pvt f.wdayn, peine f ih- rrcary
Hi t tbai mention) uboce, t. r one
have hen- irdfd 'o il.nr utmo t
capatity. fx Uu mderi f r tti couniry
merc' a I kIi, wa t':e uiueat ?rt:cl a
that, (i. i- . t, ,,;l for thr.'B ma. Gtvin
& Ui.. ar i cm .nj, fiose ho :t-e always
in t e fr. i lii.e of fieir hrpi ep.
Ifi -y t.uy mi great qua ,-i i e .i u,o
ariiu.a i.tuali r.ajnied by fiotcV-ia
whol- : la jrroc r. Tt;pyHH for cash;
CO ,i eq lei.Uy b. tuo .owect puces.
'Ihygiiro.r rnj t a ttu.l ... I onlo B.
Thec.un'ry meiciauts wbowr-nt to
''stork up," cii'EOt order from a tet
ttr firm it I'jy w in a.p niur ariitlea
a'.d low pri -. Tti uti.ou haii' o s
ot M. Gavin A Co. ii imaieose. ihey
are among t ioe who have t!.e a aple
Cirtfaily lcoked alt r, ai d turned ever
tj ihwbujvr in gi o i el a; e, reai z i g
t-itn Ins ut iiicoa, kiid being prompjy
te ilbO ior.
tU.MrrlI H'i
Clearral Blnckaiultblua aad Bepalr
Inf Mhttp, corner . t Monroe
and Draoto Sireeta.
For many ea-a this ahop has been
known as ona wh-rj trie beat work
Cinlii ba done. Mr. Fox, an 'experi
enced end competent 'nau.is no in
charge of thet,h ip, whicn isthnrough
ly equipped, witri go d men and all
necceeary mateiial, ti do general re
pairiugoa waging anl otiier vemclej.
The chargts are always rein ita il,
and the work prove Hutia'ac ory to
those whn order it. Ic ia uece sary
that all siici work fhouid be done in
the bst styio, and tha Cunt ingLam
shop is the place tn obnin that.
P. M. Stani.by, luneral director and
embalmer, 65 Madison street,
Memphis St am Laundry. Calls and
deliveries free. Telephone No. 21.
Boom and board can be bad at 106
Adams street.
Muxic portfolio for 50 en's, former
price l, at II. G. lio lenberg's.
Sterling silverware at M. Goodman
& U'.'.'h, corner of Main and Madison.
Wick kb rocking chaira in greit va
riety at Mit bell 4 Bryson's, No. 308
Main etret t.
M smiths Wholesale Meat Co., 11
Adams. Daily fresh Beef,Pork and Mut
ton, a so Corned Bot f. Orders aoliciud
and promptly filled. Telephone 874.
G. W Millib & Co , Patent Aabeatos
Fire Proof Kuoters. For dnrability,
equaled by nur.e. Used on wood, tin,
iron, felt and gravel roofs. No. 66
Madison ttreet.
Mrllin'b Food, the only perfect
substitute f ir mother's milk, is rec
ommended by our most prominent
physicians as the beat and Baft-st food
for infun'B. It contains no farinacenuB
mat er, which S3 often produces dis
orders of the stomach.
Call at the Singer tffloe, No. 260
Second street, and secure one or more
of tbe Eity Book series, consisting of
forty-eight, pages, e egantly illustrated
in ten b illiunt colors, with beautiful
atoriea for children. Price 10 cents,
tbrei for 25 cents, six for 60 cents,
twelve for tl.
Beantlfnl Souvenirs
Until Christmas ZELLNER & CO.
will present every pnichaser of
Sioes with a bandsome Mirror
8bb Hnllenbera'a superb stock of
th ce1ehra' d "Krorg'r," "Oonover,"
' Kitiereon," ,Hllet & Davis" and
"Holleiiber" pianos.
IIooIm, Shoes, Slippers.
Best goods and lowest prices at
J. M. HILL & CO.'S,
Corner Union and Main.
Havb you seen the beautiful ma
brgaoy. rosewood and French walnnt
plains which Hnl'en'erg has on sale
lor thrlbtmaa present- T
Tbe MeiunUis Bridge.
An Appeal renmter interviewed
several g i t'emen yettwday as to tbe
pr.tbabN cff.it of tha Mem h's bridge
upori bn-meatln gent ral ana retail
ir.rla In nsr irular. All aereed that
the reanlt a ill ha beo'flcial. esiedally
upon local manufactured. One gtt 6-
ni an anvancea a very D'l i ani loea.
lie raid the people of Arkarsts have
'ong b en tulTt-iing from watt of close
conm c ion ai-h Men p'ds. Now, all
thia will rlinannpAr ai d thev will he
able to lav in tneir supply of Sol Cole
man s KoK.0 lulu without submitting
to vexaious Unisys.
Automatic S. Machines 150. White
office, key a oo.
Gold Penaat irlnl ford's.
Music bhh. suiUrs. banjos, violins
orch'Strioni In arrat variety for
Christmas preents at tlollenberg's.
Inapeet tt niford slock.
Wralern Unloa.
List of undelivered telegrams re-
mainiDi at tha Western Union Telearaph
OlBoe. New Cotton Kichauge Bttilding, cor
ner Madison and Second streets. Ufuoe
hours from a to 10:30 e'olook a.m.. ana froos
6 to 9 D.m.i
B Huithes. J J Miles.
8 J lloushton, A Babi-I,
C A liisraussure, t L Lea-rill.
OI.Fioi.len, JSBCo,
A J Knaiip, Loas F Tarleton,
J M K ter, w Wyoian,
R J Smith, fownKOnd, owieACo.I
Mik. 11 llavla. lllrtk Kublnaon.
H W Hlarea. Van Vleet a Oo.
1. .k Tll. 4 fl W Jnniia h Ca
H M KmnedT, W at WHKerron VO
WSKuhn. B Mansfield a Oo
1 m . v I 11 .1 T
Jin rven u . ru, nu u . 1 1 ' i
T Kukeood. Mrs Kate J Davidson,
A Q Fox, - John Srierwoo.l AUo,
Mivniinl't. Patter on. Mullet ACo
HrK aphall, J Bliavanl,
i- Tl Keon, F M Nelson,
Y Van lenberg, K W How. 2
KHIhoaas, JKJ.ffiiea,
E W How. r-allia Hurler,
I lvermore F 4 M Co. Carter k Blevlnf,
Frank Me' laodon, Mrs Aline IJIIber,
C M Mn.bv 4 Co, Mrs J Priedmsd,
Hod a k rioaera, Oi rerver,
i 8 Davant, O.il K F LoO"'.
Ad lorm, H Woriis t Bro,
FBFrrchCo, Ilea) Bb k lo.
Wm Una It-s 4 Sons, A B 1'unran k Oo,
Capt C r-aiisetti J VV Uroiran,
ewlan Lrb. L It Klla,
Jas L Wea berhetd.
Hamdsi mb rocking eliaira in plush
and oti er ma'erial at Mitchell 4 Bry
ton's, Mo. 3(18 Maia street.
M Oxford's, V1 Main,
Uowrlre Ilros A Co, f V et'ctt ra,
J M Edwards, I Canale t o,
0J Jiar -s, J li l nose k Co, -
Oliver, Finale ft Co, JH Manor, '
Tool Chests, Pocket Knives.
Scissors in Cases,
RodgeiV ai.d American Carvers,
Splendid Assortment.
Fancy Ilockers, Etc.,
For Xinas.
Special sale to reduce stock, owing
to change of business.
Allies, Beattle at Co.,
363 Main street, Memphis.
For Money or Holiday Goods
Go to N. Bach's, 43 Monroe street,
lie will lend mo ley oo RoiJ cjlUtfl
lals on liberal ttrma. lie will sell holi
day goods, of which he ha3 JT larga
supply, at very low prices Pretty
presents for very little money.
Opposite tbe Culton Exchange, at
280 Neeond at real, eon will Bad Ibe
latest aod boat aly lea for man' wear.
Christmas Presents for Gentlemen-
The ladies are specially invited to
inspect the stork of novelties in neck
wear, handkerchiefs, hoeiery, mu fliers,
BUFpetidera, etc., euitabla for presents
to their gentlemen friends. Pique and
embroidered husom shirts, for full
dress, just received.
Odd Fellows Hall, 250 Main itraet. .
Btenclla at UabarlloK'a,310 Seeond.
Brandt Fnrnltnre Company,
So. S3S Mala Street,
Are selling Furniture at low prices
on weekly or monthly payments.
I. alia, Tr aats, Cruel lna. Drams, for
preaenta, at 8pebt A Walter'a.
Christmas Beef,
Extra choice, f -eh meats of ali kinds,
fresh Florida (had, red snappers, lake
perch and trout, best N rfolk can
oys ers, d essed tti keys and chickens,
celery, mallard duuke, quKils,rqii'rre!s,
rauuin, vouii'iin eieaae auu roasiB,
Kentucky backbone and spare ribs,
boneless corned beef, etc., etc., at Vic
tor D. Fuchs' marae;, 39 and 41 Jef
For Christmas Presents
Nothing is better than pretty Furni
ture and Carpets. Qo to
I wilt clore out at auc'ion the bal
ance of atock of Asber & Co., Ho. 358
Mam street, consittmg ol drngs, glaa;
ware, patent medicines, shelving,
counters, desk, Bcale, etc., commenc
ing Monday morning, December 2Utb,
at 10 o'clock.
DAN 6CHL0S3, Roceiver.
Oppoalte tbe Cotlon Exebanca, at
SNO Second atreet, f on will Had tbe
latoet audbaaiatyl. a for mea'a wear.
F. ajAaPBELL at CO.
The Peabody Hotel is doing an ex
tensive business and giving er tire sat
isfaction. 8o many travelers have
stopped there during the past year,
and spc ken well of it, tbe reputation
has cone to ail parts of the coutit y,
and the traveler who takes Memphis
on bis rome, naturally puta down tho
Peabody Hotel as the place to atop at.
Af .er stopping there oace, the mutter
ia seith d, and tbe Peabody becomes
his favorite.
Bobber Staanpa, Haberllng, SIO Id.
Trunks and Satchels
' of all grades. . v 1 -
Largest assortment in the city.
Low Prjfes.
S. LEVY, Trunk Manufacturer,
318 Main street.
T. J. M aCaribj.ao loaf aad favora
bly k Bosses io tbe Mea'a Faralablac
trade of Iba eliy, bwlih
a 80 beeoad a treat.
Hats and Caps.
For this class of Christmas presents go
to COHEN'S, 219 Main street.
Chbibtmab goods in best designs, at
M. Goodman & fK', lata Jet Palace.
Fine Frames.
Bingham & Billiard have the hand
somest and heat picture frames, and
are Belling tbem at loweet prices.
Fine Watches at Mnllord'fc
1 -fl
Wa have removed our entire K.tn...
Nos. 378 5c 380 Trout StM
adjnlDIng tbe wnyomt Hotel, nera w,
are reoeivins; a I arte asortiDent of t!ar-
ns", nuskics. naicoaa, Hararat.
adir, i;i.i of whioh will be sold
at Verv l.iiar Pri.a. A full ...( kA -
B aekata and Lna Knbaa on hi. j in
liersoosiii need o tbe above aoods will save
llionev ba ev.tmlnlnir nup .ink lk&r
' " " - hv.w.v y.i
Manufacturftrs' sftgpnts.
Oranges, Malaga Grapes, Apples,
liananas, Lemons, Cranberries.
Pitted Cherries, Evaporated Peaches
Citron, Evaporated Pean,
German Pears, Lemon Peel,
German Cherries, Evaporated Apples
Orange Peel, Datea, lUiains, Prunes,
Pine Apple Glace, Figs.
Almonds, Pecans, Filberts, English
Walnuts, Brazil Nats.
Jellies, Preserves, Eto.
Shaker Preserves, Caoton Ginger,
Dundee Jams and Marmalade,
Currant, Raspberry, Strawberry and
Peach Jelly by the pound.
Apple Butter, Mince Meat,
Maple Syrup, Honey, Maple Sugar,
New Molasses, Sugar, Syrup,
Plum Pudding.
Curry Powder, Celery Salt, Olives,
Olive Oil, Capers, Mixed and Plain
Pickles, Sweet Stuffed Mangoes,
Holland, Pine Apple, Young Amel
ias and Cream (Jbeese. -
Salad Drowsing, Deviled Ham,
Worcestershire Sauce, Tomato Cat
sup, Mustard, Pepper Sauce,
Sago, Thyme, Sweot Margorium,
Summer Savory.
Buckwheat Flour, Graham Flour,
Dried Corn, Farina. Tapioca. Sago,
Corn Starch, Lcntels, Rolled A vena.
Oatmeal. Cracked Wheat, Split Peas,
Rioe, White Peas, May Beans,
Farinoca, Hominy, Grits, Barley,
Green Kern,
White Peaolcs, Apricots, Ejg Plums
Yellow Psaches, Grape. Neotarinea,
Green Gages, Cherries, Pine Apples,
Goosebarnea, Banlett Pears.
Asparagus, Baked Beans, Peas,
String and Striogless Beans, Corn,
Tomatoes, Olcra and Tomatoes, Okra
Succatash, Pumpkin.
Canned Fish and Meats.
Lobsters, Bloaters. Deviled Crabs,
Finland lladdies, Salmon, Sardines,
Mackerel, Shrimps, Russian Cavier,
Cove Oysters, Pijrsfeet, Chip Beef,
Ox Tongue, Canned Beef.
flalalinA Tlafrnrtne HvfrafttA.
Yeast Powder, Blanks's Hand-mads
Larraboe k Kennedy's Oakes and
Creamery Butter, Sweet Cider,
Boston Brown Bread, Deep ScaCod
. fish, Shelled Almenda.
Praotioal Pianomakera
aad Repulrare r Manos, Ora-ansj,
And Mnsioal Instrument Generally.
t;i Ecrio ok mitecTUBS.
Uaioa iD Pi.irtiis Bank or M rearms, t
Memphia. Tenn., Deoember 6, lHIKi. f
STOCKli'iLDKHS are hereby notified that
an eleotion will be held at this Bank on
tha Beoond Monday in J an nary , 1887, from
10 a.m. until 2 p.m., to eheata Directors to
serve.tbe ensuing year.
P. KKn. Dhlar.
Pretty Jewelry
For Chris1 mat presents ia being sold
very low at iba store of D. W. Hughes.
Abb Hollenbsrg's superb stock of tha
celebrated "Kroner," "Conover,"
"Emerson," "Hallet Davis" and
'Hollenberg" Pianos.
r. Campbell 4t Ca. aro abowlag lk
lataat aoTrlilaa la Hrkear,Haa
karoltiara, Cllovaa, Collara aad Casta.
o. SSO Becood Siraea.
A on bat varle'y of rocking chain
foi holiday trade fnat rxivd.
Ne lag Main Street,
William tnlnn
Is a candida'e for Maaistrate ol the
Fifth Civil Diet r et, comprising the
First, Second, Thru and Eighth
Wari'a and B g Sorii K', to fill the va
cancy mar'e by the datb of Jnbn M.
O'KoiirSe. Election December 20, 1886.
Toilet 8eta, Manicure Sets,
Smok'nn 8eta, Shaving Bets,
J J. Mile'n Drna Store,
No. 299 Main Street.
SoU4 SUrer ml JftiUfertrft,
Holy ilii

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